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This page is updated frequently with new Oma-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oma-related patents
 Radio-frequency power generator configured to reduce electromagnetic emissions patent thumbnailRadio-frequency power generator configured to reduce electromagnetic emissions
Radio frequency (rf) power generator including an outer enclosure having a system cavity. The outer enclosure separates the system cavity from an exterior of the rf power generator.

 Housing for a field device of automation technology patent thumbnailHousing for a field device of automation technology
The invention relates to a housing for a field device of automation technology with a screwed connection, which connects a first housing part (2) with an external thread (3) with a second housing part (4) with an internal thread (5). In such case, the screwed connection provides a transition impedance lessened for emc disturbance signals.

 Polyamide films and process for preparation patent thumbnailPolyamide films and process for preparation
The invention relates to a stretched polymer film made of a polyamide composition comprising a semi-crystalline semi-aromatic polyamide (ppa), wherein the ppa consists of repeat units derived from aromatic dicarboxylic acid comprising at least 80 mole % of terephthalic acid, relative to the total amount of aromatic dicarboxylic acid; and diamine comprising at least 5 mole % 1,4-butanediamine and at least 5 mole % 1,6-hexanediamine, relative to the total amount of diamine, the combined amount of 1,4-butanediamine and 1,6-hexanediamine being at least 60 mole % relative to the total amount of diamine; and 0-2 mole % of other monomeric units, relative to the total amount of aromatic dicarboxylic acid, diamine and other monomeric units. The invention further relates to a process for preparing the polyamide film by melt extrusion and stretching of the film..

 Electromagnetic wave food processing system and methods patent thumbnailElectromagnetic wave food processing system and methods
Embodiments herein include processing systems for food products and related methods. In an embodiment, a food processing system is included with a continuous processing channel divided into a come-up chamber, a main electromagnetic wave (such as microwave) heating chamber, and a cool-down chamber.

 Scalable video coding over simultaneous unicast/multicast lte dl shared channel patent thumbnailScalable video coding over simultaneous unicast/multicast lte dl shared channel
Embodiments contemplate devices and techniques for receiving unicast and multicast transmissions over a downlink (dl) shared channel in parallel, for example an lte dl shared channel (sch). For example, one or more hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) entities may be configured to perform retransmissions of the multicast and/or unicast messages.

 Selection of acknowledgment timing in wireless communications patent thumbnailSelection of acknowledgment timing in wireless communications
Disclosed is a method including communicating, by a mobile device, with a base station via first and second component carriers having different frequency bands and time division duplexing (tdd) configurations. The method may include receiving one or more downlink transmissions via the second component carrier.

 Apparatus for measuring evm of phich in lte system patent thumbnailApparatus for measuring evm of phich in lte system
An apparatus for efficiently and simply measuring an error vector magnitude (evm) of a physical hybrid automatic repeat request (arq) indicator channel (phich) in a long term evolution (lte) system. The apparatus includes an overall phich group data extraction unit configured to extract all phich group data from a received signal in a first subframe, an overall phich group analysis unit configured to detect orthogonal sequences and acknowledgement/negative acknowledgement (ack/nack) bits used in respective phich groups by analyzing all resources of the extracted phich group data, an ideal phich group sequence generation unit configured to generate an ideal phich group sequence using the detected ack/nack bits and orthogonal sequences, and an evm measurement unit configured to measure an evm of a phich using the ideal phich group sequence and the received signal..

 Improved  coil alignment in electromagnetic hearing implant patent thumbnailImproved coil alignment in electromagnetic hearing implant
A sound processor assembly having a coil support device which allows for the coil to be moved without damaging the plastic components or deforming the shell body. This is done by making the ear shell of the sound processor assembly, whether an integrated sound processor assembly or a linked sound processor assembly, out of two separate polymers: a first polymer that does not soften when heat is applied, and a second polymer which does.

 Chroma interpolation method and filter device using the method patent thumbnailChroma interpolation method and filter device using the method
A chroma interpolation method, including: 1) determining a pixel accuracy for interpolation; 2) determining coordinate positions of interpolated fractional-pel pixels between integer-pel pixels; and 3) performing two-dimensional separated interpolation on the interpolated fractional-pel pixels by an interpolation filter according to the coordinate positions. The invention also provides a filter device using the above method for chroma interpolation..

