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Supplemental device for attachment to an injection device
A supplemental device for attachment to an injection device including a dosage window covering a sleeve on which dose values are marked is disclosed. The supplemental device comprises a main body; an arrangement for supporting the main body of the supplemental device in a predetermined positional relationship with the injection device;...

Camera module with compact sponge absorbing design
An interior housing of a compact camera module is insulated from external shocks in a direction along the optical path to an external housing that is spaced from the interior housing by a compression distance of one or more shock absorbing sponges that are disposed between the outer housing and the...

Display device
A display device is provided. The display device comprises a display comprising a plurality of pixels arranged in a display plane. The display device is configured to determine a virtual plane at which a long-sighted user of the display device who is looking at the display sees sharp. Further, the display...

Ceramic camera for mri
A camera assembly for use in a MRI machine. The camera assembly includes a Faraday cage defining a shielded cavity and an optical path mount constructed of a highly stiff, dense, and non-electrically-conductive material in the shielded cavity. The camera imager and lens are mounted to the optical path mount. The...

Image sensor and process thereof
An image sensor including a microlens, a substrate, a first dielectric layer, a second dielectric layer and a color filter is provided. The microlens receives light; the substrate includes a light sensing element in a light sensing area for receiving light incident to the microlens. The first dielectric layer and the...

Organic light-emitting device and image display system employing the same
The disclosure provides an organic light-emitting device. The organic light-emitting device includes a substrate, and an organic light-emitting pixel array disposed on the substrate. The organic light-emitting pixel array includes a plurality of pixels. Each pixel includes a first sub-pixel and a second sub-pixel. Each sub-pixel includes a first electrode, an...

Fluid analyzer with mirror and method of using same
A fluid analyzer of a downhole tool is provided. The downhole tool is positionable in a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The wellbore has a downhole fluid thereabout. The downhole tool has a housing with a flowline therethrough for receiving the downhole fluid. The fluid analyzer includes at least one optical...

Polycarbonate resin composition pellets and process for manufacturing same
Provided is a polycarbonate resin composition pellet, which has a light transmittance at a wavelength of 380 nm of 97.0% or more when the light transmittance is measured by using a methylene chloride solution having a concentration of 12 g/dL, the solution being charged into a quartz glass cell having an...

Device for use in the detection of binding affinities
A device for use in the detection of binding affinities comprises a planar waveguide () arranged on a substrate (), and an optical coupler () for coupling coherent light () of a predetermined wavelength into the planar waveguide. The coherent light propagates through the planar waveguide () with an evanescent field...

Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Provided is a zoom lens including a focus lens portion, a zoom portion, an aperture stop, and a relay portion that does not move for zooming but comprises a negative fourth-first unit, a fourth-second unit interchangeable for an optical path, a positive fourth-third unit, and a fourth-fourth unit insertable for the...

Method and system for homogenizing diode laser pump arrays
An optical amplifier system includes a diode pump array including a plurality of semiconductor diode laser bars disposed in an array configuration and characterized by a periodic distance between adjacent semiconductor diode laser bars. The periodic distance is measured in a first direction perpendicular to each of the plurality of semiconductor...

Distributed fiber bend and stress measurement for determining optical fiber reliability by multi-wavelength optical reflectometry
The disclosed technology in this patent document includes, among others, methods apparatus for distributed measuring at least one fiber bend or stress related characteristics along an optical path of fiber under test (FUT) uses both a light input unit and a light output unit connected to the FUT at one single...

Binocular multiplexing method and device
A binocular multiplexing device for a single-channel ophthalmological instrument for objective measurement of at least one vision parameter of a subject, the ophthalmological instrument including elements for generating a single light beam, elements for collecting a measurement beam by reflecting and/or refracting the light beam against the subject's eye and a...

Birefringent device with application specific pupil function and optical device
A birefringent device, which is configured to be mounted in an optical path of an optical system, has an effective area in a pupil plane. The birefringent device affects different polarization states differently and position-dependently. The birefringent device realizes a first pupil function assigned to a first polarization state and a...

Method and device for controlling a motion-compensating mirror for a rotating camera
A scanning imaging apparatus including a rotatable support platform, an imaging device that is attached to the support platform; a mirror that is rotatably attached to the support platform and is configured to deflect an optical path of the imaging device; a first motor configured to continuously rotate the rotatable support...

Image capture-display device
An image capture-display device includes: a light source that emits a light beam falling within a first wavelength range; an optical system arranged on the optical path of the light beam falling within the first wavelength range emitted from the light source and configured to reflect the light beam falling within...

Image forming apparatus with electrophotographic system
An image forming apparatus that is capable of simplifying controls for light sources. A polygon mirror with four reflective surfaces deflects light beams emitted from first and second light sources. A housing in which the light sources and the polygon mirror are arranged is configured so that optical paths of the...

Compact eye-tracked head-mounted display
Eye-tracked head-mounted displays are provide which, in one aspect, may utilize the same optics for eyetracking and image viewing, with a selected portion of the optics used for an eyetracking optical path and a selected portion of the display optics used for an image viewing optical path....

Electroluminescent devices and applications thereof
In one aspect, optoelectronic devices are described herein. In some embodiments, an optoelectronic device described herein comprises a radiation transmissive first electrode, a second electrode, a light emitting organic layer disposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, a dielectric layer disposed between the light emitting organic layer and the...

Confocal image generation apparatus
A confocal image generation apparatus includes a laser, an objective, an optical path branch element which branches an optical path of an excitation light and an optical path of fluorescence, a scanning optics which shifts alight collecting position of the excitation light on a focal plane of the objective in an...

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