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Orifice patents

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Process for producing chip

High-frequency on-off valve

Bicycle brake cable combination for different cycles

Date/App# patent app List of recent Orifice-related patents
 Leak proof equipment and method for the collection of stoma body wastes patent thumbnailnew patent Leak proof equipment and method for the collection of stoma body wastes
An apparatus and system for reducing the area of exposure of intestinal effluent on a stoma wafer by 90% to 100%. The apparatus consists of substituting the pouch on a ring of a mechanically connecting ring ostomy pouch and wafer assembly by a membrane.
 Universal medical gas delivery system patent thumbnailnew patent Universal medical gas delivery system
A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice.
 Medical device introduction systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Medical device introduction systems and methods
A medical device introduction system and method can include a medical introducer, a separate imaging device, and/or a separate working channel device, each of which may be movable independent of the other. The medical introducer can include a handle and an elongate introducer tube extending from the handle and having a plurality of lumens, and may be inserted into an interior body region of a patient.
 Gas burner assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Gas burner assembly
The present subject matter provides a gas burner assembly for an appliance. The gas burner assembly includes a burner tube and a shutter slidably mounted to an end portion of the burner tube.
 Process for producing liquid ejection head patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing liquid ejection head
A process for producing a liquid ejection head by providing, in one chip, a liquid ejection head having a portion for ejection in which an ejection orifice array is arranged and a side portion having no ejection orifice array, these portions being provided with a member of a photosensitive material, arranging the chip on a common substrate in such a chip array that these two portions are alternately arranged, and separating each chip from the substrate, the process including the steps of relatively moving a reticle of an aligner along the chip array for a photosensitive material on the substrate to expose each chip, and developing the material to obtain the member. A first reticle for forming the portion for ejection and a second reticle for forming only the side portion are used.
 Injectable low temperature liquid crop preservative formulation patent thumbnailnew patent Injectable low temperature liquid crop preservative formulation
A liquid crop-preservative composition containing a volatile, liquid active ingredient suitable for effective crop-preservation in the vapor-phase. The crop-preservative composition is sufficiently non-viscous to be applied to crops or to a surface disassociated with said crops via one or more minute orifices.
 Process for producing chip patent thumbnailnew patent Process for producing chip
A process for producing a chip in which plural ejection orifice arrays are arranged including conducting reduction projection exposure plural times to a wafer having a substrate and a photosensitive resin layer formed thereon while relatively moving positions of the wafer and a reticle to form ejection orifice array patterns in the resin layer, developing the patterns to form ejection orifice arrays in the resin layer, and dividing the wafer to form plural chips in which the plural ejection orifice arrays are arranged. The exposure is conducted once to form in the resin layer a first ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to partial ejection orifice arrays in an arranging direction thereof in one chip, a second ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to all ejection orifice arrays in one chip and a third ejection orifice array pattern corresponding to partial ejection orifice arrays in an arranging direction thereof in one chip..
 Plasma light source patent thumbnailnew patent Plasma light source
A lucent waveguide plasma light source has a quartz waveguide body with a central through bore. The bore has orifices at its opposite ends, opening centrally of flat, end faces of the body.
 Device and method for the production of a three-dimensional object patent thumbnailnew patent Device and method for the production of a three-dimensional object
The device and the method serve for the production of a three-dimensional object from a solidifiable by a sequential discharge of drops onto an object carrier for the object to be produced, the device including discharge unit with an outlet orifice discharges drops along an axis (s) in a direction to the object carrier, and control means configured to control the motion of the object carrier and the object on the one hand and the outlet orifice on the other hand relative to each other in space, where due to the fact that means are provided for a mutual alignment of the object carrier or the object on the one hand and the outlet orifice on the other hand and that can be controlled by control means, with the axis (s) in a mutually aligned state intersecting a surface of the object carrier or the already produced object, such that a method and a device are provided for the production of a three-dimensional object with geometric overhangs and/or undercuts using solidifiable materials.. .
