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This page is updated frequently with new Optical-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical-related patents
 Packaging for high-power microwave module patent thumbnailPackaging for high-power microwave module
A microwave module is described. The microwave module includes a base bracket, a window plate and a lid.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

 Audio equipment patent thumbnailAudio equipment
The audio equipment has a cpu, rom, ram, a usb connector, an sd card, a dac (d/a converter), a changeover section, an amplifier, a phone (headphone) terminal, a digital i/o line-in terminal, a switch, and a display section. The digital i/o line-in terminal is a terminal which shares a digital audio optical input terminal, a digital audio coaxial input terminal, a digital audio coaxial output terminal, and an analog audio input terminal.

 Wide field-of-view stereoscopic projection system patent thumbnailWide field-of-view stereoscopic projection system
Disclosed embodiments relate to a stereoscopic projection system and methods. An exemplary disclosed projection system includes an optical component disposed between the lenses of a lens arrangement.
Reald Inc.

 Optical pattern projection patent thumbnailOptical pattern projection
optical apparatus includes first and second diffractive optical elements (does) arranged in series to diffract an input beam of radiation. The first doe is configured to apply to the input beam a pattern with a specified divergence angle, while the second doe is configured to split the input beam into a matrix of output beams with a specified fan-out angle.
Apple Inc.

 3d image sensor module and electronic apparatus including the same patent thumbnail3d image sensor module and electronic apparatus including the same
A three-dimensional (3d) image sensor device and an electronic apparatus including the 3d image sensor device are provided. The 3d image sensor device includes: a shutter driver that generates a driving voltage of a sine wave biased with a first bias voltage, from a loss-compensated recycling energy; an optical shutter that varies transmittance of reflective light reflected from a subject, according to the driving voltage, and modulates the reflective light to generate at least two optical modulation signals having different phases; and an image generator that generates 3d image data for the subject which includes depth information calculated based on a phase difference between the at least two optical modulation signals..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Spatial image projection apparatus patent thumbnailSpatial image projection apparatus
A spatial image projection apparatus including a receiver configured to receive an image signal; a display unit configured to display an image acquired by processing the image signal; a projection unit configured to project a spatial image to a prescribed space by transmitting or reflecting light corresponding to the image displayed on the display unit; and an optical-path length-converter located between the display unit and the projection unit so as to change an optical-path length of the image. Further, the optical-path length-converter includes a polarizer configured to transmit only specific polarized light, among the light introduced from the display unit, toward the projection unit, and to reflect the remaining light other than the specific polarized light; and a mirror configured to transmit light, introduced from the display unit, to the polarizer, and to convert the light reflected from the polarizer into specific polarized light so as to again reflect the light to the polarizer..
Kwangwoon University Industry-academic Collaboration Foundation

 Display device and  controlling the same patent thumbnailDisplay device and controlling the same
A display device and a method of controlling the same. The display device includes a display configured to display an image; and a controller configured to perform image processing on the displayed such that a radius of curvature of the displayed image and a radius of curvature of a visible image are different.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Blending images using mismatched source and display electro-optical transfer functions patent thumbnailBlending images using mismatched source and display electro-optical transfer functions
Input video signals characterized by a source electro-optical transfer function (eotf) are to be blended and displayed on a target display with a target eotf which is different than the source eotf. Given an input set of blending parameters, an output set of blending parameters is generated as follows.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Medical image recording device patent thumbnailMedical image recording device
A medical image recording device includes an image pickup device. The image pickup device, which includes an optical lens and an image pickup element that generates an image signal by photoelectrically converting light introduced from a subject via the optical lens, is put an operator.
Acp Japan Co., Ltd.

 Camera having optoelectronic range finder patent thumbnailCamera having optoelectronic range finder
A camera having an optoelectronic rangefinder, a focusable receiving lens and a visually observable display unit for displaying data and/or images, wherein the fact that two electronic image recording modules, which are spaced apart and the optical axes of which are aligned with a common target point, are inserted as a rangefinder into the front panel of the housing of the camera and, in order to determine the phase distance of the images of the object space recorded by the image recording modules and to compare the determined phase distance to the values for the distances assigned for the different phase distances, which are stored in a calibration table, a microprocessor unit is provided in the housing and is connected with the signal outputs of the image recording modules.. .
Leica Camera Ag


Method for assembling a camera

The present invention relates to a camera and a method for assembling a camera. The camera comprises a sensor, a lens, and a housing.
Axis Ab


Method and system for optical connection validation in a reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (roadm) node

A method of validating connections in an optical add/drop multiplexer (oadm) that includes a plurality of modules configured to route optical signals through the oadm, and at least one multi-fiber cable connecting modules of the oadm. A light source coupled to a first port of a first module is controlled to emit a test light.
Ciena Corporation


Multiple-wavelength passive optical network (pon) power saving

An optical line terminal (olt) comprising a processor configured to process a first power consumption data associated with a first optical network unit (onu) for a plurality of wavelength channels in a multiple-wavelength passive optical network (pon), and select a first target wavelength channel from the plurality of wavelength channels based on the first power consumption data in order to reduce power consumption at the first onu, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to transmit to the first onu a tuning control message instructing the first onu to tune to the first target wavelength channel.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Light receiving device and method, and optical transceiving integrated module

Disclosed is an optical receiver device which includes a photoelectric conversion module and a dispersion compensation module, wherein the photoelectric conversion module is configured to receive an optical signal and to convert the optical signal into an electrical signal; and the dispersion compensation module is configured to perform dispersion compensation on the electrical signal and to output the compensated electrical signal. At the same time, the disclosure also provides an optical receiver method and an optical transceiving integrated module.
Zte Corporation


Memory controller, memory system including the same, and electronic device including the memory system

A memory system in accordance with an embodiment of the inventive concept includes a memory controller comprising a controller optical transmission unit photoelectrically-converting a data signal to output a first optical modulation signal and a second optical modulation signal, a first memory device which is optically connected with the memory controller to receive the first optical modulation signal, and a second memory device which is optically connected with the memory controller to receive the second optical modulation signal. The first optical modulation signal and the second optical modulation signal are complementary to each other..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Time to time-frequency mapping and demapping for ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc)

