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 Optical data center network system and optical switch patent thumbnailOptical data center network system and optical switch
An optical data center network system including multiple tier-1 optical switches, multiple tier-2 optical switches and multiple tier-3 optical switches is provided. A pod is formed by the tier-1 optical switches connected to each other through ribbon fibers.
National Chiao Tung University

 Multi-purpose eyewear article patent thumbnailMulti-purpose eyewear article
An eyewear article for performing viewing functions is provided. The viewing functions supported include viewing different types of 3d displays, emulating the pulfrich effect, and viewing a loaded 3d image sequence.
3nd Technology Limited

 Projection lens and projector patent thumbnailProjection lens and projector
A projection lens included in a projector using laser beams as a light source is provided, the laser beams including as the light source, first blue laser light beams, second blue laser beams, first green laser beams, second green laser beams, first red laser beams, and second red laser beams, which are different in wavelength range. The projection lens has a relative maximum value of a transmittance on an optical axis between a wavelength not shorter than 645 nm and a wavelength not longer than 680 nm..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 Three-plate optical system and projector patent thumbnailThree-plate optical system and projector
A three-plate image projecting optical system that has a compact and simple configuration and achieves enhanced luminance efficiency and reduction of light quantity loss on the dichroic coating, and a projector equipped with the optical system. The optical system includes a color separating/combining prism having a first/second dichroic coatings, and a first to third digital micromirror devices.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 Image capturing apparatus and control  the same patent thumbnailImage capturing apparatus and control the same
An image capturing apparatus includes an image sensor, an optical system that forms a subject image on an image sensing plane of the image sensor, a driving unit that curves the image sensor, and a control unit that controls the driving unit to curve the image sensor to a curvature according to aberration of the optical system and image capturing conditions.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Method and system for reducing motion blur when experiencing virtual or augmented reality environments patent thumbnailMethod and system for reducing motion blur when experiencing virtual or augmented reality environments
A system or apparatus for reducing motion blur includes an active shutter system, shutter control and processing components, an optional optical sensor, one or more optional movement sensors, and a power source, and can cooperate with a virtual or augmented reality system and display. The shutter system is optimally positioned between a user and the display so that one or more shutters of the system can be activated to block a user's view of the display.
Ion Virtual Technology Corporation

 Mems fast focus camera module patent thumbnailMems fast focus camera module
An auto focus camera module includes a camera module housing defining an aperture and an internal cavity to accommodate camera module components, an image sensor coupled to or within the housing, a lens barrel within the housing that contains an optical train including at least one movable lens disposed relative to the aperture and image sensor to focus images of scenes onto the image sensor along an optical path, and a fast focus mems actuator coupled to one or more lenses of the optical train including the at least one movable lens and configured to rapidly move said at least one movable lens relative to the image sensor to provide autofocus for the camera module in each frame of a preview or video sequence or both.. .
Digitaloptics Corporation Mems

 Light guide, illuminating device, and image reading device patent thumbnailLight guide, illuminating device, and image reading device
A light guide includes an incident surface provided at least at an end portion of the light guide in a longitudinal direction, and receiving light from a light source, an output surface constituting a part of an outer peripheral surface, and outputting the light introduced through the incident surface, a reflecting surface extending along the optical axis so as to oppose the output surface, and including a plurality of reflection patterns that reflect the introduced light toward the output surface, and a reflecting plate opposed to a region in the outer peripheral surface other than the incident surface, the output surface, and the reflecting surface, and reflecting the light from the light source. The outer peripheral surface includes a sloped portion formed so as to come closer to the reflecting plate in a direction away from the incident surface in the longitudinal direction..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Optical navigation module with decoration light using interference avoidance method patent thumbnailOptical navigation module with decoration light using interference avoidance method
A method of eliminating interference at an optical sensor of a mobile device that receives light from multiple light sources. The mobile device includes an optical navigation module having a cover and an illumination device disposed around the periphery of the cover.
Blackberry Limited

