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Date/App# patent app List of recent Parsing-related patents
 Integrating preprocessor behavior into parsing patent thumbnailIntegrating preprocessor behavior into parsing
A method, computer program product, and system is described. Software code text associated with a software code editor and including one or more preprocessor statements is identified.
 Ordered access of interrelated data files patent thumbnailOrdered access of interrelated data files
A computer implemented method and system for interrelating and providing ordered access to source data files (sdfs) is provided. Each sdf contains one or more records.
 Method and system for filtering search results for maps using social graph patent thumbnailMethod and system for filtering search results for maps using social graph
A method is provided for selectively displaying locations on a map based on a user's social graph. Place references are aggregated from a plurality of applications on the device.
 Method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn patent thumbnailMethod for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn
A method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component how to actuate a vehicle function is disclosed herein. The aftermarket accessory component is configured to monitor communications across a vehicle bus.
 Universal language classification devices, systems, and methods patent thumbnailUniversal language classification devices, systems, and methods
A computer-implemented method, implemented, at least in part, by hardware in combination with software, the method includes (a) obtaining text from a document; (b) parsing said text using at least one parallel sentence parsing process to obtain sentence data from said text; (c) parsing said sentence data using at least one parallel noun parsing process to obtain text data from said sentence data; (d) scoring said text data using at least one term scorer process and a known word list to obtain scored terms corresponding to said text data; and (e) determining known word scores corresponding to said text data, using said known word list, wherein said known word scores comprise base scores and category penetration scores; wherein steps (b), (c), (d), and (e) operate in parallel for at least some of the text from the document.. .
 Methods and apparatus to associate a mobile device with a panelist profile patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to associate a mobile device with a panelist profile
Methods and apparatus are disclosed to associate a mobile device with a panelist profile. An example method includes initializing a metering application on the mobile device to operate with partial functionality, parsing a message log with the metering application to identify an installation message, extracting a telephone number from the installation message and saving to a memory of the mobile device, sending an initialization message based on the extracted telephone number to prompt an authorization message, and enabling full functionality of the metering application in response to receiving the authorization message..
 Video processing method apparatus patent thumbnailVideo processing method apparatus
Embodiments of the present invention provide a video processing method, including: parsing, by a buffer server, a video file, and creating a video index file, where the index file includes a position of a key frame in the video file; receiving information about a target position of video dragging and sent by a client; determining a key frame closest to the target position according to the index file and the target position; and sending video file data that begins with a position of the closest key frame to the client so that the client starts playing from the target position. Correspondingly, the embodiments of the present invention further provide a buffer server, which solves the problem that a video without a file header and a video dragged beyond a storage range of a server cannot be played after being dragged, and improves user experience..
 Systems and methods for intelligent purchase crawling and retail exploration patent thumbnailSystems and methods for intelligent purchase crawling and retail exploration
A method may comprise identifying a field of a digital document as containing information related to an order. The method may include deconstructing the field into a character string.
 Video files including ambient light effects patent thumbnailVideo files including ambient light effects
Methods and systems for controlling ambient light effects associated with video content are provided. The method includes providing a receiving device configured to parse an incoming video file.
 Hardware assist for privilege access violation checks patent thumbnailHardware assist for privilege access violation checks
Techniques are disclosed for processing rendering engine workload of a graphics system in a secure fashion, wherein at least some security processing of the workload is offloaded from software-based security parsing to hardware-based security parsing. In some embodiments, commands from a given application are received by a user mode driver (umd), which is configured to generate a command buffer delineated into privileged and/or non-privileged command sections.
Methods and systems for generating ambient light effects based on video content
Methods and systems for producing ambient light effects based on video content are provided. A method of producing an ambient light effect includes providing a receiving device including a processor configured to parse incoming video content and receiving the video content including a plurality of scenes at the receiving device.
State machine based parsing algorithm on a data-status fifo with multiple banks
In the l2 fifo architecture incoming frames are stored in a multi bank fifo to enable offloading the programmable real-time unit to do other tasks. The l2 fifo buffers data coming from the l1 fifo, reducing the polling time for received data.