Embodiments include, but are not limited to, systems and methods for enabling orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) in the upstream in an ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc) network. Embodiments include systems and methods for translating ethernet passive optical network (epon) upstream time grants to ofdma resources represented by individual subcarriers of an upstream ofdma frame.
Broadcom Corporation


Radio-over-fiber (rof) system for protocol-independent wired and/or wireless communication

A switched wireless system is used to increase the range of peer-to-peer communications. The optically-switched fiber optic communication system includes a head-end unit (heu) having a switch bank.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Upstream interference eliminating transmission of digital baseband signal in an optical network

Particular embodiments provide a method for delivering data in the upstream direction without the need for upstream radio frequency (rf) modulation. For example, in some embodiments, an optical network may reach to a gateway associated with a user device.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Optical receiver with optical transmitter-specific dispersion post-compensation

An apparatus comprising a frontend configured to convert an optical im signal associated with a remote optical transmitter into a plurality of analog electrical signals, determine a plurality of dc offsets for the analog electrical signals, remove the dc offsets from the analog electrical signals to produce a plurality of dc-free analog signals, and convert the dc-free analog signals into a plurality of dc-free digital signals, and a dsp unit coupled to the frontend and configured to perform fiber dispersion compensation on the dc-free digital signals according to a dispersion value associated with the remote optical transmitter to produce a plurality of dc-free compensated digital signals, and add the dc offsets to the compensated digital signals to produce a plurality of dc-restored compensated digital signals.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Optical transmitter and waveform distortion correction method

An optical transmitter includes: a mapper configured to generate an electric-field-information signal from transmission data; a training-signal-generation section configured to generate a training signal; a training-signal-insertion section configured to insert the training signal into the electric-field-information signal; a driver configured to generate a drive signal from the electric-field-information signal into which the training signal is inserted; a modulator configured to generate an optical-modulation signal based on the drive signal; an optical receiver configured to generate an intensity signal indicating intensity of the optical-modulation signal; a training-signal-extraction section configured to extract an intensity-training signal corresponding to the training signal, from the intensity signal; a coder configured to generate a coded-training signal by coding the intensity-training signal extracted by the training-signal-extraction section using the training signal generated by the training-signal-generation section; and a distortion detection section configured to detect waveform distortion of the optical-modulation signal, based on the coded-training signal.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Optical transmitter with optical receiver-specific dispersion pre-compensation

An apparatus comprising a digital signal processor (dsp) unit configured to perform fiber dispersion pre-compensation on a digital signal sequence based on a dispersion value to produce a pre-compensated signal, wherein the dispersion value is associated with a remote optical receiver, a plurality of digital-to-analog converters (dacs) coupled to the dsp unit and configured to convert the pre-compensated signal into analog electrical signals, and a frontend coupled to the dacs and configured to convert the analog electrical signals into a first optical signal, adding a constant optical electric (e)-field to the first optical signal to produce a second optical signal, and transmit the second optical signal to the remote optical receiver.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for detection of intrusion in optical fiber

Techniques for detecting intrusion in an optical fiber can be realized as a method comprising: receiving an optical signal; demultiplexing the received optical signal into one or more payload data signals, a first control signal, and a second control signal; comparing a ratio of power levels of the first and second control signals with a threshold ratio; comparing the power level of the control first signal with a first threshold power value and the second control signal with a second threshold power value if the ratio of the power levels of the first and second control signals exceeds the threshold ratio; and generating an intrusion alarm signal, if the first signal is below the first threshold power value and the second signal is below the second threshold power value.. .
Compass Electro Optical Systems Ltd.


Case for a hand held device

A housing assembly for a mobile device includes a cover formed from optically transmissive material, and opaque material formed over a portion of the cover. The opaque material is arranged to define a display portion which is optically transmissive.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Solar concentrator with asymmetric tracking-integrated optics

A method is provided for using asymmetrically focused photovoltaic conversion in a hybrid parabolic trough solar power system. Light rays received in a plurality of transverse planes are concentrated towards a primary linear focus in an axial plane, orthogonal to the transverse planes.
Sharp Laboratories Of America (sla), Inc,


Flat panel photovoltaic system

A flat panel photovoltaic (pv) system is provided formed from a first sheet with rows of concentrated iii-v photovoltaic (cpv) solar cells. An overlying second sheet is made up of rows of waveguides, where each waveguide is coupled to a corresponding cpv solar cell.
Sharp Laboratories Of America (sla), Inc.


Disposable optical fiber coating removal tool

A device to strip the external coating layer off of a coated optical fiber is provided. The optical fiber coating removal device includes a one piece molded body having a first body portion connected to a second body portion by a flexible region and a blade secured in one of the first body portion and the second body portion wherein the blade includes a u-shaped slot having cutting edges on the inside of the slot, wherein the flexible portion allows the first and second body portions to move between an open state and a closed state for stripping an optical fiber..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Densely arrayed waveguides with low cross-coupling

Described herein are lasers comprising an output port to output an optical signal, a plurality of waveguide segments forming an optical cavity length, and a resonant optical cavity comprising the optical cavity length, a gain medium included in the resonant optical cavity to amplify the optical signal, and a heating element disposed near at least two of the plurality of waveguide segments, the heating element controllable to adjust the phase of the optical signal by heating the waveguide segments. Described herein are optical devices comprising a first plurality of ports to output a plurality of optical signals, a second plurality of ports to receive the plurality of optical signals, and a plurality of coupling waveguides.


