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True resting heart rate

True resting heart rate

Real-time fatigue, personal effectiveness, injury risk device(s)

Date/App# patent app List of recent Passively-related patents
 Thermo-magnetism cycle apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Thermo-magnetism cycle apparatus
A thermo-magnetism cycle apparatus has a first magneto-caloric element (mce) element on a low temperature side and a second mce element on a high temperature side. A first heat transfer medium flows in the first mce element and a second heat transfer medium flows in the second mce element.
 Dual-pitch support for a propeller patent thumbnailnew patent Dual-pitch support for a propeller
Apparatus are disclosed that are configured to passively rotate a propeller blade from a first pitch angle to a second pitch angle. An example apparatus involves: (a) a rotor hub, (b) at least one dual-pitch support coupled to the rotor hub, wherein the dual-pitch support has a first surface, a second surface and a cavity defined there between, and (c) at least one propeller blade rotatably coupled to the rotor hub such that a blade root is disposed within the dual-pitch support's cavity, where the blade root's front face is positioned against the dual-pitch support's first surface in a first position and the blade root's back face is positioned against the dual-pitch support's second surface in a second position, and the propeller blade is oriented at a first pitch angle in the first position and is oriented at a second pitch angle in the second position..
 True resting heart rate patent thumbnailnew patent True resting heart rate
A wireless wearable device to passively detect a true resting heart rate (trhr) of a user may include a suite of sensors including but not limited to accelerometry sensors for generating motion signals in response to a user's body motion, force sensors for generating force signals in response to force exerted by a body portion on the force sensor, and biometric sensors for generating biometric signals indicative of biometric activity in the body including gsr, emg, bioimpedance, and arousal in the sns. The suite of sensors may operate to passively determine (e.g., in real time), one or more of trhr, systemic inflammation (i), contraction (c) (e.g., due to dehydration), stress, fatigue, and mood without any intervention or action on part of the user.
 Real-time fatigue, personal effectiveness, injury risk device(s) patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time fatigue, personal effectiveness, injury risk device(s)
A wireless wearable device to passively detect fatigue in a user may include a suite of sensors including but not limited to accelerometry sensors for generating motion signals in response to a user's body motion, force sensors for generating force signals in response to force exerted by a body portion on the force sensor, and biometric sensors for generating biometric signals indicative of biometric activity including gsr, emg, bioimpedance, image sensors, and arousal in the sns. The suit of sensors may operate to passively determine, one or more of trhr, systemic inflammation (i), contraction (c) (e.g., due to dehydration), stress, fatigue, and mood without any intervention or action on part of the user.
 Carrier module with bridging element for a semiconductor element patent thumbnailCarrier module with bridging element for a semiconductor element
Carrier module (1) for at least one semiconductor element (3) having a passively and/or actively cooled carrier (4) which has a positive carrier contact (5) and a negative carrier contact (6), with a device (2) for bridging the at least one semiconductor element (3) arranged on the carrier (4), comprising at least one first printed circuit board (7) with at least one bridging element (8), wherein at least one positive contact (9) which is electrically conductively connected to the positive carrier contact (5) and at least one negative contact (11) which is electrically conductively connected to the negative carrier contact (6) are provided on a first printed circuit board (7) and the bridging element (8) is electrically conductively connected to the positive contact (9) and to the negative contact (11) of the first printed circuit board (7), wherein the first printed circuit board (7) is thermally conductively and releasably connected to the carrier (4).. .
F.+s. Vermoegensverwaltungs Gmbh
 Network test system patent thumbnailNetwork test system
A network test system seeks to improve visibility into the real-time operation of a network system or subsystem of a spacecraft through the use of a port from each relevant network to a spacecraft test interface. The network test system includes a packet switch operatively coupled downstream from a serdes receiver and operatively coupled upstream from a serdes transmitter.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.
 Systems and methods for passively determining a ratio of purchasers and prosepective purchasers in a merchant location patent thumbnailSystems and methods for passively determining a ratio of purchasers and prosepective purchasers in a merchant location
A method and system for determining a status of a visitor to a physical location and associated with a handheld device using a computer device coupled to a database are provided. The method includes receiving, by the processor, a hello message from a radio associated with one or more handheld devices, capturing a unique identifier of the handheld device from the received hello message, determining visitor geographic information based on the captured unique identifier and a determined signal strength of the hello message, and outputting the visitor information..
Mastercard International Incorporated
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a heat-generating component, a power generation device including a thermoelectric element, a heat radiation device, a cooling device, a temperature detector that detects a temperature increase of the heat-generating component, and a controller. The heat radiation device includes a first radiator plate interposed between the heat-generating component and a surface of the thermoelectric element and a second radiator plate attached to another surface of the thermoelectric element.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
 Wireless access point transmission control patent thumbnailWireless access point transmission control
Methods, systems, and computer readable media can be operable to facilitate the management of access point transmissions based upon priority of traffic. An access point may periodically cycle between aggressive phases, during which the access point contends for downstream transmission opportunities aggressively, and background phases, during which the access point contends for downstream transmission opportunities passively.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.
 Qpcr analysis apparatus patent thumbnailQpcr analysis apparatus
An apparatus (1) is for dna amplification with quantitative measurements. A biological sample is held in a cell (2) for the amplification, the cell (2) defining a single space within which the sample rotates.
Stokes Bio Limited

