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Combustion arrangement and turbine comprising a damping facility

Fine processing method, fine processing apparatus, and recording medium with fine processing program recorded thereon

Date/App# patent app List of recent Partitioning-related patents
 Fill partitioning of a shared cache patent thumbnailnew patent Fill partitioning of a shared cache
Fill partitioning of a shared cache is described. In an embodiment, all threads running in a processor are able to access any data stored in the shared cache; however, in the event of a cache miss, a thread may be restricted such that it can only store data in a portion of the shared cache.
 Fine processing method, fine processing apparatus, and recording medium with fine processing program recorded thereon patent thumbnailnew patent Fine processing method, fine processing apparatus, and recording medium with fine processing program recorded thereon
According to one embodiment, a fine processing method includes determining a resist amount required for each first region of a pattern formation surface and a total amount of resist. The method include dividing the total amount of resist by a volume of one resist drop to determine the resist drops total number.
 Belt cleaning apparatus and recording apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Belt cleaning apparatus and recording apparatus
A belt cleaning apparatus that is a cleaning apparatus that cleans a surface of a transporting belt with a cleaning solution, the belt cleaning apparatus including a cleaning member that is in contact with the surface in a rotatable manner, the cleaning member cleaning the surface with the cleaning solution; a cleaning solution reservoir that retains the cleaning solution; and a partition portion that protrudes from a bottom portion of the cleaning solution reservoir, the partition portion partitioning the cleaning solution reservoir into a cleaning area where the cleaning member is partially dipped in the cleaning solution and a discharging area from where the cleaning solution is discharged. In the belt cleaning apparatus, a distance between the cleaning member and the partition portion becomes gradually smaller towards an upper end of the partition portion..
 Combustion arrangement and turbine comprising a damping facility patent thumbnailnew patent Combustion arrangement and turbine comprising a damping facility
A combustion arrangement for a turbine is provided including: a casing; a combustion chamber within the casing, an inner casing volume may be defined as a volume inside the casing but outside the combustion chamber; a partitioning wall partitioning the inner casing volume into first and second volume portions, the partitioning wall may have at least one aperture to allow fluid communication between the first and second volume portions; and a valve may be arranged at the casing to allow an outgoing fluid flow from the inner casing volume to an outside of the casing depending on a valve operating position. The combustion chamber has a combustion entry port for supplying an oxidant into the combustion chamber, where the combustion entry port may be in fluid communication with the first volume portion.
 Damping device and gas turbine combustor patent thumbnailnew patent Damping device and gas turbine combustor
In a damping device according to the present invention, a damping device 63 is mounted on a bypass pipe 61 that supplies an amount of high-pressure air to a combustor transition piece 33. The damping device 63 includes a fluid introducing unit 71 that forms a fluid introduction space b by covering an outer peripheral portion of the bypass pipe 61, a plurality of acoustic boxes 73a and 73b that forms resonance spaces da and db with the base portions connected to the fluid introducing unit 71 and the end portions extending along the outer peripheral portion of the bypass pipe 61 in the circumferential direction, and partition plates 74a and 74b that form resonance ducts ea and eb of a predetermined length by partitioning the resonance spaces da and db..
 Cloud computing secure data storage patent thumbnailCloud computing secure data storage
Method and implementations for providing a secure data storage service in a cloud computing environment are generally disclosed. The method comprises: partitioning a data resource into data particles, assigning logic groups to the data particles, assigning physical storage groups to the data particles, and/or storing each physical storage group at corresponding storage resource, receiving a request for the data resource, determining whether the request for the data resource is valid, and if the request is valid, transmitting the data particles of the data resource to the client.
 Serial attached storage drive virtualization patent thumbnailSerial attached storage drive virtualization
Techniques are provided for an access device, such as a serial attached small computer system interface (sas) expander, that is in communication with a storage device to subdivide the storage space of the storage device into a plurality of logical storage spaces, where the access device mediates storage and retrieval of data to and from the storage device. The access device maintains a unique identifier assigned to each of the logical storage spaces.
