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System and method for controlled reduction of opacities in an eye
A methodology is provided for correcting the placement of a laser beam's focal point. Specifically, this correction is done to compensate for displacements of the focal point that may be caused when implant material (e.g. an Intraocular Lens (IOL)) is positioned on the optical path of the laser beam. The methodology...

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and imaging apparatus including optical microscope
An information processing apparatus includes an acquisition section and a correction section. The acquisition section acquires information of lightness distribution of a first image captured by an imaging section capable of capturing an image of an observed area provided on an optical path of an optical system of an optical microscope,...

Image sensor for two-dimensional and three-dimensional image capture
An apparatus includes a first photodetector array including visible light photodetectors disposed in semiconductor material to detect visible light included in light incident upon the semiconductor material. The apparatus also includes a second photodetector array including time of flight (“TOF”) photodetectors disposed in the semiconductor material to capture TOF data from...

Optical beam sweeper
An optical device, comprising an optical device, comprising an optical beam sweeper that includes a multi-wavelength laser source and an optical power splitter. The optical power splitter has an optical input optically coupled to the multi-wavelength laser source, the optical power splitter having N optical outputs, each optical output connected by...

Focus position changing apparatus and confocal optical apparatus using the same
According to one embodiment, a focus position changing apparatus is provided on an optical path of a confocal optical apparatus having a light source and an objective lens and is configured to change a focus position of the objective lens in an optical axis direction of the objective lens. The focus...

Suppression of parasitic optical feedback in pulse laser systems
A pulsed laser system includes a variable attenuator located in a secondary optical path bounded by a target surface and one or more reflective surfaces outside of the primary laser oscillator of the laser system. The variable attenuator isolates an output optical amplifier of the laser system from light reflected from...

Scanning display device and speckle reduction method
A scanning display device includes: a light source section including at least one light source configured to emitting coherent light; a light scanning section including: a scan mirror configured to reflect the light originated from the light source section and scan over a screen; and a turning section configured to turn...

Image capturing device, color measuring device, color measuring system, image forming apparatus, and color measuring method
An image capturing device includes a sensor unit that captures a predetermined range including a subject; a reference chart that is captured by the sensor unit together with the subject; an illumination light source that illuminates the subject and the reference chart; a lens member including one or more lenses arranged...

Image capturing unit, color measuring device, image forming device, color measuring system, and color measuring method
An image capturing unit includes a sensor unit that captures a predetermined area including a subject; a reference chart that is arranged in the predetermined area and captured together with the subject by the sensor unit; an optical path length changing member that is arranged on an optical path extending from...

Optical coherence tomography using spectrally controlled interferometry
The time delay (and therefore the OPD) between object and reference beams in an interferometer is manipulated by changing the spectral properties of the source. The spectral distribution is tuned to produce a modulation peak at a value of OPD equal to the optical distance between the object and reference arms...

Optical analysis device and optical analysis method using a wavelength characteristic of light of a single light-emitting particle
The inventive technique of detecting and analyzing light from a light-emitting particle in accordance with the scanning molecule counting method using an optical measurement with a confocal microscope or a multiphoton microscope is characterized by detecting intensities of components of two or more wavelength bands of light from a light detection...

Fine particle measurement device
A fine particle measurement device includes a 4f optical system in an optical path that causes a beam spot of a laser output from a light source to form an image with respect to fine particles....

Projection system
A projection system having a first tilting mirror matrix, a second tilting mirror matrix, and an imaging lens, which projects the first tilting mirror matrix onto the second tilting mirror matrix, wherein each tilting mirror matrix has multiple tilting mirrors, the tilting axes of which are positioned in a modulator surface...

Fundus photographing apparatus
A fundus photographing apparatus is provided with: a detector that detects an interference state between light reflected from the fundus and reference light; an optical scanner that scans the fundus of an examinee's eye with the measurement light; a focus detection unit that detects a focus position with respect to the...

Enhanced resolution image capture
First and second images of a scene are captured using respectively different first and second optical paths. The first optical path includes an optical element comprising a stack of microlens arrays. A synthesized image of the scene is generated by calculations using the first and second captured images of the scene....

Defect inspection apparatus
According to one embodiment, a defect inspection apparatus comprises an illumination optical system, an image formation optical system, a image data conversion unit, a singular part detecting circuit, an optical path length adjusting mechanism, and a defect determining unit. The image formation optical system forms an optical image derived from light...

Integrated display and photosensor
An apparatus for simultaneously imaging a subject and displaying computer generated image (“CGI”) light to the subject includes a display array and a photodetector array. The display array and the photodetector array are disposed on a same semiconductor die. The display array includes display pixels configured to selectively generate the CGI...

Extreme ultra violet light source apparatus
An extreme ultraviolet light source apparatus using a spectrum purity filter capable of obtaining EUV light with high spectrum purity. The apparatus includes a chamber; a target supply unit for supplying a target material; a driver laser using a laser gas containing a carbon dioxide gas as a laser medium, for...

Electromagnetic wave measuring apparatus, measuring method, program, and recording medium
An electromagnetic wave measurement device includes an electromagnetic wave outputter that outputs an electromagnetic wave having a frequency equal to or more than 0.01 THz and equal to or less than 100 THz toward a device under test. An electromagnetic wave detector detects the electromagnetic wave which has transmitted through the...

Apparatus and method for performing surface plasmon resonance (spr) spectroscopy with an infrared (ir) spectrometer
Methods of measuring a sample characteristic and accessories for infrared (IR) spectrometers are provided. An accessory includes an input port and an output port having an optical path therebetween, a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) structure for contacting a sample, a mirror system, and an optical element for producing collimated light. The...

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