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Organic Polymer patents

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Very thin dielectrics for high permittivity and very low leakage capacitors and energy storing devices
Methods are disclosed for creating extremely high permittivity dielectric materials for use in capacitors and energy storage devices. High permittivity materials suspended in an organic non-conductive media matrix with enhanced properties and methods for making the same are disclosed. Organic polymers, shellac, silicone oil, and/or zein formulations are utilized to produce...

Organic polymeric bi-metallic composites
Organic polymeric bi-metallic alkoxide or aryloxide composites are used as dielectric materials in various devices with improved properties such as improved mobility. These composites comprise a poly(meth)acrylate or polyester having metal coordination sites, and the same or different bi-metallic alkoxide or aryloxide molecules that are coordinated with the organic polymer. The...

Lightweight wall repair compounds
Herein are disclosed wall repair compounds comprising at least one or more polymeric binder latex emulsions, one or more inorganic fillers, and comprising an amount of organic polymeric thickener that is less than about 0.1 percent by weight based on the total weight of the wall repair compound. In certain embodiments,...

Digital printing process
A printing process is disclosed which comprises directing droplets of an ink onto an intermediate transfer member to form an ink image, the ink including an organic polymeric resin and a coloring agent in an aqueous carrier, and the transfer member having a hydrophobic outer surface so that each ink droplet...

Ink film constructions
An ink film construction including: (a) a first printing substrate selected from the group consisting of an uncoated fibrous printing substrate, a commodity coated fibrous printing substrate, and a plastic printing substrate; and (b) an ink dot set contained within a square geometric projection projecting on the first printing substrate, the...

Printing system
A printing system is disclosed which comprises an image forming station at which an ink that includes an organic polymeric resin and a coloring agent is applied to an outer surface of an intermediate transfer member to form an ink image, a drying station for drying the ink...

Microfluidic devices and methods of manufacture thereof
A microfluidic device comprising: a substrate having a microfluidic channel, an electrically conductive feature comprising an electrically conductive layer arranged on a primer layer and positioned with reference to the microfluidic channel, wherein the primer layer comprises: (i) an organic polymer selected from the group consisting of: (a) a homopolymer or...

Liquid mineral coating
A liquid mineral coating is disclosed which formulation includes calcium hydroxide (Ca(HO)2) and magnesium hydroxide Mg(OH2) associated with an organic polymer, allowing control of fungal growth and coating blistering or peeling due to rising moisture in the substrate, keeping the environment stable, without the need of adding stabilizers, such as D-Sorbitol,...

Process for producing carbon substrates loaded with metal oxides and carbon substrates produced in this way
The present invention relates to a process for producing a carbon substrate loaded with metal oxides, in particular a carbon material which contains metal oxide nanoparticles and is preferably suitable for use in a catalyst and/or as a catalyst, wherein, in a first process step, nanoparticles of metal oxides are introduced...

Touch screen, electronic device comprising same and method for manufacturing same
Embodiments of the present invention provide a touch screen, an electronic device comprising the same and a method for manufacturing the same. The touch screen comprises driving electrode layers, a transparent organic polymer layer and metal bridges conductively communicated with two adjacent driving electrode layers, and protective layers covering the metal...

Process for the manufacture of paper and paperboard
The present invention concerns a process of making paper, board or paperboard in which a cellulosic thin stock is provided and subjected to one or more shear stages and then drained on a moving screen to form a sheet which is dried, wherein the process employs a treatment system which is...

Metal organic polymer matrices and systems for chemical and biochemical mass spectrometry and methods of use thereof
Aspects of the disclosure include methods for analyzing an analyte composition by mass spectrometry employing a macroporous metal organic polymer matrix. In practicing methods according to certain embodiments an analyte composition is applied to a macroporous metal organic polymer matrix, a voltage is applied to the macroporous metal organic polymer matrix...

Porous composite structures for lithium-ion battery separators
Micro-fibrillated cellulose nanofibers (or other suitable fibrillated organic polymer nanofibers) are dispersed with ceramic particles (such as alumina or silica powder) in water suspension and formed into a suitable porous mat shape by wet-laying the suspension on a suitable mesh structure. After removal of the mat from the mesh and drying,...

Metal organic frameworks for electronic gas storage
A metal organic framework (MOF) includes a coordination product of a metal ion and an at least bidentate organic ligand, where the metal ion and the organic ligand are selected to provide a deliverable adsorption capacity of at least 70 g/l for an electronic gas. A porous organic polymer (POP) includes...

Method for granulating particle-containing material obtained from industrial processes, the granulate thus produced, and use thereof
A method for granulating a particle-containing material from an industrial process includes mixing the particle-containing material in the presence of water with a material that consists of or comprises a water-absorbing and swellable organic polymer compound which is insoluble in water so as to obtain granulates....

Phosphor in inorganic binder for led applications
A method for fabricating an LED/phosphor structure is described where an array of blue light emitting diode (LED) dies are mounted on a submount wafer. A phosphor powder is mixed with an organic polymer binder, such as an acrylate or nitrocellulose. The liquid or paste mixture is then deposited over the...

Cement slurry compositions and methods
A cement slurry composition is described as having cement, water, and organic polymer particles. The composition also includes non-ionic surfactants, which may contain ethoxylate groups or contain both ethoxylate groups and propoxylate groups in the hydrophilic part. The non-ionic surfactant acts to disperse the hydrophobic polymeric particles in the slurry, thereby...

Method for making phosphorated polymer
This disclosure is related to a method for making a phosphorated polymer for electrochemical reversible lithium storage. A mixture including organic polymer and phosphorus is first heated and then cooled down to room temperature. The mixture is immersed in an alkaline solution after cooling own to room temperature. The pH of...

Wall covering for thermal and acoustic comfort
A multilayer wall covering includes: (a) a support layer formed by an organic polymer foam having an open porosity of between 0.50 and 0.995, or by a viscose fiber nonwoven having a mass per unit area of between 150 g/m2 and 500 g/m2, (b) a surface layer formed by a glass...

Laminated battery cell and methods for creating the same
Electrodes with a multilayer or monolayer composite separator are described. The multilayer composite separator comprises multiple individual composite separator layers. Each individual composite separator layer comprises inorganic particulate material(s) and organic polymer(s) with different inorganic particulate material/polymer weight ratios. The multilayer composite separator layer is constructed in a way such that...

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