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Date/App# patent app List of recent Packing-related patents
 Energy optimized cache memory architecture exploiting spatial locality patent thumbnailEnergy optimized cache memory architecture exploiting spatial locality
Aspects of the present invention provide a “supertag” cache that manages cache at three granularities: (i) coarse grain, multi-block “super blocks,” (ii) single cache blocks and (iii) fine grain, fractional block “data segments.” since contiguous blocks have the same tag address, by tracking multi-block super blocks, the supertag cache inherently increases per-block tag space, allowing higher compressibility without incurring high area overheads. To improve compression ratio, the supertag cache uses variable-packing compression allowing variable-size compressed blocks without requiring costly compactions.
 Method for transmitting a process map via a gateway device patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting a process map via a gateway device
Exemplary methods and systems are directed to transmitting a process map of a control or automation system via a gateway device. The gateway device includes at least one first functional unit connected to a higher-ranking control unit via a first communications link based on a primary field bus protocol, and at least one second functional unit connected to at least one field device via a second communications link based on a secondary field bus protocol.
 Query scenarios for customizable route planning patent thumbnailQuery scenarios for customizable route planning
A point-to-point shortest path technique supports real-time queries and fast metric update or replacement (metric customization). Determining a shortest path between two locations uses three stages: a preprocessing stage, a metric customization stage, and a query stage.
 Slit valve unit and film forming apparatus having the same patent thumbnailSlit valve unit and film forming apparatus having the same
There is provided a slit valve unit including: a body disposed on an outer side of a process chamber and having an entrance connected to an opening of the process chamber; a slit valve provided in an internal space of the body and selectively opening and closing the entrance; a plurality of packing members provided along the circumference of the entrance on an inner side of the body and tightly attached to the slit valve when the slit valve shields the entrance; and a connection pipe having one end exposed between the plurality of packing members on the inner side of the body so as to be connected to an airtight space formed among the plurality of packing members, the body, and the slit valve, and the other end exposed to the outer side of the body, the connection pipe penetrating the body.. .
 Apparatus for introducing biological material, method of introducing biological material and magnetic support for introducing biological material patent thumbnailApparatus for introducing biological material, method of introducing biological material and magnetic support for introducing biological material
The invention comprises: one or more packing units in which a mixture solution containing a large number of magnetic supports carrying a biological material to be introduced into a host such as cells upon using, together with a large number of the hosts in a liquid is pooled; and an introduction treatment unit in which a magnetic force affecting the inside of the packing unit is controlled so as to move the magnetic supports relatively with respect to the host so that the biological material can be introduced into the host.. .
 Cohesive assembly of carbon and its application patent thumbnailCohesive assembly of carbon and its application
Cohesive carbon assemblies are prepared by obtaining a carbon starting material in the form of powder, particles, flakes, or loose agglomerates, dispersing the carbon in a selected organic solvent by mechanical mixing and/or sonication, and substantially removing the organic solvent, typically by evaporation, whereby the cohesive assembly of carbon is formed. The method is suitable for preparing free-standing, monolithic assemblies of carbon nanotubes in the form of films, wafers, or discs, having high carbon packing density and low electrical resistivity.
 Lead acid storage battery patent thumbnailLead acid storage battery
A lead acid storage battery composed of plates, the lead acid storage battery being obtained by packing an active material into a grid plate provided with a frame section having a quadrangular profile shape, and lateral grid strands and longitudinal grid strands that form a grid inside the frame section. The lateral grid strands are composed of thick lateral strands having a thickness equal to the thickness of the frame section, and thin lateral strands of smaller width and thickness than the thick strands, the longitudinal grid strands being composed of thick longitudinal strands that have a thickness that is less than thickness of the frame section, one end in the thickness direction being arranged in the same plane as one end of the frame section in the thickness direction, and thin longitudinal strands of smaller width and thickness than the thick longitudinal strands..
 Sterilization method patent thumbnailSterilization method
The invention relates to a fractional vacuum sterilization method for objects such as blood tubing systems or cassette systems, which are sterilized in outer packagings. The spatial extent of the outer packaging during the evacuation step is minimized here by inserting a packing into the sterilization chamber and thereby achieving an efficient gas exchange through the gas-permeable outer packaging.
