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Phase Shift patents

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Waveguide with phase shifting portions

Coherent dual parametric frequency comb for ultrafast chromatic dispersion measurement

Inconspicuous tag for generating augmented reality experiences

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phase Shift-related patents
 Parameter estimation in vamous receivers patent thumbnailParameter estimation in vamous receivers
A desired signal and interfering signal are transmitted in the same timeslot and on the same frequency using an adaptive quadrature phase shift keying (aqpsk) modulated carrier. When the sub-channel power imbalance ratio (scpir) for the aqpsk modulated carrier is large and favors the interfering signal, the interfering signal is demodulated first to obtain demodulated soft bits.
 Waveguide with phase shifting portions patent thumbnailWaveguide with phase shifting portions
An apparatus includes a plasmonic transducer with first and second oppositely disposed outer edges. A waveguide is configured to receive light from a light source, the waveguide have first and second portions that deliver first and second portions of the light to the first and second edges of the plasmonic transducer.
 Coherent dual parametric frequency comb for ultrafast chromatic dispersion measurement patent thumbnailCoherent dual parametric frequency comb for ultrafast chromatic dispersion measurement
A wide-band optical frequency comb is provided to estimate an optical phase shift induced in a dispersive material. In contrast to the conventional techniques that rely on a single tunable laser for extracting the dispersion parameter at different frequencies, the wide-band optical frequency comb uses multiple comb lines for simultaneously evaluating the dispersion induced phase shifts in different frequencies.
 Inconspicuous tag for generating augmented reality experiences patent thumbnailInconspicuous tag for generating augmented reality experiences
A system and method for generating virtual objects, the data for the virtual object is retrieved at least in part from a tag. The tag comprises a transparent physical surface and a visually imperceptible structure constructed in the transparent physical surface.
 Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers patent thumbnailPhase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers
Embodiments of circuits for use with an amplifier that includes multiple amplifier paths include a first series circuit and a second series circuit in parallel with the first series circuit. The first series circuit includes a first input coupled to a first power divider output, a first output coupled to a first amplifier path of the multiple amplifier paths, and a first adjustable phase shifter and a first adjustable attenuator series coupled between the first input and the first output.
 Power amplifier spurious cancellation patent thumbnailPower amplifier spurious cancellation
This disclosure relates generally to power amplification devices and methods of operating the same. The power amplification devices are capable of reducing (and possibly cancelling) modulation of a ripple variation of a supply voltage level of a supply voltage onto a radio frequency (rf) signal.
 Phase-sensitive two-dimensional neutron shearing interferometer and hartmann sensor patent thumbnailPhase-sensitive two-dimensional neutron shearing interferometer and hartmann sensor
A neutron imaging system detects both the phase shift and absorption of neutrons passing through an object. The neutron imaging system is based on either of two different neutron wavefront sensor techniques: 2-d shearing interferometry and hartmann wavefront sensing.
 Diagnostic system for detection of fluid changes patent thumbnailDiagnostic system for detection of fluid changes
A diagnostic system for monitoring changes in a medium is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter configured to generate and transmit a time-varying magnetic field into a medium responsive to a first signal.
 Method for observing at least one object, such as a biological entity, and imaging system associated therewith patent thumbnailMethod for observing at least one object, such as a biological entity, and imaging system associated therewith
The method further comprises, prior to the illumination step, addition of at least one marker in contact with the object(s), said or each marker being adapted to bind onto a corresponding object, the binding of said marker onto said object being adapted for increasing at least one characteristic quantity from among the absorption and the optical phase shift of said object.. .
 Speaker localization patent thumbnailSpeaker localization
Methods and apparatus for determining phase shift information between the first and second microphone signals for a sound signal, and determining an angle of incidence of the sound in relation to the first and second positions of the first and second microphones from the phase shift information of a band-limited test signal received by the first and second microphones for a frequency range of interest.. .