 Palette mode for subsampling format patent thumbnailPalette mode for subsampling format
Techniques are described to extend palette-mode coding techniques to cases where chroma components are at a different resolution than luma components. The entries of the palette table includes three color values and the three color values or a single one of the three color values are selected based on whether a pixel includes both a luma component and chroma components or only a luma component..


Digital zoom conferencing

Methods, apparatuses, and techniques for security and/or automation systems are described. In one embodiment, the method including identifying a presence of a first person at a first location, capturing a first video related to the first person at the first location, and initiating an adjustment of a display of the first video based at least in part on identifying the presence of the first person..


Electromagnetic (em) power density and field characterization technique

An apparatus and method for characterization of a directed beam of electromagnetic radiation is provided. An exemplary embodiment of the invention can include an apparatus and measuring technique method which uses a model for blackbody radiation that includes consideration all the degrees of freedom due to translation, vibration, and rotation of molecules or atoms that make up the absorber and a heat transfer term which averages the behavior of all the atoms of the material as a function of temperature.


System and answering a communication notification

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer readable-media for answering a communication notification. The method for answering a communication notification comprises receiving a notification of communication from a user, converting information related to the notification to speech, outputting the information as speech to the user, and receiving from the user an instruction to accept or ignore the incoming communication associated with the notification.


Portable radio communication device with adjustable gain and associated gain adjustment method

A portable radio communication device d′ with adjustable total gain and an associated gain adjustment method via a conductive metal frame c situated at the periphery of the portable device d′. For this purpose, the frame c includes several metal sections p1, p2, p3, p4 not connected to each other and separated from each other by openings f1, f2, f3, f4.


Adaptive dns pre-resolution

Embodiments of the present invention include methods and systems for domain name system (dns) pre-resolution. A method for dns pre-resolution is provided.


Method and isolating page cookie

The present invention discloses a method and an apparatus for isolating a page cookie. The method includes: when a predetermined login account logs in, assigning an independent cookie storage for the predetermined login account; after a request of creating a page associated with the predetermined login account is acquired, establishing a mapping relation table for storing a mapping relation between a page view identification of the page associated with the predetermined login account and the independent cookie storage; when the page associated with the predetermined login account is loaded, looking up the mapping relation table; and initiating, according to the independent cookie storage corresponding to the page view identification of the page associated with the predetermined login account found in the mapping relation table, a request of loading the page associated with the predetermined login account.


Domain name hijack protection

A domain name registering entity (such as a domain registry, registrar, or reseller) or an independent proxy registration service may offer a domain name hijack protection to their actual or potential customers. When a domain name transfer request or notice is received, the domain name registering entity or the proxy registration service may ignore or decline it.


Time based authentication codes

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers communicatively coupled to a network and configured to: receive a request for the change key from a registrant of the domain name; generate the change key comprising a random string not stored on the server computer; identify the timeout period within the database; transmit the change key to: a contact for the registrant; and a domain name registry; determine whether the change key is received by the server computer during the timeout period; and if so, update the domain name.. .


System and associating a universal user identification and a domain specific user identification

There is presented a system and method for associating a domain transcendent identification (id) of a user and a domain specific id of the user, the system comprising an id association server accessible by a plurality of secure domains over a network. The system also includes an id associator application that when executed by id association server is configured to receive a domain specific id that associates the user to the secure domain, enter the domain specific id in a domain transcendent id record created for the user, generate a unique data associated with the domain transcendent id record and identify a network location for submission of the unique data, send the unique data and the network location to the user, and associate the domain transcendent id and the domain specific id..


Presenting authorized data to a target system

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods, and computer program products for presenting authorized data to a target system. The system is configured to receive an indication from one or more target systems to retrieve data from an authorized data source; receive one or more regulatory parameters associated with the one or more target systems; determine one or more domains associated with the data, wherein the one or more domains comprise at least a transaction domain, a reference and master data domain, a derived domain, and a discovery domain; determine one or more data types associated with each of the one or more domains; transform the data based on at least the one or more regulatory parameters, the one or more data management controls, the one or more domains, and the one or more data types; and transmit the transformed data to the one or more target systems..


Sending authentication codes to multiple recipients

Systems and methods of the present invention provide for one or more server computers communicatively coupled to a network and configured to: receive a request for the change key; generate the change key; separate the change key into a plurality of divisions; transmit each of the plurality of divisions to a designated contact; determine whether the plurality of divisions is received by the server computer; and if so, combine the plurality of divisions into the change key; and update the domain name.. .


