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Optical Component patents

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Pump device for pumping an amplifying laser medium

Pump device for pumping an amplifying laser medium

Sole channel 3d image capture apparatus

3m Innovative Properties

Sole channel 3d image capture apparatus

Sole channel 3d image capture apparatus

Los Alamos National Security

Quantum communications system with integrated photonic devices

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Component-related patents
 Optical communication terminal patent thumbnailOptical communication terminal
An optical communication terminal is configured to operate in two different complementary modes of full duplex communication. In one mode, the terminal transmits light having a first wavelength and receives light having a second wavelength along a common free space optical path.
Google Inc.

 Pump device for pumping an amplifying laser medium patent thumbnailPump device for pumping an amplifying laser medium
A pump device for pumping an amplifying laser medium (1), having a radiation source (13) with a plurality of laser diodes (15, 16) that emit laser beams (17) which have parallel beam axes (a) extending in the direction of a z axis and which diverge at least twice as much in the direction of an x axis perpendicular to the z axis as in the direction of a y axis perpendicular to the z axis and to the x axis. The pump device also has at least one optical component (22, 22′, 22″) with at least one cylinder surface (23), with which at least some of the laser beams (17) emitted by the laser diodes (15, 16) interact.

 Sole channel 3d image capture apparatus patent thumbnailSole channel 3d image capture apparatus
A 3d image apparatus using a single optical channel for capturing multiple view-angle images of an object for use in generating a 3d image or model of the object. The apparatus includes within the optical train an active optical component, an aperture plate having an aperture, a lens for focusing light from the aperture, and an image sensor.
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Quantum communications system with integrated photonic devices patent thumbnailQuantum communications system with integrated photonic devices
Security is increased in quantum communication (qc) systems lacking a true single-photon laser source by encoding a transmitted optical signal with two or more decoy-states. A variable attenuator or amplitude modulator randomly imposes average photon values onto the optical signal based on data input and the predetermined decoy-states.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

 Electro-optical component having a quantum dot structure patent thumbnailElectro-optical component having a quantum dot structure
The invention makes use of the effect of two-photon polymerization to embed a quantum dot structure in an electro-optical component. The electro-optical component can be a polymer component, led, oled, lec, or graphene component, for example.
Zumtobel Lighting Gmbh

 Free-space laser tuning of optical microcavities patent thumbnailFree-space laser tuning of optical microcavities
Methods and apparatuses for resonance tuning of microcavities are provided. An apparatus comprises a whispering gallery mode optical microcavity characterized by at least one resonance frequency; optical components configured to evanescently couple a probe laser beam into the microcavity; an absorber element in thermal contact with the microcavity; and optical components configured to illuminate the absorber element with a free space pump light beam, wherein the absorber element is configured to absorb energy from the free space pump light beam, thereby generating heat, and to transfer the heat to the microcavity, thereby inducing a shift in the at least one resonance frequency.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

 Optical component,  manufacturing optical component, and  quantifying ghost light patent thumbnailOptical component, manufacturing optical component, and quantifying ghost light
An optical component is characterized in that: a spectral characteristics curve of a multilayer film provided on a first surface of a plastic base has one local maximum at a first wavelength in a wavelength range of 380 nm to 780 nm and has one local minimum at a second wavelength 200 nm or less longer than the first wavelength; an average reflectivity of the multilayer film provided on the first surface in a wavelength range of the first wavelength ±25 nm is 50% or less; an average reflectivity of a multilayer film provided on a second surface of the plastic base relative to the average reflectivity of the multilayer film provided on the first surface is 40% or less in the wavelength range of the first wavelength ±25 nm; and a spectral characteristics curve of the multilayer film provided on the second surface does not have a local maximum in the wavelength range of the first wavelength ±25 nm.. .
Nikon-essilor Co., Ltd.

 Long-range optical device patent thumbnailLong-range optical device
The invention relates to a long-range optical device, in particular a sighting telescope, comprising an outer housing in which a reversal system is disposed between an objective lens and eyepiece, and having an adjusting mechanism for adjusting the sighting line by adjusting at least one optical component inside the outer housing, and having a resetting mechanism acting on the optical component which has at least one spring in order to generate the restoring force. The resetting mechanism comprises at least one lever which transmits the spring force of the spring to the optical component..
Swarovski-optik Kg.

 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and computer-readable media for thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media. For thermally managing electronic devices using dynamic optical components are provided.
Apple Inc.

