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Optical patents


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 Adaptive optical distribution system patent thumbnailAdaptive optical distribution system
A luminaire may include a plurality of different light engines. Light engines having different light distributions can be included in a single luminaire and a subset of the light engines selectively driven to dynamically change the light distribution of the luminaire.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 Optical sensors that compensate for ambient light and interference light patent thumbnailOptical sensors that compensate for ambient light and interference light
Certain embodiments described herein relate to optical sensors including a light detector and including and/or for use with a light source, and methods for use with such optical sensors. Certain embodiments involve detecting an amount of ambient light that is incident on the light detector and producing ambient light detection data indicative thereof.
Intersil Americas Llc

 Method and  dynamic media access control in a multiple access system patent thumbnailMethod and dynamic media access control in a multiple access system
An electronic device may be operable to control access to a physical medium (e.g., airwaves, a copper cable, or an optical fiber) utilizing carrier sense multiple access (csma). The amount of time that the electronic device must sense the physical medium as being inactive before it permits transmission of a message onto the physical medium may be determined based on: the size of the message, the type of the message, the symbol rate at which the message is to be transmitted, and/or a channel onto which the message is to be transmitted.
Blackbird Technology Holdings, Inc.

 Integration of sensors into earphones patent thumbnailIntegration of sensors into earphones
An in-ear earphone includes a body shaped to fit in the wearer's ear, a nozzle extending from the body towards the ear canal of the wearer's ear, the nozzle including an acoustic passage to conduct sound waves to the ear canal of the wearer, an ear canal sealing structure extending from the nozzle, and a sensor coupled to the nozzle. The sealing structure includes a thin sheet of material forming a hollow shape surrounding the nozzle and sensor, and the body, nozzle, sealing structure, and sensor are arranged such that when the earphone is located in the wearer's ear, the sensor faces the tragus of the ear, and the sealing structure simultaneously forms an acoustic seal to the entrance to the ear canal and provides optical coupling between the sensor and the tragus with minimal air gaps between the sensor, the sealing structure, and the tragus..
Bose Corporation

 Burst-mode receiver patent thumbnailBurst-mode receiver
Provided is a burst-mode receiver configured to receive an optical signal having a preamble and a data payload, the burst-mode receiver including a first bias resistor coupled between a first voltage supply and a photosensor, a first capacitor coupled between the photosensor and an amplifier, a first common-mode resistor configured to supply a voltage of a common-mode voltage supply to the amplifier, a first bypass switch configured to couple the first capacitor to the common-mode voltage supply while bypassing the first common-mode resistor, and a first data switch configured to couple the first capacitor to the amplifier, and to couple the first capacitor to the common-mode voltage supply through the first common-mode resistor.. .
Rockley Photonics Limited

 Optical transmission system and transmission method, optical switching apparatus, and control method patent thumbnailOptical transmission system and transmission method, optical switching apparatus, and control method
An optical transmission system and transmission method, an optical switching apparatus, and a control method are provided. Any data transmission apparatus included in an optical transmission system is configured to: transmit an optical label signal and a continuous data signal including an idle sequence and a data packet, and transmit the transmitted optical label signal to an optical switching apparatus, so that the optical switching apparatus builds, according to the optical label signal, a switching and transmission path for transmitting the continuous data signal transmitted by the any data transmission apparatus.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Link determining method, apparatus, and system for optical packet switching system patent thumbnailLink determining method, apparatus, and system for optical packet switching system
Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of information technologies and disclose a link determining method, apparatus, and system for an optical packet switching system, which can reduce optical packet switching costs. The method includes: first, a control manager generates reference optical label information and an enabling signal, and sends the reference optical label information and the enabling signal to a link determining device; then, when the enabling signal is active, the link determining device determines, according to parsed-out actual optical label information and the received reference optical label information, whether an alarm signal is generated, and if it is determined that the alarm signal is generated, sends the alarm signal to the control manager; and finally, the control manager further determines, according to the received alarm signal, whether a link corresponding to the alarm signal is abnormal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Controlling time division duplex operation patent thumbnailControlling time division duplex operation
A central node for digital subscriber line access multiplex. The central node supports a plurality of subscriber devices and comprises: a digital interface for upstream communication; a converter device for each one of the subscriber devices wherein each converter device comprises an a/d, analogue to digital, converter and a d/a, digital to analogue, converter; an analogue optical interface for communication of analogue signals for all of the subscriber devices with an intermediate distribution node for digital subscriber line access multiplex; a digital multiplexer/demultiplexer connected between the digital interface and the plurality converter devices; an analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer connected between the analogue optical interface and the plurality of converter devices; and a control signal generator connected to the analogue multiplexer/demultiplexer, wherein the control signal generator is arranged to generate an analogue control signal for controlling time division duplex operation at the intermediate distribution node..
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Memory access system, apparatus, and method patent thumbnailMemory access system, apparatus, and method
A memory access system that includes a data sending apparatus, an optical transmission medium, and a data receiving apparatus. The data sending apparatus includes a signal generator, an optical switch, and an optical modulator.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Optical transmitter and control method patent thumbnailOptical transmitter and control method
An optical transmitter has an array of laser diodes, which output optical signals from a forward end, and controls the power of the optical signals. The optical transmitter has photodiodes detecting the optical power of optical signals from a reverse end and a ld-drv unit that supplies to the laser diodes, bias current amplitude modulated to a predetermined frequency that differs from that of the drive signal of the laser diodes.
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