Redundant operation of a backlight unit of a display device under open circuit or short circuit led string conditions and including dynamic phase shifting between led strings
Disclosed embodiments relate to techniques for operating a backlight unit of a display device in a redundant mode and a non-redundant mode in the event of an open circuit condition or short string condition. For instance, in a redundant mode, multiple led strings are driven to provide a first quantity of light, such that the combined output from all led strings is capable of providing a total light output corresponding to a maximum brightness setting for the display device.
High-precision ghz clock generation using spin states in diamond
Techniques for obtaining a frequency standard using the crystal field splitting frequency of nitrogen vacancy center in diamond are disclosed. In certain exemplary embodiments, a microwave field is applied to the diamond and optically exciting the diamond under green light.
Electro-optic silicon modulator with longitudinally nonuniform modulation
A device, such as a silicon modulator, in accordance with the present disclosure employs pn diodes without sacrificing the modulation depth, while achieving lower loss and better impedance matching to 50-ohm drivers. In one embodiment, the device includes an input waveguide, an input optical splitter coupled to the input waveguide, first and second optical phase shifters coupled to the input optical splitter, an output optical splitter coupled to the first and second phase shifters, and an output waveguide coupled to the output optical splitter.
Optical modulator with automatic bias correction
An optical modulator uses an optoelectronic phase comparator configured to provide, in the form of an electrical signal, a measure of a phase difference between two optical waves. The phase comparator includes an optical directional coupler having two coupled channels respectively defining two optical inputs for receiving the two optical waves to be compared.
Phased array antenna and associated methods
A phased array transmitter is disclosed comprising a vector modulator, a true time delay block coupled to the vector modulator, a local oscillator phase shifter and rf-converter block coupled to the true time delay block, and an antenna. The vector modulator applies vector modulation to a baseband signal and provides an intermediate frequency signal to the true time delay block.
Variable link sensorless brushless direct current motor controller for space and hardened applications
A sensorless motor controller includes a variable link control, including a radiation-hardened field programmable gate array (fpga) and a back electromotive force (emf) decoder circuit. The back emf decoder infers the position of a rotor of the motor.
Method and apparatus for reactive power capable inverters
A system, method, and apparatus for converting dc input power to ac output power, including a dc-ac inverter employing: a first feedback loop for determining a maximum power point (mpp) and operating the dc-ac inverter proximate the mpp. A second feedback loop for determining a difference between a first power measurement and a second power measurement, producing an error signal indicative of the difference, and coupling the error signal to the first feedback loop to adjust at least one operating parameter of the dc-ac inverter to drive toward the mpp, where the first power measurement and the second power measurement are each determined based on a phase shift between an ac output voltage from the dc-ac inverter and an ac output current from the dc-ac inverter..
Recovering data from quadrature phase shift keying modulated optical signals
Systems, devices and techniques for processing received qpsk modulated optical signals include sampling the received signal at twice the baud rate, thereby producing samples that are then processed as 9-qam symbols using a decision directed least squares optimization method. Data bits are then recovered from the resulting symbol estimates.
System and method for monitoring and control of an optical modulator for an m-qam transmitter
A system includes an optical power meter operable to generate an optical power signal corresponding to the optical power of a received output signal generated by an optical iq-modulator. The system further includes a processor operable to receive the optical power signal and determine, based on a minimization algorithm and the received optical power signal, a first bias voltage to be applied to a first sub-modulator of the optical iq-modulator and a second bias voltage to be applied to a second sub-modulator of the optical iq-modulator.
Optical modulator module and modulation method for optical signal
An optical modulator module includes an optical modulator including an optical waveguide which conducts an inputted optical signal, and m modulator regions on the optical waveguide; and m discrete driving circuits serially connected to one another. The discrete driving circuits include a driving circuit which outputs a signal obtained from a digital input signal with a synchronization signal to one of the modulator regions, and a phase shifting circuit which outputs a signal resulting from giving a delay to a signal branched from the synchronization signal.
Apparatus and method of differential iq frequency up-conversion
A balanced transmitter up-converts i and q baseband signals directly from baseband-to-rf. The up-conversion process is sufficiently linear that no if processing is required, even in communications applications that have stringent requirements on spectral growth.