 Display for special environments patent thumbnailDisplay for special environments
The invention pertains to a display assembly comprising a stack of component including an optical component and a non-optical component, wherein said optical component and said non-optical component are connected to each other by means of a structure comprising at least one semi-rigid material with a glass transition temperature below minus 60 degrees celsius, arranged between two pressure sensitive adhesives with glass transition temperatures below minus 60 degrees celsius. The invention also pertains to a method of producing such a display assembly..
Barco Nv


Sensor configurations for anatomical variations

A medical sensor includes a first set of optical components configured to obtain a first set of signals for determining a first regional oxygen saturation measurement. The first set of optical components includes a first emitter, a first detector separated from the first emitter by a first distance along a first axis, and a second detector separated from the first emitter by a second distance along the first axis, wherein the second distance is greater than the first distance.
Covidien Lp


Housing for an optical component, assembly, producing a housing and producing an assembly

A housing for an optical component is provided in various embodiments. The housing has a leadframe section and a mold compound.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Method for producing optoelectronic components, and products produced thereby

The production of optoelectronic components, optical components being mounted in the composite wafer. Provided to this end is a method for producing optoelectronic components, in particular image signal acquiring or image signal outputting components, in the case of which optical components are respectively provided, picked up and mounted on a wafer, the optical components preferably respectively being positioned individually or in groups relative to the position of assigned optoelectronic or optical components of the wafer or of a wafer to be connected thereto..
Schott Ag


Method and system for identification of a given geometrical feature of an optical component

Processing the image via computer elements and applying a metrics to compare the image with reference data specific to the given geometrical feature, and providing an identification output of the given geometrical feature.. .


System & determining blood component concentration

A system (1) for determining blood component concentration in vivo, the system (1) comprising: a probe (3) having an optical component and an electrical component, said optical component comprising a light source (9) for illuminating tissue (5) of a subject, said tissue (5) including a light absorbing blood component of interest, and a light detector (11) configured to detect light that has been emitted by said source (9) and has passed through said tissue (5); said electrical component comprising electrodes (13, 15) for applying an electric field across said tissue (5); and a control module (4) configured to receive signals from said light detector (11) that are representative of the intensity of light detected by the detector (11) and to receive signals from said electrodes (13, 15) that are representative of the capacitance of said tissue (5); wherein the amplitude of said signals varies periodically with the subject's cardiac cycle, and said control module (4) comprises a processor (35) operable to determine from said signals the concentration of said blood component in said tissue (5).. .
The City University


System for synchronously sampled binocular video-oculography using a single head-mounted camera

A one-camera, binocular, video-oculography (1cbvog) system for measuring the movement of both of the eyes of a test subject, while the head of the test subject is undergoing a period of vestibular or oculomotor stimulation, includes: (a) a base frame, (b) a binocular imaging component, including a video camera adapted to capture a sequence of images containing both of the eyes of the test subject, (c) an optical component, (d) an illumination source, (e) a sensor module that senses translational and rotational motion of the head along and about three, mutually orthogonal axes that approximately align with the axes of the inner ears' semicircular canals, and (f) a computing device configured to quantify and measure the movement of the test subject's eyes from the sequence of captured images.. .
Labyrinth Devices, Llc


Eye viewing device enabled for performing ear examinations and adapter

An eye viewing device includes an imaging assembly having at least two optical components disposed along an optical axis of the device. An adapter is attachable to the device and is aligned along the imaging axis of the device, the adapter having at least one adaptive optical element configured for projecting an image of the ear along the imaging axis for viewing without modification to the device and enabling separate examination modes..
Welch Allyn, Inc.


High aperture immersion objective

The invention relates to a high aperture immersion objective particularly for uses in confocal microscopes where oil is the immersion fluid, which objective is composed of three lenses and/or subsystems comprising lens groups. An apochromatic correction in a range from 365 to 900 nm is achieved at high resolving numeric apertures of 1.3 to 1.4 and an object field from 0.4 to 0.625 mm by the specification of the optical components.
Carl-zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Shielding regions for photonic integrated circuits

Described herein are methods, systems, and apparatuses to utilize shielding regions formed in photonic integrated circuits (pics). Portions of layers of a pic are selectively removed, and optionally, replaced with another material.
Aurrion, Inc.


Manufacture of truncated lenses, of pairs of truncated lenses and of corresponding devices

The invention relates to wafer-level manufacturing of optical devices such as modules comprising micro-lenses. In one aspect, passive optical components such as truncated lenses are manufactured by providing a substrate on which a multitude of precursor optical structures is present; and removing material from each of said multitude of precursor optical structures.
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Horizontal cavity surface emitting laser device

A horizontal cavity surface emitting laser device includes an active layer configured to generate light to be emitted in one direction along the one surface of a semiconductor substrate and in another direction opposite to the one direction. The device also includes a rear distributed bragg reflector unit configured to reflect the light.
Oclaro Japan, Inc.


