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Optical patents

This page is updated frequently with new Optical-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical-related patents
 Plasma generator using dielectric resonator patent thumbnailPlasma generator using dielectric resonator
A dielectric resonator is excited at its natural resonant frequency to produce highly uniform electric field for the generation of plasma. The plasma may be used optical or mass spectrometer..
Radom Corporation

 Sliding bias and peak limiting for optical hearing devices patent thumbnailSliding bias and peak limiting for optical hearing devices
A processor comprises instructions to adjust a bias of an input signal in order to decrease a duty cycle of a pulse modulated optical signal. The bias can be increased, decreased, or maintained in response to one or more measured values of the signal.
Earlens Corporation

 Adjustable parallax distance, wide field of view, stereoscopic imaging system patent thumbnailAdjustable parallax distance, wide field of view, stereoscopic imaging system
An imaging system and methods for using an imaging system where the operator is able to variably adjust the parallax distance for enhanced stereo performance are disclosed. In addition, by coordinating the parallax distance with the optical settings of the camera, artificial 3d experiences can be created that give a user the perception of observing a scene from a distance different than that actually employed.
Actality, Inc.

 Video projector system patent thumbnailVideo projector system
Some embodiments provide for a modular video projector system having a light engine module and an optical engine module. The light engine module can provide narrow-band laser light to the optical engine module which modulates the laser light according to video signals received from a video processing engine.
Red.com, Inc.

 Information reproduction system, information reproduction method, information reproduction device, and access analysis device patent thumbnailInformation reproduction system, information reproduction method, information reproduction device, and access analysis device
A system, a method, and a device that can reproduce a reproduction target file recorded on a portable information recording medium and a network file acquired in response to a request of a content application are provided. In the system including video reproduction devices, the vehicle-mounted video reproduction device transmits an nf entry transmission request, stores a received nf entry as an nf table, acquires in advance an nf on the basis of a stored nf entry and stores it, and if it is determined that an nf entry corresponding to a reproduction target file exists in the nf table when an optical disc is reproduced in a player unit, executes a proxy response for reading an nf identified by the nf entry corresponding to the reproduction target file from an nf storage unit and for supplying it to the player unit..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Combination video and optical sight patent thumbnailCombination video and optical sight
A sight system is provided that includes an optical mode providing an optical image of a field of view and a video display mode providing video of the field of view acquired by an image sensor. The sight system can include optical components configured to present the field of view to the image sensor and to present substantially the field of view to a user through an eyepiece coupled to the sight system.
N2 Imaging Systems, Llc

 Super resolution binary imaging and tracking system patent thumbnailSuper resolution binary imaging and tracking system
In one aspect, the invention provides an imaging system including an optical system adapted to receive light from a field of view and direct the received light to two image planes. A fixed image detector is optically coupled to one of the image planes to detect at least a portion of the received light and generate image data corresponding to at least a portion of the field of view.
Epilog Imaging Systems

 Auto-focus system patent thumbnailAuto-focus system
A distance measuring system is provided for auto focusing a camera of an inspection system for inspecting a planar surface that is patterned. The system includes a pattern generator, an image sensor, an optical element(s) and a processor.
Orbotech Ltd.

 Imaging apparatus patent thumbnailImaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus includes an image-forming optical system assembly, an image sensor, a sensor retaining portion that retains the image sensor, a coupling portion that is fixed to the image-forming optical system assembly, and a movement suppressing member that is immovable with respect to the coupling portion. The image-forming optical system assembly includes an optical system-side adhesive surface, the coupling portion includes an opposite surface, and the sensor retaining portion includes a sensor-side adhesive surface.
Nidec Elesys Corporation

 System and  automatic link detection and link initialization in a storage system patent thumbnailSystem and automatic link detection and link initialization in a storage system
A system and method for link detection and link initialization across a range of communication media is disclosed. In an embodiment, the method includes intercepting, by a subcontroller of a first storage element, an attempt by a controller of the first storage element to establish communication with a second storage element via a first communication medium.
Netapp, Inc.


Optical transceiver

Disclosed is an optical transceiver. The optical transceiver includes: a receiving unit receiving optical signal data from the outside; a photoelectric conversion unit performing interconversion of the optical signal data and electric signal data; a data classifying unit classifying the received data according to a predetermined condition; a control unit determining replication of data or not and a transfer direction of the data according to a classification result by the data classifying unit; and a transmitting unit transmitting the data replicated by the control unit to an external system..
Opto Electronics Solutions Co., Ltd.


