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Infrared temperature measurement and stabilization thereof

System for providing traffic data and driving efficiency data

Passively switched converter and circuits including same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Passively-related patents
 System and method for enhanced security and management mechanisms for enterprise administrators in a cloud-based environment patent thumbnailSystem and method for enhanced security and management mechanisms for enterprise administrators in a cloud-based environment
A cloud-based platform (e.g., cloud-based collaboration and/or storage platform/service) is described that provides administrators with better visibility into content and activity across an enterprise account via advanced search tools and activity reports. Administrator tools are also provided that allow for actively managing content and passively monitoring content with real-time alerts sent to the administrator if usage of the cloud-based platform changes within the enterprise account.
 Infrared temperature measurement and stabilization thereof patent thumbnailInfrared temperature measurement and stabilization thereof
Infrared (ir) temperature measurement and stabilization systems, and methods related thereto are provided. One or more embodiments passively stabilizes temperatures of objects in proximity and within the path between an infrared (ir) sensor and target object.
 System for providing traffic data and driving efficiency data patent thumbnailSystem for providing traffic data and driving efficiency data
Current and predicted traffic information is provided from incident data, traffic flow data, and media related to traffic received from multiple sources. The crowd sourced data may be provided passively by applications on remote mobile devices or actively by users operating the remote mobile devices.
 Passively switched converter and circuits including same patent thumbnailPassively switched converter and circuits including same
The invention provides a passive converter comprising an input for electrical coupling to an intermittent or variable power source, an output for electrical coupling to load, and a conversion circuit for converting from a first voltage level of the input to a second voltage level suitable for the output, wherein the conversion circuit includes a passive switching circuit adapted to passively couple the input to the output when the input exceeds a first threshold and decouple the input from the output when the input falls below a second threshold. In particular, the passive switching circuit preferably comprises a spark gap, thyristor and avalanche diode, breakover diode, discharge tube, or a thyristor operated as breakover diodes.
 Device for clutter-resistant target detection patent thumbnailDevice for clutter-resistant target detection
The invention relates to a device for passively or actively detecting a target which scatters a useful signal and which is immersed in an observed area comprising elements that are likely to generate clutter echoes forming a non-useful signal, the useful signal having a coherent scattering lobe that is greater than that of the non-useful signal for a given wavelength and given direction, said device including means for receiving the signal scattered by the target, said receiving means including: at a given moment t, at least two separate reception portions having the same polarization, each portion including at least one receiver and one phase center; and a processing means enabling the mutual correlation between at least two received signals, or between at least two signals constructed from signals received at a moment t, each of said received signals being received by a receiver of one of said at least two separate reception portions, characterized in that the phase centers of said at least two reception portions are arranged such that the both of the latter are located in the coherent scattering lobe of a possible useful signal and such that both of the latter are not located in the coherent scattering lobe of the non-useful signal, so as to enable said processing means to detect a possible useful signal present of the non-useful signal, the minimum required distance between said phase centers being that which is required for observing a first decrease in the coefficient of correlation of said at least two constructed signals.. .
 Batch filtration system for preparation of sterile fluid for renal replacement therapy patent thumbnailBatch filtration system for preparation of sterile fluid for renal replacement therapy
A method and device for blood treatments that use fluids such as dialysate and replacement fluid for renal replacement therapy. In an embodiment, fluid is passed either by pump or passively by gravity feed, through a microporous sterilization filter from a fluid source to a replacement fluid container.
 Passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output patent thumbnailPassive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output
A passive solar tracking system to enhance solar cell output is provided. The passive solar tracking system includes a panel having at least one solar cell for solar-to-electric conversion and an actuator that is arranged for moving the panel to provide the variable facing direction of the panel.
 Limiting processing of calls as text telephony calls patent thumbnailLimiting processing of calls as text telephony calls
A communication node processes a call supported over a voice coded channel in a wireless communication network. The node tentatively designates the call as a voice call as soon as the call is initiated.