Broadband generation of mid ir, coherent continua with optical fibers

Coherent and compact supercontinuum light sources for the mid ir spectral regime are disclosed and exemplary applications thereof. The supercontinuum generation is based on the use of highly nonlinear fibers or waveguides.
Imra America, Inc.

Device for gripping vessels

A device for gripping vessels is presented. The device comprises a mount, a support having a longitudinal axis coupled to the mount so to be rotatable relative to the mount around the longitudinal axis, a rotating mechanism for rotating the support, a gripper coupled to the support so to be translatable relative to the support along the longitudinal axis.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Fuel injector with premix pilot nozzle

An apparatus for injecting premixed fuel and air through a center body and into the combustion zone of a gas turbine includes a fuel injector nozzle with a premix pilot nozzle having a plurality of premix passages in fluid communication with an air supply and a fuel supply that premixes air and fuel within the premix passages. The apparatus has either an active or passive fuel feed control.
General Electric Company

Multi-speed transmission

A family of transmission gearing arrangements produces nine forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio. Each arrangement includes a two state shift element.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Carbon contamination resistant pressure atomizing nozzles

A pressure atomizing nozzle for injecting fuel includes an inlet housing configured to thermally isolate the interior space from external conditions and to remain relatively cool under operation so as to substantially eliminate heat soak back from the inlet housing to the interior space thereof after operation. First and second coolant conduits cool the nozzle tip region actively during operation and passively after operation.
Delavan Inc.

Scooter stand

A scooter stand, in accordance with the present invention, comprises at least one wheel receptacle and a deck receptacle. In one exemplary embodiment, the scooter stand comprises a front and a back wheel receptacle, in addition to a deck receptacle, wherein the three receptacles are on the same horizontal plane.

Interference management for d2d system

User equipment, ues, (306a,d)being interfered by direct d2d traffic, and ues (306b,c) involved in d2d communication being interfered by a ue (306a,d), instead of passively reporting that they are interfered to their serving base station (305),intervene and communicate directly with the pair of d2d communicating ues or the ue that are causing the interference without involving any of the serving base stations.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatus, method, and software systems for smartphone-based fine-grained indoor localization

Techniques for accurate, low-complexity, scalable indoor localization. Low-complexity anchor nodes generate acoustic beacon signals, which are passively detectable by a mobile device, which may be unmodified smartphones operating in an acoustic frequency range.
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.