Laser apparatus

A laser apparatus including an active medium, an optical cavity, a wavelength conversion medium, an excitation light source, a first reflector and a second reflector, wherein the active medium and the wavelength conversion medium are arranged between the first reflector and the second reflector, excitation light with a center wavelength λ1 emitted from the excitation light source is caused to enter the wavelength conversion medium through the first reflector, the wavelength conversion medium generates wavelength-converted light with a center wavelength λ2 by entrance of the excitation light, the first reflector and the second reflector reflect the wavelength-converted light, the active medium is photoexcited by at least the wavelength-converted light to emit light, and the laser apparatus causes resonance of the light by the optical cavity to generate laser light with a center wavelength λ3.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical amplifier using optical fiber

The present disclosure provides an optical amplifier using an optical fiber. The optical fiber includes a single-mode optical fiber in which a plurality of rare earth elements is doped simultaneously; first and second optical fiber gratings disposed at opposite sides of the optical fiber, respectively, and totally reflecting light having a wavelength in a specific range; a pumping light source configured to generate a pumping light to excite rare earth ions in the optical fiber; and an optical coupler connected to the optical fiber and configured to transmit a light signal generated from a light source and the pumping light generated from the pumping light source to the optical fiber.
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology


Optical pulse source with increased peak power

In at least one embodiment time separated pulse pairs are generated, followed by amplification to increase the available peak and/or average power. The pulses are characterized by a time separation that exceeds the input pulse width and with distinct polarization states.
Imra America, Inc.


183nm laser and inspection system

A laser assembly for generating laser output light at an output wavelength of approximately 183 nm includes a fundamental laser, an optical parametric system (ops), a fifth harmonic generator, and a frequency mixing module. The fundamental laser generates fundamental light at a fundamental frequency.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Phosphate photonic crystal fiber and converter for efficient blue generation

In the method for generating blue laser light with high optical and electrical efficiency, wherein the improvement comprises the step of using a phosphate glass photonic crystal fiber rod as a gain medium.. .
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Pump recycling integrated amplifier

A laser system and method of use are provided in which the laser system may include a fiber laser oscillator and rare earth doped piece of optical fiber which may absorb unused pump light which is unabsorbed in the oscillator.. .
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Compact, coherent, high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir

Compact high brightness light sources for the mid and far ir spectral region, and exemplary applications are disclosed based on passively mode locked tm fiber comb lasers. In at least one embodiment the coherence of the comb sources is increased in a system utilizing an amplified single-frequency laser to pump the tm fiber comb laser.
Imra America, Inc.


Laser array sidelobe suppression

A laser apparatus comprising an aperture module array including two or more aperture modules, each aperture module of the array being optically couple-able to a source of coherent electromagnetic radiation and configured to emit a beam of radiation received from the source. The apparatus emits a composite beam comprising beams emitted by the respective aperture modules and modulates at least one of the beams in power and phase relative to at least one other of the beams such that a desired non-uniform composite beam profile is provided..
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Quasi-crystal organic light-emitting display panel and simulating optical efficiency of the same

A quasi-crystal organic light-emitting display panel including a first electrode layer, an organic light-emitting layer, a second electrode layer, a buffer layer, a 10-fold quasi-crystal layer and a package cover is provided. The organic light-emitting layer is located on the first electrode layer.
Winbond Electronics Corp.


Optical detector and manufacturing the same

An optical detector (110) is disclosed. The optical detector (110) comprises: —an optical sensor (112), having a substrate (116) and at least one photosensitive layer setup (118) disposed thereon, the photosensitive layer setup (118) having at least one first electrode (120), at least one second electrode (130) and at least one photovoltaic material (140) sandwiched in between the first electrode (120) and the second electrode (130), wherein the photovoltaic material (140) comprises at least one organic material, wherein the first electrode (120) comprises a plurality of first electrode stripes (124) and wherein the second electrode (130) comprises a plurality of second electrode stripes (134), wherein the first electrode stripes (124) and the second electrode stripes (134) intersect such that a matrix (142) of pixels (144) is formed at intersections of the first electrode stripes (124) and the second electrode stripes (134); and —at least one readout device (114), the readout device (114) comprising a plurality of electrical measurement devices (154) being connected to the second electrode stripes (134) and a switching device (160) for subsequently connecting the first electrode stripes (124) to the electrical measurement devices (154)..
Basf Se


N-type organic semiconductor formulations and devices

The present invention discloses an organic semiconductor formulation comprising an organic semiconductor (osc) and an organic phosphorous-containing additive (opa) capable of enhancing the n-type performance of the organic semiconductor. The semiconductor formulation disclosed herein is suitable for producing n-type semiconductor thin films for use in a variety of electronic, optical, or optoelectronic devices such as organic thin film transistors, organic photovoltaics, and organic light emitting devices..


Wafer level packaging, optical detection sensor and forming same

An optical detection sensor functions as a proximity detection sensor that includes an optical system and a selectively transmissive structure. Electromagnetic radiation such as laser light can be emitted through a transmissive portion of the selectively transmissive structure.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd


Monolithically integrated thin-film electronic conversion unit for lateral multijunction thin-film solar cells

An integrated thin-film lateral multi junction solar device and fabrication method are provided. The device includes, for instance, a substrate, and a plurality of stacks extending vertically from the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Hybrid trough solar power system using photovoltaic two-stage light concentration

A solar power method is provided using two-stage light concentration to drive concentrating photovoltaic conversion in conjunction with thermal collection. The method concentrates light rays received in a plurality of transverse planes towards a primary linear focus in an axial plane, which is orthogonal to the transverse planes.
Sharp Laboratories Of America (sla), Inc.


Image sensor with hybrid heterostructure

An image sensor architecture provides an snr in excess of 100 db, without requiring the use of a mechanical shutter. The circuit components for an active pixel sensor array are separated and arranged vertically in at least two different layers in a hybrid chip structure.


