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Methods for making fully human bispecific antibodies using a common light chain


Providing privacy enhanced resolution system in the domain name system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oma-related patents
 Measuring surface curvature patent thumbnailMeasuring surface curvature
A method of measuring surface curvature comprises forming an intensity distribution defined by fresnel diffraction, wherein said intensity distribution is formed by electromagnetic radiation reflected from a surface, obtaining data for the intensity distribution and determining information relating to the curvature of the surface using the obtained data.. .
Ucl Business Plc
 Biomass yield genes patent thumbnailBiomass yield genes
The present disclosure provides several novel genes that have been shown to increase the biomass yield or biomass of a photosynthetic organism. The disclosure also provides methods of using the novel genes and organisms transformed with the novel genes..
Sapphire Energy, Inc.
 Methods for making fully human bispecific antibodies using a common light chain patent thumbnailMethods for making fully human bispecific antibodies using a common light chain
A genetically modified mouse is provided, wherein the mouse expresses an immunoglobulin light chain repertoire characterized by a limited number of light chain variable domains. Mice are provided that express just one or a few immunoglobulin light chain variable domains from a limited repertoire in their germline.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
 Providing privacy enhanced resolution system in the domain name system patent thumbnailProviding privacy enhanced resolution system in the domain name system
An apparatus and a non-transitory computer-readable medium may perform a method of minimizing the disclosure of a domain name contained in a dns query. The method may include determining a first label and a second label associated with a domain name included in a dns query.
Verisign, Inc.
 System and  self-protecting data patent thumbnailSystem and self-protecting data
Disclosed is a system comprising a physical memory, a processor and a software component. The software component includes a policy/domain handler for receiving data and a policy associated with the data; a hypervisor; and a file management module.
Teleputers, Llc
 Methods of unsupervised anomaly detection using a geometric framework patent thumbnailMethods of unsupervised anomaly detection using a geometric framework
A method for unsupervised anomaly detection, which are algorithms that are designed to process unlabeled data. Data elements are mapped to a feature space which is typically a vector space d.
 Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based upon anomaly detection patent thumbnailSystems, methods, and media for outputting data based upon anomaly detection
Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based on anomaly detection are provided. In some embodiments, a method for outputting data based on anomaly detection is provided, the method comprising: receiving, using a hardware processor, an input dataset; identifying grams in the input dataset that substantially include distinct byte values; creating an input subset by removing the identified grams from the input dataset; determining whether the input dataset is likely to be anomalous based on the identified grams, and determining whether the input dataset is likely to be anomalous by applying the input subset to a binary anomaly detection model to check for an n-gram in the input subset; and outputting the input dataset based on the likelihood that the input dataset is anomalous..
 Method and  providing distributed policy management patent thumbnailMethod and providing distributed policy management
An approach is provided for distributed policy management and enforcement. A policy manager determines one or more domains of an information system.
Nokia Corporation
 Method and system for fast provisioning of virtual desktop patent thumbnailMethod and system for fast provisioning of virtual desktop
Techniques are disclosed for provisioning a virtual desktop. A vm hosting the desktop may be joined to a domain using offline domain join and customized by modifying contents of a virtual disk of the vm, as per the customization requirements, without powering on the vm.
Vmware, Inc.
 Graphical user interface for defining relations among products and services patent thumbnailGraphical user interface for defining relations among products and services
A user interface is presented to a user via a computer system such as a tablet computer and enables users to create relations between selected products or services, such as those related to home automation. The graphical user interface (gui) features a display that is analogous to that of a slot machine, with a touch-enabled screen that is operated with the user's fingers.
Homersoft Sp. Zo.o.

Visualization and navigation of knowledge domains

A system stores visual content, and displays the visual content on a display unit in an undistorted, overview projection. The system receives input from a user to focus on a topic in the undistorted, overview projection, and transforms the undistorted, overview projection into a focused display showing the topic selected by the user and content related to the topic selected by the user in a continuous sequence of increasingly distorted projections.

Grid proxy architecture for network resources

Various embodiments allow grid applications to access resources shared in communication network domains. Grid proxy architecture for network resources (gpan) bridges grid services serving user applications and network services controlling network devices through proxy functions.
Microsoft Technology Licensing

Enhanced caching of domain name system (dns) and reverse dns queries for traffic management for signaling optimization in a mobile network

Methods, systems, and non-transitory computer readable media for enhanced domain name system (dns) caching are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for enhanced dns caching includes, at a mobile device for operating in a wireless network, providing, within the mobile device, a local dns cache that stores dns-related queries and their respective responses received from a dns server for responding to dns-related queries issued from applications hosted within the mobile device, where each response received from the dns server is associated with a first time-to-live (ttl) value for that response, and assigning to each query/response pair in the local dns cache a second ttl value that is larger than that response's first ttl value, where the second ttl value is used in place of the first ttl value..
Seven Networks, Inc.

