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Phase Shift patents


This page is updated frequently with new Phase Shift-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phase Shift-related patents
 Method and node in a wireless communication network patent thumbnailMethod and node in a wireless communication network
Radio network node and method in a radio network node, for wireless communication with a user equipment in a wireless communication system in antenna streams, wherein the radio network node comprises a plurality of antenna elements, forming a multiple antenna array which is configured for massive mimo transmission. The method comprises beamforming a signal to be transmitted to the user equipment by splitting and phase shifting said signal; detecting a peak of power of one beamformed signal, exceeding a threshold value; manipulating said signal until the peak of power of the signal is lower than said threshold value; and transmitting said signal, to be received by the user equipment..

 Phase switching pll and calibration method patent thumbnailPhase switching pll and calibration method
The phase-locked loop (pll) presented herein controls the phase of the output of the pll. To that end, the pll includes an oscillator that generates an output signal at an output of the pll responsive to a comparison between a reference signal input to the pll and a feedback signal derived from the output signal.

 High-selectivity low-loss duplexer patent thumbnailHigh-selectivity low-loss duplexer
A high-selectivity low-loss duplexing system includes a first duplexer having a first port, a second port, a transmit port and a receive port. A second duplexer has a third port, a fourth port, an inverted transmit port and the receive port.

 Impedance conversion circuit, antenna apparatus, and wireless communication apparatus patent thumbnailImpedance conversion circuit, antenna apparatus, and wireless communication apparatus
An impedance conversion circuit includes an auto-transformer circuit including a first inductor connected between a first port connected on a power supply portion side and a second port connected on an antenna side and a second inductor connected between a third port that is grounded and the second port; a first phase shifter with a first end connected to the first port; an inductor connected in series between a second end of the first phase shifter and the power supply portion; and a capacitor connected in series to the inductor and connected in series between the second end of the first phase shifter and the power supply portion.. .

 Low crosstalk magnetic devices patent thumbnailLow crosstalk magnetic devices
In one aspect there is an apparatus. The apparatus may include an electronic circuit that generates a first magnetic field from a current in the electronic circuit.

 Magnetic disk device and determining  crossing a zone boundary patent thumbnailMagnetic disk device and determining crossing a zone boundary
According to one embodiment, a magnetic disk device includes a magnetic disk in which servo patterns with different writing frequencies are recorded and divided into a plurality of zones in a cross-track direction; a magnetic head that is provided for the magnetic disk; and a controller to determine whether the magnetic head cross a zone boundary between the zones of the servo patterns, according to a predicted position of the magnetic head that is corrected with reference to a phase shift time between the zones of the servo patterns.. .

 Hybrid drive of a motor vehicle and  controlling same patent thumbnailHybrid drive of a motor vehicle and controlling same
The invention relates to a hybrid drive (1.1-1.10) of a motor vehicle, which features an internal combustion engine (vm) with a drive shaft (2), an electric machine (em) with a rotor (3) operable as a motor and as a generator, an automated manual transmission (4.1-4.6) carried out in a lay-shaft design with one input shaft (ge) and at least one output shaft (ga; ga1, ga2), along with a phase shifter gearbox (5.1, 5.2) formed in a planetary design with two input elements (6, 7) and one output element (8). With this hybrid drive, it is provided the phase shifter gearbox is arranged coaxially around a free end (9, 9′) of the output shaft (ga; ga2), and that the first input element (6) of the phase shifter gearbox is connected in a torque-proof manner to a hollow shaft (10) arranged in a coaxial manner around the output shaft, which, for coupling the internal combustion engine (vm) through a coupling shift element (k), is connectable in a torque-proof manner to an idler gear (11, 12) of the directly axially adjacent spur gear stage (z2, z3) of the manual transmission, and, for bypassing the phase shifter gearbox through a bypass shift element (l, l′), is connectable in a torque-proof manner to the second input element (7) or the output element (8) of the phase shifter gearbox, that the second input element (7) of the phase shifter gearbox is permanently in drive connection with the rotor (3) of the electric machine (em), and that the output element (8) of the phase shifter gearbox is connected in a torque-proof manner to the output shaft..

 Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring system and method thereof patent thumbnailNon-invasive intracranial pressure monitoring system and method thereof
A non-invasive pressure monitoring system includes a first sensor placed proximate to a perfusion field of an artery receiving blood which emanates from the cranial cavity is configured to measure pulsations of the artery receiving blood which emanates from the cranial cavity artery and generate first output signals. A second sensor placed proximate to a perfusion field of an artery which does not receive blood emanating from the cranial cavity configured to measure pulsations of the artery which does not receive blood emanating from the cranial cavity and generate second output signals.

