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Passively patents


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 Passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a synchronous, cooperative network patent thumbnailnew patent Passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a synchronous, cooperative network
Systems and methods for passive proximity detection of wireless devices in a cellular communications network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a supporting radio access node in a cellular communications network including one or more coverage radio access nodes in a coverage layer and one or more supporting radio access nodes in a supporting layer is disclosed.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Self-adaptive antenna systems for electronic devices having multiple form factors patent thumbnailnew patent Self-adaptive antenna systems for electronic devices having multiple form factors
An electronic device is described that is configurable to be transitioned from a first operating mode having a first form factor to a second operating mode having a second form factor. The electronic device includes a first device portion and a second device portion that is connected to the first device portion.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Lean burn internal combustion engine patent thumbnailnew patent Lean burn internal combustion engine
An internal combustion engine having a fuel injector, a piston chamber, a piston slidably disposed in the piston chamber having a piston crown along a top surface, a head assembly having at least one pre-chamber separate from the piston chamber and in fluid communication with the piston chamber via at least one connecting orifice, and an ignition device disposed in the pre-chamber for igniting a fuel air mixture within the pre-chamber, thereby producing an ignition jet being introduced into the piston chamber via the at least one connecting orifice to ignite a fuel/air mixture in the piston chamber. The fuel/air mixture is passively introduced into the at least one pre-chamber during at least a compression stroke of the piston..
Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc.

 Shear activated impact resistant electrolyte patent thumbnailShear activated impact resistant electrolyte
A passively impact resistant composite electrolyte composition includes an electrolyte solvent, up to 6m of an electrolyte salt, and shear thickening ceramic particles having an outer surface. The shear thickening ceramic particles have an absolute zeta potential of greater than ±40 mv.
Ut-battelle, Llc

 Extracting features from auditory observations with active or passive assistance of shape-based auditory modification apparatus patent thumbnailExtracting features from auditory observations with active or passive assistance of shape-based auditory modification apparatus
This disclosure provides for an auditory modification apparatus to facilitate extraction of information from an auditory observation stream. The approach may be used to reveal features about the environment, or to simplify processing of the incoming audio stream.

 Passive matrix for electrophoretic displays patent thumbnailPassive matrix for electrophoretic displays
The present invention is directed to methods of passively driving an electrophoretic display. The electrophoretic fluid comprises three types of particles wherein two types particles are charged pigment particles having opposite charge polarities and contrasting colors.
E Ink California, Llc

 Video viewer targeting based on preference similarity patent thumbnailVideo viewer targeting based on preference similarity
Presentation of a video clip is made to persons having a high probability of viewing the clip. A database containing viewers of previously offered video clips is analyzed to determine similarities of preferences among viewers.
Tubemogul, Inc.

 Methods, devices and systems that dissipate heat and facilitate optical alignment in optical communications modules patent thumbnailMethods, devices and systems that dissipate heat and facilitate optical alignment in optical communications modules
A heat dissipation system for an optical communications module is provided that includes a cold block on which the optoelectronic components and a lens assembly of an osa of the module are mounted. The cold block has precisely-controlled mounting surface heights that precisely passively align the lens assembly in directions normal to mounting surfaces of the cold block.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Gas-operated firearm with pressure compensating gas piston patent thumbnailGas-operated firearm with pressure compensating gas piston
A firearm may have gas operating system that renders the firearm capable of firing a wide range of shot loads by passively or automatically compensating for different shot loads. The firearm may include a plurality of ports formed in the firearm barrel, and corresponding ports formed in a gas block of the gas operating system.
Ra Brands, L.l.c.

 Gear mechanism providing passive ratio switching patent thumbnailGear mechanism providing passive ratio switching
A gearbox includes a first shaft operatively coupled to an output of an engine, with the first shaft having a first longitudinal axis. A second shaft is operatively coupled to a driveshaft of an electric machine, the second shaft having a second longitudinal axis.
Cummins Inc.

