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This page is updated frequently with new Passively-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Passively-related patents
 Passive multi-port entry adapter and  preserving downstream catv signal strength within in-home network patent thumbnailPassive multi-port entry adapter and preserving downstream catv signal strength within in-home network
A cable television (catv) entry adapter interfaces to a catv network and serves as a hub in an in-home network for passively communicating multimedia content or information from the catv network and between subscriber devices connected to the ports of the catv entry adapter, using catv signals in a catv frequency band and network signals in a different in-home network band.. .
Ppc Broadband, Inc.

 System for detecting the presence of rogue domain name service providers through passive monitoring patent thumbnailSystem for detecting the presence of rogue domain name service providers through passive monitoring
A method, system, computer program product embodied in a computer readable storage medium, and computer system are disclosed for identifying a rogue domain name service (dns) server. Embodiments include passively monitoring traffic on a target network; and identifying a dns resolution response in the traffic on the network.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and  cognitive nonlinear radar patent thumbnailMethod and cognitive nonlinear radar
A method and apparatus for cognitive non-linear radar processing comprising identifying one or more frequency bands of interest, passively scanning, using a non-linear radar (nr), the one or more frequency bands of interest to determine whether interference signals are occupying the one or more bands, transmitting radar waveforms and receiving radar waveform responses at one or more frequency bands determined to be free of interference, determining a likelihood of a target being present or not based on whether the received waveform responses match stored waveform responses for non-linear targets, and modifying waveform parameters of the transmitted radar waveform when the received waveform responses match the stored waveform responses, so as to transmit a modified radar waveform.. .
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

 Method and system for passive tracking of moving objects patent thumbnailMethod and system for passive tracking of moving objects
A system for detecting and tracking motion in a given area, including a first passive motion detection sensor operable for passively detecting motion in any of a first multiplicity of detection zones and, responsive thereto, for providing a first detection output signal including an indication of a first detection zone in which the motion was detected, a second passive motion detection sensor operable for passively detecting motion in any of a second multiplicity of detection zones, each of the second multiplicity of detection zones at least partially overlapping each of the first multiplicity of detection zones, and, responsive thereto, for providing a second detection output signal including an indication of a second detection zone in which the motion was detected, and a processor operable for receiving the first and second detection output signals and, responsive thereto, for providing an indication of a location of the motion.. .
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

 Hydraulic feeder system having compression stage with multi-cylinder hydraulic circuit patent thumbnailHydraulic feeder system having compression stage with multi-cylinder hydraulic circuit
A feeder system for advancing a compressible material has a hydraulic circuit associated with a final compression stage. The hydraulic circuit includes a platen attached to a primary ram configured to travel within a primary cylinder.
Thermochem Recovery International, Inc.

 Interconnects for electrical power distribution systems patent thumbnailInterconnects for electrical power distribution systems
A contactor interconnect includes a lead post, a bus bar post and a plurality of electrically conductive heat rejection components. The lead post electrically connects to the bus bar post in series through the plurality of heat rejection components.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Techniques for selling and purchasing products via synchronous two-way electronic communication sessions patent thumbnailTechniques for selling and purchasing products via synchronous two-way electronic communication sessions
A computer-implemented technique includes initiating a synchronous two-way electronic communication session between consumer and vendor computing devices. This synchronous two-way electronic communication session may be initiated once the consumer passively or explicitly opts-in.
Google Inc.

 Push block for a woodworking apparatus patent thumbnailPush block for a woodworking apparatus
A push block for a woodworking tool comprises at least heel member at an end of the push block and the heel member is passively actuatable to an extended position to engage a trailing end surface of a work piece to advance the work piece by a working element. The push block also includes a wall member along a first side of the push block to serve as a barrier between a cutting element and an operator's hand.
Micro Jig, Inc.

 Puncture needle patent thumbnailPuncture needle
A puncture needle including: an elongated approximately-linear main body; a distal end portion that is located at a distal end of the main body and that has a blade surface formed of a distal end surface which is formed inclined with respect to a longitudinal direction; and a bending portion that is provided between the main body and the distal end portion to connect the main body to the distal end portion and that can be passively bent in response to an external force. The distal end portion functions as a bending-direction control portion for setting a bending direction of the bending portion to a direction in which the blade surface is made to face toward an inner side of a bent shape..
Olympus Corporation

 Channel congestion mitigation patent thumbnailChannel congestion mitigation
Various embodiments implement protocols and algorithms for selectively transitioning peers in a p2p group, e.g., less than all the peers in the group, from a first channel to a second channel. The group owner may consider: which peers are in communication; the quality of an existing channel link with the peers; and the quality of an alternative channel.
Facebook, Inc.