 Partitioning a search space for distributed crawling patent thumbnailPartitioning a search space for distributed crawling
An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented process for partitioning a crawling space computes an event identifier for each event in the set of events to form an identified set of events, segments the identified set of events into a number of partitions, assigns a partition to each node in a set of nodes and executes each event in each assigned partition by a respective node. In response to a determination that a new state is discovered, other nodes are notified of the new state, in which information associated with the new state is added to a respective assigned set of event ids at each node.
 Multidimension column-based partitioning and storage patent thumbnailMultidimension column-based partitioning and storage
A data storage system includes a storage engine to partition data across multiple dimensions. The storage engine determines chunks according to the partitioning, and performs column-based storage of the chunks..
 Motion analysis apparatus and motion analysis method patent thumbnailMotion analysis apparatus and motion analysis method
A motion analysis apparatus includes a storage section configured to store data representing a plurality of particles representing an object; a partitioning process section configured to partition a particle of interest among the plurality of particles and to store data representing a plurality of partitioned particles obtained by partitioning the particle of interest into the storage section if a predetermined uneven distribution relationship exists between the particle of interest and other particles existing within a predetermined range having the particle of interest at a center of the predetermined range; and a motion analysis section configured to analyze the motion of the object depending on a type of the object using the data representing the plurality of partitioned particles stored in the memory storage section.. .
Counter-example guided abstraction refinement based test case generation from simulink/stateflow models
A method for verifying reachability of a transition path between states with respect to simulink/stateflow models; (a) a concrete simulation model is generated and an abstract model is generated; (c) an abstract path is generated that is a sequence of transition steps from a start state to a target state; (d) a validity of the abstract path is checked utilizing the concrete simulation model; (e) a result is output to a user that identifies the abstract path as a reachable result; (f) partitioning a respective state of the transition step that was invalid in the abstract path; (g) recomputing a next abstract model based on partitioned start state; (h) generating an next abstract path; (i) determining whether the next abstract path is valid; (j) outputting a result to the user that identifies whether the recomputed abstract path is a valid result; otherwise proceeding to step (f).. .
Efficient partition refinement based reachability checking for simulinks/stateflow models
A method for verifying reachability of a transition between states in a transition system using simulation modeling. Generating a concrete simulation model.
System and method for assisted partitioning of body conduits
A treatment strategy for treatment of elevated pressure in a body conduit, such as a pulmonary vein, with a prosthetic partitioning device for placement in and/or about pulmonary veins is described, as well as delivery systems, and strategies for use thereof. A control device is configured to transmit signals to the prosthetic device to effectuate the repetitive transition between a first, less restricted flow configuration and a second, restricted flow configuration are described.
Method to produce water-soluble sugars from biomass using solvents containing lactones
A process to produce an aqueous solution of carbohydrates that contains c6-sugar-containing oligomers, c6 sugar monomers, c5-sugar-containing oligomers, c5 sugar monomers, or any combination thereof is presented. The process includes the steps of reacting biomass or a biomass-derived reactant with a solvent system including a lactone and water, and an acid catalyst.
Test partitioning for a non-volatile memory
Systems and methods are provided for testing a non-volatile memory, such as a flash memory. The non-volatile memory may be virtually partitioned into a test region and a general purpose region.
Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
An organic light emitting diode (oled) display includes: pixel electrodes formed on a substrate; a pixel definition layer between the pixel electrodes and partitioning a pixel area; organic emission layers of a plurality of colors on the pixel electrodes; and a common electrode on the organic emission layers. The pixel definition layer includes a first pattern and a second pattern having different formation materials, thicknesses, and extension directions..
