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Output Device patents


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 System and  synchronizing media output devices connected on a network patent thumbnailSystem and synchronizing media output devices connected on a network
A media output device operates to receive audio and/or video data for a content item. The audio and/or video data can be communicated from another device over a network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Input/output device, input/output program, and input/output method patent thumbnailInput/output device, input/output program, and input/output method
An i/o device, an i/o program, and an i/o method that can add a sense of distance from the position of visually recognizing eyes to a stereoscopic image that is a virtual image, through an object that is a real image and provide visual recognition as if the stereoscopic image were associated with the object are provided. An i/o device of the present invention includes a display device that can generate a stereoscopic image, a depth level sensor that measures a distance to an object, and an event generating unit that generates an event according to a mode of the object at least either in a stereoscopic region of the stereoscopic image generated by the display device or in a depth level detection region of the depth level sensor..
Brilliantservice Co., Ltd.

 System and  monitoring media stream buffers of media output devices in order to synchronize media content output patent thumbnailSystem and monitoring media stream buffers of media output devices in order to synchronize media content output
A controller output device monitors a media stream buffer on each of multiple receiver output devices. The controller output device determines, at a given instance of time, a buffer data size value of the media stream buffer on each of the receiver output devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Ac-ac converter device patent thumbnailAc-ac converter device
An ac-ac converter device includes first and second ac input terminals and first and second ac output terminals. An input device is connected between an input node, a common node, a positive dc terminal and a negative dc terminal, wherein the input node is connected to the first ac input terminal via a first input inductor.
Eltek As

 Latch circuit and input/output device including the same patent thumbnailLatch circuit and input/output device including the same
A latch circuit includes an input block configured to latch first group input addresses and second group input addresses and output first group internal addresses, according to states of select signals; and a latch block configured to latch the first group internal addresses corresponding to a first active command when a first active control signal is activated, and output the first group internal addresses and second group internal addresses as row addresses corresponding to a second active command when a second active control signal is activated.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

 Vehicle display device patent thumbnailVehicle display device
A combination meter including a first meter and a second meter, which are visible from a front side, and a half-silvered mirror disposed in front of the combination meter and having semi-transparent property are provided. Also, an image output device displays an image toward the half-silvered mirror is provided.
Denso Corporation

 Grid queries patent thumbnailGrid queries
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to grid queries. In aspects, a client sends search criteria that represent two or more dimensions to a service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

 Monitoring method, monitoring device, and information processing system patent thumbnailMonitoring method, monitoring device, and information processing system
A monitoring method that is executed by a monitoring device that monitors communication between an information processing device from among a plurality of information processing devices and a switching device that is coupled to a peripheral device that includes at least one of an input device and an output device, the monitoring method includes storing information on a recovery method for each process of the communication, in a memory; detecting the communication between the information processing device and the switching device; determining whether a failure has occurred in the detected communication by analyzing the detected communication for each of the processes; and executing restoration processing of recovering the detected communication, based on information on the recovery method corresponding to a failed process among the processes, which is stored in the memory when it is determined that the failure has occurred in the detected communication.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Indoor position information providing apparatus, position notifier apparatus and program patent thumbnailIndoor position information providing apparatus, position notifier apparatus and program
A position information providing apparatus for providing present position information to a position notifier apparatus is provided. The position information providing apparatus includes an ultrasonic wave output device for outputting ultrasonic wave and a controller for controlling the ultrasonic wave output device.
Denso Corporation

 Short-range wireless communication apparatus patent thumbnailShort-range wireless communication apparatus
A short-range wireless communication apparatus is disclosed. The short-range wireless communication apparatus comprises: multiple connection devices and a control device.
Denso Corporation

Semiconductor device, display device, input/output device, and electronic device

To suppress change in electric characteristics and improve reliability of a semiconductor device including a transistor formed using an oxide semiconductor. A semiconductor device includes a transistor including a gate electrode, a first insulating film, an oxide semiconductor film, a second insulating film, and a pair of electrodes.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Wagering game machine bios configuration

A method for configuring a wagering game machine. The method can include initializing a processor and chipset residing on an embedded computer module residing in the wagering game machine, wherein a bios resides on a carrier board connected to the embedded computer module.
Wms Gaming, Inc.

