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Electromagnetic shielding member and electromagnetic shielding structure

Kitagawa Industries

Electromagnetic shielding member and electromagnetic shielding structure

Aluminum emi / rf shield

A.k. Stamping

Aluminum emi / rf shield

Aluminum emi / rf shield

Combined electromagnetic shield and thermal management device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oma-related patents
 Thin film based electromagnetic interference shielding with bbul/coreless packages patent thumbnailThin film based electromagnetic interference shielding with bbul/coreless packages
An apparatus including a die including a device side with contact points and lateral sidewalls defining a thickness of the die; a build-up carrier coupled to the die, the build-up carrier including a plurality of alternating layers of patterned conductive material and insulating material, wherein at least one of the layers of patterned conductive material is coupled to one of the contact points of the die; and an interference shield including a conductive material disposed on the die and a portion of the build-up carrier. The apparatus may be connected to a printed circuit board.

 Electromagnetic shielding member and electromagnetic shielding structure patent thumbnailElectromagnetic shielding member and electromagnetic shielding structure
An electromagnetic shielding member comprises: a shielding portion, including a metal material, for sealing an electronic component on an electronic circuit board, between the shielding portion itself and the electronic circuit board; a dielectric portion between a conductive portion of the electronic component, and the shielding portion, the dielectric portion including a dielectric material having a relative permittivity of 6 or more; and a laminated portion around the electronic component, the laminated portion being a laminate of the shielding portion and the dielectric portion.. .
Kitagawa Industries Co., Ltd.

 Aluminum emi / rf shield patent thumbnailAluminum emi / rf shield
A shield made from aluminum (al) or an aluminum-based alloy coated with a solderable plating such as nickel or tin provides thermal improvement over existing shielding materials. The shield for circuitry on a circuit board comprising an aluminum material plated with a solderable material, the shield providing electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding and heat transfer when positioned over a circuit..
A.k. Stamping Company, Inc.

 Combined electromagnetic shield and thermal management device patent thumbnailCombined electromagnetic shield and thermal management device
Various emi shields with thermal management capabilities are disclosed. In one aspect, an emi shield is provided that includes a thermal spreader plate adapted to be seated on and convey heat from an electromagnetic emissions generating component.

 Electromagnetic interference filter for implanted electronics patent thumbnailElectromagnetic interference filter for implanted electronics
An electromagnetic interference filter for various electronic devices such as implantable medical devices is provided. A plurality of signal electrodes can be configured in an array, where each signal electrode extends vertically from a top surface to a bottom surface of the filter such that the signal electrodes are flush with the top and bottom surface.
Avx Corporation

 Waveguide-based  exciting and sustaining a plasma patent thumbnailWaveguide-based exciting and sustaining a plasma
An apparatus includes an electromagnetic which supports propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a first direction between a first end thereof and a second end thereof, and an electromagnetic-field shaping structure within the electromagnetic waveguide. The electromagnetic-field shaping structure defines a channel extending from a first aperture in a first wall of the apparatus to a second aperture in a second, opposite, wall.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

 Method and  performing uplink hybrid automatic repeat request operation in an asymmetric  multicarrier communication  network environment patent thumbnailMethod and performing uplink hybrid automatic repeat request operation in an asymmetric multicarrier communication network environment
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for performing an uplink hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) operation in an asymmetric multicarrier communication network environment. In one embodiment, a method includes transmitting a harq packet to a base station in a transmit time interval of one of a plurality of partitions of an uplink allocation interval on a first carrier by a mobile station.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Pdcch monitoring scheme considering epdcch patent thumbnailPdcch monitoring scheme considering epdcch
Physical downlink control channel (pdcch) monitoring scheme considering a enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) is disclosed. According to the present invention, when a ue receives a first epdcch indicating a downlink transmission at subframe ‘n’ from a network, even though processes the received first epdcch until subframe ‘n+m’, wherein m is not 0, the ue is configured to monitor a second epdcch or a pdcch from subframe ‘n+xrtt’, where ‘xrtt’ corresponds to a value of a hybrid automatic repeat request retransmission timer (harq rtt timer)..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Portable terminal and display control method patent thumbnailPortable terminal and display control method
A mobile phone 10 comprises a display 14 provided with an led (46) that functions as a backlight, a display driver (42), etc. The display driver has a cabc (content adaptive brightness control) function to adjust illuminance of the backlight, an image quality of an image to be displayed, etc.
Kyocera Corporation

 Enhancing group communication services patent thumbnailEnhancing group communication services
In some implementations, a method in a user equipment (ue) for supporting group communication service includes receiving, from a base station, a group communication on a physical downlink shared channel (pdsch). The ue determines a first hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) information that corresponds to the group communication on the pdsch.
Blackberry Limited


