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Piercing patents

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Method for the mask-etching of a piercing element

Lumen reentry mechanism and method

Energy assisted tissue piercing device and method of use thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Piercing-related patents
 Fluid dispenser patent thumbnailFluid dispenser
A fluid dispensing device is provided for dispensing a measured amount of fluid into a living organism. The device has a needle having a first end and a second end.
 Method for the mask-etching of a piercing element patent thumbnailMethod for the mask-etching of a piercing element
A method is disclosed for the mask-etching of a piercing element having an elongate shaft, a distally protruding tip, a proximal holding part, and a laterally open collecting channel that collects bodily fluid and extends along the shaft as far as the area of the tip, wherein a side of a double-sided etching mask is applied respectively to the two sides of a substrate and, under the action of an etching agent, the piercing element is formed as a part made by chemical blanking, wherein a channel side of the etching mask is provided with a channel etching slit for unilateral etching of the collecting channel.. .
 Lumen reentry mechanism and method patent thumbnailLumen reentry mechanism and method
A lumen reentry mechanism includes a catheter configured to bypass an area of stenosis, and having a longitudinal passage with a side hole. A piercing tool is positioned within the passage and has a transverse end section with a cutting tip, trapped between first and second longitudinally extending beads within the passage.
 Energy assisted tissue piercing device and method of use thereof patent thumbnailEnergy assisted tissue piercing device and method of use thereof
An energy assisted tissue piercing device that enables a tissue piercing wire to puncture heart tissue percutaneouly. The energy assisted tissue piercing device includes an outer delivery catheter, an inner tissue piercing wire, and an energy source.
 Apparatus for maximizing damage caused by a projectile to a hunted animal patent thumbnailApparatus for maximizing damage caused by a projectile to a hunted animal
An apparatus disclosed to maximize damage from a projectile to a hunted animal. The apparatus, a hunting projectile, includes an outer shaft assembly comprising an outer shaft, fletches, and a plurality of retention fins extending outwardly radially from the outer shaft.
 Pipe joint patent thumbnailPipe joint
A pipe joint is equipped with a body, and an attachment and detachment mechanism by which a fluid tube is mounted detachably with respect to the body. A pawl of a chuck that constitutes the attachment and detachment mechanism includes a stopper member that abuts against an outer circumferential surface of the fluid tube, and piercing members, distal ends of which project more toward a side of the fluid tube than the stopper member and pierce into the outer circumferential surface of the fluid tube..
 Cartridge assembly for an injection system patent thumbnailCartridge assembly for an injection system
Methods and systems for a cartridge assembly for use with an injection system are provided. An example cartridge assembly may include an ampule containing a pharmaceutical product that is sealed at a distal end with a pierceable diaphragm.
 Inhaler patent thumbnailInhaler
An inhaler is disclosed. It comprises a housing to receive a strip having a plurality of blisters, each blister having a breachable lid and containing a dose of medicament for inhalation by a user, an indexing wheel mounted in the housing rotatable to drive a strip to sequentially move blisters into alignment with a blister piercing member, a control element pivotally mounted to the housing and a drive mechanism configured to couple the control element to the indexing wheel during part of the rotation of the control element by a user so that the indexing wheel rotates together with the control element..
 Device for securing an implant to tissue patent thumbnailDevice for securing an implant to tissue
An implant device is provided for implantation within an intervertebral space between adjacent vertebrae comprising an implant body, a rotatable portion and a piercing portion configured to pierce the adjacent vertebra.. .
 Ultrasonic piercing needle patent thumbnailUltrasonic piercing needle
An ultrasonic puncture needle for conducting puncturing while observing a puncturing condition by an ultrasonic image, includes a needle tube main body including an edge at its tip end, and a plurality of corner cube mirrors provided at a predetermined position of the needle tube main body, wherein the plurality of corner cube mirrors are provided in parallel with a center axis of the needle tube main body.. .
Fabricated-in-place inserts to receive self-piercing rivets
One or more ductile metal inserts may be selectively incorporated into articles of limited ductility, including metal castings and molded polymers. The inserts are positioned at joint locations for joining of the article to other articles using self-piercing riveting (spr).