Camera and optical unit

A camera that has an optical unit includes: a base plate; a plurality of openings which is provided on the base plate and each of which has a substantially rectangular opening shape having long sides and short sides; and a plurality of optical components each of which covers any of the plurality of openings. The plurality of openings is disposed to be cyclically placed in one optical path through rotation of the base plate, and is disposed such that a part of a long side of each opening thereof faces a part of a short side of another opening thereof adjacent thereto..
Sony Corporation


Optical assembly

An optical assembly comprising: (a) a substrate having a first planar surface; (b) an optical component connected to the substrate and having a second planar surface parallel to the first surface and at least one first optical axis; (c) a plurality of optical fiber stubs having a certain diameter and being disposed at least partially between the substrate and the optical component; (d) at least one of the substrate or the optical component having one or more grooves on the first or second surfaces, respectively, such that each groove is configured to receive one of the plurality of fiber stubs such that each of the fiber stubs protrudes a first distance from the first or second surface to space the first surface the first distance from the second surface; and (e) a least one optical conduit having a second optical axis, the optical conduit being disposed on the first or second surface such that the second optical axis is optically aligned with the first optical axis.. .
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Illumination device providing direct and indirect illumination

A variety of illumination devices are disclosed that are configured and arranged to output a direct intensity distribution onto work surfaces and an indirect intensity distribution towards background regions. The illumination devices include direct and indirect optical components configured to provide direct and indirect illumination.
Quarkstar Llc


Method for aligning at least one rear-view mirror of a motor vehicle

A method is provided for aligning at least one rear view mirror and/or another optical component of a motor vehicle. The current eye position of the driver is determined by an interior sensor system upon actuation of a control element.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Built-in optical component for the interior fittings of an aircraft and correspondingly fitted aircraft

A built-in optical component for the interior fittings of an aircraft with a partially light-permeable layer of stone or glass layer and a lighting layer which is arranged therebelow and is intended for the back-lighting of the layer of stone or glass layer, wherein the lighting layer comprises a plurality of lighting strips and a partially light-permeable intermediate layer is provided between the lighting layer and the layer of stone or glass layer.. .
Lufthansa Technik Ag


Electromagnetic radiation enhancement methods and systems

An optical system for producing electromagnetic radiation with localized increases in irradiance or radiance at the system output includes a first optical mask containing localized regions for producing controlled modifications of phase delays and/or amplitude attenuations and located within the input plane of said optical system. The system also includes at least a single optical component with positive optical power located after the input plane and at least one additional optical mask located after the optical component at non-conjugate locations with respect to the input plane of the system.


Cable management system including splitter/filter tray

A two layer splitter tray (18) has a cover (32) which mounts to a base (34). The base (34) and the cover (32) define openings for one or more splitters (88).
Tyco Electronics Raychem Gmbh


Optical module, in particular opto-electronic module, and manufacturing the same

The optical module (1) comprises—a first member (o) having a first face (f1) which is substantially planar;—a second member (p) having a second face (f2) facing the first face (f1), which is substantially planar and is aligned substantially parallel to the first face;—a third member (s) comprised in the first member (o) or comprised in the second member (p) or distinct from and located between these, which comprises an opening (4);—a mirror element (31′; 31′″) present on the second face (f2); and—an active optical component (26) present on the second face (f2) and electrically connected to the second member (p); wherein at least one of the first and second members comprises one or more transparent portions (t) through which light can pass. The method for manufacturing the optical module (1) comprises the steps of a) providing a first wafer; b) providing a second wafer on which the mirror elements (31′.
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Multiple beam laser system for forming stents

A system and method for precision cutting using multiple laser beams is described. The system and method includes a combination of optical components that split the output of a single laser into multiple beams, with the power, polarization status and spot size of each split beam being individually controllable, while providing a circularly polarized beam at the surface of a work piece to be cut by the laser beam.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Method of determining the location of tip timing sensors during operation

A combination probe is positioned at a location in a stationary portion of a turbo machine that defines a gas flow path and is configured to detect a moving portion of the turbo machine within the gas flow path. The combination probe includes a tip timing sensor configured to sense when the moving portion is located proximate to the location of the probe, and an optical component configured to have a field of view that includes the moving portion when the moving portion is located proximate to the location of the probe.
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Optical component and manufacturing the same

An optical component includes: a plastic base; and a multilayer film disposed on at least a rear surface of both surfaces of the plastic base, wherein the multilayer film has a maximum reflectivity of 3% to 50% in a wavelength range of 380 nm to 780 nm and has an average reflectivity of 20% or less in a wavelength range of 280 nm to 380 nm.. .
Nikon-essilor Co., Ltd.