Viewpoint control of a display of a virtual product in a virtual environment

A method, system, and apparatus for visually presenting a virtual environment relative to a physical workspace. An output device visually presents a view of the virtual environment to guide a human operator in performing a number of operations within the physical workspace.
The Boeing Company

Systems and methods for providing purchase options to consumers

A purchasing system includes a memory device configured to store image data regarding a user, and a processing circuit coupled to the memory device and configured to generate body data of the user based on the image data. The body data includes a virtual model of the user, with the virtual model providing a depiction of the user.
Elwha Llc

Information processing apparatus, input and output control device, and controlling information processing apparatus

A control device is coupled to node devices and one or more input and output devices, each node device including an arithmetic processing unit and a memory. The control device is configured to store history information including an entry in which device identification information for identifying the input and output device that is accessed based on a request corresponds to node identification information for identifying a node device of the node devices which is a transmission source of the request; determine the node identification information corresponding to the device identification information that indicates an input and output device which outputs a memory access request to the memory based on search of the entry in the history information; generate a packet in which the determined node identification information is set to a memory access destination based on the memory access request; and output the generated packet..
Fujitsu Limited

Input/output device with a dynamically adjustable appearance and function

A computing device is disclosed. The computing device may include a display, a processor in communication with the display and an enclosure connected to the display.
Apple Inc.

Stimulation remote control and digital feedback system

A system for sexual interaction is provided. The system includes a phallic device for sexual interaction having a sensor for sensing its movement and a transmitter for transmitting data to a processor connected to said phallic device.
Thika Holding Llc

System and treating pets

A system and method for treating pets, the system comprising: a content provider to provide video and audio content adapted for treating a pet; a video and audio output device for playing the video and audio content; and a feedback interface for providing indications to the content provider about behavior of the pet, wherein the content provider is to adapt the provided content according to the received indications. The method comprising playing video and audio content by a video and audio out-put device, the content comprising: an image adapted for treating a pet; and a sound adapted for treating a pet; receiving indications about behavior of the pet; and adapting the played content according to the received indications..

System and modifying an audio signal

A method and system for modifying an audio signal are provided. An audio subsystem can receive a control input signal including a predefined set of desired audio characteristics for an acoustic output of the audio subsystem.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Input device and input/output device

To provide an input device and an input/output device with high detection sensitivity. The input device includes a first transistor, a second transistor, a capacitor, a node, a first wiring, a second wiring, a third wiring, and a fourth wiring.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for providing authentication using a managed input/output port

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an information handling system may include a processor, an input/output port communicatively coupled to the processor, and an access controller communicatively coupled to the processor. The an input/output port may be configured to receive an external input/output device and communicatively couple such input/output device to one or more information handling resources of the information handling system.
Dell Products L.p.

Healthcare facility management and information system

A method, system, computer program product and apparatus related to managing and disseminating information in a health care facility is disclosed. The system may comprise a plurality of input devices, a processor connected to the input devices and a plurality of electronic output devices connected to the processor.
Scan Am Company

Conducting a sensor network survey

A method of conducting a sensor network survey comprising, with a processor: determining a number of daily operations to perform in a survey, determining a number of fixed parameters of the daily operations; determining a number of control parameters of the daily operations, determining flow times of the daily operations using a queue equation, determining a total flow time of the daily operations, executing a simulation module to determine at least one scenario, and outputting the at least one scenario to an output device.. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Mobile device with motion controlling haptics

A haptically enabled device includes a haptic output device used to control motion. The haptically enabled device determines a desired motion, and then generates a haptic effect on the haptic output device to cause the desired motion..
Immersion Corporation

Input-output device management using dynamic clock frequency

In an example, a method includes determining, at a host device, a power state of a digital input/output device, and transmitting a clock signal having a first frequency from the host device to the input/output device responsive to a determination that the input/output device is in a lower power state. The method also includes determining, at the host device, that the input/output device has transitioned into a higher power state, and transmitting a clock signal having a second frequency from the host device to the input/output device responsive to a determination that the input/output device has transitioned into the higher power state.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Display device

Provided is a display device or an input/output device in which reflection of outside light is reduced. The display device includes a first substrate and a second substrate.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

System and evaluating biological samples remotely

Disclosed herein is a healthcare system and method for analyzing a biological sample having a data acquisition unit, a field unit for obtaining and storing visualized biomarkers; an optical lens adapter configured to adapt to an imaging device capable of taking images of the visualized biomarkers; a data analysis unit having an analyzing unit to receive and evaluate the image to determine the presence or absence of preset values that are above or below an arbitrarily set threshold level; and an output device providing a graphic or textual output according to the presence or absence of the preset values.. .
Markopollo, Inc.

