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Optical Amplifier patents

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Multi-wavelength laser

Supercontinuum source

Pulsed laser sources

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optical Amplifier-related patents
 Uni-fiber lasercom terminal design patent thumbnailUni-fiber lasercom terminal design
A method, system, and apparatus for a uni-fiber laser communications (lasercom) terminal are disclosed herein. The apparatus includes an oscillator to generate a first signal having a first wavelength, and a modulator to modulate the first signal.
 Multi-wavelength laser patent thumbnailMulti-wavelength laser
The multi-wavelength laser is a ring laser source working at room temperature. The laser has an inner cavity disposed in an outer cavity.
 Supercontinuum source patent thumbnailSupercontinuum source
A supercontinuum optical pulse source provides a combined supercontinuum. The supercontinuum optical pulse source comprises one or more seed pulse sources, and first and second optical amplifiers arranged along first and second respective optical paths.
 Pulsed laser sources patent thumbnailPulsed laser sources
Modelocked fiber laser resonators may be coupled with optical amplifiers. An isolator optionally may separate the resonator from the amplifier.
 Seeded optical amplifier apparatus for producing femtosecond pulses patent thumbnailSeeded optical amplifier apparatus for producing femtosecond pulses
A source of femtosecond optical pulses comprises a seed pulse source arranged to generate seed pulses; an optical amplifier downstream of the seed pulse source, the optical amplifier having a gain bandwidth; a nonlinear optical element downstream of the amplifier, the optical element spectrally broadening optical pulses via a non linear process to have a spectral bandwidth that exceeds the gain bandwidth of the optical amplifier; and a pulse compressor downstream of the nonlinear optical element and arranged to reduce the temporal duration of optical pulses so as to provide output optical pulses having a femtoseconds time duration.. .
 Light output apparatus and method patent thumbnailLight output apparatus and method
Provided is a light output apparatus for increasing an output of an optical source. The light output apparatus includes a pulse generator generating a plurality of optical pulses, a pulse distributor dispersing the optical pulses generated from the pulse generator in time domain, an optical coupler allowing the dispersed optical pulses to travel along one path.
 High-gain face-pumped slab-amplifier patent thumbnailHigh-gain face-pumped slab-amplifier
An optical amplifier for use as a final amplification stage for a fiber-mopa has a gain-element including a thin wafer or chip of ytterbium-doped yag. An elongated gain-region is formed in gain-element by multiple incidences of radiation from a diode-laser bar..
 Radiation source patent thumbnailRadiation source
According to a first aspect of the present invention, there is provided a radiation source comprising: a nozzle configured to direct a stream of fuel droplets (70) along a trajectory towards a plasma formation location; a laser configured to direct laser radiation at a fuel droplet at the plasma formation location to generate, in use, a radiation generating plasma; wherein the laser comprises: a seed laser (50) for providing a seed laser beam (52); a beam splitter (54) for receiving the seed laser beam from the seed laser; an optical amplifier (58) for receiving the seed laser beam from the beam splitter and performing optical amplification; a first reflector (60) located downstream of the optical amplifier, configured to direct the seed laser beam back through the optical amplifier and on to the beam splitter; and a second reflector (70) located further downstream of the beam splitter, configured to receive the seed laser beam from the beam splitter and to direct at least a portion of the seed laser beam back toward the beam splitter.. .
 System and method for stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging patent thumbnailSystem and method for stabilizing mode locked swept laser for oct medical imaging
An optical coherence analysis system uses a laser swept source that is constrained to operate in a stable mode locked condition by modulating a drive current to the semiconductor optical amplifier as function of wavelength or synchronously with the drive voltage of the laser's tunable element based on stability map for the laser.. .
 Extended dynamic range optical amplifier patent thumbnailExtended dynamic range optical amplifier
An extended dynamic range optical amplifier, a method of operation, and a line amplifier configuration include an optical amplifier that can be optimized for high or low span loss conditions by switching an internal stage in or out of an internal light path within the amplifier. The extended dynamic range optical amplifier can include a low gain mode and a high gain mode with an internal switch to switch out a gain mid-stage in a low gain mode to extend the useful dynamic range of the amplifier.
Optical amplifier controller
A controller is configured to determine a first amount of current associated with a first power level. The controller is configured further to generate a digital pulse signal based on the first amount of current, where the digital pulse signal may have a second power level and an associated duty cycle.
