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Peptide patents

This page is updated frequently with new Peptide-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Peptide-related patents
 System and  the detection of allergens patent thumbnailSystem and the detection of allergens
Methods and systems for detecting allergens using mass spectrometry are provided herein. In some aspects, a sample can be screened for the presence or quantity of ovalbumin, lysozyme, casein (isoform s1 and s2), lactoglobulin, high and low glutens, wheat, rye, oats, barley, mustard, sesame, and various types of nuts including macadamia, pistachio, brazil, walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts by detecting one or more peptides specific to the allergen of interest using selected mrm transitions..
Dh Technologies Development Pte. Ltd.

 Pre-eclampsia biomarkers patent thumbnailPre-eclampsia biomarkers
We describe a method of detecting pre-eclampsia in a cell, tissue, organ or organism, the method comprising detecting a modulated level of expression, activity or amount of a pre-eclampsia biomarker polypeptide selected from the group consisting of plgf, flt1, bnp, anp, cd9, pai-1, tgf β, pct, si 00b, timp1, cd 105 and il6 in or of a microparticle type (selected from a ctb binding microparticle and an annexin v binding microparticle) from the cell, tissue, organ or organism, as compared to level of expression, activity or amount of the pre-eclampsia biomarker polypeptide in the same microparticle type in a cell, tissue, organ or organism not sufferin from pre-eclampsia.. .
Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd

 Methods for detecting peptide/mhc/tcr binding patent thumbnailMethods for detecting peptide/mhc/tcr binding
Provided herein are compositions and methods for detecting the binding of a peptide to an mhc molecule, and the binding of a peptide: mhc complex to a tcr. In preferred embodiments, the compositions and methods are in a highly-multiplexed way.
Prognosys Biosciences, Inc.

 Method for pretreating specimen and  assaying biological substance patent thumbnailMethod for pretreating specimen and assaying biological substance
This invention relates to an assay device and a method for pretreating a specimen containing a biologically-relevant substance and then assaying the biologically-relevant substance. Biologically-relevant substances used in the assay method include microorganisms, cells, viruses, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, proteins (including antigens, antibodies, chromoproteins, and enzymes), peptides, nucleic acids, and small molecules.
Universal Bio Research Co., Ltd.

 Methods and compositions related to t-cell activity patent thumbnailMethods and compositions related to t-cell activity
Embodiments concern methods and composition related to anergic t-cells in patients, such as cancer patients. T cell anergy is a hyporesponsive state induced by tcr engagement in the absence of costimulation (schwartz, 2003).
The University Of Chigaco

 Cytochrome p450s and uses thereof patent thumbnailCytochrome p450s and uses thereof
The invention features isolated cytochrome p450 polypeptides and nucleic acid molecules, as well as expression vectors and transgenic plants containing these molecules. In addition, the invention features uses of such molecules in methods of increasing the level of resistance against a disease caused by a plant pathogen in a transgenic plant, in methods for producing altered compounds, for example, hydroxylated compounds, and in methods of producing isoprenoid compounds..
University Of Kentucky Research Foundation

 Drought tolerant plants and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding self-incompatibility protein related polypeptides patent thumbnailDrought tolerant plants and related constructs and methods involving genes encoding self-incompatibility protein related polypeptides
Isolated polynucleotides and polypeptides and recombinant dna constructs useful for conferring drought tolerance, compositions (such as plants or seeds) comprising these recombinant dna constructs, and methods utilizing these recombinant dna constructs. The recombinant dna construct comprises a polynucleotide operably linked to a promoter that is functional in a plant, wherein said polynucleotide encodes an sipr polypeptide..
Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc

 Modulation of flavonoid content in cacao plants patent thumbnailModulation of flavonoid content in cacao plants
Methods and materials for modulating (e.g., increasing or decreasing) flavonoid levels in cacao plants are disclosed. For example, nucleic acids encoding flavonoid-modulating polypeptides are disclosed as well as methods for using such nucleic acids to transform plant cells.
Cacao Bio-technologies, Llc

 Yeast promoters for protein expression patent thumbnailYeast promoters for protein expression
Isolated nucleic acids, expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs for producing proteins, and proteins produced using the expression methods are disclosed. More specifically, nucleic acids isolated from pichia pastoris having promoter activity and expression methods, host cells, expression vectors, and dna constructs of using the pichia pastoris promoters to produce different proteins and polypeptides are disclosed..
Biogrammatics, Inc.

