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Optical Component patents


This page is updated frequently with new Optical Component-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Component-related patents
 Led lighting arrangement including light emitting phosphor patent thumbnailLed lighting arrangement including light emitting phosphor
A method of manufacturing an led lighting arrangement, comprises: receiving an optical component having a diffusing material that is light diffusive and at least one photoluminescent material that is excitable by light of a first wavelength range and which emits light of a second wavelength range; receiving an led assembly that is operable to generate the light of the first wavelength range and mounting the optical component to the led assembly to form the led lighting arrangement. The optical component having the diffusing and photoluminescent materials is mass produced separately from the led assembly and can be selected such that light generated by the optical component combined with the light generated by the led assembly corresponds to light of a selected color.
Intematix Corporation

 Adapters for attaching accessories to mobile electronic devices patent thumbnailAdapters for attaching accessories to mobile electronic devices
In some embodiments, an auxiliary optical system comprises an adapter that is either separable from or unitary with a retainer. The adapter permits the retainer to removably attach to a plurality of mobile electronic devices of different sizes.
Olloclip, Llc

 Wide field of view head mounted display apparatuses, methods and systems patent thumbnailWide field of view head mounted display apparatuses, methods and systems
In one general aspect, an optical system for a head mounted display system is provided. The optical system includes an image source and an optical component.
Meta Company

 Imaging lens module and mobile terminal patent thumbnailImaging lens module and mobile terminal
An imaging lens module includes an imaging lens assembly and a first optical component. The imaging lens assembly has an optical axis and includes a lens element.
Largan Precision Co., Ltd.

 Structured granular composite materials, methods of fabrication thereof and applications thereof patent thumbnailStructured granular composite materials, methods of fabrication thereof and applications thereof
A structured granular optical component for use within an optical apparatus includes a primary optically active component comprising a first optical material and a secondary optically active component contained within the first optically active component and comprising a second optical material different than the first optical material. The first optical material and the second optical material are selected to influence scattering.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

 Compact sensor for measuring turbidity or fluorescence in a fluid sample patent thumbnailCompact sensor for measuring turbidity or fluorescence in a fluid sample
Provided are turbidometers and fluorometers having a unique form-factor to accommodate a number of optical components in a confined geometry. This provides the ability to compensate for change in light intensity from an optical source even in a closed-loop manner.
In-situ, Inc.

 Image display apparatus and optical component patent thumbnailImage display apparatus and optical component
This image display apparatus includes laser beam source portions, a synthesized beam generation portion, a control portion, a branching unit, and a detection portion, while the branching unit has a reflectance or transmittance with increase/decrease characteristics opposite to increase/decrease characteristics of the outputs of laser beams in increasing or decreasing the outputs of the laser beams of color components according to changes of the wavelengths of the laser beams of the color components in order to maintain the prescribed color state of a synthesized beam.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

 Dome detection for charged particle beam device patent thumbnailDome detection for charged particle beam device
According to an embodiment, a method of operating a charged particle beam device is provided. The charged particle beam device includes a beam separation unit, a first optical component distanced from the beam separation unit and a second optical component distanced from the beam separation unit and distanced from the first optical component.
Ict Integrated Circuit Testing Gesellschaft Für Halbleiterprüftechnik Mbh

 Laser scanning microscope patent thumbnailLaser scanning microscope
A laser scanning microscope for the acquisition of object images according to varied observation criteria. The microscope includes an illumination and detection unit, an illumination and a detection beam, a microscope objective, a scanning device with a scanning optical component and several scanners, with switching mirrors, each mirror with two switching positions, provided in the illumination and detection beams.
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh

 Wafer level packaged optical subassembly and transceiver module having same patent thumbnailWafer level packaged optical subassembly and transceiver module having same
An optical subassembly includes: a tsv submount layer carrying an active optical component and a sandwich cap bonded to the tsv submount layer. The sandwich cap includes a bottom spacer layer disposed above the tsv submount layer, a glass layer above the bottom spacer layer, and an upper spacer layer above the glass layer.
Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.


Light bar

A light bar and a refrigeration display using the light bar are disclosed. The light bar includes an optical component, a housing for reflecting light and a substrate assembly.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Method and system for stereoscopic simulation of a performance of a head-up display (hud)

Methods and systems for simulating performance of a head-up display (hud) are provided. An example method comprises receiving images of symbology for display by a head-up display, generating distortions to the images as perceived from observer locations through the head-up display, and the distortions are based on design characteristics of an optical component of the head-up display with respect to a model of a projection of the images.
The Boeing Company


Inspection lamp having reduction of speckle of laser light

An inspection lamp for detection of fluorescent materials, such as dyes often added to refrigerant fluids for the purpose of detecting leaks. Multiple aspects of reducing a distracting speckle effect are described.
Brasscorp Limited


Spectroscopic measurements with parallel array detector

A measurement apparatus comprises optical components arranged to provide parallel measurements of a biological sample. The parallel sample measurements provide improved accuracy with lower detection limit thresholds.
Nueon, Inc.


