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Device utilizing an optical signal to access an access point

Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports

Secure real-time health record exchange

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical-related patents
 Method for identifying pulse optical signal and device thereof patent thumbnailMethod for identifying pulse optical signal and device thereof
The invention provides a method for identifying pulse optical signal, including: a. Receiving first trigger information; b.
 Device utilizing an optical signal to access an access point patent thumbnailDevice utilizing an optical signal to access an access point
Disclosed is a device that receives an optical signal having an authorization code that allows the device to utilize an access point to obtain access to the internet and other networks. The device may include: a modem; a light sensor; and a processor.
 Rate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports patent thumbnailRate adaptive irregular qc-ldpc codes from pairwise balanced designs for ultra-high-speed optical transports
Systems and methods for data transport include encoding one or more streams of input data using one or more quasi-cyclic low density parity check (qc-ldpc) encoders; controlling irregularity of the qc-ldpc encoded data while preserving the quasi-cyclic nature of the ldpc encoded data and eliminating the error floor phenomenon. A parity-check matrix may be partially reconfigured to adapt one or more code rates; and one or more signals are generated using a mapper, wherein the output of the mapper is modulated onto a transmission medium.
 Secure real-time health record exchange patent thumbnailSecure real-time health record exchange
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for accessing electronic medical records are provided in which a portable computing device uniquely associated with a user authenticates an identification of the user and automatically retrieves information corresponding to the user from electronic healthcare records systems using the identification. The retrieved information may be combined with other information and electronically delivered to a healthcare provider or patient.
 Integrating local products into global web services, patent thumbnailIntegrating local products into global web services,
Systems and methods are disclosed herein for integrating locally carried products into web services provided by a global server. A user computing device, such as a mobile phone, is used to scan optical codes for products.
 Real-time resampling of optical coherence tomography signals using a field programmable gate array patent thumbnailReal-time resampling of optical coherence tomography signals using a field programmable gate array
A signal processing system implemented on a field programmable gate array (fpga) operates according to a low frequency k-clock to sample optical coherence topography (oct) signals, as opposed to relying on a high frequency k-clock to obtain the same information. A resampler is used to resample the oct signal uniformly in the optical frequency domain.
 Integrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing patent thumbnailIntegrated time dependent dielectric breakdown reliability testing
Systems for reliability testing include a picometer configured to measure a leakage current across a device under test (dut); a camera configured to measure optical emissions from the dut based on a timing of the measurement of the leakage current; and a test system configured to apply a stress voltage to the dut and to correlate the leakage current with the optical emissions using a processor to determine a time and location of a defect occurrence within the dut by locating instances of increased noise in the leakage current that correspond in time with instances of increased optical emissions.. .
 Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing patent thumbnailMedical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing
A system, device and method include a sensing enabled device having an optical fiber configured to perform distributed sensing of temperature-induced strain. An interpretation module is configured to receive optical signals from the optical fiber within a body and interpret the optical signals to determine one or more temperatures or temperature gradients of the device..
 Optical capsule and spectroscopic method for treating and diagnosing the intestinal tract patent thumbnailOptical capsule and spectroscopic method for treating and diagnosing the intestinal tract
A device and method for mapping, diagnosing and treating disorders or other diseases, disorders or conditions (e.g., bleeding, ischemic or necrotic tissue, and presence of certain chemicals or substances) of the intestinal tract is provided using a capsule passing through the intestinal tract and sensing optical characteristics as the capsule passes through. Further, a capsule tracking system is provided for tracking a capsule's location along the length of an intestinal tract as various treatment and/or sensing modalities are employed.
 Magnetic field measurement apparatus patent thumbnailMagnetic field measurement apparatus
A magnetic field measurement apparatus includes a probe beam irradiating unit that radiates a probe beam. A gas cell is arranged on an optical axis of the probe beam and shows a linear dichroism with respect to the probe beam between a first axis and a second axis.
Probe with optoacoustic isolator
An optoacoustic probe including an ultrasound transducer array, an acoustic lens and a light path separated from the transducer array by an isolator to mitigate light energy from the light path from reaching the transducer array. The isolator being formed from a mixture including a flexible carrier, a coloring and between 10% and 80% by volume micro-bubbles.
