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Architectures and criteria for the design of high efficiency organic photovoltaic cells
A method for fabricating an organic photovoltaic cell includes providing a first electrode; depositing a series of at least seven layers onto the first electrode, each layer consisting essentially of a different organic semiconductor material, the organic semiconductor material of at least an intermediate layer of the sequence being a photoconductive...

Test system
A reflectometer for allowing a test of a device, the reflectometer comprising: a source of pulsed radiation; a first photoconductive element configured to output a pulse in response to irradiation from said pulsed source; a second photoconductive element configured to receive a pulse; a transmission line arrangement configured to direct the...

Terahertz frequency domain spectrometer with heterodyne downconversion
An apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging an target including first and second laser beams coupled to a pair of photoconductive switches to produce CW signals in one or more bands in a range of frequencies greater than 100 GHz focused on and transmitted through or reflected from the target; and...

Image forming device and cartridge configuration
A developer cartridge according to one aspect of the invention is attachable to a photoconductor unit that comprises a photoconductive drum. The developer cartridge may comprise a developing frame defining a developer container configured to contain developer, the developing frame having a first side and a second side; a developing roller...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus is provided, which includes a sheet tray disposed to face a plurality of photoconductive bodies across a belt device, and two main frames disposed to face each other across the plurality of photoconductive bodies, the belt device, and the sheet tray, the two main frames being configured...

Photoconductive switch package
A photoconductive switch is formed of a substrate that has a central portion of SiC or other photoconductive material and an outer portion of cvd-diamond or other suitable material surrounding the central portion. Conducting electrodes are formed on opposed sides of the substrate, with the electrodes extending beyond the central portion...

Microfluidic control apparatus and operating method thereof
A microfluidic control apparatus operating method is disclosed. The microfluidic control apparatus operating method is applied in a microfluidic control apparatus, and the microfluidic control apparatus includes a photoconductive material layer and a flow passage. The microfluidic control apparatus operating method includes steps of (a) when a light with a specific...

Method and apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging a target
An apparatus for analyzing, identifying or imaging an target including first and second laser beams coupled to a pair of photoconductive switches to produce CW signals in one or more bands in a range of frequencies greater than 100 GHz focused on and transmitted through or reflected from the target; and...

Biohybrid photoelectrochemical energy conversion device
One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a biohybrid, photoelectrochemical energy conversion device including a first electrode, a second electrode, and a multilayer photoconductive organic film interposed between the first and second electrodes. The second electrode is formed from a semiconductor material. Each layer of the photoconductive organic film includes...

Integrated photonic crystal structures and their applications
Devices, methods and systems based on integrated photonic crystal structures are disclosed. An integrated photonic crystal structure includes a photonic crystal structure and a defect member disposed adjacent the photonic crystal structure. The defect member includes a photoconductive material. The integrated photonic crystal structure is configured to receive an input light...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus is provided that includes a controller configured to perform an acquiring operation of acquiring an exposure completion time point when an exposure operation of exposing a photoconductive body using image data has been completed and a trailing-end detecting time point when a detector has detected a trailing...

Cleaning unit and image forming device having the same
A cleaning unit includes a cleaning member, a storage case, and a transport member. The cleaning member collects waste toner on a surface of the photoconductive drum. The storage case successively stores the waste toner collected by the cleaning member through an inlet. The transport member is provided in the storage...

Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
A cleaning device includes a brush to contact a photoconductive member, a roller to contact the brush, and a blade. The blade is located along the roller in a longitudinal direction. The blade has a first portion, a second portion, and a bent portion between the first portion and the second...

System and method for controlling multiple light sources of a laser scanning system in an imaging apparatus
An imaging device having a printhead unit which includes a plurality of independently controllable light sources, each light source generating a light beam when activated; a photoconductive surface operable at a plurality of image transfer rates; a scanning device having one or more deflecting surfaces, the scanning device arranged to direct...

Method for verifying the authenticity of securities and device for its realization
The present invention relates to methods and devices for verifying the authenticity of various securities and may be used for determining the authenticity of banknotes, financial documents, identity cards and other important documents. The method consists in that the security is transilluminated with a light flux passing from a light source...

Image recording device
An image recording device includes a pressing force adjusting mechanism that adjusts a pressing force of a developing roller that is provided by an elastic member, against a photoconductive drum. This provides for modification and adjustment of the pressing force of the developing roller that is pressed against the photoconductive drum...

Image forming device and development unit attachable thereto
An image forming device includes an image forming unit that includes a development agent container, a development device that supplies development agent in the development agent container to an electrostatic latent image on a photoconductive body and forms a development agent image on the photoconductive body, a transfer unit transferring, onto...

Liquid electrophotography printing apparatus and methods thereof
A method of maintaining a photoconductive member of a liquid electrophotography printing apparatus (LEP) is disclosed. The method includes storing a fluid having at least fluid particles and a carrier liquid in a fluid chamber and removing at least a portion of the fluid particles and the dissolved materials from the...

Interlaced terahertz transceiver using plasmonic resonance
Disclosed are devices and methods for enhancing the performance of photoconductive switches or photomixers used to generate or receive terahertz radiation. An interlaced electrode is used to minimize carrier transit times across an absorbing semiconductor photoconductor. This electrode is designed to support a plasmonic resonance such that coupling of the optical...

Microfluidic devices and applications thereof
In one aspect, single-sided microfluidic devices are described herein. In some embodiments, a single-sided microfluidic device comprises a substrate, a photoconductive layer positioned over the substrate, electrical contacts in electrical communication with the photoconductive layer, and a dielectric assembly positioned over the photoconductive layer. The dielectric assembly comprises a hydrophobic surface...

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