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Cmp compositions with low solids content and methods related thereto
Disclosed are a polishing composition and method of polishing a substrate. The composition has low-load (e.g., up to about 0.1 wt. %) of abrasive particles. The polishing composition also contains water and at least one anionic surfactant. In some embodiments, the abrasive particles are alpha alumina particles (e.g., coated with organic...

Electrodeposition of an autodepositable polymer
Coating bath compositions and processes useful in depositing organic polymeric coatings on metal substrates at low voltages are provided, the baths comprising one or more dispersed organic film forming polymers; and an etchant; wherein the principle film forming polymer is stabilized in the bath by the presence of anionic surfactant, but...

Methods, systems, and compositions for the controlled crosslinking of well servicing fluids
Treating fluid compositions for use in hydrocarbon recovery operations from subterranean formations are described, as well as methods for their preparation and use. In particular, treating fluid compositions are described which comprise a liquid, a crosslinkable organic polymer material that is at least partially soluble in the liquid, a crosslinking agent...

Polymerization method using surfactant-containing particle
L1aM2X1b  [3] R1′C(═O)NR52  [2] R1—O—(—R2—O—)m-Q1  [1] An object of the present invention is to provide a method which can simply suppress fouling in a reactor and, according to the present invention, there is provided a method of polymerizing addition polymerizable monomers using a catalyst formed by bringing (A) a transition metal compound represented by the following general...

Silicone resins comprising metallosiloxane
The invention relates to silicone resins comprising metallosiloxane which contains for example Si—O-Aluminium bonds. It also relates to their use in thermoplastics, thermosettings organic polymers or any blends of the laters or rubbers or thermoplastic/rubbers blends compositions to reduce the flammability or to enhance scratch and/or abrasion resistance of the organic...

Curable composition and cured product thereof
The present invention provides a sealant composition that includes a reactive silyl group-containing organic polymer, and gives a cured product having a low modulus and not having wrinkles or cracks on the surface even though the sealant includes as a curing catalyst a tetravalent tin compound, which is presumed to reduce...

Complex comprising crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder
The present invention relates to a complex and a method for manufacturing same, the complex comprising: at least one crystalline hybrid nanoporous material powder, in which a metal ion, or a metal ion cluster to which oxygen is bound, and an organic ligand, or the organic ligand and a negative ion...

Supported polysilsesquioxane membrane and production thereof
Membranes of the invention comprise a hybrid silica film on a organic polymer support. The silica comprises organic bridging groups bound to two or more silicon atoms, in particular at least 1 of said organic bridging groups per 10 silicon atoms. The membranes can be produced by dry chemistry processes, in...

Cross-linked organic polymer compositions and methods for controlling cross-linking reaction rate and of modifying same to enhance processability
wherein the cross-linking reaction additive is capable of reacting with the cross-linking compound to form a reactive oligomer intermediate, which is capable of cross-linking an organic polymer. Also included is an organic polymer composition for use in forming a cross-linked organic polymer, comprising a cross-linking compound of Formula (IV), a cross-linking...

Tailorable flexible sheet of monolithically fabricated array of separable cells each comprising a wholly organic, integrated circuit adapted to perform a specific function
A flexible sheet of organic polymer material, may include a monolithically fabricated array of one or more types of cells juxtaposed among them to form a multi-cell sheet. Each cell may include a self consistent, organic base integrated circuit, replicated in each cell of same type of the array, and shares,...

Metal collecting material
The present invention relates to a metal collecting material formed of an organic polymer fiber base material into which a functional group having a metal adsorbing function is introduced, in which the metal collecting material has a nonwoven fabric form, an opening diameter of 10 to 300 μm, an aperture ratio...

High permittivity low leakage capacitor and energy storing device
A method is provided for making a high permittivity dielectric material for use in capacitors. Several high permittivity materials in an organic nonconductive media with enhanced properties and methods for making the same are disclosed. A general method for the formation of thin films of some particular dielectric material is disclosed,...

Thermally conductive sheet, process for producing the same, and radiator utilizing thermally conductive sheet
A thermally conductive sheet includes a composition containing graphite particles (A) in the form of a scale, an elliptic sphere or a rod, a 6-membered ring plane in a crystal thereof being oriented in the plane direction of the scale, the major axis direction of the elliptic sphere, or the major...

Electro-optical security element
The invention relates to a security element for a security and/or valuable document, comprising a matrix based on an organic polymeric material, at least one electrically conductive pigment dispersed in the matrix, and at least one organic luminescent substance dispersed in the matrix, which luminescent substance is capable, in the presence...

Silicone resins and their use in polymers
The invention relates to silicone resins comprising metallosiloxane which contains Si—O-Metal bonds or borosiloxane containing Si—O—B bonds and potentially Si—O—Si and/or B—O—B bonds. It also relates to the preparation of such silicone resins and to their use in thermoplastic or thermosetting organic polymer or rubber or thermoplastic/rubber blends compositions to reduce...

Electrolyte-positive electrode structure, and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
There are provided an electrolyte-positive electrode structure which comprises a thin solid electrolyte and can develop excellent capacity and output, and a lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same. An electrolyte-positive electrode structure comprises: a positive electrode comprising a positive electrode active material layer formed on a current...

Vertical electrochromic display
A directly addressable display device comprising at least one pixel cell (-), each pixel cell (-) being arranged for displaying a symbol, which symbol is repeatedly switchable between an on-state and an off-state, wherein each pixel cell (-) comprises an electrochromic layer () comprising an electrochromic and electrochemically active organic polymer...

Organic semiconductor device and process for its production
An organic semiconductor device selected from organic diodes, organic field effect transistors, and devices comprising an organic diode and/or organic field effect transistor and a method of producing such a device are provided. The organic semiconductor device comprises at least one semiconducting layer based on a diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) polymer. The semiconducting...

Chrome-free methods of etching organic polymers with mixed acid solutions
A chrome-free acidic aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and one or more organic acids and manganese (II) and (III) ions is applied to an organic polymer surface to etch the surface. The etched surface is then plated with metal....

Method for improving selectivity and recovery in the flotation of nickel sulphide ores that contain pyrrhotite by exploiting the synergy of multiple depressants
A method of using the synergy of multiple depressants to improve the depression of iron sulphide without compromising the recovery of the valuable sulphide minerals in the flotation of non-ferrous metal sulphides, while reducing or eliminating the use of environmentally problematic chemicals such as polyamines. The method has significant economic and...

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