Surface mount device type laser module

A surface mount device type laser module includes a housing, an edge-emitting type laser diode unit, a reflective optical component and a base. The base is accommodated within the housing, and the edge-emitting type laser diode unit is integrated into the base.
Everready Precision Ind. Corp.


Polycarbonate resin composition for thin optical component, and thin optical component

A polycarbonate resin composition for a thin optical component is provided, which has a high transmittance and a good hue and an excellent resistance to thermal discoloration, and a thin optical component is also provided. The polycarbonate resin composition for a thin optical component comprising, per 100 mass parts of a polycarbonate resin (a), 0.1 to 2 mass parts of a polyalkylene ether glycol compound (b) represented by general formula (1) and 0.005 to 0.5 mass parts of a phosphorus stabilizer (c)..
Mitsubishi Engineering-plastics Corporation


Lithographic apparatus and method

A device manufacturing method includes conditioning a beam of radiation using an illumination system. The conditioning includes controlling an array of individually controllable elements and associated optical components of the illumination system to convert the radiation beam into a desired illumination mode, the controlling including allocating different individually controllable elements to different parts of the illumination mode in accordance with an allocation scheme, the allocation scheme selected to provide a desired modification of one or more properties of the illumination mode, the radiation beam or both.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Optical component, built-in optical time domain reflectometer, and optical network device

An optical component, including: a component base, a transmitter module connected to the component base, a receiver module, and a pigtail, where: the component base has a cavity, and a wave filtering sheet is provided inside the cavity; the transmitter module is configured to transmit a first optical signal to the pigtail; the receiver module is configured to receive a second optical signal from the pigtail; the wave filtering sheet is configured to transmit the first optical signal transmitted by the transmitter module, to enable the first optical signal to enter the pigtail; and is further configured to reflect the second optical signal received by the pigtail to the receiver module; and a reflecting light guide through-hole is opened on the component base along an optical path direction that the light filtering sheet reflects the first optical signal.. .


Particle-optical systems and arrangements and particle-optical components for such systems and arrangements

A particle-optical arrangement comprises a charged-particle source for generating a beam of charged particles; a multi-aperture plate arranged in a beam path of the beam of charged particles, wherein the multi-aperture plate has a plurality of apertures formed therein in a predetermined first array pattern, wherein a plurality of charged-particle beamlets is formed from the beam of charged particles downstream of the multi-aperture plate, and wherein a plurality of beam spots is formed in an image plane of the apparatus by the plurality of beamlets, the plurality of beam spots being arranged in a second array pattern; and a particle-optical element for manipulating the beam of charged particles and/or the plurality of beamlets; wherein the first array pattern has a first pattern regularity in a first direction, and the second array pattern has a second pattern regularity in a second direction electron-optically corresponding to the first direction, and wherein the second regularity is higher than the first regularity.. .


Optical component

The disclosure provides an optical component that includes an optical element fixed in the transverse direction in a frame. The frame has a linear expansion of at most 0.01% in the transverse direction even in the case of a linear expansion of the optical element in the transverse direction by up to 1%..


Mounting fixture of elastic seal member

The mounting fixture of the present invention is used for mounting a ring-shaped elastic seal member between a ring-shaped side surface of an optical component and a holder which holds the optical component. The mounting fixture of the present invention has a first abutting surface which can abut against a top surface of the optical component which intersects the side surface, a projecting part which is arranged so as to surround the first abutting surface and which projects out from the first abutting surface in a direction vertical to the first abutting surface, and a second abutting surface which is provided at the front end of the projecting part and can abut against the elastic seal member..


Wavelength division multiplexing module

A telecommunications module includes a main housing portion and a cover, the main housing portion defining a first sidewall, a front wall, a rear wall, a top wall, and a bottom wall, the cover defining a second sidewall when mounted on the main housing portion. An optical component located within the module receives an input signal from a signal input location of the housing and outputs an output signal toward a signal output location on the front wall.


Inks for 3d printing gradient refractive index (grin) optical components

Optical inks suitable for 3d printing fabrication of gradient refractive index (grin) optical components are composed of a monomer matrix material [100] in which ligand-functionalized nanoparticles [102] are well dispersed at more than 2% loading to induce a change in the index of refraction of the matrix of at least 0.02. The ligands are less than 1.2 nm in length and are covalently bonded to both the nanoparticles and the monomer matrix.