 Method and apparatus for treatment and purification of liquid through aeration patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for treatment and purification of liquid through aeration
An aeration system for the treatment and purification of liquid is presented. The aeration system includes a decompression chamber extending a length between an inlet end and an outlet end and a motor connected to the decompression chamber.
new patent High-frequency on-off valve
A high-frequency on-off valve includes a valve chamber communicating with an input flow path, output orifices opening into the valve chamber, a plate-shaped valve member disposed within the valve chamber such that the valve member is movable into and out of contact with output valve seats surrounding the output orifices, and an electromagnetic operating section that opens and closes the valve member. The high-frequency on-off valve opens and closes the plurality of output orifices by bringing the valve member into and out of contact with the output valve seats by utilizing an effect of an electromagnetic attraction force produced by the electromagnetic operating section and an effect of fluid pressure within the valve chamber.
new patent Auto regulating gas system for supressed weapons
An auto regulating gas system to automatically regulate the operating speed of an auto loading weapon having a gas operating system by restricting the gas flow from the firing of a projectile. A gas block attached to the barrel or the weapon redirects a volume of propellant gases to cycle the weapon, the gas block including a gas port for directing propellant gases received from the a gas port of the barrel into the gas system.
new patent Bicycle brake cable combination for different cycles
A brake cable combination includes a cable member having an end member at one end portion, a coupler for one type bicycle having an orifice for engaging with the cable member and an enlarged socket opening for engaging with the end member of the cable member, and another coupler for another type bicycle having an orifice for selectively engaging with the cable member, and an enlarged socket opening for selectively receiving and engaging with the end member of the cable member and for allowing the cable member to be easily and quickly and readily attached or mounted or secured or coupled to the brake handles of different cycles or bicycles.. .
new patent Cascade impactor
The invention relates to low flow rate cascade impactors for sampling aerosols, notably but not limited to pharmaceutical aerosols. The impactor stages serve as both orifice plate and collecting cup, simplifying collection and analysis.
new patent Wire guide and flyer bow comprising said wire guide
A wire, strand, or cable guide element (eg) for a flyer bow for assembling/twisting/braiding the wire, strand, or cable has an inner surface (si) which defines the travel path of the wire, strand, or cable (pf) and which consists of alternating adjacent micro-bumps (mb) and micro-recesses (mc). The flyer bow at least partially or entirely surrounds the wire, strand, or cable by means of a member (c) and has a longitudinal orifice or inner tube (o) in the mass of said member (c), said orifice or inner tube (o) extending along the entire length of the bow.
new patent Fishing tip pole
A fishing tip pole that includes a base fishing rod that includes a first end, a fishing line run along the base fishing rod and into a body of water and a flag attached to the first end of the base fishing rod. The fishing tip pole also includes a reel attached to the base fishing rod, the reel controls the fishing line along the base fishing rod and as the fishing line is cast into the body of water, a metal tube stand that includes an elongated hollow tube with an orifice, the orifice receives and secures the base fishing rod while the user is ice-fishing, the metal tube stand having a plurality of support handles and a plurality of pieces of illuminating tape that are disposed on the reel to illuminate the reel..
new patent Windscreen wiper
Characterized in that the wiper comprises at least one lower lateral skirt (43, 44) extending longitudinally on a lateral side of the wiper blade (5) and of the spraying orifice (35), the spraying orifice (35) being located between the wiper blade (5) and the lower lateral skirt (43, 44).. .
new patent Novel back brush and soap dispensing device
A manually held electrically powered back brush with built in soap dispenser allows bathers to reach difficult hard to clean parts of their body. The brush has rotating brissles and a central orifice at the center of the brush.
Instrument seal
A surgical access port comprises a valve or instrument seal that separates the instrument contact function from the instrument conforming function. Embodiments of the instrument seal comprise in instrument contact element that extends through an opening in a compression element, thereby defining an instrument orifice that seals with an instrument extending therethrough.
