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Pasteurization patents


This page is updated frequently with new Pasteurization-related patent applications.

 Wireless temperature sensor for sous vide cooking patent thumbnailWireless temperature sensor for sous vide cooking
Wireless temperature sensor for sous vide cooking. Wireless sensor penetrates food and is sealed with the food in a bag for sous vide cooking.

 High-pressure cold pasteurization of tobacco material patent thumbnailHigh-pressure cold pasteurization of tobacco material
A tobacco material having at least about 40% water based on the total weight, and having a storage stability of at least about 25 days is provided herein, wherein the storage stability is defined as an aerobic plate count below about 3,000,000 cfu/g. A method of treating a tobacco material to enhance storage stability is also provided herein, the method including receiving a tobacco material having at least about 40% water based on the total weight and subjecting the tobacco material to a process pressure of at least about 30,000 psi to form a high pressure processed tobacco material, wherein the high pressure processed tobacco material has a storage stability of at least about 25 days, and wherein the storage stability is defined as an aerobic plate count below about 3,000,000 cfu/g..
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company

 Production of yogurt patent thumbnailProduction of yogurt
The present invention is in the field of fermentation, and pertains to a method for preparing yogurt by fermentation, comprising the steps of providing a fermentation starter culture comprising a selected microorganism in a suitable culture medium, adding a potato protein protease inhibitor to the culture medium, culturing the microorganism, and harvesting the yogurt. This method has the advantage that the lag time of fermentation can be reduced by the addition of relatively low amounts of potato protein protease inhibitor.
Coöperatie Avebe U.a.

 Shelf-stable pouch for fresh-packed fruits or vegetables patent thumbnailShelf-stable pouch for fresh-packed fruits or vegetables
An assembly may include a shelf-stable pouch for fruits or vegetables. The assembly may comprise a pouch having a closed condition and an open configuration.
Pinnacle Foods Group Llc

 Processes and methods of manufacture of arecoline patent thumbnailProcesses and methods of manufacture of arecoline
Processes and methods of manufacturing an areca fruit product. One process may include the steps of providing a plurality of areca fruits, drying the plurality of areca fruits, dehusking the plurality of areca fruits to obtain a plurality of areca nuts, chopping, shredding or grinding the plurality of areca nuts into a multiplicity of areca nut particles, introducing the multiplicity of areca nut particles into a tank containing water, agitating the multiplicity of areca nut particles to create a slurry, determining an amount of arecoline in the slurry and pumping the water having the predetermined amount of arecoline through a filter and into a holding tank and evaporating the arecoline from the water.
Vapor Corp

 Material composition for producing beer bottle and  producing beer bottle patent thumbnailMaterial composition for producing beer bottle and producing beer bottle
A material composition for producing nanometer barrier polyethylene terephthalate (pet) monolayer beer bottles, the composition comprising layered silicate nano-composite pet material, antioxidant, colorant, dispersant and the like, and also relates to a method of producing beer bottles. The monolayer pet bottles have good barrier property, low oxygen penetration, good light blocking property, and can extend the service life of pet bottled beer; the bottles have good thermal resistance, and meet requirements of beer bottling and pasteurization (for 30 min at 60° c.); the bottles are light weight, do not burst, and meet requirements of transport, storage and consumption..
Beijing Chamgo Nano-tech Co., Ltd.

 In-bottle pasteurization patent thumbnailIn-bottle pasteurization
A system and method for producing a packaged food article or beverage may include processing a first food source including a spoilage microorganism along a first processing path, which may limit temperature of the first food source to be below a temperature level that causes the spoilage microorganism to be inactivated. A second food source may be processed along a second processing path, which may heat the second food source to be in a predetermined temperature range that causes spoilage microorganisms in the second food source to be substantially inactivated when in the predetermined temperature range for a predetermined period of time.
The Coca-cola Company

