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Phase Shift patents

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Phase-modulated load apparatus and method

Futurewei Technologies

Phase-modulated load apparatus and method

A reconfigurable antenna system

Adant Technologies

A reconfigurable antenna system

A reconfigurable antenna system

Brilliant Points

System and method for digital signaling and digital storage

Date/App# patent app List of recent Phase Shift-related patents
 Automatic calibration of processing delay of radio equipment patent thumbnailAutomatic calibration of processing delay of radio equipment
A method and system for measuring end-to-end processing delay of the re between an input interface and a transmit port in the downlink direction and a receive port and an output interface on the uplink direction is disclosed. The method and system if for use in a radio equipment node (re) connected to a radio equipment control node (rec).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Phase-modulated load apparatus and method patent thumbnailPhase-modulated load apparatus and method
Methods and apparatus are provided to improve the efficiency of an outphasing amplifier through modulating the phase angle of a reflected signal in the outphasing amplifier. An outphasing amplifier includes a first amplifier and a second amplifier.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 A reconfigurable antenna system patent thumbnailA reconfigurable antenna system
The invention relates to a reconfigurable antenna system (1), which comprises a plurality of antenna units (10) and does not employ phase shifters. Each antenna unit (10) is by itself a reconfigurable antenna having at least an active radiating element which is coupled to one or more passive radiating elements.
Adant Technologies, Inc.

 System and  digital signaling and digital storage patent thumbnailSystem and digital signaling and digital storage
Systems and methods for storing and/or communicating digital data associated with amplitudes and phases of a virtual periodic waveform having a designated period between components include, in one embodiment, circuitry that converts a first amplitude and a first phase to a first corresponding voltage or current and applies the first corresponding voltage or current to a first one of the plurality of components, such as conductors connecting integrated circuit chips or capacitors of a dram device, and converts the first amplitude and the first phase to (n−1) corresponding voltages or currents based on amplitudes of the periodic waveform phase shifted by about m*(360/n) relative to the first phase where m is indexed from one to (n−1) and applies each corresponding voltage or current to an associated component. Decoding is performed by comparing magnitudes of the component signals relative to one another rather that to a plurality of thresholds..
Brilliant Points, Inc.

 Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent thumbnailLithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
A lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method makes use of a liquid confined in a reservoir between the projection system and the substrate. Bubbles forming in the liquid from dissolved atmospheric gases or from out-gassing from apparatus elements exposed to the liquid are detected and/or removed so that they do not interfere with exposure and lead to printing defects on the substrate.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

 Power meter with current and phase sensor patent thumbnailPower meter with current and phase sensor
According to one aspect, embodiments of the invention provide a power meter comprising a voltage sensor, at least one current and phase sensor circuit, and a central metering unit, wherein the voltage sensor is further configured to measure a voltage on an input line and transmit a signal related to the voltage to the central metering unit, wherein the at least one current and phase sensor circuit is further configured to measure a current and a voltage phase shift of a feeder line, and to transmit a signal related to at least one of the current of the feeder line and the voltage phase shift of the feeder line to the central metering unit, and wherein the central metering unit is configured to calculate power provided to a load via the feeder line based on the signal transmitted from the at least one current and phase sensor circuit.. .
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

 Downhole telemetry signal modulation using pressure pulses of multiple pulse heights patent thumbnailDownhole telemetry signal modulation using pressure pulses of multiple pulse heights
A method for modulating a downhole telemetry signal uses a fluid pressure pulse generator that generates pressure pulses of multiple pulse heights in a drilling fluid. The method comprises: converting measurement data into a bitstream comprising symbols of a selected symbol set; encoding the bitstream into a pressure pulse telemetry signal using a modulation technique that includes amplitude shift keying, wherein each symbol of the selected symbol set is assigned a pressure pulse having a unique amplitude; and generating pressure pulses in the drilling fluid corresponding to the telemetry signal.
Evolution Engineering Inc.

 Method, device and computer program for transmitting data to at least one receiver, and method, device and computer program for receiving data transmitted by a source patent thumbnailMethod, device and computer program for transmitting data to at least one receiver, and method, device and computer program for receiving data transmitted by a source
The present invention concerns a method for transmitting data to at least one receiver, data being decomposed in a first and a second streams. The method comprises the steps of: —identifying, from a first number of bits of the first stream, a cluster of constellation points among clusters of constellation points of an amplitude phase shift keying constellation, each cluster of constellation points being comprised in a respective circle sector of a first type, each circle sector of the first type being spaced from another circle sector of the first type by a circle sector of a second type, all circle sectors having the same central point, —identifying, from a second number of bits of the second stream, one constellation point out of the constellation points comprised in the identified cluster, —mapping the bits used for identifying to the identified constellation point of the identified cluster of constellation points, in order to form a symbol to be transmitted, —transmitting the symbol to the at least one receiver..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Apparatus and methods for digital step attenuators with low phase shift patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for digital step attenuators with low phase shift
Apparatus and methods for digital step attenuators are provided herein. In certain configurations, a digital step attenuator (dsa) includes a plurality of dsa stages arranged in a cascade between an input terminal and an output terminal.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Synchronous rectifier design for wireless power receiver patent thumbnailSynchronous rectifier design for wireless power receiver
Synchronous rectifier circuit topologies for a wireless power receiver receiving a supply of power from a wireless transmitter are disclosed. The synchronous rectifier circuit topologies include a half-bridge diode-fet transistor rectifier for rectifying the wireless power into power including a dc waveform, using a control scheme that may be provided by a delay-locked loop clock, or phase shifters, or wavelength links to control conduction of fet transistors in the synchronous rectifier circuit topology, and maintaining a constant switching frequency to have the diodes, coupled to fet transistors, to allow current to flow through each one respectively at the appropriate timing, focusing on high conduction times.
Energous Corporation