Device for server grouping

Provided is a device and method for server grouping, and the device for server grouping includes a packet collection module for collecting or capturing communication packets for transceiving between at least one wireless terminals and servers, for mapping packet collection or capture time information with server address information, and for including domain names of the servers being transmitted with the packets in the server address information; and a pattern grouping module for identifying address information of the servers connected within predetermined time for each wireless terminal for the mapped packets according to the packet collection or capture time information, connecting the servers connected for each wireless terminal within predetermined time, counting the number of the wireless terminal corresponding to the connection between the servers, and grouping at least one servers connecting the servers having the number of the counted wireless terminal larger than the predetermined number into the group of the servers corresponding to the specific application.. .
Ideaware Inc.

Method and system of dispatching requests in a content delivery network

The present disclosure disclosed a method and a system for precisely dispatching a request in a content delivery network (cdn), which comprises: a domain name system (dns) authorized by a cdn of a target website receiving, from a local dns of a terminal in which a client is located, an ip address of the local dns and a domain name of the target website of service content requested by the client; finding, in a shared dispatching database, an address of an optimal cdn node server of the target website that is suitable for providing service to the client based on the ip address of the local dns and the domain name of the target website, returning the found address to the client. The disclosed method and system are able to solve the issue of low processing efficiency in cdn caused by an increase in resolution time needed in a process of ip dispatching and the issue of address error during the dispatching..
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Methods and systems for recommending packages of domain names for registration

A system and method are presented for recommending packages of domain names. One or more computer servers receive a query including at least one keyword from a user.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

System and domain name currency

A system and methods for creating and administering a domain name-based currency, wherein a domain name has an associated currency value for use as a value store and exchange medium.. .
Minds And Machines, Llc

System for communicating an offer for a domain name

A request is received from a requester by at least one server communicatively coupled to a network. The request is used to identify a plurality of candidate domain names.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Method for communicating an offer for a domain name

A request is received from a requester by at least one server communicatively coupled to a network. The request is used to identify a plurality of candidate domain names.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Method and system for domain name searching

A system and method are presented. A domain name registration website is provided by at least one server communicatively coupled to a network.
Go Daddy Operating Company, Llc

Existent domain name dns traffic capture and analysis

Systems and methods for scoring a domain web traffic based on dns traffic requests received at an authoritative name server to resolve the domain name. A request to resolve the domain name is received at an authoritative name server.
Verisign, Inc.

Method and monitoring an electromagnetic hydraulic valve for a variable valve timing system

A method monitors an electromagnetic hydraulic valve for controlling a hydraulically adjustable valve gear of a reciprocating piston engine. The hydraulic valve includes an electromagnetic coil and a moving armature configured to connect a control port hydraulically to a high-pressure port or a low-pressure port, depending on an energization of the coil.
Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Systems and methods for adaptive smart environment automation

Several embodiments of systems and methods for adaptive smart environment automation are described herein. In one embodiment, a computer implemented method includes determining a plurality of sequence patterns of data points in a set of input data corresponding to a plurality of sensors in a space.
Washington State University, Office Of Commercialization

Driver circuit for driving electromagnetic actuators

Techniques for driving a plurality of inductive actuators are described herein. According to these techniques, a driver unit includes a clock terminal that receives an external clock signal used by an external control unit.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Electromagnetic deep tissue excitation

Methods and apparatus for irradiating biological tissue by em radiation having radiation frequency(ies) of at most 10 gigahertz are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, the tissue is irradiated by passing converging em waves (e.g.

Magnetic navigation system with soft magnetic core electromagnets for operation in the non-linear regime

The present invention relates to a magnetic manipulation and navigation system for moving a magnetic element through a body comprising at least six electromagnets (24) with soft-magnetic cores arranged in a predetermined position to said body. It allows for the operation of one or more of the electromagnets in the non-linear regime of the magnetization curve of the cores.
Eth Zurich

Device and inducing blood coagulation and reducing infection with sterilized heated air and locally directed light or other electromagnetic radiation

The device for inducing rapid blood coagulation comprises an enclosure, a fan within the enclosure, a heater within the enclosure, and a light source within the enclosure. The fan draws air into the enclosure past the heater and past the light source.

Ostomy port

A stomal insert for conducting waste content from an intestinal portion in an abdominal cavity through a stoma in an abdominal wall comprising; a cover for covering the stoma; a fixation element for anchoring the stomal insert to a visceral side of the abdominal wall; and a pliable, axially elastic tube interconnecting said cover and said fixation element and sized to apply a tensile force to said cover and to said fixation element.. .
Stimatix Gi Ltd.

