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Device for irradiating a substrate

Heraeus Noblelight

Device for irradiating a substrate

Scalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture

Nec Laboratories America

Scalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture

Scalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture

Nec Laboratories America

Flexible-client, flexible-line interface transponder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Optic-related patents
 Led driving device patent thumbnailLed driving device
Disclosed is an led driving apparatus capable of removing a non-light-emitting section and extending device life span by adding an optical power compensation circuit to a driving circuit of a multi-stage current driving mode. The design is more efficient with respect to a forward voltage of an led array driven by the multi-stage current driving circuit and the unique operational characteristics of the optical power compensation circuit.
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
 Device for irradiating a substrate patent thumbnailDevice for irradiating a substrate
Known apparatuses for irradiating a substrate include a housing and, within the housing, a receptacle for the substrate having a circular irradiation surface and a first emitter for generating optical radiation having a first emitter tube arranged in a plane of curvature extending parallel to the irradiation surface and having an emitter tube end, whereby the receptacle and the first emitter can be moved with respect to each other. In these apparatuses, the irradiation surface includes first and second semi-circular surface portions.
Heraeus Noblelight Gmbh
 Scalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture patent thumbnailScalable hybrid packet/circuit switching network architecture
Systems and methods for packet switching in a network, including two or more hybrid packet/circuit switching network architectures configured to connect two or more core level switches in the network architectures, the network architectures being controlled and managed using a centralized software defined network (sdn) control plane. An optical ring network may be configured to interconnect the two or more hybrid network architectures, and one or more hybrid electrical/optical packet/circuit switches configured to perform switching and traffic aggregation.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.
 Flexible-client, flexible-line interface transponder patent thumbnailFlexible-client, flexible-line interface transponder
Methods and systems for flexible-client, flexible-link optical transponders include electrical-to-optical transponders, which accept client data from a flow distributor, and a first multiplexing switch that connects modulated optical carriers from the transponders to line interfaces. The electrical-to-optical transponders each include a flexible optical transport unit (otu) framer module that compresses multiple optical data units (odus) into a single odu having a higher order than any of the input odus to form an optical transport network (otn) frame.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.
 Binocular camera resetting method and binocular camera resetting apparatus patent thumbnailBinocular camera resetting method and binocular camera resetting apparatus
The present invention provides a binocular camera resetting method and a binocular camera resetting apparatus, wherein the binocular camera resetting method comprises: obtaining a first image and a second image photographed by two cameras at the same time respectively after completing a rough adjustment of the two cameras; calculating a relative rotation angle between optical axes of the two cameras using a plurality of feature points of the first image acquired by one of the two cameras and the feature points of the second image acquired by the other one of the two cameras; controlling one of the two cameras to rotate the relative rotation angle to parallelize the optical axes of the rotated camera and the other camera; and adjusting a spaced distance between the two cameras to a preset distance.. .
Shenzhen Mercury Optoelectronics Research Institute
 Adaptive colour filter for digital sensor patent thumbnailAdaptive colour filter for digital sensor
Colour filter for a digital sensor formed of a two-dimensional array of pixels, each pixel corresponding to a given colour. The pixels are arranged in at least one base pattern repeated over a given surface, which has at least three pixels of three different colours.
Swiss Timing Ltd
 Projection apparatus, geometric correction adjustment method, and storage medium storing codes for geometric correction adjustment patent thumbnailProjection apparatus, geometric correction adjustment method, and storage medium storing codes for geometric correction adjustment
A projection apparatus includes a projection optical system, an output display element, an operation unit acquiring an adjustment instruction, a geometric correction adjustment unit, and a geometric correction unit. The output display element having an element region including pixels that modulate projection light by a quadrangular effective element region in the element region.
Casio Computer Co., Ltd
 System and  zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range patent thumbnailSystem and zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range
A method and system for zonal switching for light steering to produce an image having high dynamic range is described. The system comprises: a light source for providing light along an optical path; a spatial light modulator for directing portions of the light to off-state and on-state light paths, thereby producing an image, the spatial light modulator having a plurality of illumination zones corresponding to the image; and a set of sequentially-arranged optical elements in the optical path for steering at least some of the light from a first subset of the plurality of illumination zones to a second subset of the plurality of illumination zones to increase the dynamic range of the image.
Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.
 Image sensor and image processing system patent thumbnailImage sensor and image processing system
An image sensor and an image processing system. The image sensor comprises: a cmos photosensitive array used for converting an optical signal into an electrical signal; a control signal conversion circuit used for converting into a second control signal a first control signal for driving a ccd photosensitive array to operate, the first control signal at least comprising a vertical transfer signal, a horizontal transfer signal, an electronic shutter signal and a read-out clock signal, and the second control signal at least comprising a column address signal, a row reset control signal and a row read-out control signal; a row selection circuit used for generating a row reset signal according to the row reset control signal and generating a row read-out signal according to the row read-out control signal; and a column selection circuit used for conducting column gating on the cmos photosensitive array under the control of the column address signal and outputting a column read-out signal.
Brigates Microelectronics (kunshan) Co., Ltd.
 Image output apparatus, image output method, and image output system patent thumbnailImage output apparatus, image output method, and image output system
A detection camera includes an imaging optical unit and a light receiving unit that acquire image data, a first detection processing unit that detects a specified substance, a second detection processing unit that acquires distance information from the imaging optical unit to the specified substance, and a display control unit that outputs display data in which information regarding the specified substance is combined with the image data in a case where the distance information is in a detection target distance range.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Method and image reconstruction

