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Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning

Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning

Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning

Method of communicating information through a wearable device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Passively-related patents
 Passive monitoring of virtual systems using agent-less, near-real-time indexing patent thumbnailnew patent Passive monitoring of virtual systems using agent-less, near-real-time indexing
Aspects of the present invention provide a solution for passively monitoring a computer system. In an embodiment, a read-only target is created based on the configuration of the virtual server disk used by the virtual server to access the storage associated therewith.
 Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for antenna tuning
Systems and techniques for management of an antenna tuning frequency range. Frequency coverage needed for an antenna used in a portable communications device in a wireless communication network is determined based on communication protocols being used, with an active tuner being connected to a passively tuned antenna when a different frequency range is called for and with the active tuner being effectively isolated when only the range provided by the passively tuned antenna is needed to reduce the risk of rf mixing or intermodulation..
 Wind turbine blade with extended shell section patent thumbnailnew patent Wind turbine blade with extended shell section
The present invention relates to a manufacturing method for wind turbine blade and a wind turbine manufactured according to that method. The wind turbine blade comprises two shell parts wherein each shell part has a leading edge connected to a trailing edge via an inner surface.
 Method of communicating information through a wearable device patent thumbnailnew patent Method of communicating information through a wearable device
A method of communicating information through a wearable device is provided as a means of receiving, storing, and transmitting information to a plurality of nearby compatible devices and systems in order to facilitate a plurality of data transfer dependent tasks. The wearable device uses several electronic components in order to receive information from various sources, store the information for later use, identify nearby compatible devices and systems, and quickly communicate information to the nearby compatible devices and systems.
 Passively controlled adjustable ride height suspension patent thumbnailnew patent Passively controlled adjustable ride height suspension
A suspension system for a vehicle having a vehicle body and a road wheel includes a suspension corner connecting the road wheel to the vehicle body. The suspension corner maintains contact between the road wheel and a road surface.
 Device monitoring patent thumbnailDevice monitoring
Example embodiments relate to device monitoring. In one example implementation according to aspects of the present disclosure, a computing device may include one or more processors, a memory for storing machine readable instructions, and a data store.
 Dynamic information radio-frequency identification (rfid) card with biometric capabilities patent thumbnailDynamic information radio-frequency identification (rfid) card with biometric capabilities
Embodiments of the present invention implement dynamic elements within a rfid card. Specifically, the embodiments update card information dynamically, using a biometric image scanner (e.g., for scanning a fingerprint passively).
 Wellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing downhole wireless switches patent thumbnailWellbore servicing tools, systems and methods utilizing downhole wireless switches
A wellbore tool comprising a power supply, an electrical load, a receiving unit configured to passively receive a triggering signal, and a switching system electrically coupled to the power supply, the receiving unit, and the electrical load, wherein the switching system is configured to selectively transition from an inactive state to an active state in response to the triggering signal, from the active state to the active state in response to the triggering signal, or combinations thereof, wherein in the inactive state a circuit is incomplete and any route of electrical current flow between the power supply and the electrical load is disallowed, and wherein in the active state the circuit is complete and at least one route of electrical current flow between the power supply and the electrical load is allowed.. .
 Passively tracking partially concentrating photovoltaic solar panel patent thumbnailPassively tracking partially concentrating photovoltaic solar panel
The invention relates to passively tracking, partially concentrating solar panels that feature the ability to perpetually self-concentrate impinging light on a portion of the underlying photovoltaic material during varying times of the day and throughout the year. Such solar panels feature higher conversion efficiencies and higher output when compared to equivalent sized conventional solar panels and do not require an active tracking system to adjust for yearly difference in the sun's elevation above the horizon..
 Apparatus for use in optoelectronics patent thumbnailApparatus for use in optoelectronics
An apparatus for use in optoelectronics includes a first alignment element and a first wafer comprising a through optical via. The first alignment element is bonded to the first wafer, such that the through optical via is uncovered by the first alignment element.
