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Photoconductive patents

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Optical system, terahertz emission microscope, and method of manufacturing a device
There is provided an optical system, including: an extracting section, the refractive index of the extracting section being approximately the same as the refractive index of an observed object, the extracting section being optically coupled with the observed object to thereby extract a terahertz electromagnetic wave generated from the observed object;...

Optically induced cell lysis biochip
The present invention provides an optically induced cell lysis biochip, which comprises: an upper substrate made of a transparent, electrically conductive material; a lower substrate made of a transparent, electrically conductive material; a photoconductive layer formed under the lower surface of the upper substrate or on the upper surface of the...

Electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic apparatus
Provided is an electrophotographic photosensitive member that improves the sensitivity characteristic and high-humidity deletion resistance, and achieves compatibility between a high image-resolving power and the suppression of an image memory. The electrophotographic photosensitive member comprises an electrophotographic photosensitive member, including: a photoconductive layer; and a surface layer comprising hydrogenated amorphous silicon...

Photoconductive device with plasmonic electrodes
A photoconductive device that includes a semiconductor substrate, an antenna assembly, and a photoconductive assembly with one or more plasmonic contact electrodes. The photoconductive assembly can be provided with plasmonic contact electrodes that are arranged on the semiconductor substrate in a manner that improves the quantum efficiency of the photoconductive device...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus including an apparatus main body including an inner wall that defines an accommodation portion, photoconductive drums arranged in parallel at intervals in a predetermined direction toward a first side from a second side, in the accommodation portion, chargers disposed corresponding to the photoconductive drums, respectively, each charger...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus including a plurality of image forming units arranged in parallel with each other at intervals in a predetermined direction toward a first side from a second side of the image forming apparatus, each image forming unit including a photoconductive drum, and a charger configured to charge the...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a slidingly-rubbing roller abutting a surface of a photoconductive drum; a temperature detection section; a humidity detection section; and a heating control section. In a case when the humidity detected by the humidity detection section is equal to or higher than first threshold humidity and also...

High voltage photoconductive switch package
A photoconductive switch having a wide bandgap material substrate between opposing electrodes, and a doped dielectric filler that is in contact with both the electrodes and the substrate at the triple point. The dielectric filler material is doped with a conductive material to make it partially or completely conducting, to minimize...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus is provided with a casing, a drum unit including a photoconductive drum having a central axis extending in a first direction, and a charging device configured to charge the photoconductive drum, a fixing unit configured to fix an image on a printing medium, a fan configured to...

Angled alignment method for liquid materials applicator in better contact with p/r or bcr to minimize torque during cycling
An image forming apparatus includes an electrophotographic photoconductive member and a delivery unit. The delivery unit is disposed in contact with a surface of the photoconductive member to apply a layer of functional materials to the surface of the photoconductive member, wherein a cylindrical axis of the delivery unit is angled...

Charge roller
The present disclosure discloses a new charge roller particularly but not exclusively for charging a photoconductive element in a liquid electro-photograph (LEP) image-forming apparatus. The charge roller includes a cured composition of an aromatic diisocyanate, a polycarbonate polyester polyol, a matte agent, a surface energy modifier, and a conductive agent....

Photoconductive antenna, terahertz wave generating device, camera, imaging device, and measuring device
A photoconductive antenna includes a semiconductor layer, and first and second electrodes. The semiconductor layer includes a first conductive region and a second conductive region constituting portions of a surface of the semiconductor layer disposed on a side to which the pulsed light is irradiated, and a third conductive region disposed...

Four-terminal circuit element with photonic core
A four-terminal circuit element is described that includes a photonic core inside of the circuit element that uses a wide bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits photoconductivity and allows current flow through the material in response to the light that is incident on the wide bandgap material. The four-terminal circuit element can...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus has a plurality of photoconductive drums, a drawer configured to be movable with holding the plurality of photoconductive drums, a pair of frames arranged on both sides of the photoconductive drums. The frames have first supporting parts configured to movably support the drawer, a belt unit having...

Method for removing of residual charge, x-ray imaging method and apparatus using the method
A method of removing residual charge from a photoconductive material includes applying a first voltage to the photoconductive material to form an electrostatic field during a collection operation in which x-rays are irradiated onto the photoconductive material; and applying a second voltage to the photoconductor to reduce an amount of residual...

Image forming apparatus and process cartridge
An image forming apparatus, which contains: an image bearing member; a charging unit; an exposing unit; a developing unit; a transferring unit; and a cleaning unit, wherein the image bearing member contains an electrically conductive support, a photoconductive layer formed on the electrically conductive support, and a surface layer containing a...

Photoconductive optical touch
An optical touch sensor may include traces of photoconductive material formed on a substantially transparent substrate. Each photoconductive trace may be capable of responding to an incident light intensity increase on a portion of the photoconductive trace by increasing the number of charged carriers, thereby raising the electrical conductivity of that...

where R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 and R6 are each independently a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an alkyl group, an aralkyl group, an alkoxy group, or an aralkyloxy group; n, a, b, c, and d are each independently an integer of 1 to 4 and m is 1 or 2;...

X-ray detector and x-ray photographing apparatus including the same
An X-ray detector and an X-ray imaging apparatus including the X-ray detector are provided. The X-ray detector includes a detector element including a cathode electrode and an anode electrode which are spaced apart from each other and a photoconductive layer located between the cathode electrode and the anode electrode and configured...

X-ray sensor and method of manufacturing the same
This invention relates to a direct conversion X-ray sensor and to a method of manufacturing the same. This X-ray sensor includes an array substrate including a pixel electrode formed so as to protrude from a surface thereof at a pixel region; a photoconductive substrate including an upper electrode, and a photoconductive...

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