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Optical Sensor patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Sensor-related patents
 Photonic crystal sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Photonic crystal sensor
Optical sensor for detecting an analyte (4), the sensor comprising a photonic crystal, the photonic crystal comprising an analyte—sensitive polymeric material (1) which material is deformable by contact with said analyte (1), by which contact an optical property of the photonic crystal is altered or of which material (1) a refractive index is changed by contact with said analyte (4) and which analyte—sensitive material (1) forms part of a periodic structure (3,4) of the photonic crystal, the structure (3,4) having alternating zones of a relatively high refractive index and zones of a relatively low refractive index, which alternating zone are provided in one or two orthogonal directions of the analyte—sensitive material (1).. .
 Carrier and image scanning apparatus having the carrier patent thumbnailnew patent Carrier and image scanning apparatus having the carrier
An image scanning apparatus includes a base, a transparent plate, a guide rod disposed between the base and the transparent plate, an optical sensor module, and a carrier mounted on the guide rod and including a first support bracket to place the optical sensor module thereto and having a first pivot connecting portion, a second support bracket having a second pivot connecting portion connected pivotally to the first pivot connecting portion, and an elastic member disposed between the first and second support brackets and biasing upwardly the first support bracket so as to keep the optical sensor module in constant contact with the transparent plate.. .
 Ink loader having optical sensors to identify solid ink sticks patent thumbnailnew patent Ink loader having optical sensors to identify solid ink sticks
An ink loader enables identification of features on a solid ink stick placed on an ink stick support in the ink loader. The ink loader includes two optical sources configured to emit diffuse light toward different surfaces of the solid ink stick.
 Method and structure for increasing receiving angle of optical sensor and handheld terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Method and structure for increasing receiving angle of optical sensor and handheld terminal
A method and a structure are provided to increase a receiving angle of an optical sensor. The structure includes touchscreen glass, an optical sensor, and a main board.
 Polarization scrambling for intra-body fiber optic sensor patent thumbnailPolarization scrambling for intra-body fiber optic sensor
In an example, an optical system can include a polarization scrambler coupleable to a tunable first optical source configured to generate a coherent optical output. The system can include an intra-body optical sensor such as a an intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer, configured to be coupled to the tunable first optical source through the polarization scrambler, the polarization scrambler configured to vary a polarization state of the optical energy provided by the tunable first optical source, the intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer configured to reflect a portion of the optical energy modulated in response to a vibration, pressure, or strain.
 Optical sensor for analyte detection patent thumbnailOptical sensor for analyte detection
Devices, systems, and methods for detection of an analyte in a sample are disclosed. In some embodiments, an optical sensor can include a metallic layer and a plurality of dielectric pillars extending through the metallic layer.
 Print pitch correcting apparatus for plastic film patent thumbnailPrint pitch correcting apparatus for plastic film
It is intended to correct print pitches p at which a pattern a is printed on a plastic film 1 repeatedly. A first optical sensor detects positions at which the pattern a is printed on the plastic film 1 repeatedly, to measure the print pitches p individually.
 Nose section for a flying machine and associated flying machine patent thumbnailNose section for a flying machine and associated flying machine
The nose section for a flying machine according to the invention comprises an enclosure delimiting a nose cone extending along a longitudinal axis (a-a′), the enclosure delimiting a window, and a glass closing the window extending transversely relative to the longitudinal axis (a-a′). The nose section includes an optical sensor, in particular a camera, positioned in the enclosure behind the glass.
 Starter motor patent thumbnailStarter motor
Embodiments of the invention provide a starter comprising a motor comprising a drive shaft, a pinion, and a clutch. In some embodiments, the starter includes a planetary gear coupled with the clutch.
 Sash position sensor patent thumbnailSash position sensor
Systems and methods for determining the area of a sash opening in a fume hood formed by at least one movable sash panel. An emitter and sensor panel is mounted in a fume hood enclosure space.
Optical sensor of bio-molecules using thin-film interferometer
The present invention is directed to an assembly for use in detecting an analyte in a sample based on thin-film spectral interference. The assembly comprises a waveguide, a monolithic substrate optically coupled to the waveguide, and a thin-film layer directly bonded to the sensing side of the monolithic substrate.
System and method for position calibration of a spot of an optical sensor
A method for position calibration of a spot of a known geometry of an optical sensor is disclosed. The method may include providing a position calibration patch on a sheet at a position which is known with respect to a reference position on the sheet, along a scan path of the spot of the optical sensor across the sheet.