Passive containment spray system
Provided is a passive containment spray system including: a spray coolant storage unit that communicates with a containment accommodating a reactor vessel and maintains equilibrium of pressure between the spray coolant storage unit and the containment; a spray pipe that is installed within the containment in such a manner that when an accident occurs, a coolant supplied from the spray coolant storage unit is sprayed into the containment through the spray pipe due to an increase in pressure within the containment; and a connection pipe one end of which is inserted into the spray coolant storage unit in such a manner as to provide a flow path along which the coolant flows and the other end of which is connected to the spray pipe in such a manner that the coolant is passively supplied to the spray pipe through the connection pipe therein.. .
Network privilege manager for a dynamically programmable computer network
A network security policy may be implemented at network switches as a set of active packet disposition directives. In a dynamically programmable network, the network switches can be dynamically reprogrammed with new packet disposition directives.
Adjustable register vent and grill assembly designed to fit all size standard air distribution boot openings
An apparatus, methods and systems for an independent air register vent assembly having a register frame assembly, louver components, and a means to adjust the register frame assembly and louver components to a range of lengths and/or widths. A length and/or width adjustable grill assembly covers the register frame assembly.
Self illuminated shaped and two-sided signage for printed graphics
Self illuminated back and front lit shaped and two-sided signage. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light and a diffuser providing for diffusion.
Sourcing terms into a search engine
Information may be presented to a user by receiving a selection of one or more terms passively displayed in a document, loading the terms to a search configuration, generating first results responsive to a user's predicted interest as expressed in the search configuration, and enabling display of the first results.. .
Devices and methods for delivering active agents to the osteomeatal complex
Described here are devices, methods, and kits for treating sinusitis and related respiratory conditions by locally delivering active agents to the osteomeatal complex over a sustained period of time. The devices may be passively fixed within the osteomeatal complex and/or include one or more features that actively fix it within the osteomeatal complex.
Independent variable blade pitch and geometry wind turbine control
A variable blade pitch wind turbine and method of passively varying the blade pitch is presented. Each blade of the turbine rotor can individually and passively rotate about a respective blade axis to continuously vary the pitch of the blades to adjust to the ever changing wind speed and direction without active controls or other mechanical or electrical induced inputs to force rotational movement of the blades.
Air intake system hydrocarbon trap purging
Methods and systems for passively purging a hydrocarbon trap in an engine intake in a vehicle are disclosed. In one example approach, a method comprises, in response to an ambient temperature decrease during an engine off condition while a fuel tank is sealed from atmosphere, delivering fuel stored in a hydrocarbon trap in an intake of the engine to a fuel vapor canister coupled to the fuel tank in an emission control system..
Rolling vehicle having collar with passively controlled ailerons
A spinning, rolling, or roll-stabilized vehicle, such as a projectile, includes a fuselage that rotates about its longitudinal axis (spins) during flight. A collar is positionable relative to the fuselage to steer the projectile, with the collar having ailerons to provide a roll force to position the collar.
Invalidating network devices with illicit peripherals
A system and method for passively validating network game users is provided. Data indicative of game behavior and actions at one or more nodes interacting with a network game in a network game community are monitored.
System for collecting, analyzing, and transmitting information relevant to transportation networks
When individual persons or vehicles move through a transportation network, they are likely to be both actively and passively creating information that reflects their location and current behavior. In this patent, we propose a system that makes complete use of this information.
Method and system to capture, share and find information and relationships
A method and system to improve personal and collaborative information management and search. The method is to actively or passively capture pieces of information and the connections among them across disparate technologies and the human mind, while people keep working with familiar tools, and to snapshot such information objects to be globally addressed, persistent in time, and hyperlinked based on the connections.
Retainer mechanism
The present invention discloses a retainer mechanism for actively securing a lid (holding and maintaining content) of a container even if the container is overfilled and for passively (and automatically) self-releasing the lid to fully open when and as a result of the container appropriately titled to a particular orientation for unhindered, unobstructed emptying of the container.. .
Watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system
A watercraft immobilizing apparatus and system for a marine vessel to passively defend against an attacking engine-powered watercraft includes a towed array of entanglement lines. The entanglement lines can be provided on and administered from removable/replaceable storage cartridges mountable on and/or deployed via davits, outriggers, paravanes, and/or weighted submersible rollers to foul and immobilize propellers and engine cooling water intakes of encroaching watercraft..
Utility pole condition sensors
An apparatus and methods involved in the process of assessing utility pole condition and, in particular, the apparatus and methods involved in the use of sensors to assess utility pole fatigue in response to age, weather, wear, impact and other potential damage events. A utility pole sensor system is provided for rapidly and efficiently assessing utility pole fatigue in response to passively induced environmental movements prior to a natural or man-made failure of the utility pole..
Ureteroscope and associated method for the minimally invasive treatment of urinary stones
A passively flexible ureteroscope having a diameter of less than about 2.5 millimeters is provided. The ureteroscope may help overcome many of the problems associated with the prior art devices and methods for removing kidney stones.
Exercise cell, ketosis/weight loss inducing exercise machine (kwiem), ketosis inducing apparatus (kia)
A unique concept of exercise and weight loss that takes place in a new invention utility, namely the exercise cells or the ketone inducing apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus consists of four exercise cells to simulate four different exercise categories in extreme environments, namely walk/run/hike in a cold mountain environment, swim/water jogging in a cold water marine environment, cycling in a hot, humid, rainy, tropical forest environment, and gravitational rotation in a hot dry air windy space or desert environment.
Method for operating a fuel cell system
Methods of operating a fuel cell system, wherein the fuel cell system is purged at system start-up, are disclosed. The purging automatically stops when the anode plenum is fully purged and replaced with fuel.
Fluidic interface module for a fuel cell system
Purge valves that are manually turned on but are automatically or electrically turned off as the fuel cell's production of electricity reaches a predetermined level, e.g., steady state or thereabout are disclosed. The purge valve may be opened at system start-up, or may be opened at system shut-down so that the purge valve is armed and the fuel cell system is purged at the next start-up.
Battery pack with heat sink
A battery pack including a housing including an inner cavity and an interface for receiving a power tool. The interface includes electrical terminals operable to interface with the power tool.
Systems and methods for detecting abnormalities in electrical and electrochemical energy units
A method for abnormality detection in an energy unit includes passively detecting an abnormality in an energy unit by detecting electromagnetic radiation generated by the abnormality, the energy unit comprising at least one of an electrical energy unit and an electrochemical energy unit. A method for detecting an abnormality in an energy unit includes (a) applying a signal to the energy unit, (b) performing a plurality of measurements, at a respective plurality of different locations within the energy unit, of a response of the energy unit to the signal, and (c) processing the plurality of measurements to identify the abnormality..
Compressor bleed self-recirculating system
A compressor for a gas turbine engine having a bleed air recirculation system includes a plurality of bleed holes extending through the shroud at a first axial location thereon substantially adjacent the blade tips. The bleed holes have a closed outer perimeter along their complete length.
Resynchronization of passive monitoring of a flow based on hole detection
Embodiments are directed towards resynchronizing the processing of a monitored flow based on hole detection. A network monitoring device (nmd) may be employed to passively monitor flows of packets for a session between endpoints.
Passive measurement of available link bandwidth
A method of passively measuring available link bandwidth at a client device that receives media data over a network connection comprising receiving packets of a media stream at the client device, wherein one or more the of packets comprises a unique identifier indicating that one or more the packets are associated with a macro burst sorting the received packets into one or more of the macro bursts based on the unique identifiers, and determining the link bandwidth available to the client device based at least in part on the time intervals between arrival times of the packets sorted into individual macro bursts, wherein the macro bursts each comprise a plurality of packets transmitted together by a sending device to regulate the sending device's transmission rate.. .