Method and optical system for evaluating concentrations of components in tissue
A method and an optical system for evaluating the spatial distribution of the concentrations of components in tissue are disclosed. The novel detecting probe included in the optical system comprises plural optical fiber sets, each optical fiber set respectively comprises at least one source optical fiber and at least one detector optical fiber, the source optical fiber connects with the multi-wavelength light source, the source optical fiber delivers light from the multi-wavelength light source onto a tested tissue; and the angle between one optical fiber set and another optical fiber set is greater than 0° and less than and not equal to 180°.
Biological optical measurement apparatus, measurement probe, and biological optical measurement system
A biological optical measurement apparatus includes a connector unit to which a measurement probe is detachably connected, a supply unit configured to supply air to the connector unit, a pipe that connects the connector unit and the supply unit, a pressure detection unit configured to detect a pressure value in the pipe, and an abrasion determination unit configured to determine abrasion of the connector unit based on the pressure value detected by the pressure detection unit under conditions that the measurement probe is connected to the connector unit.. .
Inorganic oxide transparent dispersion, resin composition used to form transparent composite, transparent composite, and optical member
An inorganic oxide transparent dispersion, a resin composition used to form a transparent composite, a transparent composite, and an optical member which can improve the optical characteristics and mechanical characteristics of resins while maintaining the transparency of the resins are provided by uniformly dispersing inorganic oxide particles in a high-polarity solvent. The inorganic oxide transparent dispersion contains inorganic oxide particles which are modified using a surface modifier and have an average dispersed particle diameter in a range of 1 nm to 50 nm, a high-polarity solvent which dissolves resins and does not easily erode curable resins obtained by curing the resins, and a basic substance, and the high-polarity solvent is any one or two of alcohols and ethers..
High purity nickel molds for optical quality glass forming
The present disclosure relates to high purity nickel molds for use in forming three dimensional glass substrates, along with methods of making three dimensional glass substrates. The mold compositions minimize imperfections in the formed glass substrates providing optical quality shaped glass articles for use in electronics applications..
Methods and apparatus for conditioning of chemical mechanical polishing pads
A method and apparatus for conditioning a polishing pad is provided. In one embodiment, a pad conditioning device for a substrate polishing process is provided.
Method of laser separation of the epitaxial film or of the epitaxial film layer from the growth substrate of the epitaxial semiconductor structure (variations)
The present invention proposes variations of the laser separation method allowing separating homoepitaxial films from the substrates made from the same crystalline material as the epitaxial film this new method of laser separation is based on using the selective doping of the substrate and epitaxial film with fine donor and acceptor impurities. In selective doping, concentration of free carries in the epitaxial film and substrate may essentially differ and this can lead to strong difference between the light absorption factors in the infrared region near the residual beams region where free carriers and phonon-plasmon interaction of the optical phonons with free carriers make an essential contribution to infrared absorption of the optical phonons.
Method for processing semiconductors using a combination of electron beam and optical lithography
Forming an alignment mark on a semiconductor structure using an optical lithography to form a metal alignment mark on a substrate of the structure, using the formed metal alignment mark to form a first feature of a semiconductor device being formed on the substrate using optical lithography, and using the formed metal alignment mark to form a second, different feature for the semiconductor using electron beam lithography. In one embodiment, the first feature is an ohmic contact, the second feature is a schottky contact, the metal alignment mark is a refractory metal or a refractory metal compound having an atomic weight greater than 60 such as tan and the semiconductor device is a gan semiconductor device.
Immunochromatography detection sensor comprising optical waveguide and a detection method using the same
The present invention relates to an immunochromatographic detection sensor comprising optical waveguides and a detection method using the same, and more particularly, to an immunochromatographic detection sensor comprising optical waveguides, in which the optical waveguides are provided under the membrane, probe beams transmitted through the optical waveguide maximize the interaction frequency between evanescent wave generated on the surface of the optical waveguide and the colored conjugate in the band formed on the membrane, resulting in the absorbance signal from the colored conjugate being greatly amplified to improve the sample detection sensitivity, and to a detection method using the same.. .
Optical measuring apparatus and method for the analysis of samples contained in liquid drops
An optical measuring apparatus and method for analysis of samples contained in liquid drops provided by a liquid handling system has a liquid handling tip. A light source irradiates the liquid drop; a detector measures sample light; and an optics system with first optical elements transmits irradiation light, and a processor processes the measurement signals.
Cartridge for conducting a chemical reaction
A cartridge for conducting a chemical reaction includes a body having at least one flow path formed therein. The cartridge also includes a reaction vessel extending from the body for holding a reaction mixture for chemical reaction and optical detection.
