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Optical Fiber patents

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Eccentric balloon laser catheter

Visual tracer system for fiber optic cable

Node device, and control method and control program thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Fiber-related patents
 Laser-based devices and methods for renal denervation patent thumbnailLaser-based devices and methods for renal denervation
An ablation catheter includes an elongated sheath configured for intravascular usage, and an inner tube disposed within the elongated sheath. The inner tube is rotatable and translatable relative to the sheath.
 Eccentric balloon laser catheter patent thumbnailEccentric balloon laser catheter
Various embodiments of an eccentric balloon catheter are disclosed. In some embodiments, an eccentric balloon catheter includes an eccentrically positioned guidewire tube, with an interior lumen, that extends at least a portion of the length of the catheter body.
 Visual tracer system for fiber optic cable patent thumbnailVisual tracer system for fiber optic cable
A fiber optic cable includes a first optical fiber, a jacket, and a second optical fiber. The first optical fiber includes a glass core and cladding.
 Node device, and control method and control program thereof patent thumbnailNode device, and control method and control program thereof
Provided is a node device in an optical communication system in which a plurality of node devices are connected by a plurality of optical fibers, including: at least a first optical transceiver that consumes a first power consumption amount during standby; at least a second optical transceiver that consumes a second power consumption amount greater than the first power consumption amount during standby; and a power consumption control unit that preferentially selects the second optical transceiver as an optical transceiver to be maintained by the node device, the second optical transceiver being in a fast startup standby mode in which startup time from a standby state is shorter than allowable time of interruption time of a communication service in the optical communication system.. .
 Protected optical single-fiber wdm system patent thumbnailProtected optical single-fiber wdm system
The invention relates to a protected optical single-fiber wdm system. A first (3) and a second (5) head-end terminal and at least one optical add/drop filter device (11) are connected to form a chain-like transmission path, each of the first and second head-end terminals (3, 5) being connected, at a wdm port (3a, 5a), through a single optical fiber (13) to a western (11a) or an eastern wdm port (11d) of an adjacent one of the optical add/drop filter devices (11), respectively, and each of the optical add/drop filter devices (11) being connected, at an eastern or western wdm port (11d, 11a), to a western or eastern wdm port (11a, 11d) of an adjacent one of the optical add/drop filter devices (11), respectively.
 Method and apparatus for detecting a fault on an optical fiber patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for detecting a fault on an optical fiber
Mechanisms for operating a network element in an optical network are disclosed. A network element has a plurality of ports, each port including a respective receive input for receiving an optical signal from another network element and a respective transmit output for transmitting an optical signal to the other network element.
 Optical fiber producing method and apparatus and optical fiber patent thumbnailOptical fiber producing method and apparatus and optical fiber
An apparatus includes a susceptor and a protective pipe. A gas containing 50% or more of argon or nitrogen is used as a gas to be supplied into the susceptor.
 D1368 cr radiation curable primary coating for optical fiber patent thumbnailD1368 cr radiation curable primary coating for optical fiber
A wet-on-dry process for coating a glass optical fiber with a radiation curable primary coating, comprising (a) operating a glass drawing tower to produce a glass optical fiber; (b) applying a radiation curable primary coating composition onto the surface of the optical fiber; (c) applying radiation to effect curing of said radiation curable primary coating composition; (d) applying a secondary coating to the primary coating; and (e) applying radiation to effect curing of said secondary coating. Also, a wet-on-wet process for coating a glass optical fiber with a radiation curable primary coating, comprising (a) operating a glass drawing tower to produce a glass optical fiber; (b) applying a radiation curable primary coating composition onto the surface of the optical fiber; (c) applying a secondary coating to the primary coating; and (d) applying radiation to effect curing of the primary coating and the secondary coating..
 Multicore optical fiber patent thumbnailMulticore optical fiber
The present invention relates to a multicore optical fiber having a structure for suppressing core-to-core crosstalk. The multicore optical fiber (100a) comprises a plurality of cores extending along a predetermined axis while being arranged like a hexagonal lattice on a cross section perpendicular to the axis and a cladding region (120) integrally surrounding the plurality of cores.