Displacement measurement apparatus and displacement measurement method
There is provided a displacement measurement apparatus including: a light source; a pair of diffraction gratings that light emitted from the light source enters, the pair of diffraction gratings opposing each other while being relatively movable along an optical axis; a first optical sensor that detects interference light obtained by diffracted light emitted from a diffraction grating device of each of the pair of diffraction gratings; a second optical sensor that detects non-interference light emitted from the pair of diffraction gratings; and a correction unit that corrects a signal obtained by the first optical sensor based on a signal obtained by the second optical sensor.. .
Monitoring and management for energy storage devices
A monitoring and management system (mms) includes one or more fiber optic cables arranged within or on portions of an energy storage device. Each fiber optic cable includes multiple optical sensors.
Optical sensor device and image display device
There is provided an optical sensor device that, even when the frame is slimmed, can cause the sensor unit to leave or enter the frame smoothly, as well as can accommodate position shifts of the image display panel caused by activation and resulting heat generation thereof. An optical sensor device 1 includes a main body frame 2, a sensor unit 3 including an optical sensor 108, guide members 16 configured to guide the sensor unit 3, and drive means configured to move the sensor unit 3 to a measurement position.
Apparatus and method for detecting the deflection of elastic elements
Shown are a device (26) and a method for detecting the deflection of a plurality of elastic elements (22), wherein the elastic elements (22) can be deflected out of a rest position against a restoring force and are suitable as resonators and/or for measuring a force acting on a respective elastic element (22). The elastic elements (22) are arranged periodically, the arrangement of the elastic elements (22) is illuminated using light, the coherence length of which is larger than the average spacing of adjacent elastic elements (22).
Reservoir fluid volume estimator and medical device incorporating same
Apparatus are provided for infusion devices and related control systems and methods. In one embodiment, an infusion device includes a voided portion adapted to receive a shaft portion that includes a shaft coupled to a plunger of a reservoir.
Navigation system including optical and non-optical sensors
Systems and methods that utilize optical sensors and non-optical sensors to determine the position and/or orientation of objects. A navigation system includes an optical sensor for receiving optical signals from markers and a non-optical sensor, such as a gyroscope, for generating non-optical data.
Optical sensor including disposable and reusable elements
An embodiment of the present disclosure provides a noninvasive optical sensor or probe including disposable and reusable components. The assembly of the disposable and reusable components is straightforward, along with the disassembly thereof.
Optical sensor for bromide ion
Methods and systems to determine a concentration of bromide ions in an aqueous sample are disclosed. The method involves the oxidation of bromide ions to bromine, followed by bromination of a colored or fluorescent reporter compound which may be detected by spectrophotometric means.
Method and apparatus for recognizing location of piled objects
A piling location recognizing apparatus and method for accurately determining a piling location using an optical sensor. The piling location recognizing apparatus includes an optical sensor moving unit configured to move on an installed moving line according to a predetermined angle with respect to a recognition target object, an optical sensor recognizing unit mounted on the optical sensor moving unit to acquire information on the recognition target object using an optical sensor, and a piling location calculating unit configured to calculate vertical location coordinates of the recognition target object on a basis of the acquired information on the recognition target object.
Image capturing apparatus with management and correction of inclinations
An image capturing apparatus includes a body that can be freely inclined relative to a predetermined reference axis through the effect of a rotation about a certain axis of rotation, an optical sensor device capable of capturing luminous radiation incident thereon and of converting it so that it can be stored into a physical medium in the form of a captured image, wherein the optical sensor device is mechanically coupled to the body of the apparatus in a manner such that it can be made capable of controllably rotating about the axis of rotation, an inclination sensor adapted to detect the angular offset of the optical sensor device with respect to the predetermined reference axis, a motor adapted to rotate the optical sensor device about the axis of rotation when it is made capable of controllably rotating about the axis of rotation by the motor, a processor and controller associated with the inclination sensor and with the motor and adapted to change the inclination of the optical sensor device through the motor depending on the angular offset detected by the inclination sensor with respect to the predetermined reference axis.. .
Irregular excitation of optical sensors
A material is excited with light whose intensity is modulated according to a modulation signal. The modulation signal includes multiple transitions between at least two intensity levels, with times of at least a first contiguous sequence of the transitions being selected according to an irregular pattern.
