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Enclosure for a multi-channel modulator driver

Triquint Semiconductor

Enclosure for a multi-channel modulator driver

Package for optical module

Ntt Electronics

Package for optical module

Package for optical module

Illumination regulating system in synchronization with ac power frequency and method using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical-related patents
 A rack assembly structure patent thumbnailA rack assembly structure
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide techniques and configurations for a rack assembly. In one embodiment, a tray to be disposed in a rack assembly may comprise a plurality of sleds with individual sleds including one or more compute nodes; and a networking element coupled with a sled of the plurality of sleds and configured to communicatively connect the sled to one or more other components of the rack assembly via an optical communication system.
Intel Corporation

 Enclosure for a multi-channel modulator driver patent thumbnailEnclosure for a multi-channel modulator driver
Embodiments of the present disclosure describe techniques and configurations for an enclosure that can be used for channel isolation in a multi-channel modulator driver such as, for example, an optical modulator driver. A system may include a substrate, a multi-channel modulator driver mounted on the substrate, and an enclosure mounted on the substrate to cover the multi-channel modulator driver, the enclosure having a wall that is disposed between first components of the multi-channel modulator driver associated with a first channel and second components of the multi-channel modulator driver associated with a second channel, the wall being composed of an electrically conductive material.
Triquint Semiconductor, Inc.

 Package for optical module patent thumbnailPackage for optical module
A package for optical module includes a flat-plate-shaped metal base, and a ceramic circuit board in which a plurality of terminals are arranged in a longitudinal direction, and which is joined to an upper surface of the metal base by soldering. The ceramic circuit board has a shape change portion in which the ceramic circuit board is changed in shape along the longitudinal direction, and a region of the ceramic circuit board not including the shape change portion is joined to the metal base by soldering.
Ntt Electronics Corporation

 Illumination regulating system in synchronization with ac power frequency and method using the same patent thumbnailIllumination regulating system in synchronization with ac power frequency and method using the same
An illumination regulating system in synchronization with an ac power frequency comprises: an illumination regulating device and a regulated device, wherein the illumination regulating device and the regulated device are a light source device or a remote control device respectively. A light detector of the regulated device receives a regulating light emitted from a luminous element of the illumination regulating device to make the regulated device controlled by the illumination regulating device, and wherein the illumination regulating device and the regulated device perform wireless data transmission in synchronization with an ac power frequency.

 Illuminated headphone system patent thumbnailIlluminated headphone system
A headphone system includes a first audio speaker assembly and a second audio speaker assembly, a connecting body extending between the first and second audio speaker assemblies, and a light-diffusing fiber coupled with the connecting body, the light-diffusing fiber having a glass core and a cladding. At least one of the glass core and a core-cladding interface includes a plurality of light scattering structures.
Corning Incorporated

 Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunication services to local areas and for supporting distributed antenna systems patent thumbnailMethods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunication services to local areas and for supporting distributed antenna systems
A fiber optic network includes a fiber distribution hub including at least one splitter and a termination field; a plurality of drop terminals optically connected to the fiber distribution hub by a plurality of distribution cables; and a distributed antenna system (das). The das includes a base station and a plurality of antenna nodes.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

 Wavelength division multiplexer array patent thumbnailWavelength division multiplexer array
In an example embodiment, a wdm array includes an optical filter, n common ports, n reflection ports, and n pass ports. The n common ports may be positioned to a first side of the optical filter.
Finisar Corporation

 Projector and controlling  the same patent thumbnailProjector and controlling the same
The projector comprises: at least one light source; a light separation unit separating light emitted from the light source into a first and second lights in different wavelength bands; a tir prism through which the first and second lights pass; an optical modulating element irradiated with and modulating the first and second lights to emit the modulated first and second lights toward the tir prism; a projection lens expanding and projecting the light which is modulated by the optical modulating element and passes the tir prism; a rotating prism which is rotatably arranged in the light path between the light separation unit and the tir prism and emits, from different positions in accordance with rotation, the first and second lights emitted from the light separation unit; and a control unit which, when the image signals representing a first and second images are supplied, causes the optical modulating element to perform modulation according to the image signal of the first image with regard to the area irradiated by the first light and to perform modulation according to the image signal of the second image with regard to the area irradiated by the second light.. .
Nec Display Solutions, Ltd.

 Hybrid transparent auto stereoscopic display patent thumbnailHybrid transparent auto stereoscopic display
A transparent lcd monitor can be layered with a custom optical element that covers a portion of the display surface to create a hybrid solution that is enabled to show 3d content (including both off-screen “pop” in front of the display and an immersive perception of depth behind the display) without the need for any special eyewear while maintaining a high degree of transparency in the unmodified portions of the display.. .