Papermaking screen apparatus
A screen apparatus includes a tank receiving a papermaking raw material; a screen partitioning the tank into a primary chamber and a secondary chamber; a papermaking raw material supply passage for supplying a papermaking raw material to the tank; a foreign material discharge passage for discharges the papermaking raw material containing a foreign material that does not pass through the screen to the outside of the tank; a papermaking raw material discharge passage communicating with the secondary chamber, and discharging the papermaking raw material passing through the screen to the outside of the tank; a cylindrical rotor body rotatably provided inside the screen, and stirs the papermaking raw material in the primary chamber; and a stepped stirring member provided on the side surface except for both end surfaces of the rotor body. The stepped stirring member is formed at a falling gradient with respect to a papermaking raw material flow..
Partitioning designs to facilitate certification
This disclosure relates generally to field-programmable gate arrays (fpgas). Some implementations relate to methods and systems for partitioning fpga circuit designs to facilitate certification.
Method for hard partitioning the resources of a secure computer system
This invention relates to a method for hard partitioning the resources of a secure computer system. The system hardware comprises a hardware mechanism designed to: generate an encryption key with each new program detected by the system, the key being specific to each program, store the said key associated with a program identifier in the system resources, encrypt and store all the data created by the program in the system resources with the key that is specific to it, decrypt the data of the program with the key specific to it in response to a manipulation, call, read and/or write request from a requesting program..
Obfuscating transformations on data array content and addresses
In a first computer (digital) data obfuscation process, data which is conventionally arranged in a data structure called an array (e.g., a table) and conventionally stored in computer or computer device memory is obfuscated (masked) by logically or mathematically combining the data, entry-by-entry, with a masking value which is computed as a logical or mathematical function of the entry itself or its index in the array, modulo a security value. The complementary unmasking value is a pointer to the entry's address in the table modulo the security value.
Local partitioning in a distributed communication system
An apparatus for communicating in a distributed system comprises an identifier space and a processor. The identifier space associates data in the distributed system with one or more ranges of values, and the processor distributes cross-locale routing and caching across local nodes in the distributed system using the one or more ranges of values.
Systems and methods for managing files in a computer system by segmenting files
Systems and methods allow for reliably and efficiently managing files stored on a data storage medium associated with a computer system such as a set-top box. In one embodiment a method of managing a file is provided.
Techniques for finding a column with column partitioning
Techniques for finding a column with column partitioning are provided. Metadata for a container row is expanded to include information for searching ranges of partitioned column values.
Method and apparatus for device-to-device communication
A first user equipment (ue) wirelessly communicates with a network element (e.g., an enb) on a carrier (e.g., a cellular uplink or downlink carrier) in accordance with its first capability partitioning configuration. The first ue engages in direct wireless communication on the carrier with a second ue in accordance its second capability partitioning configuration..
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
A liquid crystal display (lcd) is provided, which includes: first and second gate lines, a data line intersecting the gate lines, first to fourth drain electrodes located near the intersections between the first and second gate lines and the data line, and a coupling electrode. First to fourth pixel electrodes respectively connected to the first to fourth drain electrodes are also provided, and the first pixel electrode is connected to the coupling electrode while the fourth pixel electrode overlaps the coupling electrode.
Parsing syntax elements in three-dimensional video coding
When a current view is a dependent texture view, a current coding unit (cu) is not intra coded, and a partitioning mode of the current cu is equal to part_2n×2n, a video coder obtains, from a bitstream that comprises an encoded representation of the video data, a weighting factor index for the current cu, wherein the current cu is in a picture belonging to a current view. When the current view is not a dependent texture view, or the current cu is intra coded, or the partitioning mode of the current cu is not equal to part_2n×2n, the video decoder assumes that the weighting factor index is equal to a particular value that indicates that residual prediction is not applied with regard to the current cu..
Utility vehicle
A utility vehicle includes a front seat, a rear seat at a rear side of the front seat, and a cargo bed at a rear side of the rear seat, and a screen for partitioning the cargo bed and a riding space at a front side of the cargo bed. The cargo bed includes left and right fixed side walls, a front wall movable into the riding space, and left and right expansion side walls expandable into the riding space.