Beam projector

Provided is a beam projector including: an image generation unit configured to generate an image light for an image signal; an optical unit configured to enlarge the image light to project toward a screen; a housing provided with the image generation unit; a motion sensor configured to detect movement of the housing; and a compensation driving unit configured to move at least one of the image generation unit and the optical unit so as to countervail the movement.. .

Reducing angular spread in digital image projection

Chromatic aberration can be reduced and extreme projection angles can be allowed in a projection system by modifying one color channel of light having a wavelength bandwidth with image data to produce imaged light, causing the imaged light to spread angularly when displaying the imaged light through an optical distorting element onto a screen, and reducing angular spread of the imaged light exiting the optical distorting element by adjusting the wavelength bandwidth.. .
Imax Corporation

Detector unit, optical system and thermal camera assembly

Devices and methods herein, in accordance with embodiments, provide a detector unit for an infrared (ir) imaging device comprising a focal plane array (fpa) of ir detectors configured to detect ir radiation intensity, and a detector unit lens configured to optically direct ir radiation onto the fpa and to protect the fpa from contamination. The detector unit lens and the fpa are integrated to form a detector unit that encapsulates the fpa, and the detector unit lens is configured to optically function as a common lens element for a plurality of different types of lens assemblies of the ir imaging device.
Flir Systems Ab

Image capturing apparatus

An image capturing apparatus includes a main image capturing system configured to capture an object image formed by a main optical system that can vary a magnification, a first sub capturing system configured to capture an object image formed by a first sub optical system having an angle of view equal to or wider than that at a wide-angle end of the main optical system, and a second sub capturing system configured to capture an object image formed by a second sub optical system having an angle of view narrower than that at a wide-angle end and equal to or wider than that at a telephoto end of the main optical system. An optical barrel configured to hold the main optical system can be retracted relative to a body of the image capturing apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Diffractive optical element using crossed grating for pupil expansion

In an optical display system that includes a waveguide with multiple diffractive optical elements (does), an in-coupling doe couples light into the waveguide, an intermediate doe provides exit pupil expansion in a first direction, and an out-coupling doe provides pupil expansion in a second direction and couples light out of the waveguide. The intermediate doe is configured with a crossed grating which is a three-dimensional microstructure that is periodic in two directions.