Liquid container
The present invention relates to a container for liquids, a method of filling it and the use of the container according to the invention for holding and storing radioactive substances. The container for a liquid comprises a cavity for holding the liquid, the cavity being bounded by walls (1) at the sides and at the bottom, an opening for filling the cavity with the liquid, a closure for closing off the cavity, the closure having a piercing region for inserting a cannula into the cavity, a bottom casing (20) which surrounds the walls of the cavity in the standing area, a top casing (10) which surrounds the pierceable closure with the exception of the piercing region, and a film (30) which extends from the top casing to the bottom casing and surrounds those areas of the walls of the cavity which are not already surrounded by the top casing or bottom casing..
Protective glove with wire mesh
A protective glove includes an inner liner having a soft pliable material configured to cover a front side and a back side of a user's hand. A protective layer is attached to an exterior surface of the inner liner and disposed over at least the front side of the user's hand.
Sterile sample injector and method
A sterile injector comprises a body having a cavity, a hollow needle positionable at a distal end of the injector, a probe holder receivable within the needle, a probe connected to a distal end of the holder, and a driving element axially displaceable within the cavity, for causing relative motion between the probe and the needle upon displacement of the driving element. A sample is injected into a sealed container by displacing the driving element to a first position causing the probe to extend from the needle, applying the extended probe with a sample, displacing the driving element to a second position causing the sample laden probe to be retracted within the needle, piercing a seal of a sealed container with the needle, and displacing the driving element to a third position distally spaced from the first position, after which the probe is injected into the container interior..
Reconstitution device
A reconstitution device having an opening surrounded by a neck, and a cap including a first end, a second end, and an inner bore having a central aperture. A stopper is positioned in the opening of the neck and includes a portion capable of being perforated.
Expandable vertebral implant
A joint spacer therapeutically maintains separation of bones of a joint. A carriage is slideably retained within the frame and has at least one ramped surface.
Expandable vertebral implant
A joint spacer therapeutically maintains separation of bones of a joint. A carriage is slideably retained within the frame and has at least one ramped surface.
Fluid delivery system
A fluid delivery system for delivering a fluid from a fluid bag to an animal caging system for housing an animal may comprise a fluid delivery valve assembly, wherein the fluid delivery valve assembly is adapted to be coupled to the fluid bag to facilitate the providing of the fluid to the caging system. The fluid delivery valve assembly may further comprise an upper member having a piercing member and a connecting member, the upper member having a fluid channel defined therethrough, a base having a flange member and a base fluid channel defined therethrough, wherein the base is designed to be matingly coupled to the upper member.
Synthetic chord
Synthetic chord devices and methods for using the same for connecting tissues are provided. Aspects of the synthetic chord device include a flexible cord having an attachment element at both a first and a second end, wherein each attachment element includes a piercing member coupled to a securing member that attaches the flexible cord to a first tissue.
Electrical stimulation paddle leads and methods of making and using
An electrical stimulation lead includes a paddle body, at least one lead body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a longitudinal length with the distal end of the lead body coupled to the paddle body. The lead further includes fixation elements and electrodes.
Instrument and method to enhance articular cartilage regeneration
A perforation instrument and method of using same, including a shaft capable of being inserted into a joint of a patient, having a longitudinal axis, and carrying at least one piercing member, each piercing member having a tip suitable to pierce sub-chondral bone. The instrument is capable of being altered between an exposed condition wherein the tip of the at least one piercing member is exposed and a safety condition wherein the tip of the at least one piercing member is not capable of piercing tissue..
Medical device comprising illumination arrangement
The present invention relates to a medical device for intradermal or subcutaneous treatment of a patient, comprising: a piercing element to penetrate a skin portion of the patient; an illumination arrangement to illuminate the piercing element and/or to illuminate the skin portion prior and/or during a treatment process, wherein the illumination arrangement is further adapted to visually indicate a predefined treatment sequence of the treatment process.. .
Optical fiber cutter
An optical fiber cleaver includes a cleaver base body having a holder guide portion which positions a fiber holder holding an optical fiber, and a cleaver lid body attached to the cleaver base body to be openable and closable. A slider having a blade member piercing the optical fiber is attached to the cleaver base body to be movable in a width direction.