Amplification apparatus and communication system
An amplification apparatus includes: a circulator to receive, at a first terminal, first signal light transmitted from olt to onu and first light having a predetermined wavelength different from the first signal light and, at a third terminal, second signal light transmitted from onu to olt and second light having the predetermined wavelength; a first reflector to output reflected light back to a second terminal; a first optical amplifier to have an amplification band characteristic of amplifying at least the first signal light; a second reflector to output reflected light back to a fourth terminal; a second optical amplifier to have an amplification band characteristic of amplifying the second signal light without amplifying the second light having the predetermined wavelength; and a first partial reflector to have a wavelength transmission characteristic of outputting the light having a wavelength different from the predetermined wavelength to the second optical amplifier.. .
Optical amplifier (oa)-based reach extender and passive optical network system including the same
The twdm-pon system includes a service provider equipment configured to comprise a plurality of optical line terminals (olts), wherein each olt provides a service in a twdm scheme; a subscriber equipment configured to comprise a plurality of an optical network units (onus), wherein each of the plurality of onus utilizes a service provided from one of the plurality of olts using an optical signal of an arbitrary wavelength; an optical division network (odn) configured to transmit multi-wavelength downstream optical signals and multi-wavelength upstream optical signals; and a reach extender (re) configured to comprise at least one of a downstream optical amplifier and an upstream optical amplifier, wherein the downstream optical amplifier is configured to amplify the multi-wavelength optical signals simultaneously, and the upstream optical amplifier is configured to amplify the multi-wavelength optical signals simultaneously.. .
Optical amplifier and failure detection method
An optical amplifier includes an optical amplifying fiber configured to receive input light so that the input light travels through the optical amplifying fiber; an excitation light generator configured to supply excitation light to the optical amplifying fiber to optically amplify the input light as the input light travels through the optical amplifying fiber; and a processor configured to determine whether a failure has occurred in the optical amplifier, based on a change in power of the excitation light and a change in power of the input light.. .
Rin reduced optical source for optical coherence tomography
A relative intensity noise (rin)-suppressed light source is provided that includes a light source that produces an incoming light. A semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) arrangement receives the incoming light and provides a significant reduction in the rin as its output.
Otm functionality in soa based transceivers
A method and arrangement in an optical network terminal, ont for monitoring the state of an optical distribution network, odn, in a passive optical network, pon, is provided. The ont receives an optical signal, from an optical line terminal, olt, having optical power, po,sat, causing a semiconductor optical amplifier, soa, comprised in the onu, to reach a saturated state.
Master oscillator-power amplifier drive laser with pre-pulse for euv light source
A device is described herein which may comprise an optical amplifier having a gain band including wavelengths λ1 and λ2, with λ1≠λ2; a pre-pulse seed laser having a tuning module for tuning a pre-pulse output to wavelength λ1; a main pulse seed laser generating a laser output having wavelength, λ2; and a beam combiner for directing the pre-pulse output and the main pulse output on a common path through the optical amplifier.. .
Optical amplifier
There is provided an optical amplifier, which includes: an optical amplification medium; a pump light generator configured to generate pump light with a power corresponding to a set control value and supply the generated pump light to the optical amplification medium; a first controller including a level control circuit configured to generate the control value such that an output power of the optical amplification medium approaches a target power, and a limiter configured to limit a range of the control value in variable; and a latch circuit configured to set a specific control value to the pump light generator during a period in which the first controller is in a stop state.. .
Optical amplification device and optical amplification method
An optical amplification device includes: a plurality of semiconductor optical amplifiers to which an optical burst signal is input at a different timing; an optical coupler that combines output signals output from the plurality of semiconductor optical amplifiers; a detection unit that detects an optical inputting to the plurality of semiconductor optical amplifiers; and a control unit that activates one of the semiconductor optical amplifiers where the optical inputting is detected, inactivates the other semiconductor optical amplifier, and remains the activation until another optical inputting is detected in the other semiconductor optical amplifier.. .
Optical amplifier and transmission system
An optical amplifier includes: a first amplifier amplifying a signal light by a first excitation light; a variable optical attenuator attenuating the signal light; a second amplifier amplifying the signal light by a second excitation light; a mode selector selecting one of first and second modes; a gain controller, in first mode, controlling first and second excitation lights so that a gain of power of the signal light becomes constant; a first output controller, in second mode, controlling the first excitation light; a second output controller that, in second mode, controlling the second excitation light so that a spontaneous emission light having fixed level is outputted; and an attenuation controller controlling an attenuation of the variable optical attenuator according to an input level of the signal light in first mode, and controlling the attenuation to become a given value larger than a value of first mode in second mode.. .