Device and system for diffusion of a fragrance
A compact fragrance diffuser 1 including a ventilation corridor, an air flow generator, a fixing support on the downstream side of the air flow generator and adapted to fix a fragrance cartridge there, a partition in the ventilation corridor between the air flow generator and the fixing support, the state of which can be modified between at least a partitioning state and a non-partitioning state, and a servocontrol system between the air flow generator and the partition such that the partition is in the partitioning state if the air flow generator is stopped, the partition and the ventilation corridor being produced at least in part in a material inert to the fragrances.. .
What-if partitioning and timing
Methods and apparatuses are described for facilitating a user to explore and evaluate different options during floorplanning. Some embodiments display a graphical representation of a circuit design floorplan, wherein the graphical representation includes a set of blocks and a set of flylines between blocks, wherein each block corresponds to a portion of the circuit design, and wherein each flyline corresponds to one or more relationships between two blocks.
Technique for deploying operating systems in a virtualized environment
Systems and methods are disclosed herein to a method of deploying a guest disk comprising: creating a plurality of virtual disks; partitioning each virtual disk into at least an os partition and a data partition; launching virtualization software; booting the restore environment; downloading a os partition image file and a data partition image file, wherein the os partition image file and the data partition image file are smaller than a final system's os and data partitions; expanding the os partition image file onto the guest disk's os partition to create an os file system; expanding the data partition image file onto the guest disk's data partition to create a data file system; and resizing an os file system and the data file system to access unused. Portions of the os and data partitions.
System and method for extracting physiological information from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation
The present invention relates to a system and a related method for extracting physiological information from remotely detected electromagnetic radiation. The system comprises an interface configured for receiving a data stream comprising image data representing an observed overall region comprising at least one subject of interest; a partitioning unit configured for defining a plurality of sub regions in the overall region; and a classifier configured for classifying the plurality of sub regions into at least one indicative type of region and at least one auxiliary type of region, wherein the at least one indicative type of region comprises at least one indicative region of interest at least partially representing the subject of interest.
Solid oxide fuel cell assembly and method for forming seal
Disclosed herein is a solid oxide fuel cell assembly, including: one or more unit cell, a box-shaped housing provided in the unit cell so as to prevent fuel and air from contacting with each other; a metal plate provided with one or more penetration hole in a plate shape partitioning the housing so as to prevent fuel and air from contacting with each other; and a seal sealing a spaced gap between an outer circumferential surface of the unit cell and a penetration hole of a metal plate. The preferred embodiment of the present invention provides the reliable sealed state between the unit cell and the metal plate by using the seal formed of a sealant, a bonding material, and a sealing material..
Load balancing and inter-cell interference coordination for heterorgeneous networks
Embodiments of the claimed subject matter provide a method and apparatus performing inter-cell load-balancing and inter-cell interference coordination. Some embodiments of the method include partitioning cells into groups that include a different subset of the plurality of cells.
Piezoelectric actuator, inkjet print head assembly, and method of manufacturing the piezoelectric actuator and the inkjet print head assembly
A piezoelectric actuator includes upper and lower electrodes providing driving voltages and a piezoelectric film formed between the upper and lower electrodes and providing a driving force to ink in a plurality of pressure chambers formed on an inkjet print head, respectively. The piezoelectric film may include a plurality of basin parts individually formed on respective tops of the plurality of pressure chambers and a large-area part connected to the plurality of basin parts, respectively, at one ends of the plurality of basin parts and formed as a single body.
Device and method for controlling a cockpit display by partitioning
A display control device for a cockpit allows for a time-oriented graphics partitioning. The device comprises a reception module for receiving a display request for a graphics service during the execution of a sequence of partitions, a configuration module for defining the duration of the sequence, the order and the duration of each partition, and a control module for determining whether the remaining execution time of the partition on which the graphics service depends is or is not sufficient to execute the graphics service.