Connecting element for a body made of composite material of a piercing projectile
According to the invention, the rear part of the connecting element (1), which part is intended to be connected to a body (4) made of composite material, comprises at least one abutment (13) of annular shape, centred with respect to a longitudinal axis (10) and intended to come into contact with the front edge (14) of said body (4), and a longitudinal rearward extension (15) which is defined from said abutment (13) onward and which comprises a contact face (16) and has a shape and diameter suited to said body (4) so that its contact face (16) can come laterally into contact with a peripheral surface (17) thereof.. .
Piercing device for a single-dose capsule for powdered coffee and the like
A piercing device (12), suitable for piercing the upper film (31) of a capsule (30) containing a material suitable for being used for preparation of a beverage, comprising a first end (14), a central body (15), and a second end (16), the first end (14) has an operating surface (18) provided with a plurality of piercing spikes (20,26) protruding from said operating surface, the device comprises furthermore disengagement means (28) on the operating surface, for disengaging the capsule once the upper film of the capsule has been pierced, thereby preventing a capsule from remaining attached to the device for piercing.. .
Ecm constructs for tissue regeneration
An extracellular matrix (ecm) construct comprising a biodegradable support scaffold that includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein, and at least a first layer of ecm material disposed on the top surface of the support scaffold. In some embodiments, the microneedles are capable of administering a pharmacological composition to the engaged tissue..
Adjustable compression staple and method for stapling with adjustable compression
A method for applying and maintaining compression with a staple includes piercing a material with deformable ends of staple legs. The legs enter the material until the material applies a pre-set compressive force within a pre-defined compression range to a compression device disposed at least partly between the legs.
Piercing dispensing spout
A secondary piercing dispensing spout which can be selectively inserted into a container for conducting residual materials from the punctured container. The dispensing spout can be opened or closed while remaining inserted into the container for later use..
Flexible food skewer system
A flexible food skewer system for providing versatile cooking upon a grill. The flexible food skewer system includes an elongated flexible member, a loop extending from an end and formed in part from the flexible member, and a piercing element extending from an opposite end of the flexible member are provided.
Pivotally closing beverage ingredient holder with piercer
A receptacle holding unit (1) for a device for preparing a beverage from an ingredient contained in a receptacle (2) comprises: -a first part (10) with a first engagement arrangement (11); -a second part (20) that has a second engagement arrangement (21) pivotally movable relative to the first engagement arrangement (11) about a longitudinal axis (1′) between a closed position for holding the receptacle in such unit and an open position for inserting the receptacle into such unit and/or for removal therefrom; and -a piercing device (20c) having at least one piercing element (29) for piercing the receptacle (2), this device being assembled to and held by the second part. At least one piercing element (29) is off this axis (1′) and is angularly fixed relative to the first part (10) about this axis (1′) when the second engagement arrangement (21) is pivotally moved relative to the first engagement arrangement (11) about this axis (1′) between the closed and open positions..
Paper clip
A paper clip for fastening two or more sheets of paper together, the paper clip formed of two substantially u-shaped clamping members, having elongate members formed in loops with a single loop facing in one direction and a pair of nesting loops facing in the opposite direction, the paper clip further including an elongate member, wherein a portion of the elongate member is bent to form a substantially c shape and another elongate member having a tip projecting at an angle into the open center of the c shape, the projecting tip for piercing through the papers at a common point for securely stapling the papers together, such that the papers are held together via the projecting tip in combination with the paper clip.. .
Sleeve alteration device and method of use
A device and method for easily adjusting the fit of a garment by pinching and holding excess material and creating a temporary seam that holds without damaging the garment material. The device is easily aligned and adjusted for length.
Device for crushing and/or cutting material, as well as a piercing element, suitable for mounting to the free nose end of a mouth of such a device
A device for breaking and/or cutting material, comprising a frame to be coupled to the boom of an excavation machine or the like, a first jaw provided with a first cutting surface, which takes up a fixed position relative to the frame in use, a second jaw provided with a second cutting surface and a free nose end, which second jaw works together with the first jaw and which is pivotable about a pivot relative to the frame, toward and away from the first jaw, wherein the second jaw is provided with an exchangeable piercing element at its free nose end for piercing the material to be broken and/or cut.. .
