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Phase Shift patents


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 Apparatus and methods for quantum key distribution patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for quantum key distribution
Systems, apparatus, and methods using an integrated photonic chip capable of operating at rates higher than a gigahertz for quantum key distribution are disclosed. The system includes two identical transmitter chips and one receiver chip.

 Wireless communication apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless communication apparatus and method
A wireless communication apparatus includes multiple antenna devices, a signal generator, a phase shifter, a phase controller, and a quadrature error corrector (phase error corrector and amplitude error corrector). The signal generating circuitry, in operation, generates an iq signal having an i signal and a q signal.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 System and  soft switching power inversion patent thumbnailnew patent System and soft switching power inversion
A power inversion system includes an input and output coupleable to a dc power and an ac load, respectively, and a power inverter including a plurality of phase legs each having two bridge legs coupled in parallel with at least two switch and antiparallel diode pairs coupled in series. The system also includes a plurality of inductors, with at least one inductor coupled between a midpoint of each bridge leg and an lcl filter, the inductors in each phase leg being magnetically coupled.
General Electric Company

 Antenna adjustment apparatus and remote electrical tilt antenna patent thumbnailnew patent Antenna adjustment apparatus and remote electrical tilt antenna
Embodiments of the present application provide an antenna adjustment apparatus. The antenna adjustment apparatus includes a first drive wheel, a first gear, a second drive wheel, a second gear, and multiple output gears.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Dual endpoint detection for advanced phase shift and binary photomasks patent thumbnailnew patent Dual endpoint detection for advanced phase shift and binary photomasks
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for etching a photomask substrate with enhanced process monitoring, for example, by providing for optical monitoring at certain regions of the photomask to obtain dual endpoints, e.g., etch rate or thickness loss of both a photoresist layer and an absorber layer. By monitoring transmissity of an optical beam transmitted through areas having photoresist layer and etched absorber layer at two different predetermined wavelength, dual process endpoints may be obtained by a signal optical detection..
Applied Materials, Inc.

 Control apparatus and control  spatial light modulator patent thumbnailnew patent Control apparatus and control spatial light modulator
A control apparatus includes a lens, an slm presenting a modulation pattern on a modulation plane and outputting modulated light l2 for forming light spots p1 and p2 on a pupil plane of the lens, an imaging device imaging a fringe pattern image formed on a focal plane of the lens and generating image data da indicating the fringe pattern image, a calculation unit calculating at least one kind of parameter among an intensity amplitude, a phase shift amount, and an intensity average from the image data da, an analysis unit obtaining a deviation in relative positions of an optical axis of the lens and a reference coordinate of the modulation plane based on the parameter, and a changing unit changing an origin position of the reference coordinate so that the deviation in the relative positions is decreased.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

 Density measuring device patent thumbnailnew patent Density measuring device
The density measuring device serves for measuring density, ρ, of a flowable medium and comprises a measuring device electronics (me) as well as a measuring transducer (mt) electrically connected therewith. The measuring transducer includes a measuring tube (10), an oscillation exciter (41) for exciting and maintaining oscillations and an oscillation sensor (51) for registering oscillations of the at least one measuring tube.
Endress + Hauser Flowtec Ag

 Bandwidth enhancement beamforming patent thumbnailBandwidth enhancement beamforming
A system and method for phased-array radar that is capable of accurate phase-only steering at any unambiguous angle is provided. In various embodiments, system and method that compensates for the varying effective element spacing of phased array radar, which occurs as a result of transmitting a wideband signal with phase shifters operating at a fixed phase, by interpolating and resampling across all elements, per frequency, to generate a desired effective spacing between the elements..
Src, Inc.

 Condenser microphone patent thumbnailCondenser microphone
A condenser microphone utilizes a pll circuit which includes a phase shift oscillator having an rc network that uses an electrostatic capacitance of the condenser microphone unit varying upon reception of a sound pressure and a resistance value of a variable resistance element; a phase detection unit that compares phases of a fixed frequency signal from a reference signal oscillator and an oscillation output signal from the phase shift oscillator and outputs a phase difference signal corresponding to a phase difference; a loop filter that extracts a control signal when receiving the phase difference signal from the phase detection unit; and a driver circuit that changes a resistance value of the variable resistance element provided in the phase shift oscillator based on the control signal obtained from the loop filter. The control signal obtained from the loop filter of the pll circuit is used as an audio output signal..
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

 Hierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and faster beam steering  operation patent thumbnailHierarchically elaborated phased-array antenna modules and faster beam steering operation
A system substantially updates all the phase shifter values of a phased array antenna by using two “global writes” to update these parameters to all phased-array transformation circuits simultaneously via a serial bus. Antenna elements, each controlled by a phased-array transformation circuit, are individually configured to transform phase and gain according to a register array.