System and modifying a domain name system template

A system and method for modifying domain name system (dns) templates are presented. A dns template database is configured to store dns templates.


Dns redirecting for data roaming offering

A device may receive a request for domain name system (dns) information to be provided to a user device communicating via a visited network. The device may identify roaming policy information associated with the user device and, based on the roaming policy information, may determine that the user device is restricted from sending or receiving data via the visited network.


Method for transmitting data in a communication network of an industrial automation system and coupling communication device

Method for transmitting data in a communication network of an industrial automation system and coupling communication device wherein in order to transmit data in a communication network of the industrial automation system, first data frames including control data for the automation system are transmitted by coupling communication devices of the communication network only within periodic first intervals of time, where second data frames, which are assigned to data streams comprising sequences of data frames, and/or third data frames, for the transmission of which no quality of service or a quality of service below a predefined threshold value is stipulated, are transmitted within periodic second intervals of time, the first intervals of time are subdivided into first and second sub-intervals, and where first data frames which are to be forwarded are inserted into a first and a second queue in alternating sub-intervals and are alternately removed from the queues for forwarding.. .


Systems and methods to detect, diagnose, and mitigate issues in multi-layer networks

A method and server to detect, diagnose, and mitigate issues in a network include receiving operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) data related to the network, the oam data related to current operation of the network; instantiating a rule engine to evaluate one or more rules based on any one of the oam data, an event, policy, and an anomaly; and performing one or more actions based on the evaluating the one or more rules. A software defined networking (sdn) controller is also described..


Cloud-based emulation and modeling for automation systems

A cloud-based multi-tier cyber analytics system is provided for integration of cloud-side and on-premise analytics for industrial systems. The analytics system includes an emulation runtime engine that executes a virtualized controller on a cloud platform.


Common reference signal design based on semi-uniform pilot spacing and orthogonal cover code

Systems and techniques are disclosed to reduce pilot overhead by providing common reference signals coded with cover codes that are orthogonal in time and frequency domains. Common reference signals that are coded by cover codes orthogonal in both domains can be de-spread in both the time and frequency domains for improved resolution and larger pull-in windows for both.


Method for performing multiple access in wireless ofdm cellular systems over multipath wireless channels considering both space and frequency domains, base station and computer programs thereof

The base station 100 comprises a large number of antennas 103 in the form of a two-dimensional array and transmits a given number of signals to a number of users 106, so that each one receives its intended signal (or set of intended signals) without interference to/from the other users 106. The base station 100 includes a scheduler in space-time-frequency dimensions 101 as well as an orthogonal space-frequency processing technique 102 for addressing the users 106.


Wireless communication system

A wireless communication system capable of detecting propagation path modification from the outside and compensating for degradation of quality of communication between transmission and reception with respect to the propagation path modification is provided. A wireless communication system includes a transmitter that transmits electromagnetic waves in which a polarization direction rotates according to a signal in which data is loaded on a carrier, and a receiver that receives the electromagnetic waves and demodulates the data, in which the transmitter imparts angle information indicating a polarization direction for transferring the data to the signal, and sets a rotation frequency of the polarization direction to a frequency lower than a frequency of the carrier, and the receiver changes a polarization direction of the received electromagnetic waves, based on the angle information transferred by the electromagnetic waves.


Sensing using rf to dc converter

A sensor for detecting electromagnetic radiation and providing valuable information is disclosed. The sensor includes at least one antenna for receiving at least one signal.


Transmission device with impairment compensation and methods for use therewith

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a waveguide system that includes a transmission device having a coupler positioned with respect to a transmission medium to facilitate transmission or reception of electromagnetic waves that transport communications data. The electromagnetic waves propagate along an outer surface of the transmission medium.


Fuel dispenser wireless communication arrangement

A fuel dispenser comprising a housing defining an electronics area therein. The housing has a first side and a second side, and the first and second sides respectively face first and second fueling positions.