 Method for correcting shading and scanner device patent thumbnailMethod for correcting shading and scanner device
A shading correction of removing a plurality of shading factors is performed. A scanner device performs a shading correction in a manner such that a low-pass filter circuit (14) extracts a broad waveform change component caused by a temperature characteristic and a temporal change in light source or sensor sensitivity as shading factors, a phase/amplitude synchronizing circuit (15) extracts a phase shift of a cycle pattern of a lens array, a first multiplying circuit (16) synthesizes the waveforms of the extracted factors so as to form a correction-purpose image signal waveform, and the correction-purpose image signal waveform is divided from an image signal waveform subjected to a dark level correction (offset)..
Hitachiinformation & Telecommunication Engineering

 Method and  an antenna patent thumbnailMethod and an antenna
There are disclosed various methods and apparatuses for an antenna. In some embodiments of the method a transmission signal is provided to a first feed point (126) of an antenna (102).
Nokia Technologies Oy


Capacitive switch having high accuracy

A capacitive switch includes a drive circuit, a detection circuit, a reference circuit and an identification unit. The drive circuit outputs a drive signal and a switching signal, wherein the drive signal is outputted to a first node and a second node.
Pixart Imaging Inc.


Self-cascadable phase shifter

A self-cascadable phase shifter having a two corresponding pairs of input and output pins. Each pair of input and output pins are interconnected by phase delay circuitry that is isolated from phase delay circuitry interconnecting the other pair of input and output pins so that each pair of input and output pins produces, for example, a 90 degree phase shift.
Anaren, Inc.


Voltage-controlled ring oscillator with delay line

The invention relates to a multi-phase oscillator for generating multiple phase-shifted oscillator signals including: a ring oscillator having a number of concatenated oscillator delay cells which are interconnected to generate an oscillator signal, wherein phase-shifted oscillator signals are generated between the oscillator delay cells; a phase-blending unit configured to receive two phase-shifted oscillator signals and to generate a mid-phase oscillator signal whose phase shift is between the shifts of the two phase-shifted oscillator signals; and an interpolator delay line having a number of concatenated interpolator delay cells to generate further phase-shifted oscillator signals.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Phase shift mask, manufacturing the same, and forming micro pattern

A phase shift mask enables much smaller scale of electronic circuit pattern. A phase shift mask comprises a transparent substrate, a phase shift pattern arranged on the transparent substrate to change a phase of light that penetrates the transparent substrate, and a metal coating layer arranged on at least a part of a surface of the phase shift pattern..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Optical beams

Apparatuses and methods for producing and/or receiving an optical beam are disclosed, a phased array on a chip comprises phase shifters and off-chip couplers to provide phase controlled pixels. An optical system is arranged in front of the phased array.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Metamaterial phased array for hyperthermia therapy

A device includes a phase shifting element array comprising a plurality of metamaterial structures that resonate in response to an input electromagnetic (em) signal. The phase shifting element array generates an output em signal that is a sum of component output electromagnetic signals generated respectively by the metamaterial structures and is configured to propagate wirelessly through at least a portion of a patient's body.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Device for amplitude modulation of an optical signal

A photonic device for amplitude modulation of an optical signal, in which a source of the optical signal is coupled to an input waveguide separating through an optical splitter into two arms which recombine through an optical combiner in an output waveguide, wherein the arms are phase shifted by π/2 and each include an electro-optical amplitude modulator. The device may be adapted to modulate a wavelength multiplexed signal..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


System and variable microwave phase shifter

A phase shifter and a method of making a phase shifter are disclosed herein. The phase shifter may include a housing, a dielectric, an electrode, and a liquid crystal layer.


Charged particle beam device and image acquisition method

A charged particle beam device includes: an image displacement vector calculation section that calculates an image displacement vector between a first local frame image and a second local frame image, the first local frame image including an area in a first frame image that is obtained by starting scanning at a timing that corresponds to a first phase of an alternating-current signal, and the area in the first frame image corresponds to a phase that undergoes a given phase shift from the first phase, and the second local frame image including an area in a second frame image that is obtained by starting scanning at a timing that corresponds to a second phase of the alternating-current signal that differs from the first phase, and the area in the second frame image corresponds to a phase that undergoes the given phase shift from the second phase; a scanning deflector that scans a charged particle beam (b) while deflecting the charged particle beam (b); a scanning correction signal generation section that generates a scanning correction signal that corrects the scanning of the charged particle beam (b) based on the image displacement vector; and a scanning signal supply section that supplies a scanning signal that is corrected based on the scanning correction signal to the scanning deflector in synchronization with the alternating-current signal.. .
Jeol Ltd.


Reducing interference in a combined assembly for mri and nuclear imaging

The invention relates to a system, a method and a computer program product for use in a combined-modality imaging assembly that includes a magnetic resonance (mr) imaging system and a nuclear imaging system. The nuclear imaging system has a plurality of (m) modules; and the combined imaging assembly includes a timing control unit having a reference clock unit; and at least one of a phase shifting unit and a frequency shifting unit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatus and determining impedance characteristics of an electrical load

Apparatus (103) suitable for determining the resistance and inductance of an electric motor (101) estimates the phase shift between a voltage applied to the motor and motor current. Estimation of the phase shift employs a heterodyne technique.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method for measuring the thickness of a layer of material, galvanizing method and related measuring device

Determining the thickness of the layer of material as a function of the phase shift (Δφth/opt).. .