 Transmission  based on management data input/output multi-source agreements patent thumbnailTransmission based on management data input/output multi-source agreements
The present invention discloses a transmission method and device based on a management data input/output multi-source agreement. The method includes that: at least one frame is sent, and a host indicates, according to opcodes carried by the at least one frame, to perform a data reading operation or a continuous data reading operation or a data writing operation on an optical module; the at least one frame is used, during checking, for respectively calculating check values at the host and the optical module; it is determined, according to a result of comparison between the check values, whether the check values are correct, and it is decided whether it is needed to repeat the data reading operation or the continuous data reading operation or the data writing operation..
Zte Corporation

Optical network unit (onu) for low latency packet transmission in time division multiplexing-passive optical network (tdm-pon), operating the same, and controlling onu

Provided are an optical network unit (onu) for low latency packet transmission in a time division multiplexing-passive optical network (tdm-pon), a method of operating the onu, and an apparatus for controlling the onu. The method includes: receiving, from a base station, first bandwidth allocation information regarding a bandwidth allocated by the base station to a terminal for uplink packet transmission; and transmitting a bandwidth allocation request, which is based on the received first bandwidth allocation information, to an optical line terminal (olt) before completing packet reception from the base station..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Systems and methods of generalized docsis provisioning over passive optical network

In example embodiments of the systems and methods of generalized docsis provisioning over passive optical network disclosed herein, doscis oss management is mapped to tdm pon management via a docsis management proxy (dmp). A dmp communicates with the tdm pon management plane as a proxy of the docsis oss management plane.
Cox Communications, Inc.

Optical transmitters

An optical transmitter may include a transmit laser assembly configured to emit multiple light beams. The optical transmitter may additionally include an isolator configured to rotate a corresponding polarization state of each of the multiple light beams.
Finisar Corporation

Optical receiver that has function to detect signal superimposed on optical signal and receiving optical signal

An optical receiver receives a wavelength multiplexed optical signal including wavelength channels. A superimposition signal is superimposed by frequency modulation on each of the wavelength channels.
Fujitsu Limited

Modem, communications modem, and wireless charging

The present invention provides a communications method of a modem, including: determining a current power supply mode; if it is determined that the current power supply mode is that a network device is used to supply power by using a copper twisted pair, switching a communications interface from a fiber interface to an electrical interface, where the electrical interface connects to the network device by using the copper twisted pair and the fiber interface connects to a passive optical network by using an optical fiber. The present invention further provides a modem, and a wireless charging method and device.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Fibre-optic enclosure

Passive fibre-optic enclosure comprising, a) one or more fibre-optic functional units of a telecommunication network, optically connectable, via an optical fibre, with a central network unit, for receiving telecommunication signals for one or more subscribers via the optical fibre from the central network unit, characterized in that the enclosure further comprises, on the inside of the enclosure, b) transceiving means, which is operable to generate first optical signals using electrical energy, which is operable to receive optical response signals from the central network unit, which is optically connectable to the optical fibre such that the first optical signals can be transmitted by the optical fibre to the central network unit, and such that optical response signals can be transmitted by the optical fibre from the central network unit to the transceiving means.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

Apparatus and recognizing optical connector connection

Provided is an apparatus of recognizing optical connector connection including an ic tag connection unit configured to provide bus power and detect whether the optical connector is connected to an optical adapter, an ic tag configured to store an ic tag id uniquely given to the optical connector, which is connected to a corresponding optical cable, and to receive the bus power to be driven for bus communication, and an ic tag id obtaining unit configured to obtain the ic tag id stored in the ic tag through the ic tag connection unit, when the optical connector is connected to the optical adapter.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Pilot-aided coherent receiver for optical communications

A method decodes an optical signal transmitted over an optical channel from a transmitter to a receiver. The receiver receives the transmitted optical signal to produce a digital signal including data symbols and pilot symbols, and determines filtering coefficients based on an error between amplitudes of the received pilot symbols and amplitudes of transmitted pilot symbols, while ignoring errors between phases of the received pilot symbols and phases of the transmitted pilot symbols.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Radiation receiver apparatus

