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Orifice patents

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Paper cutting machine

Cpap mask frame

Date/App# patent app List of recent Orifice-related patents
 Sutureless prosthetic device patent thumbnailnew patent Sutureless prosthetic device
A prosthetic device for use in an anatomical orifice or lumen of a patient includes an expandable first stent structure coupled to a valve support structure having at least one leaflet. The stent structure includes a collar provided with at least one groove or opening adapted to engage a tab extending from the valve support structure.
 Devices for the placement of medical compounds in natural orifices of a body patent thumbnailnew patent Devices for the placement of medical compounds in natural orifices of a body
Methods and devices for the delivering of medicinal compounds into the natural orifice of a being, human or otherwise, but most suitably for the delivery of a punctal plug to the punctum of a human.. .
 Vortex bioreactor patent thumbnailnew patent Vortex bioreactor
The invention relates biotechnology. The vortex bioreactor comprises a cylindrical tank with a lid, a device for agitating a medium, said device being located in the tank and consisting of a bladed wheel secured horizontally on a vertical shaft in the upper portion of the tank and a horizontal annular baffle mounted in the tank with a gap relative to the cylindrical walls of the tank and having a central axial orifice.
 Swellable coated tablet patent thumbnailnew patent Swellable coated tablet
The present invention provides perorally administrable drug release systems and processes for producing perorally administrable systems having a drug-containing core and a sheath which surrounds the core and comprises a swellable shell and an elastic coating which surrounds at least the shell, the sheath having at least one orifice.. .
 Pressurized water reactor depressurization system patent thumbnailnew patent Pressurized water reactor depressurization system
A passive cooling system of a pressurized water reactor that relies on a depressurization system to reduce the pressure in the reactor vessel in the event of a loss of coolant accident and vent the steam generated by the decay heat of the reactor core in a post loss of coolant accident stage. The depressurization results in a low pressure difference between the reactor vessel and the containment and enables gravity driven cooling system injection into the reactor vessel.
 Venturi fluid pump with outlet flow controller patent thumbnailnew patent Venturi fluid pump with outlet flow controller
A fuel pump for a fuel system includes a nozzle, a venturi, a pump inlet and a flow controller. The nozzle has an orifice through which fuel is ejected and the venturi is downstream of the nozzle and has an inlet through which fuel discharged from the orifice flows, a passage downstream of the venturi inlet through which fuel flows to create a drop in pressure in the area of the venturi, and an outlet through which fuel is discharged from the venturi.
 Multipoint injectors patent thumbnailnew patent Multipoint injectors
A multipoint injector includes a nozzle body defining a fluid inlet in fluid communication with a plurality of feed bores. A plurality of swirl chambers is defined radially outward from the fluid inlet of the nozzle body in fluid communication with the fluid inlet through the feed bores.
 Variable orifice spray head of liquid delivery system and calibration system patent thumbnailnew patent Variable orifice spray head of liquid delivery system and calibration system
A liquid delivery system includes an engine and a hydraulic circuit, which includes a hydraulic pump driven by the engine and a hydraulic motor driven by the hydraulic pump. A liquid pump is driven by the hydraulic motor and is configured to provide pressurized liquid along a liquid conduit.
 Pressure reducing valve, tap and bottle provided with such a pressure reducing valve patent thumbnailnew patent Pressure reducing valve, tap and bottle provided with such a pressure reducing valve
Pressure reducing valve for compressed gas, comprising a body (1) housing a gas circuit (11) comprising an inlet (3) and an outlet (5), the gas circuit (11) comprising a mechanism for reducing the pressure of the gas between the inlet (3) and outlet (5), the reduction mechanism comprising a reduction piston (7) movable in the body (1) and sealingly delimiting a reduction chamber (16) via a gasket (15), the reduction piston (7) being able to move in translation in an upstream/downstream direction and acted on by a first return member (10), the pressure reducing valve (100) comprising a safety valve for preventing a rise in the pressure in the reduction chamber (16) beyond a given threshold, the safety valve comprising a discharge orifice (6) for the gas, the discharge orifice (6) being selectively in communication with the reduction chamber (16) when the reduction piston (7) reaches a given limit downstream position under the effect of the pressure in the reduction chamber (16), characterised in that the gasket (15) is disposed in a fixed housing of the body (1) and cooperates sealingly with the reduction piston (7) when the reduction piston (7) has not reached its given limit downstream position.. .