Scalable video encoding method and apparatus and scalable video decoding method and apparatus using up-sampling filter accompanied by conversion of bit depth and color format

Provided is a video encoding method including determining a reference layer image from among base layer images, wherein the reference layer image corresponds to an enhancement layer image; determining a phase shift between pixels of the enhancement layer image and the reference layer image, according to a scaling factor between the enhancement layer image and the reference layer image and a color format of the enhancement layer; selecting at least one filter coefficient set corresponding to the phase shift, from filter coefficient data including filter coefficient sets; generating an up-sampled reference layer image by extending a resolution of the reference layer image according to the scaling factor by performing interpolation filtering on the reference layer image by using the filter coefficient set; obtaining a prediction error between the up-sampled reference layer image and the enhancement layer image; generating an enhancement layer bitstream including the prediction error and a scalable codec; and generating a base layer bitstream by encoding the base layer images.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image display device

Provided is an image display device including: a light source part (200) for emitting coherent light; and a plurality of phase shift elements (301) arranged in two-dimensional directions, the device further including a phase shift part (300) for scanning the wavefront of the coherent light from the light source part (200) in two-dimensional directions, in which light is scanned in the two-dimensional directions by a phased array to thereby allow an observer to observe an image.. .
Olympus Corporation


Ofdm transmission in wireless lan system

An apparatus and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) transmission in a wireless local area network (wlan) system is disclosed, in which the apparatus for ofdm transmission in the wlan system includes a signal repetition unit to repeat an encoded signal based on a block unit and output the encoded signal and a repeated signal, an interleaver to interleave the encoded signal and the repeated signal and output an interleaved signal, a modulator to modulate the interleaved signal and output modulated symbols, and a phase rotation unit to phase shift the modulated symbols.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Distributed dynamic configuration of a scalable radio frequency communication system

A device implementing a distributed dynamic configuration of a scalable radio frequency communication system includes a primary radio frequency (rf) integrated circuit (rfic) and at least one secondary rfic. The primary rfic includes at least one phase shifter, and the primary rfic may be configured to apply a first phase shift to an rf signal using the at least one first phase shifter, and to transmit the rf signal to at least one secondary rfic.
Broadcom Corporation


Millimeter-wave modulation device

Provided is a lower power and high efficiency millimeter-wave modulation apparatus capable of modulating digital data into transmitting signals in a millimeter frequency band, the millimeter-wave modulation apparatus including; a modulation part, which carries out a modulation of a constant envelope attribute, and to which a first local oscillation signal is fixed according to a rate of input data; a phase shifter adopted to shift a phase of an output of the modulation part; a power amplifier adopted to amplify an output of the phase shifter; and an antenna connected to an output of the power amplifier.. .
Korea Electronics Technology Institute


Active quasi circulator

An rf quasi circulator circuit is described herein. In accordance with one example of the disclosure the circuit includes a receive port, a transmit port and an antenna port as well as a differential amplifier stage having a first input, a second input and an output that is coupled to the receive port.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Finite impulse response filter for producing outputs having different phases

A method and system for designing and implementing a finite impulse response (fir) filter to create a plurality of output signals, each output signal having the same frequency but at a different phase shift from the other output(s), is described. Values are determined for the resistors, or other elements having impedance values, in a fir filter having a plurality of outputs, such that each output has the same frequency response but a different phase than the other output(s).
Ess Technology, Inc.


Scalable radio frequency communication system

A device implementing the subject scalable radio frequency communication system includes one or more primary radio frequency integrated circuits (rfics) and at least one secondary rfic. Each of the one or more primary rfics is configured to receive an intermediate frequency (if) signal from a baseband processor, upconvert the if signal to a radio frequency (rf) signal, and transmit the rf signal to one or more secondary rfics.
Broadcom Corporation


Method for reducing the crest factor wide band signal

A method for reducing the crest factor of a wideband signal including n narrowband signals, n being a natural integer greater than or equal to two, the method, implemented by an emitting equipment, including phase shifting the narrowband signals between them in such a way as to reduce the crest factor.. .
Airbus Ds Sas


Semiconductor laser and optical integrated light source including the same

A semiconductor laser according to the present invention includes an active layer, a guide layer laminated on the active layer, a diffraction grating formed along a light emission direction in the guide layer, an upper electrode provided above the guide layer, and a lower electrode provided below the active layer. The diffraction grating includes a current-injection diffraction grating and current-non-injection diffraction gratings provided both in front of and in back of the current-injection diffraction grating.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Dynamically monitoring the instantaneous zero rotation rate voltage of interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (ifog)

The drift (°/h) for an interferometric fiber optic gyroscope (ifog) means the variations on the voltage generated versus the zero angular (rotation) rate, whilst ifog is not under influence of any angular rate effect. If the drift of an ifog is predefined, the compensation of the drift can trivially be carried out by a subtraction process.
Tubitak (turkiye Bilimsel Ve Teknolojik Arastirma Kurumu)


Transceiver architecture for multiple antenna systems

A transceiver architecture with combined digital beamforming and analog/hybrid beamforming is proposed. Digital beamforming is used for beam training with reduced overhead (switching time).
Mediatek Inc.