Image capturing apparatus

The image capturing apparatus includes a main image capturing system configured to capture an object image formed by a main optical system whose magnification is variable, and multiple sub image capturing systems configured to respectively capture multiple object images respectively formed by multiple sub optical systems. The multiple optical systems are arranged on both sides across a sectional plane including an optical axis of the main optical system.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image pickup apparatus and controlling the same

Provided are an image pickup apparatus and a method of controlling the image pickup apparatus, capable of quickly determining possibility of refocusing for bringing each of objects located at different view angle positions on a photographed image into focus. The image pickup apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire an image photographed by using an image pickup element having a pupil-division pixel area together with photographing information of an optical system at a time of photographing, an object detecting unit configured to calculate an object area of an object and to calculate an object distance corresponding to a depth distance to the object, and a refocusing possibility determining unit configured to determine possibility of refocusing for bringing the object into focus by calculating a refocusable view angle range and determining whether or not the object area is included in the refocusable view angle range through comparison..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image capturing unit and image capturing system

Provided is an image capturing unit including an abutting member that abuts on an image capturing target which is inserted in a direction intersecting with an optical axis direction of an image capturing section which is included in a portable terminal, and makes a predetermined region of the image capturing target face the image capturing section, a facing member that faces the image capturing target which is abutted on the abutting member in the optical axis direction from an image capturing section side, and a pressing section that presses the image capturing target against the facing member along the optical axis direction.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Digital link viewer with paging for super-channels

A device may receive optical network information associated with a plurality of super-channels. Each super-channel, of the plurality of super-channels, may include a plurality of optical channels transported as a single optical channel.
Infinera Corporation

Methods and implementing a communications system secured using one-time pads

The present invention relates generally to mechanisms for securing a communication system by using one-time pads. One-time pads may be generated and exchanged in person using proximity based mechanisms including optical communication mechanisms on mobile devices.
Oscar Tango Papa Llc

Radio-over-fibre transmission in communications networks

A radio-over-fibre transmitter comprising: an optical splitter arranged to receive an optical carrier signal having a carrier optical frequency, and split it into a plurality of portions; electro-optic modulation apparatus each arranged to receive a respective optical carrier signal portion and a respective modulated radio frequency subcarrier signal, and arranged to modulate the respective optical carrier signal portion with the respective modulated radio frequency subcarrier signal and arranged to suppress onward transmission of the respective optical carrier signal portion, to form a respective carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signal; an optical combiner arranged to receive the carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signals and one of the optical carrier signal portions and arranged to combine them to form a subcarrier multiplexed optical signal; and polarisation apparatus arranged to ensure that the carrier suppressed optical subcarrier signals and said optical carrier signal portion each have the same polarisation state at the optical combiner.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Optical module and optical transmitter using the same

An optical module has an optical modulator configured to perform phase modulation on each of divided light components of an input light and output at least two phase-modulated signal lights, a semiconductor optical amplifier configured to amplify the phased-modulated signal lights in a same polarization mode, and a polarization multiplexer configured to convert the amplified signal lights into two orthogonally polarized signal lights and multiplex the orthogonally polarized signal lights.. .
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

Transceiving system, transmitter, receiver, and control transceiving system

A transceiving system includes: a transmitter; and a receiver coupled to the transmitter via optical transmission lines, the transmitter includes: a first processor configured to generate division data obtained by dividing data; a modulator configured to modulate wavelengths of transport lights, which transport the division data, based on setting information including a correspondence relationship between identification information identifying each of the optical transmission lines and wavelength information indicating a wavelength, and output lights, each of which is superimposed with the respective division data, to the optical transmission lines; and a second processor configured to transmit changed setting information, which is obtained by changing the setting information, to the receiver, and the receiver includes: a de-multiplexer configured to separate lights from the optical transmission lines into de-multiplexed lights of a wavelengths, based on the changed setting information; and a third processor configured to convert the de-multiplexed lights into division data.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Systems and methods for transmitting routable optical energy packets

A system for transmitting routable energy packets includes an optical power source and a processing circuit. The optical power source is configured to generate an optical power packet having optical energy, generate an optical data packet comprising routing information configured to control a route of the optical power packet, and transmit the optical power packet and the optical data packet via a conduit.
Elwha Llc

Polarization demultiplexing of optical signals

An example embodiment includes optical receiver that includes a polarization beam splitter (pbs), a polarization controller, and a forward error correction (fec). The pbs is configured to split a received optical signal having an unknown polarization state into two orthogonal polarizations (x′-polarization and y′-polarization).
Finisar Corporation