An apparatus for image reconstruction comprises an optical system and a control means for controlling the optical system, which control means is configured to control the optical system, for the capture of a plurality of single images, in such a manner that at least one parameter of the optical system is different upon capture of at least two single images. The apparatus comprises a processing device for digitally reconstructing an image in dependence on the plurality of single images and in dependence on information about optical transfer functions of the optical system upon capture of the plurality of single images..
Carl Zeiss Ag

Shake correction apparatus and image pickup apparatus thereof, and optical device mountable on image pickup apparatus

The shake correction unit includes a shake detection unit that detects shake and a first optical correction unit and a second optical correction unit that optically perform shake correction using a shake signal output from the shake detection unit. This allows a sufficient shake-proof range to be secured and allows a stable shake-proof process to be performed under exposure even when a panning operation or large camera shake occurs under recording of a thru-image..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Apparatus and controlling actuator in optical image stabilizer and optical image stabilizer using the same

Embodiments of the invention provide an apparatus for controlling an actuator in an optical image stabilizer. The apparatus includes a hand-shake frequency determination unit configured to determine a hand-shake frequency based on distance data output from a distance calculator which is configured to calculate a distance based on an output from a motion sensor.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Imaging generating hdr image from images captured at different viewpoints and controlling imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus includes an image sensor including a microlens array between an imaging optical system and a plurality of pixels and configured to receive a light flux from each of microlenses in the microlens array at the plurality of pixels to output an image signal, and a generation unit configured to select, among a plurality of pixel signals obtained at different viewpoints corresponding to a subject in the image signal from the image sensor, the pixel signal based on the brightness of the pixel signal serving as a reference and positions of the pixels at which the plurality of pixel signals are output relative to each of the microlenses, to generate an output image.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Optical filter opacity control for reducing temporal aliasing in motion picture capture

The present invention comprises a system for and method of frequency prefiltering comprising a camera shutter capable of continuously variable illumination during a single exposure of the sensor. The shutter comprises a continuously variable exposure effector which in disposed in an image path, either in front of a lens or between a lens and a sensor., Inc.

Image generation system

An image generation system includes a light detector configured to detect light from a sample; a super-resolution image component transmitter including an objective, configured to transmit the light from the sample including a super-resolution image component that exceeds a cut-off frequency of the objective to the light detector; and an image processor configured to enhance the super-resolution image component of an image of the sample in accordance with an output signal from the light detector. The super-resolution image component transmitter includes a light polarization converter that is placed in an optical path of illumination light for illuminating the sample and that is configured to convert a polarization state of the illumination light to make a polarization direction distribution in the light flux of the illumination light symmetric with respect to an optical axis of the illumination light..
Olympus Corporation

Plenoptic camera resolution

According to various embodiments, the system and method disclosed herein facilitate the design of plenoptic camera lens systems to enhance camera resolution. A first configuration for the plenoptic camera may first be selected, with a first plurality of variables that define attributes of the plenoptic camera.
Lytro, Inc.

Wearable electronic device

In one embodiment, a device includes a device body that includes a touch-sensitive display and a processor. The device also includes a band coupled to the device body and an optical sensor in or on the band.
Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.