Method and apparatus for passive detection of near-surface human-scale underground anomalies using earth field measurements
Methods and apparatus are provided for passively detecting the presence of near-surface human-scale underground anomalies using earth field measurements. A sensor is used to measure at least one electric or magnetic component of the earth's electromagnetic field at a frequency of 5 khz or greater in proximity to the earth's surface for a given area.
Passively enable a blister pack with wireless identification device
A blister pack is provided having a wireless identification device located at a predetermined position. A moldable blister web is mounted with wireless identification devices at selected positions corresponding to the size of the blister components to be molded from the web.
Pipe material removal apparatus and method
Apparatus for removing material lining the inside surface of a cylindrical structure, the apparatus comprising: a support for supporting the structure in a horizontal orientation; an elongate horizontal boom for being inserted into the structure; a nozzle assembly connected to the boom member, the nozzle assembly comprising one or more nozzles wherein each nozzle is suitably spaced from the lining to deliver a jet of fluid under pressure to the lining; a conduit in fluid communication with the nozzle assembly suitable for delivering a flow of fluid to each nozzle under sufficient pressure to cut the lining material adjacent the nozzle; and a rotation mechanism cooperating with the support to passively enable the structure to being rotated while supported by the support or to actively impart rotation to the structure while supported by the support, wherein the rotation of the structure is about a central longitudinal axis of the structure.. .
Torque ripple compensating device
A torque ripple compensating device for an internal combustion engine is provided. The torque ripple compensating device comprises a first member, a second member, and a third member.
Autonomous sailing vessel
An unmanned ocean-going vessel including a primary hull, a rigid wing rotationally coupled with the primary hull where the rigid wing freely rotates about a rotational axis of the rigid wing, a controller configured to maintain a desired heading, a control surface element configured to aerodynamically control a wing angle of the rigid wing based on a position of the control surface element, where the controller is configured to determine a control surface angle and generate a signal to position the control surface element based on the control surface angle, a rudder, where the controller is further configured to determine a rudder position and generate a signal to position the rudder to the rudder position, and a keel including ballast sufficient to provide a positive righting moment sufficient to cause the primary hull to passively right from any position.. .
Push block for a woodworking apparatus
A push block for a woodworking tool comprises at least heel member at an end of the push block and the heel member is passively actuatable to an extended position to engage a trailing end surface of a work piece to advance the work piece by a working element. The push block also includes a wall member along a first side of the push block to serve as a barrier between a cutting element and an operator's hand.
Push block for a woodworking apparatus
A push block for a woodworking tool comprises at least heel member at an end of the push block and the heel member is passively actuatable to an extended position to engage a trailing end surface of a work piece to advance the work piece by a working element. The push block also includes a wall member along a first side of the push block to serve as a barrier between a cutting element and an operator's hand.
Push block for a woodworking apparatus
A push block for a woodworking tool comprises at least heel member at an end of the push block and the heel member is passively actuatable to an extended position to engage a trailing end surface of a work piece to advance the work piece by a working element. The push block also includes a wall member along a first side of the push block to serve as a barrier between a cutting element and an operator's hand.
Torsional compensator
A torsional compensating device for an internal combustion engine for an internal combustion engine is provided. The torsional compensating device comprises a first joint assembly and a torsional element.
System and method for enhanced security and management mechanisms for enterprise administrators in a cloud-based environment
A cloud-based platform (e.g., cloud-based collaboration and/or storage platform/service) is described that provides administrators with better visibility into content and activity across an enterprise account via advanced search tools and activity reports. Administrator tools are also provided that allow for actively managing content and passively monitoring content with real-time alerts sent to the administrator if usage of the cloud-based platform changes within the enterprise account.
Infrared temperature measurement and stabilization thereof
Infrared (ir) temperature measurement and stabilization systems, and methods related thereto are provided. One or more embodiments passively stabilizes temperatures of objects in proximity and within the path between an infrared (ir) sensor and target object.
System for providing traffic data and driving efficiency data
Current and predicted traffic information is provided from incident data, traffic flow data, and media related to traffic received from multiple sources. The crowd sourced data may be provided passively by applications on remote mobile devices or actively by users operating the remote mobile devices.