Wear indication devices, and related assemblies and methods

A wear indication device comprises an outer body exhibiting at least one opening extending at least partially therethrough, and at least one sensor within the at least one opening. The at least one sensor comprises at least one probe, and at least one electronic device operatively associated with the at least one probe.
E-dash Llc

Wearable cardiac defibrillator receiving inputs by being deliberately tapped & methods

A wearable defibrillation system includes an output device and a motion sensor. The output device emits a sound or a vibration for the patient, who responds by deliberately tapping the system.
West Affum Holdings Corp.

Systems and methods for prefetching online content items for low latency display to a user

A computer-implemented method for pre-fetching online content items is provided. The method uses a first computing device including a processor in communication with an output device and a memory.
Google Inc.

Communication system with coding mechanism and operation thereof

A communication system and the method of operation thereof includes: a block size unit for receiving an input digital data stream; a progressive-golomb encoder, coupled to the block size unit, for encoding a progressive-golomb codeword from the input digital data stream; and a transmitter unit, coupled to the progressive-golomb encoder for transferring the progressive-golomb codeword to an output device.. .
Sony Corporation

Method for operating an infotainment system

A method operates an infotainment system in order to provide an overview of audio data records detected by a music output device. An evaluation device arranges the detected audio data records into an audio data record group according to a selection criterion, e.g.
Audi Ag

Computer system, switching device, and switching method

A computer system including a peripheral device including at least one of an input device and an output device; a plurality of computers; and a switching device that includes a plurality of connectors and a memory, the plurality of connectors including a connector group to which the plurality of computers are coupled and an input-output connector to which the peripheral device is coupled, the switching device coupling one connector of the connector group and the input-output connector, wherein the switching device is configured to: receive identification data for identifying a computer; and connect the input-output connector and a first connector of the connector group, the first connector being represented by a first connector identifier having been associated with the received identification data and stored in the memory, when the received identification data has been stored in the memory.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Dynamically executing multi-device commands on a distributed control

A system and method for sending of data to a specified device without needing to preprogram a dedicated key of a human interface device. One embodiment provides for selection of a display where the display does not need to be programmed ahead of time.
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Sensor, input device, and input/output device

[solution] the following structure including a window portion which transmits visible light, a light-transmitting sensor element which includes a flexible insulating layer and a pair of electrodes, between which it is interposed, and overlaps with the window portions, a sensing circuit which supplies a sensor signal on the basis of a change in the capacitance of the sensor element, and a flexible base layer supporting the sensor element and the sensor circuit is achieved.. .

Low-frequency effects haptic conversion system

A system is provided that produces haptic effects. The system receives an audio signal that includes a low-frequency effects audio signal.
Immersion Corporation

Haptic devices and methods for providing haptic effects via audio tracks

Embodiments hereof relate a system that includes a processor and a haptic peripheral with a haptic output device. The processor is configured to receive an audio file, or a haptic file generated from the audio file, that includes a first channel having a first set of control parameters to generate a first haptic effect and a second channel having a second set of control parameters to generate a second haptic effect and to output a control signal that includes the first and second sets of control parameters for the haptic effect.
Immersion Corporation

Determining initial treatments from spectral data

This document presents a system for managing treatment for an emergency cardiac event. The system includes memory, one or more electronic ports for receiving ecg signals, and a treatment module executable on one or more processing devices.
Zoll Medical Corporation

Monitoring a driver of a vehicle

A driver state monitoring (dsm) system includes a wearable device main body worn by a user, a display unit, and an information collection unit that collects information related to a body state of the user. The dsm system includes a controller that, based on the collected information, senses a situation associated with the user's body state, and converts the collected information into a numerical value representing the body state of the user in context of the sensed situation.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Multi-sound audio interface system

A computing device includes at least one processor; and at least one module, operable by the at least one processor to associate, for an audio interface, a first sound with first information, and associate, for the audio interface, a second sound with second information, wherein the second sound shares at least one perceptual property with a first plurality of perceptual properties based at least in part on a relationship between the first information and the second information. The at least one module may be operable to output in parallel, using an audio output device, the first and second sounds in the audio interface; receive an indication of user input that selects at least one of the first or second information; and perform, based at least in part on the indication of user input, at least one operation corresponding to the at least one of the first or second information..
Google Inc.