Rf duplexing device

Radio frequency (rf) duplexing devices and methods of operating the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, an rf duplexing device includes a transmission port, a receive port, a first duplexer, and a second duplexer.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Integrated device package and/or system comprising configurable directional optical transmitter

Some novel features pertain to a device that includes a first integrated device package and a second integrated device package. The first integrated device package includes a first package substrate, a first integrated device, and a first configurable optical transmitter.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multi-electrode photonic digital to analog converting vector modulator

A digital-electronic-to-analog-optical converter, which has a structure consistent with a super-mach-zehnder interferometer, and which can perform the functionalities of both a digital to analog converter (dac) and a digital modulator uses a sub-mach-zender modulator to modulate optical wave signals propagating through its optical waveguide in a push-pull manner. The modulation performed is phase modulation realized with electrodes positioned near the optical wave guide where such electrodes carry modulation signals in digital, analog or discrete time signal format creating electromagnetic or electric fields that engage the optical wave signals traveling through the waveguide thus imparting a phase shift onto the optical wave signals.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Oscillation device, scanning-type scanner device, information terminal, phase-shift amount adjustment device, and phase-shift amount adjustment method

An oscillation device includes an oscillator, an oscillation detection unit that detects oscillation of the oscillator and outputs an oscillation detection signal, and a drive unit that generates a drive signal in keeping with the oscillation detection signal and outputs the drive signal to the oscillator. The drive unit includes a phase shift unit that shifts the phase to provide the drive signal as positive feedback to the oscillator.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.


Device for compensating for the drift of a phase shift of a device for modulating the polarization state of a light beam

A device for analyzing and/or generating a polarization state of a measurement point of a target object includes a polarizer suitable for selecting, in an incident light wave, a light beam which is linearly polarized in a predefined direction; a first birefringent element suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough; a second birefringent element identical to the first element and suitable for having the light beam pass therethrough, the light beam then being directly or indirectly directed toward the object in order to be reflected in the form of a reflected beam. The device includes an optical assembly having one or more optical elements located in an optical path between the first element and the second element, and the optical assembly includes an odd number of mirrors, or, an odd number of half-wave plates, or, an odd number of a mix of mirrors and half-wave plates..
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique - Cnrs-


Continuously variable transmission mechanism

The present invention has a mechanical rotation drive mechanism (50) that drives rotation of at least one rotation pinion sprocket (22; 23) on its axis from among a plurality of pinion sprockets (20). The mechanical rotation drive mechanism (50) drives the rotation of at least one rotation pinion sprocket (22; 23) on its axis in concert with a sprocket movement mechanism (40a) so as to eliminate a phase shift, associated with a radial direction movement of the plurality of pinion sprockets (20) by the sprocket movement mechanism (40a), of the plurality of pinion sprockets (20) with respect to a chain (6)..
Jatco Ltd


Diplexed antenna with semi-independent tilt

Systems and methods for a diplexed antenna with semi-independent tilt are disclosed. The diplexed antenna supports two or more frequency bands, in which the vertical tilt of each of the supported frequency bands is separately controlled by a coarse level of phase shifting, but commonly controlled by a fine level of phase shifting..
Commscope Technologies Llc


Method and transmitting phase shift keyed optical signals

A burst-mode phase shift keying (psk) communications apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables practical, power-efficient, multi-rate communications between an optical transmitter and receiver. Embodiments may operate on differential psk (dpsk) signals.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Reducing location-dependent interference in distributed antenna systems operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration, and related components, systems, and methods

Components, systems, and methods for reducing location-based interference in distributed antenna systems operating in multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configuration are disclosed. Interference is defined as issues with received mimo communications signals that can cause a mimo algorithm to not be able to solve a channel matrix for mimo communications signals received by mimo receivers in client devices.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Signal representing data, for generating such signal and for determining the represented data from such signal

A method and a device are described for generating a signal representing data. The method for generating a signal has a step of modulating a portion (1p, 2p) of the data using phase shift keying and spreading the modulated portion over the at least one frequency base band using at least one highly auto-correlated spread code sequence (1c, 2c) associated with the frequency base band.
Broadnet Invest Ag


Modular multi-phase electric machine

A multi-phase electric motor is proposed that comprises a rotor and a stator. The rotor has a number of magnets directed towards the stator and the stator includes a plurality of phase windings directed towards the magnets.
Gem Motors D.o.o.