 3d image capture apparatus with depth of field extension patent thumbnail3d image capture apparatus with depth of field extension
A 3d imaging apparatus with enhanced depth of field to obtain electronic images of an object for use in generating a 3d digital model of the object. The apparatus includes a housing having mirrors positioned to receive an image from an object external to the housing and provide the image to an image sensor.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Optical safety monitoring with selective pixel array analysis

An imaging sensor device includes pixel array processing functions that allow time-of-flight (tof) analysis to be performed on selected portions of the pixel array, while two-dimensional imaging analysis is performed on the remaining portions of the array, reducing processing load and response time relative to performing tof analysis for all pixels of the array. The portion of the pixel array designated for tof analysis can be pre-defined through configuration of the imaging sensor device.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Operating device and optical disk playback device

According to one embodiment, an operating device for receiving a selecting operation of a user of an image including a plurality of selection target images includes at least a detection region setting unit. The detection region setting unit sets a detection region for receiving the selection operation to a selection target image for each of the plurality of selection target images based on the information of a specific region.
Toshiba Alpine Automotive Technology Corporation



A projector includes an osd image generation section that generates an osd image, an osd processor that generates a combined image in which the osd image is superimposed on an input image, a light source section that outputs a light flux, a light modulator that modulates the light flux in accordance with the combined image to produce image light, a projection system that projects the image light, and a placement detector that detects whether an additional lens that changes the ratio between values in intersecting two direction in the image light has been inserted into the optical path of the projection system, and when the placement detector detects that the additional lens has been inserted, the osd image generation section generates the osd image in accordance with the inserted additional lens.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method and acquiring images on moving surfaces

The invention relates to a sensor for the recognition of images on surfaces of objects in relative motion with regard to the sensor, especially for reading optical codes and/or characters and/or symbols on a surface of an object, comprising a plurality of sensor lines, each adapted to render line images in a temporal sequence, wherein the sensor is arranged to combine a plurality of line images of said sensor lines to yield a line image of the sensor, wherein each of said plurality of line images was captured by a different one of said sensor lines and at least some of said plurality of line images were captured at different points in time. The invention also relates to a corresponding method for the recognition of an image on a surface of an object and to a system for the acquisition of images on a surface of a moving target, comprising a conveyor for carrying target objects and a sensor as described above..
Datalogic Ip Tech S.r.l.


Photodetector and driving photodetector

Adverse effects of noise are reduced. A photodetector circuit, a difference data generation circuit, and a data input selection circuit are included.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Position control apparatus, position control method, optical apparatus, and imaging apparatus

A target generating unit outputs a target value signal of a control target, and a position encoding processing unit outputs a position detection signal of the control target. A pid compensator calculates a control amount for causing the control target to follow a target position based on a difference signal between the target value signal and the position detection signal, and outputs it to an adding unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Imaging device and imaging method

An imaging device includes: an optical system which obtains an optical image of a photographic subject; an image sensor which converts the optical image to an electric signal; a digital signal processor which produces image data based on the electric signal; a display section which displays a photographic subject image expressed by the image data; and an operating section which performs a necessary setting regarding imaging, the digital signal processor including: an autofocus operation section which performs an autofocus operation based on data of an autofocus area set in the photographic subject image; a main area setting section which sets a main area in the photographic subject image; and a blurring operation section which performs a blurring operation on an area other than the main area in the photographic subject image, wherein the autofocus area is set automatically to overlap with at least a part of the main area.. .


Imaging device and controlling imaging device

An imaging device includes an optical system, an image sensor, a lens position control section, and a focus control section, the focus control section including a block setting section, a contrast value calculation section that calculates block contrast value information, a contrast value storage section that stores the block contrast value information about a reference image, a feature quantity calculation section, an effective block determination section that acquires effective block information, an effective block information storage section that stores the effective block information about the reference image, an af area setting section that sets an af area from the effective block information about the reference image and the effective block information about the input image, and a contrast value determination section that determines an image contrast value from the af area.. .
Olympus Corporation


Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, lens unit, and image capturing system

An image capturing apparatus to which a lens unit having an optical imaging system is attachable, comprising: an image sensor configured to generate an image signal by performing photoelectric conversion on a light flux passing through the optical imaging system; a first calculation unit configured to obtain first control information for focus control by using a signal output from the image sensor; and a second calculation unit configured to obtain second control information for focus control without using a signal output from the image sensor, and transmit the second control information to the lens unit. The first calculation unit transmits the first control information to the lens unit without mediation of the second calculation unit..
Canon Kabaushiki Kaisha