Optical line terminal arrangement, apparatus and methods

A wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system includes a plurality of optical line terminals which may be part of separate in service networks, each having a line interface and an all-optical pass-through interface including a plurality of pass-through optical ports, and each also including a plurality of local optical ports which are connectable to client equipment and an optical multiplexer/demultiplexer for multiplexing/demultiplexing optical wavelengths. The optical multiplexer/demultiplexer may include one or more stages for inputting/outputting individual wavelengths or bands of a predetermined number of wavelengths, or a combination of bands and individual wavelengths.
Coriant Operations, Inc.

Method for the adaptive configuration of the transmission spectrum in wdm-pons

A method for adaptive configuration of a transmission signal in a coherent wavelength-division multiplexing-passive optical network (wdm-pon) having an optical line termination and a plurality of end nodes includes: (a) generating, by at least m lasers, the transmission signal; (b) monitoring the ka active end nodes; (c) if the number of active end nodes is reduced to ka≦(m−1)·p: reassigning active end nodes associated with a spectral range of a laser to be switched off to a respective free spectral range of another laser, announcing the new assignment of the spectral ranges by transmitting a message to one or more end nodes assigned to the laser to be switched off, and switching off the laser to be switched off; and (d) if the number of active end nodes increases to ka>(m−1)·p: switching on an additional laser.. .
Deutsche Telekom Ag

Unidirectional multicast system

A system for transmitting a message from a source entity to a target entity, the system including an input unit connected to the source entity in order to transmit the message via an optical transmission device to an output unit re-directing the message to the target entity. The optical transmission device is configured to transmit the message unidirectionally from the input unit to the output unit; and duplicate an optical input system containing the message into at least two optical output signals each containing the message to be transmitted to the output unit..
Cassidian Cybersecurity Sas

Wavelength-selective cross-connect device having a variable number of common ports

A configurable wavelength-selective cross-connect (wsxc) device having an array of optical ports in which at least some of the ports are configurable to operate as common ports or as plural ports. The configurable wsxc device includes a mems mirror array whose mirrors are tiltable in a manner that enables, e.g., reconfigurations of the configurable wsxc device that result in a change of the number of common ports therein.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Receiver for optical transmission system

A method of detecting a signal in an optical receiver is described. The method includes converting a received optical signal to a digital electrical signal comprising a plurality of samples, applying a predetermined phase rotation to said samples to obtain amplitude and phase components of phase range adjusted sample values, and performing a first detection process based on the amplitude and phase components of the phase range adjusted sample values..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Integrated circuits in optical receivers

A circuit may include a photodiode configured to receive an optical signal and convert the optical signal to a current signal. The circuit may also include a transimpedance amplifier coupled to the photodiode and configured to convert the current signal to a voltage signal.
Finisar Corporation

Optical receiving device

An optical receiving device includes: an adaptive equalizer that includes a position estimation unit configured to estimate, based on a first signal component and a second signal component of a reception signal generated by reception of a training sequence pattern transmitted from an optical transmitter, a symbol position of the reception signal, and generates an estimated symbol position, a delay unit configured to provide a delay difference between the first signal component and the second signal component, a control unit configured to set a plurality of symbol displacement amount candidates of displacement amounts for the estimated symbol position, causes the delay unit to generate a plurality of delay differences, and generates a channel estimation symbol position used for channel estimation, and an error rate calculation unit configured to calculate an error rate of the signal restored by an adaptive equalization unit.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Process for the detection of optical signals

A process for the detection of optical signals with a light module (10) with at least two light sources (20) operated with on/off times with at least one led (30). The process includes the steps of operating the at least two light sources (20) with time-shifted on/off times and detecting optical signals with the light source (20) that occurs in the off time at the given time..
Drager Medical Gmbh A Corporation

Multiplexer/demultiplexer based on diffraction and reflection

Transmissive diffraction grating(s), reflector(s), and multiple optical sources/receivers are arranged such that each one of multiple optical signals at corresponding different wavelengths co-propagating along a multiplexed beam path would: (i) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at a multiplexed transmission region of a grating; (ii) propagate between the multiplexed transmission region and multiple demultiplexed transmission regions of a grating undergoing reflection(s) from the reflector(s); (iii) be transmissively, dispersively diffracted at the demultiplexed transmission regions; and (iv) propagate between the demultiplexed transmission regions and the sources/receivers along multiple demultiplexed beam paths.. .
Finisar Corporation

Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission device

[means for solution] the optical transmission device comprises a multiplexing means 80, an amplification means 81 and an optical signal correction means 82. The multiplexing means 80 multiplexes together optical signals inputted to it by means of paths in accordance with respective channels of the optical signals, and outputs thus produced signal as a multiplexed signal.