3d nand staircase cd control by using interferometric endpoint detection

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide methods for forming stair-like structures in manufacturing three dimensional (3d) stacking of semiconductor chips. In one example, a method includes performing a trimming process on a substrate to trim a patterned photoresist layer disposed on a film stack from a first width to a second width in a processing chamber, performing an etching process to etch a portion of the film stack exposed by the trimmed patterned photoresist layer, directing an optical signal to a surface of the trimmed patterned photoresist layer continuously during the trimming and the etching process, collecting a return reflected optical signal reflected from the trimmed patterned photoresist layer, determining a change of reflected intensify of the return reflected optical signal as collected; and calculating a photoresist thickness loss based on the change of the reflected intensity..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Writer pole formation

Implementations disclosed herein provide a method of reducing the topography at the alignment and overlay marks area during the writer pole photolithography process in order to reduce the wafer scale variation and reduce the writer pole photolithography process rework rate. In one implementation, an intermediate stage of a wafer for writer pole formation is generated by removing a part of at least one metallic writer pole layer on top of an intermediate stage writer pole wafer to form a recovery trench, depositing an optically transparent material on top of the wafer, wherein the thickness of the optically transparent material is higher than a target recovery trench topography, forming a photoresist pattern on top of the optically transparent material over the recovery trench, etching the optically transparent material, and removing the photoresist pattern and at least part of the remaining optically transparent material..
Seagate Technology Llc


Decorative detectable warning panel having improved grip

The present invention relates to detectable warning panels, and in particular to detectable warning panels that display text and/or other graphic information such as commercial messages, trademarks, logos, directions, slogans, pictures, names, product illustrations, emblems, promotional information related to a product or service, quick response codes, matrix code, two-dimensional bar code, optical machine-readable labels, and combinations thereof.. .
Brandbumps, Llc


Apparatus for transmitting and receiving light signal using optical waveguide

An apparatus for transmitting and receiving light signals including an optical waveguide having one end and another end, a sensor unit including an infrared sensor for detecting an infrared signal and outputting a corresponding electrical signal, an ambient light sensor for detecting ambient light and outputting a corresponding electrical signal, and a light-emitting device, a lighttight housing for blocking out external light and in which the other end and the sensor unit are installed, and a controller for receiving an electrical signal output from at least one of the infrared sensor and the ambient light sensor and controlling the light-emitting device.. .
Raytron Co., Ltd


Optical sensor, optical sensor assembly and monitoring device

An optical sensor (100) comprises: a holding sleeve (11); a fixed ferrule (12) fixedly mounted in said holding sleeve (11); a movable ferrule (13) movably mounted in said holding sleeve (11), a predetermined distance existing between a first movable end of said movable ferrule (13) and a first fixed end of said fixed ferrule (12) in said holding sleeve (11); a reflection part (14) arranged at a second movable end of said movable ferrule (13) opposite to said first movable end, for reflecting light entering the movable ferrule (13); and an actuation part (15), said actuation part (15) being constructed to drive said movable ferrule (13) to move so that said first movable end moves towards said first fixed end. An optical sensor assembly and a monitoring device comprising the optical sensor (100), or another sensor (1012) can remotely detect a mechanical movement in a passive mode.


Image processing device, image capture device, image processing method, and program

Disclosed is a technique capable of efficiently storing and retaining characteristic data (a restoration filter or the like) of an optical system used for a restoration process in a storage unit with limited storage capacity in consideration of the degree of image restoration. An image processing device includes a characteristic data storage unit 42 which is capable of storing characteristic data of a plurality of types of optical systems, and a restoration processing unit which subjects source image data to a restoration process using a restoration filter based on a point spread function of an optical system to acquire recovered image data.
Fujifilm Corporation


Optical barcodes having spatially phase shifted clock and reference tracks

Barcodes are provided that are applied to or integrated with a moving carrier, where the barcodes have a plurality of information modules, at least one clock track having a plurality of alternating clock track modules and at least one reference track having a plurality of alternating reference track modules, where the at least one reference track is a second clock track and has a same periodicity as the clock track but a spatial phase shift when compared to the clock track. The barcode is configured to allow at least one barcode reader to determine a direction of movement of the carrier from at least one signal from a clock track detector and at least one signal from a reference detector..
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Text entity recognition

Various embodiments enable the identification of semi-structured text entities in an imager. The identification of the text entities is a relatively simple problem when the text is stored in a computer and free of errors, but much more challenging if the source is the output of an optical character recognition (ocr) engine from a natural scene image.
A9.com, Inc.


System and detecting invisible human emotion

A system and method for emotion detection and more specifically to an image-capture based system and method for detecting invisible and genuine emotions felt by an individual. The system provides a remote and non-invasive approach by which to detect invisible emotion with a high confidence.
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto


Optical authentication of operations for a mobile device

An operation at a mobile device is authenticated by using a random visual presentation displayed at the device for the authentication. The mobile device generates and displays the random visual presentation which is optically captured (e.g., by a camera) at a capturing device.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Matrix reduction for lithography simulation

A matrix is produced for a semiconductor design. Interactions between mask edges in forming semiconductor shapes are determined and a graph created that shows those interactions.
Synopsys, Inc.


Instrument detection with an optical touch sensitive device

An optical touch-sensitive device detects touch events caused by instruments (e.g., pens, styluses) and distinguishes these events from touch events caused by fingers. In some embodiments, different instruments can also be distinguished.
Rapt Ip Limited


Optical digital ruler

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media directed to an optical digital ruler. The optical digital ruler includes at least two optical sensors allowing physical movement and rotation of the optical digital ruler to facilitate positioning a template on a canvas or background.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Optical mini-mouse

There is provided an optical mini-mouse including a mouse case and a navigation module. The mouse case includes a valley and a flat region arranged along a length direction and the valley extends along a width direction.
Pixart Imaging Inc.


Deriving input from six degrees of freedom interfaces

The present invention relates to interfaces and methods for producing input for software applications based on the absolute pose of an item manipulated or worn by a user in a three-dimensional environment. Absolute pose in the sense of the present invention means both the position and the orientation of the item as described in a stable frame defined in that three-dimensional environment.
Electronic Scripting Products, Inc.


Focus monitoring arrangement and inspection apparatus including such an arrangement

An inspection apparatus (300) includes a focus monitoring arrangement (500, 500′). Focusing radiation (505) comprises radiation having a first wavelength and radiation having a second wavelength.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and producing device

Exposure apparatus exposes a substrate by irradiating the substrate with exposure light via a projection optical system and a liquid. The exposure apparatus is provided with a liquid immersion mechanism for supplying the liquid and recovering the liquid.
Nikon Engineering Co., Ltd.