Compound, photocurable composition, and methods for producing patterned film, optical component, circuit board, electronic component by using the photocurable composition, and cured product

Where rf represents an alkyl group at least part of which is substituted with fluorine, ro represents an oxyalkylene group or a repeated structure of an oxyalkylene group, n represents a nitrogen atom, ra represents an alkyl group, and rb represents an alkyl group or a hydrogen atom.. .


Method and device for controlling the light emission of a rear light of a vehicle

A method and device for controlling a light emission of a rear lamp of a vehicle. The rear lamp includes optical components having emission surfaces having at least three partial emission surfaces.


Blade insert illuminator

A blade insert illumination system includes one or more illumination elements composed of a transparent or semitransparent polymer that is preferably biocompatible and sterilizable. The illumination elements operate as a waveguide and may incorporate optical components such as, for example, facets, lenses, gratings, prisms and or diffusers to operate as precision optics for customized delivery of the light energy.


Aiming machine-readable symbol readers

An engine for a machine-readable symbol reader includes an image sensor; at least one optical component positioned in an optical path of the image sensor, the image sensor and the at least one optical component having a receiving optical axis and a depth of field; an illumination source; and at least two optical components positioned relative to the illumination source to direct light emitted by the illumination source outward of the engine as a first beam and at least a second beam. The first and the second beams are each parallel to the receiving optical axis of the image sensor and the at least one optical component at least along the depth of field of the image sensor and the at least one optical component.


Optical device

Provided is an optical device including an object-side body portion to and from which an eyepiece-side support member supporting an eyepiece system optical component can be attached and removed; an objective system optical component supported on the object-side body portion; a housing section that houses at least a portion of the eyepiece-side support member; a manipulation member by which a rotation manipulation is performed on the housing section; a following member that is driven and displaced by the manipulation member being rotated; and a gripping member that has at least a portion thereof arranged inside the housing section and grips the eyepiece-side support member when the following member is displaced. The manipulation member rotates freely relative to the following member when a gripping force exerted on the eyepiece-side support member by the gripping member reaches a prescribed value..


Optical position encoder

Optical position encoding mechanisms and methods for use in reimaged optical imaging systems. In one example, a reimaged optical imaging system includes an imaging detector, an optical component, and at least one light source coupled to the optical component and configured to be reimaged onto the imaging detector, wherein a position of an image of the at least one light source at the imaging detector encodes a position of the optical component relative to the imaging detector..


Wide field-of-view stereoscopic projection system

Disclosed embodiments relate to a stereoscopic projection system and methods. An exemplary disclosed projection system includes an optical component disposed between the lenses of a lens arrangement.
Reald Inc.


Pressure-balanced seismic sensor package

Apparatus, systems and methods associated with a pressure-balanced seismic sensor package are disclosed. One example of an apparatus can include a plurality of optical components, a sensor box enclosing the plurality of optical components, and a lid for the sensor box.
Pgs Geophysical As


Led apparatus employing tunable color filtering using multiple neodymium and fluorine compounds

The specification and drawings present a new apparatus such as a lighting apparatus, the apparatus comprising at least one led (or oled) module configured to generate a visible light such as white light, and at least one component such as an optical component comprising multiple (two or more) compounds, each containing neodymium (nd) and at least one compound including fluorine (f) for imparting a desired color filtering effect to provide a desired light spectrum, where a color of the desired light spectrum in a color space is determined by relative amounts of the two or more compounds in the at least one component.. .
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Led apparatus employing neodymium-fluorine materials

The specification and drawings present a new apparatus such as a lighting apparatus, the apparatus comprising at least one led (or oled) module, configured to generate a visible light such as white light, and at least one component such as optical component comprising a compound consisting essentially of the elements neodymium (nd) and fluorine (f), and optionally including one or more other elements. The lighting apparatus is configured to provide a desired light spectrum by filtering the generated visible light using the compound..
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc


Optical connector module

An optical connector module includes a substrate including a base disposed on an upper surface of the substrate; an electronic chip disposed on the upper surface of the substrate; an optical component disposed on the base and electrically connected to the electronic chip; a socket fixed on the substrate for coving the optical component, and including at least one guide hole and a light transmitting window; a fixing block including at least one guide pin and at least one opening, wherein the guide pin is inserted into the guide hole to fix the fixing block on the socket and to orient the opening to the optical component via the light transmitting window; and an optical fiber with one end running through the opening of the fixing block to orient the end to the optical component via the light transmitting window.. .
Optomedia Technology Inc


Backlight, liquid crystal module and display device

This disclosure provides a backlight comprising an optical component and a frame that comprises a receiving part, said optical component being disposed in said receiving part, said optical component comprising a reflective sheet for reflecting light towards a light exit of the backlight, said reflective sheet comprising a reflective sheet body and a lug arranged on at least one side of the reflective sheet body, said lug protruding outwardly of the reflective sheet body along a length or a width direction of the reflective sheet body, a clamp slot corresponding to the lug being arranged on a side wall of said receiving part, said lug being arranged within the clamp slot. Correspondingly, this disclosure provides also a liquid crystal module and a display device.
Xiamen Boe Electronics Co., Ltd.