 Expression vector patent thumbnailExpression vector
An expression vector for expressing a target polypeptide in a prokaryotic cell is provided. The vector comprises a promoter operably linked to a polynucleotide encoding the target polypeptide operably linked to a eukaryotic secretion leader sequence, the eukaryotic secretion leader sequence encoding a signal peptide sequence selected from the group consisting of: a) mlkrsswlatlglltvasvstivya; b) mkkatfitcllavllvsnpiwna; c) mkvsaaalaviliatalcapasa; d) mkvstaflcllltvsafsaqvla; and e) mkclllalglalacaaqa.
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Uk Limited


Recombinant polypeptide production

Disclosed herein is a method for producing a recombinant polypeptide in a mammalian cell culture in which the mammalian cells have a modified microrna activity level. In one embodiment, a microrna activity level is increased.
Medlmmune, Llc


Compositions and methods for enhanced sensitivity and specificity of nucleic acid synthesis

The present invention relates to nucleic acid inhibitors, compositions and method for enhancing synthesis of nucleic acid molecules. In a preferred aspect, the invention relates to inhibition or control of nucleic acid synthesis, sequencing or amplification.
Life Technologies Corporation


Thrombin sensitive coagulation factor x molecules

The present invention relates to thrombin sensitive coagulation factor x (fx), as well as use thereof in medicine. In particular the invention relates to fx molecules comprising 2 to 10 amino acid modifications in the activation peptide n-terminally of the fx “ivgg” motif as well as compositions comprising such molecules and use thereof.
Novo Nordisk A/s


Thermostable xylanase belonging to gh family 10

(c) a polypeptide including an amino acid sequence having at least 75% sequence identity with the amino acid sequence represented by seq id no: 1, and having xylanase activity at least under conditions of a temperature of 90° c. And a ph of 6.0..


Method of treating eye disease using glycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein

The present application describes an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of synchronously binding vegf polypeptide and placenta growth factor (pigf) polypeptide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a vegfr1 component.. .
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


Polymer production method

The objective of the present invention is to provide a method for producing a polymer of a monomer having a vinyl group while reducing a residual amount of a surfactant within the polymer as the target compound and waste water. The method for producing a polymer according to the present invention is characterized in comprising the step of polymerizing a monomer having a vinyl group in an aqueous medium in the presence of a surfactin salt, which is a natural peptide surfactant, and a polymerization initiator, wherein a ratio of the surfactin salt (i) to 100 parts by mass of the monomer is not less than 0.0005 parts by mass and less than 0.1 parts by mass..
Kaneka Corporation


Hybrid immunoglobulin containing non-peptidyl linkage

The present invention provides compounds producing compounds having the structure (i). Wherein a is a first polypeptide component of the compound; wherein c is a second polypeptide component of the compound, which polypeptide component comprises consecutive amino acids which (i) are identical to a stretch of consecutive amino acids present in a chain of an fc domain of an antibody; (ii) bind to an fc receptor, and (iii) have at their n-terminus a sequence selected from the group consisting of a cysteine, selenocysteine, cp, cpxcp (where x=p, r, or s), cdkthtcppcp, cvecppcp, ccvecppcp and cdtpppcprcp, wherein b is a chemical structure linking a and c; wherein the dashed line between b and c represents a peptidyl linkage; wherein the solid line between a and b represents a nonpeptidyl linkage comprising the structure (ii)..


Antibodies against amyloid-beta peptide

Antibodies that bind human β-amyloid peptide, methods of treating diseases or disorders characterised by elevated β-amyloid levels or β-amyloid deposits with said antibodies, pharmaceutical compositions comprising said antibodies and methods of manufacture.. .
Glaxo Group Limited


Secreted frizzle-related protein 5 (sfrp5) binding proteins and methods of treatment

Methods of treating metabolic diseases and disorders using an antigen binding protein specific for the sfrp5 polypeptide are provided. In various embodiments the metabolic disease or disorder is type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia elevated glucose levels, elevated insulin levels and diabetic nephropathy..
Amgen Inc.