Mask blank, transfer mask, method of manufacturing a transfer mask, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
A mask blank is used for manufacturing a binary mask adapted to be applied with arf excimer laser exposure light and has a light-shielding film for forming a transfer pattern on a transparent substrate. The light-shielding film has a laminated structure of a lower layer and an upper layer and has an optical density of 2.8 or more for the exposure light.
Method for depositing silicon carbide film
A film deposition method of a silicon carbide thin film having a high transmissivity and high film strength applicable for optical use purposes is provided. The film can be formed safely and efficiently in a short time and on a low heat resistance substrate.
Wide-view optical film having reversed wavelength dispersion
An optical compensation film is disclosed herein, which is made by uniaxially or biaxially stretching of a multilayer film including a first polymer film having a refractive index profile satisfying the equations of (nx+ny)/2≧nz and . .
Liquid filled light distributor and a method of use
The present invention relates to liquid filled light distributor comprising an elongated tubular body with a tube wall defining an in inner lumen filled with a liquid, said tubular body having—a proximal end closed by first closing means—a distal end closed by second closing means. Wherein the proximal end is arranged to be in optical communication with a light source and wherein the refractive index of the tube wall is n1 and the refractive index of the fluid is n2 and n1/n2<1 so that light from the light source travels along the longitudinal direction of the tubular body and that a part of the light is emitted through the tube wall along at least a part of the tubular body.
Vehicle having a nanocomposite optical ceramic dome
A vehicle, such as a missile, is disclosed. The vehicle includes an optically transparent dome, a vehicle body, and a brazed joint directly coupling the dome to the vehicle body.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes process units arranged in a predetermined direction to form a process-unit row, each having a photosensitive body and a developer container; a casing accommodating the process units and having a cover opening and closing an opening formed at one side in the predetermined direction, and an exposure member exposing the photosensitive body, and having a laser source, a deflector, and an optical element, and the exposure member is arranged facing the developer container of each process unit in a direction orthogonal to the predetermined direction. The process units are detachable from the casing, through the opening of the casing, and the developer container of one process unit arranged at one end of the process-unit row has a protruding portion protruding toward the exposure member to overlap with the exposure member in the orthogonal direction..
Modulation unit
A modulation unit for a quantum communication system, wherein said modulation unit comprises an optical component configured to cause a delay between photons with different polarisation modes and a phase modulator, the optical component comprising a birefringent optical material, wherein the birefringent optical material supports the transmission of photons with a first polarisation mode and a second polarisation mode, wherein the optical path length for photons propagating with the first polarisation mode is different to the optical path length of photons propagating with the second polarisation mode, photons with the first polarisation mode having an orthogonal polarisation to those with the second polarisation mode, the phase modulator being configured to apply a further phase difference between photons with the first and second polarisation mode which pass through said modulation unit.. .
Systems for differential optical signaling
According to one embodiment, a system for transmitting differential optical signals can include an optical modulation device, a multi-core optical waveguide, and a balanced optical receiver. The optical modulation device can include at least one optical input port and multiple optical output ports.
Intelligent bail
An identification device is configured to be coupled externally to an optoelectronic device to provide connectivity and/or identification information in an optical network in which the optoelectronic device is implemented. The identification device may include an integrated circuit with unique identification information and a plurality of contacts coupled to the integrated circuit and configured to be coupled to an outside identification system.
Method, system, and apparatus for transmitting data information by using optical signals
A method, a system, and an apparatus for transmitting data information by using optical signals are disclosed. The method includes: selecting at least two optical carriers, where the at least two optical carriers correspond to at least two optical frequency slots, and a vacant optical frequency slot or an optical frequency slot occupied by other optical signals exists between the two optical frequency slots; modulating data information onto the at least two optical carriers to form a channel of optical signals, so that the channel of optical signals occupies the at least two optical frequency slots, and a vacant optical frequency slot or an optical frequency slot occupied by other optical signals exists between the two optical frequency slots; and sending the channel of optical signals..
Method for split spectrum signalling in an optical network
The example embodiments presented herein are directed towards an optical network element, one, node (14), and corresponding method therein, for establishing multiple spectral routing in an optical transport network. The establishment of the multiple spectral routing features the use of a split-spectrum label, ssl, (11) which comprises multiple definitions for spectral slots, where each definition has an absolute starting and an absolute ending frequency allocation..