Imaging module and reader for, and , illuminating and imaging targets to be read over an extended range of working distances

Targets to be read by image capture are illuminated and imaged over an extended range of working distances. A near imager captures return light over a relatively wide imaging field of view from a target located in a close-in region of the range.
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Imager module and manufacturing an imager module

An imager module for a camera system includes a sensor carrier, an image sensor accommodated on the sensor carrier, and an objective lens. An elastically deformable clamping device is tensioned between the objective lens and the sensor carrier.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Sensor device, image forming apparatus, and control light source

A sensor device includes an irradiation unit that includes a light source and irradiates an object with light, an optical detection unit disposed on an optical path of light emitted from the irradiation unit and reflected at the object, at least one object sensor that detects presence of the object, and a controller that controls the light source based on output from the object sensor.. .


Optical layer protection switching applications

Systems and methods are disclosed for modulating, with circuitry of a source node in a communication network, at least one optical carrier to carry data utilizing a format of a soft decision forward error correction (sd-fec) data field of an overhead portion of a data frame; encoding, with the circuitry of the source node, first data being sd-fec data and second data being additional data into the sd-fec data field, the first and second data being accessible without accessing client data traffic; and transmitting, with the circuitry of the source node, the data frame including the soft decision forward error correction data field. In one implementation, the second data comprises automatic protection switching bytes..
Infinera Corp.


Orbital angular momentum multiplexing for digital communication

optical signals with different orbital angular momentum (oam) modes are used to multiplex data for different receiver together or a light signal. The oam based multiplexing may be used in addition to other multiplexing schemes such as time division multiplexing, polarization multiplexing and so on.
Zte Corporation


Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks to unblock superchannels

Systems and methods of increasing the supportable capacity from a first point to a second point in an optical network, include identifying a first optical signal that occupies a first portion of optical spectrum from the first point to the second point; identifying a second optical signal that occupies a second portion of the optical spectrum from the first point to the second point, wherein the second portion is adjacent to the first portion; adjusting the second optical signal to minimize part of or remove all of the second portion that is adjacent to the first optical signal to provide a freed up portion of the second portion; and adjusting the first optical signal to occupy some or all of the freed up portion.. .
Ciena Corporation


Measuring device, measurement method, and transmission system

A measuring device includes an identifying unit configured to identify a design value of a central frequency of spectrum of an optical signal for each of sub-channels, the optical signal being formed in nyquist pulse, the sub-channels forming a super-channel in wavelength division multiplexing communication; and a measurer configured to measure the power of the optical signal in a band for each of the sub-channels, the identified design value of the central frequency of the band being a central frequency of the band, the band being narrower than a frequency band of a corresponding one of the sub-channels.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks by intentionally reducing margin

Systems and methods of optimizing capacity of an optical network, through intentionally reducing margin on one or more wavelengths, include identifying a first wavelength capable of using excess capacity; determining the one or more wavelengths that have extra margin; adjusting at least one of the one or more wavelengths to reduce associated margin to a nominal margin so as to increase supportable capacity of the first wavelength; and increasing capacity of the first wavelength based on the supportable capacity.. .
Ciena Corporation


Channel establishment

A channel establishment method and device are provided. The method includes: establishing a media channel between a first node and a second node; establishing a signal channel between a third node and a fourth node after the media channel is established, wherein the signal channel passes a frequency slot matrix of one or more intermediate nodes between the third node and the fourth node and a traffic engineering link between any two nodes; and allocating frequency spectrum to the signal channel from available frequency spectrum of the traffic engineering link, wherein the frequency spectrum includes multiple split frequency spectrums which bear one optical channel and each of which contains a plurality of optical carriers or only contains a single optical carrier.
Zte Corporation


Controlling an optical transmitter that supports multiple modulation formats and baud rates

A device receives a modulation format and a baud rate for transmission of an optical signal, and generates optical signals based on the modulation format and the baud rate. The device generates quadrature-delay-interferometer signals based on the optical signal, the modulation format, and the baud rate, and generates a particular optical signal with a particular wavelength for the modulation format and the baud rate.
Infinera Corp.