Systems and methods for mitigating heat rejection limitations of a thermoelectric module

Systems and methods for mitigating heat rejection limitations of a thermoelectric module are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of operating a thermoelectric module includes providing a first amount of power to the thermoelectric module and determining that a temperature of a hot side of the thermoelectric module is above a first threshold.
Phononic Devices, Inc.


Devices and methods for cooling patients

A pneumatic cooling device including a housing having a first end and a second end. A handle extends from an outer surface of the housing.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation


Leadless pacing system including sensing extension

A leadless pacing system includes a leadless pacing device and a sensing extension extending from a housing of the leadless pacing device. The sensing extension includes one or more electrodes with which the leadless pacing device may sense electrical cardiac activity.
Medtronic, Inc.


Leadless pacing system including sensing extension

A leadless pacing system includes a leadless pacing device and a sensing extension extending from a housing of the leadless pacing device. The sensing extension includes one or more electrodes with which the leadless pacing device may sense electrical cardiac activity.
Medtronic, Inc.


System for stabilizing the temperature sensitivity in photonic circuits comprising thermoelastic optical circuit claddings

A system for stabilizing the temperature sensitivity in photonic circuits comprising a thermoelastic cladding directly overlaid on a photonic circuit, wherein the properties of the thermoelastic cladding are such that the temperature of the photonic circuit is passively stabilized, such as by adjustment of the effective refractive index of the photonic circuit. The thermoelastic cladding may comprise a negative thermo-optic coefficient and the photonic circuit has a positive thermo-elastic coefficient.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Oil loss protection for a fan drive gear system

A fan drive gear system includes at least one intermediate gear that includes an axial gear passage for receiving and conveying a fluid suitable for cooling and/or lubricating. At least a first axial end of the intermediate gear includes a first fluid storage trap for capturing fluid entering and/or exiting the gear passage and storing the fluid therein during powered operation of the fan drive gear system.
United Technologies Corporation


Flood guard barrier lifting system

A buoyant flood guard barrier panel passively buoyantly rotationally pivotable upward from horizontal about a first horizontal axis overlays a subframe unattached to the panel. A secondary mechanism for raising the panel has one or more lift arms below the panel transverse to the first axis are rotationally mounted on a second horizontal axis parallel to, below and forward of the first axis.
Floodbreak, Llc


Adjustable retaining structure for a cradle fixture

A method and apparatus for adjusting an adjustable retaining structure. The adjustable retaining structure may be rotated, passively, about a spherical interface as a panel applies a load to the adjustable retaining structure..
The Boeing Company


Charge sharing time domain filter

An approach to time domain filtering uses a passive charge sharing approach to implement an infinite impulse response filter. Delayed samples of an input signal are stored as charges on capacitors of a first array of capacitors, and delayed samples of the output signal are stored as charges on capacitors of a second array of capacitors.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Optical signal processing with modelocked lasers

The invention relates to scanning pulsed laser systems for optical imaging. Coherent dual scanning laser systems (cdsl) are disclosed and some applications thereof.
Imra America, Inc.


Optical transmission and receiving device for implementing passive alignment of components and passively aligning components

An optical device for implementing passive alignment of parts and a method therefor, more particularly an optical device and a method therefor that utilize an alignment reference part arranged on the substrate to passively align an optical element part with a lens-optical fiber connection part. For the passive alignment of parts, connection pillars of an alignment reference part are coupled to substrate holes, one or more light-emitting elements and one or more light-receiving elements are aligned in a row in a particular interval with respect to alignment holes arranged opposite each other in the alignment reference part, a lens-optical fiber connection part is aligned with respect to the alignment holes, and an optical fiber is aligned with the optical alignment point at a surface of a prism forming a portion of the lens-optical fiber connection part..
Unive Co., Ltd


System and controlling and diagnosing passive storage devices in exhaust aftertreatment systems

An internal combustion engine system includes an engine and an aftertreatment system that is connected to the engine to receive exhaust flow from the engine. The aftertreatment system includes a passive storage device for passively storing nox and/or hydrocarbons produced by the engine during cold start and low temperature operating conditions, and a nox reduction catalyst downstream of the passive storage device for receiving the nox released from the passive storage device when temperature conditions in the exhaust flow and/or nox reduction catalyst are above an effective temperature for nox reduction.
Cummins Inc.