Communication system, communication apparatus and communication method as well as program

A communication apparatus is provided and including a carrier wave generator configured to generate a first electromagnetic wave; a modulator configured to modulate the first electromagnetic wave for transmitting a first message to a first communication device; a load modulator configured to modulate a second electromagnetic wave generated by the first communication device for transmitting a second message to the first communication device; a controller configured to control the communication apparatus to: transmit the first message when the second electromagnetic wave is not detected and, transmit the second message when the second electromagnetic wave is detected. A communication method is also provided..


Mobile terminal

A mobile terminal, comprises: a case including a conductive metal part; a main board mounted inside the case and having a power supply part and a ground surface; a first antenna radiator disposed so as to be spaced from the power supply part to the first antenna radiator; a power supply line for electrically connecting the power supply part to the first antenna radiator and ground line for electrically connecting the ground surface to the metal part and the first antenna radiator, thereby preventing a decrease in the performance of an antenna since the formation of an electromagnetic field between the case of a metallic material and the main board can be minimized even if the metallic material is used for the case.. .


Apparatus for providing a control signal for a variable impedance matching circuit and a method thereof

An apparatus for providing a control signal for a variable impedance matching circuit comprises a control module configured to generate a control signal for adjusting an impedance of a variable impedance matching circuit coupled to an antenna module. The control module is configured to generate the control signal based on a sensor signal received from a sensor circuit located in proximity to the antenna module.


Method for communication across voltage domains

A system may include a plurality of units, wherein each unit has a respective common mode voltage terminal, communication up terminal, and communication down terminal. A first unit of the plurality of units may be configured to generate a first plurality of currents on its communication up terminal, wherein the first plurality of currents corresponds to a first plurality of bits.


Hybrid passive device and hybrid manufacturing method

A hybrid passive device for synergizing at least one passive component which resides in at least one technology is provided. The hybrid passive device includes a first passive component and a second passive component.


Power oscillator apparatus with transformer-based power combining

An oscillator circuit includes first and second oscillators arranged in a series configuration between a supply voltage node and a reference voltage node. The first and second oscillators are configured to receive a synchronizing signal for controlling synchronization in frequency and phase.


Method for removing u-shaped winding elements for an electromagnetically excitable core of an electric rotation machine from a setting tool

Method for removing u-shaped winding elements (10) for an electromagnetically excitable core (11) of an electric rotation machine (12) from a setting tool (20), wherein the u-shaped winding elements (10) are set and are initially located in the setting tool (20), wherein in one step the winding elements (10) are partially lifted out from the setting tool (20), so that parts of rod sections (13, 15) of the winding elements (10) are freely accessible from the outside, characterized in that the winding elements (10) are removed from the setting tool (20) by means of a removal device (75), by gripping the rod sections (13, 15).. .


Method for forming at least one u-shaped winding element for an electromagnetically excitable core of an electric rotation machine

Method for forming at least one u-shaped winding element (10) for an electromagnetically excitable core (11) of an electric rotation machine (12), wherein the u-shaped winding element (10) has a first rod section (13) and a second rod section (15) which are connected by an arcuate connection section (16), wherein an inner tool part (23) having at least one recess (29) in the region of its outer circumference is provided, and an outer tool part (26) having at least one recess (30) in the region of its inner circumference is provided, and at least the u-shaped winding element (10) is inserted into the inner tool part (23) and the outer tool part (26) such that one rod section (13) is inserted into a recess (29) of the inner tool part (23), the other rod section (15) is inserted into a recess (30) of the outer tool part (26), and such that the inner tool part (23) and the outer tool part (26) are rotated with respect to one another about the axis of rotation (36), wherein in that context the at least two rod sections (13, 15) are moved away from one another, wherein, prior to the at least two rod sections (13, 15) being moved away from one another, a gripping element (50) having a tooth (53) is moved toward a rod section (15), which is gripped by means of a tooth (53).. .


Coil for mobile device context-driven switching and wireless charging

Apparatus, system and method to provide switchable coils in a computing device, comprising: a plurality of electrically conductive coils to transfer electromagnetic energy; a sensor coupled to a processor, to select a coil from among the plurality of electrically conductive coils; a switch to energize the selected coil; and a switch controller coupled to the switch and to the processor. In some embodiments, the plurality of coils may comprise an inductive charging interface.


Wireless inductive power transfer

A wireless power transfer system includes a power receiver (105) and a power transmitter (101) generating a wireless inductive power transfer signal for powering the power receiver (105) during a power transfer phase. An apparatus, often the power transmitter (101) comprises a first communication unit (305) communicating with a second communication unit of an entity using an electromagnetic communication signal.