Fractionating nanomaterials by a liquid multiphase composition
A process for fractionating a nanoparticle composition, the process includes combining a first polymer, a second polymer, and a solvent to form a fluid and contacting the nanoparticle composition with the fluid. The nanoparticle composition includes a plurality of first nanoparticles, a plurality of second nanoparticles, and a dispersant disposed on an exterior surface of the first nanoparticles and the second nanoparticles.
Method and apparatus for managing memory in virtual machine environment
A method and apparatus for managing a memory in a portable terminal including a main memory, a secondary memory, and a plurality virtual machines allocated by partitioning the main memory are provided. The method includes generating, by the virtual machines, monitoring information by monitoring access to the main memory and the secondary memory and swapping out with respect to the secondary memory; determining memory allocation amounts for each of the virtual machines by using the monitoring information; and allocating the main memory to the virtual machines in a partitioning scheme based on the determined memory allocation amounts..
Partitioning caches for sub-entities in computing devices
Some embodiments include a partitioning mechanism that partitions a cache memory into sub-partitions for sub-entities. In the described embodiments, the cache memory is initially partitioned into two or more partitions for one or more corresponding entities.
Mining for statistical enumerated type
Time-based event stream attributes are analyzed to determine whether the attributes are of a statistical enumerated type, or, in other words, whether the attributes comprise statistically fixed sets of unique values, for instance. The analysis can involve determining a magnitude of change to a set of unique attribute values.
Replication mechanisms for database environments
Data replication in a database includes identifying a source database system. The source database includes a main index file and a delta log file.
Scanning data streams in real-time against large pattern collections
Embodiments of the disclosure include a method for partitioning a deterministic finite automaton (dfa) into a plurality of groups. The method includes selecting, with a processing device, a subset of the plurality of states and mapping each state of the subset onto a group of the plurality of groups by assigning one or more transition rules associated with each state to a rule line of the group, wherein each rule line is assigned at most two transition rules and an extended address associated with one of the at most two transition rules.
Method to reconstruct a surface from oriented 3-d points
A method for the problem of reconstructing a watertight surface defined by an implicit equation from a finite set of oriented points. As in other surface reconstruction approaches disctretizations of this continuous formulation reduce to the solution of sparse least-squares problems.
Scene detection using weighting function
In one embodiment, a method includes analyzing characteristics of a media program to label parts of the media program with a plurality of labels where parts of the media program that are determined to be substantially similar are labeled with a same label. The method then analyzes different partitionings of a sequence of the labels to determine partitions for the media program based on a weighting function that is configured to weight the different partitionings based on portions created from the partitions in the different partitionings.
Systems and methods for data compression and parallel, pipelined decompression
A method of data compression includes obtaining a data set comprising a sequence of data blocks comprising a predetermined number of data items, partitioning said data set into one or more groups each comprising a predetermined number of data blocks, and performing data compression on one or more groups of data blocks. Data compression is performed by associating a control data item with each of said blocks, generating a control vector comprising the control data items assigned to each of said blocks within a group, removing data blocks comprising entirely data items having said specified value, compressing data blocks comprising at least one data item having a value different from said specified value using a fixed-rate compression scheme, providing a compressed data stream comprising said compressed data blocks, and providing an associated control vector stream to enable control of said compressed data stream..
Side airbag device and method of sewing side airbag
A side airbag device has: a side airbag that inflates and expands at a time of a side collision, and that has a lower chamber (high pressure chamber), and an upper chamber (low pressure chamber), the high pressure chamber and the low pressure chamber being formed by base cloths (a lower base cloth, an upper base cloth) that are respectively separate bodies; an inflator; a partitioning wall that is formed by a portion of the lower base cloth, and that divides the lower chamber and the upper chamber; and a check valve that is provided at a partial region of the partitioning wall, and that is provided convexly toward the lower chamber side when the side airbag is not inflated, and that permits flowing of the gas for inflation from the upper chamber side to the lower chamber side, and restricts flowing of gas in a direction opposite thereto.. .