Integrating optical fiber with coaxial cable
Certain embodiments herein relate to a hybrid cable that includes a center conductor for disturbing electrical signals and one or more optical fibers adjacent to the center conductor for distributing light signals in a service provider network. According to one configuration, materials found in a coaxial cable may be included in the hybrid cable, such as a dielectric material, one or more protective shields, and an outer protective core.
External cavity laser and system for wave division multiplexing-passive optical network
The embodiments of the present invention disclose an external cavity laser (ecl), relate to the field of wave division multiplexing-passive optical network (wdm-pon) technology, and effectively solve a problem of unstable output optical power of the ecl caused by polarization dependence. The ecl includes a gain medium, a filter, and a faraday rotator mirror (frm).
Optical packet switching system
An optical packet switching system includes optical packet switching apparatus and an optical packet transmitting apparatus. The optical packet switching apparatus includes client optical delay units for delaying optical packet signals, network optical delay units for delaying one of the network optical packet signals, the network optical delay unit having a longer delay time than the client optical delay unit, an optical switch unit for switching the route of the inputted client optical packet signal so as to be sent out, an optical switch control unit for controlling the optical switch unit.
Optical switch
The discloser provides a multi-input and multi-output optical switch capable of switching over all wdm wavelengths. An optical switch according to one embodiment includes: an optical demultiplexing element (3) that demultiplexes an optical signal from at least one input port into individual wavelengths; a first optical deflection element (5), which deflects an incident optical signal, that deflects the wavelength-separated optical signal incoming from the optical demultiplexing element to change a traveling direction for each wavelength to a switch axis direction perpendicular to a wavelength dispersion axis direction; a second optical deflection element (8) that deflects the optical signal incoming from the first optical deflection element to change the traveling direction to the switch axis direction for output to at least one of the output ports; and an optical multiplexing element (10) that multiplexes the optical signal with the different wavelengths incoming from the second optical deflection element..
Optical switch and protocols for use therewith
A method of establishing a data connection between terminal switching nodes in a network and switching nodes for implementing the method. The method involves switching nodes participating in a network layer wavelength routing (wr) protocol to determine the next hop switching node for every possible combination of terminal nodes based on the network topology.
Method and apparatus providing wave division multiplexing optical communication system with active carrier hopping
A wave division multiplexing (wdm) system is disclosed which accommodates shifts in the resonant frequency of optical modulators by using at least two carriers per optical communications channel and at least two resonant modulator circuits respectively associated with the carriers within each optical modulator. A first resonant modulator circuit resonates with a first carrier and a second resonates with a second carrier when there is a shift in resonance frequency of the at least two resonant optical modulator circuits.
Optical switch and protocols for use therewith
A method of establishing a data connection between terminal switching nodes in a network and switching nodes for implementing the method. The method involves switching nodes participating in a network layer wavelength routing (wr) protocol to determine the next hop switching node for every possible combination of terminal nodes based on the network topology.
Multi-direction variable optical transceiver
An optical transceiver including a multi-direction variable transmitter including multiple outputs with different subcarriers being directed to different ones of the outputs to go to different directions in a network, and a multi-direction variable receiver for receiving multiple inputs thereby enabling transmission direction in a network with the transceiver at subcarrier granularity and avoiding entire super-channel granularity and enabling unused subcarriers to be utilized for traffic in other directions or destinations and making switching granularity finer for flexibility in the network.. .
Fiber bypass module and its adapted in-line equipment
A fiber bypass module and its adapted in-line equipment are provided. The fiber bypass module has an optical switch, a plurality of connectors, and a circuit substrate with an electrical signal control connector exposed.
System and method for precise, accurate and stable optical timing information definition including internally self-consistent substantially jitter free timing reference
An optoelectronic timing system includes an optical timing compensation system in which optical pulses from a semiconductor laser are advanced or retarded based upon an expected arrival time. The pulses are directed into a number of time-quantifiable optical paths.
Multidimensional coded-modulation for high-speed optical transport over few-mode fibers
Systems and methods for data transport are provided which encode streams of data using low density parity check (ldpc) encoders and map data streams to symbols, by assigning bits of symbols to a signal constellation and associating bits with constellation points. Constellation points are generated using a d-dimensional optimum signal constellation design (oscd) method.
