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Projector-camera misalignment correction for structured light systems
A method of misalignment correction in a structured light device is provided that includes extracting features from a first captured image of a scene, wherein the first captured image is captured by an imaging sensor component of the structured light device, and wherein the first captured image includes a pattern projected...

Flexibly storing defined presets for configuration of storage controller
Storing defined presets for configuration of a storage controller may include providing a storage controller interface to define a preset associated with an action of the storage controller; receiving preset parameter values for the preset via the interface; validating the preset parameter values to check that the preset is valid; storing...

Methods and systems for modeling campaign goal adjustment
A bid determination platform receives specifications for advertisements, each associated with a model configured to adjust a parameter value of a bid based on different combinations of user and/or media content characteristics associated with different advertisement requests. The platform also receives an advertisement request for placement of an advertisement on an...

Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, image decoding apparatus, image decoding method, program, and storage medium
An image encoding apparatus includes a calculation unit configured to calculate a profile indicating a combination of processes which can be decoded by an image decoding apparatus and a level indicating a range of a parameter value which can be decoded by the image decoding apparatus, a determination unit configured to...

Method and apparatus to generate image data
In a method and apparatus for the generation of image data of a moving subject inside a body, raw data are initially acquired for a region encompassing the subject at different measurement points in time, and position overview data for the different measurement points in time are generated on the basis...

Image processing apparatus, image processing method and medical imaging device
An image processing apparatus, an image processing method and a medical imaging system are disclosed. The image processing apparatus comprises: an original image acquisition section configured to acquire the original image of an object; a parametric image acquisition section configured to acquire a parametric image corresponding to the original image; and...

Digital camera
A digital camera, in particular a motion picture camera, comprises an objective mount for connecting an objective and an image sensor, wherein the image sensor and the objective are arranged along an optical axis of the camera. The camera furthermore comprises an adjustment apparatus, which is adapted to adjust the distance...

Reduced power consumption method for sampling parameters within a tpms
An apparatus for measuring parameter values from an electrical input signal comprises a signal sampling device operable to sample said input signal and to produce a corresponding output comprising a measured parameter value; a signal level detector configured to detect changes in the level of the input signal by more than...

Method and apparatus for accessing media
A system controls access to a group of media items. A client device is operable by a user. A media server is coupled to at least one media data source, wherein the at least one media data source stores one or more media items for supply, by the media server, to...

Creating mapping rules from meta data for data transformation utilizing visual editing
A visual editor creates the meta rules for transforming mapping data between the source meta data and target meta data representation via a wide variety of Graphical User Interface (GUI). A set of transformation rules or scripts is generated by the editor using a transformation rule engine, e.g. XSL and sent...

Image deblurring
Image deblurring is described, for example, to remove blur from digital photographs captured at a handheld camera phone and which are blurred due to camera shake. In various embodiments an estimate of blur in an image is available from a blur estimator and a trained machine learning system is available to...

Automatically obtaining optimized output data
A method and a system are disclosed for obtaining image data from inside an examination object from images of a computed tomograph. In an embodiment, the method includes accepting first measurement data of the examination object, acquired based on x-ray radiation of a first energy, and second measurement data of the...

System and method for increasing current monitor power telemetry accuracy
Systems and method for increasing current monitor accuracy are disclosed. The systems and methods may include receiving a run-time load value from a current monitor, determining a component parameter value associated with the run-time load value, and communicating the component parameter value to the current monitor....

Magnetic resonance scanner with antenna system
A magnetic resonance scanner includes an antenna system, such as a body coil, mechanically coupled to a support structure, such as a gradient coil, via a suspension system. The suspension system has a setting mechanism in order to reversibly set a coupling parameter value of the mechanical coupling between the antenna...

Preventing sms message forwarding loops
A device may be configured to receive a message from a user device; and determine whether the message includes a parameter. When the message does not include the loop indicator parameter, the device may add the loop indicator parameter to the message to generate a first modified message, and output the...

On-device metrology
Methods and systems for performing semiconductor metrology directly on device structures are presented. A measurement model is created based on measured training data collected from at least one device structure. The trained measurement model is used to calculate process parameter values, structure parameter values, or both, directly from measurement data collected...

Method of constructing a reference data structure and method of controlling an actuator
Method of constructing a reference data structure and method of controlling an actuator. The present invention is aimed at a method of constructing a reference data structure (DR) comprising at least one setpoint parameter (PAR) for at least one actuator () of an item of equipment of a building-automation installation, comprising...

Diagnostic methods and systems based on urine analysis
A method for diagnosing a body malfunction is provided. At least one change in urinary parameter values, being indicative of the body malfunction, is monitored and detected. A volumetric urinary output of kidneys is monitored using a urine flow monitoring apparatus having a low flow metering device. It is determined whether...

Selective activation of vamos-2 mode
Method of data processing for selectively activating, at a mobile station (), a mode of communication related to VAMOS-2 technology, the method comprising the steps of:—receiving a first signal of a first subchannel (C), the first signal containing a first training sequence (mwant), and receiving a second signal of a...

Air moving appliance with on-board diagnostics
An air moving appliance comprising an electric motor coupled to a fan, a control system for controlling the motor, the control system including monitoring means configured to monitor a motor load parameter; memory means configured to store a predetermined reference motor load parameter value; compensating means that determines a compensated reference...

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