 Colored optical fiber, optical fiber ribbon, and optical fiber cable patent thumbnailColored optical fiber, optical fiber ribbon, and optical fiber cable
It is a colored optical fiber 1, which comprises two coating layers of a primary coating layer 31 and a secondary coating layer 32, wherein either one of the primary coating layer 31 or the secondary coating layer 32 is colored, both coating layers have equilibrium elastic moduli of 60 mpa or less, and the secondary coating layer 32 has a relaxation modulus of 410 mpa or more, an optical fiber ribbon 4 that utilizes it, and an optical fiber cable 8.. .
Fiber optic cable with improved flexibility, low temperature and compression resistance
A multi-tube optical fiber cable has a core with a first set of one or more optical fiber tubes, each having one or more optical fibers loosely arranged therein. The first set of tubes is constructed of a polymer having a low young's constant modulus.
Optical fiber distribution cables
Described are optical fiber distribution cables that simplify the installation process and significantly reduce the number of field splices. The distribution cables contain optical splitters within the cable structure itself, and the drop cables are also housed within the distribution cable.
Side fire laser assembly
Embodiments include an apparatus including an optical fiber having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end of the optical fiber has a surface configured to emit energy transverse to a longitudinal axis of the optical fiber.
Independent dual path optical rotary joint
A dual optical path rotary joint provides a low friction coupling of optical fiber connections for optogenetic research and other applications. Two optical paths are provided through the rotary joint which are rotation-insensitive.
Multifunctional optical sensor unit
A method and apparatus for detecting a group of parameters. An optical signal is sent into an optical sensor unit comprising a first reflective structure, a second reflective structure, and a cavity system located between the first reflective structure and the second reflective structure.
Method of measuring multi-mode fiber optical properties during processing of the fiber
A method of measuring optical properties of a multi-mode optical fiber during processing of the fiber is described. The method includes: transmitting a light signal through one of the draw end of the multi-mode fiber and a test fiber section toward the other of the draw end and the test fiber section; and receiving a portion of the light signal at one of the draw end and the test fiber section.
Optical fiber mechanical splice termination and test apparatus and methods
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to the field of optical fiber splicing, and more specifically to apparatuses and methods directed to mechanical splice termination and evaluation of resulting splice joints. In an embodiment, the present invention is an apparatus for evaluating the integrity of a mechanical splice joint comprising a light source, a circulator, a photo detector, and an analysis circuit, wherein the apparatus connects to a test connector and evaluates signals representative of light pulses passing through at least a portion of the test connector..
Method and apparatus for clamping a spinning preform and reducing the vibration of twisted optical fiber from a spinning preform
An apparatus for manufacturing an optical fiber is provided. The apparatus includes a spindle having a bore for receiving a preform of the optical fiber along a longitudinal axis defined by the spindle.
Method for manufacturing optical module
A method for manufacturing an optical module 1 includes: a cladding 12 of one end of the optical fiber is exposed; an arrangement process of arranging the optical fiber 10 such that at least a leading end of a portion on which the cladding 12 is exposed is positioned in a box portion through a pipe portion 35 in which one end is connected to the box portion 31 configured to accommodate an optical element and which extends to an outside of the box portion 31; and a soldering process of soldering an inner wall of the pipe portion 35 and the optical fiber 10 by heating at least a part of a lower region bar interposed between a heat dissipation portion and the pipe portion 35 in a state where a part of a wall of the box portion 31, in which the optical element is accommodated, is heat-dissipated.. .
Method and apparatus for optical strain sensing
Mechanical parameters of an object subjected to a force or condition are measured. A curved portion of a multicore optical fiber is attached to the object, and the multicore optical fiber includes a center core and plural off-center cores.
