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Electrolyte-positive electrode structure, and lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same
There are provided an electrolyte-positive electrode structure which comprises a thin solid electrolyte and can develop excellent capacity and output, and a lithium ion secondary battery comprising the same. An electrolyte-positive electrode structure comprises: a positive electrode comprising a positive electrode active material layer formed on a current...

Vertical electrochromic display
A directly addressable display device comprising at least one pixel cell (-), each pixel cell (-) being arranged for displaying a symbol, which symbol is repeatedly switchable between an on-state and an off-state, wherein each pixel cell (-) comprises an electrochromic layer () comprising an electrochromic and electrochemically active organic polymer...

Organic semiconductor device and process for its production
An organic semiconductor device selected from organic diodes, organic field effect transistors, and devices comprising an organic diode and/or organic field effect transistor and a method of producing such a device are provided. The organic semiconductor device comprises at least one semiconducting layer based on a diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) polymer. The semiconducting...

Chrome-free methods of etching organic polymers with mixed acid solutions
A chrome-free acidic aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and one or more organic acids and manganese (II) and (III) ions is applied to an organic polymer surface to etch the surface. The etched surface is then plated with metal....

Method for improving selectivity and recovery in the flotation of nickel sulphide ores that contain pyrrhotite by exploiting the synergy of multiple depressants
A method of using the synergy of multiple depressants to improve the depression of iron sulphide without compromising the recovery of the valuable sulphide minerals in the flotation of non-ferrous metal sulphides, while reducing or eliminating the use of environmentally problematic chemicals such as polyamines. The method has significant economic and...

Cross-linked organic polymers for use as elastomers in high temperature applications
Methods are disclosed to prepare elastomeric materials by providing aromatic polymer(s) which is/are non-elastomeric at room temperature; cross-linking the aromatic polymer using a cross-linking compound to form a cross-linked aromatic polymer which is substantially cured; and heating the cross-linked aromatic polymer to a temperature at or above a glass transition temperature...

Silicone resins
The invention relates to silicone resins. It also relates to the preparation of organopolysiloxanes and to their use in a thermoplastic or thermosetting organic polymer or thermoplastic blends or thermosetting organic polymer blends or rubbers or thermoplastic/rubbers blends composition to reduce the flammability or enhance scratch and/or abrasion resistance of the...

Process for production of powder redispersible in water and use thereof
The present invention relates to a process for the production of powders redispersible in water comprising an organic component and a water-soluble organic polymeric protective colloid. The organic component is dispersed and stabilized with the protective colloid in water to form a stable dispersion which is dried to form the powder...

Melt devolatilization extrusion processs
Brominated organic polymer solutions from a bromination reaction are devolatilized in a devolatilizing extruder. A starting organic polymer is brominated in solution to form a brominated polymer solution. This solution is combined with a second thermoplastic polymer to form a concentrated solution. The solvent and other volatile compounds are removed from...

Coating systems
The invention relates to a coating system, in particular a coating system containing an organometallic layer which allows the selective removal of post coating layers from substrates without detrimental impact to their “in-service” performance. The organometallic layer comprises (a) an organic polymer containing multi-chelating functionalities; and (b) a metallic agent which...

Method for coating plastic substrates
Additionally, provided are coated plastic substrates that have been coated by the methods of the invention. there being a period of up to 90 minutes between the ending of step (A) and the beginning of step (B). ...

Optical element and method for making same
An optical element includes a transparent substrate and a transparent optical film. The transparent substrate is made of an organic polymer. The transparent optical film is formed on the transparent substrate. A micro-structure pattern is formed on a surface of the transparent optical film. The transparent optical film is obtained by...

Conductive polymer comprising 3,6-carbazole and organic solar cell using same
and an organic polymer thin film solar cell including the same. The present invention relates a conductive polymer containing a 3,6-carbazole group represented by Chemical Formula 1...

Pigmented, fine-structured, tribological composite material
A composition for producing a tribological composite material includes at least one platelet-shaped solid-state lubricant, at least one type of inorganic, platelet-shaped pigment particles, at least one surface-active compound which possesses at least one hydrophilic group and at least one hydrophobic group, and a curable binder system comprising at least one...

Energetic three-dimensional artificial cardiac patch and uses thereof
In some embodiments, the present disclosure provides a method for fabricating a three-dimensional artificial cardiac patch construct. In some embodiments, such method includes the steps of coating a substrate with an organic polymer; allowing the organic polymer coating to air dry; mounting anchors on the organic polymer coating; and sterilizing the...

Composition for organic semiconductor insulating films, and organic semiconductor insulating film
The purpose of the invention is to provide: a composition for an organic semiconductor insulating film, which is capable of forming an insulating film that exhibits excellent hydrophobicity and smoothness of the surface, while having excellent electrical stability; and an organic semiconductor insulating film obtained by using the composition for an...

Polyamide composition for low temperature applications
A polyamide composition is formed from a low viscosity polyamide-6 and a nucleating agent. The nucleating agent includes an organic material, a first inorganic material and a second inorganic material. Suitable organic materials include organic polymers. Suitable inorganic metallic materials include metal oxides and silicates. The polyamide composition may include polyamide-66...

Inks and pastes for solar cell fabrication
A silicon solar cell is formed with an N-type silicon layer on a P-type silicon semiconductor substrate. An aluminum ink composition is printed on the back of the silicon wafer to form back contact electrodes. The back contact electrodes are sintered to produce an ohmic contact between the electrodes and the...

Nanoporous piezoelectric polymer films for mechanical energy harvesting
Piezoelectric materials based on nanoporous polymer foams are provided. Also provided are nanogenerators incorporating the piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric energy harvesters incorporating the nanogenerators and methods of making and using the same. The piezoelectric materials comprise a unitary nanoporous matrix composed of a piezoelectrically active organic polymer, in which the pores are...

Graphene-based metal diffusion barrier
Contacts for semiconductor devices are formed where a barrier layer comprising graphene is situated between a first layer comprising a conductor, and a second layer comprising a second conductor or a semiconductor. For example, a metal layer can be formed on a graphene layer residing on a semiconductor. The barrier layer...

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