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Photovoltaic Cell patents


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 Solar panel  accelerated regeneration and/or prevention of defects in solar panels patent thumbnailSolar panel accelerated regeneration and/or prevention of defects in solar panels
The present invention provides a solar panel installation, comprising at least one solar panel comprising photovoltaic cells, and a translucent plate on the upper side, wherein the translucent plate is provided with an electrically conductive layer that is provided in order to have an electric potential applied to it and which is electrically isolated from the photovoltaic cells, such that an electric potential applied to the electrically conductive layer will be uniformly distributed over the upper side of the at least one solar panel. In addition, the invention provides a method for applying the electrically conductive layer and for regenerating and/or preventing defects in the at least one solar panel..

 High efficiency multijunction photovoltaic cells patent thumbnailHigh efficiency multijunction photovoltaic cells
Multijunction photovoltaic cells having at least three subcells are disclosed, in which at least one of the subcells comprises a base layer formed of gainnassb. The gainnassb subcells exhibit high internal quantum efficiencies over a broad range of irradiance energies..
Solar Junction Corporation

 Multiple-junction photovoltaic cell based on antimonide materials patent thumbnailMultiple-junction photovoltaic cell based on antimonide materials
A photovoltaic cell is provided that can be used under high levels of solar concentration (≧1000 suns). The present cell includes at least one junction produced on a substrate based on gallium antimonide, the at least one junction having two alloys based on an antimonide material (ga1-xalxasysb1-y) lattice-matched on the substrate gasb.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique

 Organic semiconducting compounds and related optoelectronic devices patent thumbnailOrganic semiconducting compounds and related optoelectronic devices
The present teachings relate to new organic semiconducting compounds and their use as active materials in organic and hybrid optical, optoelectronic, and/or electronic devices such as photovoltaic cells, light emitting diodes, light emitting transistors, and field effect transistors. The present compounds can provide improved device performance, for example, as measured by power conversion efficiency, fill factor, open circuit voltage, field-effect mobility, on/off current ratios, and/or air stability when used in photovoltaic cells or transistors.
Polyera Corporation

 Photobioreactor in a closed environment for cultivating photosynthetic micro-organisms patent thumbnailPhotobioreactor in a closed environment for cultivating photosynthetic micro-organisms
The invention relates to a photobioreactor for cultivating photosynthetic micro-organisms, comprising: a) at least one cultivation container (1) for containing the culture medium (3) of the micro-organisms, b) photovoltaic cells (2) isolated from the culture medium (3), emitting light towards the culture medium (3), and c) means (4) for powering the photovoltaic cells (2) in order to operate the photovoltaic cells in light emission mode.. .
Acta Alga

 Combinatorial flux adder for determining photovoltaic cell nonlinearity patent thumbnailCombinatorial flux adder for determining photovoltaic cell nonlinearity
A process for determining a nonlinear response of a photovoltaic cell that includes: producing a first set of first light pulses including a first light that includes a first photon flux; and different first magnitudes of first photon flux; producing a second set of second light pulses that include: a second light including a second photon flux; and different second magnitudes of second photon flux; repeating the first light pulses in a selected combination with the second light pulses to produce a combinatorial set of combinatorial light pulses including: a combinatorial light comprising a combinatorial photon flux and different combinatorial magnitudes; irradiating a photovoltaic cell separately with the first set, second set, and the combinatorial set; separately producing, a first, second, and combinatorial photovoltaic output; and solving a system of linear equations to determine the nonlinear relationship between the photovoltaic output and the magnitude of flux.. .
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Commerce

 Photovoltaic device patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic device
The present invention is premised upon an improved photovoltaic device (“pv device”) more particularly to an improved photovoltaic device with a multilayered photovoltaic cell assembly and a body portion joined at an interface region and including an intermediate layer, at least one interconnecting structural member, relieving feature, unique component geometry or any combination thereof.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