Optical apparatus and manufacturing method using the same

An optical apparatus and a manufacturing method using the optical apparatus are disclosed. The optical apparatus includes a stage supporting a substrate, first optical systems providing a first light onto the substrate, a gantry supporting the first optical systems to transfer them on the stage, and second optical systems disposed between the gantry and the stage and detecting displacement of the first optical systems.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method

An exposure apparatus is equipped with an encoder system which measures positional information of a wafer stage by irradiating a measurement beam using four heads installed on the wafer stage on a scale plate which covers the movement range of the wafer stage except for the area right under a projection optical system. Placement distances of the heads here are each set to be larger than width of the opening of the scale plates, respectively.
Nikon Corporation


Image projection apparatus, image projection system, image projection method, and display apparatus

[solution] provided is an image projection apparatus including: a first display unit to display a first image as a three-dimensional image utilizing a difference in a polarization direction of emission light; and a projection plate which is formed by an optically isotropic material in a predetermined thickness and onto which the first image is projected by the first display unit. The projection plate is disposed in a manner that a projection surface of the first image is inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to an emission surface of the first image in the first display unit, and also transmits at least a part of light from a surface on an opposite side of the projection surface..


Phone adapter for optical devices

An adapter that optically couples a camera on a mobile device to an eye piece of an optical device. The adapter includes a base plate configured to retain the mobile device without obstructing a display screen on the mobile device.
Fl Archery Holdings Llc


Method and optical asynchronouos sampling signal measurements

A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device.
Beihang University


Frequency comb source with large comb spacing

A frequency comb laser providing large comb spacing is disclosed. At least one embodiment includes a mode locked waveguide laser system.
Imra America, Inc.


Transparent display controlling the same

There are provided a transparent display apparatus and a method for controlling the same. The transparent display apparatus includes a transparent display unit that includes an emissive area and a transmissive area and is configured to display a video, an optical sensor configured to measure the amount of light, and a light shielding unit that is disposed on one surface of the transparent display unit and is configured to adjust transmittance on the basis of the amount of light..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Electrochromic devices on non-rectangular shapes

This present invention relates to bus bar configurations and fabrication methods of non-rectangular shaped (e.g., triangular, trapezoidal, circular, pentagonal, hexagonal, arched, etc.) optical devices. The optical device comprises a first side, a second side, and a third side adjacent to the second side and two bus bars spanning a portion of the optical device..
View, Inc.


An electro-optic element

A vehicular rearview assembly that has a rounded outer perimeter edge to satisfy safety standards and contains an ec element having a complex peripheral ring, a front surface that is fully observable from the front of the assembly, and a user interface with switches and sensors that activate and configure, in cooperation with electronic circuitry of the assembly, pre-defined function(s) or device(s) of the assembly in response to the user input applied to the user interface. A complex peripheral ring may include multiple bands the structures of which is adapted to provide for specified optical characteristics of light, reflected off of the ring.
Gentex Corporation


Liquid crystal display device

A liquid crystal display device includes a lcd panel having a first polarizer, a first substrate, a second substrate and a second polarizer are sequentially provided from a front surface side, a frame which surrounds the lcd panel and has a first opening having first to fourth sides, a planar light source disposed on the rear surface side of the lcd panel in the first opening, a plurality of optical sheet groups which are disposed between the planar light source and the lcd panel, and an adhesive layer which has a second opening formed along the first to fourth sides of the frame. A front surface side of the adhesive layer is adhered to the lcd panel along at least the first side, and a rear surface side of the adhesive layer is adhered to the plurality of optical sheet groups and the frame along at least the first side..
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.


Acoustic absorber having a roughened surface for ao devices

An acousto-optic (ao) device includes an ao crystal having a plurality of faces including a first face and a second face. An input transducer bonded to the first face (top electrode) for receiving a radio frequency (rf) signal and launching bulk acoustic waves (baws) configured to interact with an optical beam propagating in the ao crystal, wherein the baws are received at least in part by the second face after interacting with the optical beam.
Gooch And Housego Plc


Miniature lens driving apparatus

A miniature lens driving apparatus includes an optical image stabilization mechanism having a lens holder for holding therein a lens which defines an optical axis, an autofocus mechanism having an autofocus moving platform, and a plurality of wires adapted to couple the lens holder with the autofocus moving platform. The optical image stabilization mechanism is capable of moving the lens holder along a direction substantially perpendicular to the optical axis, and the autofocus mechanism is capable of moving the autofocus moving platform along the optical axis..
Sunming Technologies (hk) Limited


Polarization conversion element, polarization-conversion-element manufacturing method, light-source unit, and optical device

This invention provides a polarization conversion element that is highly resistant to the heat and light that result from increased brightness levels. In said polarization conversion element, inorganic half-wave plates provided selectively on the output surface of a polarizing beam-splitter array have obliquely deposited layers comprising a dielectric material and the side surfaces of said obliquely deposited layers are covered by protective films..
Dexerials Corporation


Microdisplay optical system having two microlens arrays

The technology provides an optical system for converting a source of projected light to uniform light for a liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay in a confined space, such as in a near-eye display device. The optical system may include a first microlens array, a second microlens array, and a polarizer device disposed between the first microlens array and the second microlens array.


See-through display optic structure

An optical structure useful in a see-through head mounted display apparatus is provided. A first and a second partially reflective and transmissive elements are configured to receive the output of any number of optical sources via an optical element.


Device and micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch

In one embodiment, a method of controlling a micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) photonic switch includes applying a voltage to an electrode of an initial mirror of a first mirror array of the mems photonic switch and illuminating a control beam. The method also includes reflecting the control beam off the initial mirror to form a control beam spot on a second mirror array of the mems photonic switch and detecting an initial location of the control beam spot to produce an initial optical response.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Optical image capturing system

A five-piece optical lens for capturing image and a five-piece optical module for capturing image, along the optical axis in order from an object side to an image side, include a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with refractive power; a third lens with refractive power; a fourth lens with refractive power; and a fifth lens with negative refractive power. An image-side surface of the fifth lens can be concave, and both surfaces thereof are both aspheric, wherein at least one surface thereof has an inflection point.
Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Optical image capturing system

A five-piece optical lens for capturing image and a five-piece optical module for capturing image, along the optical axis in order from an object side to an image side, include a first lens with positive refractive power having a convex object-side surface; a second lens with refractive power; a third lens with refractive power; a fourth lens with refractive power; and a fifth lens with negative refractive power; and at least one of the image-side surface and object-side surface of each of the five lens elements are aspheric. The optical lens can increase aperture value and improve the imagining quality for use in compact cameras..
Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Optical image capturing system

An optical image capturing system, from an object side to an image side, comprises a first lens element, a second lens element, a third lens element, a fourth lens element, a fifth lens element, and a sixth lens element. The first lens element has a positive refractive power and may have a convex object-side surface.
Ability Opto-electronics Technology Co.ltd.