Optical package with removably attachable cover
An optical package having a removably attachable cover and a body is disclosed. The body comprises a ridge whereas the cover comprises a ridge opposing structure.
Inkjet recording apparatus
An inkjet recording apparatus that performs preliminary discharge operation without a carriage and a recording medium interfering with each other is provided. The inkjet recording apparatus performs, at a center region in a conveyance direction of a recording medium, the preliminary operation at a position according to an edge portion of the recording medium obtained by an optical sensor.
Input device and electronic device
An input device is equipped with a cursor pointing unit including a mechanical control stick and an optical sensor. The optical sensor is mounted on the mechanical control stick and has a contact surface for sensing object motion thereon.
Optics sensor structure for detecting water or oil leakage inside a conservator having a bladder or membrane
Optical sensor structure senses the presence of liquid in a sealed conservator tank. The sensor structure includes a sensor head having a body with first and second opposing ends, a plurality of perforations through the body and spaced between the first and second ends, and a mirror disposed at the second end.
Mobile cardiac health monitoring
Techniques for mobile cardiac health monitoring are disclosed. In some embodiments, a system for mobile cardiac health monitoring includes a mobile device that includes a processor configured to receive a first set of data from an optical sensor; receive a second set of data from an electrical sensor; and perform a plurality of cardiac health measurements using the first set of data from the optical sensor and the second set of data from the electrical sensor..
Chip package and manufacturing method thereof
A chip package includes a substrate having an upper and a lower surface and including: at least a first contact pad; a non-optical sensor chip disposed overlying the upper surface, wherein the non-optical sensor chip includes at least a second contact pad and has a first length; a protective cap disposed overlying the non-optical sensor chip, wherein the protective cap has a second length, an extending direction of the second length is substantially parallel to that of the first length, and the second length is shorter than the first length; an ic chip disposed overlying the protective cap, wherein the ic chip includes at least a third contact pad and has a third length, and an extending direction of the third length is substantially parallel to that of the first length; and bonding wires forming electrical connections between the substrate, the non-optical sensor chip, and the ic chip.. .
Reflection type optical sensor and image generation apparatus
A reflection type optical sensor that detect a surface condition of a moving body and that is used for an image generation apparatus which forms images on a recording media includes a light-emitting device which has a plurality of light emitter systems including at least two light-emitting members and a light-emitting optical system having a plurality of light-emitting lenses corresponding to a plurality of the light emitter systems and guiding light emitted from the light emitter systems to the moving body and a light-receiving device which has a light receiver system including at least two light-receiving members and a light-receiving optical system having light-receiving lenses corresponding to the at least two light-receiving members and guiding light reflected by the moving body to the light receiver system. The image generation apparatus has further a surface condition judging device in addition to the reflection type optical sensor..
Object tracking apparatus and control method thereof
The present invention discloses an object tracking apparatus including a reference object, an optical sensor and a controller. The reference object has a plurality of light emitting devices, for generating an optical signal.
Optical sensing mechanisms for input devices
A computer or other electronic device including a processor and an input device, such as a track pad. The track pad being in communication with the processor and including a movable surface, a light source in communication with the processor, and an optical sensor in selective optical communication with the light source and in communication with the processor.
Optical sensor device
An optical sensor device includes a light emitter for emitting, to a living body, lights having two wavelengths and blinking at a predetermined frequency, and a light receiver for receiving the lights from the living body. The light receiver outputs first and second detection signals corresponding to the respective wavelengths.
Blood bag systems for separation of whole blood and methods of use thereof
The present disclosure relates generally to systems for processing a unit of whole blood into its components while the unit is still in the centrifuge. The system comprises a container holding whole blood and one or more satellite bags or containers that are installed into a holder, which is then inserted into a bucket of the centrifuge.
Optical sensor unit and image forming apparatus incorporating same
An optical sensor, which can be included in an image forming apparatus, includes a detecting portion disposed facing a detection target and configured to detect the detection target by emitting light to the detection target, a dust-proofing member having a surface disposed facing the detection target and configured to cover the detecting portion, a vibration member configured to vibrate the surface of the dust-proofing member, and a collecting member configured to collect dust in the vicinity of the dust-proofing member. On the surface of the dust-proofing member facing the detection target, at least a portion that intersects a pathway of light emitted from the detection portion is formed as a thru-beam part by a material through which the light transmits..
