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Centrifugal pump

Air convective warmer with noise reduction filter

Data retention component and framework

Date/App# patent app List of recent Partition-related patents
 Health monitoring of applications in a guest partition patent thumbnailnew patent Health monitoring of applications in a guest partition
A health monitoring technique monitors the health and performance of applications executing in a guest partition in a virtualized environment. In an embodiment, a guest integration component interacts with an application through an application programming interface in order for the virtualization platform to monitor the health and performance of the application.
 Systems and methods of data transmission and management patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods of data transmission and management
Data communications systems and methods comprise a conductive media infrastructure in communication with a baseband data universe propagating at least one first signal and a broadband data universe propagating at least one second signal. At least one segmentation device is in communication with the conductive media infrastructure and partitions the broadband data universe from the baseband data universe.
 Method and system for dynamically resizing enclosed storage device partitions patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for dynamically resizing enclosed storage device partitions
A computer-implemented method for updating a recovery operating system (os) stored in a boot partition of a storage device. The method involves booting, via host operating system (os) boot files stored in the boot partition, a host os that is stored in a host partition of the storage device, receiving a request to update a recovery os also stored in the boot partition, determining the recovery os update requires additional storage space of size z to be added to the boot partition, decreasing the size of the host partition by the size z, increasing the size of the boot partition by the size z, and updating the recovery os..
 Highly configurable memory architecture for partitioned global address space memory systems patent thumbnailnew patent Highly configurable memory architecture for partitioned global address space memory systems
A system and method for identifying from an address an appropriate target node and a location in that node that holds desired data related to that address is provided. The system and method includes a logical address generator that generates a logical address.
 Storage card partition system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Storage card partition system and method
A storage card partition system and a storage card partition method adapted for a mobile phone are disclosed. The system acquires a storage capacity of a storage card in the mobile phone, defines the quantity of partitions, dividing the storage card into the quantity of partitions according to the storage capacity of the storage card, and defining a capacity of each partition, and names each partition to obtain a partition name and defining a relationship between each partition name and at least one suffix name.
 Synchronizing parallel applications in an asymmetric multi-processing system patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronizing parallel applications in an asymmetric multi-processing system
A method for synchronizing parallel applications in a partitioned asymmetric multi-processing system having multiple independent levels of security is provided. Synchronized access to a shared data memory region is provided for a first application through a first instance of a para-virtualized user library linked against a first application in a first domain having a first security level.
 Raid erasure code applied to partitioned stripe patent thumbnailnew patent Raid erasure code applied to partitioned stripe
The disclosure presents examples of a raid storage system, method and computer program product where a stripe is logically partitioned into two or more sub-stripes and at least one raid erasure code is applied to each sub-stripe independently of any other of the sub-stripe(s). Consequently, in some of these examples, a larger packet size may be used than if the stripe had not been partitioned.
 Translation layer partitioned between host and controller patent thumbnailnew patent Translation layer partitioned between host and controller
A method for using a partitioned flash transition layer is disclosed. Step (a) receives, at an apparatus from a host, a write command having first write data.
 Method and system for using a recursive event listener on a node in hierarchical data structure patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for using a recursive event listener on a node in hierarchical data structure
Disclosed is a method and system for registering a recursive watch on a node in hierarchical data structure. Embodiments of the disclosed technique may include (i) receiving a request to register an event listener on a source node, the source node being one of a plurality of nodes that are related to each other in a hierarchy; (ii) registering the event listener on the source node, the event listener configured to notify a client of an occurrence of a first event in the source node; and (iii) if the source node has a descendant node in the hierarchy, setting the event listener to notify the client of an occurrence of a second event in the descendant node without requiring registration of another event listener on the descendant node.
