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Phosphor patents

This page is updated frequently with new Phosphor-related patent applications. Subscribe to the Phosphor RSS feed to automatically get the update: related Phosphor RSS feeds. RSS updates for this page: Phosphor RSS RSS

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phosphor-related patents
 Method for preparing lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon patent thumbnailMethod for preparing lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon
The present invention relates to a method for preparing a lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon, including the steps of (a) preparing a mixture solution by adding a lithium precursor, an iron precursor and a phosphorus precursor in a glycol-based solvent, (b) putting the mixture solution into a reactor, heating and concentrating to prepare a metal glycolate slurry, (c) drying the metal glycolate slurry to form a solid content, and (d) firing the solid content to prepare the lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon, and a lithium iron phosphate nanopowder coated with carbon prepared by the method.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Excitonic energy transfer to increase inorganic solar cell efficiency patent thumbnailExcitonic energy transfer to increase inorganic solar cell efficiency
The present disclosure relates to a photosensitive optoelectronic device comprising two electrodes, an inorganic subcell positioned between the two electrodes, wherein the inorganic subcell comprises at least one inorganic semiconductor material having a band gap energy (eg), and an organic sensitizing window layer disposed on the inorganic subcell. In one aspect, the organic sensitizing window layer comprises a singlet fission material.
University Of Southern California

 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent materials and devices
The present invention relates to metal complexes having novel ligands. The compounds are useful in organic light emitting devices (oleds), particularly as emitting dopants.
Universal Display Corporation

 Phosphorescent compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same patent thumbnailPhosphorescent compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
A phosphorescent compound is represented by following formula:. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

 Light emitting device package and  fabricating the same patent thumbnailLight emitting device package and fabricating the same
Provided are a light emitting device package and a method of fabricating the same. The package includes a package body including a lead frame, a light emitting device mounted on the package body, a bonding wire configured to electrically connect an electrode formed on a top surface of the light emitting device with the lead frame, a phosphor sheet attached on the light emitting device, and a phosphor molding portion to cover the light emitting device and the phosphor sheet..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Optoelectronic component patent thumbnailOptoelectronic component
A method of producing an optoelectronic component includes providing at least one optoelectronic semiconductor chip; arranging a starting layer on the semiconductor chip, wherein the starting layer is present in the form of a film and includes a first phosphor; arranging a conversion element on the starting layer, wherein the conversion element includes a second phosphor; and curing the starting layer to form a connection layer.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

 Gauusian surface lens quantum photon converter and methods of controlling led colour and intensity patent thumbnailGauusian surface lens quantum photon converter and methods of controlling led colour and intensity
This invention is a photon-interactive gaussian surface lens method means that converts incident photons from a single or a plurality of wide band gap semiconductor class light emitting diode dies, into a secondary emission of photons emanating from a composite photon transparent colloidal stationary suspension of quantum dots, high efficiency phosphors, a combination of quantum dots and high efficiency phosphors and nano-particles of metal, silicon or similar semiconductors from the iiib and ivb group of the periodic table and any nano-material and/or micro/nano spheres that responds to rayleigh scattering and/or mie scattering; and a plurality of quantum dots in communication with said nano-particles in said suspension. The apparatus and methods according to the present invention provides in improved narrow pass-band of red, green, and blue photon efficiency over phosphor based conversion.

 Light emitting device package, backlight unit, lighting device and its manufacturing method patent thumbnailLight emitting device package, backlight unit, lighting device and its manufacturing method
Disclosed are a light emitting device package, a backlight unit, and a lighting device which are usable for a display or lighting, and a method of manufacturing the light emitting device package. The light emitting device package includes: a substrate; a light emitting device seated on the substrate; a reflecting member provided on the substrate and provided with a reflector cup surrounding a lateral circumference of the light emitting device; a transparent encapsulant charged in the reflector cup of the reflecting member in a flow state and hardened, and provided with a concave phosphor accommodating space in an upper surface thereof; and a phosphor charged in the phosphor accommodating space in a flow state and hardened..
Lumens Co., Ltd

