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Cathode control multi-cathode distributed x-ray apparatus and ct device having said apparatus

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 Treating tear film disorders with mesenchymal stem cells patent thumbnailTreating tear film disorders with mesenchymal stem cells
This invention provides methods of preventing, reducing or inhibiting one or more symptoms of a tear film disorder by administration to a subject mesenchymal stem cells.. .
 Cathode control multi-cathode distributed x-ray apparatus and ct device having said apparatus patent thumbnailCathode control multi-cathode distributed x-ray apparatus and ct device having said apparatus
This invention relates to an apparatus producing distributed x-ray, and in particular to a cathode control multi-cathode distributed x-ray apparatus, which produces x-ray that changes focal position in a predetermined order by arranging multiple independent hot cathodes and controlling cathodes in an x-ray source device, and a ct device having said x-ray apparatus.. .
 Methods for treating inflammatory autoimmune disorders patent thumbnailMethods for treating inflammatory autoimmune disorders
The present invention features a method of treating or reducing the likelihood of an inflammatory autoimmune disorder (e.g., systemic lupus erythematosus (sle)) or a kidney disorder (e.g., glomerulonephritis) in a subject by administering an inhibitor of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type iv (camkiv). The invention additionally features methods of diagnosing a subject with sle or a kidney disorder by determining the level or biological activity of a camkiv nucleic acid or polypeptide in a sample from a subject.
 Systems and methods for fulfilling orders patent thumbnailSystems and methods for fulfilling orders
Various embodiments for facilitating the fulfillment of orders are disclosed. One embodiment is a method implemented in at least one computing device for fulfilling an order for an item in a storage facility.
 Method of supplying consumables to a beverage making machine patent thumbnailMethod of supplying consumables to a beverage making machine
A method of supplying consumables to a beverage making machine includes receiving at least one of a beverage making cartridge including at least a solid gas source shipped by way of a no-high-pressure-gas-allowed-delivery-service to the consumer, the solid gas source through sublimation emits a gas, inserting the beverage making cartridge, into a beverage making machine, pressurizing a gas storage tank arranged to store the gas, the beverage making machine further including the gas storage tank, and utilizing the gas to form a plurality of beverages. Exemplary embodiments include sending a notification to a consumer wireless device, and allowing the consumer to reorder by way of the consumer wireless device..
System and method for internet access to a personal television service
A communication system and a family of methods for remote access to personal television service are disclosed. A remote personal tv service center provides centralized program guide information.
Method of identifying an individual with a disorder or efficacy of a treatment of a disorder
This invention relates to a method of identifying individuals with neuropsychiatric disorders or to predict and determine the efficacy of treatment of the disorder by acquiring information about visual scanning behaviour and fluctuations of visual scanning behaviour of individuals comprising presenting to the individual a sequence of visual stimuli, wherein each visual stimulus is comprised of multiple images with specific characteristics, measuring the point-of-gaze of said subject on the visual stimuli and calculating a set of statistical measures that describes the visual scanning behaviour of the individual on images or portion of images with the same characteristics; and making a determination of biases in visual scanning behaviour of the individual, by comparing the statistical measures of the individual to the statistical measures of controls.. .
 Video pipeline with direct linkage between decoding and post processing patent thumbnailVideo pipeline with direct linkage between decoding and post processing
In general, in one aspect, a decode order for a group of picture (gop) frame structure for a video stream is modified to include regenerated p frames. The modified decode order includes a regenerated p frame of a p frame decoded prior to a sequence of b frames after last b frame in the sequence of b frames and before next i or p frame.
 Solid compositions for pharmaceutical use patent thumbnailSolid compositions for pharmaceutical use
The invention relates to solid compositions that may be suitable for administering a therapeutic agent to a subject. The invention also relates to methods of making such solid compositions.
Hardware scheduling of ordered critical code sections
One embodiment sets forth a technique for scheduling the execution of ordered critical code sections by multiple threads. A multithreaded processor includes an instruction scheduling unit that is configured to schedule threads to process ordered critical code sections.
Treatment and management of cns disorders
The present disclosure relates to methods of treating certain cns disorders. The present disclosure also relates to biomarkers for monitoring or predicting the efficacy of a treatment for a cns disorder by lurasidone, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, solvate, clathrate or stereoisomer thereof..
