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Peritoneal patents

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Drug elution for in vivo protection of bio-sensing analytes


Drug elution for in vivo protection of bio-sensing analytes

Mkt Enterprises

Apparatus and method for ovarian cancer screening

Date/App# patent app List of recent Peritoneal-related patents
 System and  administering peritoneal dialysis patent thumbnailnew patent System and administering peritoneal dialysis
Systems and methods are provided for improved techniques associated with administering peritoneal dialysis. Embodiments of the invention relate to the continuous introduction and circulation of dialysate fluid in and through the peritoneal cavity.
 Apparatus and  ovarian cancer screening patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and ovarian cancer screening
An apparatus and method are provided for sampling the distal tube, fimbria and/or ovary, includes advancing a device into the peritoneal cavity and sampling material on or adjacent to the distal tube, fimbria or ovary.. .
Mkt Enterprises, Llc
 Drug elution for in vivo protection of bio-sensing analytes patent thumbnailnew patent Drug elution for in vivo protection of bio-sensing analytes
A sensor (e.g., an optical sensor) that may be implanted within a living animal (e.g., a human) and may be used to measure an analyte (e.g., glucose or oxygen) in a medium (e.g., interstitial fluid, blood, or intraperitoneal fluid) within the animal. The sensor may include a sensor housing, an analyte indicator covering at least a portion of the sensor housing, and one or more therapeutic agents.
Senseonics, Incorporated
 Fluid pumping systems, devices and methods patent thumbnailFluid pumping systems, devices and methods
Embodiments of the present invention relate generally to certain types of reciprocating positive-displacement pumps (which may be referred to hereinafter as “pods,” “pump pods,” or “pod pumps”) used to pump fluids, such as a biological fluid (e.g., blood or peritoneal fluid), a therapeutic fluid (e.g., a medication solution), or a surfactant fluid. The pumps may be configured specifically to impart low shear forces and low turbulence on the fluid as the fluid is pumped from an inlet to an outlet.
Deka Products Limited Partnership
 Self-warming peritoneal dialysis solution bag patent thumbnailSelf-warming peritoneal dialysis solution bag
A self-warming peritoneal dialysis solution bag is provided that contains a peritoneal dialysis solution. The solution bag can have an outer surface and a non-electric, warming patch adhered or affixed to the outer surface.
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc.
 Molluscum contagiosum viral fusion protein treatment for atopic dermatitis diseases patent thumbnailMolluscum contagiosum viral fusion protein treatment for atopic dermatitis diseases
Compositions, methods, and kits are provided for treating ccr8 mediated diseases with applicability to atopic dermatitis and potential applicability to asthma, prurigo nodularis, nummular dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and lichen simplex chronicus and some lymphomas, multiple sclerosis, acquired immunodeficiency disease, peritoneal adhesions, kaposi's sarcoma and atherogenesis—the expression of all of which, at least in part, is mediated by cells expressing the chemokine receptor ccr8. The compositions include proteins and fusion proteins from molluscum contagiosum virus (mcv) or variants, analogs and derivatives thereof which exhibit inhibitory activity.
 Method of mending a groin defect patent thumbnailMethod of mending a groin defect
A method of mending a groinal defect such as an indirect inguinal hernia, a direct inguinal hernia, and/or a femoral hernia. A space between the external oblique aponeurosis and the internal oblique aponeurosis is dissected superiorly and laterally to create a site for receiving a lateral portion of a prosthetic repair patch.
Bard Shannon Limited
 Transperitoneal prolapse repair system and method patent thumbnailTransperitoneal prolapse repair system and method
A prolapse repair system and procedure are provided. The system can include one or more anchor devices and one or more extending members, such as a suture.
 Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities patent thumbnailHemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis systems having electrodeionization capabilities
Systems and methods for hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis having integrated electrodeionization capabilities are provided. In an embodiment, the dialysis system includes a carbon source, a urease source and an electrodeionization unit.
Emd Millipore Corporation
 Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes patent thumbnailMethods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes
Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes are disclosed in which an analyte concentration within a peritoneal fluid of a human subject may be determined by implanting an analyte sensor apparatus in the subject where the apparatus may comprise a housing and a flexible sensing catheter which has a lumen with a plurality of apertures and an exterior surface with an analyte sensor affixed thereto. The catheter may comprise a proximal end attached to the housing and the remaining end may be positioned freely within the peritoneal space to contact peritoneal fluid where an analyte concentration in the peritoneal fluid may be sensed.
Theranova, Llc