Photonic vector signal generation without precoding

A novel and simple photonic vector signal generation scheme at radio frequency (rf) bands enabled by a single-drive mach-zehnder modulator (mzm)-based optical carrier suppression (ocs) without precoding techniques and optical filter, which can reduce the complexity of transmitter digital signal processing (dsp), is described. The generation and reception of 16/20/22-gbaud quadrature-phase-shift-keying (qpsk) vector signals at 16/20/22 ghz are experimentally demonstrated, respectively.
Zte Corporation

Optical transmitter and controlling optical modulator

An optical transmitter has an optical modulator with a mach-zehnder interferometer, a pilot signal generator configured to generate a pilot signal to be superimposed on a drive signal for driving the optical modulator or on a substrate bias voltage applied to the optical modulator, and a controller configured to detect a ratio between a pilot component and a direct current component contained in a light output from the optical modulator and control at least one of an amplitude of the drive signal and a level of the substrate bias voltage such that the ratio becomes a constant value.. .
Fujitsu Optical Components Limited

Systems for improved spectral efficiency in multi-carrier communication systems

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for improving spectral efficiency of a communication system. The communication system can include a transmitter, a receiver and a communication link for communicating data between the transmitter and the receiver.
Google Inc.

Optical receiver signal strength indicator (rssi) circuit having a variable supply voltage filter impedance

An optical receiver signal strength indicator (rssi) circuit for use in an optical receiver or transceiver module is provided that uses a variable impedance device in the supply voltage filter circuit. The variable impedance device is varied based on the strength of the input current signal produced by the photodiode.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Method and monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio

A method and an apparatus for monitoring an optical signal-to-noise ratio (osnr) is provided. The method includes coupling a to-be-tested signal with a particular noise signal, to obtain a composite signal, where the particular noise signal is a noise signal that makes an osnr of a signal of a to-be-tested channel in the composite signal be within a preset osnr range.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Path computation based on dynamic performance monitoring systems and methods in optical networks

The present disclosure provides dynamic performance monitoring systems and methods for optical networks to ascertain optical network health in a flexible and accurate manner. The present invention introduces accurate estimations for optical channel performance characteristics based either on existing channels or with a dynamic optical probe configured to measure characteristics on unequipped wavelengths.
Ciena Corporation

Digital link viewer for data center interconnect nodes

A device may receive optical network information associated with a first optical node and a second optical node. The first optical node may be associated with a first group of optical devices.
Infinera Corporation

Optical time domain reflectometer implementation apparatus and system

Embodiments disclose an otdr implementation apparatus. The apparatus includes m transmitters, configured to transmit m optical waves of different wavelengths, where m is greater than or equal to 2.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Life-cycle management of faults occuring on optical fibres

The device includes a first detector configured to detect, from received signal power, first fault parameters related to an occurrence of a first fault on this optical fibre. The device further includes a database configured to store the first fault parameters and a second detector configured to detect from the received signal power second fault parameters related to a restoration of a second fault on the optical fibre.
Alcatel Lucent

Semiconductor laser device

A semiconductor laser device includes: a semiconductor laser array in which a plurality of active layers that emit laser lights with a divergence angle θs (>4°) in a slow axis direction are arranged; a first optical element that reflects first partial lights by a first reflecting surface and returns the first partial lights to the active layers; and a second optical element that reflects partial mode lights of second partial lights by a second reflecting surface and returns the partial mode lights to the active layers, the first reflecting surface forms an angle equal to or greater than 2° and less than (θs/2) with a plane perpendicular to an optical axis direction of the active layers, and the second reflecting surface forms an angle greater than (−θs/2) and equal to or less than −2° with the plane perpendicular to the optical axis direction of the active layers.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Quantum cascade laser with serially configured gain sections

An apparatus that includes a gain chip assembly, an external cavity, and a controller is disclosed. The gain chip assembly includes first and second gain chips that are coupled optically such that light travels serially between the first gain chip and the second gain chip, each gain chip is electrically biased.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Optical module, optical apparatus, fabricating optical module

An optical module includes a bench part and a cap on the bench part. The bench part includes a bench, an electrode, a semiconductor optical device and a lens.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Method for manufacturing optical member, manufacturing semiconductor laser device, and semiconductor laser device