Operating a redox flow battery with a negative electrolyte imbalance

Loss of flow battery electrode catalyst layers during self-discharge or charge reversal may be prevented by establishing and maintaining a negative electrolyte imbalance during at least parts of a flow battery's operation. Negative imbalance may be established and/or maintained actively, passively or both.
Enervault Corporation

Method for predicting asset availability

The present invention is directed to a method for predicting asset availability in a supply chain, whereby assets are typically reusable assets such as packaging or bins which are expensive components yet hard to track. The present invention provides a mechanism for passively sensing when an asset enters or leaves a particular location in the supply chain and updates a database accordingly.
Surgere, Inc.

Morphing wing for an aircraft

A morphing wing for an aircraft includes a top surface, a bottom surface, a leading edge, a trailing edge, a tip, and a root. A plurality of structural ribs is disposed between the root and tip so that they extend between the top surface and the bottom surface and intersect with a lateral axis thereof.
Bombardier Inc.

Non-contact infrared thermocycling

A microfluidic chip includes one or more reaction chambers to hold fluids for chemical or biochemical reactions, such as pcr. A non-contact heat source heats the reaction chamber and the fluid, such that the heat source does not contact the reaction chamber or the fluid.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Microreactor and preparing a radiolabeled complex or a biomolecule conjugate

A microreactor for preparing a radiolabeled complex or a biomolecule conjugate comprises a microchannel for fluid flow, where the microchannel comprises a mixing portion comprising one or more passive mixing elements, and a reservoir for incubating a mixed fluid. The reservoir is in fluid communication with the microchannel and is disposed downstream of the mixing portion.
Washington University

Biofeedback during assisted movement rehabilitation therapy

Systems and methods for providing biofeedback during assisted movement rehabilitation therapy while a user is engaged with an assisted movement exercise device are disclosed. In one example approach, a method eliminates passively evoked involuntary torque from the biofeedback.
Oregon Health & Science University

Devices and methods for managing noncombustible gasses in nuclear power plants

Systems passively eliminate noncondensable gasses from facilities susceptible to damage from combustion of built-up noncondensable gasses, such as h2 and o2 in nuclear power plants, without the need for external power and/or moving parts. Systems include catalyst plates installed in a lower header of the passive containment cooling system (pccs) condenser, a catalyst packing member, and/or a catalyst coating on an interior surface of a condensation tube of the pccs condenser or an annular outlet of the pccs condenser.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc

Passive sram write assist

Passive write assist passively improves sram performance (e.g., write margin speed) while reducing manufacturing costs (e.g., die area, packaging) and operating costs (e.g., power consumption, cooling) associated with active write assist schemes. Passive write assist may be implemented in peripheral circuitry or embedded in an sram array or even in each array cell or bitcell.
Broadcom Corporation

Systems and methods for estimating user attention

Techniques for estimating user attention on a website or application are provided. First activity data for a first user of a website or an application may be identified.
Facebook, Inc.

Systems and methods for collation, translation, and analysis of passively created digital interaction and relationship data

A computer readable medium containing executable instructions that when executed perform a method of generating relationship data, the method comprising: accessing an interaction database, wherein the interaction database comprises a record of exchanges between two or more users of a digital communication system, and wherein the exchanges occurred on the digital communication system; obtaining one or more characteristics of one or more exchanges of the two or more users, wherein the one or more characteristics are stored in the interaction database and wherein the data is obtained through a direct internet access protocol; and generating relationship data by analyzing the one or more characteristics.. .

Data storage system with passive partitioning in a secondary memory

A data storage system may be configured at least with a primary memory that is coupled to a host via a controller and coupled to at least one external interface. The controller may be adapted to passively partition a secondary memory into cache and user memory space regions in response to the secondary memory engaging the at least one external interface and the cache region can be allocated as cache for the primary memory by the controller..

User identification in cell phones based on skin contact

Screen time-outs on a portable electronic device can be customized based on user activity. In one aspect, a sensing component receives data from one or more sensors located on the portable electronic device, for example, skin conductivity sensors and determines whether the user is using the portable device, either actively or passively and also determines the identity of the user.

