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Date/App# patent app List of recent Oma-related patents
 Rat embryonic stem cell patent thumbnailRat embryonic stem cell
The present invention provides a rat embryonic stem cell characterized by having the following properties of (a) expressing oct3/4 gene and nanog gene, (b) positive for alkaline phosphatase activity, (c) having an embryoid body forming ability, (d) expressing ssea (stage-specific embryonic antigen)-1 and ssea-4, (e) having the same number of chromosomes as does a normal rat cell, (f) capable of being subcultured and holding the undifferentiated state, (g) having in vitro pluripotency, (h) having a potential to differentiate for cells of three embryonic germ lineages, (i) having teratoma formation ability, and (j) having an ability to produce a chimeric rat, a method of establishing the aforementioned rat embryonic stem cell and the like.. .
 Methods of generating xenochimaeric mice with tumor and hematopoietic system from the same heterologous species patent thumbnailMethods of generating xenochimaeric mice with tumor and hematopoietic system from the same heterologous species
The present invention provides methods for the generation of xenochimaeric animals; for example, xenochimaeric mice, comprising bone marrow progenitor cells and tumors from a heterologous animal. In some aspects, the invention provides xenochimaeric mice bearing humanized bone marrow and human tumors.
 Mmtv-sv40-spy1a and spy1a-ptre transgenic mouse models patent thumbnailMmtv-sv40-spy1a and spy1a-ptre transgenic mouse models
In one aspect, the invention provides a transgenic non-human animal model havings germ cells and somatic cells containing an endogenous mmtv-sv40-spy1a gene sequence introduced into said animal model, or an ancestor of said animal model at an embryonic stage, wherein said gene sequence comprises a mouse mammary tumor virus gene (mmtv), a functionally disrupted sv40 gene (sv40) and a human spy1a gene. In another aspect, the present invention provides a transgenic non-human animal model whose germ cells and somatic cells contain an endogenous spy1a-ptre-tight gene sequence introduced into said animal model or an ancestor of said animal model at an embryonic stage.
 Identifying a denial-of-service attack in a cloud-based proxy service patent thumbnailIdentifying a denial-of-service attack in a cloud-based proxy service
A cloud-based proxy service identifies a denial-of-service (dos) attack including determining that there is a potential dos attack being directed to an ip address of the cloud-based proxy service; and responsive to determining that there are a plurality of domains that resolve to that ip address, identifying the one of the plurality of domains that is the target of the dos attack. The domain that is under attack is identified by scattering the plurality of domains to resolve to different ip addresses, where a result of the scattering is that each of those domains resolves to a different ip address, and identifying one of those plurality of domains as the target of the dos attack by determining that there is an abnormally high amount of traffic being directed to the ip address in which that domain resolves..
 Providing a real-time anomalous event detection and notification service in a wireless network patent thumbnailProviding a real-time anomalous event detection and notification service in a wireless network
A method and apparatus for providing a notification service in a wireless network are disclosed. For example, the method registers a mobile device associated with a customer for the notification service, collects traffic data related to the mobile device of the customer, determines if an anomaly is detected for the traffic data that is collected for the mobile device, and provides a notification to the mobile device of the customer, if the anomaly is detected for the traffic data that is collected for the mobile device..
 Code dependency calculation patent thumbnailCode dependency calculation
Generation of a dependency graph for code that includes code portions such as resources or functions or both. For some or all of the nodes, the dependency is calculated by determining that the given node, a depending node, depends on an affecting node.
 Device virtualization patent thumbnailDevice virtualization
Methods and systems for performing device virtualization are described herein. Hardware devices may be virtualized for use by multiple operating system instances executing on a single device.
 Virtual disk image manager supporting pluggable storage domains patent thumbnailVirtual disk image manager supporting pluggable storage domains
A virtual disk image manager running on a computing device determines that an operation is to be performed on a virtual disk image. The virtual disk image manager then determines whether an underlying storage domain on which the virtual disk image is stored supports the operation.
 Software test automation patent thumbnailSoftware test automation
In a method of creating a custom action, a user interface is presented for entry of lines of a custom action. In response to receipt of a sub-portion of a line of the custom action via said user interface, the sub-portion is automatically checked for errors in syntax.