System and method for customization of web content
The present invention provides a method and system for customizing web content for a mobile computing device associated with a user over a network. The method and system include receiving a request for web content from the mobile computing device associated with the user and parsing acquired web content into separate one or more component parts based on the received request.
System and method for threat assessment
A system and method for threat assessment are provided. The system includes a computer system; a data access subsystem programmed into and executed by the computer system for receiving data from a data source, and parsing the data to identify one or more messages; an analytics subsystem programmed into and executed by the computer system for processing and scoring the one or more messages to calculate one or more threat scores; and a communications subsystem programmed into and executed by the computer system for transmitting the one or more messages to a user..
Progressive analysis for big data
According to one general aspect, a method may include receiving a data query request that includes one or more search parameters to be searched for within a plurality of files that are stored according to a hierarchical organizational structure, wherein each file includes at least one data record. The method may include scanning a plurality of files to determine if one or more files match a sub portion of the search parameters.
Methods and devices for querying databases using aliasing tables on mobile devices
A method for responding to natural language financial performance queries received from a user device is provided herein. The method may include: receiving a first spoken natural language request from the user device; parsing the request into words, using a processor; searching a table of natural language words and keywords to determine whether the request includes any of the words stored in the table; generating instructions for querying a database based on one or more keywords; receiving financial information responding to the query from the database; and transmitting the financial information to the user device for display in a graphic format and/or for playback of an audio..
Graphic rendering
The present disclosure provides example methods and apparatuses of conducting graphic rendering. Javascript codes of a graphic application are obtained.
Electronic device and method for controlling zooming of displayed object
An electronic device and a method for controlling zooming of a displayed object are disclosed. The method includes: receiving a single-point slide operation performed by a user on a displayed object of a touch screen, and generating a slide signal; parsing the slide signal to obtain a slide track and a feature value of the single-point slide operation; determining whether the feature value of at least one point in the single-point slide operation is greater than a preset value; and when the feature value is greater than the preset value, controlling zooming of the displayed object according to the slide track.
Method and apparatus for providing privacy policy for data stream
An approach for providing a privacy policy for a data stream is described. A privacy policy determination platform causes, at least in part, an interception of at least one data stream accessible to at least one processing element of a stream processing framework.
Secure identification of intranet network
A method is provided for network identification based on high entropy data on a network which are not easily guessed or obtained outside the network, which can prevent an attacker from “spoofing” the network. A component in a client computer connected to a network may obtain over the network a network data block including device identification information of a device controlling the network.
Graphically based method for developing connectivity drivers
A method for graphically developing a connectivity driver is provided. The method includes inputting a hardware message and a first delimiter into computer readable memory medium and generating a first graphical diagram in response.
Webpage skin replacement method, apparatus, and mobile terminal
This invention provides a skin replacement method for a webpage content area displayed in a mobile terminal browser, including: parsing each element of webpage content received, determining whether a self-defined extension property exists in an element for indicating skin style information of the element. The self-defined extension property is predefined by a browser client and provided for a web server, and a value of the self-defined extension property represents index information of the skin style information of the element in a skin style library of the browser client; when the self-defined extension property exists, based on the index information, searching the skin style information corresponding to the index information in the skin style library; and rendering the element based on found skin style information.
Methods and arrangements for low power active radio reception
Embodiments may comprise radio data system logic to enter a sleep mode and wake periodically to receive a data packet. In several embodiments, the data packet is a radio data system (rds) packet and the radio data system logic is rds logic.
Efficient conversion of xml data into a model using persistent stores and parallelism
Methods for product data management and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method includes receiving an xml document by a parallel parser process, the xml document including a plurality of elements of an xml data structure that corresponds to an object model.
Query language to traverse a path in a graph
A query language used to traverse a path in a graph-based model is provided. The system comprises a parsing module to parse a query comprising query phrases.
Methods and systems for javascript parsing
The present invention relates to systems, apparatus, and methods of parsing a script within an html page. The method includes receiving a script object, where the script object includes text.
Embedded multimedia card (emmc), emmc system including the emmc, and method of operating the emmc
An embedded multimedia card (emmc), and a method of operating an emmc, determine whether a vendor mode is to be entered by parsing a command argument of a command received from a host or a pattern of write data received from the host; receive vendor mode attribute information for the vendor mode, based on a result of determining whether the vendor mode is to be entered; and performing a vendor mode operation in the vendor mode based on the vendor mode attribute information.. .