Electrically controllable radio-frequency circuit element having an electrochromic material

We disclose an electrically controllable rf-circuit element that includes an electrochromic material. In an example embodiment, the electrically controllable rf-circuit element is configured to operate as a phase shifter whose phase-shifting characteristics can be changed using a dc-bias voltage applied to a multilayered structure containing a layer of the electrochromic material..


Formation of a thermopile sensor utilizing cmos fabrication techniques

Techniques are described to form an absorption stack proximate to a thermopile sensor. In one or more implementations, a thermopile sensor is formed proximate to a semiconductor wafer.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Liquid-crystalline media, components for high-frequency technology, and mesogenic compounds

In which the parameters have the respective meanings given in the claims or in the text, and to the corresponding, novel mesogenic compounds and to the preparation thereof. The present invention likewise relates to the use of these liquid-crystal media, in particular in components for high-frequency technology, and to components of this type which contain media according to the invention, and to the production and use of these components.


Antenna array with integrated filters

An exemplary antenna system has first and second antenna elements, where a diplexer is connected to each second element. First phase shifters are connected to the first elements and to the diplexers, and second phase shifters are connected to the diplexers, but not to the first elements.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Travelling wave antenna feed structures

Techniques for implementing series-fed antenna arrays with a variable dielectric waveguide. In one implementation, coupling elements with optional controlled phase shifters are placed adjacent each radiating element of the array.
Ami Research & Development, Llc


Mask and fabricating spacers

A mask and a method of fabricating spacers (2) using the mask (1). The mask (1) comprises a light transmitting region including an array of light transmitting holes (230), a light non-transmitting region and a phase shifting layer (240) formed in one of two adjacent light transmitting holes (230) of the mask for shifting phrase of lights passing through the light transmitting holes (230).
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Centripetal phase shift isolation control system, in an oscillation configuration of transposition, deflection, dampen, dissipation, and isolation of a stochastic vector

The protected mass (pm) of a vehicle collision event, is signaled for deceleration, by oscillation cycling, or a single transposition and/or ddd of the pm, in isolation of an unprotected mass (upm).. .


Carrier phase and amplitude estimation for phase shift keying using pilots and data

A least squares estimator of carrier phase and amplitude in a receiver in a communication system using a phase shift keying modulation scheme that uses both known pilot symbols and unknown data symbols is described. That is, the method exploits knowledge of pilot symbols in addition to the unknown data symbols to estimate carrier phase and amplitude.
University Of South Australia


Compact radiofrequency power meter

A compact and versatile power meter is created through the use of a discrete component network providing for phased splitting and combining of signals obtained at taps along a transmission conduit having a predefined phase separation. The use of the discrete component network eliminates the need for bulky waveguides or microstrip antenna designs, the latter providing phase shift through their physical dimensions..
Radom Corporation


Power converter

A power inverter device includes an inverter that converts a direct-current (dc) power to an alternating-current (ac) power having an output ac voltage, and a capacitor circuit electrically connected to the inverter. The capacitor circuit is operable to start supplying a capacitor voltage to the inverter at a time point when a predetermined waiting time lapses from a zero cross point of the output ac voltage at a starting up of the inverter circuit, wherein the capacitor voltage has a phase shifted by π/4 radian from the output ac voltage.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Inverter device

An inverter device includes a three-phase inverter, which has switching elements, and a controller, which is programmed to perform two-phase modulation control on switching of the switching elements between an on state and an off state. The controller computes the power factor of a load.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


Sit on top circuit board ferrite phase shifter

Systems and methods for sit on top circuit board ferrite phase shifters are provided. In at least one embodiment, the system comprises a waveguide ferrite phase shifter configured to propagate electromagnetic energy longitudinally between the ends of the waveguide ferrite phase shifter, a stripline circuit board that includes a conductive trace, and one or more conductive pins configured to couple electromagnetic energy between the conductive trace and an end of the waveguide ferrite phase shifter.
Honeywell International Inc.


System and a computer implemented retirement plan

A system and method for a computer implemented retirement plan directing inputs to defined benefit and defined contribution components whereby an employee or beneficiary is provided a single income stream, wherein comprising time phase shifted or stacked payout of the defined contribution balance from retirement to a predefined date, followed by payments by the defined benefit component from the predefined date until the death of the employee or beneficiary.. .