 System and method for point-to-multipoint communication patent thumbnailSystem and method for point-to-multipoint communication
A communication system including: a p2mp root device, configured to communicate with multiple p2mp user-end devices over a shared network accessible to each of the p2mp user-end devices; and multiple adaptors, each being connected between a first pan and a second part of a respective pt2pt communication line, and also connected to the p2mp root communication device by a respective p2mp communication line. Each of the adaptors is configured to: transfer pt2pt electric signals of pt2pt communication between the first and the second parts of the respective pt2pt communication line; transfer p2mp electric signals of p2mp communication between the second part of the respective pt2pt communication line and the respective p2mp communication line; and passively convert between the p2mp electric signals which are transferred over the respective p2mp communication line and the p2mp electric signals of the p2mp communication transferred over the second part of the respective pt2pt communication line..
 Devices and methods for programming fluid flow using sequenced microstructures patent thumbnailDevices and methods for programming fluid flow using sequenced microstructures
A microfluidic platform is disclosed that uses obstacles placed at particular location(s) within the channel cross-section to turn and stretch fluid. The asymmetric flow behavior upstream and downstream of the obstacle(s) due to fluid inertia manifests itself as a total deformation of the topology of streamlines that effectively creates a tunable net secondary flow.
Automatic classification change in power over ethernet device
In one implementation, a classification resistance of a powered device is adjusted passively. The powered device is configured to receive a classification voltage from a network device and, in response, is configured to send a first current indicative of a first classification resistor to the network device.
Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users
A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Method & apparatus for detecting and avoiding interference in a communications network
A wireless mesh communication network includes a plurality of wireless routers which can be managed in a hierarchical manner with respect to one another and all of the routers are capable of detecting and avoiding interference on channels over which they communicate with one another. Depending upon whether a channel is active or inactive, a wireless router can either passively detect interference and then switch channels to avoid it or actively detect interference and then switch channels to avoid it..
Fixture, system and method for performing functional test
A fixture for performing functional test is provided. The fixture comprises an interface module and a test control module.
Passive security enforcement
Technology is described for enabling passive enforcement of security at computing systems. A component of a computing system can passively authenticate or authorize a user based on observations of the user's interactions with the computing system.
System for medical treatment
A medical device and a system for medical treatment comprising the medical device are disclosed. The medical device comprises a fluidic conduit and/or is configured to be operatively coupled to a fluidic conduit.
Microfluidic device for analyzing a pressurized fluid
The invention relates to a microfluidic sensor for analyzing a fluid which is in a pipe and which is under a first pressure. The sensor includes a mixer for mixing amount of fluid from the pipe with at least one amount of a reactant from at least one tank, and an analyzer for analyzing the resulting mixture.
Interposer structure having optical fiber connection and related fiber optic connector for the same
Disclosed are interposer structures having an optical fiber connection and a related fiber optic ferrule that can form a portion of an optical assembly. The interposer structure is useful for transmitting optical signals to/from an integrated circuit that may be attached to the interposer.
Optical scanning and imaging systems based on dual pulsed laser systems
The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Electrocardiograph monitoring device and connector
The present invention relates to electrocardiography and to electrode arrangements used in electrocardiographic monitoring devices, and is more particularly related to a pad or patch containing said electrodes which may be used to passively and non-invasively monitor electrical activity generated by a patient's heart from the surface of that patient's chest, and to a connector which allows for fast and simple connection between the pad containing said electrodes and the devices and equipment typically used to monitor and view electrocardiographic information.. .
Laser based analysis using a passively q-switched laser
A device for laser based analysis using a passively q-switched laser comprising an optical pumping source optically connected to a laser media. The laser media and a q-switch are positioned between and optically connected to a high reflectivity mirror (hr) and an output coupler (oc) along an optical axis.
Passive diffuser having a non-planar wick
A device for passively diffusing a liquid to the air of a surrounding area. A reservoir holds the liquid, the reservoir having a top end with an aperture therethrough.
