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Process for producing chip

Process for managing photobioreactor exhaust

Date/App# patent app List of recent Photos-related patents
 Content-identification engine based on social media patent thumbnailnew patent Content-identification engine based on social media
A system and method for tracking trending topics on social media (e.g., twitter) associated with a particular event and identifying relevant images or videos that are associated with the trending topic. For example, the system may monitor twitter feeds associated with a particular sports event and analyze content posted in those feeds.
 Tio2 aerogel-based photovoltaic electrodes and solar cells patent thumbnailnew patent Tio2 aerogel-based photovoltaic electrodes and solar cells
A photoelectrode is disclosed having a conductive lead and a titania aerogel in electrical contact with the lead. The aerogel is coated with a photosensitive dye.
 Light collection system patent thumbnailnew patent Light collection system
The present teachings provide a detection cell for a biological material and methods for detecting biological material including a photosensitive material optically coupled to an interior volume containing the biological material so to avoid optical components or an external light source.. .
 Process for managing photobioreactor exhaust patent thumbnailnew patent Process for managing photobioreactor exhaust
There is provided a process for growing a phototrophic biomass in a reaction zone, wherein the reaction zone includes a reaction mixture that is operative for effecting photosynthesis upon exposure to photosynthetically active light radiation, wherein the reaction mixture includes phototrophic biomass that is operative for growth within the reaction zone. The process includes supplying at least a fraction of gaseous exhaust material, being discharged from an industrial process, to the reaction zone, exposing the reaction mixture to photosynthetically active light radiation and effecting growth of the phototrophic biomass in the reaction zone, wherein the effected growth includes growth effected by photosynthesis, and modulating distribution of a molar rate of supply of carbon dioxide, being exhausted from the reaction zone, as between a smokestack and at least another point of discharge..
 Sub-diffraction-limited patterning and imaging via multi-step photoswitching patent thumbnailnew patent Sub-diffraction-limited patterning and imaging via multi-step photoswitching
Sub-diffraction-limited patterning using a photoswitchable recording material is disclosed. A substrate can be provided with a photoresist in a first transition state.
 Process for producing liquid ejection head patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing liquid ejection head
A process for producing a liquid ejection head by providing, in one chip, a liquid ejection head having a portion for ejection in which an ejection orifice array is arranged and a side portion having no ejection orifice array, these portions being provided with a member of a photosensitive material, arranging the chip on a common substrate in such a chip array that these two portions are alternately arranged, and separating each chip from the substrate, the process including the steps of relatively moving a reticle of an aligner along the chip array for a photosensitive material on the substrate to expose each chip, and developing the material to obtain the member. A first reticle for forming the portion for ejection and a second reticle for forming only the side portion are used.
 Facile large area periodic sub-micron photolithography patent thumbnailnew patent Facile large area periodic sub-micron photolithography
Disclosed herein are articles and methods useful for the lithographic applications. The articles comprise a wrinkling structure and a photosensitive material.
 Wearable headlamp patent thumbnailnew patent Wearable headlamp
A wearable headlamp is provided that may provide improved illumination control and adjustability. The wearable headlamp may include a primary light-emitting diode (led) configured to illuminate an area in front of the headlamp and a photosensor configured to detect the level of ambient light surrounding the headlamp and adjust the luminous flux of the light emitted by the primary led accordingly.
 Colored photosensitive composition, color filter and process for producing same, and liquid-crystal display device patent thumbnailnew patent Colored photosensitive composition, color filter and process for producing same, and liquid-crystal display device
A colored photosensitive composition includes: (a) a dye represented by the following formula (1); (b) a multifunctional thiol compound; (c) a photopolymerization initiator represented by the following formula (2); and (d) a polymerizable compound. In formula (1), each of a and b independently represents an organic group containing an aromatic ring or an organic group containing a heterocyclic ring.
