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Polymethylmethacrylate bone cement
The subject matter of the invention is a curable composition for use as bone cement, in particular for augmentation of osteoporotic bone tissue, comprising at least one organic polymer and at least one monomer for radical polymerisation, at least one particulate inorganic additive having a BET surface of at least 40...

Positive-type resist composition
A positive-type resist composition according to the present invention includes a fluorine-containing aliphatic alcohol, a polymer, a vinyl compound and a photoacid generator, wherein the fluorine-containing aliphatic alcohol is a monohydric C2-C8 aliphatic alcohol in which the number of hydrogen atoms is equal to or less than the number of fluorine...

Display device and manufacturing method of the same
A display device according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a display panel displaying an image, a window positioned on the display panel and protecting the display panel, and a protection film attached under the display panel and reflecting light transmitted from the outside. The protection film may...

Nitrogen-sulfur-carbon nanocomposites and their application as cathode materials in lithium-sulfur batteries
The invention is directed in a first aspect to electron-conducting porous compositions comprising an organic polymer matrix doped with nitrogen atoms and having elemental sulfur dispersed therein, particularly such compositions having an ordered framework structure. The invention is also directed to composites of such S/N-doped electron-conducting porous aromatic framework (PAF) compositions,...

Barrier fabric
A barrier fabric with a nano-fibrous layer for mechanical retention of organic substances formed by a sandwich structure containing a basic material from unwoven fabric of “spunbond” type with areal weight of 15 to 50 g/m2 to which at least one nano-fibrous layer is arranged, selected from hydrophilic polymer, a hydrophobic...

Method of manufacturing conductive paste
A method of manufacturing a conductive paste comprising steps of: (a) preparing 5 to 60 parts by weight of an organic medium comprising, (i) 2 to 20 parts by weight of an organic polymer; and (ii) 3 to 40 parts by weight of a solvent comprising propylene glycol phenyl ether (PPh)...

Porous organic polymeric films and preparation
Porous organic polymeric films having multiple discrete cavities can be prepared using an water-in-oil emulsion that includes a cavity stabilizing hydrocolloid on the inner walls of the multiple discrete cavities. The multiple discrete cavities can also include organic catalytic materials for various catalytic reactions, markers materials for security applications, or the...

Attachment of conducting graphene electrode layer to an organic polymer
A method of attaching reduced graphene oxide and/or graphene oxide to a polymer layer that includes: forming a polymer layer having a hydrophobic, exterior surface; subjecting the hydrophobic, exterior surface of the polymer layer to ultraviolet/ozone (UV/O3) exposure to change the hydrophobic, exterior surface to a hydrophilic, exterior surface; and applying...

Processing microtitre plates for covalent immobilization chemistries
Disclosed herein is a method of: treating an organic polymer with an electron beam-generated plasma; exposing the treated polymer to air or an oxygen- and hydrogen-containing gas, generating hydroxyl groups on the surface of the polymer; reacting the surface with an organosilane compound having a chloro, fluoro, or alkoxy group and...

Unit comprising porous organic polymers and use thereof l
The invention relates to a unit which comprises a multitude of particles based on porous organic polymers, wherein the organic polymers are obtainable by poly(acetylcyclotrimerization) of polyacetyl-functionalized or polyacetylated aromatics and/or polyacetyl-functionalized or polyacetylated polycycles, and to the different uses or possible applications of this unit....

Conformal sacrificial film by low temperature chemical vapor deposition technique
Methods and apparatus for forming a sacrificial during a novel process sequence of lithography and photoresist patterning are provided. In one embodiment, a method of processing a substrate having a resist material and an anti-reflective coating material thereon includes depositing an organic polymer layer over the surface of the substrate inside...

Composite membrane, method of manufacturing the same, separation membrane including the composite membrane, and water treatment device using the separation membrane
An organic/inorganic composite membrane may include hydrophilic inorganic particles dispersed in an organic polymer matrix having finger-like pores. The hydrophilic inorganic particles may be present at a higher concentration near one surface of the membrane having a higher density than the other surface of the membrane having a lower density....

Motor vehicle window regulator with low friction guide rails
A motor vehicle window regulator in which a matrix coating is applied to a metal blank. The matrix coating is comprised of particles of a fluoropolymer (such as polytetrafluoroethylene) carried in an organic polymer binder. The coated metal blank is cold-formed to the shape of a guide rail with a longitudinal...

Inorganic polymer material, method for forming the same, and inorganic polymer coating produced therefrom
The present disclosure provides a method for forming an inorganic polymer material, including mixing 10 to 80 parts by weight of tetraalkoxysilane and 10 to 80 parts by weight of trialkoxysilane to form a mixture; and performing a reaction at pH of 0 to 4 by adding 5 to 30 parts...

Method for separating peptides and proteins
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to articles of manufacture, devices, methods and apparatus for performing liquid chromatography featuring a chromatographic sorbent having one or more pentafluorophenyl groups, wherein said one or more pentafluorophenyl groups are a bonded phase on a sorbent selected from the group comprising silica, organic polymers...

High density organic bridge device and method
Embodiments that allow multi-chip interconnect using organic bridges are described. In some embodiments an organic package substrate has an embedded organic bridge. The organic bridge can have interconnect structures that allow attachment of die to be interconnected by the organic bridge. In some embodiments, the organic bridge comprises a metal routing...

Cathode formed using aqueous slurry
In one embodiment, a positive electrode is formed by a process that includes forming a slurry including particles dispersed within a liquid from a electrode formulation and the liquid such that the particles have a particle size distribution D50 of 15 microns or less, coating the slurry on a collector; and...

Cosmetic compositions containing a silicone-organic polymer hybrid compound
The present invention is directed towards a composition comprising, in a cosmetically acceptable carrier, at least one silicone-organic polymer hybrid compound; at least one nonionic film forming polymer; at least one amphoteric film forming polymer; and a neutralizer. The present invention also relates to methods for imparting shape to or maintaining...

Method for treating and measuring subterranean formations
A method of treating a subterranean formation penetrated by a wellbore comprising injecting electrically conductive or electromagnetic fibers into the subterranean formation during hydraulic fracturing is provided. Suitable metallic materials, organic polymers, and organic polymers coated with or containing conductive or electromagnetic materials are described. The treatment is followed by measurement...

Process for preparing an aqueous polymer dispersion under vacuum, and uses thereof
wherein the pressure of the reaction medium is lowered to a value below 200 mbar. the polymer obtained is discharged from the reactor; the monomers are polymerized; a reaction medium...

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