Method and three-phase power line communications

Method and apparatus for generating a power line communication (plc) signal. In one embodiment, the method comprises generating a first modulation signal based on at least one data stream; modulating a first carrier signal by the first modulation signal to generate a first signal; generating a second signal by performing a phase shift based on the first signal; and coupling a balanced three-phase plc signal comprising the first signal, the second signal and a third signal to a three-phase power line..
Enphase Energy, Inc.

Optical phase shifter

An optical device includes first and second waveguide phase arms each having optically coupled parallel sections of waveguides, the parallel sections of each one of the waveguide phase arms being dissimilar to reduce crosstalk. The device further includes a tunable element for applying a phase shift to an optical signal traversing the first phase arm.
Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.

Low-complexity acpr-enhancing digital rf mimo transmitter

The present disclosure relates to a low-complexity transmitter architecture that drives phase modulators with digital signals to generate a pulse width modulated (pwm) signal that is transmitted by an antenna. In some embodiments, the system has a pre-processing element that generates first and second digital control signals from a digital baseband signal.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Method for controlling a full-bridge dc-dc converter

In order to enable a switching process with a zero-voltage sequence (zvs) in a full bridge dc/dc converter (1) with phase shift control without having to provide an additional inductor for this purpose, it is provided that a short-circuit is generated in the secondary-side output rectifier (5) in the transition phase from the active to the passive phase prior to switching to a passive phase of the full bridge (2), said short-cut increasing the primary current (ip) across the primary side of the transformer (t) by means of the resulting short-circuit current (ik) across the secondary side of the transformer.. .
Fronius International Gmbh

Multilevel boost dc to dc converter circuit

Described examples include dc to dc converters and systems with switching circuitry formed by four series-connected switches, inductors connected between the ends of the switching circuitry and corresponding output nodes, and with a flying capacitor coupled across interior switches of the switching circuitry and a second capacitor coupled across the ends of the switching circuitry. A control circuit operates the switching circuit to control a voltage signal across the output nodes using a first clock signal and a phase shifted second clock signal to reduce output ripple current and enhance converter efficiency using valley current control.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

Systems and methods for ferrite circulator phase shifters

Systems and methods for ferrite circulator phase shifters are provided. In one embodiment, a multi-bit phase shifter comprises: a first switching circulator having a first port coupled to a first short circuit of a first phase length; and a second switching circulator coupled in series with the first switching circulator, the second switching circulator having a second port coupled to a second short circuit of a second phase length, the second switching circulator configured to switch in the second short circuit when the first short circuit is switched out by the first switching circulator, and switch out the second short circuit when the first short circuit is switched in by the first switching circulator..
Honeywell International Inc.

Method for improving cd micro-loading in photomask plasma etching

Embodiments of the present invention provides methods to etching a mask layer, e.g., an absorber layer, disposed in a film stack for manufacturing a photomask in euv applications and phase shift and binary photomask applications. In one embodiment, a method of etching an absorber layer disposed on a photomask includes transferring a film stack into an etching chamber, the film stack having a chromium containing layer partially exposed through a patterned photoresist layer, providing an etching gas mixture including cl2, o2 and at least one hydrocarbon gas in to a processing chamber, wherein the cl2 and o2 is supplied at a cl2:o2 ratio greater than about 9, supplying a rf source power to form a plasma from the etching gas mixture, and etching the chromium containing layer through the patterned photoresist layer in the presence of the plasma..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Phase shift mask and fabricating the same

Provided is a phase shift mask including a substrate, a phase shift layer, and a shielding layer. The phase shift layer is located on the substrate.
Winbond Electronics Corp.