Optical coupling circuit, light-receiving apparatus of optical coupling circuit and signal processing device

A light-emitting unit outputs an optical signal corresponding to an input electric signal. A light-receiving unit is electrically insulated from the light-emitting unit and outputs an electric signal according to the received optical signal as an output signal.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Optical interconnect in spin-based computation and communication systems

Techniques are described for data transfer in spin-based systems where digital bit values are represented by magnetization states of magnetoresistive devices rather than voltages or currents. For data transmission, a spin-based signal is converted to an optical signal and transmitted via an optical transport.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Optical receiving device and phase cycle reduction method

An optical receiving device receives an optical signal that has been modulated by means of phase modulation or quadrature amplitude modulation, converts the received optical signal into an electrical signal using coherent detection, and performs phase compensation on the converted received signal, and includes: a carrier phase estimation unit that estimates carrier phase errors in a received symbol string obtained from the received signal; a gain adjustment unit that performs gain adjustment on symbols input into the carrier phase adjustment unit; a phase cycle slip reduction unit that, by performing statistical processing on an output from the carrier phase estimation unit, detects general noise that causes a phase cycle slip, and reduces the phase cycle slip; and a phase compensation circuit that compensates carrier phase errors contained in the received signal using an output from the carrier phase estimation unit.. .
Nippon Telegraph And Telephone Corporation


Tracking nonlinear cross-phase modulation noise and linewidth induced jitter in coherent optical fiber communication links

An optical receiver may include a digital signal processor to receive an input sample that includes transmitted data, transmitted by an optical transmitter, and nonlinear distortion. The digital signal processor may process the input sample to generate an estimated data value.
Infinera Corporation


Optical transmitter, optical receiver, and optical transmission method

An optical transmitter includes: a plurality of optical modulators, each and a driver by which a modulation format is variable; and a wavelength selection unit configured to selectively outputs modulation optical signals generated by the optical modulators to a first output port corresponding to a first optical transmission degree and a second output port corresponding to a second optical transmission degree in a unit of wavelength.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Exploiting frequency diversity on a sub-band basis for optical transmission performance enhancement

An optical data transmission method comprising partitioning an optical signal into a plurality of frequency sub-bands, generating a signal frequency mapping that rearranges the plurality of frequency sub-bands, choosing a plurality of frequency components based on the signal frequency mapping to form a set of frequency components, and transmitting the set of frequency components using frequency diversity transmission. An optical data receiving method comprising obtaining a signal frequency mapping for an original signal, receiving an optical signal that comprises a plurality of frequency sub-bands, re-arranging the plurality of frequency sub-bands using the signal frequency mapping to generate a restored original signal, and processing the restored original signal to recover an original data sequence..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Method to produce optical module having multiple signal lanes and optical module

A method to produce an optical module, which includes more than one signal lanes each providing a semiconductor laser diode (ld), a first lens, and a second lens, is disclosed. The method first places the first lens in a position at which the optical beam output from the ld becomes a collimated beam, then, slightly shifts so as to be apart from the ld to convert the optical beam into a concentrated beam.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Optical transmission module

Provided is an inexpensive and compact optical transmission module having high coupling efficiency between an optical fiber and a light projecting element and/or a light receiving element. This optical transmission module includes a lead frame including an electric wiring pattern formed therein, a resin housing formed through insert-molding of the lead frame, and an electric device mounted on the lead frame and including a light projecting element for photoelectric conversion.
Hosiden Corporation


Electro-optical transceiver device to enable chip-to-chip interconnection

An apparatus includes a substrate and a waveguide coupled to a surface of the substrate. The surface forms a cladding layer of the waveguide.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multimode optical transmission system employing modal-conditioning fiber

A multimode optical fiber transmission system that employs an optical fiber with at least one modal-conditioning fiber is disclosed. The system includes a single-mode transmitter that generates modulated light having a wavelength between 800 nm and 1600 nm; an optical receiver configured to receive and detect the modulated light; a multimode optical fiber that defines an optical path between the single-mode transmitter and the optical receiver, the multimode optical fiber having a core with a diameter d40 and a refractive index profile configured to optimally transmit light at a nominal wavelength of 850 nm; and at least one modal-conditioning fiber operably disposed in the optical path to perform at least one of modal filtering and modal converting of the optical modulated light..
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Multimode optical fiber transmission system including single mode fiber

Some embodiments of the disclosure relate to an optical transmission system that operates at a wavelength in the range from 950 nm to 1600 nm and that employs a single-mode optical transmitter and an optical receiver optically coupled to respective ends of a multimode fiber designed for 850 nm multimode operation. The optical transmission system also employs at least one single mode fiber situated within the optical pathway between the optical transmitter and the receiver and coupled to the multimode fiber..
Corning Incorporated


Omnidirectional free space optical communications receiver

A free space optical receiver comprising a photodetector and a fiber bundle. The fiber bundle comprises a plurality of optical fibers splayed apart at one of their ends to receive free space optical energy from multiple directions.
Florida Institute Of Technology, Inc.