Method of automatic optical inspection for detection of macro defects of sub-pixel defect size in pattern wafers and non-pattern wafers
A method of automatic optical self-contained inspection for detection of macro defects of sub-pixel defect size in pattern wafers and non-pattern wafers is based on surface light scattering color-intensity computerized analysis. The method includes setting-up initial calibration and deriving correction data.
Laser scanning projection apparatus with phase detection and compensation
A laser scanning projection apparatus includes an illumination unit, a projection surface, a scanning mirror, a projection window, an optical sensor, and a controlling unit. The projection window includes a transmissible part and a blocking part.
Antiglare device
Electro-optical glare protection device for protective glasses, protective helmets or protective masks comprising at least two optical sensors, which are equipped to detect the luminance of an object field and which have a different characteristic for the angle-dependent relative sensitivity (s0). In particular, at least a first sensor comprises a first photodiode (1) having a narrow detection angle θ1<45° and a second sensor comprises a second photodiode (2) with a wide detection angle θ2>45°.
System and method of video compressive sensing for spatial-multiplexing cameras
Compressive sensing (cs)-based spatial-multiplexing cameras (smcs) sample a scene through a series of coded projections using a spatial light modulator and a few optical sensor elements. A co-designed video cs sensing matrix and recovery algorithm provides an efficiently computable low-resolution video preview.
Sensor suite and signal processing for border surveillance
A land-based smart-sensor system and several system architectures for detection, tracking, and classification of people and vehicles automatically and in real time for border, property, and facility security surveillance is described. The preferred embodiment of the proposed smart-sensor system is comprised of (1) a low-cost, non-coherent radar, whose function is to detect and track people, singly or in groups, and various means of transportation, which may include vehicles, animals, or aircraft, singly or in groups, and cue (2) an optical sensor such as a long-wave infrared (lwir) sensor, whose function is to classify the identified targets and produce movie clips for operator validation and use, and (3) an ibm cell supercomputer to process the collected data in real-time.
Non-contact selection switch
The present invention relates to a non-contact switch which is used for an elevator or general automatic doors, and comprises: buttons b including a push button or an optical sensor button for selecting an elevator movement or opening an automatic door; a pair of long sensor blocks 10, which are installed adjacent to or above the push button and arranged so as to face each other with a gap 12 equivalent to the width of one to two human fingers therebetween; and a plurality of sensors s which are installed in a single file on the surfaces of the sensor blocks that face each other, wherein a sensor detects movement of a human finger moving with the gap 12 at or above a predetermined length or at or above a predetermined speed and selects an upward or downward movement for a destination floor for the elevator or opens the automatic door.. .
Optical determination of ph and glucose
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to an optical sensor capable of measuring two analytes simultaneously with a single indicator system. In preferred embodiments, the sensor comprises a fluorescent dye having acid and base forms that facilitate ratiometric ph sensing, wherein the dye is further associated with a glucose binding moiety and configured to generate a signal that varies in intensity with the concentration of glucose..
Bottom bracket unit for a bicycle
A bottom bracket unit including a bottom bracket axle (1), at least one bearing (2, 3) that receives the bottom bracket axle (1) in a rotatable manner, and an optical detection unit (11), by which a rotational speed of the bottom bracket axle (1) can be detected. The optical detection unit (11) measures at least one signaling device (12) that is rotationally fixed to the bottom bracket axle (1).
Device eye tracking calibration
Described herein are techniques and mechanisms for device eye tracking calibration. According to various embodiments, a user interface activation screen for activating a user interface may be presented at a computing device.
Control network for led-based lighting system in a transit vehicle
A transit vehicle lighting system has a plurality of led-based lighting fixtures for providing interior illumination. A control network comprises a plurality of slave nodes for controlling the led-based lighting fixtures, and a master node for controlling the slave nodes.
Wind turbine including optical sensor system
A wind turbine includes an optical sensor system comprising one or more optical sensors comprising: a sensor membrane; a light source for illuminating a surface of the sensor membrane; an optical dispersive element arranged to disperse the light from the light source; and a light detector for receiving a portion of the dispersed light beam after reflection from the surface of the sensor membrane and dispersion of the light beam by the optical dispersive element. The wavelength of the light received at the light detector varies as a function of the displacement of the sensor membrane and the light detector operatively provides an output based on changes in the wavelength of the received light.