Method and system for improving bandwidth allocation efficiency

Provided are a method and system for improving bandwidth allocation efficiency, relating to optical communication field. In a pon system, an onu detects each tcont of the onu in real time, and sends to an olt a private message used for reporting buffer overflow when detecting that buffer overflow occurs on a tcont; the olt sends, according to the received private message used for reporting the buffer overflow, to the onu a private message used for instructing the onu to activate an overflow allocation mechanism; after receiving the private message used for instructing the onu to activate the overflow allocation mechanism, the onu activates the overflow allocation mechanism, calculates an actual traffic of a buffer of the tcont, and sends the actual traffic of the buffer of the tcont to the olt; and the olt dynamically allocates bandwidth to the tcont according to the actual traffic of the buffer of the tcont..
Zte Corporation


Data connectivity systems and methods through packet-optical switches

Systems and methods for providing a data service through a packet-optical switch in a network include, subsequent to defining a loop-free forwarding topology for the data service in the network, if the packet-optical switch is a degree 2 site for the data service, providing the data service through the packet-optical switch at a layer 1 protocol bypassing a partitioned packet fabric of the packet-optical switch; and if the packet-optical switch is a degree 3 or more site for the data service with multi-point connectivity, providing the data service through the packet-optical switch at the layer 1 protocol and at a packet level using the partitioned packet fabric to provide the data service between the multi-point connectivity and to associated otn connections for each degree of the degree 3 or more site.. .
Ciena Corporation


Reception of 2-subcarriers coherent orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signals

A dual-polarization, 2-subcarriers code orthogonal, orthogonal frequency division multiplexed signal carrying information bits is transmitted in an optical communication network without transmitting a corresponding pilot tone or training sequence. A receiver receives the transmitted signal and recovers information bits using a blind equalization technique and by equalizing the 2-subcarriers ofdm signal as a 9-qam signal in time domain with a cmma (constant multi modulus algorithm) equalization method..
Zte Corporation


Wavelength division multiplexing system and method including wavelength monitoring

A wavelength division multiplexing system and method featuring a wavelength monitor that is configured to receive a portion of a combined signal of wavelength division multiplexing channels and determine the wavelengths of each channel or the guardband between each channel in the combined signal. The wavelength monitor determines if there is excess laser drift for each channel in the combined signal.
Nec Corporation


Controlling optical signal power levelling in an optical communication network

A method (10) of controlling optical signal power levelling in an optical communication network node configured to apply an optical attenuation, α, to a pass-through optical signal. The method comprises: a.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Optical reception device and optical reception method

An optical reception device according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes an optical front-end means for demodulating an inputted optical signal, converting the demodulated signal into an electrical signal and outputting the electrical signal, a pre-emphasis means for adding a high frequency component to the electrical signal, a digital signal processing means for receiving input of the electrical signal with the high frequency component added thereto via a transmission wire, and for performing a digital coherent reception process on the inputted electrical signal, an error detection means for detecting a signal error in the digital coherent reception process and a feedback control means for varying the level of a high frequency component added at the pre-emphasis means and, in accordance with signal errors detected at that time, controlling the pre-emphasis means.. .
Nec Corporation


Optical transmitter module having multiple signal lanes

An optical transmitter module that generates a signal multiplexing two or more optical signals each having optical power satisfying a preset magnitude is disclosed. The optical transmitter module includes laser diodes (ld), adjusting lenses coupled with the lds to generate dispersive optical outputs, and a concentrating lens that concentrates the dispersive optical beams onto a coupling fiber.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Optical transceiver

Disclosed is an optical transceiver. The optical transceiver that accesses each port of a network device includes: a recognition unit recognizing an optical transceiver that accesses another port of the network device; a message exchange unit exchanging a message with the optical transceiver that accesses another port; a time stamping unit recording time stamps for an input time and an output time of the message in the message; and a synchronization control unit performing time synchronization for a master optical transceiver by calculating an offset time and a network delay time by using the time stamps recorded in the exchanged message..
Opto Electronics Solutions Co., Ltd.


Compensation of non-linear transmitter impairments in optical communication networks

An optical transceiver comprises a transmitter configured to transmit a first signal, and a receiver coupled to the transmitter and configured to receive a first compensation, wherein the first compensation is based on a pattern-dependent analysis of the first signal, and provide the first compensation to the transmitter, wherein the transmitter is further configured to compensate a second signal based on the first compensation to form a first compensated signal, and transmit the first compensated signal. An optical transmitter comprises a digital signal processor (dsp) comprising a compensator, a digital-to-analog converter (dac) coupled to the dsp, a radio frequency amplifier (rfa) coupled to the dac, and an electrical-to-optical converter (eoc) coupled to the rfa.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Modular passive optical network recessed wall mounted optical network terminal system

An optical network terminal (ont) includes an ont base bracket (obb) configured to receive an optical medium and a power-conveying medium. The ont also includes a modular ont unit (mou), which deploys within and detachably couples to the base bracket.
Tellabs Bedford, Inc.


Apparatus for modular implementation of multi-function active optical cables

Apparatus enabling modular implementation of active optical cable (aoc) with multiple integrated functions including: integration of different types of data on the aoc via media conversion; distribution of electrical power over the aoc; electrical multiplexing data channels for optical fibers; integration of voltage regulators enabling aoc operation at different supply voltages; integration of voltage regulators to provide stable, low noise power source; ruggedized, blind-mateable electrical connectors; integration of electronics and optoelectronics inside a connector backshell; implementation of health monitoring and test channel enabling monitoring, test, and control of both ends of the aoc and monitoring and control of upstream systems and components; and enabling a form, fit, function replacement of existing electrical cables to improve swap, electromagnetic interference resiliency, length-bandwidth product, electromagnetic pulse resistance, signal integrity, system reliability, testability and maintenance. Aocs are customized for different connectors, pin-outs, electrical data combinations, power distribution and power supplies with minimal redesign/requalification..
Zephyr Photonics Inc.


