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 Method and  welding printed circuits patent thumbnailMethod and welding printed circuits
An induction head for bonding stacked layers (19, 20) for making printed circuits, by electromagnetic induction. A magnetic flux is locally induced at a plurality of conducting spacers (25) provided along a peripheral area (22) of the multilayer stack (18).
Cedal Equipment S.r.l.

 Method, apparatus, and system for channel access in unlicensed band patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for channel access in unlicensed band
Disclosed are a method, an apparatus, and a system for adjusting a contention window size for performing channel access. In detail, the method includes: receiving a plurality of hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgement (harq-ack) responses for downlink channel(s) of the specific cell; generating a random number n (n≧0) in a contention window size; and performing the downlink transmission in the specific cell after standing by for n slots while the specific cell is idle, wherein when a ratio of negative acknowledgement (nack) among the plurality of harq-ack responses is equal to or more than a reference value, the contention window size becomes larger than a previous value, and when the ratio of the nack among the plurality of harq-ack responses is less than the reference value, the contention window size is reset to a minimum value..
Wilus Institute Of Standards And Technology Inc.

 Carrier priority based automatic neighboring relation optimization patent thumbnailCarrier priority based automatic neighboring relation optimization
Exemplary apparatuses and methods are provided that address how to optimize automatic neighbor relations. Specifically, a base station receives measurements from a mobile terminal connected thereto.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

 Chroma quantization in video coding patent thumbnailChroma quantization in video coding
A method of signaling additional chroma qp offset values that are specific to quantization groups is provided, in which each quantization group explicitly specifies its own set of chroma qp offset values. Alternatively, a table of possible sets of chroma qp offset values is specified in the header area of the picture, and each quantization group uses an index to select an entry from the table for determining its own set of chroma qp offset values.
Apple Inc.

 Wide dynamic range using monochromatic sensor patent thumbnailWide dynamic range using monochromatic sensor
A system for digital imaging in a light deficient environment includes an emitter for providing illumination with electromagnetic pulses. The system includes an image sensor that creates image data from the electromagnetic pulses.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

 Systems and methods for placing an imaging tool in a test and measurement tool patent thumbnailSystems and methods for placing an imaging tool in a test and measurement tool
Analysis systems can include both a test and measurement tool for generating measurement data representative of at least one parameter of a device under test and an imaging tool for generating image data representative of a target scene. An electrical isolation mechanism can electrically isolate a user operating the analysis tool from the test and measurement circuit through the imaging tool.
Fluke Corporation

 Chromatic aberration correction in imaging system including variable focal length lens patent thumbnailChromatic aberration correction in imaging system including variable focal length lens
An image acquisition system is operated to provide an image that is relatively free of the effect of longitudinal chromatic aberration. The system includes a variable focal length lens (e.g., a tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens) that is operated to periodically modulate a focus position.
Mitutoyo Corporation

 System and  spectrum sharing management using dynamic spectrum policy enforcement patent thumbnailSystem and spectrum sharing management using dynamic spectrum policy enforcement
Policies that govern allocation of spectrum access credentials are established. The policies are configured to implement regulatory rules governing spectrum use in a geographic area.
Spectrum Bridge, Inc.

 Cross domain in-browser proxy patent thumbnailCross domain in-browser proxy
An in-browser proxy enables an application in a frame to make a cross domain request. The proxy executes within the browser, which has a first domain., Inc.

 System and  identifying phishing website patent thumbnailSystem and identifying phishing website
The present invention discloses a system and method for identifying a phishing website. The system comprises: a domain name acquisition unit, a domain name statistic unit and a website identification unit; the domain name acquisition unit being configured to collect all links found in a website to be identified so as to acquire the domain names corresponding to the links; the domain name statistic unit being configured to carry out a statistic on the number of times that the domain names occur in the website to be identified, and finding the domain name which has the most number of occurrences and mark it as a target domain name; and the website identification unit being configured to judge whether the website to be identified is a phishing website on the basis of the target domain name and the domain name of the website to be identified..
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited

Malware detection system based on stored data

A malware detection system based on stored data that analyzes an electronic message for threats by comparing it to previously received messages in a message archive or to a contacts list. Threat protection rules may be generated dynamically based on the message and contacts history.
Mimecast North America, Inc.