 One-way valve patent thumbnailnew patent One-way valve
A one-way valve, comprises a valve housing; a valve member provided within the valve housing, the valve member being operative to open and close the valve and comprising a diaphragm with a central orifice to allow fluid to pass from one side of the diaphragm to the other; a valve inlet provided on a first side of the diaphragm; and a valve outlet provided on a second side of the diaphragm; wherein the configuration of the diaphragm and the valve housing biases the diaphragm to seal the inlet at rest.. .
new patent Cpap mask frame
A continuous positive airway pressure (“cpap”) mask is provided. The cpap mask includes a mask support that includes a cavity provided within the mask support.
new patent Powder inhaling device
A powder inhaler device having a body provided with a dispenser orifice; a plurality of predosed reservoirs each containing a dose of powder for dispensing; and reservoir-opening device for opening a reservoir on each actuation. The inhaler device has a dispersion chamber including an inlet connected during inhalation to an open reservoir and receiving the flow of air and of powder from the open reservoir via a delivery channel, and an outlet connected to the dispenser orifice via a dispenser channel.
new patent Paper cutting machine
A paper cutting machine contains a base, a holder, a connecting member, a driving member, a cutting member, and a protective cover covered on the holder. The base includes four first holes, a second hole, a first slot, and a second slot.
new patent Bicycle repair tools and kit
A pair of bicycle tire levers comprising: an outside lever, the outside lever having a main body and a tapered end on one end of the main body, the outside lever comprising: an unthreaded compressed gas cartridge clearance hole located on the main body, and an inside lever, the inside lever having a main body and a tapered end on one end of the main body; the inside lever comprising: a threaded compressed gas cartridge hole located on the main body and configured to allow a compressed gas cartridge to screw into the hole. A compressed gas accessory holder comprising: a main orifice body; a threaded main orifice located in the main orifice body, where the threaded main orifice is configured to allow a compressed gas cartridge to screw into the main orifice; a slotted body attached to the main orifice body, the slotted body comprising: a main slot..
Multi-use pacifier
A multi use pacifier including a teething ring, where the teething ring includes a twist top; a nipple, where the nipple includes a plurality of orifices over the surface of the nipple; a mouth guard at one end of the nipple; a receiver extending beyond the mouth guard, where the twist top attaches the ring to the pacifier; an opening in the receiver for inserting a food product; and safety tabs, where the safety tabs lock the teething ring to the nipple. The safety tabs may be placed on each side of the receiver.
Microfluidic interface for highly parallel addressing of sensing arrays
Disclosed is a spotter device and methods for the formation of microassays, biochips, biosensors, and cell cultures. The spotter may be used to deposit highly concentrated spots of protein or other materials on a microarray slide, wafer, or other surface.
Means for manufacturing micro-beads comprising thermoplastic polymer micro-particles
The present invention relates to means for manufacturing micro-beads (polymer micro-particles) comprising thermoplastic polymer and having the average particle size of 10 μm or less, and extending into the nano-range. An original filament comprising a thermoplastic polymer is passed through an orifice under an air pressure (p1) and guided to a spray chamber under a pressure (p2; where p1>p2).
Manufacturing method of liquid ejection head
A manufacturing method of a liquid ejection head, which includes a step of preparing a substrate including a first layer, a step of forming a flow path mold for forming the flow path and a member located outside the mold with a gap between the mold and the member from the first layer, a step of providing a second layer so that the second layer fills the gap and covers the mold and the member located outside the mold with the gap between them, a step of forming an ejection orifice forming member for forming an ejection orifice from the second layer, a step of removing the member located outside the mold with the gap between them, and a step of forming a wall member located outside the ejection orifice forming member with at least a partial gap between the ejection orifice forming member and the wall member.. .
