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Phase Shift patents

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Method and apparatus for high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control

Method and apparatus for high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control

Time of flight camera system

Ifm Electronic

Time of flight camera system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phase Shift-related patents
 Phase shift keying optical modulation apparatus and  encoding a symbol onto an optical carrier signal patent thumbnailnew patent Phase shift keying optical modulation apparatus and encoding a symbol onto an optical carrier signal
phase shift keying optical modulation apparatus comprising optical phase shifting apparatus and an optical modulator. The optical phase shifting apparatus is arranged to receive an optical carrier signal and is arranged to selectively apply a preselected optical phase shift to the optical carrier signal in dependence on a symbol of a 2n-level phase shift keying modulation format to be encoded onto the optical signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
 Time of flight camera system patent thumbnailnew patent Time of flight camera system
A light transit time camera system and method for operating such a system which can be operated with at least three modulation frequencies, having the steps a) determining a phase shift (φi) of an emitted signal (sp1) and a received signal (sp2) for a modulation frequency (f1, f2, f3) in a phase-measuring cycle (pm1, pm2, . .
Ifm Electronic Gmbh
 Method and  high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control patent thumbnailnew patent Method and high-performance compact volumetric antenna with pattern control
A wide-bandwidth antenna with antenna pattern control includes a radiator and a feed. The radiator includes two or more volumetric radiating elements.
 Electronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter patent thumbnailElectronic device with antennas isolated using phase shifter
An electronic device may be provided with a primary antenna that is used for transmitting and receiving signals and a secondary antenna that is used for receiving signals. The primary and secondary antennas may be used together in a diversity arrangement when receiving signals.
Apple Inc.
 Base station antenna and base station antenna feed network patent thumbnailBase station antenna and base station antenna feed network
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of communications technologies, and provide a base station antenna and a base station antenna feed network. The base station antenna includes a transceiver array, a first-level vector synthesis network, a second-level phase shifter array, a second-level vector synthesis network, and an antenna unit array.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
 Volumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties patent thumbnailVolumetric induction phase shift detection system for determining tissue water content properties
A method and apparatus of determining the condition of a bulk tissue sample, by: positioning a bulk tissue sample between a pair of induction coils (or antennae); passing a spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) through a first of the induction coils (or antennae); measuring spectrum of alternating current (or voltage) produced in the second of the induction coils (or antennae); and comparing the phase shift between the spectrum of alternating currents (or voltages) in the first and second induction coils (or antennae), thereby determining the condition of the bulk tissue sample.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Optical semiconductor device, optical semiconductor device array, and optical transmitter module patent thumbnailOptical semiconductor device, optical semiconductor device array, and optical transmitter module
An optical semiconductor device includes: an active region which includes an active layer which produces light when current is injected therein, a first diffraction grating layer having a first diffraction grating with a prescribed grating period, and a phase shift portion formed within the first diffraction grating layer, wherein the phase shift portion provides a phase shift not smaller than 1.5π but not larger than 1.83π; and a distributed reflection mirror region which is optically coupled to a first end of the active region as viewed along a direction of an optical axis, and which includes a second diffraction grating which reflects the light produced by the active region back into the active region.. .
Fujitsu Limited
 Oxide capacitor elecro-optical phase shifter patent thumbnailOxide capacitor elecro-optical phase shifter
An electro-optical phase shifter to be located in an optical waveguide may include a rib of a semiconductor material extending along a length of the optical waveguide and a control structure configured to modify a concentration of carriers in the rib according to a control voltage present between first and second control terminals of the phase shifter. The control structure may include a conductive layer covering a portion of the rib and electrically connected to a first of the control terminals.
Stmicroelectronics Sa
 Material differentiation with phase contrast imaging patent thumbnailMaterial differentiation with phase contrast imaging
A method and system to determine material composition of an object comprises capturing a series of digital radiographic images of the object using a single exposure energy level. An intensity of the captured images is determined as well as phase shift differences.
Carestream Health, Inc.
 Gyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond patent thumbnailGyroscopes based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
A solid-state gyroscope apparatus based on ensembles of negatively charged nitrogen-vacancy (nv−) centers in diamond and methods of detection are provided. In one method, rotation of the nv− symmetry axis will induce berry phase shifts in the nv− electronic ground-state coherences proportional to the solid angle subtended by the symmetry axis.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Digital video broadcast receiver