Hybrid laser anti-clipping for fiber-coaxial networks

Systems, devices, and methods for hybrid anti-clipping in optical links in hybrid fiber-coaxial (hfc) networks are disclosed. A hybrid anti-clipping circuit can be included in both the uplink and downlink paths of the hfc network to avoid driving the laser in the optical link above a clipping threshold.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Signal equalizer in a coherent optical receiver

A signal equalizer for compensating impairments of an optical signal received through a link of a high speed optical communications network. At least one set of compensation vectors are computed for compensating at least two distinct types of impairments.
Ciena Corporation


Optical transmission system, optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optical transmission method

An optical transmitter (10) outputs basic transmission light of an optical signal for transmission to an optical receiver (20). A first optical signal generation means (210) of the optical receiver (20) receives the optical signal for transmission, and generates a first optical signal by causing the received optical signal for transmission and locally generated light to interfere with each other.
Nec Crporation


Optical test device and systems

Systems, methods, and devices are disclosed for monitoring optical communications between a managed location and a remote location. In particular, an optical signal is transmitted over an optical fiber and passed-through a test device.
Level 3 Communications, Llc


Centralized automatic bias control multiple optical modulators

A system for centralized automatic bias control for a plurality of modulators, including a coupler for coupling output of each of the plurality of modulators to generate a combined modulator output. A pilot insertion device inserts a pilot tone into each of the plurality of modulators such that a different pilot tone frequency is inserted for each of the plurality of modulators.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Method of resizing a protected oduflex connection in an optical transport network

A method and related network node are provided which allow a hitless resizing of protected oduflex connections in an optical transport network. In order to synchronize resizing of active and protection paths (54, 55), a logical processing (60, 61) of resize overhead signals that are related to end to end signaling (rp) and/or connectivity check (tscc) is introduced into a sink side connection function (58), which terminates a protection group..
Alcatel Lucent


Decoding method, decoding apparatus, and communications system

The present invention provides a decoding method, a decoding apparatus, and a communications system, which implement multi-level coding in a manner combining soft-decision error correction coding and hard-decision error correction coding, implement multi-level decoding in a manner combining soft-decision error correction decoding and hard-decision error correction decoding, so as to integrate advantages of the two manners: compared with a manner in which soft-decision error correction coding and decoding are performed on multiple levels, a manner in which soft-decision error correction coding and decoding are performed on only one level reduces system complexity and resource overhead; and performing hard-decision error correction coding and decoding on other levels on a basis of performing soft-decision error correction coding and decoding on one level ensures gain performance, thereby meeting a gain requirement of a high-speed optical transmission system.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Optical semiconductor device

An optical semiconductor device includes: a mesa stripe structure including an n-type cladding layer, an active layer, and a p-type cladding layer laid one on another; and a buried layer buried on opposite sides of the mesa stripe structure, wherein the active layer is a multiple quantum well structure having well layers and carbon-doped barrier layers, the buried layer includes a p-type semiconductor layer and an fe-doped or ru-doped high-resistance semiconductor layer laid one on another, side surfaces of the n-type cladding layer are covered with the p-type semiconductor layer and are not contiguous with the high-resistance semiconductor layer, and side surfaces of the active layer are not contiguous with the p-type semiconductor layer.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Tunable short cavity laser sensor

optical systems employ a tunable source which includes a short cavity laser with a large free spectral range cavity, fast tuning response, and single transverse and longitudinal mode operation. Systems for optical spectroscopy with optimized scanning, a system for optical beam steering and a system for a tunable local oscillator are disclosed..
Praevium Research, Inc.


Compact, thermally stable multi-laser engine

Various embodiments of a multi-laser system are disclosed. In some embodiments, the multi-laser system includes a plurality of lasers, a plurality of laser beams, a beam positioning system, a thermally stable enclosure, and a temperature controller.
Cvi Laser, Llc.


Optical amplifier and control method thereof

In an optical amplifier, the excitation light level of an excited laser diode decreases, or, when the output of an excitation light is stopped, a backup excited laser diode is operated, and therefore the current consumption increases. [solution] this optical amplifier is provided with multiple excitation laser diodes, a first current control element, a second current control element, and control means.
Nec Corporation


Amplified widely tunable short cavity laser

An amplified tunable source includes a short-cavity laser coupled to an optical amplifier for high power, spectrally shaped operation. The short-cavity laser is coupled to a quantum well semiconductor optical amplifier with two quantum states for broadened gain.
Praevium Research, Inc.