Porous glass base material manufacturing burner and optical fiber porous glass base material manufacturing apparatus
A porous glass base material manufacturing burner comprising a combustible gas emission nozzle having one or more rows of small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles arranged around a central glass raw material gas emission nozzle,. When a cross section of the burner formed by cleaving in a direction perpendicular to a central axis of the burner is divided into four equal regions by two orthogonal straight lines intersecting at a center of the cross section, total flow path surface area of the small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles included in two of the four regions through which passes a straight line running along the starting member and through the center of the cross section is less than the total flow path surface area of the small-diameter combustion assisting gas emission nozzles included in the other two of the four regions..
Rapid dense point cloud imaging using probabilistic voxel maps
A system, device and method include a sensing enabled device (104) having at least one optical fiber (126) configured to sense induced strain. An interpretation module (115) is configured to receive signals from the at least one optical fiber interacting with a volume and to interpret the signals to determine positions visited by the at least one optical fiber within the volume.
Method and system for photoselective vaporization of the prostate, and other tissue
A method for photoselective vaporization of prostate tissue includes delivering laser radiation to the treatment area on the tissue, via an optical fiber for example, wherein the laser radiation has a wavelength and irradiance in the treatment area on the surface of the tissue sufficient because vaporization of a substantially greater volume of tissue than a volume of residual coagulated tissue caused by the laser radiation. The laser radiation is generated using a neodymium doped solid-state laser, including optics producing a second or higher harmonic output with greater than 60 watts average output power.
System and method for frequency domain photoacoustic intravascular imaging
A photoacoustic device capable of performing both intravascular photoacoustic (“ivpa”) imaging and intravascular ultrasound imaging is provided. The device includes one or more optical fibers coupled to a transducer assembly that includes an photoacoustic transducer and optionally an ultrasound transducer.
Instrument and method for the automated thermal treatment of liquid samples
An instrument and a method for the automated thermal treatment of liquid samples are disclosed. An inter-distance between a temperature-controlled receptacle for loading with a plurality of vessels for containing the samples and end portions of optical fibers can be varied, wherein the receptacle is configured to form a thermal communication with the loaded vessels and wherein the optical fibers have first and second end portions.
Optical node for switching signals between optical fibers
Proposed is an optical node that contains a number of a optical demultiplexers. Each demultiplexer is adapted to provide at its n output ports n incoming optical signals received from n optical cores of an incoming optical multi-core fiber.
Compact small form-factor pluggable transceiver
An apparatus, in accordance with particular embodiments, includes an interface configured to establish connections within a copper network. The apparatus also includes a receptacle configured to receive a conventional small form-factor pluggable (sfp) module or a compact sfp module and to direct the sfp modules to a first connector.
Telecommunications cabinet with connector storage
A housing including a plurality of openings for receiving fiber optic connectors and protecting the polished end face of the connectors from damage while the connectors are stored within a telecommunications connection cabinet. A module with a plurality of optical fiber cables connected to a first optical fiber cable and terminated by a fiber optic connector.
Fiber optic multiport
A fiber optic multiport includes a housing, a multi-fiber connector coupled to the housing, a plurality of optical fibers, extensions, and ports connected to distal ends of the extensions. The housing defines an enclosure and includes interlocking structure that seals off the enclosure from the environment.
Fiber splice housing with temperature compensation
A method and device for relieving thermal stresses on the optical fibers in fiber optic splice housings used in hostile thermal environments.. .
Adapter and methods for cleaning an optical junction and reducing optical back reflection
An adapter includes a housing with opposed openings for receiving a first connector that is mechanically and optically mateable with a second connector to form one or more optical signal communication links. The housing is arranged with a slot for receiving a flexible material having an index of refraction that approximates the index of refraction of aligned pairs of optical fibers.
Optical fiber assemblies
Fiber optic assemblies include subunit cables wrapped in binders. The assemblies have small cross sections and low bend radii while maintaining acceptable attenuation losses.
Optical cable
An optical cable includes an optical fiber ribbon core wire provided with an optical fiber having a core and a cladding that surrounds the core, a sheath that surrounds the optical fiber ribbon core wire, and a braid arranged inside the sheath. The braid is formed to include wires woven with each other.
Pluggable optical transceiver having pull-pull-tab
A pluggable optical transceiver is disclosed. The optical transceiver provides a pull-tab assembled with a body of the transceiver.