Optical component and its manufacture, and light emitting device and its mehtod of manufacture

An optical component includes a support member having a through-hole, a second light-transmissive member disposed inside the through-hole, and having a light incidence face, a light emission face and an outer peripheral side surface, and an outer peripheral side surface, a fused first light-transmissive member formed between an inner wall of the through-hole and the outer peripheral side surface of the second light-transmissive member.. .
Nichia Corporation


Light source device and projection type image display device

Provided is a light source device where the number of optical components is reduced without lowering an efficiency for light utilization. The light source device includes an excitation light source which generates blue laser light as excitation light, a phosphor wheel including a phosphor which is excited by the excitation light from the excitation light source to generate yellow fluorescent light, and a mirror which guides the excitation light from the excitation light source to the phosphor wheel and transmits the fluorescent light from the phosphor wheel, wherein the mirror includes a first region which reflects the excitation light and transmits the fluorescent light and a second region which transmits the fluorescent light and diffused excitation light which is diffused and reflected in the phosphor.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Alignment of optical devices

Adjustment of an optica! component of a device comprises determining of at least one derivative of coupling efficiency of the optical component as a function of parameters used for control of a steering function of the optica! component. At least one oscillating component is induced into the parameters for the determining.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Spatially distributed laser resonator

A distributed resonator laser system using retro-reflecting elements, in which spatially separated retroreflecting elements define respectively a power transmitting and a power receiving unit. The retroreflectors have no point of inversion, so that an incident beam is reflected back along a path essentially coincident with that of the incident beam.
Wi-charge Ltd.


Optical component positioning device and optical recording device using same

Diffracted light generated by a recording medium in reproduction is largely blocked by a spatial filter because of a position shift of the recording medium. Thus, the light amount of the diffracted light converged onto an optical detector is reduced and a satisfactory level of a reproducing signal cannot be obtained.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Wide angle and high resolution tiled head-mounted display device

A tiled head-mounted display device, comprising: an optical component including a plurality of prisms with free-form surfaces, each prism being a wedge prism comprising a first optical surface, a second optical surface and a third optical surface; and a display component including a plurality of micro-displays, wherein the number of the micro-displays and the number of the prisms with free-form surfaces is identical. The tiled head-mounted display device according to the present invention is compact and light, provides wide field of view and high resolution, especially for the optical tiling head-mounted display device, the exit pupil planes of each display channels are coincident, thus avoiding pupil aberration and keeping exit pupil diameter and eye clearance same as the single ocular.
Beijing Institute Of Technology


Micro-optic adapters and tips for surgical illumination fibers

A microstructure optical adapter or tip according to the present disclosure may incorporate precision micro structure optical components engaging the input or output end of light energy delivery devices for customized light delivery of the light energy. The incorporation of precision micro structure optical components in injection molded plastic or glass parts will allow for inexpensive modification of the output light while also serving to protect the end of the illumination device.
Invuity, Inc.


Backlight module and display device

Embodiments of the invention provide a backlight module and a display device. The backlight module comprises an outer frame and an optical component, wherein the outer frame includes a body portion and an extension portion connected with each other, the extension portion is positioned on one side of the body portion and has a first bent portion and a second bent portion integrally formed, the body portion has a central region and a periphery region surrounding the central region, the second bent portion is connected to the periphery region of the body portion through the first bent portion and extends to the central region of the body portion, such that a space for accommodating the optical component is enclosed by the first and second bent portions of the extension portion and the body portion..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Optical component

An optical component contains a translucent substrate and a glass layer disposed in contact with the translucent substrate. The glass layer has a refractive index equal to or less than that of the translucent substrate..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Photo-curable resin composition for optical component, optical component produced by employing the resin composition, and optical component production method

A photo-curable resin composition for an optical component is provided, the photo-curable resin composition including: (a) an epoxy resin having a refractive index of not less than 1.57; (b) an alicyclic epoxy resin; (c) an oxetane resin having at least one oxetane ring in its molecule; and (d) a photoacid generator; wherein the resin (a) is present in a proportion of 20 to 75 wt % based on the amount of an overall resin component of the resin composition; wherein the component (d) is present in a proportion of 0.5 to 2.5 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the overall resin component; the resin composition being free from a solvent component and having a viscosity of 0.5 to 25 pa·s in a 25° c. Environment..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Plastic optical component and producing the same

A plastic optical component includes a core member containing a polycarbonate having a viscosity-average molecular weight of 23000 or more and 31000 or less.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Electro-optical component

Wherein as a result of the local modification of the buried first intermediate layer in a lateral direction a refractive index jump is produced which brings about a lateral wave guiding of the electromagnetic radiation (120) in the unmodified region of the first intermediate layer.. .