 Seal-bearing assembly patent thumbnailSeal-bearing assembly
A seal-bearing assembly to be inserted into the seal cavity of a mechanical device to provide a seal and a bearing surface to eliminate whip in a rotating and/or reciprocal cylindrical member. The seal-bearing assembly is particularly well suited for use in a reciprocal pump and between the steam lance and fixed steam tube in a sootblower.
 Image compression method and apparatus for encoding pixel data of frame into interleaved bit-stream, and related image decompression method and apparatus patent thumbnailImage compression method and apparatus for encoding pixel data of frame into interleaved bit-stream, and related image decompression method and apparatus
An image compression method includes at least the following steps: receiving a plurality of pixels of a frame, wherein pixel data of each pixel has a plurality of color channel data corresponding to a plurality of different color channels, respectively; encoding the pixel data of each pixel and generating bit-streams corresponding to the plurality of color channel data of the pixel, wherein the bit-streams corresponding to the plurality of color channel data of the pixel are separated; packing bit-streams of a same color channel data of different pixels into color channel bit-stream segments, wherein each of the bit-stream segments has a same predetermined size; and concatenating color channel bit-stream segments of the different color channels into a final bit-stream. Alternatively, color channel bit-stream segments of the same pixel are concatenated into a concatenated bit-stream portion, and concatenated bit-stream portions of different pixels are concatenated into a final bit-stream..
Systems and methods for transmitting video frames
Systems and methods for transmitting video frames are described. Specifically, frame rate modification techniques such as blending and/or packing processes are used to translate high frame-rate signals into low-frame rate signals, which are transmitted over limited bandwidth transmission media to a video signal receiver.
Structured packing for gas-liquid mass transfer unit
The packing of this invention can be replaced for tray by wide application and progress of the economy.. .
Packing box used for accommodation of plate bodies
The present invention relates to a packing box for accommodation of plate bodies, which comprises a backplane, and a side plate vertically arranged at the periphery of the backplane, the plate body including a main body, and a pcb plate connected through a flexible sheet to the edge of the main body, a positioning member being further arranged in the space enclosed by the backplane and the side plate for preventing the pcb plate from moving relative to the main body. The positioning member of the present invention can prevent the pcb plate from moving relative to the main body of the plate body, playing a role in protecting the circuit on the flexible sheet and having low costs..
Method for detecting the transverse position of a packing material, in particular a film wrapping
The invention relates to a method for detecting the transverse position of at least one sealing section (1, 2) on a packaging material (4), in particular a film wrapping, and/or the transverse position of the packaging material (4), wherein the packaging material (4) is displaced along a running direction (l), wherein the transverse position of the at least one sealing section (1, 2) or the packaging material (4) relative to the running direction (l) is detected by means of at least one sensor unit (5). The packaging material (4) comprises at least one cursor (7) by means of which the transverse position of the at least one sealing section (1, 2) or the packaging material (4) transverse to the running direction (l) is detected, wherein the shape of the cursor (7) changes with respect to a direction running in particular transverse to or at an angle to the running direction (l), wherein said change is detected by the sensor unit (5) and the transverse position of the packaging material (4) or the at least one sealing section (1, 2) is determined by means of the change..
Layered reactive particles with controlled geometries, energies, and reactivities, and methods for making the same
An energetic composite having a plurality of reactive particles each having a reactive multilayer construction formed by successively depositing reactive layers on a rod-shaped substrate having a longitudinal axis, dividing the reactive-layer-deposited rod-shaped substrate into a plurality of substantially uniform longitudinal segments, and removing the rod-shaped substrate from the longitudinal segments, so that the reactive particles have a controlled, substantially uniform, cylindrically curved or otherwise rod-contoured geometry which facilitates handling and improves its packing fraction, while the reactant multilayer construction controls the stability, reactivity and energy density of the energetic composite.. .
Energized packing retainer
Disclosed herein is a dual packing retainer and dual sealing ball valve for use generally in high pressure applications. Further disclosed herein are methods of detecting seal failure before the ball valve must be taken offline due to the presence of secondary or backup seals..