Arrayed waveguide grating multiplexer-demultiplexer and related control method

An arrayed waveguide grating multiplexer/demultiplexer includes an array of optical waveguides ordered in sequence from a shortest waveguide up to a longest waveguide, and identical phase shifters configured to be controlled by a same control signal. Each phase shifter increases/decreases an optical path of an optical waveguide by the same quantity based on the control signal..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Ultra-thin, planar, plasmonic metadevices

An ultra-thin planar device is used for arbitrary waveform formation on a micrometer scale, regardless of the incident light's polarization. Patterned perforations are made in a 30 nm-thick metal film, creating discrete phase shifts and forming a desired wavefront of cross-polarized, scattered light.
Purdue Research Foundation


Torsional vibration damping arrangement for said powertrain of a vehicle

A torsional vibration damping arrangement (10) for the drivetrain of a vehicle comprises an input region (50) to be driven in rotation around an axis of rotation a and an output region (55), and a first torque transmission path (47) and parallel thereto a second torque transmission path (48) which proceed from the input region, and a coupling arrangement (41) for superposing the torques guided via the two torque transmission paths, which coupling arrangement (41) communicates with the output region, and a phase shifter arrangement (43) for the first torque transmission path for generating a phase shift of rotational irregularities guided via the first torque transmission path relative to rotational irregularities guided via the second torque transmission path. The phase shifter arrangement comprises at least one spring set (40) with a curved spring (90)..
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Measuring apparatus and measuring method

Provided is a phase shift amount measuring apparatus and method capable of measuring a phase shift amount and a transmittance of a phase shift mask in one measurement step by using a miniaturized monitor pattern. The phase shift amount and transmittance of the monitor pattern are simultaneously measured using a shearing interferometer.
Lasertec Corporation


Dynamic polarization modulation and control

A method for sending a data from an electromagnetic radiator by polarization modulation of an electromagnetic wave includes radiating from the radiator first and second electromagnetic waves including first and second polarizations respectively, the first polarization being different than the second polarization. The first and second electromagnetic waves form a third electromagnetic wave having a third polarization different from the first or second polarization.
California Institute Of Technology


Method and correcting errors in a multiple subcarriers communication system using multiple antennas

A method for correcting errors in a multiple antenna system based on a plurality of sub-carriers and a transmitting/receiving apparatus supporting the same are disclosed. The method includes determining a phase shift based precoding matrix phase shifted at a predetermined phase angle, initially transmitting each sub-carrier symbol to a receiver in a packet unit by using the phase shift based precoding matrix, reconstructing the phase shift based precoding matrix to reduce a spatial multiplexing rate if a negative reception acknowledgement (nack) is received from the receiver, and retransmitting the initially transmitted sub-carrier symbol by using the reconstructed phase shift based precoding matrix or by changing the phase shift based precoding matrix using offset information fed back from the receiver or random offset information..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Reconfigurable single and multi-sector cell site system

A telecommunications system is provided that is controllably operable as a sectorized antenna system and as an omnidirectional antenna system without requiring hardware reconfiguration. The telecommunications system includes a phase correlation measurement unit that can be between a sectorized antenna sub-system and a remotely located rf source site.
Andrew Wireless Systems Gmbh


Uwb receiver with time drift correction

A uwb receiver with time drift correction. After a frequency translation by a quadrature demodulator, a pulsed uwb signal received is integrated on successive time windows, and then sampled.
Be Spoon


Optical feed network for phased array antennas

An optical feed network for a phased-array antenna may comprise a phase-based feed network that may include electro-optical phase shifting.. .
Phase Sensitive Innovations, Inc


Charge pump regulator circuit

A charge pump regulator circuit includes an oscillator and one or more charge pumps. One or more oscillating signals are generated by the oscillator.
Silanna Semiconductor U.s.a., Inc.


Method and the synthesis of electromagnetic radiation

The invention relates to a method for the synthesis of electromagnetic radiation, wherein electromagnetic radiation having a spectrum comprising two or more spectral components is generated and phase setting of the electromagnetic radiation is performed. The invention proposes that the phase setting comprises phase shifting of the spectral components of the electromagnetic radiation, wherein the relative phase relationship of the spectral components is predeterminable.
Toptica Photonics Ag


Reconfigurable branch line coupler

A reconfigurable branch line coupler and methods of designing and reconfiguring the branch line coupler are disclosed. The reconfigurable branch line coupler includes a plurality of transmission lines, each of which comprises a phase shifter.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and device for processing 2d graphics

A method of processing 2d graphics comprising generating a perspective projection of a 2d graphics by scaling the 2d graphics with a variable ratio, wherein scaling the 2d graphics with the variable ratio comprises interpolating the graphics with a filter, such that a point xp in the perspective projection is generated from a point x0 in the 2d graphics with a following equation x0=1/r(j)*xp+ph(j), wherein j represents a line index of the point x0, 1/r(j) represents a scaling factor of a length in the 2d graphics versus a length in the perspective projection, and ph(j) represents a phase shift.. .
Montage Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for communicating another device

A semiconductor chip comprising: an internal clock circuit for generating an internal clock signal; a first phase shift device for shifting the phase of an external clock signal and outputting a phase shifting clock signal; a multiplexer, for selectively outputting one of the internal clock signal and the phase shifting clock signal to be a first clock signal; a second phase shift device, for shifting the phase of the first clock signal and outputting a second clock signal; an first output pad, for outputting the first clock signal; and a controllable pad. The controllable pad is controlled to selectively act as an input pad for receiving the external signal and transmitting the external clock signal to the first phase shift device, or act as a second output pad for transmitting the second clock signal..
Mediatek Inc.