Compositions and methods for detecting predisposition to a substance use disorder
The present invention provides screening kits, compositions, and diagnostic methods for determining whether a subject has a predisposition to, or likelihood of having, a substance use disorder by determining a nucleic acid methylation profile from a biological sample from the subject, wherein a given profile indicates that the subject has a predisposition to a substance use disorder.. .
Compositions and methods for treating hyperproliferative disorders
This invention generally relates to a composition comprising an enriched nk cell population. The invention further relates to a method of treating a solid tumor or a hyperproliferative disorder by administering the enriched nk cell population to a mammalian subject in need thereof..
Sequential state elements radiation hardened by design
This disclosure relates generally to sequential state elements (sses). More specifically, embodiments of flip-flops are disclosed, along with computerized methods and systems of designing the same.
Role assignments in a cloud infrastructure
Provisioning, managing and tracking of services provided by a cloud infrastructure system are described. A subscription order request from a customer for services provided by the cloud infrastructure system is received.
Ordering from a menu via nfc enabled mobile device
An nfc-enabled mobile device is used to select one or more items identified on a menu of a business establishment. The mobile device transmits an order for the selected items to a server of the establishment when the mobile device is brought within range of a near field communication terminal at the premises of the establishment.
Methods and structure for hardware management of serial advanced technology attachment (sata) dma non-zero offsets in a serial attached scsi (sas) expander
Methods and structure for enhanced sas expander functionality to store and forward buffered information transmitted from a sata end device to an stp initiator device while managing use of non-zero offset (“nzo”) field values in dma setup fiss transmitted by the sata end device. The enhanced expander establishes a connection between an stp initiator and a sata end device.
Responsive electrical stimulation for movement disorders
An implantable neurostimulator system for treating movement disorders includes a sensor, a detection subsystem capable of identifying episodes of a movement disorder by analyzing a signal received from the sensor, and a therapy subsystem capable of supplying therapeutic electrical stimulation to treat the movement disorder. The system treats movement disorders by detecting physiological conditions characteristic of an episode of symptoms of the movement disorder and selectively initiating therapy when such conditions are detected..
Compositions and methods for the treatment of hepatic diseases and disorders
The disclosure provides oral compositions and methods of using such compositions in treating subjects infected with one or more hepatic disorders. The compositions include lysates or cell wall extracts of one or more gram positive bacteria, exhibit particular activity against hepatitis c virus (hcv), and may be useful in treating those infected with hcv as well as other hepatic diseases or disorders.
Capacitive sensor comprising differing unit cell structures
A gas and/or humidity sensor system may include two differing capacitive sensor unit cell structures. A first unit cell has a capacitance measurement that is dependent upon capacitance effects that substantially do not extend to the upper reaches of the sensor's gas/humidity sensitive layer and a second unit cell has a capacitance measurement that is dependent upon electric field effects that extend substantially beyond the distance of the electric fields of the first unit cell.
Efficient partitioned joins in a database with column-major layout
Embodiments of the present invention provide a database processing system for efficient partitioning of a database table with column-major layout for executing one or more join operations. One embodiment comprises a method for partitioning a database table with column-major layout, partitioning only the join-columns by limiting the partitions by size and number, executing one or more join operations for joining the partitioned columns, and optionally de-partitioning the join result to the original order by sequentially writing and randomly reading table values using p cursors..
Efficient partitioned joins in a database with column-major layout
Embodiments of the present invention provide a database processing system for efficient partitioning of a database table with column-major layout for executing one or more join operations. One embodiment comprises a method for partitioning a database table with column-major layout, partitioning only the join-columns by limiting the partitions by size and number, executing one or more join operations for joining the partitioned columns, and optionally de-partitioning the join result to the original order by sequentially writing and randomly reading table values using p cursors..
Fire extinguishing system and diagnostic methods
A fire extinguishing system prevents fires or other emergency conditions on a heating device, such as a stove. The system uses sensors to detect the emergency and alert an operator.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a first image forming unit including a first transfer unit forming a first nip with a first photosensitive drum for black; a second image forming unit including a second transfer unit forming a second nip with a second photosensitive drum for a color; and a control device which, when a first sheet and a second sheet are continuously conveyed in corresponding order by the conveyance belt at the monochrome mode, is configured to supply a first transfer current for a first time period during which the first sheet or the second sheet pass through the second nip and supply a second transfer current, which is smaller than the first transfer current, for a second time period that is a sheet interval between the first sheet and the second sheet.. .
