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Haptic device
A method of generating a haptic sensation comprising: determining an initial estimate of a filter to be applied to a respective signal input to each transducer; defining a model of the system; calculating the vibration of the member as an output of the model of the system; calculating a reference error...

Input detecting apparatus, and associated method, for electronic device
An apparatus, and an associated method, forms a user interface permitting input of input instructions to an electronic device. Input commands are evidence by tactile input forces applied to a force receiving surface. Force sensing elements are positioned to sense indications of the tactile input force. The force sensing element is...

Method and system for content delivery
A method and system for providing video content on a data network connected device having a display and a device display controller including a player. The method comprises the steps of a data network connected device, accesses a reference file including a plurality of player control parameter values and linking data...

Source code inspection
A source code inspection method and system. The method includes receiving by a computing system, source code files associated with a specified project. The computing system retrieves metrics data comprising software metrics associated with the source code files. The computing system generates first evaluation scores associated with the source code files....

Integrated circuit device and method for calculating a predicate value
An integrated circuit device comprises at least one instruction processing module arranged to perform branch predication. The at least one instruction processing module comprises at least one predicate calculation module arranged to receive as an input at least one result vector for a predicate function and at least one conditional parameter...

Constructing an integrated road network
Information about different road networks is retrieved from different sources. Applicable rules and parameter values for constructing an integrated road network are determined for each road network. Roads are first extended at their endpoints. Intersection points among the extended roads are detected. Roads are then divided into road segments at the...

Electronic device and method for monitoring parameter values of the electronic device
A method of monitoring the working conditions and states of an electronic device sets a first time-interval to read the parameter values of the electronic device. When the electronic device is working normally, the first time-interval is replaced by a second time-interval, which is longer than the first time-interval, to reduce...

Data-processing system for chromatograph mass spectrometry
In processing chromatographic data, collected by performing a measurement for each of the segments which respectively define time ranges, a system determines whether there is any boundary sandwiched between two temporally continuous segments whose measurement modes are the same and which has the same m/z value designated by an operator to...

Ramping parameter values for electrical stimulation therapy
Devices, systems, and techniques for ramping one or more parameter values of electrical stimulation are disclosed. An implantable medical device may increase or decrease a parameter value, e.g., amplitude or pulse width, over time to reach a target value of the parameter. In one example, a memory may be configured to...

Adjustment of therapy based on acceleration
A medical device provides stimulation therapy to a patient based on a set of therapy parameters. One or more therapy parameters may be automatically adjusted based on acceleration forces detected by a sensor, the acceleration forces being applied to the patient. In some examples, adjustments to one or more therapy parameter...

Fitting of optical model with diffraction effects to measured spectrum
A method of controlling a polishing operation includes obtaining a sequence over time of measured spectra with an in-situ optical monitoring system during polishing. For each measured spectrum from the sequence an optical model is fit. The optical model includes dimensions of a repeating structure and the fitting includes calculating a...

Electric pipetting apparatus, and method for operating an electric pipetting apparatus
The invention relates to a pipetting apparatus, for pipetting a fluid sample in accordance with at least one mode of operation of the pipetting apparatus, which is controlled by an operating parameter set, which is associated with a corresponding mode of operation, wherein the electric control device of the pipetting apparatus...

Quantization parameter (qp) coding in video coding
A method of coding delta quantization parameter values is described. In one example a video decoder may receive a delta quantization parameter (dQP) value for a current quantization block of video data, wherein the dQP value is received whether or not there are non-zero transform coefficients in the current quantization block....

Phase change memory adaptive programming
Some embodiments include methods and apparatus having a module configured to program a memory cell using a signal to cause the memory cell to have a programmed resistance value, to adjust a programming parameter value of the signal if the programmed resistance value is outside a target resistance value range, and...

Method and device for ascertaining a gesture performed in the light cone of a projected image
A method for ascertaining a gesture performed in the light cone of a projected image which has a plurality of pixels includes: detecting all pixels of the projected image and one or multiple parameter values of the individual pixels; comparing the one or the multiple detected parameter values of the individual...

Classification of materials using nuclear magnetic resonance dispersion and/or x-ray absorption
Methods for determining the identity of a substance are provided. A classification parameter set is defined to allow identification of substances that previously could not be identified or to allow identification of substances with a higher degree of confidence. The classification parameter set may include at least one of relative nuclear...

Fault diagnosis in cpap and nippv devices
A ventilation device for non-invasive positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) or continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment of a patient has a gas flow generator, a gas delivery circuit optionally including a humidifier, a controller and sensors monitoring values of operational parameters of the device. The device further includes one or more...

Conflict handling in self-organizing networks
A mechanism to handle conflict situations relating to configuration parameter value changes that can be made by two or more different self-organizing network functions is provided. The mechanism is based on storing and maintaining at least short term history information on configuration parameter value changes () and utilizing...

Visualizing data model sensitivity to variations in parameter values
A method that facilitates optimization analysis and sensitivity analysis of a data model comprises: receiving first data identifying a value function, parameters for the value function, and one or more specific parameter values for one or more of the parameters; storing a data model based on the value function and the...

Method for determining bent state of electronic device, electronic device and flexible screen
A method for determining a bent state of an electronic device, an electronic device and a flexible screen are provided. The method includes: obtaining at least one parameter value, the at least one parameter value being obtained by the detecting device in the case that the flexible screen is bent; and...

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