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Parameter Value patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Parameter Value-related patents

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Spectral imaging
An imaging system includes radiation source () that emits radiation that traverses an examination region and a portion of a subject therein and a detector array () that detects radiation that traverses the examination region and the portion of the subject therein and generates a signal indicative thereof. A volume scan...

Configurable lens actuator driver system
Disclosed are methods and apparatus for utilizing any of a plurality of disparate types of lens actuators on a mobile device. The method may include launching a configurable actuator driver and identifying a particular type of lens actuator that resides on the mobile device. Based upon the particular type of lens...

Method for parameterization of a field device and corresponding field device
A field device and a method for parameterization of a field device are disclosed. The method includes transmitting a parameter value to the field device from a parameterization unit. The method also includes generating a feedback character string from the received parameter value by the field device and the transmitting feedback...

Method and device for performing interference control
An embodiment of the invention relates to wireless communication technical field, especially relates to a method and device for performing interference control to reduce crossed time slot interference in Time Division Duplex (TDD) networking. The method of embodiment of the present invention comprises: network side device determines service load parameter value...

High dynamic range parameter adjustment in a graphical user interface using graphical moving scales
The invention includes methods and graphical interfaces to provide high dynamic range parameter adjustment in a graphical user interface by combination of a moving dial and moving scales in a single visual group. The motion of moving scales is opposite in direction to the motion of a dial moving in a...

Metrology tool with combined xrf and saxs capabilities
Methods and systems for performing simultaneous X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) measurements over a desired inspection area of a specimen are presented. SAXS measurements combined with XRF measurements enables a high throughput metrology tool with increased measurement capabilities. The high energy nature of x-ray radiation penetrates optically...

Method for determining a condition indicator of an apparatus
A method for determining a condition indicator of an apparatus includes providing an apparatus configured to measure at least two different technical parameters. A respective parameter value is determined for each of the at least two different technical parameters of the apparatus using at least one sensor configured to determine a...

Parameterized radio waveform for operating in multiple wireless environments
A method for operating a wireless network in a plurality of radio operating environments is disclosed. A first parameter value set is selected from a library of two or more parameter value sets. Each of the parameter value sets includes a value for each of one or more communication-related parameters. The...

Method for manufacturing a corrective ophthalmic glasses lens personalised for a wearer
A method for manufacturing a corrective ophthalmic glasses lens personalized for a wearer, includes defining and digitally recording the configuration parameters of the lens, calculating modeling data of the refractive faces of the lens, and manufacturing the lens in accordance with the configuration parameters. The method includes the following steps: recording...

Systems and methods for converting typed code
Techniques provided implement automatic data type annotation in dynamically-typed source code. A codebase, which may comprise a plurality of source code files, is scanned at a global level. The resulting scanned data may describe characteristics of the codebase, including variable and function usage. Based on inferences drawn from the scanning, data...

Personal attribute cartography with analysis feedback
Systems and methods for managing individuals are provided. A method includes recording interactions of a user with one or more computer-implemented applications and calculating parameter values for the user for a plurality of user attributes based on the interactions. The method can further include determining whether at least a portion of...

Method and system of iteratively autotuning prediction parameters in a media content recommender
In one exemplary embodiment, a method of a computerized media-content recommender includes receiving a user-judgment score based on an historical user-listening data with respect to a media content. A first prediction score for a user with respect to the media content is calculated with a media-content recommender. The media-content recommender includes...

Service content proposal system, service content proposal device, service content proposal method, and recording medium
A candidate determination unit () calculates a prescribed parameter value on the basis of the statistical data (If) of service provided up to the present time, and on the basis of provider selection criteria and user selection criteria, in relation a service candidate stored by a storage unit (), and determines...

Method and system for real-time performance degradation advisory for centrifugal compressors
A system and computer-implemented method for generating real-time performance advisories for a centrifugal compressor of a fleet of centrifugal compressors are provided. The method includes receiving an actual thermodynamic signature of the compressor, that is unique to the compressor, receiving compressor process parameter values during operation of the compressor, determining, in...

Method for computing a parameter representative of the technical level of a tennis player
where C is the number of stroke types, Zi, with i between 1 and C, is the zone index, and Ni is the number of strokes executed per type of stroke i. Ni  ...

Graphical user interface for surgical console
A surgical system includes a control device, a touch screen display, and a GUI displayed on the touch screen display. A parameter icon has a parameter area, a first set point, a second set point, a parameter line extending from the first set point to the second set point, and a...

Adaptive golf range analyzer with automatic integration of environmental factors
An automated method for predicting a flight distance of a projectile is described. The method includes: retrieving a set of baseline values, each baseline value associated with a set of baseline parameter values; retrieving a set of current parameter values; and calculating a predicted distance based at least partly on the...

Congestion and analytics based access selection control
An example method includes obtaining from an Access Network Discovery and Selection (ANDSF) server an ANDSF policy specifying a rule for access selection, the rule specifying one or more attributes to be compared to a corresponding one or more expressions, at least one of the corresponding one or more expressions being...

System and method for controlling an electric motor
A method for controlling an electric motor includes receiving a first control command that is indicative of a desired motor control. A current operating condition for the motor is determined. It is then determined whether the first control command meets at least one predetermined criterion at the current operating condition. A...

Electric fence and assembly therewith
An electric fence for deterring animals from an area with one or more supplies of feed and at least one separate feed processing machine, wherein the fence comprises an electrically conductive member, an electric power supply connected to said member for energizing the member and arranged to provide an electric shock...

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