Electromagnetic dc pulse power system including integrated fault limiter

An electromagnetic direct current (dc) pulse power system includes a plurality of pulse forming networks (pfn) module, and an energy storage capacitor and circuit interruption apparatus. Each pfn module includes a pfn circuit configured to generate a pulsed dc output power.


Ignition plug and plasma generation device

To provide an ignition plug having low power loss even though iron is a main component of a center electrode thereof, to which a high frequency power such as a microwave is electrically supplied. A low impedance layer 6 composed of a material having magnetic permeability lower than iron is provided between an outer peripheral surface of a center electrode 2 and an inner peripheral surface of an axial hole 30 of an insulator 3.


Circularly polarized antenna and feeding network

An antenna for transmitting and/or receiving electromagnetic waves having a flat ground plane, and an array of radiating and/or receiving elements. The radiating and/or receiving element has a planar conductor which is arranged in parallel to the ground plane.


Antenna having a reflector for improved efficiency, gain, and directivity

An antenna having at least one reflector for improving radiation efficiency, gain, and directivity is disclosed. The antenna may be formed on a substrate or be a standalone conductive material that is designed to operate in at least one band of frequency.


Resonant compensating loop for shielding of metal for magnetically coupled nfc and/or rfid devices, and methods of making and using the same

A near field communication device, and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The near field communication device includes a receiver configured to convert a received near field signal to an electric signal, a transmitter configured to generate a transmittable near field signal, a dielectric substrate within a housing, an antenna on the dielectric substrate, and a compensating loop within the housing and coupled to the antenna.


Monolithic antenna source for space application

A monolithic antenna source for space application comprises: a set of rf components conveying electromagnetic waves and dissipating thermal energy, and an rf radiating element having a circular or pyramidal radiating surface, the source further comprising thermal transfer means extending from the set of rf components to the rf radiating element and over at least a portion of the rf radiating element substantially along a longitudinal axis of the source, the rf radiating element being adapted to evacuate energy by thermal radiation.. .


Non-contact on-wafer s-parameter measurements of devices at millimeter-wave to terahertz frequencies

A broadband fully micromachined transition from rectangular waveguide to cavity-backed coplanar waveguide line for submillimeter-wave and terahertz application is presented. The cavity-backed coplanar waveguide line is a planar transmission line that is designed and optimized for minimum loss while providing 50 ohm characteristic impedance.


Frequency selective limiter

The present disclosure is directed towards a frequency selective limiter having a first magnetic material disposed over a first dielectric material and a strip conductor disposed over the magnetic material. In some embodiments, the frequency selective limiter includes a second magnetic material disposed over the strip conductor and a second dielectric material disposed over the second magnetic material.


Fuel biocell

The invention relates to nanoparticles, preferably metal oxides, at least partially coated on the surface by a silylated polymer, and functionalised by at least one molecule of an oxidation-reduction mediating agent, characterised in that the immobilisation of said molecule(s) of said mediating agent on the surface of said nanoparticles is enabled by non-covalent bonds, preferable π-π type interactions, established between ethylenic, acetylenic and/or aromatic patterns, respectively present in the region of said silylated polymer and said molecule(s) of the oxidation-reduction mediating agent.. .


Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device

To provide an organometallic complex with high emission efficiency and high heat resistance, which emits yellow green light. The organometallic complex includes a metal and a ligand which is a benzo[h]quinazoline skeleton including a condensed ring bonded to benzo[h]quinazoline through a carbon-carbon bond between the 5-position and the 6-position.


Anthracene derivative and organic electroluminescent element using same

An anthracene derivative is represented by the following formula (1). In the formula (1), one of r11 to r20 is used to bond to l1, and is a single bond.


Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescent element using same

Wherein at least one of r1 to r8 is a group other than a hydrogen atom, ar1 to ar4 are a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group having 6 to 30 ring carbon atoms.. .


Aromatic amine compound, organic electroluminescent element and electronic device

An aromatic amine derivative having a specific structure, an organic electroluminescence device, and an electronic equipment are provided. The organic electroluminescence device includes organic thin film layers which include a light emitting layer and are disposed between a cathode and an anode.