Photo-mask and accessory optical components for fabrication of three-dimensional structures

Systems and methods for optical lithography using photo-masks and accessory optical components are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a photo-mask with a body element, one or more diffractive elements, and one or more functional-element-producing features.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Projection exposure microlithography comprising an optical distance measurement system

A projection exposure apparatus (10) for microlithography has a plurality of optical components (m1-m6) forming an exposure beam path, as well as a distance measurement system (30, 130, 230) configured to measure a distance between at least one of the optical components and a reference element (40, 140, 240). The distance measurement system comprises a frequency comb generator (32, 132, 232), which is configured to generate electromagnetic radiation (36, 236) having a comb-shaped frequency spectrum..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Lighting system with a cooling device and an optical body

The invention relates to a cooling device (10) for at least one light source (110) located in a lighting system (100) and having a cooling body (20), which comprises at least one contact surface (22) for absorbing heat from the at least one light source (110) and at least one cooling element (24) for emitting the absorbed heat, characterized in that the cooling body (20) has a mechanical interface (26) which is designed for an optional arrangement of counter-interfaces (66) of at least two different optical components (50).. .
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Semi-cured product, cured product and producing these, optical component, curable resin composition, and compound

A curable resin composition containing a compound of formula (1), a compound of formula (2) and a thermal- or photo-radical polymerization initiator is capable of producing a cured product having a low abbe's number and capable of realizing burr reduction in molding the composition. Ar1 to ar4 represent aryl or heteroaryl, at least one of ar1 to ar4 is aromatic condensed ring, and two or more of ar1 to ar4 have a polymerizable group, and at least one of r21 to r26 forms a ring, or at least two bond to each other to form a ring:.
Fujifilm Corporation


Multiplane optical microscope

This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus related to optical microscopy. In one aspect, an apparatus includes a sample holder, a first objective lens, a plurality of optical components, a second objective lens, and a mirror.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Sensor apparatus, in particular for detecting ambient conditions of a motor vehicle

In a sensor apparatus, in particular a sensor apparatus for detecting ambient conditions of a motor vehicle, wherein the sensor apparatus comprises at least one screen which predefines the detection angle of the sensor apparatus and a detector and wherein an optical component is disposed between the screen and the detector, a greater detection angle is to be achieved. This is achieved whereby the optical component has at least one first and one second concavely curved region, the first inner region is disposed adjacent to the optic axis, where the second region surrounds the first region and that the first region has a stronger concave curvature than the second region..
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


System for producing color transformable light

A system for producing color transformable light includes a light source designed to emit blue excitation light and a color transformer adapted to selectively absorb and reemit the blue excitation light as green light and/or red light. The color transformer includes a transparent slide that includes a first region embedded with red phosphor, a second region embedded with green phosphor and a third region in the absence of phosphors.


Method of manufacturing a quantum dot optical component and backlight unit having the quantum dot optical component

A method of manufacturing a quantum dot optical component is provided. By the method, a plurality of quantum dot lines are formed on a first substrate, an encapsulation member that encapsulates the quantum dot lines is formed on the first substrate, a second substrate is laminated on the encapsulation member, and the first and second substrates are cut into a plurality of quantum dot optical components each including at least one of the quantum dot lines..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Method for regulating the tilting of a mirror element

An optical component comprises a carrying structure, at least one mirror element which is mounted in a tiltable manner relative to the carrying structure by an actuator system and which comprises at least one mirror electrode, at least one local regulating device for regulating the tilting of the mirror element, having at least one capacitive sensor and at least one actuator electrode for tilting the mirror element, and a signal generator for generating a modulation signal, having a frequency above a resonant frequency of the mirror element, wherein the signal generator is connected in a signal-transmitting manner to the at least one mirror electrode.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Methods and monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems

In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical detector that can sample asynchronously an optical signal from an optical component that can be either an optical transmitter or an optical receiver. In such embodiments, the apparatus also includes a processor operatively coupled to the optical detector, where the processor can calculate a metric value of the optical signal without an extinction ratio of the optical signal being measured.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Micro-led array with filters

An integrated led device is provided. The led device includes a substrate.
University College Cork, National University Of Ireland