Device for controlling the phase of an optical wavefront

According to one aspect, the invention relates to a device (20, 50) for controlling the phase of an incident optical wavefront of wavelength comprised in a spectral band of given use, comprising a substrate (21) that is at least partially transparent in said spectral band and a set of strips (22i, 23i, 24i) arranged substantially perpendicularly to the surface of the substrate, characterised in that: said set of strips comprises an alternation of juxtaposed strips respectively made of a metal (22i), of a first dielectric (23i) and of at least one second dielectric (24i) different from the first dielectric, such as to form juxtaposed metal/multi dielectric/metal (mmultidm) structures (si) of subwavelength widths (wi), each structure forming a cavity having one or more propagation modes—the respective thicknesses of the strips made of the first dielectric and of the second dielectric(s) are adjusted in each of said mmultidm structures to induce a local shift (ΔΦi) in the phase of the wavefront, the local phase shift being dependent on the effective index of the mode(s) able to propagate in said cavity.. .
Office National D'etudes Et De Recherches Aérospatiales-onera


Multislice acquisition with incoherent aliasing

A method for producing images of a subject with a mri system is provided. A radio frequency (rf) excitation field in combination with a slice-select magnetic gradient field along a slice-select direction is provided.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Radar level gauge

Control and measuring of liquid and free-flowing substances levels in reservoirs is described. A radar level gauge is equipped with a level sensor, a detection pattern control unit of the microstrip antenna, an interface converter and a control device.


Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes a plurality of indoor units each located inside a building and at a position that enables the indoor unit to condition air, and a relay unit installed in a space not to be air-conditioned inside the building. The relay unit and each indoor unit are connected to each other via a first heat medium pipe in which a first heat medium such as water or brine flows.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Methods and apparatuses to attenuate acoustic waves

Apparatuses and methods to attenuate acoustic waves are provided. The method may include shifting the phases of a plurality of portions of the acoustic waves and merging the portions of the acoustic waves after phase shifting.
Trane International Inc.


Pump mechanism

A pump mechanism includes a crankshaft defining a crankshaft longitudinal axis therethrough; three cylinders arranged around the crankshaft, each of the three cylinders defining a cylinder longitudinal axis therethrough, each cylinder longitudinal axis extending away from the crankshaft in a substantially radial direction, adjacent cylinder longitudinal axes enclosing predetermined angles (wz) about the crankshaft longitudinal axis; and a piston corresponding to each of the three cylinders. Each crank has a predetermined angular offset (wk) relative to an adjacent crank, and the predetermined angular offset (wk) is selected in accordance with the predetermined angles (wz), in such a way that phase shifts between each piston and a sequentially actuated piston during a rotation of the crankshaft are equally large.
Bran+luebbe Gmbh


Pressure sensing electric toothbrush

The toothbrush includes a sensor system for determining pressure on the teeth by a direct force measurement such as displacement, and a system for determining pressure on the teeth by a dynamic load measurement system, such as phase shift. These different pressure results are combined with peak-to-peak bristle motion values of hall effect output values and compared to a table to obtain a more accurate value of bristle pressure against the teeth and to raise, lower or maintain the trigger threshold of excessive pressure accordingly..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Amplification stage and wideband power amplifier

An amplification stage and a wideband power amplifier are provided. The amplification stage includes a stage input terminal, a stage output terminal, an amplifier, an input compensation network, and in output compensation network.


Logarithmic amplifier with universal demodulation capabilities

A logarithmic amplifier (lda) is described that includes an amplifier configured to oscillate a modulated input signal, a feedback establishing a 180 degree phase shift between the amplifier input and the output and maintaining oscillation of the input signal, a parallel resonant circuit connected to the amplifier output causing the amplifier to resonate at or around a center frequency, and a controller connected to the amplifier input cyclically terminating oscillation of the input signal each time a pre-determined threshold of current is detected, the controller including a low pass filter configured to generate a second output signal having a repetition frequency. The lda may be used for am with or without a pll and/or a superheterodyne.


Adaptive donor antenna

An adaptive donor antenna system including at least one antenna array being structured and disposed for generating a radio frequency beam pattern for receiving and repeating a data transmission signal; a sensor device that is structured and disposed for measuring the strength of the data transmission signal; a microcontroller in communication with the sensor device, and the microcontroller being structured and disposed for dynamically steering the radiation pattern of the at least one antenna array in the direction of the strongest data transmission signal as measured by the sensor device; and a phase shifter in communication with the at least one antenna array and the microcontroller, and the phase shifter being structured and disposed for adjusting the radio frequency beam pattern of the at least one antenna.. .


Phase shift mask and forming patterns using the same

A method of forming a pattern includes: preparing a target substrate including a photoresist layer on a base substrate; aligning a phase shift mask to the target substrate, the phase shift mask including a mask substrate comparted into a first region including a first sub region and second sub regions at sides of the first sub region, and second regions at sides of the first region, the phase shift mask including a phase shift layer on the mask substrate corresponding to the first region; fully exposing the photoresist layer at the first sub region and the second regions by utilizing the phase shift mask; and removing the photoresist layer at the first sub region and the second regions to form first and second photoresist patterns corresponding to the second sub regions. Transmittance of the phase shift layer is selected to fully expose the photoresist layer in the first sub region..