Methods, apparatuses, and systems for radio frequency management between devices
A peripheral electronic device (106) can be equipped with a coupler, which in one embodiment is a mechanical coupler (136). A radio-frequency interface (108) allows a radio-frequency transceiver (110) of one electronic device to take advantage of one or more antennas (1101,1102,1103,1104) disposed within the peripheral electronic device (106).
Method of improving neuropsychological function in patients with neurocognitive disorders
The present invention provides methods of improving neuropsychological function in a patient having a neurocognitive disorder by chemical or electrically modulating a target site(s) in the ventral striatum/ventral capsule region. Methods also include modulating the treatment based on a closed-loop feedback system that measures bodily activities associated with the neuropsychological function (i.e.
Product dispensing system and method with redundant container induction
A system for dispensing product-filled containers in which the containers are filled prior to labeling, so that any container may filled at any dispensing station. The system includes multiple dispensing stations, both manual and automated, disposed adjacent a conveyor.
Determining sort order by distance
Included are embodiments for determining sort order. At least one embodiment of a method includes determining a plurality of search results associated with at least one search criteria.
Compositions and methods for treating autism and autism spectrum disorder
The described invention provides a method for treating a behavioral deficit, such as irritability and stereotypic/repetitive behaviors, in a subject with autism spectrum disorder by administering a composition comprising a therapeutic amount of n-acetylcysteine, a derivative of n-acetylcysteine, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt of n-acetylcysteine.. .
Cell aging as a unique biomarker of major depression
The present invention provides methods of determining whether a subject is a suitable candidate for an anti-depressant treatment to alleviate a mood disorder by measuring telomere length and telomerase activity. The present invention also provides methods of assessing the efficacy of an anti-depressant treatment to alleviate a mood disorder and of predicting whether a subject is at risk of developing depression..
Method for inhibiting bone resorption
The invention is directed to a method of inhibiting bone resorption. The method comprises administering to a human an amount of sclerostin inhibitor that reduces a bone resorption marker level for at least 2 weeks.
Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with hardware operations completion coalescence
A method and controller for implementing storage adapter performance optimization with chained hardware operations completion coalescence, and a design structure on which the subject controller circuit resides are provided. The controller includes a plurality of hardware engines, and a processor.
Reopening a final closed purchase order for continuation of receipt and invoice
A method of calculating accounting encumbrance adjustments for a purchase order associated with a first allocation of a budget includes determining that the purchase order has been closed, where the closure prevents additional processing associated with the purchase order by an invoice processing system; receiving a request to reopen the purchase order, where the request is associated with an additional cost; causing a determination to be made as to whether a second portion of the budget should be allocated, where the second portion of the budget corresponds to the additional cost; and in response to a determination that the second portion of the budget can be allocated: causing the second portion of the budget to be allocated, reopening the purchase order, and sending an indication to the invoice processing system that the purchase order is reopened.. .
Hybrid fitting for a visual prosthesis
The present invention is an improved fitting and training system for a visual prosthesis. Fitting a visual prosthesis through automated means is challenging and fitting a visual prosthesis manually is tedious for clinician and patent, and provides great opportunity for error.
Stimulation of the amygdalohippocampal complex to treat neurological conditions
A system and/or method treating for a neurological disorder by brain region stimulation. The system and/or method comprises a probe and a device to provide stimulation.
Methods of diagnosis and treatment for metabolic disorders
The invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions comprising tissue kallikrem (tk), and optionally a diabetes drug, a method of screening for a metabolic disorder by determining the concentration of tk and insulin in a biological sample from a test subject, a method of screening for a therapeutic agent for the treatment or prevention of a metabolic disorder, and a method for treating or preventing a metabolic disorder using a pharmaceutical composition comprising tk.. .
Method for the diagnosis of neurodegenerative disorder by using diffusion kurtosis imaging
The invention relates to the use of diffusion kurtosis imaging (dki) in the diagnosis of parkinson disease related neurodegenerative disorders, including (but not limited to) parkinson's disease (pd) and parkinson plus syndromes.. .
Sample identification and distribution system
A system and method for identification and distribution of sample material include maintaining a database including information on a plurality of materials and an associated inventory of sample materials; identifying a subset of materials based on selected search criteria; displaying at least part of the information defining the subset of materials; receiving a selection of desired materials from the subset; queuing from the database and executing a distribution order by which sample materials for the desired materials are provided to a recipient.. .