 Wafer-integrated, ultra-low profile concentrated photovoltaics (cpv) for space applications patent thumbnailWafer-integrated, ultra-low profile concentrated photovoltaics (cpv) for space applications
A concentrator-type photovoltaic module includes a plurality of photovoltaic cells having respective surface areas of less than about 4 square millimeters (mm) electrically interconnected in series and/or parallel on a backplane surface, and an array of concentrating optical elements having respective aperture dimensions of less than about 30 mm and respective focal lengths of less than about 50 mm. The array of concentrating optical elements is positioned over the photovoltaic cells based on the respective focal lengths to concentrate incident light on the photovoltaic cells, and is integrated on the backplane surface by at least one spacer structure on the backplane surface.
Semprius, Inc.

 Photovoltaic cell having a coupled expanded metal article patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic cell having a coupled expanded metal article
A method comprises providing an expanded metal article having a plurality of first segments intersecting a plurality of second segments thereby forming a plurality of openings. The expanded metal article has a surface comprising a plurality of solder pads.
Merlin Solar Technologies, Inc.

 Cuttable solar wrap patent thumbnailCuttable solar wrap
A cuttable solar wrap includes a flexible, sheet-like substrate. A photovoltaic grid, having photovoltaic cells or submodules connected in parallel by internal conductors is incorporated into the substrate.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Power inverter docking system for photovoltaic modules

An electronics module docking system includes docking member removably coupled to a photovoltaic module. The docking system includes a first connector port electrically coupled to one or more photovoltaic cells of the photovoltaic module.
Sunpower Corporation

Layers of safety & failsafe capability for operation of class iv laser in consumer electronics devices

An optical power transfer device includes a transmitter circuit, including a laser light source that is configured to emit coherent light responsive to operation above a lasing threshold, and is configured to emit incoherent light responsive operation below the lasing threshold. A proximity sensor circuit is coupled to the transmitter circuit and is configured to output a detection signal therefrom responsive to authentication of an optical receiver including at least one photovoltaic cell having surface area of about 4 square millimeters or less within a proximity thereof.
Semprius, Inc.

Conformal coating on three-dimensional substrates

The disclosure relates to a method for forming a conformal coating on a substrate having a topography presenting a relief. One method of the disclosure includes setting the temperature of the substrate within the range 140-275° c., and coating an aqueous solution including a sol-gel precursor on said substrate.
Universiteit Hasselt

Electric power generation operation point control circuit device

Three or more photovoltaic cell units connected in series include a unit holding a voltage between output terminals, a first voltage holding unit group having a voltage holding unit holding a voltage between an anode-side terminal and a cathode-side terminal for each photovoltaic cell unit set with respect to each set of the (2k+1)th and (2k+2)th photovoltaic cell units connected in series to each other counted from the anode side, and a second voltage holding unit group having a voltage holding unit holding a voltage between an anode-side terminal and a cathode-side terminal for each photovoltaic cell unit set with respect to each set of the (2k+2)th and (2k+3)th photovoltaic cell units connected in series to each other counted from the anode side.. .
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Electric power generation operation point control circuit device and multi-stage electric power generation operation point control circuit device

An electric power generation operation point control circuit device includes: a first capacitor connected in parallel to a photovoltaic cell via the pair of electrode connection terminals between the pair of output terminals; a first switching element connected in parallel to the photovoltaic cell via the pair of electrode connection terminals and the inductor between the pair of output terminals and causing a conduction state or a non-conduction state between the connected terminals; and a second capacitor connected in series to the first capacitor between a first electrode connection terminal and a first output terminal and causing the conduction state or the non-conduction state between the connected terminals.. .
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Solar module employing quantum luminescent lateral transfer concentrator

A solar concentrator module (80) employs a luminescent concentrator material (82) between photovoltaic cells (86) having their charge-carrier separation junctions (90) parallel to front surfaces (88) of photovoltaic material 84 of the photovoltaic cells (86). Intercell areas (78) covered by the luminescent concentrator material (82) occupy from 2 to 50% of the total surface area of the solar concentrator modules (80).
Pacific Light Technologies Corp.

