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Phase Shift patents

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Doherty amplifier

Nxp B.v.

Doherty amplifier

Centripetal phase shift isolation control system, in deflection, dampen, dissipation, transposition and isolation of a…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phase Shift-related patents
 Efficient combined harmonic transposition patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient combined harmonic transposition
The present document relates to audio coding systems which make use of a harmonic transposition method for high frequency reconstruction (hfr), and to digital effect processors, e.g. So-called exciters, where generation of harmonic distortion adds brightness to the processed signal.
Dolby International Ab
 Centripetal phase shift isolation control system, in deflection, dampen, dissipation, transposition and isolation of a stochastic vector patent thumbnailnew patent Centripetal phase shift isolation control system, in deflection, dampen, dissipation, transposition and isolation of a stochastic vector
A cps dampen, dissipation, deflection and isolation control system includes a first structure comprising at least one chamber 121; a second structure comprising at least one chamber 122, wherein the chamber of the first structure 121 and the chamber of the second structure 122 are interposed by an elastic element 130, wherein the first structure 121 is moveably attached by signal to the second structure 122, wherein an intruding vector is identified for a qualified gait, wherein the first structure is configured in isolation of a vector intrusion of the second structure, whereby inertia dissipation of the first structure and substantial isolation of the intruding vector of the second structure is performed in a degree of freedom of the embodiment datum.. .
 Two-phase interleaved converter and  controlling the same patent thumbnailnew patent Two-phase interleaved converter and controlling the same
A two-phase interleaved converter includes two sub-circuits, a voltage controller, a current controller, a balancing controller and a phase shifter. The voltage controller receives the output voltage of the two sub-circuits and outputs a signal in proportion to the level of the output voltage.
Hyundai Motor Company
 Doherty amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Doherty amplifier
The invention relates to a doherty amplifier for amplifying an input signal at an operating frequency, comprising: a main amplifier; a first peak amplifier; a second peak amplifier, each of the amplifiers comprising an input for receiving the input signal and an output for providing an amplified signal, a plurality of peak amplifiers, each of the amplifiers comprising an input for receiving the input signal and an output for providing an amplified signal; a first input phase shifter; a second input phase shifter; a first capacitor coupled between the source and drain of the first peak amplifier; a first output phase shifter and a second output phase shifter.. .
Nxp B.v.
 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device
The problem was that the noise superimposed on a touch electrode via the human body can incur erroneous touch determination by a touch sensor circuit. The invention provides a semiconductor device including a terminal to which a touch electrode may be coupled; a source voltage drop circuit generating a constant voltage; a phase shift circuit generating a phase shifted clock in response to a first clock and a phase control signal; and a switching circuit to which the constant voltage is supplied.
Renesas Electronics Corporation
 Welding or cutting power supply using phase shift double forward converter circuit (psdf) patent thumbnailnew patent Welding or cutting power supply using phase shift double forward converter circuit (psdf)
A technique for dynamically adjusting an output voltage for a welding or cutting operation is provided. The technique allows for varying output voltage at the welding or cutting torch by manipulating the duty cycles of two forward converter circuits.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
 Communication system, receiver, and eye-opening measuring method patent thumbnailCommunication system, receiver, and eye-opening measuring method
A communication system includes: a plurality of lanes; a plurality of transmission circuits respectively outputting data to the lanes in accordance with a transmission clock; and a plurality of reception circuits respectively receiving data from the lanes, each reception circuit includes: a clock data recovery circuit extracting own clock information from received data: a clock information switch circuit selecting either one of the own clock information of the reception circuit or another own clock information of an another reception circuit; a phase shifter generating a phase adjusted clock from a common reception clock source in accordance with clock information selected by the clock information switch circuit; and an input circuit taking in transmitted data in accordance with the adjusted clock, and the clock information switch circuit selects the own clock information in a normal operation and selects the another own clock information in an eye-opening measurement operation.. .
Fujitsu Limited
 System and  digital signaling patent thumbnailSystem and digital signaling
Systems and methods for communicating digital data associated with amplitudes and phases of a virtual periodic waveform having a designated period between components connected by n conductors include, in one embodiment, circuitry that converts a first amplitude and a first phase to a first corresponding voltage or current and applies the first corresponding voltage or current to a first one of the plurality of conductors, and converts the first amplitude and the first phase to (n−1) corresponding voltages or currents based on amplitudes of the periodic waveform phase shifted by about m*(360/n) relative to the first phase where m is indexed from one to (n−1) and applies each corresponding voltage or current to an associated conductor of the plurality of conductors. The systems and methods are particularly suited for reducing the number of conductors to obtain a desired i/o data rate/throughput for integrated circuit chips and wired networks..
Brilliant Points, Inc.
 Standing wave reduction in direct field acoustic testing patent thumbnailStanding wave reduction in direct field acoustic testing
A direct field acoustic testing system includes at least two acoustical transducer groups and a signal modifier for introducing separately controllable time delays or phase shifts for each acoustical transducer group so as to provide an acoustic field conforming to a pre-determined specification with reduced deviations due to constructive or destructive interference between the acoustical transducer groups.. .
Msi Dfat Llc
 Multi-beam combining apparatus patent thumbnailMulti-beam combining apparatus
A multi-beam combining apparatus includes a phase shifting section, a superposing section, an observing section and a phase control section. The phase shifting section generates a plurality of phase-shifted laser beams by shifting the phase of each of the plurality of laser beams.
Osaka University

