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Electromagnetic wave reduction apparatus and electromagnetic wave reduction method thereof

Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Electromagnetic wave reduction apparatus and electromagnetic wave reduction method thereof

Organic electroluminescent device and a method of operating an organic electroluminescent device


Organic electroluminescent device and a method of operating an organic electroluminescent device

Organic electroluminescent device and a method of operating an organic electroluminescent device


Coverage enhancements with carrier aggregation

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oma-related patents
 Graphene based structures and methods for shielding electromagnetic radiation patent thumbnailGraphene based structures and methods for shielding electromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic interference shielding structures and methods of shielding an object form electromagnetic radiation at frequencies greater than a megahertz generally include providing highly doped graphene sheets about the object to be shielded. The highly doped graphene sheets may have a dopant concentration greater than>1e1013 cm−2, which is effective to reflect the electromagnetic radiation or a dopant concentration of 1e1013 cm−2>n>0 cm−2, which is effective to absorb the electromagnetic radiation..
International Business Machines Corporation

 Electromagnetic wave reduction apparatus and electromagnetic wave reduction method thereof patent thumbnailElectromagnetic wave reduction apparatus and electromagnetic wave reduction method thereof
Provided is an electromagnetic wave reduction apparatus for reducing an electromagnetic wave generated from a thermoelectric element. The electromagnetic wave reduction apparatus according to the present invention includes an electromagnetic wave sensing unit connected to a thermoelectric element and sensing an electromagnetic wave, an electromagnetic wave detecting unit detecting whether the sensed electromagnetic wave is greater than a reference value, an electromagnetic wave reduction circuit unit reducing the electromagnetic wave in response to an electromagnetic wave reduction control signal, and a circuit operation control unit generating the electromagnetic wave reduction control signal according to the detection result..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Organic electroluminescent device and a  operating an organic electroluminescent device patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent device and a operating an organic electroluminescent device
An organic electroluminescent device includes a substrate, a first electrode arranged on the substrate, and a functional organic layer arranged on the first electrode. The functional organic layer emits electromagnetic radiation.
Osram Gmbh

 Coverage enhancements with carrier aggregation patent thumbnailCoverage enhancements with carrier aggregation
Methods, systems, and devices are described for effective deployment of coverage enhancements in applications involving carrier aggregation or reception-limited devices, or both. Different categories of user equipment (ue) may be configured to receive simultaneous broadcasts and unicasts differently according physical limitations of each category of ue.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Wireless relay station for radio frequency-based tracking system patent thumbnailWireless relay station for radio frequency-based tracking system
System and methods of tracking a position of a mobile device with an electromagnetic signal-transmitting antenna include receiving electromagnetic signals from the transmitting antenna of the mobile device by a plurality of receiver antennae of a base station and by one or more receiver antennae of a relay station. The relay station transmits to the base station timing information associated with the electromagnetic signals received by the one or more receiver antennae of the relay station.
Position Imaging, Inc.

 Apparatus and  recovering from partial insertion of an audio jack patent thumbnailApparatus and recovering from partial insertion of an audio jack
Apparatus and methods for recovering from an audio jack connection anomaly such as a partial insertion of an audio jack plug with an audio jack receptacle are provided. In an example, a method can include detecting a valid audio jack connection of an audio jack receptacle and an audio jack plug, detecting a change in a state of a detect switch associated with the audio jack connection, applying an oscillating signal to a microphone terminal associated with the audio jack connection, determining the state of the detect switch stays constant for a predetermined time, and isolating the oscillating signal from the microphone terminal..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

 Apparatus and  detecting insertion anomaly of an audio jack patent thumbnailApparatus and detecting insertion anomaly of an audio jack
Apparatus and methods for detecting audio jack connection anomalies such as moisture or a partial insertion of an audio jack plug with an audio jack receptacle are provided. In an example, a method for detecting an audio jack insertion anomaly can include ramping on a first detection current source of a detection circuit coupled to a detection terminal of a first audio jack connector, receiving a reference information at a comparator of the detection circuit, receiving a voltage of the detection terminal at the comparator, providing comparison information at an output of the comparator, the comparison information indicative of a comparison of the voltage of the detection terminal and the reverence information, and wherein a first state of the comparison information indicates the audio jack insertion anomaly is due to moisture at the first audio jack connector..
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

 Coordinated video-phone overlay on top of pc desktop display patent thumbnailCoordinated video-phone overlay on top of pc desktop display
Disclosed is a system and method for rendering a video from a video phone system to a monitor associated with a computing device such a pc. A chroma-key color is utilized to define a video window in the monitor and the video phone system will overlay video content in the window.
Avaya, Inc.

 Interface, communication apparatus, and program patent thumbnailInterface, communication apparatus, and program
A power supply coil is disposed on a rear surface of a display via a shield plate. When a current flows in the power supply coil, a magnetic flux emitted from the power supply coil traverses an opening of the shield plate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 System and  domain management and migration patent thumbnailSystem and domain management and migration
A system and method for managing domain registrations across multiple domain registrars, and for migrating domains from one or more server computers to one or more other server computers. More specifically but not exclusively, disclosure relates to software processes, algorithms, and protocols for the management and movement of domains, as accessed across a network..
Iii Holdings 1, Llc


Enhanced delivery of content and program instructions

A tag/content management system delivers customized content and/or program instructions to a user terminal. The system may deliver several groups of program executable instructions, including instructions that are global to all web domains controlled by a client server and those that are specific to a web page/group of web pages.
Ensighten, Inc.