Pump cartridge unit having one or more medicament reservoirs
In one embodiment, a medicament pump cartridge may include a reservoir configured to store a medicament, wherein the reservoir may be configured to transition between an expanded configuration when filled with medicament and a collapsed configuration when empty. The medicament pump cartridge may include an electromagnetic pumping mechanism, wherein the electromagnetic pumping mechanism includes at least one magnet secured to a membrane.
Non-invasive ventilation measurement
Determining the lung compliance and lung resistance of a subject undergoing respiratory therapy using non-invasive ventilation requires taking the presence of leaks into account. In particular, variable and unintentional leaks at or near a subject interface appliance may be dynamically determined based on an average resistance of the leak orifice of the subject..
Process for producing a liquid ejection head
A process for producing a liquid ejection head including, on a substrate, a flow path forming member forming ejection orifices and a liquid flow path communicating therewith, including forming, on the substrate, a first layer of photosensitive resin; forming, on the first layer, a mask layer in which at least part of a side surface thereof has a light transmission distribution with a material capable of reducing transmission of light having a photosensitive wavelength of the resin; performing, for the first layer, exposure with the mask layer and development to form a flow path mold pattern having a taper angle θ satisfying 95°<θ, where θ is the angle between top and side surfaces in cross section of the pattern perpendicular to substrate surface; forming a coating resin layer to cover the pattern; patterning the resin layer to form the member; and removing the pattern to form the flow path.. .
Egg yolk separator device and method
An egg yolk separator device comprises uniquely configured structures for selectively grabbing an egg yolk from an egg albumen as supported upon a surface. A suction bulb and a tubular structure coupled to the suction bulb enable a user to selectively provide a suction force directed away from the inlet-outlet orifice toward the suction bulb for directing an egg yolk into the tubular structure.
Microparticle sorting device and method of optimizing fluid stream therein
There is provided a microparticle sorting device that includes a voltage supply unit that supplies a driving voltage to a vibratory element that applies vibration to an orifice that produces a fluid stream, a charge unit that imparts charge to at least some droplets ejected from the orifice, deflecting plates, arranged opposing each other with the fluid stream s therebetween, that vary a travel direction of the droplets, and a first image sensor that acquires an image of the droplets passing between the deflecting plates. The microparticle sorting device is equipped with a controller that detects the droplets in the image, sets a standard band corresponding to a width of the droplets before imparting the charge, and controls the driving voltage of the voltage supply unit so as to further decrease a quantity of the droplets detected in areas within a designated number of pixels from the standard band from among the droplets after imparting the charge..
Vehicles, power electronics modules and cooling apparatuses with single-phase and two-phase surface enhancement features
Jet-impingement, two-phase cooling apparatuses and power electronics modules having a target surface with single- and two-phase surface enhancement features are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes a jet plate surface and a target layer.
Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection apparatus
Provided is a liquid ejection head, including a pressure chamber in which a liquid flows, at least a part of a wall surface of the pressure chamber being formed of a piezoelectric member; an ejection orifice for ejecting the liquid in the pressure chamber pressurized by deformation of the piezoelectric member; a temperature control liquid flow path in which a temperature control liquid flows, the temperature control liquid flow path being provided independently from the pressure chamber and formed so as to be adjacent to the pressure chamber via the wall surface of the pressure chamber, at least a part of a wall surface of the temperature control liquid flow path being formed of the piezoelectric member; and a circulation liquid flow path communicating with the temperature control liquid flow path, for circulating the temperature control liquid.. .
Multi-physics fuel atomizer and methods
A fuel atomizer that includes a housing having a fuel inlet and at least one primary orifice positioned at the inlet, wherein the at least one orifice configured to disperse a stream of fuel into a plurality of fuel droplets. The plurality of fuel droplets contact a fuel impingement surface to break up the plurality of fuel droplets into a plurality of smaller secondary droplets and create a thin film of secondary droplets on the impingement surface.