System and biphasic transdermal iontophoretic delivery of therapeutic agents

Various embodiments provide methods and systems for the biphasic iontophoretic transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents. An embodiment of a method for such delivery comprises positioning at least one electrode assembly in electrical communication with a patient's skin.
Incube Labs, Llc


Robotic surgery system including position sensors using fiber bragg gratings

An apparatus comprises a robotic manipulator and a surgical instrument mounted to the robotic manipulator. The surgical instrument comprises an elongate arm including an actively controlled bendable region including at least one joint region and an end effector and a passively bendable region including a distal end coupled to the actively controlled bendable region.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


System and fluid cooling of electronic devices installed in a sealed enclosure

A system and method for cooling electronic devices disposed with the innermost volume of a hollow-walled fluid-tight sealed enclosure. Thermally conductive fluids that fill one or more volumes within the hollow walls of said sealed enclosure may be circulated away from said sealed enclosure to an external heat exchange mechanism.


Position control devices and methods for use with positive airway pressure systems

Described here are positive airway pressure (pap) systems and methods with various mechanisms for altering the air pressure based in part on the head position of the user. This can be achieved actively or passively.
Hancock Medical, Inc.


Small molecule transport device for drug delivery or waste removal

A medical device having a permeable bag connected by a non-permeable cannula to a discharge sac is described along with a manufacturing process and surgical implantation method. The permeable portions of the device have pores that are sized to be permeable to a predetermined class of small molecules, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, or other therapeutic agents.
University Of Southern California


Technologies for determining confidence of user authentication

Technologies for determining a confidence of user authentication include authenticating a user of a computing device based on a set of authentication factors and a fusion function that fuses the set of authentication factors to generate an authentication result. A false accept rate and a false reject rate of the authentication result is determined, and an authentication confidence for the authentication result is determined.


Correction of navigation position estimate based on the geometry of passively measured and estimated bearings to near earth objects (neos)

passively measured neo bearings are used to augment an existing navigation system on-board the platform to correct the position estimate generated by the navigation system. The technology provides only a position correction based on passive neo sightings but is applicable to a wide variety of platforms with different maneuvering profiles and update requirements.
Raytheon Company


Passive stability system for a vehicle moving through a fluid

A stability system for a vehicle moving through a fluid includes stabilizers each having a drive surface that follows the position of the fluid stream perceived by the vehicle. The movement of the drive surface positions control surfaces of the stabilizers, which are coupled to the drive surfaces by mechanical linkages.
Raytheon Company


Laser-aided passive seeker

A system to merge and exploit two uniquely different types of seeker homing modes of functionality into a single, dual-mode seeker, using only an fpa as the active sensor to achieve both modes of operation. The disclosed embodiments also provide a means to actively designate & track, and also passively track the same target between active designation pulses to track a target at an update rate higher than the designator pulse rate with less demanding automatic target tracking algorithms.
Rosemount Aerospace, Inc.


Underbody unit for a motor vehicle

An underbody unit (10) for reinforcing a motor vehicle body of a motor vehicle has a floor body (12) that is connectable to the motor vehicle body for dissipating loads of the motor vehicle body. The floor body (12) has an upper side (32) for supporting battery cell units (18) of a traction battery for driving the motor vehicle purely electrically and at least one cooling channel (26) for cooling the upper side (32).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Wrist and forearm exoskeleton

An exoskeleton device and method of using the same is provided that helps rehabilitate limbs such has the lower arm. Embodiments of the exoskeleton device have multiple degrees of freedom so that a limb such as the lower arm may flex or rotate in multiple directions to establish or re-establish neural connections in the brain.


Passive filtration of air egressing from nuclear containment

A nuclear reactor includes a reactor core comprising fissile material disposed in a reactor pressure vessel. A radiological containment contains the nuclear reactor.
Babcock & Wilcox Mpower, Inc.


Pin wire driver device

An instrument for facilitating the insertion of a pin or wire into a bone or other structure. The instrument includes a body, a first shaft and a second shaft at least partially positioned within the body, an actuator in communication with the second shaft, a first holding feature, and a second holding feature.
Zimmer Surgical, Inc.


