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Characterizing an elongate textile product
A method for characterizing a yarn moved along its longitudinal direction. Readings of a characteristic of the yarn along the longitudinal direction of the yarn are detected. Values of a yarn parameter are determined from the readings. An event field is provided, which contains a quadrant of a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate...

Systems and methods for automatically resolving interaction between programmable parameters
This document discusses, among other things, a system capable of resolving interactions between programmable parameters for operation of a medical device. Programming these devices is a difficult task when many parameters are involved. The disclosed systems and methods attempt to reduce and minimize constraint violations between interdependent parameters using an initial...

Method and system for authentication processing, 3gpp aaa server and user equipment
The present invention relates to a method and a system for authentication processing, a 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Authentication, and Authorization Accounting (AAA) server, and a User Equipment (UE). The method includes: receiving an authentication request message that carries authentication mode indication information; determining an authentication mode according to the...

Apparatus for processing ground surfaces
An apparatus for processing ground surfaces comprises a moving device, a working device, especially a milling device for milling the ground surface, and a drive device for driving the moving device and the working device, wherein the working device is movable between a working position, in which it is in operative...

Method of performing model-based scanner tuning
A model-based tuning method for tuning a first lithography system utilizing a reference lithography system, each of which has tunable parameters for controlling imaging performance. The method includes the steps of defining a test pattern and an imaging model; imaging the test pattern utilizing the reference lithography system and measuring the...

Medical apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment and method for determining a blood parameter value in a medical apparatus thereof
A medical apparatus for extracorporeal blood treatment and a method for determining blood parameter value have been provided. The medical apparatus has a control unit () configured for taking from a storage memory () a plurality of blood parameter value measures each made through the sensors () provided on the bloodline...

Maintenance system for maintaining an energy accumulator arrangement
An energy accumulator arrangement for an electromedical implant includes a battery, a capacitor, and a charging device which is designed to supply an electric charge from the battery to the capacitor according to a charging program. A maintenance system for maintaining the energy accumulator arrangement includes a monitoring device contained in...

Brain stimulation programming
A programming system allows a user to program therapy parameter values for therapy delivered by a medical device by specifying a desired therapeutic outcome. In an example, the programming system presents a model of a brain network associated with a patient condition to the user. The model may be a graphical...

Real-time prognostic and health management system, program product, and associate methods
Embodiments of the present invention provide a prognostics and health management (PHM) system for one or more electronic, electro-mechanical, pneudraulic and mechanical devices of an aircraft, and associated diagnostic methods and computer program products. The system includes a tangible and non-transitory memory preloaded with prognostics and health management signature data; one...

Systems and methods for determining investment strategies
An investment strategy determines changes of a value of an asset portfolio over the time of a study period. For each of the incremental periods of the study period, an exemplary embodiment retrieves from a memory a base parameter value for the incremental period, wherein the base parameter value corresponds to...

Image forming apparatus and image forming method
An image forming apparatus includes an image forming unit including a developing device, a toner cartridge to supply a toner to the developing device, a first memory which is provided in the toner cartridge and in which data of a toner characteristic is previously stored, a toner use amount detection mechanism...

Image forming apparatus and image forming method
According to one embodiment, an image forming apparatus includes: plural image forming units including developing devices configured to respectively form images of plural colors; plural toner cartridges in which respective toner of the plural colors is stored respectively and each of the plural toner cartridges configured to supply the respective toner...

Method to operate an electrically driven opcj valve of an internal combustion engine
A method is provided to operate an electrically driven OPCJ valve of an internal combustion engine that includes, but is not limited to cyclically performing a control method able to generate an opening request for the OPCJ valve, of opening (which includes, but is not limited to keeping opened the OPCJ...

Resolving information in a multitenant database environment
Disclosed herein are techniques for identifying computing resources specified by a representation of a computing service. In some implementations, a request to analyze a computing service provided via a computing environment may be received. The computing service may have an activated state in which the computing service is available for use...

Information processing apparatus, installation system, information processing method, and installation method
An information processing apparatus useful in simplifying installation operations performed by an installation operator and preventing interpolation, by a third person, of a range of a value to be set for a parameter of an application to be installed includes a confirmation unit configured to confirm correctness of definition information included...

Communication device, communication control method and communication system
To enable high-speed learning of an antenna directionality to be used for millimeter-wave communication, there is provided a communication device including a first radio communication unit capable of radio communication in accordance with a first communication method, and a second radio communication unit capable of radio communication in accordance with a...

Reducing the visibility of color changes caused by color plane registration variations in halftone color printing
A set of screens is provided for use in printing respective color separations in a halftone color printing process. This set of screens comprises at least two clustered-dot screens and the frequency and angle parameter values of the screens is such that the lowest frequency moiré produced by any combination of...

Communication apparatus, communication system, and method for connecting devices
A connected-device-information managing unit that obtains connection information that is predetermined information for connection from a connected device as a communication counterpart, holds it, and, when a communication process is completed normally, holds a parameter value used in the communication process as normal connection information which is a part of the...

Replicating time-series data values for retrieved supervisory control and manufacturing parameter values in a multi-tiered historian server environment
A multi-tiered replicated process database and corresponding method are disclosed for supporting replication between tiers. The multi-tiered replicated process database comprises a tier one (T1) database server computer including a process history database and a replication service. The replication service includes a set of accumulators. Each accumulator is adapted to render...

Result-oriented configuration of performance parameters
A plurality of configuration parameters for setting a device are determined by setting one or more performance parameters. The performance parameters are end-results of configuration that a user desires to achieve by setting the configuration parameters on a device. By setting the performance parameters instead of multiple configuration parameters, the user...

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