Microwave oven using solid state amplifiers and antenna array

A microwave oven may include a housing defining an oven cavity therein configured to receive material to be heated, and a plurality of solid state microwave generating cells carried by the housing. At least one feedback circuit may be carried by the housing and configured to detect em radiation within the oven cavity not absorbed by the material to be heated.
Stmicroelectronics Ltda

Compression/decompression progressive d'un flux numerique video comprenant au moins une image entrelacee

The subject of the present invention pertains to a device (100) for decompressing a digital video stream comprising at least one compressed image (i′), said device comprising: —a means of progressive decompression (m4) configured so as to decode said at least one compressed image (i′), and —a means of inverse phase-shifting (m5) configured so as to horizontally and/or vertically phase shift the chrominance plane, for each field (tf, bf) of said at least one decompressed image (i′), according to a determined horizontal (dhi) and/or vertical (dvi) inverse phase shift value, said horizontal (dhi) and/or vertical (dvi) inverse phase shift value being dependent on the horizontal (dh) and/or vertical (dv) phase shift values.. .

Fine phase estimation for highly spectrally efficient communications

A receiver may process a received signal to generate a processed received signal. The receiver may generate, during a sequence estimation process, an estimate of a phase error of the processed received signal.

Evanescent field opto-mechanical displacement sensor and phase shifter

A method and system described for sensing a displacement by receiving and propagating a laser light signal with an etched waveguide that is configured to enable an evanescent optical field above the waveguide surface. A movable perturber can be positioned so the perturber interacts with the evanescent optical field above the waveguide surface.

Quasi-differential rf power amplifier with high level of harmonics rejection

A quasi-differential amplifier with an input port and an output port. The amplifier has a phase shifter network with a first port connected to the input port, a second port, and a third port.

Halftone phase shift photomask blank, halftone phase shift photomask and pattern exposure method

A halftone phase shift photomask blank comprising a transparent substrate and a halftone phase shift film is provided. The phase shift film consists of si and n, or si, n and o, and is free of transition metals.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Time of flight camera system

A light propagation time camera system and a method for operating such a system, in which—in a distance measurement a first range-related variable is ascertained using a phase shift in an emitted and received signal for a first modulation frequency,—and in a control measurement a second range-related variable is ascertained, wherein the control measurement is performed at a second modulation frequency, which differs from the first modulation frequency, and the control measurement is performed with a smaller number of phases than the distance measurement is provided.. .
Ifm Electronic Gmbh

Radar antenna assembly

A radar antenna assembly includes a microstrip patch, a hybrid coupler, a phase shifter, and a power divider. The microstrip patch is configured to emit a radar signal.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Transistor switches with single-polarity control voltage

Contrary to phase shifters which require complimentary polarity control voltages, a phase shifter may be driven with a single polarity control voltage. The phase shifter comprises an input node in communication with both a high pass network and a low pass network which are both in communication with an output node, where the phase shifter further comprises a first single pole double throw switch and a second single pole double throw switch configured to selectively pass an rf signal from the input node to the output node by way of one of said high pass network and said low pass network.
Viasat, Inc.