Tilt adapter for diplexed antenna with semi-independent tilt

A tilt adapter configured to facilitate a desired tilt of a first radio frequency (rf) band and a second rf band of an antenna is disclosed. The antenna supports two or more frequency bands, in which the vertical tilt of each of the supported frequency bands is separately controlled by a coarse level of phase shifting, but commonly controlled by a fine level of phase shifting..
Commscope Technologies Llc


Rotary compressor

A rotary compressor includes: a vertically-positioned airtight compressor housing, in an upper section of which a discharge unit of a refrigerant is provided and in a lower section of which an inlet unit of the refrigerant is provided and lubricant oil is stored; and a lubricating mechanism supplying lubricant oil stored in the lower section of the compressor housing to a sliding portion of a compressing unit through a vertical lubricating hole and a horizontal lubricating hole of a rotation shaft. The horizontal lubricating hole of the lubricating mechanism is formed between the same direction as an eccentric direction of an eccentric portion provided on the rotation shaft and causes an annular piston of the compressing unit making an orbital motion in a cylinder and a 80° phase shifted direction from the same direction as the eccentric direction in a direction opposite to a rotation direction of the rotation shaft..
Fujitsu General Limited


Phase shifting mixer

Performing quadrature combining and adjusting including: a plurality of mixing circuits configured to generate a plurality of frequency converted signals; at least one mixing circuit of the plurality of mixing circuits is configured with a plurality of paths, each path representing one linearity mode; and a plurality of combining circuits configured to combine the plurality of frequency converted signals to generate a differential baseband output signal.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Autotransformer with wide range of, integer turns, phase shift, and voltage

Using two mechanically identical units the new autotransformer is uniquely suited to provide balanced power supplies for 12-pulse ac to dc converters with capacitive, inductive, or resistive dc load circuit. The resulting 12-pulse current waveforms contain very small residual 5th and 7th harmonics.


Transmission balancing for phase shift mask with a trim mask

Implementations described and claimed herein include photolithography technology to alleviate the imbalance of transmission intensity induced. In one implementation, a method comprises exposing an alternating phase shift mask (alt-psm) and a trim mask, wherein an exposure placement of the trim mask is shifted relative to an exposure placement of the alt-psm..
Seagate Technology Llc


Absolute distance measurement for time-of-flight sensors

A time-of-flight (tof) sensor device is provided with features for correcting distance measurement offset errors caused by such factors as temperature, dynamic reflectivity ranges of objects in the viewing space, or other factors. In various embodiments, the tof sensor device generates corrected distance values based on comparison of two different distance values measured for an object by two different measurement techniques, including but not limited to phase shift measurement, pulsed tof measurement, distance measurement based on the focal length of the tof sensor's lens, and comparison of distance variations with light intensity variations.
Cedes Safety & Automation Ag


Apparatus and cancelling self-interference signal in rf front end

The apparatus includes a transmission signal divider for dividing and transmitting a received signal to a transmission antenna and an attenuator, an attenuator for applying a predetermined attenuation factor to the transmitted signal divided to the attenuator, a phase shifter for phase-shifting the signal to which the attenuation factor is applied by a predetermined phase, and a time delayer for time-delaying the phase-shifted signal by a predetermined time.. .
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Time of flight camera

A cw-tof camera that uses a piecewise constant or linear discretized indicator function of first and second modulation frequencies of light that the camera transmits to illuminate a scene and a round trip time tr for light from and back to the camera for features in the scene to disambiguate wrapped phase shifts that the camera acquires for the features.. .
Microsoft Corporation


Destruction-free and contactless inspection method and inspection surfaces of components with ultrasound waves

The invention relates to a method of nondestructive and contactless testing of components (3), wherein ultrasonic waves (6) are irradiated onto the surface of the component (3) at a predefinable, non-perpendicular angle of incidence (9) using an ultrasonic transmission sound transducer (1) arranged spaced apart from the surface of the component (3) and the intensity of the ultrasonic waves (7) reflected from the surface of the component (3) is detected with time resolution and/or frequency resolution by the antenna array elements (2n) of an ultrasonic antenna array (2) configured for detecting ultrasonic waves (7) and the phase shift of the ultrasonic waves guided at the surface of the test body is determined therefrom with respect to the ultrasonic waves (7) directly reflected at the surface of the component (3).. .
Mtu Aero Engines Gmbh


Systems for analog phase shifting

A system for phase shifting that produces an output signal by modifying a phase of an input signal, including a primary phase shifting stage that modifies the input signal phase in increments set by a first tuning resolution; a secondary phase shifting stage that modifies the input signal phase in increments set by a second tuning resolution; and, a tuning circuit that controls the primary phase shifting stage and the secondary phase shifting stage according to control input.. .


Phase noise suppression

A transceiver comprises local oscillator circuitry, phase noise determination circuitry, mixing circuitry, and digital signal processing circuitry. The local oscillator circuitry is operable to generate a local oscillator signal.


System and a radio frequency filter

In accordance with an embodiment, a circuit includes a plurality of filter circuits having a first port, a second port and a third port, where a second port of a first of the plurality of filter circuits is coupled to a first port of a second of the plurality of filter circuits, and each of the plurality of filter circuits includes a first passive filter, a second passive filter, a first coupler and a combining network. The first coupler includes an input port coupled to the first port, an isolated port coupled to the second port, a first phase shifted port coupled to the first passive filter and a second phase shifted port coupled to the second passive filter, and the combining network includes a first input coupled to the first passive filter, a second input coupled to the second passive filter, and an output coupled to the third port..