Optical multiplexing device and generating optical ofdm signal

An optical multiplexing includes: a monitor configured to detect power of an optical component including a frequency component of a cross point between spectra of a first sub-carrier signal and a second sub-carrier signal; and a controller configured to control a modulation timing of a data symbol of the second sub-carrier signal according to the power detected by the monitor, wherein the second sub-carrier signal is multiplexed to a carrier to be adjacent to the first sub-carrier signal multiplexed to the carrier so as to generate an optical orthogonal frequency divisional multiplexing (ofdm) signal in which an interference between the first and second sub-carrier signals is suppressed.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Optical path control in a network

A control system and method in an optical burst mode network, said network comprising a plurality of channels, at least one channel adapted to carry bursts of data from multiple sources, the control system is configured to calculate a per channel gain measurement from the acquisition of per source received burst data measurements at a channel termination point. The control system facilitates automated per channel optical power monitoring and equalisation without human intervention over the operational life span of the optical system..
Intune Networks Limited


Flexible placement of spectral inverters in optical networks

Methods and systems are provided for flexible placement of spectral inverters in an optical network. The method includes identifying a first transmission path coupling a transmitter and a receiver.


Margin-based optimization systems and methods in optical networks for capacity boosting

Systems and methods of optimizing capacity of an optical network include identifying a first wavelength with an associated target capacity; determining that the first wavelength has insufficient capability to operate at the associated target capacity; and adjusting one or more wavelengths to increase capability of the first wavelength such that the first wavelength can operate at the associated target capacity.. .
Ciena Corporation


Monitoring of optical performance in an optical data transmission network

A method for monitoring optical performance in an optical data transmission network, the optical data transmission network including a first router node, a second router node, and an optical data transmission line connecting the first router node with the second router node providing optical data transmission from the first router node to the second router node using at least two channels, includes: in a measurement step, determining, at the spare ip router interface, optical performance parameters of the at least two channels; in a transmission step subsequent to the measurement step, transmitting the determined optical performance parameters to a remote control unit; and in an analysis step subsequent to the transmission step, analyzing the transmitted optical performance parameters and determining whether to take a corrective action to improve optical performance of the at least two channels.. .
Deutsche Telekom Ag


Network alarm system utilizing a single sensing fiber

A method is provided for detecting intrusion into an optical cable of an optical network comprising where monitoring light signals are transmitted along a telecommunications optical fiber to be monitored either along a fiber additional to a data fiber or by multiplexing onto a common fiber. The received monitoring light signals after transmission along the telecommunications optical fiber are analyzed for changes indicative of movement of the optical fiber for detecting an intrusion event.
Network Integrity Systems, Inc.


Multi-failure resolution optical node, optical communication system using same, and wavelength path switching method

This multi-failure resolution optical node has: an operating system wavelength path; two or more standby system wavelength paths which are assigned to the operating system wavelength path and have been assigned a ranking; and node control means that can separately operate the operating system wavelength path and the standby system wavelength paths in a normal power consumption mode or a reduced power consumption mode. Thus, it is possible to provide an optical node with which power consumption is reduced and with which switching to a standby system wavelength path can be performed quickly in response to a failure in the operating system wavelength path..
Nec Corporation


Method and device for transmitting electric power and signals between a stationary wall and a leaf pivotably mounted on said wall

A method for transmitting electric power and signals between a wall and a leaf pivotally mounted on the wall includes transmitting the electric power so as to be galvanically isolated, and transmitting the signals optically or optoelectronically.. .
Dr. Hahn Gmbh & Co. Kg


Device for electro-optical sampling of a microwave frequency signal

A device for electro-optical sampling of a microwave frequency signal is disclosed. In one aspect, the device includes a microwave transmission line for transmitting a microwave signal, the microwave line including an interruption zone configured to be rendered conducting under the effect of an optical control signal so as to carry out a function of optically controlled interrupter switch.
Université Pierre Et Marie Curie (paris 6)


Data processing device and high voltage direct current transmission system

A data processing device in a high voltage direct current (hvdc) transmission system is provided. The data processing device includes a measurement module measuring a voltage or current for one or more points in the hvdc system; a data processing unit generating measurement data units using measurement values measured at the measurement module; and a communication module using wavelength division multiplexing to transmit the measurement data units to the outside through one optical fiber, wherein the optical fiber includes a plurality of cores..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays

High-power, phased-locked, laser arrays as disclosed herein utilize a system of optical elements that may be external to the laser oscillator array. Such an external optical system may achieve mutually coherent operation of all the emitters in a laser array, and coherent combination of the output of all the lasers in the array into a single beam.
Pd-ld, Inc.