Systems and methods for time of flight measurement using a single exposure

A sensor array arrangement for a time of flight measurement system is disclosed. The arrangement includes a plurality of pixels and circuitry.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Method and t1e-sensitive inversion-recovery imaging for eproi

An apparatus and method for improved s/n measurements useful for electron paramagnetic resonance imaging in situ and in vivo, using high-isolation transmit/receive surface coils and temporally spaced pulses of rf energy (e.g., in some embodiments, a rf pi pulse) having an amplitude sufficient to rotate the magnetization by 180 degrees followed after varied delays, by a second rf pulse having an amplitude half that of the initial pulse to rotate the magnetization by, e.g., 90 degrees (a pi/2 pulse), to the plane orthogonal to the static field where it evolves for a short time. Then a third rf pi pulse sufficient to rotate the magnetization by, e.g., 180 degrees, forms an echo (in some embodiments, the second and third pulses are from the same signal as the first pulse but are phase shifted by 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees to reduce signal artifact), to image human body..

Transfer apparatus

A transfer apparatus comprising a first switch configured to generate a first timing pulse based on a reference clock, transmit first information related to the first timing pulse, a second switch configured to, generate a second timing pulse based on the reference clock, transmit second information related to the second timing pulse, a line interface configured to receive signal data and store the signal data in a memory, transfer the signal data based on the first timing pulse when the first information is received, and transfer the signal data based on the information when the first information is not received and the second information is received, detect a phase shift between the first timing pulse and the second timing pulse, transmit the phase shift to the second switch, wherein the second switch is configured to correct, based on the phase shift, a timing that the second timing pulse is generated.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Voltage-controlled ring oscillator with delay line

The invention relates to a multi-phase oscillator for generating multiple phase-shifted oscillator signals including: a ring oscillator having a number of concatenated oscillator delay cells which are interconnected to generate an oscillator signal, wherein phase-shifted oscillator signals are generated between the oscillator delay cells; a phase-blending unit configured to receive two phase-shifted oscillator signals and to generate a mid-phase oscillator signal whose phase shift is between the shifts of the two phase-shifted oscillator signals; and an interpolator delay line having a number of concatenated interpolator delay cells to generate further phase-shifted oscillator signals.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Multi-pulse transformer for use with an industrial machine

A multi-pulse transformer for an industrial machine, the multi-pulse transformer including a primary winding and a plurality of secondary windings. The primary winding coupled to a power source, the power source operable to generate a primary voltage.
Harnischfeger Technologies, Inc.

Interference mitigation in a capacitive sensing device

In an example, a processing system for a capacitive sensing device includes a sensor module having sensor circuitry coupled to a first plurality of sensor electrodes. The sensor module is configured to receive resulting signals from the plurality of sensor electrodes using a capacitive sensing signal having a plurality of capacitive sensing bursts and a sensing frequency.
Synaptics Incorporated

Array substrate and manufacturing method thereof and display device

An array substrate and a manufacturing method thereof and a display are disclosed. The array substrate includes a base substrate, a plurality of sub-pixels disposed on the base substrate, and a phase shift pattern disposed on the base substrate to separate the sub-pixels; the phase shift pattern is disposed to allow light passing through the phase shift pattern to undergo phase shift, and positions corresponding to the phase shift pattern are substantially opaque to light.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Self-calibrating linear voltage differential transformer demodulator

A calibration system includes an excitation module that introduces an excitation signal to a primary coil of a differential transformer, a measurement module that measures, at a first phase shift, a positive value of an induced signal. The induced signal is caused by the excitation signal on a secondary coil of the differential transformer.
Goodrich Corporation

Audio headset system and apparatus

According to one embodiment of the technology described herein, a audio headset system is provided, comprising: a speaker; a signal processor configured to process source audio received from an audio source, to produce processed audio from the source audio, and to output the processed audio to the speaker; and a control unit configured to control operation of the signal processor according to an audio profile, wherein the audio profile causes the signal processor to selectively mix, delay, phase shift, and equalize the source audio, thereby producing processed audio.. .
Performance Designed Products Llc

Computed ultrasound tomography in echo mode (cute) for imaging speed of sound using pulse-echo sonography

