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Apparatus and method of dynamic downlink permutation assignment for use in a wireless communication system
A method of assigning parameter values to transceivers in a wireless communication network. Each of the parameter values assigned determines at least in part how a plurality of subcarriers are organized into a plurality of sub-channels. In particular embodiments, the method assigns the parameter values to the transceivers based on correlations...

Method for navigating identifiers placed in areas and receiver implementing the method
The present invention relates to a method for navigating over documents represented by identifiers displayed on a navigation menu. Each document is associated with a plurality of numerical values characterizing it according to a plurality of criteria. Each identifier of a document is placed at a position dependent on a part...

System and method for characterizing reservoir formation evaluation uncertainty
A method is provided that utilizes independent data spatial bootstrap to quantitatively derive P10, P50 and P90 reservoir property logs and zonal averages. The method utilizes at least a “baseline” dataset that is assumed to be correct, and determines the distribution of possible input parameter values that provide the most optimal...

Methods and arrangements in a wireless communication system
Methods are provided in a first radio network node for supporting transmission power adjustment of a mobile terminal and in a second radio network node for assisting the first radio network node in supporting such adjustment. The first radio network node and the mobile terminal are adapted to operate on a...

Flash memory device and memory system including the same
A flash memory device includes a memory cell array, a temperature sensing unit, and a control unit. The memory cell array is configured to store a plurality of pieces of configuration data corresponding to respective temperature levels of the flash memory device, the pieces of configuration data indicative of respective operation...

Systems and methods for deriving relative physiologic measurements
One embodiment of the present invention relates to a system for deriving physiologic measurement values that are relative to ambient conditions. In one embodiment, the system comprises an implantable medical device (“IMD”), an external computing device, and a backend computing system. The IMD determines a physiologic parameter value within a patient's...

Image processing device and method
An image processing device and method, enabling improvement in encoding efficiency. A plane approximation unit uses each of pixels values themselves of a block to be processed to obtain each of the parameters of a function representing a plane approximating the pixel values. A plane generating unit obtains pixel values on...

Method and device for providing an indication of the reliability of a process parameter value to a host system
A field device for determining a process parameter value, comprising a measurement device for determining a process parameter value; circuitry for determining the reliability of the process parameter value; and signaling circuitry for providing the process parameter value and an indication of the reliability of the process parameter value to a...

Optimization of an upgrade process of an original system using fuzzy logic
In one general aspect, a computer system can include instructions stored on a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium. The computer system can include a upgrade portion identifier configured to identify a plurality of databases of an original system for upgrade, and a parameter module configured to calculate a plurality of parameter values...

Importation and representation of part families and dynamic part catalog generation
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for receiving a definition of a version of a part family comprising a plurality of parts, each part having a same shape and a different respective size, wherein the definition includes a set of parameter values for each...

Method for adjusting a spinning speed of a drum of a household appliance for caring for laundry items
In a method for setting a spin speed of a drum of a household laundry care appliance, which is installed on a base, a gradient of an actual speed of the drum is detected during a spin operation and a determination is made as to whether the speed gradient is rising...

Method and apparatus for processing a cyclic physiological signal
The invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing a cyclic physiological signal (). The method comprises the steps of repeatedly collecting () the physiological signal () over a time period () covering two or more cycles of the cyclic...

Data generating method
A data generating method includes: inputting parameter values to an input screen unit having an input box for inputting parameter values that prescribe the image data; and displaying the input parameter values on the auxiliary display screen unit for which the parameter values are displayed as two-dimensional shapes....

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method for magnetic resonance imaging
An embodiment of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus is configured to carry out plural series of imaging while changing plural imaging conditions for a patient on a series basis, and has a storage unit configured to group plural parameter types related to some of the plural imaging conditions for carrying out...

Method and apparatus for automatically calibrating vehicle parameters
A method and apparatus for automatically calibrating vehicle parameters is described. In one embodiment, the method includes measuring a parameter value during vehicle operation; comparing the measured parameter value to an actual parameter value to identify at least one vehicle parameter bias as an actual measurement error; and modifying at least...

Determination of cardiac resynchronization therapy settings
CRT settings for an implantable medical device are determined by applying pacing pulses to heart chambers of a scheme of different combinations of interchamber delays. A respective width parameter value representing an R or P wave width is determined for each such delay combination based on an ECG representing signal and...

Nitric oxide measurement method and apparatus
There is provided a method of determining at least one parameter value relating to nitric oxide, NO, production in the lower respiratory tract of a subject, the method comprising obtaining a plurality of measurements of NO levels in exhaled air and air flow rate during multiple exhalations of a subject performing...

Wireless device and communication method
A wireless device, includes: a radio transmission path characteristic acquiring unit that acquires information related to a radio transmission path characteristic between a wireless device connected to a source device and a wireless device connected to a sink device; a revising unit that revises a table by deleting an unusable transmission...

Determining parameter values based on indications of preference
Indications are received regarding which of plural outputs are preferred over others of the plural outputs. A continuous function is computed that satisfies constraints corresponding to the received indications and that satisfies a predefined criterion. Values of parameters are computed based on the continuous function, wherein the values of the parameters...

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic wave transmission/reception control method
An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus includes an memory, an determination unit, an instruction unit, a specifying unit, and an redetermination unit. The memory stores upper limit values of parameters for restricting the powers in display modes. The determination unit determines the powers in the modes so as not to exceed upper limit...

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