Parking lock device for transmission
In case of power supply loss, a parking lock is operated by moving a piston of a hydraulic actuator rightward by use of hydraulic pressure accumulated in an accumulator. If a hydraulic pressure generating source becomes unable to generate line pressure due to its failure after the power supply loss, it is desirable that the parking lock be releasable to tow a vehicle, for example.
Cooling apparatuses having a jet orifice surface with alternating vapor guide channels
Jet-impingement, two-phase cooling apparatuses having alternating vapor outlet channels are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes a fluid inlet channel, a jet orifice surface, and a target surface.
Modular jet impingement cooling apparatuses with exchangeable jet plates
Modular cooling apparatuses are disclosed. In one embodiment, a cooling apparatus includes an inlet manifold, a jet plate manifold, a plurality of jet plates, a vapor manifold, and a target layer.
Raw material gas supply apparatus for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
A raw material gas supply apparatus includes a liquid raw material gas supply source, a source tank storing liquid raw material, a gas distribution passage through which raw material gas comprising steam of the liquid raw material is supplied to a process chamber from the source tank, an automatic pressure regulator installed on an upstream side of the gas passage, wherein the automatic pressure regulator keeps supply pressure of the raw material gas at a set value, a supply gas switching valve installed on a downstream side of the gas passage, wherein this valve opens and closes the gas passage, an orifice provided on at least one of an inlet side or outlet side of the valve, wherein the orifice regulates flow rate of the raw material gas, and a constant temperature heating device heats the source tank, the gas passage, the valve and the orifice to a set temperature.. .
Fuel injector for internal combustion engines
A fuel injector for internal combustion engines is provided, which has a valve seat member, bordering a valve chamber, having a valve seat and spray orifices and a central blind-end bore as well as a valve member that is able to be driven to cause a lift motion having a closing head, which, together with a valve seat, forms a sealing seat lying upstream of the spray orifices. In order to prevent an underpressure developing in the blind-end bore in the closing phase of the sealing seat, and a partial return flow of the fuel connected with it, the closing head of the valve member is provided, at its end face facing towards the valve seat member, with a plunger sticking out from closing head, which has a shape adjusted to the contour of the blind-end bore, and dips into the blind-end bore when the sealing seat is closed..
Water meter including variable orifice device
A fire hydrant water meter having a flow restricting device that creates back pressure to restrict the flow of water through the fire hydrant water meter. The flow restricting device includes a plurality of flexible vanes that combine to define a variable orifice.
Device for injecting bone cement
In a device for injecting bone cement, the discharge direction of the bone cement after insertion of the cannula should be controllable in a certain region. This is made possible through a radial exit aperture (5) which is provided on the front end of the cannula (3).
Liposuction of visceral fat using tissue liquefaction
Visceral fat may be removed from a subject using a cannula that has an interior cavity and an orifice configured to permit material to enter the cavity. This is accomplished by generating a negative pressure in the cavity so that a portion of the tissue is drawn into the orifice.
Polycrystalline diamond and manufacturing method thereof, scribe tool, scribing wheel, dresser, rotating tool, orifice for water jet, wiredrawing die, cutting tool, and electron emission source
Nano polycrystalline diamond is composed of carbon, an element of different type which is an element other than carbon and is added to be dispersed in carbon at an atomic level, and an inevitable impurity. The polycrystalline diamond has a crystal grain size not greater than 500 nm.
A pipette for delivering a measured volume of liquid having an elongated hollow tubular body (or capillary tube) (2) configured to draw liquid by capillary action, the hollow tubular body having a lower open end and an upper open end; and a chamber (3) structurally connected to the upper end of the tubular body (2), the chamber having an orifice (4) in the upper portion of the chamber.. .