Semiconductor optical element
Two or more first reflectors are formed on a substrate. Each of the first reflectors reflects the light input to its input port and returns it there, while exhibiting a reflection spectrum featuring a peak at the target wavelength.
Transmission device and transmission system
A transmission device includes an optical amplifier to amplify an optical main signal to be transmitted on an optical transmission path; a first controller to stop output of the optical amplifier and output of an optical monitor signal to be transmitted on the optical transmission path when a failure of the optical transmission path is detected; a second controller to be switched from the first controller and to operate and stop the output of the optical amplifier and the output of the optical monitor signal when the failure of the optical transmission path is detected; an optical monitor signal transceiver to transmit and receive the optical monitor signal including control information; and a switch to switch an operation from the first controller to the second controller, based on information of the failure of the optical transmission path based on the states of transmission and reception of the optical monitor signal.. .
External resonator-type semiconductor laser element and optical element
A ring resonator is connected to an optical amplifier. The ring resonator and optical amplifier are contained within the optical path of an optical resonator formed by a first and second reflector.
Optical amplification stage for otdr monitoring and related method and system for otdr monitoring of an optical communication link
Optical amplification stage (1) for otdr monitoring, comprising a first (2a) and a second optical signal path (2b), a first (3a) and a second optical amplifier (3b), a first optical coupler (4a) placed along the first optical signal path downstream the first optical amplifier, a second optical coupler (4b) placed along the second optical signal path downstream the second optical amplifier, an optical by-pass path (5) optically connecting the first and the second optical coupler, a first (11a) and a second optical reflector (11b) optically connected to respectively the first and second optical coupler, and an optical filter (10) placed along the optical by-pass path which has attenuation high on the whole wdm band and low at the otdr wavelength(s).. .
Systems and methods for amplifying light
The invention relates to optical system including light sources that amplify light using a gain medium. Systems and method of the invention are provided for amplifying light while inhibiting reflections at a peak gain of the gain medium, thereby suppressing parasitic lasing.
Path selecting method and apparatus
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a path selecting method and apparatus. The method includes: computing an end-to-end path for a newly added service according to network topology and a wavelength constraint, and assigning a wavelength to the path; computing performance of each existing service and performance of the newly added service in a network according to physical impairment information collected in the network, where the physical impairment information includes a gain reference spectrum of each optical amplifier in the network; and performing impairment check on performance of each service, and performing path selection for the newly added service according to a result of the impairment check.
Optical amplifier device
An optical amplifier device comprising an input/output section that inputs incident light and outputs emission light; a polarized light splitting section that causes a polarized light component of the incident light input from the input/output section to branch, and outputs first polarization mode light having a first polarization and second polarization mode light having a second polarization different from the first polarization; a polarization converting section that receives the first polarization mode light, converts the first polarization to the second polarization, and outputs first polarization converted light; and an optical amplifying section that amplifies the first polarization converted light input to one end of a waveguide, outputs the resulting amplified first polarization converted light from another end of the waveguide, amplifies the second polarization mode light input to the other end of the waveguide, and outputs the resulting amplified second polarization mode light from the one end of the waveguide.. .
Method and system for operating semiconductor optical amplifiers
Disclosed are systems and methods for using a semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) as an optical modulator for pulsed signals. In accordance with the principles of the invention, the soa can be biased with a negative voltage to suppress transmission and improve modulator extinction and biased with a positive pulsed signal with sufficient amplitude to forward bias the amplifier (soa), both transmitting the carrier and increasing its amplitude by means of a gain provided by the soa under forward biased conditions.
Passive optical networks
Optical transmitter apparatus 10 comprising a reflective optical amplifier 12, a driver 14, an optical splitter 16, polarisation compensation apparatus 18 and an optical router 20. The reflective optical amplifier is arranged to receive an optical seed signal.
6x28-gbaud few-mode fiber recirculating loop transmission with gain-equalized inline few-mode fiber amplifier
Disclosed herein are methods, structures and systems for few-mode fiber (fmf) transmission including an optical amplifier exhibiting modal gain control suitable for such transmission in which higher order modes are amplified. An exemplary evaluation system is described and results presented..