Lens holder, lens optical assembly component, and package wherein lens optical assembly component is mounted

A lens holder includes a pair of leg members inclined and extending to a lens housing from a support member that supports the lens holder at a predetermined position. A distance between pair of leg members is set such that the distance between lower end portions is equal to or larger than a width of the lens housing to be supported, and the distance between upper end portions is equal to or smaller than the width of the lens housing to be supported, and that the distance becomes gradually smaller from the lower end portions to the upper end portions of the legs.
Ntt Electronics Corporation


Fluidic optical cartridge

Embodiments are directed to an apparatus that includes a fluidic structure and optical components. The fluidic structure includes a transparent channel through which objects in an analyte fluid can travel along respective paths during operation of the apparatus.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Apparatus and measuring optical component

An apparatus for measuring an optical component (160, 170, 190) of the apparatus, the apparatus comprising a radiation source (130) configured to form a measuring beam in a measuring channel (140), wherein the measured optical component configured to be in a first position outside the measuring channel and in a second position in the measuring channel; a first detector (110) configured to receive beams in the measuring channel; a second detector (150) configured to receive beams in the measuring channel; at least one processor; and at least one memory including computer program code. The at least one memory and the computer program code are configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to select at least one of the first detector and the second detector to receive beams in the measuring channel, the measuring channel (140) being integrated to a photometer or a fluorescence channel of the apparatus; receive a first beam, using the selected detector, in the measuring channel, wherein the measured optical component is in the first position; receive a second beam, using the selected detector, in the measuring channel, wherein the measured optical component is in the second position; and determine the characteristics of the optical component based on the first beam and the second beam..
Labrox Oy


Multi-lumen tracheal tube with visualization device

The present disclosure describes systems and methods that utilize a multi-lumen tube with an integral visualization apparatus, such as a camera. The multi-lumen tracheal tube system may include a camera apparatus that is positioned to facilitate left or right bronchial intubation.
Covidien Lp


Color display and projection system

A process and apparatus provide high speed multicomponent imagery from high frame rate binary spatial light modulators. The process and apparatus decompose an image frame into a plurality of subframes such that each subframe in the plurality of subframes corresponds to an image component of the image frame.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Increasing an area from which reconstruction from a computer generated hologram may be viewed

A method of enlarging an observation window from which the reconstruction from a computer generated hologram (cgh) may be viewed, including reproducing a cgh, and shifting a location of an exit pupil or observation window of an optical system reproducing the cgh. A method of increasing a viewing angle from which the reconstruction from a computer generated hologram (cgh) may be seen, including producing a plurality of instances of a cgh, projecting each one of the instances in a different direction so that a first exit pupil of a first instance is close to a second exit pupil of a second instance.
Real View Imaging Ltd.


Stereo endoscope system

Disclosed is a stereo endoscope system comprising stereo endoscopes of varying working lengths, working diameters and directions of view. Each stereo endoscope comprises two identical optical systems where every pair of corresponding components is permanently couple in a sideways orientation.
Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.


Light source module using laser as light source

A light source module comprises a plurality of laser light sources, a lens module, a plurality of optical components, and a light guiding plate. The lens module includes a first lens having a rear arced plane and a plurality of second lenses each having a front arced plane, and the second lenses are positioned on the first lens and protruded forwardly from the first lens toward the optical components.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Lighting device for obtaining a predetermined light distribution at a target area

The invention relates to a lighting device (100) comprising a light source (110) and an optical component (120) adapted for obtaining a predetermined light distribution (300) at a target area (400). The optical component has a substrate (122) comprising a material that is capable of controllably changing shape when an activating force is applied thereto, and one or more optical elements (121).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Precise alignment method and precise alignment optical component

Provided is a precise alignment method for an optical component that positions a slider to x-axis and y-axis coordinates of maximal intensity in a manner such that frame images of a laser beam passing through an optical waveguide are captured while relatively moving the slider and a semiconductor laser device at a uniform speed in the x and y directions, the x-axis coordinate of the maximal intensity is calculated by performing a fitting calculation only in the x direction, frame images of a laser beam passing through the optical waveguide are captured by relatively moving the slider and the semiconductor laser device at a uniform speed only in the y direction while the x-axis coordinate is fixed, and the y-axis coordinate of the target maximal intensity is calculated by performing a fitting calculation only in the y direction.. .
Hitachi Information & Telecommunication Engineering, Ltd.