Phase modulation apparatus
A phase modulation apparatus has a light source outputting continuous light, two phase modulators, and an intensity modulator. The phase modulation apparatus is provided with an rz phase modulation circuit, in which the phase modulators phase-modulate the continuous light from the light source with data signals input to the phase modulators and generate two phase modulation optical signals, a phase shifter shifts the phase of one phase modulation optical signal by π/2, and an intensity modulator intensity-modulates a multiplexed signal, combined with the other phase modulation optical signal, with an input clock signal clk to convert the signal into an rz signal, and, thus, to output the rz signal, and a phase control circuit which adjusts the phases of the phase modulation optical signals generated by the phase modulator of the rz phase modulation circuit so that the output of the rz phase modulation circuit is maximum..
Rf system with integrated phase shifters using dual multi-phase phase-locked loops
An rf system comprising of outputs to an electronically scanning antenna for radiating electromagnetic energy; at least one waveform generator; two multiphase phase-locked loops integrated with the waveform generator, the phase locked loops operating to provide multiple shifted phases to a waveform. Optionally, the two multiphase phase-locked loops may each be divided down by a bank of frequency dividers to further increase the number of phase shifts.
Phase shift circuit and antenna device
Techniques capable of reducing the width-direction size of a phase shift circuit as much as possible are provided. A phase shift circuit has a signal line, a first dielectric plate, and a second dielectric plate.
Installation for depositing films onto a substrate
An installation, comprising a chamber comprising two ends, a transport unit and a support unit which introduce a two-sided substrate into the chamber, a stabilized high-voltage high-frequency power supply of at least 200 kw, comprising an hf transformer comprising a primary and a secondary circuit connected to terminals, at least two electrodes being connected to the terminals of the secondary circuit, said electrodes being placed on each side of the substrate, at least one dielectric barrier placed between the at least two electrodes; a power supply regulation/control unit placed upstream of the hf transformer that is capable of increasing an active power/reactive power ratio, an introducing unit for introducing at least one reactive substance into the chamber, and an extracting unit for extracting residual substances, wherein an adjustable inductor is placed in the secondary circuit of the transformer in parallel with a circuit comprising the at least two electrodes, and the adjustable inductor enables a phase shift between a voltage generated between the electrodes and a total current delivered by the high-voltage source to be modulated, and the power supply regulation/control unit, placed on the primary circuit of the transformer, and/or a unit for controlling the inductor being capable of generating harmonics extending a time during which a current flows between the electrodes, wherein the installation is suitable for depositing a film onto an inorganic substrate.. .
Electromagnetic system and method
Differences of electromagnetic (em) properties between healthy and cancerous tissues allow detection of abnormal conditions occurring in a tissue of an animal, for example, intra-operative cancer detection. By using a time-varying em field, electrical eddy currents are generated in the tissue sample, and assessed using phase-sensitive detection.
Method, system, and apparatus for balanced frequency up-conversion of a baseband signal
A balanced transmitter up-converts a baseband signal directly from baseband-to-rf. The up-conversion process is sufficiently linear that no if processing is required, even in communications applications that have stringent requirements on spectral growth.
System and method for scrambling the phase of the carriers in a multicarrier communications system
A system and method that scrambles the phase characteristic of a carrier signal are described. The scrambling of the phase characteristic of each carrier signal includes associating a value with each carrier signal and computing a phase shift for each carrier signal based on the value associated with that carrier signal.
System and method for rapid, multi-shot segmented magnetic resonance imaging
A system and method for medical imaging using a magnetic resonance imaging system includes performing a segmented echo planar imaging (epi) pulse sequence. The pulse sequence includes performing multiple radio frequency (rf) excitation pulses designed to excite multiple imaging slices across the subject simultaneously.
Receiving circuit, semiconductor device, and sensor device
A receiving circuit (10) includes an amplifier (15) which amplifies receiving signals (sp, sn) of a piezoelectric sensor (2), and a plurality of transistors (11a, 11b) or (12a, 12b), which are connected in parallel to between one end of the piezoelectric sensor (2) and one end of the amplifier (15), and are turned on with phase shift when switching is performed to receiving operations.. .