 Visualization and navigation of knowledge domains patent thumbnailVisualization and navigation of knowledge domains
A system stores visual content in a computer storage device, and displays the visual content on a display unit in an undistorted projection in an overview mode. The system receives input from a user to focus on a specific topic in the undistorted projection, and converts the undistorted projection into a distorted projection that focuses on the topic selected by the user.
Systems and methods for shaping search engine results
A computer-implemented method for shaping internet search results, having the steps of acquiring the rights to a domain name, the domain name having a website url; generating a website corresponding to the domain name; obtaining account information from a user; receiving a profile name; validating the profile name; creating a third-level profile website; amending the domain of the profile website url with a profile name; and publishing the profile website, where the method is performed by one or more processors.. .
Method for transmitting a process map via a gateway device
Exemplary methods and systems are directed to transmitting a process map of a control or automation system via a gateway device. The gateway device includes at least one first functional unit connected to a higher-ranking control unit via a first communications link based on a primary field bus protocol, and at least one second functional unit connected to at least one field device via a second communications link based on a secondary field bus protocol.
Content delivery network routing method, system and user terminal
The present invention provides a content delivery network routing method, system, and user terminal. The method includes: receiving, by a cdn routing device, a first service request sent by a user terminal, where the first service request carries a first uniform resource locator url and a domain name; returning, by the cdn routing device, a redirection response message to the user terminal, where the redirection response message carries a second url, and the domain name; and receiving, by the cache node, a second service request sent by the user terminal, and returning a header field indication to the user terminal.
Anomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling
Methods and apparatus for anomaly detection in network-site metrics using predictive modeling are described. A method comprises obtaining time-series data for a given time range, wherein the time-series data comprises values for a network-site analytics metric for each of a plurality of sequential time steps across the given time range.
System and method for automated chat testing
A system for flexible and scalable automated end-to-end chat-based contact center testing, having a test case management platform, a chat cruncher, a contact center manager, a chat classifier, a desktop automation engine, and headless browser-based virtual agents and customers. The test case management platform allows a user to configure operation of the system.
Assigning an internet domain to a user as the user registers with a server
A method employing a server computer to assign domains to users, and store contents or user's registration data from the domains in a single database shared by all the assigned domains. Steps include: registering and assigning a first user identification; assigning a first domain to a first registered user; receiving a second request from a second user to register; registering the second user; assigning a second domain to the second registered user; managing the assigned first domain by assigning a first content and storing the first content on the database; managing the assigned second domain by assigning a second content to the second domain and storing the second content on the database; receiving a request from a client for the first content at the first domain; and fetching and returning the first content from the database..
Integrated approach to model time series dynamics in complex physical systems
A system and method for analysis of complex systems which includes determining model parameters based on time series data, further including profiling a plurality of types of data properties to discover complex data properties and dependencies; classifying the data dependencies into predetermined categories for analysis; and generating a plurality of models based on the discovered properties and dependencies. The system and method may analyze, using a processor, the generated models based on a fitness score determined for each model to generate a status report for each model; integrate the status reports for each model to determine an anomaly score for the generated models; and generate an alarm when the anomaly score exceeds a predefined threshold..
System and method for prepaid account replenishment
A method of processing a transaction for provision of funds to a mobile telephone prepayment account associated with a mobile telephone is disclosed. The method includes: an automated teller machine (atm) receiving, from a card associated with a user of the mobile telephone, information identifying a financial account associated with the user of the mobile device; the atm receiving, from a user, an identifier associated with the mobile telephone; the atm receiving, from the user, information indicating an amount of funds to be provided to the mobile telephone prepayment account; and the atm sending, to a financial institution associated with the financial account, an instruction to transfer the indicated amount of funds from the financial account to the wireless service provider, so as to provide the indicated amount of funds to the mobile telephone prepayment account..
Media handling device reject rate
A system and method of providing reject rate data and monitoring media handling device performance related to the reject rate data is disclosed, wherein the media handling device may be an automated teller machine. The system and methods may include determining a reject rate; analyzing a set of reject rate data for trending and statistical comparative analysis; transferring the set of reject rate data from one or more atms; and loading the set of rejection rate data into a data warehouse.