Device for distributing liquid in the form of drops
The device includes a drop dispenser orifice formed in a dispenser end, and a mechanism for visually locating the orifice, by forming a demarcation zone having a color that contrasts strongly with other portions of the dispenser end.. .
Mixing device with tangential inlets for two-phase concurrent vessels
A mixing device for mixing concurrently-flowing streams of vapor and liquid in a vessel contains flow baffles forming a tangential inlet orifice through which the liquid and vapor streams flow at high flow velocity and in a tangential direction into a swirl box. The high momentum of the streams in the inlet orifice, the tangential direction of the streams, and the large distance between the inlet orifice and the vessel centerline, result in a violent swirling flow and a large number of fluid rotations in the swirl box, thereby thoroughly mixing the streams entering through the inlet orifice.
Piston-cylinder unit
A piston-cylinder unit includes: a cylindrical pressure tube having a first end side defining an end side opening; a piston, axially displaceable in the pressure tube, the piston having a piston rod, the piston rod being guided out of the pressure tube at the first end side through the end side opening; a piston rod guide and a piston rod seal, arranged inside the pressure tube, which cooperate together to sealingly guide the piston rod at the end side opening; and a cup-like protective cap surrounding an end region of the cylindrical pressure tube from the first end side, the protective cap having a base at its end, the base having a coaxial through-orifice having an inner wall through which the piston rod extends in a displaceable manner. The inner wall of the through-orifice tightly surrounds the piston rod..
Turbo fan and ceiling type air conditioner using the same
Provided are a turbo fan and an air conditioner using the same. The turbo fan includes a main plate rotating by power provided from a fan motor, a blade having one end connected to the main plate to rotate, a shroud connected to the other end of the blade, and an orifice guiding a flow of indoor air in a direction of the shroud.
Outlet pipe structure of a faucet
An outlet pipe structure of a faucet contains a metal tube including metal tube, a hose assembly, a hose assembly, and a seat. The metal tube has a first segment, a second segment, and a channel.
Connector, container with such a connector and fluid preparation device with a mating connector for such a container
A connector for connecting a container with a fluid preparation device for preparing a fluid, in particular a container with a concentrate for the preparation of dialysis fluid, as well as the combination of the connector, the corresponding container and the fluid preparation device. In order to simplify the handling during both the manufacturing process of such containers and the connection of such containers to the fluid preparation devices, the connector connects a first and second fluid line of the container with a third and fourth fluid line of the fluid preparation device with two laterally spaced-apart mounting elements which each incorporate one of two orifices terminating the first and second fluid lines..
Pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring, and method for detecting anomaly in fluid supply system and handling method at abnormal monitoring flow rate using the same
A pressure type flow control system with flow monitoring includes an inlet, a control valve including a pressure flow control unit connected downstream of the inlet, a thermal flow sensor connected downstream of the control valve, an orifice installed on a fluid passage communicatively connected downstream of the thermal flow sensor, a temperature sensor provided near the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, a pressure sensor provided for the fluid passage between the control valve and orifice, an outlet communicatively connected to the orifice, and a control unit including a pressure type flow rate arithmetic and control unit receiving a pressure signal from the pressure sensor and a temperature signal from the temperature sensor, and a flow sensor control unit to which a flow rate signal from the thermal flow sensor is input.. .
Spray coating system and method
A robotic spray coating assembly is used in a method for spraying a coating. The assembly may include a robotic arm having a remote end region and a coating head mounted on the remote end region.