Passively placed vertical optical connector

An optical integrated circuit (ic) is provided that includes a waveguide to propagate light in the ic. A diffractive element, such as a grating, couples light between the waveguide and an external optical connector.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Transparent illumination panels

Windows, or other types of transparent materials, may be constructed to passively allow light from alternate sources to pass therethrough, while also being able to actively produce artificial light for providing illumination from one side of the window by means of an incorporated optical waveguide that accepts light from an edge of the window and disperses it from only one side of the window.. .
Empire Technology Development Llc

Passive millimeter wave image converter

An imaging system is provided. The system includes a receiver to passively receive a millimeter wave (mmw) power level input from a scene and generates an analog output signal.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

System and controlling the iontophoretic delivery of therapeutic agents based on user inhalation

Embodiments of the invention provide methods for transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents for treatment of addictive cravings e.g., from nicotine. Embodiment of a method for such delivery comprises positioning at least one electrode assembly in electrical communication with a patient's skin.
Incube Labs, Llc

Hybrid self illuminated and actively back lit signage for printed graphics

Hybrid signage capable of self illumination and having an active backlight. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light in order to passively illuminate a printed graphic or shaped sign when the backlight is off.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Automated lifelogging to identify, monitor, and help achieve user goals

A user's activities are automatically logged as they are passively sensed by the user's mobile devices. Patterns of activities or changes in those patterns can be used to identify goals, and users can tell the logging system about other goals directly.
Aro, Inc.

Methods for operating a fuel cell system

Methods of operating a fuel cell system, wherein the fuel cell system is purged at system start-up, are disclosed. The purging automatically stops when the anode plenum is fully purged and replaced with fuel.
Societe Bic

Passively q-switched element and passively q-switched laser device

Provided is a passively q-switched element or the like, which enables mode selection without increasing the number of components in a resonator in a q-switched pulse laser or the like that oscillates in a great number of high-order modes and which is also applicable to a waveguide type laser in which a mode cannot be controlled spatially. By combining a saturable absorber (2) with a transparent material (3) which is transparent to a laser oscillation wavelength or the like, a passively q-switched element having a mode selection function and a passively q-switched laser device in which a passively q-switched element has a mode selection function, and a planar waveguide type passively q-switched element and passively q-switched laser device are provided..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Re-fracture wellbore

Re-treatment of a formation having a wellbore, which can be an open hole or a cased hole lined with casing, involves deploying a tubing string in the casing having tools disposed at intervals thereon. The tools position on the tubing string, and the tubing string with the tools thereon is inserted into the casing.
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

Method and network management using perodic measurements of indicators

A beacon signal may be provided with data extensions. The data extensions permit additional information to be provided by the beacon signal, thereby reducing the traffic overhead of the network.
Intel Corporation

Device for dispensing liquid with high precision

A liquid dispensing device provides precise and adjustable control for dosing volumes. The device is adaptable when installed on bottles and tubes and works independently if equipped with its own container.

Eccentric lock one way clutch

By way of surface contact between a segmented race and a non-segmented race and using wedge-like locking forces to fix the eccentricity of the segmented race, a surface contact one way clutch (sc1c) actively drives a second race in a single direction and at a fixed speed relative to the first race unless the speed of the second race exceeds that of the first race in the single direction in which case the second race is free to “overrun” or passively exceed the speed of the first race.. .

Method and system for passive detection, localization and characterization of mechanical wave sources using ultrasonic guided waves

A method and system for passively detecting, localizing, and/or characterizing a mechanical wave source at one or more spatial points of interest on a structure using ultrasonic guided waves are provided. The method includes estimating the spatial channel impulse response at one or more spatial points of interest using a movable transducer.
Hidden Solutions Llc

Weight-shift controlled personal hydrofoil watercraft

A passively stable personal hydrofoil watercraft that has a floation device, wherein a user can ride in a prone, kneeling, or standing position. The watercraft includes a strut having an upper end interconnected with the flotation device and lower end connected with a hydrofoil.