Passively switched converter and circuits including same
The invention provides a passive converter comprising an input for electrical coupling to an intermittent or variable power source, an output for electrical coupling to load, and a conversion circuit for converting from a first voltage level of the input to a second voltage level suitable for the output, wherein the conversion circuit includes a passive switching circuit adapted to passively couple the input to the output when the input exceeds a first threshold and decouple the input from the output when the input falls below a second threshold. In particular, the passive switching circuit preferably comprises a spark gap, thyristor and avalanche diode, breakover diode, discharge tube, or a thyristor operated as breakover diodes.
Device for clutter-resistant target detection
The invention relates to a device for passively or actively detecting a target which scatters a useful signal and which is immersed in an observed area comprising elements that are likely to generate clutter echoes forming a non-useful signal, the useful signal having a coherent scattering lobe that is greater than that of the non-useful signal for a given wavelength and given direction, said device including means for receiving the signal scattered by the target, said receiving means including: at a given moment t, at least two separate reception portions having the same polarization, each portion including at least one receiver and one phase center; and a processing means enabling the mutual correlation between at least two received signals, or between at least two signals constructed from signals received at a moment t, each of said received signals being received by a receiver of one of said at least two separate reception portions, characterized in that the phase centers of said at least two reception portions are arranged such that the both of the latter are located in the coherent scattering lobe of a possible useful signal and such that both of the latter are not located in the coherent scattering lobe of the non-useful signal, so as to enable said processing means to detect a possible useful signal present of the non-useful signal, the minimum required distance between said phase centers being that which is required for observing a first decrease in the coefficient of correlation of said at least two constructed signals.. .
Batch filtration system for preparation of sterile fluid for renal replacement therapy
A method and device for blood treatments that use fluids such as dialysate and replacement fluid for renal replacement therapy. In an embodiment, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through a microporous sterilization filter from a fluid source to a replacement fluid container.
Passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output
A passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output is provided. The passive solar tracking system includes a panel having at least one solar cell for solar-to-electric conversion and an actuator that is arranged for moving the panel to provide the variable facing direction of the panel.
Limiting processing of calls as text telephony calls
A communication node processes a call supported over a voice coded channel in a wireless communication network. The node tentatively designates the call as a voice call as soon as the call is initiated.
System and method for point-to-multipoint communication
A communication system including: a p2mp root device, configured to communicate with multiple p2mp user-end devices over a shared network accessible to each of the p2mp user-end devices; and multiple adaptors, each being connected between a first pan and a second part of a respective pt2pt communication line, and also connected to the p2mp root communication device by a respective p2mp communication line. Each of the adaptors is configured to: transfer pt2pt electric signals of pt2pt communication between the first and the second parts of the respective pt2pt communication line; transfer p2mp electric signals of p2mp communication between the second part of the respective pt2pt communication line and the respective p2mp communication line; and passively convert between the p2mp electric signals which are transferred over the respective p2mp communication line and the p2mp electric signals of the p2mp communication transferred over the second part of the respective pt2pt communication line..
Devices and methods for programming fluid flow using sequenced microstructures
A microfluidic platform is disclosed that uses obstacles placed at particular location(s) within the channel cross-section to turn and stretch fluid. The asymmetric flow behavior upstream and downstream of the obstacle(s) due to fluid inertia manifests itself as a total deformation of the topology of streamlines that effectively creates a tunable net secondary flow.
Automatic classification change in power over ethernet device
In one implementation, a classification resistance of a powered device is adjusted passively. The powered device is configured to receive a classification voltage from a network device and, in response, is configured to send a first current indicative of a first classification resistor to the network device.
Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users
A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Method & apparatus for detecting and avoiding interference in a communications network
A wireless mesh communication network includes a plurality of wireless routers which can be managed in a hierarchical manner with respect to one another and all of the routers are capable of detecting and avoiding interference on channels over which they communicate with one another. Depending upon whether a channel is active or inactive, a wireless router can either passively detect interference and then switch channels to avoid it or actively detect interference and then switch channels to avoid it..