Optical-fiber-bundle structure, rare-earth-doped multi-core fiber, connection structure therefor, exciting rare-earth-doped multi-core fibers, and multi-core-optical-fiber amplifier

A bundle structure is obtained by arranging optical fibers having equal diameters in a close-packed arrangement around the outer circumference of a center optical fiber. The optical fibers are signal light optical fibers that transmit signal lights.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Fiber-optic laser oscillator

The invention relates to a laser oscillator comprising an amplifying optical fibre (ma) inserted in a resonant cavity so as to act as an active medium, and pumping means (dl, cp) causing a population inversion in said amplifying optical fibre, characterized in that said amplifying optical fibre comprises at least two cores (c1, c2) optically coupled to each other in a common cladding (g), and in that the shapes, sizes, refractive indices and the relative arrangement of said cores are chosen so that super-modes are supported, at least one (smi) of which super-modes has, in an emission spectral band of said laser oscillator, a normal chromatic dispersion.. .
Universite De Rouen


Bright few-cycle fiber source using resonant dispersive wave emission in an optical fiber

Methods and apparatus for generating ultrashort optical pulses. Pulses of an infrared source are launched into an optical fiber characterized by a zero-dispersion wavelength (zdw), where the wavelength of the infrared source exceeds the zdw of the optical fiber by at least 100 nm.
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Metal plate lens

optical axis as central axis is defined as z-axis, and axes perpendicular to z-axis are defined as x- and y-axis. Metallic flat plates are formed parallel to x-z plane to overlap each other and be separated by a given distance.
Ibaraki University


Embedded fiber optic cables for battery management

A battery includes a folded bicell battery stack with an embedded fiber optic cable and sensor. A cell casing encloses the bicell stack with at least one fiber optic cable is embedded within the battery.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Battery with embedded fiber optic cable

A method of fabricating an electrochemical energy storage cell such as a battery or supercapacitor involves positioning a portion of a fiber optic cable that includes at least one optical fiber sensor over a current collector layer. The electrode material of the energy storage cell is deposited over the current collector layer and the fiber optic cable..
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Led using luminescent sapphire as down-converter

An led die includes a luminescent sapphire layer affixed to led semiconductor layers. The luminescent sapphire absorbs a portion of the primary light and down-converts the primary light to emit secondary light.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Optical elements and electronic devices including the same

An optical element includes a plurality of nanowires disposed in the form of an array and a light emitting material disposed on the nanowires, where the nanowires are longitudinally aligned in the array to linearly polarize at least a portion of light emitted from the light emitting material, and an electronic device includes the optical element.. .
Bilkent University


Optical device

An optical device is described, including a switching layer that includes an anisotropic light-emitting material for absorbing and radiating light and switches alignment of the light-emitting material, an alignment layer in contact with the switching layer, an optical energy conversion means that converts the radiated light into at least one energy form selected from heat and electricity, and a light guide system that is in physical contact with the optical energy conversion means and guides the radiated light to the optical energy conversion means. The switching layer controls transmission of light through the optical device.
Jsr Corporation


Concentrating photovoltaic skylight based on holograms and/or methods of making the same

Improved building-integrated photovoltaic (bipv) systems according to certain example embodiments may include concentrated photovoltaic skylights or other windows in which holographic optical elements (hoes) are provided. The hoes are formed on or in a substantially planar glass substrate, e.g., at light coupling locations, and they help form a holographic projection of light in a desired wavelength range on a photovoltaic module.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Quantum well waveguide solar cells and methods of constructing the same

A material structure and device design are provided that produce efficient photovoltaic power conversion. Materials of different energy gap are combined in the depletion region of a semiconductor junction.
Magnolia Solar, Inc.


Color image sensor without the color filters

In various embodiments, image sensors and methods of making images sensors are disclosed. In an embodiment, an image sensor includes a first pixel region having a pixel electrode, an optically sensitive material of a first thickness, and a counterelectrode.
Invisage Technologies, Inc.


Optical assembly including plenoptic microlens array

An optical assembly includes a solid spacing layer between a plenoptic microlens array (mla) and a pixel-level mla, avoiding the need for an air gap. Such an assembly, and systems and methods for manufacturing same, can yield improved reliability and efficiency of production, and can avoid many of the problems associated with prior art approaches.
Lytro, Inc.


Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus

Provided is a semiconductor device including: a multilayer substrate including an optical element; a light-transmitting plate provided on the substrate to cover the optical element; and a lens of an inorganic material provided between the substrate and the light-transmitting plate. A structure having a same strength as a strength per unit area of the lens is provided at a portion outside an effective photosensitive region where the optical element is formed, when the substrate is viewed in plan..
Sony Corporation


Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device

A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens..
Nikon Corporation


Carousel gas distribution assembly with optical measurements

Apparatus and methods for processing a semiconductor wafer in which an optical sensor positioned in the gas distribution assembly measures temperature and/or a film parameter during deposition.. .


Light pipe arrays for thermal chamber applications and thermal processes

A processing chamber is described. The processing chamber includes a chamber having an interior volume, a light pipe array coupled to the chamber, the light pipe array comprising a wall member that defines a boundary of the interior volume of the chamber, wherein the light pipe array includes a plurality of non-metallic light pipe structures, and a radiant heat source comprising a plurality of energy sources in optical communication with each of the plurality of light pipe structures..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Measurement device, measurement apparatus, and method

A metal film of a measurement device including a transparent dielectric substrate is irradiated with first light from a transparent dielectric substrate side, an optical electric field enhanced by an optical electric field enhancing effect of a localized plasmon induced to a surface of the metal film by the irradiation is generated, light emitted from the transparent dielectric substrate side is detected, a specimen installed on a surface of a metal fine concavo-convex structure layer and a matrix agent are irradiated with second light from a side opposite to the side of the irradiation with the first light in a state where a voltage is applied to the metal fine concavo-convex structure layer through a voltage application electrode, an analysis target substance for mass spectrometry in the specimen is desorbed from the surface by the irradiation, and the desorbed analysis target substance is detected.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Arrangement for a quick electron beam x-ray computer tomography