Route optimization for on-demand routing protocols for mesh networks

Various embodiments implement a set of low overhead mechanisms to enable on-demand routing protocols. The on-demand protocols use route accumulation during discovery floods to discover when better paths have become available even if the paths that the protocols are currently using are not broken.
Firetide, Inc.

Modular device, system, and reconfigurable data distribution

Systems, apparatus, and methods for a reconfigurable integrated system integrated onto a single circuit board are described herein. An embodiment includes a cpu host and microprocessor which attach and manage internal and external peripheral devices.
Synexxus, Inc.

Holder with safety shield for a drug delivery device

A holder with a safety shield for a drug delivery device; the shield obstructing access to a needle of the drug delivery device following use thereof. The safety shield may be actively deployed, in which case the health care worker must perform an action beyond complete depression of the pusher into the body of the drug delivery device to deploy the shield.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Needle based helical coil safety device

The present disclosure describes anti-needle stick safety mechanism that is passively activated during the normal course of giving an injection. In one embodiment, the device includes a spring member coupled at a proximal end to a needle member and at a distal end to a needle cover.
Safety Syringes, Inc.

Ventilated battery storage rack

The invention includes a ventilated storage rack unit and complete storage rack system for storing an array of battery cells in an uninterrupted power source that meets the seismic testing requirements of nebs gr-63-core (issue 2 apr. 2002).

Systems and methods for high precision indoor location tracking

A radio frequency signal mediator configured indoors passively receives signals from a user wireless device and determines layer two radio access network measurement data from the signals. At least one other radio frequency signal mediator in the same space also passively receives signals from the user wireless device and determines layer two radio access network measurement data from the signals.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Dual operation hydraulic control

A pressurized fluid storage system is suitable for use to rapidly engage a transmission following an engine shutdown. The system includes a reservoir, such as an accumulator, connected to a manifold by a single passageway.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Stabilization of an injection locked harmonically mode-locked laser via polarization spectroscopy for frequency comb generation

Stabilization of an injection locked optical frequency comb is achieved through polarization spectroscopy of an active laser cavity, eliminating optical pm sidebands inherent in previous stabilization methods. Optical snr of 35 db is achieved.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Methods for coating articles

Coated articles and methods and systems for coating the articles are described herein. The methods and systems described herein include, but are not limited to, steps for actively or passively controlling the temperature during the coating process, steps for providing intimate contact between the substrate and the support holding the substrate in order to maximize energy transfer, and/or steps for preparing gradient coatings.
Gvd Corporation

Syndication of associations relating data and metadata

Methods and systems for passively relating data to metadata are disclosed. Associations are created, at a first computer system, that relate data in a first database to metadata in a second database.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

Method of controlling clutches in a multi-function torque converter

A method of controlling a multi-function torque converter including a cover, an impeller shell, a turbine shell, a first pressure chamber at least partially formed by the turbine shell and the cover; a second pressure chamber at least partially formed by the impeller and turbine shells, and a third pressure chamber at least partially formed by the impeller shell and the cover, an impeller clutch including a portion of the impeller shell, and a turbine clutch including a portion of the turbine shell, the method including: pressurizing the first pressure chamber to substantially a first fluid pressure level or to a second fluid pressure level greater than the first level; pressurizing the second pressure chamber to a third fluid pressure level greater than the first and second levels; passively draining the third pressure chamber to be substantially at the first level; and connecting the impeller shell to the cover.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Direct drive rotation device for passively moving fluid

The device is configured for moving a fluid within a gearbox. In one illustrative embodiment, the device includes a base portion coupled to a rotatable member within the gearbox.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Self illuminated signage for printed graphics

Self illuminated back and front lit signage for a printed graphic. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light, a diffuser providing for diffusion, and a printed graphic.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Systems and methods for low energy wake-up and pairing for use with implantable medical devices

Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices or trial medical devices for wirelessly connecting the devices to external instruments such as tablet computers or smartphones. In an example where the medical device is an implantable neurostimulator, the neurostimulator passively detects wireless wake-up signals generated by the external instrument, i.e.
Pacesette, Inc.