Modular antenna array with rf and baseband beamforming

Generally, this disclosure provides systems and methods for a modular antenna array using radio frequency (rf) and baseband (bb) beamforming. A system may include a plurality of antenna modules, each of the antenna modules further including an array of antenna elements coupled to an rf beamforming circuit, the rf beamforming circuit to adjust phase shifts associated with the antenna elements to generate an antenna beam associated with the antenna module; and a central beamforming module coupled to each of the antenna modules, the central beamforming module to control the antenna beam associated with each of the antenna modules and to generate signal adjustments relative to each of the antenna modules, wherein the arrays of antenna elements of the antenna modules combine to operate as a composite antenna beamforming array..


Wavelength-maintaining fabry-perot laser diode and optical transmitter including same

A wavelength tracking fabry-perot laser diode (f-p ld), and an optical transmitter including the same are disclosed, the wavelength keepable f-p ld including a gain section configured to provide and modulate a gain using an injected first current; and a phase shift/modulation section configured to vary wavelength relative to oscillation mode of light advanced from the gain section by injected second current or voltage and to modulate phases.. .


Array antenna

An array antenna includes radiating antenna elements arranged to form an antenna aperture, the radiating antenna elements including a first group and a second group of radiating antenna elements; a corporate feed network configured to feed the radiating antenna elements, wherein the corporate feed network includes a 4-port device including a sum port, a difference port, a first signal port and a second signal port, with the first signal port coupled via the corporate feed network to the first group of radiating elements and the second signal port coupled via the corporate feed network to the second group; a first phase shift element proximal to the antenna aperture to introduce a first predetermined phase shift to the first group of radiating antenna elements; and a second phase shift element proximal to the second signal port to introduce a second predetermined phase shift to the second group of radiating antenna elements.. .


Radio frequency signal path with substantially constant phase shift over wide frequency band

Circuitry for shifting a phase of a radio frequency (rf) signal. Mutually dissimilar and electrically coupled portions of an electromagnetic transmission line pattern on one side of a substrate interact with another electromagnetic transmission line pattern on the opposing substrate side to convey a rf signal with a phase shift that is determined by the rf signal frequency and respective dimensions of the electromagnetic transmission line patterns and is substantially constant over a wide bandwidth.


Non-recursive digital calibration for joint-elimination of transmitter and receiver i/q imbalances with minimized add-on hardware

A digital calibration circuit is used to provide joint-elimination of transmitter and receiver i/q imbalances. Digital i and q quadrature signals are received and converted to analog i and q quadrature signals on i and q for transmission on output channels.
University Of Macau


Reception of phase-shifted signal sequences in diversity reception

During transmission of a signal, a decoder receives a data symbol sequence and one or more copies of the data symbol sequence. The data symbol sequence and each of the copies have unknown noise, including unknown phase shifts.
Mitre Corporation


Analogue to digital conversion device

An a/d conversion device has an a/d conversion section including a/d conversion units. Each a/d conversion unit has a pulse delay circuit including delay units connected in daisy chain to form a ring delay line.
Denso Corporation


Phase shift circuit, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and moving object

A phase shift circuit includes a first capacitance circuit, a second capacitance circuit, an inductance circuit, and a third capacitance circuit having a first terminal electrically connected to one end (first terminal) of the inductance circuit, a second terminal electrically connected to the other end (second terminal) of the inductance circuit, and a third terminal, and one end (first terminal) of the first capacitance circuit, one end (first terminal) of the second capacitance circuit, the first terminal of the third capacitance circuit, and the one end (first terminal) of the inductance circuit are electrically connected to one another.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers

Embodiments of circuits for use with an amplifier that includes multiple amplifier paths include a first circuit and a second circuit in parallel with the first circuit. The first circuit includes a first input coupled to a first power divider output, a first output coupled to a first amplifier path of the multiple amplifier paths, and a first adjustable phase shifter and a first attenuator series coupled between the first input and the first output.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method for ascertaining a gradient correction value, and magnetic resonance system operable with the corrected gradient volume

In a method for ascertaining a gradient correction value for magnetic resonance (mr) examinations with an mr apparatus, a measurement slice is selected, with the center of the measurement slice being located outside of the isocenter of the mr scanner of the mr apparatus. A radio-frequency pulse is applied simultaneously with a slice gradient.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Alternating current field measurement system

An alternating current (a.c.) field measurement system and method are disclosed. The system comprises an arrangement 6 for inducing an a.c.
Technical Software Consultants Limited


Multi-axis integrated inertial sensing device

A system comprising an integrated multi-axis mems inertial sensor architecture. The system can include a mems gyroscope having a mems resonator and a mems accelerometer overlying a cmos ic substrate.
Mcube Inc.