Healthcare enterprise simulation model initialized with snapshot data
Snapshot data may be received indicative of a current state of resources that deliver healthcare to a plurality of patients associated with a healthcare enterprise. The received snapshot data may be automatically used to initialize a healthcare enterprise simulation model.
Smart home automation systems and methods
A smart home interaction system is presented. It is built on a multi-modal, multithreaded conversational dialog engine.
Determining the electromagnetic field in a computer aided design environment
Examples of the invention include methods and apparatus for determining an electromagnetic field, such as a magnetic field, at a selected location within computer-aided design (cad) data. An example approach may include selecting a location by clicking on, or otherwise selecting the location within a visual representation of the cad data, selecting one or more electrical components within the cad data, retrieving electrical current data and distance data for each of the selected electrical components, and determining the electromagnetic field at the selected location using electromagnetic theory.
Geolocation using high order statistics
A specific emitter identification (sei) method and apparatus is capable of identifying and tracking objects within a geographical area of interest wherein the system and method has not been preprogrammed to look for particular signals. The system and method receives all of the emitted electromagnetic signals emitted from area of interest.
Electromagnetic method for obtaining dip azimuth angle
An electromagnetic method for obtaining a dip azimuth angle from downhole electromagnetic measurements includes acquiring electromagnetic measurement data in a subterranean borehole from at least one measurement array. The electromagnetic measurement data is processed by a least squares method to obtain the dip azimuth angle.
Magnetic field compensation system and method thereof
A compass system configured to compensate for electromagnetic interference in a vehicle is provided that includes an electronic device that is sensitive to electromagnetic interference (emi), wherein the electronic device is positioned in a vehicle such that the electronic device receives emi from another accessory in the vehicle, and wherein the electronic device is configured to compensate for the emi, such that the emi field caused by the accessory can be detected and added to existing calibration point while the accessory is powered on.. .
Coordinated joint motion control system
A coordinated joint control system for controlling a coordinated joint motion system, e.g. An articulated arm of a hydraulic excavator blends automation of routine tasks with real-time human supervisory trajectory correction and selection.
Voice prosthesis
A voice prosthesis device is disclosed that includes an improved fluid seal. The device includes a hollow cylindrical tube having flexible retainer flanges integrally formed over the open ends of the tube.
Intrastomal segment
A description has been provided herein of an intrastromal segment especially designed for use as a prosthesis inside the corneal tunnel of patients suffering from keratoconus. The segment consists of a lengthened body of variable dimensions in the form of an arc with noticeably rounded ends, devoid of any communicating orifice, and endowed with a transverse section that may be triangular, trapezoidal, hexagonal or oval, with at least three marks connecting to the narrowest side for which two ends aid the safe handling of the segment and the mid-section mark serves as a positional reference point.
Prostheses for ocular drug delivery and other treatments for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye disorders or diseases
A scleral prosthesis includes an elongated body that is narrower in a middle and wider at opposing first and second ends. The body includes multiple first portions that form the first end of the body, where the first portions separated lengthwise along the body.
Gastrointestinal system
A gastrointestinal stimulation system includes a remote controlled capsule adapted for positioning in the gastrointestinal tract (gt) of a patient, in which the capsule is secured to the inner wall of the gastrointestinal tract (gt) of a patient by a magnetic coupling system. The capsule is configured to activate at least one chosen area of the patient's gi tract, including when desired, the vagus nerve, thereby facilitating gastro motility or having other interaction with the gi tract, such as monitoring thereof.
Automated external defibrillator attachment for electronic device
An automated defibrillator attachment for an electronic device such as a smart phone includes an electronics module, at least two electrodes, and a connector. The at least two electrodes extend from the electronics module for connecting to a patient.
Gastric traction device and method
A surgical clamp or gastric traction device and method for grasping and manipulating the stomach and providing continuous and uniform tension along a predetermined staple line during the serial stapling and stomach transection portions of a laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure. The clamp typically includes a handle for gripping and manipulating the clamp and the engaged stomach, and a pair of elongated jaws coupled to the handle via a central portion.
Annular keratopigmentation systems and methods of vision correction of presbyopic eyes
Systems, devices, and methods for correcting presbyopic vision create a dye ring in the cornea. The intrastromal ring is created using a femtosecond laser and is centered on the visual axis.