Hybrid vehicle with combined cabin and battery cooling

Cooling of a battery pack of an electrified vehicle is performed with an optimized energy usage and with minimal impact on cooling of the passenger cabin. The battery is actively cooled by circulating coolant from the battery to a chiller of an air conditioning system when a battery temperature is above a predetermined power-limiting temperature.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method for passively closing a pre-authorized tab with an associated payment token

A merchant system for passively closing a patron's pre-authorized tab, with an associated payment token, set up with a computer device in communication with the merchant system, said system including one or more processors in communication with data storage, said processors being configured to execute computer readable instructions stored on said data storage for performing the steps of (a) determining if the pre-authorized tab should be passively closed; (b) if the pre-authorized tab should be passively closed, then performing the steps of (i) generating a total amount spent on goods and/or service ordered by the patron; (ii) sending the total amount spent and the payment token associated with the pre-authorized tab to an online service for authentication so as to pay the merchant; and (iii) closing the pre-authorized tab.. .
Mastercard Asia/pacific Pte Ltd

Mobile communications device providing heuristic security authentication features and related methods

A mobile communications device includes a plurality of first input devices capable of passively collecting input data, a second input device(s) capable of collecting response data based upon a challenge, and a processor capable of determining a level of assurance (loa) that possession of the mobile communications device has not changed based upon a statistical behavioral model and the passively received input data, and comparing the loa with a security threshold. When the loa is above the security threshold, the processor may be capable of performing a given mobile device operation without requiring response data from the second input device(s).
Blackberry Limited

System and methods for sensory controlled satisfaction monitoring

The disclosure relates to systems and methods for an automatic sensory controlled satisfaction monitoring system based upon physiological sensing detection technology coupled with externally measured stimulants, operable to monitor continuously the satisfaction level and to communicate passively with various external entities, such as social, medical/health, business nature and the like. More specifically, the present disclosure supports non-unified pricing and payments according to a satisfaction scale of the experience, and further allows for open access to various internet content and services payable according to actual consumption combined with the real-time/average satisfaction level..

Extended-reach assist device for performing assembly tasks

An extended-reach assist device for an assembly task includes a base mechanism and a compliant end-effector. The articulated base mechanism provides one or more passive degrees of freedom.
Universite Laval

Additive manufacturing using cast strip superalloy material

A method of additive manufacturing, including: placing a layer (10) of strip-cast superalloy sheet material over a subcomponent (12) leaving a gap (20) between the layer and the subcomponent; and creating a weldment (14) to the layer. Shrinkage in the layer caused by the weldment is accommodated by a decrease in the gap with reduced shrinkage stress in the weldment.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Locating the source of a wireless signal

In some aspects, a wireless-signal source locator system includes wireless sensor devices distributed at distinct locations over a geographic region. The wireless sensor devices are configured to passively monitor wireless communication network signals in the geographic region.
Cognitive Systems Corp.

Passive multi-port entry adapter and preserving downstream catv signal strength within in-home network

A cable television (catv) entry adapter interfaces to a catv network and serves as a hub in an in-home network for passively communicating multimedia content or information from the catv network and between subscriber devices connected to the ports of the catv entry adapter, using catv signals in a catv frequency band and network signals in a different in-home network band.. .
Ppc Broadband, Inc.

Vehicle access system with inadvertent actuation control

In at least some implementations, a method for preventing inadvertant operation of a vehicle access system that includes a plurality of inputs involves providing a keypad operable to output signals to control a vehicle system based on entry of a code via the inputs, detecting when a predetermined access sequence is inputted via the inputs and outputting a signal to a vehicle system to allow access to the vehicle, and operating the keypad in a disabled mode wherein the keypad output signals are not outputted. The disabled mode may be activated either actively or passively or both, and the disabled mode may be terminated either actively or passively or both..
Dura Operating Llc

Personal secure event recording device

A device may passively record or transmit data characterizing the environment of a user and/or the physiological condition of the user. The device may encrypts and/or cryptographically sign data for storage and/or transmission.

Polymer drag reduction systems on vehicle surfaces

Systems and methods of reducing drag on outer surfaces of vehicles that are in contact with water using a polymer solution that reduces the drag on the outer surfaces of the vehicles as the vehicles travel through water. A polymer solution is passively ejected into the boundary layer of the water flowing past the outer surface of the vehicle.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Apparatus, systems, and methods for enhancing hydrocarbon extraction and techniques related thereto

Provided are apparatus and systems using mine spectroscopic data at various stages of the hydrocarbon extraction process. The spectrometers may be mounted on various equipment components at the various stages of the hydrocarbon extraction process to passively collect energy reflected from objects.

Wind turbine blade with tripping device and method thereof

A wind turbine and a method of reducing extreme loads and fatigue loads on a wind turbine by using a passively activated tripping device arranged on the pressure side of the wind turbine blade. The tripping device is configured to interrupt the passing airflow, when activated, and transform the airflow into a turbulent airflow.
Envision Energy (jiangsu) Co. Ltd.