Light-source including a planar array of diode-laser bars

A light-source includes a planar array of diode-laser bars and a plurality of turning-mirrors arranged to stack beams from the diode-laser bars in the fast-axis direction to provide a first combined beam. Six plane mirrors are arranged to divide the combined beam into three beam-slices, each having one-third the slow-axis width of the first combined beam, and add the beam-slices in the fast-axis direction to provide a second combined beam having about one-third the slow-axis width and three-times the fast-axis length of those of the first combined beam.
Coherent, Inc.


High-coherence semiconductor light sources

A laser resonator includes an active material, which amplifies light associated with an optical gain of the resonator, and passive materials disposed in proximity with the active material. The resonator oscillates over one or more optical modes, each of which corresponds to a particular spatial energy distribution and resonant frequency.
California Institute Of Technology


Method, system and hybrid optical and electrical pumping of semiconductor lasers and leds for improved reliability at high temperatures

A method, system and an apparatus for hybrid optical and electrical pumping of semiconductor lasers and light-emitting diodes (leds) improves reliability at high operating temperatures. The semiconductor laser or led is biased via optical pumping and a relatively small electrical modulation current modulates the laser.
Zephyr Photonics Inc.


Tunable u-laser transmitter with integrated mach-zehnder modulator

According to the present invention, a monolithically integrated laser 102, also referred to herein as a u-laser 102, or integrated dual optical emission laser 102, having a first optical emission 104 and a second optical emission 106 where both the first and second optical emissions 104, 106 of the monolithically integrated laser 102 are in optical communication with a modulator 108 or other device is provided. The integrated dual emission laser 102 can be formed with a a light bending portion 134 in variety of configurations including a waveguide in the form of a u-shape, or total internal reflection (tir) mirrors, curved waveguides, and free-space etched gap mirrors.
Packet Photonics, Inc.


Bidirectional long cavity semiconductor laser for improved power and efficiency

The invention relates to bi-directional long-cavity semiconductor lasers for high power applications having two ar coated facets (2ar) to provide an un-folded cavity with enhanced output power. The lasers exhibit more uniform photon and carrier density distributions along the cavity than conventional uni-directional high-power lasers, enabling longer lasers with greater output power and lasing efficiency due to reduced longitudinal hole burning.
Jds Uniphase Corporation


High power broadband light source

A system for generating high power broadband light includes multiple light-sustained plasma light sources. Each one of the light-sustained sources includes a pumping source, a gas containment structure for containing gas and configured to receive pumping illumination from the pumping source and a parabolic reflector element arranged to collect at least a portion of the broadband radiation emitted by the generated plasma and form a collimated broadband radiation output.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Gas circulation type laser oscillator

A laser oscillator comprising an electric discharge excitation part having a discharge tube, and generates laser by excitation discharge of a laser gas flow through the inside of the discharge tube, an optical resonance part which has optical components attached to outsides of end walls of the discharge tube, and resonates laser generated in the discharge tube, and blower piping which connects an intake port and exhaust port of the discharge tube to form a circulation path of laser gas. The end walls of the discharge tube are provided with through holes which connect the inside of the discharge tube and the optical components, and blocking members are arranged in the through holes so as to block the flow of laser gas through the through holes toward the optical components..
Fanuc Corporation


High-brightness semiconductor light-emitting device having excellent current dispersion effect by including separation region

The present invention relates to a semiconductor light-emitting device including a separation region for separating a light-emitting surface, so as to exhibit an excellent current dispersion effect and improve brightness characteristics. The semiconductor light-emitting device of the present invention can obtain the effect for improving uniformity of effective current density by including the separation region for separating the light-emitting region, and can expect an improvement in optical efficiency through the excellent current dispersion effect..
Iljin Led Co., Ltd.


Device provided with an optimised photovoltaic network placed in front of an image

A network of photovoltaic strips positioned in front of an image causes a decrease in the luminosity of said image, which is not uniform for all of the colours and causes an optical moirè phenomenon that is perceived by the observer when they change their viewing angle. In order to rectify said decrease in visual quality of the image, the invention describes a suitable positioning and dimension of the photovoltaic strips in relation to the inter-pixels of the image..
Sunpartner Technologies


Method for manufacturing solar cell with nano-structural film

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a solar cell with a nanostructural film, including steps of treating a glass substrate with uv ozone, uniformly coating a polystyrene nanospherical layer containing plural nanospheres on the surface of the glass substrate and curing the polystyrene nanospherical layer for adhesion onto the glass substrate, forming a first optical layer on the surface of the polystyrene nanospherical layer, curing and releasing the first optical layer from the polystyrene nanospherical layer to obtain a concave spherical nanostructured film, and finally affixing the concave spherical nanostructured film on the surface of a solar cell to manufacture a solar cell with nanostructure after curing by baking.. .
National Cheng Kung University


