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Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens having a first focal length, a second lens having a second focal length longer that the first focal length, a scanning unit disposed at a focal position of the second lens, and an optical path branching unit disposed between the first and...

Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, an optical path branching unit, a second lens and a scanning unit disposed on an optical path of measurement light with which an object to be examined is irradiated. The second lens and the scanning unit are disposed in such a manner...

Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, a second lens and a scanning unit on an optical path of measurement light that irradiates an object to be examined. The second lens has a focal length longer than a focal length of the first lens. A portion of the object...

Zoom lens having optical path bending member and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
A zoom lens includes, in order from the object side to the image side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a third lens unit including a lens. The distance between the first lens unit and the second lens...

Interferometric gravimeter apparatus and method
A gravity value is measured using two light beams which each reflect from both a freefall test mass and a stationary reference test mass which is inertially supported by a long period isolation device. The optical path lengths of the light beams change equally and oppositely in response to gravity and...

Combination underfill-dam and electrical-interconnect structure for an opto-electronic engine
A combination underfill-dam and electrical-interconnect structure for an opto-electronic engine. The structure includes a first plurality of electrical-interconnect solder bodies. The first plurality of electrical-interconnect solder bodies includes a plurality of electrical interconnects. The first plurality of electrical-interconnect solder bodies, is disposed to inhibit intrusion of underfill material into an optical...

Optical module
An optical module includes: a transparent substrate through which light can pass; a photoelectric conversion element mounted on the transparent substrate and emitting light toward the transparent substrate or receiving light having passed through the transparent substrate; and a support member supporting an optical fiber for transmitting light, the support member...

Integrated system for active equalization of chromatic dispersion
A system for chromatic dispersion compensation is presented. The system includes an optical splitting element, a plurality of optical elements, and a plurality of waveguides. The optical splitting element is configured to generate at least a first beam of radiation and a second beam of radiation. The plurality of optical elements...

Differential phase contrast x-ray imaging system and components
A differential phase contrast X-ray imaging system includes an X-ray illumination system, a beam splitter arranged in an optical path of the X-ray illumination system, and a detection system arranged in an optical path to detect X-rays after passing through the beam splitter....

Slider for introduction into an optical path of a light microscope
The invention relates to a slider for introduction into an optical path of a light microscope. Such a slider has a housing for arrangement on the light microscope, a holder which can be displaced in the housing in a displacement direction over a displacement length, an optical element which is held...

Apparatus and method for positioning an iris for iris image capture
The invention provides an apparatus and method for positioning an iris for iris image capture. An iris image sensor is configured to have an image capture region defining an intended position of the subject's iris for image capture. An optical system comprising a reflective element is disposed such that, responsive to...

Laser device and photoacoustic measurement device
Disclosed is a laser device which can emit light having first and second wavelengths, having the advantage of increasing laser efficiency without causing an increase in cost. A flash lamp irradiates excitation light onto a laser rod. An optical resonator includes a pair of mirrors facing each other with the laser...

Stereoscopic endoscope
Two side-by-side optical paths transmit stereoscopic right side and left side images onto the surface of a single image sensing chip. The single image sensing chip may be placed at various orientations with respect to the lens trains in the optical paths. In some embodiments a single prism is used to...

System and method for selecting an optical path in an optical network
The invention proposes a system and method for selecting an optimal optical path through which to transmit an optical signal, the optimal optical path is one of a plurality of optical paths in a transparent optical network. Each of the plurality of optical paths includes a plurality of optical elements. For...

Optical connections
Techniques related to optical connectors are described herein. In some examples, an optical connector is illustrated including a ferrule and a mating arrangement to mechanically attach the ferrule to an optical device. The mating element defines an insertion direction. The ferrule includes an optical pathway for light transmission through the ferrule....

Optical component including interference filter
An optical component including an interference filter which is less likely to generate back reflected light, where the filter is accommodated in a hollow cylindrical housing and is tilted with respect to the optical axis. The housing has front and back openings. First and second collimator lenses respectively face the front...

Inspection apparatus
When it is tried to detect a microscopic defect, it is desired that the width of the above-mentioned illuminated region in the minor axis direction should be short. In the related art, although an illuminated region is formed by converging light by some means, it is not easy to form an...

Method of regulating light wavelength for projection device
The disclosure provides a method for regulating a light wavelength of a projection device. The method comprises the following steps. A single-color light source is provided and emits a first chromatic light. A phosphor layer is formed on an optical path of the single-color light source, so that the first chromatic...

Projector and portable terminal
According to one embodiment, a projector includes a light source unit, a light scanning unit, and a focus controller. The light source unit emits laser light. The light scanning unit includes a holder and a reflective surface. The holder is capable of a first rotation operation around a first direction. The...

Controlled expansion flexible metal substrate material having a textured structure
The present invention relates to a controlled expansion flexible metal substrate material and to a production method therefor. In the present invention, an electrocasting method is used in order to produce a metal substrate material which comprises a controlled expansion alloy and has a textured structure and a wide width. Also,...

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