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
Reducing hydrogen concentration in a channel formation region of an oxide semiconductor is important in stabilizing threshold voltage of a transistor including an oxide semiconductor and improving reliability. Hence, hydrogen is attracted from the oxide semiconductor and trapped in a region of an insulating film which overlaps with a source region and a drain region of the oxide semiconductor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Semiconductor device and formation thereof patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and formation thereof
A semiconductor device and method of formation are provided herein. A semiconductor device includes a barrier including carbon over a fin, the fin including a doped region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Substances, vaccines and methods for diagnosing and reducing incidences of transplant rejection

Methods and products for diagnosing, treating and/or delaying onset of chronic allograft rejection, including cardiac allograft vasculopathy. The method for screening an allograft recipient (including pregnant women) for chronic allograft rejection comprises the steps of measuring an amount of a natural antibody within a biological sample and comparing the amount of the first natural antibody with the amount of the first natural antibody present within a control sample; wherein a decrease in the amount of the first natural antibody as compared to those levels seen in the control indicates a diagnosis of being at-risk for or experiencing chronic allograft rejection.
3dt Holdings, Llc


Flow controlled effective led based lighting system

A lighting system has a heat sink for removing the heat released by led chips by means of natural convection and thermal radiation. A center opening formed between air and heat sink fins enables the transfer of heat generated by leds, electronic driver circuit and phosphor on said heat sink fins to the flowing air inside and removing from the system, and increases the contact surface of heat sink fins with the air that enables to transfer the heat effectively from heat sink fins to flowing air and also with effective radiative heat transfer.
Ozyegin Universitesi


Light source with a pleasant light

Light source with a pleasant light, similar to natural light, for leds, such as led arrays, singlechip or multichip leds, oleds and remote phosphor leds, having an emission spectrum (10) defined by a curve that is a function of the wavelength (x) and light intensity (i) and provided with three emission peaks (r, g, b) disposed in correspondence to the wavelengths (x) that are at least relative respectively to the colors red, green and blue.. .
Martini Spa


Remote phosphor element filled with transparent material and forming multisection optical elements

Lighting components and fixtures having optical elements with multiple portions are disclosed. A wavelength conversion element can be mounted over a source, the wavelength conversion element including wavelength conversion material remote to the source, such as on or near the outside surface of a conversion element.
Cree, Inc.


Phosphor-coated element in a lamp cavity

Light emitting devices and techniques for using phosphor-coated optical elements in a lamp cavity are disclosed.. .
Soraa, Inc.


Glow-in-the dark for a lighting source including flexible packages for such light source

The use of glow-in-the-dark materials, such as phosphors or long-persistent glow materials which incorporate the use of rare earth elements (i.e. “glow materials”); wherein the glow crystal sizes are 0.5 mm to 10.0 mm in size and to be contained or placed in various forms such as solutions, polymer matrixes both rigid and non-rigid, containers, or flexible vacuum pouches or combinations of same wherein the concentration and size of such glow particles create a light source not heretofore achieved by prior art..


Una oligomers targeting micro-rna for therapeutics

This invention provides una oligomers for therapeutics that can be used to target micro-rnas. The una oligomers can be composed of one or more 2′-3′-seco-nucleomonomers and one or more natural or non-natural nucleotide monomers, and can be a single stranded oligomer.
Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc.


Una duplex oligomers for therapeutics

This invention provides una oligomers for therapeutics that can be used to modulate or reduce gene expression. The una oligomers can be composed of one or more 2′-3′-seco-nucleomonomers and one or more natural or non-natural nucleotide monomers, and can be a duplex having first and second strands.
Arcturus Therapeutics, Inc.


Splice-region antisense composition and method

Antisense compositions targeted against an mrna sequence coding for a selected protein, at a region having its 5′ end from 1 to about 25 base pairs downstream of a normal splice acceptor junction in the preprocessed mrna, are disclosed. The antisense compound is rnase-inactive, and is preferably a phosphorodiamidate-linked morpholino oligonucleotide.
Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.