Method and detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling and self-building host mapping

The disclosed computer-implemented method for detecting security anomalies in a public cloud environment using network activity monitoring, application profiling, and self-building host mapping may include (1) collecting host information that identifies (a) at least one communication channel that has previously facilitated communication between at least one host computing platform within a cloud computing environment and at least one additional computing platform and/or (b) at least one application that has previously run on the host computing platform, (2) monitoring network traffic involving the host computing platform, (3) detecting, while monitoring the network traffic, network activity that is inconsistent with the collected host information, and then (4) determining that the detected network activity represents a potential security threat within the cloud computing environment due at least in part to the detected network activity being inconsistent with the collected host information. Various other methods, systems, and computer-readable media are also disclosed..
Symantec Corporation

Secured device access in a device automation system

A secured device access method is implemented in a web-based device automation system whereby the configuration of an automation application for specific devices in a user's automation environment and the installation of the automation application define the security scope for the automation application. Once the automation application is configured and installed, the automation application is only allowed access to the authorized devices in the user's automation environment and the automation application may not access other devices in the user's environment that have not been authorized..
Smartthings, Inc.

System for domain control validation

A system and method for domain control validation is presented. At a certificate authority a request is received.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

System and secured password management for industrial devices

An industrial process/safety control and automation system is provided. The system includes a user interface device and an industrial device/controller.
Honeywell International Inc.

Enhanced thread handling in security handshakingdomain name system bypass in user applications

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and software for bypassing a domain name system. In one example, a method of operating a user communication device includes receiving a user instruction requesting content within a user application of the user communication device.
Fastly, Inc.

Automation of matching of short message tags to content

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for providing a short message tag identification tool which performs a short message tag identification operation which automatically generates a short message tag identifier based upon short message content. In certain embodiments, the short message tag identification operation identifies trending short message tag identifiers and automatically generates a preferred short message tag identifier taking into account trending short message tag identifiers..
Dell Products L.p.

Distributed fault isolation in connected networks

A method is described for determining, via a local fault poller, a list of local unreachable devices of a plurality of devices within a local domain, wherein the local unreachable devices are coupled for communication with the local fault poller. The method comprises determining selected neighboring domains of a plurality of neighboring domains, wherein the selected neighboring domains comprise neighboring devices which are coupled for communication with the local unreachable devices, each neighboring domain having a respective neighboring global fault poller.
Ca, Inc.

Detecting oscillation anomalies in a mesh network using machine learning

In one embodiment, a device in a network receives metrics regarding a node in the network. The device uses the metrics as input to a machine learning model.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and data analytics management

An improved system and method for providing data analytics management (dam), in particular for wireless networks having multiple domains, is disclosed. Some embodiments utilize a hierarchical dam structure.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Optical dispersion compensation in the electrical domain in an optical communications system

A compensation function mitigates a substantial portion of the chromatic dispersion imparted to a communications signal by an optical communications system. A digital input signal is digitally processed using the compensation function to generate a predistorted signal.
Ciena Corporation

Wireless connections with virtual hysteresis

Circuit connectors for establishing ehf communication include a receiver configured to receive a transmitted ehf electromagnetic signal, and an output circuit coupled to the receiver. The output circuit has two states of operation that correspond to enabling a signal output and disabling the signal output.
Keyssa, Inc.

Guided near field communication for short range data communication

A system is provided in which a set of modules each have a substrate on which is mounted a radio frequency (rf) transmitter and/or an rf receiver coupled to a near field communication (nfc) coupler located on the substrate. Each module has a housing that surrounds and encloses the substrate.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Electromagnetic couplers for multi-frequency power detection

Multi-output electromagnetic couplers configured to detect multiple frequencies simultaneously, and devices and systems including same. In one example a multi-output electromagnetic coupler includes a main coupler transmission line extending between and electrically connecting an input port and an output port, a first coupled line section configured to couple electromagnetic power in a first frequency band from the main coupler transmission line to provide a first coupled output signal at a first coupled port, and a second coupled line section configured to couple electromagnetic power in a second frequency band from the main coupler transmission line to provide a second coupled output signal at a second coupled port simultaneously with the first coupled output signal being provided at the first coupled port..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Adaptive load for coupler in broadband multimode multiband front end module

Directional couplers for front end modules (fems) are disclosed that include a first port configured to receive a radio-frequency (rf) signal, a second port connected to the first port via a first transmission line and configured to provide an rf output signal, a third port connected to a second transmission line, the second transmission line being electromagnetically coupled to the first transmission line, and a fourth port connected to the second transmission line. The directional couplers further include an adaptive complex termination circuit connected to the fourth port and configured to provide an adaptive complex termination impedance selected to optimize combined performance of the directional couplers over multiple frequency bands..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Acoustic wave device and manufacturing the same

An acoustic wave device includes a substrate comprising one surface on which an acoustic wave generator and at least one ground pad are included; a support component formed of an insulating material and disposed on the substrate along a circumference of the acoustic wave generator; and a shielding member electrically connected to the ground pad and blocking reception or emission of electromagnetic waves at the acoustic wave generator.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Radio frequency module