A system for electron beam x-ray computer tomography, which requires no considerable axial extension of the electron emitter and substantially eliminates electron-optical beam guidance elements is provided by disposing an x-ray detector arc and the target around the examination cross-section within an irradiation plane, and radially introducing an electron beam generated in the electron beam generator into the magnetic flux region of one or more longitudinal coils from within or outside the coils and forcing the same onto a circular path by way of the magnetic field. By periodically changing the field strength, the radius of the circular path is increased, as a result of which the electron beam impinges on the target in a tangentially migrating focal spot.
Helmholtz-zentrum Dresden-rossendorf E.v.


Drift-corrected, high-resolution optical trap and high-sensitivity angular interferometer

A drift-adjusted interferometer and optical trap are disclosed that employ two reference beams with an optical property that allows them to be separated from the two trapping beams. The reference and trapping beams are combined collinearly and optically inverted so that each reference beam overlays with the opposite trapping beam.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Fiber optic temperature sensing system and method utilizing brillouin scattering for large, well-ventilated spaces

A temperature change detection apparatus for monitoring temperature change in various portions of a large space includes a trip logic unit configured to execute a trip operation based on receipt of a trip signal at the trip logic unit; a plurality of temperature sensors each including a sensing portion composed of optical fiber cable and each being configured to generate light information indicating an amount of brillouin scattering that occurs within the sensing portion; a plurality of monitoring units configured such that each monitoring unit determines a temperature value corresponding to each temperature sensor connected to the monitoring unit based on an amount of brillouin scattering indicated by the light information generated by each of the connected temperature sensors, an each monitoring unit generates a trip signal when a determined temperature value exceeds a running average by more than a threshold amount.. .
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc


Accelerator-driven subcritical reactor system

An accelerator-driven sub-critical reactor providing: 1) a significantly more efficient thorium-cycle system, in one configuration, 2) a more energy-productive nuclear waste reduction system, 3) accelerator driven systems for other fertile-fission candidate elements, and 4) which may be applied to fusion systems (substituting the fission unit in the proposed system class and category) in a way that may lower the break-even point for such systems and thus make the advent of practical fusion sooner than otherwise possible. 5) in addition and importantly, an optical-power processing and distribution is also enabled by the proposed, providing both optical power as base power for telecom, process energy for industrial uses, and lighting and other wavelengths for consumer and general business use..


Channel bitword prosessor, prml decoder, and optical information recording/reproducing device

It is an objective of the present invention to provide a technique to balance dsv in channel bit word when using fixed-length run length limited code based on enumeration. A channel bit word processor according to the present invention: evaluates dsv of a channel bit word in nrzi format which is generated on the basis of enumeration; and selects a connection word which causes a minimum absolute value of dsv after connecting a plurality of channel bit words (refer to fig.
Hitachi-lg Data Storage, Inc.


Servo processor receiving photodetector signals

A digital servo method for an optical disk drive includes receiving low-pass filtered and gain-adjusted versions of photodetector output signals resulting from an illumination of an optical disk. Versions of the photodetector signals are digitized to produce digital signals.
Optical Devices, Llc


Display apparatus, driving method thereof and screen displaying

To reduce the image quality degradation, which emerges when an image light is projected on a screen which is controlled its optical state by the unit of the segmented regions. A display apparatus 1 includes: a screen 1 having an optical layer 25 and control electrodes 27 arranged on the optical layer 25 to be spaced from each other; a projector 11 projecting an image light to the screen 21; and a synchronous controller 31 that controls application of voltages to the control electrodes 27 to switch the optical state of each of the segmented regions from a nonvisual state to a visual state.
Pioneer Corporation


User-wearable devices that monitor exposure to blue light and recommend adjustments thereto

Described herein are user-wearable devices that include an optical sensor, and methods for use therewith. In certain embodiments, an optical sensor of a user-wearable device (e.g., a wrist-worn device) is used to detect blue light that is incident on the optical sensor and to produce a blue light detection signal indicative thereof, and thus, indicative of the response of the user's intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (iprgcs).
Salutron, Inc.


Method for measuring a high accuracy height map of a test surface

Method for measuring a height map of a test, including measuring a coarse height map of the test surface with a pre-map sensor provided to an optical profiler with a relatively long working distance and/or a large field of view, storing the coarse height map in a memory, subdividing the coarse height map into sections appropriate for the field of view of a high resolution optical profiler sensor provided to the optical profiler, calculating corresponding x, y and z positions for the optical profiler sensor with respect to the test surface, calculating a trajectory in the x, y, z-direction for the optical profiler sensor with respect to the test surface using the calculated x, y, z-positions, moving the optical profiler in the x, y, z-direction with respect to the test surface according to the trajectory, and measuring a high accuracy height map with the high resolution optical profiler sensor.. .
Mitutoyo Corporation


Temporally coherent local tone mapping of hdr video

Approaches are described for filtering a first image frame in a sequence of image frames. A tone-mapping pipeline applies a spatiotemporal filter to each pixel of the first image frame, based on a forward optical flow and a backward optical flow, to produce a base layer image.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Temporally coherent local tone mapping of high dynamic range video