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling the pitch of the fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop
A device for feeding fluid to a hydraulic actuator for controlling a pitch of fan blades of a two-propeller turboprop, the device including: a fluid manifold secured to a rotor of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-circulation grooves, each presenting an outlet orifice; a fluid-admission support secured to a stationary portion of the turboprop and including a cylindrical portion including at least two distinct fluid passages opening to fluid-admission tubes and each leading radially into one of the fluid-circulation grooves of the manifold; and a tub constrained to rotate with the fluid manifold and including a cylindrical portion including at least two fluid-flow channels, each fed with fluid by a respective one of the outlet orifices of the fluid dispenser, each fluid-flow channel leading to a respective chamber of a control actuator.. .
Device for locating objects and collecting debris and associated method
A stud finder in one embodiment includes a first surface configured to be positioned adjacent to an object, a second surface generally opposite the first surface, an orifice opening to the first surface and to the second surface, a stud sensor configured to sense a structure through the object, and a vacuum source configured to draw a first vacuum in the orifice.. .
Damping device for building seismic reinforcement
Provided is a damping device including a cylindrical body sealed with an inner cover and an outer cover at both ends, a support rod coupled to one end of the cylindrical body to perform an axial motion, the support rod including a moving plate having a damping orifice in the cylindrical body, the support rod including a nut configured to adjust a length of the support rod at an inner side end received in the cylindrical body, and a buffering device configured to store elastic energy in one of a first spring and a second spring based on a moving direction of the moving plate, the buffering device including the first spring inserted in the inner cover, the second spring inserted in the outer cover, and a lubricant in the cylindrical body.. .
Injection molding nozzle with dynamic seal
A manifold, in a first pocket, defines a manifold orifice to supply material to a nozzle in a second pocket. A support ring in the second pocket maintains the nozzle stationary within the second pocket.
Die for extruding a pipe and method therof
A die for extruding a pipe includes a die head having an inlet for receiving and a bore for mixing an extrudate, a punch placed axially inside the die head, and a die cavity mounted at an outlet thereof. An outer surface of the die cavity includes flat surfaces at points of contact of a first adjustment structure which includes a plurality of flat end bolts perpendicular to each other positioned around the die cavity for adjusting position of the die cavity.
Rope rolling structure of a hand puller
A rope rolling structure of a hand puller contains a fixing member and a rope roller. The fixing member includes a base, a central shaft assembly, two ratchet wheels, and a lower stopping piece.
Rotary ceramic valve
A rotary ceramic tube valve is disclosed. The valve may have an outer shell and an inner ported cylinder which move in relation to each other of open and close ports on the valve.
Boomerang link with vibration filtering ability and aircraft engine mount provided with such link
A boomerang link for aircraft engine mounts, including a first orifice and a second orifice both designed to connect the boomerang link to an aircraft pylon, and a third orifice designed to connect the boomerang link to an aircraft engine. The third orifice is offset relative to a plane passing simultaneously through an axis of the first orifice and through an axis of the second orifice.
Self closing flow control device with adjustable actuator element for container closures
The invention relates to a spill proof self-closing flow control device (scfcd) with adjustable actuator element for flexible or rigid containers with fluids. The scfcd comprises a spout (2), a flexible valve-retaining element and a container closure element (12).
Method, system, and apparatus for flood control
A dynamic fluid flow control structure is provided that allows precise control over fluid flow using a series of two or more orifices, at least one of which may be reconfigured to change its flow characteristics. A flood control system and a flood control process are provided that emulate a preset discharge profile over time.
Inflatable ear canal inserted device
An orifice occluding inflatable device comprising a fluid pumping system operable to flow fluid, a fluid flow management system operable to selectively control fluid flow, an inflatable balloon system operable to dilate and contract in response to the flow of fluid and cause orifice occlusion, a locking mechanism preventing undesired actuation of the fluid flow management system, a complementary systems package configured to be coupled to orifice occluding inflatable device, a complementary systems package operable to actuate the fluid flow management system through linear or rotary movement of a protrusion and a pressure relief valve in fluidic connection with the ambient atmosphere and occluded orifice configured to mitigate a pressure differential.. .
Pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring
A pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring includes an inlet side passage, a control valve comprising a pressure-type flow control unit connected downstream of the inlet side passage, a thermal-type flow sensor connected downstream of the control valve, an orifice installed on a fluid passage connected downstream of the thermal-type flow sensor, a temperature sensor provided near the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, a pressure sensor provided for the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, an outlet side passage connected to the orifice, and a control unit comprising a pressure-type flow rate arithmetic and control unit to which a pressure signal from the pressure sensor and a temperature signal from the temperature sensor are input, and which computes a flow rate value of fluid flowing through the orifice, and outputs a control signal to a valve drive unit of the control valve.. .
Method and apparatus for processing wafer-shaped articles
The wet treatment of wafer-shaped articles is improved by utilizing a droplet generator designed to produce a spray of monodisperse droplets. The droplet generator is mounted above a spin chuck, and is moved across a major surface of the wafer-shaped article in a linear or arcuate path.
Hybrid screening nozzle
An extrusion nozzle for applying a paste to a green sheet. The nozzle having a center orifice with a leading edge and a trailing edge.
Implantable flow connector
An implantable flow connector for fluidically coupling a source tissue-enclosed body space with a destination element, comprising: a conduit having a lumen terminating at an orifice at a first end of the conduit implantable in the source body space through an opening formed in a tissue wall of the source body space, and a second end of the conduit implantable in the destination element through an opening in a surface of the destination element; and a circumferential flange, radially extending from the conduit proximate the conduit first end, configured to be implanted in the source body space adjacent an opening in the tissue wall of the source body space such that the conduit extends through the opening, the flange comprising one or more circumferentially adjacent sections at least one of which has a rigidity that decreases in a radially-increasing direction.. .
Heavy radial neutron reflector for pressurized water reactors
A heavy radial neutron reflector for a pressurized water reactor that employs elongated lengths of round bar stock closely packed in either a triangular or rectangular array extending between former plates of a core shroud between the core barrel and the baffle plates which outline the periphery of the reactor core and are formed in axial and circumferential modules. Flow channels are formed in the long gaps between the adjacent round bar stock that communicates cooling water that enters through the core barrel at the top of the shroud and flows down through openings in the former plates to the bottom of the neutron reflector where it exits through a lower baffle orifice to join other cooling water flowing up through the lower core support plate..
Flow rectifier assembly
A flow rectifier assembly including a manifold with a variable orifice disposed therein. Further, the flow rectifier assembly includes one or more valves disposed in the manifold and fluidly connected to the variable orifice to provide a uni-directional flow over the variable orifice.
Valve for metering a flowing medium
A valve for metering a flowing medium, e.g., an injection valve for fuel-injection systems of internal combustion engines, is provided. In an embodiment, the valve has a sealing seat formed by a valve seat and a sealing head of a valve member able to be driven to execute lift motions.
Fuel injector having turbulence-reducing sac
A nozzle for a fuel injector is disclosed. The nozzle may have an internal axial nozzle bore.
Mixed-mode fuel injector with a variable orifice
This invention disclosed a mixed-mode fuel injector with a micro-variable-circular-orifice (mvco), which is a fuel injection device for internal combustion engines, either diesel or gasoline engines. The fuel injector has means of generating variable mixed-mode sprays of conical and multi-jet shapes..
Fluid dispenser head
A fluid dispenser head, such as a pusher, includes an inlet duct, and a dispenser orifice in dispensing communication with the inlet duct. The dispenser head further includes diversion means for selectively interrupting dispensing communication between the inlet duct and the dispenser orifice, and for establishing filling communication with a filling duct formed by the dispenser head and exiting outside the dispenser head..