A radio frequency module includes a transmission terminal, a transmission filter connected to the transmission terminal, a common terminal, a reception filter which is connected to the common terminal, a reception terminal, a branch point to which the common terminal, the transmission filter, and the reception filter are connected, a transmission path connecting the transmission terminal and the branch point, a reception path connecting the reception terminal and the branch point, a common path connecting the common terminal and the branch point, a matching circuit connected to the common path, and an inductor circuit that includes a first inductor that defines a propagation path through electromagnetic coupling to at least one of the transmission path, the common path, the matching circuit, and the reception path, and a second inductor that is positioned so as not to be electromagnetically coupled to the transmission path, the common path, the matching circuit, or the reception path.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Electrical filter, electrical equipment which is provided with such a filter and a vehicle which is equipped with such equipment

An electrical filter (10) is suitable for having a greater effectiveness for reducing the common mode current that an electrical device (30) can produce in the direction of a voltage source (20) which is used to supply this device. Such a filter can be useful for meeting the electromagnetic compatibility requirements set by the bmw group standard gs 95002-2 “electromagnetic compatibility (emc)—requirements and tests on components up to 60 v nominal voltage”..
Valeo Systemes Thermiques

Semiconductor device and power receiving device

An object is to provide a semiconductor device that is capable of wireless communication, such as an rfid tag, which can transmit and receive individual information without checking remaining capacity of a battery or changing batteries due to deterioration with time in the battery for a drive power supply voltage, and maintain a favorable a transmission/reception state even when electric power of an electromagnetic wave from a reader/writer is not sufficient. The semiconductor device includes a signal processing circuit, a first antenna circuit connected to the signal processing circuit, an antenna circuit group, a rectifier circuit-group and a battery connected to the signal processing circuit.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Power receiving unit, power transmission unit, and feed system

A power receiving unit includes: a power receiving section configured to receive electric power from a power transmission unit; and an electromagnet configured to be magnetized based on the electric power received from the power transmission unit.. .
Sony Corporation

Cable assembly and motor having the same

Provided is an cable assembly which comprises a cable comprising a conductive core, an electromagnetic wave shielding layer, and an electromagnetic wave shielding layer, a connector connected to one end of the cable, and a ground terminal portion disposed at the connector and having a first terminal electrically connected to the electromagnetic wave shielding layer and a second terminal disposed to expose from the connector, wherein the first terminal and the second terminal are connected by bending. The cable assembly provides an advantageous effect of implementing a grounding arrangement at the cable assembly coupled to the motor in a vertical direction that is parallel with the shaft direction of the motor by forming the first terminal and second terminal of the ground terminal portion by bending..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Hybrid phased array transmission

Disclosed are various embodiments of an electromagnetic hybrid phased array system. One such embodiment includes a guided surface waveguide probe, and a contrawound toroidal helix antenna collocated with the guided surface waveguide probe in which the contrawound toroidal helix comprises ring elements spaced from each other and wrapped around the guided surface waveguide probe.
Cpg Technologies, Llc

Antenna with a lens

An antenna for a level meter and a method for operating such an antenna. The antenna has an antenna housing, at least one supply element and at least one lens, the lens having at least first and second lens surfaces.
Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

Multi-antenna and radio apparatus including thereof

A multi-antenna includes a ground plane; a first feeding point; a second feeding point that is different from the first feeding point; a first feed element that is connected to the first feeding point; a second feed element that is connected to the second feeding point, a cancellation electric current being generated in the second feed element; and a radiating element that functions as a radiation conductor when power is supplied by establishing electromagnetic field coupling with the first feed element and the second feed element.. .
Asahi Glass Company, Limited

Wireless communication with dielectric medium

An electronic device may include a dielectric substrate, an electronic circuit supported by the substrate, for processing data, and a communication unit having an antenna. The communication unit may be mounted to the substrate in communication with the electronic circuit for converting between a first ehf electromagnetic signal containing digital information and a data signal conducted by the electronic circuit.
Keyssa, Inc.

Article management system

A problem with conventional article management systems has been that the management scheme for articles. The present invention addresses this problem by providing an article management system comprising: a transmitting antenna for transmitting a radio signal; a receiving antenna for receiving a radio signal; a article to be managed positioning region whereat articles to be managed are placed; an rf tag provided with a tag transmitting unit which electromagnetically couples with the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna; and an rfid reader which sends a transmission signal to the rf tag via the transmitting antenna and receives a response signal outputted by the tag transmitting unit via the receiving antenna.
Nec Corporation

Dielectric coupling systems for ehf communications

Dielectric coupler devices and dielectric coupling systems for communicating ehf electromagnetic signals, and their methods of use. The coupler devices include an electrically conductive body having a major surface, the electrically conductive body defining an elongate recess, and the elongate recess having a floor, where a dielectric body is disposed in the elongate recess and configured to conduct an ehf electromagnetic signal..
Keyssa, Inc.

