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Impulse noise management
A discrete multitone transceiver (DMT) includes a deinterleaver operable to de-interleave a plurality of bits. The DMT further includes: a forward error correction decoder operable to decode the plurality of bits, a module operable to determine, during Showtime, an impulse noise protection value, wherein the impulse protection value specifies a number...

Method and apparatus to effect re-authentication
A system is provided to determine whether to re-authenticate a user based on identification parameter measurements of low power sensors. According to an embodiment of the invention, a system may include a processor that includes analysis logic to determine whether to re-authenticate the user based on parameter values received from at...

Timing delay characterization method, memory compiler and computer program product
In a timing delay characterization method, a signal path between an input terminal and an output terminal of a semiconductor circuit is divided into an input stage, a processing stage, and an output stage. An operation of the input stage is simulated at various input parameter values of an input parameter...

Graphical user interface editor system and method for personal devices
This invention relates to an editor system for graphical user interfaces used in personal devices, and to a method for enabling a user to selectively display data and edit parameters on the user interface, and to a personal device, like a wristop or a diving computer. In order to edit the...

Compact representation of multivariate posterior probability distribution from simulated samples
Various embodiments are directed to techniques for selecting a subset of a set of simulated samples. A computer-program product including instructions to cause a computing device to order a plurality of UPDFs by UPDF value, wherein the plurality of UPDFs is associated with a chain of draws of a set of...

Welding resource tracking and analysis system and method
Metal fabrication systems, such as welding systems and related equipment may be monitored and parameters sensed or calculated during metal fabrication operations. The parameter values are stored and transmitted to a web based analysis system. Sampled values of the parameters are used to generate graphical presentations that are used to populate...

Method to determine vehicle weight
A system is provided for determining the current weight of a vehicle and any implement or trailer being towed or carried thereby. The system has an electronic control unit and means to determine the current value of vehicle operating parameters indicative of the current wheel output torque and acceleration of the...

Method and apparatus for controlling sampling of events involving a fluid control
A method and apparatus controls the sampling of a fluid flow related event by: receiving a selection of one or more situational parameters and a selection of a calculation basis parameter and value; performing a computation that calculates and outputs a result containing a listing of parameters and two sets of...

System and methods for improving device therapy using heart sounds
Devices and methods for improving device therapy such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) by determining a desired value for a device parameter are described. An ambulatory medical device can be configured to detect a heart sound signal and generate one or more heart sound metrics, detect a characteristic indicative of cannon...

System and methods for improving device therapy using multiple sensor metrics
Devices and methods for improving device therapy such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) by determining a desired value for a device parameter are described. An ambulatory medical device can receive one or more physiologic signals and generate multiple signal metrics from the physiologic signals. The ambulatory medical device can determine a...

Methods and systems for automatically identifying detection parameters for an implantable medical device
An initial set of parameters for operating one or more detection tools is automatically derived and subsequently adjusted so that each detection tool is more or less sensitive to signal characteristics in a region of interest. Detection tool(s) may be applied to physiological signals sensed from a patient (such as EEG...

Apparatus and method for processing coating compositions
a control unit responsive to output signals from the sensor representing the determined parameter value. a sensor for determining one or more motor performance parameters corresponding to resistance encountered by the motor, such as torque, motor speed or power consumption; and ...

Graphic data alteration to enhance online privacy
A computer alters at least one recognizable metric or text in a digitally-encoded photographic image by operating an alteration algorithm in response to user input data while preserving an overall aesthetic quality of the image and obscuring an identity of at least one individual or geographic location appearing in the image....

Method of bit allocation for image & video compression using perceptual guidance
A video processing system is provided to create quantization data parameters based on human eye attraction to provide to an encoder to enable the encoder to compress data taking into account the human perceptual guidance. The system includes a perceptual video processor (PVP) to generate a perceptual significance pixel map for...

Screen control method and electronic device therefor
A method and apparatus for combining characteristics of images and applying the combined characteristic to a display or a camera in an electronic device. The method includes displaying a plurality of images in which an image processing parameter value is applied to a reference image step by step, selecting any one...

Method for detecting display properties
A method and system evaluates user interfaces (UIs) for presentation on a display of a mobile communication device. A display controller, in response to detecting an initiation of a presentation of a specified UI on the display, determines a type of the display by evaluating power consumption behavior of the display...

Predictive maintenance for medical devices
The subject matter disclosed herein provides methods for generating an alert to perform maintenance on a medical device based on actual usage of the medical device. In one aspect, the method can include measuring a parameter value for a parameter type. The parameter type can be associated with a component in...

Maximizing output of a generator operating under the influence of wave motion by applying an optimum restoring force
A system and method for harnessing power associated with ocean waves and converting that power into electricity. The apparatus houses a vertically oriented central shaft, a pendulum, a generator, and other components that operate to optimize power output of the generator. Various operating parameters may be initially set and later changed...

Inflatable air mattress snoring detection and response
A method can be provided that includes measuring sound waves using a sound measuring device, determining, at a central controller of an air mattress system, one or more parameter values of the sound waves, comparing the one or more parameter values with values, ranges, or patterns indicative of snoring, identifying a...

Control device and method for electronic apparatus, electronic apparatus, and non-transitory computer readable medium
A control device is used for an electronic apparatus. A memory stores linkup information and image data unique to the linkup information in association with each other. The linkup information indicates plural functions of the electronic apparatus, its linking order, and parameter values for the functions. A receiver displays an image...

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