A method for manufacturing an optical member includes providing a silicon substrate having a first main surface of a {110} plane, forming a mask pattern having an opening extending in a <100> direction on the first main surface of the silicon substrate, and forming a sloped surface of a {100} plane in the silicon substrate by wet etching the silicon substrate from a first main surface side using the mask pattern as a mask. A method for manufacturing a semiconductor laser device includes fixing the optical member formed by the method for manufacturing the optical member and a semiconductor laser element to a mounting board so that laser light emitted from the semiconductor laser element is irradiated to a reflective film of the optical member..
Nichia Corporation

Laser oscillator having folding mirror

A laser oscillator configured to limit a mode hopping over a long duration. A laser oscillator has an optical resonator including an output coupler and a rear mirror positioned on an optical axis, at least one folding mirror positioned on the optical axis and between the output coupler and the rear mirror, and a discharge tube positioned between the output coupler or the rear mirror and the folding mirror.
Fanuc Corporation

Flat optical fiber light-streaming cable

The present invention provides a flat optical fiber light-streaming cable, wherein a first connection part conforming to the usb specification is installed on one side of the circuit board on which light emitting diodes is installed, and a plurality of junction points are connected to the signal line set and the electric power line set respectively enveloped by a middle cladding layer, optical fibers respectively corresponding to the leds and the transparent outer protective layer wrapped on the peripheries thereof are installed between the signal line set and the electric power line set. When the controller drives leds to respectively project light sequentially toward the optical fibers, light can pass through the light spots on the surface and present a stream-wise lighting state demonstrating successive and progressive light chasings sequentially per segment, thereby presenting various dynamic lighting effects such as blinking color, colorful water flow or the like..
Sure-fire Electrical Corporation

Optimal camera and antenna integration

An antenna module mounted to a roof of a vehicle that includes a plurality of antenna elements for various vehicle communications systems. The antenna module also includes an fdm camera associated with an fdm, where the camera is positioned at the rear of the module and is mounted in a general flat configuration parallel to the roof the vehicle so that the camera field-of-view is directed upward and so that metal components of the camera do not interfere with the radiation pattern of the antenna elements.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method and system to separate optically measured coupled parameters

A system includes a first optical sensor sensitive to both a parameter of interest, parameter1, and at least one confounding parameter, parameter2 and a second optical sensor sensitive only to the confounding parameter. Measurement circuitry measures m1 in response to light scattered by the first optical sensor, where m1=value of parameter1+k*value of parameter2.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Monolithically integrated thin-film electronic conversion unit for lateral multijunction thin-film solar cells

An integrated thin-film lateral multi-junction solar device and fabrication method are provided. The device includes, for instance, a substrate, and a plurality of stacks extending vertically from the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

Solar cell metal-less reflector / back electrode structure

A photovoltaic or light detecting device is provided that includes a periodic array of dome or dome-like protrusions at the light impingement surface and a metal-less reflector/back electrode at the device back. The beneficial interaction between an appropriately designed top protrusion array and metal-less reflector/electrode back contact (r/ebc) serves (1) to refract the incoming light thereby providing photons with an advantageous larger momentum component parallel to the plane of the back (r/ebc) contact and (2) to provide optical impedance matching for the short wavelength incoming light.

Local seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate

An electroluminescent display or lighting product incorporates a panel comprising a collection of distinct light-emitting elements formed on a substrate. A plurality of distinct local seals are formed below respective individual light-emitting elements or groups of light-emitting elements.
Global Oled Technology Llc

Injection molded microoptics

A wafer-scale apparatus and method is described for the automation of forming, aligning and attaching two-dimensional arrays of microoptic elements on semiconductor and other image display devices, backplanes, optoelectronic boards, and integrated optical systems. In an ordered fabrication sequence, a mold plate comprised of optically designed cavities is formed by reactive ion etching or alternative processes, optionally coated with a release material layer and filled with optically specified materials by an automated fluid-injection and defect-inspection subsystem.
International Business Machines Corporation

Apparatus and package structure of optical chip

An apparatus includes a package structure. The package structure includes a chip, a conductive structure over the chip, a molding structure surrounding and underneath the chip, and a first passivation layer over the conductive structure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

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