Disturbance detection using a passively terminated fiber optic sensor

A fiber-optic sensor can have a michelson sensor portion and a mach-zehnder sensor portion. A first splitter-coupler can be configured to split incoming light between a first fiber portion and a second fiber portion.
Fibersonics Inc.

Drive system for a motor vehicle

A motor vehicle drive system utilizing a flywheel for storing recaptured kinetic energy from a moving vehicle is described. Alternators mounted to the drive train generate electrical power from the passively spinning wheels of a moving vehicle.

Device for the conversion of nuclear waste radiation to electrical current

A device for passively converting nuclear radiation to electricity comprising a plurality of thin-film flexible solar panels, sandwiched between a plurality of diagnostic intensifying screens by which conversion of radiation to light and subsequently to electrical current through the sandwiched thin-film flexible solar panels is effected. The layered array will be comprised of one layer of intensifying screen material affixed to one layer of thin-film flexible solar panels with repeated layers for a total of three intensifying screen-solar panel pairs.

Drug delivery system for treating erectile dysfunction

Drug delivery systems, apparatus and methods to treat erectile dysfunction via an implanted drug infusion pump. The drug delivery system incorporates a passively pressurized drug infusion pump, one or more catheters, one or more microfluidic valves, a microcontroller, and one or more patient input mechanisms to deliver therapeutic solutions to the erectile tissues of a patient.

Handstand training device

A training device for passively supporting a gymnast while learning and practicing handstands and handstand turns is herein disclosed. In some embodiments, the device has a base, an apparatus attachment attachable to the base for a gymnast to practice on various pieces of gymnastics equipment, and a supporter that may be set at a desired height to provide passive support to a gymnast.
Russell Brands, Llc

Systems, methods, and filters for radioactive material capture

A system configured to passively filter radioactive materials from a flow may include one or more particulate removal devices; one or more water removal devices; and/or one or more radionuclide removal devices. At least one of the one or more particulate removal devices may mechanically remove particulates of the radioactive materials from the flow.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc

Interaction sensing

In particular embodiments, an apparatus includes a single electrode configured to passively receive a charge displacement and a change in characteristics of electromagnetic signals in an environment. The apparatus further includes a touch sensor, coupled to the single electrode, configured to detect a first input based on the charge displacement, and a second input based on the change in characteristics of electromagnetic signals in the environment..
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

Interaction sensing

In particular embodiments, an apparatus includes an insulator coupled to one or more electrodes that are configured to passively sense charge displacement or a change in characteristics of electromagnetic signals in an environment.. .
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

Cooling switchgear with heat pipe structure having integrated busbar tube

A cooling apparatus is provided for a switchgear. The switchgear has one or more primary contacts constructed and arranged to connect to a terminal of a circuit breaker.
Abb Technology Ag

Curved cannula surgical system control

A robotic surgical system is configured with rigid, curved cannulas that extend through the same opening into a patient's body. Surgical instruments with passively flexible shafts extend through the curved cannulas.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Insulating clothing systems and methods of use

An insulating clothing system includes an article of clothing having a front portion and at least one pocket in the front portion. The pocket is configured to at least partially cover at least one intimate part of a user.

Passively cooled gas detector

A gas detector assembly which is at least in part passively cooled comprising; a thermal chimney comprising a first heat collecting area in fluid communication with a ventilation area; a gas sensing device placed at least in part in the thermal chimney, such that in use the first heat collecting area is heated and a temperature gradient between the heat collecting area and ventilation area is established providing a passive cooling flow of gas over at least part of the gas sensing device placed in the thermal chimney.. .
Crowcon Detection Instruments Limited

Door closure

The door closure employs a pivotally mounted roller assembly to engage a roller within a recess of a mounting hook. The roller assembly also has a pair of leaf springs that are used in tandem to passively retain the bracket in each of the open position and the closed position..

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