 Process for producing chip patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing chip
A process for producing a chip in which plural ejection orifice arrays are arranged including conducting reduction projection exposure plural times to a wafer having a substrate and a photosensitive resin layer formed thereon while relatively moving positions of the wafer and a reticle to form ejection orifice array patterns in the resin layer, developing the patterns to form ejection orifice arrays in the resin layer, and dividing the wafer to form plural chips in which the plural ejection orifice arrays are arranged. The exposure is conducted once to form in the resin layer a first ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to partial ejection orifice arrays in an arranging direction thereof in one chip, a second ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to all ejection orifice arrays in one chip and a third ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to partial ejection orifice arrays in an arranging direction thereof in one chip..
new patent Photosensitive imaging devices and associated methods
Backside illuminated photosensitive devices and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, for example, a backside-illuminated photosensitive imager device can include a semiconductor substrate having multiple doped regions forming a least one junction, a textured region coupled to the semiconductor substrate and positioned to interact with electromagnetic radiation, and a passivation region positioned between the textured region and the at least one junction.
new patent Optical apparatus, light sensitive device with micro-lens and manufacturing method thereof
There is provided an optical apparatus including a substrate, a light emitting device, a light sensitive device and a plurality of micro-lenses. The light emitting device is disposed on the substrate and adapted to provide a light beam.
new patent Production of cyanobacterial or algal biomass using chitin as a nitrogen source
A process of growing a culture of cyanobacteria or algae using chitin or chitosan as a source of nitrogen for photosynthetic growth is described. This process can be used to remove pollutants from nitrogen-deficient natural waters or wastewaters.
Plant self nitrogen fixation by mimicking prokaryotic pathways
A method for engineering a transgenic plant that replicates the nitrogen fixation mechanism of photosynthetic bacteria, such as cyanobacteria, or that of other bacteria, by targeting to or expressing in plant plastids bacterial nif (nitrogen fixation) genes is provided. A method for reducing the overall concentration of nitrogen in soil is provided using a plant that replicates the nitrogen fixation mechanism of photosynthetic bacteria.
Isolated wire structures with reduced stress, methods of manufacturing and design structures
An integrated circuit (ic) including a set of isolated wire structures disposed within a layer of the ic, methods of manufacturing the same and design structures are disclosed. The method includes forming adjacent wiring structures on a same level, with a space therebetween.
Process for producing a liquid ejection head
A process for producing a liquid ejection head including, on a substrate, a flow path forming member forming ejection orifices and a liquid flow path communicating therewith, including forming, on the substrate, a first layer of photosensitive resin; forming, on the first layer, a mask layer in which at least part of a side surface thereof has a light transmission distribution with a material capable of reducing transmission of light having a photosensitive wavelength of the resin; performing, for the first layer, exposure with the mask layer and development to form a flow path mold pattern having a taper angle θ satisfying 95°<θ, where θ is the angle between top and side surfaces in cross section of the pattern perpendicular to substrate surface; forming a coating resin layer to cover the pattern; patterning the resin layer to form the member; and removing the pattern to form the flow path.. .
Visible light photoinitiating system for preparing high diffraction efficiency hologram optical polymer material
The present invention provides a visible light photoinitiating system for preparing a holographic photopolymer material with high-diffraction efficiency. The photoinitiating system comprises a photosensitizer and a co-initiator, and its mechanism is that the photosensitizer transforms from ground state to excited state after absorbing photons, and then interacts with the co-initiator through transfer of electrons and protons, which produces an alkyl (or aryl) free radical r and a ketyl radical k; wherein the free radical r initiates the addition polymerization of monomers that are capable of free radical polymerization, whereas the radical k inhibits the chain propagation of the macromolecular free radicals to a certain degree due to the steric hindrance effect, and thus delays the gelation time of the photopolymerization, which helps to increase the phase separation between the polymer and the functional components.
Photosensitive alkali-soluble silicone resin composition
The present invention relates to a photosensitive alkali-soluble silicone resin composition comprising an alkali-soluble silicone resin (a) which comprises a carboxyl group or a dicarboxylic acid anhydride group in one molecule; an alkali-soluble resin (b) whose acid value is between 10 mgkoh/g and 200 mgkoh/g; and a photoinitiator (c). The (a) or (b) ingredient may comprise a photosensitive unsaturated double bond group, or the photosensitive alkali-soluble silicone resin composition may further comprise a compound (d) which comprises a photosensitive unsaturated double bond..
Image forming apparatus having reduced manufacturing costs, and image forming unit and developing unit included therein
An image forming apparatus supplies toner to an electrostatic latent image on a circumferential surface of a photosensitive rotating member to develop the electrostatic latent image, and includes: a photosensitive unit including the photosensitive rotating member and a pair of support frames rotatably supporting the photosensitive rotating member at axial ends thereof; a developing unit including a developing sleeve that is longer in a rotational axis direction thereof than an element tube of the photosensitive rotating member in a rotational axis direction thereof, and a pair of bearings provided outward from axial ends of the element tube and rotatably holding the developing sleeve at axial ends thereof; and a forcing member relatively forcing the developing unit toward the photosensitive unit to bring the bearings into abutment with the respective support frames, such that a gap between the developing sleeve and the photosensitive rotating member is maintained at a predetermined value.. .