Disposable sensor head and disposable container
A disposable sensor head for an optical sensor has a central body (12) with an axial through-channel (20) closed by a transparent viewing disk (14) oriented transversely with respect to its longitudinal direction, and a circumferential fastening flange (22), by which the central body is fastenable in a sealing fashion on a wall of a flexible container (62) so that the through-channel (20) passes through the wall. The through-channel (20) forms in one section an open flow chamber (34) that is bounded on one side by the viewing disk (14) and on the other side by a reflector disk (16) arranged opposite the viewing disk (14)..
Alarm unit for dishwashing systems
A method for monitoring a level of a sanitation agent in a dishwashing system having a sanitation agent supply vessel includes the step of providing a supply tube having a first portion and a second portion that are unconnected to one another. The first and second portions are linked with a pipe.
Document imaging systems including platen underside cleaning and component cleaning
Disclosed are document imaging systems and methods which provide cleaning and cooling of various components associated with an image scanning system. According to one exemplary embodiment of this disclosure, provided is a document imaging system including a flexible, accordion style, duct which draws air through a vacuum slot between a light source and optical sensor associated with the scanning system.
Apparatus for inspecting a measurement object with triangulation sensor
An apparatus for inspecting a measurement object, comprising a workpiece support for receiving the measurement object and a measuring head carrying an optical sensor. The measuring head and workpiece support are movable relative to one another.
Video camera with live streaming capability
Systems and methods for streaming video and/or audio from wireless cameras are provided. A camera may include an optical sensor, a wireless communication device, and a processor configured to establish a connection with a remote web site, and stream a first video stream to the remote website.
Wireless video camera and connection methods including multiple video streams
Systems and methods for streaming video and/or audio from multiple devices are provided. A camera may include an optical sensor, a wireless communication device, and a processor configured to establish a first connection with a remote location, establish a second connection with one or more other cameras, and stream video from the cameras to the remote location.
Measuring device for measuring a measurement object and related method
A measuring device and corresponding method for measuring a measurement object, comprising an illumination device for illuminating the measurement object with an illumination pattern, a pattern generation device with at least one pattern generating element for bringing about a positionally variant intensity distribution of the illumination pattern, and an optical sensor arrangement for detecting the illumination pattern reflected and/or scattered by the measurement object. The measuring device has an optics which is telecentric at least on the measurement object side and is arranged in a beam path from the illumination device to the measurement object.
Coordinate measuring machine and method for determining spatial coordinates on a measurement object
A coordinate measuring machine has a workpiece support for holding a measurement object and a measuring head which can be displaced relative to the workpiece support. The measuring head carries an optical sensor.
Chromatic sensor and method
An apparatus for inspecting a measurement object, comprising a workpiece support for supporting the measurement object, and a measuring head carrying an optical sensor. The measuring head and the workpiece support are movable relative to one another.
Coordinate measuring machine with white light sensor
A coordinate measuring machine for measuring a measurement object, comprising a workpiece support for supporting the measurement object and a measuring head carrying an optical sensor. The measuring head and the workpiece support are movable relative to one another.
Coordinate measuring machine for determining spatial coordinates on a measurement object
A coordinate measuring machine has a workpiece support for holding a measurement object, and a measuring head displaceable relative to the workpiece support. An evaluation and control unit determines geometric properties on the measurement object depending on the position of the measuring head relative to the workpiece support and on sensor data from an optical sensor carried on the measuring head.
Optical detection system
The invention relates to an optical detection system for detecting the optical distribution of a display device having a light source and a predetermined display range divided into multiple virtual detection regions. The system includes a power module for supplying power to the light source, a monochromatic module for detecting luminous intensity of the light source at various wavelengths within a selected virtual detection region, multiple optical sensor modules, each corresponding to one of the virtual detection regions, a memory module saving wavelength correction parameters of the optical sensor modules, and a processor module receiving the wavelength distribution within the selected virtual detection region of the display device, and for calculating and compensating for expected detection values of the respective optical sensor modules based on the wavelength correction parameters and actual detection values of the optical sensor modules..
Method for purifying organic material, material for organic electronics, photoelectric conversion device, optical sensor, imaging device, and organic electroluminescence device
Provided is a method for purifying an organic material having a 10% weight reduction temperature of 250° c. Or more as measured by thermogravimetry at a vacuum degree of 1×10−2 pa or less, which may sublime and purify the organic material having high heat resistance at high sublimation temperature with high purity and high yield in a short period of time, in which the organic material is subjected sublimation purification after a concentration of inorganic impurities in the organic material is adjusted to 5,000 ppm or less..