Intelligent ip resolver

An intelligent internet protocol (ip) resolver can be configured to receive a domain name service (dns) request from a node of an external network to resolve a domain name for a content provider accessed via an autonomous network. The intelligent ip resolver can also be configured to determine an entry point into the autonomous network for traffic originating from a mobile device identified in the dns request.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Multi-domain source routed forwarding based on collaborating network controllers

Efficient and scalable source routed forwarding can be achieved in multi-domain networks by substituting path identifiers for intra-domain hop lists in source route hop lists. The path identifiers are then replaced with the corresponding intra-domain hop lists at the ingress edge nodes of each corresponding domain.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Method for isolated anomaly detection in large-scale data processing systems

Distributed detection of isolated anomalies, without resulting in overloading an anomaly management system in case of large-scale anomalies occurring and that does not rely on user intervention. Isolated anomalies are detected through insertion of devices rendering a service in different quality of service buckets, and if a device changes from one (or source) quality bucket to another (or destination) quality bucket, the device counts the number of devices in the destination quality bucket that have made the same move..
Thomson Licensing


Predictive anomaly detection of service level agreement in multi-subscriber it infrastructure

A predictive service level agreement (sla) anomaly detection mechanism is provided for multi-subscriber it infrastructure. Also, a method of filtering and prioritizing sla anomaly alerts is provided.
Sodero Networks, Inc.


Terminal device, and buffer partitioning method

Provided is a terminal device with which deterioration in hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) retransmission performance can be inhibited by continuing a downlink (dl) harq process for dl data before and after changing the uplink link-dl configuration. In this device, a decoder (210) stores, in a retransmission buffer, dl data transmitted from a base station, and decodes the dl data, and a wireless transmitter (222) transmits a response signal generated using a dl-data-error detection result.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Communication channel using logarithmic detector amplifier (lda) demodulator

A method is provided for communicating signals at a low power level in an electromagnetic interference (emi) environment. A first device transmits a modulated signal having a first carrier frequency, including the encoded information via a hardwire transmission medium.
Dockon Ag


Thermionic converter device

Converter device for converting energy from electromagnetic radiation, in particular concentrated solar energy, in electrical power, comprising a thermionic emitter (2) and an absorber (1) of electromagnetic radiation, configured to transform electromagnetic radiation energy to thermal energy, having an outer surface (10) configured to be exposed to electromagnetic radiation and an inner surface integrally coupled to the thermionic emitter (2), the outer surface (10) being provided with a sub-micrometer periodic surface structure, the thermionic emitter (2) being monolithically integrated on said inner surface of the absorber (1), the absorber (1) being made of a material selected from the group comprising or consisting of carbide or aluminium nitride-based ceramic materials, and pyrolitic graphite, the thermionic emitter (2) being made of a material selected from the group comprising or consisting of thin film diamond deposited through chemical vapour deposition (cvd), thin film titanium nitride (tin) or molybdenum silicide or di carbides or di borides-based ceramic materials, and refractory metals.. .
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche


Split winding repeater

A circuit for transferring wireless electrical energy through a lossy material is described. The circuit comprises a first inductive winding portion connected electrically in series to a second inductive winding portion and at least one capacitor.
Electrochem Solutions, Inc.


Broadband electromagnetic radiators and antennas

This invention allows combining broadband gw (10+9 watt) peak power to achieve mv/m (10+6 volt/meter), and gv/m (10+9 volt/meter), radiated e-fields of air or vacuum breakdown across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including optical frequencies. Use of multiple antennas and independently triggered generators allows achieving gv/m fields, while by preventing the e-field induced breakdown it provides control of power and energy content at targets.


Adjustable waveguide assembly

A waveguide assembly system includes a fixed port, a sliding port, and a transmission path from the fixed port to the sliding port. The transmission path includes a waveguide assembly that includes a first minor face corresponding to the fixed port, a first major face that includes a recess extending from the first minor surface towards the fixed port.
Keyssa, Inc.


Electrode catalyst for fuel cell, preparing the same, electrode for fuel cell including the electrolyte catalyst, and fuel cell including the electrode

In an aspect herein is provided an electrode catalyst for a fuel cell including a carbonaceous carrier and a metal catalyst supported in the carbonaceous carrier, wherein an amino c6-c30 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon compound is non-covalently bonded to the surface of the carbonaceous carrier, an electrode comprising said catalyst and a fuel cell including the electrode catalyst and electrode.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Transparent electrode, electronic device, and manufacturing transparent electrode

Provided is a transparent electrode having both sufficient conductivity and sufficient optical transparency. The transparent electrode includes a nitrogen-containing layer including a compound that contains a nitrogen atom or atoms and has an effective lone pair content n/m of 2.0×10−3 or more, wherein n represents the number of unshared electron pairs that neither contribute to aromaticity nor are coordinated to metal among the unshared electron pairs of the nitrogen atom or atoms, and m represents the molecular weight of the compound; an electrode layer including silver as a main component; and a high surface energy material layer that includes a high surface energy material having a sublimation enthalpy higher than that of silver and is provided between and in contact with the nitrogen-containing layer and the electrode layer..
Konica Minolta Inc.


