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Optical Path patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Path-related patents

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Reflective image-forming optical system, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
A reflective imaging optical system which forms, on a second plane, an image of a pattern arranged on a first plane and illuminated with light from an illumination optical system includes a plurality of reflecting mirrors including first and second reflecting mirrors by which the light reflected by the first plane...

Guide star generation
An optical system () for detecting optical aberrations of light from an object (), the optical system comprising: a reference light-source () providing collimated reference light; an optical element () configured to focus at least one collimated light beam incident on the optical element () to a plurality of focal points...

Wide angle lens assembly
A camera system includes an image sensor, a stop aperture, an infrared cut filter disposed between the image sensor and the stop aperture, and a lens assembly. The lens assembly has a field of view ranging between 80 degrees and 110 degrees and is disposed between the infrared cut filter on...

Surgical visualization systems
A medical apparatus is described for providing visualization of a surgical site. The medical apparatus includes an electronic display disposed within a display housing, the electronic display configured to produce a two-dimensional image. The medical apparatus includes a display optical system disposed within the display housing, the display optical system comprising...

Optical bandwidth manager
A computer-readable medium storing instructions that, when executed by one or more processors, cause the one or more processors to: receive a setup request for an optical path between a source entity of network entities in an optical network and a destination entity of the network entities, identify a first channel...

Optical shuffling
Techniques relating to optical shuffling are described herein. In an example, a system for shuffling a plurality of optical beams is described. The system includes a plurality of sources to output respective beams of light. The system further includes a plurality of receivers to receive respective beams of light. The system...

Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
The illumination optical system for illuminating an illumination target surface with light from a light source is provided with a polarization converting member which converts a polarization state of incident light to form a pupil intensity distribution in a predetermined polarization state on an illumination pupil of the illumination optical system;...

Pressure sensing touch systems and methods
Pressure-sensing touch systems and methods are disclosed for sensing the occurrence of a touch event based on pressure applied at a touch location. The touch system includes a light-source system and a detector system operably adjacent respective input and output edges of a waveguide. Pressure at a touch location on the...

Optimized wavelength photon emission microscope for vlsi devices
A method for emission testing of a semiconductor device (DUT), by mounting the DUT onto an test bench of an emission tester, the emission tester having an optical detector; electrically connecting the DUT to an electrical tester; applying electrical test signals to the DUT while keeping test parameters constant; serially inserting...

Multi-channel fluorometric sensor and method of using same
An optical sensor may include multiple optical emitters configured to emit light into a fluid sample via an optical pathway. Light from the emitters can cause fluorescence from the sample and/or scatter off of the sample. Scattered and fluoresced light can be received by an optical detector in the sensor via...

Wearable physiological sensing device with optical pathways
A wearable physiological sensing device with optical pathways is described. The wearable physiological sensing device may include at least one light source; a first light pipe coupled with the at least one light source, the first light pipe at least partially circumscribing an extremity of a patient, and including at least...

Optical measurements of properties in substances using propagation modes of light
This application describes designs, implementations, and techniques for controlling propagation mode or modes of light in a common optical path, which may include one or more waveguides, to sense a sample....

Scanner for space measurement
Some embodiments of the invention relate to a surveying apparatus in the form of a scanner comprising a beam deflection unit, such a beam deflection unit and a measuring method to be carried out with said surveying apparatus. The surveying apparatus comprises a radiation source for generating measurement radiation and a...

Portable pupil detection device with multiband stimulating light and infrared illumination
The present invention discloses a portable pupil detection device with multiband stimulating light and infrared illumination, which comprises at least one pupil detection module for detecting the variation of the pupil of the testee. Each pupil detection module includes an illuminating light source emitting invisible light beams; a stimulating light source...

Apparatus and method for image super-resolution using integral shifting optics
An image capture device includes an electro-optics arrangement having an arrangement of polarizers, polarization sensitive optical elements, and polarization modulating elements. First and second polarization sensitive optical elements are provided having an edge displaced relative to a plane normal to an optical axis of the electro-optics arrangement. A control system coupled...

Orthogonal light beam splitting for microscopes
A system comprises a first beamsplitter module and a second beamsplitter module aligned with the first beamsplitter module along an alignment line. In certain embodiments, each beamsplitter module can split a beam traveling along a first optical path into a first split beam and a second split beam within a spectral...

Stereo camera
A first camera for capturing an image of a subject, a second camera for capturing an image of a subject, an optical component disposed on an optical path when the first camera images a subject, and on an optical path when the second camera images a subject, and an adjuster for...

Optical touch panel device and recording medium
The optical touch panel device can optically detect a position of an object on a display screen at a plurality of kinds of position-detection resolutions, and sets a position-detection resolution according to a screen resolution of the display screen or an image resolution of an image to be displayed on the...

Structures for bonding a direct-bandgap chip to a silicon photonic device
A composite photonic device comprises a platform, a chip, and a contact layer. The platform comprises silicon. The chip is made of a III-V material. The contact layer has indentations to help control a flow of solder during bonding of the platform with the chip. In some embodiments, pedestals are placed...

Method and apparatus for optical asynchronouos sampling signal measurements
A method and a system for measuring an optical asynchronous sample signal. The system for measuring an optical asynchronous sampling signal comprises a pulsed optical source capable of emitting two optical pulse sequences with different repetition frequencies, a signal optical path, a reference optical path, and a detection device. Since the...

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