 Expandable container having lid for providing headspace control in a food can patent thumbnailExpandable container having lid for providing headspace control in a food can
Expandable containers having lids for providing headspace control in food can are disclosed. In one embodiment, a process for producing a lid closure for cans containing foodstuff, the lid providing tightness during sterilization or pasteurization in a continuous autoclave, said cans being closed with a can closure may include (1) producing the can closure from an annular ring adapted for seaming to the can body and a lid panel having an outer ring band sealingly affixed onto an inner flat web; and (2) reshaping a central area of the lid panel by deep drawing to a smooth bowl shape or a dome shape with a plane surface, as original shape, a material of this central area thereby solidified or hardened to such an extent that under an increased pressure in a headspace of the can during a passage thereof through an autoclave station, the central area changes to an axially outwardly bulged shape that is mirror-inverted with respect to the original shape and, during a subsequent cooling of the can, the central area automatically returns substantially to the original shape thereof.
Ardagh Mp Group Netherlands B.v.

 Shell egg pasteurization processes patent thumbnailShell egg pasteurization processes
The d-value for pasteurizing chicken shell eggs that are not refrigerated prior to pasteurization, or shell eggs that are sufficiently tempered to room temperature prior to pasteurization, is less than the d-value for pasteurizing chicken shell eggs that are refrigerated prior to pasteurization. Statistically verified time and temperature pasteurization protocols that produce pasteurized chicken shell eggs to achieve at least a statistical 5-log reduction of salmonella enteritidis are therefore possible at lower pasteurization temperatures or lower pasteurization dwell times..
National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.

 Microwave sterilization or pasteurization patent thumbnailMicrowave sterilization or pasteurization
Various embodiments of processing systems and components for sterilization or pasteurization and associated methods of operation are described herein. For example, a method of sterilization or pasteurization includes immersing an item in an immersion fluid, and the immersed item is subject to a hydrostatic pressure of the immersion fluid.
Washington State University

Ready to drink beverages with foam formed by microwave energy

Ready to drink (“rtd”) beverages are provided that have improved texture and mouthfeel, and a foam layer formed by microwaving the beverage. The rtd beverage does not have significant foam or does not have any foam when the beverage is at room temperature or lower or when poured at room temperature or lower.

Dairy salt, its production and food products containing it

Processing of milk raw material produces a dairy salt. Preliminary treatment of the milk raw is carried out, with pasteurization and its concentration by nanofiltration through a filter with a pore size of 0.001-0.01 μm, subsequent filtration of the obtained nanofiltration permeate through a membrane module with a pore size of 0.0001-0.001 μm of a reverse osmosis unit, electrodialysis of the obtained ro retentate, concentration of the concentrate or its concentration and drying.
Wimm-bill-dann Ojsc

Shell egg pasteurization using radio frequency electromagnetic wave energy

A shell egg pasteurization system uses radio frequency electromagnetic wave energy to heat the yolk. The radio frequency energy is applied in two stages as the shell egg is rotated and moved through the electric field.
National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.

Frozen meat patties

A method for preparing meat-based foodstuffs, comprises the steps of: step 1: a first vacuum cooking heat treatment in a packaging in a moisture saturated atmosphere, is applied to foodstuffs having a meat content equal to or greater than 95%, and without the addition of salt; step 1.1: the foodstuffs having undergone the first vacuum cooking heat treatment are broken down to form elements smaller than two millimeters in the pasty state; step 2: the foodstuffs in the pasty state are repackaged in different receptacles of a container, individually packaged in a partial or total vacuum, in order to undergo a second pasteurization heat treatment in a moisture saturated atmosphere; step 3: the foodstuffs having undergone the second pasteurization heat treatment in individual portions, are rapidly cooled and frozen to −18° c. In the individual receptacles of the container..