Photovoltaic devices including mg-doped semiconductor films

A photovoltaic cell can include a dopant in contact with a semiconductor layer.. .
First Solar, Inc.

Reconfigurable photovoltaic module

The present disclosure relates to reconfigurable voltaic modules. One example embodiment includes a photovoltaic module.
Imec Vzw

Photovoltaic cell module

In accordance with one embodiment, there is provided a photovoltaic cell module including a plurality of photovoltaic cell structures including a hole transport layer and an electron transport layer which are disposed on a common photoelectric conversion layer so that electromotive force polarities are alternately different, wherein the photovoltaic cell structures are electrically connected in series.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Photovoltaic devices including controlled copper uptake

A photovoltaic cell can include a substrate having a copper-doped semiconductor layer. The doping can be mediated with a salt..
First Solar, Inc.

Compound-semiconductor photovoltaic cell and manufacturing compound-semiconductor photovoltaic cell

A compound-semiconductor photovoltaic cell includes a first photoelectric conversion cell made of a first compound-semiconductor material which lattice matches with gaas or ge; a first tunnel junction layer arranged on a deep side farther than the first photoelectric conversion cell in a light incident direction, and including a first p-type (alx1ga1-x1)y1in1-y1as (0≦x1<1, 0<y1≦1) layer and a first n-type (alx2ga1-x2)y2in1-y2p (0≦x2<1, 0<y2<1) layer; and a second photoelectric conversion cell arranged on a deep side farther than the first tunnel junction layer in the light incident direction, and made of a second compound-semiconductor material which is a gaas-based semiconductor material. The first photoelectric conversion cell and the second photoelectric conversion cell are joined via the first tunnel junction layer, and a lattice constant of the first n-type (alx2ga1-x2)y2in1-y2p layer is greater than a lattice constant of the first photoelectric conversion cell..
Rich Company, Ltd.

Photovoltaics on silicon

Structures including crystalline material disposed in openings defined in a non-crystalline mask layer disposed over a substrate. A photovoltaic cell may be disposed above the crystalline material..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Transparent, photovoltaic, thermally insulating, construction wall comprising corrugated material, and buildings constructed therefrom

A photovoltaic construction wall is provided, having an inner surface adapted to face an inner enclosed space, and an outer surface adapted to gather energy from the sun when installed. The wall is used in buildings and also in buildings in building complexes.

Metallic dielectric photonic crystals and methods of fabrication

A metallic-dielectric photonic crystal is formed with a periodic structure defining a plurality of resonant cavities to selectively absorb incident radiation. A metal layer is deposited on the inner surfaces of the resonant cavities and a dielectric material fills inside the resonant cavities.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Photovoltaic power generation systems and methods regarding same

A solid fuel power source that provides at least one of electrical and thermal power comprising (i) at least one reaction, cell for the catalysis of atomic hydrogen to form hydrinos, (ii) a chemical fuel mixture comprising at least two components chosen from: a source of h2o catalyst or h2o catalyst; a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; reactants to form the source of h2o catalyst or h2o catalyst and a source of atomic hydrogen or atomic hydrogen; one or more reactants to initiate the catalysis of atomic hydrogen; and a material to cause the fuel to be highly conductive, (iii) at least one set of electrodes that confine the fuel and an electrical power source that provides a short burst of low-voltage, high-current electrical energy to initiate rapid kinetics of the hydrino reaction and an energy gain due to forming hydrinos, (iv) a product recovery systems such as a vapor condenser, (v) a reloading system, (vi) at least one of hydration, thermal, chemical, and electrochemical systems to regenerate the fuel from the reaction products, (vii) a heat sink that accepts the heat from the power-producing reactions, (viii) a photovoltaic power converter comprising at least one of a concentrated solar power device, and at least one triple-junction photovoltaic cell, monocrystalline cell, polycrystalline cell, amorphous cell, string/ribbon silicon cell, multi-junction cell, homojunction cell, heterojunction cell, p-i-n device, thin-film cells, dye-sensitized cell, and an organic photovoltaic cell, and an antireflection coating, an optical impedance matching coating, and a protective coating.. .
Brilliant Light Power, Inc.