 System and method for organizing data patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for organizing data
A system and method for organizing raw data from one or more sources uses an improved mechanism for identifying duplicate data between fields (e.g., columns) in the databases. The fields may be similar fields within a single database or similar or identical fields within a pair of databases and as organized as arrays or field vectors.
new patent Data retention component and framework
Systems and methods for dynamically managed data retention are described. The system comprises a tiered framework having a plurality of namespaces.
new patent Air convective warmer with noise reduction filter
To reduce the noise level of an air convective warmer, the air filter of the warmer is fitted with an air intercept mechanism to disrupt the flow of air that traverses inside the interior cavity of the air filter. By thus disrupting the air flow, the noise that otherwise would have been generated due to a non-interrupted air stream flow is lowered.
new patent Wafer processing method
A wafer processing method divides a wafer into individual devices along crossing streets formed on the front side of the wafer. The wafer has a substrate and a functional layer formed on the substrate, the individual devices being formed from the functional layer and partitioned by the streets.
new patent Honeycomb structural body
A honeycomb structural body has a central part, an outer-circumferential part and a boundary-partition wall. The central part has central basic-cell walls and central reinforced-cell walls.
new patent Circularly foldable daisy display stand
A circularly folding display stand that includes a plurality of sector-like partitioned, that can be compressed into storage mode by folding the partitions together to minimize sector area, and can be opened into a display mode by opening the partitions to maximize sector area.. .
new patent Honeycomb catalyst body
A honeycomb catalyst body includes a tubular honeycomb base material having porous partition walls to define and form a plurality of cells extending as through channels of a fluid from one end surface from which the fluid flows in to the other end surface from which the fluid flows out, and a catalyst loaded onto the partition walls. In the honeycomb base material, at least one slit which is open in a side surface of the honeycomb base material is formed, and a width of the slit is from 1.0 to 10.0 mm..
new patent Roots pump
A roots pump comprises a plurality of multi-toothed rotary pumps, each forming a pump stage, and connection channels connecting respective adjacent pump stages. The invention provides that the connection channels are arranged in partitioning walls separating the adjacent pump stages..
new patent Centrifugal pump
A centrifugal pump includes a main body casing. The main body casing includes an upper main body casing, a lower main body casing fixed to the upper main body casing, and a blade casing.
new patent Sealed rotor valve engine
A rotary engine powered by external heat with a gas that is reactive to temperature sealed inside a casing where a portion, of the sealed in gas is heated and expands within a chamber on one side of the engine and is separated by a partition from another portion of the gas which is cooled and contracts within a chamber on the opposite side of the engine as the heated gas pushes the partition which rotates a rotor while simultaneously the cooled gas pulls the partition and every 180° of rotation the heated gas moves over the rotor to the cooling side of the engine while the cooled gas moves under the rotor through a valve to the heating side of the engine.. .
new patent Video encoding and serving architecture
Techniques for delivering content, such as videos, over a network are described. A core server and an edge server are provided.
new patent Method and an apparatus for encoding/decoding an image
The present invention relates to an intra prediction method for predicting pixel values within a prediction target block on the basis of a plurality of peripheral pixels adjacent to the prediction target block. The intra prediction method according to the present invention includes the steps of: receiving and decoding encoded image information; determining a target boundary by determining a plurality of boundary pixels representing the target boundary within the prediction target block on the basis of the decoded image information; determining a plurality of prediction target regions partitioned on the basis of the target boundary within the prediction target block; and performing a prediction for each of the plurality of prediction target regions on the basis of peripheral pixels differing from each other selected from among the plurality of the peripheral pixels..
new patent Terminal device, and buffer partitioning method
Disclosed is a terminal apparatus in which: a decoding section (210) that stores, in a retransmission buffer, downlink data transmitted by each of the plurality of component carriers and decodes the downlink data; and a radio transmitting section (222) that transmits, using a first component carrier of the plurality of component carriers, a response signal for first downlink data received using the first component carrier and a response signal for second downlink data received using a second component carrier of the plurality of component carriers, in addition, a second buffer is divided into regions respectively corresponding to retransmission processes based on a specific value determined by a combination of a first configuration pattern that is set in the first component carrier and a second configuration pattern that is set in the second component carrier.. .
