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High extinction ratio liquid crystal optical switch
An optical switch for performing high extinction ratio switching of an optical signal includes a beam polarizing element and one or more optical elements. The optical elements are configured to direct an optical signal along a first or second optical path based on the polarization state of the optical signal as...

Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
According to one embodiment, a semiconductor light emitting device includes: a stacked body and an insulative optical path control section. The stacked body includes: a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type; a second semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type; and a light emitting layer provided between the first...

Selective blue light filtered optic
Disclosed herein is a method that comprises providing a solution containing a dye or a dye mixture, ultrasonicating the solution to reduce the average size of aggregates of the dye or dye mixture contained in the solution, and incorporating the dye or the dye mixture in the optical path of a...

Method of configuring an optical path, a path computation engine and an optical communications network node
A method of configuring an optical path, comprising: selecting a path from a first to a second node in an optical communications network; identifying each wavelength that may be used continuously across the path and selecting a transmission wavelength for the optical path one of the identified wavelengths for which: a...

Laser apparatus and photoacoustic apparatus
A laser apparatus that allows selection of a wavelength of output light from a plurality of options. The laser apparatus includes: a resonator made up from an output mirror and reflection means having a plurality of reflective surfaces fixed in position; a laser medium disposed on an optical axis inside the...

Optical sighting device
An optical sighting device and a method of providing magnification in the optical sighting device are disclosed. In one example, the optical sighting device comprises a first telescope including a first focal plane, a second telescope, comprising a first variable power lens group, a second variable power lens group, and a...

Scale for rotary encoder, method of injection-molding same, and rotary encoder using same
In a radial optical path type rotary encoder, in order to be able to reduce deterioration of resolution and variation among products due to burrs during molding and/or rounding of a die, a scale for a rotary encoder is provided with a scale body which is formed substantially in a cylindrical...

Optical touch sensitive apparatus and image capturing apparatus
An optical touch sensitive apparatus includes a substrate, a plurality of image capturing lens modules, a light detecting unit, and an optical path switching unit. The substrate has an operation surface. Each of the image capturing lens modules has a light input end and a light output end. The light input...

Endoscope system, processor device thereof, and image display method
First to fourth narrow band light N1 to N4 is sequentially applied to an observation object by rotating a rotary filter for special observation set in an optical path of a broad band light source. A blood vessel enhanced image in which a superficial blood vessel and a middle to deep-layer...

Extreme ultraviolet light generation system
An extreme ultraviolet light generation system may include an optical device configured to cause an optical path of a pulse laser beam to approximately match one of a first optical path in which the pulse laser beam is focused at a plasma generation region and a second optical path in which...

Article of manufacture with micro-features of differing surface roughness
An article of manufacture includes first and second micro-features of well-defined shape. In some embodiments, the article of manufacture is a light guide or redirecting film and the second micro-features are micro-optical elements configured to disrupt a specular optical path that includes the second micro-optical element. In other embodiments, the article...

Optical pickup and optical disk device
The laser light source, the PBS, and the reference light mirror are arranged in such a manner as to simultaneously satisfy Lsig+LBS≠s (Lld/m) (s: positive integer, m: positive integer), Lref+LBS≠t (Lld/m) (t: positive integer), and u(Lld/m)−(ΔL/2)≦Lsig−Lref≦u(Lld/m)+(ΔL/2) (u: integer), where Lld represents an in-vacuum internal resonator length of the laser light source,...

Measuring device and glucose concentration measurement method of the measuring device
The inventive concept relates to a measuring device. The measuring device irradiates a first beam including a polarization component and a second beam which is a wavelength swept laser having a coherence length previously set and can measure a glucose concentration of an aqueous humor by measuring an optical path length...

Reconfigurable liquid metal fiber optic mirror
A true time delay system for optical signals includes a hollow core optical waveguide, a droplet of reflective liquid metal disposed in the hollow core, and an actuator coupled to a first end of the waveguide to move the droplet longitudinally within the hollow core. In one example, the waveguide is...

System and method for optical coherence tomography
In order to be able to record images of a specimen, in particular in real time, more simply and quickly, the system is operated in a first mode in which light reflected by the specimen () is only collected by a second number of detector elements of the detector () and...

Spectral calibration method
An example method of spectral calibration includes directing light from a light source though a gas, detecting an optical density of the light that has passed through the gas using a detector, and calibrating the detecting by adjusting an optical path length....

Projection arrangement
A projection arrangement for imaging lithographic structure information comprises: an optical element, which has at least partly a coating composed of an electrically conductive layer material. The coating comprises a continuous region, which has no elements that shade projection light. In this case, the layer material and/or the optical element change(s)...

Ophthalmic apparatus and wavefront aberration correction method therefor
An ophthalmic apparatus which captures an image of a retina by illuminating the fundus of an eye to be examined with light from a light source through a measuring optical path is provided. The ophthalmic apparatus divides light from the light source into light propagating to the measuring optical path and...

Optical device package and system
Optical device packages and systems are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system may comprise first and second optical device packages. A respective first and second optical path length may be associated with the first and second optical device packages. The first and second optical path lengths may be adjusted differently. However,...

Radiographic imaging apparatus
An electronic cassette includes a first radiation detector for still imaging and a second radiation detector for fluoroscopic imaging. The first radiation detector includes a first photo detection device and a luminous device. The luminous device generates visible light by absorbing radiation transmitted through the first photo detection device. The first...

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