Hearing aid and producing a hearing aid

A hearing aid includes a hearing aid housing and an antenna device constructed to receive and/or transmit electromagnetic waves having a predetermined wavelength lambda. The antenna device has a frame incorporated in the hearing aid housing for holding assemblies of the hearing aid and the frame has an electrically conductive structure being an integral part of the frame.
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewan


Data session management method and system including content recognition of broadcast data and remote device feedback

Computer-implemented methods and systems of session management of data between a content management server and a plurality of interconnected remote devices over network are presented. The remote devices, such as mobile devices, detect broadcast information from a television that is in range of cameras and microphones.
Nantx Technologies Ltd


Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing automated testing of an optical character recognition system

A method is provided for providing automated testing of an optical character recognition (ocr) system. An automated testing framework may convert original text files to images of various formats and resolutions.
Mckesson Financial Holdings


Image decoding apparatus and image coding apparatus

A moving image decoding apparatus 1 includes a gradient deriving unit 1453b that references a chroma gradient definition defang1c, and derives a chroma prediction direction from a prediction mode based on a luma prediction direction.. .


Modular packaging and optical system for multi-aperture and multi-spectral camera core

An imaging device comprises a focal plane array (fpa) having a plurality of singulated unit cells arranged on a carrier substrate. Each of the unit cells comprises a sub-array of pixels in the focal plane array.
Invis Technologies Corporation


Method for image processing and method that can be performed therewith for the automatic detection of objects, observation device and high-precision tracking of the course followed by launched rockets over large distances

A method for image processing involves collecting image data of a scene as electromagnetic radiation and processing the image data to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the image data. The image processing involves dividing a raw image that contains the image data into lines and columns, to create a raster image, superimposing a central raster filter element of a raster filter having an odd number of lines and an odd number of columns onto a raster image element, determining the brightness values of each of the raster image elements covered by the raster filter, wherein except for the central raster filter element, every other raster filter element has an individual light-reducing property, and adding up the brightness values to produce a total brightness value, and assigning this total brightness value to the raster image element covered by the central raster filter element.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh


Image processing apparatus configured to execute correction on scan image data

An image processing apparatus acquires scan data and information about a color specified by a user; executes first correction on the scan data such that brightness of a pixel subject to the first correction increases, the pixel subject to the first correction having a color that falls within a specified range of color, an achromatic color brighter than the specified color falling within the specified range of color, first corrected scan data being generated resulting from execution of the first correction; executes second correction on at least a part of the first-corrected scan data such that a color of a pixel subject to the second correction is changed to a predetermined color if the pixel subject to the second correction is a specified color pixel specified based on the information, second corrected scan data being generated resulting from execution of the second correction; and outputs the second corrected scan data.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Image scanning apparatus

A controller is configured to set a reference gradation value when a gray reference member is illuminated. When the number of pixels, of which the gradation values is equal to or greater than the reference gradation value, is a target number of pixels, both are stored in association with each other.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Cloud-based global alarm annunciation system for industrial systems

A cloud-based global alarm annunciation broker assist in locating and contacting suitable technical support personnel in response to detected alarm events at a plant facility. The system comprises a cloud-based framework that dynamically matches on-site alarm events to domain experts capable of addressing the alarm events.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Method and apparatus of optimizing an xdsl transceiver configuration using single ended line test (selt) measurement

The present invention relates to a method by which an xdsl modem can be properly connected and/or optimally tuned to achieve a desired performance goal based on knowledge obtained by first performing a selt test and then post-processing the results of that test. In embodiments, the processed selt results are used to detect bad connections or other anomalies such as split pairs.
Ikanos Communications, Inc.


Receiver network component for operation in a communication network, communication network and operating a communication network

A receiver network component operates in a communication network of an automation system. The component receives data messages sent redundantly by transmitter network components of the communication network and rejects duplicates of an already received data message.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


System to identify machines infected by malware applying linguistic analysis to network requests from endpoints

A method to identify machines infected by malware is provided. The method includes determining whether a universal resource locator in a network request is present in a first cache and determining whether a fully qualified domain name from the uniform resource locator is present in a second cache.
Symantec Corporation


Method and determining phishing website

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for determining a phishing website. The method comprises: a server determining whether a target website accessed by a client is a gray website, the gray website being a website neither in a preset blacklist nor in a whitelist; the client acquiring the browsing information of the gray website in the local client, and determining whether the browsing information meets a preset condition; if yes, determining that the gray website is a non-phishing website; if not, the client acquiring the domain name feature information of the gray website, and when the domain name feature information conforms to a pre-configured rule, determining that the gray website is a phishing website.
Qizhi Software (beijing) Company Limited


System and secure machine-to-machine communications

Embodiments of the present invention include a method for providing a secure domain name system (dns) for machine to machine communications. In one embodiment, the method includes storing policy information for machine to machine communications in a global dns registry database server.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc


Method of transmitting by relay server for advanced domain name system

The present invention provides an advanced domain name system for implementing method of data transfer between tcp (transmission control protocol) and udp (user datagram protocol) in transport layer for ip protocols in application layer of the communications protocol, and also provides a relay server between a pc and a server for transmitting data.. .
National Taipei University Of Technology


Domain name system cname record management

A method and apparatus for managing cname records such that cname records at the root domain are supported while complying with the rfc specification (an ip address is returned for any address query for the root record). The authoritative dns infrastructure acts as a dns resolver where if there is a cname at the root record, rather than returning that record directly, a recursive lookup is used to follow the cname chain until an a record is located.
Cloudflare, Inc.


Implementation of a service that coordinates the placement and execution of containers

Organizations are constantly looking for faster and less expensive computer systems to manage businesses; however, the current standard in virtualization techniques includes using virtual machines, which require a long period of time to be instantiated before handling requests and are resource intensive. Using domain name system (dns) queries to a dns server as an indicator to initiate a virtual resource, such as containers, enables the system to instantiate the container prior to an end user transmitting their first request for a resource stored in that container.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Active application response delay time

Provided are methods and systems for load balancing client requests between sites associated with a domain name. A method comprises determining a first active response delay time between a local domain name system (dns) server and a first site.


Stateless protocol translation

Some aspects of the methods and systems presented relate to performing stateless address translation between ipv4 capable devices to ipv6 capable networks and devices. Stateless address translation may form a new ipv6 addresses by combining the ipv4 address of a device with an ipv6 prefix address assigned to the translator.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Method and device for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation (i)

An exemplary method and device provide for managing and configuring field devices in an automation installation with a configuration tool designed to physically detect a field device in the automation installation, logically incorporate the field device in the automation installation, and configure the field device in the automation installation. For this purpose, the configuration tool uses a predefined field-device-specific information packet which describes the functions and data of the field device.
Abb Technology Ag


System and communication between functional device and home automation

A functional device is disclosed that can collect and process data/information/parameter values from one or more sensors and compares the same with one or more predefined/threshold value to suggest one or more actions and/or generate alerts/messages/suggestions to be performed by one or a combination of remote system, wearer, home automation network, healthcare provider, doctor, caretaker, among other stakeholders. Communication between the functional device, home automation server and a computational server that stores the data is also disclosed..


Managing hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) buffer

In a system and method for wireless communication, a user equipment (ue) is configured to determine whether it failed to detect and decode a data transmission while the ue tuned away from a first rat to a second rat based on a grant sequence number. The harq buffer is flushed when the ue determines it missed a grant and the duration of the tune away gap meets a particular criteria..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and system applied in physical uplink shared channel (pusch) hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) timing for carrier aggregation (ca)

The present disclosure discloses a method and a system applied in a physical uplink shared channel (pusch) hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) timing for carrier aggregation (ca). When a round-trip time (rtt) of a scheduling cell is not equal to 10 ms, an harq of the pusch on a scheduled cell may follow a timing mode of a time slot configuration of config#1 defined by the 3rd generation partnership project (3gpp).
China Mobile Communications Corporation


Method of mobile communication using mobile repeater

The invention is related to the radio communication area, in particular, to the personal radio communication technology and may be used in mobile telephony system. The method of mobile communication using a mobile repeater is implemented by a mobile communication device containing a central processor and a controlling memory.


Electro-magnetic transducer and vibration control system

An electromagnetic transducer is disclosed including a ring magnetic assembly, a first coil disposed in the magnetic field generated by the magnetic assembly, such that the first coil reciprocally moves with respect to the magnetic assembly, at least one elastic suspension-connecting the magnetic assembly to the first coil to allow for reciprocal movement between the first coil and the magnetic assembly, a control coil connected to the magnetic assembly by an elastic suspension to allow for reciprocal movement of the control coil with respect to the magnetic assembly, a vibrating surface connected to the first coil or the magnetic assembly or the control coil in order to vibrate, and an electronic control to control an excitation current of the control coil in order to generate a mechanical force adapted to control the mechanical vibration of the vibrating surface.. .
Ask Industries Societa' Perazioni


Motor drive device having function of detecting contact fusion in electromagnetic contactor

A motor drive device driven by a three-phase ac, which drives a motor by an ac/dc converter and dc/ac converter controlled by a controller, and which has an electromagnetic contractor without an auxiliary contact in an input power circuit, which motor control device is provided at the controller with an off circuit of the electromagnetic contactor and a partial controller of the three-phase bridge circuit at the ac/dc converter, turns on an upper arm of a predetermined phase of the three-phase bridge circuit and turns on the lower arms of other phases in the state where the electromagnetic contactor is turned off, judges the presence of current in this state by the current detector, and, when the current detector detects current, uses a contact fusion detector to detecte contact fusion in the electromagnetic contactor and thereby can detect fusion of a contact in the electromagnetic contactor without an additional circuit.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Speed detection circuits for permanent magnet alternators

