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Optical coherence tomography apparatus and optical coherence tomography method
An OCT apparatus includes a wavelength selector provided on an optical path between a light source unit and an optical detection unit and having a wavelength selectivity with equal wavenumber intervals. In an OCT apparatus of the related art, since a k-trigger generating unit and a measuring system for obtaining interference light...

Exposure apparatus and exposure method, maintenance method, and device manufacturing method
An exposure apparatus includes; a supply outlet that supplies a liquid to an optical path space of exposure light, and a liquid supply system that supplies an ionized ionic liquid to the supply outlet....

Light source module and projection apparatus
A light source module and a projection apparatus are provided. The light source module includes a light-emitting element, an optical path switching element, a wavelength conversion element, a first reflection element, and a first beam splitter element. The optical path switching element switches a first color beam between a first optical...

Camera module and imaging method
According to one embodiment, in a first imaging mode, an imaging mode control unit allows a second imaging optical system to function in an optical path between an imaging unit and a first imaging optical system and stops focus adjustment. In a second imaging mode, the imaging mode control unit stops...

Multiple wavelength configuration for an optical encoder readhead
A readhead and scale arrangement comprises: a readhead comprising a light source configured to output diverging source light comprising a plurality of individually detected wavelengths and at least a first optical signal receiver channel configured to provide a first set of position signals; and a scale track extending along the measuring...

Coherent optical receiver device and coherent optical receiving method
In a coherent optical receiver device, the control process for keeping received signals in high quality is complicated, therefore, a coherent optical receiver device according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a coherent optical receiver receiving input signal light; an input power monitor obtaining input power information determined on...

Optical shuffle system having a lens formed of sub-wavelength gratings
An optical shuffle system includes a plurality of sources that are to output respective beams of light and a plurality of receivers that are to receive respective beams of light, wherein the plurality of receivers are spaced apart from the plurality of sources. The optical shuffle system further includes an output...

Binocular apparatus and method
A binocular-type viewing apparatus designed in such a manner that a user, wanting to view an object located at a distance above the viewer's horizontal line of sight, need only direct his/her view downward into the apparatus to view the elevated object. Thus the eyepiece component has an optical axis inclined...

Inverted microscope
An inverted microscope that allows observation of a specimen from underneath includes an objective lens holding unit that holds an objective lens configured to collect at least observation light from the specimen, a tube lens configured to focus the observation light collected by the objective lens, a branching unit configured to...

Device for forming an interference grating on a sample
The invention relates to a device for forming an interference grating on a sample, the device comprising a laser emitting a light beam of wavelength λ, a beam splitter plate splitting the beam emitted by the laser into first and second beams (), the first beam () being deflected in...

Image forming apparatus including multi-beam optical scanning apparatus
A plurality of light beams are simultaneously scanned on a surface of a photosensitive member. The surface of the photosensitive member has a curvature factor, and therefore, the light beams have different optical path lengths. Due to differences in the optical path length, a length (scanning width) of a scanning line...

Laser processing apparatus
The present invention relates to a laser processing apparatus for irradiating a printed wiring board with a laser beam L so as to form holes at a plurality of predetermined positions on the printed wiring board . The device includes, from upstream on an optical path of the laser...

Multi-node system networks with optical switches
A system and method for optical switching of networks in a multi-node computing system with programmable magneto-optical switches that enable optical signal routing on optical pathways. The system includes a network of optical links interconnecting nodes with switching elements that are controlled by electrical control signals. Data transmission is along the...

Multi-node system networks with optical switches
A system and method for optical switching of networks in a multi-node computing system with programmable magneto-optical switches that enable optical signal routing on optical pathways. The system includes a network of optical links interconnecting nodes with switching elements that are controlled by electrical control signals. Data transmission is along the...

Monitoring system, monitoring method and monitoring program
A monitoring system which enables monitoring of a transponder accommodated in an optical path in a transmission node and a node according to their operation conditions is provided. The monitoring system comprises a monitor control management unit connected to at least one of ports of wavelength selective switches which monitors an...

Optical layer monitoring apparatus and method thereof
An optical layer monitoring apparatus and method thereof are provided. According to an embodiment of the present invention, an optical layer monitoring apparatus including an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) function so as to monitor an optical path of a passive optical network (PON), and a method for improving accuracy of...

Optical signal power selection and control
A method () of selecting an optical signal power for an optical signal carrying traffic encoded on the optical signal in a modulation format. The optical signal is for transmission across an optical path in an optical communications system. The method () comprises: a. providing a probe optical signal at a...

Projector having light source unit including excitation light source, optical wheel, light emitting light source, and controller
A light source unit includes an optical wheel having a plurality of segment areas, the segment areas including at least two luminescent material layers having different characteristics and a transmission portion provided in a circumferential direction. The light source unit further includes a rotation driving unit for driving to rotate the...

Camera module
An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure includes a PCB mounted with an image sensor, a base installed at an upper surface of the PCB to centrally form an optical path, a lens holder coupled to an upper surface of the base to form an optical path by being mounted with...

Optical analysis method for liquid in a sample container and analysis device for carrying out the method
The invention relates to a method for optically analyzing a sample liquid () contained in a sample container (a-h), wherein the sample liquid () contains at least one substance () in at least partially dissolved form, comprising the following steps: providing at least one sample container (a-h) filled with sample liquid...

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