Apparatus and reducing the occurrence of post-surgical adhesions

A method for inhibiting formation of adhesions following abdominal surgery which involves application of an anti-static fatty acid ethoxylated amide (cocamide dea) in a matrix that is placed in the peritoneal cavity at the conclusion of an abdominal surgery and which releases this anti-adhesive chemical over a predetermined time in a range up to seven days. Tests conducted on laboratory rats established that the method reduced the incidence of adhesions from 100 percent (100%) in a test model to near zero in the majority of treated animals.
Anhese Llc

Peritoneal dialysis systems, devices, and methods

An automated peritoneal dialysis system provides various features including prescription-driven dialysis fluid preparation, an integrated disposable fluid circuit, and sensor capabilities that allow accurate filing and draining control with high safety margins. Features include a peritoneal fluid circuit with a pressure sensor at either end and methods and devices for using the pressure signals.
Nxstage Medical, Inc.

Peritoneal dialysis fluid comprising a gsk-3 inhibitor

The present invention relates to a peritoneal dialysis fluid comprising a compound inhibiting glycogen synthase kinase (gsk)-3 activity, in particular (gsk)-3β activity, for use in the prevention of infectious and non-infectious peritoneal complications such as peritonitis, peritoneal membrane injury, damage and failure, barrier dysfunction and mesothelial cell detachment.. .
Zytoprotec Gmbh

Enzyme replacement therapy for treating mps vii related bone lesions using a chemically modified enzyme

The invention relates to a method of treating mucopolysaccharidoses using enzyme replacement therapy with chemically modified lysosomal enzymes. More specifically the method relates to administering chemically modified lysosomal enzymes intraperitoneal injection.
Carol Ann Foundation And International Morquio Organization

Laparoscopic trocar with ventriculoperitoneal shunt entry port

An example laparoscopic trocar assembly can be used for insertion of a ventriculoperitoneal (“vp”) shunt into an abdomen and comprises an optical system a trocar sleeve to allow a surgeon to see abdominal tissue being punctured and see into an abdominal cavity. An example trocar assembly comprises an entry port in the trocar's side and a stylet to insert a vp shunt tube into an abdomen.

Hernia repair device with core and advanced pre-peritoneal disk deployment

An implant to repair a hole in a muscle wall includes a flat mesh with a central resilient core which deforms to place the core in a hole in a muscle wall and then resiliently expands when released to urge against the perimeter of the hole, dynamically “riding” in the hole as the hole perimeter expands and contracts. Straps on the mesh are tunneled through tissue in the muscle wall containing the hole to hold the mesh with core in place..

Peritoneal dialysis systems and methods that regenerate dialysate

A method for providing a peritoneal dialysis treatment that regenerates therapy fluid includes coupling a single fluid circuit having a cleaning cartridge to a peritoneal cavity of a patient, feeding a first amount of therapy fluid into the single fluid circuit, circulating the first amount of therapy fluid multiple times through the single fluid circuit and the peritoneal cavity of the patient, removing a therapeutically effective amount of solutes and ultrafiltrate from the patient using the first amount of therapy fluid, cleaning the first amount of therapy fluid using the cleaning cartridge, removing an amount of fluid from the single fluid circuit, the amount of fluid including at least most of the removed solutes, and feeding a second amount of therapy fluid into the single fluid circuit, the second amount of therapy fluid being approximately equal to the amount of fluid removed from the fluid circuit.. .

Hernia model

A model for practicing transabdominal pre-peritoneal (tapp) and total extraperitoneal (tep) approaches for laparoscopic hernia repairs is provided. The model simulates an insufflated space between the abdominal muscles and peritoneum.