Minimization of torque ripple

Systems and methods of operating an electric motor including a first linear actuator including a first coil, a second linear actuator including a second coil, a rotational shaft, a cam assembly mounted on said rotational shaft for translating linear movement of the first and second linear actuators to rotational movement of the rotational shaft. The first coil is driven with a first signal that produces a first radially-directed force.


Multi-band antenna system

The present invention relates to a multiband antenna system and, more particularly, to a multiband antenna system which performs beam tilt while servicing a multiband with a broadband radiating element supporting a multiband. The multiband antenna system according to the present invention comprises: at least one broadband radiating element; a branching filter; and a plurality of phase shifters.


Semiconductor device with touch sensor circuit

A semiconductor device includes a terminal to which a touch electrode may be coupled; a source voltage drop circuit generating a constant voltage; a phase shift circuit generating a phase shifted clock in response to a first clock and a phase control signal; and a switching circuit to which the constant voltage is supplied. The switching circuit generates drive pulses for applying the constant voltage to the terminal in response to the phase shifted clock.


Photomask and forming the same and methods of manufacturing electronic device and display device using the photomask

A phase shift mask includes a substrate, a second phase shift pattern on the substrate, the second phase shift pattern extending to an outermost perimeter of the substrate, the second phase shift pattern being formed of a material that is semi-transmissive to light of a first wavelength and the substrate being substantially transparent to the light of the first wavelength such that the mask transmits about 2 to about 10% of the light of the first wavelength at the second phase shift pattern, and a first phase shift pattern on the substrate, the second phase shift pattern being disposed between the outermost perimeter of the substrate and the first phase shift pattern.. .


Oxide capacitor electro-optical phase shifter

An electro-optical phase shifter to be located in an optical waveguide may include a rib of a semiconductor material extending along a length of the optical waveguide and a control structure configured to modify a concentration of carriers in the rib according to a control voltage present between first and second control terminals of the phase shifter. The control structure may include a conductive layer covering a portion of the rib and electrically connected to a first of the control terminals.


Vibronic sensor

A method to determine and/or monitor at least one process variable of a medium with at least one vibration-capable unit. The vibration-capable unit is excited to mechanical vibrations by means of an electrical excitation signal of an adjustable frequency; wherein the mechanical vibrations are transduced into a received electrical signal, which is characterized at least by a frequency and/or a phase and/or an amplitude.


Method for communication via three orthogonal waveforms

Aspects of the present disclosure aim at providing three orthogonal waveforms that can be used for transmitting 3n bits (n bits from each waveform) at a given frequency. Such three orthogonal waveforms can be used in applications such as qam to create a 3-dimensional qam, along with use in other like applications such as in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm), quadrature phase shift keying (qpsk), binary phase shift keying (bpsk), among others.


Tone-phase-shift keying: a new modulation scheme for sc-fdma

A method of wireless communication by a user equipment includes determining an allocation of a set of tones in a symbol for conveying data. The method further includes determining to use m-ary phase shift keying (mpsk) to modulate the data onto a subset of tones of the set of tones.


Maximum likelihood sequence estimation of quadrature amplitude modulated signals

In a receiver of quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) signal, the received qam signal is divided into multiple quadrature phase shift keying (qpsk) symbol streams. A maximum likelihood symbol estimation (mlse) is performed on each qpsk symbol stream to recover information bits in the received qam signal.


Electric power conversion system

An electric power conversion system includes: a first battery; a second battery; an electric power converter including a plurality of switching elements, and configured to bidirectionally step up or step down electric power between an output line and each the first and second batteries in accordance with pwm signals; and a controller configured to control first and second step-up and step-down circuits by generating first and second pwm signals. The first and second step-up and step-down circuits are established between each first and second batteries and the output line.


Power circuit

A power circuit includes: first and second switching circuits coupled in parallel between an input terminal and an output terminal; a control signal generator that performs an on/off control of the first and second switching circuits individually and generates a first control signal and a second control signal having different phases; a frequency converter that converts a frequency of the first control signal after converting a frequency of the second control signal; and a phase shifter that shifts the phase of the second control signal when a first interrupt is introduced as the first control signal is turned on after the frequency converter has converted the frequency of the second control signal.. .


Radar device utilizing phase shift

A radar device comprises at least one transmitter unit for transmitting a radar signal, at least one receiver unit for receiving a reflected radar signal, and a phase shift unit for producing a phase shift in the frequency modulated radar signal in response to a phase shift signal. The receiver unit comprises at least one filter unit for filtering the received signal and is arranged for resetting the filter unit in response to said phase shift signal, so as to avoid saturation of the filter unit due to the phase shift..


Correction of transmission line induced phase and amplitude errors in reflectivity measurements

Various examples of methods and systems are disclosed for correction of phase and amplitude errors that occur in transmission lines connecting transmitter/receiver devices to measurement fixtures. In one example, a method is described that includes using time domain processing to determine a phase shift from the measurement fixture that can occur between calibration measurements and measurements of the specimen under test.