Fluorinated aromatic materials and their use in optoelectronics

Fluorinated aromatic materials, their synthesis and their use in optoelectronics. In some cases, the fluorinated aromatic materials are perfluoroalkylated aromatic materials that may include perfluoropolyether substituents..
The University Of South Dakota


High-molecular compound and light-emitting element using same

In formula (11) n1 indicates an integer of 1-3. Ar1 indicates an arylene group, a divalent aromatic heterocyclic group, or a divalent aromatic amine residue, and these groups may have a substituent group.


Spin valve element

In order to increase the power which can be passed to a spin valve element, an insulating layer 24 or a nonmagnetic layer 51 is sandwiched by ferromagnetic layers 23, 25, and a porous layer 10(10′) having a plurality of minute holes is placed so as to be in contact with one of the ferromagnetic layers, or near the ferromagnetic layer with another layer intervening. By this means, even when a single-domain magnetic multilayer film extending over a broad region is not used, when, for example, microwave oscillation is induced by means of the spin valve element, the microwave power can be increased..
Iii Holdings 3, Llc


Magnetic and electrical control of engineered materials

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for controlling the magnetic and electrical properties of materials. In one aspect, a multi-layer structure includes a first layer comprising a ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic material, and a second layer positioned within the multi-layer structure such that a first surface of the first layer is in direct physical contact with a second surface of the second layer.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Fabrication of optics wafer

Fabricating an optics wafer includes providing a wafer comprising a core region composed of a glass-reinforced epoxy, the wafer further comprising a first resin layer on a top surface of the core region and a second resin layer on a bottom surface of the core region. The core region and first and second resin layers are substantially non-transparent for a specific range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Heptagon Micro Optics Pte. Ltd.


Composition including material, methods of depositing material, articles including same and systems for depositing material

Methods for depositing nanomaterial onto a substrate are disclosed. Also disclosed are compositions useful for depositing nanomaterial, methods of making devices including nanomaterials, and a system and devices useful for depositing nanomaterials..
Qd Vision, Inc.


Method and underdetermined blind separation of correlated pure components from nonlinear mixture mass spectra

The present invention relates to a computer-implemented method and apparatus for data processing for the purpose of blind separation of nonnegative correlated pure components from smaller number of nonlinear mixtures of mass spectra. More specific, the invention relates to preprocessing of recorded matrix of mixtures spectra by robust principal component analysis, trimmed thresholding, hard thresholding and soft thresholding; empirical kernel map-based nonlinear mappings of preprocessed matrix of mixtures mass spectra into reproducible kernel hilbert space and linear sparseness and nonnegativity constrained factorization of mapped matrices therein.
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Electromagnetic contactor

An electromagnetic contactor includes a pair of fixed contact portions having a predetermined distance from each other; a movable contact including a pair of movable contact portions disposed facing the pair of fixed contact portions; a movable support body supporting a central portion of the movable contact in an extending direction of the movable contact; a housing receptacle formed from a non-conductive body, housing at least the pair of fixed contact portions and the movable contact; an electromagnet unit causing the movable support body to move back and forth to cause the movable contact portions to contact to and separate from the fixed contact portions; and sliding guides extending along a moving direction of the movable contact for moving the movable contact back and forth in the housing receptacle to regulate a turning displacement of the movable contact. The sliding guides are different from the housing receptacle..
Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.


Electromagnetic contactor

An electromagnetic contactor includes a contact mechanism having a pair of fixed contacts disposed to maintain a predetermined interval in a longitudinal direction, and a movable contact disposed above the pair of fixed contacts, the movable contact contacting to and detaching from the pair of fixed contacts. Each of the pair of fixed contacts has a fixed contact portion, the movable contact extends in a longitudinal direction thereof and has a pair of movable contact portions contacting the pair of fixed contacts, and the movable contact is disposed so as to move in a vertical direction thereof on a connecting shaft fixed to a movable plunger and is pressed down by a biasing force of a contact spring in a downward direction thereof on a central portion of the movable contact in the longitudinal direction, the movable contact being held on the connecting shaft..
Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.


Electromagnetic contactor

An electromagnetic contactor includes a fixed contact portion, a movable contact portion disposed facing the fixed contact portion to contact to and separate from the fixed contact portion, and an arc extinguishing receptacle forming an arc extinguishing chamber housing the fixed contact portion and movable contact portion. Among contact surfaces of the movable contact portion and fixed contact portion facing each other, at least an opposing distance between a contact end portion of the fixed contact portion and a contact end portion of the movable contact portion positioned in a moving direction of an arc generated when separating the movable contact portion from the fixed contact portion is set to increase with increasing proximity to end surfaces on contact end portion sides..
Fuji Electric Fa Components & Systems Co., Ltd.


Method for producing rare-earth sintered magnet, and molding machine therefor

The present invention provides a method for producing a rare earth sintered magnet and a molding device therefor that can stably mold molded bodies with less variation in unit weight. The method includes: 1) preparing a slurry including an alloy powder and a dispersion medium, the alloy powder containing a rare earth element; 2) disposing an upper punch and a lower punch in respective through holes provided in a die, thereby preparing a plurality of cavities; 3) applying a magnetic field in each of the cavities by an electromagnet in a direction substantially parallel to a direction in which at least one of the upper punch and the lower punch is movable, and then supplying the slurry into the plurality of cavities; 4) producing a molded body of the alloy powder in each of the cavities by press molding in the magnetic field; and 5) sintering the molded body..
Hitachi Metals, Ltd.