A digital video broadcast receiver including a frequency synthesizer, a plurality of frequency dividing-phase shifting circuits, an antenna and a plurality of signal processing modules is provided. The frequency synthesizer synthesizes a first frequency signal.
Ali Corporation

Memory controller with flexible data alignment to clock

A system includes a memory controller and a plurality of memory devices that are connected in-series to the memory controller. The system operation is synchronous with clock that is provided in a fashion of source synchronous clock structure.
Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.

Millimeter band transmitting/receiving system

In the field of millimeter band transmitting/receiving systems for a high-speed contactless transmission, an architecture is provided with a common processing circuit supplying modulation signals and a plurality of transmitting/receiving integrated circuits, all identical to one another, receiving these signals, and also a common clock. The transmitting/receiving integrated circuits each comprise: an oscillator locked with the clock signal to produce a carrier frequency, a transmit channel comprising a first controllable phase shift circuit, a frequency transposition to the carrier frequency, and a power amplifier, a receive channel comprising a low noise amplifier, a frequency transposition from the carrier frequency, and a second controllable phase shift circuit.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

System and an optical phase shifter

In one embodiment, an optical phase shifter includes a first waveguide phase shifter and a second waveguide phase shifter. The optical phase shifter also includes a first polarization rotator optically coupled between the first waveguide phase shifter and the second waveguide phase shifter, where the first waveguide phase shifter, second waveguide phase shifter, and first polarization rotator are integrated on a single substrate..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor light-emitting element, light source head, and image forming apparatus

A semiconductor light-emitting element formed of a semiconductor layer includes a multilayer reflecting mirror, a light-emitting layer, a resonator, and a phase shift layer. The multilayer reflecting mirror is formed on a substrate.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor optical device and optical module

To suppress occurrence of axial hole burning in a phase shift portion of a diffraction grating, provided is a semiconductor optical device including: a diffraction grating layer including a diffraction grating and a phase shift portion; and an optical waveguide layer including an active layer that has a gain with respect to an emission wavelength and an optical waveguide region that has no gain with respect to the emission wavelength. The optical waveguide region is formed at least on the lower side of the phase shift portion..
Oclaro Japan, Inc.

Signal processors and methods for estimating transformations between signals with phase deviation

A phase deviation method determines an offset between a reference and suspect signal by analyzing a phase deviation surface created by computing a deviation metric for phase shift and then analyzing a surface formed from the deviation metrics for an array of offsets. The phase deviation method analyzes the deviation surface to determine an offset that minimizes phase deviation.
Digimarc Corporation

Method and reducing fm audio artifacts in a receiver

An apparatus and method for reducing fm audio artifacts in a receiver are provided. A direct conversion radio frequency (rf) receiver converts an analog fm signal into a phase shifted digital low if signal.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.

System and scrambling the phase of the carriers in a multicarrier communications system

A system and method that scrambles the phase characteristic of a carrier signal are described. The scrambling of the phase characteristic of each carrier signal includes associating a value with each carrier signal and computing a phase shift for each carrier signal based on the value associated with that carrier signal.
Tq Delta, Llc

Method and correlating signals received from a navigation satellite system

A plurality of samples of a signal are stored in a buffer, the signal corresponding to a navigation system. A plurality of starting locations in the buffer are determined, the plurality of starting locations corresponding to a plurality of correlations to be calculated.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Method and balancing voltages of multi-level inverter dc link

A method is provided for balancing voltages of a dc link of a multi-level inverter, where the dc link is divided into two halves by a neutral point connection. The method includes injecting a periodic common-mode voltage injection signal to a common-mode voltage reference and a periodic power injection signal to a power reference of the inverter.
Abb Oy

Multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter

A multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter. In one embodiment, the multi-phase transformer type dc-dc converter includes a plurality of dc-dc converters comprising a plurality of transformers, respectively, wherein the plurality of dc-dc converters are coupled in parallel between an input and an output.
Renesas Electronics America Inc.

