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Image processing method and apparatus
An image processing method is described, which comprises processing a current block of image data and generating a parameter value required to process one or both of a horizontally adjacent block of image data and a vertically adjacent block of image data, and storing the parameter value into a parameter memory....

Method and system for selective access to supplier identity, performance and quality values and visual presentation of relative supplier performance values
A method and system for suppliers and buyers to share quality factor measures in a trusted electronically mediated environment. Selective anonymity of participants is enabled and data may be accessed without disclosure of either (a.) the party providing the data or (b.) the entity to which the data applies. Participants may...

Goal-based video delivery system
A system is provided that facilitates achieving a goal associated with a particular video asset. The system may provide an interface through which a user may specify control parameters that are to be the targets of testing, and a goal or combination of goals. The system may control a controller that...

Method and system for comparing images
A method comparing first and second images, including: identifying and matching first and second keypoints in the first and second images; arranging a distribution of values of a calculated plurality of first distance ratios in a histogram; determining a number of correct keypoint matches, including: determining a matrix, each matrix element...

Scrambling sequence generation in a communication system
Techniques for performing scrambling and descrambling in a communication system are described. In an aspect, different scrambling sequences for different channels and signals may be generated based on different cyclic shifts of a base scrambling sequence, which may be a maximal-length sequence. A scrambling sequence for a given channel may be...

Double-sided lcc compensation method for wireless power transfer
A double-sided LCC compensation network and a tuning method are proposed for a wireless power transfer system. With the proposed topology, the resonant frequency is independent of coupling coefficient and load conditions. The parameter values are tuned to realize zero voltage switching (ZVS) for the sending side switches. A wireless charging...

Motorized viscous material dispenser and a method if operating a dispenser
A motorized viscous material dispenser, especially a caulking gun, comprises a motor (), an operation parameter sensor (), a data processing device (), a memory device (), and at least one operator activated switch (). The dispenser has a first dispensing mode in which the data processing device () records...

Computer-implemented method for performing simulation
A computer-implemented method for performing simulation includes establishing a mesh of a physical domain with nodes. The nodes represent a discretized physical quantity. The method accesses one or more different algorithms for evolving the nodes through sequential time steps. The method determines a unique combination of parameter values for each algorithm....

System for fluid processing networks
This invention relates to a method of monitoring a fluid processing network having a plurality of fluid processing regions including the steps of: receiving measured current parameter values at known points of the network; determining from the measured current parameter values regions of the network that are active, all other regions...

Interactive audio content generation, delivery, playback and sharing
Control data templates are generated independent of a plurality of audio elements based on user input. The user input relates to parameter values and control inputs for operations. In response to receiving audio elements after the control data templates are generated, audio objects are generated to store audio sample data representing...

Laser device and process for configuring such laser device
A process for configuring a laser device comprising: selecting a pulse length within a range from 1 ps to 1 ns; selecting a wavelength for the laser radiation within a range from 300 nm to 400 nm or within a range from 800 nm to 1100 nm; ascertaining a set of...

Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring
An apparatus and method for non-invasively determining a blood oxygen parameter value of a subject's tissue is provided. An embodiment of the method includes the steps of: a) providing a spectrophotometric sensor that includes a processing portion and a transducer, b) detecting at least a portion of transmitted light after passage...

Device and method for determining border of target region of medical images
The invention discloses a device for determining a border of a target region of a medical image, which is used for differentiating the border of the target region according to corresponding physical quantitative properties reflected by tissue distribution in the medical image. The device comprises: an interactive unit, by which an...

Optical disc device and focus jump method
The optical disc device includes an optical pickup, a focus-error-signal generation section for generating a focus error signal of the differential astigmatic method by using a parameter and an electric signal outputted from a photodetector in the optical pickup, a control section for controlling the optical pickup to make a focus...

Updating parameters in a network
A system, method, and software product are provided for updating parameters, such as requested packet intervals (RPIs), in a network. The system may include one or more PLCs, communication controllers, and I/O devices coupled in a communication network, such as EtherNet/IP. A request to change a parameter (e.g., scanning rate or...

Combined x-ray and optical metrology
Structural parameters of a specimen are determined by fitting models of the response of the specimen to measurements collected by different measurement techniques in a combined analysis. X-ray measurement data of a specimen is analyzed to determine at least one specimen parameter value that is treated as a constant in a...

Motion artifact suppression for three-dimensional parametric ultrasound imaging
Motion artifacts are suppressed for three-dimensional parametric ultrasound imaging. Motion tracking is performed so that the parameter values derived over time are based on return from the same locations. Distortion due to the scan pattern is accounted for in the results of the motion tracking, such as by re-sampling the results...

Device and method for feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification
Provided are a device and a method for feedback based digital holographic content reconstruction verification. The device may include a generator to generate a holographic content by receiving a first parameter value, a reconstructor to reconstruct a hologram from the holographic content, and a feedback based interface to adjust the first...

Electronic apparatus, configuration setting method and storage medium
According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display, a first calculator and an output module. The first calculator is configured to calculate a parameter value for synchronizing a first display size of an object on the first display with a second display size of the object on a second...

Dynamically configuring an image processing function
Method and systems for dynamically configuring an image processing function into at least a first and second detection state on the basis of function parameters are described, wherein transitions between said detection states are determined by at least a first state transition condition and wherein said image processing function includes extracting...

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