Voice echo cancellation method and system
A voice echo cancellation system and process are disclosed. According to one embodiment, the present invention comprises an input audio source that is converted to a digital signal via a pcm convertor where the amplitude of the input audio source is sampled at regular intervals and translated into digital pcm audio.
Devices and methods for achieving non-contacting white state in interferometric modulators
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for providing white light color output from an electromechanical systems (ems) device with reduced likelihood of stiction. In one aspect, interferometric modulators are configured to provide a white color output while having a non-zero modulator gap dimension.
Interfeinterfence cancellation system for location and direction finding
Systems and methods for cancelling interference while performing direction/location. A combined signal of interest plus interference signal may be received.
Techniques for alignment of parallel signals
Receiver circuits in serial lanes each generate a synchronous clock signal that is aligned with a master clock signal to allow synchronous transfer of data onto the master clock domain without corruption. A serial-to-parallel converter circuit in each receiver circuit converts a serial data signal into parallel data signals in response to one of the synchronous clock signals.
Automobile electronic regulator
An automobile electronic regulator includes a timing circuit, a signal circuit, a phase shift driving circuit, a pulse oscillation outputting circuit, an electronic switching circuit, and an electronic filtering circuit. An input terminal of the electronic filtering circuit is connected to an output terminal of the electronic switching circuit, for supplying the timing circuit, the signal circuit and the phase shift driving circuit with an accurate and stable voltage.
Casing collar location using elecromagnetic wave phase shift measurement
A method for locating casing collars in a cased wellbore includes moving a well logging instrument coupled within a drill string through the cased wellbore. The instrument includes at least one electromagnetic transmitter and at least two spaced apart electromagnetic receivers.
Receiver and methods for calibration thereof
There is disclosed a receiver and associated methods in which a received signal can be sampled at the symbol rate rather than oversampled. This reduction in the sampling frequency compared with conventional receivers lowers power consumption.
Method and apparatus for algorithm on flexible square-qam coherent detection
In software defined elastic optical networks, modulation format and constellation size may be flexibly modified. As a result, digital signal processing (dsp) algorithm should be compatible with different modulation schemes or readily reconfigurable at the optical coherent receiver.
Adjustment of write timing in a memory device
A method and system are provided for adjusting a write timing in a memory device. For instance, the method can include receiving a data signal, a write clock signal, and a reference signal.
Locally active memristive device
A method to operate an integrated circuit includes operating a locally active memristive device in a locally reactive region of an operating domain where the device exhibits inductor-like behavior, such as a phase shift where a voltage across the device leads a current through the device.. .
Lock in thermal laser stimulation through one side of the device while acquiring lock-in thermal emission images on the opposite side
Controlled amount of heat is injected into a stacked die using a light beam, and the propagated heat is measuring with lit camera from the other side of the die. The thermal image obtained can be characterized so that it can be used to calibrate the phase shift from a given stack layer, or can be used to identify defects in the stacked die.
Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and faster beam steering method of operation.
An apparatus substantially updates all the phase shifter values of a phased array antenna by using “global write” to update these parameters to all phased-array transformation circuits simultaneously via a serial bus. Antenna elements, each controlled by a phased-array transformation circuit, are individually configured to transform phase and gain according to a register array.
Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and method of operation.
A phased-array antenna panel mounts a plurality of front end modules to a printed circuit board. Antenna elements, each controlled by a phased-array processing die, are individually configured to transform phase and gain according to a register array.
Power splitter and combiner
An electronic device is described, the device including a first circuit arranged to transfer a signal with a first predetermined phase shift, a second circuit, connected in series with the first circuit, arranged to transfer a signal with a second predetermined phase shift, and a resistance connected in parallel with the first and second circuits, wherein the first circuit includes a first capacitance connected between a first pair of nodes, a second capacitance connected between a second pair of nodes, and a first transformer having a first winding connected between the first pair of nodes and a second winding connected between the second pair of nodes.. .