Ionic liquids containing symmetric quaternary phosphonium cations and phosphorus-containing anions, and their use as lubricant additives

Wherein r1, r2, r3, and r4 are equivalent and selected from hydrocarbon groups containing at least three carbon atoms, and x− is a phosphorus-containing anion, particularly an organophosphate, organophosphonate, or organophosphinate anion, or a thio-substituted analog thereof containing hydrocarbon groups with at least three carbon atoms. Also described are lubricant compositions comprising the above ionic liquid and a base oil, wherein the ionic liquid is dissolved in the base oil.


Phosphor dispersion liquid and manufacturing led device

The present invention provides a phosphor dispersion liquid in which phosphor particles, laminar clay mineral microparticles, and oxide microparticles are dispersed in a solvent, wherein when a glass bottle of a 15-mm inner diameter is filled with 5 ml of the phosphor dispersion liquid and left standing, the time taken for a supernatant layer to be generated due to settling of the phosphor particles is four hours or longer.. .


Phosphorus-containing metal complexes

The present invention relates, inter alia, to metal complexes having improved solubility, to processes for the preparation of the metal complexes, to devices comprising these metal complexes and to the use of the metal complexes.. .
Merck Patent Gmbh


Robust binder, which is independent from the influence of catalytically active substances, for use in the crude oil and natural gas industry

The invention relates to a method of stabilizing the bonding agent gelation time in the consolidation of a geological formation in the presence of one or more catalytically active substances, in which method a bonding agent is infiltrated into the formation, a portion of the infiltrated bonding agent is optionally expelled by flushing with a gas or a liquid, and the bonding agent remaining in the formation is cured. The bonding agent comprises a mixture of a) a heterocondensate, obtainable by hydrolysis and condensation of at least one hydrolyzable silicon compound and at least one metal, phosphorus or boron compound, the metal being selected from al, ge, sn, pb, ti, mg, li, v, nb, ta, zr and hf, b) at least one organic polymerizable monomer or oligomer comprising a c—c double bond, and c) at least one thermal polymerization initiator without peroxide function..
Epg (engineered Nanoproducts Germany) Ag


Pretreatment of magnesium substrates

A method and corn position for pretreating magnesium substrates prior to the application of a protective and/or decorative surface coating is disclosed. The pretreatment composition comprises (a) a compound containing at least 4 phosphorus acid groups and (b) a soluble alkaline earth salt..
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.


Self-extinguishing epoxy resin for epoxy molding compound, preparing the same, and epoxy resin composition for epoxy molding compound.

A self-extinguishing epoxy resin for an epoxy molding compound (emc) represented by formula 1 is disclosed. The epoxy resin (composition) has excellent flame retardancy without using a halogen flame retardant or a phosphorous flame retardant.
Kukdo Chemical Co., Ltd.


Water dispersible flame retardant composition comprising phosphorus-functionalized graphite preparation method thereof

Disclosed is a method for producing edge-functionalized graphite with phosphoric acid. According to the method, graphite is pulverized into smaller pieces and is then exposed to an atmosphere containing oxygen and water.
Unist Academy-industry Research Corporation


Method for preparing a solution of a sulfonated polymer and an amino-phosphonic acid in an aprotic solvent

A method is disclosed for production of solutions of aminophosphonic acids and polymeric sulfonic acids in aprotic solvents. Membranes for membrane methodologies are produced from said solutions.
Between Lizenz Gmbh


Endothelial nitric oxide synthase

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (enos) activity was modulated by contact with an effective amount of a mitogen-activated protein (map) kinase, resulting in phosphorylation of s602, t46, and/or s58. Kinetics and stoichiometry are disclosed.
Kennesaw State University Research And Services Foundation, Inc.


Predictive marker for topoisomerase i inhibitors

The present invention generally relates to the fields of cancer therapy and cancer prevention. More particularly, the present invention generally relates to a diagnostic marker for predicting the efficacy of topoisomerase i (topo i) inhibitors in the treatment of cancers.
Boston Medical Center Corporation


Heterobicyclic sphingosine 1-phosphate analogs

Compounds that have agonist activity at one or more of the s1p receptors are provided. The compounds are sphingosine analogs that, after phosphorylation, can behave as agonists at s1p receptors..
Biogen Idec Ma Inc.


