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Physical Activity patents


This page is updated frequently with new Physical Activity-related patent applications.

 Disease therapy game technology patent thumbnailDisease therapy game technology
A video game in possession of and/or in the proximity of a patient. The patient computing system receives an indication that it is to begin a game, and executes the game using identified game parameters that are associated with the patient by a clinician as part of a disease therapy program.
University Of Utah Research Foundation

 Fitness training guidance system and method thereof patent thumbnailFitness training guidance system and method thereof
A real-time personal fitness training guidance system is described. A camera unit including one or more cameras is provided to take images of a user ready to use or using an exercise equipment.
Scenesage, Inc.

 Blood glucose control system patent thumbnailBlood glucose control system
Techniques are used for adaptation of drug-administration parameters that control insulin delivery in a blood glucose control system. One technique provides long-term adaptation of a nominal basal infusion rate, adapting to longer-term changes in a patient's needs due to growth, illness, hormonal fluctuations, physical activity, aging, etc.
The General Hospital Corporation

 Optimized cord clip patent thumbnailOptimized cord clip
An optimized cord clip configured to leverage the structural features of a user's clothing to more effectively secure an audio cord. Embodiment of the present disclosure include a coupling device that serves to securely connect the strap to an audio cord, the strap itself also being securely clasped onto another item.
Logitech Europe, S.a.

 Demonstration mode in skill-based gaming technology patent thumbnailDemonstration mode in skill-based gaming technology
The player input panel may have a first input control specific to providing a command to the gaming processor and the player input panel. The command enables a second player input control on the player input panel.

 Method and system for assessment of cognitive function based on electronic device usage patent thumbnailMethod and system for assessment of cognitive function based on electronic device usage
A system and method that enables a person to unobtrusively quantify the effect of mobility, physical activity, learning, social interaction and diet on cognitive function. The method records on the electronic device one of global positioning system longitude and latitude coordinates, accelerometer coordinates, and gyroscope coordinates, one of outgoing and incoming phone calls, outgoing and incoming emails, and outgoing and incoming text messages, one of urls visited on an internet browser application, books read on an e-reader application, games played on game applications, and the nutritional content of food consumed, performs the step of learning a function mapping from those recordings to measurements of cognitive function using a loss function to identify a set of optimal weights that produce a minimum for the loss function, uses those optimal weights to create the function mapping, and performs the step of computing the variance of the cognitive function measurements that is explained by the function mapping to assign an attribution to the effect of physical activity on measured changes in cognitive function..
Mindstrong, Llc

 Physical activity data management patent thumbnailPhysical activity data management
A system, method, and computer program product for managing physical activity data. In certain embodiments, managing physical activity data includes accessing, from a database communicatively connected with a server device, a set of stored user data indicating physical activity characteristics of a user.
On-site Solutions Physical Therapy, Llc

 Motion tracking via body radio reflections patent thumbnailMotion tracking via body radio reflections
A motion tracking system makes use of a number antennas to transmit and receive radio frequency signals that are reflected from objects (e.g., people) in the environment of the system, which may include one or more rooms of a building, the interior of a vehicle, etc., and may be partitioned, for example, walls or cloth sheets. In general, the objects in the environment include both fixed objects, such as chairs, walls, etc., as well as moving objects, such as but not limited to people.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 User interface control in portable system patent thumbnailUser interface control in portable system
This document discloses a portable system comprising a physical activity monitoring device comprising: a wireless proximity detection module configured to detect a proximity of an input control entity with respect to the physical activity monitoring device and output a control signal as a response to the detection, wherein the proximity is a non-zero distance between the input control entity and the training computer; and a user interface controller configured to generate, as a response to the control signal from the wireless proximity detection module, at least one of an audio control function and a display control function.. .
Polar Electro Oy

 Treatment management system and method patent thumbnailTreatment management system and method
A computer implemented method of optimizing delivery of treatment management plans. The method includes receiving an input identifier of a diagnosis by a store processor, processing by the store processor each of a dietary therapy store, a medical therapy store, a natural product supplement therapy store, a bioenergetics/bioinformation therapy store, a physical activity therapy store, a mental and emotional therapy store, an environmental exposure therapy store, a precautions and consents store, and a costs store, to determine recommendations of each store, and outputting a treatment management plan formatted by categories of each store.