Method for identifying view order of image frames of stereo image pair according to image characteristics and related machine readable medium thereof
A method for identifying an actual view order of image frames of a stereo image pair includes at least the following steps: receiving the image frames; obtaining image characteristics by analyzing the image frames according to an assumed view order; and identifying the actual view order by checking the image characteristics. In addition, a machine readable medium storing a program code is provided.
Medication preparation queue
Methods for managing preparation of a medication for a patient are provided. In one aspect, a method includes receiving information indicative of an order for medication for a patient from an electronic data feed, and determining whether the order for medication for the patient can be filled with a returned medication.
Novel device for laminating electrode assembly and secondary battery manufactured using the same
Disclosed is a device for laminating an electrode assembly including a cathode, an anode and a separator interposed therebetween laminated in this order by thermal bonding, the device including an inlet, through which a web having the cathode/separator/anode laminate structure is fed, a heater to heat the web and thereby induce thermal bonding between the cathode, the separator and the anode, an outlet through which the thermally bonded web is discharged, and a transporter to transport the web through the inlet, the heater and the outlet, wherein the transporter imparts a transport driving force to the web in a state that the transporter contacts at least one of the top and the bottom of the web and the heater directly heats a region of the transporter contacting the web and thereby transfers thermal bonding energy to the web.. .
Method and system for providing anonymity to a consumer
A system and a method comprise connecting to a proxy business. The proxy business is configured for conducting a transaction as a proxy for a consumer.
Wireless communication method and wireless communication system
In a wireless communication method, a wireless communication device on a transmission side transmits a multicast frame to a plurality of wireless communication devices on a reception side in a wireless communication network including the wireless communication devices. The wireless communication method includes: transmitting beacon frames in order by the wireless communication devices; burst-transferring a plurality of multicast frames by the wireless communication device on the transmission side; and transmitting a response frame containing information that indicates whether each of the multicast frames is successfully received, in the order in which the beacon frames are transmitted, by the wireless communication devices on the reception side..
Methods and materials for determining pain sensitivity and predicting and treating related disorders
Methods of treating somatosensory disorders and modulating production of proinflammatory cytokines by administering to a subject an effective amount of a comt modulator, adrb2 modulator, adrb3 modulator or combinations thereof are provided. Methods of predicting effective pharmacological therapies for a subject afflicted with a somatosensory disorder by determining a genotype of the subject with regard to a gene selected from the group consisting of comt, adrb2, adrb3, and combinations thereof are further provided.
Using target columns in data transformation
A data transform leverages a known hierarchy within a target data structure, in order to improve query and mapping capabilities and enhance performance. Where a target data structure is hierarchical, output data of that target data structure is often built in the document order of the nodes in the structure (from top down and from left to right).
Methods and compositions for diagnosing and treating mood disorders
The present invention relates to methods of diagnosing, prognosing or treating diseases or disorders in which elevated or reduced levels of aβ protein, including aβ1-42 are prevalent. In particular, the present invention relates to methods of diagnosing, prognosing or treating a major or minor depressive episode/disorder attributed to elevated or reduced levels of aβ protein, including aβ1-42, found particularly in body fluids including whole blood, blood cells, serum, plasma, urine and csf as well as in the brain.
Method of treating a patient having an autoimmune disorder by administering baffr polypeptide
Therapeutic regimens for administration of baff antagonists for treatment of immunologic and related disorders are described. Regimens involve a short-term baff antagonist administration course followed by an extended no-treatment period prior the round of administration..
Electronic select provider network
A method of delegating a service order may include periodically establishing a plurality of tiers of service providers. The service order may be routed to one or more service providers from at least a first one of the plurality of tiers, based on acceptance of the service order by one or more service providers from at least a second one of the plurality of tiers.
Order history analyzing systems and methods
A computer-readable medium storing computer-executable instructions for: (1) receiving information regarding a plurality of past orders placed by health care providers at a particular health care facility; (2) using the information regarding the plurality of past orders to determine a set of most commonly prescribed orders for the health care facility; (3) converting the set of most commonly prescribed orders from a first format to a second format; (4) displaying the set of most commonly prescribed orders to a user in the second format; and (5) allowing the user to place a new order by selecting one of the most commonly prescribed orders.. .