Stent seals and methods for sealing an expandable stent
Embodiments of the present disclosure are related to devices and techniques for para-valve sealing of an expandable stent-valve implanted using a catheter. In some embodiments, a stent-valve is provided which comprises a seal cuff containing material that swells when contacted by blood.
Removable anchored lung volume reduction devices and methods
An intra-bronchial device may be placed and anchored in an air passageway of a patient to collapse a lung portion associated with the air passageway. The device includes an obstructing member that prevents air from being inhaled into the lung portion, and an anchor that anchors the obstruction device within the air passageway.
Piercing device with rotary element
The invention relates to a piercing device for taking blood for medical analyses, comprising a base body, comprising at least one needle which is arranged therein and a tip which can be extended, comprising a needle holding element which encloses the needle at least in part and a drive unit for driving a movement of the needle together with the needle holding element with respect to the base body.. .
Chemical applicator
The present invention relates to a device and method for a chemical applicator used applying chemicals to living organism's internal tissue, including the internal tissue of plants and animals, for organisms which reside on or in mediums such as land, air or water. The device of the present invention is predicated, in part, on the piercing elements being engageable with the chemical reservoir in order to effect the coating of the piercing elements with the chemical.
Display apparatus
A display apparatus includes: a display displaying images on a display surface; a back chassis arranged in a position opposite to the display surface of the display; and a rear cover arranged in a position opposite to a surface of the back chassis which faces the display, wherein through holes piercing in a thickness direction are formed in the back chassis and reinforcing portions are provided in the back chassis.. .
Adaptors for removing medicinal fluids from a container
In certain embodiments, a vial adaptor for removing liquid contents from a vial includes a piercing member and a bag. The bag can be contained within the piercing member such that the bag is introduced to the vial when the vial adaptor is coupled with the vial.
Suturing and ligating method
A suturing and ligating method includes a needle piercing step of inserting a needle of a suture-needle assembly through a tissue in a body cavity, a needle gripping step of gripping the needle with a first gripper, a winding step of winding a suture strand of the suture-needle assembly in at least one turn around a first distal-end working unit by rolling the first distal-end working unit in at least one revolution, a transferring step of transferring the suture-needle assembly from the first gripper to a second gripper, a suture strand gripping step of gripping a portion of the suture strand that has not passed through the tissue, with the first gripper, a pulling step of pulling the first distal-end working unit out of a loop of the suture strand, and a tightening step of forming a knot of the suture strand.. .
Process for manufacturing a fuel tank equipped with an internal accessory
Process for manufacturing a fuel tank equipped with an internal accessory and having a plastic wall produced from a parison, the process including, in order, the following steps: a) the accessory and the molten parison are introduced into a mould so that the accessory is surrounded by the parison, the mould including cavities equipped with at least one moving part; b) a pressurized gas is introduced inside the parison to carry out a pre-blow moulding of the parison; c) the pre-blow-moulded parison is pressed locally against the accessory using the moving part in order to firmly attach the two without piercing the parison; d) the mould is closed and the final blow moulding of the parison is carried out by flattening it against the mould cavities using the pressurized gas; and e) the tank is removed from the mould.. .
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device, includes: a stacked structural unit including a plurality of insulating films alternately stacked with a plurality of electrode films in a first direction; a selection gate electrode stacked on the stacked structural unit in the first direction; an insulating layer stacked on the selection gate electrode in the first direction; a first semiconductor pillar piercing the stacked structural unit, the selection gate electrode, and the insulating layer in the first direction, a first cross section of the first semiconductor pillar having an annular configuration, the first cross section being cut in a plane orthogonal to the first direction; a first core unit buried in an inner side of the first semiconductor pillar, the first core unit being recessed from an upper face of the insulating layer; and a first conducting layer of the first semiconductor pillar provided on the first core unit to contact the first core unit.. .
Fluid dispensing assemblies and methods of dispensing fluids from containers
A fluid dispensing assembly is adapted to dispense fluid from a container. The fluid dispensing assembly includes a manifold configured for receiving the container, a piercing member slidably coupled with the manifold, and a nozzle configured to be attached with the manifold, and to engage the piercing member and move the piercing member into piercing engagement with the container..