Optical component

An optical component includes a mechanism for reducing a radiation-induced influence on the displacement of an optical device.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Compact panoramic camera: optical system, apparatus, image forming method

An optical system, apparatus, and method for sensing 360-degree horizontal and wide vertical field of view are shown. Powerful optics creates high resolution decompressed images on an image sensor.
Remotereality Corporation


Optical components, systems including an optical component, and devices

A lighting system including a light source capable of generating light, and an optical component optically coupled to receive at least a portion of the light generated by the light source and convert at least a portion of the light so received to a predetermined wavelength such that the light emitted by the lighting system includes light emission from the light source supplemented with light emission at the predetermined wavelength, wherein the optical component including an optical material comprises quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles. Also disclosed is an optical component comprising a light guide plate and an optical material disposed over at least a portion of a surface of the light guide plate, the optical material comprising quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles capable of emitting light in a predetermined spectral region.
Qd Vision,inc.


Optical link establishment

Methods and apparatuses for communication between a mobile device and a target device are disclosed. Information of a target device is determined by means of at least one element of a mobile device for providing an optical link with the target device.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Optical amplifier and optical transmission system

An optical amplifying apparatus that amplifies an optical signal, including an input section whereto the optical signal is inputted, a laser light source that generates laser light, the laser light source including an uncooled semiconductor laser device, an optical fiber that amplifies the optical signal by a stimulated emission based on the laser light from the laser light source, an output section that outputs the optical signal amplified by the optical fiber, and a passive optical component disposed between the optical fiber and the output section. The laser light source is thermally coupled to the optical fiber and/or the passive optical component via a thermally conductive medium.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Opto-electronic module and manufacturing the same

A method for manufacturing a device (1) is suggested. The device comprises at least one opto-electronic modul (1), and the method comprises creating a wafer stack (2) comprising a substrate wafer (pw), and an optics wafer (ow); wherein a multitude of active optical components (e) is mounted on the substrate wafer (pw), and the optics wafer (ow) comprises a multitude of passive optical components (l).
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Optical materials, optical components, and methods

An optical material comprising quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles, wherein at least a portion of the nanoparticles are in a charge neutral state is disclosed. Also disclosed is an optical component including an optical material comprising quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles, wherein at least a portion of the nanoparticles are in a charge neutral state.
Qd Vision, Inc.


Method and mounting optical components

A method and apparatus for mounting optical components is described. The apparatus (1) is suitable for mounting multiple optical components (2) and comprises a baseplate (3) having opposing first (4) and second (5) surfaces.
M Squared Lasers Limited


Optical component, products including same, and methods for making same

An optical component is disclosed that comprises a first substrate, an optical material comprising quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles disposed over a predetermined region of a first surface of the first substrate, a layer comprising an adhesive material disposed over the optical material and any portion of the first surface of the first substrate not covered by the optical material, and a second substrate disposed over the layer comprising an adhesive material, wherein the first and second substrates are sealed together. In certain embodiments, the optical component further includes a second optical material comprising quantum confined semiconductor nanoparticles disposed between the layer comprising the adhesive material and the second substrate.
Qd Vision, Inc.


Fresnel piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Cleaning apparatus of optical apparatus, optical apparatus, and exposure apparatus

According to one embodiment, there is provided a cleaning apparatus of an optical apparatus including a first medium spraying unit. The first medium spraying unit sprays a medium on an adhered substance adhered to an optical component.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Optical fiber assembly

An optical fiber assembly includes a ferrule and a plurality of optical fibers. Each optical fiber has an end portion positioned generally adjacent a front face of the ferrule.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Multiple beam laser system for forming stents

A system and method for precision cutting using multiple laser beams is described. The system and method includes a combination of optical components that split the output of a single laser into multiple beams, with the power, polarization status and spot size of each split beam being individually controllable, while providing a circularly polarized beam at the surface of a work piece to be cut by the laser beam.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Multiple light paths architecture and obscuration methods for signal and perfusion index optimization

A photoplethysmographic (ppg) device is disclosed. The ppg device can include one or more light emitters and one or more light sensors to generate the multiple light paths for measuring a ppg signal and perfusion indices of a user.
Apple Inc.


