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Pharmaceutical Compositions patents

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Alkynyl alcohols and methods of use
wherein A1-A8, R4 and R5 each has the meaning as described herein. Compounds of Formula (0) and pharmaceutical compositions thereof are useful in the treatment of diseases and disorders in which undesired or over-activation of NF-kB signaling is observed. The invention relates to compounds of Formula (0):...

4-pregenen-11beta-17-21-triol-3,20-dione derivatives
The present invention relates to novel 4-pregenen-11β-17-21-triol-3,20-dione derivatives, processes for preparing them, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as pharmaceuticals, as modulators of glucocorticoid or mineralocorticoid receptors. The invention relates specifically to the use of these compounds and their pharmaceutical compositions to treat disorders associated with glucocorticoid or mineralocorticoid receptor...

Novel polymorphic crystal forms of 5-(2--1-(r)-hydroxyethyl)-8-hydroxyquinolin-2(1h)-one, heminapadisytlate as agonist of the beta2 adrenergic receptor
The present invention is directed to novel polymorphic crystal forms of a 5-(2-{[6-(2,2-difluoro-2-phenylethoxy)hexyl]amino}-1-(R)-hydroxyethyl)-8-hydroxyquinolin-2(1H)-one, heminapadisylate. The invention is also directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising said polymorphic crystal forms, methods of using them to treat respiratory diseases associated with β2 adrenergic receptor activity and a process for preparing such polymorphic crystal forms....

Use of nk-1 receptor antagonists in pruritus
The invention relates to methods for treating pruritus with NK-1 receptor antagonists such as serlopitant. The invention further relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising NK-1 receptor antagonists such as serlopitant. In addition, the invention encompasses treatment of a pruritus-associated condition with serlopitant and an additional antipruritic agent, and the use of serlopitant...

Alkyl derivatives as sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors modulators
The present invention relates to alkyl derivatives, processes for preparing them, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use as pharmaceuticals as modulators of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptors....

Compounds and uses thereof for the modulation of hemoglobin
Provide herein are compounds and pharmaceutical compositions suitable as modulators of hemoglobin, methods and intermediates for their preparation, and methods for their use in treating disorders mediated by hemoglobin and disorders that would benefit from tissue and/or cellular oxygenation....

Pyrazole compounds, compositions and methods for treatment of degenerative diseases and disorders
as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein the substituents are as those disclosed in the specification. These compounds, and the pharmaceutical compositions containing them, are useful for the treatment of degenerative diseases and disorders. Provided herein are compounds of the formula (I):...

C-terminal hsp90 inhibitors
Hsp90 C-terminal inhibitors and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds are provided. The compounds of the disclosure are useful for the treatment and/or prevention of neurodegenerative disorders such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy....

Solid oral pharmaceutical compositions for isoxazoline compounds
A solid oral pharmaceutical composition for delivery of a pharmaceutically acceptable active ingredient to an animal where the composition comprises an isoxazoline compound, a solvent and an excipient, a process for the manufacture of such solid oral pharmaceutical composition and a method of controlling a parasite infection administering such solid oral...

Kynurenine-3-monooxygenase inhibitors, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of use thereof
Certain compounds, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts or prodrugs thereof, are provided herein. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising at least one compound, or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof, described herein and one or more pharmaceutically acceptable vehicle. Methods of treating patients suffering from certain diseases and disorders responsive to the...

Inhibitors of hcv ns5a
Provided herein are compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and combination therapies for inhibition of hepatitis C....

Proton-binding polymers for oral administration
Pharmaceutical compositions for and methods of treating an animal, including a human, and methods of preparing such compositions. The pharmaceutical compositions contain crosslinked amine polymers and may be used, for example, to treat diseases or other metabolic conditions in which removal of protons and/or chloride ions from the gastrointestinal tract would...

Isotopologues of 5-azacytidine
The present disclosure provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising cytidine analogs for oral administration, wherein the compositions release the cytidine analog substantially in the stomach. Also provided are methods of treating diseases and disorders using the oral formulations provided herein....

Controlled release and taste masking oral pharmaceutical compositions
The invention relates to tablet comprising granules dispersed in at least one hydrophilic compound or matrix. The granules contain an active agent, at least one amphiphilic compound and at least one lipophilic compound. The tablet may include a gastro-resistant film coating....

Compositions comprising omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin d for psoriasis, and methods and uses thereof
The present disclosure relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D for use in at least one of preventing and treating psoriasis, and to food supplement, dietary supplement, nutritional supplement, over-the-counter (OTC) supplement, medical food, or pharmaceutical grade supplement compositions comprising omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D for...

Multicomponent or monocomponent vaccine to be used against chagas disease, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, procedure for the obtention of immunogen of said vaccines, and nucleic acid used in said procedure
A vaccine against the Chagas disease, capable of stimulating the immune response against the trans-sialidase virulence factor of the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, which is a multicomponent vaccine comprising: (a) an immunogenic portion formed by one or more recombinant or synthetic polypeptides or fractions of thereof and (b) one or more polynucleotides...

Fused antigen vaccines and compositions against streptococcus pneumoniae
Streptococcus pneumoniae is a major health concern, especially in very young, elderly, or immunocompromised patients. The present disclosure provides, inter alia, certain highly effective vaccines and pharmaceutical compositions in Streptococcus pneumoniae that contain fusion proteins. The antigens may be used therapeutically or prophylactically....

Aberrant cell-restricted immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety
Described are immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety, comprising at least an immunoglobulin variable region that specifically binds to an MHC-peptide complex preferentially associated with aberrant cells. These immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety are preferably used in selectively modulating biological processes. The provided immunoglobulins provided with a toxic moiety are...

New process for the production and purification of the collagenase enzyme from vibrio alginolyticus
The present invention claims a novel process for the production and purification of microbial collagenase (Microbial Collagenase EC produced by the non-pathogenic aerobic bacterium Vibrio alginolyticus chemovar. iophagus (NCIMB Number: 1 1038, synonym LMG 3418, hereinafter called Vibrio alginolyticus), which said process provides high production levels of collagenase with a...

Modified beta-lactamases and methods and uses related thereto
Still further, the invention relates to a polynucleotide and a host cell comprising the polynucleotide. Also, the present invention relates to methods for modifying a beta-lactamase, producing the beta-lactamase and treating or preventing beta-lactam antibiotic induced adverse effects. Furthermore, the present invention relates to the beta-lactamase for use as a medicament and...

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