Lubricating device of automatic transmission
A lubricating device of an automatic transmission includes a partitioning member that partitions an oil chamber, to which a lubricating oil of a first oil chamber is introduced; a second oil chamber partitioned by the partitioning member and to which lubricating oil to supply to a forward clutch is introduced; and a third oil chamber partitioned by the partitioning member and to which lubricating oil to supply to a pinion unit such as a pinion gear coupled with one engagement unit of the forward clutch is introduced; wherein a clutch oil path that introduces the lubricating oil of the first oil chamber to the second oil chamber and a pinion oil path that introduces the lubricating oil of the first oil chamber to the third oil chamber are formed in a clutch drum interposed between the first oil chamber and the oil chamber.. .
Shared space dividers
A shared space divider provides privacy on surfaces. The shared space divider comprises a hub that is placed on a portion of a surface, and at least one partitioning structure coupled to a portion of the hub.
Shared resource segmentation
Methods and systems for resource segmentation include dividing a time horizon to be partitioned into time slots based on a minimum partition size; determining resource usage for multiple virtual machines in each of the plurality of time slots; determining a set of partitioning schemes that includes every possible partitioning of the time slots into a fixed number of partitions; for each partitioning scheme in the set of partitioning schemes, determining a cost using a processor based on a duration of each partition and a resource usage metric; and selecting a partitioning scheme that has a lowest cost.. .
Dynamic design partitioning for scan chain diagnosis
Aspects of the invention relate to techniques for chain fault diagnosis based on dynamic circuit design partitioning. Fan-out cones for scan cells of one or more faulty scan chains of a circuit design are determined and combined to derive a forward-tracing cone.
Techniques for iterative reduction of uncertainty in water distribution networks
In one aspect, a method for reducing uncertainty in a hydraulic model of a water distribution network due to uncertain parameters and faults in the water distribution network is provided which includes the steps of: (i) calculating an optimized placement of sensors throughout a given uncertain section of the water distribution network; (ii) collecting data from the sensors; (iii) partitioning the given uncertain section of the water distribution network into observable and unobservable sub-sections based on the hydraulic model and a) a position, b) a number, and/or c) a type of the sensors that are available; (iv) correcting uncertain parameters and identifying faults for each of the observable sub-sections; (v) calculating a global uncertainty value for each of the unobservable sub-sections; and (vi) repeating the steps (i)-(vi) iteratively, at each iteration selecting an uncertain sub-section of the water distribution network, until no uncertain sub-sections of the water distribution network remain.. .
Systems, devices, and methods for multi-occupant tracking
A computer implemented method and system for multi-occupant motion tracking and monitoring may include partitioning out of a controlled space one or more interior regions, tracking one or more occupants within the controlled space by collecting a sequence of images of the controlled space, determining from the sequence of images one or more contiguous pixel groupings corresponding to non-persistent motion (referred to as blobs), and generating one or more bounding boxes that encompass each of the contiguous pixel groupings.. .
Culturing sheet, culturing equipment material and manufacturing method
An operating efficiency of an observer is considerably restricted since it is not known at which position a culturing cell is disposed among a great number of pieces of holes of a culturing sheet. The culturing sheet is configured by a partitioning wall, a hole isolated by the partitioning wall, a local culturing region formed with plural local culturing region pillars a height of which is lower than that of the partitioning wall at a portion of a bottom face, and identification mark pillars formed at an identification mark region which differs from the culturing region at the bottom face of the hole.
Recovery method and draw solution for forward osmosis
The present disclosure relates to a water recovery method and an fo draw solution that reduce the energy consumption required for water recovery, increase the osmotic pressure of a draw solution, recover the water from a ds mixed solution relatively easily, and reduce a solute that remains in the water, and simultaneously reduce fouling of the fo membrane. The water recovery method may include inflowing water into a draw solution by partitioning a feed solution including water and a draw solution, including a basic temperature-sensitive polymer and an acidic gas dissolved therein and having higher osmotic pressure than the feed solution, with a forward osmosis membrane..
