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Image capture device and electronic apparatus
There is provided an image capture device including a narrow-band optical irradiation system including a light source, a solid-state imaging element including an array of pixels and sensitive to a predetermined range of wavelengths, and a metal thin-film filter provided in an optical path between the optical irradiation system and the...

Imaging device
An imaging device including: a first substrate having a first communication device; a second substrate having a solid-state imaging device and second communication device to exchange signals with the first substrate; a shake correction section adapted to detect the shake of an enclosure and correct the shake based on the detection...

Outer part for a device and device
An outer part for a device which is attachable thereto as a housing and/or an attachment part, a first reflective surface and a second reflective surface being formed on the outer part so that at least one signal emitted by an optical and/or acoustic source is directly or indirectly deflectable onto...

Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus with dynamic optical paths and method of use thereof
A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described comprising a near-infrared source, a detector, and a photon transport system configured to direct photons from the source to the detector via an analyzer-sample optical interface. The photon transport system includes a dynamically position light directing unit used to, within...

Contact image sensor using switchable bragg gratings
A contact image sensor having: an illumination; a first SBG array device; a transmission grating; a second SBG array device; a waveguiding layer having a multiplicity of waveguide cores separated by cladding material; an upper clad layer; and a platen. The sensor also including an optical device for coupling light from...

Optical amplifier system and pulsed laser using a reduced amount of energy per pulse
The invention relates to an optical amplifier system for amplifying laser pulses, including a solid amplifying medium capable of receiving a beam of laser pulses to be amplified and generating a beam of amplified laser pulses, and a means of reducing the energy stored in said optical amplifying medium by means...

Image display apparatus and method for controlling image display apparatus
An image display apparatus includes a light source unit, a scanning mirror unit that reflects and raster scans a light beam from the light source unit, a light source drive unit that drives the light source unit based on input image data, a microlens array that is arranged on an optical...

Method of operating a laser and laser apparatus using intra-cavity digital holograms
Laser apparatus includes an output coupler, a gain medium for generating laser light, a rear optical element, and an input coupler. The input coupler is arranged to direct a pump beam to the gain medium and to define an optical path between the output coupler and the rear optical element. The...

Transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and transparent substrate method
Provided are a transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and a transparent substrate monitoring method. The transparent substrate monitoring apparatus includes a light emitting unit emitting light; a double slit disposed on a plane defined in a first direction and a second direction intersecting a propagation direction of incident light and includes a...

Skewed sectional measurement of striated glass
Thickness and group index variations in test strip samples of ultra-low expansion glass are made by extracting the strip samples with front and back faces oriented at an acute skew angle to the axis of the boule. The strip samples are positioned the within an interferometric measurement cavity so that a...

Image stabilization apparatus, optical apparatus, and image capturing apparatus
An image stabilization apparatus is provided that includes a fixed back-plate , a movable barrel that holds a correction lens and is movably supported by the fixed back-plate in a direction perpendicular to the optical axis, a first rotary body that is rotatably supported by the fixed...

Visual line detection device and visual line detection method
There is provided a visual line detection device including at least one light source configured to radiate light to an eyeball of a user observing a display surface through at least one optical member, and an imaging unit configured to acquire a captured image of the eyeball used to detect a...

Display apparatus
A head-mounted display system comprises a frame, an imaging system and an optical system. The frame is configured to be mounted to a head of a user. The imaging system is configured to couple to the frame, and includes one or more display devices disposed on a substrate and one or...

Multiplexed pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus with non-uniform detector array and method of use thereof
A noninvasive analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is described comprising a near-infrared source, a non-uniform detector array, and a photon transport system configured to direct photons from the source to the detector via an analyzer-sample optical interface. The non-uniform detector array provides a multitude of distinguishable optical pathlengths, couples...

Optical connector with alignment structure
An optical connector for optically coupling light between an optical fiber and an opto-electronic device (OED) includes a lens body having a first lens array, a second lens array, and a reflecting surface on the optical path between the first lens array and the second lens array for reflecting the light...

Planar waveguide apparatus with diffraction element(s) and system employing same
A waveguide apparatus includes a planar waveguide and at least one optical diffraction element (DOE) that provides a plurality of optical paths between an exterior and interior of the planar waveguide. A phase profile of the DOE may combine a linear diffraction grating with a circular lens, to shape a wave...

Head-up display device and display unit
On a combiner, a HUD display area is defined by display light from a projector, and guide lights are displayed. An optical path length from the combiner to a display-light projector, an optical path length from the combiner to a first light source, and an optical path length from the combiner...

Method and apparatus for optical asynchronouos sampling signal measurements
A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device. Since the...

Magnetically-impervious retrofit kit for a metered-commodity consumption meter
Apparatus and associated methods relate to a Metered-Commodity Consumption Meter (MCCM) utilizing a rotationally occluded optical beam to simultaneously measure flow/consumption and verify operational integrity. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, an existing MCCM may be retrofit by sealably attaching a module containing an optical system which may generate one or...

Scanner photometer & methods
A scanning photometer and attendant methods are provided. The scanning photometer is generally characterized by first and second fluorophore excitation sources, an objective lens, and a common emission detector for the detection of first and second fluorophore emission originating from the excitation of the fluorophores via passage of excitation energy, via...

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