Reflective surfaces for ppg signal detection

Reflective surfaces for the apertures of ppg optical components in ppg systems is disclosed. In a ppg system or device, the addition of reflective surfaces around, under, or near the apertures of the optical components can enhance the amount of light received by the light detector.
Apple Inc.


Adaptive compensation circuitry for suppression of distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of optical components

A distortion compensation circuit compensates for the distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of an optical component and the frequency chirp of an optical transmitter. The dispersion compensation circuitry can be utilized in the optical transmitter, the optical receiver and/or at some intermediate point in a fiber-optic network.
Aurora Networks, Inc.


Housing for optical components

An apparatus comprising a tubular housing having an axial length l and a circumferential length c. A first canopy secured to the tubular housing around a perimeter of the first canopy, the first canopy extends for an axial length l1 that is less than l and for a circumferential length c1 that is less than c/2.
Quality Aspirators, Inc.


Parallel optical system with integrated monitoring photodetectors

The invention provides an optical system, in particular, a multi-channel parallel optical transceiver system with monitoring photodetectors and methods of forming the same. The multi-channel parallel optical system includes a substrate with at least one optical component mounted on the first side, at least one optical monitoring photodetector (mpd) fabricated on the first side of the substrate, a set of optical functional components disposed on the first side of the substrate to guide and reflect the light signal, an arrayed fiber placement structure fixing at least one optical fiber and having an exposed end to couple with the optical functional components to guide and diffract light from and to the optical components mounted on the first side of the substrate.
Laxense Inc.


Optical circuit

An optical circuit, wherein the effects of reflected light generated by an optical component are reduced. The optical circuit (100) is provided with an optical branching (110) for branching light, an optical coupler (114) for coupling a first portion of branched light to an optical waveguide (118) for transmission, and an optical reflecting unit (116) for reflecting a second portion of the branched light, the phase difference between the reflected light from the optical coupler (114) and the reflected light from the optical reflecting unit (116) being (2m−1)π (where m is an integer) on an input side of the optical branching (110)..
Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association


Gas detector, gas detection method and optical component

A gas detector (10) includes a cell internal space (130) into which a target gas is supplied, the target gas exhibiting an absorption peak in an absorption spectrum; a light source (410) configured to generate light having at least a wavelength belonging to the absorption peak; and a photodetector (420) configured to detect the light that has emitted from the light source (410) and has propagated through the cell internal space (130). The gas detector (10) further includes a conductive thin film (220) in which a plurality of optical apertures (222) are regularly arranged such that a transmission peak in a transmission spectrum is superimposed over the absorption peak in the absorption spectrum along a wavelength axis.
National University Corporation Yokohama National University


Aligning optical components in a multichannel receiver or transmitter platform

Embodiments described herein describe a sub-mount that is etched to include respective cavities with at least two adjacent sides that align optical filters and a mirror. Moreover, the cavities are arranged on the sub-mount such that when the filters and mirror are disposed in the cavities, they align in a manner that enables the performance of a multiplexing or demultiplexing function as part of, for example, a zigzag multiplexer/demultiplexer.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Multi-lens optical components

This disclosure generally relates to high-speed fiber optic networks that use light signals to transmit data over a network. The disclosed subject matter includes devices and methods relating to multi-lens optical components and/or optoelectronic subassemblies.
Finisar Corporation


Knockdown optical component structure

A knockdown optical component structure is disclosed. According to the light source wattage, size or area, an operator can change the optical lens assembling mode and optical emission effect to modify the light source illumination or arrangement form.
Edison Opto Corporation


Multimodal endoscope apparatus

A multimodal endoscope apparatus includes optical components (couplers, collimators, mirrors, beam splitters, filters and the like) structured to work together to interact with a multimodal endoscope probe to provide at least two imaging modalities selected from fluorescence imaging, optical coherence tomography, and photoacoustic imaging. The multimodal endoscope probe includes a fiber optic imaging bundle including a multitude of optical fibers.


Improvements in and relating to displays

An optical component for a display apparatus comprises an optical waveguide part (11) arranged to guide light therealong between surface parts thereof by internal reflection, an input part (13) arranged to receive light and direct the received light into the optical waveguide part, and an output part comprising a partially transmissive angularly reflective optical coating (25) arranged upon a surface part of the optical waveguide part. The output part is optically coupled to the input part by the optical waveguide part to receive guided light and to transmit some but not all of said guided light out from the optical waveguide part.
Bae Systems Plc


Devices and processes for fabricating multi-component optical systems

The present disclosure relates to devices and processes for fabricating a multi-component optical system. A device is an integral mold comprising an attachment portion and a cup portion having a cavity, and the mold further comprises a first optical component.
Crt Technology, Inc.