Approaches are described for tone-mapping an image frame in a sequence of image frames. A tone-mapping pipeline applies a spatiotemporal filter to each pixel of the image frame, based on a forward optical flow and a backward optical flow, to produce a base layer image.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Restoration filter generation device and image processing device

A restoration filter generation device according to one embodiment of the present invention includes: an information acquisition unit that acquires information showing a difference that depends on a color of an optical transfer function of an optical system; and a restoration filter generation unit that generates a restoration filter, which weakens restoration strength according to the difference that depends on the color of the optical transfer function on the basis of the information acquired by the information acquisition unit, and makes the restoration strength of the restoration filter weaker than the restoration strength of an ideal filter decided assuming that the difference that depends on the color of the optical transfer function does not exist. As a result, the overcorrection is reduced..
Fujifilm Corporation


Restoration filter generation device and method, image processing device and method, imaging device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

A restoration filter generation device which generates a restoration filter for performing a restoration process on luminance system image data, the restoration process being based on a point-image distribution in an optical system, the luminance system image data being image data relevant to luminance and being generated based on image data for each color of multiple colors, the restoration filter generation device including an mtf acquisition device which acquires a modulation transfer function mtf for the optical system; and a restoration filter generation device which generates the restoration filter based on the modulation transfer function mtf, the restoration filter suppressing an mtf value of image data for each color of the multiple colors to 1.0 or less at least in a region of a particular spatial frequency or less, the image data for each color of the multiple colors corresponding to the luminance system image data after the restoration process.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Restoration filter generation device and method, image processing device, imaging device, and non-transitory computer-readable medium

A restoration filter generation device that generates a restoration filter for a restoration process on the basis of a point spread in an optical system, the restoration process being performed on luminance system image data as image data concerning a luminance which is generated on the basis of image data for each color of plural colors acquired by an image pickup device having the optical system, the restoration filter generation device includes a first transfer function acquisition device, a correction information acquisition device, a second transfer function acquisition device, a third transfer function calculation device, and a restoration filter generation device that generates the restoration filter for the restoration process on the basis of the third transfer function calculated by the third transfer function calculation device.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Time lmited code

A method including authenticating a voucher which has a time limited validity period. The method comprises: a user requesting issuance of a token to a customer in a machine readable form; and issuing one or more modified versions of the token to the user, each modified version of the token being associated with a different time period of validity of the token; scanning the ticket on a scanning device connected to a terminal operated by the user; the scanning device modifying the token according to a current time period; and the terminal operated by the user comparing the modified token provided by the scanner with the modified tokens issued by the central server to validate the scanned token.
Mobile Technology Holdings Limited


Invisible optical label for transmitting information between computing devices

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method and system for sharing information between a first computing device and a second computing device. In the described embodiments, an optical label, such as, for example a qr code, is generated on the first computing device.
Apple Inc.


Paper sheet or presentation board such as white board with markers for assisting processing by digital cameras

A surface object comprises a surface with a boundary, the surface having a background color. At least one optical marker is provided on the surface for assisting of image processing for improving appearance of an image of the surface with the boundary.
Whitelines Ab


Processing container images and identifiers using optical character recognition and geolocation

Embodiments include a system configured to process location information for objects in a site comprising an imaging device configured to take a picture of an object, the picture containing a unique identifier of the object; a global positioning system (gps) component associated with the imaging device and configured to tag the image of the object with gps location information of the object to generate a tagged image; a communications interface configured to transmit the tagged image to a server computer remote from the imaging device over an internet protocol (ip) network; and a processor of the server configured to perform optical character recognition (ocr) on the picture and to create an indicator code corresponding to the identifier of the object, wherein the processor is further configured to create a processed result containing the indicator code and the location to locate the object within the site.. .
Hki Systems And Service Llc


Wearable capturing image data using multiple image sensors

A wearable apparatus and method are provided for capturing image data. In one implementation, a wearable apparatus for capturing image data is provided.
Orcam Technologies Ltd.


Latent fingerprint detectors and fingerprint scanners therefrom

This document relates to systems and method for latent fingerprint detection using specular reflection (glare). An exemplary system may include a light source alignment portion configured to align a light source at an illumination angle relative to a sample surface such that the light source illuminates a sample surface so that the surface produces specular reflection.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Information apparatus, management server, and copy control method

An information recording and playback apparatus includes an input processing unit that obtains a bonus feature obtaining code for requesting permission to copy content data, a playback control unit that reads a content id from an optical disc, a communication control unit that transmits the bonus feature obtaining code and the content id to a copy management server and that receives, from the copy management server, a copy permission condition that is associated with a combination of the bonus feature obtaining code and the content id and that indicates a condition under which content data stored in the optical disc is copied to another recording medium, and a recording control unit that copies the content data stored in the optical disc to the other recording medium in accordance with the copy permission condition.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Detecting multitouch events in an optical touch-sensitive device using touch event templates

An optical touch-sensitive device is able to determine the locations of multiple simultaneous touch events. The optical touch-sensitive device includes multiple emitters and detectors.
Rapt Ip Limited


