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Integrated configuration management and monitoring for computer systems
Systems and methods for integrated configuration management and monitoring. An example method may comprise assigning a plurality of parameter values to a plurality of configuration parameters of a computer system; monitoring a plurality of state parameters of the computer system; detecting a current state transition of the computer system, the current...

Method and apparatus to automatically implement a selection procedure on image data to generate a selected image data set
In a method and apparatus to automatically generate a selected image data set from an entirety of medical measurement data of an examination subject, the entirety of the measurement data of the examination subject is received as input data, and at least a portion of the measurement data is automatically analyzed...

Method and device for phase adjustment based on closed-loop diversity feedback
A mobile communications method, device, and system for adjusting a phase parameter in a diversity signal, based at least in part on phase feedback from a base station. While in uplink communication with a base station, a mobile device may receive a phase feedback signal from the base station. The mobile...

Analyzing system and method for power data
An analyzing system includes a retrieving module, a filtering module, an extracting module, a display module, and a storing module. The retrieving module is used to retrieve a data package. The filtering module is used to filter a power data parameter from the data package. The extracting module is used to...

Inductive power transmission device
A power transmission device for inductive energy transfer. The power transmission device comprises a first stage adapted to be connected to a supply input voltage and adapted to convert the supply input voltage to an operating voltage. The power transmission device further includes a second stage comprising a resonant circuit connected...

Verification support method, recording medium having stored verification support program therein, and verification support apparatus
A verification support apparatus for an integrated circuit. The apparatus includes; a combination acquisition unit configured to acquire different combinations of a variable value regarding variation in an integrated circuit manufacturing process and a performance value obtained from a simulation of a circuit; a function acquisition unit configured to acquire a...

Power over ethernet parameter storage
Presented herein are techniques for storing parameter values determined by a power sourcing equipment (PSE) device during a Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection process. More specifically, in one example, a voltage is applied to an end device connected, via an Ethernet cable, to a port of the PSE device. The PSE...

Simplified method for robust estimation of parameter values
A method for estimating parameter values includes acquiring image data with an imaging apparatus, deriving a parameter model function from the image data, generating a N-dimensional grid, wherein N is a number of values of one or more non-linear terms of the derived model function, pre-calculating the one or more non-linear...

Gradient information acquisition method, storage medium, gradient information acquisition device and program
Disclosed is a gradient information acquisition method comprising: a speed measured value acquisition step in which a measured value of the speed of a rail vehicle is acquired; a speed calculation step in which a calculated value of the speed of said vehicle is found using an equation of movement including...

System and method for extending a lubricant discard interval
A system, a method and a computer program to predict a portion of used lubricant in an engine that is to be drained and replaced by fresh lubricant based on an analysis parameter value that is measured in a sample of used engine lubricant from the engine. The system includes a...

Dynamic wizard execution
Systems and methods are provided for a non-transitory computer readable medium storing instructions is configured to provide a configuration wizard. The configuration wizard is configured to display, via a single screen, a first input-receiving control configured to receive a user input and a second input-receiving control configured to receive the user...

Method and apparatus for generating a medical image, and method of generating personalized parameter value
A method of generating a personalized parameter value for generating a medical image includes acquiring a first medical image of an object, which is imaged according to a predetermined parameter value set in a medical imaging apparatus, and a second medical image changed from the first medical image, determining a first...

Fragment shaders perform vertex shader computations
Graphics processing may include implementing a vertex shader and a pixel shader with the GPU. Vertex indices output from a vertex shader may be written to a cache. The vertex indices written to the cache may be accessed with the pixel shader and vertex parameter values associated with the vertex indices...

Scheme for compressing vertex shader output parameters
A graphics processing may include implementing a vertex shader and a pixel shader with a GPU. Vertex parameter values may be compressed with the vertex shader and compressed vertex parameter values may be written to a cache. The pixel shader may access the compressed vertex parameter values that were written to...

Method and apparatus for code virtualization and remote process call generation
A system and method for code virtualization and remote process call code on a user device. The method includes selecting a remote process on a remote server, the remote process correlated to at least one remote service, and receiving from at least one virtual code provider (VCP) on the remote server,...

Incremental response modeling
A method of selecting a one-class support vector machine (SVM) model for incremental response modeling is provided. Exposure group data generated from first responses by an exposure group receiving a request to respond is received. Control group data generated from second responses by a control group not receiving the request to...

Method and device for determining the defect type of a partial discharge
The present invention relates to a method and device for determining the defect type of a partial discharge, the method comprising the steps of: forming virtual spaces corresponding to n parameters generated on the basis of defect types that cause a partial discharge; arranging defect type models in the virtual spaces...

System and method for the automatic generation of robot programs
Workflow charts for processing (e.g., treating, machining) a workpiece with a tool of an industrial robot are automatically generated. An initial chart has a plurality of tool paths for a workpiece in a defined target position and for defined process parameters. The tool path determines the desired movement of the tool...

Medical imaging reconstruction optimized for recipient
A database () stores image recipient reconstruction profiles each comprising image reconstruction parameter values. An image reconstruction module () is configured to reconstruct medical imaging data to generate a reconstructed image. An image reconstruction setup module () is configured to retrieve an image recipient reconstruction profile from the database () for...

Multi-layered rate control for scalable video coding
Multi-layered rate control for scalable video coding is provided. A parameter value may be calculated based on a current layer target bit rate and a current layer buffer state for a frame in a video stream. The frame may include a lower layer and one or more higher layers. A determination...

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