Method for performing phase shift control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus

A method for performing phase shift control in an electronic device and an associated apparatus are provided, where the method includes: obtaining a set of clock signals corresponding to a set of phases; and controlling a phase shift of an output signal of an oscillator by selectively mixing the set of clock signals into the oscillator according to a set of digital control signals, wherein the phase shift corresponds to the set of digital control signals, and the set of digital control signals carries a set of digital weightings for selectively mixing the set of clock signals. More particularly, the method may include: selectively mixing the set of clock signals into a specific stage of a plurality of stages of the oscillator according to the set of digital control signals..
Mediatek Inc.


Optical barcodes having spatially phase shifted clock and reference tracks

Barcodes are provided that are applied to or integrated with a moving carrier, where the barcodes have a plurality of information modules, at least one clock track having a plurality of alternating clock track modules and at least one reference track having a plurality of alternating reference track modules, where the at least one reference track is a second clock track and has a same periodicity as the clock track but a spatial phase shift when compared to the clock track. The barcode is configured to allow at least one barcode reader to determine a direction of movement of the carrier from at least one signal from a clock track detector and at least one signal from a reference detector..
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Phase shift mask and manufacturing display apparatus using the same

Provided is a method of manufacturing a display apparatus, the method including forming an amorphous silicon layer on a substrate; changing amorphous silicon in the amorphous silicon layer into crystalline silicon by irradiating the amorphous silicon with a laser beam emitted through a phase shift mask; and forming a display device, the phase shift mask including a base substrate; a barrier layer on the base substrate and including a plurality of transmissive portions which are spaced apart from each other in a first direction; and phase shift portions which alternately fill the plurality of transmissive portions in the first direction.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Distance measuring system and imaging sensor

A tof (time of flight) type distance measuring system of high accuracy is provided. The distance measuring system includes: a light source unit for emitting light at a timing indicated by an emission signal; a light receiving unit for acquiring raw data for each pixel from an imaging sensor, by exposing the imaging sensor to the light reflected from an object at a timing indicated by an exposure signal; a tof calculation unit for supplying a tof signal indicating the distance from each pixel to the object that is calculated based on the raw data; a detection unit for detecting the difference between a standard value and the tof signal for a standard pixel on the imaging sensor, and generating a phase control signal and a fine adjustment signal in accordance with the difference; a correction unit for correcting the tof signal on the basis of the fine adjustment signal, and outputting the correction result as distance information for each pixel; and a control unit for controlling the phase shift of at least one of the emission signal and the exposure signal on the basis of the phase control signal..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Production phase shift film, and production circular polarizing plate

Provided is a method capable of producing a retardation film suppressed in biaxiality, having a small nz coefficient, and having a slow axis in an oblique direction with high production efficiency. The production method for a retardation film of the present invention includes: holding left and right side edge portions of a film to be stretched with left and right variable pitch-type clips configured to have clip pitches changing in a longitudinal direction, respectively; preheating the film; reducing, under a state in which a position at which the clip pitch of the clips on one side out of the left and right clips starts to reduce and a position at which the clip pitch of the clips on another side starts to reduce are set to different positions in the longitudinal direction, the clip pitch of each of the clips to a predetermined pitch to subject the film to oblique stretching; and releasing the clips holding the film..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Material decomposition technique using x-ray phase contrast imaging system

A phase contrast x-ray imaging system generates an absorption image and a phase shift image of an object under study. The absorption image represents a measurement of the imaged object's attenuation of radiographic energy, and the phase shift image represents a measurement of the imaged object's phase shifting of the radiographic waves passing through the object.
Carestream Health, Inc.


Audio decoder configured to convert audio input channels for headphone listening

The proposed technology provides an audio decoder (100) configured to receive input signals representative of at least two audio input channels. The audio decoder is configured to provide direct signal paths and cross-feed signal paths (10) for the input signals.
Dirac Research Ab


Modifiable signal adjustment devices for power amplifiers and corresponding methods & apparatus

An embodiment of an amplifier system includes a modifiable signal adjustment device with an rf signal adjustment circuit coupled between first and second nodes. The rf signal adjustment circuit includes an adjustable phase shifter and an adjustable attenuator coupled in series with each other.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Phase detecting circuit for interchain local oscillator (lo) divider phase alignment

Certain aspects of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for detecting phase shift between signals, such as local oscillating signals in adjacent transceiver paths. One example circuit for phase detection generally includes a mixer configured to mix a first input signal having a first frequency with a second input signal having a second frequency to produce an output signal having frequency components at the sum of and the difference between the first and second frequencies; a filter connected with the mixer and configured to remove one of the frequency components at the sum of the first and second frequencies, thereby leaving a dc component; and an analog-to-digital converter (adc) (e.g., a comparator) connected with the filter and configured to determine whether the first input signal is in-phase or out-of-phase with the second input signal based on a comparison between the dc component and a reference signal..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Dc-dc converter

A first switching circuit is connected between a transformer first winding and a dc power supply. A second switching circuit is connected between the transformer second winding and a battery.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method for controlling a multiphase interleaving converter and corresponding controller