Method for determining a circuit element parameter
A method for determining a circuit element parameter in a ground fault circuit interrupter circuit. An electrical signal provided to a first node is used to generate another electrical signal at a second node.
Distinguishing false signals in cable locating
Discriminating between a cable locating signal and a false cable locating signal is described. A reference signal, which contains a locating signal frequency impressed on it, is transmitted in a way which provides for detection of a phase shift between the locating signal and the false locating signal.
High frequency phase shifter array testing
Aspects of the invention provide for an architecture and method for testing high frequency phase shifter arrays. In one embodiment, an architecture for testing a phase shifter array, includes: a plurality of power dividers, each power divider configured to receive an output from a phase shifter within the phase shifter array and split the output into a first signal and a second signal; a plurality of power clippers, each power clipper configured to receive the second signal and modify the second signal by limiting an amplitude of the second signal; a first power combiner configured to receive the first signal from each of the plurality of power dividers to generate a first output; and a second power combiner configured to receive the modified second signal from each of the plurality of power clippers to generate a second output..
Systems and methods for investigating a formation surrounding a borehole
A method, a system, and an apparatus are described for the data acquisition in the well-logging of a borehole wall during the investigation of formation properties. Data acquisition is conducted by either an adaptive phase compensation processing or a modulus mode processing, both of which use in-phase and out-of-phase current components to obtain current values.
Master-slave interleaved bcm pfc controller and control method thereof
The present invention relates to a master-slave interleaved bcm pfc controller for controlling a pfc circuit with master and slave channels. In one embodiment, the pfc controller can include: a master channel controller that generates a master channel control signal and an inverted master channel control signal; a first phase shifter that provides a first phase shift for the master channel control signal, and generates a delayed opening signal therefrom; a second phase shifter that provides a second phase shift for the inverted master channel control signal, and generates a delayed shutdown signal therefrom; a slave channel controller that receives the delayed opening signal, the delayed shutdown signal, and a slave channel inductor current zero-crossing signal, and generates a slave channel control signal therefrom..
Feed network
A feed network includes three radio frequency (rf) devices constructed in a suspended-substrate stripline configuration that provides a five-port microwave device having a sum port and four feed ports. The three rf devices include at least one coupled-line quadrature hybrid and at least one marchand balun.
Device for charging a battery of a motor vehicle on the basis of a single-phase power supply network, and method of controlling the device
A device for charging a battery, for example of an electric traction motor vehicle, based on a single-phase power supply network, the device including a filtering stage configured to be connected to the single-phase network, a voltage step-down stage connected to the filtering stage, a voltage step-up stage configured to be connected to the battery and coupled to the voltage step-down stage via an inductive component or an induction coil, and a regulating unit configured to impose chopping duty ratios on the voltage step-down stage and on the voltage step-up stage. The regulating unit compensates for phase shift between an input current of the voltage step-down stage and an input voltage of the voltage step-down stage..
Electrically adjustable antenna control system and method
An electrically adjustable antenna control system includes a controller, an actuation mechanism controlled by the controller, and a feedback loop connected to both of the controller and actuation mechanism. Herein, the controller includes a control board and its imbedded program.
Biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating device, biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating system, biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating method, program, and recording medium
There is provided a biological rhythm disturbance degree calculating device, including a physiological index time series data acquiring unit which acquires time series data of a physiological index calculated from a biomedical signal of a subject, a calculation period deciding unit which decides a calculation period which is a time length corresponding to substantially a half of a cycle with which daily-life physiological index time series data calculated from the biomedical signal measured in daily life fluctuates, a calculating unit which calculates, during the calculation period, a phase shift amount between inspected physiological index time series data calculated from the biomedical signal measured during an inspection and the daily-life physiological index time series data, and a disturbance degree deciding unit which decides a disturbance degree of a biological rhythm during the inspection of the subject based on the phase shift amount.. .