Integrated laser and modulator transmitter for catv applications
A cable television (catv) optical transmitter includes a tunable laser having a phase bias input and a gain bias input. The tunable laser generates an optical beam at an output.
Linecards with pluggable interfaces for pluggable optical amplifiers and other pluggable devices
A linecard includes at least one pluggable device, a linecard processor, and a centralized host processor. The linecard also includes an interface that supports a pluggable device.
Optical semiconductor device
An optical semiconductor device includes: semiconductor lasers separated into two groups; an optical coupler combining light output from the semiconductor lasers; an optical amplifier amplifying light output from the optical coupler; and waveguides respectively connecting the semiconductor lasers to the optical coupler. Each of the waveguides includes a respective bent waveguide.
Optical amplifier and process
An optical amplifier receives a seed laser having a wavelength of 1064 nm. Amplification occurs in a segmented nd:yvo4 gain medium pumped with a pump source.
High-powered optical module safety systems and methods
A method, optical module, and optical amplifier are configured to detect fiber discontinuities at or near a port from which high powered optical signals are input into a fiber span. These fiber discontinuities can include fiber pinches, and are detected by monitoring for slight changes in a backscatter signal.
Pulse light source
The pulse light source comprises a semiconductor laser outputting pulse light, an optical filter, and an optical amplifier. The optical filter outputs a chirping component of the inputted pulse light, by adjusting a relative position of a transmission spectrum of the optical filter with respect to an output spectrum of the seed light source..
Ultraviolet fiber laser system
Laser master oscillator-power amplifier system for generating high pulse energy, high average power laser pulses in the ultraviolet 191.25-201.25 nm and 243-246.25 nm spectral ranges, and in the visible 450-537.5 nm spectral range with controllable pulse duration and pulse repetition rate employ a master oscillator seed laser operating in the infra-red spectral range, and a single series connected chain of hybrid fiber-bulk optical amplifiers coupled to a non-linear frequency conversion unit to convert the laser pulses to the ultraviolet and visible spectral ranges.. .
Tunable system for generating an optical pulse based on a double-pass semiconductor optical amplifier
A system for generating a shaped optical pulse is disclosed. The system includes a master oscillator for generating an initial optical pulse, which is then directed to a semiconductor optical amplifier to amplify a portion of the initial optical pulse.
Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
An optical amplifier which amplifies a wavelength division multiplexed optical signal having a variable number of channels associated with different wavelengths and outputs the amplified wdm optical signal. The optical amplifier includes a first optical amplifier which amplifies the wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and outputs the first optical amplifier amplified wavelength division multiplexed optical signal; a variable optical attenuator which controls a level of the first optical amplifier amplified wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and outputs the controlled wavelength division multiplexed optical signal; a second optical amplifier which amplifies the controlled wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and outputs the amplified, controlled wavelength division multiplexed optical signal; and a controller which controls the wavelength division multiplexed optical signal to be amplified with a constant gain..
Optical amplifier, optical amplifying system, wavelength converter, optical amplification method, and optical communication system
An optical amplifier includes an optical gain fiber into which signal light and pump light are input and at least one relative phase shifter is inserted. Preferably, the relative phase shifter is inserted so that the relative phase in the lengthwise direction of the optical gain fiber falls within a predetermined range containing 0.5 Π.
Method for adjusting electro-optic modulator in laser device, and laser device
A laser device includes: a signal light source that outputs seed light; an electro-optic modulator that chops a portion of the seed light outputted from the signal light source and outputs signal light; an optical amplifier that amplifies the signal light outputted from the electro-optic modulator; a wavelength conversion optical element that wavelength converts the signal light amplified by the optical amplifier; a converted light detector that detects the signal light that has been wavelength converted by the wavelength conversion optical element; and an eu control unit that controls the operation of the electro-optic modulator, wherein the eu control unit is adapted, in the state in which the seed light is being outputted, to adjust bias voltage of the electro-optic modulator on the basis of the applied voltage when the intensity of the signal light after wavelength conversion detected by the converted light detector becomes substantially maximum.. .
Modular, high energy, widely-tunable ultrafast fiber source
A modular, compact and widely tunable laser system for the efficient generation of high peak and high average power ultrashort pulses. Peak power handling capability of fiber amplifiers is expanded by using optimized pulse shapes, as well as dispersively broadened pulses.
