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Organic Polymer patents

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Porous composite structures for lithium-ion battery separators
Micro-fibrillated cellulose nanofibers (or other suitable fibrillated organic polymer nanofibers) are dispersed with ceramic particles (such as alumina or silica powder) in water suspension and formed into a suitable porous mat shape by wet-laying the suspension on a suitable mesh structure. After removal of the mat from the mesh and drying,...

Metal organic frameworks for electronic gas storage
A metal organic framework (MOF) includes a coordination product of a metal ion and an at least bidentate organic ligand, where the metal ion and the organic ligand are selected to provide a deliverable adsorption capacity of at least 70 g/l for an electronic gas. A porous organic polymer (POP) includes...

Method for granulating particle-containing material obtained from industrial processes, the granulate thus produced, and use thereof
A method for granulating a particle-containing material from an industrial process includes mixing the particle-containing material in the presence of water with a material that consists of or comprises a water-absorbing and swellable organic polymer compound which is insoluble in water so as to obtain granulates....

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications
A method for fabricating an LED/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (LED) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose. The liquid or paste mixture is then deposited over the...

Cement slurry compositions and methods
A cement slurry composition is described as having cement, water, and organic polymer particles. The composition also includes non-ionic surfactants, which may contain ethoxylate groups or contain both ethoxylate groups and propoxylate groups in the hydrophilic part. The non-ionic surfactant acts to disperse the hydrophobic polymeric particles in the slurry, thereby...

Method for making phosphorated polymer
This disclosure is related to a method for making a phosphorated polymer for electrochemical reversible lithium storage. A mixture including organic polymer and phosphorus is first heated and then cooled down to room temperature. The mixture is immersed in an alkaline solution after cooling own to room temperature. The pH of...

Wall covering for thermal and acoustic comfort
A multilayer wall covering includes: (a) a support layer formed by an organic polymer foam having an open porosity of between 0.50 and 0.995, or by a viscose fiber nonwoven having a mass per unit area of between 150 g/m2 and 500 g/m2, (b) a surface layer formed by a glass...

Laminated battery cell and methods for creating the same
Electrodes with a multilayer or monolayer composite separator are described. The multilayer composite separator comprises multiple individual composite separator layers. Each individual composite separator layer comprises inorganic particulate material(s) and organic polymer(s) with different inorganic particulate material/polymer weight ratios. The multilayer composite separator layer is constructed in a way such that...

Organic-inorganic composite film and method for manufacturing the same
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing an organic-inorganic composite film. The method includes co-sputtering an inorganic target and a fluorine-containing organic polymer target, thereby simultaneously depositing atoms from the inorganic target and atoms from the fluorine-containing organic polymer target on a substrate. As such, an organic-inorganic composite film is obtained. The...

Assembly of a porous metal diffusion substrate and a polymeric separator membrane
The invention relates to an assembly of a porous metallic gas diffusion substrate and a polymeric separator membrane for use in an alkaline electrolyser or alkaline fuel cell. The polymeric separator membrane of the assembly comprises inorganic hydrophilic particulates dispersed in an organic polymeric binder. The polymeric separator membrane is gas...

Separators for electrochemical cells
Provided are separators for use in an electrochemical cell comprising (a) an inorganic oxide and (b) an organic polymer, wherein the inorganic oxide comprises organic substituents. Also provided are electrochemical cells comprising such separators....

Preparation of porous organic polymeric films
Porous organic polymeric films having multiple discrete cavities can be prepared by applying a water-in-oil emulsion that includes a cavity stabilizing hydrocolloid on the inner walls of the multiple discrete cavities to a substrate. The multiple discrete cavities can also include organic catalytic materials for various catalytic reactions, markers materials for...

Process for producing a liquid ejection head
A process for producing a liquid ejection head including a silicon substrate having a supply port to supply a liquid to a flow path, and an ejection-orifice-forming member forming the flow path between the ejection-orifice-forming member and the silicon substrate and having an ejection orifice to eject the liquid in the...

Organic polymeric particles, paper coating compositions, and methods
Embodiments of the present disclosure include organic polymeric particles, paper coating compositions, coated paper, and methods of forming coated paper with the paper coating compositions. The embodiments of the organic polymeric particle include an organic hydrophilic polymer with a unit for hydrogen bonding, and a hollow porous structure that comprises an...

Ink film constructions
An ink film construction including: (a) a printing substrate; and (b) a plurality of continuous ink films, fixedly adhered to a surface of the printing substrate, the ink films containing at least one colorant dispersed in an organic polymeric resin; the ink films having a first dynamic viscosity within a range...

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications
A method for fabricating an LED/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (LED) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose. The liquid or paste mixture is then deposited over the...

Electrochemical device
An electrochemical device manufactured using an electrode layer in which severe increase of electrode resistance is prevented and/or a solid electrolyte layer in which severe decrease of ion conductivity of a solid electrolyte is prevented is provided. The electrochemical device includes a pair of electrode layers, and a solid electrolyte layer...

Organic polymer compounds suitable for forming positive a-type retarders and methods of production thereof
An organic polymer solution may include about 0.1%-30% by weight of a specific polymer having rigid rod-like molecules. These molecules may include various cores, spacers, and sides groups to ensure their solubility, viscosity, and cross-linking ability. The rigid rod-like molecules are selected in such a way that they form self-assembling structures...

Coatings, coated surfaces, and methods for production thereof
A substrate having an antimicrobial surface. The texture of the surface which has exposed metal e.g., copper or copper alloy contributes to the antimicrobial properties. Cavities or depressions in the surface can be coated or partially coated with an organic polymer, and the polymer can contain antimicrobial agents. Methods of preparing...

Coated, wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigments, method for the production thereof, coating agent and coated object
A coated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is provided having at least one metal oxide layer having at least one metal oxide which differs from aluminum oxide and an enveloping organic polymer layer, wherein the weight ratio of the metal oxide of the metal oxide layer to aluminum oxide in the...

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