Optical coupling of light into touch-sensing systems

A touch-sensitive apparatus operates by light frustration (ftir) and comprises a light transmissive panel (1) with a front surface and a rear surface. Light emitters (2) and light detectors (3) optically face the rear surface along a perimeter of a touch-sensitive region (4) on the panel (1).
Flatfrog Laboratories Ab


Data device including ofn functionality

A data entry device including a housing, data entry circuitry located within the housing, a keypad mounted in the housing and having a plurality of movable key elements which, when depressed, are displaced to at least a predetermined extent from a first location within the housing to a second location within the housing and optical finger navigation (ofn) circuitry mounted inside the housing, being operative for sensing at least some of the plurality of movable key elements when depressed and displaced to at least the predetermined extent from the first location within the housing to the second location within the housing and providing a key displacement output indicating key displacement to the data entry circuitry.. .
Verifone, Inc.


Device for entering information into a data processing system

A device for entering information into a data processing system having a position-sensitive optical sensor surface which is connected to the data processing system runs around a data processing system display surface, the optical sensor surface being suitable for detecting the position of the intersections between the sensor surface and a cross-sectional surface of a light beam emitted from a luminous indicator. A light curtain which is parallel to the display surface extends on the user side of the display surface, wherein the sensor surface is the optical detector of the light curtain..
Isioiri Interface Technologies Gnbh


Machine-learning based tap detection

An electronic device can be configured to enable a user to provide input via a tap of the device without the use of touch sensors (e.g., resistive, capacitive, ultrasonic or other acoustic, infrared or other optical, or piezoelectric touch technologies) and/or mechanical switches. Such a device can include other sensors, including inertial sensors (e.g., accelerometers, gyroscopes, or a combination thereof), microphones, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, and/or cameras, among others, that can be used to capture respective sensor data.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Autonomous mobile work system comprising a variable reflectivity base station

The disclosed technology relates to a method and system for localizing and confining an autonomous mobile work system or systems for performing work in a user defined space is disclosed. The system can include two or more variable reflective base stations at first and second locations that can modify their optical or electromagnetic reflectivity based upon either an external command via wired or wireless communications interface, or automatically on a regular or asynchronous time schedule under programmed or user settable control.
Mtd Products Inc


Image forming apparatus and control controlling the same

An image forming apparatus includes an exposing device including: light sources including light emitting portions and respectively for photoconductors; a deflector for deflecting light from each light emitting portion; optical systems each for using the deflected light to form an image on the photoconductor; and a first beam detector for detecting reference light deflected by the deflector. A storage stores parameters respectively for the light emitting portions.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical-writing-head positioner and image forming apparatus incorporating same

An optical-writing-head positioner includes a spacer disposed between a latent image bearer to bear a latent image and an optical writing head to expose the latent image bearer to light to form a latent image on a surface of the latent image bearer. The spacer positions the optical writing head with respect to the latent image bearer.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method

In an embodiment, a lithographic projection apparatus has an off-axis image field and a concave refractive lens as the final element of the projection system. The concave lens can be cut-away in parts not used optically to prevent bubbles from being trapped under the lens..
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Method and device for the correction of imaging defects

The disclosure relates to a microlithography projection exposure system having optical corrective elements configured to modify the imaging characteristics, as well as related systems and component.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Model-based control of an optical imaging device

The disclosure provides a method for determining an actual input value of an input variable for a control unit of an imaging device.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Fabrication of high efficiency, high quality, large area diffractive waveplates and arrays

The objective of the present invention is providing a method for fabricating high quality diffractive waveplates and their arrays that exhibit high diffraction efficiency over large area, the method being capable of inexpensive large volume production. The method uses a polarization converter for converting the polarization of generally non-monochromatic and partially coherent input light beam into a pattern of periodic spatial modulation at the output of said polarization converter.
U.s. Government As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Mask pattern correcting method

A mask pattern correcting method according to an embodiment is a correcting method of a mask pattern to be used in a semiconductor device manufacturing process. In the correcting method, a plurality of kernels calculated based on an optical system of an exposure tool is prepared.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Projection-type image display apparatus

A projection-type image display apparatus includes a light source unit that emits light, an image generating unit that generates image light according to an input video signal, a light-guide optical system that guides the light from the light source unit to the image generating unit, and a projection optical system that projects the image light generated by the image generating unit. The light source unit includes a light source that produces light, phosphor that is excited by the light from the light source, and a dichroic mirror that directs the light from the light source to the phosphor.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Light-emitting apparatus and a related projection system

A light-emitting apparatus and a related projection system. The light-emitting apparatus comprises an excitation light source generating an excitation light and a first supplemental laser source generating a first light; a wavelength conversion apparatus comprising a first wavelength conversion layer for absorbing the excitation light to generate a converted light without absorbing the first light; the wavelength conversion layer receiving at one side thereof the excitation light and the first light and emits at same side at least a portion of the first light; a light guide apparatus comprising a smaller first area and a larger second area, the first light and the excitation light respectively entering the first and second areas via a first optical path, and being respectively guided by the first and second areas to the wavelength conversion apparatus; the second area also guiding the converted light and the reflected first light to a second optical path..
Appotronics China Corporation