Integrated surgical microscope and wavefront sensor

A wavefront sensor is integrated with a surgical microscope for allowing a doctor to make repeated wavefront measurements of a patient's eye while the patient remains on an operating table in the surgical position. The device includes a wavefront sensor optically aligned with a surgical microscope such that their fields of view at least partially overlap.
Wavetec Vision Systems, Inc.


Imaging apparatus and imaging system

An imaging apparatus comprises a lens optical system including a lens and having first through nth optical regions (n is an integer equal to or greater than 2), an image sensor including pixel groups each including first through nth pixels, an optical element array disposed between the lens optical system and the image sensor and including optical components each guiding light that has passed through the first through nth optical regions to the respective first through nth pixels in each of the pixel groups, and an optical absorption member on which light reflected by the imaging surface of the image sensor is incident. The optical absorptance of the optical absorption member is substantially uniform across the entire wavelength bands of light that passes through the first through nth optical regions and is substantially uniform across the entire optical absorption member..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Optical components

Various optical components are disclosed herein, which have diffraction gratings formed by modulations of at least portions of their outer surfaces. The gratings exhibit gradually varying characteristics that vary over the surface portion so as to gradually vary the manner in which the incident light is diffracted at different points on the surface portion.


Optical module and making the same

An optical module includes optical components including a light source, a pedestal on which the optical components are mounted, a cover which is combined to the pedestal to seal the optical components, and an emitting window disposed in the cover to take light from the light source outside. The pedestal and the cover are sealed with an o ring and a liquid seal material such that a compression direction of the o ring and a compression direction of the liquid seal material are almost perpendicular to each other..


Method for manufacturing passive optical components, and devices comprising the same

A device comprises at least one optics member (o) comprising at least one transparent portion (t) and at least one blocking portion (b). The at least one transparent portion (t) is made of one or more materials substantially transparent for light of at least a specific spectral range, referred to as transparent materials, and the at least one blocking portion (b) is made of one or more materials substantially non-transparent for light of the specific spectral range, referred to as non-transparent materials.
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Laser structure

The present invention relates to an improved laser structure comprising a laser generation module and an optical component. The laser generation module outputs laser beams to the optical component.
Wecon Automation Corp.


Combination video and optical sight

A sight system is provided that includes an optical mode providing an optical image of a field of view and a video display mode providing video of the field of view acquired by an image sensor. The sight system can include optical components configured to present the field of view to the image sensor and to present substantially the field of view to a user through an eyepiece coupled to the sight system.
N2 Imaging Systems, Llc


Optical apparatus

An optical apparatus for manipulating light in an optical system that includes means for mechanically coupling the apparatus to an optical input device with the optical system such thus received light passes from the optical input device onwards toward an optical processor and means for moving at least one optical component between an aligned position and a non-aligned position.. .
Starlight Xpress Ltd


Optical-electro circuit board, optical component and manufacturing method thereof

An optical component including a multi-layer substrate, an optical waveguide element, and two optical-electro assemblies is provided. The multi-layer substrate includes a dielectric layer, two circuit layers, and two through holes passing through the dielectric layer.
Unimicron Technology Corp.


System and monitoring optical subsystem performance in cloud lidar systems

A method of detecting optical subsystem failures includes emitting a pulsed light beam from a laser through a window. A reflection signal indicative of a portion of the beam reflected by the window is compared to an expected signal to monitor for degradation of an optical component..
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.


Lens assemblies and actuators for optical systems and methods therefor

An optical zoom in a small form factor suitable for use in mobile devices such as cell phones, security cameras, and other small-scale imaging systems. One or more alvarez lens pairs are provided, and moved transversely to the optical axis.
Dynaoptics Pte Ltd, A Singapore Private Limited Company


Lens mount with intermediate ring

A lens mount with a mount ring (1) having a mount ring axis (1.1), at which mount ring (1) is provided an edge support (1.2) which is radially extended with respect to the mount ring axis (1.1), with a round optical component (2) which contacts the edge support (1.2) by an end face and with an intermediate ring (3) which contacts the other end face of the optical component (2) and which is fixed in position opposite the mount ring (1), e.g., by means of a screw ring (4.1). Three point-shaped first protuberances (1.3) and second protuberances (3.3), respectively, are provided at the edge support (1.2) and at the intermediate ring (3) in each instance on an imaginary circular ring (1.4) of identical size at angular distances relative to one another, and one each of the first protuberances (1.3) and one each of the second protuberances (3.3) lie in each instance on an imaginary straight line (5) running parallel to the mount ring axis (1.1) through the edge region (2.2)..
Jenoptik Optical Systems Gmbh


Optical circulator array

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for optical communications. In one aspect, an optical circulator array includes a plurality of stacked three port circulators each having a respective first port of a first port array, a respective second port of a second port array, and a respective third port of a third port array, wherein each of the plurality of staked three port circulators share optical components including: a first wollaston prism coupled to the first port array, a first lens, a first half wave plate, a polarization dependent beam path separator, a second half wave plate, a second lens, a propagation direction dependent polarization rotation assembly, a second wollaston prism coupled to the second port array, and a third wollaston prism coupled to the third port array..
Oplink Communications, Inc.