Optical imaging lens

An optical imaging lens includes an aperture stop and an optical assembly, the optical assembly includes, in order from the object side to the image side: a first lens element with a refractive power; a second lens element with a negative refractive power; a third lens element with a positive refractive power; a fourth lens element with a negative refractive power; a fifth lens element with a refractive power; wherein a focal length of the optical imaging lens is f, focal lengths of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth lens elements are f1, f2, f3, f4, f5, respectively, a radius of curvature of an image-side surface of the first lens element is r2, satisfying: . .


Sparse aperture optical alignment methods

A method for configuring an alignment of a plurality of optical segments in a sparse aperture configuration of an optical device includes providing at least one beam of light from at least one light source located on the sparse aperture optical device, directing the at least one beam of light toward at least one segment of the plurality of optical segments, detecting a reflection or transmission of the at least one beam of light off of the at least one segment of the plurality of optical segments, determining a characteristic of the reflected or transmitted light, and based on the characteristic of the reflected or transmitted light, determining an alignment of the at least one segment of the plurality of optical segments.. .
Raytheon Company


Installation of optical fiber bundles in a multi-dwelling unit for providing network access to multiple user premises

A method of installing a bundle of optical fibers associated with a fiber network through hallways or corridors in a multi-dwelling unit (mdu) to service a number of premises in the mdu. The bundle is adhered along a wall or other supporting surface in a hall or corridor leading to the premises, by dispensing or activating an adhesive material or component over one or both of the bundle and a desired installation path along the supporting surface, and applying the bundle to the supporting surface over the installation path.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Facilitating installation of fiber optic networks

An optical network includes an optical cable arrangement including optical fibers that define optical lines; an indexing terminal disposed at an intermediate location along the optical cable arrangement; a splitter terminal disposed external of the indexing terminal; and an output cable. The optical lines are indexed at the indexing terminal so that at least one of the optical lines drops off at the indexing terminal.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.


Optical fiber management

The present disclosure includes devices and systems for optical fiber management. One embodiment includes a device comprising an integrated separation surface separating an upper level of storage and a lower level of storage and an integrated adapter plate comprising a number of optical connectors and arranged at a first angle with respect to a floor of the device..
Clearfield, Inc.


Optical fiber curing oven

An optical fiber curing oven is used in the termination process of optical fiber cable assemblies to bond an optical fiber to a ferrule. The optical fiber curing oven includes an oven housing and a processor housing.


Optical imaging probe

This document discusses, among other things, a connector for an optical imaging probe that includes one or more optical fibers communicating light along the catheter. The device may use multiple sections for simpler manufacturing and ease of assembly during a medical procedure.
Vascular Imaging Corporation


Skew managed multi-core optical fiber interconnects

The embodiments described herein relate to multi-core optical fiber interconnects which include at least two multi-core optical fibers. The multi-core optical fibers are connected such that the core elements of the first multi-core optical fiber are optically coupled to the core elements of the second multi-core optical fiber thereby forming an array of interconnect core elements extending through the optical fiber interconnect.
Corning Incorporated


Apparatus and optical time domain reflectometry

An optical signal routing device may include a first lens, second lens and a wavelength division multiplexer (“wdm”) filter positioned between the first and second lenses. The wdm filter may reflect a signal of a first wavelength with a first attenuation and pass the first wavelength signal attenuated by at most a second attenuation to the second lens, the first attenuation exceeding the second attenuation by a first predetermined amount.
Go!foton Holdings, Inc.


Methods and devices for cleaving optical fibers

Methods for cleaving an optical fiber that extends from a ferrule are provided herein. The ferrule can be aligned on a first side of a scribe wire and an unconstrained end of the optical fiber on a second side of the scribe wire.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Low modulus primary coatings for optical fibers

A coated optical fiber includes an optical fiber; and a primary coating encapsulating the optical fiber, the primary coating having an in-situ modulus of about 0.12 mpa or less at a thickness of about 32.5 μm, a young's modulus as a cured film of about 0.7 mpa or less, and a tg of about −22° c. Or below, wherein the primary coating is the cured reaction product of a primary curable composition having a gel-time ratio relative to c1 of less than about 2..
Corning Incorporated


Optical article having viscoelastic layer

An optical article, such as a backlight for electronic display devices, is disclosed. The optical article includes a lightguide, a viscoelastic layer disposed on the light guide and a nanovoided polymeric layer disposed on the viscoelastic layer.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Optical member, backlight unit and display device

An optical member, backlight unit and display device are provided. The optical member includes: a reflective substrate including a base member, a reflective layer disposed on the base member, and a plurality of refractive layers disposed on the reflective layer; an optical conversion layer disposed on the reflective substrate; and a barrier substrate disposed on the optical conversion layer..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Monochromator using optical filters to select wavelength of light

Provided is a monochromatization device for easily selecting light having a specific wavelength, comprising: a first broadband filter arranged to have a first rotational angle with respect to an incident direction of light to enable a first wavelength band to pass therethrough with respect to the incident light; a second broadband filter arranged to have a second rotational angle with respect to an incident direction of light to enable a second wavelength band to pass therethrough with respect to the light passing through the first broadband filter; and a path compensation unit for adjusting a light path so that the light path passing through the second broadband filter is the same as a path of the light incident to the first broadband filter. Accordingly, the output light efficiency for the incident light is increased and the required specific wavelength can be more easily selected..
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology


Mirror substrates with highly finishable corrosion-resistant coating

The disclosure is directed to optical elements including a performance-enhancing coating on the surface of a metal or ceramic substrate and to methods for making the optical elements. The optical elements are suitable for use in harsh environments, including salt fog and high humidity environments.
Corning Incorporated


Microstructured optical films comprising fluorene-containing monomer

Polymerizable resin compositions and microstructures comprising the reaction product of such polymerizable resin compositions are described. The microstructures comprise the reaction product of a polymerizable resin composition comprising an organic portion having a refractive index of at least 1.56 wherein the polymerizable resin composition comprises a fluorene-containing monomer..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Microlens array substrate, electrooptical device including microlens array substrate, projection type display apparatus, and manufacturing microlens array substrate

A microlens array substrate includes: a light transmitting substrate in which a first lens surface formed of a concave surface is formed on a substrate surface on one side; a first lens layer which covers the substrate surface on one side and has a refractive index which is different from that of the light transmitting substrate; a light transmitting layer which covers the first lens layer on the opposite side to the light transmitting substrate; and a second lens layer which covers the light transmitting layer on the opposite side to the light transmitting substrate and in which a second lens surface formed of a convex surface is formed on the opposite side to the light transmitting substrate, in which the light transmitting layer has smaller refractive index and coefficient of thermal expansion than those of the first lens layer and the second lens layer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Sensor apparatus and hazard sensing system

A sensor apparatus includes multiple pairs that each include a light emitting element and a light receiving element configured to receive light emitted from the light emitting element, and, in response to optical axes formed in a region between the light emitting elements and the light receiving elements entering a blocked state, senses a sensing target moving in the region. In an initial state, sensing is performed using a sensing optical axis composed of a portion of the optical axes, and when an optical axis of the sensing optical axis used in sensing in the initial state is blocked, the number of optical axes included in the sensing optical axis is increased so as to expand the sensing optical axis..
Omron Corporation


Floodable optical apparatus, methods and systems

According to one example, a floodable sensor station is coupled to an optical cable. The optical cable may be floodable.
Pgs Geophysical As


Method and imaging of radiation sources

A fibrescope comprises a scintillator arranged to produce light of a first wavelength upon exposure to radiation; an optical system arranged to receive and direct light of the first wavelength emitted from the scintillator, the light being received at one end of the optical system, and wherein one or more elements of the optical system emits scintillation light of a second wavelength upon exposure to radiation; and an optical filter, disposed at the other end of the optical system, and arranged to transmit light of the first wavelength and block light of the second wavelength. The scintillator is chosen such that the light of the first wavelength is spectrally distinct from the light of the second wavelength..
Lightpoint Medical Ltd.


Integrated targeting device

An integrated targeting device comprising a housing, the housing comprising an input aperture and an output aperture, a geolocation module configured to estimate the geolocation of a selected target, an imaging module comprising an imaging camera, a laser comprising a seed laser configured to emit a seed laser beam and a moveable optical reflector, a display; and a processor operatively coupled to the laser module, the imaging module, the geolocation module; and the display.. .


Projection optical system and object detection device

A projection optical system includes a light source to emit light and an optical element including an incidence plane on which the light from the light source is incident and an emission plane having a plurality of flat planes to emit the light, wherein the plurality of flat planes includes a first inclination plane inclining in a direction of the light-emitting surface.. .


Sensor suite and signal processing for border surveillance

A land-based smart-sensor system and several system architectures for detection, tracking, and classification of people and vehicles automatically and in real time for border, property, and facility security surveillance is described. The preferred embodiment of the proposed smart-sensor system is comprised of (1) a low-cost, non-coherent radar, whose function is to detect and track people, singly or in groups, and various means of transportation, which may include vehicles, animals, or aircraft, singly or in groups, and cue (2) an optical sensor such as a long-wave infrared (lwir) sensor, whose function is to classify the identified targets and produce movie clips for operator validation and use, and (3) an ibm cell supercomputer to process the collected data in real-time.
Vista Research, Inc.


Device and positioning a star tracker on a structure

A device for positioning a functional trihedron of a star tracker in a reference trihedron tied to a structure on which the star tracker is mounted comprises: a fixing interface to connect the device to the star tracker, a set of geometric markers configured to, by means of an optical measurement instrument tied to the structure, position a marker tied to the device in the reference marker tied to the structure, an optical simulator comprising a set of optical markers to be measured by the star tracker, making it possible to position the functional trihedron of the star tracker in the trihedron tied to the device, the measurements of position of the functional trihedron in the trihedron tied to the device, and of position of the trihedron tied to the device in the reference trihedron, making it possible to position by calculation the functional trihedron in the reference trihedron.. .


Discrimination of low power rf signals using phase modulation with injection locked lasers

An apparatus is provided for rf signal discrimination. A master laser of the apparatus is connected to an optical input of an optical phase modulator.
Government Of The United States, As Represented The Secretary Of The Air Force


Apparatuses, systems, and methods for accelerometers

According to one example, a system includes a flexural beam having a first face and a second face opposite the first face and a first coil of optical fiber coupled to the first face, where the first coil of optical fiber is encapsulated by a cured encapsulation composition, wherein the encapsulation composition has a viscosity from 30 to 300 millipascal-second at 25° c.. .
Pgs Geophysical As


Automated method and apparatus to characterize solubility of asphaltenes of a hydrocarbon fluid sample utilizing microfluidics

A method and apparatus for analyzing solubility of asphaltenes of a hydrocarbon fluid sample involves a sequence of operations including: i) performing microfluidic mixing operations that form a mixture that includes the hydrocarbon fluid sample, a solvent that dissolves asphaltenes and a precipitant that precipitates asphaltenes; ii) using microfluidic processes that result in precipitation of asphaltenes from the mixture resulting from i); iii) performing microfluidic filtering operations that remove precipitated asphaltenes resulting from ii) and passes permeate; and iv) performing optical spectroscopy on the permeate resulting from iii). The operations of i)-iv) can be repeated over iterations that vary the amount of solvent relative to the precipitant in the mixture.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Integrated wide target range optical coupling-based mach-zehnder sensor