Apparatus for elevation in a magnetic field

An electromagnet within an enclosure. The enclosure is capable of elevating the electromagnet to various heights and additionally horizontally repelling the elevated electromagnet from one elevated position to the next.


Apparatus for elevating and manipulating objects

An enclosure to enclose the vertical electromagnetic repulsive elevation and manipulation of electromagnets is presented. The enclosure is capable of elevating the electromagnet to various heights and additionally horizontally repelling the elevated electromagnet from one elevated position to the next.


Semiconducting fused thiophene polymer ink formulation

A formulation including: an organic semiconducting polymer selected from the diketopyrrolopyrrole (dpp) and fused thiophene co-polymer structures of the formulas (i), (ii), or combinations thereof, or salts thereof, in an amount of from 0.1 to 5 wt % based on the total weight of the formulation: formulas (i) and (ii), respectively, where m is an integer from 1 to 2, n is an integer from 4 to 80, x and y are independently selected from a divalent heteroaryl, such as a thiophene, r1, r2, r3, and r4 is each a hydrocarbylene substituent as defined herein, a first solvent is selected from a cyclic aliphatic in an amount of from 2 to 98 wt %; and a second solvent selected from an aromatic in an amount of from 98 to 2 wt %. Also disclosed are method of making and using the disclosed formulations, for example, for use in electronic devices..
Corning Incorporated


Recessed irmn reader process

The embodiments of the present invention relate to a method for forming a magnetic read head with pinned layers extending to the abs of the read head and magnetically coupled with an antiferromagnetic layer that is recessed in relation to the abs of the read head. Portions of the antiferromagnetic layer and a magnetic layer that are extending to the abs are removed, exposing a shield.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Chemical pinning to direct addressable array using self-assembling materials

A substrate having an arrangement of self-assembling magnetic domains and a method of fabrication therefor. In some embodiments, a substrate is patterned with a plurality of chemically contrasted alignment features, and a block copolymer having a magnetic component and a non-magnetic component is deposited onto the substrate.
Seagate Technology Llc


Methods and apparatus to activate traffic signals

Methods and apparatus are disclosed to activate a traffic control system by enhancing a presence of a vehicle. An example traffic control activator includes a housing formed from an electrically insulating material.
Bytemind, Llc


Gaming machine

A gaming machine includes a housing, in which a game sequence controller, at least one display device for displaying a gaming unit and at least one switching element, actuatable by a user and in contact with the game sequence controller, are arranged. At least one electromagnetic device coupled to the game sequence controller is associated with the switching element and, if the switching element is actuated, generates information that can be detected tactilely by the user in the form of a change of position and/or shape depending on the course of the game..
Novomatic Ag


Multi-graphics processing unit (gpu)-based multi-physics simulation method and apparatus

A multi-graphics processing unit (gpu)-based multi-physics simulation method and apparatus. In an exemplary embodiment, the multi-physics simulation method includes: determining a domain dividing manner by performing mock simulation; performing main simulation by using multi-graphic processing units (gpu) by targeting a plurality of physics model data on domains divided in the determined domain dividing manner; and sharing a result of the main simulation..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Maintenance management device for operating machinery

The maintenance management device 3 includes an error status diagnosis unit 11, a grace period estimation unit 14, a maintenance cost estimation unit 15, and a screen display unit 17. When the error status diagnosis unit 11 has diagnosed the occurrence of an anomaly, the grace period estimation unit 14 estimates a first grace period leading up to the occurrence of a failure.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Dividing a data processing device into separate security domains

This invention creates separation between personal applications and corporate applications on a data processing device, so that both types of applications can run simultaneously while complying with all required policies. This enables employees to use their personal devices for work purposes, or work devices for personal purposes.


Verification method and verification apparatus

A verification apparatus detects a first delay circuit connected to an output side of a second isolator in a first netlist including first and second isolators, in which the first isolator is inserted into a first path between first and second power domains under first rule, and the second isolator is inserted into a second path between the first and third power domains under second rule. To verify whether the first and second isolators are inserted under the first and second rules respectively, the verification apparatus searches a second netlist generated by performing an optimization step including delay adjustment on the first netlist for a connection destination of the first power domain, and if the connection destination is not the first delay circuit, continues searching, and detects the second power domain, to thereby specify the first path at the time of the first rule being applied..
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited


Design automation for monolithic 3d devices

A method of designing a 3d integrated circuit, the method including: performing partitioning to at least a first strata and a second strata; then performing a first placement of the first strata using a 2d placer executed by a computer, where the 2d placer is a computer aided design (cad) tool currently used in the industry for two-dimensional devices; and performing a second placement of the second strata based on the first placement, where the partitioning includes a partition between logic and memory, and where the logic includes at least one decoder representation for the memory.. .
Monolithic 3d Inc.


Method for executing, within a multitasking onboard system, an application timed according to a plurality of different time domains including interruption management

A method for executing an application in a multitasking system is provided. The application is composed of at least one task for which the temporal triggering is specified in a first temporal reference frame that is asynchronous relative to the physical time, called first external clock domain, defined by a synchronous basic clock with changes of state of a peripheral device of the system.
Commissariat A L*energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


System and automated testing of software applications with dynamic user interfaces spanning multiple technologies

An automated software testing system tests a running application from a viewpoint of user of a graphical user interface of the running application. A programmed processor executes a plurality of meta-layer implementations defining controls of the graphical user interface using algorithms.
Worksoft, Inc.