Hydraulic engine mount solution composition
Disclosed is a hydraulic engine mount solution composition, and more specifically a hydraulic engine mount solution composition, which maintains vibration absorbing ability at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures due to its higher boiling point than conventional engine mount solutions, and which inhibits aging and extends life of the engine mount by inhibiting flowing out and cohesion of chemical additives from an anti-vibration rubber of the engine mount by inclusion of a dispersion stabilizer, thereby preventing blocking of a flow channel, such as orifice of the engine mount. In particular, the hydraulic engine mount solution composition comprises a solvent containing ethylene glycol and propylene glycol; a dispersion stabilizer; and a phenol-based antioxidant, a heat stabilizer, a metal corrosion inhibitor and the like..
Air separator for extracorporeal fluid treatment sets
An air separator (1) comprises a first chamber (2) where blood or other fluid can be received, an inlet and an outlet port associated to the bottom wall (4) and in fluid communication with the first chamber. A first channel (14) extending along the lateral wall of the separator and has a first and a second portion (16 and 18).
Stent loading tool and method for use thereof
A loading tool for withdrawing, crimping, and loading a stent-mounted valve into a delivery catheter, and for pushing the stent-mounted valve from the delivery catheter into a native heart valve orifice. The loading tool comprises at least one connector adapted for being removably connected to the stent of the stent-mounted valve.
Device for delivery of medical devices to a cardiac valve
A catheter device (1) is disclosed for transvascular delivery of a medical device to a cardiac valve region of a patient. The catheter device comprises an elongate sheath (2) with a lumen and a distal end (3) for positioning at a heart valve (6), and a second channel (7) that extends parallel to, or in, said elongate sheath, an expandable embolic protection unit (8), such as a filter, wherein at least a portion of the expandable embolic protection unit is arranged to extend from an orifice of the second channel, wherein the embolic protection unit is non-tubular, extending substantially planar in the expanded state for covering ostia of the side branch vessels in the aortic arch..
Expandable support frame and medical device
Support frames and medical devices are described. An example medical device comprises an expandable support frame with first and second leaflets attached to the support frame.
Thrombectomy catheter
A thrombectomy catheter includes a catheter body extending from a catheter proximal portion to a catheter distal portion and including a catheter intermediate portion, the catheter body includes an aspiration lumen and an infusion lumen extending along the catheter body, wherein the aspiration lumen includes an aspiration orifice open at a distal end of the catheter body.. .
Wound dressing
A method and apparatus are disclosed for dressing a wound. The apparatus comprises an absorbent layer for absorbing wound exudate, a liquid impermeable, gas permeable filter layer over the absorbent layer, a cover layer comprising at least one orifice and a first liquid and gas permeable transmission layer underlying the absorbent layer.
Methods and devices for delivery of pharmaceutical agents within orifices of the body
A device for drug delivery to an orifice of a subject, comprising a shell which is elastically stressed by an active pharmaceutical ingredient, said shell containing and being substantially impermeable to said active pharmaceutical ingredient, wherein said shell has at least one hole sized for in-vivo release of said active pharmaceutical ingredient as a result of elastic stressing.. .
Quick cycle biopsy system
A biopsy apparatus includes a cannula, a cutting sheath, and a pressure generating device. The cannula has a lumen, a proximal portion, a closed distal end, and an orifice located on a circumferential surface of the cannula.
Improved double hydraulic machine with a distribution valve and a driving system comprising such a hydraulic machine
The present invention relates to a double hydraulic machine (100) comprising two elementary machines (m1, m2) each having two orifices, the double hydraulic machine (100) comprising a distribution valve (7) suitable for, in a first configuration (c1), feeding both elementary machines (m1, m2) in parallel, and in a second configuration (c2), producing a short circuit of one of the elementary machines (m2). The invention also relates to a system for driving a vehicle comprising such a hydraulic machine (100) for driving the vehicle into motion..
Device for packaging and applying a solid cosmetic product
The invention relates to a device for packaging a cosmetic product (p) in solid form and applying it to the skin, having a longitudinal axis x, comprising: a sleeve (70) containing the cosmetic product (p), an elevator means (50) able to support the cosmetic product (p) at a current position in the sleeve and to axially move the cosmetic product along the axis x to make it emerge from the sleeve (70) bypassing through the orifices (77), a means (60) for manually actuating the elevator, a means (80) for partial covering of the outlet of the sleeve (70) comprising a vault (71) formed solely of an elastically deformable material.. .