Sensing system, gastroparesis monitoring

An expandable apparatus and method configured for inserting into a mammalian stomach and adapted for sensing the activity of the stomach wall. The apparatus comprising: a) an inflatable balloon insert-able into the stomach, when deflated; and b) one or more sensors, mounted to the external surface of the balloon.
Gema Medical Ltd.

Systems and methods for producing fuel from a renewable feedstock

Methods and systems are provided for producing a fuel from a renewable feedstock. The method includes deoxygenating the renewable feedstock with a hydrogenation catalyst in a deoxygenation reaction zone to produce normal paraffins.
Uop Llc

Bi-functional catalyst and processes for conversion of biomass to fuel-range hydrocarbons

Processes and bi-functional catalysts are disclosed for hydrotreating bio-oils derived from biomass to produce bio-oils containing fuel range hydrocarbons suitable as feedstocks for production of bio-based fuels.. .
Battelle Memorial Institute

Solar driven solvent extractor and process for extraction of microalgal lipids using the same

The present invention relates to an energy efficient process for the extraction of non-polar lipids from photosynthetically grown micro-algal biomass using low boiling point solvents and utilizing solar energy for heating as well as chilling operations. The invention also relates to improve energy output to input ratio which is the main hurdle in the micro-algal lipid extraction process.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Hydrogenation of biomass-derived substrates

The α,β-unsaturated ketone moiety of a substrate representative of non-food based biomass was hydrogenated to the corresponding saturated alcohol moiety using a composition including (1) a copper salt; (2) a phosphine; (3) a polar aprotic solvent such as acetonitrile, and (4) a compound suitable for providing hydrogen for the hydrogenation, such as a suitable silane material or a suitable siloxane material.. .
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

Boron ester fused thiophene monomers

Each a may be independently an optionally substituted conjugated species or an optionally substituted aromatic species. Each r may be independently an optionally substituted c1-c40 linear alkyl chain, an optionally substituted branched alkyl chain, an optionally substituted alkyl chain containing heteroatoms, substituted alkyl chains, or h.

Method for manufacturing a small particle diameter product of solid polymethylaluminoxane composition

A solid polymethylaluminoxane composition is provided having uniform particle diameter in the form of fine particles of less than 5 μm employed to polymerize olefins with high polymerization activity without silica. A method for manufacturing thereof, a polymerization catalyst, and a method for manufacturing a polyolefin are also provided.
Tosoh Finechem Corporation

Method for color stabilization of poly(butylene-co-adipate terephthalate

Biodegradable compositions containing an aliphatic-aromatic copolyester derived from aromatic polyesters. Methods of making the compositions and articles made from the compositions..
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Copolymer, rubber composition using same, and tire

The present invention relates to a random copolymer including a monomer unit (a) derived from an aromatic vinyl compound and a monomer unit (b) derived from farnesene; a process for producing the copolymer including at least the step of copolymerizing an aromatic vinyl compound with farnesene; a rubber composition including (a) the copolymer, (b) a rubber component and (c) carbon black; a rubber composition including (a) the copolymer, (b) a rubber component and (d) silica; a rubber composition including (a) the copolymer, (b) a rubber component, (c) carbon black and (d) silica; and a tire using the rubber composition at least as a part thereof.. .
Amyris, Inc.

Effective sensitizing dose of a gelled immunomodulating topical composition

The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating warts and other human papilloma virus (hpv) skin infections. The present invention relates to compositions and methods of treating skin cancer..
Hapten Pharmaceuticals, Llc

Fibrosis biomarkers and methods of using same

Methods and systems for using fibrosis biomarkers associated with a prolonged period of physical inactivity are provided. Also provided is a method of reducing the effect of prolonged physical inactivity on the development of fibrosis in a subject who is experiencing or is expected to experience prolonged physical inactivity in the near future by administering a therapeutically effective amount of a leucine metabolite (e.g., β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyric acid (hmb)) to the subject..
Abbott Laboratories

Composition with pharmacological effect for vaporizing and method

A composition is provided that includes a cannabinoid capable of inducing a pharmacological effect, an ester, a condensation aerosol, and a carrier liquid solution of food grade materials. The cannabinoid may include a bio-active ingredient receivable by a cannabinoid receptor and/or an acetylcholine receptor.

Rnai-related inhibition of tnf alpha signaling pathway for treatment of glaucoma

Rna interference is provided for inhibition of tumor necrosis factor α (tnfα) by silencing tnfα cell surface receptor tnf receptor-1 (tnfr1) mrna expression, or by silencing tnfα converting enzyme (tace/adam17) mrna expression. Silencing such tnfα targets, in particular, is useful for treating patients having a tnfα-related condition or at risk of developing a tnfα-related condition such as the ocular conditions associated with elevated intraocular pressure (top), including glaucoma and ocular hypertension..
Alcon Research, Ltd.