A permanent magnet alternator (pma) includes a rotatable shaft, windings, a shunt regulator circuit, and a speed detection circuit. The rotatable shaft is connected electromagnetically to the windings.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Permanent magnet embedded motor, compressor, and refrigeration and air conditioning device

A rotor core includes a plurality of first electromagnetic steel plates that are stacked in an axial direction and a plurality of second electromagnetic steel plates that are stacked in an axial direction at both ends of the electromagnetic steel plate group thereof. The first electromagnetic steel plates are provided therein with magnet insertion holes and first flux barriers.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Improved shaped metallic element for making laminations and lamination obtained by joining a plurality of said improved shaped metallic elements

A shaped metallic element (1) for making laminations (100) of a stator (200) and/or a rotor (300) of a rotary electric machine (400) or for making the laminated ferromagnetic core (500) of a static electric machine, including two sides (2, 3) suited to be fixedly joined to corresponding sides (2, 3) of two shaped metallic elements (1) arranged so that they are adjacent to said shaped metallic element (1). In the shaped metallic element (1) the two sides (2, 3) have a shaped profile (4) matching the shaped profile of the sides (2, 3) of the adjacent shaped metallic elements (1) so that the shaped metallic elements (1) can be fixedly coupled with each other through interference..
Veco S.p.a.


Electromagnetic transmission device, power amplification device, and electromagnetic transmission system

In order to obtain an electromagnetic transmission device and an electromagnetic transmission system that emit high-power continuous microwaves stably onto a material or an irradiation target in electromagnetic heating systems and electromagnetic power transmission systems that are required to emit electromagnetic waves such as high-power microwaves, the electromagnetic transmission device, the power amplification device, and the electromagnetic transmission system emit, onto an irradiation target, electromagnetic waves that are modulated by a repeating pulse with a predetermined transmission duty cycle, or electromagnetic waves that are modulated by a repeating pulse with a predetermined transmission duty cycle and are amplified.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Electro-acoustic device charging and power supply

An electroacoustic portable device charger and direct power adaptor. Ultrasonic transducers transmit acoustic energy which is converted into electrical power for the purposes of charging portable device batteries.
Piezo Energy Technologies, Llc


Temperature management for inductive charging systems

A thermal management system for an electromagnetic induction-power transfer system. The system may include a charging apparatus including a housing that defines an interface surface.
Apple Inc.


Power transmission system

A power transmission system that can prevent a plunge in power transmission efficiency even when there is a positional shift of a power reception antenna with respect to a power transmission antenna. A power transmission system includes: a power transmission antenna that includes a wound power transmission coil that is placed on the ground; a power reception antenna that is disposed in such a way as to face the power transmission antenna, includes a wound power reception coil, and receives electric energy from the power transmission antenna via an electromagnetic field, wherein an area of a first projection plane that is formed by the power transmission coil in a vertical direction with respect to a horizontal plane is larger than an area of a second projection plane that is formed by the power reception coil in the vertical direction with respect to the horizontal plane..
Equos Research Co., Ltd.


Configurable mesh network for an electrical switching system

Systems and methods that can be retrofitted into an existing wired electrical system replacing existing switches whether as a standalone single switch or part of a multi-way switch configuration that can be controlled locally nominally by touch, controlled remotely by a remote, or controlled remotely by a computer. The systems and method provide that the switches establish a local network allowing for retrofit or construction of a structure or facility with electrical system automation without the need for additional wiring..
Ivani, Llc


Space saving multiband antenna

There is disclosed a multiband antenna device comprising a conductive elongate antenna element configured for electrical connection to a conductive groundplane at a grounding point, and for electrical connection to a radio transmitter/receiver at a feeding point. The antenna element comprises a first portion and a second portion.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Antennaless wireless device

A radiating system of a wireless device transmits and receives electromagnetic wave signals in a frequency region and comprises an external port, a radiating structure, and a radiofrequency system. The radiating structure includes: a ground plane layer with a connection point; a radiation booster with a connection point and being smaller than 1/30 of a free-space wavelength corresponding to a lowest frequency of the frequency region; and an internal port between the radiation booster connection point and the ground plane layer connection point.
Fractus, S.a.


Structures for shielding and mounting components in electronic devices

An electronic device may be provided with a conductive housing. An antenna window structure may be formed in an opening in the housing.
Apple Inc.