Positive electrode including discrete aluminum oxide nanomaterials and forming aluminum oxide nanomaterials

A positive electrode includes a lithium-based active material, a binder, a conductive filler, and discrete aluminum oxide nanomaterials. The aluminum oxide nanomaterials are mixed, as an additive, throughout the positive electrode with the lithium-based active material, the binder, and the conductive filler.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Ion-conductive fused-ring quinone polymer, electrode active material and secondary battery

Wherein each x is independently a single bond or a divalent group, and a1 and a2 are each independently an aromatic hydrocarbon ring or an oxygen atom or sulfur atom-containing aromatic heterocycle that forms together with two carbon atoms on a benzoquinone skeleton. This polymer is a material having charge-storing properties which, when used as an electrode active material, is capable of providing a high-performance battery possessing high capacity, high rate characteristics and high cycle characteristics..

Nanostructured carbon electrode, methods of fabricating and applications of the same

Nanostructured carbon electrode usable for electrochemical devices and methods of fabricating the same. The method of fabricating a nanostructured carbon electrode includes providing a carbon material of polyaromatic hydrocarbon (pah), mixing the carbon material of pah with a surfactant in a solution to form a suspension thereof; depositing the suspension onto a substrate to form a layered structure; and sintering the layered structure at a temperature for a period of time to form a nanostructured carbon electrode having a film of pah..
Northwestern University

Electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte battery, nonaqueous electrolyte battery and battery pack

An electrode for a nonaqueous electrolyte battery according to the present embodiment includes: a current collector; and an active material layer that is formed on one surface or both surfaces of the current collector. The active material layer contains a fluorine-containing aromatic compound, in which at least one of hydrogen atoms bonded to the aromatic ring has been substituted by fluorine, at 0.01 mass % or more and 1.0 mass % or less..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Where (a) g1 is selected from nr1, sir1r2, ger1r2, alkyl, cycloalkyl, and combinations thereof; and g2 is a non-aromatic polycyclic group; (b) g1 is a direct bond; and g2 is a non-aromatic spiro polycyclic group; or (c) g1 is selected from direct bond, nr1, sir1r2, ger1r2, alkyl, cycloalkyl, and combinations thereof; g2 is a non-aromatic polycyclic group; and r is directly bonded to a phenyl, pyridine, or triazine. R1, r2, and r3 are are a variety of substituents.

Magnetic element and memory device

According to one embodiment, a magnetic element includes a first stacked unit and a third ferromagnetic layer. The first stacked unit includes first and second ferromagnetic layers, and a first non-magnetic layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Drive signal generating apparatus

A drive signal generating apparatus includes a transducer configured to convert electromagnetic energy of a signal received through a first port into a different type of energy, convert the different type of energy into electromagnetic energy, and transfer the converted electromagnetic energy to a second port, and a switching circuit configured to perform a gate switching operation, upon receiving a signal from the second port, to generate a drive signal.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Solar element comprising resonator for application in energetics

A system for transforming solar electromagnetic radiation energy into electric energy comprises a dielectric structure permeable to an electromagnetic wave of solar electromagnetic radiation. The structure comprises plural layers having dielectric materials with minimum electromagnetic damping.
Vysoke Uceni Technicke V Brne

Amoled device and febricating method thereof, and display apparatus

The embodiments of the present disclosure relate to an amoled device and a fabricating method thereof, and a display apparatus. The amoled device comprises: a back plate; a blue hole transport layer on the back plate; an excitation layer on the blue hole transport layer; a blue light emitting layer on the excitation layer; an electron transfer layer on the blue light emitting layer; and a cathode on the electron transfer layer.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Optoelectronic component

An optoelectronic component for mixing electromagnetic radiation having different wavelengths, for example, for the far field is disclosed. In an embodiment the optoelectronic component includes a carrier, at least one first semiconductor chip arranged on the carrier and having a first radiation exit surface for emitting electromagnetic radiation in a first spectral range and at least one second semiconductor chip arranged on the carrier and having a second radiation exit surface for emitting electromagnetic radiation in a second spectral range, wherein a diffusing layer is arranged on the first and second radiation exit surfaces of the semiconductor chips that face away from the carrier and wherein a reflecting layer is arranged between the first semiconductor chip and the second semiconductor chip, the first and second radiation exit surfaces being free from the reflecting layer at least in regions..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Monolithic microwave integrated circuits

Low q associated with passive components of monolithic integrated circuits (ics) when operated at microwave frequencies can be avoided or mitigated using high resistivity (e.g., ≧100 ohm-cm) semiconductor substrates and lower resistance inductors for the ic. This eliminates significant in-substrate electromagnetic coupling losses from planar inductors and interconnections overlying the substrate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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