Radiation receiver apparatus with a radiation receiver and a radiation entrance face, wherein the radiation receiver includes an active region that detects radiation with a target wavelength in the near-infrared, an optical element is arranged between the radiation entrance face and the radiation receiver, an optical axis of the optical element extends through the radiation receiver, the optical element is shaped and arranged relative to the radiation receiver such that, of radiation incident on the radiation entrance face at an angle of greater than or equal to 40° to the optical axis, at most 10% is incident on the radiation receiver, and a visible light filter is formed between the radiation receiver and the radiation entrance face.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Optoelectronic equalizer circuit

We disclose an optoelectronic circuit that is configurable to operate as an fir filter, in which the tapping and the weighting of the signal that is being equalized are performed in the optical domain, whereas the summation of the weighted signals is performed in the electrical domain after the corresponding optical signals are converted into electrical form using an array of photodetectors. Photodetectors in the array are arranged such that some of them contribute to the equalized electrical signal with a positive polarity and the others contribute to the equalized electrical signal with a negative polarity.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

System optimization of pulse shaping filters in fiber optic networks

Optimization systems and methods are described configured to optimize filter coefficients in pulse shaping filters in transmitters and matched filters in receivers to maximize q-factor in a fiber optic system. The systems and methods include receiving a measured q-factor for one or more channels; iteratively adjusting filter coefficients of the pulse shaping filters and the matched filters to maximize a measured q-factor of a channel of the one or more channels; and setting the filter coefficients of the pulse shaping filters and the matched filters to optimized values based on the iteratively adjusting..
Ciena Corporation

Optical transmission module

An optical transmission module that converts an electric signal to an optical signal and outputs the optical signal, including: a package; a plurality of light-emitting elements each emitting light in the interior of the package; a plurality of light-receiving elements each including a light-receiving surface on which a portion of the light is incident in the interior of the package, for monitoring light outputs of the plurality of light-emitting elements; and light-shielding members provided on the plurality of light-receiving elements while avoiding the light-receiving surfaces.. .
Oclaro Japan, Inc.

Method and system for photonic interposer

Methods and systems for a photonic interposer are disclosed and may include receiving one or more continuous wave (cw) optical signals in a silicon photonic interposer from an external optical source, either from an optical source assembly or from optical fibers coupled to the silicon photonic interposer. A modulated optical signal may be generated by processing the received cw optical signals based on a first electrical signal received from the electronics die.
Luxtera, Inc.

Optical communication interface utilizing n-dimensional double square quadrature amplitude modulation

The present invention is directed to data communication system and methods. More specifically, various embodiments of the present invention provide a communication interface that is configured to transfer data at high bandwidth using ndsq format(s) over optical communication networks.
Inphi Corporation

System and extending time division passive optical network services to plastic optical fiber in the home

A system (87; fig. 2) is disclosed to provide a time division multiple access passive optical network to a plastic optical fiber to be used in both single-family home networks and in multiple dwelling units.
Cox Communications, Inc.

Fiber optic assemblies for tapping live optical fibers in fiber optic networks employing parallel optics

A fiber optic assembly for supporting optical connections in a fiber optic network employing parallel optical configurations is described. In one embodiment, the fiber optic assembly includes at least two live multi-fiber components and at least one tap multi-fiber component.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Led light interior room and building communication system

An led light and communication system in communication with a broadband over power line communications system. The led light and communication system includes at least one optical transceiver.
Federal Law Enforcement Development Services, Inc.