new patent Systems and methods for enhancing uplink coverage in interference scenarios
A method and apparatus are for communication in a wireless network in which a user equipment (ue) associated with a first evolved node b (enb) experiences interference from a second enb. The method includes negotiating by the first enb of the wireless network with a second enb of the wireless network for a partitioning of subband resources on an uplink.
new patent Server and partition thereof
A server includes a chassis, at least a partition and at least a server unit. The chassis has an accommodating cavity and a first fixing structure.
new patent Layered light field reconstruction for defocus blur
An algorithm may reconstruct defocus blur from a sparsely sampled light field. Light field samples are generated, using stochastic rasterization or ray tracing as examples.
new patent Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
An electronic device includes a substrate; an element configured to be formed on the substrate; a sidewall member configured to enclose the element on the substrate; a cover member configured to be disposed on the sidewall member, and to partition a space around the element along with the sidewall member on the substrate; and a seal member configured to be disposed outside of the sidewall member, to bond the sidewall member and the cover member to a surface of the substrate, and to seal the space.. .
new patent Heat exchanger
A heat exchanger for use with a two-phase refrigerant includes an inlet header, an outlet header, and a plurality of refrigerant tubes hydraulically connecting the headers. A distributor tube has a plurality of orifices disposed in the inlet header, the end of the refrigerant tubes opposite the outlet header extends inside the inlet header and abuts a surface of the distributor tube, a portion of an inner surface of the inlet header facing the surface of the distributor tube and the surface of the distributor tube defining a first chamber.
new patent Partition
The partitions can be made of an elongated and flat body of a material being manually flexible in an elastic manner in a transverse orientation, have two lengthwisely opposite ends and at least two superposed lengthwisely oriented rows of keeper apertures extending therebetween, and protrusions extending outwardly at each one of the ends, each protrusion being lengthwisely aligned with a corresponding one of the rows and being shaped to matingly engage the keeper apertures.. .
new patent Storm water redistribution device
A storm-water redistribution device and installation are described for providing headloss and redistribution of a flow of storm-water runoff. The device includes an elongate, tubular, geotextile enclosure having a plurality of transverse partitions therein that form a plurality of segments along the length of the device.
new patent Honeycomb filter and manufacturing method of the same
There is provided a honeycomb filter including a honeycomb base material including a porous partition wall parent material; plugged portions arranged in open frontal areas of predetermined cells in an end surface on an inflow side of the fluid, and open frontal areas of the remaining cells in an end surface on an outflow side of the fluid; and a porous collecting layer disposed on the surface of the partition wall parent material in the remaining cells. In a cross section orthogonal to an extending direction of the cells, a shape of the cells is a rectangular shape, and a thickness of a portion of the collecting layer which is positioned in each of corner portions of each of the cells is from one to three times that of a portion of the collecting layer which is positioned in the center of each of sides of the cell..
Cross-domain security for data vault
Cross-domain security for data vault is described. At least one database is accessible from a plurality of network domains, each network domain having a domain security level.
Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system for a plurality of logical processor partitions
A middleware processor provisioning process provisions a plurality of processors in a multi-processor environment. The processing capability of the multiprocessor environment is subdivided and multiple instances of service applications start protected processes to service a plurality of user processing requests, where the number of protected processes may exceed the number of processors.
Processor provisioning by a middleware processing system
A middleware processor provisioning process provisions a plurality of processors in a multi-processor environment. The processors themselves may be subdivided in to one or more partitions or processing instances for which a single processing queue is created and a single kernel thread is started.
Very short size ldpc coding for physical and/or control channel signaling
A communication device is configured to encode and/or decode low density parity check (ldpc) coded signals. Such ldpc coded signals are characterized by ldpc matrices having a particular form.
Low density parity check (ldpc) coding in communication systems
A communication device is configured to encode and/or decode low density parity check (ldpc) coded signals. Such ldpc coded signals are characterized by ldpc matrices having a particular form.
Fill partitioning of a shared cache
Fill partitioning of a shared cache is described. In an embodiment, all threads running in a processor are able to access any data stored in the shared cache; however, in the event of a cache miss, a thread may be restricted such that it can only store data in a portion of the shared cache.
