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System and method for generating profile-based alerts/alarms
A method of processing parameter data includes: receiving at least one alarm value for a selected interval, the at least one alarm value generated based on a comparison of estimated parameter values at one or more respective interval points with limits at the respective interval points; performing, by a processor, a...

Edge ramping
Systems and methods for performing edge ramping are described. A system includes a base RF generator for generating a first RF signal. The first RF signal transitions from one state to another. The transition from one state to another of the first RF signal results in a change in plasma impedance....

Apparatus, system and method for adaptive cache replacement in a non-volatile main memory system
Techniques and mechanisms for adaptively changing between replacement policies for selecting lines of a cache for eviction. In an embodiment, evaluation logic determines a value of a performance metric which is for writes to a non-volatile memory. Based on the determined value of the performance metric, a parameter value of a...

Unwrapped 2d view of a stimulation lead with complex electrode array geometry
The disclosure is directed to programming implantable stimulators to deliver stimulation energy via one or more implantable leads having complex electrode array geometries. The disclosure also contemplates guided programming to select electrode combinations and parameter values to support efficacy. The techniques may be applied to a programming interface associated with a...

Adhesive tape with print and adhesive tape roll with print
This disclosure discloses an adhesive tape with print, comprising a transferred layer. The transferred layer is formed on a tape main body by transfer from an ink ribbon. In the tape main body, an adhesive layer is disposed on one side of a tape base layer, and a separation layer is...

Ink ribbon and ink ribbon roll
The disclosure discloses an ink ribbon having a dimension in a thickness direction, comprising a ribbon base layer, a first layer, and a second layer. The first layer is disposed adjacent to one side of the ribbon base layer in the thickness direction, and includes a solubility parameter value greater than...

Image processing device, an image processing method and a program to be used to implement the image processing
An image processing device may include an image scanning unit; an image memory; a sample area designating unit; a binarization unit for implementing a filtering process on a scanned multi-valued image, to produce the compensated image data and for binarizing the compensated image data; a correlation operation unit for acquiring each...

Graphical user interface for displaying histories of setting panels in a stack view for easy manipulation
A user interface display method that facilitates setting of various setting parameters for controlling an application program and preserving past values of the setting parameters as historical snapshots. When a setting panel is displayed and the user modifies setting parameter values in the setting panel and saves the new values, the...

Method and device for passing parameters between processors
The disclosure provides a method for passing a parameter between processors. The method comprises the following steps: in a source program of a slave processor, directly introducing a static configuration parameter to be passed; obtaining a relative address of the static configuration parameter when converting the source program of the slave...

Online offer system
An online offer system is directed toward methods and devices that allow a seller to enter information about the attributes of a non-fungible good based on parameter values provided on a database. In response, an automated purchaser issues a firm offer to purchase the good at a set price....

Method for spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring
According to the present invention, a method and apparatus for non-invasively determining the blood oxygen saturation level within a subject's tissue is provided. The method comprises the steps of: a) providing a spectrophotometric sensor operable to transmit light into the subject's tissue, and to sense the light; b) detecting light after...

Mac reset and reconfiguration
A method and apparatus for reconfiguring a medium access control (MAC) entity in a wireless transmit receive unit (WTRU). The method and apparatus includes the WTRU transmitting a MAC reconfiguration request, the WTRU receiving a MAC reconfiguration command including updated MAC parameter values and the WTRU reconfiguring a MAC entity based...

Method for transmitting and receiving a signal, and apparatus therefor
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. Specifically, a method for transmitting an uplink signal in a wireless communication system supporting carrier aggregation includes the steps of: setting a first cell of a first time division duplex (TDD) uplink (UL)-downlink (DL) configuration, and a second cell of a second...

Mobile terminal test apparatus and mobile terminal test method
To provide a mobile terminal test apparatus and a mobile terminal test method capable of setting the setting items more easily and more accurately than in the related art and testing mobile terminals. A mobile terminal test apparatus includes a registered item display screen control unit that performs a...

Adaptive preventive maintenance for computing systems
Systems, methods, and other embodiments associated with adaptively determining a preventive maintenance schedule based on historical system operation are described. The prognostic parameter values are continuously partitioned into a number of operating states based on observed maintenance costs associated with the prognostic parameter values. The operating states range from absolutely healthy,...

Method and system for providing a clarity grade for a gem
A method and system for generating a clarity grading look-up table includes collecting actual inclusion parameter data for a plurality of gems, where the actual inclusion parameter data includes an actual clarity grade and an actual inclusion parameter data combination. A mathematical relationship between a clarity grade and a particular inclusion...

Determining bidder-aware values for configurable auction parameters
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for determining configurable auction parameters based upon historic auction information that includes identities of auction participants or bidders. Such configurable auction parameters specify values to be applied for particular auction parameters (e.g., floor price), at the time of an auction for available advertising...

Neurostimulation programmer and method for directly assigning parameter values to electrodes
An external control device for use with a neurostimulator coupled to a plurality of electrodes capable of conveying electrical stimulation energy into tissue in which the electrodes are implanted. The external control device comprises a user interface configured for receiving direct input from a user specifying a target value for a...

Neurostimulation programmer and method for globally assigning parameter values to electrodes
An external control device for use with a neurostimulator coupled to electrodes. The external control device comprises a user interface configured for receiving input from a user, and including a display screen configured for displaying graphical representations of the electrodes. The external control device further comprises a controller/processor configured for, in...

Method and system for dynamically determining when to train ethernet link partners to support energy efficient ethernet networks
Training, refreshing and/or updating Ethernet link partners for silent channels and/or silent directions of channels may be determined based on control parameters. This may be used to improve energy efficiency in Ethernet communication. Control parameters may comprise a default value and/or may be determined based on prior training, refreshing and/or updating....

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