Pericardial access devices and methods
Described here are devices and methods for accessing the pericardial space. The access devices may include a piercing member such as a needle and a proximal shoulder having a contact surface for contacting the pericardium as the piercing member pierces the pericardium.
Dermally affixed device for intravenous access
An improved, injection or blood removal device for intravenous access has a port with a septum at the exterior end of an intravenous catheter, a coupling element having an adhesive surface for securing attachment onto the skin, an injection or blood sampling unit, a connecting cannula piercing the septum of the port, and means to secure functional assembly. Attachment of the device to the skin covering or close to the intravenous puncture site and without long communicating tubes allows ambulant injection of drugs or measuring of concentration-time profiles of exogenous and endogenous analytes to improve treatment modalities on an individualized basis..
Processing cocoa beans and other seeds
A method of treating seeds includes piercing a multiplicity of seeds such that shells of a majority of the seeds are pierced, aerating the pierced seeds, and reducing a water content of the pierced seeds. Another method of treating seeds includes placing a bulk quantity of seeds in a container, forming a mass of seeds and liquid in the container, sealing the container to create a substantially closed environment inside the container, and fermenting the mass in the sealed container.
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
An insertion device and insertion set. The insertion device for inserting at least a portion of at least one piercing member of an insertion set through the skin of a patient includes a device housing, a carrier body and a driver.
Needle assembly for use with a biopsy device
A needle assembly comprises an outer cannula and an inner cannula. The outer cannula and the inner cannula have complementary tissue receiving apertures.
Sensors for continuous analyte monitoring, and related methods
Sensor devices including dissolvable tissue-piercing tips are provided. The sensor devices can be used in conjunction with dissolvable needles configured for inserting the sensor devices into a host.
Potato piercing apparatus
A potato piercer having a top assembly with a handle. The top assembly includes a first plate having a bottom surface and a plurality of piercing stakes secured to the bottom surface.
Earring support device
The present invention describes an earring support device for relieving the tension caused by having large earrings hanging from a piercing for an extended amount of time. The support device has a set of clam-shell shaped earlobe guards that are hinged together and clipped onto an earlobe.
Infusion set with safety device
An infusion set includes a base with a rigid piercing cannula or a soft catheter and rigid introducer needle. The infusion set also includes a line set with a fluid connector.
Topically or orally applied aloe, distilled water, sodium chloride, and lysozyme mixture and method of producing the mixture
A skin and/or oral treatment mixture for treating tattooed or pierced skin such as that resulting from a body piercing, oral piercing, or tattoo procedure includes non-iodized sodium chloride, distilled water, aloe, and lysozyme. The distilled water is preferably a product of vapor or steam distillation.
Wireless communication device
A wearable wireless communication device is provided, including a behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure housing wireless communication electronics, a main electronics enclosure mount engaging the behind-the-ear main electronics enclosure, an ear mount fitting the main electronics enclosure mount, and a decorative mount including a speaker. The decorative mount attaches to the ear mount which is configured to fit over an ear of a wearer.
Coupling for pump and container
An improved coupling is disclosed for connecting a pump to a container. A first embodiment of the improved coupling incorporates a slidable coupling sleeve for piercing a frangible seal for providing liquid communication from the container to the pump.
Method and apparatus for gas cylinder sealing
A cap and gasket for a compressed gas cylinder arranged to operate with a gas cylinder having a neck with a top surface around a gas outlet and a side surface extending downwardly from the top surface. The cap may define an inner space to house the gasket and may be attached to the gas cylinder neck.
Insertion device for an insertion set and method of using the same
An insertion device and insertion set. The insertion device for inserting at least a portion of at least one piercing member of an insertion set through the skin of a patient includes a device housing, a carrier body and a driver.
Two-piece vial transfer needle assembly
The present disclosure relates to a vial transfer needle assembly including a first molding member and a second molding member. The first molding member includes a hub portion that has a proximal piercing tip and a distal portion.
Hollow needle for a sample pipettor
The invention relates to a hollow needle (1) for a sample pipettor in an automated analysis instrument, which sample pipettor is suitable for withdrawing sample liquid from a sealed sample vessel by virtue of the cover or the cap of the sample vessel being pierced by the hollow needle (1). The hollow needle (1) has a substantially straight cylindrical basic shape with a tip (8) for piercing a cover and enables a removal of sample liquid, comparatively less susceptible to errors, from a sample vessel in an automated analysis instrument.