System for collecting, analyzing, and transmitting information relevant to transport networks

When individual persons or vehicles move through a transportation network, they are likely to be both actively and passively creating information that reflects their location and current behavior. In this patent, we propose a system that makes complete use of this information.
Apple Inc.

Passively cooled ion exchange column

An ion exchange system includes an ion exchange column filled with ion exchange media and a passive cooling system. The passive cooling system includes a working fluid that transfers heat away from the ion exchange column.
Energysolutions, Llc

Passively triggered wagering system

An electronic gaming machine that provides passively triggered wagering is disclosed. In an entertainment game, passively actuated enabling elements are provided.
Gamblit Gaming, Llc

Media hub devices with passive monitoring of user devices and targeted media transmission through in-channel transmission or shifted channel transmission

Systems and methods associated with media hub devices are provided that passively monitor user devices and transmit targeted media through in-channel transmissions that use the same channel used to monitor the user devices, or shifted channel transmissions that are different than the channel used to monitor the user devices. For example, a media hub device may passively monitor customer devices by scanning a wireless communication channel and obtaining device identification information transmitted by a user device that communicates the device identification information via the wireless communication channel.
Catalina Marketing Corporation

Prism-based focal plane adjustment for thermal compensation in a lens assembly

To compensate for a focal plane shifting away from an image plane due to a temperature change, an integrated image sensor and lens assembly includes an optical component and an optics compensator including passively actuating elements. The passively actuating elements couple the optical component to the inner surface of the lens mount.
Gopro, Inc.

Spin stabilized aerial aircraft

A spin stabilized aircraft may include a plurality of wings that passively spin stabilize the aircraft, causing the apparatus to move in a direction opposite that of a wind source. The aircraft may also include two or more propulsive arms that actively stabilize the aircraft in absence of wind or a decrease in altitude..
The Aerospace Corporation


A prosthesis with a lower limb attachment part, a foot part, a connection element with a joint function that connects the lower limb attachment part with the foot part, and a release device which can be brought into a locking position in which the foot part and the lower limb attachment part are connected to each other in a rotationally fixed manner at least relative to a dorsal extension movement, and into a release position in which the foot part can be rotated relative to the lower limb attachment part. The release device is designed to passively switch from the locking position into the release position when a variable which correlates to an ankle torque (m) in the connection element lies above a pre-set threshold..
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

Implantable cardio-vascular flow streamliner

Embodiments herein provide an implantable flow streamliner for passively regulating blood streams in a tcpc subject. The implantable flow streamliner is configured to split a blood stream from an inferior vena cava (ivc) and a blood stream from a superior vena cava (svc), without a direct collision between the blood streams.
Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay

Compact miniature fire-extinguishing and/or fire-protection device

A fire-extinguishing or fire-protection device formed from a pressure vessel filled with a pressurized extinguishing medium. The device has an exit opening closed by a closure element which can be perforated by a perforation element.
Job Lizenz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Devices and methods for cooling microwave antennas

Devices and methods for cooling microwave antennas are disclosed herein. The cooling systems can be used with various types of microwave antennas.
Covidien Lp

Devices and methods for cooling microwave antennas

Devices and methods for cooling microwave antennas are disclosed herein. The cooling systems can be used with various types of microwave antennas.
Covidien Lp

Electric rocking mode damper

The invention relates to a new audio transducer for mobile devices, in particular a micro speaker for use in mobile phones, tablets, gaming devices, notebooks or similar devices, that comprises two figure-8 shaped coils to compensate tumbling passively or to detect and compensate actively rocking modes of the membrane along the two axes perpendicular to the axis of piston-wise movement of the membrane using a detection coil and a damping coil per axis. An amplifier may be used to amplify the detection signal in order to increase the damping effect.
Knowles Electronics (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Method and passively monitoring online video viewing and viewer behavior

Various user behaviors are passively monitored and recorded when a user/viewer interacts with a network video player, e.g. A web video player, while watching an online video clip.
Tubemogul, Inc.