Terminal and method thereof for searching passively activated wifi network searching

A terminal and a method for the terminal implementing passively activated wifi network searching, the method includes: a terminal configured with switch device detecting a received signal, when a wifi signal is detected, using the switch device to turn on a wifi module in a function-off state to search for a wifi network. In the method and terminal described in the embodiments of the present document, a switch device is configured in the terminal, after the switch device receives a wifi signal, a wifi module is turned on immediately to search for a network, it implements a mode for passively activated wifi network searching, thereby the user may search out the wifi network in an area with the wifi signal coverage at any time without turning on a wifi function of the terminal equipment at any time, meanwhile power consumption of the terminal equipment is reduced..
Zte Corporation


Passively triggered wagering system

Systems and methods for a gambling hybrid game that provides passively trigger wagering are disclosed. In an entertainment game, passively actuated enabling elements are provided.
Gamblit Gaming, Llc


Reflective display device

Provided is a reflective display device, including: a display part including first particles having an electric charge and a first color, capsules having a second color, and a light transmissive fluid in which the first particles and the capsules are dispersed; an electric field applicator for applying an electric field to the display part; and a controller for controlling the color displayed by the display part by adjusting at least one of the intensity and the direction of the electric field applied to the display part, wherein the position of the capsules in the display part is passively determined depending on the position of the first particles that are moved by the electric field.. .
Nanobrick Co., Ltd.


Underground storage heating and cooling (ushc) system

This disclosure describes systems and methods for the underground storage of heated or cooled fluid in order to preserve the temperature of the fluid. The systems described herein utilize one or more porosity storage reservoirs for heated or cooled fluid storage, in effect creating cold and or heat reservoirs in the subsurface.


Vortex fill

Improved methods, systems, and devices for filling fuel tanks, particularly compressed natural gas (cng) fuel tanks, are provided. Such methods, systems, and devices enhance heat rejection when the fuel tank is being filled to a temperature lower than that if such methods, systems, and devices were not used.
Agility Fuel Systems, Inc.


System and methods for managing fuel tank temperature

A system for an engine, comprising: a fuel tank; a thermal regulator comprising a phase-change material, the thermal regulator coupled to the fuel tank; and an engine coolant passage positioned to transfer thermal energy between engine coolant and the phase-change material. In this way, the temperature of the fuel tank may be managed passively by the phase-change material, and actively by engine coolant, thereby allowing heat energy to be shunted away from the fuel tank, cooling the fuel within the fuel tank, and reducing fuel vapor concentration, thus enabling a fuel vapor canister with a reduced size..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Aircraft and managing evaporated cryogenic fuel

A method of managing evaporated cryogenic fuel in a storage tank of a cryogenic fuel system of an aircraft and an aircraft having at least one turbine engine providing propulsive force for the aircraft and a cryogenic fuel system including a passively cooled cryogenic fuel storage tank located within the aircraft, a pressure vent fluidly coupled to the cryogenic fuel storage tank and exhausting evaporated gas from the cryogenic fuel to define a natural gas vent stream, and a catalytic converter fluidly coupled to the pressure vent.. .
General Electric Company


System and real time data awareness

A system includes a sensor and a processor. The sensor is configured to passively read data in packets as the packets are in motion on a network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Mobile optical magnifier

A mobile optical magnifier used for enlarging the viewing size of the display screen and amplifying the acoustical audio output of a mobile electronic device. The mobile optical magnifier comprises a wall structure that includes collapsible, interlinked bellows or foldable rigid walls, an optical magnifying lens, and a base plate.


Semiautomatic firearm

A semiautomatic firearm with redundant systems for reducing misfirings. A safety trigger is provided that is passively actuated in advance of a firing trigger.
Alliant Techsystems Inc.


Apparatus, system, and providing linkage between two or more objects such that they can passively track or follow one another

The present invention provides methods and systems for a mobile device system that includes a electromagnet suitable for physical association with a mobile device, a paired item suitable for association with a user, and a correspondence between the electromagnet and the paired item, wherein the correspondence uniquely pairs at least the electromagnet and the paired item to indicate that the mobile device physically associated with the electromagnet passively follow the user associated with the paired item.. .


Passive aircraft wingtip strike detection system and method

A system and method for passively detecting aircraft wingtip strikes includes generating a digital base map represented by a plurality of aerodrome cells. A numeric value representative of the specific wingtip is assigned to each of the aerodrome cells.
Honeywell International Inc.