Filtering circuit with slot line resonators

The present invention relates to a filtering circuit comprising at least two slot line resonators arranged side by side and realised on a dielectric substrate having a first face equipped with a conductive layer and a second parallel face, each of said at least two resonators comprising a slot line etched in the conductive layer and folded according to a spiral pattern counting a plurality of turns, with a shape factor such that the slot line has parts noticeably parallel or concentric. According to embodiments of the invention, at least one turn of the spiral pattern of each of the resonators comprises at least one discontinuity, the discontinuities of said at least two slot line resonators being arranged in such a manner as to increase the electromagnetic coupling between said at least two slot line resonators..
Thomson Licensing


Amorphous polyamide derived from aromatic dicarboxylic acid as a binder for lithium ion battery electrode

Disclosed are electrodes, lithium ion batteries, and a process for production of electrodes for lithium ion batteries comprising amorphous polyamide binders, wherein the amorphous polyamide comprises at least 50 mole % of repeating units derived from aromatic dicarboxylic acids, and has a glass transition temperature of at least 80° c.. .
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Fusing porphyrins with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocycles for optoelectronic applications

A compound that can be used as a donor material in organic photovoltaic devices comprising a non-activated porphyrin fused with one or more non-activated polycyclic aromatic rings or one or more non-activated heterocyclic rings can be obtained by a thermal fusion process. By heating the reaction mixture of non-activated porphyrins with non-activated polycyclic aromatic rings or heterocyclic rings to a fusion temperature and holding for a predetermined time, fusion of one or more polycyclic rings or heterocyclic rings to the non-activated porphyrin core in meso,β fashion is achieved resulting in hybrid structures containing a distorted porphyrin ring with annulated aromatic rings.
University Of Southern California


Aromatic aza-bicyclic compounds containing cu, ag, au, zn, al for use in electroluminescent devices

The present invention relates to metal complexes and electronic devices, in particular organic electroluminescent devices such as oleds, containing said metal complexes. The following compounds of formula (1) are claimed: m(l)n(l′)m, the compound of general formula (1) containing a sub-structure m(l)n of formula (2) and l representing a mono-anionic ligand.
Merck Patent Gmbh


Organic material and photoelectric conversion element

Where in the general formula (1), r1 and r2, which may be identical to or different from each other, each represent an alkyl group having 4 to 24 carbon atoms, x represents a substituted or unsubstituted aromatic hydrocarbon group, y represents an aromatic hydrocarbon group, an alkoxyl group, or an alkyl group, which may be substituted with a substituent, and n represents an integer of 1 to 3.. .


Method for manufacturing electronic device

When a thin film is formed by an application method, damage to a substrate or existing electrodes and functional layers can be reduce. A method for manufacturing an electronic device comprising two or more electrodes, and an organic thin film provided between the two or more electrodes, the method comprising the steps of: forming a coating film by applying a coating liquid that comprises a material having a crosslinking group, and forming the organic thin film by repeating an irradiation of electromagnetic waves to the coating film to cross-link with the crosslinking group..
Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited


Magnetic multilayer film and tunneling magnetoresistance element

A magnetic multilayer film, includes a nonmagnetic layer including a single- or poly-crystalline magnesium oxide in which a (001) crystal plane is preferentially oriented, a very thin layer including an oxide of a 3d transition metal element, and a very thin ferromagnetic layer, laminated in sequence starting on a substrate side.. .
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Mram having an unpinned, fixed synthetic anti-ferromagnetic structure

An mram bit includes a free magnetic region, a fixed magnetic region comprising an anti-ferromagnetic material, and a dielectric layer positioned between the free magnetic region and the fixed magnetic region. In one aspect, the fixed magnetic region consists essentially of an unpinned, fixed synthetic anti-ferromagnetic (saf) structure which comprises (i) a first layer of one or more ferromagnetic materials, wherein the one or more ferromagnetic materials includes cobalt, (ii) a second layer of one or more ferromagnetic materials wherein the one or more ferromagnetic materials includes cobalt, (iii) a third layer of one or more ferromagnetic materials, and an anti-ferromagnetic coupling layer, wherein: (a) the anti-ferromagnetic coupling layer is disposed between the first and third layers, and (b) the second layer is disposed between the first layer and the anti-ferromagnetic coupling layer..
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Polyester resin composition having improved mechanical properties and moldability

A polyester resin composition includes: (a) a polyester resin which includes a polymer of a dicarboxylic acid component including an aromatic dicarboxylic acid and a diol component including an alicyclic diol having a trans/cis isomer ratio of about 2.3 or more; (b) a white pigment; and (c) inorganic fillers. A molded article formed from the polyester resin composition can exhibit improved mechanical properties and moldability, and thus can be suitable for light emitting diode (led) reflectors..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


White flip chip light emitting diode (fc led) and fabrication method

A white flip chip light emitting diode (fc led) includes a flip chip (led) die configured to emit electromagnetic radiation; reflective sidewalls on the (led) die; and a wavelength conversion member having a uniform thickness and a surface area greater than or equal to a footprint of the flip chip (led) die configured to change a wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation to produce white light. A method for fabricating the white flip chip light emitting diode (fc led) includes the steps of: providing the flip chip (led) die; forming reflective sidewalls on the flip chip (led) die; and forming a wavelength conversion member on the flip chip (led) die..
Semileds Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.