Dewatering method using a wicking material
A wet material having at least a liquid portion is dewatered by providing one or more wicking members of wicking material arranged to transfer moisture passively by wicking therethrough from a contacting portion in contact with the wet material to an evaporating portion where the transferred liquid portion is arranged to be evaporated. In some embodiments conductive elements are included in the wicking member to assist in distributing heat across the wicking member which enhances the evaporation of moisture transferred therethrough from the wet material.
Dynamic insulation systems
A dynamic insulation system suitable for deployment within an envelope or facade of a building or habitable construction is described. The system comprises one or more layers of insulation and one or more void space forming elements (5,12b).
Apparatuses, systems, and methods for crankcase oil sump overfill protection
Generally, an overflow conduit is described in apparatuses, systems, and methods to protect a crankcase oil sump from overfill. The overflow conduit is to be connected to a crankcase oil sump of an engine, and is configured to passively receive oil from the crankcase oil sump to avoid an overfill condition from occurring in the crankcase oil sump.
Self illuminated signage for printed graphics
Self illuminated back and front lit signage for a printed graphic. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light, a diffuser providing for diffusion, and a printed graphic.
Passive system for cooling the core of a nuclear reactor
A system for passively cooling nuclear fuel in a pressurized water reactor during refueling that employs gravity and alignment of valves using battery reserves or fail in a safe position configurations to maintain the water above the reactor core during reactor disassembly and refueling. A large reserve of water is maintained above the elevation of and in fluid communication with the spent fuel pool and is used to remove decay heat from the reactor core after the reaction within the core has been successfully stopped.
Passively controlled smart microjet cooling array
An impingement cooling system for cooling electronic components includes a nozzle array having a plurality of nozzles in fluid communication with a source of cooling fluid, each nozzle including a deflection structure that deforms above a threshold temperature. A plurality of thermally conductive pins respectively are in thermal contact with the deflection structures and conduct heat from at least one of the electronic components to the deflection structures.
Compact, coherent, high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir
Compact high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir spectral region, and exemplary applications are disclosed based on passively mode locked tm fiber comb lasers. In at least one embodiment the coherence of the comb sources is increased in a system utilizing an amplified single-frequency laser to pump the tm fiber comb laser.
Underground modular high-voltage direct current electric power transmission system
High capacity (10 gw, for example) passively cooled non-superconducting underground high voltage direct current electric power transmission lines (100) of very low loss (1% per 1,000 km, for example) and competitive cost. The transmission lines (100) include segment modules (101) linked together with compliant splice modules (102) between the segments (101), typically installed in a protective conduit (103).
Sleeve with electronic extensions for a cell phone
A passively re-radiating cell phone sleeve assembly capable of receiving a nested cell phone provides signal boosting capabilities and provides a radar enablement. Signal boosting is enabled by use of an additional antenna, a pass-through repeater, dual antenna isolation capability and other features..
Impedance-based sensing of adherent cells on a digital microfluidic device
Devices and methods are provided for measuring, on a digital microfluidic platform, electrical signals associated with the impedance of adherent cells. In one embodiment, a sub-droplet of cell culture media containing adherent cells is passively dispensed at a pre-selected electrode location where a local hydrophilic surface region is provided, and adherent cells are attached to the local hydrophilic surface region.
Enhanced crude oil recovery using metal silicides
Enhanced oil recovery techniques include introduction of alkali metal silicides into subterranean reservoirs to generate hydrogen gas, heat, and alkali metal silicate solutions in situ upon contact with water. The alkali metal silicides, such as sodium silicide, are used to recover hydrocarbons, including heavier crudes where viscosity and low reservoir pressure are limiting factors.
Devices for modulation of temperature and light based on phase change materials
This invention describes devices that incorporate phase change materials in containment vessels that promote conduction of thermal energy between the phase change materials within the containment vessels and the surrounding air. In some embodiments, the containment vessels are transparent to enable visual awareness of the operation and functionality of the pcms.