Optical alignment system

An optical alignment system for aligning an optical component is provided. The system includes an alignment component configured to be moveable in a plane and in a fixed relationship with the optical component.
Xyratex Technology Limited


Led nightlight system having an image projection feature

A light emitting diode night light system can include: a tube housing; a light emitting diode positioned at one end of the tube housing, the light emitting diode for providing a visible light beam; a lens positioned at a different end of the tube housing from the light emitting diode; and an optical component positioned within the tube housing, the optical component positioned between the light emitting diode and the lens, and the optical component arranged perpendicularly to the visible light beam and configured to create an image from the visible light beam.. .


Opto-electronic module for emitting light of variable intensity distribution

The opto-electronic module (1) comprises—a first substrate member (p); —a second substrate member (o); —a first spacer member (s) comprised in said first substrate member or comprised in said second substrate member or distinct from and located between these, which comprises at least one opening (4); —a light emission element (e) arranged on said first substrate member; —a first passive optical component (8); at least one of said first and second substrate members comprising one or more transparent portions (t) through which light can pass, said first passive optical component (8) being comprised in or distinct from said one or more transparent portions, and wherein said first passive optical component has adjustable optical properties. Such modules (1) are well mass-producible in high precision and can be used in photo cameras, e.g., as flashes..
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Optical filter lock and environmental seal

The present invention is directed to a camera lens filter assembly including a camera lens filter and an included optical component. The optical component is installed on an optic mounting part; and a clamp is mounted on a clamp mounting part, so the clamp can press to tighten against the optical component for the purpose of assembly.
Mamiya America Corporation


Optical material and articles formed therefrom

Optical materials including polymerizable compositions and oligomeric and polymeric material formed therefrom. The oligomer or polymer material include structural repeat units.
Biofarmix Inc.


Optical bench assembly

An optical bench assembly is disclosed. In one embodiment, the optical bench assembly includes a housing and a cantilever optical bench for holding optical components.
Bae Systems Informatin And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Coordinated simultaneous real and fourier plane imaging system and methods

Imaging systems and methods for simultaneous real and fourier plane imaging. In one example, an imaging system includes at least one optical element configured to receive and focus incident electromagnetic radiation from a viewed scene, a first detector positioned at an image plane of the at least one optical element and configured to produce a first image of the viewed scene, and a second detector positioned at a fourier plane of the at least one optical element and configured to produce a second image of the viewed scene, the first and second detectors configured to receive the electromagnetic radiation and produce the first and second images, respectively.
Raytheon Company


Radial fpa based electro-optic imager

A radial based approach to electro-optic imagers, rather than the conventional rectilinear approach, would have basic overall system design advantages. Those system design advantages would apply to the components and the entire system implementation and include approaches to objective optical design, focal plane array fpa with fill factor, fpa layout and associated read-out integrated circuit roic, support electronics architecture and associated memory requirements, image processing ip algorithms, display layout and format, and eyepiece optics.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Army


Protection of laser bond inspection optical components

Methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for the protection of optical components used during laser bond inspection. In one embodiment, an optic surface wetting enhancement is provided on a protective optic to assist in forming a substantially flat film of transparent liquid from transparent liquid applied to a surface of a protective optic.


Device and investigating one or a plurality of phase objects

A method for investigating one or a plurality of phase objects is described, in which a grid made up of elements is used, which is illuminated with light of a light source, the coherence length of which is larger than the average spacing of adjacent elements of the grid. A diffraction image of the illuminating light scattered on the grid is generated, whereby the one or the plurality of phase objects are placed in the light path between the light source and the grid and/or in the light path of the illuminating light scattered on the grid.
Ludwig-maximilians-universität München


Optical component

An optical component has a ceramic member and a dichroic film. The ceramic member is provided with a first main surface and a second main surface that is opposed to the first main surface.
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Self-cleaning optical system

A self-cleaning optical system for the transmission or reflection of light to and/or from a process region comprises a liquid bath and a transparent or reflective optical component continuously rotatable about a non-vertical axis so that a lower part of the component continuously rotates through the bath. When the component emerges from the bath, a coating of the liquid remains thereon which forms a substantially uniform film on at least a part of the component through which the light is transmitted or from which the light is reflected..
University College Dublin, National University Of Ireland, Dublin


Ophthalmological laser system and operating method

A polarization beam splitter selectively decouples detection light onto a detector such that it has a polarization direction that differs from the emitted illumination light. This enables the detection of the light scattered back in the eye lens at a high level of accuracy, since stray light from reflections at optical components of the light path is suppressed.