Process for stabilizing a phosphite ligand against degradation

A process for stabilizing a phosphite ligand against degradation in a hydroformylation reaction fluid, said process comprising adding an epoxide to the reaction fluid, and further comprising separating one or more phosphorus acidic compounds from the reaction fluid by treating the reaction fluid with an aqueous buffer solution under conditions sufficient to neutralize and remove at least some amount of the phosphorus acidic compounds from the reaction fluid.. .
Dow Technology Investments Llc


Corrosion and fouling mitigation using non-phosphorus based additives

Water treatment compositions are provided that are effective for mitigating corrosion or fouling of surfaces in contact with aqueous systems. The water treatment compositions can include one or more azole compounds, one or more transition metals, and one or more dispersants, in addition to various other additives.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Catalyst for thermocatalytic conversion of biomass to liquid fuels and chemicals

Catalyst compositions comprising a phosphorous-promoted zsm-5 component and a silica-containing binder, and methods for making and using same, are disclosed. More, specifically, processes for making a catalyst for biomass conversion are provided.
Kior, Inc.


Nucleoside phosphoramidate prodrugs

Also disclosed are methods of treatment, uses, and processes for preparing each of which utilize the compound represented by formula i.. .


Composite particle and a cosmetic composition containing the same

The present application provides a composite particle having a good feeling upon application and capable of effectively preventing make-up smudges by selectively adsorbing sebum, particularly, free fatty acid, and moreover, having a toning effect on the skin texture, and a cosmetic composition containing the composite particle. The composite particle of the present invention comprises a resin particle coated on its surface with amorphous calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, which resin particle contains a polymer of a vinyl monomer and any one of a phosphorous acid diester component having a certain configuration and a partially esterified phosphoric acid component having a certain configuration..
Chanel Parfums Beaute


Method of improving grass quality

The invention relates to a method of improving grass quality comprising applying an effective amount of a composition containing a phthalocyanine to the grass in the substantial absence of phosphorous acid, monoalkyl esters of phosphorous acid, or salts thereof.. .
Bayer Cropscience Lp


Phosphor wheel and projector having the phosphor wheel

A phosphor wheel includes a rotating disk and a wavelength converting layer. The rotating disk has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, in which the first surface forms a coating region and a non-coating region.
Coretronic Corporation


Top-emitting white organic light-emitting diodes having improved efficiency and stabiltiy

The present disclosure relates to an emissive construct, which can be used in various oled applications, for example, top-emission white organic light-emitting diodes. The emissive construct can include an optional second fluorescent emissive layer having an emitter with a second t1, a first fluorescent emissive layer having an emitter with a first t1, the first t1 being greater than the second t1 value, a hole-blocking layer, and a phosphorescent emissive layer..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Light source package and display device including the same

Provided are a light source package and a display device including the light source package. The light source package includes a substrate; a light-emitting device mounted on the substrate; a red phosphor layer formed adjacent to a surface of the light-emitting device; and an encapsulation layer for encapsulating the light-emitting device and the red phosphor layer, wherein a phosphor of the red phosphor layer is a fluoride-based red phosphor or a sulfide-based red phosphor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Efficient lighting system with wide color range

Broadband solid state light sources include remote phosphor led(s), short-wavelength direct emitting led(s), and long-wavelength direct emitting led(s). A diffuse or clear cover member covers these leds.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method

In aspects of the invention, an n-type epitaxial layer that forms an n− type drift layer is formed on the upper surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate formed by being doped with a high concentration of antimony. A p-type anode layer is formed on a surface of the n− type drift layer.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method

In aspects of the invention, an n-type epitaxial layer that forms an n− type drift layer is formed on the upper surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate formed by being doped with a high concentration of antimony. A p-type anode layer is formed on a surface of the n− type drift layer.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Diamond semiconductor device and manufacturing same