Reconstituted polypeptides

The present invention provides modified fibronectin type iii (fn3) molecules, and nucleic acid molecules encoding the modified fn3 molecules. Also provided are methods of preparing these molecules, and kits to perform the methods..
Research Corporationtechnologies, Inc.


Modified stefin a scaffold proteins

The invention provides novel scaffold proteins for the display of peptides such as peptide aptamers. The novel scaffold proteins are modifications of stefin a or stm (a variant of stefin a) and are useful as scaffold proteins and as display systems..
Avacta Life Sciences Limited


Synthetic peptides for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

The present invention provides synthetic peptides, including peptides comprising a plurality of epitopes, each epitope being derived from a different protein, and peptides comprising a plurality of citrullinated residues. The present invention also related to use of said peptides for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and disorder..
Tel Hashomer Medical Research Infrastructure And Services Ltd.


Oxidant resistant apolipoprotein a-1 and mimetic peptides

A purified polypeptide includes an apoa1 mimetic or fragment thereof that are resistant to oxidation.. .
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation


Modified fc fusion proteins

Preparations of modified fc fusion peptides that exhibit metabolically complete or near-complete oligosaccharide structures are provided. Also provided are methods for preparation of the modified fc fusion peptides.
Pyranose Biotherapeutics, Inc.


Ox40l fusion proteins and uses thereof

The disclosure provides ox40l huigg4 fusion polypeptide subunits comprising a human igg4 fc domain, a trimerization domain, and the receptor binding domain of ox40 ligand, where the fusion polypeptide subunits can self-assemble into hexameric proteins. Also provided are methods of making fusion polypeptide subunits and hexameric proteins, and methods of use, e.g., treatment of cancer..
Medimmune, Llc


Non-hemolytic llo fusion proteins and methods of utilizing same

The present invention provides recombinant proteins or peptides comprising a mutated listeriolysin o (llo) protein or fragment thereof, comprising a substitution or internal deletion of the cholesterol-binding domain or a portion thereof, fusion proteins or peptides comprising same, nucleotide molecules encoding same, and vaccine vectors comprising or encoding same. The present invention also provides methods of utilizing recombinant proteins, peptides, nucleotide molecules, and vaccine vectors of the present invention to induce an immune response to a peptide of interest..
Advaxis, Inc.


Methods of promoting cardiac repair using growth factors fused to heparin binding sequences

The present invention is directed to proteins in which a heparin binding peptide is fused to a growth factor that promotes cell growth and survival. The compound thus formed is bound to the surface of cells which are then administered to damaged tissue.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Insulin-incretin conjugates

Disclosed herein are insulin agonist peptides conjugated to incretins wherein the insulin/incretin conjugate has agonist activity at both the insulin receptor and the corresponding incretin receptor. Insulin is a proven therapy for the treatment of juvenile-onset diabetes and later-stage adult-onset diabetes.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation


Aspart proinsulin compositions and methods of producing aspart insulin analogs

Aspart modified proinsulin sequences that have a modified c-peptide amino acid and/or nucleic acid modification for producing aspart insulin analogs are provided. Highly efficient processes for preparing the aspart insulin analogs and improved preparations containing the aspart insulin analogs prepared according to the methods described herein are also provided..
Stelis Biopharma Private Limited


Methods and compositions based on diphtheria toxin-interleukin-3 conjugates

The present invention provides methods for inhibiting interleukin-3 receptor-expressing cells, and, in particular, inhibiting the growth of such cells by using a diphtheria toxin-human interleukin-3 conjugate (dt-il3) that is toxic to cells expressing the interleukin-3 receptor. In preferred embodiments, the dt-il3 conjugate is a fusion protein comprising amino acids 1-388 of diphtheria toxin fused via a peptide linker to full-length, human interleukin-3.
Scott & White Memorial Hospital


Modified animal erythropoietin polypeptides and their uses

Modified animal erythropoietin polypeptides and uses thereof are provided.. .
Eli Lilly And Company


Promoting apoptosis of differentiated adipocytes and increasing endogenous expression of sfrp-5 peptide by adipocytes by administration of sfrp-5 peptide

Disclosed is a method of reducing the amount of adipose tissue in a subject comprising administering to the subject an amount of an sfrp-5 peptide effective to reduce the amount of adipose tissue, or an amount of a molecule effective to stimulate expression of the sfrp-5 peptide in the subject. Also disclosed is a screen for molecules that can reduce the amount of adipose tissue in a subject..
Hmgene Inc.