Dual-detector capacity intrusion detection systems and methods and configuration thereof

A method for automatically orienting passive motion detection sensors in a given area, the method including capturing an image of at least a first portion of the given area, and responsive to capturing of an image of the first portion of the given area, superimposing, onto the image, a multiplicity of virtual passive sensor sensitivity beams virtually originating from at least one passive motion detection sensor, the at least one passive motion detection sensor being operable for passively detecting motion in at least a second portion of the given area, the sensitivity beams demarcating the second portion of the given area, thereby enabling ascertaining a measure of overlap between the first and second portions of the given area.. .
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh


Exercise cell, ketosis/weight loss inducing exercise machine (kwiem), ketosis inducing apparatus (kia)

A unique concept of exercise and weight loss that takes place in a new invention utility, namely the exercise cells or the ketone inducing apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus consists of four exercise cells to simulate four different exercise categories in extreme environments, namely walk/run/hike in a cold mountain environment, swim/water jogging in a cold water marine environment, cycling in a hot, humid, rainy, tropical forest environment, and gravitational rotation in a hot dry air windy space or desert environment.


Heart stimulator for implantation in a heart ventricle

Embodiments include a heart stimulator that may be implanted in a heart ventricle and that includes a housing. The housing includes fixation elements that passively fix the heart stimulator in a heart ventricle and electrode poles that one or more of deliver stimulation pulses and sense electrical potentials.
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg


Apparatus for unloading a user's body weight during a physical activity of said user, particularly for gait training of said user

The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for unloading a user's body weight during a physical activity of said user (4), particularly for gait training of said user (4), comprising: a plurality of ropes (41, 42, 43, 44), wherein each rope (41, 42, 43, 44) extends from an associated drive unit (510, 520, 530, 540), is deflected by a passively displaceable deflection device, e.g. A device that is displaceable by means of the forces in the deflected ropes, and then runs to a first free end (41 a, 42a, 43a, 44a) of the respective rope (41, 42, 43, 44), and a node (60) being coupled to said first free ends (41 a, 42a, 43a, 44a) and being designed to be coupled to said user (4), wherein the drive units (510, 520, 530, 540) are designed to retract and release the respective rope (41, 42, 43, 44) so as to adjust a current rope force (fr) along the respective rope (41, 42, 43, 44), which current rope forces add up to a current resulting force (f) exerted on said user (4) via said node (60) in order to unload the user (4) upon said physical activity.
Eth Zurich


Tank pressure control solenoid with passive tank vacuum

A valve assembly providing flow control between a fuel tank and a carbon canister, which includes two valves providing two different flow paths, where the first valve provides active vacuum relief along the first flow path, and the second valve provides passive vacuum relief along the second flow path. A reservoir is added to the cap which is common for both flow paths.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Arrangement for the passive capture of a broken saw chain

The invention concerns an arrangement to capture passively a broken saw chain of a chain saw with a guide bar that is arranged such that it can pivot, comprising a stationary screen that forms part of a sawing box and that covers a rear part of the saw. In order to achieve a cheap and efficient protection there is arranged between an end surface of the screen and the guide bar an energy-absorbing brake member that is sufficiently elastic or flexible to receive the kinetic energy from a broken saw chain, to direct kinetic energy away from the chain and to regain its normal form after it has suffered an impact from and been deformed by the chain..
Komatsu Forest Ab


Adaptive biometric and environmental authentication system

An adaptive biometric authentication system may include a user identity reference module that is configured to maintain user identification items stored in a secure memory. The system may include a passive data aggregator that is configured to receive and aggregate data items that are passively collected by a device that is in proximity to a user.
Broadcom Corporation


Flow deflection device of a wind turbine

A rotor blade of a wind turbine is provided, wherein the rotor blade has a flow deflection device for influencing an airflow flowing from the leading edge section of the rotor blade to the trailing edge section of the rotor blade. The flow deflection device passively changes its configuration depending on the bending of the rotor blade.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Robotic drowning rescue system

A system remotely monitors a potential drowning victim and remotely and passively detects one or more drowning indicia. Upon detecting one or more drowning indicia, the system acquires location coordinates of the victim and activates a self-propelled robotic submersible, which travels to the victim's location and uses one or more sensors to position itself directly below the victim in the body of water.



An endoscope including a first bending portion that actively performs a bending action in conjunction with a bending operation in an operation portion, a second bending portion that is provided on a proximal end side of the first bending portion, and passively performs a bending action by an external force, a flexible tube portion that is consecutively connected to a proximal end side of the second bending portion, wherein a series of helical tube portions (a first flex and a second flex) are disposed in the second bending portion and in the flexible tube portion, the helical tube portion being configured such that bending rigidity at a distal end side is higher than bending rigidity at a proximal end side, a boundary at which the bending rigidity of the helical tube portions change (a boundary between the first flex and the second flex) is set to a distal end side of the flexible tube portion, to thereby prevent buckling of the bending portion and realize good insertability of an insertion portion.. .
Olympus Corporation


Sleeve with electronic extensions for a cell phone

A passively re-radiating cell phone sleeve assembly capable of receiving a nested cell phone provides signal boosting capabilities. Signal boosting is enabled by use of an additional antenna, a pass-through repeater, dual antenna isolation capability and other features..
Mojoose, Inc.