Prechamber module for a laser spark plug and method for producing same
A prechamber module for a laser spark plug, the prechamber module having a fastening region for the detachable fastening of the prechamber module to the laser spark plug. The prechamber module, in an end region, facing away from the combustion chamber, has a diaphragm arrangement, which borders on an inner chamber of the prechamber module in the axial direction, and has an orifice for the irradiation of laser radiation from the laser spark plug into the inner chamber of the prechamber module..
Brake system
A hydraulic system for a brake system of a machine includes a relay valve coupled to a brake cylinder, a pump, and a tank. The relay valve includes a first position to allow supply of fluid from the pump to the brake cylinder, and a second position to allow discharge of fluid from the brake cylinder to the tank.
Method and apparatus for desolvating flowing liquid
Methods and apparatus for desolvating flowing liquid streams while retaining temporal resolution of dissolved substrates are disclosed. A novel small-scale self-regulating spray dryer preserves temporal resolution while desolvating a liquid chromatography eluent stream and depositing the solute onto an optical surface for infrared spectrographic analysis.
Connecting structure of a faucet body and a control valve
A connecting structure of a faucet body and a control valve contains a faucet body, a fixing cylinder, a guiding seat, a control valve, and an outlet pipe. The faucet body includes a first segment, a second segment, a positioning rim, and a receiving space.
Port closure system for use with a probe/feed/drain tool
A port closure system (20) including a retention structure (22), and a valve (24). The retention structure (22) includes a port (28) for establishing communication between an exterior environment (30) and interior volume (32) that can receive a fluent substance.
Anti-cavitation throttle valve and method of operating the same
A throttle housing having an inlet end and an outlet end includes a shuttle housing disposed within the throttle housing. The shuttle housing has a first end cap at a first end and an orifice array therethrough.
Smoking article filter including polymeric insert
A smoking article (10) comprises a polymeric insert (24) having a compressibility of less than about 100 n per 1.5 mm and formed of a dissolvable polymeric material comprising one or more water soluble polymers. Preferably, the polymeric insert within the smoking article (10) is in the form of a flow restriction element including a transverse barrier (28) with at least one orifice (38)..
Nut removal tool
An apparatus for removing a nut is described. The apparatus includes a housing, a cage, and a canted coil spring.
Device for locking and unlocking an elongate tubular element
The present invention provides a device (1) for locking and unlocking an elongate tubular element (2), the device comprising: a. A braided or knitted tubular locking sleeve (3) that has a first end (3a) and a second end (3b), and that has an inlet orifice (4) for allowing said elongate tubular element (2) into it, and an outlet orifice (5) for allowing said elongate tubular element (2) out of it; b.
Method, apparatus and system for preventing or reducing the severity of hemorrhoids
Described herein is a device, comprising a base and a positioning member, for preventing or reducing the severity of external hemorrhoids in a patient during childbirth. The base has a first longitudinal axis and a surface extending from a first side of the base in a first direction corresponding to a height of the surface, which has a second longitudinal axis with a constant angular orientation relative to the first longitudinal axis, is of a size greater than the anal orifice, is anatomically configured to contact only the perianal region and to not substantially enter the anal canal or substantially interfere with the birthing canal.
Implantable device with intravesical tolerability and methods of treatment
Intravesical devices are provided that are wholly deployable within the bladder of a patient in need of treatment and are well tolerated by the patient. The device may include an elastic body having a retention shape having (i) dimensions that provide intravesical mobility and that prevent voiding of the medical device through the urethra, and (ii) dimensions, buoyancy, or both, that exclude the medical device from entering the orifices of the ureters.
Device for suction of liquids and/or particles from body orifices
The invention relates to a device for suction of liquids and/or particles from body orifices, wherein the device comprises a suction channel (16) through which the liquid and/or particles can be aspirated and a vacuum pump (14) for generating an underpressure in the suction channel (16). The suction channel (16) is provided with an opening for supplying additional air for adjusting the underpressure, wherein the volume flow of this additional air is adjustable via an additional air adjustment unit (24).