Uspl-fso lasercom point-to-point and point-to-multipoint optical wireless communication

Enhancements in optical beam propagation performance can be realized through the utilization of ultra-short pulse laser (uspl) sources for laser transmit platforms, which are can be used throughout the telecommunication network infrastructure fabric. One or more of the described and illustrated features of uspl free space-optical (uspl-fso) laser communications can be used in improving optical propagation through the atmosphere, for example by mitigating optical attenuation and scintillation effects, thereby enhancing effective system availability as well as link budget considerations, as evidenced through experimental studies and theoretical calculations between uspl and fog related atmospheric events..
Attochron, Llc

Monitoring an optical signal to noise ratio, signal transmission apparatus and receiver

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a monitoring apparatus for an optical signal to noise ratio, a signal transmission apparatus and a receiver. The monitoring apparatus includes a selecting unit configured to select a time domain, and/or frequency domain range for calculating noise power of received signals according to a location of a pilot signal in the received signals in a time domain and/or frequency domain, and a calculating unit configured to calculate the noise power of the received signals according to the received signals in the selected range of the time domain and/or frequency domain, and calculate an optical signal to noise ratio of the received signals according to the noise power.
Fujitsu Limited

Enhanced transmission and reception of remote digital diagnostic information of optical transceivers

Methods and apparatuses for optical communications are provided. By way of example, an optical transceiver includes a processing device coupled to a memory, an optical subassembly, and a programmable device.
Oe Solutions America, Inc.

Actively monitored optical fiber panel

An optical fiber panel unit includes multiple fiber input ports, each configured to connect to a different one of multiple optical fibers. Each fiber input port includes a connector port configured to connect to a respective fiber panel optical path, an optical tap and a photo-detector.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Smart remote node optical network unit and operation method thereof

Disclosed is a smart remote node optical network node including an optical layer monitoring unit configured to transmit a monitoring light signal to an optical network unit through an optical switch and receive a monitoring light signal reflected from the optical network unit, an infra recognition unit configured to recognize whether an optical connector is connected to an output port of a remote node and an identification number of the optical connector when the optical connector is connected thereto, and a control unit connected to the optical layer monitoring unit and the infra recognition unit and configured to control recognition and monitoring operations of the remote node according to a remote node application.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Apparatus and otdr transmitter noise compensation

An optical device with integrated optical time domain reflectometer (otdr) functionality and method for the same is provided. The optical device includes a transmitter and an optical time domain reflectometer (otdr) module, the transmitter is configured to generate an optical time domain reflectometer (otdr)-modulated optical supervisory channel (osc) signal by applying an otdr modulation to an optical supervisory channel (osc) signal using an otdr signal and to transmit the otdr-modulated osc signal.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Method and testing optical fiber in optical distribution network

Provided is an apparatus for testing an optical fiber in an optical distribution network, the apparatus being capable of synthetically testing an optical fiber by using a plurality of optical pulse signals. The apparatus includes a transmitter configured to transmit a first and a second optical pulse signal to an optical fiber connected to optical network units (onu) through a coupler, and a receiver configured to receive, from the coupler, a first received optical pulse signal and a second received optical pulse signal the apparatus includes an analog to digital (a/d) converter configured to generate first and second received optical signals according to received intensities of the first and second received optical pulse signals to convert the first and second received optical signals into first and second digital received optical data, and a processor configured to process the first and second digital received optical data to generate a scale domain response to perform image visualization and optical fiber state analysis to monitor the optical fiber..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Method and device for realizing optical channel data unit shared protection ring

A method and a device for realizing an optical channel data unit (odu) shared protection ring (spring) are disclosed. The method includes: first, receive an oduj, wherein the oduj carries an odui; then, perform de-multiplexing processing to obtain the odui from the oduj; next, multiplex the odui to an optical channel data unit k (oduk); meanwhile, keep monitoring the oduk; and when the monitoring result that is obtained through monitoring the oduk indicates that a failure has occurred, perform a switching on the odui; wherein i, j, k are integers equal to or larger than 0, k is larger than j, j is larger than i, and i, j, k are used to indicate different rates of respective optical channel data unit (odu) signals..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Safety-enhanced laser array

When an unsafe port with a loss of signal is detected, a transceiver may enable one laser in a group of lasers associated with the unsafe port and may disable the remaining lasers. Then, the transceiver may instruct a transmitter associated with the one laser to transmit an optical signal on the unsafe port using a reduced transmit power that is less than a threshold value associated with the class 1 conditions and at a different time than enabled lasers in other groups of lasers.
Oracle International Corporation