Methods, circuits, devices, systems and associated computer executable code for caching content

Disclosed are methods, circuits, devices, systems and associated computer executable code for caching content. According to embodiments, a client device may be connected to the internet or other distributed data network through a gateway network.
Saguna Networks Ltd.


Optical combiner energy harvesting

Powering an active/splitter and providing information to onus to cause adjustments to onu operating wavelengths. An onu may identify the port of a splitter to which the onu is connected in order to make wavelength adjustments.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Apparatus for providing battery pack cooling

A battery pack may include a plurality of battery cells, a cell retainer and a heat exchanger assembly. The cell retainer may define a plurality of cell reception slots configured to retain respective ones of the battery cells.
Husqvarna Ab


Electrolytic cell and system for treating water

A water treatment system is disclosed having electrolytic cell for liberating hydrogen from a base solution. The base solution may be a solution of brine for generating sodium hypochlorite, or potable water to be oxidized.
Process Solutions, Inc.


Method for preparing a porous fluoropolymer and preparing an article of same, a rigid porous fluoropolymer flow sleeve and a controlling flow

A rigid flow control device includes a porous rigid body having an outer surface and an inner surface. The body defines a flow path and is formed from a material operatively arranged with a surface energy less than that of the fluid for passively impeding an undesirable component of the fluid more than a desirable component of the fluid..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Leadless cardiac pacemaker with secondary fixation capability

The invention relates to leadless cardiac pacemakers (lbs), and elements and methods by which they affix to the heart. The invention relates particularly to a secondary fixation of leadless pacemakers which also include a primary fixation.
Nanostim, Inc.


Passive proximity detection

Techniques and devices are disclosed for utilizing passively received audio signals to determine proximity of devices to other objects. In one embodiment, a method of passive proximity detection is provided that includes sensing a first sound wave using a first audio transducer and generating a first signal representative of the first sound wave.


Passively-cooled spent nuclear fuel pool system

A passively-cooled spent nuclear fuel pool system in one embodiment includes a containment vessel comprising a thermally conductive shell and an annular reservoir surrounding the shell that holds a liquid coolant forming a heat sink. A spent fuel pool is disposed inside the containment vessel and includes a body of water in contact with a first peripheral sidewall of the fuel pool.


Apparatus and methods for passive pressure modulation

Aspects of the disclosure include pressure modulation of a fluid contained in a compartment and/or controlled release of an amount of such a fluid. In one aspect, an apparatus having a magnetic locking mechanism can passively control the cyclical injection and release of fluid from the apparatus, whereby pressure of the fluid in the compartment can switch between first and second pressures..


Cell discovery and wake up through device-to-device discovery protocols

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards devices and methods for discovering and waking up dormant access nodes in cellular networks. In one embodiment, the dormant access nodes passively participate in a device-to-device discovery process to identify potential user equipment nearby.


User viewing data collection for generating media viewing achievements

Methods, systems, and apparatuses, including computer programs encoded on computer-readable media, for receiving user viewing data that includes a media source, a viewing time, and a username. The username identifies a user, and the user viewing data is associated with a media viewing device.


Passive security enforcement

Technology is described for enabling passive enforcement of security at computing systems. A component of a computing system can passively authenticate or authorize a user based on observations of the user's interactions with the computing system.
Microsoft Corporation


Calculating latency in computer networks

In one implementation, data is communicated along a communications route in a network. A mediatrace request is generated for the communications route.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Self illuminated shaped and two-sided signage for printed graphics

Self illuminated back and front lit shaped and two-sided signage. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light and a diffuser providing for diffusion.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Apparatus and stabilizing the temperature of a photonic circuit

A temperature-stabilized photonic circuit comprising: a material platform; a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos)-compatible, photonic device integrated on the material platform, wherein the photonic device has a positive thermo-optic coefficient; and a liquid crystal layer clad over the photonic device, wherein the liquid crystal layer has a negative thermo-optic coefficient such that the temperature of the circuit is passively stabilized through adjustment of the effective refractive index of the photonic device.. .