Interposer structure having optical fiber connection and related fiber optic connector for the same
Disclosed are interposer structures having an optical fiber connection and a related fiber optic ferrule that can form a portion of an optical assembly. The interposer structure is useful for transmitting optical signals to/from an integrated circuit that may be attached to the interposer.
Optical assembly and method for producing the same
An optical assembly is disclosed where the optical assembly provides an optical device and a holder including a sleeve, a skirt, and a lens. The sleeve has a bore, into which an external optical fiber is set to couple with the optical device, providing a target surface in an end thereof.
Optical interconnect assembly
An optical assembly includes a substrate with a first row of apertures and a second row of apertures. A first optical die includes a first plurality of optical transducer elements and is mounted on the substrate such that an optical signal interface of each transducer element is aligned with an aperture of the first row of optical apertures.
Uniform illumination light diffusing fiber
Light diffusing optical fibers for use in ultraviolet illumination applications and which have a uniform intensity that is angularly independent are disclosed herein along with methods for making such fibers. The light diffusing fibers are composed of a silica-based glass core that is coated with a number of layers including a scattering layer.
Optical position-measuring device
The present invention relates to an optical position-measuring device for generating a plurality of phase-shifted scanning signals regarding the relative position of a fiber optic scanning head and a reflection measuring standard movable relative thereto in at least one measuring direction. In the fiber optic scanning head, a scanning reticle is disposed before the measuring standard end of an optical fiber.
In-line arrangement for measuring polarization extinction ratio
An in-line polarization extinction ratio (per) monitor that generates a value of an optical signal's per from a single measurement, without requiring the optical transmission signal path of the system to be directly coupled into a separate measurement device. The polarization extinction ratio may be defined as: 10 log(pex/pey), where pex is the power of the optical signal propagating along the “x axis” and pey is the power propagating along the orthogonal “y axis” (with the z-axis defined as a longitudinal optical axis of the system and the x-y plane orthogonal to this direction of propagation).
Optical fiber fault locator
A device includes a memory and a processor coupled to the memory operable to perform operations. The operations include determining a first estimated distance associated with a first location of an optical fiber based on first light detected by a sensor, where the first light is detected at a first time when a portion of the optical fiber has a first configuration, and determining a second estimated distance associated with a second location of the optical fiber based on second light detected by the sensor, where the second light is detected at a second time when the portion of the optical fiber has a second configuration.
Planar and volumetric dosimeter with scintillating material for radiotherapy treatment using tomographic reconstruction
According to one aspect, a planar and volumetric dosimeter for use with a radiotherapy machine having a radiation source. The dosimeter includes a scintillating assembly including a plurality of scintillating optical fibers and configured to generate a light output in response to incident dose distribution thereon from the radiation source, and a photo-detector operable to convert optical energy emitted by the scintillating assembly to electrical signals for determining actual two-dimensional (2d) or three-dimensional (3d) dose distribution incident on the scintillating assembly using a tomographic reconstruction algorithm..
Light-receiving module
A light-receiving module of the present invention includes: a lens collimating signal light entering from an optical fiber; a plc (planar lightwave circuit) where the signal light emitted by the lens enters; a mirror having a function of reflecting and transmitting the signal light emitted by the plc; and a light-receiving element receiving the signal light reflected by the mirror. The mirror also has a function of transmitting light from the opposite direction to a direction to transmit the signal light emitted by the plc.
Occupant safety system and method with optical fiber grid sheet
An occupant safety system using an optical fiber grid sheet and a method thereof are provided. The occupant safety system applies light to optical fibers constituting an optical fiber grid which is attached to a moving body and in which the optical fibers are arranged in a grid pattern; receives the applied light through the optical fibers; grasps a location of impact on the moving body based on the received light receiving signals; and controls operations of safety devices provided in the moving body based on the grasped location of the impact.
Needle device with an optical fiber integrated in a movable insert
A needle device according to the invention comprises a hollow shaft, an elongated insert and an operating means. The hollow shaft has a first distal end portion with a bevel, the elongated insert has a second distal end portion and is movably arranged within the hollow shaft, and the operating means is shiftable between a first condition and a second condition.
