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Parameter Value patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Parameter Value-related patents

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Determining a precision factor for a content selection parameter value
Systems and methods for content selection with precision controls include receiving device identifier data from multiple sources. A machine learning model may be applied to the device identifier data and content selection parameter values may be predicted. Percentiles for the predicted content selection parameter values may be analyzed to determine precision...

Atmospheric pressure estimation device of outboard motor
By obtaining an atmospheric pressure learning value by applying filtering to an estimated atmospheric pressure found from an estimated atmospheric pressure map in an atmospheric pressure learning region matched in advance, and by constantly updating this atmospheric pressure learning value, stable and highly reliable atmospheric pressure estimation can be achieved. Also,...

Methods and apparatus for parameter selection and conflict resolution for multiple radio access technologies
Methods and apparatus for communication comprise selecting a first parameter value for a first RAT transmission-related parameter from a first set of selectable first parameter values and a second parameter value for a second RAT transmission-related parameter from a second set of selectable second parameter values based at least in part...

Battery power capability estimation at vehicle start
A vehicle is disclosed comprising a battery and a controller. Projected battery impedance parameters are calculated based on predetermined parameter values and historical parameter values generated by a battery parameter estimation model. The values may be weighted according to time data associated with the historical impedance parameter values and a temperature...

Light parameter measurement method and device, screen adjustment method and electronic device
A method and device for light parameter measurement, a method for screen adjustment and an electronic device are provided. A current image parameter corresponding to a type of a parameter to be measured obtained by a camera under a first operation mode is acquired, a light parameter value corresponding to the...

Method, system for updating dynamic map-type graphic interface and electronic device using the same
A dynamic map-type graphic interface includes a number of user interface (UI) components. Each UI component is associated with one corresponding application program of the electronic device. The dynamic map-type graphic interface is a single-layer graphic interface made up of the UI components spliced together and around the center of the...

Vsp systems and methods representing survey data as parameterized compression, shear, and dispersive wave fields
Disclosed vertical seismic profiling (VSP) survey systems and method acquire multi-component signal data and represent the signal data in terms of a combination of parameterized compression, shear, and dispersive wavefields. Multiples of each wavefield type may be included, e.g., to separate upgoing and downgoing wavefield components. A nonlinear optimization is employed...

Paired medical lead bodies with braided conductive shields having different physical parameter values
Medical lead bodies that are paired each include a braided conductive shield. The braided conductive shield of one lead body has a value for a physical parameter that differs from a value for the physical parameter of the second lead body. The difference in values of the physical parameter for the...

Battery cell assembly
A battery cell assembly having a battery cell and a thin profile sensor is provided. The battery cell has a housing and first and second electrical terminals extending therefrom. The thin profile sensor has a flexible plastic sheet, a microprocessor, and a sensing circuit. The microprocessor and the sensing circuit are...

Adaptive nonlinear model learning
In accordance with an example implementation of this disclosure, a receiver may comprise a signal reconstruction circuit and a nonlinearity modeling circuit. The nonlinearity modeling circuit may be operable to generate a look-up table (LUT)-based model of nonlinear distortion present in a received signal. An entry of the LUT may comprise...

Traction system and a method for controlling said traction system
In a method for controlling a traction system for a heavy road vehicle, the system includes a first mechanical propulsion system, a second hydraulic propulsion system, and a control unit. The method includes measuring a first parameter value, indicative of the rolling radius of a first traction wheel, measuring a second...

Calculation device, parts installation device, and program
A technology is provided to enable lowering the fault generation rate related to a parts installation device. A parts installation device () (calculation device ()) fetches or calculates state parameter values that represent the relative position relationship or the distance of a part holder and a part during the operation of...

Parameter setting device
A technique that allows determination of appropriate control parameter values automatically. A constraint evaluation indicator setting unit sets, to each of a plurality of additional constraints, a third evaluation indicator obtained by combining a first evaluation indicator that indicates a level of influence on other control parameters when a control parameter...

Detection of bladder cancer and recurrent bladder cancer
The non-invasive methods described herein generally relates to methods of detecting bladder cancer or bladder cancer recurrence. The methods involve identifying a cutoff level for a protein biomarker parameter to provide a predetermined sensitivity for an assay, in which the measured biomarker parameter values below a defined cutoff level is indicative...

Component sorting based encoding for 3d mesh compression
A method and an apparatus for 3D model compression are described. Correlation among the components of the 3D model are explored and utilized to increase the compression ratio. A principal parameter is selected and examined for determining a sorting dimension. Components are then sorted according to the sorting dimension. The principal...

Apparatus and method for monitoring health of articulating machinery
An apparatus for acquiring repeatable and trendable performance data for monitoring the health of an articulating machine includes sensors, a programmable logic controller, a machinery monitoring system, and a display device. The sensors collect performance data as the machine performs prescribed motions. The programmable logic controller includes memory for storing motion...

Diagnostic methods for twisted pair telephone lines based on line data distribution analysis
Methods and systems for twisted pair telephone line diagnostics based on patterns of line data occurring over time. An observed data distribution is classified as periodic or based on modeled distributions previously determined to correspond to a known line activity, fault type, or fault location. A disruption or parameter value pattern...

Apparatuses and methods for reducing rate and distortion costs during encoding by modulating a lagrangian parameter
Examples of apparatuses and methods for reducing rate and distortion costs during encoding by modulating a Lagrangian parameter are described herein. An example apparatus may include an encoder configured to provide an encoded bitstream based on a video signal. The encoder is configured to determine first rate and distortion values associated...

Small cell coverage adjusting method, device, and system
A small cell coverage adjusting method, device, and system are disclosed. The method includes: determining whether a load of a macro cell meets a coverage parameter value adjusting condition of a small cell; and if the load of the macro cell meets the coverage parameter value adjusting condition of the small...

Self-calibration temperature control device and method
A self-calibration temperature control method and device includes a temperature feedback and control unit, a precise temperature measurement unit, and a temperature calibration unit. The temperature feedback and control unit has a negative temperature coefficient thermistor and an analog feedback control circuit that are connected with a controlled heating element. The...

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