Electromagnetically actuated valve and related methods of use
A valve assembly may include a valve body defining a housing for receiving a plunger, wherein the valve body includes an inlet channel and an outlet channel in selective fluid communication with the inlet channel. The valve assembly may also include a deflectable membrane operably coupled to the plunger, wherein the membrane is configured to selectively prevent fluid flow from the inlet channel to the outlet channel.
Endoluminal surgical tool with small bend radius steering section
An endoluminal surgical instrument has first and second steering controls on a handle. A flexible shaft attached to the handle has a distal steerable end including a first link and a second link separated by a plurality of intermediate links.
Ocular implant with shape change capabilities
Disclosed are devices, methods and systems for treatment of eye disease such as glaucoma. Implants are described herein that enhance aqueous flow through the normal outflow system of the eye with minimal to no complications.
Functional brain connectivity and background noise as biomarkers for cognitive impairment and epilepsy
A method of determining functional brain connectivity and its application as a biomarker is presented. Brain activity signals are measured to detect a functional connection between a first region of a brain and a second region of said brain.
Dynamic mr imaging of patients with breast cancer -- establishment and comparison of different analytical methods for tissue perfusion and capillary permeability
The present invention encompasses methods, apparatus, and computer based systems for identifying benign and malignant tumors in tissues such as soft tissues and particularly breast tissue using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imagining (dce-mri) and dynamic susceptibility contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance (dsc) imagining of the tumors. Some embodiments encompass the use of two dynamic mri pulse sequences in intercalating mode during parenteral administration of an mr contrast substance, wherein one of said pulse sequences is optimized for spatial information and the other pulse sequence is adjusted for high temporal solution, the high-temporal dissolved sequence further comprising a double echo-collection sensitive towards both dce and dsc for generating a number of different biomarker data such as pharmacokinetic biomarker data, descriptive dce biomarkers and descriptive dsc biomarkers, and subsequently normalizing and comparing said data with corresponding data from corresponding benign and malign tumors, respectively..
Locatable catheter
A catheter having a sensor at a distal end thereof, useable to detect and create signals from an electromagnetic field. The sensor is constructed and arranged to leave a lumen of the catheter open such that it may be used to pass instruments therethrough once a target location has been reached..
Gastric band
A gastric band of a belt type is presented for attaching around a circumference of a patient's stomach, so as to define the diameter of the stomach opening. The band comprises outer and inner surfaces, wherein the inner surface engages the stomach, and at least the outer surface is formed by an elongated member substantially non-extendable along a longitudinal axis thereof.
Hydroxide catalysts for lignin depolymerization
Solid base catalysts and their use for the base-catalyzed depolymerization (bcd) of lignin to compounds such as aromatics are presented herein. Exemplary catalysts include layered double hydroxides (ldhs) as recyclable, heterogeneous catalysts for bcd of lignin..
Polyvalent vinyl aromatic compound and method for producing same
A polyvalent vinyl aromatic compound represented by chemical formula (4) is produced by reacting (1) a specific vinyl aromatic compound and (2) a specific vinyl compound in the presence of (3-1) a metal complex and (3-2) a percarboxylic acid or a hypervalent iodine compound so that a vinyl group derived from the vinyl compound is introduced onto a carbon atom that is adjacent to the carbon atom to which a vinyl group is bonded in the vinyl aromatic compound. (in the formula, ar represents a monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon group or the like; r1a represents a —ch2oc(═o)r4 group or the like; r2 represents a hydrogen atom or the like; r3 represents a hydrogen atom or the like; a represents an alkyl group having 1-20 carbon atoms, or the like; and n represents an integer of 1-m.).
Amide derivative, pest control agent containing the amide derivative, and pest controlling method
A pest control agent containing a compound represented by the following formula (1), wherein a represents a carbon atom, a nitrogen atom, or the like, k represents a non-metal atom group necessary for forming a cyclic linking group derived from a 5- or 6-membered aromatic ring, in combination with a and two carbon atoms to which a bonds, x represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, or the like, n represents an integer of from 0 to 4, t represents —c(=g1)-q1 (wherein g1 and g2 represent an oxygen atom or the like, q1 represents a phenyl group which may have a substituent, a heterocyclic group which may have a substituent, or the like), or the like, q2 represents a phenyl group or the like, g3 represents an oxygen atom or the like, and r1 and r2 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, a c1-c6 alkyl group, or a group represented by -l-d, or the like (provided that at least either r1 or r2 represents a group represented by -l-d); as an active ingredient exhibits an excellent effect.. .