Occlusion-crossing devices, imaging, and atherectomy devices
A catheter device for crossing occlusions includes an elongate body, a central lumen extending within the elongate body from the proximal end to the distal end, a rotatable tip at the distal end of the elongate body, and an oct imaging sensor. The rotatable tip is configured to rotate relative to the elongate body.
Polarization maintaining optical fibers with intracore stress mechanisms
Polarization maintaining optical fibers and methods for making the same are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a polarization maintaining optical fiber includes a cladding portion and a core portion disposed in the cladding portion.
Fiber optic cables and assemblies
A fiber optic cable includes a jacket, a pair of strength members, and an optical fiber. The jacket has a cavity, a major dimension and a minor dimension, and a medial portion.
Stress control structure for optical fibers in a high voltage environment
Structure is provided for controlling the electrical stress on one or more optical fibers in a high voltage environment.. .
Optical connector connected between electronic device and optical fiber
An optical connector includes a substrate, a photoelectric element, and a base. The substrate includes a bearing surface.
Connectored cable and method for manufacturing connectored cable
A connectored cable including a cable having an optical fiber for transmitting an optical signal; and a connector that accommodates a substrate on which a photoelectric conversion portion that is optically coupled to an end face of the optical fiber is installed, and in which the optical fiber is wired so that at least three bent portions are formed, the orientation of the optical fiber in a front-rear direction being changed, the optical fiber being bent into a u shape at each of the bent portions, and so that one of two bent portions on a front side is located on a down side of the substrate and the other bent portion on the front side is located on an up side of the substrate.. .
Optical fiber connector
An optical fiber connector, for clamping an optical fiber cable, includes a housing, a fiber clamping assembly, a fiber ferrule, and a fixing assembly. The fiber ferrule is clamped at an end of the fiber clamping assembly.
Fiber optic connector assemblies having a reverse optical fiber loop
Fiber optic connector assemblies are disclosed that utilize a reverse optical fiber loop within the fiber optic connector to isolate the optical fiber from stresses. In one embodiment, a fiber optic connector assembly includes an optical fiber having a fiber end, and a connector housing, wherein the optical fiber enters the connector housing from a first direction and is secured within the connector housing in a second direction, thereby forming a reverse optical fiber loop that is free to expand or contract within the connector housing.
Optical fiber-based optical functional device cartridge module
A cartridge-type optical functional module can achieve excellent optical coupling and has an optical fiber-type module or a waveguide-type module. The present invention relates to a cartridge-type optical functional module which has: first and second optical fiber collimators; an optical functional object which has an optical fiber-type module or a waveguide-type module; and a base section.
Low cost optical connector
An optical connector includes a printed circuit board, a substrate, a photoelectric die, a number of wires, a lens element, and an optical fiber. The substrate is mounted on the printed circuit board.
Optical probe
Provided is an optical probe that can perform low-noise precise oct measurement even if an object with a high scattering property is measured. The optical probe 20 includes an optical fiber 21 that transmits light between a proximal end 21a and a distal end 21b, an optical connector 22 connected with the optical fiber 21 at the proximal end 21a, a focusing optical system 23 and a deflecting optical system 24 connected with the optical fiber 21 at the distal end 11b, and a support tube 25 and a jacket tube 26 surrounding the optical fiber 21 and extending along the optical fiber 21.
Optical module
An optical module includes a substrate including a conductor pattern formed thereon, a photoelectric conversion element mounted on the substrate, and an optical coupling member for optically coupling the photoelectric conversion element to an optical fiber. A part of the conductor pattern on the substrate defines an engagement portion that engages with the optical coupling member so as to position the optical coupling member relative to the substrate..
Optical fiber for coherent anti-stokes raman scattering endoscopes
An optical fiber for use in a coherent anti-stokes raman scattering (cars) endoscope, comprising a core guiding lightwaves at a pump wavelength and at a stokes wavelength, the core being single-mode at both wavelengths. The core is surrounded by cladding layers, including an inner cladding layer, a trench cladding layer, an intermediate cladding layer and an outer cladding layer.