Green fluorescent protein (gfp) peptides from rhacostoma

The present technology is directed to the nucleic acid molecule encoding novel fluorescent proteins, in particular, green fluorescent proteins (gfps), such as those that may be isolated from an organism of genus rhacostoma, as well as compositions comprising the same and methods for analyzing a physiologically active substance in a cell wherein the fluorescent proteins are expressed in the cell.. .


Potent and selective inhibitors of nav1.7

Disclosed is a composition of matter comprising an isolated polypeptide, which is a peripherally-restricted nav1.7 inhibitor. In some disclosed embodiments, the isolated polypeptide is an inhibitor of nav1.7.
Amgen Inc.


Inhibitory polypeptides specific to wnt inhibitors

The present application is directed to avimers and peptides and various combinations thereof in addition to methods of making and using them.. .
Amgen Inc.


Haemophilus influenzae type b

Polypeptides comprising various amino acid sequences derived from haemophilus influenzae type b, including a number of lipoproteins. These can be used in the development of vaccines for preventing and/or treating bacterial meningitis.
J. Craig Venter Institute, Inc.


Antiviral vaccines with improved cellular immunogenicity

The invention provides compositions, methods, and kits for the treatment or prevention of viral infections. The polyvalent (e.g., 2-valent) vaccines described herein incorporate computationally-optimized viral polypeptides that can increase the diversity or breadth and depth of cellular immune response in vaccinated subjects..
Los Alamos National Security, Llc


Polypeptides for treating and/or limiting influenza infection

Polypeptides are disclosed herein, which recognize and are strong binders to influenza a hemagglutinin and can be used, for example, to treat and/or limit development of an influenza infection.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Stapled and stitched polypeptides and uses thereof

The present invention provides stapled polypeptides of the formulae (i) and (vi): (i) (vi) and salts thereof; wherein the groups =====; r1a, r1b, r1c, r2a, r3a, r2b, r3b, r4a, r4b, ra, rz, l1a, l1b, l2, l3, xaa, v, w, p, m, s, n, t, and q are as defined herein. The present invention further provides methods of preparing the inventive stapled polypeptides from unstapled polypeptide precursors.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Cd44v6-derived peptides for treating breast cancer

The present invention relates to compounds, pharmaceutical compositions and methods for treating different forms of breast cancer.. .
Amcure Gmbh


Selective inhibitor of angiotensin ii

Peptides and peptide analogs that selectively inhibit angiotensin ii and methods for making and using the same.. .
Georgetown University


Gamma-secretase modulators

There are provided, imer alia, compounds and methods for lowering total ab peptide production by inhibiting the catalytic activity of gamma-secretase. Since all of the major ab peptide variants, including the pathogenic ab42 as known in the art, are ultimately generated by gamma-secretase-mediated proteolysis of app-c99 (i.e., the beta-secretase-mediated cleavage product of the amyloid protein precursor iappi), one approach to therapeutic intervention (e.g., intervention in alzheimer's disease, ad) relates to lowering total ab peptide production by inhibiting the catalytic activity of gamma-secretase..
The Regents Of The University Of California A California Corporation


Non-peptide bdnf neurotrophin mimetics

Methods and compounds for treating neurological and other disorders are provided. Included is the administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of a compound having binding and/or modulation specificity for a trkb receptor molecule..
Pharmatrophix, Inc.


Bone substitutes grafted by mimetic peptides of human bmp 2 protein

A bone substitute material for bone and dental surgery, includes: i) a solid support made from at least one phosphocalcic compound having free hydroxyl groups on the surface, and ii) a quantity of a mimetic peptide of human bmp-2 protein, having a sequence kx1pkx2 z1z2x3ptex4saismlyl (seq id no. 3) in which x1, x2, x3 and x4 are nonpolar amino acids, identical or different, and z1 and z2, identical or different, represent a cysteine or serine residue, the quantity of mimetic peptide of bmp-2 protein being covalently grafted by the n-terminal end of same to the hydroxyl groups, with a density lower than 100×10−12 mol/mm2 surface area of the solid support.


