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Parameter Value patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Parameter Value-related patents

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Detection of bladder cancer and recurrent bladder cancer
The non-invasive methods described herein generally relates to methods of detecting bladder cancer or bladder cancer recurrence. The methods involve identifying a cutoff level for a protein biomarker parameter to provide a predetermined sensitivity for an assay, in which the measured biomarker parameter values below a defined cutoff level is indicative...

Component sorting based encoding for 3d mesh compression
A method and an apparatus for 3D model compression are described. Correlation among the components of the 3D model are explored and utilized to increase the compression ratio. A principal parameter is selected and examined for determining a sorting dimension. Components are then sorted according to the sorting dimension. The principal...

Apparatus and method for monitoring health of articulating machinery
An apparatus for acquiring repeatable and trendable performance data for monitoring the health of an articulating machine includes sensors, a programmable logic controller, a machinery monitoring system, and a display device. The sensors collect performance data as the machine performs prescribed motions. The programmable logic controller includes memory for storing motion...

Diagnostic methods for twisted pair telephone lines based on line data distribution analysis
Methods and systems for twisted pair telephone line diagnostics based on patterns of line data occurring over time. An observed data distribution is classified as periodic or based on modeled distributions previously determined to correspond to a known line activity, fault type, or fault location. A disruption or parameter value pattern...

Apparatuses and methods for reducing rate and distortion costs during encoding by modulating a lagrangian parameter
Examples of apparatuses and methods for reducing rate and distortion costs during encoding by modulating a Lagrangian parameter are described herein. An example apparatus may include an encoder configured to provide an encoded bitstream based on a video signal. The encoder is configured to determine first rate and distortion values associated...

Small cell coverage adjusting method, device, and system
A small cell coverage adjusting method, device, and system are disclosed. The method includes: determining whether a load of a macro cell meets a coverage parameter value adjusting condition of a small cell; and if the load of the macro cell meets the coverage parameter value adjusting condition of the small...

Self-calibration temperature control device and method
A self-calibration temperature control method and device includes a temperature feedback and control unit, a precise temperature measurement unit, and a temperature calibration unit. The temperature feedback and control unit has a negative temperature coefficient thermistor and an analog feedback control circuit that are connected with a controlled heating element. The...

Systems and methods for dynamic event content curation
A method for dynamically curating content based on geographic location, including: concurrently monitoring content tagged with geographic locations located within a plurality of predetermined geofences, each geofence comprising a set of linear boundaries forming a closed loop encircling a geographic region; selecting a geofence from the plurality of geofences in response...

Method for controlling computer, recording medium and computer
Provided is a method for controlling a computer and the like that cause players to effectively use possessed game contents in a game, and increase the attractiveness of the game. The computer includes a storage unit that stores one or more game contents possessed by a player and a game content...

Method and device for producing a plurality optoelectronic elements
A method for producing a plurality of optoelectronic components may include measuring at least one measurement parameter for a first optoelectronic component and a second optoelectronic component, and processing the first optoelectronic component and the second optoelectronic component taking account of the measured measurement parameter value of the first optoelectronic component...

System for displaying medical monitoring data
A first medical device can receive a physiological parameter value from a second medical device. The second physiological parameter value may be formatted according to a protocol not used by the first medical device such that the first medical device is not able to process the second physiological parameter value to...

Alarm notification system
An alarm notification system can enable a clinician to respond to an alarm notification received via a computing device, which may have more advanced functionality than a pager. The clinician's device can include a notification client which can respond to alarm notifications. The notification client can also provide one or more...

Case-based reasoning
Disclosed herein is a computer-implemented method in case-based reasoning, CBR, for creating components of a comparison agent for monitoring a situation, the method comprising: obtaining one or more parameter values and comparison information for each of a plurality of features of a case, wherein the comparison information of each feature defines...

Systems and methods for facilitating brand integration within online content and promoting that online content
Brand integration within online content and promoting that online content may be facilitated. A user may define search queries specifying parameter values of one or more parameters. In response to the user defined search queries, the system may identify sets of content producers having parameter values that satisfy the user defined...

Systems and methods for facilitating monetizing brand integration within online content
Monetizing brand integration within online content may be facilitated. Parameter values for parameters describing characteristics of online content, access points, and/or producers may be obtained. The user may define search queries specifying parameter values of one or more parameters. In response to the user defined search query, the system may identify...

Determining the user-specific relevance of applications
The subject matter disclosed herein provides methods for determining the user-specific relevance of various applications and displaying a graphical representation of these relevance values. The method may receive information from one or more applications installed on a device. This information may include importance parameters, importance parameter values, urgency parameters, and urgency...

Cumulative differential chemical assay identification
An apparatus comprising: a value receiver, configured to receive fluorescence values measured during a chemical reaction involving a test sample, each value pertaining to a respective physical parameter value, a difference calculator, configured to calculate differences, each difference being between respective one of the measured fluorescence values and one of reference...

In-band osnr measurement on polarization-multiplexed signals
There is provided a system and a method for determining an in-band noise parameter representative of the optical noise contribution (such as OSNR) on a polarization-multiplexed optical Signal-Under-Test (SUT) comprising two polarized phase-modulated data-carrying contributions and an optical noise contribution. For each of a multiplicity of distinct polarization-analyzer conditions, the SUT...

Sound effect data generating apparatus
A sound effect data generating apparatus has a starting point setting portion, an endpoint setting portion, a travel point defining portion and a data generating portion. The starting point setting portion and the endpoint setting portion set a starting point and an endpoint specified by position information, respectively. The travel point...

Method and device for scheduling downlink data transmission
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and a device for scheduling downlink data transmission, includes: sending scheduling basic information to a user equipment; receiving a scheduling request reported by the UE, where the scheduling request carries at least one scheduling parameter that is determined by the UE according to...

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