Electronic apparatus, physical activity information presenting method, and recording medium

An electronic apparatus includes a processing unit that presents either or both of indexes and evaluations regarding physical activity of a user causing a directional change by using movement direction information of the user calculated on the basis of a satellite signal.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Physical activity assistance apparatus, physical activity assistance system, physical activity assistance method, and physical activity assistance program

A physical activity assistance apparatus includes a blood oxygen concentration measurement section (biological information detection section and blood oxygen concentration calculation section) that measures a user's blood oxygen concentration and a breathing instruction section that instructs the user to practice a predetermined breathing method when the blood oxygen concentration is lower than or equal to a first threshold. The thus configured physical activity assistance apparatus can appropriately support the user's physical activity..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Modular physical activity monitoring system

A system includes an activity-specific article and an activity-agnostic puck. The article includes a receptacle and an activity-specific sensor coupled to the receptacle.
Everyday Olympian, Inc.

Power efficient control and operation of a data-sensing peripheral device based on location and mode of transport

A peripheral device capable of being worn, carried by a user, or used in an in-vehicle computer system operates in conjunction with an application to acquire, store, and present data relevant to a user's health, physical activity, environment, air quality, or other parameters of interest. For power efficient operation and enhanced performance, control parameters of the peripheral device such as duty cycle, sampling rate, and sleep state may be wirelessly and automatically controlled by the mobile device.
Drayson Technologies (europe) Limited

Hat leash

The present invention is directed, in part, to a device and methods for securing a hat onto a wearer's body during times of vigorous physical activity or during times in which the wearer is in windy or other conditions in which his hat might be lost. In particular, the invention includes a hat, a leash and a cuff wherein the cuff is attached to the leash, and the leash is in turn, is attached to the hat.

Utilizing athletic activities to augment audible compositions

Example embodiments relate to methods and systems for playback of adaptive music corresponding to an athletic activity. A user input is received from a user selecting an existing song for audible playback to the user, the song comprising a plurality of audio layers including at least a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer.
Nike, Inc.

Vr biometric integration

Method, system, and computer-readable program product for modifying at least one virtual activity capability of an avatar in a virtual reality setting based on a real-world physical activity metric of a user of the virtual reality setting. The user's physical activity metrics are tracked via a fitness tracker or other biometric sensor.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and measuring physical condition by using heart rate recovery rate

A method for measuring a physical condition of an individual by using a post-exercise heart rate recovery rate is provided and, has steps of: acquiring a heart rate of the individual during a recovery period after a physical activity of the individual; calculating a heart rates recovery rate of the individual using a nonlinear regression equation, which includes a parameter representing the rate of heart rate recovery; and determining the physical condition of the individual based upon the parameter. Hereby, the accuracy of measuring the heart rate recovery rate is better than other conventional methods..
Joiiup Technology Inc.

Pillow structure

A supporting pillow structure for a user to sleep or to perform sedentary activity facing down toward the pillow structure with the user's hands and arms placed underneath their face. The pillow structure includes a top opening substantially on the top surface of the pillow structure for the user's face to lean into the pillow structure, at least two side openings in the side of the pillow structure for the user to insert the user's arms into the pillow structure and place the user's arms underneath their head or body comfortably and to increase airflow for the user to breathe comfortably while resting, and a cavity in the middle of the pillow structure for airflow between the openings and for placing objects within the pillow structure, allowing the user to perform tasks requiring minimal physical activity while remaining comfortable and sedentary for an extended period of time.
Pillowvision, Llc

Automatic trigger of integrated game actions for exercise and well being

Methods and systems for triggering integrated game actions include monitoring a user's state during operation a video game with one or more user state sensors. It is determined whether the user's level of activity is below a predetermined activity threshold based on the monitored state considered over a period of time.
International Business Machines Corporation

Context-aware system for providing fitness information

A computing device is described that obtains an indication of movement associated with the computing device, and responsive to determining that the movement does not satisfy an activity threshold indicative of a user of the computing device being in a physically active state, determines, based at least in part on contextual information associated with the computing device, a recommended physical activity for the user to perform, and determines, based at least in part on the contextual information, a current activity associated with the user. Responsive to determining that a degree of likelihood that the recommended physical activity can be performed concurrently with the current activity satisfies a probability threshold, the computing device outputs a notification of the recommended physical activity..
Google Inc.

Selecting and correlating physical activity data with image data

Example embodiments may relate systems, methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media configured to correlate image data of a user performing physical activity with data collected during the user's performance. Data may include sensor data measuring, force, acceleration, speed, and/or processed sensor data from one or more sensors.
Nike, Inc.

Home automation system generating user health score and related methods

A home automation (ha) system may include addressable ha devices and a user interface device configured to permit user social networking and generate user social networking data based thereon. The ha system may also include a controller and a memory coupled thereto and configured to store measured user health data and determine user physical activity data based upon the addressable ha devices.
K4connect Inc.