Trans-impedance amplifiers (tia) thermally isolated from optical modules

A system includes a trans-impedance amplifier (tia) to amplify an input signal from an optical module. The tia is to interface with the optical module via a transmission line and a reference ground routed next to the transmission line.

Optical transmission device and control the same

An optical transmission device is configured with optical switch means 40, a plurality of optical transceiving means 41 and control means 42. The optical switch means 40 outputs an input optical signal to a given path.

Transceiver module

An optical/electrical signal transmission system (100) comprises a number of processing devices (106) mounted on a motherboard (104), and a number of transceiver modules (102) comprising a number of e/o engines (304), in which the transceiver modules (102) electrically couple to the processing devices (106) without interrupting the processes of the system (100).. .

Training sequence generation method, training sequence generation apparatus, and optical communications system

Embodiments of the present invention provide training sequence generation method which includes generating a pseudo random sequence; obtaining a chirp coefficient of a modulator using a negated chirp coefficient to modulate the pseudo random sequence; constructing a training symbol segment that includes l subcarriers in a frequency domain, transforming the training symbol segment from the frequency domain to a time domain to obtain a training symbol segment in the time domain, and generating a training sequence based on the training symbol segment in the time domain and outputting the training sequence.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Unified network management of hybrid fiber coaxial (hfc) network

Embodiments enable a network operator to use any (and a single) network management system (nms) that it desires to manage a network having mixed fiber to the home optical network units (onus) and coaxial connected cable modems. For example, embodiments enable a cable company operator to use a docsis (data over cable service interface specification) nms (which the cable company already uses to manage its docsis network) to manage such mixed network, by a simple addition of a docsis mediation layer (dml) module between the nms and the optical line terminal (olt).
Broadcom Corporation

Efficient mapping of cpri signals for sending over optical networks

A method for communication includes receiving in a first communication interface input frames, which include data symbols that were derived by encoding respective characters, and further include one or more synchronization symbols having no corresponding characters. The characters from the data symbols are recovered, and the recovered characters are transmitted to a second communication interface by mapping the characters into communication frames and discarding the synchronization symbols.
Iplight Ltd.

Apparatus and interfacing between central processing unit and main memory unit

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for interfacing between a central processing unit (cpu) and a main memory unit, whereby a shared cache memory unit and the main memory unit are connected to each other using one optical signal transmission line. The apparatus for interfacing between the cpu and the main memory unit includes: a master optical connection protocol engine, converting operation control signals received from a shared cache memory unit of the cpu into serial signals; a first electrical-to-optical (e/o) converter, converting the serial signals converted by the master optical connection protocol engine into optical signals; a second e/o converter, converting the optical signals converted by the first e/o converter into serial signals; a slave optical connection protocol engine, converting the serial signals converted by the second e/o converter into operation control signals; and a memory controller having access to the main memory unit..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Collimated beam channel with four lens optical surfaces

An optical system and method disclosed include a first lens component and a second lens component within the receive path or the transmit path. The first lens component includes at least two aspheric surfaces that oppose one another and generate a collimated beam channel.
Volex Plc

Optical interconnect device, information processing device and data transmission method

To provide a high-density optical interconnect device, information processing device and data transmission method which are able to suppress limitations caused by the widening of light beams and the size of lenses. An optical interconnect unit includes a plurality of first lenses and a plurality of second lenses corresponding to a plurality of light-emitting element groups, and a plurality of light beams emitted from the plurality of light-emitting element groups pass through plurality of first lenses and the plurality of second lenses.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and device for determining input optical power

A method and a device for determining an input optical power are provided. The method include: after determining a bias current value of an optical amplifier unit when the optical amplifier unit amplifies a target optical signal and a voltage value output after an optical receiving unit converts the amplified target optical signal into an electrical signal, determining, according to a predetermined first correspondence that is among a bias current value, a voltage value, and an input optical power value and corresponds to a wavelength of the target optical signal, an input optical power value corresponding to the determined bias current value and the determined voltage value.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Methods and monitoring and controlling the performance of optical communication systems

In some embodiments, an apparatus includes an optical detector that can sample asynchronously an optical signal from an optical component that can be either an optical transmitter or an optical receiver. In such embodiments, the apparatus also includes a processor operatively coupled to the optical detector, where the processor can calculate a metric value of the optical signal without an extinction ratio of the optical signal being measured.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Suppression of transients in communications across an isolation barrier