Methods and devices for coherent optical data detection and coherent data channel modulation

Methods and devices for coherent holographic data channel techniques are presented. Coherent techniques for data detection generally include homodyne and heterodyne detection.
Akonia Holographics, Llc

Fabrication of on-product aberration monitors with nanomachining

A method of fabricating an aberration monitor on a production mask used in photolithographic patterning of a semiconductor substrate is provided. The method may include placing a production mask within a nanomachine repair tool and generating, using the nanomachine repair tool, a phase shifting pattern within a region of the production mask..
International Business Machines Corporation

Phase shifter, predistorter, and phased array antenna

There are provided a transformer including inductors, and variable capacitors. Capacitance values of the variable capacitors are controlled by a control signal.
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Determining absence of contact for a catheter

A method, including injecting a current between an electrode of a catheter and tissue in proximity to the catheter, the catheter having a force sensor configured to measure a force between the catheter and the tissue. The method further includes measuring a succession of phase shifts of the current relative to a fixed reference and verifying that a cardinality of the measured phase shifts falling below a predetermined threshold increases over a predetermined time period.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.

Method for modulating a carrier light wave

Method for modulating a carrier light wave to achieve, a modulated light wave which carries information by symbols selected from a set of at least two different symbols. The light led through each path is phase-shifted by a respective total variable part phase shift, which for each path is the sum of at least three respective variable part phase shifts.
Finisar Sweden Ab

Method for modulating a carrier light wave

The fourth variable modulating phase shift equals the sum of the negative of the second pair phase shift and the negative of the common phase shift.. .

Video alignment system

A video alignment system is described in which the location of a modulated spot in a video scene is estimated with correlation techniques including tracking multiple camera phase shift candidates and normalizing correlation sums with a voting system.. .
Trimble Navigation Limited

Inverter with power cell of dual structure

The present disclosure relates to an inverter with power cell of dual structure for use in high input voltage by changing a conventional 6-level cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter to thereby reduce product development cost, manufacturing cost and volume of the product, the inverter including a first smps (switching mode power supply) connected to a first power cell region, a second smps connected to a second power cell region and a controller connecting the first and second smpss, where each phase is formed by serially connecting a plurality of power cells formed with a plurality of stages operated by receiving a power supplied from a phase shift transformer, and each of the plurality of power cells is mutually connected, and includes the first power cell region and the second power cell region independently operating.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Mobile wireless communications device with split antenna feed network and related methods

A device may include a housing, a wireless transceiver carried by the housing, and an antenna element carried by the housing and having first and second feeds, and a split antenna feed network carried by the housing and providing a phase shift between the first and second feeds. The split antenna feed network may include a first capacitor having a first terminal coupled to the first feed and a second terminal coupled to the wireless transceiver, a second capacitor having a first terminal coupled to the second feed and a second terminal, a first inductor having a first terminal coupled to the second terminal of the first capacitor and a second terminal coupled to the second terminal of the second capacitor, and a second inductor having a first terminal coupled to the second terminal of the second capacitor and a second terminal coupled to a voltage reference..
Blackberry Limited

Radar apparatus

A radar transmitter txs (s=1) generates a baseband transmission signal by modulating a first code sequence having a prescribed code length on the basis of a first transmission timing signal and gives a first transmission phase shift corresponding to each transmission cycle to the transmission signal. A radar receiver txs (s=2) generates a baseband transmission signal by modulating a second code sequence having the prescribed code length on the basis of a second transmission timing signal and gives, to the transmission signal, a second transmission phase shift that correspond to each transmission cycle and opposite to the first transmission phase..
Panasonic Corporation