Cooling apparatus
A liquid coolant supplying header is configured on a central portion in the width direction between an upper portion heatsink and a partitioning plate, a liquid coolant discharging header is configured on a central portion in the width direction between a lower portion heatsink and the partitioning plate so as to be parallel to the liquid coolant supplying header, vertical flow channels are formed so as to pass through the partitioning plate vertically on two sides in the width direction so as to be parallel to the liquid coolant supplying header, a liquid coolant distributing structural body is disposed inside the liquid coolant supplying header, and an external shape of the liquid coolant distributing structural body is formed such that flow channel cross-sectional area of the liquid coolant supplying header becomes gradually smaller from an upstream end toward a downstream end.. .
Storage control system with data management mechanism of parity and method of operation thereof
A method of operation of a storage control system includes: partitioning memory channels with memory devices; selecting a super device with one of the memory devices from one of the memory channels; selecting a super block associated with the super device; and determining a location of a parity within the super block when the super block is formed.. .
Partitioning a flash memory data storage device
A method of partitioning a data storage device that has a plurality of memory chips includes determining a number memory chips in the data storage device, defining, via a host coupled to the data storage device, a first partition of the data storage device, where the first partition includes a first subset of the plurality of memory chips, defining a second partition of the data storage device via the host where the second partition includes a second subset of the plurality of memory chips, such that the first subset does not include any memory chips of the second subset and wherein the second subset does not include any memory chips of the first subset.. .
Optimizing an order of execution of multiple join operations
A computer-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product optimizes an order of execution of column join operations. A first partitioning of the first data column splits the first data column into first subsets of rows.
Rdf data warehouse via partitioning and replication
Hardware and/or software suitable for rdf data warehousing, a type of data integration wherein integrated information is represented as rdf and loaded into a centralized rdf database, is presented. Pieces of hardware/software suitably support desired performance and flexibility by transforming one or more rdf documents to a binary format where rdf resources are replaced by identifiers, indexing each integrated data source into a separate rdf database and finally merging data to a warehouse through merging steps.
Managing vehicles on a road network
A system and method for managing vehicles on a road network can include a processor that performs operations including accessing a matrix of vehicle parameters of a plurality of communicating vehicles on the road network and representing the plurality of communicating vehicles in a graph with a plurality of nodes corresponding to the plurality of communicating vehicles and edges corresponding to the vehicle parameters. The system and method can include partitioning, with a processing device, the graph to reduce disruptions to the road network below a threshold level to support safe and efficient traffic flow and assigning one or more exclusion zones within the road network to each partition of the graph by associating the vehicle parameters for each vehicle..
Managing vehicles on a road network
A system and method for managing vehicles on a road network can include a processor that performs operations including accessing a matrix of vehicle parameters of a plurality of communicating vehicles on the road network and representing the plurality of communicating vehicles in a graph with a plurality of nodes corresponding to the plurality of communicating vehicles and edges corresponding to the vehicle parameters. The system and method can include partitioning, with a processing device, the graph to reduce disruptions to the road network below a threshold level to support safe and efficient traffic flow and assigning one or more exclusion zones within the road network to each partition of the graph by associating the vehicle parameters for each vehicle..
Capsule array devices and methods of use
This disclosure provides microwell capsule array devices. The microwell capsule array devices are generally capable of performing one or more sample preparation operations.