Generic download and upload functionality in a client/server web application architecture
The present invention relates generally to client-server architectures for allowing generic upload and download functionality between a web application at a server and a client. One exemplary method includes sending a download/upload request to a web application at the server, where the download/upload request specifies at least one file to download/upload; receiving a transmission from the server; parsing the transmission to identify a download/upload command and an associated download/upload manifest, where the download/upload manifest includes executable code that, when executed on the client, will perform the download/upload of the at least one file..
Document mining with relation extraction
A document mining method includes automatically parsing each sentence of a corpus of documents into constituents. If some of the constituents correspond to entities from a list of recognized entity types, a relation between those entities, the relation including the entities and a link between them, is automatically identified.
Apparatus and method for processing unstructured data event in real time
An apparatus for processing an unstructured data event in real time is provided. The apparatus includes a feature extraction unit configured to extract predetermined feature data of unstructured data output from a plurality of unstructured data sensors, a metadata forming unit configured to form the feature data of the unstructured data collected by the feature extraction unit as metadata including all attributes of the structured data and the unstructured data, a metadata parser unit configured to parse the metadata formed by the metadata forming unit, and an event processing unit configured to process event generation defined by a result of parsing in the metadata parser unit..
Mobile high-definition link data converter and mobile high-definition link data converting method
An exemplary mobile high-definition link (mhl) data converter includes: a data decoding circuit, arranged for decoding an input data according to an mhl specification, and outputting a decoded data; and a data parsing circuit, coupled to the data decoding circuit, arranged for parsing out a plurality of output data from the decoded data. An mhl data converting method includes: decoding an input data according to an mhl specification, and outputting a decoded data; and parsing out a plurality of output data from the decoded data..
Static security analysis using a hybrid representation of string values
Methods for creating a hybrid string representations include receiving string information as input; parsing the string information to produce one or more string components; determining string components that may be represented concretely by comparing the one or more components to a set of known concretizations; abstracting all string components that could not be represented concretely; and creating a hybrid string representation that includes at least one concrete string component and at least one abstracted string component.. .
Autoclassifying compound documents for enhanced metadata search
An enterprise content management system provides automatically classified topic-specific metadata from a map file to a set of search properties associated with the topic file. An example includes parsing content from the links in a map file and storing topic-specific metadata as search properties in a content engine..
Method and system for auditing transaction data from database operations
A method for validating srs registry transaction data includes receiving oltp transaction data from a first database, parsing the oltp transaction data, and comparing the parsed oltp transaction data to one or more of a set of profiles. Each of the one or more of the set of profiles includes metadata in xml files.
Automated transactions clearing system and method
Embodiments of the present invention are related to systems and methods of verifying the integrity of transactions that traverse through complex system workflows, and particularly, verifying the integrity of financial and non-financial transactions that traverse through a plurality of financial systems making up one or more system workflows. In one embodiment, a clearing system is disclosed to include a central clearing engine configured for processing a plurality of transactions by retrieving transaction data of at least one transaction of the plurality of transactions from at least one data source based on a selection received.
Clinical diagnosis objects authoring
A method for authoring clinical diagnosis data includes: parsing, on a processing device, clinical data regarding components and diagnoses of diseases, the components including at least one of signs, symptoms, or factors for generating structured clinical data; correlating, on the processing device, the structured clinical data based on at least one of the components; determining, on the processing device, clusters of the components that are related to the diseases; identifying, using principal component analysis on the processing device, one or more predictive components of the clusters of the components related to the diseases for generating a diagnosis predictive model; and generating, on the processing device, a disease model based on the diagnosis predictive model, the disease model being for diagnosing a patient in accordance with the identified one or more predictive components.. .
