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Parser-related patent applications - as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

NEW Video processing system with multiple syntax parsing circuits and/or multiple post decoding circuits
Mediatek Inc.
January 18, 2018 - N°20180020228

A video processing system includes a storage device, a demultiplexing circuit, and a syntax parser. The storage device includes a first buffer and a second buffer. The demultiplexing circuit performs a demultiplexing operation upon an input bitstream to write a video bitstream into the first buffer and write start points of bitstream segments of the video bitstream stored in the ...
Automatic inline detection based on static data
Webroot Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180013772

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods of automatic inline detection based on static data. In aspects, a file being received by a recipient device may be analyzed using an inline parser. The inline parser may identify sections of the file and feature vectors may be created for the identified sections. The feature vectors may be used to ...
Instant messaging private tags
Uber Technologies, Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180013733

Systems for instant messaging private tags preferably comprise a parser for parsing an instant message for sensitive data and an encryption engine for encrypting the sensitive data. A modified uuencoder is also preferably included for converting the encrypted sensitive data into a data stream that complies with an xml format. Other systems and methods are also provided.
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Wake up radio device, circuit configuration, and method
Intel Corporation
January 04, 2018 - N°20180007629

According to the present disclosure, a communication device configured to power on a main receiver to receive data from a network includes: a low power receiver configured to receive a wake up packet, including a preamble, from the network and oversample the wake up packet; a circuit arrangement including: a correlator configured to correlate the oversampled portion of the preamble; ...
System and method for in-browser editing
Synergy Platform Pty Ltd
December 28, 2017 - N°20170371852

The present invention relates to an in-browser editor. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method of editing content in a browser without having to rely on the particular in-browser editing technology, such as “contenteditable” and “innerhtml.” the system includes a parser that converts an input string representing content ...
Security patch tool
Bank Of America Corporation
December 21, 2017 - N°20170364406

A security patch tool includes a retrieval engine, a parser, and a reporting engine. The retrieval engine retrieves, from a first database, a log indicating a plurality of patches that have been applied and whether each patch of the plurality of patches was applied successfully. The parser determines, based on the log, a second plurality of patches of the plurality ...
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Parser Patent Applications
Download + Parser-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • + full patent PDF documents of Parser-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Systems and methods for expediting repairs of utility equipment using electronic dialogs with people
Intergraph Corporation
December 14, 2017 - N°20170358948

In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a utility management system locates and addresses potentially damaged utility equipment. A region manager determines a geographic region potentially affected by an environmental event and identifies a person in the geographic area. A utility communication device engages in an electronic dialog with the person, which include a location of a communication device ...
Automated customized web portal template generation systems and methods
Vertafore, Inc.
December 14, 2017 - N°20170357913

An automated web portal template generation method includes parsing, via a parser subsystem, a number of webpages of a first website from which a web portal template to be customized is to be accessed. The method further includes producing an entity feature set for the first website based on a result of the parsing and processing the entity feature set ...
Avoidance of malicious content in nested files
Cylance Inc.
December 14, 2017 - N°20170357813

A nested file having a primary file and at least one secondary file embedded therein is parsed using at least one parser of a cell. The cell assigns a maliciousness score to each of the parsed primary file and each of the parsed at least one secondary file. Thereafter, the cell generates an overall maliciousness score for the nested file ...
Query understanding pipeline
Quixey, Inc.
December 14, 2017 - N°20170357714

A method for performing a search includes receiving a search query having one or more query terms from a remote device and generating a collection of one or more analyzed tokens based on the search query. The analyzed token collection is indicative of at least a subset of the query term(s). The method includes inputting the analyzed token collection ...
Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals ...
Lg Electronics Inc.
December 07, 2017 - N°20170353339

A method and an apparatus for receiving broadcast signals thereof are disclosed. The apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, the apparatus comprises a receiver to receive the broadcast signals, a demodulator to perform demodulation on the received broadcast signals by an ofdm (orthogonal frequency division multiplex) scheme, a frequency de-interleaver to frequency de-interleave the demodulated broadcast signals by using a different ...
System and method for processing medical queries using automatic question and answering diagnosis system
Baidu Usa Llc
November 30, 2017 - N°20170344711