Wideband amplifier

A doherty amplifier is disclosed, being adapted to receive an rf input signal and to output an rf output signal and comprising a main amplifier and a peak amplifier, each comprising: a first amplifier (t1, t1′) and a second amplifier (t2, t2′), each amplifier having a respective input terminal and a respective output terminal, the first amplifier and the second amplifier being adapted to amplify a respective input signal derived from the rf input signal and received at the respective input terminal and to deliver a first output signal and a second output signal, respectively; a first phase shifter (14, 14′) and a second phase shifter (15, 15′) coupled to the output terminal of the first amplifier and to the output terminal of the second amplifier, respectively; a third phase shifter (16, 16′); and a fourth phase shifter (17, 17′); wherein the doherty amplifier further comprises a first combining node (a) and a second combining node (b) and, wherein each third phase shifter is coupled between the respective first phase shifter and the first combining node; each fourth phase shifter is coupled between the respective second phase shifter and the second combining node, and the third phase shifter of each of the main amplifier and the peak amplifier is adapted to be electrically coupled to the respective fourth phase shifter the output rf signal being obtained from a signal obtained in the first combining node and a signal obtained in the second combining node. An associated pcb is also disclosed..
Nxp B.v.

Local specific absorption rate reduction

The embodiments relate to a method, a mri device, and a circuit for an imaging magnetic resonance imaging device that includes at least one transmission coil for transmitting a magnetic field, where the circuit includes a hybrid coupler and at least one phase shifter that may be or are arranged in the transmission path between an amplifier and at least one transmission coil of the magnetic resonance imaging device.. .

Wireless power transmitters with wide input voltage range and methods of their operation

The embodiments described herein provide a power transmitter for wireless charging of an electronic device and methods of its operation. The power transmitter uses an inverter configured to generate a square wave from a potentially wide ranging dc input voltage.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Fractional scaling digital filters and the generation of standardized noise and synthetic data series

Generation of standardized noise signals that provide mathematically correct noise with no errors and no loss of data, and can generate the noise of specific environments based on the transfer function of that environment are discussed. Various embodiments can generate synthetic data sets based on natural data sets that have similar scaling behavior.
Wright State University

Oversampling in a combined transposer filterbank

The present invention relates to coding of audio signals, and in particular to high frequency reconstruction methods including a frequency domain harmonic transposer. A system and method for generating a high frequency component of a signal from a low frequency component of the signal is described.
Dolby International Ab

Phase contrast imaging using patterned illumination/detector and phase mask

A modified phase shifting mask is used to improve performance over traditional zernike phase contrast imaging. The configurations can lead to an improved imaging methodology potentially with reduced artifacts and more than one order of magnitude gain in photon efficiency, in some examples.
Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.

Distributive source coding and signal processing

Signal processing, data encoding and/or decoding techniques are applied in a dictionary system. A dictionary is generated as a function of time shift and phase shift distortion.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

Method and multi phase shift power converter control

A method and apparatus for multi phase shift control of a power converter. In one embodiment, the method comprises controlling a phase shift between a left leg and a right leg of a first bridge of the power converter during operation of the power converter; and controlling a phase shift between the first bridge and a second bridge of the power converter during the operation of the power converter, wherein the phase shift between the left and the right legs and the phase shift between the first and the second bridges are controlled based on an input voltage of the power converter and a required output voltage of the power converter..
Enphase Energy, Inc.

Tunable optofluidic apparatus, method, and applications

Embodiments include optofluidic apparatus that may be used to detect and manipulate nanoparticles or biomolecules within a fluid. To achieve that result, the embodiments use a fluidic channel located over a substrate.
Cornell University

Ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier circuit with low power consumption

An ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier circuit with low power consumption includes a cascode amplifier circuit module and an output combining circuit module. The cascode amplifier circuit module receives an input signal, and outputs a first output signal and a second output signal.
National Chi Nan University

Electro-optic silicon modulator with capacitive loading in both slots of coplanar waveguides

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a high-speed silicon modulator without the microwave mode conversion and provide 50-ohm impedance matching to drivers simultaneously. In one aspect, a device may include an input waveguide region, an optic splitter, two optic phase shifters, an optic splitter, and an output waveguide.
Sifotonics Technologies Co., Ltd.

Clock data recovery circuit

Systems and methods for stabilizing clock data recovery (cdr) by filtering the abrupt phase shift associated with data pattern transition in the input signal. The cdr circuit includes a data pattern detector coupled to a data pattern filter.
Nvidia Corporation

Three-dimensional imaging and display system

A three-dimensional imaging and display system is provided in which input is optically detected in an imaging volume by measuring the path length of an amplitude modulated scanning beam as a function of the phase shift thereof. Visual image feedback concerning the detected input is presented..
Apple Inc.