Targeted polymeric inflammation-resolving nanoparticles

Sub-100 micron multimodal nanoparticles have four main components: 1) a target element (peptides, lipids, antibodies, small molecules, etc.) that can selectively bind to cells, tissues, or organs of the body; 2) a diagnostic agent such as a fluorophore or nmr contrast agent that allows visualization of nanoparticles at the site of delivery and/or a therapeutic or prophylactic agent; 3) an outside “stealth” layer that allows the particles to evade recognition by immune system components and increase particle circulation half-life; and 4) a biodegradable polymeric material, forming an inner core which can carry therapeutics and release the payloads at a sustained rate after systemic, intraperitoneal, or mucosal administration. These particles possess excellent stability, high loading efficiency, multiple agent encapsulation, targeting and imaging.
The Trustees Of Columbia University


Selective uv crosslinking of peptides and functional moieties to immunoglobulins

The invention provides for a method of crosslinking a hetero-bifunctional photo crosslinking compound to an immunoglobulin having at least one heterocyclic photo reactive group and at least one non-photo reactive group where the non-photo reactive group is coupled to an effector molecule and the photo reactive group is coupled to the nucleotide binding site of an immunoglobulin. Alternatively, the photo crosslinker contains an orthogonal reactive group such as a thiol, which can be coupled to an effector molecule or functionalized ligand..
University Of Notre Dame Du Lac


Proteas stabilized antibacterial peptides for s. aureus

Improved peptide compositions and synbody compositions are disclosed that show improved stability and antibiotic activity. The new antibacterial peptides for s.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University


Peptides that selectively home to heart vasculature and related conjugates and methods

The present invention provides a variety of isolated peptides and peptidomimetics, which can be useful, for example, in constructing the conjugates of the invention or, where the peptide itself has biological activity, in unconjugated form as a therapeutic for treating any of a variety of cardiovascular diseases as described below. Thus, the present invention provides an isolated peptide or peptidomimetic which has a length of less than 60 residues and includes the amino acid sequence crppr (seq id no: 1) or a peptidomimetic thereof.
Sanford-burnham Medical Research Institute


Polymer conjugates of therapeutic peptides

The invention provides peptides that are chemically modified by covalent attachment of a water-soluble oligomer. A conjugate of the invention, when administered by any of a number of administration routes, exhibits characteristics that are different from the characteristics of the peptide not attached to the water-soluble oligomer..
Nektar Therapeutics


6-acetylmorphine analogs, and methods for their synthesis and use

The present invention relates to novel 6-acetylmorphine analogs, and methods for their synthesis and use. Such analogs are designed to provide a convenient linkage chemistry for coupling under mild conditions to a suitable group on a target protein, polypeptide, solid phase or detectable label..
Alere San Diego, Inc.


Computationally optimized broadly reactive antigens for human and avian h5n1 influenza

Described herein is the generation of optimized h5n 1 influenza ha polypeptides for eliciting a broadly reactive immune response to h5n1 influenza virus isolates. The optimized ha polypeptides were developed through a series of ha protein alignments, and subsequent generation of consensus sequences, based on human and avian h5n1 isolates.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education



The disclosure provides immunogenic compositions comprising human picornavirus peptides derived from structural proteins of the virus, constructs comprising the peptides, the peptides themselves and their use in the prevention of picornavirus infection and disease. Particular peptides from vp4 and vp1 are disclosed..
Glaxosmithkline Biologicals S.a.


Novel vaccines against multiple subtypes of dengue virus

An aspect of the present invention is related to nucleic acid constructs capable of expressing a polypeptide, such as a consensus dengue prme that elicits an immune response in a mammal against more than one subtype of dengue virus, and methods of use thereof. Additionally, there are dna plasmid vaccines capable of generating in a mammal an immune response against a plurality of dengue virus subtypes, comprising a dna plasmid and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient, and methods of use thereof.
Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Rodent hepadnavirus cores with reduced carrier-specific antigenicity

The present disclosure generally relates to hepadnavirus core antigens in which one or more endogenous b cell epitopes have been effectively removed. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to rodent hepadnavirus cores modified to diminish the antibody response to the core so as to enhance the antibody response to heterologous polypeptides included therein..
Vlp Biotech, Inc.