Few mode rare earth doped optical fibers for optical amplifiers, and amplifiers using such fibers
According to some embodiments a few moded optical fiber includes a glass core structured to provide light amplification at an amplification wavelength and a cladding surrounding the core. According to some embodiments the core of the few moded optical fiber includes a portion that has an average concentration of rare earth dopant which is lower by at least 30%, and preferably by at least 50%, than the average concentration of the rare earth dopant at another portion of the core that is situated further from the core center..
Frequency agile high power microwave generator
A multi-cycle digital high power microwave (mcd-hpm) source includes a microwave transmission line (mtl) to which a plurality electrically charged thin film transmission lines (tftl's) are connected by switches. The switches are activated in sequence to generate a square wave at a microwave output frequency.
Polarization stabilization scheme for un-cooled self-tuning cavity for colorless ultra broadband pon
An optical transmitter for a wdm (wavelength division multiplexing) passive optical network (pon) and a wdm pon comprising such an optical transmitter are disclosed. An optical transmitter comprises first mirror and second mirrors at first end and second ends of a cavity; an optical amplifier positioned within the cavity upstream from the first mirror and for amplifying light polarized in a first polarization plane; an optical waveguide for transmitting light from the optical amplifier to the second mirror and vice versa; a first non-reciprocal polarization rotator upstream of the optical amplifier and downstream of the optical waveguide; and a second non-reciprocal polarization rotator upstream of the optical waveguide and downstream of the first mirror; wherein the first and second non-reciprocal polarization rotators rotate the polarization of the light such that light which re-enters the optical amplifier after having been reflected by the second mirror is polarized in the first polarization plane..
Optical amplifier and method
An optical amplifier includes: a rare-earth doped fiber configured to amplify signal light to thereby produce a amplified signal light; a gain control circuit configured to control an optical gain of the rare-earth doped fiber; a photodetector configured to detect intensities of different wavelength of light obtained from the amplified signal light; and an abnormality detection circuit configured to detect an abnormality of the signal light in accordance with a ratio or a difference between the intensities of the different wavelength.. .
Free space optical communications link node, network and method of transmitting traffic
A free space optical communications link node 10 comprising transmitter apparatus 12 comprising a first optical transmitter 14, arranged to transmit high priority traffic on a first upstream optical signal having a first wavelength and at a first optical signal power, and a second optical transmitter 16 arranged to transmit low priority traffic on a second upstream optical signal having a second wavelength, different to the first wavelength, and at a second optical signal power. The node 10 further comprises receiver apparatus 18 comprising a first optical amplifier 20 arranged to receive and amplify a first downstream optical signal having a third wavelength and carrying high priority traffic and a second downstream optical signal having a fourth wavelength, different to the third wavelength, and carrying low priority traffic.
Semiconductor optical amplifier device and optical matrix switch
The semiconductor optical amplifier device includes a plurality of active units. Each active unit includes an active stripe structure of an optical amplifying medium and a current circuit configured to inject current into the corresponding active stripe structure.
Hybrid optical amplifier with optimized noise figure
Methods for optimizing a noise figure of a variable gain hybrid amplifier (ha) which includes a variable gain raman amplifier with adjustable average gain gr and gain tilt tr and a variable gain lumped amplifier with adjustable average gain gl and gain tilt tl. In various embodiments, the methods include receiving as input a required hybrid amplifier average gain gh value and a required gain tilt th value and deriving a set of gr, tr, gl and tl values which yield an optimal optimized hybrid amplifier nf and satisfy the conditions gr+gl=gh and that tr+tl is within a specified hybrid amplifier operating tilt range.
Fiber optic network adjustment
A number of fiber optic networks, nodes, and methods are disclosed. One fiber optic network embodiment includes a network module including a star coupler for receiving a signal from a number of nodes and outputting a combined signal, including the received signals, to the number of nodes, and the number of nodes optically connected to the network module, the number of nodes including a transmit module including a first adjustable optical amplifier and a number of optical emitters, a receive module including a second adjustable optical amplifier and a number of receivers, and a controller coupled to the transmit and receive modules for adjusting the first and second optical amplifiers in response to the combined signal..
Tunable pumping light source for optical amplifiers
A tunable external cavity laser for use as a pump laser in an optical amplifier such as a raman amplifier or erbium doped fibre amplifier comprising a semiconductor gain device (12) operable to provide light amplification, a diffraction grating (18) for selecting the wavelength of operation of the laser and a mems actuator for changing the selected wavelength. A plurality of gain devices can be coupled together to improve the bandwidth or gain of the optical amplifier..