Method for verifying the processing of software

In order to provide simple, fast, and reliable verification of the functioning and processing of an automation task in the form of software in a multi-channel safety-oriented automation component (1), the software (sw1) is run in one channel (k1) of the automation component (1) in an active unit (p1) of the hardware of the channel (k1), and first diversity software (sw3) redundant relative to the software (sw1) is run in a verification unit (v1) in this channel (k1), wherein in a processing step (z1) input data (ez) associated with the software (sw1) and first output data (az) computed by the software (sw1) in this processing step (z1) are temporarily stored in a memory unit (m1), and the diversity software (sw3) in the verification unit (v1) computes second output data (az′) based on the stored input data (ez) independently of the processing of the software (sw1) in the active unit (p1), and the second output data (az′) computed by the diversity software (sw3) is compared with the stored first output data (az) of the software (sw1) in order to verify the processing.. .
Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-elektronik Ges.m.b.h


Dynamic tactile interface

A dynamic tactile interface including a tactile layer including an attachment surface, a peripheral region, and a deformable region adjacent the peripheral region, the deformable region operable between a retracted setting and an expanded setting tactilely distinguishable from the peripheral region; a substrate coupled to the attachment surface at the peripheral region and defining a fluid conduit and a fluid channel fluidly coupled to the fluid conduit, the fluid conduit adjacent the deformable region; a first electromagnetic element coupled to the substrate proximal the deformable region and outputting a first electromagnetic field; and a second electromagnetic element coupled to the tactile layer at the deformable region and outputting a second electromagnetic field, the second electromagnetic element attracted to the first electromagnetic element in a first setting and repelling the first electromagnetic element in a second setting.. .
Tactus Technology, Inc.


Automated return shopping cart

An automated return shopping cart for enabling a shopping cart to sense when it is not in use and automatically return itself to a cart corral area when it is not in use. The automated return shopping cart comprises a conventional shopping cart modified to include an automation component, which includes the programmable logic controller, a rechargeable battery, the powertrain components, and brakes, interconnected with a gps component, object sensors, activity sensors, two docking ports, a touchscreen, and a wifi component.


Automated reconfiguration of a discrete event control loop

The technical apparatus for designing and realizing automated reactions to the failure of actuators and sensors in discrete automation-engineering installations ensures that the effects of said failures on the process remain at a minimum, and also a method that allows said faults to be systematically integrated into discrete-event models in order to take this as a basis for carrying out formal design of fault-tolerant discrete-event controllers.. .


Display device

If a black matrix is thinned down in order to increase the aperture ratio, color mixture is likely to occur in which during monochromatic representation a desired color from relevant sub-pixels and a different color from adjacent sub-pixels appear to be mixed together when viewed obliquely. A display device includes a display panel and a light source.
Japan Display Inc.


Electromagnetic radiation enhancement methods and systems

An optical system for producing electromagnetic radiation with localized increases in irradiance or radiance at the system output includes a first optical mask containing localized regions for producing controlled modifications of phase delays and/or amplitude attenuations and located within the input plane of said optical system. The system also includes at least a single optical component with positive optical power located after the input plane and at least one additional optical mask located after the optical component at non-conjugate locations with respect to the input plane of the system.


Eyepiece for variable lateral magnification imaging system

Optical imaging systems and methods providing having variable lateral zoom. In one example, an optical imaging system with variable lateral zoom includes primary optics configured to receive and direct incident electromagnetic radiation from a viewed scene onto a focal plane to form a substantially planar intermediate image at the focal plane, the intermediate image having substantially uniform lateral magnification, an eyepiece optically coupled to the primary optics and configured to reimage the intermediate image onto an image plane to produce an output image having variable lateral magnification, and a photo-sensitive detector positioned at the image plane..
Raytheon Company


Copolymer for optical compensation film

A copolymer for optical compensation film showing a negative orientation birefringence, having excellent transparency, heat resistance, film strength, and optical properties, and is capable of obtaining a beautiful film suitable for an optical compensation film is provided. A copolymer for optical compensation film, containing: 45 to 80 mass % of an aromatic vinyl monomer unit; 5 to 45 mass % of a (meth)acrylic acid ester monomer unit; and 5 to 20 mass % of an unsaturated dicarboxylic acid anhydride monomer unit; wherein the copolymer has an average number molecular weight (mn) of 5.5×104 to 9×104 and a weight average molecular weight (mw) of 14×104 to 20×104; and the copolymer has a haze of 1% or less, the haze being measured with a 2 mm thick sample in accordance with astm d1003, is provided..
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Em processing using field ratios

Electromagnetic (em) survey processing comprising operating an electronic device to model expected em field components to be measured by an em apparatus associated with a subterranean formation, wherein the em apparatus comprises at least one em source and at least one em receiver. The electronic device may be operated to determine one or more ratios of the modeled em field components.
Research And Development Limited


Electromagnetic relay switch deposition detection device and electromagnetic relay switch deposition detection method