Methods and compositions employing immunogenic fusion proteins

Compositions and methods are provided for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections, including pneumo-coccal infections. Compositions provided herein comprise a variety of immunogenic fusion proteins, wherein at least one poly-peptide component of a given fusion protein comprises a cbpa polypeptide and/or a cytolysoid polypeptide, or an active variant or fragment thereof.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Antigen presenting cell targeted cancer vaccines

The present invention includes compositions and methods for the expression, secretion and use of novel compositions for use as, e.g., vaccines and antigen delivery vectors, to delivery antigens to antigen presenting cells. In one embodiment, the vector is an anti-cd40 antibody, or fragments thereof, and one or more antigenic peptides linked to the anti-cd40 antibody or fragments thereof, including humanized antibodies..
Baylor Research Institute


Cytotoxic t lymphocyte inducing immunogens for prevention treatment and diagnosis of cancer

The present invention relates to compositions and methods for the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of cancer, especially carcinomas, such as lung carcinoma. The invention discloses peptides, polypeptides, and polynucleotides that can be used to stimulate a ctl response against lung and other cancers..
Immunotope, Inc.


Vaccine for the prevention of breast cancer recurrence

Provided are methods to induce and maintain a protective cytotoxic t-lymphocyte response to a peptide of the her2/neu oncogene, gp2, with the effect of inducing and maintaining protective or therapeutic immunity against breast cancer in a patient in clinical remission, including patients having low to intermediate levels of her2/neu expression. The methods comprise administering to the patient an effective amount of a vaccine composition comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, an adjuvant such as gm-csf, and the gp2 peptide.
The Henry M. Jackson Foundation For The Advancement Of Military Medicine, Inc.


Peptide immunogens

The invention provides for the synthesis of more effective generators of a t-cell immune response by providing peptide derivatives that are mhc class i-restricted antigens. The peptide derivatives of the present invention are prepared or derived from a parent peptide of 8 to 11 amino acid residues in length, wherein the peptide derivative contains a non-natural amino acid substituted in place of a naturally-occurring amino acid residue at one or more primary anchor positions in the parent peptide or at position 6, position 7, or the c-terminus..
Purdue Pharma L.p.


Compositions and methods for treating gluten intolerance and disorders arising therefrom

The invention described herein relates to methods and compositions for treatment of gluten intolerance and related conditions (e.g., celiac disease and gluten sensitivity), or inhibition of inflammation and/or immune response in the intestine due to antigenic food peptides, by administration of a pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more nepenthes enzymes.. .
Nepetx, Llc


Urocortin 2 analogs and uses thereof

Disclosed are polypeptides that are analogs of urocortin 2 that have pharmacological activity similar to urocortin 2 but have improved water solubility compared to urocortin 2, and pharmaceutical compositions of the polypeptides of the present invention. Also disclosed are polynucleotides encoding the polypeptides, and methods of treating pathophysiological states employing pharmaceutical compositions of the polypeptides and polynucleotides of the present invention.
Research Development Foundation


Treating lysosomal storage disease

Provided herein are compositions, kits and methods related to the treatment of one or more lysosomal storage diseases (lsds) in a subject and methods of identifying agents that are useful for the treatment of one or more lsds. The compositions, kits, and methods are based on the novel discovery that agents effective for treating lsd must have two characteristics: they must inhibit cell death and reduce suppression of cell division caused by toxic substances that accumulate in lsd.
University Of Rochester


Use of glycomacropeptide to improve women's health

Gmp-containing compositions can be used according to the disclosed methods to treat obesity and related metabolic conditions, or to treat or prevent osteoporosis, osteopenia, and other conditions related to loss of bone mineral content or bone strength.. .