Optical transceiver for performing data communication and optical link monitoring, and optical network system
An optical transceiver and an optical network system for performing a data communication and monitoring an optical link are disclosed. The optical transceiver may simultaneously perform the data communication and monitor the optical link, and a wavelength of an optical signal for the data communication and a wavelength of an optical signal for monitoring the optical link may be differently set..
Apparatus and method for monitoring wavelength tunable optical filter
A monitoring apparatus, that monitors a wavelength tunable optical filter for filtering an optical signal to which a frequency modulation component is added, includes: an optical filter configured to filter the optical signal output from the wavelength tunable optical filter; a detector configured to detect amplitude of the frequency modulation component included in the optical signal output from the optical filter; a generator configured to generate an output-side amplitude distribution representing a distribution of the amplitude of the frequency modulation component detected by the detector, by sweeping a transmission wavelength of the optical filter; and a monitoring unit configured to monitor arrangement of a transmission wavelength band of the wavelength tunable optical filter with respect to a spectrum of the optical signal based on the output-side amplitude distribution generated by the generator.. .
Measuring device and method of measuring signal transmission time difference thereof
Provided is a method of measuring signal transmission time difference of a measuring device. The measuring device according to embodiments, by measuring a skew on two optical paths through signal delays of sufficient sizes for skew measurement on the optical paths, even a skew having a minute size can be measured within a measureable range..
Device for monitoring optical link fault and method thereof
There are provided a device for monitoring an optical link fault and a method thereof. According to an embodiment of the invention, the device for monitoring an optical link fault and the method thereof apply an optical link fault monitoring signal to an optical link and precisely identify a type of the fault using waveforms of a reflected signal returned from the optical link or a wavelength dependence of reflected signal intensity..
Call setup systems and methods using dynamic link tagging and overbooking of links in multi-domain transport networks
Call setup methods in a multi-domain network and a multi-domain network use dynamic link tagging and/or overbooking of external network-network interface (enni) links. Thus, improved call setup systems and methods include two approaches to improve upon the responsiveness of the network for connection setups including bandwidth reservation in optical networks using “dynamic link tags” and link overbooking in optical networks based on a greedy approach.
Optical transmitter
Disclosed is an optical transceiver 1 including a phase locked loop circuit 3a configured to receive a reference clock cl1 and remove a jitter component of the reference clock cl1; a second phase locked loop circuit 3b configured to receive an output of the first phase locked loop circuit, generate a multiplied clock cl3 synchronized with the output, and when the frequency of the output deviates from a predetermined range and is in an abnormal state, output an alarm signal alm1; and an optical transmitter module 5 configured to output an optical output signal modulated based on the multiplied clock cl3 and electrical signals d1, d2, d3, and d4 from the outside.. .
Low-loss uv to mid ir optical tellurium oxide glass and fiber for linear, non-linear and active devices
A tellurium oxide glass that is stable, strong and chemically durable exhibits low optical loss from the uv band well into the mir band. Unwanted absorption mechanisms in the mir band are removed or reduced so that the glass formulation exhibits optical performance as close as possible to the theoretical limit of a tellurium oxide glass.
Secure sc optical fiber connector and removal tools
An optical fiber connector plug having an anti-snag guide to prevent the plug from being caught on corners and edges when an attached cable is being pulled around corners and edges during installation and removal of the optical fiber connector plug. The optical fiber connector plug includes a unique arrangement of different width apertures corresponding to a removal tool having corresponding different width prongs to be received by the apertures to release the optical fiber connector plug from a coupling adapter..
Optical transmission module
In an optical transmission module, an optical fiber includes a core wire made of a resin and a cover portion made of a resin and covering the core wire, and has an end surface formed by cutting the core wire and the cover portion by the same plane. A plug includes an optical device optically coupled to the core wire and a sealing resin containing the optical device and having a bottom surface with which the end surface is in contact..
Splice chips for optical fiber splice cassettes
A splice chip includes a base, separation members extending upwardly from the base to define a plurality of rows, and latching fingers extending upwardly from the base to further define the rows. At least one of the rows includes at least a first latching finger, a second latching finger, and a third latching finger.
Optical fiber adapter
An optical fiber adapter according to the present disclosure includes a main body, an inner housing and a cover plate. The main body has an accommodation room in an axial direction defined by a first wall, a second wall, a third wall and a fourth wall, wherein the first wall faces the third wall and connects with the second and fourth walls.