Method for determining phase angle in phase shift transformer for medium voltage inverter

A method for determining phase angle in phase shift transformer for medium voltage inverter is disclosed, the method including selecting an arbitrary phase shift angle and phase angle relative to a unit power cell of the first stage, determining a phase angle displacement in consideration of the phase shift angle and the number of unit power cells connected to each phase of a motor, determining a phase angle of the unit power cell at the second stage using a phase angle of the unit power cell at the first stage, and adjusting a phase angle when the determined phase angle of the unit power cell at the second stage exceeds a predetermined phase angle.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Method for operating a forced-induction internal combustion engine with variable compression

In a method for operating a forced-induction internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with variable compression, provision is made that the variable compression is pilot-controlled in such a way that a selected compression is established as a function of combustion efficiency and of the mechanical stress on components of the internal combustion engine, such that elevated compression is provided in the naturally aspirated range and/or decreased compression is provided in the forced-induction range. The variable compression is generated by phase shifting of a camshaft of the internal combustion engine, or by cam switching by way of a variable valve train..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Transmitter, receiver, and controlling methods thereof

A transmitter and receiver of a broadcast signal and corresponding methods are provided. The transmitter includes: a preamble symbol inserter configured to insert a preamble symbol including a synchronization part and an information part into a frame; and a transmitting unit configured to transmit the frame including the preamble symbol.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Calibration of quadrature imbalance via loopback phase shifts

Apparatuses, systems, and methods for calibration of quadrature imbalance in direct conversion transceivers are contemplated. A transceiver controller may perform a self-calibration to address quadrature imbalance.

Beam forming and steering using lte diversity antenna

An antenna system, which is coupled to one or more first transceivers for processing signals according to one or more protocols, respectively, and to a second transceiver for performing a function in conjunction with at least one of the one or more protocols, is provided. The antenna system includes a first antenna, a second antenna, a circuit coupled to the first and second antennas, and a controller configured to control the circuit for enabling beam forming and beam steering or for enabling the function in conjunction with the at least one of the one or more protocols.
Ethertronics, Inc.

Phase shifter and shifting phase of signal

Provided is a phase shifter for shifting a phase of a signal the phase shifter including an input unit to split an input signal into a plurality of signals having different phases, a connection unit to change at least one of magnitudes and phases of the plurality of signals, apply the changed plurality of signals to a plurality of loads, and receive a plurality of return signals generated when the applied signals are returned by the plurality of loads, and an output unit to generate an output signal having a predetermined phase difference from the input signal based on the return signals.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Apparatus and at-bit resistivity measurements

An apparatus for making resistivity measurements near a drill bit includes a tool body, a transmitter deployed on the tool body, a receiver deployed on the tool body and at an axial distance from the transmitter, and a transmitting signal coupler coupled to the transmitter antenna and the receiver. The transmitter generates electrical signals and converts the electrical signals into electromagnetic signals to be transmitted.

Non-invasive radio frequency liquid level and volume detection system and method using phase shift

A medical fluid system includes a container holding a fluid at a level; and a radio frequency level sensor operably connected to the container and including an emitting electrode and a receiving electrode, the electrodes operating as a transmission line having an electrical impedance that varies with the level or volume of the fluid in the container, the level sensor configured to measure a phase shift of the transmission line, the phase shift indicative of the level or volume of the fluid in the container.. .
Baxter Healthcare Sa

Preserving phase shift in spatial filtering

For preserving phase shift in spatial filtering is disclosed, an electronic device includes a microphone array. A filtering module spatially filters a plurality of received audio signals from the microphone array to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in one or more corresponding output audio signals.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

Surrounded antenna having a phase shifter therein

A surrounded antenna includes a radiation patch comprising a closed slot and a surface current path of a predetermined width surrounding the closed slot; a phase shifter comprising at least one short-circuit path (short stub) segment and at least one open path (open stub) segment, each short-circuit path (short stub) segment being connected between two internal contacts of the surface current path, each open path (open stub) segment comprising opposing connection end and open end, the connection end being to the surface current path; a grounded patch spaced apart from the radiation patch at a predetermined distance; and a feeding point located at one short-circuit path (short stub) segment and connected to the grounded patch through at least one hole. Thus, the phase shifter can offset the phase between surface current paths, achieving in-phase radio signal strength enhancement..
Shun-fu Technology Corp.