Ultrathin perpendicular pinned layer structure for magnetic tunneling junction devices

A material stack of a synthetic anti-ferromagnetic (saf) reference layer of a perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) may include an saf coupling layer. The material stack may also include and an amorphous spacer layer on the saf coupling layer.


Methods for forming a transparent oxide layer for a photovoltaic device

A method of manufacturing a transparent oxide layer is provided. The manufacturing method includes disposing a cadmium tin oxide layer on a support, placing the support with the cadmium tin oxide layer within a chamber of a rapid thermal annealing system, and rapidly thermally annealing the cadmium tin oxide layer by exposing the cadmium tin oxide layer to electromagnetic radiation to form the transparent oxide layer, wherein the rapid thermal anneal is performed without first pumping down the chamber..


Radiation-emitting producing same

A radiation-emitting apparatus includes a substrate and a number of optoelectronic components arranged on the substrate in rows running parallel to a preferred direction. Each optoelectronic component includes a sequence of layers suitable for generating electromagnetic radiation.


Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors arranged in a pattern to reduce inductance, and related methods

Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors arranged in a pattern to reduce inductance, and related methods, are disclosed. In one aspect, circuits are provided that employ mim capacitors coupled in series.


Method of making an electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductor chip packages

An electromagnetic interference shield is described for semiconductor chip packages. In some embodiments, a mold compound is formed over a semiconductor die, the die being over a front side redistribution layer on a side opposite the mold compound, the redistribution layer extending past the die and the mold compound extending around the die to contact the redistribution layer.


Method for manufacturing multi-chip package

A multi-chip package structure is provided, including a substrate having a grounding structure; two semiconductor elements disposed on and electrically connected to the substrate; an encapsulant formed on the substrate and encapsulating semiconductor elements, wherein the encapsulant has a plurality of round holes formed between the semiconductor elements; and an electromagnetic shielding structure formed in each of the round holes and connected to the grounding structure to achieve electromagnetic shielding effects. A method for forming the multi-chip package is also provided..


High resolution charged particle beam device and operating the same

A charged particle beam device is provided which includes a primary beam source device adapted for generating a primary charged particle beam, a mirror corrector device adapted for providing compensation of spherical and/or chromatic aberrations, a first beam separator adapted for transmitting the primary charged particle beam to the mirror corrector device and for separating the primary charged particle beam from a compensating primary charged particle beam reflected by the mirror corrector device, wherein the first beam separator has a magnetic deflector configured to generate at least one dipole magnetic field, an objective lens adapted for focusing the compensating primary charged particle beam onto a specimen, and a second beam separator adapted for transmitting the compensating primary charged particle beam to the specimen and for separating the compensating primary charged particle beam from a secondary charged particle beam originating from the specimen.. .


Electromagnetic actuator and use

An electromagnetic actuator includes a plunger, an armature, and a coil. The plunger is moveable between a first position and a second position.


Electromagnetic relay

An electromagnetic relay includes an electromagnet device, a contact device, and a trip device. The electromagnet device includes a first stator, a movable element, and a first exciting coil.


Device for transmission of forces

A device is disclosed for transmission of forces on a moving contact connecting bolt of a contact system including a switching unit with a moving contact and a further contact. The device includes an at least partially flexible conductor element for electrical connection of the moving contact connecting bolt to a connection of the switching unit and at least one first branch and a second branch.


Optimized electromagnetic inductor component design and methods including improved conductivity composite conductor material

Electromagnetic inductor components include a magnetic core and a conductor assembled with the core and defining a winding completing a number of turns. The conductor is fabricated from a composite material including carbon nanotubes having an improved conductivity.


Electromagnetic mating interface

Methods and apparatus for automatically coupling stackable modular devices are described. The modular devices may be coupled using electromagnetic forces generated by precisely-timed pulses of electric current through electromagnetic materials that cause a first modular device to screw itself into a second modular device.


Method of manufacturing soft magnetic material

A method of manufacturing soft magnetic material, including smelting magnetic and metallic glass forming compositions, to form a uniform molten master alloy block material, melting the master alloy material into liquid, and exerting a force on the liquid master alloy block material to make it into coarse powder. The coarse powder is screened to separate the working powder, and the working powder is put into an additive manufacturing device, to make the working powder melt, cool and condense into the soft magnetic material.