Method, apparatus, and system for interaction between web client and server
A method, an apparatus, and a system for interaction between a web client and a server are provided. The method includes: sending a web page download request to the server; receiving a returned web page download response; parsing the web page download response, and extracting a scripting language program code from web page contents included in the web page download response; determining, when the scripting language program code is loaded in a script engine of the web client, whether the loaded scripting language program code is a scripting language program code in ciphertext format, and if it is in ciphertext format, calling a decryption module first to perform decryption on the scripting language program code in ciphertext format, to obtain a scripting language program code in plaintext format, and then executing, by the script engine, the scripting language program code in plaintext format loaded in the script engine..
Method and system for reporting location information of mobile terminal
The disclosure discloses a method and a system for reporting location information of mobile terminal. The method includes that: a service server sends page information to a connected mobile terminal, wherein the page information contains a label indicating reporting of location information is required; and after parsing out from the received page information the label indicating reporting of location information is required, the mobile terminal acquires the location information of the mobile terminal, and reports the obtained location information to the service server.
Method for generating social network activity streams
A method for notifying users of an online social network of an activity performed within a web site that is external to the online social network by an individual who is a registered user of the online social network and the web site. The method comprises the steps of receiving a notification package from the external web site, the notification package including a notification message that describes the activity performed, parsing the notification package to extract a list of recipients, each of whom is to receive the notification message, and issuing the notification message to each of the recipients..
Custom local search
A method described herein includes receiving a query that is configured by an issuer of the query to be utilized to retrieve a portion of local search content, wherein the local search content comprises a first dataset and a second data set, wherein the first dataset comprises a first entity and the second dataset comprises a second entity, and wherein the query comprises a first token and a second token. The method also includes parsing the query such that the first token of the query is mapped to the first entity in the first dataset and the second token of the query is mapped to the second entity in the second dataset.
Graph query language api querying and parsing
In one embodiment, a method includes accessing one or more graphs stored in one or more data stores, each graph comprising one or more nodes arranged in a hierarchical format, each node representing one or more data items, each data item having a particular one of a plurality of data types; generating a first query requesting a data structures of a specific data type; retrieving the data structure of the specific data type from the graphs; generating a second query requesting one or more specific data items having the specific data type, the second query being expressed in a format corresponding to the retrieved data structure of the specific data type; and retrieving the specific data items from the graphs.. .
Process transformation recommendation generation
Embodiments include a method for analyzing processes. The method includes receiving, by a processor, a process query and parsing, by the processor, the process query to extract one or more key features from the process query.
Business process transformation recommendation generation
Embodiments include an apparatus for managing processes including a processing circuit for obtaining process data corresponding to a plurality of processes from at least one of storage, an external device, and a user, and for performing a method. The method includes parsing the process data to identify key features of the plurality of processes and recognizing, by the processor, commonality among two or more of the plurality of processes based on the key features.
Automatic sentence evaluation device using shallow parser to automatically evaluate sentence, and error detection apparatus and method of the same
An automatic sentence evaluating device using a shallow parser. A simple grammatical error and an error in sentence structure are detected by generating a string of parts of speech using n-gram for a composed input sentence and parsing the generated string of parts of speech on the basis of a rule (shallow parsing) defined according to a connective relationship between adjacent parts of speech, and a corrected draft is proposed for the detected errors to thereby increase accuracy of sentence evaluation, and an error detection apparatus and a method for the same..
Vehicle communications using a mobile device
A method of providing hands-free services using a mobile device having wireless access to computer-based services includes establishing a short-range wireless connection between a mobile device and a vehicle; receiving speech in the vehicle that is communicated to a mobile voice platform resident on the mobile device via the short-range wireless connection; parsing the received speech using the mobile voice platform to identify vehicle-specific vocabulary; when vehicle-specific vocabulary exists, identifying at least one vehicle-specific vocabulary term that affects vehicle operation; identifying at least one vehicle function of an inter-related group of vehicle functions that is associated with the identified vehicle-specific vocabulary; determining whether to access one or more cloud services based on the identity of the vehicle function; generating a text-based command reflecting audible control of the affected vehicle function; and sending the text-based command from the mobile device to the vehicle over the short-range wireless connection.. .
Logical contingency analysis for domain-specific languages
Embodiments relate to validating logical statements in code for domain specific languages. An aspect includes parsing logical statements and annotating constraint type logical statements with specific constraint annotations from the logical grammar of the domain specific language.