Mobile device with cellular-wlan offlaod using passive load sensing of wlan
Apparatus and methods are provided for switching between a wireless local area network (lan) and a cellular network for a user equipment's (ue) data communication by passively sensing the load on the wireless lan. A method is disclosed that includes detecting an access point associated with a wireless lan and receiving packets that are transmitted by other devices that are using the wireless lan.
System and method for focusing an electronic imaging system
The present invention relates to the field of image processing and methodologies to passively focus an image automatically, using the electronic sensor signal. The method comprises the steps of; receiving a pixel image, generating at least two histograms of the received image using at least two different frequency components, finding widths of acquired histograms and storing them as a focus measure, finding the difference between last received frame's highest frequency component histogram width and at least one previously received frame's histogram width corresponding to the same component, is there a meaningful difference?, and using the difference to determine the focus direction signal.
Modified atmosphere packaging apparatus and method with automated bag production
An automatic packaging apparatus is provided, having a conveyor, a continuous longitudinally folded web, cutting and sealing mechanisms for forming flexible pouches from the web. The apparatus also includes processing stations for loading the pouches, transferring fluids (typically gases) into and out of the pouches, and sealing the pouches.
Passive screw locking mechanism
Methods and devices are provided for passively locking a bone screw within a bone plate. In particular, the methods and devices allow a bone screw to be locked within a thru-hole in a bone plate without requiring any additional locking steps.
Operating a redox flow battery with a negative electrolyte imbalance
Loss of flow battery electrode catalyst layers during self-discharge or charge reversal may be prevented by establishing and maintaining a negative electrolyte imbalance during at least parts of a flow battery's operation. Negative imbalance may be established and/or maintained actively, passively or both.
Intuitive eco-driving assistance method and system
An intuitive eco-driving assistance system is mounted on a vehicle and has an input module, a control module and an output module. The control module is electrically connected to the input module and the output module.
Method of implanting a single-chamber leadless intra-cardiac medical device with dual-chamber functionality and shaped stabilization intra-cardiac extension
A leadless intra-cardiac medical device (limd) is configured to be implanted entirely within a heart of a patient. The limd comprises a housing configured to be securely attached to an interior wall portion of a chamber of the heart, and a stabilizing intra-cardiac (ic) device extension connected to the housing.
Passive dispenser of volatile material
A non-automated dispenser adapted to passively emanate a volatile material at room temperatures via a membrane, in particularly concerned with the emanation of a volatile material such as a fragrance/air freshener, an insecticide, a disinfectant, a bactericide, a fungicide and/or a medicament.. .
Mobile robot
Mobile robot comprising a body (30), a first locomotion unit (43) and a second locomotion unit (53) pivotally connected to two lateral opposite sides of the body (30) and arranged to rotate passively relative to the body about an axis (31) transverse to the body, the mobile robot further comprising a transmission system (91) connecting said first and second locomotion units (43, 53) and the body (30), characterized in that the mechanical transmission is arranged to limit the relative rotation of the locomotion units (43, 53) relative to the body (30) such that the first and second locomotion units (43, 53) rotate in opposite directions and such that the rotation angle (α) of the first locomotion unit (43) relative to the body (39) equates in absolute value the rotation angle (β) of the second locomotion (53) unit relative to the body (30).. .
Service quality monitoring in a wireless network
A method and a system for service quality monitoring in a network includes radio interfaces. The measurements are end-to-end measurements between the end user and chosen network element.
Service quality monitoring in a wifi network
A method and a system for service quality monitoring in a network includes radio interfaces. The measurements are end-to-end measurements between the end user and chosen network element.
Reverse voltage condition protection in a power supply system
One embodiment includes a power system. The system includes a power switch device that is activated to provide an output voltage to a load in response to an input voltage.
Electronic display with push buttons
One or more buttons are associated with an electronic display screen. The display screen is configured to display various information, such as button labels.
Fuel pump with metering valve
A method for operating a fuel pump is provided. The method may include decreasing a pump chamber pressure, passively opening a metering valve coupled to a pump chamber in response to the decreasing, and while the metering valve is open, generating a rotational output via a motor, transferring the rotational output into an actuation force applied to the metering valve via a metering valve actuation device, and inhibiting the metering valve from closing via sustaining application of the actuation force..