Method for managing data transport using crosstalk data
A method and device are provided for affecting data conveyance within a cable comprising a plurality of copper wire lines. The method comprises: providing information about crosstalk interference experienced by the copper wire lines; for each copper wire line experiencing crosstalk interference (interfered line), identifying which other copper wire lines induce crosstalk interference to that interfered line; partitioning the copper wire lines into interference groups, where each interference group comprises at least one copper wire line, wherein at least one of the interference groups comprises at least three copper wire lines, and wherein in case that a given interference group comprises more than two copper wire lines, then each of the copper wire lines belonging to that interference group is subjected to interference induced by another copper wire line that belongs to that interference group; and based on the partitioning step, changing operational settings of at least one copper wire line..
Method for operating augmented reality contents and device and system for supporting the same
Disclosed are methods of operating augmented reality (ar) contents, and a device and a system supporting the same. In one method, a real world image is captured using a camera in a portable device.
Method for maintaining the performance level of an electrochemical cell
A method of maintaining the performance level of an electrochemical cell is described. The cell usually includes a negative electrode that includes an alkali metal; a positive electrode that includes at least one transition metal halide; a molten salt electrolyte based on an alkali metal haloaluminate; and a sodium ion-conducting solid electrolyte partitioning the positive electrode from the negative electrode.
Energy absorbing body and energy absorbing body manufacturing method
An energy absorbing body includes: a first energy absorbing member (28a) that contains a rigid polyurethane foam (20a); a second energy absorbing member (20b) that contains a rigid polyurethane foam (28b) and that has different compressive stress compared to the first energy absorbing member (28a); and a partitioning member (20c) that contains a rigid polyurethane foam, that is disposed between the first energy absorbing member (20a) and the second energy absorbing member (20b), and that has a smaller difference in compressive stress with respect to the first energy absorbing member (20a) than a difference in compressive stress with respect to the second energy absorbing member (20b).. .
System and method for supporting metered clients with manycore
In some embodiments, the invention involves partitioning resources of a manycore platform for simultaneous use by multiple clients, or adding/reducing capacity to a single client. Cores and resources are activated and assigned to a client environment by reprogramming the cores' route tables and source address decoders.
Method for data chunk partitioning in xml parsing and method for xml parsing
A method for data chunk partitioning in xml parsing and a method for xml parsing are disclosed in the invention, the method for data chunk partitioning in xml parsing includes: partitioning an xml file into multiple xml data segments, and allocating the multiple xml data segments to multiple threads for parallel processing; determining a candidate boundary start symbol in the xml data segment; determining a boundary symbol type of the candidate boundary start symbol, and recording the boundary symbol type and a position of the candidate boundary start symbol; determining a valid boundary start symbol; partitioning the xml file into multiple data chunks by taking the valid boundary start symbol as a boundary. With the method, the integrity of the xml elements in each data chunk can be ensured, and thus effectively improving the efficiency of xml data parsing..
Memory access authority control method and memory management system thereof
A memory access authority control method and a memory management system utilizing the method. By partitioning and designating permissible memory access intervals to different service programs in one system, it is ensured that each service program cannot access other service programs' confidential data.
Caching program optimization
A method for optimizing performance of programs has steps for scanning storage mechanisms of the computing appliance by executing a configuration utility by a central processing unit (cpu) of the computing appliance to find and identify installed programs, comparing the determined installed programs to a database (db) of information and files prepared to optimize performance of specific programs through caching, and determining matches between the installed programs and specific programs having information and files in the db, selecting installed programs to optimize for performance, partitioning a portion of system ram of the computing appliance as cache, and loading information and files from local storage mechanisms for each program selected to the cache partitioned in system ram, enabling the programs selected to at least read data in operation from the cache portion partitioned in system ram.. .
Method of partitioning a database
The invention is directed towards a method of partitioning data in a database. The database is configured to be accessed by an entity.
Method and system of using artifacts to identify elements of a component business model
A method and system are described for using business artifacts to identify elements of a component business model. Artifacts operated upon by the business are first identified, and then used to analyze the business into business operations.

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Partitioning topics: Partitioning, Light Guide Plate, Light Guide, Enhancement, Redundancy, Accommodation, Work Management, Work Management System, Network Management System, Network Management

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