Torsional vibration damping arrangement, in particular for the powertrain of a vehicle

A torsional vibration damping arrangement comprises an input region to be driven in rotation around an axis of rotation and an output region and a first torque transmission path and parallel thereto a second torque transmission path, both of which proceed from the input region, and a coupling arrangement for superposing the torques conducted via the torque transmission paths, which coupling arrangement communicates with the output region, a phase shifter arrangement for the first torque transmission path for generating a phase shift of rotational irregularities conducted via the first torque transmission path relative to rotational irregularities conducted via the second torque transmission path, and a pendulum mass in the phase shifter arrangement and/or in the coupling arrangement.. .

Propagation rate measurement device, propagation rate measurement program, and propagation rate measurement method

A sonic speed measurement device in which reliability is enhanced while the amount of calculation is minimized is provided. A propagation path postulation component postulates the sonic speed through bone, and calculates propagation paths up until ultrasonic waves transmitted from a wave transmitter are received by oscillators.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals

An example embodiment includes optical receiver that includes a polarization beam splitter (pbs), a polarization controller, and a forward error correction (fec). The pbs is configured to split a received optical signal having an unknown polarization state into two orthogonal polarizations (x′-polarization and y′-polarization).
Finisar Corporation

Cartesian digital power amplifier using coordinate rotation

An apparatus includes first through fourth circuits. The first circuit determines a region of an input signal.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Devices and methods employing hermetic transforms for encoding and decoding digital information in spread-spectrum communication systems

In a direct sequence spread-spectrum (dsss) systems, such as cdma, information is encoded in symbols using phase shift keying or quadrature amplitude modulation. Further, a transmitter applied a selected time shifted lag to each symbol to convey additional information.
Hobbit Wave

Broadband isolation low-loss ism/mb-hb tunable diplexer

Embodiments of a tunable radio frequency (rf) diplexer and methods of duplexing transmission and receive signals are disclosed. In one embodiment, the rf diplexer includes a first hybrid coupler, a second hybrid coupler, and an rf filter circuit, and a phase inversion component.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Autofocus system and method

Autofocus system (af) employing, in addition to specified optical units, fringe projection and fringe detection systems (fps, fds) and specifically-configured data processing system. Afs is configured to project with fps a sinusoidal fringe pattern, formed by a pattern source, on a substrate and to image the so projected pattern from substrate onto optical detector with fds to form optical image from which topology of the substrate is defined as substrate moves relative to the projected pattern.
Nikon Corporation

Phase-shifting unit module, manufacturing method therefor, phase-shifting device, and antenna

The present invention relates to a phase-shifting unit module, a manufacturing method therefor, a phase shifting device, and an antenna. The phase-shifting unit module comprises a first metal ground plate, a second metal ground plate, an insulating dielectric plate, a slide apparatus, and a fixed transmission line.
Guangdong Broadradio Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Adaptive adjustment of power splitter

A device includes a power splitter configured to couple to an amplifier having a first path and a second path. The device includes a controller coupled to first and second variable attenuators and first and second adjustable phase shifters.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Stress-tuned planar lightwave circuit and method therefor

A planar lightwave circuit that can be optically coupled with an external device with low optical loss, while also providing low-power functional control over an optical signal propagating through the plc is disclosed. The plc includes a high-contrast waveguide region in a stress-inducing (si) phase shifter is formed such that it can control the phase of the optical signal.
Octrolix Bv

Surrogate phantom for differential phase contrast imaging

A phantom material may be irradiated with varying energy x-rays to determine its phase shift properties. A determination of the difference between those phase shift properties and the phase shift properties of another material of interest can be represented and stored in terms of a polynomial function.
Carestream Health, Inc.

Multiple phase-shift photomask and semiconductor manufacturing method

Manufacturing of semiconductor devices often involves performed photolithography to pattern and etch the various features of those devices. Such photolithography involves masking and focusing light onto a surface of the semiconductor device for exposing and etching the features of the semiconductor devices.
Spansion Llc

Low latency and low complexity phase shift network

A high performance, low complexity phase shift network may be created with one or more non-first-order all-pass recursive filters that are built on top of a plurality of first-order and/or second-order all-pass recursive filters and/or delay lines. A target time delay, whether large or small, may be specified as a constraint for a non-first-order all-pass recursive filter.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Target detection system and method

Some embodiments are directed to methods of detecting a target that include: receiving signals reflected from a target of interest, the signals having a bandwidth large enough to provide a plurality of range cells along an expected target, and processing the received signal(s) by (i) determining the phases of contiguous groups of range cells, the group size selected to approximate to sizes of targets of interest, (ii) phase-shifting the returns within a group to increase constructive interference and thereby signal power; and (iii) combining the phase shifted returns to produce phase-adjusted combined returns, and performing a detection on those combined returns. Some embodiments may provide enhanced target detection capabilities.
Qinetiq Limited

On die jitter tolerance test

A system and method are disclosed for performing on die jitter tolerance testing. A set of clocks are generated based on an input signal.
Parade Technologies, Inc.