A method is provided for controlling a converter of the multiphase interleaving type. According to the method, there is detected when a change of the load applied to an output terminal of the converter occurs.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Wireless communication terminal

In one implementation, an antenna array has a plurality of antenna element, each of which is configured to apply a phase shift to a signal. A beam steering controller is configured to steer a main beam of the antenna by controlling the phase shifts applied by the antenna elements.
Iridium Satellite Llc


Body biasing for rf switch optimization

Switches comprising a number of transistors in series achieve improved performance through biasing the bodies of the transistors to lower the stack resistance in the on mode and optionally to also lower the stack capacitance in the off mode. These switches find use in rf applications such as phase shifters, step attenuators, and in antenna switches, for example.


Differential twe mzm driver for silicon photonics

A differential twe mzm includes a differential driver, first and second capacitors, and first and second terminations. The differential driver includes a first differential output and a second differential output that collectively form a differential pair.
Finisar Corporation


Phase detecting device and clock data recovery circuit embedded with decision feedback equalizer

A phase detecting device and a clock data recovery circuit are provided. The phase detecting device includes a decision feedback equalizer having first and second sample-hold sub-circuits, an edge detector having a third sample-hold sub-circuit, a first xor gate, and a second xor gate.
National Chiao Tung University


Multiple-input multiple-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication signal compensation

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for signal compensation, including: receiving, by a receiver via n receiving antennas, a plurality of channel estimation preamble signals sent by m transmitting antennas of a remote transmitter; determining, by the receiver, channel estimation parameters according to the first pilot signals of the m transmitting antennas contained in the plurality of channel estimation preamble signals; receiving, by the receiver, data signals and second pilot signals sent on a first data symbol by the m transmitting antennas; determining, by the receiver, channel phase shift parameters according to signals arrived at the n receiving antennas which come from the second pilot signals; and determining, by the receiver according to the channel estimation parameters and the channel phase shift parameters, signal compensation for the data signals arrived at the n receiving antennas. Accuracy of demodulation for transmitted data to a certain extent is improved..
Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd.


High data rate optical transport network using 8-psk

Methods, systems, and devices are described for modulating data for optical transmissions and demodulating data from optical transmissions. During modulation, bits are mapped to symbols using an 8-ary modulation scheme.
Viasat, Inc.


Llc resonant converter apparatus and method

An output voltage of an llc resonant converter circuit is received. The received output voltage is analyzed to determine whether the received output voltage is within an acceptable operational range.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Antenna with resonant cavity

The invention relates to an antenna comprising a resonant cavity deliminated by a partially reflecting surface comprising an array of resonant cells, each resonant cell forming a micro-antenna, a totally reflecting surface facing said partially reflecting surface, a radiating source disposed in said resonant cavity and configured so as to radiate a wave between the partially reflecting surface and the totally reflecting surface, said wave illuminating resonant cells of the partially reflecting surface, the partially reflecting surface being curved and resonant cells being individually configured to introduced upon the passage of the incident wave radiated by the source a phase shift dependent on the curvature of the partially reflecting surface at the level of the corresponding resonant cell.. .
UniversitÉ Paris Ouest Nanterre La DÉfense


Noise cancellation

A noise cancellation signal is generated by generating an ambient noise signal, representing ambient noise, and generating a noise cancellation signal, by applying the ambient noise signal to an feedforward filter, where the feedforward filter comprises a high-pass filter having an adjustable cut-off frequency, and by applying a controllable gain. The noise cancellation signal is then applied to a loudspeaker, to generate a sound to at least partially cancel the ambient noise.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.


Opto-electric frequency comb generator

An optical comb generator, having a light input port configured to receive a continuous wave light from a laser source and a plurality of phase modulators coupled to the light input port. At least one intensity modulator is coupled to the plurality of the phase modulators, along with a plurality of phase shifters.
Purdue Research Foundation


Simultaneous polarization and wavefront control using a planar device

Methods and device for controlling optical scattering are disclosed. An array of 4-fold asymmetric cylinders can act as optical elements scattering electromagnetic waves, where the orientation and dimension of each optical element is determined according to the desired polarization and phase shift response of the device.
California Institute Of Technology


Low power on-chip impedance detector

An impedance detector for measuring an impedance of a circuit comprises a frequency source, a resistor connected in between the frequency source and the circuit to be measured, a phase shift circuit for applying a phase shift to a signal from the frequency source, a first multiplier for mixing the signal from the frequency source with a signal from the circuit to be measured, a second multiplier for mixing the phase shifted signal with the signal from the circuit to be measured, and a processing circuit for determining an indication of an impedance of the circuit to be measured in dependence on the first mixed signal and the second mixed signal.. .
Dialog Semiconductor B.v.

Phase Shift topics: Phase Shift, Modulation, Demodulation, Phase Offset, Objective Function, Carrier Frequency, Coordinates, Crystallin, Radio Communication, Base Station, Communications, Frequency Band, Euclidean Distance, Microscopy, Quantitative

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