Composite oxide material and exhaust gas purifying catalyst using the same

The object of the present invention is to provide an oxygen storage material used for an exhaust gas purifying catalyst that is superior in stability at high temperatures. The composite oxide material of the invention comprises crystalline particles of a ceria-zirconia composite oxide with a pyrochlore structure and crystals of a lanthana-zirconia composite oxide with a pyrochlore structure existing on the particle surface, in which the crystals of the lanthana-zirconia composite oxide is solidly dissolved in at least a part of the surface of the crystalline particles of ceria-zirconia composite oxide.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and audio processing

A method and apparatus for introducing a time-varying time delay or phase shift randomly into the individual reproduction channels of a sound recording, two in the case of binaural presentation. This emulates the temporal aspect of microphone and/or listener motion.


Phase modulation noise reducere

A phase modulation (pm) noise reducer to reduce phase modulation noise of an oscillator, the pm noise reducer including: an amplitude modulation (am) detector to receive a primary oscillator signal and to produce an am detector signal based on the primary oscillator signal, the primary oscillator signal including a first phase modulation (pm) noise; a control circuit in electrical communication with the am detector to receive the am detector signal and to produce a control signal; a phase shifter in electrical communication with the control circuit to receive the primary oscillator signal and the control signal and to produce a secondary oscillator signal based on the primary oscillator signal and the control signal, the secondary oscillator signal comprising a second pm noise, wherein the second pm noise is less than the first pm noise.. .
National Institute Of Standards And Technology


Variable load for reflection-type phase shifters

Methods and systems for phase shifting include a hybrid quadrature coupler having an input, an output, and two termination loads. Each termination load includes multiple terminations, each termination having a varactor; and one or more transmission lines separating the terminations.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and a system for a fast bus transfer in an electrical power system

A method for synchronizing and connecting a first sub power system with a second sub power system with an intelligent electronic device (ied) by use of at least one switching device between the first sub power system and the second sub power system in an electrical power system is provided. The ted monitors power supply parameters such as voltage magnitude, phase and other derived parameters such as voltage and phase differences in the first sub power system and the second sub power system to identify at least one instance for fast bus transfer where the two sub systems have acceptable differences in magnitude and phase.
Abb Technology Ltd


Blankmask and photomask using the same

A blankmask and a photomask using the same are provided. The blankmask can be useful in preventing the loss in thickness of lateral, top and bottom surfaces of a pattern of a light shielding film or a phase shifting film after the manufacture of the photomask by forming protective film, which has an etch selectivity with respect to a pattern of a hard film or the light shielding film, on the light shielding film or the phase shifting film so that the loss of the phase shifting film formed under the light shielding film or the phase shifting film can be prevented when a process of removing the light shielding film disposed under the hard film or a pattern of the light shielding film is performed during a washing process and a process of removing a pattern of the hard film in a method of manufacturing a photomask, thereby securing uniformity in thickness..
S&s Tech Co., Ltd


Device and controlling a module for heating a plurality of injectors

A method, and associated device, for controlling a module for heating a plurality of fuel injectors of an engine of a vehicle, the heating module including a plurality of electromagnetic induction elements each connected to an injector of the plurality of fuel injectors and being configured, when an electric excitation current passes through the electromagnetic induction elements, to heat the injector by induction, the method including a step of generating an electric supply current and a step of generating, from the electric supply current, a plurality of electric excitation currents phase shifted relative to one another and materialized by electric excitation current signals, each of the electric excitation currents intended to supply one of the electromagnetic induction elements. The method being notable in that the electric excitation current signals are phase shifted such that the sum of the absolute values of the amplitudes of the signals is constant..
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Compounds having a c-c triple bond and use thereof in liquid-crystal mixtures

Which have neutral dielectric anisotropy, to the use thereof for high-frequency components, to liquid-crystalline media comprising the compounds, and to high-frequency components, in particular antennae, especially for the giga- and terahertz region, comprising these media. The liquid-crystalline media serve, for example, for the phase shifting of microwaves for tuneable phased-array antennae..


Flattened dihedral-shaped device possessing an adapted (maximized or minimized) equivalent radar cross section

A dihedral shaped device is provided, which includes two plates forming between them an angle of [pi]−2[alpha], where 0<[alpha]<[pi]/4. Each plate has a ground plane, at least one dielectric layer and a network of radiating elements.
Cnrs - Centre Nationale De La Recherche Scientifique


Lithography-oriented photomask repair

Some embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a method for repairing a photomask pattern, comprising receiving a photomask with a first translucent material formed on a transparent substrate, which forms an incomplete version of the photomask pattern. Missing portions of the photomask pattern are detected by comparing the incomplete version of the photomask pattern to a complete version of the photomask pattern.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Torsional vibration damper and torsional vibration damping method

A torsional vibration damping arrangement has an input-side connection component, an output-side connection component, a first torque transmission path arranged between the input-side connection component and the output-side connection component, a second torque transmission path arranged parallel to the first torque transmission path between the input-side connection component and the output-side connection component ( ), a phase shifter arrangement and a torque adjusting arrangement ( ). The phase shifter arrangement is arranged in the first torque transmission path or second torque transmission path and is configured to generate a phase shift of rotational irregularities guided via the first torque transmission path relative to rotational irregularities guided via the second torque transmission path.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Systems and methods for adjustable aberration lens