Method for manufacturing nano-structural film in solar cell

A method for manufacturing a nanostructural film in a solar cell is revealed herein to include steps of forming an optical layer on a surface of a solar cell, heating a substrate of the solar cell at a temperature ranging from 100° c. To 200° c., imprinting a micro-pattern of a brightness enhanced film (bef) on the optical layer in a vacuum environment, wherein the micro-pattern has a triangular pyramid shape and arranged periodically on the optical layer, finally removing the bef after cooling so that the optical layer is formed into a nanostructured film corresponding to the micro-pattern of the bef..
National Cheng Kung University


Optoelectronic component, producing an optoelectronic component

An optoelectronic component is provided. The optoelectronic component includes an electromagnetic radiation source including an optically active region designed for emitting a first electromagnetic radiation, and a converter structure, which includes at least one converter material and is arranged in the beam path of the first electromagnetic radiation.
Osram Oled Gmbh


Solid state photomultipliers array of enhanced fill factor and simplified packaging

A multi-pixel photomultiplier optical sensor may include an array of photomultiplier dies. Each photomultiplier die may include a front side connection pad, spad cells, each spad cell including a front side electrode, a rear side electrode, and a resistor coupled in series to the front side electrode and coupled in common with other quenching resistors to the front side connection pad.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Suspended lens systems and wafer-level methods for manufacturing the same

A suspended lens system, for imaging a scene, includes (a) a single-piece lens for receiving light from the scene, wherein the single-piece lens includes a concave surface, and (b) a substrate including a side that faces the concave surface, for holding the single-piece lens, wherein the substrate has non-zero optical transmission and contacts only portions of the single-piece lens that are away from the concave surface. A wafer-level method for manufacturing a suspended lens system includes molding a lens array, wherein each lens of the lens array includes a concave surface, and bonding the lens array to a surface of a substrate that has non-zero optical transmission, such that the concave surfaces face the substrate, to form a suspended lens wafer..
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.


Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus

An optical semiconductor lighting apparatus including: a substrate in which a single led chip or a plurality of led chips are disposed; a first mold portion disposed on the substrate to cover the plurality of led chips; and a second mold portion extending from an edge of the first mold portion and disposed on the substrate. The respective led chips can improve adhesive strength with respect to the substrate through the first and second mold portions.
Posco Led Company Ltd.


Polishing apparatus

A polishing apparatus for polishing a substrate is provided. The polishing apparatus includes: a polishing table holding a polishing pad; a top ring configured to press the substrate against the polishing pad; first and second optical heads each configured to apply the light to the substrate and to receive reflected light from the substrate; spectroscopes each configured to measure at each wavelength an intensity of the reflected light received; and a processor configured to produce a spectrum indicating a relationship between intensity and wavelength of the reflected light.
Ebara Corporation


Laser annealing apparatus and laser annealing method

Provided is a laser annealing apparatus 1 for heat-treating a surface of a substrate 30 comprising: a pulse oscillation laser source 10 which generates a pulse laser with gentle rise time and long pulse width; a continuous wave laser source 20 which generates a near-infrared laser for assisting annealing; optical systems 12, 22 which shape and guide beams 15, 25 of the two types of lasers respectively so as to irradiate the surface of the substrate 30 therewith; and a moving device 3 which moves the substrate 30 relatively to the laser beams 15, 25 to allow scanning of the combined irradiation of the two types of laser beams. According to this apparatus, deep activation of impurities can be performed in a thick semiconductor substrate with large heat capacity while securing sufficient light penetration depth and thermal diffusion length therefor..


Modular push switch mechanism

The present invention is directed to switch device that includes a switch actuator having a user-accessible surface, the user accessible surface including an indicator element and an interior channel optically coupled to the indicator element. The switch actuator is configured to actuate a mechanical linkage by moving between a first actuator position and a second actuator position in response to a user-stimulus, the mechanical linkage actuation driving the set of electrical contacts between a first contact state and a second contact state.
Pass & Seymour, Inc.