Computational methods for analysis and molecular design of antibodies, antibody humanization, and epitope mapping coupled to a user-interactive web browser with embedded three- dimensional rendering
This disclosure relates in general to the field of antibody modeling and analysis. The disclosed subject matter describes a single online workspace to model and analyze antibody sequences or structures.
Solid-phase polymerization method for preparing high-molecular-weight aliphatic polyester
A solid-phase polymerization method of high-molecular-weight aliphatic polyester conducts the solid-phase polymerization of aliphatic polyester prepolymer under a gas stream containing sulfonic acid catalyst. The method features preparing metal free aliphatic polyester with high molecular weight, good color and luster and perfect thermal stability efficiently.
Packing case for battery, secondary battery using the same, and method of manufacturing the secondary battery
A packing case for a battery including an inside layer, an outside layer, and a metal layer formed between the inside and outside layers, wherein the outside layer comprises at least one sub-layer having a color different than a color of the metal layer; and a secondary battery including the packing case; and a method of manufacturing the secondary battery.. .
Food source information transferring system and method for a meat-packing facility
A food source information transferring system for a livestock meat-packing facility and a related method are disclosed. In one embodiment, the food source information transferring system is capable of reading tag-identifying information in a hook rfid tag incorporated in a hook that can be hung on a hook machine.
Movable valve apparatus having conditioned lubricating surfaces
Movable valve apparatus having conditioned lubricating surfaces are described. An example valve includes a valve packing having a graphite packing ring disposed within a bonnet of the fluid valve and a stem or shaft has a conditioned surface to hold a lubricating material.
Package device for thin display device
A package device has a packaging box and shock-absorbing members. The packaging box accommodates a display device main body with an exterior case that accommodates a display unit having a flat display panel and a drive circuit block.
Flow restrictor for use in a service tool
A system, apparatus, and method for gravel packing a wellbore are provided. The system includes a service tool extending through a packer that isolates a proximal annulus of the wellbore from a distal annulus thereof.
Purchase and donation box system
A purchase and donation box system for donating pre-owned items through online shopping, in which a shopper can choose to donate items to a charity selected from a charity database while shopping online a shipping label for the charity is generated, and sent to the shopper with the online purchase in a shipping box. After receiving and unpacking the box, the shopper uses the charity shipping label to send the donation in the same shipping box to the charity.
Negative pressure wound therapy dressing
A wound dressing suitable for use in negative pressure wound therapy system includes a cover layer adapted to establish a reservoir over a wound in which a negative pressure may be maintained. The cover layer includes an opening therein through which atmospheric gasses and wound exudates may pass through the cover layer.
Process to prepare an external structuring system for liquid laundry detergent composition
The present invention relates to a process to prepare external structuring system(s) (ess) comprising crystallized triglycerides including crystallized hydrogenated castor oil (hco) and packing parameter adjusting agent to provide higher structuring ability. The present invention also relates to laundry detergent compositions in liquid or gel form comprising ess..
Connector mechanism
A connector mechanism includes: a first connector that is arranged on a first substrate; a second connector that is arranged on a second substrate and is connected to the first connector in a positional relationship in which the second substrate and the first substrate face each other; and a packing including: a first face that elastically abuts against the first substrate; a second face that is a face on an opposite side to the first face and that elastically abuts against the second substrate; and connector abutting convex portions that are protrusively provided with respect to an inner face of a connector space that is a through-hole which allows the first face and the second face to communicate and sealingly houses the connectors in a connected state, and that elastically abut against an outer face of the connectors disposed in the connector space and are disposed integrally with the connectors.. .
Ammoximation reactor for cyclohexanone oxime production
Ammoximation reactor for cyclohexanone oxime production comprising: (a) a reactor vessel provided with a stirrer; (b) an internal filtering system; (c) an internal liquid ammonia evaporation coil; (d) an internal gaseous ammonia toroidal distributor; (e) an external cyclohexanone toroidal distributor; (f) an internal hydrogen peroxide toroidal distributor; (g) an internal cylindrical draft tube; (h) an external cooling jacket. Said ammoximation reactor allows to obtain a better mixing of the components of the ammoximation reaction and to maximize both the heat-transfer coefficients and the mass-transfer coefficients.