Hardware-only contactless position sensor system

A hardware-only contactless position sensor system is provided that includes a contactless position sensor and hardware-only sensor system electronics. The sensor includes excitation, sine, and cosine coils.
Rosemount Aerospace, Inc.

Phase shift keying optical modulation apparatus and encoding a symbol onto an optical carrier signal

phase shift keying optical modulation apparatus comprising optical phase shifting apparatus and an optical modulator. The optical phase shifting apparatus is arranged to receive an optical carrier signal and is arranged to selectively apply a preselected optical phase shift to the optical carrier signal in dependence on a symbol of a 2n-level phase shift keying modulation format to be encoded onto the optical signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Time of flight camera system

A light transit time camera system and method for operating such a system which can be operated with at least three modulation frequencies, having the steps a) determining a phase shift (φi) of an emitted signal (sp1) and a received signal (sp2) for a modulation frequency (f1, f2, f3) in a phase-measuring cycle (pm1, pm2, . .
Ifm Electronic Gmbh

Method and high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control

A wide-bandwidth antenna with antenna pattern control includes a radiator and a feed. The radiator includes two or more volumetric radiating elements.

Electronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter

An electronic device may be provided with a primary antenna that is used for transmitting and receiving signals and a secondary antenna that is used for receiving signals. The primary and secondary antennas may be used together in a diversity arrangement when receiving signals.
Apple Inc.

Base station antenna and base station antenna feed network

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of communications technologies, and provide a base station antenna and a base station antenna feed network. The base station antenna includes a transceiver array, a first-level vector synthesis network, a second-level phase shifter array, a second-level vector synthesis network, and an antenna unit array.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties

A method and apparatus of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) produced in the second of the induction coils (or antennae); and comparing the phase shift between the spectrum of alternating currents (or voltages) in the first and second induction coils (or antennae), thereby determining the condition of the bulk tissue sample.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Optical semiconductor device, optical semiconductor device array, and optical transmitter module

An optical semiconductor device includes: an active region which includes an active layer which produces light when current is injected therein, a first diffraction grating layer having a first diffraction grating with a prescribed grating period, and a phase shift portion formed within the first diffraction grating layer, wherein the phase shift portion provides a phase shift not smaller than 1.5π but not larger than 1.83π; and a distributed reflection mirror region which is optically coupled to a first end of the active region as viewed along a direction of an optical axis, and which includes a second diffraction grating which reflects the light produced by the active region back into the active region.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Oxide capacitor elecro-optical phase shifter

An electro-optical phase shifter to be located in an optical waveguide may include a rib of a semiconductor material extending along a length of the optical waveguide and a control structure configured to modify a concentration of carriers in the rib according to a control voltage present between first and second control terminals of the phase shifter. The control structure may include a conductive layer covering a portion of the rib and electrically connected to a first of the control terminals.
Stmicroelectronics Sa

Material differentiation with phase contrast imaging

A method and system to determine material composition of an object comprises capturing a series of digital radiographic images of the object using a single exposure energy level. An intensity of the captured images is determined as well as phase shift differences.
Carestream Health, Inc.

Gyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond

A solid-state gyroscope apparatus based on ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (nv−) centers in diamond and methods of detection are provided. In one method, rotation of the nv− symmetry axis will induce berry phase shifts in the nv− electronic ground-state coherences proportional to the solid angle subtended by the symmetry axis.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Digital video broadcast receiver

A digital video broadcast receiver including a frequency synthesizer, a plurality of frequency dividing-phase shifting circuits, an antenna and a plurality of signal processing modules is provided. The frequency synthesizer synthesizes a first frequency signal.
Ali Corporation

Memory controller with flexible data alignment to clock

A system includes a memory controller and a plurality of memory devices that are connected in-series to the memory controller. The system operation is synchronous with clock that is provided in a fashion of source synchronous clock structure.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.