Enclosure for cable distribution assembly

An enclosure for breaking out a trunk cable includes: a base having a generally flat surface adapted for mounting to a mounting surface; a shell having a front and two side walls extending from opposite sides of the front and two opposed end walls, the side walls of the shell mounted to the base to form a cavity; a plurality of connectors mounted to each of the side walls; and a trunk cable routed into the cavity through one of the end walls, the trunk cable comprising a plurality of power conductors and/or a plurality of optical fibers. The power conductors and the optical fibers are connected with respective ones of the plurality of connectors..
Commscope Technologies Llc

Optical semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor light-emitting device according to one embodiment includes a substrate, a first light reflection structure provided in contact with the substrate, a buried layer surrounding the first light reflection structure, an optical semiconductor structure including an active layer, provided above the first light reflection structure, a second light reflection structure provided above the optical semiconductor structure, and a pair of electrodes which supply current to the optical semiconductor structure. The surface of the first light reflection structure and the surface of the buried layer are included in the same plane..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Vertical cavity surface emmiting laser

A vcsel according to the invention, configured to emit a light having about 850 nm wavelength, comprises an active region which comprises one or more inxga1-xas quantum wells; two or more gaas1-ypy barriers bonding to the one or more quantum wells; and x ranges from 0.05 to 0.1, and y ranges from 0.2 to 0.29. The vcsel has increased optical confinement and high transmission speed, good reliability characteristics, high-temperature performance, and long life time..
Sae Magnetics (h.k.) Ltd.

Optical transmitter emitting light with narrowed linewidth

An optical transmitter that narrows the linewidth of the output light is disclosed. The optical transmitter includes a wavelength tunable laser diode (ld) type of the csg-dr ld integrated with a semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) driven by the constant magnitude mode.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Packaging structure and packaging tunable laser device, and tunable laser device

The present disclosure provides a packaging structure and a method of packaging an tunable laser device, and an tunable laser device. The packaging structure of the tunable laser device may include a to tube base and a to tube cap, wherein a first thermal sink is disposed on the to tube base, a semiconductor laser chip is disposed on a vertical side of the first thermal sink, an aspheric lens is disposed on the to tube cap, and the semiconductor laser chip is disposed on a central axis of the aspheric lens; and wherein the vertical side of the first thermal sink is a side of the first thermal sink perpendicular to the to tube base.
Hisense International Co., Ltd.

Mopa with externally triggered passively q-switched laser

In a master oscillator plus power amplifier (mopa) system, the oscillator is a passively q-switched laser. The laser is triggered into passively q-switched operation by operating an optical switch to resonantly couple back into the laser amplified stimulated emission generated by the amplifier..
Coherent Gmbh

Optical pulse source apparatus with nonlinear fibre and operable to reduce the optical pulse frequency of optical output pulses

The invention can include an optical pulse source apparatus that includes the nonlinear generation of wavelengths, wherein the optical pulse source can comprise an oscillator for producing optical pulses, the optical pulses having a first wavelength; an optical fiber amplifier for amplifying optical pulses having the first wavelength; a nonlinear optical fiber receiving amplified optical pulses having the first wavelength to nonlinearly produce optical pulses that include wavelengths that are different than the first wavelength; and wherein the optical pulse source is configured so as to be operable to reduce the optical pulse frequency of the nonlinearly produced optical pulses.. .
Fianium Ltd.

Optical amplifier module

An optical amplifier module is configured as a multi-stage free-space optics arrangement, including at least an input stage and an output stage. The actual amplification is provided by a separate fiber-based component coupled to the module.
Ii-vi Incorporated

Compact optical fiber amplifier

A fiber-based optical amplifier is assembled in a compact configuration by utilizing a flexible substrate to support the amplifying fiber as flat coils that are “spun” onto the substrate. The supporting structure for the amplifying fiber is configured to define the minimal acceptable bend radius for the fiber, as well as the maximum diameter that fits within the overall dimensions of the amplifier package.
Ii-vi Incorporated

Method and device for generating short optical pulses

Compressing the chirped optical pulses outside the laser cavity using a dispersive element in order to generate the short optical pulses.. .