Intrauterine fetal growth restriction - the biochemical rationale of treatment modalities including extraperitoneal transamniotic fetal supplements

Intrauterine fetal growth restriction (iugr) is an affliction of a disparaging spectrum, placental insufficiency being the major inciting pathology. The resultant fetal hypoglycemia is alleviated by intravenous hypertonic d-glucose 25-50% maternal supplements, by improving the vmax of placental transfer for d-glucose, in accordance with michaelis-menten model of substrate transfer.

Medical treatment system and methods using a plurality of fluid lines

A medical treatment system, such as peritoneal dialysis system, may include control and other features to enhance patient comfort and ease of use. For example, a peritoneal dialysis system may include patient line state detector for detecting whether a patient line is primed before it is to be connected to the patient.

Isoxazole compound for the treatment of cancer

The use of 5-(2,4-dihydroxy-5-isopropyl-phenyl)-4-(4-morpholin-4-ylmethyl-phenyl)-isoxazole-3-carboxylic acid ethylamide or a tautomer thereof or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a hydrate or a solvate for the treatment of cancer of the bladder, the colon, the liver, the lung, the breast, the vagina, the ovaries, the pancreas, the kidney, the stomach, the gastrointestinal tract, the prostate, the head and neck, the peritoneal cavity, the thyroid, the bone, the brain, the central nervous system and/or the blood and/or for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome, systemic mastocytosis, von hippel-lindau syndrome, multicentric castleman disease and/or psioriasis.. .

System and performing alternative and sequential blood and peritoneal dialysis modalities

A dialysis system includes: a dialysis fluid pump receptacle actuated by a dialysis fluid pump actuator; a dialysis fluid line; a blood filter in fluid communication with the dialysis fluid pump receptacle via the dialysis fluid line; an extracorporeal circuit; a blood pump receptacle actuated by a blood pump actuator and in fluid communication with the blood filter via the extracorporeal circuit; and a control unit that (i) in a first treatment pumps peritoneal dialysis fluid through the dialysis fluid pump receptacle, the dialysis fluid line, the blood filter, the extracorporeal circuit and the blood pump receptacle to the patient's peritoneum operating the dialysis fluid pump actuator and the blood pump actuator at a first pressure, and (ii) in a second treatment pumps blood through the extracorporeal circuit, the blood pump receptacle and the blood filter operating the blood pump actuator at a second, different pressure.. .

System and remote peritoneal dialysis exchanges

A system and method is provided to allow multiple patients to receive peritoneal dialysis treatment at a walk-in facility without having to keep fresh dialysis solution on hand themselves. The walk-in facility is enabled to receive a peritoneal dialysis prescription from a patient, verify the prescription, determine the appropriate treatment for the patient, provide the patient with the appropriate dialysis solution in the appropriate amount, and enable the patient to undergo a dialysis treatment at the facility.

System and peritoneal dialysis exchanges having reusable fill and drain containers

A peritoneal dialysis system includes (i) a reusable fill container; (ii) a reusable drain container; and (iii) a reusable continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (“capd”) set configured and arranged to be fluidly connected to at least one of the reusable fill container or the reusable drain container.. .

System and peritoneal dialysis exchanges having reusable energizing unit

A peritoneal dialysis system includes (i) a fill container, and (ii) an energizing unit that removably accepts the fill container, the energizing unit including a sterilization source so configured and arranged relative to the fill container when accepted by the energizing unit to place fluid within the fill container in a physiologically safe condition for delivery to the peritoneal cavity of a patient.. .

Universal portable artificial kidney for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

Methods, systems, and kits are provided for performing hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, and peritoneal dialysis on a portable machine suitable for both clinical and home use. Peritoneal dialysate can be flowed into and out of the peritoneal cavity, and can also be regenerated within the system, without the need for introducing fresh dialysate.