Mobile money order
A method to track a money order transaction, including receiving, from a mobile device, a request to send the money order to a recipient, initiating, by a computer server in response to the request, a first transaction to transfer a money order amount from a funding account of the payer to a third party account held at a bank, initiating, in response to completing the first transaction, a second transaction to generate the money order by the bank, receiving, from the bank, an indication that the money order amount is paid out by the bank as a result of the recipient cashing the money order, and sending, in response to the indication, a message alerting the payer that the recipient has cashed the money order.. .
Method for enabling a gift transaction
A method of an embodiment includes: receiving a gift request from a sender, the gift request specifying a recipient and an initial order for a gift item of a predefined price; modifying the initial gift order according to a customization input from the recipient; requesting approval of the modified gift order from the recipient; posting a notification of the modified gift order for publication by an online social network in response to approval of the modified gift order by the recipient; and in response to approval of the modified gift order by the recipient, initiating fulfillment of the modified gift order by requesting payment from the sender up to the predefined price of the gift item specified in the gift request and according to the customization input from the recipient.. .
Diagnostic biomarkers for fibrotic disorders
The present invention provides novel methods of inhibiting fibrosis, as well as methods of treating or inhibiting fibrotic disorders, using bmp9 and/or bmp10 antagonists. The present invention also provides methods of assessing whether a subject has or is at risk of developing a fibrotic disorder by detecting levels of bmp9 and/or bmp10.
Model mouse of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, method for investigating effects for preventing and alleviating attention disorder using the model mouse, and method for treating attention disorder by suppressing t-type calcium channel
The present invention relates to an attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (adhd) mouse model and a screening method for a composition for the prevention and treatment of attention deficit disease. The mouse model constructed by inserting cobalt wire in the right side of the frontal lobe is very useful as the adhd mouse model, and the said adhd mouse model can be effectively used for the screening of an agent for the treatment of attention deficit disease since the mouse demonstrated brain wave with low frequency, hyperactivity, and cognitive impairment, which are characteristic symptoms of attention deficit disease, when ethosuximide, one of t-type calcium channel blockers, was administered.
Data processing device of multi-carrier system and data processing method thereof
A data processing method of a multi-carrier receiving device, according to an embodiment of the present invention, includes determining a data processing order for user data provided from a plurality of different users according to a unit data length detected from user information, processing in parallel the user data according to the determined data processing order by using a plurality of inverse discrete fourier transform (idft) engines, and recombining the in-parallel-processed data on a per-user basis with reference to the data processing order and timing information.. .
User interface for a device for playback of multimedia files
The present invention relates to a user interface for a multimedia device having means for navigating within a plurality of multimedia files and/or means for changing a playback order. According to the invention, the user interface includes means for changing the sorting order and/or playback order of the plurality of multimedia files, whereby upon changing the sorting order and/or playback order of the multimedia files the currently selected multimedia file is kept and the new sorting order and/or playback order is determined by at least one property of the currently selected multimedia file, wherein the means for changing the sorting order and/or the playback order include a button for changing the order by running through a predefined sequence of properties of the currently selected multimedia file..
Registry for trading partners using documents for commerce in trading partner networks
A market making node in a network routes machine readable documents to connect businesses with customers, suppliers and trading partners. The self defining electronic documents, such as xml based documents, can be easily understood amongst the partners.
Ambient signal identification
A method and apparatus for identifying ambient signal data in a test signal data set. A cumulative amplitude distribution of data elements is identified in the test signal data set in order by amplitude values.
Refractive index measurment apparatus and refractive index measurment method
A refractive index measurement apparatus 1 includes a light source 10, a measurement cell (12, 22) including a sample (125, 226) as an object of refractive index measurement and diffracting light incident from the light source, a detector 13 that detects the amount of diffracted light in at least one diffraction order other than zero order of diffracted light exiting from the measurement cell, and a control unit 15 that determines refractive index of the sample corresponding to measured value of the amount of diffracted light detected in at least one diffraction order by the detector. The measurement cell includes a first substrate (121, 221) and a second substrate (121, 221) disposed so as to be opposed to each other and a diffraction grating (123, 225) disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, and the diffraction grating has a plurality of members whose width in the direction parallel to a surface of the first substrate decreases stepwise as approaching from the first substrate to the second substrate, the sample (125, 226) as the object of refractive index measurement being filled in the space between the first substrate and the second substrate not occupied by the diffraction grating..