Photovoltaic cell and manufacturing the same, manufacture device and production line for photovoltaic cell

The present invention provides a photovoltaic cell and a method of manufacturing the same, a manufacture device and a production line for a photovoltaic cell. The method of manufacturing a photovoltaic cell includes steps of: forming an anode layer on a substrate; forming, by spin coating, a donor-acceptor polymer mixed film layer on the substrate; and forming a cathode layer on the substrate.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Solar cell structures for improved current generation and collection

In one aspect, optoelectronic devices are described herein. In some implementations, an optoelectronic device comprises a photovoltaic cell.
The Boeing Company

Photovoltaic cell structure and manufacturing a photovoltaic cell

The invention relates to the photo-voltalic cell structure comprising semiconductor type-p substrate with bottom electric contact upon which the active zno film is present, with the transparent conductive layer upon it, preferably zno:al film, with an electric contact, characterized in that the active zno layer consists of zno nanostructures film at least 50 nm thick, deposited on nucleating layer and covered with zno film at least 1 nm thick, and the method to produce the photovoltaic structure.. .
Instytut Fizyki Pan

Hybrid multi-junction photovoltaic cells and associated methods

A multi-junction photovoltaic cell includes a substrate and a back contact layer formed on the substrate. A low bandgap group ib-iiib-vib2 material solar absorber layer is formed on the back contact layer.
Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc.

Concentrator photovoltaic cells bonded to flat-plate solar cells for direct and off-axis light collection

Systems, methods, and apparatus for light collection and conversion to electricity are disclosed herein. The disclosed method involves receiving, by at least one concentrating element (e.g., a lens), light from at least one light source, where the light comprises direct light and diffuse light.
The Boeing Company

Contact lenses with hybrid power sources

Apparatus, systems and methods of contact lenses with power sources are provided. In some aspects, a contact lens can include a substrate; and a circuit.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

Non-fullerene electron acceptors for organic photovoltaic devices

Non-fullerene electron acceptors for highly efficient organic photovoltaic devices are described. The non-fullerene electron acceptors have an extended, rigid, π-conjugated electron-deficient framework that can facilitate exciton and charge derealization.
University Of Washington

Solar windows for electric automobiles

A photovoltaic power source for an electric automobile includes at least one window including a transparent photovoltaic cell; a dc-dc converter in electrical communication with the at least one window transparent photovoltaic cell; and a battery in electrical communications with the dc-dc converter.. .
Faraday&future Inc.

Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector

A laminated photovoltaic thermal (pv/t) module for a pv/t hybrid solar collector comprising a cooler/absorber and a photovoltaic unit. The cooler/absorber includes at least one flat surface with raised peripheral edges and is adapted to function as a mould for a photovoltaic laminate structure.
Solarus Sunpower Sweden Ab

Method of manufacturing flexible, lightweight photovoltaic array

A flexible, lightweight photovoltaic cell array includes one or more individual photovoltaic cell strings attached to a polyimide film substrate and covered with a polyvinyl fluoride film. Each photovoltaic cell string includes one or more photovoltaic cells attached to a flexible printed circuit board.
Orbital Atk, Inc.