Image forming device having feed tray and retaining unit retaining photosensitive drums
An image forming device includes: a main casing; a retaining unit; a feed tray; and a pickup roller. The retaining unit retains a plurality of photosensitive drums juxtaposedly arrayed and spaced away from each other in an array direction.
Exposing device and image forming apparatus
Provided is an exposing device capable of enhancing usage efficiency of light and preventing degradation of imaging property due to a misalignment with a photosensitive drum. The exposing device includes: a laser array including multiple lasers arranged in a predetermined direction; and an optical system guiding light emitted from the each of the multiple lasers to a photosensitive member and focusing the light on the photosensitive member, in which the optical system includes multiple phase modulation elements to decrease a phase lag added in proportion to distance from a center axis that is defined by a principal light beam emitted from the each of the multiple lasers..
Image display device
An image display device includes a display section adapted to display an image, a photometric section including a variable wavelength interference filter adapted to transmit light with a predetermined wavelength from incident light and a photosensor adapted to detect light obtained by dispersion, and disposed so as to be opposed to the display section, and a control section adapted to control the display section and the photometric section, and the control section obtains a spectrum of the incident light based on light intensity of the light detected by the photosensor, and then performs a color correction of the display section based on the spectrum.. .
Multi-axis diffraction grating
An enhanced optical interference pattern, such as a diffraction grating, is incorporated into a photodefineable surface by shining three or more beams of coherent light from a single source at a photodefinable surface, such as a photosensitive emulsion/photoresist covered glass or an ablatable substrate and mapping the diffraction grating pattern to the photodefinable surface. Mapping of the optical interference pattern is created by interference of three or more light beams, such as laser light or other light sources producing a suitable spectrum of light.
Dye dispersion liquid, photosensitive resin composition for color filters, color filter, liquid crystal display device and organic light emitting display device
An object is to provide a photosensitive resin composition for color filters, configured to be able to form a high-luminance color layer with excellent heat resistance and light resistance. Disclosed is a photosensitive resin composition for color filters including the dye dispersion liquid, the dye dispersion liquid including a dye dispersed by a dispersant in a solvent, wherein the dye is a dye having a sulfonic acid group; the dispersant is a graft copolymer having an amine number of 30 mg koh/g or more and including copolymerizable components that contain a specific monomer having a tertiary amine and a specific polymerizable oligomer; the solvent is a solvent having a solubility of the dye of 0.2 g/100 g solvent or less at 23° c.; and the tertiary amine of the dispersant and the sulfonic acid group of the dye form a micelle..
Photon counting imaging method and device with instant retrigger capability
A method for photon counting imaging with improved high-rate counting performance includes the step of applying an instant retrigger capability with adjustable dead time in cells of the detector array and operates an apparatus using a layer of photo-sensitive material, an l×k array of photodetector elements arranged in the layer of the photosensitive material, an n×m array of readout unit cells, including amplifying elements and at least one readout unit cells for at least one photodetector elements. The readout unit cells are controlled by signal processing elements with each readout unit cell having internal signal processing elements to generate a discriminator output signal representing an amplified signal of the electron-hole pairs generated by an incident photon or a number of incident photons in the respective photodetector element.
Radiation-curable rubber adhesive/sealant
A radiation-curable adhesive/sealant composition comprises a radiation-curable rubber resin, one or more photoinitiators or photosensitizers, and optionally, one or more inorganic or organic fillers.. .
Methods and devices for in vivo targeted light therapy
Catheter-based systems for in-vivo targeted light therapy include a first type of catheter configured for photo-activating photosensitive substances in tissue, and a second type of catheter configured for photo-degrading photosensitive substances in tissue. The catheters may be configured to produce light using a variety of light sources, such as light emitting diodes (leds) and fiber optics.
Radioisotope-photodynamic therapy for cancer treatment
The present invention provides compositions and methods for radioisotope-photodynamic therapy for treating cancer. Specifically, the invention relates to compositions and methods for administering a radiation emitter, a rare-earth doped down-converting nanophosphor and a photosensitizer for treating cancer..