Heat dissipation assembly and projection apparatus with the same

A heat dissipation assembly for a projection apparatus is provided. The projection apparatus includes a light source, optical elements and a heat dissipation assembly.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Camera housing for reducing internal reflections and camera comprising same

A camera includes a camera housing with a housing wall demarcating the interior of the camera housing, an optical aperture and a lenslet aperture extending through the housing wall, and an opaque blocking wall adjoined to and extending inwardly from the housing wall and circumscribing the lenslet aperture; a lenslet in the lenslet aperture aligned with an on-camera light source; a lens contained within the camera housing and aligned with the optical aperture to receive light entering the camera housing through the optical aperture; an imager within the camera housing and aligned with the lens to capture light passing through the lens; and circuitry contained within the camera housing communicative with the imager and operable to operate the camera. The circuitry includes a printed circuit board that abuts the opaque blocking wall and on which is mounted a light source positioned to be circumscribed by the opaque blocking wall..
Avigilon Corporation


Photographing apparatus and photographing control system

The photographing condition parameter setters set parameters related to photographing conditions. The image sensor drive controller changes the drive range of the image sensor and the optical low-pass filter effect, which are defined by the image sensor driver, based on the photographing condition parameters set by the photographing condition parameter setters..


Adjustable optical axis control

A device for aligning the optical axis of a camera is disclosed. The optical alignment device comprises a bracket attaching the device to a frame, the frame incorporating a camera system therein, the camera system having an optical axis projecting substantially horizontally from the camera system, a housing comprising a first part fixed to a first side of the bracket; and a second part comprising a prism refracting the optical axis of the camera system based on a power of the prism and a rotation of the prism with respect to the optical axis and a hinge between the first part and the second part, the hinge rotating the second part with respect to the first part..
Designs For Vision, Inc.


Methods and idler extraction in high power optical parametric amplifiers

An optical parametric amplifier and methods for idler extraction therein. Certain examples provide a method of extracting the idler at intermediate points within the optical parametric amplifier chain to improve conversion efficiency and/or maintain high beam quality (high strehl ratio), where the pump beam has non-uniform profile.
Raytheon Company


Optical semiconductor device and producing the same

An optical semiconductor device including: a substrate having a principal surface; a first and a second optical waveguides disposed on the principal surface of the substrate, the first and second optical waveguides extending in a first direction, the second optical waveguide being arranged adjacent to the first optical waveguide in a second direction intersecting with the first direction; a first and a second signal electrodes disposed on the first and second optical waveguides; a resistor disposed on the principal surface, the resistor being arranged between the first optical waveguide and the second optical waveguide, the resistor being electrically connected to the first signal electrode and the second signal electrode; a resin layer disposed on the principal surface, top surfaces of the first and second signal electrodes, and the resistor; and a capacitor disposed on the resin layer, the capacitor being electrically connected to the resistor through an opening of the resin layer.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Modulator and production method thereof

A modulator including: a mach-zehnder modulator that includes an optical waveguide disposed on a substrate, the optical waveguide including an electrode thereon; a resin layer disposed on the substrate, the resin layer embedding the optical waveguide, the resin layer having a groove arranged besides the optical waveguide; a termination resistor disposed on the substrate in the groove of the resin layer; and a first wiring disposed on the resin layer, the first wiring being connected to the termination resistor and the electrode of the optical waveguide.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Display device and manufacturing the same

A display device optimized to operate in a low frame rate mode under certain predetermined conditions is provided. To reduce pixel discharge during the low frame rate mode, the display device employees the tfts with metal oxide semiconductor layer, the optical alignment layer with an upper portion and a lower portion having different resistivity.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Liquid crystal display device

Disclosed is an lcd device with reduced thickness and bezel width. The lcd device includes a liquid crystal display panel configured to include an upper substrate and a lower substrate that are facing-coupled to each other, a backlight unit configured to include a light guide plate which irradiates light incident from a light source module on the liquid crystal display panel and an optical sheet disposed on the light guide plate, and a coupling member configured to couple the liquid crystal display panel to the light guide plate with the optical sheet therebetween such that a sealed space is provided between the liquid crystal display panel and the light guide plate..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Display device

Provided is a display device having a narrower bezel without deteriorating quality of an image displayed in an image display area. A display device (a) includes a display unit (6), a light source (3), an optical process member (4) having a peripheral edge part with a first depression (401), a support member (2) for supporting a peripheral edge part of a first surface of the optical process member (4), a holding member (5) disposed on a second surface side different from the first surface of the optical process member, and a second protrusion (52) protruding from the holding member (5) so as to be entered in the first depression (401)..
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.


Electro-optic modulator device, optical device and making an optical device

An electro-optic modulator device includes a modulation region, a reflecting region, a conductive line and an anti-reflecting region. The modulation region includes a doped region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Patterned articles and methods for coating substrates with a patterned layer

Patterned articles include a substantially transparent substrate having at least one optical property, the substrate further having an outer surface and an inner surface; and at least one patterned layer on the outer surface of the substrate, the at least one patterned layer visible on the outer surface and having at least one optical property substantially matching the at least one optical property of the substrate, whereby visibility of the at least one patterned layer is at least partially restricted through the inner surface. Methods of forming a patterned article are also disclosed..
Quantum Innovations, Inc.

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