Lightweight structures for enhancing the thermal emissivity of surfaces

Systems and methods in accordance with various embodiments of the invention implement textured metasurfaces that can provide for enhanced thermal emissivity. In one embodiment, a lightweight solar power generator includes: at least one photovoltaic cell including a photovoltaic material; at least one concentrator, configured to focus incident solar radiation onto the photovoltaic material; and at least one textured metasurface characterized by its inclusion of a plurality of microstructures, each having a characteristic lateral dimension of between approximately 1 μm and approximately 100 μm patterned thereon; where the at least one textured metasurface is disposed such that it is in thermal communication with at least some portion of the lightweight solar power generator that generates heat during the normal operation of the lightweight solar power generator, and is thereby configured to dissipate heat generated by the at least some portion..
California Institute Of Technology

Method and equipment for treating a precursor of a heterojunction photovoltaic cell and associated producing a photovoltaic cell

The precursor comprises at least one layer of doped crystalline silicon and a layer of doped amorphous semiconductor material. The method comprises the steps of placing the cell precursor sandwiched between a grounded conducting plate and a plate made of insulating material coated with a conducting layer, then applying a state change electrical voltage (u1) between the conducting layer and ground, the said state change electrical voltage (u1) being designed to bring the fermi level at the interface between crystalline silicon and amorphous semiconductor material closer to the middle of the band gap of the said amorphous semiconductor material, while at the same time heating the cell precursor to a defect equilibration temperature (te), and finally cooling down the cell precursor (10) prior to interrupting the application of the state change electrical voltage (u1)..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Thermoplastic wire network support for photovoltaic cells

Provided are novel methods of fabricating photovoltaic modules using thermoplastic materials to support wire networks to surfaces of photovoltaic cells. A thermoplastic material goes through a molten state during module fabrication to distribute the material near the wire-cell surface interface.
Beijing Apollo Ding Rong Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Finned passive pvt system with adjustable angle insulating reflectors

A photovoltaic-thermal device includes a housing unit, a photovoltaic panel, a fluid collector storage, adjustable angle reflector plates and an absorber plate. The photovoltaic panel is placed within the housing unit and includes a plurality of photoelectric cells.

Conductive paste composition and semiconductor devices made therewith

A conductive paste composition contains a source of an electrically conductive metal, a first oxide component, a second, non-oxide, magnesium-containing component, and an organic vehicle. An article such as a high-efficiency photovoltaic cell is formed by a process of deposition of the paste composition on a semiconductor device substrate (e.g., by screen printing) and firing the paste to remove the organic vehicle and sinter the metal and establish electrical contact between it and the substrate..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Electronic device comprising nanogap electrodes and nanoparticles

An electronic device includes a substrate and at least two electrodes spaced by a nanogap, wherein the at least two electrodes are bridged by at least one nanoparticle and wherein the at least one nanoparticle has an overlap area with the at least two electrodes higher than 2% of the area of the at least one nanoparticle. A method of manufacturing the electronic device and the use of the electronic device in photodetector, transistor, phototransistor, optical modulator, electrical diode, photovoltaic cell or electroluminescent component are also described..
Fonds De L'espci - Georges Charpak

Portable photovoltaic device

A portable photovoltaic device includes a waveguide body, a photovoltaic cell, an electronic module, and a fixing element. Waveguide material having transparency, flexibility, plasticity and weather resistance encapsulates photovoltaic cells and electronic module, without complicated light focusing system to converge light on a photovoltaic cell, to improve the power generating efficiency of the photovoltaic cell.
Flexwave Co., Ltd.

Balloon equipped with a concentrated solar generator and employing an optimised arrangement of solar cells to power said balloon in flight

A balloon comprises an envelope containing a lifting gas and a concentrated solar radiation solar generator. The solar generator includes a reflector, one or two arrays of photovoltaic solar cells forming a first active face directed towards the reflector and a second active face directed towards the exterior of the envelope of the balloon.