Cladding light stripper and method of manufacturing
A cladding stripper includes a plurality of transversal notches or grooves in the outer surface of an exposed inner cladding of a double clad optical fiber. Position and orientation of the notches can be selected to even out cladding light release along the cladding light stripper, enabling more even temperature distributions due to released cladding light.
Optical amplification component and fiber laser device
An optical amplification component 1 includes a heat dissipation plate 10 and an amplification optical fiber 20 arranged on the heat dissipation plate 10. The amplification optical fiber 20 includes a first section sc1 extending from a reference position rp between a first end e1 and a second end e2 of the amplification optical fiber 20 up to a position at which a fiber portion 20a extending from the reference position rp toward the end e1 and a fiber portion 20b extending from the reference position rp toward the end e2 are aligned in one direction, and a second section sc2 where the fiber portions 20a and 20b aligned in one direction are wound in a spiral outside the first section sc1.
Fiber fault sniffer
A fault detector for fiber optic cabling is provided in a hand held device for detecting fiber faults, presence/absence of signal and wavelength of light present on an optical fiber. Audible and visual indicators of the fault/status and wavelength are provided..
High stable fiber fabry-perot pressure sensor with glue-free packing and its fabrication method
The present invention relates to a high stable fiber fabry-perot pressure sensor with glue-free packing and its fabrication method. The sensor includes a sensor head, a sensor body with a through-hole in the axial direction and a optical fiber.
Distributed acoustic sensing with multimode fiber
A method and system for distributed acoustic sensing using multimode optical fibers.. .
Gas turbine engine vane embedded beam interrupt optical tip-timing probe system
A method of observing an airflow passage within a gas turbine engine includes locating a support in view of an airflow passage and housing an optical fiber within the support.. .
Method of manufacturing an assembly to couple an optical fiber to an opto-electronic component
An optical fiber having an end section with a front face to couple light in and out of the optical fiber is inserted in an opening of a housing to encase the end section of the optical fiber. The optical fiber is attached to a surface of the housing, wherein the surface forms a boundary of the opening.
Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing
A system, device and method include a sensing enabled device having an optical fiber configured to perform distributed sensing of temperature-induced strain. An interpretation module is configured to receive optical signals from the optical fiber within a body and interpret the optical signals to determine one or more temperatures or temperature gradients of the device..
Method and optical system for evaluating concentrations of components in tissue
A method and an optical system for evaluating the spatial distribution of the concentrations of components in tissue are disclosed. The novel detecting probe included in the optical system comprises plural optical fiber sets, each optical fiber set respectively comprises at least one source optical fiber and at least one detector optical fiber, the source optical fiber connects with the multi-wavelength light source, the source optical fiber delivers light from the multi-wavelength light source onto a tested tissue; and the angle between one optical fiber set and another optical fiber set is greater than 0° and less than and not equal to 180°.
Integrating optical fiber with coaxial cable
Certain embodiments herein relate to a hybrid cable that includes a center conductor for disturbing electrical signals and one or more optical fibers adjacent to the center conductor for distributing light signals in a service provider network. According to one configuration, materials found in a coaxial cable may be included in the hybrid cable, such as a dielectric material, one or more protective shields, and an outer protective core.
Secure sc optical fiber connector and removal tools
An optical fiber connector plug having an anti-snag guide to prevent the plug from being caught on corners and edges when an attached cable is being pulled around corners and edges during installation and removal of the optical fiber connector plug. The optical fiber connector plug includes a unique arrangement of different width apertures corresponding to a removal tool having corresponding different width prongs to be received by the apertures to release the optical fiber connector plug from a coupling adapter..
Optical transmission module
In an optical transmission module, an optical fiber includes a core wire made of a resin and a cover portion made of a resin and covering the core wire, and has an end surface formed by cutting the core wire and the cover portion by the same plane. A plug includes an optical device optically coupled to the core wire and a sealing resin containing the optical device and having a bottom surface with which the end surface is in contact..