Protein particles comprising disulfide crosslinkers and uses

This disclosure relates to particles comprising recombinant proteins, pharmaceutical composition comprising the particles, and therapeutic uses related thereto. In certain embodiments, the particles are made by the process of producing recombinant proteins and conjugating the recombinant proteins to form nanoparticles with a linking reagent comprising disulfide bonds.
Emory University


Pharmaceutical compositions

The present invention relates to an ionic complex comprising a cationic polypeptide and an anionic excipient selected from: a peg-carboxylic acid; a fatty acid having 10 or more carbon atoms; an anionic phospholipid; and a combination thereof. The invention also relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising the ionic complex of the invention and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.
Rhythm Metabolic, Inc.


Agent for eliminating multidrug resistance

The invention belongs to medicine, namely to pharmacology, and may be used to overcome multiple drug resistance in oncological and infectious patients undergoing long-term chemotherapy. Essence of the invention: proposed herein as a therapeutic agent intended to overcome multiple drug resistance is a hexapeptide with the following structural formula: lysyl-histidyl-glycyl-lysyl-histidyl-glycine..


Derepression of immunity in oncological and virological conditions by high mobility group box 1 derived peptides

Disclosed are compositions of peptides derived from the high mobility group box 1 (hmgb1) protein that are useful in suppressing inhibitory activity of t regulatory cells in conditions of cancer and virus infections. Specifically, this application provides means of derepressing immunity in a state of immune suppression through significantly decreasing the number and/or activity of t regulatory cells..


Methods for increasing the selective efficacy of gene therapy using car peptide and heparan-sulfate mediated macropinocytosis

Disclosed are compositions and methods for triggering disease selective macropinocytosis. The compositions can serve as a marker of disease activity and as a trigger of enhanced macropinocytosis in tissues undergoing disease remodeling such as wound healing, cancer, pah, inflammation, diabetes, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, diseases of the endometrium, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, fibrotic disorders, interstitial cystitis, autoimmune diseases, asthma, acute lung injury, and adult respiratory distress syndrome.
Vascular Biosciences


Agent derived from tortoise spleen stimulating mammalian hemopoiesis

The present invention relates to a proteinaceous extract derived from tortoise spleen and to a tetrapeptide ftgn, which have stimulatory activity on hematopoietic cells. In particular, this tetrapeptide enhances hemopoietic reconstruction, and bone marrow re-population, reduced as a consequence of a high dose of radiation or chemotherapy exposure.
Bmr Solutions Ltd.


Antibacterial phage, phage peptides and methods of use thereof

The present invention is directed to the field of phage therapy for the treatment and control of bacterial infections. In particular, the present invention is directed to the novel bacteriophages f1245/05, f168/08, f170/08, f770/05, f197/08, f86/06, f87s/06 and f91a/06, isolated polypeptides thereof, compositions comprising one or more of the novel bacteriophages and/or isolated polypeptides and methods for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infection, either alone or in combination with other antibacterial therapies, e.g., antibiotics or other phage therapies..
Tecnifar - Industria Tecnica Farmaceutica, S.a.


Tashinones and their derivatives: novel excellent drugs for alzheimer disease

A method for disaggregating amyloid peptide aggregates the method comprising administering a tanshinone or a tanshinone derivatives to an amyloid peptide aggregate. The method may be useful for disaggregating amyloid peptide aggregates in a patient in need of such treatment, such as patients with alzheimer's disease..
The University Of Akron


Treatment of insulin resistance associated with prolonged physical inactivity

Insulin resistance biomarkers and related methods of using the biomarkers are provided. The biomarkers may be blood biomarkers and include c-peptide, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 (igfbp-2), and leptin.
Abbott Laboratories


Polypeptide based block copolymer and the process for the preparation thereof, and the polymer micelles using the same

The present disclosure relates to a polypeptide based block copolymer having biodegradability due to peptidase, and a process for the preparation thereof, and polymer micelles using the same. The block copolymer according to the present disclosure is a block copolymer of a polyethylene glycol-based compound having properties such that the solubility for water is different depending on the ph, but cannot form micelles due to a self-assembly phenomenon; and a polyglutamic acid-based compound formed using an aminolysis reaction of glutamic acid and tertiary amine in which the end of one alkyl group is substituted with nh2, or using an aminolysis reaction of glutamic acid and triamine.
Research & Business Foundation Sungyunkwan University

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