Passive replacement of media

Embodiments described herein generally relate to passively replacing media in a closed cell expansion system to reduce or prevent the dilution of chemical signaling used to inhibit signaling pathways that keep a cell population in the lag phase of cell growth. To prevent such dilution, active inlet fluid flow to the system may be halted.
Terumo Bct, Inc.


Non-contact stress assessment devices

Embodiments of a system are disclosed for stress assessment of a call center agent while interacting with a customer. The system is for use with a communication network.
Xerox Corporation


Mimo systems with active scatters and their performance evaluation

Presented are mimo communications architectures among terminals with enhanced capability of frequency reuse by strategically placing active scattering platforms at right places. These architectures will not depend on multipaths passively from geometry of propagation channels and relative positions of transmitters and those of receivers.


Passive ranging of a target

In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a detector and a range finder. The detector is configured to determine a direction to a target in response to a signal received from the target, and the range finder is configured to determine a range to the target in response to the direction and independently of an amplitude of the signal.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Sediment bed passive flux meter (sbpfm)

Embodiments of the present invention provide a sediment bed passive flux meter (sbpfm) and associated methods. In one embodiment, an sbpfm is provided.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Task-lit cabinet

Methods, apparatuses, and products passively generate electrical energy from waste heat. Electronic components in cabinets generate waste heat that is used to illuminate an interior of a cabinet.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Actuator with residual magnetic hysteresis reset

An electromagnetic actuation system includes an electrical coil, a magnetic core, an armature, a controllable bi-directional drive circuit for selectively driving current through the coil in either of two directions, and a control module providing an actuator command to the drive circuit. Current is driven though the electrical coil in a first direction when an actuation is desired.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Dual media oil filter

A suction filter for an automatic transmission utilizes two different types of filter media: a coarse filter media and a fine filter media. The two types of media are arranged in series within a housing such that fluid flows through only one of the two filter media.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Neck pain and headache relief device

A device, which can primarily be described as an arc shaped item designed to contact the back of a person's neck in certain locations while the user lays in a horizontal position, so as to relieve compression by passively creating tension along the user's cervical system, thereby helping to alleviate or prevent neck pain and headaches which are caused by cervical (neck) muscle tightness and joint irritation, and its methods of use.. .


Vacuum coagulation probes

A surgical device integrating a suction mechanism with a coagulation mechanism is provided for improving lesion creation capabilities. The device comprises an elongate member having an insulative covering attached about means for coagulating soft tissue.
Ncontact Surgical, Inc.


Mobile device application for remotely controlling an led-based lamp

A mobile application is disclosed that allows a user to configure an led-based lamp. The led-based lamp has the capability of color matching color spectrums and calibrating its correlated color temperatures, brightness, and hue based on a color model.
Lumenetix, Inc.


System and detecting network intrusions using layered host scoring

Approaches for detecting network intrusions, such as malware infection, trojans, worms, or bot net mining activities includes: identifying one or more threat detections in session datasets, the session datasets corresponding to network traffic from a plurality of hosts; determining a layered detection score, the layered detection score corresponding to a certainty score and threat score; determining a layered host score, the layered host score corresponding to a certainty score and threat score; and generating alarm data comprising the layered detection score and the layered host score. In some embodiments, the network traffic may be received passively through a network switch; for example, by “tapping” the switch.
Vectra Networks, Inc.


Hybrid self illuminated and actively back lit signage for printed graphics

Hybrid signage capable of self illumination and having an active backlight. The signage includes a turning film having a structured surface for redirecting light in order to passively illuminate a printed graphic or shaped sign when the backlight is off.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Radiator configuration for a flying wind turbine that passively controls airflow

In order to increase efficiency in aerial wind turbine vehicles, it is desirable to reduce the system drag associated with airflow across radiator in those cases where airflow exceeds the necessary flow to sufficiently cool the motor/generators. Exemplary embodiments herein include passive flow restrictors that can activate under varying flight conditions associated with known states of excessing cooling capacity..
Google Inc.


Customized wire device for orthodontic alignment

The appliance of the present invention is a customized wire device for orthodontic alignment of the mal-aligned teeth. The final position and orientation of the brackets are assessed by simulating the desired aligned stage.


Methods of coagulating tissue

An embodiment of the invention includes a surgical device for coagulating soft tissue such as atrial tissue in the treatment of atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, and atrial tachycardia; tendon or ligament shrinkage; or articular cartilage removal. The surgical device integrates a suction mechanism with the coagulation mechanism improving the lesion creation capabilities of the device.
Ncontact Surgical, Inc.