Millimeter band transmitting/receiving system

In the field of millimeter band transmitting/receiving systems for a high-speed contactless transmission, an architecture is provided with a common processing circuit supplying modulation signals and a plurality of transmitting/receiving integrated circuits, all identical to one another, receiving these signals, and also a common clock. The transmitting/receiving integrated circuits each comprise: an oscillator locked with the clock signal to produce a carrier frequency, a transmit channel comprising a first controllable phase shift circuit, a frequency transposition to the carrier frequency, and a power amplifier, a receive channel comprising a low noise amplifier, a frequency transposition from the carrier frequency, and a second controllable phase shift circuit.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

System and an optical phase shifter

In one embodiment, an optical phase shifter includes a first waveguide phase shifter and a second waveguide phase shifter. The optical phase shifter also includes a first polarization rotator optically coupled between the first waveguide phase shifter and the second waveguide phase shifter, where the first waveguide phase shifter, second waveguide phase shifter, and first polarization rotator are integrated on a single substrate..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor light-emitting element, light source head, and image forming apparatus

A semiconductor light-emitting element formed of a semiconductor layer includes a multilayer reflecting mirror, a light-emitting layer, a resonator, and a phase shift layer. The multilayer reflecting mirror is formed on a substrate.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor optical device and optical module

To suppress occurrence of axial hole burning in a phase shift portion of a diffraction grating, provided is a semiconductor optical device including: a diffraction grating layer including a diffraction grating and a phase shift portion; and an optical waveguide layer including an active layer that has a gain with respect to an emission wavelength and an optical waveguide region that has no gain with respect to the emission wavelength. The optical waveguide region is formed at least on the lower side of the phase shift portion..
Oclaro Japan, Inc.

Signal processors and methods for estimating transformations between signals with phase deviation

A phase deviation method determines an offset between a reference and suspect signal by analyzing a phase deviation surface created by computing a deviation metric for phase shift and then analyzing a surface formed from the deviation metrics for an array of offsets. The phase deviation method analyzes the deviation surface to determine an offset that minimizes phase deviation.
Digimarc Corporation

Method and reducing fm audio artifacts in a receiver

An apparatus and method for reducing fm audio artifacts in a receiver are provided. A direct conversion radio frequency (rf) receiver converts an analog fm signal into a phase shifted digital low if signal.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

System and scrambling the phase of the carriers in a multicarrier communications system

A system and method that scrambles the phase characteristic of a carrier signal are described. The scrambling of the phase characteristic of each carrier signal includes associating a value with each carrier signal and computing a phase shift for each carrier signal based on the value associated with that carrier signal.
Tq Delta, Llc

Method and correlating signals received from a navigation satellite system

A plurality of samples of a signal are stored in a buffer, the signal corresponding to a navigation system. A plurality of starting locations in the buffer are determined, the plurality of starting locations corresponding to a plurality of correlations to be calculated.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Method and balancing voltages of multi-level inverter dc link

A method is provided for balancing voltages of a dc link of a multi-level inverter, where the dc link is divided into two halves by a neutral point connection. The method includes injecting a periodic common-mode voltage injection signal to a common-mode voltage reference and a periodic power injection signal to a power reference of the inverter.
Abb Oy

Multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter

A multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter. In one embodiment, the multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter includes a plurality of dc-dc converters comprising a plurality of transformers, respectively, wherein the plurality of dc-dc converters are coupled in parallel between an input and an output.
Renesas Electronics America Inc.

Methods and devices for coherent optical data detection and coherent data channel modulation

Methods and devices for coherent holographic data channel techniques are presented. Coherent techniques for data detection generally include homodyne and heterodyne detection.
Akonia Holographics, Llc

Fabrication of on-product aberration monitors with nanomachining

A method of fabricating an aberration monitor on a production mask used in photolithographic patterning of a semiconductor substrate is provided. The method may include placing a production mask within a nanomachine repair tool and generating, using the nanomachine repair tool, a phase shifting pattern within a region of the production mask..
International Business Machines Corporation

Phase shifter, predistorter, and phased array antenna

There are provided a transformer including inductors, and variable capacitors. Capacitance values of the variable capacitors are controlled by a control signal.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Determining absence of contact for a catheter

A method, including injecting a current between an electrode of a catheter and tissue in proximity to the catheter, the catheter having a force sensor configured to measure a force between the catheter and the tissue. The method further includes measuring a succession of phase shifts of the current relative to a fixed reference and verifying that a cardinality of the measured phase shifts falling below a predetermined threshold increases over a predetermined time period.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Method for modulating a carrier light wave

Method for modulating a carrier light wave to achieve, a modulated light wave which carries information by symbols selected from a set of at least two different symbols. The light led through each path is phase-shifted by a respective total variable part phase shift, which for each path is the sum of at least three respective variable part phase shifts.
Finisar Sweden Ab

Method for modulating a carrier light wave

The fourth variable modulating phase shift equals the sum of the negative of the second pair phase shift and the negative of the common phase shift.. .

