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Organic polymer particles and process for producing same
wherein A represents an alkylidene group, an alkylene group, a cyclohexylene group, or a phenylene group, and B represents a linear or branched alkylene group or an alkylidene group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms. Organic polymer particles having a structure shown by the following formula (1) are disclosed....

Organic light emitting device, lighting apparatus, display apparatus and method for manufacturing the organic light emitting device
According to one embodiment, an organic light emitting device includes: a base material having flexibility; an organic light emitting element provided on the base material; and a protection film that covers the organic light emitting element. The protection film includes: a first inorganic layer that is provided on the organic light...

Fuel cell system
Fuel cell systems including a fuel composition are disclosed. In some embodiments, a fuel composition includes an organic polymer, and a fuel such as methanol, and the composition has a hardness of at least about 2 grams peak force, as determined by penetration test using a texture analyzer....

Curable composition and cured product thereof
The present invention aims to provide a curable composition without adverse effects on the environment, which exhibits excellent curability without containing a toxic organotin curing catalyst, and gives a cured product that does not have discoloration and cracks on the surface thereof even after being exposed to the atmosphere and ultraviolet...

Ultrastrong and stiff layered polymer nanocomposites and hierarchical laminate materials thereof
A stiff layered polymer nanocomposite comprising a substrate adapted to receive a plurality of alternating layers of a first material and a second material; wherein the first material and second material are a polyelectrolyte, an organic polymer or an inorganic colloid and said first material and said second material have a...

Nanoscale solar cell configuration
The present disclosure is directed to an optimized structure for an exciton-based photovoltaic cell, in which the bulk heterojunction between the electron donor (typically an organic polymeric semiconductor) and an electron acceptor (e.g., silicon or titanium or titania) minimizes the necessary exciton travel distance to the heterojunction in three dimensions. The...

Recycling an organic-matrix composite material
The invention is directed to a method for recycling an organic-matrix composite material. The organic-matrix composite material comprises a first component comprising at least one organic matrix polymer and at least one solid second component being compatible with said first component and being structurally different from said first component, wherein said...

Organic/inorganic hybrid thin film passivation layer for blocking moisture/oxygen transmission and improving gas barrier property
The present invention relates to an organic/inorganic hybrid thin film passivation layer comprising an organic polymer passivation layer prepared by a UV/ozone curing process and an inorganic thin film passivation layer for blocking moisture and oxygen transmission of an organic electronic device fabricated on a substrate and improving gas barrier property...

Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Provided are an electronic device including a bank structure and a method of manufacturing the same. The method of manufacturing the electronic device requires a fewer number of processes and comprises a direct patterning of insulating layers, such as fluorinated organic polymer layers, is possible using cost-efficient techniques such as inkjet...

Piezoelectric polymer fibers
Piezoelectric fibers include a polypeptide wherein molecules of the polypeptide have electric dipole moments that are aligned such that the piezoelectric fiber provides a piezoelectric effect at an operating temperature. A piezoelectric component provides a plurality of piezoelectric fibers, each comprising an organic polymer. A method of producing piezoelectric fibers includes...

Vaporizing or atomizing of electrically charged droplets
A vaporizing apparatus includes a chamber, a nozzle for dispersing a liquid into droplets, an electrode electrically isolated from the nozzle, and a heater for generating a vapor by applying heat to the droplets. The voltage source applies charges to the droplets by applying a voltage between the nozzle and the...

Stain resistant particles
The present invention relates to a particle having a core and a shell, said core being hollow or comprising an organic polymer composition and said shell comprising an inorganic oxide. The shell has a thickness in the range from 2 to 75 nm and has at least one and no more...

Process for producing crosslinked organic polymers
The invention relates to a process for producing crosslinked organic polymers by reacting a polymer with a crosslinking agent from the group of the substituted cyanurates and isocyanurates, and also to novel compounds from the said group....

Enhanced capacity and purification of protein by mixed mode chromatography in the presence of aqueous-soluble nonionic organic polymers
This invention relates to the use of mixed mode chromatography for purification of a protein from a mixture containing other materials, including fragmented or aggregated antibodies, host cell proteins, DNA, endotoxin, and/or virus. This invention further relates to the integration of such a method into a multi-step procedure with other fractionation...

Flame retardant, flame-retardant resin composition, and insulated wire
A flame retardant, a flame-retardant resin composition and an insulated wire that have an excellent low-temperature property and cold-resistance property, and high manufacturability. The flame retardant contains magnesium hydroxide that is obtained by chemical synthesis, and a surface treatment agent that contains an organic polymer having a melting point of 150°...

Process for producing reflective mask blank for euv lithography
A process for producing an EUV mask blank wherein an electrostatic chuck for clamping a glass substrate has a main body and a lower dielectric layer made of an organic polymer film, and electrode portion made of an electrically conductive material and an upper dielectric layer made of an organic polymer...

Paste-like mass with inorganic, liquid conductors and layers and electrochemical elements produced therefrom
The present invention relates to paste-like masses that can be used in electrochemical elements, comprising a heterogeneous mixture of (A) a matrix containing or comprising at least one organic polymer, precursors thereof, or prepolymers thereof, (B) an electrochemically activatable inorganic or largely inorganic liquid that does not dissolve the matrix or...

Process for manufacturing aqueous suspensions of mineral materials or dried mineral materials, the obtained products, as well as uses thereof
The invention relates to a process for manufacturing aqueous mineral material suspensions or dried mineral materials using at least one lithium ion neutralised water-soluble organic polymer, the ground mineral materials obtained by this process, the use of the mineral materials in paper, paints and plastics, as well as the use of...

Magnetic recording medium
An aspect of the present invention relates to a magnetic recording medium comprising on one surface of a nonmagnetic support a nonmagnetic layer containing a nonmagnetic powder and a binder and a magnetic layer containing a ferromagnetic powder and a binder in this order, as well as comprising a backcoat layer...

Paint adhesion by polyvinyl amines in acidic aqueous corrosion protection product containing polymers
The invention relates to an aqueous, chromium-free and curable corrosion protection agent for the first coating of metal surfaces, said agent containing at least one organic polymer or copolymer of at least partially acylated vinyl amines, for improving the properties of adhesion of the cured first coating to the metallic surface...

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