Post-packaging pasteurization

A method of pasteurizing food in a sealed container is provided, the method comprising (i) submerging the container in a first water bath, and (ii) heating for a time and at a temperature effective to kill, inactivate or reduce bacteria to safe levels, wherein the first water bath provides a pressure in excess of atmospheric pressure, so that the increase in internal pressure in the container upon heating is offset by the external pressure of the water, then (iii) cooling the container. Further provided are systems for carrying out said method, and food products pasteurized thereby..
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

System and treating wastewater and resulting primary and biological sludge

A method of treating primary sludge and activated sludge produced by a wastewater system is disclosed. A portion of the activated sludge is wasted to form biological sludge.
Veolia Water Solutions And Technologies Support

Novel methods of pasteurization enabling the effective total inactivation of viral and bacterial contamination of in-shell chicken eggs through inactivation levels previously unachievable without loss of raw characteristics

There is a process which can pasteurize in-shell chicken eggs to inactivate pathogens when present which includes all strains of salmonella and all strains of viruses that historically have been known to exist within chicken eggs and currently are known to be evolving into new and separate strains which may cause large quantities of human illnesses unless countermeasures are developed and employed. One such countermeasure is provided through pasteurization of the subject in-shell eggs through pasteurization involving concurrently a secured environment together with a protocol which enables total inactivation of the targeted pathogens whether bacterial or viral without risk of recontamination..

Water bath shell egg pasteurization method

A batch processing control system for a shell egg pasteurizer controls the time and temperature in which batches of shell eggs are held in a pasteurization bath in accordance with a predetermined pasteurization protocol for designated egg size and start temperature. The predetermined pasteurization protocol is preferably statistically verified to optimize batches of eggs having the designated size and start temperature.

System and pasteurizing at least one liquid

A system for pasteurizing a liquid product includes at least one liquid component that can be pumped, including a supply container for making the unpasteurized product available, an inlet line for conveying the unpasteurized product, a pasteurization circuit for pasteurizing the product, and an outlet line for conveying the pasteurized product. The pasteurization circuit includes a buffer container for holding the product during a prescribed constant contact time for pasteurization and a fluctuating flow rate of the product through the buffer container..

System for the production of multi-strained yogurt

The invention describes a system of industrial production of strained yogurt which enables the natural straining by means of separation means, with the optimal use of the raw material, with the least possible stressing of the raw material and with the minimum possible loss of useful ingredients in the whey which is removed after straining and with the optimal stability of the characteristics of the final product, in each production batch. The invention describes the critical conditions of processes upstream of (namely before) the straining process, such as the physiochemical features of the raw milk, conditions of pasteurization and homogenization, conditions of incubation etc and the stacks of suitably selected and positioned membranes that are used for the straining, so that the final strained yogurt has the desired physiochemical features (proteins, fat, total solids) upon its exit from the straining rig.
Delta S.a. Industrial And Commerical Company Of Good Products

System and sterilizing food products

The systems and methods of the present invention provide an economically feasible means of thermally processing items such as food products. In some embodiments, the thermal process is a pasteurization process.

Pasteurization system for root vegetables

A system and method for pasteurizing the surface of a food product includes a flame pasteurizing means arranged to transfer heat to an outer layer of the food product as it is carried by a cook belt. The flame pasteurizing means provides a medium that engulfs more than 50% of the surface area of the skin or outer layer and raises the temperature of the outer layer to at least 145° f.

Gas flush high pressure pasteurization packaging and associated methods

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for packaging perishable foods. A packaging method in accordance with several embodiments of the disclosure can include, for example, mating a tray with a product.
Columbus Manufacturing, Inc.

Insulated shipping containers modified for high-yield fungi production capable in any environment

Techniques for generating high-yield fungi production are disclosed. In one particular embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for generating high-yield fungi production, the system comprising at least one modular container and a growing system housed within the modular container.
Freight Farms, Inc.

Oriental medicinal collagen food and manufacturing method thereof

Oriental medicinal collagen food and manufacturing method of the oriental medicinal collagen food for skin beauty enhancement are provided. The manufacturing method including: a first process including: removing claws and scales from chicken feet, and preparing dandelion, angelica gigas, and pueraria root; a second process including: performing high-pressure pasteurization for the chicken feet obtained in the first process; a third process including: preparing dandelion extract by heating the dandelion in a bag; a fourth process including: obtaining gyepogyo by heating and fermenting the pasteurized chicken feet and the dandelion extract in a pot; and a fifth process including: obtaining extract and distillate from a distillation of a mixture comprising the gyepogyo, the angelica gigas, and the pueraria root..

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