Magnetic tunnel junction for mram device

A magnetoresistive random-access memory device with a magnetic tunnel junction stack having a significantly improved performance of the free layer in the magnetic tunnel junction structure. The memory device includes an antiferromagnetic structure and a magnetic tunnel junction structure disposed on the antiferromagnetic structure.
Spin Transfer Technologies, Inc.


Electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductor chip packages

An electromagnetic interference shield is described for semiconductor chip packages. In some embodiments, a package has a semiconductor die.


Bonded structure and production method therefor

The deterioration of the resin base materials in the bonded structure is prevented. In a bonded structure containing two base materials at least one of which is a resin, an oxide which contains either p or ag, v, and te, and are formed by softening on the two base materials, bond the two base materials.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Color shifted lamps

Lamps exhibiting a chromaticity shift relative to a clear baseline, including but not limited to modified spectrum lamps. Such a lamp includes a light-transmissive envelope and a light-generating element enclosed within the light-transmissive envelope.
General Electric Company


Laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry using a particulate separation bed

A self-assembled engineered lattice of nanometer-scale silica particles, or other suitable particles generally resembling regularly-sized spheres, is configured in a separation bed for electrophoresis, isoelectric focusing, chromatography, or other voltage-induced separation of analytes. After separation, the analytes are immobilized on the separation bed and then ionized using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (maldi) for use with a mass spectrometer.
Purdue Research Foundation


Plasma processing apparatus and liner assembly for tuning electrical skews

The invention discloses a plasma processing apparatus comprising a chamber lid, a chamber body and a support assembly. The chamber body, defining a processing volume for containing a plasma, for supporting the chamber lid.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Treating biomass

Methods and systems are described for processing cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials and useful intermediates and products, such as energy and fuels. For example, irradiating methods and systems are described to aid in the processing of the cellulosic and lignocellulosic materials.
Xyleco, Inc.


Electromagnetic relay

An electromagnetic relay includes a first fixed spring including a first fixed contact, a second fixed spring including a second fixed contact, a movable spring including a spring, a first movable contact is connected a first end of the spring, and a second movable contact is connected to a second end of the spring, and a conductive member, one end connected to the first movable contact and another end connected to the second movable contact.. .
Fujitsu Component Limited


Electromagnetic relay assembly

An electromagnetic relay assembly includes a switching unit to push a sliding member and to place a locking portion of a locking member to lock the sliding member at a first position where the switching unit switches a first conductive plate and a second conductive plate to an electrically disconnected state. When a coil is energized, the sliding member is moved to a second position, and the locking portion of the locking member is placed to lock the sliding member in the second position where the switching unit is actuated by the sliding member to switch the first and second conductive plates to an electrically connected state..
Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.


Coil mounting structure

Provided is a coil mounting structure for a device that comprises a primary coil to be supplied with an alternating current, and a secondary coil arranged facing the primary coil and configured to supply an electric power to a load provided in a housing by using an induced voltage generated by an electromagnetic field produced by the primary coil. The coil mounting structure comprises at least one mounting part provided in a region of the housing, the region facing the primary coil, and the at least one mounting part is configured to hold the secondary coil to the housing.
Central Japan Railway Company


Positioning system for an electromechanical actuator

Provided is a shaft positioning system for an electromechanical actuator. According to various examples, the positioning system includes a shaft coupled to an electromechanical actuator.
The Boeing Company


Electomagnetically active elements, alloys, compounds and compositions for firearms fabricated by additive manufacturing

Chemical or physical markers (i.e., tags) can be embedded in a host resin-based, polymer or thermoplastic matrix used as feedstock for additive manufacturing. These tags can comprise detectable levels of magnetic, electromagnetic, ferromagnetic and other metal alloy materials within the metallic feedstock materials used to create objects via additive manufacturing.


Memory having a pull-up circuit with inputs of multiple voltage domains

A memory and a method for operating the memory having a precharge circuit with inputs of multiple voltage domains are provided. In one aspect, a memory includes a bitline and one or more storage elements coupled to the bitline.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Higher stability read head utilizing a partial milling process

In one embodiment, a method for forming a magnetoresistive read head includes forming a fixed layer having a first ferromagnetic material that has a fixed direction of magnetization above a lower shield layer, forming a free layer having a second ferromagnetic material positioned above the fixed layer, the free layer having a non-fixed direction of magnetization, forming a first mask above the free layer, the first mask having a predetermined width based on a track width of a magnetic medium, etching the free layer down to the fixed layer using the first mask as a guide, wherein substantially none of the fixed layer is etched, and wherein the fixed layer extends beyond both sides of the free layer in a cross-track direction, and forming magnetic domain control films on both sides of the free layer in the cross-track direction, the magnetic domain control films including a soft magnetic material.. .
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Language modeling in speech recognition

Some implementations include a computer-implemented method. The method can include providing a training set of text samples to a semantic parser that associates text samples with actions.
Google Inc.