Telecommunications module

A cable boot is mounted to a telecommunications module housing an optical component, wherein the cable boot extends outwardly from the module. The cable boot is mounted by axially passing the cable boot over a plurality of cables carrying fiber optic signals leading to the optical component, axially passing a portion of the cable boot through a cutout defined on a main housing of the telecommunications module, placing a boot retainer over the boot in a direction transverse to the axial direction to capture the flexible boot against movement both in the axial direction and the transverse direction, and mounting a cover on the main housing to capture the boot retainer against the main housing..


Optical module and frabrication method thereof

The optical module includes an optical component, a substrate, and a laser, an electro-absorption modulator, and a semiconductor optical amplifier that grow on the substrate, where: the electro-absorption modulator is located between the laser and the semiconductor optical amplifier; the laser is configured to output an optical signal after power-on; the electro-absorption modulator is configured to perform signal modulation on the optical signal output by the laser; the semiconductor optical amplifier is configured to amplify the optical signal modulated by the electro-absorption modulator; the optical component is configured to perform deflection and convergence for the optical signal amplified by the semiconductor optical amplifier and output the optical signal.. .


Unitary fiber optic ferrule and adapter therefor

A unitary fiber optic ferrule reflects light off an interior lens and through the fiber optic ferrule. Optical fibers can be easily secured in the unitary fiber optic ferrule.


Moving laser focus in a spectrometer

In an embodiment, an apparatus may include a light source, a beam manipulator, an optical component, an analyzer, and a detector. The light source may generate an incident light at a first frequency.


Non-contact handpiece for laser tissue cutting

A non-contact laser handpiece, contains optical components modified to provide a high density uniform later beam at a distance from the handpiece that minimizes effects of back reflection.. .
Biolase, Inc.


Digital-based medical devices

An otoscopic instrument with an instrument head. The instrument head having a housing, an optical component disposed along an imaging axis, and an illumination system.
Welch Allyn, Inc.


Optical mode steering for wavelength stabilization

Embodiments of the invention describe wavelength stabilization of selective optical components (e.g., multiplexers, de-multiplexers) using optical mode steering. An additional waveguide structure is coupled to the free propagation region of the selective optical component; this additional waveguide structure moves a spatial position or a direction of a propagation of an optical mode at the free propagation region in order to adjust a wavelength response of the component.
Aurrion, Inc.


Coupled spot-size-converter arrays for wafer-level optical metrology

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to an optical metrology system and methods of using the optical metrology system. The optical metrology system has a linear optical array including a plurality of optical components.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Laser generating optical pulses based on q-switching modulated with a 2-d spatial light modulator

A laser apparatus and method are provided for generating optical pulses based on q-switching controllable with a fast and reliable two-dimensional (2-d) spatial light modulator, such as a digital micro-mirror device (dmd). Temporal and spatial modulation may be applied to selectively control the q-switching provided by the spatial light modulator.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Selectively attachable and removable optical systems for mobile devices

Some embodiments disclosed herein relate to an optical system having multiple (e.g., two or more) optical components attached to a retainer portion, and the retainer portion may be removably attached to mobile electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, media players, and the like. In some embodiments, the optical components may be permanently or removably attached to the same face of the retainer portion.
Olloclip, Llc


Optical component

An optical component includes an optical substrate and a first band-pass filter disposed on the optical substrate. The first band-pass filter includes a high refractive index layer having a first refractive index, and a low refractive index layer having a second refractive index lower than the first refractive index.
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Apparatus for measuring particle size distribution by light scattering

Apparatus for determining particle-size distribution of a sample by light-scattering includes a helium neon laser (102), a sample cell having cell windows (120, 122) and a focal plane detector (124). Detectors are also provided for detecting light scattered by a sample within or flowing through the sample cell.


Rapid out-of-band signal communication in optical components

An example embodiment includes an optoelectronic module. The optoelectronic module may be configured to transmit out-of-band (oob) data as an average optical power difference between optical signals.
Finisar Corporation


Preassembled optoelectronic interconnect structure

An interconnect component is provided fabricated as a preassembled optoelectronic interconnect structure. The interconnect structure has an optical waveguide link with first and second optoelectronic circuits attached to first and second ends of the waveguide link.
International Business Machines Corporation


Light-emitting apparatus, illumination light source, and lighting apparatus

A light-emitting apparatus includes a pedestal, a substrate, an led, an optical component, and a fastener. The led is mounted on the substrate, and the substrate includes a first through-hole.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Optical source device