Hydrosilylation synthesis of haloalkylorganosilanes using peroxide promoters
This invention is directed to a process for producing a haloorganoalkoxysilane product comprising reacting an olefinic halide, an alkoxysilane, a catalytically effective amount of ruthenium-containing catalyst; and a reaction-promoting effective amount of a peroxy compound, optionally in the presence of an electron-deficient aromatic compound.. .
Heated chromatographic separation process
The present invention provides a chromatographic separation process for recovering a polyunsaturated fatty acid (pufa) product from a feed mixture, which process comprises passing the feed mixture through one or more chromatographic columns containing, as eluent, an aqueous organic solvent, wherein the temperature of at least one of the chromatographic columns through which the feed mixture is passed is greater than room temperature.. .
Method to convert monosaccharides to 5-(hydroxymethyl) furfural (hmf) using biomass-derived solvents
Described is a process to produce hydroxymethyl furfural (hmf) from biomass-derived sugars. The process includes the steps of reacting a c5 and/or c6 sugar-containing reactant derived from biomass in a monophasic or biphasic reaction solution comprising water and a co-solvent.
Reductive biomass liquefaction
The present invention provides methods, reactor systems, and catalysts for converting in a continuous process biomass to less complex oxygenated compounds for use in downstream processes to produce biofuels and chemicals. The invention includes methods of converting the components of biomass, such as hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, to water-soluble materials, including lignocellulosic derivatives, cellulosic derivatives, hemicellulosic derivatives, carbohydrates, starches, polysaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, sugars, sugar alcohols, alditols, polyols, diols, alcohols, ketones, cyclic ethers, esters, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, and mixtures thereof, using hydrogen and a heterogeneous liquefaction catalyst..
Methods for preparing polymeric reagents
The present invention provides among other things methods for preparing polymeric reagents, wherein the method comprises (a) providing an aromatic moiety bearing a hydroxy group, a first amino group and a second amino group; (b) reacting a functional group reagent with the hydroxy group to result in a hydroxy group bearing a functional group capable of reacting with an amino group of an active agent and resulting in a hydrolyzable carbamate; and (c) reacting a plurality of poly(alkylene glycol) water-soluble polymers bearing a reactive group with the first amino group and second amino group to result in (i) a first amino group bearing a water-soluble polymer through a spacer moiety, and (ii) a second amino group bearing a second water-soluble polymer through a spacer moiety.. .
Chemoselective enrichment for compound isolation
Chemoselective isolation of aliphatic hydroxyl group-containing and aromatic hydroxyl group-containing compounds is accomplished via formation of polymeric siloxyl ethers. Chemoselective release of aliphatic hydroxyl group-containing and aromatic hydroxyl group-containing compounds from polymeric siloxyl reagents is described..
Purification of antibodies
The invention provides a method of purification of antibodies using chromatographic technique. The method involves the use of cation-exchange chromatography for the purification of the antibody.
Asa graft copolymer composition
Disclosed are an asa graft copolymer having a structure including a seed which comprises at least one compound of an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and an alkyl (meth)acrylate compound, a core which surrounds the seed and comprises alkyl acrylate, and a shell which surrounds the core, comprises an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and a crosslinking agent, and having suitably controlled thicknesses and refractive indexes of the respective layers, and an asa graft copolymer composition comprising the asa graft copolymer.. .