Method and aligning components of integrated optical sensors

A method and apparatus for aligning optical components within an optical sensor. A mask with an elongate slot formed therethrough is placed optically between an optical emitter and an optical detector of the sensor.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method for fabricating printed electronics

A method for fabricating printed electronics and optical components includes printing a trace of electrically conductive, semiconductive or insulating material on a substrate and shrinking the substrate to a target size. The material can include an ink, solution, dispersion, powder, slurry, paste or the like.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Shape memory alloy apparatus and methods of formation and operation thereof

An optical component is disclosed, as well as articles of manufacture, methods for forming, and methods of operating thereof. The optical component may include a plurality of patterned two-way shape memory alloy portions.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Method and manufacturing optical component, and optical component

A method for manufacturing an optical component having an optical surface includes: injecting a molten resin into a cavity; curing the molten resin to form the optical component; and taking the optical component out from the movable mold by moving the movable mold away from the fixed mold, and piercing a part of the optical surface (first incident surface) of the optical component attached to the movable mold by the protruding pin, and then wherein a tip end face of the protruding pin includes: a first surface; and a second surface having an area smaller than an area of the first surface, and extending continuously from the first surface in a curved form, the second surface being located on at least a part of an outer circumferential edge portion of the tip end face, that is, a tip end in the first direction.. .
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Optical component made of quartz glass for use in arf excimer laser lithography and producing the component

An optical component made of synthetic quartz glass includes a glass structure substantially free of oxygen defect sites and having a hydrogen content of 0.1×1016 to 1.0×1018 molecules/cm3, an sih group content of less than 2×1017 molecules/cm3, a hydroxyl group content of 0.1 to 100 wt. Ppm, and an active temperature of less than 1070° c.
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg


Thermal solutions for system-in-package assemblies in portable electronic devices

A compact portable electronic device packaged into a system-in-package assembly and thermal solutions for the device is disclosed. The compact portable electronic device can be assembled into a single package to reduce size and enhance form factor.
Apple Inc.


Light distributing optical component

The present disclosure includes an optical component including one or more textured surfaces configured to diffuse light incident thereto from within the optical component. The optical component includes textured surfaces at least along a top periphery of its body..
Radiant Choice Limited


Wavelength mixing optical component

The present disclosure includes an optical component including one or more microstructures configured to diffuse light incident thereto from within the optical component. The microstructures are provided at least on a light input surface of the optical component provided in a bottom cavity of its body..
Radiant Choice Limited


Display device and electronic apparatus

A display device and an electronic apparatus using the display device are described. The display device includes a display component configured to output initial light corresponding to a first image; and a transmission optical component at least partially provided within an irradiation area of the initial light and configured to transmit the initial light corresponding to the first image from the display component and perform light path conversion to convert it into a first exit light; and an adjustment optical component at least partially provided within an irradiation area of the first exit light and configured to perform light path conversion on the first exit light to obtain a second exit light, wherein an image corresponding to the first image is capable of being perceived at a particular position..
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.


Optical connector

The invention provides an optical connector for coupling with a complementary optical connector and for supporting an optical component. The connector comprises a cover moveable between a first and second position.
Xyratex Technology Limited


Optical component assembly, optical receptacle, and transceiver module for optical communications

An optical component assembly includes a light-guiding member; a cylindrical member which retains the light-guiding member in a through hole thereof; and a projection which is provided at one end of the cylindrical member so as to extend beyond an outer periphery of the cylindrical member, and is engageable in a groove which is formed in a cylindrical shell so as to extend in an axial direction of the cylindrical shell and then turn at a distal end thereof in a circumferential direction of the cylindrical shell. By fixing the cylindrical shell to the projection, the cylindrical shell becomes attachable and detachable.
Kyocera Corporation


Integration of optical components in integrated circuits

Methodologies enabling integration of optical components in ics and a resulting device are disclosed. Embodiments include: providing a first substrate layer of an ic separated from a second substrate level by an insulator layer; providing a transistor on the second substrate layer; and providing an optical component on the first substrate layer, the optical component being connected to the transistor..
Globalfoundries Inc.

Optical Component topics: Optical Component, Distance Measuring Device, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Ophthalmic, Lighting Apparatus, Fourier Transform, Nanoparticle, Ion Channel, Light Shield, Fiber Optic, Scattering, Optical Fiber, Glow Discharge, Speckle Reduction

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