Splice chips for optical fiber splice cassettes
A splice chip includes a base, separation members extending upwardly from the base to define a plurality of rows, and latching fingers extending upwardly from the base to further define the rows. At least one of the rows includes at least a first latching finger, a second latching finger, and a third latching finger.
Optical fiber adapter
An optical fiber adapter according to the present disclosure includes a main body, an inner housing and a cover plate. The main body has an accommodation room in an axial direction defined by a first wall, a second wall, a third wall and a fourth wall, wherein the first wall faces the third wall and connects with the second and fourth walls.
Non-destructive dissipation of excess optical energy
Optical energy in excess of that which is properly coupled into the core of an optical fiber is non-destructively redirected and benignly dissipated so as to minimize damage in a fiber coupled system.. .
Color coded optical fibers
The specification describes an optical fiber color coding scheme that uses two colors, where each of the two colors constitutes one half of the surface of the optical fiber coating. If a longitudinal portion of the coating is considered a hollow cylinder, then each of the two colors is a hollow hemi-cylinder.
Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
Optical signal transmission device
An optical signal transmission device includes a first and a second photoelectric converting device, a first and a second connector, a plurality of first optical fibers, a plurality of second optical fibers, and an adapter module. The first and the second photoelectric converting devices are electrically connected with the first and the second electronic device.
Hermetic optical fiber alignment assembly
A hermetic optical fiber alignment assembly, including a first ferrule portion having a first surface provided with a plurality of grooves receiving the end sections of optical fibers, wherein the grooves define the location and orientation of the end sections with respect to the first ferrule portion, and a second ferrule portion having a second surface facing the first surface of the first ferrule, wherein the first ferrule portion is attached to the second ferrule portion with the first surface against the second surface, wherein a cavity is defined between the first ferrule portion and the second ferrule portion, wherein the cavity is wider than the grooves, and wherein a suspended section of each optical fiber is suspended in the cavity, and wherein the cavity is sealed with a sealant. The sealant extends around the suspended sections of the optical fibers within the cavity.
Fiber optic connector
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a fiber optic connector and methods of assembly thereof. In one embodiment, the fiber optic connector of the present invention is designed to help decrease the stress placed on an optical fiber during the mating of a connector with a receptacle.
Cylindrical optical ferrule alignment apparatus
An alignment sleeve for an optical fiber adapter includes features to bring precision alignment between optical fiber cores. The sleeve includes a tubular inner area to accept first and second ferrule ends of first and second connectors.
Optical fiber coupling connector with layered arrays of optical fibers
An optical fiber coupling connector of compactness includes a main body, and first and second layers of optical fibers which are all parallel. The main body includes an upper surface, a lower surface, a front surface, and a back surface.
Optical fiber combiner, and laser system using the same
An optical fiber combiner 1 has: a plurality of input optical fibers 20; a plurality of divergence angle reducing members 50 which lights emitted from the respective input optical fibers 20 enter and which emits the lights from the input optical fibers 20 at divergence angles made lower than divergence angles upon entrance; a bridge fiber 30 which the lights emitted from the respective divergence angle reducing members 50 enter and which has a tapered portion 34 which has a portion in which the lights propagate and a diameter of which is gradually reduced apart from a divergence angle reducing member 50 side; and an output optical fiber 40 which a light emitted from a side of the bridge fiber 30 opposite to the divergence angle reducing member 50 side enters.. .
Optical-fiber array and method
Method and apparatus for forming an optical-fiber-array assembly, which include providing a plurality of optical fibers including a first optical fiber and a second optical fiber, providing a fiber-array plate that includes a first surface and a second surface, connecting the plurality of optical fibers to the first surface of the fiber-array plate, transmitting a plurality of optical signals through the optical fibers into the fiber-array plate at the first surface of the fiber-array plate, and emitting from the second surface of the fiber-array plate a composite output beam having light from the plurality of optical signals. Optionally, the first surface of the fiber-array plate includes indicia configured to assist in the alignment of the plurality of optical fibers on the first surface of the fiber-array plate.

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