Flexible and transparent supercapacitors and fabrication using thin film carbon electrodes with controlled morphologies

Mechanically flexible and optically transparent thin film solid state supercapacitors are fabricated by assembling nano-engineered carbon electrodes in porous templates. The electrodes have textured graphitic surface films with a morphology of interconnected arrays of complex shapes and porosity.
William Marsh Rice University


Illuminable transmission cable

An illuminable transmission cable includes an electrical conductor, a light-diffusing fiber having a glass core and a cladding, at least one of the glass core and a core-cladding interface having a plurality of scattering structures. The light-diffusing fiber is configured to optically couple with a light source which emits light into the light-diffusing fiber.
Corning Incorporated


Optical information recording medium and recording/reproducing device

An optical information recording medium has: a recording layer; a super-resolution functional layer; and a protective layer. Letting n be the refractive index of the protective layer with respect to a laser beam focused by a focusing optical system, λ, be the wavelength of the laser beam, and ds be the depth of recording marks, when the super-resolution functional layer is irradiated by the focused laser beam, it forms a focused light spot including central light that irradiates the recording marks and peripheral light that irradiates a region outside the central light.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Method and detecting a hazard alarm signal

An apparatus and method for detecting a pattern warning signal from a hazard alarm. In one embodiment, a buffer memory is used to store filtered, digitized information from an audio or optical detection device.
Encore Controls, Llc


Methods and systems for electronic payment for parking in gated garages

The methods describe the use of handset apps in garages currently using paper tickets or id tokens in ways that minimize disruption to the existing infrastructure. The techniques include automatic recognition of garage/gate id, automatic identification of paper ticket id without optical scanning, and direct payment in manually operated garages, including those using valet parking..
Transparent Wireless Systems, Llc


Integration of optical area monitoring with industrial machine control

An industrial safety system is provided that integrates optical safety monitoring with machine control. The safety system includes an imaging sensor device supporting pixel array processing functions that allow time-of-flight (tof) analysis to be performed on selected portions of the pixel array, while two-dimensional imaging analysis is performed on the remaining portions of the array, reducing processing load and response time relative to performing tof analysis for all pixels of the array.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Inspection method, template substrate, and focus offset method

A substrate to be inspected includes a first pattern constructed with a repetitive pattern that is not resolved by a wavelength of a light source, and at least one alignment mark that is arranged on the same plane as the first pattern. The alignment mark includes a second pattern constructed with a repetitive pattern that is not resolved by the wavelength of the light source, and a programmed defect that is provided in the second pattern and not resolved by the wavelength of the light source.
Nuflare Technology, Inc.


Method and integrated circuit design

A method for ic design is provided. Firstly, an ic design layout having a main feature with an original margin is received.
United Microelectronics Corporation


Lane boundary line recognition apparatus and program for recognizing lane boundary line on roadway

A boundary line recognition apparatus receives detection results transmitted from camera devices and a laser radar device performing different optical detection methods. These detection results indicate information regarding a lane boundary line of a vehicle lane on a roadway on which an own vehicle drives.
Denso Corporation


Imaging and displaying device and operation of imaging and displaying device

An imaging and displaying device according to the present disclosure includes an imaging device that takes an image of a subject including a user; a display; and an image processor that receives data of an image of the subject taken by the imaging device and causes the image to be displayed on the display. The imaging device includes an imaging element that is disposed so that a normal to an imaging surface is horizontal; an optical system that has a lens for forming the image of the subject on the imaging surface; and an optical axis shift device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Device for biometrically controlling a face surface

The invention relates to devices for measuring surface contours and can be used in a security system for identifying a person. The inventive device for biometrically controlling a face surface comprises a tv camera, a unit for displaying a face position, a computer and an illumination unit provided with a transparency and an objective lens for projecting the transparency image on the face, which is located in such a way that the optical axes of the objective of the illumination unit and of the tv camera are disposed on the same plane at an angle with respect to each other, wherein the unit for displaying the face position is embodied and disposed in such a way that it makes it possible to display the symmetrical face position with respect to the plane formed by the optical axes of the objective lenses of the illumination unit and the tv camera..
Bioscrypt, Inc.


Hyperspectral image acquisition system and method

A system for acquiring a hyperspectral image, including: a grey level image sensor; and a diffuser and dispersive element placed on the optical path between the sensor and a scene, this element including an array of individually-controllable liquid crystal cells, where each cell can receive a control voltage selected from among a series of at least three different control voltages.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Indicia-reader housing with an integrated optical structure

An imaging engine for an indicia reader that includes a dual-purposed housing is disclosed. The housing is configured to provide support and alignment for the imaging engine's optical modules.
Hand Held Products, Inc.


Method and obtaining sensing data

An electronic device according to various embodiments of the present disclosure may include at least one sensor module including a transmitter, a receiver, a secure memory for storing data obtained by the receiver, and a security control module for controlling the transmitter based on whether a target memory in which the obtained data is to be stored is the secure memory. In an example, the sensor may be a biometric sensor in which the transmitter transits an optical signal to a user's finger or iris or the like to authenticate the user.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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