Storing and dispensing container for wipes
A container for wipes includes a dispenser housing. The housing defines top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls.
Variable flow self-diluting feedwell system
In a feed dilution system and method for a thickener or settling tank, a feed pipe nozzle has a variable orifice configured to provide an infeed slurry flow stream of substantially constant velocity. The feed pipe orifice is disposed in a mixing conduit proximate an upstream end thereof, while a downstream end of the mixing conduit is functionally attached to a feedwell inside the thickener or settling tank, so that the mixing conduit communicates with the feedwell.
Process for fabricating pbi hollow fiber asymmetric membranes for gas separation and liquid separation
The invention provides methods for preparing an asymmetric hollow fiber, the asymmetric hollow fibers prepared by such methods, and uses of the asymmetric hollow fibers. One method involves passing a polymeric solution through an outer annular orifice of a tube-in-orifice spinneret, passing a bore fluid though an inner tube of the spinneret, dropping the polymeric solution and bore fluid through an atmosphere over a dropping distance, and quenching the polymeric solution and bore fluid in a bath to form an asymmetric hollow fiber..
Wipes dispensing container having improved ease of refillability
A wipes container includes a dispenser housing defining top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls. The top wall includes a dispensing orifice.
Refillable dispensing container for stacked moist wipes
A container of stacked moist wipes includes a dispenser housing. The housing defines top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls.
Slip-resistant dispensing container for stacked moist wipes
A wipes container adapted to be set on a flat surface includes a dispenser housing defining a top and bottom walls, first and second side walls, and first and second end walls. The top wall includes a dispensing orifice.
Clutch cooling system
A transmission clutch cooling system includes a clutch housing defined between a drive hub of a drive member and a clutch hub of a driven member and a clutch assembly housed in the clutch housing. The clutch hub includes a hub deck having a plurality of bores therethrough, an inner annulus extending axially from the hub deck, and an outer annulus extending axially from the hub deck, the outer annulus including a plurality of radial orifices therethrough and a lip flange extending from a distal end towards the inner annulus.
Control pilot valve apparatus
A system for hydraulically managing fluid pressure between selected set points includes a pilot control system operably coupled to a main valve. The pilot control system includes at least one fluid conduit, a variable orifice assembly, and a control pilot valve apparatus.
Proportional flow control of a fluid pump assembly
A pump control assembly having a flow control assembly disposed between the first end of a load sensing valve and a fluid pump is disclosed. The flow control assembly may include an orifice, a first valve assembly, and a second valve assembly.
Ventilator apparatus
One or more embodiments of the presently described invention provides a ventilator including a timing device, an electric power source and a flow control device. The timing device is electronically controlled and is capable of controlling a period of time that a fluid is delivered to a patient.
Fuel injection valve
A sub out-orifice and an in-orifice are respectively formed in a low pressure passage and a high pressure passage of a fixed plate. A control valve is provided at an outlet port of the low pressure passage.
Wet/dry vacuum cleaner filter for wet material collection
Vacuum cleaner filters, in particular replaceable vacuum cleaner filters suitable for both wet and wet/dry type vacuum cleaners are disclosed, as well as vacuum cleaner systems incorporating the use of such filters, and methods for their use. The filters include a filter element arranged in a closed circumferential, cylindrically-shaped path, a top end cap having a central orifice capable of constricting a post on a vacuum filter cage, and optionally a molded end ring oppositely-spaced from the top end cap for engagement with the lower motor housing of a vacuum cleaner..
Multi tray refrigerated chest for rapidly quenching beverages
The disclosure features various embodiments and aspects of a chest for quenching beverages. The chest can include a tank for holding a chilled mixture of ice and water, an ice maker adapted for making ice having an output for ejecting ice into a conduit in fluid communication with the tank, and a plurality of quench trays disposed above the tank for holding containers of beverages located in first and second positions.

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