Thermoplastic resin composition having excellent surface gloss, reflectance, anti-yellowing property and moldability
A thermoplastic resin composition includes (a) a thermoplastic resin; (b) an inorganic filler; (c) a white pigment; (d) a photostabilizer; and (e) sodium phosphate salt, wherein the thermoplastic resin composition comprises about 0.1 to about 4.7% by weight of the inorganic filler (b) based on 100% by weight of a base resin composition including the thermoplastic resin (a), the inorganic filler (b), and the white pigment (c), wherein the thermoplastic resin composition can have excellent surface gloss, reflectance, anti-yellowing property and moldability.. .
Salts of fenofibric acid and pharmaceutical formulations thereof
In a second aspect, the present invention relates to novel salts of fenofibric acid that are photostable when compared to other salts of fenofibric acid.. .
Flexible photobioreactors, systems and methods
The present invention provides a photobioreactor for a phototrophic microorganism, and culture medium therefor, comprising a capsule, the capsule comprising an elongated body comprised of a first, flexible polymer film that is at least partially transparent to light of a wavelength that is photosynthetically active in a phototrophic microorganism and divided width wise into a plurality of adjacent channels, each channel having a major cross-sectional dimension that is not more than about one-third of the length of the elongated body, when the elongated body is inflated; and a fluid distribution structure coupled to the elongated body adapted for fluid communication with the plurality of adjacent channels that distributes a flow of culture medium amongst the plurality of channels, wherein the fluid distribution structure is comprised of a second, flexible polymer film.. .
Compositions and methods for the biosynthesis of 1-alkenes in engineered microorganisms
Various 1-alkenes, including 1-nonadecene and 1-octadecene, are synthesized by the engineered microorganisms and methods of the invention. In certain embodiments, the microorganisms comprise a recombinant alpha-olefin-associated enzyme.
Photosensitive resin composition for insulating film of display device, insulating film using the same, and display device using the same
A photosensitive resin composition for an insulating film of a display device includes (a) an alkali soluble resin including a polybenzoxazole precursor, polyamic acid, polyimide, or a combination thereof; (b) a photosensitive diazoquinone compound; (c) an ultraviolet (uv) absorber having a maximum absorption wavelength of about 300 to about 400 nm; and (d) a solvent. An insulating film and a display device can include the photosensitive resin composition..
Photosensitive resin composition and cured product thereof
An alkali-developing-type photosensitive resin composition comprising: a polycarboxylic acid resin (a) obtained by reacting a polybasic anhydride (c) with a reactant (ab) between a difunctional bisphenol epoxy resin (a) having an epoxy group at both terminals and an epoxy equivalent of 600-1300 g/eq., and a monocarboxylic acid compound (b) having an alcoholic hydroxyl group; an epoxy resin (b) having two or more epoxy groups in a molecule; and a photoacid generator (c), wherein the addition ratio the monocarboxylic acid compound (b) with respect to 1 equivalent of the epoxy group of the epoxy resin (a) is 80 equivalent % or more, and the addition ratio the polybasic anhydride with respect to one equivalent of the primary hydroxyl group of the reactant (ab) is 80 equivalent % or more.. .
Biomimetic adhesive and preparation method and application thereof
Disclosed is a biomimetic adhesive belonging to prevention and treatment of plant pest. The components and ratio of raw materials thereof are as follows: 25-50% of soft acrylic monomer, 1-5% of acrylic monomer, 0.1-0.3% of nonionic emulsifier, 0.1-0.8% of anionic emulsifier, 0.2-0.6% of catalyst, 0.1-0.3% of antiseptic, 0.02-0.05% of defoamer, and deionized water as remainder.
Image forming apparatus provided with movable conveying unit
An image forming apparatus includes: a belt cleaning unit; a waste toner container; a conveying unit; and a support member. The cleaning unit collects waste toner adhered to a belt.
Image forming apparatus having belt cleaning unit and waste toner cartridge connectable to each other
An image forming apparatus includes: a main casing; a belt unit having a belt and a belt cleaning unit; a waste toner container; and a supporting member supporting the waste toner container and a cartridge storing toner supplied to a photosensitive member. The supporting member in the main casing is movable between a contact position where the photosensitive member contacts the belt and a separation position where the photosensitive member separates from the belt.