Adjustable aberration lens for focusing a light wave in optical communication with the lens therethrough, the light wave having a plurality of frequency components including a lower frequency component and a higher frequency component, includes a metamaterial having a plurality of zones, each zone configured to shift a phase of the light wave by a phase shift amount, wherein a combined phase shift amount of the plurality of zones focuses the light wave such that the higher frequency component has a focal length greater than or equal to the lower frequency component. Methods for focusing a light wave are also provided..
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Method for performing memory interface control of an electronic device, and associated apparatus

A method for performing memory interface control of an electronic device and an associated apparatus are provided, where the method includes the steps of: when it is detected that a phase difference between a data signal and a clock signal reaches a predetermined value, controlling the clock signal to switch from a first frequency to a second frequency, wherein both of the clock signal and the data signal are signals of a memory interface circuit of the electronic device, and the memory interface circuit is arranged for controlling a random access memory (ram) of the electronic device; applying at least one phase shift to the data signal until a condition is satisfied; and controlling the clock signal to switch from the second frequency to the first frequency; wherein the memory interface circuit is calibrated with aid of the at least one phase shift.. .
Mediatek Inc.


Torsional vibration damping arrangement with power splitting

A torsional vibration damping arrangement for transmitting a rotation from an input side to an output side includes a first and second torque transmission path arranged between the input side and the output side. A coupling arrangement serves to superpose the first torque component and second torque component.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and printed matter

An image forming apparatus forms an image on a recording medium by discharging ink droplets onto the recording medium. The image forming apparatus includes a head having a nozzle orifice that discharges ink droplets onto the recording medium, a main-scanning controller that controls the movement of the head in a main-scanning direction, a main-scanning encoder that generates a position signal indicating the position of the head in the main-scanning direction at a certain interval, a timing generating unit that generates a timing signal with a phase shifted from the position signal, a signal output unit that outputs a recording signal of a waveform pattern corresponding to image data at a timing of the timing signal, and a head drive unit that discharges ink droplets from the nozzle orifice in accordance with the recording signal..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Tracking system with orthogonal polarizations and a retro-directive array

The disclosed embodiments relate to a retro-directive array that facilitates a tracking operation. This retro-directive array includes a first antenna configured to receive an input signal which is substantially circularly polarized from a tracking device.
Silicon Image, Inc.


Multiband antenna with variable electrical tilt

At least one output of the butler matrix is connected to a module enabling an independent electrical tilt for each frequency band, the module comprising (i) a first stage of diplexers that separates the signal into different frequency bands, (ii) a second stage of fixed delay lines that applies a given electrical delay to the signal in each frequency band, (iii) a third stage of variable phase shifters that introduce an adjusted phase shift of the signal into each frequency band, and (iv) a fourth stage of diplexers that combines the signals into the different frequency bands in order to transmit them to at least one radiating element.. .


Array antenna having mechanically-adjustable radiator elements

A tri-column antenna array architecture, containing a plurality of active radiating elements that are spatially arranged on a modified reflector structure is disclosed. Radiating elements disposed along (p1 and p2) outlying center lines are movable and provided with compensating radio frequency feed line phase shifters so as to provide broad range of beam width angle variation of the antenna array's azimuth radiation pattern..


Numerical control device having function of calculating frequency characteristic of control loop

A numerical control device wherein a sinusoidal signal generated by a sine wave generation part is input by a control loop excitation part to a control loop of the control object, the input signal input to the control loop and the output signal from the control object are sampled by the data acquisition part periodically, and the sampling data is used by the frequency characteristic calculation part to calculate the frequency characteristic of the control loop to control the control object, wherein the frequency characteristic calculation part uses data obtained by inputting a sinusoidal signal obtained by shifting an initial phase of the sinusoidal signal by a phase shift part provided at a sine wave generation part by exactly a certain amount to the control loop a plurality of times to calculate the frequency characteristic of the control loop to thereby improve the measurement precision regardless of the sampling frequency.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Mask manufacturing method, mask substrate, and charged beam drawing method

A manufacturing method of a phase shift mask in an embodiment includes: forming a metal layer on a substrate, the metal layer having a first region and a second region, the first region being configured to emit secondary electrons by irradiation with electrons, the second region being configured to emit secondary electrons higher in density than the first region, by the irradiation with electrons; patterning the metal layer to form a main pattern in the first region and an alignment mark in the second region; forming a resist layer on the patterned metal layer; and aligning the substrate using a secondary electron image of the alignment mark.. .
Nuflare Technology, Inc.


