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System and method for selecting an optical path in an optical network
The invention proposes a system and method for selecting an optimal optical path through which to transmit an optical signal, the optimal optical path is one of a plurality of optical paths in a transparent optical network. Each of the plurality of optical paths includes a plurality of optical elements. For...

Optical connections
Techniques related to optical connectors are described herein. In some examples, an optical connector is illustrated including a ferrule and a mating arrangement to mechanically attach the ferrule to an optical device. The mating element defines an insertion direction. The ferrule includes an optical pathway for light transmission through the ferrule....

Optical component including interference filter
An optical component including an interference filter which is less likely to generate back reflected light, where the filter is accommodated in a hollow cylindrical housing and is tilted with respect to the optical axis. The housing has front and back openings. First and second collimator lenses respectively face the front...

Inspection apparatus
When it is tried to detect a microscopic defect, it is desired that the width of the above-mentioned illuminated region in the minor axis direction should be short. In the related art, although an illuminated region is formed by converging light by some means, it is not easy to form an...

Method of regulating light wavelength for projection device
The disclosure provides a method for regulating a light wavelength of a projection device. The method comprises the following steps. A single-color light source is provided and emits a first chromatic light. A phosphor layer is formed on an optical path of the single-color light source, so that the first chromatic...

Projector and portable terminal
According to one embodiment, a projector includes a light source unit, a light scanning unit, and a focus controller. The light source unit emits laser light. The light scanning unit includes a holder and a reflective surface. The holder is capable of a first rotation operation around a first direction. The...

Controlled expansion flexible metal substrate material having a textured structure
The present invention relates to a controlled expansion flexible metal substrate material and to a production method therefor. In the present invention, an electrocasting method is used in order to produce a metal substrate material which comprises a controlled expansion alloy and has a textured structure and a wide width. Also,...

Charging device, and image forming apparatus including the same
A charging device includes a housing, a charging roller, and a brush roller. The housing is disposed adjacent to an optical path of light emitted an the exposure device to irradiate a photoconductor. Charging roller is rotatably supported in housing, and is configured to charge a circumferential surface of the photoconductor...

Systems and methods of optical path protection for distributed antenna systems
Systems and methods for optical path protection for distributed antenna systems are provided. In one embodiment, a system comprises a hub and at least one node located remotely from the hub. The hub is coupled to the node by first and second fiber paths, the first fiber path comprising an uplink...

Projection exposure apparatus comprising a measuring system for measuring an optical element
A projection exposure apparatus () for microlithography has a measuring system () for measuring an optical element of the projection exposure apparatus. The measuring system () includes an irradiation device (), which is configured to radiate measuring radiation () in different directions () onto the optical element (), such that the...

Lighting device, projector including the same, and lighting method
A lighting device includes a first light source which emits excitation light, a wavelength convertor which generates fluorescence containing at least a first wavelength range and a second wavelength range by excitation with the excitation light, a second light source which emits light containing a third wavelength range different from the...

Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods
A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system by...

Optical coherence tomography systems and methods
An optical coherence tomography system may have a reflector system that reflects light from a light source to provide a plurality of light rays that fall within different wavelength ranges, optical componentry that directs a subset of a first beam of light including the plurality of light rays to an object...

Projection display apparatus
A projection display apparatus includes an image generation unit that generates an image light, an optical system that projects the image light onto a projection plane, an optical path changing unit that changes a display position of the image light on the projection plane, and a controller. The controller generates signals...

Panoramic image scanning device using multiple rotating cameras and one scanning mirror with multiple surfaces
A scanning imaging apparatus including a rotatable support platform, a first imaging device that is attached to the support platform forming a first optical path, a second imaging device that is attached to the support platform forming a second optical path, a mirror having a first reflective surface and a second...

Illumination optical system, exposure apparatus, optical element and manufacturing method thereof, and device manufacturing method
An illumination optical system which illuminates a surface to be illuminated on the basis of light from a light source has a first optical path in which a diffractive optical element can be arranged at a first position thereof; a second optical path in which a spatial light modulator with a...

Integrated device for ophthalmology
A device for ophthalmic radiation is provided. The device comprises a radiation interface, an optical branch coupler, and a plurality of ophthalmic units. The radiation interface is adapted to at least one of output and capture radiation on an optical path. The optical path is directable towards a patient's eye. The...

Camera system for adjusting displayed image according to an aperture value
A camera system includes an imaging optical system, an imaging unit, a reflecting mirror that is in a first state of being positioned in an optical path extending from the imaging optical system to the imaging unit or in a second state of being retracted from the optical path, an aperture...

Radiation thermometer
The length of the first optical path is substantially equal to that of the second optical path, such that the focussing optics additionally forms a focussed image of the illuminated pattern of the visible light source assembly substantially on the focal plane, the illuminated pattern being configured to mark the location...

Laser apparatus, laser system, and extreme ultraviolet light generation apparatus
A laser apparatus includes a master oscillator configured to output a pulse laser beam, at least one amplifier disposed in an optical path of the pulse laser beam, an energy detector that is disposed in the optical path on one of an input side and an output side of the amplifier...

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