Passive safety system for removing decay heat and passively increasing a coolant flow using the same

A passive safety system for removing decay heat from a nuclear power system may comprise a shroud structure and a heat generator that is within the shroud structure. A thermoelectric device may be disposed in thermal contact with the heat generator.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc

Electromechanical gaming machine with a fixed ship

An electromechanical gaming machine that provides an entertainment game wherein a user controls the movement of a ship across a fixed plane. A passively actuated entertainment element allows for a user to trigger wagers through the use of an entertainment software engine.
Gamblit Gaming, Llc

Electronically controlled drawer slide locking for cabinets and hub for same

A locking system for a cabinet may include a plurality of hubs to pass signals from activation devices and for power distribution to locks controlling access to drawers and/or openings of the cabinet. The hubs may also pass signals between pairs of locks, for example for drawer slides used for drawers of the cabinets.
Accuride International Inc.

Semi-passive control of solidification in powdered materials

Disclosed herein are surface-functionalized powders which alter the solidification of the melted powders. Some variations provide a powdered material comprising a plurality of particles fabricated from a first material, wherein each of the particles has a particle surface area that is continuously or intermittently surface-functionalized with nanoparticles and/or microparticles selected to control solidification of the powdered material from a liquid state to a solid state.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Needle based helical coil safety device

The present disclosure describes anti-needle stick safety mechanism that is passively activated during the normal course of giving an injection. In one embodiment, the device includes a spring member coupled at a proximal end to a needle member and at a distal end to a needle cover.
Safety Syringes, Inc.

Platform device for passively distributed quantitative collective knowledge

For a platform device (100) located at a web-site and capable of forming a network with a plurality of id-detectable users or participants for gathering and processing items of information stored in each case in code-identifiable storage spaces (110) of a platform (100) assigned to a plurality of different topics by the users or participants, a passive automated distribution of information collected by the users or participants is enable in that the storage spaces (110) on the platform (100) are in each case formed by a dual unit duu, a dual unit duu comprising in each case a first storage space (111) that is assigned to a predefinable topic and provided with initial items of information (114) formulated by an initial participant and is not editable by any other individual user or participant and also a second storage space (112) assigned to the first storage space (111) and editable by any individual user or participant and construed for insertion, by the plurality of users or participants, of additional information (113) concerning the initial item of information (114) stored in the first storage space (111).. .

Low-friction and low-adhesion materials and coatings

Disclosed are materials that possess both low adhesion and the ability to absorb water. The material passively absorbs water from the atmosphere and then expels this water upon impact with debris, to create a self-cleaning layer.
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Systems, methods, and arp mediation

An exemplary network controller may be configured to perform arp mediation through passively learning mac addresses on client sides and keeping track of ip/mac/attachment point associations, hijacking arp requests received by the core nodes through a packet_in operation or a redirection to other agents, injecting proxy arp replies that provide target mac information without the actual target being involved, and possibly programming the network nodes with the static arp responding rule for a specified duration.. .
Infinera Corporation

Connecting rod

A connecting rod for an engine is provided. The connecting rod includes a first connecting rod portion and a second connecting rod portion.
Caterpillar Inc.

Electromagnetic brake control circuitry for elevator application

A brake system for an elevator car includes a multiple of brake segments for deceleration of the elevator car and a brake control circuit operable to control operation of each of the multiple of brake segments to passively sequence activation of each of the multiple of brake segments.. .

Systems and methods for stroke detection

A stroke detection device includes a cell phone having a sensor adapted to sense a characteristic of the user of the cell phone. An app executed by the cell phone passively monitors the characteristic to determine if the user has experienced a stroke.
Stryker Corporation

Passive method to measure strength of turbulence

Disclosed is a method to passively measure and calculate the strength of turbulence via the index of refraction structure constant cn2 from video imagery gathered by an imaging device, such as a video camera. Processing may occur with any type computing device utilizing a processor executing machine executable code stored on memory.
National Security Technologies, Llc

System and communication management through analysis of recipient behavior and/or contact relationships

Systems and methods for aiding communication terminal users in the management of incoming call and/or message arrival notifications. In an embodiment, a method comprises receiving a notification associated with an invitation to establish a communication session between a communication originator and an intended recipient or to the availability, for retrieval and/or access, of a voice, text, or e-mail message.
Vonage Network Llc

Distributed saturation detection wireless network nodes

Systems methods and apparatus provide a temporal analysis framework that models how the ieee 802.11 mac mechanism wins transmission opportunities when nodes communicate data over a plurality of communication channels. At each node, data packets transmitted by adjacent remote nodes are captured for a predetermined time interval.
Dublin Institute Of Technology

Acoustic electronic device dock

Acoustic docks and methods of forming the same, as well as methods of amplifying sound are disclosed herein. An acoustic dock may include a surface having a recess.

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