Switchgear for a single-phase motor and a three-phase motor

An embodiment relates to a switchgear for a single-phase motor and a three-phase motor, the switchgear including a processing unit and a first, second and third current path, the first and third current path each including a current transformer, the processing unit is adapted to detect the current i1. Of the first current path and the current i3 of the third current path.
Siemens Aktiengesallschaft


Method and pre-cursor intersymbol interference correction

A multi-stage system and method for correcting intersymbol interference is disclosed. The system includes a first estimation module configured to sample an input signal to produce a first set of estimated data bits.
Lsi Corporation


Device for transmitting and/or modulating optical signals with passive phase shifters

A device for transmitting and/or modulating in-phase and quadrature optical signals generated by an optical source. This device includes modulators each arranged for modulating intensity of optical signals depending on commands, and at least three main multi-mode interferometers set in series and arranged for transforming in combination a received optical signal with an initial phase state into a final optical signal with a final phase state differing from this initial phase state by an accumulated phase shift chosen from a group including 0, π/2, π and 3π/2 and depending from the intensity modulations carried out by the modulators..
Commissariat à L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives (“cea”)


Phase reference shift for sar images generated from sub-aperture algorithms

Embodiments are directed to generating a plurality of sub-images associated with a target via a synthetic aperture radar, processing, by a processor, the sub-images using a sub-aperture algorithm to generate an intermediate image, and applying, by the processor, a phase shift to the intermediate image to generate an output image.. .
Raytheon Company


Resonantly driven power toothbrush having a pressure-sensing capability using a hall effect sensor

The toothbrush includes a handle portion which includes a power drive system (14) and further includes a brushhead assembly (20), which includes a brushhead arm having a brush element (21) at a distal end thereof a drive train assembly (12) is responsive to a drive signal from the power assembly for converting the action of the power assembly to a motion of the brushhead assembly. A magnet (30) is secured to the rear of the drive train, with a hall effect sensor (32) mounted within the magnetic field produced by the magnet as the toothbrush moves in operation.
Koninklijke Philips N.v


Wireless communication apparatus

A wireless communication apparatus includes multiple antennas, a receiver for performing diversity reception using the antennas, a transmitter, a selector circuit connected to the antennas, a divider, and a phase shifter. The divider is located in a transmission line which connects the selector circuit to the transmitter and distributes a signal outputted from the transmitter among the antennas during transmission.
Denso Corporation


System and 400g signal generation and coherent detection

A novel digital signal processing scheme (dsp) for quadrature duobinary (qdb) spectrum shaped polarization multiplexed quadrature phase shift keying (pm-qpsk) based on multi-modulus blind equalizations (mmbe) is proposed and demonstrated with both simulation and experimental results. The key algorithms for this novel digital signal processing scheme include the cascaded multi-modulus algorithm (cmma) for blind polarization de-multiplexing, multi-modulus qpsk partitioning frequency offset estimation (foe) and two stage carrier phase recovery (cpr) with maximum likelihood phase estimation.
Zte Corporation


Broadcasting transmission apparatus and method thereof for simulcast broadcasting

Disclosed is a transmitter installed in a base station included in a wireless communication system for acquiring synchronization including: an ifft unit configured to perform ifft with respect to a qam signal into which a pilot signal is inserted to generate an ofdm signal; a direct sequence spectrum spread signal generator configured to phase shift keying (psk)-modulate a unique pseudonoise (pn) sequence specifying the base station to generate a direct sequence spectrum spread signal synchronized with the ofdm signal; and an rf transmitter configured to couple the generated ofdm signal and the direct sequence spectrum spread signal synchronized with the ofdm signal, transform the coupled signal into an rf signal, and transmit the signal transformed into the rf signal through an antenna.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Reflective array surface and reflective array antenna

The present invention provides a reflective array surface. The reflective array surface includes a functional board that is configured to perform beam modulation on an incident electromagnetic wave and a reflection layer that is disposed on one side of the functional board and is configured to reflect an electromagnetic wave, where the functional board includes two or more functional board units and the reflection layer includes reflection units, where the number of reflection units corresponds to the number of functional board units, where the functional board unit and a reflection unit corresponding to the functional board constitute a phase-shifting unit that is used for phase shifting.
Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.


Method and device for determining a relative alignment of two gps antennas in relation to one another

Relative gps antenna alignment uses a phase shifter electrically connected to a first gps antenna. A combiner is electrically connected to the phase shifter, the second gps antenna and to a gps receiver.
Kathrein-werke Kg


Shared aperture antenna array

A shared aperture antenna array including an array of antennas is disclosed. Elements of neighboring antennas are shared to create additional antennas.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Gas concentration sensor with a suspended structure

A concentration sensor for at least one given gas comprising at least one suspended structure (2) with respect to a support, said suspended structure (2) being of an electrically conductive material and said structure having a low heat response time, means for biasing said suspended element (2) and means (8) for measuring the variation of the electric voltage at the terminals of the suspended structure (2), the biasing means (6) being formed by an alternating current source the intensity of which heats the suspended structure (2) and the frequency of which gives rise to a phase shift between a signal of the biasing means and a signal measured by the measuring means, and means for determining a phase shift variation due to a gas concentration variation and means for determining the concentration variation of said gas from the phase variation.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Ene Alt


Drive circuit for a mems resonator

A drive loop circuit for a mems resonator. The circuit comprises a closed loop circuit to detect and amplify a signal of the mems resonator, a phase shifting circuit to phase shift the detected and amplified signal, and a feedback circuit to feed the detected, amplified and phase shifted signal as a feedback signal back to the mems resonator.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Phase Shift topics: Phase Shift, Modulation, Demodulation, Phase Offset, Objective Function, Carrier Frequency, Coordinates, Crystallin, Radio Communication, Base Station, Communications, Frequency Band, Euclidean Distance, Microscopy, Quantitative

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