Optical network component and method for processing data in an optical network
An optical network component is provided comprising a semiconductor optical amplifier with an input and an output, wherein the input is connected to a light source, wherein the output is connected to an amplitude modulator, wherein the semiconductor optical amplifier converts an amplitude modulated signal from the amplitude modulator to a phase modulated signal and provides the phase modulated signal at its output. Also, a transmitter comprising at least one such optical network component is suggested..
High peak power optical amplifier
A method and apparatus for providing a high peak power optical beam. The method includes interleaving pulse trains of different wavelengths and spatially and temporally overlapping the different wavelengths to produce an amplified output beam with very high peak power..
Wavelength conversion laser system
The present invention relates to a wavelength conversion laser system and provides a wavelength conversion laser system including a semiconductor optical amplifier, an optical condenser that condenses light emitted from the optical amplifier, a diffraction grating plate that induces wavelength components of the light having passed through the optical condenser in different directions, and an optical very large scale integration (vlsi) processor.. .
Optical transmission apparatus and method
An optical transmission apparatus includes a splitter configured to split an input optical signal into a first optical signal and a second optical signal, a signal length determiner configured to determine a signal length of the first optical signal per unit time, an optical power detector configured to detect an optical power of the first optical signal per unit time, a delay unit configured to delay the second optical signal, an optical amplifier configured to amplify the second optical signal delayed by the delay unit, a first excitation light source configured to generate an excitation light to be supplied to the optical amplifier, and a first excitation light power adjustor configured to adjust an optical power of the excitation light to be supplied to the optical amplifier in accordance with the signal length of the first optical signal and the optical power of the first optical signal.. .
Method and apparatus for control of excess pump power in optical amplifiers
A method for control of excess pump power in an optical amplifiers is disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment the method comprises a state model for the amplifier gain medium ground energy level inversion and a closed loop control tracking a desired degree of excess pump power..
Optical amplifier and optical amplifier control method
An optical amplifier includes: a temperature-adjustment-unit that is provided in a wavelength-fixing-unit that fixes a center-wavelength of an excitation-light-source, and adjusts a temperature of the wavelength-fixing-unit, which causes the center-wavelength of the excitation-light-source to vary; a temperature-measurement-unit that measures the temperature of the wavelength-fixing-unit and a temperature of a gain-equalization-unit that equalizes gains of the signal-light on which the raman amplification is performed using the excitation-light-source; a shift-amount-obtaining-unit that obtains a shift amount data of the center-wavelength of the excitation-light-source from a first-storage-unit and obtains a shift amount of the center-wavelength of the wavelength-band from a second-storage-unit; and a control unit that obtains a temperature-data of the-wavelength-fixing-unit, which corresponds to a difference between two shift amounts that are obtained by the shift amount obtaining unit, from the first-storage-unit, and controls the temperature of the wavelength-fixing-unit based on the obtained temperature-data.. .
Ase swept source with self-tracking filter for oct medical imaging
An integrated swept wavelength tunable optical source uses a narrowband filtered broadband signal with an optical amplifier and self-tracking filter. This source comprises a micro optical bench, a source for generating broadband light, a tunable fabry perot filter, installed on the bench, for spectrally filtering the broadband light from the broadband source to generate a narrowband tunable signal, an amplifier, installed on the bench, for amplifying the tunable signal.
Co-modulation of dbr laser and integrated optical amplifier
In an embodiment, a laser chip includes a laser, an optical amplifier, a first electrode, and a second electrode. The laser includes an active region.
Optical amplifier and resonator
An optical amplifier includes: a first optical fiber, through which seed light and excitation light propagate; an optical coupler that inputs the excitation light into the first optical fiber; a first lens to which the seed light and the excitation light output from the first optical fiber are input and which increases diameters of the seed light and the excitation light; a glass rod doped with rare earth elements to be excited by the excitation light, to which the seed light and the excitation light output from the first lens are input and which amplifies and outputs the seed light as output light; a second lens to which at least the output light output from the glass rod is input and which decreases a diameter of the output light; and a second optical fiber to which the output light output from the second lens is input.. .
Monolithic integrated structure comprising a buried heterostructure semiconductor optical amplifier and a photodetector
A monolithic integrated structure comprising a buried heterostructure semiconductor optical amplifier and a deep ridge optical receiver comprising such structure are disclosed.. .

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