Parsing-enhancement facility
An instruction for parsing a buffer to be utilized within a data processing system including: an operation code field, the operation code field identifies the instruction; a control field, the control field controls operation of the instruction; and one or more general registers, wherein a first general register stores an argument address, a second general register stores a function code, a third general register stores length of an argument-character buffer, and the fourth of which contains the address of the function-code data structure.. .
Multiple core session initiation protocol (sip)
A session initiation protocol (sip) proxy server including a multi-core central processing unit (cpu) is presented. The multi-core cpu includes a receiving core dedicated to pre-sip message processing.
Method and apparatus for decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and method and apparatus for encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
A video decoding method including: extracting, from a bitstream of an encoded video, at least one of information indicating independent parsing of a data unit and information indicating independent decoding of a data unit; extracting encoded video data and information about a coded depth and an encoding mode according to maximum coding units by parsing the bitstream based on the information indicating independent parsing of the data unit; and decoding at least one coding unit according to a coded depth of each maximum coding unit of the encoded video data, based on the information indicating independent decoding in the data unit and the information about the coded depth and the encoding mode according to maximum coding units.. .
Speculative resource prefetching via sandboxed execution
The aspects include browser systems and methods of loading/rendering a webpage by preprocessing scripts within the web document (html page) in a sandboxed script engine to discover resources not explicitly requested in the web document so such resources can be pre-fetched and downloaded speculatively. The sandboxed execution of scripts and downloading of discovered resources may proceed in parallel with the performance of other browser operations (e.g., html parsing) and other resource requests.
Method for parsing an information string to extract requested information related to a device coupled to a network in a multi-protocol remote monitoring system
A method, system, and computer program product for parsing an information string to extract requested information related to a remotely monitored device communicatively coupled to a network, including accessing the device using an http protocol to obtain an information string associated with the device; determining, based on a type of the requested information, data extraction information for optimally extracting the requested information from the device; parsing the information string according to the data extraction information to identify substrings within the information string; and determining the requested information based on the information string, identified substrings, and the data extraction information.. .
Apparatuses, methods and systems for automated online data submission
The disclosure discusses an aodsa tool that assists a user in submitting data responding to an online data posting. An embodiment of the invention is described as a job application utility.
Network device and method for loop detection
A network device for loop detection in a network environment, which includes a broadcast frame detection unit for detecting a broadcast storm condition, a loop detection frame generation unit for generating and transmitting a loop detection frame if the broadcast storm condition detected by the broadcast frame detection unit indicates a broadcast storm happens, a frame parser unit for parsing a network frame received by the network device to obtain an information from the network frame, and a loop checking unit for comparing the network frame with the loop detection frame based on the information obtained from the network frame.. .
Computer information system and dynamic disaster recovery method therefor
The method is performed as a client device and includes receiving a first message that includes a first data usage value. The first message is formatted according to a respective format.
Translation of universal plug and play search criteria
A method, apparatus and system for parsing a upnp search criteria and creating a search criteria structure that is understandable to any content provider/storage device include an apparatus for dividing a universal plug and play search criteria into elements, assigning at least one element a designation and providing information regarding the assigned designation and an order of the at least one element within the universal plug and play search criteria, the information to be used for searching content. The apparatus of the invention creates a list of structures for performing a search, each structure including a designation of at least one respective element and an order of the at least one respective element within the universal plug and play search criteria..
Organization system and method for calendar applications
A system for parsing data from a document and populating an electronic calendar, the system including a converting tool adapted to convert a document into a plain text format having plain text data. A parser is provided that is operable to process the plain text data, identify at least a target date and task, and convert the target date and task into an electronic calendar format file adapted to cooperate with an electronic calendar and place the target date and the task into the calendar..
Method and device for rasterizing page digital image
The application discloses a method and an apparatus for rasterizing a page digital image. The method comprises steps of parsing a page digital image to obtain basic information, position information and rasterization information of the image, with the basic information including image data, image type, a width, height and bit depth of the image (s10); decoding data encoding type to obtain the image data and saving the image data into a buffer (s20); acquiring the image data from the buffer and rasterizing the image data by using the image type, the width, height and bit depth of the image and the position information to obtain a rasterized page lattice (s30).