Needle-free injectors and design parameters thereof that optimize injection performance
A needle free injector system and a method for delivering a formulation using this system are disclosed. The method comprises actuating a needle free injector to pressurize a liquid formulation and force the formulation through an orifice in a skin puncture phase followed by injection of the formulation during a delivery phase.
Aromatic polycarbonate resin composition, and molded article comprising same
An aromatic polycarbonate resin composition includes per 100 mass parts of an aromatic polycarbonate resin (a) having an aromatic polycarbonate resin (a1) and an aromatic polycarbonate resin (a2) in a ratio when a total quantity of aromatic polycarbonate resins (a1) and (a2) is denoted as 100 mass percent, (a1):(a2)=99 mass percent to 50 mass percent:1 mass percent to 50 mass percent; 0.01 to 10 mass parts of microparticles (b) selected from the group consisting of polyorganosilsesquioxane microparticles and (meth)acrylic resin microparticles; and 0.005 mass part to 0.1 mass part of a flame retardant (c) in the form of organic sulfonic acid metal salt; wherein a molten resin quantity q value flowing out of an orifice 1 mm in diameter×10 mm in length at a temperature of 280° c. At a load of 1.57×107 pa..
Apparatuses, systems, and methods for clearing a surface using pressurized air
Provided are apparatuses, methods, and systems to clear a road surface of debris, water, or other contaminants. A system for clearing a road surface is provided including an air knife with an elongate orifice extending along a line, a frame configured to support the air knife in a position substantially parallel to a plane defined by the road surface, and a tow bar coupled to the frame, where the tow bar is pivotable relative to the frame along an axis orthogonal to the plane defined by the road surface.
Shot peening flow rate control
A shot peening flow rate control that is useful for non-ferrous shot peening media. The control has an inlet for receiving media and an orifice through which the media may pass that is in communication with the inlet.
Process for producing frozen confectionery products
A process for producing a frozen confectionery product is provided, the process comprising: supplying a frozen confection to a nozzle which has an orifice having a non-circular cross-section; dispensing a filling comprising sauce and/or inclusions into the frozen confection inside the nozzle; extruding the frozen confection and filling from the nozzle through the orifice until the extruded frozen confection makes contact with a receiving surface; wherein the longest axis of the product is parallel to the direction of extrusion; and then cutting the extruded frozen confection with an iris cutter.. .
Printing apparatus and cleaning method thereof
An embodiment of the present invention provides a wiping method capable of preventing a problem such as color mixing or a discharge failure in a wiping operation during the reciprocating motion of a carriage. According to the embodiment, one or a plurality of orifice arrays out of a plurality of orifice arrays included in a printhead are wiped by making a sheet-like wiping member contact to the orifice surface of the printhead.
Interchangeable door handle system
An interchangeable door handle system includes a mounting plate having an orifice, a collar surrounding the orifice, an aperture in the collar, wherein the aperture provides access to a lumen of the collar, a clip for insertion into the aperture, a movable ring surrounding the collar, wherein in a first position the ring rests against the clip such that the clip extends through the aperture and into the lumen of the collar and wherein in a second position the ring does not rest against the clip such that the clip does not extend into the lumen of the collar, and a door handle having a cylindrical stem including a gutter, wherein when the ring is in the first position the door handle is secured to the collar, and wherein when the ring is in the second position the door handle is not secured to the door handle and may be removed.. .
Double pumper magneto-rheological hydraulic tie bar assembly
A tie bar assembly includes front and rear units each including inner inserts interconnected with outer inserts with webs of elastomeric material. A pole sub-assembly is disposed between the units.
Electromagnetic valve
An electromagnetic valve includes a driving portion, a valve body, and a valve element. The driving portion generates a magnetic attractive force according to an energization.