In response to receiving a user inquiry describing one more symptoms of a medical condition, an online medical diagnosis system can determine one or more medical conditions related to the one or more symptoms. The online medical diagnosis system can include a parser to parse the user inquiry into keywords. The keywords can be looked up in a correlation graph ...
Human-computer combination quality testing system for digital product testing and testing method thereof
Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute Ltd.
November 30, 2017 - N°20170343995

A testing method of a human-computer combination quality testing system includes steps of: after manufacture, importing relevant cad models, submitting the cad models to a digital testing part for being examined; if a product is determined to be unqualified, returning the product for retreatment; if the product is determined to be qualified, submitting the product to a manual testing part ...
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Download + patent application PDFs
Parser Patent Applications
Download + Parser-related PDFs
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  • + full patent PDF documents of Parser-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
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Methods, systems and computer program products for facilitating user interaction with tax return preparation programs
November 02, 2017 - N°20170316513

A system for facilitating user interaction with a tax return preparation program includes a completion graph parser configured to identify a portion of a tax return completion graph corresponding to a tax topic. The system also includes a query object creator configured to analyze and assign a node in the portion as a query object property. The system further includes ...
Ad search engine
November 02, 2017 - N°20170316443

An ad search engine comprises a click tag parser, a rich media parser, an ad copy database, a request/query processing module, a user interface module and a content preservation module. The ad search engine advantageously receives and stores information about ad placement, context and advertising statistical and metadata in the ad copy database. In response to a query, the ...
Cross-lingual information extraction program
November 02, 2017 - N°20170315986

One embodiment provides method for constructing a cross-lingual information extraction program, the method including: utilizing at least one processor to execute computer code that performs the steps of: constructing a plurality of language-specific representations from text expressed in a plurality of languages by parsing the text of each language using a language-specific semantic parser; mapping the plurality of language-specific representations ...
Systems and methods for text analytics processor
November 02, 2017 - N°20170315984

A hardware-based programmable text analytics processor has a plurality of components including at least a tokenizer, a tagger, a parser, and a classifier. The tokenizer processes an input stream of unstructured text data and identifies a sequence of tokens along with their associated token ids. The tagger assigns a tag to each of the sequence of tokens from the tokenizer ...
Configuration change realization assessment and timeline builder
Nicira, Inc.
October 26, 2017 - N°20170310738

Techniques disclosed herein provide an approach for assessing configuration change realization and building timelines. In one embodiment, an event parser parses relevant log(s) of a computing system to identify events of interest therein and associated tasks. Examples of tasks include publishing a firewall or persisting a firewall rule, each of which may involve multiple events in a particular order. ...
Apparatus and method for sending and receiving broadcast signals
Lg Electronics Inc.
October 26, 2017 - N°20170310518

A broadcast signal receiver is provided that includes an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) demodulator configured to ofdm demodulate a received broadcast signal; a pilot detector configured to detect pilots included in the broadcast signal; a frame parser configured to parse a signal frame of the broadcast signal and to output physical layer pipe (plp) data, the signal frame comprising ...
Method and device for compressed-domain video editing
Core Wireless Licensing S.a.r.l.
October 26, 2017 - N°20170309310

A method and device for editing a media file comprising input video frames. The editing device comprises a frame analyzer to determine whether the input video frames have the frame characteristics suitable for compressed domain editing or spatial domain editing. For those frames suitable for compressed domain editing, the frame analyzer provides frame data to a compressed domain processor so ...
Systems and methods for parsing opaque data
Zestfinance, Inc.
October 26, 2017 - N°20170308520

Systems and methods for a multi-tenant parser generation platform. A human-readable document of a data provider system is accessed. The document includes a data dictionary table for opaque data of the data provider system that has a first type. Data dictionary information of the data dictionary table is extracted, and a schema file is generated from the extracted information. The ...