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Osteotomy patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Osteotomy-related patents
 Method and apparatus for performing an open wedge osteotomy patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for performing an open wedge osteotomy
A method and apparatus for performing an open wedge osteotomy utilizing a keyed, wedge-shaped implant for disposition in a keyed, wedge-shaped opening created in a bone. The keys may be disposed in vertical or horizontal arrangements.
 High tibial osteotomy guide patent thumbnailHigh tibial osteotomy guide
A cutting block for use in a bone osteotomy procedure is disclosed, and includes a first cutting guide surface, a second cutting guide surface, and a third cutting guide surface. The first, second, and third cutting guide surfaces are adapted to be temporarily affixed to a bone having a first side and a second side such that the first cutting guide surface is disposed on the first side of the bone, and such that the second cutting guide surface and third cutting guide surface are disposed on the second side of the bone forming an angle therebetween..
 Implant suitable for calcaneal osteotomy patent thumbnailImplant suitable for calcaneal osteotomy
An implant comprises an elongated plate having a first major face and at least one locking screw hole, to receive a locking fastener oriented normal to the major face. The elongated plate has a wall with a flat surface normal to the first major face.
 Minimal incision removable bone screw, driver, and method of use patent thumbnailMinimal incision removable bone screw, driver, and method of use
A surgical bone screw (1) and driver (31), and a method for using them for repairing an osteotomy or fracture. The screw has a shaft having a head (5) at its proximal end, screw threads (3) at its distal end and a compression member (7) between the head and the screw threads.
 Stopping tool guides and combinations thereof with surgical guides, methods for manufacturing and uses thereof patent thumbnailStopping tool guides and combinations thereof with surgical guides, methods for manufacturing and uses thereof
The present invention relates to stopping tool guides for use during surgical interventions and combinations of these stopping tool guides with surgical guides. The present invention further relates to methods for the manufacture of such stopping tool guides and combinations thereof with surgical guides.
 Sleeve for modular revision hip stem patent thumbnailSleeve for modular revision hip stem
The present disclosure provides a femoral prosthesis for use during a revision procedure. The femoral prosthesis includes a body, a neck, a stem, and a sleeve.
 Self-osteotomizing bone implant and related method patent thumbnailSelf-osteotomizing bone implant and related method
A bone implant includes a head and a core body extending from the head to a tip. An osteotomy blade extends outwardly from at least a portion of the core body to form a spiral thread.
 Bone anchors, kits, and methods for securing portions of bone patent thumbnailBone anchors, kits, and methods for securing portions of bone
Embodiments of apparatuses, kits, and methods for securing portions of bone (e.g., for an osteotomy).. .
 Pivoting cut guides patent thumbnailPivoting cut guides
The present disclosure provides a cut guide for use in preparation of the distal femur to form the anterior, anterior chamfer, distal, posterior chamfer and posterior facets as well as the intercondylar box cuts utilized to prepare a femoral intercondylar box. To allow for the use of a single cutting guide to make all of these femoral osteotomies, the present disclosure implements an orthopedic guide assembly including a primary guide body with a secondary guide body rotatably connected to the primary guide body.
 Bone treatment system patent thumbnailBone treatment system
A system for removing bone growths and realigning bones includes a bone planer and an osteotomy guide. The bone planer includes a hollow sleeve that has an end embeddable within a bone.
Method and implant for stabilizing two bone portions separated by a cut or fracture
In a human or animal patient, two bone portions separated by a cut or fracture are stabilized in a desired position relative to each other by bringing the two bone portions into this desired position, by pulling them against each other, by providing an opening having a mouth on a bone surface and reaching across the cut or fracture and walls in both bone portions, by inserting an implant into the opening and anchoring the implant in the walls of the opening with the aid of a material having thermoplastic properties and energy transmitted into the implant for in situ liquefaction of at least part of the material having thermoplastic properties. One exemplary application of the stabilizing procedure concerns the two tibial bone portions separated by tibial plateau leveling osteotomy in a canine patient suffering from cranial cruciate ligament damage or rupture in a stifle joint..
Dental drill with angulation to improve osteotomy formation
A dental drill is disclosed which allows for an osteotomy to be formed in a shape which closely matches the cylindrical shape of many dental implants. In so doing, the implant engages more tissue of the resulting osteotomy, thus resulting in greater ability for the tissue to penetrate and fuse with the implant while also reducing the chances of infection and reducing the overall recovery time.
Method and apparatus for performing an open wedge, high tibial osteotomy
And further wherein at least a portion of the body is formed out of a bone growth-promoting material whereby to enhance bone healing across the osteotomy opening in the bone.. .
Patient-specific high tibia osteotomy
A surgical method for tibia osteotomy includes attaching a patient-specific alignment guide to a corresponding surface of a tibia of a patient for whom the alignment guide is customized during a pre-operative planning stage and making a partial bone cut in the tibia through a planar slot of the alignment guide. The planar slot is oriented at a patient-specific angle relative to an anatomic axis of the patient and the angle is customized during the pre-operative planning stage.
Metatarsal fixation device, system and method
A metatarsal fixation device is provided for fixation of osteotomy or fracture of a distal metatarsal metaphysis bone of the human foot and for fixation of an associated capsule to the metatarsal head. The device includes a metallic bone plate with a series of screw holes along an elongated portion of the plate and a combination of a singular screw hole and a resilient clamp on an end of the elongated portion.
Devices, systems and methods for re-alignment of bone
A bone re-angling device may be used in performing an osteotomy. The re-angling device may be a generally wedge-shaped body.
Ultrasound guided automated wireless distraction osteogenesis
A bone distraction device applies guided incremental forces to opposing bone segments for the purpose of generating native bone in an osteotomy site (distraction osteogenesis). The bone distraction device automatically adjusts the rate of the distraction utilizing feedback received from the ultrasound transducer and other sensors, using an adaptive decision algorithm(s).
Pedicle subtraction osteotomy device and methods
Disclosed herein is a device for cutting bone in performing a pedicle subtraction osteotomy. The device may include an elongated member and a flexible cutting member.
Surgical tips for piezoelectric bone surgery
A series of tips for use with an ultrasonic or piezoelectric dental surgical device dental are used in osteotomy, ostectomy and osteoplasty procedures or any procedure requiring removal or shaping of bone or other hard tissues. In some embodiments, fissures are provided in a cutting end of the tip to facilitate osteotomy.
Self-osteotomizing and grafting bone implant
A bone implant includes a head and a core body extending from the head to a tip. Multiple osteotomy blades extend outwardly from at least a portion of the core body, arranged end-to-end to form a spiral thread.
Osteotomy and arthrodesis treatment system
Methods and systems for applying anteroposterior compression to tarsal or carpal bones are provided. One such method includes securing a first fixation plate and a second fixation plate medial and lateral to the bones, respectively, with an anchoring bolt, wherein the anchoring bolt secures the first and second fixation plates relative to each other and the bones.
Osteotomy guide and method
A guide and method useful in cutting and rejoining bones is presented. The guide is particularly useful in performing an osteotomy of a long bone adjacent a joint such as a hand or foot..
Fluted osteotome and surgical method for use
A surgical method and tool for expanding an initial osteotomy (42) to receive a bone implant (44). An osteotome (22) having a tapered working end (28) is inserted into the initial osteotomy (42).

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