Pharmaceutical composition

Disclosed in the present invention is a pharmaceutical composition, comprising a weight ratio of 1:120 to 1:1000 of camptothecin compound of formula i and β-cyclodextrin or derivatives thereof, and an acidic buffer to adjust the ph=3.5-6.0. The composition can be used to treat solid tumours, such as melanoma, pancreatic cancer, hepatoma etc.
Shanghai Hotmed Sciences Co., Ltd.

Fused aromatic phosphonate derivatives as precursors to ptp-1b inhibitors

Fused aromatic phosphonates of structural formula i are precursors to inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1b (ptp-1b). The compounds of the present invention are therefore useful for the treatment in a mammal of a disorder, condition, or disease responsive to inhibition of protein tyrosine phosphatase-1b, including type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, a lipid disorder, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cancer..
Kaneq Pharma Inc.

Highly aromatic base oil and producing highly aromatic base oil

A method for producing a highly aromatic base oil of the present invention includes a step of hydrorefining a clarified oil to obtain a highly aromatic base oil having an aromatic content of 50% by mass or more determined by a column chromatography analysis method. The step of hydrorefining a clarified oil is preferably performed under conditions of a hydrogen pressure of 5.0 to 20.0 mpa, a temperature of 280 to 400° c., a hydrogen oil ratio of 300 to 750 nl/l, and a space velocity of 0.3 to 2.0 h−1.
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Lubricating oil composition and device using same

A lubricating oil composition contains a base oil containing a compound (a) and a compound (b) below and a compound (c). The lubricating oil composition exhibits a kinematic viscosity at 40 degrees c.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Lubricating thermoplastic resin composition and formed article thereof

[solution] the lubricating thermoplastic resin composition includes an acid-modified copolymer (a) of a monomer mixture including an aromatic vinyl and a vinyl cyanide, the copolymer having a carboxyl group in the molecular chain, and a functionalized lubricant (b) having, in the molecule, a functional group (b1) capable of reacting with the carboxyl group and a lubricating segment (b2) having lubricating properties. The composition may further include a graft copolymer (c) and/or an additional thermoplastic resin (d) other than the acid-modified copolymer (a)..

Endothelial-monocyte activating polypeptide ii (emap-ii), a biomarker for use in diagnosis and treatment of brain injury

A diagnostic tool and method of diagnosing brain injury and brain injury type (traumatic vs. Ischemic) by detecting the level of expression of endothelial monocyte-activating polypeptide ii (emap ii) and comparing to a control.

Quantitative multiplex methylation-specific pcr

Methods are provided for diagnosing in a subject a condition, such as a carcinoma, sarcoma or leukemia, associated with hypermethylation of genes by isolating the genes from tissue containing as few as 50 to 1000 tumor cells. Using quantitative multiplex methylation specific pcr (qm-msp), multiple genes can be quantitatively evaluated from samples usually yielding sufficient dna for analyses of only 1 or 2 genes.
The Johns Hopkins University

Methods and kits for analyzing biomarkers in a signal transduction pathway

Provided are methods and kits for analyzing biomarkers in one or more signal transduction pathways in a cell. In some embodiments, the methods and kits of the invention permit simultaneous analysis of more than one biomarker and/or more than one signal transduction pathway.
Bioscale, Inc.

Methods for determining a breast cancer-associated disease state and arrays for use in the methods

The present invention provides a method for determining a breast cancer-associated disease state comprising the steps of: a) providing a sample to be tested; and b) determining a biomarker signature of the test sample by measuring the presence and/or amount in the test sample of one or more biomarker selected from the group defined in table 1; wherein the presence and/or amount in the test sample of the one or more biomarker selected from the group defined in table 1 is indicative of the breast cancer-associated disease state. The invention further provides arrays and kits fir use in the same..
Immunovia Ab

Biomarkers for head-and-neck cancers and precancers

The invention provides markers and methods for detecting head-and-neck precancers, (including opls), cancers and related disease conditions in a subject. The invention also provides localization and imaging methods for head-and-neck precancers (including opls) and cancers, along with kits for carrying out methods of the invention.

Systems and methods for epigenetic sequencing

The present invention generally relates to microfluidics and/or epigenetic sequencing. In one set of embodiments, cells contained within a plurality of microfluidic droplets are lysed and the dna (e.g., from nucleosomes) within the droplets are labeled, e.g., with adapters containing an identification sequence.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Method to identify asymptomatic high-risk individuals with early stage lung cancer by means of detecting mirnas in biologic fluids

A diagnostic and/or prognostic model of at least 5 serum mirnas selected among a group of 34 mirnas that identifies subjects with early stage lung cancer, namely non-small cell lung carcinomas (nsclcs), in a population of asymptomatic high-risk individuals, with 80% accuracy. The model could also distinguish between benign and malignant lesions and is sensitive enough to capture the disease onset.
Ifom Fondazione Istituto Firc Di Oncologia Moleco Lare

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