Non-destructive dissipation of excess optical energy
Optical energy in excess of that which is properly coupled into the core of an optical fiber is non-destructively redirected and benignly dissipated so as to minimize damage in a fiber coupled system.. .
Color coded optical fibers
The specification describes an optical fiber color coding scheme that uses two colors, where each of the two colors constitutes one half of the surface of the optical fiber coating. If a longitudinal portion of the coating is considered a hollow cylinder, then each of the two colors is a hollow hemi-cylinder.
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
Optical transmitter/receiver apparatus and method of manufacturing same
The purpose of the present invention is to improve the heat dissipation propert(ies) of the circuit board and/or an optical module while securing a sufficient mounting area of a circuit board. An optical transmitter/receiver apparatus includes a case including a base and a cover, a circuit board and an optical module.
Optical signal transmission device
An optical signal transmission device includes a first and a second photoelectric converting device, a first and a second connector, a plurality of first optical fibers, a plurality of second optical fibers, and an adapter module. The first and the second photoelectric converting devices are electrically connected with the first and the second electronic device.
Hermetic optical fiber alignment assembly
A hermetic optical fiber alignment assembly, including a first ferrule portion having a first surface provided with a plurality of grooves receiving the end sections of optical fibers, wherein the grooves define the location and orientation of the end sections with respect to the first ferrule portion, and a second ferrule portion having a second surface facing the first surface of the first ferrule, wherein the first ferrule portion is attached to the second ferrule portion with the first surface against the second surface, wherein a cavity is defined between the first ferrule portion and the second ferrule portion, wherein the cavity is wider than the grooves, and wherein a suspended section of each optical fiber is suspended in the cavity, and wherein the cavity is sealed with a sealant. The sealant extends around the suspended sections of the optical fibers within the cavity.
Fiber optic connector
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a fiber optic connector and methods of assembly thereof. In one embodiment, the fiber optic connector of the present invention is designed to help decrease the stress placed on an optical fiber during the mating of a connector with a receptacle.
Ultrahigh-density fiber distribution components
A pre-terminated distribution module is provided with a set of multicore fiber (mcf) connector adapters at its front end and a set of multifiber mcf connector adapters at a second end. The mcf connector adapters and multifiber mcf connector adapters are connected to each other within the module housing by means of an mcf fanout.
Optical module assembly with connecting mechanism
An optical module assembly comprises a first optical module and a second optical module engaged with the first optical module. Each of the first and second optical modules comprises a ferrule comprising a first planar surface, a second surface opposite to the first planar surface and at least one connecting mechanism exposed on the second surface of the ferrule, an optical waveguide mounted on the first planar surface of the ferrule, a light guide device coupling to the optical waveguide and disposed on the ferrule, an optical signal transmitted between the first planar surface and the second surface through the light guide device; and wherein the first optical module can be connected with the second optical module by the connecting mechanisms for increasing the transmitting distance of the optical signal..
Cylindrical optical ferrule alignment apparatus
An alignment sleeve for an optical fiber adapter includes features to bring precision alignment between optical fiber cores. The sleeve includes a tubular inner area to accept first and second ferrule ends of first and second connectors.
Interconnecting adapter for lc type optical connectors
The invention prevents an lc type optical connector plug from seriously harming a body of a worker, particularly eyes of the worker in a work for fitting the lc type optical connector plug having various concavo-convex shapes. A connector housing (1) has in its inner side of a side wall a guide groove line (7a, 7b, 12) which inserts and guides lc type optical connector plugs (p1, p2) from its fitting portion, and a recess portion (11b) which conforms to a swing motion of a shutter plate (11), and the guide groove line (7a, 7b, 12) is constructed by cutting a part of the guide groove line (7a, 7b, 12) so as to form the same planar shape by forming the recess portion (11b)..
Optical fiber coupling connector with layered arrays of optical fibers
An optical fiber coupling connector of compactness includes a main body, and first and second layers of optical fibers which are all parallel. The main body includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a front surface, and a back surface.
Mechanically aligned optical engine
A mechanically aligned optical engine includes an optoelectronic component connected to a first side of a bench substrate and a transparent substrate bonded to a second side of the bench substrate. The transparent substrate comprises a mechanical feature designed to fit within an aperture of the bench substrate such that a lens formed onto the transparent substrate is aligned with an active region of the optoelectronic component..