Frame packing and unpacking higher-resolution chroma sampling formats
Video frames of a higher-resolution chroma sampling format such as yuv 4:4:4 are packed into video frames of a lower-resolution chroma sampling format such as yuv 4:2:0 for purposes of video encoding. For example, sample values for a frame in yuv 4:4:4 format are packed into two frames in yuv 4:2:0 format.
Ignition plug
An ignition plug, wherein, when a relative density of a portion of an insulator, which is positioned between a radial virtual plane including a front end of the insulator and a radial virtual plane including a front end of a portion of the insulator which is in contact with a metal shell or the plate packing, is referred to as a (%), and a relative density of a portion of the insulator, which is positioned between the radial virtual plane including the front end of the portion of the insulator which is in contact with the metal shell or the plate packing and a radial virtual plane including a center of a resistor in an axial direction, is referred to as b (%), the following equations are satisfied: 93.90≦a, and 0.10≦a−b≦0.90.. .
Mechanical seal
An inside-type mechanical seal is mounted between a rotating shaft and a housing, and adapted for preventing leakage of a sealed fluid from an outer circumference of a sliding surface in the direction of an inner circumference thereof, wherein provided are a rotary-side sealing ring mounted on a rotating shaft side, a stationary-side sealing ring mounted on a seal case side, an annular packing for pushing the stationary-side sealing ring toward the rotary-side sealing ring, a holding part on the outer circumferential side being fitted in the seal case, and a seal lip part on the inner circumferential side being in close contact with the stationary-side sealing ring, and wherein provided to the seal case is a ring-shaped projection abutting against a back surface of the packing during assembly of the mechanical seal, and adapted for pushing the packing toward the stationary-side sealing ring.. .
Gravel pack carrier fluids
A method of gravel packing a hole in a subterranean formation having a filter cake coated on the surface thereof is disclosed. The method may include: injecting into the hole a gravel pack composition comprising gravel and a carrier fluid comprising a base fluid and at least one alkyl glycoside.
Apparatus for vacuum packing
There is provided a vacuum packaging apparatus in which a cover is operated to hermetically seal a vacuum chamber to provide an evacuated environment by allowing the vacuum chamber to be in a more complete vacuum state. The vacuum packaging apparatus includes a lower body having a vacuum chamber connected to a vacuum generating device; a cover connected to the lower body to cover the vacuum chamber; and a vertical moving unit connected between the cover and the lower body to allow the cover to move upwardly and downwardly with respect to the lower body and closely contact the lower body such that the vacuum chamber is hermetically sealed when the vacuum generating device starts a vacuum creating operation..
Process of epoxidising cyclohexane
A process of oxidizing cyclohexane, comprising feeding cyclohexane, an aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution and optionally an organic solvent into a reaction zone through a feed inlet thereof under the oxidation reaction conditions for contact, and providing all or most of the oxidation product at the reaction zone bottom, wherein a part or all of the packing in the reaction zone is a titanium silicate molecular sieve-containing catalyst. The process of oxidizing cyclohexane according to the present invention carries out the oxidation in the reaction zone, which, firstly, utilizes the latent heat from reaction sufficiently so as to achieve energy-saving; secondly, increases the yield of target product and the availability of oxidizer; and thirdly, allows the separation of the oxidation product from the raw material cyclohexane as the reaction proceeds, such that the cost for subsequent separations can be saved..
Image forming apparatus
The image forming apparatus includes a separating member, which is provided between a light emitting device and a drum bearing portion, for supporting the light emitting device to a separated position when the cartridge is shipped while being packed together, the separating member being provided to a regulating member for regulating a supply of a developer at a shipping mode. With this structure, when the image forming apparatus is shipped while the cartridge is packed together, the light emitting device as an exposure apparatus and an electrophotographic photosensitive drum is separated from each other, whereby the reliability during the transportation while packing the cartridge together may be enhanced..