Video alignment system

A video alignment system is described in which the location of a modulated spot in a video scene is estimated with correlation techniques including tracking multiple camera phase shift candidates and normalizing correlation sums with a voting system.. .
Trimble Navigation Limited

Inverter with power cell of dual structure

The present disclosure relates to an inverter with power cell of dual structure for use in high input voltage by changing a conventional 6-level cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter to thereby reduce product development cost, manufacturing cost and volume of the product, the inverter including a first smps (switching mode power supply) connected to a first power cell region, a second smps connected to a second power cell region and a controller connecting the first and second smpss, where each phase is formed by serially connecting a plurality of power cells formed with a plurality of stages operated by receiving a power supplied from a phase shift transformer, and each of the plurality of power cells is mutually connected, and includes the first power cell region and the second power cell region independently operating.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Mobile wireless communications device with split antenna feed network and related methods

A device may include a housing, a wireless transceiver carried by the housing, and an antenna element carried by the housing and having first and second feeds, and a split antenna feed network carried by the housing and providing a phase shift between the first and second feeds. The split antenna feed network may include a first capacitor having a first terminal coupled to the first feed and a second terminal coupled to the wireless transceiver, a second capacitor having a first terminal coupled to the second feed and a second terminal, a first inductor having a first terminal coupled to the second terminal of the first capacitor and a second terminal coupled to the second terminal of the second capacitor, and a second inductor having a first terminal coupled to the second terminal of the second capacitor and a second terminal coupled to a voltage reference..
Blackberry Limited

Radar apparatus

A radar transmitter txs (s=1) generates a baseband transmission signal by modulating a first code sequence having a prescribed code length on the basis of a first transmission timing signal and gives a first transmission phase shift corresponding to each transmission cycle to the transmission signal. A radar receiver txs (s=2) generates a baseband transmission signal by modulating a second code sequence having the prescribed code length on the basis of a second transmission timing signal and gives, to the transmission signal, a second transmission phase shift that correspond to each transmission cycle and opposite to the first transmission phase..
Panasonic Corporation

Wideband amplifier

A doherty amplifier is disclosed, being adapted to receive an rf input signal and to output an rf output signal and comprising a main amplifier and a peak amplifier, each comprising: a first amplifier (t1, t1′) and a second amplifier (t2, t2′), each amplifier having a respective input terminal and a respective output terminal, the first amplifier and the second amplifier being adapted to amplify a respective input signal derived from the rf input signal and received at the respective input terminal and to deliver a first output signal and a second output signal, respectively; a first phase shifter (14, 14′) and a second phase shifter (15, 15′) coupled to the output terminal of the first amplifier and to the output terminal of the second amplifier, respectively; a third phase shifter (16, 16′); and a fourth phase shifter (17, 17′); wherein the doherty amplifier further comprises a first combining node (a) and a second combining node (b) and, wherein each third phase shifter is coupled between the respective first phase shifter and the first combining node; each fourth phase shifter is coupled between the respective second phase shifter and the second combining node, and the third phase shifter of each of the main amplifier and the peak amplifier is adapted to be electrically coupled to the respective fourth phase shifter the output rf signal being obtained from a signal obtained in the first combining node and a signal obtained in the second combining node. An associated pcb is also disclosed..
Nxp B.v.

Local specific absorption rate reduction

The embodiments relate to a method, a mri device, and a circuit for an imaging magnetic resonance imaging device that includes at least one transmission coil for transmitting a magnetic field, where the circuit includes a hybrid coupler and at least one phase shifter that may be or are arranged in the transmission path between an amplifier and at least one transmission coil of the magnetic resonance imaging device.. .

Wireless power transmitters with wide input voltage range and methods of their operation

The embodiments described herein provide a power transmitter for wireless charging of an electronic device and methods of its operation. The power transmitter uses an inverter configured to generate a square wave from a potentially wide ranging dc input voltage.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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