Mirna modulators of thermogenesis

Provided are novel methods and compositions for the modulation of thermogenesis. Such methods are particularly advantageous in that they allow for the reduction of body fat in a subject without the subject having to adjust their caloric intake through dieting, modify their physical activity or undergo bariatric surgery.
Aptamir Therapeutics, Inc.

Heart failure event detection using minimum heart rate

Systems, devices, or methods can be used to detect an event, or series of events, that can indicate worsening of congestive heart failure (chf), or can be used to identify a subject at an elevated risk for developing chf. A chf event predictor can be provided using a characteristic minimum of subject cardiac intervals.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Action detection and activity classification

Activities, actions and events during user performance of physical activity may be detected using various algorithms and templates. Templates may include an arrangement of one or more states that may identify particular event types and timing between events.
Nike, Inc.

Virtual fantasy system and use

A system for creating visual fantasy while engaging in a physical activity with a partner includes at least one eyewear piece provided with at one camera, a power source, a wireless transceiver, a visual display for receiving a video transmission, and a computer based device provided with virtual merging software for video data from said camera of the eyewear piece, wherein the virtual merging software can dynamically identify facial/body area data of a viewed person in video data, a database associated with the virtual merging software having predetermined facial character data of corresponding to another face and retrieves a predetermined facial/body character data based on a user predefined selection and manipulates the video data overlaying the selected predetermined facial/body character data into the facial area of the video data generating a merged field of view data and sends signal back to the visual display.. .

Optical data capture of exercise data in furtherance of a health score computation

A computer implemented method for managing health-related data captures an image from a display of an exercise machine using a camera, has the images processed to extract the text data from the captured images, and analyzes the text data to identify information relating to extrinsic physical activity performed by a person at the exercise machine. The results are stored in memory and a profile specific to the person is updated.
Dacadoo Ag

Action detection and activity classification

Activities, actions and events during user performance of physical activity may be detected using various algorithms and templates. Templates may include an arrangement of one or more states that may identify particular event types and timing between events.
Nike, Inc.

Electronic apparatus and physical activity assistance method

An electronic apparatus includes a processor that generates, on the basis of evaluation of physical strength of a user who is performing physical activity and evaluation of the user's physical condition, information on whether or not the user's physical activity needs to be reconsidered.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

System and patient behavior and health monitoring

System and method for monitoring a patient's health condition is disclosed. The system assesses the patient's health condition based on a data collected by observing the physical activity of the patient and the physical state of the patient.

Method and generating assessments using physical activity and biometric parameters

The methods and apparatuses presented herein determine and/or improve the quality of one or more physiological assessment parameters, e.g., response-recovery rate, based on biometric signal(s) and/or motion signal(s) respectively output by one or more biometric and/or motion sensors. The disclosed methods and apparatuses also estimate a user's stride length based on a motion signal and a determined type of user motion, e.g., walking or running.
Valencell, Inc.

System and measuring physical activity to progress in game

A computerized system and method for measuring physical activity to advance play in a game. In example embodiments, a cell phone generates a screen display and the game is played through the mobile device.
Humana Inc.

Multivariable artificial pancreas method and system

Methods and modules for using physiological (biometric) variables to advance the state of the artificial pancreas. The method and system includes one or more modules for recursive model identification, hypoglycemia early alert and alarm, adaptive control, hyperglycemia early alert and alarm, plasma insulin concentration estimation, assessment of physical activity (e.g., presence, type, duration, expected effects on insulin sensitivity and gc), detection of acute stress and assessment of its impact on insulin sensitivity, detection of sleep and its stages and assessment of sleep stages on gc, sensor fault detection and diagnosis, software and controller performance evaluation and adjustment and/or pump fault detection and diagnosis..

Analog wellness device

Embodiments are disclosed to monitor and present a user's physical activity as part of an analog wellness device. The device may include two motors that are coupled to respective discs such that, when rotated, various regions are visible through respective windows.
Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

Devices for measuring human gait and related methods of use

A portable, wearable multi-component measurement and analysis device can be utilized for collecting and analyzing bio-mechanical and human gait analysis data while performing any physical activity. This device may be constructed with one or more sensors that are placed on the various localities of human body to collect bio-mechanical data.
Vayu Technology Corp.