The invention relates to a method for determining and particularly imaging sound speed in an object by means of pulse-echo ultrasound, comprising the steps of: transmitting by means of an ultrasound probe (1) at least a first ultrasound pulse (10) in a first direction (φ0) and a second ultrasound pulse (20) in a different second direction (φ) into an object (o) to be imaged, so that said first ultrasound pulse (10) is backscattered in said object towards said ultrasound probe in the form of first ultrasound pulse echoes (11), and so that said second ultrasound pulse (20) is backscattered in said object towards said ultrasound probe in the form of second ultrasound pulse echoes (21), detecting said backscattered first ultrasound pulse echoes (11) and said backscattered second ultrasound pulse echoes (21) with said ultrasound probe (1), reconstructing from said detected backscattered first ultrasound pulse echoes (11) a first image of first local echoes (5) and from said detected backscattered second ultrasound pulse echoes (21) a second image of second local echoes (7), wherein said images lie in an image plane spanned by said directions (φ0, φ), determining from said reconstructed images the respective resulting local echo phase shift Δτ(x, z, φ, φ0) corresponding to the difference in echo time (t) between the respective first local echo and the corresponding second local echo relative to the case of an assumed constant sound speed, and determining the local sound speed c(x, z) in said object for at least a region of said image plane in said object from said local echo phase shift Δτ(x, z, φ, φ0). Further, the invention relates to a corresponding computer program and a system..
Universitat Bern

High power phase shifter

A variable capacitance cell includes a hybrid coupler including a first port, a second port, a third port, and a fourth port. A first variable capacitance is connected to the second port.
Alcatel Lucent

Positive coefficient dynamic electro-optical phase shifter

A semiconductor electro-optical phase shifter may include an optical action zone configured to be inserted in an optical waveguide, and a bipolar transistor structure configured so that, in operation, collector current of the bipolar transistor structure crosses the optical action zone perpendicular to the axis of the optical waveguide.. .
Stmicroelectronics Sa

Polarization control device and polarization control method

A polarization control device and a polarization control method, wherein the polarization control device includes a polarization beam splitting apparatus, a first phase shifter, a beam combiner, a first waveguide, a second waveguide, and a third waveguide, where the polarization beam splitting apparatus is configured to split input light into two beams of transverse electric (te) mode light or two beams of transverse magnetic (tm) mode light, where the first phase shifter is configured to adjust a phase of light that is input to the first phase shifter, and the beam combiner is configured to adjust a split ratio of the beam combiner, and combine the two beams of te mode light or the two beams of tm mode light that is input from a first input port and a second input port of the beam combiner, into one beam of te mode light or one beam of tm mode light.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rotationally biased fiber optic gyroscope

A system for rotationally biasing a fiber optic gyroscope includes a fiber optic gyroscope assembly comprising a light source that emits an optical signal, an optical coupler in optical communication with the light source, and a fiber optic coil in optical communication with the light source. The fiber optic coil receives the optical signal through the optical coupler and imparts a phase shift proportional to rotation.
Honeywell International Inc.

Movable element, damping implementing a movable element

A movable element for a damping system includes an absorbent mass arranged to be positioned in a housing. At least two damping assemblies are positioned respectively against the surface of the absorbent mass and bearing against the internal wall of the housing at different parts of the absorbent mass.

Refrigerant line muffler

Systems and methods are disclosed that include providing a refrigerant line muffler in a heating, ventilation, and/or air-conditioning (hvac) system that reduces noise and/or vibration over a range of frequencies that result from operating a variable speed compressor. The refrigerant line muffler divides the flow of refrigerant from the compressor discharge into a first flowpath and a second flowpath, the second flowpath configured to cause a phase shift of a pressure wave of refrigerant flowing through the second flowpath relative to a pressure wave of refrigerant flowing through the first flowpath and cause destructive interference between a pressure wave of refrigerant flowing through the first flowpath and the pressure wave of refrigerant flowing through the second flowpath when first flowpath and second flowpath rejoin into single flowpath at outlet..
Trane International Inc.