A deposition detection circuit (3) provided in a deposition detection device (1) includes a determination circuit (4) determines whether the movable contact (9) is deposited based on a step input signal and a transient response signal when a drive signal is in an off state. The transient response signal is generated so as to correspond to voltage less than or equal to operating voltage of the electromagnetic relay switch (5) according to an excitation coil (6) and a fixed resistor (r1)..
Omron Corporation


Compact power detection circuit utilizing ground via coupling

An rf electronics module includes a grounding plate, a non-conductive substrate, a number of conductive vias, rf pa circuitry, and rf power detection circuitry. The non-conductive substrate is over the grounding plate.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Current detection device

The current detection device includes a plurality of air-cored coils respectively attached to conductors for a plurality of phases, which are supported by an insulator and housed in a ferromagnetic tank a plurality of output-voltage detection circuits that detect output voltages of the air-cored coils for respective phases; and a correction processing circuit that obtains, by dividing the output voltages of the air-cored coils for respective phases by transformation ratios of the air-cored coils, current value levels, which are temporary values of currents flowing in the conductors for respective phases, calculates the output-voltage correction values for respective phases according to the current value levels of respective phases, and calculates and outputs current flowing in the conductors for respective phases on the basis of the output-voltage correction values.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Relative routing priority for test requests

Workflows for testing in automated laboratory environment are managed and controlled to permit prioritization and dependencies to be implemented for individual tests. Test groups can be specified to include analytical and non-analytical test requests.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using assays that detect one or more biomarkers selected from the group consisting of tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 10b, cadherin-16, caspase-9, bcl2 antagonist of cell death, caspase-1, cadherin-1, poly [adp-ribose] polymerase 1, cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1, cadherin-5, myoglobin, apolipoprotein a-ii, mucin-16, carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 5, and cellular tumor antigen p53 as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker assays in renal injuries..
Astute Medical, Inc.


Hemoglobin s analysis method, hemoglobin a2 analysis method, and hemoglobin a0 analysis method

The present invention relates to a method for analyzing hemoglobin s by cation-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography, the method including utilizing an eluent that contains an azide or a cyanide at a concentration of 0.1 to 50 mmol/l and has a ph of 6.80 to 7.50.. .


Biomarkers for diagnosis of diabetes and monitoring of anti-diabetic therapy

The present invention relates to the use of n-linked glycan profiles of blood or blood component proteins as biomarkers for diagnosing diabetes mellitus and for monitoring the efficacy of anti-diabetic therapy. Specifically, the present invention relates to detecting changes in the amounts of n-linked glycans as diagnostic biomarkers for diabetes mellitus and as indicators of the efficacy of anti-diabetic therapy over time..
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.


Immunological compositions as cancer biomarkers and/or therapeutics

The present invention concerns antibodies that react immunologically with anti-tumor antigen antibodies and compositions and methods related thereto. In particular, the antibodies that react immunologically with the anti-tumor antigen antibodies are employed in therapeutic, diagnostic, and prognostic embodiments related to cancer, including breast cancer, for example..
Vanderbilt University


Protein microarray for characterizing the specificity of the monoclonal immunoglobulins of mgus or myeloma patients

The present invention concerns materials and methods for characterizing monoclonal immunoglobulin specificity of a monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (mgus) or myeloma patients using a protein microarray comprising (a) a substrate, (b) antigens immobilized on the substrate, said antigens being selected from a defined group consisting of infectious agent antigens and/or self-antigens. In particular said protein microarray may be used to improve diagnosis, for the prognosis of myeloma or mgus, for preventing transformation of mgus toward myeloma, for adapting treatment of mgus and myeloma or for monitoring the response to therapy of mgus and myeloma patients..
Universite D'angers


Lipocalin-2 as a biomarker for pneumococcal infection status and uses thereof

A method for determining the pneumococcal infection status of a subject, comprising the steps of: i, providing a biological sample obtained from a subject: ii. Determining the level of lipocalin-2 in the biological sample; and iii.
Isis Innovation Limited


Auto-antigen biomarkers for lupus

The presence of certain auto-antibodies indicates that a subject has lupus. The auto-antibodies recognise antigens listed in table 1 herein.
Sense Proteomic Limited


Use of anoctamin as a biomarker for radiation biodosimetry

In one embodiment, the present invention pertains to the use of anoctamin as a biomarker for determining radiation dosimetery. In certain embodiments, the present invention relates to the use of anoctamin as a biomarker for diagnosing the presence of radiation toxicity in a subject who has been exposed to ionizing radiation, as well as for determining the absorbed radiation dose in a subject who has been exposed to a known or unknown dose of ionizing radiation.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated


Biomolecular detection test strip design

Described here are a device and a method for detecting the presence of a biomarker using the device, wherein the device comprises (a) a substrate comprising a plurality of electrodes; (b) a plurality of nanowire field-effect transistor sensors integrated or assembled on the substrate and connected to the electrodes; and (c) a microfluidic component disposed on the substrate and adapted to communicate fluidically with the nwfet sensors.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Human hepatoma cell line hlcz01 and uses thereof

A human hepatoma cell line is hlcz01 cell line which has been deposited in the china center for type culture collection (cctcc), and having accession (deposit) no. Is cctcc no: c201309.
Human Provincial Tumor Hospital


High-throughput, high-precision methods for detecting protein structural changes in living cells

Methods for identifying a compound that alters fluorescence resonance energy transfer (fret) of a protein. The methods include use of a genetically engineered cell that includes a target protein.


