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Three dimensional imaging utilizing stacked imager devices and associated methods
Stacked imager devices that can determine distance and generate three dimensional representations of a subject and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, an imaging system can include a first imager array having a first light incident surface and a second imager array having a second light incident surface. The second...

System and method for emitting infrared radiation using reflected radiation to enhance emission efficiency
A source assembly () configured to generate infrared electromagnetic radiation includes an emitter () that emits electromagnetic radiation over an emission solid angle. A portion of the emitted electromagnetic radiation is used in a detection. The portion of the user electromagnetic radiation surrounds the optical path in a usable solid angle....

Laser eye surgery system
An imaging system includes an eye interface device, a scanning assembly, a beam source, a free-floating mechanism, and a detection assembly. The eye interface device interfaces with an eye. The scanning assembly supports the eye interface device and scans a focal point of an electromagnetic radiation beam within the eye. The...

Method and apparatus for equalizing link performance
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and an apparatus for equalizing link performance, and relate to the field of optical wavelength division multiplexing. In the present invention, target input power spectra and target output power spectra in all OMS sections in a network and single wave attenuation at a...

Optical modulator
An optical modulator comprises an input optical splitting unit for bifurcating input light; a final optical coupling unit for coupling optical signals in a polarization state orthogonal to each other; an intermediate optical coupling unit provided in an intermediate position between the input optical splitting unit and the final optical coupling...

Microscope adapter unit
A microscope adapter unit disposed on an optical path of illumination light between a light source unit including a light source and a sample surface includes a first lens group having at least one lens and a second lens group having at least one lens. The first lens group converts the...

Image reader
An image reader is provided, which includes a light guide unit forming an optical path to guide light emitted by a first light emitting portion of a first reading unit to a second light receiving portion of a second reading unit, which optical path passes across a feeding path in a...

Microplate reader with linear variable filter
A microplate reader includes a pair of linear variable filters (LVFs) that together form a wavelength selector. Movement of one or both of the LVFs enables selection of the desired center wavelength and/or passband used to analyze a sample on a microplate inserted into the microplate reader. The microplate reader may...

Dual-mode sal/ir imaging
Dual mode SAL/IR imaging seekers are described herein. In some embodiments, a dual-mode SAL/IR imaging seeker described herein includes a focal plane array (FPA), an objective optical assembly providing a common optical path to the FPA for incident laser radiation of a first wavelength band and incident ambient radiation of a...

Laser processing apparatus, method of laser processing, method of fabricating substrate, and method of fabricating inkjet head
In the case where the workpiece () is processed, the laser beam is S-polarized by an optical modulator (). Thus, the laser beam is mainly diverted toward a workpiece () by a polarizer (). An optical path through which the laser beam passes is caused to have a high light converging...

Passive optical network pon protection method and apparatus
The present invention is applicable to the field of PONs and provides a PON protection method and apparatus. A first transmission path is established between a first OLT and a far-end network node, and a second transmission path is established between a second OLT and the far-end network node. When it...

Wavelength selective switch
A wavelength selective switch includes a light input and output part in which light input/output ports are arranged in a predetermined direction, the light input/output ports including a first port for inputting light, a second port for outputting the light, and at least one third port for inputting or outputting the...

Resonator based external cavity laser
An external cavity laser comprises a gain medium and an external cavity resonator without the use of a semi-reflective surface placed between the gain medium and the resonator. Radiation from the gain medium is reflected back to the gain medium by one or more resonant backscattering regions of the resonator, such...

Illumination apparatus
A light with higher luminance is radiated while lights of a plurality of different wavelengths are appropriately selected and light guiding efficiency is improved. An illumination apparatus including three or more light sources which are arranged so that optical axes of the light sources intersect at one point and which respectively...

Environmental system including vacuum scavenge for an immersion lithography apparatus
A liquid immersion exposure apparatus includes an optical assembly having a final optical element, from which exposure light is projected through immersion liquid filling an optical path of the exposure light under the final optical element, a containment member surrounding a tip portion of the optical assembly, and a movable stage...

Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens having a first focal length, a second lens having a second focal length longer that the first focal length, a scanning unit disposed at a focal position of the second lens, and an optical path branching unit disposed between the first and...

Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, an optical path branching unit, a second lens and a scanning unit disposed on an optical path of measurement light with which an object to be examined is irradiated. The second lens and the scanning unit are disposed in such a manner...

Optical tomographic imaging apparatus
An optical tomographic imaging apparatus includes a first lens, a second lens and a scanning unit on an optical path of measurement light that irradiates an object to be examined. The second lens has a focal length longer than a focal length of the first lens. A portion of the object...

Zoom lens having optical path bending member and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
A zoom lens includes, in order from the object side to the image side, a first lens unit having a negative refractive power, a second lens unit having a positive refractive power, and a third lens unit including a lens. The distance between the first lens unit and the second lens...

Interferometric gravimeter apparatus and method
A gravity value is measured using two light beams which each reflect from both a freefall test mass and a stationary reference test mass which is inertially supported by a long period isolation device. The optical path lengths of the light beams change equally and oppositely in response to gravity and...

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