Visual indicator with sensor
A fluid level gauge includes a housing having a first end and a second end, and a window disposed in the housing, proximate to the first end. The fluid level gauge further includes an optical sensor disposed in the housing, proximate to the second end.
Apparatus with internal optical reference
An apparatus for inspecting a measurement object, comprising a workpiece support for supporting the measurement object and a measuring head carrying an optical sensor. The measuring head and the workpiece support are movable relative to one another.
Optical displacement sensor for infusion devices
An optical sensor for a delivery device having a piston that displaces a substance, such as a fluid, from a reservoir. The optical sensor has a light source and a detector array for imaging encoding features disposed along a plunger rod coupled to the piston.
Automated assembly sensor cable
An automated assembly sensor cable has a generally wide and flat elongated body and a registration feature generally traversing the length of the body so as to identify the relative locations of conductors within the body. This cable configuration facilitates the automated attachment of the cable to an optical sensor circuit and corresponding connector.
Colour proofing apparatus and method
A colour proofing apparatus, including an engraved roller (12) having a pattern of ink accommodating cavities on its peripheral surface, a back pressure cylinder (14) forming a nip with the engraved roller (12), a conveyor (16) adapted to feed a sheet (18) of a print substrate through the nip in synchronism with the movements of the peripheral surfaces of the engraved roller (12) and the back pressure cylinder (14), and an optical sensor (30) disposed at the conveyor (16) for measuring a colour value of the sheet (18) that has passed through the nip.. .
Optical sensor having a non-negligible source coherence length
An optical sensor, a method of configuring an optical sensor, and a method of using an optical sensor are provided. The optical sensor includes an optical loop having a length and a laser source optically coupled to the loop.
Simple user interface device and chipset implementation combination for consumer interaction with any screen based interface
A user control device operates with a variety of host systems, including computers, televisions and recorded or streaming video playback devices, and gaming systems, is mounted to the user's hand. The user control device includes audio and optical sensors for capturing audio and image or video data, allowing the use of voice commands and display focal center alignment control for “swiping” or scrolling the display.
Electrosurgical device including an optical sensor
An electrosurgical device and system including a blade operatively coupled to an energy source is disclosed herein. The electrosurgical device includes an optical sensor to monitor physical characteristics of the blade such that the device may automatically regulate the energy supplied to the blade and/or the operator may adjust several parameters including how the blade is removed and how much energy is supplied to the blade.
Apparatus, systems, and methods for tissue oximetry and perfusion imaging
A compact perfusion scanner and method of characterizing tissue health status are disclosed that incorporate pressure sensing components in conjunction with the optical sensors to monitor the level of applied pressure on target tissue for precise skin/tissue blood perfusion measurements and oximetry. The systems and methods allow perfusion imaging and perfusion mapping (geometric and temporal), signal processing and pattern recognition, noise cancelling and data fusion of perfusion data, scanner position and pressure readings..
Golf analysis system with frameless optical sensor net
A golf analysis system includes a light emitter assembly, including first and second light emitters spaced apart from one another, and a light detector assembly, including first and second sets of light detectors arranged along a surface of a practice area beneath the light emitters. The light emitters emit first and second spreads of non-parallel light rays, received by the light detectors, to form an optical sensor net for capturing relational kinetic information when at least one of a golf ball and a golf club passing through the optical sensor net.
Toner-density calculating method, reflective optical sensor, reflective optical sensor device, and image forming apparatus
A toner density is calculated from outputs of light-receiving elements based on a difference between a reflection property of a supporting member and a reflection property of a toner pattern. Light-emitting elements aligned in one direction that is inclined to a sub-direction emit a detection light in such a manner that a distance between adjacent spots falling on the supporting member in a second direction is equal to or smaller than a width of the toner pattern in the second direction.
Method and apparatus for processing optical signal of spectrometer using sparse nature of signals
An apparatus for processing an optical signal of a spectrometer using sparse nature of a signal spectrum is provided including an optical filter array configured to filter an incident light, an optical sensor array configured to convert the filtered light into charges and a digital signal processing unit configured to perform a digital signal processing on an output from the optical sensor array on the basis of an l1 norm minimization algorithm using sparse nature of a signal spectrum and recover spectrum information of the incident light.. .
Correlative drift correction
A correlative drift correction system can include a sample stage for supporting a sample and a cover slip. The system can include an infrared light source for emitting infrared light to be reflected at the cover slip and an optical sensor for detecting the reflected infrared light.

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