Monitoring of replicated data instances
Replicated instances in a database environment provide for automatic failover and recovery. A monitoring component can obtain a lease enabling the component to periodically communicate with, and monitor, one or more data instances in the data environment, where the data instance can be a replicated instance including a primary and a secondary replica.
Unified semantic scoring of compositions of ontological subjects
The present invention discloses methods, systems, and tools for unified semantic scoring of compositions of ontological subjects. The method breaks a composition into a plurality of partitions as well as its constituent ontological subjects of different orders and builds a participation matrix indicating the participation of ontological subjects of the composition in other ontological subjects, i.e.
Virtual machine file-level restoration
Disclosed is a method and system for selectively restoring file-level data from a disk image backup. In embodiments, a virtual machine backup may be performed by dividing a virtual machine virtual disk file into a plurality of discrete fixed-sized data blocks sharing a common index file that is stored on a backup medium, such as a hard drive, to form a backup set.
Single snapshot for multiple agents
A data storage system according to certain aspects can share a single snapshot for multiple applications and/or agents. For example, the data storage system can receive snapshot commands from multiple applications and/or agents, and can group them for a single snapshot (e.g., based on time of receipt of the snapshot commands).
K-partite graph based formalism for characterization of complex phenotypes in clinical data analyses and disease outcome prognosis
Systems and methods are disclosed that can analyze relationships between parameters in data matrices (e.g., collections of individual profiles). A graph topology can be defined on a data matrix with partitions as variables and vertices in all partitions and their potentials and edges as the co-occurrence of a pair of variable values in a profile.
Fine processing method, fine processing apparatus, and recording medium with fine processing program recorded thereon
According to one embodiment, a fine processing method includes determining a resist amount required for each first region of a pattern formation surface and a total amount of resist. The method include dividing the total amount of resist by a volume of one resist drop to determine the resist drops total number.
Apparatus, method and non-transitory storage medium for accommodating and processing a substrate
A substrate accommodating and processing apparatus is provided with a cassette mounting table, a processing part, a substrate transfer mechanism, a partition wall, a cassette stage, and a lid attaching/detaching mechanism. The lid attaching/detaching mechanism is provided with a key configured to be engaged with a key hole installed in the lid, and configured to switch a latch between locking and unlocking positions.
Method and apparatus for soft buffer management for carrier aggregation
An apparatus and a method therein include selecting a size of a soft buffer memory partition per component carrier in a carrier aggregation scenario. The method supports multiple carriers to select a size of a soft buffer memory partition, the partition associated with receiving data on at least one component carrier, the multi-carrier system comprising at least two component carriers, each component carrier is associated with a configured bandwidth, the apparatus comprising the processor configured to select a size of a soft buffer memory partition for the first component carrier based at least in part on a first total number of soft channel bits, a first number associated with hybrid automatic retransmit request processes, and the configured bandwidth of the first component carrier..
Portable system performing business center operations
The present disclosure describes a portable system for performing business operations. The portable system includes a multi-function device (mfd) including a surface for keeping stationery items, the surface have multiple curved edges for accommodating space constraints, a customizable partition for providing visual privacy to at least one of an official and multiple customers while filling multiple forms and branding, a perforated pattern across at least three sides of the mfd for providing ventilation, a cable management unit for connecting the mfd with a power source, one or more storage units for storing promotional material, a number of filled forms, a product manual, and one or more maintenance records, and a printout interface for providing a point of interaction for customers in order to access one or more printouts.
Generating modulation patterns for the acquisition of multiscale information in received signals
A methodology for acquiring measurements of a signal at one or more scales of resolution, including: generating modulation patterns based on a predefined measurement matrix; modulating a received signal with the modulation patterns using the signal modulating array to obtain a modulated signal; and acquiring measurements of intensity of the modulated signal. Each modulation pattern is generated by: (a) selecting a corresponding row of the measurement matrix; (b) reordering elements of the selected row according to a permutation to obtain a reordered row; and (c) transferring the reordered row to the signal modulating array so that elements of the reordered row are mapped onto the signal modulating array.