Automaton capable of writing a signature

Automaton capable of writing a signature formed of a series of characters or of stylised signature, wherein the automaton is housed in a volume of a case and operates by means of a system of three cams, wherein two cams encode the movements of a hinged arm carrying a writing instrument in the two dimensions of a writing plane, and wherein a third cam is used to raise or lower the hinged arm perpendicularly to the writing plane, wherein the hinged arm is movable between a first folded position and a second extended position in which the arm transmits to the writing instrument the movements imparted thereto by the system of three cams.. .
Montres Jaquet Droz Sa


Adaptive cognitive skills assessment and training

A method for cognitive assessment and adaptive cognitive skills training is disclosed. The method involves obtaining a plurality of test performance results associated with a user based on a plurality of tests, generating a training recipe based on the test performance results and at least one of a plurality of test weights and a plurality of baseline distributions, each corresponding to the plurality of tests, wherein the plurality of test weights comprises a weight assigned to a plurality of cognitive domains tested by the plurality of tests, identifying one of the plurality of cognitive domains of the user requiring improvement based on the test performance results, obtaining, via an online video game played by the user, activity performance results associated with the user based on a training round completed by the user, wherein the training round comprises a plurality of video game activities in the online video game selected using the training recipe and specifically targeted to the cognitive domain of the user requiring improvement..
Mycognition Limited


Vehicle light anomaly state warning

A vehicle system includes a communication interface in communication with a processing device. The communication interface is configured to receive ambient light information from a remote server over a communication network.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc.


Apparatus for detecting ferromagnetic objects at a protected doorway assembly

An apparatus for protecting an entrance to a protected area comprises a magnetic sensor to measure an ambient magnetic field or gradient within a first zone of sensitivity at a non-magnetic sensor means adapted to detect the presence of objects within a primary detection zone, a signal processing circuit arranged in communication with the magnetic sensor apparatus and non-magnetic sensor apparatus, and a warning device operable by an output signal from the signal processing circuit, the warning device adapted to provide an alarm. The signal processing circuit identifies temporal variations due to the movement of a ferromagnetic object within the ambient magnetic field and correlates them with instances in which the non-magnetic sensor means detects the presence of an object in its detection zone, and causes the alarm to operate in the event that the correlation is indicative of the presence of a ferromagnetic object in the primary detection zone.
Metrasens Limited


Systems and methods for spectral authentication of a feature of a document

Systems and methods for authenticating a document are provided. In one embodiment, a method for authenticating a feature of a document includes capturing a first image of a region of a document while the region is subjected to a first wavelength of electromagnetic radiation.
De La Rue North America Inc.


Mobile device based authentication

Methods and systems are described for controlling an automation and security system. According to at least one embodiment, an apparatus for voice control of an automation and security system includes a processor, a memory in electronic communication with the processor, and instructions stored in the memory.
Vivint, Inc.


Image processing apparatus, image processing method and program

An image processing apparatus (100) is formed including: color image acquisition means (222) for acquiring a color image of an object, which is expressed by a luminance signal, a first color difference signal that is a color difference signal of a color pair that is easy to be identified by a dichromat and a second difference signal that is a color difference signal of a color pair that is difficult to be identified by the dichromat; color difference signal processing means (223) for performing mixing reprocessing that mixes a component of the second color difference signal with a component of the first color difference signal, for each pixel data of the color image; and display control means (230) for performing control to display the color image processed by the color difference signal processing means (223) on a display unit (109) as a color image subjected to color conversion. By this means, it is possible to provide a mechanism in which a dichromat can understand the hue of an object without learning..
Kagoshima University


Image processing apparatus, method, and medium for generating color image data

An image processing apparatus includes a first acquisition unit configured to acquire color image data including chromaticity information of an object, a second acquisition unit configured to acquire monochrome image data including brightness information of the object, and a generation unit configured to align and combine the color image data and the monochrome image data, thereby generating composite image data, which is image data in color and higher in resolution quality than the color image data, wherein the generation unit generates the composite image data such that a pixel value of each pixel in the composite image data includes chromaticity information based on the color image data and brightness information based on the monochrome image data.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Loan automation system

A system, process and non-transitory computer readable storage medium are used to automatically determine whether to provide a loan. In accordance with the loan process, input data comprising at least a request for a loan and an identity of the loan applicant is received from a remote user device operated by, or on behalf of, the person or legal entity applying for a loan.
Wonga Technology Limited


Sales estimate tool with alternate estimating

A method for providing an estimate for a defined building control system comprises displaying on a user interface a plurality of areas for the defined building control system. The method further comprises associating a plurality of subsystems of the defined building control system with the plurality of areas, each of the plurality of subsystems associated with a defined plurality of building automation components in a database, the plurality of subsystems including a first subsystem and a second subsystem both associated with one area of the plurality of areas.
Siemens Industry, Inc.