An extracorporeal blood treatment and a control method therefor

An apparatus (1) is described for extracorporeal blood treatment, comprising a treatment unit (2), an extracorporeal blood circuit (8) and a fluid evacuation line (10). A venous chamber (12) is placed in a blood return line (7) and is arranged in use to contain a gas in an upper portion (120) and blood at a predetermined level in a lower portion.
Gambro Lundia Ab

Control systems for electrosurgical generator

A controller for an electrosurgical generator includes an rf inverter, a signal processor, a software compensator, a hardware compensator, and an rf inverter controller. The rf inverter generates an electrosurgical waveform and the signal processor outputs a measured value of at least one of a voltage, a current, or power of the electrosurgical waveform.
Covidien Lp

System for detection of fluid pressure using a pressure sensing capacitive sensor

A system having a catheter having a distal pressure sensitive capacitive element providing an impedance and phase shift which varies responsive to the amount of pressure from blood external the catheter, a detector having electronics for determining the impedance and/or phase shift. This impedance and or phase shift corresponds to the pressure of the blood about the distal end of the catheter.
Guided Interventions Inc.

Optical signal control method and apparatus, and optical switch matrix control method and apparatus

The present invention discloses an optical signal control method and apparatus, and an optical switch matrix control method and apparatus. A first optical coupler performs optical coupling processing on an optical signal input from an input port, to split the optical signal into two paths of optical signals; a phase shifter performs phase processing on the two paths of optical signals, so that a phase difference exists between the two paths of optical signals on which phase processing has been performed; and a second optical coupler performs optical coupling processing on the two paths of optical signals between which the phase difference exists, to output an optical signal from a first output port and/or a second output port.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method for performing phase shift control for timing recovery in an electronic device, and associated apparatus

A method for performing phase shift control for timing recovery in an electronic device and an associated apparatus are provided, where the method includes: generating an output signal of an oscillator, wherein a phase shift of the output signal of the oscillator is controlled by selectively combining a set of clock signals into the oscillator according to a set of digital control signals, and the set of clock signals is obtained from a clock generator, wherein the phase shift corresponds to the set of digital control signals, and the set of digital control signals carries a set of digital weightings for selectively mixing the set of clock signals; and performing timing recovery and sampling on a receiver input signal of a receiver in the electronic device according to the output signal of the oscillator to reproduce data from the receiver input signal.. .
Mediatek Inc.

Electronic device with over-the-air wireless self-testing capabilities

An electronic device may be provided with wireless circuitry. The wireless circuitry may include antennas.
Apple Inc.

Pre-compensation of the phase shifting error

In this disclosure, methods for pre-compensation of the phase shifting error, and apparatuses for the same are disclosed. In one example, a device performs precoding of a digital signal, while acquiring information on an error caused by a phase shifting of the precoding.
Lg Electronics Inc.

System and timed insertion of a phase shift capacitor upon powering a split capacitor electrical motor

A power circuit is configured with mostly passive electrical components to connect a phase shift capacitor to a phase shift winding of a psc motor selectively. The power circuit includes a timing circuit, a switching circuit, and a triac having a first anode connected to the second capacitor and a second anode connected to electrical ground.
Nidec Motor Corporation

Transmitter for inductive power transfer systems

An inductive power transmitter having a plurality of transmitting coils for generating an alternating magnetic field arranged in a row with each transmitting coil partially overlapping with adjacent transmitting coils in the row. A transmitting circuit connected to each transmitting coil may drive the transmitting coils so that each transmitting coil's alternating magnetic field is phase shifted with respect to the alternating magnetic field of adjacent transmitting coils in the row or so that the alternating magnetic field generated by the transmitting coils travels along a charging surface..
Powerbyproxi Limited

Isolation of polarizations in multi-polarized scanning phased array antennas

A multi-polarized phased array antenna includes an element, a first feed line, a second feed line, a first phase shifter, and a second phase shifter. The element is fed with a first polarization signal at first and third angles, and a second polarization signal at second and fourth angles.

Optically controlled phase shifter

To increase efficiency of optical control of phase shifting elements, arrangements comprising optical lenses are presented. The optical lenses may be arranged in reflective arrays so as to focus light from a light source on a phase shifting element, which may be placed in a feed point of an antenna, such as for example a lithographic antenna.
Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy

Differential ring modulator

A differential optical modulator includes, in part, a splitter splitting an incoming optical signal into first and second input signals, a first variable coupler generating a first differential output signal in response to the first input signal, and a second variable coupler generating a second differential output signal in response to the second input signal. The first variable coupler includes, in part, first and second couplers and a phase shifter disposed therebetween.
California Institute Of Technology