Implementing screen sharing functionality over a communication network

Methods and systems for enabling a screen sharing functionality of an output device are provided. More particularly, one or more first commands may be provided to a headend from a mobile device.
Sonifi Solutions, Inc.

Methods, apparatuses and computer programs for adapting content

In one aspect of the disclosure, there is provided a method comprising causing, at least in part, actions that result in: generating, for primary content to be broadcasted for output on a primary content output device, rendering adaptation information configured for use in adapting the rendering of the primary content on a secondary content output device thereby providing an output of secondary content which is derived from the broadcasted primary content; wherein the primary content comprises at least a first media portion having a first temporal output characteristic; wherein the rendering adaptation information comprises temporal information configured for use in adjusting the rendering of the at least first media portion so as to enable generation of secondary content comprising at least a second media portion having a second temporal output characteristic that can differ from the first temporal output characteristic of the at least first media portion.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Oscillating capacitors direct current power source

A high frequency inductive emf circuit charges storage capacitors, one at a time, from a dc source to a voltage that is higher than the dc output voltage. After each storage capacitor is charged, it is disconnected from the charging circuit and then connected to an output device/regulator that uses the energy in each storage capacitor to provide the desired dc output voltage to a load.

Apparatus and improving an audio signal in the spectral domain

Method of improving audio signal in the spectral domain starts by receiving audio signal that includes signals from sources including speech source and music source. Audio signal is tuned for output by sound output device.
Apple Inc.

Multi-dimensional audio interface system

In one example, the disclosure is directed to providing a multi-dimensional audio interface in which a plurality of different spatial locations is defined, wherein each of the plurality of different spatial locations is based on a common reference point and is uniquely identifiable by a computing device; associating, by the computing device, an information type with a first spatial location of the plurality of different spatial locations, the information type included in a plurality of different information types; responsive to determining that first information is of the information type, outputting, using an audio output device and simulating localization of sound at the first spatial location, a first sound that indicates the first information; receiving an indication of user input that selects the first information; and performing at least one operation corresponding to the first information selected based at least in part on the indication of user input.. .
Google Inc.

Dynamic font engine

A method may include receiving a request to render text from an application executing on at least one processor of a computing device, the request including a font usage description; determining, using the at least one processor, a display context in which the text is to be rendered on a output device communicatively coupled to the computing device; querying, using the at least one processor, a usage data source using the determined display context and font usage description to determine font characteristics for rendering the text; and rendering the text on the output device communicatively coupled to the computing device using the determined font characteristics.. .
Apple Inc.

System for storing information related to objects and further transmitting the object information to users

Disclosed is a system for storing information related to one or more objects and transmitting the object information to one or more users. The system includes first electronic circuitry, second electronic circuitry and third electronic circuitry.
R2z Innovations, Inc.

Interactive adherence drug dispensing and communications platform

Technologies are generally described for providing a pill dispensing device with adherence monitoring and alerting features, as well as communication capabilities. A pill pack may be integrated within a housing of the pill dispensing device, where removal of each pill in the pill pack may be monitored through a conductive trace or comparable mechanism.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Input/output devices having reconfigurable functionality

Systems and methods provide re-configurable functionality within components of i/o devices without the need of disconnecting the components from each other. For example, in certain embodiments, when certain types of components are connected to each other, certain functionality sets within the components may be activated to provide combined functionality sets between the components.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Touch-screen input/output device touch sensing techniques

A touch-screen input/output device including a touch sensor, a display, a display control module, a touch sensor control module and a synchronizer module. The touch sensor is overlaid on a display.
Nvidia Corporation

Method vehicle input/output device and method

An input/output device for a motor vehicle includes a base area and at least one local elevation adjoining the same. The base area is preferably enclosed by and/or integrally formed with the local elevation(s).
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Sensor, input device, and input/output device

A novel input sensor that is highly convenient or reliable is provided. A novel input device that is highly convenient or reliable is provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Breath sampling tube and device

Breath sampling line including a sample cell housing and a breath sampling tube, the breath sampling tube having a first end connected to the sample cell housing, a second end configured to be connected to a respiratory output device, and a pervaporation tubing; the pervaporation tubing located at the first end of the breath sampling tube.. .
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.

