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Optical Path patents

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Intraocular lens
An intraocular lens to be fixed in an eyeball has an optical pupil to provide a pinhole effect at the front center of the lens. The optical pupil is constituted by a limitative pattern that is partly formed in the front peripheral center of the lens to limit part of an...

Optical module including semiconductor optical modulator
An optical module that processes an input optical signal and outputs a processed optical signal is disclosed. The optical module provides a housing and an optical processing device in the housing. The housing provides an optical input port and an optical output port in a first wall thereof in side-by-side arrangement....

Optically balanced opto-electrical oscillator
An opto-electrical oscillator includes, in part, first and second optical phase modulators, a coupler, an optical-to-electrical signal conversion circuit, and a control circuit. The first optical phase modulator modulates the phase of a first optical signal in response to a first feedback signal to generate a first phase modulated signal. The...

Optical connection box
An optical connection box includes, a plurality of first optical connectors to which a plurality of first optical paths are respectively connected, a plurality of second optical connectors that respectively include an operation unit protruding from a peripheral edge side position further from a position of the plurality of first optical...

Optical tomographic image acquiring device
An optical tomographic image acquiring device which can suppress the occurrence of an artifact, and which can obtain an exact optical tomographic image of a measurement object includes a light source, a detector, an analysis unit, a circulator, a coupler, condensing lenses, optical fibers, and a reference mirror. Let Δk be...

Real-time optical and digital image stabilization for adaptive optics scanning ophthalmoscopy
A real-time ophthalmoscope system for imaging an eye includes a wide field scanning light ophthalmoscope (SLO) configured for wide field imaging of the eye. The system also includes a small field SLO configured for high resolution imaging of the eye. A 2D tracking minor electrically coupled to a computer, and a...

Compact system for presenting wide field object target to test optic or system
Apparatus for evaluating optical components and systems that uses a precision compact mirror support structure to present to an optical system or electro-optical system (e.g., a camera) multiple images of at least one optical evaluation target over a wide field to allow assessment of the performance or alignment of the optical...

Near-to-eye display having adaptive optics
An optical apparatus includes a light source, a deformable mirror, an actuator system, and a partially transparent mirror. The deformable mirror is positioned in an optical path of the image output from the light source. The actuator system is coupled to the deformable mirror to selectively adjust at least a curvature...

Adjustable cathodoluminescence detection system and microscope employing such a system
the diameter of the radiation coming from the optical component in the input plane of the next optical component is less than or equal to 120% of the useful input diameter of the next optical component. the maximum output angle of the optical component...

Calibration method and distance measurement device thereof based on phase measurement of double-wavelength laser tube
The invention is applicable to the field of phase type photoelectric distance measurement and provides a calibration method based on phase measurement of a double-wavelength laser tube and a distance measurement device of the double-wavelength laser tube. The method comprises the following steps of: 1, forming an external optical path; 2,...

Compact and energy-efficient head-up display
The invention relates to a head-up display comprising a group of sub-screens (125), the positions and dimensions of which are defined according to the length of the optical path (D) and the maximum authorised range of movement (B1) in a plane that is perpendicular to...

Method for measuring displacement of large-range moving platform
A method for measuring displacement of a large-range moving platform, comprising: arranging multiple beams of first measuring light parallel to one another and generated by an optical path distribution device and a position sensitive detector array in a certain manner, to ensure that at least one beam of first measuring light...

Wavelength monitor
Provided are an optical element and a wavelength monitor capable of detecting a wavelength with high accuracy and at high speed while suppressing a size. The optical element includes: a branch waveguide section configured to branch an input light beam and generate two outputs routed via paths having mutually different optical...

Compact self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus
A compact, self-contained holographic and interferometric apparatus and methods for eliminating vibration, including methods for eliminating relative displacement and vibration errors present in object and reference beam paths, are disclosed. The self-contained apparatus () includes an illuminated object () that scatters light and an objective lens () to form an object...

Light measuring apparatus, light measuring method, filter member, and method of making filter member
A light measuring arrangement maintains the initial filtering function of an optical filter having a dye dispersed therein. The light measuring arrangement includes a measuring unit configured to measure an intensity of light emitted from a measurement target at a predetermined wavelength. The light measuring arrangement also includes the optical filter...

Photometric device and method
Disclosed are methods and devices for photometric measurements of a liquid sample. The methods and devices use one or more diffractive reflective surfaces to enable a light beam incident on a measurement chamber to be steered so as to be reflected inside the measurement chamber to achieve relatively long optical paths...

Reflective image-forming optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
A reflective imaging optical system which forms, on a second plane, an image of a pattern arranged on a first plane and illuminated with light from an illumination optical system includes a plurality of reflecting mirrors including first and second reflecting mirrors by which the light reflected by the first plane...

Guide star generation
An optical system () for detecting optical aberrations of light from an object (), the optical system comprising: a reference light-source () providing collimated reference light; an optical element () configured to focus at least one collimated light beam incident on the optical element () to a plurality of focal points...

Wide angle lens assembly
A camera system includes an image sensor, a stop aperture, an infrared cut filter disposed between the image sensor and the stop aperture, and a lens assembly. The lens assembly has a field of view ranging between 80 degrees and 110 degrees and is disposed between the infrared cut filter on...

Surgical visualization systems
A medical apparatus is described for providing visualization of a surgical site. The medical apparatus includes an electronic display disposed within a display housing, the electronic display configured to produce a two-dimensional image. The medical apparatus includes a display optical system disposed within the display housing, the display optical system comprising...

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