Gas-operated firearm with pressure compensating gas piston
A gas operating system for a firearm renders the firearm capable of firing a wide range of shot loads by passively or automatically compensating for different shot loads. The firearm includes a plurality of ports formed in the firearm barrel, and corresponding ports formed in a gas block of the gas operating system.
Oxygen system having sensors with a passive rfd interface
A passively powered gas sensor for remotely reading and transmitting a gas pressure of a system, comprising a hollow cylindrical body, a stem axially aligned and extending outwardly from a first surface of the hollow cylindrical body, a pressure sensing element in the stem, and an antenna coupled to the pressure sensing element, where the antenna is located within the hollow cylindrical body and the stem. The pressure sensing device is polled remotely by a polling device, and powered by the polling device..
Automatic rating system using background audio cues
Methods and systems for capturing, transmitting and processing data for generating ratings relating to multimedia programming based on passively obtained user cues are disclosed herein.. .
Remote identification of vehicle status
Methods and systems for identification of vehicle statuses are provided. This technology requires installation of identification tags, such as, for example, rfid tags or wi-fi tags, on vehicles, which actively or passively emit identification signals conveying vehicle identifiers.
Semi-passive resistance force control system with active augmentation
Disclosed is a semi-passive resistance force control system with active augmentation, which is suitable for a sport equipment with a pulling part. This semi-passive resistance force control system with active augmentation comprises a resistance force module, an energy neutral apparatus, and a control module.
Hybrid fiber-optic and fluid rotary joint
A hybrid rotary joint provides both optical and fluid channels for applications such as optogenetic research. The rotary joint has a stationary component and a rotating component.
Tensioning device for aircraft refueling boom hoist
A power spring passively applies tension to a cable connected to an aircraft refueling boom. The power spring has a first end engaging a fixed arbor and second end engaging a rotatable spooling drum around which a portion of the cable is wound.
Relative value unit monitoring system and method
A relative value unit (rvu) monitoring method and system is disclosed that includes passively monitoring network traffic; examining the monitored traffic for recognized patterns in a matching database; deriving detected rvu values from the matching recognized patterns; and updating an rvu tracking database with the detected rvu values. The matching database stores a plurality of recognized patterns and rvu values, and associates the recognized patterns and rvu values.
Apparatus and method for separating plasma from blood and delayed wetting
Devices and methods are disclosed herein for separating a supernate from a suspension. The apparatus consists of a sample zone, a controllable gate, and an analysis zone.
Passively variable emittance device and method for making the same
There is described a passive variable emittance device comprising: a substrate having a receiving surface adapted to reflect radiations having a given wavelength; an intermediary layer deposited on the receiving surface of the substrate and being substantially transparent to the radiations having the given wavelength; and a thermochromic layer deposited on top of the intermediary layer, the thermochromic layer being substantially transparent to the radiations having the given wavelength for a first temperature below a given transition temperature, and presenting both reflection and absorption for the radiations for a second temperature above the given transition temperature, a total optical thickness for the intermediary and thermochromic layers being substantially equal to one quarter of the given wavelength so that radiations reflected by the thermochromic layer at the second temperature destructively interfere with radiations transmitted by the thermochromic and intermediary layers and reflected by the substrate in order to obtain a first emittance for the passive variable emittance device at the second temperature being greater than a second emittance for the passive variable emittance device at the first temperature.. .
System and method for passively compensating pressure sensors
A temperature-compensated pressure sensor system includes a pressure sensing element, a temperature sensing device, and a temperature compensation network. The pressure sensing element provides a first voltage output representative of a sensed pressure value.
Fly-line management device
A fly-line management device includes a mounting structure, a line holder brace, and a line holder. The mounting structure includes a support frame for bearing the line holder brace and a fastening strap and an end connector for attaching the mounting structure to a fishing rod.