The optical source device for a medical use or an industrial use can emit light of only an optical component of a required wavelength band without using xenon or filter and being harmful to not only an object itself such as an operated part but also an operator or observer and with a high efficiency and a high function. The device comprises a plurality of luminescent portions which each have a different luminescent wavelength band; wavelength restricting portions which each restrict each luminescent wavelength band of the luminescent portions; a mixing portion which mixes the outputs of the wavelength restricting portions; and a controlling portion which controls each luminescent output of the luminescent portions to emit light of only a necessary wavelength band..
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited


Fabricating preassembled optoelectronic interconnect structures

Fabricating preassembled optoelectronic interconnect structures is provided, which have an optical waveguide link with first and second optoelectronic circuits attached to first and second ends of the waveguide link. The optoelectronic circuits include active optical componentry which facilitates optical signal communication across the optical waveguide link.
International Business Machines Corporation


Profile measurement system and profile measurement method

Provided are a profile measurement system and a profile measurement method capable of suppressing the influence of vibration with a simple configuration. The profile measurement system includes: a transmissive optical component having a reference plane opposed to a surface of a sample; a light source which irradiates the surface of the sample with light having a predetermined wavelength region through the transmissive optical component; an imaging spectrometer which measures a reflection spectrum for each position on a linear region defined on the surface of the sample; and a calculation unit which calculates a distance between each position on the linear region and the reference plane based on the measured reflection spectrum for each position on the linear region..
Otsuka Electronics Co., Ltd.


Tunable optical filter, tunable optical component, and multi-wavelength passive optical network system

The present application provides a tunable optical filter, including: a substrate, a tunable filter unit, a temperature control unit, and an enclosure, where: the substrate, the tunable filter unit, and the temperature control unit are placed inside the enclosure, where the enclosure includes a light incidence window and a light emergence window; the substrate is disposed adjacent to the light incidence window or the light emergence window, and configured to support the tunable filter unit; the temperature control unit is disposed on a surface of the tunable filter unit, and configured to adjust a channel wavelength of the tunable filter unit by means of temperature control; and optical paths of the light incidence window, the tunable filter unit and the light emergence window are aligned. The present application further provides an optical receive component, an optical transceiver component, and a multi-wavelength passive optical network system..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Fiber optic cable sub-assemblies and methods of assembling

A fiber optic cable sub-assembly comprises a fiber optic cable including at least one optical fiber, a cable jacket that houses the optical fiber and at least one metal strength member. A collar is attached to an end portion of the metal strength member, wherein the optical fiber extends beyond an outer axial end of the collar.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Extended range undersea communication system

A transmitter includes an ultraviolet (uv) encoder conversion block that receives network data from a network interface to generate a conversion output. The uv conversion block converts the network data to a modulated signal that drives a plurality of multi-spectrum sources to generate the conversion output.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


X-ray optical component device and x-ray analyzer

An x-ray optical component device having an x-ray optical component unit, a motor controller, and a connector. The connector has motor pins and motor terminals electrically connected to a motor when engaged with each other, and a signal pin and signal terminal for sensing detachment of the connector, the signal pin and signal terminal being capable of engaging with each other.
Rigaku Corporation


Generating mechanical features on an optical component

A system and method for focusing electromagnetic radiation is presented. A lens has an outside perimeter.
Bae Systems Oasys Llc


Optical component array

The present disclosure provides an optical component array and method of making an optical component array that can include a plurality of optical components useful for projection devices or other optical devices. The optical component array can be fabricated such that individual optical components having several elements can be assembled in a massively parallel manner and then singulated as individual optical components, and can result in a large reduction in manufacturing cost..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Portable wavefront aberrometer

A module for use with a mobile device to measure an aberration of a patient's eye includes a light shaft having a proximal end and a distal end. The light shaft includes a first plurality of optical components arranged to direct light along a first light path to the proximal end, and a second plurality of optical components arranged to direct light along a second light path to the distal end.
Smart Vision Labs


Stereo camera

A first camera for capturing an image of a subject, a second camera for capturing an image of a subject, an optical component disposed on an optical path when the first camera images a subject, and on an optical path when the second camera images a subject, and an adjuster for adjusting a distance between an optical axis of the first camera and an optical axis of the second camera by moving at least one of the first camera and the second camera horizontally are included. The adjuster can move at least one of the first camera and the second camera horizontally in a wider range when a zoom ratio of the first camera and the second camera is a first ratio than when the zoom ratio is a second ratio that is lower than the first ratio..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Optical component, touchscreen panel, and display device

The invention provides an optical component including a resin part having translucency and a phase plate. The phase plate is configured to be disposed on an emitting direction side of a display part capable of emitting linearly polarized light.
Hosiden Corporation

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