The present invention provides a diamond semiconductor device which includes: a diamond substrate; a diamond step section disposed over substrate surface of the diamond substrate having a {001} crystal face to rise substantially perpendicularly to substrate surface; an n-type phosphorus-doped diamond region; and a diamond insulation region. In the diamond step section, a first step section having a {110} crystal face over a side surface is integrated with a second step section having a {100} crystal face over a side surface.
National Institute Of Advance Industrial Science And Technology


Method of fabricating a semiconductor device

There is provided a thin film transistor having improved reliability. A gate electrode includes a first gate electrode having a taper portion and a second gate electrode with a width narrower than the first gate electrode.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Powder for powder magnetic core, and powder magnetic core

A powder for a powder magnetic core, being composed of iron-base soft magnetic powder particles which each have a phosphoric acid-based chemical conversion coating on the surface. In this powder, the maximum thickness of the phosphoric acid-based chemical conversion coating is 20 to 200 nm, and recessed portions are formed on the surface of the chemical conversion coating with the total area of openings of the recessed portions being 0.5 to 50% by area relative to the total area of the observation visual fields, as determined by observing ten or more parts of the surface of the phosphoric acid-based chemical conversion coating through a scanning electron microscope with a magnification of 10000× or more..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Quantum dot container, related manufacturing method, and related display device

A quantum dot container may include a body that has a cavity and a hole. The hole may extend from the cavity to an outer surface of the body.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Radiation image conversion panel

A radiation image converting panel includes a flexible support, a photostimulable phosphor layer provided on the main surface of the support and made of a plurality of columnar crystals, a first protective film provided on the photostimulable phosphor layer, and a second protective film provided on the first protective film, the photostimulable phosphor layer is composed of a photostimulable phosphor including eu-doped csbr, the first protective film is provided so as to cover the upper surface and side surface of the photostimulable phosphor layer and fill a gap of the plurality of columnar crystals in the photostimulable phosphor layer, the pencil hardness of the second protective film is not more than the pencil hardness of the first protective film, and the radiation image converting panel has a flexibility of up to a bending radius of 15 mm.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Light source and image projection apparatus

In a light source in which a semiconductor luminescence element and a phosphor are combined, red light having high color purity is efficiently radiated. The light source includes: a semiconductor luminescence element; a fixed or rotatable first wavelength converting unit; and a rotatable second wavelength converting unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Lighting device including light-transmitting member

In a first aspect of the present invention, a lighting device includes a substrate that includes a pair of electrodes as a first electrode and a second electrode, groups each including a same number of light-emitting elements that are electrically connected to one another in series in each group and that are arranged between the first electrode and the second electrode, a first light-transmitting member including a first phosphor and covering at least one light-emitting element and a second light-transmitting member including a second phosphor and covering at least one light-emitting element that is uncovered by the first light-transmitting member, the first phosphor in the first light-transmitting member and the second phosphor in the second light-transmitting member being configured to be excited to emit light with emission spectrum different from each other, and the first light-transmitting member being enclosed by the second light-transmitting member.. .
Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd.


High-power, laser-driven, white light source using one or more phosphors

An efficient and stable, high-power, laser-driven white light source using one or more phosphors deposited on a thermally conductive substrate that is either transparent or reflective and placed at a remote distance from the laser source. The present invention relates generally to a high-power, laser-driven, white light source using one or more phosphors..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Systems and methods for application of coatings including thixotropic agents onto optical elements, and optical elements having coatings including thixotropic agents

A method of forming an optical device includes providing an optical element, providing a luminescent suspension including a liquid encapsulant material, phosphor particles, a solvent and a thixotropic agent, atomizing the luminescent suspension, and spraying the atomized luminescent suspension onto the optical element using a flow of pressurized gas. A light emitting structure includes an optical element configured to emit light upon energization thereof, and a thin phosphor layer including a thixotropic agent on the optical element..
Cree, Inc.


Pump and electric insulating oil for use therein

Embodiments of the invention provide a pumping system having a pump and a motor. The motor includes a lubricating oil composition, and more particularly, a low ash, sulfur, and phosphorous lubricating oil composition.
Pentair Flow Technologies, Llc

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