Battery replacement type e-cigarette
Therefore, the technological essential point of the invention is that it is aimed at providing e-cigarette with battery replacement type that allows a quick recharge and replacement of a battery when the battery is dead or out of order by making a condition that only battery could be separately drawn out in the inside of power supply part in which opening and closing members are formed in e-cigarette that a user inhales the smoke that is generated by burning liquid containing nicotine.. .
Organic compounds and their uses
The present application describes a method of treating an hcv-associated disorder by administering to a subject in need thereof a pharmaceutically effective amount of a compound of formula i in combination with an additional hcv-modulating compound.. .
System and method for timed order entry and modification
A system and method for defining and processing timed orders are defined. According to one embodiment, a trader may define a timed order by defining an intra-day time trigger or a time period when the timed order should be automatically modified, such as deleted or cancelled/replaced with a new order.
Method for displaying market order information and placing orders
Methods of displaying and placing orders for financial instruments. Financial market information is displayed on a screen controlled by a processor.
Methods & devices for diagnosing cardiac disorders
A method for diagnosing a cardiac disorder by detecting levels of cardiac-specific membrane polypeptides in tissue samples.. .
Electronic distance recorder verification
A method is provided for checking a vehicle's electronic distance recorder by an independent party, including the independent party using one or more devices for: obtaining or receive two distance or location readings, or a distance and location reading, from the electronic distance recorder for two vehicle locations, the distance location/readings being obtained by the electronic distance recorder, determining an apparent distance travelled between the two vehicle locations using the distance/location readings; and comparing the apparent distance travelled with a verification distance between the two locations to identify any discrepancies in the electronic distance recorder, the verification distance being determined independently from the electronic distance recorder.. .
Moving image decoding apparatus, moving image encoding apparatus, moving image decoding method and moving image encoding method
An apparatus decodes encoded moving image data in which a picture is divided and encoded, into two or more small areas that include at least a block and do not overlap with each other. The apparatus includes: a unit configured to decide first and second parameters being decoding parameters of another block for which decoding has already been performed in the same picture and referred to in an entropy decoding process and an extension process of each block, using position information of each small area and reference relation information to another small area; a decoder configured to perform the decoding process, in an order of the decoding process and the extension process, by referring only to the first parameter; and an extender configured to perform the extension process in the order by referring only to the second parameter in compression information of each block obtained by the decoding process..
System and method for diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders
Systems and methods for diagnosing and treating psychiatric disorders are provided. For example, in one embodiment, the systems and methods generally include: (a) presenting an emotional conflict task to a patient; (b) receiving an input from the patient in response to the emotional conflict task; (c) assessing the patient's response to the emotional conflict task; and (d) modifying the emotional conflict task based on the patient's response.
Secure data transfer using random ordering and random block sizing
Encrypted information is conventionally broken into blocks which are transmitted sequentially. Because the order and the size of such blocks can be easily determined, an eavesdropper can gain valuable information regarding the content of the communication.
Ejection device for a flight data recorder
An ejection device for a flight data recorder includes an ejection spindle, which can be detachably connected to the flight data recorder by means of a bayonet coupling. The bayonet coupling can be released by means of force application by the ejection spindle, a disengaging device, which has a compression-resistant housing and into which the ejection spindle can be screwed, and a gas pressure generator, a valve, which is located within the disengaging device and which permits a flow connection between the outlet of the gas pressure generator and the ejection spindle when the ejection spindle is screwed in and which disables the flow connection between the outlet of the gas pressure generator and the ejection spindle when the ejection spindle is unscrewed..
Managing outlying trading orders
According to one embodiment, a method of managing trading is provided. In a market for a particular type of instrument, electronic data including buy orders and sell orders are received from a plurality of traders.
Method and system for managing print on demand jobs with remote cache
A method and system for managing print job through a process carried out by an online web-store server. The process includes the steps of receiving a print job order by a web-store server, and checking a remote cache via a network to determine whether a pdf file is stored therein.
Multi-lane based ethernet apparatus and lane operating method for dynamic lane operation
Disclosed is an ethernet apparatus having a plurality of lanes according to the present invention, including: a transmission lane identifying unit to identify a physical transmission lane according to a data transmission order by activating a transmitter, and by verifying data to be transmitted through the activated transmitter; and a transmission lane adjusting unit to adjust the physical transmission lane using information about the number of operable lanes and to transmit data through the adjusted physical transmission lane when the physical transmission lane is identified by the transmission lane identifying unit.. .

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