Photonic integrated device

This document describes a photonic device which makes it possible to both separate and combine bands of wavelengths in optical signals. To this end, the device described herein has a star coupler, a set of optical input waveguides connected to the input port of the star coupler, a waveguide grouping connected to the output port of the start coupler and a set of reflectors and phase shifters connected to said waveguide grouping.
Universitat PolitÈcnica De ValÈncia

Optical sensor

A method of increasing accuracy of optical sensors based on generating two sets of light waves having different velocities in the presence of a non-vanishing measurand field within a sensing element of the sensor is described. A defined static bias phase shift is introduced between the two sets of light waves.
Abb Technology Ag

Memory misalignment correction

A system and module for, and a method of correcting, memory misalignment in a phase shift keying receiver is disclosed. Embodiments include a system having: an analog front end for receiving a demodulated signal having a preamble portion, and for generating a digital register input signal including a received preamble portion; a finite state machine for selecting a memory address of the demodulated signal based on the received preamble portion; a preamble memory for storing all possible preambles contained within the demodulated signal and for supplying a selected preamble memory output corresponding to the selected memory address; and a memory alignment module configured to compare phase information of symbols of the preamble portion and preamble phase information of symbols of the selected preamble memory output.
Nxp B.v.

Reference signal generation for lock-in amplifier in high sensitivity gas sensing system

A gas sensing system includes a signal generator including a wavelength tunable laser, the signal generator providing a first periodic signal and a second periodic signal, wherein the first periodic signal comprises a wavelength scanning signal and the second periodic signal comprises a modulation signal; an optical signal absorption path which is wavelength selective, wherein the generated signal covers at least one of the absorbance band; a signal detector that uses lock-in detection to detect a second harmonic of the second periodic signal after absorption, the signal detector further including a local reference generator, a multiplier, and a low pass filter; a local reference includes a first path (ref1) that outputs sinusoidal signal with frequency equals to that of the second signal in signal generator, and a second path (ref2) that outputs sinusoidal signal of two times ref1 frequency; and a local reference generator having a first phase shifter that is configurable from 0 to 2π and a second phase shifter that shifts 90-degree, wherein the first phase shifter is for an alignment of ref1 with the modulation signal and the second phase shifter provides 90-degree shifts for ref2 from ref1, wherein the first and second paths (ref1 and ref2) are selected by a switch, wherein the switch uses the first path during initialization and the second path for normal operation.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

Multi-vector outphasing dc to ac converter and method

Dc to ac multi-vector, multi module switch mode converter capable of producing a fully regulated quazi-sinusoidal output voltage with cancelled n odd harmonics comprises two sets of 2n switch mode modules each with equal output amplitude operating with the output frequency and the means for summation of their outputs. Each switch mode module in the first set operates with its own fixed phase shift in reference to the first module.

Method of operating a three phase primary winding structure and a primary unit

The invention relates to a method of operating a three phase primary winding structure of a system for inductive power transfer, wherein the primary winding structure includes a first phase line, a second phase line and a third phase line, wherein in a standard operational mode a first phase input voltage, a second phase input voltage and a third phase input voltage are controlled such that a predetermined phase shift between all three phase input voltages is provided, wherein in a modified operational mode the first phase input voltage, the second phase input voltage and the third phase input voltage are controlled such that the set of phase shift values includes at most two non-zero values and all non-zero phase shift values are equal. Furthermore, the invention relates to a primary unit of a system for inductive power transfer..
Bombardier Primove Gmbh

System for electromagnetic interference noise reduction within an enclosure

A radio frequency (rf) noise reduction system is disclosed to include a first antenna for receiving a rf signal, a phase shifter coupled to the first antenna for generating a phase shifted rf signal, and an amplitude detector coupled to the first antenna for outputting a signal representative of an amplitude of the rf signal. Additionally, the rf noise reduction system includes a microcontroller coupled to the amplitude detector for controlling the phase shifter.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Differential phase shifter assembly

Positioned above the actual pointer head of the pointer-shaped feed element, through which the centre axis or swivel axis passes, is an additional capacitor coupling device or coupling disc that is arranged at a distance from said pointer head and is electrically isolated therefrom. This additional coupling device or disc is separated from the electrically conductive pointer head by a disc-shaped insulator which is inserted therebetween..
Kathrein-werke Kg

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