Method for manufacturing transmittion bearing retainer
Disclosed is a method for manufacturing a transmission bearing retainer. The method includes a step of forming a bolt hole at the bearing retainer, wherein the bolt is inserted into the bolt hole.
System and method for attaching soft tissue to bone
Methods and devices for securing soft tissue to a rigid material such as bone are disclosed herein. A bone anchor is described that comprises a base and a top such that suture material may be compressed between surfaces on the base and top to secure the suture to the anchor.
Lancet magazine for puncturing aids
The invention relates to a device for storing and supplying lancets for obtaining bodily fluids, the device comprising a lancet magazine having a lancet storage unit for a plurality of needle-shaped lancets and a drive unit for carrying out a piercing process of a lancet, and there being a retraction unit which moves the lancet back from the piercing position to the rest position thereof after the piercing process is carried out.. .
Universal serial bus socket and related electronic device
A usb socket is disposed on a casing for connecting to a usb plug. The usb socket includes a piercing structure, a substrate and a plurality of terminals.
Scaffolding clip and applicator
A scaffolding clip and a scaffolding clip applicator tool are provided for fastening a web, such as a retaining mesh, to a scaffolding pole. During use a preferred method includes holding the fastening clip with the applicator, locating the web between the pole and the fastening clip, piercing the web with opposed ends of the clip and disengaging the applicator from the clip.
Surface mount/through-hole crimp piercing zipcord connector
A through-the-hole (tth)/surface mount (smt) insulation piercing connector includes one or two spaced electrical contacts. Each contact has a flat plate portion and integrally-formed legs.
Cartridges, systems and methods for preparation of beverages
A cartridge for preparation of a beverage comprising: a closed container defining a container volume; a filter to divide the container volume into an ingredient chamber volume and a filtrate volume; a beverage medium located in the ingredient chamber volume; and a guard element located in the filtrate volume; wherein the guard element is separately-formed from the closed container and located within the filtrate volume to define an outlet zone, the guard element being interposed between the filter and the outlet zone; wherein the guard element is configured to prevent encroachment of the filter into the outlet zone such that on piercing of a piercing surface of the cartridge by a piercing element of a beverage preparation apparatus the piercing element is enabled to be placed in fluid communication with the outlet zone without the piercing element contacting the guard element or filter. Associated methods and systems are also disclosed..
Elastic seal member for prefilled syringe
In a prefilled syringe including an elastic seal member to be pierced with a needle for use to eject a protein pharmaceutical preparation therefrom, the elastic seal member ensures smooth and reliable piercing thereof with the needle while reliably preventing an active substance of the protein pharmaceutical preparation from being adsorbed thereon. When a protective film (3) is laminated to a top surface of a seal body (2) of an elastic material, the protective film (3) is stretched to a greater extent by a recess (4) provided in the top surface.
Surface mount zipcord connector and method of making electrical contact with zipcord conductors
A surface mount connector includes one or two spaced conductive contacts. Each conductive contact(s) include a substantially flat base portion suitable for soldering to a pad or land on a printed circuit board (pcb), at least one vertical finger extends substantially normally from each flat base portion and each terminates in a point or hook formed with a piercing tip at the free end thereof remote from the that base portion.
Advancement to the effectiveness of body armor
A design for improvement to body armor design which adds a uniquely designed fiberglass diffuser layer with flat topped pedestals to the backside of the prior art of armor which has a debris collection backing layer and a hard faced ceramic facing layer and includes the option to add a protective tear resistant thin polyester film to reduce handling damage resulting in improved protection from armor piercing bullets by further reducing back face deformation of the armor and thus reducing impact to the body.. .
Household appliance having a physical alteration element
A household appliance for treating at least one item according to at least one cycle of operation includes a treating chemistry dispenser receiving a unit dose container and having a door moveable between an opened position and a closed position, a piercing mechanism located proximate to the treating chemistry dispenser and having a piercer that is moveable between a non-piercing position and a piercing position where the piercer is moved to perforate a unit dose container received within the treating chemistry dispenser.. .

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