Resistive grid elements having a thermosetting polymer

A resistor grid system includes a resistor strip including multiple pins. The resistor grid system also includes an insulation board coupled to the resistor strip through the multiple pins and configured to provide a structural support.


Method for computing with complementary networks of magnetic tunnel junctions

A magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) device is provided that includes a mtj element and a control wire. The mtj element includes a top ferromagnet layer formed of a first magnetic material, a tunneling layer, and a bottom ferromagnet layer formed of a second magnetic material.


Hard magnetic alloy thin film used in high density perpendicular magnetic recording medium

This invention discloses a hard magnetic alloy thin film used in a high density perpendicular magnetic recording medium. This film incorporates a glass substrate and a ferromagnetic layer formed on the glass substrate.


Magnetic read head with antiferromagentic layer

A tunnel magnetoresistance (tmr) read sensor having a tabbed afm layer and an extended pinned layer and methods for making the same are provided. The tmr read sensor has an afm layer recessed from the air bearing surface, providing a reduced shield-to-shield distance..


Image processing method

The present invention discloses an image processing method includes steps of measuring stimulus value matrixes of trichromatic grays of a displaying image; calculating a stimulus value matrix of each pixel gray of the displaying image from the measured stimulus value matrixes; transforming the stimulus value matrixes of each pixel gray to coordinate values of each pixel in a color space; calculating a chromatic aberration between two adjacent pixels of each row and each column in the color space; selecting a pixel area and calculating a chromatic aberration value of the pixels in the selected pixel area and a chromatic aberration value between pixels of a periphery of the selected pixel area and the adjacent pixels out of the selected pixel area; executing an image process to the selected pixel area if a difference between these two chromatic aberration values and a preset chromatic aberration threshold value meets a predetermined rule.. .


Ultrasound phantom models, materials, and methods

Devices, systems, and methods appropriate for use in medical training that include materials that better mimic natural human tissue are disclosed. In one aspect a polysiloxane mixture for simulating human biological tissue, especially human breast tissue, is disclosed.


Remote data monitoring and collection system with multi-tiered analysis

A system collects and stores data from a source at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes the less detailed data to detect an anomaly, such as an arrhythmia, earthquake or failure of a structural member.


System and detecting items identified by radio frequency identification (rfid) tags in a smart shopping cart

A smart shopping cart includes a basket having an open top, a plurality of electrically conductive side walls, and an electrically conductive bottom wall. Unidirectional, near-field, side antenna elements are mounted on, and electrically grounded to, the side walls.


Doorbell camera package detection

A method for security and/or automation systems is described. In one embodiment, the method includes identifying image data from a signal, analyzing the image data based at least in part on a first parameter, identifying a presence of an object based at least in part on the analyzing, and detecting an object event based at least in part on the identifying..


Smart door lock

In some embodiments, systems, methods, and techniques relating to security and/or automation systems, collectively referred to as automation systems, may include determining a presence of a first device proximate at least one entry to a location, obtaining information related to an identification of an entity associated with the at least one device, authenticating the first device, the authenticating based at least in part on obtaining information related to the identification, and taking an action based at least in part on determining the authenticity.. .


Mobile device

A mobile device includes a first communication device that transmits a first transmission signal to a vehicle side, a second communication device that transmits a second transmission signal in response to an electromagnetic field received from the vehicle side, a control unit that controls the first communication device and second communication device, and a circuit board. The first communication device includes a loop antenna that is formed by a conductive wire formed on the circuit board.


Analytical data display processing device

Thumbnail images indicating images of a display layouts prepared in advance or created by the user are stored together with display layout data, and the thumbnail images are displayed as a list on a layout thumbnail bar in an analysis result display window on the display screen. The analyzer looks at the images so as to grasp the content of each display layout and then selects an appropriate thumbnail image.


Filtering automated selection of keywords for computer modeling

A social networking system receives messages from users that include links to webpages that designate keywords of the webpage. The social networking system identifies webpages linked by users to generate computer models that predict whether a webpage or message should be associated with particular keywords.


Method and system for queue length analysis

A system and method for analysing queues in frames of video enables operators to preferably draw three regions of interest overlaid upon the video as short, medium, and long queue regions that form a notional queue area within the video. The regions are drawn with knowledge of, or in anticipation of, foreground objects such as individuals and vehicles waiting for service in a queue.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Oma for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Oma with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



2 - 1 - 101