Polymerizable compound, polymerizable composition, polymer, and optically anisotropic body
The invention provides a polymerizable compound represented by formula (i), a polymerizable composition, and a polymer that have a practical low melting point, can be produced at low cost, and can produce an optical film that achieves uniform conversion of polarized light over a wide wavelength band, and an optically anisotropic article. In the formula: y1-y6 represent a single bond, —o—, —o—c(═o)—, —c(═o)—o—, or the like; g1 and g2 represent a bivalent aliphatic group, or the like, of c1-20; z1 and z2 represent a c2-10 alkenyl group or the like; ax represents a c2-30 organic group, or the like, having at least one aromatic ring selected from an aromatic hydrocarbon ring and a hetero-aromatic ring; ay represents a hydrogen atom, a c1-6 alkyl group, or a c2-30 organic group, or the like, having at least one aromatic ring selected from an aromatic hydrocarbon ring and a hetero-aromatic ring; a1 represents a trivalent aromatic group or the like; a2 and a3 represent a bivalent aromatic group or the like; q1 represents a hydrogen atom, a c1-6 alkyl group, or the like.
Treatments for social learning disorders
The use of pak1 inhibitors to treat social or learning disabilities is disclosed. In one embodiment patients exhibiting social or learning disabilities as well as abnormally low nf1 activity are administered pak inhibitors to treat the social or learning disabilities.
Biomarkers predictive for clinical response for glatiramer acetate
B) administering the pharmaceutical composition comprising glatiramer acetate and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier to the human subject only if the human subject is identified as a glatiramer acetate responder.. .
Method of administering ethanolamine 9-octadecanoic acid via injection to the stomach of a human
The present invention provides for a method that includes safely administering via injection ethanolamine and 9-octadecanoic acid, a pharmaceutically acceptable thereof, or a pharmaceutical formulation including the same, to the stomach of a human, e.g., to prevent weight loss reversion, to induce weight loss, and/or control weight loss.. .
Compositions and methods for treatment of glaucoma
The invention provides α-2 adrenergic receptor agonist compositions and methods for treating glaucoma and other intraocular conditions. The preferred α-2 agonist used in the inventive compositions and methods is dexmedetomidine..
Novel prostamides for the treatment of glaucoma and related diseases
Disclosed herein are compositions comprising an amide related to a prostaglandin and a biogenic amine. Other aspects relate to certain chemical compounds, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of treating glaucoma..
Treatment and prevention of mastitis
Treating and preventing mastitis employing cationic steroidal antimicrobials (csas). Treating or preventing clinical mastitis in a mammal includes administering a cationic steroidal anti-microbial compound (csa) formulation to the intra-mammary organ of a mammal (e.g., a dairy cow), such as by injection into the mammary organ (e.g., through the teat of the mammary organ), and/or topical application.
Structural modification of 19-norprogesterone i: 17-alpha-substituted-11-beta-substituted-4-aryl and 21-substituted 19-norpregnadienedione as new antiprogestational agents
Wherein r1-r4 and x are as defined herein, pharmaceutical compositions including such compounds, and a method of treating a patient involving antagonizing the endogenous progesterone, such as in inducing menses and treating endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, endocrine hormone-dependent tumors, meningiomas, uterine leiomyomas, or uterine fibroids, inhibiting uterine endometrial proliferation, inducing cervical ripening, inducing labor, and in contraception.. .
Method for treatment of disease with pure porcine monosialoganglioside gm1
A process for preparing pure monosialoganglioside gm1 in the form of its sodium salt. There is provided a process for the isolation and purification of monosialoganglioside gm1 comprising (a) separation of gm1 from a lipidic mixture containing the monosialoganglioside gm1 as the main ganglioside component by ion exchange column-chromatography using an eluent comprising potassium or caesium ions, (b) recovery of the solute from the eluted solution, (c) diafiltration of an aqueous solution of the recovered solute, and (d) second diafiltration after the addition of 1 m nacl, and recovering gm1.
Methods for prevention and treatment of acute renal injury
The disclosure relates to a method for protecting a kidney from renal injury. For example, acute renal injury may be associated with decreased or blocked blood flow in the subject's kidney or exposure to a nephrotoxic agent, such as a radiocontrast dye.
Aromatic imides and esters as lubricant additives
A composition useful as a lubricant for an automatic transmission comprises an oil of lubricating viscosity and a condensation product of an aromatic polycarboxylic acid or mixtures thereof or a reactive equivalent thereof, having at least two carboxylic groups situated so as to permit formation of a cyclic imide having 5 or 6 atoms in said cyclic structure; with an aliphatic primary amine or alcohol, containing 6 to 60 carbon atoms.. .

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