Belt cleaning apparatus and recording apparatus
A belt cleaning apparatus that is a cleaning apparatus that cleans a surface of a transporting belt with a cleaning solution, the belt cleaning apparatus including a cleaning member that is in contact with the surface in a rotatable manner, the cleaning member cleaning the surface with the cleaning solution; a cleaning solution reservoir that retains the cleaning solution; and a partition portion that protrudes from a bottom portion of the cleaning solution reservoir, the partition portion partitioning the cleaning solution reservoir into a cleaning area where the cleaning member is partially dipped in the cleaning solution and a discharging area from where the cleaning solution is discharged. In the belt cleaning apparatus, a distance between the cleaning member and the partition portion becomes gradually smaller towards an upper end of the partition portion..
Security system having segregated operating software
A control apparatus for a premises based system is provided. The control apparatus has an improved memory and processor configuration for separate operation of the life safety and life style code so that the operation of the life style code may be changed without changing the operation of the life safety code, such as through the use of a virtual machine or code running at a single operating system layer.
Enforcement of semiconductor structure regularity for localized transistors and interconnect
A global placement grating (gpg) is defined for a chip level to include a set of parallel and evenly spaced virtual lines. At least one virtual line of the gpg is positioned to intersect each contact that interfaces with the chip level.
Led module
There is provided a manufacturing method of an led module including: forming an insulating film on a substrate; forming a first ground pad and a second ground pad separated from each other on the insulating film; forming a first division film that fills a space between the first and second ground pads, a second division film deposited on a surface of the first ground pad, and a third division film deposited on a surface of the second ground pad; forming a first partition layer of a predetermined height on each of the division films; sputtering seed metal to the substrate on which the first partition layer is formed; forming a second partition layer of a predetermined height on the first partition layer; forming a first mirror connected with the first ground pad and a second mirror connected with the second ground pad by performing a metal plating process to the substrate on which the second partition layer is formed; removing the first and second partition layers; connecting a zener diode to the first mirror and connecting an led to the second mirror; and depositing a fluorescent material so as to fill a space formed by the first mirror and the second mirror.. .
Method of aerobic treatment of poultry manure and apparatus for producing organic fertilizer
A bio-chamber and a method of making organic fertilizer from poultry manure. The bio-chamber has a chamber body that defines a receiving chamber and an aeration chamber.
Combustion arrangement and turbine comprising a damping facility
A combustion arrangement for a turbine is provided including: a casing; a combustion chamber within the casing, an inner casing volume may be defined as a volume inside the casing but outside the combustion chamber; a partitioning wall partitioning the inner casing volume into first and second volume portions, the partitioning wall may have at least one aperture to allow fluid communication between the first and second volume portions; and a valve may be arranged at the casing to allow an outgoing fluid flow from the inner casing volume to an outside of the casing depending on a valve operating position. The combustion chamber has a combustion entry port for supplying an oxidant into the combustion chamber, where the combustion entry port may be in fluid communication with the first volume portion.
Damping device and gas turbine combustor
In a damping device according to the present invention, a damping device 63 is mounted on a bypass pipe 61 that supplies an amount of high-pressure air to a combustor transition piece 33. The damping device 63 includes a fluid introducing unit 71 that forms a fluid introduction space b by covering an outer peripheral portion of the bypass pipe 61, a plurality of acoustic boxes 73a and 73b that forms resonance spaces da and db with the base portions connected to the fluid introducing unit 71 and the end portions extending along the outer peripheral portion of the bypass pipe 61 in the circumferential direction, and partition plates 74a and 74b that form resonance ducts ea and eb of a predetermined length by partitioning the resonance spaces da and db..
Method and system for invisibly arranging cabling in a room
The invention relates to a method with which cabling can be arranged invisibly in an indoor space in rapid and simple manner. This method comprises the steps of placing a non-load-bearing partition wall which has a cavity and which is provided on its underside with a recess which extends over the whole length thereof and which is at least partially open on its upper side and communicates with the cavity, and placing the laid cabling laterally into the recess.