Charging device configured to produce corona discharge
A charging device includes a discharging electrode, grid electrode, pair of shielding electrodes, frame, airflow-generating electrode, and impurity-removing member. The discharging electrode produces a corona discharge to charge a surface of photosensitive member.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a plurality of photosensitive drums, and a controller for executing, when an absolute value of a set point of a charged potential is not higher than a predetermined threshold, an operation in a first mode in which charging bias voltages and transfer biases are applied to image regions of the drums, and the charging bias voltages are further applied, and thereafter, image exposures are carried out by exposure members, respectively, and for executing, when the absolute value of the set point of the charged potential is higher than the predetermined threshold, an operation in a second mode in which timings of start of applications of the transfer bias voltages to the transfer members are delayed as compared with those in the first mode, respectively.. .
Automatic measurement of dimensional data with a laser tracker
Measuring with a system having retroreflector targets and a laser tracker includes storing a list of coordinates for three targets and at least one added point; capturing on a photosensitive array a portion of the light emitted by a light beam and reflected off the targets; obtaining spot positions on a photosensitive array of a tracker camera from the reflected light; determining a correspondence between three spot positions on the photosensitive array and the coordinates of the targets; directing a beam of light from the tracker to the targets based at least in part on the coordinates of the first target and the first spot position; measuring 3-d coordinates of the targets with the tracker; determining 3-d coordinates of the at least one added point based at least in part on the measured 3-d coordinates of the targets and the coordinates of the at least one added point.. .
Multi-function switch for vehicle
A multi-function switch for a vehicle that includes an operable rotary lever and a light control plate rotatably and integrally mounted on the rotary lever and having a plurality of slits. In addition, a light source radiates light through the light control plate and a photosensor receives the light radiated from the light source through the slits and generates output voltage signals that correspond to the quantities of the received light..
Image sensor
An image sensor arranged inside and on top of a semiconductor substrate, having a plurality of pixels, each including: a photosensitive area, a read area, and a storage area extending between the photosensitive area and the read area; at least one first insulated vertical electrode extending in the substrate between the photosensitive area and the storage area; and at least one second insulated vertical electrode extending in the substrate between the storage area and the read area.. .
X-ray detector having improved noise performance
Exemplary embodiments are directed to imagining detectors and methods of fabricating the imagining detectors for use in medical imagining systems. In exemplary embodiments, a detector for an imaging device include a continuous unpatterned photoelectric material that forms a portion of a photosensor and an electrode disposed with respect to the photoelectric material to form an anode or cathode of the photosensor.
Photosensitive resin composition for color filter and color filter using the same
Disclosed are a photosensitive resin composition for a color filter including (a) a colorant including a dye represented by the following chemical formula 1 and/or a dye represented by the following chemical formula 2, wherein in the following chemical formulae 1 and 2, each substituent is the same as described in the detailed description; (b) an acrylic-based binder resin; (c) a photopolymerizable monomer; (d) a photopolymerization initiator; and (e) a solvent, and a color filter using the same.. .
Method of controlling illumination pulses to increase dynamic range in bioptic imager barcode scanner
A method for controlling a workstation includes the following: (1) energizing a first illuminator to illuminate a first subfield of view with a first illumination pulse and subsequently energizing the first illuminator to illuminate the first subfield of view with a second illumination pulse; (2) exposing the array of photosensitive elements in the imaging sensor for a first sensor-exposure time and subsequently exposing the array of photosensitive elements in the imaging sensor for a second sensor-exposure time; and (3) processing an image captured by the imaging sensor to decode a barcode in the image. The first illumination pulse overlaps with the first sensor-exposure time for a first overlapped-pulse-duration, and the second illumination pulse overlaps with the second sensor-exposure time for a second overlapped-pulse-duration.
System and method for importing and merging content items from different sources
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for importing and merging photos from different sources are disclosed. The system receives credentials from a user, who has an account with a content management system.
Sharing photos
Implementations generally relate to sharing photos. In some implementations, a method includes collecting photos associated with one or more objects, where the photos are collected from a plurality of users.
System and method for preventing duplicate uploads of modified photos in a synchronized content management system
A method and system for automatically rotating image files and preventing duplicate uploads in a remote file storage system is described. The system receives an image file.
Metallocorrole complexes of third row transition metals (see formula i below) may be used as therapeutic agents, catalysts, components of oxygen detectors, and components of light emitting diodes. In particular, metallocorrole complexes of third row transition metals may be used as improved photosenitizers in photodynamic therapy; as improved catalysts in aziridination, epoxidation, and water splitting reactions; as improved in vivo imaging agents; and as improved components in the emissive layer of oleds.