Method for manufacturing a photovoltaic cell with selective doping

A method for creating a photovoltaic cell, includes forming a first doped region in a semiconductor substrate having a first concentration of doping elements; forming, by ion implantation, alignment units, the largest size of which is smaller than one millimeter, and a second doped region, adjacent to the first region with a second concentration of doping elements; heat-treating the substrate to activate the doping elements and to form an oxide layer at the surface of the substrate, the second concentration and the heat treatment conditions being selected such that the oxide layer has a thickness above the alignment units that is larger, by at least 10 nm, than the thickness of the oxide layer above an area of the substrate adjacent to the alignment units; depositing an antireflection layer onto the oxide layer; and depositing an electrode onto the antireflection coating, through a screen, opposite the second region.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Multi-junction photovoltaic micro-cell architectures for energy harvesting and/or laser power conversion

An optical power converter device includes a light source configured to emit monochromatic light, and a multi-junction photovoltaic cell including respective photovoltaic cell layers having different bandgaps and/or thicknesses. The respective photovoltaic cell layers are electrically connected to collectively provide an output voltage and are vertically stacked relative to a surface of the multi-junction photovoltaic cell that is arranged for illumination by the monochromatic light from the light source.
Semprius, Inc.

Apparatus and solar panel module mounting inserts

A photovoltaic module generates electrical power when installed on a roof. A photovoltaic module preferably has an upper transparent protective layer, and a photovoltaic layer positioned beneath the upper transparent protective layer, the photovoltaic layer comprising a plurality of electrically interconnected photovoltaic cells disposed in an array.
Lumeta, Llc

System and manipulating solar energy

An apparatus for generating electricity from solar radiation having a solar spectrum is provided. The apparatus includes a photovoltaic mirror comprising a plurality of photovoltaic cells, the photovoltaic mirror configured to separate the solar spectrum, absorb a first portion of the solar spectrum, and concentrate a second portion of the solar spectrum at a focus.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Multilayer transparent polyester film, manufacturing said film and use of said film in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic panels

A biaxially oriented multilayer transparent film including at least two layers of polyester, respectively a core layer and at least one outer layer, which can be identical or different, wherein: i) at least the core layer includes at least one biaxially oriented transparent polyester pe1, ii) at least one of the outer layers includes, on the one hand, at least one biaxially oriented polyester pe2, and, on the other hand, particles coming from the reaction between at least one metal compound and at least one monomeric or oligomeric unit of pe2, the particles having more preferably a d50—as μm and following an order of preference—between 0.5 and 5; between 1.0 and 4, and between 1.5 and 3.0. Also relates to the manufacture of this film and its applications as a laminate in particular in the backsheets of photovoltaic cells..
Toray Films Europe

Highly efficient small molecule multi-junction organic photovoltaic cells

A highly efficient multi junction photovoltaic device, such as a two, three, or four junction device, is disclosed. The multi-junction device may include a first subcell comprising a first photoactive region and a second subcell comprising a second photoactive region.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Method of making photovoltaic cell

A photovoltaic solar cell comprises a nano-patterned substrate layer. A plurality of nano-windows are etched into an intermediate substrate layer to form the nano-patterned substrate layer.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System

Photovoltaic power converter receiver

Provided is a photovoltaic power converter receiver, including a photovoltaic cell, a waveguide coupled to the photovoltaic cell, and an optical transmission device of which an end is coupled to the waveguide for transmitting an optical wave to the photovoltaic cell through the waveguide, wherein the end of the optical transmission device is offset from a longitudinal central axis of the waveguide by a distance doffset.. .
Mh Gopower Co., Ltd.

Photovoltaic cell module

A photovoltaic cell module includes: a transparent upper cover plate, a first polyolefin encapsulation layer, a cell group layer, a second polyolefin encapsulation layer, and a backplane that are sequentially disposed in a laminated manner, where outer edges of the transparent upper cover plate and the backplane exceed outer edges of the first polyolefin encapsulation layer, the cell group layer, and the second polyolefin encapsulation layer, an end part sealing block is further disposed between the transparent upper cover plate and the backplane, and the end part sealing block is located at peripheries of the first polyolefin encapsulation layer, the cell group layer, and the second polyolefin encapsulation layer.. .
Byd Company Limited

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