Mobile communications device providing heuristic security authentication features and related methods
A mobile communications device may include a plurality of first input devices capable of passively collecting input data, a second input device(s) capable of collecting response data based upon a challenge, and a processor capable of determining a level of assurance (loa) that possession of the mobile communications device has not changed based upon a statistical behavioral model and the passively received input data, and comparing the loa with a security threshold. When the loa is above the security threshold, the processor may be capable of performing a given mobile device operation without requiring response data from the second input device(s).
Methods and systems for passively detecting security levels in client devices
Embodiments of the present teachings relate to systems and methods for testing and analyzing the security of a target computing device. The method can include providing, to a server via a network, a security tool operable to be associated with a webpage accessible by a target computing device through the server, wherein security tool is operable to be executable by the target computing device and operable to collect one or more security metrics of the target computing device; receiving, from the server, the one or more security metrics of the target computing device; comparing the one or more security metrics with a security vulnerability database; and determining a level of security vulnerability for the target computing device based on comparing the one or more security metrics with the security vulnerability database..
Method for controlling an automated friction clutch
A method of controlling an automated friction clutch arranged as a starting and shifting clutch in a vehicle between an engine driveshaft and an input shaft of a transmission. The clutch can be engaged passively by a contact pressure spring and disengaged and engaged by a pneumatic control cylinder.
Seatbelt buckle height adjustment mechanism
A telescoping seatbelt buckle design that improves seatbelt buckle accessibility and comfort by telescopingly adjusting the length of the seatbelt buckle assembly to maintain an optimal relationship between the seatbelt buckle position and the vehicle seat cushion position, wherein the telescoping seatbelt buckle assembly is adapted to maintain the optimal position of the seatbelt buckle relative to the vehicle seat cushion over a full range of seat height and seat track travels. Particularly, on a power seat, the telescoping seatbelt buckle assembly adjustment occurs passively as a vehicle occupant moves or adjusts the vehicle seat height or tilt using the seat controller switches, as the telescoping seatbelt buckle assembly is coupled to a motor used to adjust the vehicle seat position..
While drilling valve system
A system includes a valve subassembly configured to be disposed along an internal flowline exit of a first internal flowline within a downhole drilling module. The valve subassembly includes an active valve configured to regulate flow of a fluid through the internal flowline exit and a passive valve configured to be passively controlled based on a differential pressure between a first volume of the downhole drilling module and a second volume surrounding the downhole drilling module..
Hand prosthesis
A prosthetic hand system may include a plurality of prosthetic fingers and a prosthetic thumb. The prosthetic hand system may include a thumb drive mechanism that may be used to actuate the prosthetic thumb.
Intermediate coupler to facilitate charging in an implantable medical device system
An intermediate coupler is used to improve inductive coupling between an external charger and an implantable medical device having a battery requiring charging. The intermediate coupler comprises a coil (inductor) coupled to a capacitor, whose values are chosen to resonate at the frequency of the magnetic field emitted by the external charger.
Tagging system and method for providing a communication platform in a network
A tagging system and to a respective method and to a computer program product of providing a communication platform for users of a network, the method including selecting a content object on a webpage from a first user and creating a tag linked to the content object from a first user. The tag is stored in a tag database that's accessible by at least the first user and by at least a second user.
Heat-actuated release mechanism
A release mechanism passively releases a mechanically coupling as a result of a temperature rise. The release mechanism includes a breakable element, such as a shape memory alloy (sma) element, that is configured to break when the element is heated to a predetermined temperature.
Systems and methods for dynamic adaptation of network accelerators
Systems and methods of the present solution provide a more optimal solution by dynamically and automatically reacting to changing network workload. A system that starts slowly, either by just examining traffic passively or by doing sub-optimal acceleration can learn over time, how many peer wan optimizers are being serviced by an appliance, how much traffic is coming from each peer wan optimizers, and the type of traffic being seen.
Passively energized field wire for electrically enhanced air filtration system
An air filtration system includes a frame directing an airflow through the air filtration system and a power supply. An ionization array is located in the frame across the airflow and connected to the power supply.

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