Image processing device and image processing method
The present technology relates to an image processing device and image processing method whereby prediction efficiency of disparity prediction can be improved. A resolution converting device converts images of two viewpoints or more, out of images of three viewpoints or more, into a packed image, by performing packing following a packing pattern in which images of two viewpoints or more are packed into one viewpoint worth of image, in accordance with a predetermined encoding mode at the time of encoding an image to be encoded which is to be encoded.
Methods and apparatuses for producing a compression packing seal including a dual-sided braided jacket and methods of using the same
The present application pertains to a compression packing seal including a braided dual-sided jacket, methods for producing and using such a seal, and apparatuses suitable for producing such a seal. The compression packing seal is made up of a core and a jacket braided round the core.
Packing element
An improved packing element configured to reduce or eliminate nesting between packing elements in a column.. .
Ball valve
Provided is a ball valve which may be manually opened and closed with ease by reducing handle torque and can securely prevent leakage. The present invention relates to a ball valve, comprising a valve body which has a fluid inlet passage, fluid outlet passage, and a communicating part provided between these passages, a ball which has a fluid communication passage and preferably is arranged on the communicating part of the valve body to be able to rotate about a reference axis, a substantially cylindrical ball seat which preferably has a desired opening part on its peripheral wall and is arranged between said ball and said valve body, a ball seat pressing part arranged inside said valve body so as to be adjacent to said ball seat, and a presser screw arranged to be screwed to fit in the inner periphery of said valve body.
Method for packing strip-type objects, especially strips of chewing gum, and packaging produced thereby
The invention relates to a packing method, according to which a packaging is produced, wherein a plurality of stacks (20) or layers of individual packed strip-type objects (12) are packed as a group (10) in a second packaging material (52). One of the front surfaces (16) of the individual strips (12) is stuck to the bottom (54) of the formed packaging (50).
Linerless packing and shipping label system
A linerless duplex label system is operable to print and apply a linerless duplex label to a substrate. A plurality of linerless duplex labels are provided and each label includes a single-ply stock with top and bottom faces.
Packaging device for storing fragile substrate
A packing box for storing a fragile substrate includes a body configured with first and second components. Each of the first and second components includes a base board, and the first and second components are engageable with each other to support the substrate.
Laminated chip electronic component, board for mounting the same, and packing unit thereof
A laminated chip electronic component includes: a ceramic body including internal electrodes and dielectric layers; external electrodes formed to cover both end portions of the ceramic body in a length direction; an active layer in which the internal electrodes are disposed in an opposing manner, while having the dielectric layers interposed therebetween, to form capacitance; and upper and lower cover layers formed on upper and lower portions of the active layer in a thickness direction, the lower cover layer having a thickness greater than that of the upper cover layer.. .
Rotatable packing machine and method for filling open bags
Rotary packaging machine and method for filling open-mouth bags with multiple filling units disposed over the circumference and rotating along, each of which having a filling spout with a bottom filling opening, wherein the open-mouth bags can be appended by way of a motion oriented upwardly relative to the filling spout. A transfer device for transferring the open-mouth bags intended for filling to the filling units is provided.
High density perforating gun system producing reduced debris
A perforating system has a perforating module comprising a unitary body of explosive. The explosive is contained within a non-explosive casing, or liner, having formed indentations and a cover thereover.
Fast, dynamic cache packing
A method for storing information may include determining whether a received data object fits inside a particular one of a plurality of free blocks in a memory bitmap. Each of the plurality of free blocks may include a column of the memory bitmap with a top margin, a bottom margin, and a predetermined width.
Nesting using rigid body simulation
Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for nesting objects in 2d sheets and 3d volumes. In one embodiment, a nesting application simplifies the shapes of parts and performs a rigid body simulation of the parts dropping into a 2d sheet or 3d volume.
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
The present invention is a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery including a positive electrode and a non-aqueous electrolyte containing a non-aqueous solvent, the non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery characterized in that the non-aqueous solvent includes 30 to 70 vol % ethylene carbonate at 25° c. And 1 atm, the non-aqueous electrolyte includes a total of 0.01 to 0.10 mol/l lithium difluorophosphate and/or lithium monofluorophosphate, and the packing density of the positive electrode active material layer is from 2.0 to 2.8 g/ml..