Wearable electronic apparatus

A wearable electronic apparatus, a computer program and a method are disclosed. physical activity data measured relating to a user of a wearable electronic apparatus is obtained.
Polar Electro Oy

System and physical activity performance analysis

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for improving physical activity performance analysis, and more specifically to a system and method for using motion, pressure and position sensors embedded in equipment or footwear of a user to assess physical activity performance. The sensors can collect pressure related data, transmit the data to a server for processing, and the user can receive feedback based on their performance..
Motion Metrics, Llc

Wearable detector for the detection of parameters related to a physical activity

A wearable detector for the detection of parameters related to a physical activity includes a support wearable on the user's head, a sound signal reproducing system connected to the support, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a wireless signal receiving-transmitting device, and a control unit operatively connected to the sound signal reproducing system, to the accelerometer, to the gyroscope and to the receiving-transmitting device at least in order to manage data streams between those devices, wherein the support has a sealed chamber where at least the accelerometer and/or the gyroscope are housed, the support having such an arrangement that, in the worn condition, the chamber is placed substantially at the back of the user's head.. .
Xmetrics Sports Ltd

Skin proximity and tilt effect sensor

A portable electronic device include one or more electrodes for calculating distances and rotational angles between the device and the user is disclosed. Based on the calculated distances and rotational angles, a physical activity of the user can be determined.
Apple Inc.

Enhancing physical activity measurement

An electrode belt includes at least one electrode to measure biometric signals related to heart activity of a user, a non-conductive strip having at least one opening, and a flexible strip to enable placement of the electrode belt against the skin of the user. The non-conductive strip is coupled with the flexible strip such that, when in use, the at least one electrode is in physical contact with the skin of the user..
Polar Electro Oy

Action detection and activity classification

Activities, actions and events during user performance of physical activity may be detected using various algorithms and templates. Templates may include an arrangement of one or more states that may identify particular event types and timing between events.
Nike, Inc.

Intelligent switching between air conduction speakers and tissue conduction speakers

Systems and methods may provide for determining a usage configuration of a wearable device and setting an activation state of an air conduction speaker of the wearable device based at least in part on the usage configuration. Additionally, an activation state of a tissue conduction speaker of the wearable device may be set based at least in part on the usage configuration.
Intel Corporation

Tracking user physical acitvity with multiple devices

Methods, devices, and computer programs are presented for creating a unified data stream from multiple data streams acquired from multiple devices. One method includes an operation for receiving activity data streams from the devices, each activity data stream being associated with physical activity data of a user.
Fitbit, Inc.

Methods and device arrangement for physical activity thresholds promoting fat and cholesterol metabolism in high risk subjects

Method and device determine the threshold values for the volume and intensity of physical activity or the lowest levels that reduce risk factors in persons who suffer from disorders of sugar and lipid metabolism and are overweight. The method characterized in that the device registers a person's daily physical activity, compares it with the measured threshold levels and informs by its own or outside screen, if the volume and/or intensity of the physical activity has been sufficient to prevent the effects of disease risk factors.

Performance monitoring systems and methods

We have disclosed systems and methods for portable performance monitoring of an individual during a physical activity. The systems and methods may include a portable sensor component configured to be carried by the individual during the physical activity and configured to obtain movement data for the athlete individual during the physical activity.
Adidas Ag

Regional saturation system with ensemble averaging

A method may include receiving, at a processor, a first electromagnetic radiation signal and a second electromagnetic radiation signal from a regional oximetry sensor having two or more detectors and two or more emitters. The method may also include receiving, at the processor, a trigger signal that has a frequency corresponding to a periodic physical activity of a patient.
Covidien Lp

Performance monitoring systems and methods

We have disclosed systems and methods for portable performance monitoring of an individual during a physical activity. The systems and methods may include a portable sensor component configured to be carried by the individual during the physical activity and configured to obtain movement data for the athlete individual during the physical activity.
Adidas Ag

Performance monitoring systems and methods

We have disclosed systems and methods for portable performance monitoring of an individual during a physical activity. The systems and methods may include a portable sensor component configured to be carried by the individual during the physical activity and configured to obtain movement data for the athlete individual during the physical activity.
Adidas Ag

Sleep monitoring device

A sleep monitoring device (120) for monitoring sleep states of a human, the sleep monitoring device is configured to receive movement data of the resting human from a movement measurement device (112), the sleep monitoring device (120) comprises a movement data analyzer (130) configured to compute from the movement data at least: heart beat data and respiration data,and physical activity a data classifier (140) configure to determine a heart rate regularity valuation of the heart beat data within a time interval, and to determine a respiration regularity valuation of the respiration data within the time interval, a sleep classifier (150) configured to obtain a sleep state for the time interval from at least the respiration regularity valuation and the heart rate regularity valuation.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Wrist computer wireless communication and event detection

A system includes a wrist computer and a portable video camera. The wrist computer acquires physical activity data measured by a sensor device, generates a time marker on the basis of the physical activity data, and transmits the time marker to the portable video camera according to a predefined wireless communication protocol.
Polar Electro Oy

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