Herb grinder
A shredder or grinder for dried material such as herbs of dried leaves comprises a cylindrical container formed of a top element and a base element forming a chamber, the top element and the base element each having a series of concentrically arranged teeth on a base plate, wherein the teeth that slidably engage one another in a slicing motion to form grinding surfaces against one another, wherein the teeth are serrated to efficiently grind the dried materials in the chamber when the teeth engage one another and are counter rotated relative to one another. In one embodiment the chamber discharges the ground contents through orifices in the base element, where the size is regulated by a screen, and in another embodiment, the ground contents remain in the chamber until the grinding head is removed..
Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet
A synthetic jet includes a first backer structure, one and only one actuator, a wall member coupled to and positioned between the first backer structure and the one and only one actuator to form a cavity, and wherein the wall member has an orifice formed therethrough, and wherein the orifice fluidically couples the cavity to an environment external to the cavity.. .
Method and system for maintaining jetting stability in a jetting device
The invention relates to a method for maintaining and/or restoring the jetting stability in a jetting device, the jetting comprising fluid chamber body having arranged therein an orifice, the jetting device being configured to comprise a quantity of an electrically conductive fluid. The jetting device comprises actuation means, comprising a magnetic field generating means and an electrical current generating means for, in operation, applying an actuation pulse to the electrically conductive fluid.
Full open disk dispensing closure
A dispensing closure comprising a body portion and a flap portion is provided. The body portion comprises an end wall, a skirt that depends from end wall, and an opening about the same size as end wall.
Containers with severable closures
A container (10) comprising a body (18) having a cavity (41) for containing a product, a nozzle (16) and a closure (14). The container is opened at the dispensing orifice (43) of the nozzle by severing the closure from the nozzle via manual force from the user.
Closure system
The invention relates to a closure system on a fuel tank (2) of thermoplastics with barrier properties for hydrocarbons. The closure system comprises at least one orifice (4), with a closure cap (5) which closes the orifice (4) in a sealing manner and which cooperates in a form-fitting manner with closure means provided at the circumference of the orifice (4) and encloses at least one first sealing means between it and a tank wall (3).
Downhole injector insert apparatus
An injector insert apparatus is provided. The injector insert apparatus includes a body that has an inner oil passage that is configured and arranged to allow oil to pass there through.
Die casting device
A die casting device includes a die including a cavity; an injection sleeve including a feeding orifice; an injection tip provided at the distal end of a support shaft, and configured to be slidable in an axial direction within the injection sleeve by inserting the support shaft into the injection sleeve; a decompression device; a molten-metal holding furnace including a space to store molten metal; a pump pumping up the molten metal from the molten-metal holding furnace; and a feeding pipe including a first end connected to the pump and a second end. The feeding pipe is joined to the injection sleeve through a relay pipe including a vibration absorption portion, the molten metal is fed into the injection sleeve from the molten-metal holding furnace through the feeding pipe by the pump, and is pushed out of the injection sleeve by the injection tip, and the molten metal is injected into the cavity decompressed by the decompression device..
Multifunctional energy saving and carbon reduction apparatus
A multifunctional energy saving and carbon reduction apparatus includes an outer pipe and a foam layer. The outer pipe includes an inlet and an outlet, and each of the inlet and outlet is connected to an outer-pipe connector, inside the outer pipe is formed an inner space in communication with the inlet and the outlet.
Method of treating hair with foam
A method of treating hair more precisely including providing a hair treatment composition in a foam dispenser, dispensing the hair treatment composition directly onto the hair as a foam, leaving the foam on the hair, and rinsing the foam from the hair. The foam dispenser includes a reservoir for holding the hair treatment composition, an extended nozzle connected to the reservoir, and one or more nozzle orifices.
High gain servo valve
A servo valve includes a movable throttling member positioned between a first opening and an opposing second opening, and a first inlet port and a second inlet port to convey a fluid flow toward the first and opening, respectively. A first inlet orifice, defined between the first inlet port and a first pressure reaction member, is located between and in fluid communication with the first inlet port and the first opening.

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