Biomarkers for type 2 diabetes

The present invention relates to a method of identifying a predisposition for developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in a subject, said method comprising the step of assessing in a sample obtained from said subject the amount of one or more metabolite(s) selected from (a) a first group comprising the metabolites glycine, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:2, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c17:0, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:0, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:1, phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c34:2, phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c36:2, phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c36:3 and isobaric metabolites having the same molecular mass as glycine, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:2, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c17:0, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:0, lysophosphatidylcholine acyl c18:1, phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c34:2, phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c36:2 or phosphatidylcholine acyl-alkyl c36:3 but different chemical formula; and/or (b) a second group comprising the metabolite acetylcarnitine c2 and an isobaric metabolite having the same molecular weight as acetylcarnitine c2 but different chemical formula; wherein a decrease in the amount of a metabolite selected from said first group or an increase in the amount of a metabolite selected from said second group as compared to the amount of the corresponding metabolite(s) of a control is indicative of a predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes mellitus. Further, the invention relates to a method of identifying a compound capable of preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus and diseases associated therewith or serving as a lead compound for developing a compound capable of preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus and diseases associated therewith and a method of selecting a therapy to prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen


Apparatus and methods for preparative liquid chromatography

Embodiments of the present invention feature methods and apparatus for performing chromatographic separations. The invention feature methods and control means in the form of computer programs and software that control the formation of a concentration gradient at two or more total flow rates, with an elution period occurring in a slow flow rate and at least other portions of the gradient occurring during a fast total flow rate..
Waters Technologies Corporation


Multiple sample chromatography using a stochastic injection technique

The invention relates to a method for simultaneously analyzing at least two samples using a chromatography device comprising a chromatography column having an inlet and an outlet, and at least one detector placed at the outlet of the chromatography column, the method comprising steps of: injecting fractions of each independent sample at the inlet of the chromatography column, the fractions of each independent sample being injected according to a specific injection timing sequence derived from a pseudo-random binary sequence associated with said independent sample; recording a signal generated by said detector for a period of time at least equal to a duration of the longest of the specific injection timing sequences; cross-correlating the recorded signal and a derived correlation function, said derived correlation function being derived from the pseudo-random binary sequence associated with one of the independent samples, so as to obtain an individual correlogram signal specific to said independent sample; and analyzing data of interest of the individual correlogram signal so as to obtain an output signal indicative of a composition of the sample.. .
Chambre De Commerce Et D'industrie De Region Paris Lle De France (esiee Paris)


Materials for hydrophilic interaction chromatography and processes for preparation and use thereof for analysis of glycoproteins and glycopeptides

The invention relates to poly-amide bonded hydrophilic interaction chromatography (hilic) stationary phases and novel hilic methods for use in the characterization of large biological molecules modified with polar groups, known to those skilled in the art as glycans. The invention particularly provides novel, poly-amide bonded materials designed for efficient separation of large biomolecules, e.g.
Waters Technologies Corporation


Self-limiting injection assembly for sample introduction in hplc

A liquid chromatography device comprises one or more liquid reservoirs for a liquid medium, a sample reservoir for a sample to be analysed and a chromatography column in fluid communication with the liquid reservoir and the sample reservoir. The device comprises a monitoring mechanism for monitoring the number of times a sample is released from the sample reservoir into the chromatography column..
Imperial Innovations Ltd


System and subsea inspection

Embodiments include subsea ultrasonic inspection systems employing electromagnetic acoustic transducers (emats) to inspect subsea objects, such as subsea tubular items, conduit, piping, pipelines, risers, vessels, structures, and so forth.. .
Oceaneering International, Inc.


Apparatus and detecting backlash and slip

The detecting apparatus comprises: a monochromator, for bragg-diffracting the incident beam; an analyzer, on which the beam diffracted by the monochromator is incident, an analyzer bragg-diffracting the incident beam; a controller, for controlling the driver connected to the monochromator and the analyzer, so as to rotate the analyzer or the monochromator in a first direction and in a second direction opposite to the first direction; and a detector, for detecting the beam diffracted by the analyzer or transmitted through the analyzer while the analyzer or the monochromator is rotating and measuring a backlash and/or a slip of the driver by using the detected beam. The backlash detecting apparatus can measure a backlash and/or a slip in the unit of sub-arcsecond or sub-nanometer by using the radiation beam such as a neutron beam, an x-ray beam or the like..
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Nozzle and illuminating particles

Embodiments relate to a nozzle coupled to a reflector which is oriented to reflect electromagnetic radiation at particles flowing through the nozzle and a method of illuminating a flow of particles with a nozzle coupled to a reflector.. .
Xy, Llc


Spectrometer and use

A method and system for linear spectral dispersion comprising passing an incoming electromagnetic signal through a compound prism consisting of two prisms in opposite orientation, where the two prisms are selected to provide a linearly varying output angle over a broad spectral region.. .
Scientific-wizard Ltd


Portable cryogenic workstation

A portable cryogenic workstation includes a housing having an internal cavity configured to hold one or more samples, a lid for sealing the internal cavity such that the portable cryogenic workstation is configured for transporting samples between about room temperature environments to about ultra-cold environments, at least one automation interface disposed on one or more of the housing and lid and configured for engagement with automated handling equipment, and a process data capture unit coupled to the housing and configured to capture process or ephemeral data corresponding to a predetermined processing characteristic(s) of at least one of the samples coincident with presence inside the portable cryogenic workstation.. .
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Control system with mobile sensors

A mobile thermostat and home automation system.. .
Innosys, Inc.