Fixture, system and method for performing functional test
A fixture for performing functional test is provided. The fixture comprises an interface module and a test control module.
Passive security enforcement
Technology is described for enabling passive enforcement of security at computing systems. A component of a computing system can passively authenticate or authorize a user based on observations of the user's interactions with the computing system.
System for medical treatment
A medical device and a system for medical treatment comprising the medical device are disclosed. The medical device comprises a fluidic conduit and/or is configured to be operatively coupled to a fluidic conduit.
Microfluidic device for analyzing a pressurized fluid
The invention relates to a microfluidic sensor for analyzing a fluid which is in a pipe and which is under a first pressure. The sensor includes a mixer for mixing amount of fluid from the pipe with at least one amount of a reactant from at least one tank, and an analyzer for analyzing the resulting mixture.
Interposer structure having optical fiber connection and related fiber optic connector for the same
Disclosed are interposer structures having an optical fiber connection and a related fiber optic ferrule that can form a portion of an optical assembly. The interposer structure is useful for transmitting optical signals to/from an integrated circuit that may be attached to the interposer.
Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems
The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Electrocardiograph monitoring device and connector
The present invention relates to electrocardiography and to electrode arrangements used in electrocardiographic monitoring devices, and is more particularly related to a pad or patch containing said electrodes which may be used to passively and non-invasively monitor electrical activity generated by a patient's heart from the surface of that patient's chest, and to a connector which allows for fast and simple connection between the pad containing said electrodes and the devices and equipment typically used to monitor and view electrocardiographic information.. .
Laser based analysis using a passively q-switched laser
A device for laser based analysis using a passively q-switched laser comprising an optical pumping source optically connected to a laser media. The laser media and a q-switch are positioned between and optically connected to a high reflectivity mirror (hr) and an output coupler (oc) along an optical axis.
Passive diffuser having a non-planar wick
A device for passively diffusing a liquid to the air of a surrounding area. A reservoir holds the liquid, the reservoir having a top end with an aperture therethrough.
Dewatering method using a wicking material
A wet material having at least a liquid portion is dewatered by providing one or more wicking members of wicking material arranged to transfer moisture passively by wicking therethrough from a contacting portion in contact with the wet material to an evaporating portion where the transferred liquid portion is arranged to be evaporated. In some embodiments conductive elements are included in the wicking member to assist in distributing heat across the wicking member which enhances the evaporation of moisture transferred therethrough from the wet material.
Dynamic insulation systems
A dynamic insulation system suitable for deployment within an envelope or facade of a building or habitable construction is described. The system comprises one or more layers of insulation and one or more void space forming elements (5,12b).
Apparatuses, systems, and methods for crankcase oil sump overfill protection
Generally, an overflow conduit is described in apparatuses, systems, and methods to protect a crankcase oil sump from overfill. The overflow conduit is to be connected to a crankcase oil sump of an engine, and is configured to passively receive oil from the crankcase oil sump to avoid an overfill condition from occurring in the crankcase oil sump.
Self illuminated signage for printed graphics
Self illuminated back and front lit signage for a printed graphic. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light, a diffuser providing for diffusion, and a printed graphic.
Passive system for cooling the core of a nuclear reactor
A system for passively cooling nuclear fuel in a pressurized water reactor during refueling that employs gravity and alignment of valves using battery reserves or fail in a safe position configurations to maintain the water above the reactor core during reactor disassembly and refueling. A large reserve of water is maintained above the elevation of and in fluid communication with the spent fuel pool and is used to remove decay heat from the reactor core after the reaction within the core has been successfully stopped.
Passively controlled smart microjet cooling array
An impingement cooling system for cooling electronic components includes a nozzle array having a plurality of nozzles in fluid communication with a source of cooling fluid, each nozzle including a deflection structure that deforms above a threshold temperature. A plurality of thermally conductive pins respectively are in thermal contact with the deflection structures and conduct heat from at least one of the electronic components to the deflection structures.

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