Common mode transient immunity for an isolation system is improved by using a common transient suppression circuit coupled to a receive circuit to suppress transients in signals received by the receive circuit that were transmitted from a transmit side of the isolation barrier using optical, magnetic, inductive, or other mechanisms.. .
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Semiconductor arrangement and formation thereof

A semiconductor arrangement and a method of forming the same are described. A semiconductor arrangement includes a first layer including a first optical transceiver and a second layer including a second optical transceiver.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

Semiconductor optical element, semiconductor laser element, and manufacturing semiconductor optical element and semiconductor laser element, and manufacturing semiconductor laser module and semiconductor element

A semiconductor optical element includes a semiconductor layer portion that includes an optical waveguide layer. The semiconductor layer portion contains a first impurity having a function of suppressing atomic vacancy diffusion and a second impurity having a function of promoting atomic vacancy diffusion, between a topmost surface of the semiconductor layer portion and the optical waveguide layer.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

Solid-state lighting device

A solid-state lighting device includes light source, light emitting, light receiving and light guiding sections, and a protection circuit. The light source section has a semiconductor laser including a light emitting layer and a driving circuit.
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

Quantum dot soa-silicon external cavity multi-wavelength laser

A hybrid external cavity multi-wavelength laser using a qd rsoa and a silicon photonics chip is demonstrated. Four lasing modes at 2 nm spacing and less than 3 db power non-uniformity were observed, with over 20 mw of total output power.
Coriant Advanced Technology, Llc

Light source drive circuit, optical scanning apparatus, semiconductor drive circuit, and image forming apparatus

A light source drive circuit which drives a light source is disclosed, including a drive current generating unit which generates a drive current, the driving current including a predetermined current for obtaining a predetermined light amount from the light source; and first and second overshoot currents which are applied to the predetermined current in synchronization thereto; and a control unit which sets, to the drive current generating unit, a value of the first overshoot current to a fixed value, and a value of the second overshoot current in accordance with a light amount output from the light source.. .

Switchable-gain optical amplifier

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for optical communications. One optical amplifier includes an input port; a bar-cross switch optically coupled to the input port; a first gain stage optically coupled between first port of the bar-cross switch and to an output port; and a secondary gain stage optically coupled between a second port and a third port of the bar-cross switch, wherein in a bar-state of the bar-cross switch the secondary gain stage is bypassed and in a cross-state, the secondary gain stage and the first gain stage are applied to an input light beam..
Oplink Communications, Inc.

Optical fiber coupler and optical fiber amplifier

An optical fiber coupler in which damage to a pumping light source can be suppressed even if signal light leaks and an optical fiber amplifier using the optical fiber coupler are provided. An optical fiber coupler includes: a first optical fiber having a core and a clad coating the core; a second optical fiber having a core; and a fusion-drawn portion formed by arranging the first optical fiber and the second optical fiber so that their longitudinal directions are in the same direction and fusing the clad of the first optical fiber and the core of the second optical fiber.
Fujikura Ltd.

Picosecond laser treating target tissues with same

Apparatuses and methods are disclosed for applying laser energy having desired pulse characteristics, including a sufficiently short duration and/or a sufficiently high energy for the photomechanical treatment of skin pigmentations and pigmented lesions, both naturally-occurring (e.g., birthmarks), as well as artificial (e.g., tattoos). The laser energy may be generated with an apparatus having a resonator with the capability of switching between a modelocked pulse operating mode and an amplification operating mode.
Cynosure, Inc.

Laser apparatus and controlling laser apparatus

A laser apparatus may comprise: a laser chamber configured to include a laser gain medium; a pair of electrodes disposed in the laser chamber; an energy detector configured to measure pulse energy of laser beams outputted by discharging between the pair of the electrodes; an optical element disposed on a light path of the laser beams; and a controller configured to calculate an integration value of absorption energy at the optical element, and determine whether the integration value exceeds a lifetime integration value of the optical element based on the pulse energy of the laser beams.. .
Gigaphoton Inc.

Metamaterial waveguide lens

A metamaterial waveguide structure is disclosed. In some approaches the metamaterial waveguide structure is compressed along an optical axis using transformation optics techniques.
Duke University

Integral rf-optical phased array module

An integral phased array module may include a substrate and a radio frequency (rf) element provided in relation to the substrate. The rf element being configured to at least one of transmit and receive rf signals.
The Boeing Company

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