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Apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid
An apparatus for taking an accurate photometric measurement of a liquid by way of forming a specimen volume of a controlled optical path length for use with photometric measurement equipment is disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the apparatus comprises a transparent body configured for displacing a volume of a fluid and...

Lighting device and projector
A lighting device includes a light source that emits a first light flux of a first wavelength band, a fluorescence light emitting element including a phosphor layer which produces, when excited by light of the first wavelength band, light of a second wavelength band, a polarization separation element that has a...

Tunable laser array system
A system for swept source optical coherence tomography, the system including a light source emitting multiplexed wavelength-swept radiation over a total wavelength range, the light source including N wavelength-swept vertical cavity lasers (VCL) emitting N tunable VCL outputs having N wavelength trajectories, a combiner for combining the N tunable VCL optical...

System and method for zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range
A method and system for zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range is described. The system comprises: a light source for providing light along an optical path; a spatial light modulator for directing portions of the light to off-state and on-state light paths, thereby producing...

Method and system to control the focus depth of projected images
Methods and systems are disclosed for controlling the focus depth of a 2D projected image on a pixel by pixel basis or on a region by region basis to create a 3D projected image that may be used for a heads up display (HUD) for augmented reality applications. The 3D projected...

Stereoscopic microscope
Stereoscopic instruments for viewing stereoscopic images of objects at a range of magnifications are described. The stereoscopic instruments are arranged to provide an optical beam comprising light received from an object over a given angular range, and to split the optical beam into left and right optical beams each traversing a...

Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes image carriers for four fundamental colors of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, and for an auxiliary color, and three optical scanning devices. A first optical scanning device includes two light sources for the black color and another fundamental color, a first deflector, and a first housing....

Scan unit for an imaging device and methods of using same
An imaging device scan unit, including an oscillator oscillating in a predetermined oscillation pattern; a light source generating a light beam for deflection by the oscillator and including a forward sweep portion when the oscillator moves in a first direction of the oscillation pattern and a reverse sweep portion when the...

Display apparatus incorporating dual-level shutters
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for modulating light to form an image on a display, as well as methods manufacturing such apparatus. The display apparatus includes dual-level shutter assemblies. Each dual-level shutter assembly includes front and rear light obstructing levels positioned adjacent to respective front and rear light blocking...

System and method for producing an image having high dynamic range
A system and method for producing an image having high dynamic range is described. The system comprises: a light source for providing light along an optical path; a digital micromirror device for directing portions of the light to off-state and on-state light paths, thereby producing an image; and a deformable optical...

Auxiliary sensor for touchscreen device
Exemplary embodiments are described wherein an auxiliary sensor is removably attached to a touchscreen computing device and is communicably coupled to the device to provide additional user input to the computing device. In accordance with some embodiments, the additional user input may be used to affect how the computing device interprets...

Head mounted display with non-pupil forming optical path
A head mounted display device includes a structural frame arranged generally along a X-axis and a Y-axis for viewing along a Z-axis, the X, Y, and Z axes being mutually perpendicular. A micro-display is coupled to the structural frame, and configured to project visual content in a substantially forward direction along...

Optical receiver and method for manufacturing the same
An optical receiver for coherent optical communication, includes: a splitting element that splits a signal light into two optical axes; optical hybrids each of which is coupled with the two split optical axes; a skew adjustment element that is arranged on one of the optical axes, and adjusts a difference between...

Portable reader module, portable reader, and method for quantitative analysis of an assay
A portable reader module includes a housing, a first receptacle configured to removably receive a portable device having an imager, and a second receptacle configured to removably receive a cartridge. The first receptacle includes a first optical entrance for the imager to the internal space of the housing. The second receptacle...

Temperature measuring apparatus and temperature measuring method
A temperature measuring apparatus includes a light source, a first splitter, a second splitter, a reference beam reflector, an optical path length adjuster, a reference beam transmitting member, a first to an nth measuring beam transmitting member and a photodetector. The temperature measuring apparatus further includes an attenuator that attenuates the...

Telescopic sight
A telescopic sight has an objective lens system, an eyepiece lens system and an inversion system disposed in the optical path between the objective lens system and the eye piece lens system and pivotably supported by means of a height adjustment device, a lateral adjustment device, a reticle, and a projection...

Calibratable beam shaping system and method
A beam shaping system including: a first and second optical modules that are accommodated in a spaced-apart relationship in an optical path of light through the system to sequentially apply beam shaping to light incident thereon. The beam shaping system includes first and second alignment modules respectively carrying the first and...

Limited reflection type photoelectric sensor
A limited reflection type photoelectric sensor has a light projecting unit having a light emitting element, a light receiving unit having a light receiving element, and a beam separating member that separates a projected light beam into beams oriented in a plurality of directions and located in an optical path of...

Liquid immersion member, exposure apparatus, exposing method, method of manufacturing device, program, and recording medium
A liquid immersion member used in an immersion exposure apparatus, and capable of forming a liquid immersion space on a surface of an object opposite to an emitting surface of an optical member which emits exposure light. The liquid immersion member includes a first member that includes a first part disposed...

Device, method, and system for monitoring the delivery of fluids through a drip chamber
A device, method, and system are provided for monitoring the delivery of fluids through a drip chamber. The device includes an electromagnetic radiation (EMR) source and an EMR detector. A device body is employed to position the source and detector about the drip chamber so that the source and detector define...

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