Intelligent social business productivity

Receiving items of work from various sources, applying analytics to obtain metadata about the items of work, and then applying further analytics to classify each item of work into one or more work domains in a model of work. User feedback is received regarding the accuracy of the classification decisions, and the computer-based classification analytics are updated accordingly..
International Business Machines Corporation


Intelligent social business productivity

Receiving items of work from various sources, applying analytics to obtain metadata about the items of work, and then applying further analytics to classify each item of work into one or more work domains in a model of work. User feedback is received regarding the accuracy of the classification decisions, and the computer-based classification analytics are updated accordingly..
International Business Machines Corporation


Locally-powered, polarization-insensitive antenna for rfid reader, and rfid system for, and , scanning item tags with one or more such antennas

A reader antenna for a radio frequency (rf) identification (rfid) reader operative for scanning rfid item tags that are oriented at different orientations and that are associated with items contained in a controlled area, includes a pair of mutually orthogonal dipoles for radiating electromagnetic waves with mutually orthogonal polarizations, an electrically energizable rf switch for switching between the dipoles, and an rfid antenna tag mounted adjacent the dipoles, and operative for receiving the radiated wave from either dipole, for locally generating electrical power to supply power to the rf switch, and for energizing the rf switch to switch between the dipoles.. .
Symbol Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus for transmission of signals from a metal housing

An apparatus for transmission of signals from a housing formed at least partially of metal for identification with the assistance electromagnetic waves (rfid), comprising at least a first housing opening, and a coil arrangement arranged in the housing for producing a magnetic field, wherein the magnetic flux density, which enters or leaves the coil arrangement has a vector (max) with a maximum magnitude, wherein the vector (max) or its opposite vector (−max) points toward the first housing opening.. .
Endress+hauser Gmbh+co. Kg


Device for detecting a dynamical network biomarker, detecting same, and program for detecting same

The present invention provides a device, method, and program for detection of a biomarker candidate that may be used in a diagnosis of a pre-disease state indicating a transition from a healthy state to a disease state. Biological samples are collected from a subject to be measured at different times.
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Method and system for decomposing social relationships into domains of interactions

Social relationships may be decomposed into domains of interaction by analyzing electronic messages. A collection of electronic messages are used to characterize relationships between individuals, such as social ties in a social network, in terms of domains of interactions, and characterizing messages in terms of a type of social resource exchange.


Dynamic generation of database views and class objects for providing access to repository data

Techniques for dynamically generating database views and class objects for allowing access to domain data stored in a repository are provided. A computer-implemented method, a system, and/or a machine-readable medium storing instructions executable by one or more processors may include generating a database view and a class object using metadata included in a domain model, and retrieving domain data from a repository using the database view and the class object.
Oracle International Corporation


Flexible schema for language model customization

The customization of language modeling components for speech recognition is provided. A list of language modeling components may be made available by a computing device.
Microsoft Corporation


Input string matching for domain names

A plurality of input string n-grams may be generated by accessing an input string and generating a universal character set transformation format (utf) encoded input string from the input string. The utf encoded input string may be parsed via an n-gram parser to generate a plurality of input string n-grams, where a length of each of the input string n-grams is larger than a lower bound and smaller than an upper bound.
Verisign, Inc.


Remote terminal unit (rtu) with universary input/output (uio) and related method

A system includes at least one industrial control and automation field device and a remote terminal unit (rtu). The rtu includes input/output (i/o) terminals configured to be coupled to the field devices.
Honeywell International Inc.


Processing automation scripts of software

Processing automation scripts used for testing pages includes running the automation scripts using a processor, searching for an element on the page according to locating information in an instruction of the automation scripts, collecting element-related information of the element in response to finding of the element on the page according to the locating information, and associating the collected element-related information of the element with the instruction of the automation scripts. The element-related information associated with the instruction is saved..
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for conducting automated tests

Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products are provided that conduct an automated test by creating automated testing scripts that are readable by automated testing software without requiring the automated testing scripts to be created by a programmer with knowledge of the particular scripting language used by the automated testing software. Rather, a test case template is generated by receiving input from the user in the form of keywords and selections that are not specified in a particular scripting language.
Mckesson Financial Holdings

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