Optical fiber combiner, and laser system using the same
An optical fiber combiner 1 has: a plurality of input optical fibers 20; a plurality of divergence angle reducing members 50 which lights emitted from the respective input optical fibers 20 enter and which emits the lights from the input optical fibers 20 at divergence angles made lower than divergence angles upon entrance; a bridge fiber 30 which the lights emitted from the respective divergence angle reducing members 50 enter and which has a tapered portion 34 which has a portion in which the lights propagate and a diameter of which is gradually reduced apart from a divergence angle reducing member 50 side; and an output optical fiber 40 which a light emitted from a side of the bridge fiber 30 opposite to the divergence angle reducing member 50 side enters.. .
Optical connections having magnetic coupling
Optical connections for optical communication having in-line optical paths and magnetic coupling portions are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical connection includes a lens block having an optical interface portion that defines an in-line optical path without an optical turn for optical signals propagating through the lens block, and a magnetic coupling portion disposed about at least a portion of the lens block.
Vertical optical coupler for planar photonic circuits
Described herein are an apparatus, system, and method for providing a vertical optical coupler (voc) for planar photonics circuits such as photonics circuits fabricated on silicon-on-insulator (soi) wafers. In one embodiment, the voc comprises a waveguide made from a material having refractive index in a range of 1.45 to 3.45, the waveguide comprising: a first end configured to reflect light nearly vertical by total internal reflection between the waveguide and another medium, a second end to receive the light for reflection, and a third end to output the reflected light.
Implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct
Methods and structures are provided for implementing embedded hybrid electrical-optical printed circuit board (pcb) constructs. The embedded hybrid electrical-optical pcb construct includes electrical channels and optical channels within a single physical pcb layer.
Optical-fiber array and method
Method and apparatus for forming an optical-fiber-array assembly, which include providing a plurality of optical fibers including a first optical fiber and a second optical fiber, providing a fiber-array plate that includes a first surface and a second surface, connecting the plurality of optical fibers to the first surface of the fiber-array plate, transmitting a plurality of optical signals through the optical fibers into the fiber-array plate at the first surface of the fiber-array plate, and emitting from the second surface of the fiber-array plate a composite output beam having light from the plurality of optical signals. Optionally, the first surface of the fiber-array plate includes indicia configured to assist in the alignment of the plurality of optical fibers on the first surface of the fiber-array plate.
Advanced techniques for improving high-efficiency optical modulators
Improved optical interferometric modulators have a small waveguide spacing so that the waveguide pair are close to the central electrode, to enhance electro-optic interaction. Asymmetric waveguides with differential indices are used to effectively de-couple the waveguide pair.
Sketch recognition system
Handwriting interpretation tools, such as optical character recognition (ocr), have improved over the years such that ocr is a common tool in business for interpreting typed text and sometimes handwritten text. Ocr does not apply well to non-text-only diagrams, such as chemical structure diagrams.
Optical platelet counter method
Platelets or blood cells are detected in a fluid sample by adjusting a focal depth of a microscope through a range of values, the microscope having a mounted sample and an objective lens adapted with one or both of (a) a spherical aberration correction unmatched to a utilized cover plate for the sample, or (2) a numerical aperture unmatched to a utilized illumination source for the sample. Images are recorded at different specific focal depths and in multiple z planes of a fluid bearing the platelets, where the position of platelets may overlap on different of the multiple z planes that are recorded, the images recorded through the cover plate, thus causing the generation of a specific light-dark pattern indicative of platelets at particular positions and at multiple depths in the fluid media.
Ophthalmic analysis apparatus and ophthalmic analysis program
There is provided an ophthalmic analysis apparatus configured to acquire an analysis result of a tomographic image of a subject eye which is acquired by using optical coherence tomography (oct), and to output the analysis result. The apparatus functions as a display control unit configured to control a display unit to display a two-dimensional image based on an oct tomographic image; an analysis region setting unit configured to set multiple analysis regions on the two-dimensional image displayed on the display unit by the display control unit; and an output control unit configured to acquire an analysis result in the multiple analysis regions set by the analysis region setting unit and to output the acquired analysis result..
Systems, devices, and methods for tracking moving targets
A system for tracking a moving target having up to six degrees of freedom and rapidly determining positions of the target, said system includes an easy to locate precision optical target fixed to the target. This system includes at least two cameras positioned so as to view the optical camera from different directions with each of the at least two cameras being adapted to record two dimensional images of the precision optical target defining precise target point.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Optical for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Optical with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.

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