Photobioreactor and a process for enhancing growth of photosynthetic organisms
A photobioreactor apparatus in which a reaction chamber contains a slurry of water, nutrients and photosynthetic organisms. The sidewall of the reaction chamber is constructed of translucent material, thereby permitting light to be conveyed into the slurry to promote photosynthesis.
Photoinduced redox current (pirc) detection for dna sequencing using integrated transducer array
Photoinduced redox current (pirc) detection for dna sequencing using integrated transducer arrays is described. For example, a method of determining dna sequencing using photoinduced redox current (pirc) includes providing a template having a primer region and a second region of one or more unknown bases.
Photosensitive polyimide and negative type photoresist composition containing the same
Wherein r is h or ch3, p and q are integers of 1 to 20, and m and n in formula (i) are numbers of repeat units.. .
Photosensitive polysiloxane composition and uses thereof
The invention relates to a photosensitive polysiloxane composition that has good thermal transmittance, good chemical resistance and good sensitivity and good refractivity. The invention also provides a method for forming a thin film on a substrate, a thin film on a substrate and an apparatus..
Photosensitive polysiloxane composition and applications thereof
A phontosensitive polysiloxane composition for forming a protective film having superior sensitivity is disclosed. A protective film formed from the phontosensitive polysiloxane composition and an element including the protective film are also disclosed.
Positive photosensitive resin composition, and organic insulator film for display device and display device fabricated using the same
In chemical formulae 1 and 2, each substituent is the same as defined in the detailed description.. .
Photosensitive resin composition for light blocking layer and light blocking layer using the same
In chemical formula 1, each substituent is the same as defined in the detailed description.. .
Dry film photoresist having oxygen permeable barrier layer and manufacturing method thereof
There is provided a dry film photoresist including: a base film having an oxygen permeable barrier layer formed thereon; a photosensitive resin layer formed on the oxygen permeable barrier layer; and a protective film formed on the photosensitive resin layer. According to the present invention, the dry film photoresist includes the oxygen permeable barrier layer formed on the base film to prevent a curing reaction from being deteriorated by oxygen permeation in the dry film photoresist, such that residue that is not peeled off may be decreased, thereby significantly decreasing process defects..
Photosensitive resin composition
A photosensitive resin composition having excellent storage stability which can form a high precision pattern upon a low amount of exposure; a method of forming a pattern including a polysiloxane coating with the photosensitive resin composition; and an electronic component including a pattern including a polysiloxane coating formed with the photosensitive resin composition. A compound which generates an imidazole compound having a predetermined structure by light is added to a photosensitive resin composition including one or more hydrolyzable silane compounds, hydrolysates of the hydrolyzable silane compounds and condensates thereof and a photo-base generator or a photo-acid generator..
Display device and cover member
According to one embodiment, a display device includes a display module configured to display an image on a display area, a cover member including a transmissive portion opposed to the display area, and a color portion opposed to a peripheral area on an outside of the display area of the display module, and a photosensitive resin which attaches the display module and the cover member, wherein the color portion is formed of a color layer which passes light of a wavelength for curing the photosensitive resin.. .
Process cartridge and image forming device having the process cartridge
In an image forming device, a process cartridge is detachably insertable in a process frame. The developing coupling is provided in the one end of the developing unit for transmitting an external rotation force to the developing unit.
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
A process cartridge includes an electrophotographic photosensitive drum and a developing roller for developing an electrostatic latent image formed on the electrophotographic photosensitive drum. The cartridge also includes a developing frame supporting the developing roller.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus including: a photosensitive member; a charging device; an exposure device; and a developer carrying member, wherein, when it is assumed that an image forming area, a printing portion and a non-printing portion are an area on the photosensitive member on which an image to be transferred onto a recording material is formed, an area in the image forming area to which the developer adhere and an area in the image forming area to which the developer does not adhere, respectively, the exposure device exposes the printing portion at a first laser power, exposes the non-printing portion at a second laser power smaller than the first laser power, and exposes a non-image forming area on the photosensitive member between two adjacent image forming areas at no laser power or a third laser power smaller than the second laser power.. .
Image forming apparatus
The image forming apparatus includes photosensitive drums, drive motors for driving the photosensitive drums, a motor control unit for controlling operations of the drive motors, and a printer control unit. The printer control unit stops rotations of the photosensitive drums at reference positions after a print job is finished.

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