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Phenolic Resins
Phenolic Resin
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Phenolic Resins patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Phenolic Resins-related patents
Oil and gas well proppants of silicone-resin-modified phenolic resins
Proppant particles coated with an arylolic resin/silicone resin copolymer, wherein the silicon resin contains d units and t units, are suitable for fracturing operations in geological formations and retain their deformability over time without becoming excessively brittle.. .
 Methods for surface coating of cathode material lini0.5-xmn1.5mxo4 for lithium-ion batteries patent thumbnailMethods for surface coating of cathode material lini0.5-xmn1.5mxo4 for lithium-ion batteries
A high-voltage lithium-ion battery cathode material includes lini0.5-xmn1.5mxo4 (0≦x≦0.2, m═mg, zn, co. Cu, fe, ti, zr, ru, and cr), which is coated with a coating material, which may be a carbon coating material, a metal phosphate coating material, or a combination thereof.
 Alkyl phenolic resin and method of preparation thereof patent thumbnailAlkyl phenolic resin and method of preparation thereof
Described herein are alkyl phenolic resins and methods of producing them. The content of residual phenol in the alkyl phenolic resin may be less than about 2% w/w, the softening point of the alkyl phenolic resin may be about 85° c.
 Carbon-ceramic brake disk and method for manufacturing same patent thumbnailCarbon-ceramic brake disk and method for manufacturing same
A method of manufacturing a carbon-ceramic brake disc of the present invention includes a first step of mixing carbon fibers with phenolic resins to produce a mixture; a second step of putting the mixture into a mold pressing the mixture by a press to produce a molded body; a third step of carbonizing the molded body; a fourth step of machining the carbonized molded body; a fifth step of coating the machined molded body with liquid-phase phenol to be cured; a sixth step of melting silicon to be infiltrated into the cured molded body that has been coated with the liquid-phase phenol; and a seventh step of grinding the molded body that has been infiltrated by the silicon. According to present invention, the cracks do not occur in the anti-oxidation coating layer..
 Low free formaldehyde phenolic resins for abrasive products patent thumbnailLow free formaldehyde phenolic resins for abrasive products
The present invention provides process for the manufacture of an aqueous resin composition comprising a phenolic formaldehyde (pf) resin, which process comprises the steps of: providing a formaldehyde and phenolic compound, reacting said compounds in a condensation reaction in the presence of a catalyst, after completion of the condensation reaction to react with free formaldehyde, determining the free formaldehyde content of the resin composition, adding a pre-calculated substantially stoichiometric amount of modifying compound containing a primary amine group to reduce the amount of free formaldehyde in the resin composition to less than 0.1 wt % (relative to the total weight of the aqueous resin composition), and optionally distillation of the reaction product.. .
 Powder coatings compositions patent thumbnailPowder coatings compositions
A solid epoxy resin powder coating composition which includes a divinylarene dioxide resin as one component; and wherein the solid epoxy resin powder coating composition can be formed by blending or reacting various other components with the divinylarene dioxide resin. For example, other components can include other epoxy resins; phenolic resins; or monomeric and/or polymeric isocyanates.

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Phenolic Resins topics: Phenolic Resins, Phenolic Resin, Carbon Fiber, Infiltrate, Condensation, Formaldehyde, Epoxy Resin, Powder Coating, Piston Coating

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