Array antenna apparatus
According to one embodiment, an array antenna apparatus includes a distributor, transmission phase shifters, transmission amplifiers, transmission filters, transmission/reception switches, limiters, reception filters, low-noise amplifiers, reception phase shifters, a combiner, a vacuum vessel, a refrigerating unit, and a cooling plate.. .
Active general purpose hybrid
A general purpose hybrid includes a first input port in communication with a first dual vector generator, a second input port in communication with a second dual vector generator, a first active combiner receives a first signal from the first dual vector generator and a third signal from the second dual vector generator, where the first and second dual vector generators independently apply phase shifting and amplitude control to the first and third signals; a second active combiner receives a second signal from the first dual vector generator and a fourth signal from the second dual vector generator, where the first and second dual vector generators independently apply phase shifting and amplitude control to the second and fourth signals; a first output port provides a first composite signal from the first active combiner; and a second output port provides a second composite signal from the second active combiner.. .
Morphable identity, networkable photonic quantum logic gate system & method
Systems and methods of performing logical operations with photonic quantum logic gates. The logic gates utilize photon states, usually orthogonal linearly polarized states, to selectively enact self-interference operations whose outputs can be altered by inducing phase shifts in one or more portions of the section of the logic gate where the photon states undergo self-interference.
Transmission line phase shifter
Embodiments disclosed include transmission line phase shifters and methods for fabricating transmission line phase shifters that switch signal and ground conductors to reverse electromagnetic fields in a transmission line structure.. .
Dc/dc converter for hybrid system
A dc/dc converter including a control unit configured to control a voltage variation mechanism, the voltage variation mechanism including a plurality of variable voltage regulator circuits each controlled by a switching signal. The variable voltage regulator circuits are grouped together in plural modules each controlled by a control signal sent by the control unit and the switching signals of the variable voltage regulator circuits of a same module are phase shifted in relation to each other, and the control signals of the modules are also phase shifted in relation to each other..
Vibratory gyro sensor system
Disclosed herein is a vibratory gyro sensor system, including: a driving unit shifting a signal output from a first sensing element of a gyro sensor by a preset shift phase, amplifying the phase shifted signal to a preset gain, and self-oscillates the amplified signal to generate and feedback a driving signal; an automatic gain control unit converting and amplifying capacitance output from a second sensing element of a gyro sensor into voltage; and a signal detection unit converting and amplifying the capacitance output from the first sensing element and the second sensing element into voltage.. .
Near field communication devices and methods
Methods and devices are disclosed, including a method of communicating, the method comprising transmitting, in a first time period, a signal for powering a communications device, and communicating, in a second time period, with the communications device using one of phase shift keying (psk), frequency shift keying (fsk) and quadrature amplitude modulation (qam).. .
Standing wave electron linear accelerator with continuously adjustable energy
A standing wave electron linear accelerating apparatus and a method thereof are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an electron gun configured to generate electron beams; a pulse power source configured to provide a primary pulse power signal; a power divider coupled downstream from the pulse power source and configured to divide the primary pulse power signal outputted from the pulse power source into a first pulse power signal and a second pulse power signal; a first accelerating tube configured to accelerating the electron beams with the first pulse power signal; a second accelerating tube configured to accelerate the electron beams with the second pulse power signal; a phase shifter configured to continuously adjust a phase difference between the first pulse power signal and the second pulse power signal so as to generate accelerated electron beams with continuously adjustable energy at output of the second accelerating tube..
Methods and arrangements for phase tracking for multi-mode operation in wireless networks
Logic may comprise a single phase tracking implementation for all bandwidths of operation and the logic may adaptively change pre-defined and stored track parameters if the receiving packet is 1 mhz bandwidth. Logic may detect a packet and long training fields before performing a 1 mhz classification.