Building fire escape system and refuge chamber
A building fire escape system, comprising an auxiliary descending device, the auxiliary descending device being a sliding pole (6) or a spiral chute (6′), and at least one refuge chamber, the refuge chamber being a fireproof spatial structure integrated with the building. The inside of the refuge chamber is divided into a first space (2) and a second space (3) by fire partitions (1, 4).
Cloud computing secure data storage
Method and implementations for providing a secure data storage service in a cloud computing environment are generally disclosed. The method comprises: partitioning a data resource into data particles, assigning logic groups to the data particles, assigning physical storage groups to the data particles, and/or storing each physical storage group at corresponding storage resource, receiving a request for the data resource, determining whether the request for the data resource is valid, and if the request is valid, transmitting the data particles of the data resource to the client.
Secured media distribution system and method
A media distribution system provides controlled distribution of media owned by various parties hosted on a local media access device. The media access device may store temporary media, such as rented or leased media, on a separate provider controlled storage partition.
Defective artifact removal in photolithography masks corrected for optical proximity
Defective artifact removal is described in photolithography masks corrected for optical proximity. In one example a method is described in which partitions are identified in a mask design for independent optimization.
Serial attached storage drive virtualization
Techniques are provided for an access device, such as a serial attached small computer system interface (sas) expander, that is in communication with a storage device to subdivide the storage space of the storage device into a plurality of logical storage spaces, where the access device mediates storage and retrieval of data to and from the storage device. The access device maintains a unique identifier assigned to each of the logical storage spaces.
Partitioning a search space for distributed crawling
An illustrative embodiment of a computer-implemented process for partitioning a crawling space computes an event identifier for each event in the set of events to form an identified set of events, segments the identified set of events into a number of partitions, assigns a partition to each node in a set of nodes and executes each event in each assigned partition by a respective node. In response to a determination that a new state is discovered, other nodes are notified of the new state, in which information associated with the new state is added to a respective assigned set of event ids at each node.
Multidimension column-based partitioning and storage
A data storage system includes a storage engine to partition data across multiple dimensions. The storage engine determines chunks according to the partitioning, and performs column-based storage of the chunks..
Technology prediction
Embodiments of the invention relate to technology prediction. A technical dictionary of technical terms is constructed based on a collection of documents.
Systems and methods for optimizing data driven media placement
System and methods are presented for selecting advertising slots in an advertising campaign with an audience management system. In some embodiments, a user selects a budget value, which is partitioned into a first and second partition value.
Motion analysis apparatus and motion analysis method
A motion analysis apparatus includes a storage section configured to store data representing a plurality of particles representing an object; a partitioning process section configured to partition a particle of interest among the plurality of particles and to store data representing a plurality of partitioned particles obtained by partitioning the particle of interest into the storage section if a predetermined uneven distribution relationship exists between the particle of interest and other particles existing within a predetermined range having the particle of interest at a center of the predetermined range; and a motion analysis section configured to analyze the motion of the object depending on a type of the object using the data representing the plurality of partitioned particles stored in the memory storage section.. .
Counter-example guided abstraction refinement based test case generation from simulink/stateflow models
A method for verifying reachability of a transition path between states with respect to simulink/stateflow models; (a) a concrete simulation model is generated and an abstract model is generated; (c) an abstract path is generated that is a sequence of transition steps from a start state to a target state; (d) a validity of the abstract path is checked utilizing the concrete simulation model; (e) a result is output to a user that identifies the abstract path as a reachable result; (f) partitioning a respective state of the transition step that was invalid in the abstract path; (g) recomputing a next abstract model based on partitioned start state; (h) generating an next abstract path; (i) determining whether the next abstract path is valid; (j) outputting a result to the user that identifies whether the recomputed abstract path is a valid result; otherwise proceeding to step (f).. .
Efficient partition refinement based reachability checking for simulinks/stateflow models
A method for verifying reachability of a transition between states in a transition system using simulation modeling. Generating a concrete simulation model.

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