Conducting and semi-conducting alignment materials

The invention relates to conducting and semi-conducting photoreactive compounds, represented by the general formula (i), to the use of these compounds for the preparation of oriented and/or orientation layers; and to their use in the construction of unstructured and structured optical, electro optical or optoelectronic elements and multi-layer systems.. .
Rolic Ag

Optoelectronic component, optoelectronic arrangement, producing an optical element, and producing an optoelectronic component

An optoelectronic component includes an optoelectronic semiconductor chip having a radiation-emitting face; and an optical element arranged over the radiation-emitting face, wherein the optical element includes a material in which light-scattering particles are embedded, and a concentration of the embedded light-scattering particles has a gradient forming an angle not equal to 90° with the radiation emission face.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Semiconductor photoreceiving device

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor photoreceiving device includes a substrate, a first structural layer provided on the substrate, in which light enters from the substrate side and in which a refractive index changes periodically, a semiconductor layer provided on the first structural layer and including an optical absorption layer, a reflective layer provided on the semiconductor layer, and a pair of electrodes configured to apply voltage to the optical absorption layer.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Solar energy collection systems utilizing holographic optical elements useful for building integrated photovoltaics

Described herein are transparent solar energy collection systems that comprise at least one holographic optical element, a transparent waveguide concentrator, and at least one solar energy conversion device.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation

Optical assemblies including dry adhesive layers and associated methods

An optical assembly includes an image sensor, a lens module disposed over the image sensor in a first direction, a transparent glue layer, and a transparent dry adhesive layer formed of a different material than the transparent glue layer. Each of the transparent glue layer and the transparent dry adhesive layer are disposed between the image sensor and the lens module in the first direction.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

Optical programming of electronic devices on a wafer

A system for programming integrated circuit (ic) dies formed on a wafer includes an optical transmitter that outputs a digital test program as an optical signal. At least one optical sensor (e.g., photodiode) is formed with the ic dies on the wafer.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Systems and methods for reducing pulsed laser beam profile non-uniformities for laser annealing

Systems and methods for reducing pulsed laser beam profile non-uniformities for laser annealing are disclosed. The methods include directing an initial pulsed laser beam along an optical axis, and imparting to each light pulse a time-varying angular deflection relative to the optical axis.
Ultratech, Inc.

Charged particle beam apparatus, image forming method using a charged particle beam apparatus, and image processing apparatus

To provide a charged particle beam apparatus capable of obtaining an image with high contrast and high visibility, the apparatus has: a charged particle optical system; a detection part to detect secondary charged particles generated from the sample; an image formation part to receive a detection signal from the detection part and form an image of the sample; an image processing part to process the image formed with the image formation part; and a display part to display the result of processing with the image processing part, wherein the image formation part has a pulse-count signal processing part to generate cumulative histogram information on a pulse signal component in the detection signal, set a threshold value for pulse signal detection using information on the generated cumulative histogram, and output a detection signal having a value higher than the set threshold value as a pulse signal.. .
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

System and scanning an object

A system for scanning an object, the system may include (a) charged particles optics that is configured to: scan, with a charged particle beam and at a first scan rate, a first region of interest (roi) of an area of the object; detect first particles that were generated as a result of the scanning of the first roi; scan, with the charged particle beam and at a second scan rate, a second roi of the area of the object; wherein the second scan rate is lower than the first scan rate; wherein first roi differs from the second roi by at least one parameter; detect second particles that were generated as a result of the scanning of the second roa; and (b) a processor that is configured to generate at least one image of the area in response to the first and second particles.. .
Applied Materials Israel Ltd.

Polyester for profile extrusion and/or pipe extrusion

The compositions are used in the production of cable sheathing or optical waveguide sheathing via blowmolding, profile extrusion, and/or tube extrusion.. .

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