Flow passage control mechanism for microchip
A channel control mechanism for a microchip has a laminated structure formed of members including elastic members, and includes: a sample reservoir for packing a sample therein; a reaction reservoir in which mixture and reaction of the sample are performed; and a channel formed in a middle layer of the laminated structure, for bringing the sample reservoir and the reaction reservoir into communication with each other. The channel control mechanism performs the reaction and analysis in such a manner that the sample is delivered into the reaction reservoir through the channel.
Methods and systems for reducing memory footprints associated with classifiers
Methods and systems for reducing the required footprint of snow-based classifiers via optimization of classifier features. A compression technique involves two training cycles.
Control arrangement and method for communicating paging messages in a wireless communication system
Systems and methods for utilizing paging group ids and paging indicators are disclosed for pdcch and pdsch transmissions to mobile terminals in a mobile communication system. By use of the paging group ids and paging indicators, various groups of mobile terminals, including subsets of those groups can be paged with reduced decoding requirements.
Hydraulic tube assembly for a hydraulic system
A hydraulic tube assembly for connecting two hydraulic components in a hydraulic system is provided. The hydraulic tube assembly may include a first hydraulic component, a second hydraulic component, a tube subassembly, and at least one port connection subassembly.
Methods and apparatus to load a valve packing
Methods and apparatus to load a valve packing are described. An example method disclosed herein includes adjusting a packing flange nut to a position corresponding at least approximately to a free condition of a biasing assembly, coupling a first gauge member to a first flange, adjusting a first gap between a first surface of the first gauge member and a reference surface opposite the first flange to a first predetermined distance, and tightening the packing flange nut so that the first surface of the first gauge member substantially aligns with or engages the reference surface and causes a load assembly to provide a first predetermined packing stress to the valve packing when the first gauge member substantially aligns with or engages the reference surface..
Pressurized hollow fiber membrane module
Disclosed is a pressurized hollow fiber membrane module that exhibits improved durability without deterioration in packing density and permeation flux. The pressurized hollow fiber membrane module includes a composite hollow fiber membrane comprising a tubular braid woven by yarns and a polymer film on the outer surface of the tubular braid.
Alternative path gravel pack system and method
A well screen system comprises a wellbore tubular and a coiled shunt tube disposed along the wellbore tubular. The coiled shunt tube is configured to be unwound from a reel.
Thickened viscoelastic fluids and uses thereof
The present invention generally relates to a viscoelastic fluids, thickened acid compositions and the like and to methods of using said gelled compositions. The thickened compositions of the present invention can usefully be employed in methods of stimulating and/or modifying the permeability of underground formations, in drilling fluids, completion fluids, workover fluids, acidizing fluids, fracturing, gravel packing and the like..
Seal configuration for top drive swivel apparatus and method
For use with a top drive power unit supported for connection with a well string in a well bore to selectively impart longitudinal and/or rotational movement to the well string, a feeder for supplying a pumpable substance such as cement and the like from an external supply source to the interior of the well string in the well bore without first discharging it through the top drive power unit including a mandrel extending through a sleeve which is sealably and rotatably supported thereon for relative rotation between the sleeve and mandrel. The mandrel and sleeve have flow passages for communicating the pumpable substance from an external source to discharge through the sleeve and mandrel and into the interior of the well string below the top drive power unit.
System and method for the automation of column and media packing
This invention provides for the fully automated, hands free, packing of chromatography columns by means of delivering a pre-calculated volume of slurry and using two different packing modalities to stop the packing when either 1) this volume has been delivered in the column, or 2) when the adapter is moved to reach a bed height corresponding to the pre-calculated volume. Thus, a chromatography column can be packed in a fully automated fashion and such a column is 1)stable and 2) has the desired performance characteristic..
Packing equipment with two restraining members
There is presented a device and method for filling and advancing a series of containers including a first container and a next container. The device includes first and second assemblies having first and second restraining members respectively.
