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Variable geometry optical gas detector
An optical gas detector () in metal or other suitable material, comprising a cup-shaped body (), with upper mouth () closed by a lid () the bottom of which () is flat and provided with a plurality of through holes () variously arranged, which place said detector () in communication with...

Optical system and substrate sealing method
An optical system includes an optical path, a first lens unit that changes light emitted from an end of the optical path to parallel light, a second lens unit that allows the parallel light to be focused, and a diffractive optical element (DOE) that changes light passing through the second lens...

Optical module
An optical module, including a PCB, an optical component arranged on the PCB, and an optical fiber coupled with the optical component through an optical lens module, further including a fixed bracket, a lens bracket detachably connected with the fixed bracket, and a fiber bracket detachably connected with the lens bracket,...

Optical connections
Techniques related to optical connectors are described. A ferrule includes an optical pathway for light transmission through the ferrule. In examples, a sub-wavelength grating (SWG) assembly is integrated in the ferrule, aligned with an end of the optical pathway....

Microcrystal laser for generating laser pulses
A microcrystal laser for generating laser pulses has a laser resonator which has a laser medium arranged between two mirrors; and an arrangement for stabilizing the optical path length is provided. The laser resonator has a saturable absorber medium for pulse generation....

Wiring board for having light emitting element mounted thereon
To provide a light emitting element mounting wiring substrate having a light emitting element mounting section on a substrate main body having a front surface and a back surface, and a confined component electrically connected to the light emitting element, such that the confine component does not obstruct the optical path...

Analyzing device
This invention is to distinguish a position of a measurement cell without using a position sensor that is an electric component, and comprises a cell switching mechanism that switches a measurement position where the measurement cell is located on an optical path and an evacuating position where the measurement cell is...

Liquid immersion member, exposure apparatus, exposing method, method of manufacturing device, program, and recording medium
A liquid immersion member is used in a liquid immersion exposure apparatus which exposes a substrate by exposure light via a first liquid between an emitting surface of an optical member and the substrate, and is capable of forming a liquid immersion space on an object movable below the optical member....

Organic electroluminescence element, display apparatus, image processing apparatus, lighting apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Provided is an organic electroluminescence element, including: a light reflective electrode; a light transmissive electrode; an emission layer formed between the light reflective electrode and the light transmissive electrode; a low-refractive index layer having a refractive index at a maximum peak wavelength of an emission spectrum of light emitted from the...

Spectrometer and method of operating same
A spectrometer has a first and second light sources () which generate light radiation () in a first and second wavelength ranges, and a mirror unit () for deflecting the light radiation () into a measurement path (), arranged so that the radiation of both wavelength ranges ()...

Pattern irradiation apparatus
A pattern irradiation apparatus includes a light source unit, an objective that irradiates a sample plane with light emitted from the light source unit, a spatial light modulator of a phase modulation type that is arranged at a position conjugate with a pupil position of the objective and that modulates a...

Optical path computation based on a reachability matrix
Methods and systems for optical path computation based on a reachability matrix may rely on matrix multiplication to determine a number and respective network locations of regenerators for establishing an end-to-end reachable path in an optical network between a source node and a destination node. The reachability matrix may specify directly...

Optical signal quality monitoring method and apparatus using a software-based synchronized amplitude histogram
An optical signal quality monitoring apparatus includes an optical detector for directly receiving an optical signal modulated in an optical path and converting the optical signal to an electric signal, an asynchronous sampling unit for asynchronously sampling the electric signal of the optical detector at a reduced speed, and a digital...

Optical path-changing device having curved waveguide
In accordance with the present invention, there is provided an optical path-changing device having one or more curved waveguides, which not only can change an optical path at a large angle close to a perpendicular direction after light or an optical signal has been incident and reflected, but also can change...

Illumination optical assembly, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
An illumination optical system can form a pupil intensity distribution with a desired beam profile. The illumination optical system for illuminating an illumination target surface with light from a light source is provided with a spatial light modulator which has a plurality of optical elements arrayed on a predetermined surface and...

Exposure apparatus, exposing method, device manufacturing method, program, and recording medium
A liquid immersion member including first and second members forming the immersion space; first member having a first lower surface disposed at a portion of the optical member surrounding, second member having a second upper surface opposite to the first lower surface via a gap and a second lower surface opposing...

Wafer-level fabrication of optical devices, in particular of modules for computational cameras
The device () comprises an optics member () and a spacer member (), said optics member comprising N≧2 sets of passive optical components () comprising one or more passive optical components each. The spacer member () comprises N light channels (), each of said N light channels being associated with one...

Apparatuses and methods for iris imaging
The invention includes a method and apparatus for acquiring an image of a subject's iris, within the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Near infrared radiation is generated from an incandescent light source, having wavelengths spread across 700 nm to 900 nm. The iris is illuminated for imaging by directing...

Three dimensional imaging utilizing stacked imager devices and associated methods
Stacked imager devices that can determine distance and generate three dimensional representations of a subject and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, an imaging system can include a first imager array having a first light incident surface and a second imager array having a second light incident surface. The second...

System and method for emitting infrared radiation using reflected radiation to enhance emission efficiency
A source assembly () configured to generate infrared electromagnetic radiation includes an emitter () that emits electromagnetic radiation over an emission solid angle. A portion of the emitted electromagnetic radiation is used in a detection. The portion of the user electromagnetic radiation surrounds the optical path in a usable solid angle....

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