Novel compounds as rearranged during transfection (ret) inhibitors

This invention relates to novel compounds which are inhibitors of the rearranged during transfection (ret) kinase, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in therapy, alone or in combination, for the normalization of gastrointestinal sensitivity, motility and/or secretion and/or abdominal disorders or diseases and/or treatment related to diseases related to ret dysfunction or where modulation of ret activity may have therapeutic benefit including but not limited to all classifications of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) including diarrhea-predominant, constipation-predominant or alternating stool pattern, functional bloating, functional constipation, functional diarrhea, unspecified functional bowel disorder, functional abdominal pain syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, functional esophageal disorders, functional gastroduodenal disorders, functional anorectal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, proliferative diseases such as non-small cell lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, anaplastic thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, brain tumors, peritoneal cavity cancer, solid tumors, other lung cancer, head and neck cancer, gliomas, neuroblastomas, von hippel-lindau syndrome and kidney tumors, breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, ovarian cancer, transitional cell cancer, prostate cancer, cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction, biliary cancer, adenocarcinoma, and any malignancy with increased ret kinase activity.. .

Universal portable machine for online hemodiafiltration using regenerated dialysate

Manifolds suitable for use in hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemodiafiltration, and peritoneal dialysis are provided. One or more of the manifolds can include a manifold body and an external tube.

Methods and revision of obesity procedures

Methods and apparatus for the endoluminal revision of previously performed obesity procedures which have failed are described. One or more endoluminal instruments may be advanced per-orally into the previously formed failed pouch where a number of different procedures can be performed.

Method and device for regulating fluid pump pressures

A method is provided for regulating fluid pump pressures by detecting an elevation differential between a fluid flow control device and the distal end of a fluid line in communication with the fluid flow control device. A fluid flow control device, for instance a peritoneal dialysis device, is at a first height, a distal end of a fluid line is at a second height, and a valved outlet, when open, affords communication between the fluid flow control device and the distal end of the fluid line.

Multiple emulsion

The invention relates to a multiple emulsion for the application of at least one pharmaceutical or cosmetic active ingredient which has an external water phase w1, an oil phase o dispersed in the external water phase w1 and an internal water phase w2 dispersed in the oil phase o, where, in the internal water phase w2, at least one electrolyte selected from the group of the alkali metal and alkaline earth metal halides and sulphates and at least one hydrophilic active ingredient is provided. In order to achieve a high stability of the emulsion, the invention envisages that the external water phase comprises a hydrophilic emulsifier which is a polymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, and that the oil phase o is formed by triacylglycerides and has a lipophilic emulsifier from the group of dimethicones.

Compositions and methods for treating cancer

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating cancer. In particular, the present invention relates to epcam-targeted immunotoxins and uses thereof in treating peritoneal cancers expressing epcam (e.g., colorectal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer)..

Modulation of hsp47 expression

Provided herein are compositions, methods and kits for modulating expression of target genes, particularly heat shock protein 47 (hsp47). The compositions, methods and kits may include nucleic acid molecules (for example, short interfering nucleic acid (sina), short interfering rna (sirna), double-stranded rna (dsrna), micro-rna (mirna) or short hairpin rna (shrna)) that modulate a gene encoding hsp47, for example, the gene encoding human hsp47.

Cancer vaccines and vaccination methods

Compositions of multipeptide vaccines comprising at least seven tumor associated antigens, compositions of antigen presenting cell (e.g., dendritic cell) based vaccines presenting epitopes from at least seven tumor associated antigens, and methods of making same, are provided herein. Also, disclosed are methods for treating gynecological and peritoneal cancers using such vaccines..

Body cavity drainage using the same

The present invention provides a drainage tube and method that removes fluid from a peritoneal, abdominal, or other body site. The tube has a central internal passageway for the flow of fluids.

Peritoneal dialysis system

The invention also relates to a system using this method.. .

Apparatus relating to hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis having function for rise temperature

Disclosed is an apparatus having a heating function for hemodialysis, hemodiafiltration, hemofiltration or peritoneal dialysis, wherein the apparatus includes at least one of pipe for transferring at least one fluid of blood and dialsate, and a heating unit for heating at least one fluid of blood and dialsate, wherein the fluids to be heated by the heating unit are substances to be injected into human body; and the heating unit is arranged for measuring flow rates of the fluids to be heated, and injecting temperatures related with the flow rate to heat the fluids to be heated. The heating unit comprises: flow passages through which the fluids to be heated are flowed; a heater formed as a part of the flow passages, for generating heat; and a cover means including a first connection portion through which the fluids enter the flow passages, and a second connection portion through which the fluids come out from the flow passages.

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