Method and device for making packs
A device for handling, conveying, packing and/or palletizing articles, wherein said device includes at least a horizontal conveying means for continuously conveying articles, a device for making packs of in each case at least two grouped and coupled articles as well as a subsequent grouping device for arranging the packs opposite to other packs and for the subsequent making of pallet layers and/or for the preparation of a palletizing afterwards.. .
Desulfurization device and particulate collection system
A desulfurization apparatus includes: a desulfurization section (3) that brings exhaust gas containing sulfur oxide into gas-liquid contact with absorbing liquid to thereby remove the sulfur oxide; a folded-plate type demister (4) that is installed above the desulfurization section (3), and removes mist generated in the desulfurization section (3); a packing section (5) that is installed above the folded-plate type demister (4), has a same cross-sectional area as the desulfurization section (3) and the folded-plate type demister (4), and removes mist that is not removed by the folded-plate type demister (4); and a washing section (6) that injects water to the packing section (5). As a result of this, mist contained in the exhaust gas is easily and reliably reduced..
System and method for distributing high-quality 3d video in a 2d format
A checkerboard subsampled image is packed in a format to remove shifts that would otherwise result in jagged edges where edges that were not jagged used to exist when checkerboard subsampling is used to reduce video bandwidth. The packing format places alternate rows of a checkerboard subsampled image row by row or places alternate columns of a checkerboard image line by line.
Resilient downhole flow restrictor
A flow restrictor includes resilient flaps that can flex outward to an open position in response to fluid flow pressure and return to an initial position at which the resilient flaps restrict fluid flow more than in the open position. The resilient flaps can overlap and variably restrict fluid flow based on fluid flow pressure.
Collapsible camp stove
Example embodiments of the present invention provide a collapsible camp stove that is easy to pack and use when participating in outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking and camping. Example embodiments of the collapsible camp stove provide a stove that can collapse to provide a small packing volume that is lightweight.
Automated system and method for monitoring chromatography column performance, and applications thereof
The present invention provides automated systems and methods for monitoring column performance in process chromatography, and applications thereof. In an embodiment, column performance is monitored by generating a plurality of process values such as, for example, conductivity values or ph values with a detector during a chromatography step transition between a first mobile phase liquid and a second mobile phase liquid.
Packaged cartridge, packing material and cartridge
A packaged cartridge detachably mountable to an image forming apparatus includes: (i) a cartridge provided with a grip portion; (ii) a frame portion accommodating the cartridge, the frame portion including an opening and a recessed portion so that the grip portion is exposed through the opening so as to be capable of being gripped; and (iii) a cap portion movable, in a state in which the cartridge is accommodated in the recessed portion, relative to the frame portion between an open position where the opening is open and a closed position where the opening is closed. Such a gap is provided between the cartridge and an inner surface of the frame portion that when the frame portion is moved relative to the cap portion in an opening direction with a cap portion side of the packaged cartridge down, the cartridge interferes the inner surface of the frame portion..
Ophthalmologic apparatus, control method for ophthalmologic apparatus, and program
Provided is an ophthalmologic apparatus capable of efficiently switching between an attitude for packing and an attitude for eye examination. When a usb communication between the ophthalmologic apparatus and a pc for control is disconnected, an attitude of the ophthalmologic apparatus is switched from the attitude for eye examination to the attitude for packing.
Segmented valve packing gland
A packing gland for a valve wherein the packing gland includes a top portion for receiving a gate. The packing gland includes first and second longitudinal sections of packing material for sealing the gate.
Proximity sensor package and packing method thereof
A proximity sensor package and a packaging method thereof are disclosed. The proximity sensor package includes a light emitting unit and a light sensor.
Cable packing systems and methods
A method of packing a plurality of lengths of cable includes routing a first length of cable around a first guide that extends from a first half of a packing system base. A second length of cable is routed around a second guide that extends from a second half of the packing system base.
Pulp molded cushioning material and packing case provided with same
A pulp molded cushioning material includes a hollow fitting portion, into which an end portion of an article is fitted. The pulp molded cushioning material includes a main body, a cushioning portion, and a protrusion.

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