Techniques to accommodate different classes of devices in a wireless network
An apparatus, a method and a machine-readable storage medium to accommodate both high function and low cost wireless devices in a wireless network. An exemplary apparatus includes a receiver to wirelessly receive a first packet comprising first and second shifting pilot signals amidst first data symbols transmitted via multiple subcarriers in symbol sets; a transmitter to wireless transmit a second packet; and logic to track a phase shift using the first and second shifting pilot signals, to configure the receiver to compensate for the shift in phase, to refrain from using reception of the first and second shifting pilot signals to update an initial channel estimate derived from a preamble of the first packet, and to transmit third and fourth shifting pilot signals amidst second data symbols of the second packet..
Flexible threshold counter for clock-and-data recovery
One embodiment provides a data-receiving device component comprising a phase shifter, timer logic, and control logic. The phase shifter is configured to release a train of clock pulses with a controlled phase shift.
Automatic low noise sampling of image and timing signals and signal delay compensation
A system is provided that measures the delay time of a first timing signal transmitted from a control unit to an imager and back to a phase detector. The phase detector also receives a second timing signal that is used as a reference to measure against the received/delayed first timing signal.
Random perturbation-based beamforming method and apparatus for use in mobile communication system
A method and apparatus configures a beamforming coefficient based on the signal strength information without collecting channel information by adjusting the phase of the antennas through random perturbation. An antenna control method of a base station in a wireless communication system using a beamforming technique includes measuring nth received signal strength at nth phase of at least one receive antenna, measuring (n+1)th received signal strength at (n+1)th phase shifted randomly from the nth phase in one of forward and backward directions, and configuring a beamforming coefficient with the phase at which the received signal strength is greatest through comparison of received signal strengths.
Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver
A polarimetric transceiver front-end includes two receive paths configured to receive signals from an antenna, each receive path corresponding to a respective polarization. Each front-end includes a variable amplifier and a variable phase shifter; a first transmit path configured to send signals to the antenna, where the transmit path is connected to the variable phase shifter of one of the two receive paths and includes a variable amplifier; and a transmit/receive switch configured to select between the first transmit path and the two receive paths for signals, where the transmit/receive switch includes a quarter-wavelength transmission line that adds a high impedance to the transmit path when the transmit/receive switch is in a receiving state..
Non-linear solution for 2d phase shifting
Disclosed is a method of reconstructing a representative detailed phase image from a set of fringe pattern interferogram images of an object. The images are captured by an x-ray interferometer having a crossed diffraction grating.
Channel tracking in an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing system
A receiver determines phase and frequency information from data signals that carry information from a transmitter to a receiver, instead of or in addition to, information from control signals. In a specific embodiment, the information is obtained from data signals modulated as a binary phase-shift keying (“bpsk”) waveform by demodulation.
Method and apparatus for adjusting the timing of radio antenna tuning
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, determining, by a controller of a mobile communication device, a phase shift criteria and an amplitude shift criteria associated with a modulation being implemented by the mobile communication device. The controller can determine a group of tuning steps that satisfies the phase and amplitude shift criteria and that provides a desired tuning step for a matching network of the mobile communication device.
Phase shift circuit and power factor correction circuit including the same
There are provided a phase shift circuit and a power factor correction circuit including the same. The phase shift circuit includes a switching circuit unit charging power in or discharging power from a capacitor through a plurality of switching devices and comparing a voltage of the capacitor with a predetermined reference voltage, and a clock generating unit generating a reference clock signal based on an output of the switching circuit unit, wherein the switching circuit unit turns the plurality of switching devices on or off, based on currents from inductors respectively included in a main circuit and a sub-circuit of a power factor correction circuit to determine a polarity of the voltage of the capacitor..
Power supply device
There is provided a phase shift full bridge (psfb) type power supply device controlling a switching on time of lagging leg switches according to a load state. The power supply device includes a power supply unit supplying preset dc power by switching input power using a full bridge by a phase shift method; and a control unit controlling a switching time of a switch of the full bridge according to a load state in which the dc power is received from the power supply unit..
Apparatus and method for high-speed phase shifting for interferometric measurement systems
Described are a method and apparatus for high-speed phase shifting of an optical beam. A transparent plate having regions of different optical thickness is illuminated by an optical beam along a path of incidence that extends through the regions.

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