Devices for providing phase adjustments in multi-element antenna arrays and related methods

Multiple phase shifting elements which include electrically conductive, slidable tuning members may be placed on a single circuit board. The elements may be used to adjust the phase of signals propagating through a multi-element antenna array..
Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

Amplitude modulation to phase modulation (ampm) distortion compensation

To generate amplitude modulation to phase modulation (ampm) predistortion data that compensates for phase distortion in a power amplifier of a communication device, a test signal is amplified via the power amplifier. The amplified test signal is combined, by wave superposition, with a reference oscillator signal into a resultant signal.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

Methods and devices for improving power amplifier efficiency

Devices and methods to reduce adjacent channel power of an amplifier are described. The adjacent channel power can be reduced by considering the third harmonic output from the amplifier, and minimizing such third harmonic amplitude by implementing a phase shifter feedback circuit to the amplifier.
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation

Electric machine

An electric machine, including a set of at least six windings, voltage supply devices capable of supplying an electrical phase, and a circuit for controlling the voltage supply devices controlling phase shifts between the phases supplied by the voltage supply devices, each voltage supply device supplying a phase at the end common to two windings, the other end of the two windings being supplied by one of the two voltage supply devices supplying a phase of which the phase shift with the phase supplied by the voltage supply device is one of the two lowest, in terms of absolute value, among the phase shifts supplied by the voltage supply devices and the phase supplied by the voltage supply device.. .
Ge Energy Power Conversion Technology Ltd

Secondary pulse tubes and regenerators for coupling to room temperature phase shifters in multistage pulse tube cryocoolers

Pulse tube refrigeration or cooling systems are described which utilize a secondary regenerator or a secondary pulse tube. Use of such a secondary regenerator or pulse tube enables a commercially available pressure oscillator to be incorporated in the cooling system.
The National Institute Of Standards And Technology

Simulator for simulating the operation of a fiber optic gyroscope

A method includes simulating operation of a fiber optic gyroscope during a digital simulation. The simulation includes performing an iterative loop that includes simulating an intensity of light from a fiber coil of the fiber optic gyroscope and simulating operation of one or more control loops within the fiber optic gyroscope using the simulated intensity of the light.
Raytheon Company

Tunable dbr laser and a operating a tunable dbr laser

A tunable dbr laser including: an amplifier section, a part-reflecting optical output, a connection section connected to the amplifier section, and at least two wavelength-selective reflectors optically coupled to the amplifier section via the connection section. The connection section includes at least one mmi coupler and several waveguides, so that different optical paths lead from the amplifier section to the wavelength-selective reflectors and each of the different optical paths leads through the at least one mmi coupler and through one of the waveguides.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Resonant power converters using impedance control networks and related techniques

An impedance control resonant power converter (converter) operated at a fixed switching frequency includes an impedance control network (icn) coupled between two or more inverters operated at a fixed duty ratio with a phase shift between them and one or more rectifiers. The phase shift is used to control output power or compensate for variations in input or output voltage.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Capacitive sensing apparatus and methods

One or more waveform generators impose an input waveform across touch sensor components. phase shift detection logic measures a phase shift between the input waveform and an output waveform component associated with each waveform generator appearing across a touch sensor component.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Aperiodic phased array antenna with single bit phase shifters

An antenna array can include multiple radiating cells, each comprising a radiating element and a phase shifter. Further, each radiating element can comprise a first radiating element port and a second radiating element port.
Viasat, Inc.

Methods and systems for using a differential light drive in a physiological monitor

A physiological monitoring system may use a differential light drive to illuminate one or more light sources. A differential light drive may include applying two signals, one to each terminal of a light emitting diode or other light source, such that the illumination of the light source is controlled by the difference between the two light drive signals.
Covidien Lp

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