Automatic event correlation in computing environments
Systems and methods of automatic event correlation for computing environments are disclosed. An example method may include parsing an event message to identify an event, and marking the event message when the event is related to a previous event.
System for setting fees for iterative parsing, matching, and correlation of sets of text strings drawn from real time crowd-sourced streamed data and using said matches to initiate apis or trigger alerts to participants in a crowd sourced pervasive computing environment.
A system for a user to use electronic devices to accept text input parameters to iteratively parse and process streams of data collected or converted from multiple data formats into text strings; correlating or matching said text strings against lists, tables, spreadsheets or datasets of text strings; posting and recording said text strings responsive to one or a plurality of correlations or matches with one or a plurality of items in said lists, tables, spreadsheets or datasets; posting and recording the number of parsing operations responsive to correlations or matches or user instructions upon discovery of matches or correlations of said strings of text against said one or a plurality of lists, tables, spreadsheets or datasets; and calculating a price or fee for matches or correlations discovered through said parsing process, or for other server events initiated by electronic devices responsive to said matches or correlations.. .
Method and device for parsing mms information
Disclosed are a method and device for parsing mms information. The method includes: determining the storage location information corresponding to a first keyword of the received mms information; determining keyword information in the storage location corresponding to the storage location information; when the first keyword is identical to a second keyword in the determined keyword information, taking the keyword attribute of the keyword information as the keyword attribute corresponding to the first keyword; and parsing the mms according to the keyword attribute corresponding to the first keyword.
Data interface configuration method and terminal device
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a data interface configuration method and a terminal device. The configuration method includes: receiving, by a second device, an application program command word sent by a first device; parsing the application program command word, to obtain a type of a function module corresponding to the application program command word according to a preset mapping relationship; and connecting a data interface to a corresponding function module according to a parsing result; where the data interface is a data interface on the second device, and the function module is a function module in the second device.
Smart parsing of data
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for automatically parsing data from disparate data sources. In some implementations, actions include receiving first data from a first data source, identifying a first regular expression that corresponds to a data format of the first data, selecting a first set of parsing rules from a plurality of parsing rules based on the first regular expression, parsing the first data based on the first set of parsing rules to provide a first set of sub-data, populating data fields of a first data object with respective sub-data from the first set of sub-data, and transmitting the first data object to a computing device..
Electronic medical records information system
There is provided an apparatus for organizing a clinical observation in the form of clinical information entered by a user into memory. The apparatus includes a mechanism to receive the clinical information, which is associated with the clinical observation and has a plurality of clinical attributes.
Transmitter and method for transmitting data block in wireless communication system
Provided are a transmitter and a method for transmitting a data block in a wireless communication system. The method comprises the following steps: encoding an information bit and generating a block coded with an ncbpss bit; generating two sub-blocks by parsing the coded block; and transmitting the two sub-blocks to the transmitter.
Parsing single source content for multi-channel publishing
An approach is provided in which a content manager receives a publication request to publish content data on a particular distribution channel. The content manager identifies one or more channel format parameters corresponding to the selected distribution channel and dynamically formats the content data according to the identified channel format parameters, which results in formatted content data.
Method and apparatus for encrypting/decrypting multimedia content to allow random access
A method is disclosed for encrypting a multimedia file including parsing the multimedia file to identify a media data portion; encrypting the media data portion; and, combining the encrypted media data portion with a non-encrypted non-media data portion. A method is also disclosed for playing a multimedia file including parsing the multimedia file to identify an unencrypted metadata portion; using the unencrypted metadata portion to locate a position of interest in the media file, the position of interest having an associated encrypted media data portion; and, decrypting the associated encrypted media data portion.
Launching workflow processes based on annotations in a document
Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, implementing and using techniques for launching a process based on annotations made to a document in an enterprise content management system. It is determined whether an annotation has been added to a document in the enterprise content management system, wherein the annotation is stored as a separate element and the separate element is associated with the document.
Launching workflow processes based on annotations in a document
Methods for launching a process based on annotations made to a document in an enterprise content management system. It is determined whether an annotation has been added to a document in the enterprise content management system, wherein the annotation is stored as a separate element and the separate element is associated with the document.

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