Systems, components, and methods for electronic candles with moving flames

An electronic candle (10) which simulates a flickering flame is provided. The candle (10) includes a hollow shell (12), a light-emitting element (18) such as an led and a cap member (20) having the contour of a burning flame covering the light-emitting element (18).


Device for providing electromagnetic radiation

Various embodiments may relate to a device for providing electromagnetic radiation, including a radiation assembly for generating excitation radiation, and at least one conversion element for generating conversion radiation, which has at least one first phosphor and which is arranged at a distance to the radiation assembly in a beam path of the excitation radiation. As the first phosphor, a nitridosilicate of the type m2si5n8:d is used, wherein d=activator and wherein m is selected from the group barium, strontium, calcium alone or in combination, wherein the mean grain size d50 of the phosphor is at least 10 μm..
Osram Gmbh


Composite pipe containing a thermoset matrix with crack arresting additives

This relates to composite pipes containing unique thermoset matrix compositions, comprising crack arresting additive domains, including rubbers, which are distributed within the resin discontinuously prior to the resin curing so as to provide discontinuous distribution of the crack arresting additive domains within the final matrix composition.. .


Active roll-rod for vehicle

An active roll rod for a vehicle may include a rod portion, a fastening unit, insulators, an end plate and a damper unit. The rod portion may have a main body portion with a front end connected to a power train, and an inner pipe formed at a rear side of the main body portion.
Hyundai Motor Company


Brake assembly and a operating a brake assembly

A brake assembly for a vehicle comprising a wheel comprising a hollow section and a rim, the rim comprising a first portion comprising an electrically conductive material and a second portion adjacent to the first portion comprising a plurality of a permanent magnets and a stator comprising at least one electromagnetic coil arranged to be located within the hollow section of the wheel, wherein the stator is moveable between a first position in which the at least one electromagnetic coil is inductively coupled to the first portion of the rim when the wheel is rotating relative to the stator, and a second position in which the at least one electromagnetic coil is inductively coupled to the second portion of the rim.. .
Messier-dowty Limited


Dual winding electric actuator for hybrid system

A hybrid vehicle includes a dual winding electrical actuator for actuating an actuated mechanism. The actuator includes a low voltage winding coupled to a low voltage electrical system, and a high voltage winding coupled to a high voltage electrical system.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Electronic vehicular transmission including a sensor and coupling and control assembly for use therein

An electronic vehicular transmission including a sensor for providing an electrical signal for electronic transmission control is provided. The transmission includes a transmission case and a controllable coupling assembly including a coupling member supported for rotation within the case about a rotational axis.
Means Industries, Inc.


Composite plain bearing, cradle guide, and sliding nut

There is provided a composite plain bearing having excellent heat resistance, creep resistance under high surface pressure, low friction, abrasion resistance, and other characteristics while being capable of manufacture with high productivity. A composite plain bearing (1) comprising an ingot metal plate (2) and a resin layer (3) comprises a resin composition in which an aromatic polyether ketone resin or the like is used as a base resin, wherein the resin layer (3) is overlaid by injection molding and integrally provided on the surface on the surface of the ingot metal plate (2) to a thickness of 0.1 to 0.7 mm.
Ntn Corporation


Fuel injector

A fuel injector includes a fuel valve including a valve needle and a valve seat for controlling a flow of fuel through the injector. The fuel injector also includes an electromagnetic actuator with a solenoid and an armature that lifts the valve needle from the valve seat in an opening direction while the solenoid is electrically energized.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Method to control an electromagnetic actuator of an internal combustion engine

Method to control an electromagnetic actuator of an internal combustion engine, in particular for a fuel pump of a direct-injection system; wherein the electromagnetic actuator is controlled by an electric current pulse of the peak&hold type, i.e. Subdivided into a peak phase and a hold phase; the method includes acquiring the initial duration of the peak phase, during which a peak control current is to be supplied to the electromagnetic actuator to control the movement of a component of the electromagnetic actuator moving towards a position defined by a limit stop; and determining the duration of the peak phase by progressively decreasing the initial duration of the peak phase by a first change..
Magneti Marelli S.p.a.


Method and identifying fluid attributes

A method for identifying the type of a sampled formation fluid, such as a hydrocarbon, is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes measuring absorbance by a sample of a formation fluid at multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation with a spectrometer.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Reliable wired-pipe data transmission system

A high-frequency data and/or power transmission system suitable for downhole use including signal/power couplers, transmission line segments and signal repeaters. Signals and power are/is transmitted between couplers and/or between couplers and repeaters by means of electromagnetic resonance coupling.
Martin Scientific, Llc


Nanocellulose production using lignosulfonic acid

Processes disclosed are capable of converting biomass into high-crystallinity nanocellulose with low mechanical energy input. In some variations, the process includes fractionating biomass with lignosulfonic acids, to generate cellulose-rich solids; and mechanically treating the cellulose-rich solids to form nanofibrils and/or nanocrystals.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc

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