Mycelial mass with non-electrical carbon dioxide transfer

Carbon dioxide benefits plants in restricted indoor growing areas. Plants will deplete carbon dioxide levels in an indoor environment over time.


Antenna array and synthesizing antenna patterns

An antenna array having a plurality of antenna elements is disclosed. The antenna array comprises: a plurality of transceiver modules; an active antenna element subset of the plurality of antenna elements, wherein the active antenna element subset comprises at least one active antenna element being actively coupled to an associated transceiver module of the plurality of transceiver modules; and at least one passively combined sub-array of at least two antenna elements of the plurality of antenna elements.
Kathrein-werke Kg


System and biphasic transdermal iontophoretic delivery of therapeutic agents for the control of addictive cravings

Embodiments of the invention provide methods for the transdermal delivery of therapeutic agents for the treatment of addictive cravings e.g., nicotine compounds for the treatment of nicotine cravings from tobacco use. An embodiment of a method for such delivery comprises positioning at least one electrode assembly in electrical communication with a patient's skin.
Incube Labs, Llc


Passively-cooled spent nuclear fuel pool system and method therefor

A passively-cooled spent nuclear fuel pool system and method therefor. In one embodiment, the invention can be a passively-cooled spent nuclear fuel pool system comprising: a spent nuclear fuel pool comprising a body of liquid water having a surface level, at least one spent nuclear fuel rod submerged in the body of liquid water that heats the body of liquid water; a lid covering the spent nuclear fuel pool to create a hermetically sealed vapor space between the surface level of the body of liquid water and the lid; and a passive heat exchange sub-system fluidly coupled to the vapor space, the passive heat exchange sub-system configured to: (1) receive water vapor from the vapor space; (2) remove thermal energy from the received water vapor, thereby condensing the water vapor to form a condensed water vapor; and (3) return the condensed water vapor to the body of liquid water..
Smr Inventec, Llc


Apparatus for transmitting and/or receiving measurement data of a field device as well as system

A system for communication with a field device, comprising: an apparatus which includes a communication module and an adapter. The communication module includes a connection region and a communication area.
Endress+hauser Conducta Gesellschaft FÜr Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh+co. Kg


Dual-band passively athermal optical lens system

An optical lens system for focusing light on a focal plane for detection by a detector device. The optical lens system comprises a series of optical materials including first and last optical materials with a plurality of other optical materials located therebetween.
Bae Systems Information & Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Systems and methods to mitigate nox and hc emissions

Systems and methods are provided for managing low temperature nox and hc emissions, such as during a cold start of an internal combustion engine. The systems and methods include storing nox and hc emissions at low temperatures and passively releasing and treating these emissions as the temperature of the exhaust system increases..
Cummins Inc.


Wireless enabled cap for data-capable band

A data-capable band including a wirelessly enabled housing may include a sensor operative to capture sensor data, a plug coupled with the band and operative to send the sensor data to another device having a structure configured to receive the plug, the housing operative to be removeably coupled with the band and including a cavity operative to house the plug, and a microchip disposed within the housing and operative to electrically communicate stored data in accordance with a short-range communication standard (e.g., one or more wireless communication standards and/or protocols). The housing may comprise a cap or cap-like structure.


Method for enabling peps key to operate multiple vehicles

Methods and apparatus are provided for configuration a single remote fob to be fully operational with different vehicles such as more than one vehicle within a vehicle fleet. In particular, the method and apparatus implements functional transmitter identification and synchronization to allow for dynamic authentication and configuration of the key fob with the last vehicle with which it was successfully passively authenticated..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Depth control for a seed planting system

A planting system including a plurality of seeding row assemblies, each having components maintained at a controlled elevation. The seeding row assembly includes a tillage row unit controlled to maintain a desired elevation relative to a seeding row unit, the seeding row unit being configured to passively follow the local terrain.


Passively coupled rfid receiver

A passively coupled rfid receiver is disclosed. The apparatus according to embodiments of the invention can reduce the cost of the rfid reader while significantly improving the linearity of the reader's receiver.
Clairvoyant Technology Llc

Passively topics: Needle Shield, Information Management, Information Technology, Mobile Computing Device, Computing Device, Mobile Computing, Authorization, Cloud Computing, Network Address, Aspiration, Medical Device, Subscriber, Notification, Network Server, Optical Fiber

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