A sensor includes, in part, a multitude of splitters/couplers and optical couplers. One of the splitter/couplers splits an incoming optical signal into first and second optical signals.
California Institute Of Technology


Mobile water analysis

An embodiment provides a method, including: operating a motor to position sample fluid within a fluid channel of a cuvette; transmitting light through an optical chamber of the cuvette; measuring a value of received light that has been transmitted through the optical chamber; comparing the measured value of light to one or more thresholds; determining a position of the sample fluid within the fluid channel based on a comparison from the comparing step; and generating a response based upon the position of the sample fluid with the fluid channel. Other aspects are described and claimed..
Hach Company


Spectral imaging camera and applications

There is provided a method for analyzing optical properties of an object, including utilizing a light illumination having a plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations of a plurality of wavelengths impinging from the object, obtaining modified illuminations corresponding to the light illumination, applying a modification to the light illumination thereby obtaining a modified light illumination, analyzing the modified light illumination, obtaining a plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations maps of the plurality of wavelengths, and employing the plurality of amplitudes, phases and polarizations maps for obtaining output representing the object's optical properties. An apparatus for analyzing optical properties of an object is also provided..
Adom, Advanced Optical Technologies Ltd.


Deconvolution to reduce the effective spot size of a spectroscopic optical metrology device

The effective spot size of a spectroscopic metrology device is reduced through deconvolution of a measurement spectra set acquired from a measurement target combined with a training spectra set obtained from a training target. The measurement spectra set may be obtained using sparse sampling of a grid scan of a measurement target.
Nanometrics Incorporated


Pressure-balanced seismic sensor package

Apparatus, systems and methods associated with a pressure-balanced seismic sensor package are disclosed. One example of an apparatus can include a plurality of optical components, a sensor box enclosing the plurality of optical components, and a lid for the sensor box.
Pgs Geophysical As


Laser guided and laser powered energy discharge device

The present invention relates to a laser guided and powered directed energy weapon that combines two different lasers to accurately and efficiently deliver a high energy electromagnetic pulse (emp) to a target at long range. The method uses a high energy laser pulse with relatively long pulse duration focused in air to create a plasma ball which emits an intense emp.


Next generation bare wire water heater

A heating unit for heating fluid is described having at least one electrical resistance heating element on an outer surface of a tube. At least one indexed groove is provided around a surface of the tube allowing for at least one retention clip to hold the electrical resistance heating element.
Eemax, Inc.


Broadband light source and optical inspector having the same

A broadband light source includes a first electrodeless lamp to generate first broadband light from plasma, a first elliptical reflector having first and second focuses, the first elliptical reflector enclosing a rear portion of the first electrodeless lamp positioned at the first focus of the first elliptical reflector such that the first broadband light is reflected from the first elliptical reflector toward a light collector as a collective light, a symmetrically curved reflector having a third focus, the symmetrically curved reflector positioned such that the third focus is coincident with one of the first and second focuses, and a laser irradiator to provide a laser beam to the first electrodeless lamp.. .


Light-emitting device, backlight unit including the device, and display apparatus including the unit

Embodiments provide a light-emitting device including a light source, and a lens disposed above the light source. The lens includes a lower part having a first recess formed in an optical-axis direction so as to face the light source, and an upper part having a second recess formed in the optical-axis direction so as to be opposite to the lower part.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Lamp for vehicles

The present invention comprises a semiconductor-type light source, a lens, a lens holder, and a heat sink member. Positioning sections are provided in the lens and the lens holder, respectively.
Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.


Led apparatus employing tunable color filtering using multiple neodymium and fluorine compounds

The specification and drawings present a new apparatus such as a lighting apparatus, the apparatus comprising at least one led (or oled) module configured to generate a visible light such as white light, and at least one component such as an optical component comprising multiple (two or more) compounds, each containing neodymium (nd) and at least one compound including fluorine (f) for imparting a desired color filtering effect to provide a desired light spectrum, where a color of the desired light spectrum in a color space is determined by relative amounts of the two or more compounds in the at least one component.. .
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Led apparatus employing neodymium-fluorine materials

The specification and drawings present a new apparatus such as a lighting apparatus, the apparatus comprising at least one led (or oled) module, configured to generate a visible light such as white light, and at least one component such as optical component comprising a compound consisting essentially of the elements neodymium (nd) and fluorine (f), and optionally including one or more other elements. The lighting apparatus is configured to provide a desired light spectrum by filtering the generated visible light using the compound..
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Optical module

An optical module including a light source, an adjustable reflector and a wavelength conversion set is provided. The adjustable reflector is disposed in a light path of light emitted from the light source and adaptable to adjust between a first position and a second position.
Playnitride Inc.


A lighting device assembly and a mounting a lighting device assembly

A lighting device assembly comprising an elongate base member (3) having a wall portion (9) on which several light emitting diodes (11) are mounted along the length of the base member, and an end cap (15) including an electrical terminal (17) at each respective end of the base member. The lighting device assembly further has an elongate light transmissive optical member (5) configured to be assembled with the base member, thereby enclosing the light emitting diodes.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


An assembly of a flexible pipe and an end-fitting

An assembly is described. A flexible pipe of the assembly comprises at least one optical fiber for mounting to a processing system or another waveguide.
National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/s


Optical interface system for communicating with a downhole tool

An optical interface system is disclosed. In accordance with an embodiment, such a system includes an optical interface.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Sequencing methods, compositions and systems

In some embodiments, the disclosure relates generally to methods, as well as compositions, systems, kits and apparatuses, for performing nucleotide incorporation, comprising: (a) providing a surface including one or more reaction sites containing a polymerase and a nucleic acid template that has, or is hybridized to, an extendible end; (b) performing a first nucleotide flow by contacting one or more of the reaction sites with a first solution including one or more types of terminator nucleotide; (c) incorporating at least one type of terminator nucleotide at the extendible end of the nucleic acid template contained within at least one of the reaction sites using the polymerase; and (d) detecting a non-optical signal indicating the nucleotide incorporation using a sensor that is attached or operatively linked to the at least one reaction site.. .
Life Technologies Gmbh

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