Method and system for detecting a damaged component of a machine

A method and system for detecting a damaged machine component during operation of the machine are provided. The damaged machine component detection system includes one or more processors, one or more memory devices communicatively coupled to the one or more processors, an image capture device configured to generate a stream of temporally-spaced images of a scene including a machine component of interest, the images generated in real-time, and a grouping model configured to compare features of a current image of the stream of images to features of previously captured images sorted into a plurality of groups of images having similar features, generate an alert if predetermined features of the current image deviate from corresponding features of the grouped images by a predetermined amount, and update the groups with the current image if the predetermined features of the current image are similar to corresponding features of the grouped images by a predetermined amount.
General Electric Company

On-vehicle image processor

An on-vehicle image processor includes an imager mounted on a vehicle, an image convertor and compositor that converts images imaged by the imager into overhead images, a white line candidate area detector that detects a white line candidate area estimated to constitute a parking frame, an endpoint position detector that detects positions of endpoints, a vehicle behavior measurer that measures a movement amount of the vehicle, an endpoint movement position predictor that predicts moved positions of the endpoints detected by endpoint position detector, an endpoint movement amount judger, an endpoint position storage, a distance calculator that judges a degree of proximity of the endpoints, an information output device, an endpoint position oblivion judger that deletes the position of the endpoints satisfying a predetermined condition, a parking frame detector that detects a parking frame from the image, an accelerator opening degree detector and a vehicle behavior controller.. .
Clarion Co., Ltd.

Information processing apparatus and bus control method

An information processing apparatus includes: a plurality of memories; a plurality of buses each connected to each of the memories; an input/output device configured to make access to the plurality of memories; a processing unit configured to alter a mapping of a logical address and a physical address of a memory area used by the input/output device; and a switch configured to transfer access from the input/output device to any one of the plurality of buses based on the mapping, whereby the performance deterioration due to bus conflict is suppressed.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image bearer to bear a toner image, a toner image forming device to form the toner image on the image bearer, a nip forming device to contact the image bearer to form a transfer nip between the image bearer and the nip forming device, a transfer bias output device to output a transfer bias including a dc component and an ac component to transfer the toner image from the image bearer onto a recording medium interposed in the transfer nip, and a controller operatively connected to the transfer bias output device to adjust a frequency f of the ac component of the transfer bias in accordance with an image area ratio a such that the frequency f is at its minimum with a predetermined image area ratio amin %, where amin % is greater than 0 but lower than an image area ratio of a solid image.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Route planning method and route planning system

A route planning method includes: displaying, by an output device, a map and an original route from a departure point to a destination through at least two intermediate points on the map, the intermediate points being selected from a plurality of points of interest that are pre-stored in a storage device; transmitting, by an input device, an input signal to the processor in response to a user selection of a priority one of the intermediate points; upon receipt of the input signal, planning, by a processor, a modified route passing sequentially through the departure point, the priority one of the intermediate points, the remaining one(s) of the intermediate points and the destination; and displaying, by the output device, the modified route on the map.. .
Mitac International Corp.

Vehicle turn cancel signal output device

The vehicle turn cancel signal output device is provided with a steering angle detector; a first cancel pulse generator that generates a first cancel pulse when reaching a steering angle to be detected as an edge indicating termination of turning of a vehicle based on the detected steering angle, a second cancel pulse generator that generates a second cancel pulse indicating a rotation direction of steering based on the detected steering angle; and signal output terminals.. .
Yazaki Corporation

Communication between autonomous vehicle and external observers

At least one embodiment of this disclosure includes a method for an autonomous vehicle (e.g., a fully autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle) to communicate with external observers. The method includes: receiving a task at the autonomous vehicle; collecting data that characterizes a surrounding environment of the autonomous vehicle from a sensor coupled to the autonomous vehicle; determining an intended course of action for the autonomous vehicle to undertake based on the task and the collected data; and conveying a human understandable output via an output device, the human understandable output expressly or implicitly indicating the intended course of action to an external observer..
Applied Minds, Llc

Mobile device application integration with infotainment headunits

A system is provided for integrating a feature rich application platform operating on a mobile device with a vehicle infotainment system. The system includes a head unit configured to control user interface devices including a display, a command entry device, and an audio output device.
Harman International Industries, Inc

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