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Phosphoramidites for synthetic rna in the reverse direction, efficient rna synthesis and convenient introduction of 3'-end ligands, chromophores and modifications of synthetic rna
The present invention provides building blocks and methods for synthesizing very pure RNA in a form that can efficiently be modified at the 3′ end. Reverse RNA monomer phosphoramidites have been developed for RNA synthesis in 5′→3′ direction, leading to very clean oligo synthesis that allows for the introduction of various...

Avian influenza virus antigen, and booster immunization method for avian influenza vaccine in combination with mucosal adjuvant which is effective through oral administration
When ELISA antibody titer dropped in chickens intramuscularly inoculated with an oil vaccine, recombinant HA and NP antigens prepared using gene recombinant technology were orally administered in combination with synthetic oligo CpG as a mucosal adjuvant to the chickens. Even when the immune response induced with the oil vaccine was impaired,...

Glycosylated glp-1 peptide
Oligosaccharide chain added GLP-1 peptides are more stable in blood and more active in controlling blood-sugar levels than GLP-1 peptides without added oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharide chain added GLP-1 peptides having GLP-1 activity include at least one or at least two amino acids each substituted with an oligosaccharide chain added amino acid in...

Method for production of cdna library having reduced content of cdna clone derived from highly expressed gene
A method for efficiently constructing a cDNA library having a reduced content of cDNA clones derived from a highly expressed gene is provided. According to the method for constructing a cDNA library using a double-stranded DNA primer having oligo dT and mRNA as a template, the proportion of cDNA clones derived...

Targeted oligonucleotide compositions for modifying gene expression
The invention comprises compositions and methods for modifying gene expression. Modified oligos of the invention restore the lost function of let-7 wild type miRNA molecules that are prevented from silencing target genes by mutations occurring within their binding sites. Administration of a particular modified oligo (SEQ ID NO: 22) leads to...

Structure, synthesis, and applications for oligo phenylene ethynylenes
Novel compounds generally referred to herein as cationic oligomeric phenylene ethynylenes (OPEs), methods of synthesizing OPEs and various uses for the OPEs are described. The compounds can be synthesized in both symmetrical (S-OPE) and non-symmetrical (N-OPE) forms. Suitable uses include sensor and biocidal applications. Reusable structures incorporating the OPEs that are...

Compositions and methods for treating hypophosphatasia
The present invention provides compositions and methods for use in enzyme replacement therapy. The inventors disclose a method of producing membrane bound enzymes in an active soluble form by eliminating the glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) membrane anchor. In particular the inventors disclose a soluble active form of the membrane bound enzyme TNSALP which...

Method for producing and stabilizing oligoaminosilanes
The invention relates to a method for producing oligoaminosilanes of the general formula (I) SinY2n+2, wherein oligohalosilanes of the general formula (II) SinX2n+2 are reacted with primary amines of the general formula (III) R—NH2 in hydrocarbons as solvents, wherein X is selected from among chlorine, bromine, and iodine, Y is a...

Polymeric hair dyes
Polymeric dye comprising oligo and polypeptides selected from natural or synthetic aminoacids bearing at least one covalently bounded cationic dye. Very good dyeing results on human hair are obtained with these dyes....

Rapid oligo probes
Disclosed are methods, rapid probes, and kits for general purpose nucleic acid detection....

Second generation tape
Jan Claren Mar. 2008 7,347,813 B2 Karen Pilney Montpetit Jul. 2008 7,393,320 B2 Eva S. Snitkin Apr. 2006 7,025,063 B2 Patrice Suslian Oct. 2003 6,638,211 B2 Jorn Lehe Aug. 2001 6,273,852 B1 U.S. Patent Documents 6. Scales JT. Materials for hernia repair. Proc R. Sac...

Synthesis of labile base protected - modified deoxy & modified ribo nucleosides, corresponding phosphoramidites and supports and their use in high purity oligonucleotide synthesis
This invention relates to novel method of synthesis of RNA utilizing N-2-acetyl protected guanine as nucleoside base, nucleosides, succinates, phosphoramidites, corresponding solid supports that are suitable for oligo deoxy nucleosides and RNA oligonucleotide synthesis. Our discovery using N-acetyl protected guanine as nucleoside base protecting group, which is significantly faster base labile...

Method of synthesizing single-stranded cdna, method of preparing microarray sample, and method of detecting nucleic acid
In order to provide a method of amplifying nucleic acid which can produce a nearly constant amount of amplified products despite the amount of RNA to be used as a template, the primer is used at a final concentration of 500 pM to 500 nM in a reaction which synthesizes a...

Method for producing organo-oligo silsesquioxanes
Silsesquisiloxanes are produced in high yield and purity in a minimal number of process steps by reacting quaternary ammonium silicates with disiloxanes in a precipitant liquid which causes the silsesquisiloxane product to be precipitated in high purity....

Rapid display method in translational synthesis of peptide
Provided are linkers suitable for preparing a conjugate of a nucleic acid and a peptide as a translation product thereof in a reconstituted cell-free translation system in genotype-phenotype mapping (display methods), said linkers comprising a single-stranded structure region having a side chain base pairing with the base at the 3′-end of...

Solid surface reservoirs
An apparatus for forming a surface reservoir to hold a sample for a desirable period of time is described. The apparatus contains a platform, a solid surface disposed onto the platform, and an assembly of a bottomless vessel mounted on the solid surface. Also described is an apparatus that forms an...

Systems and methods for validating and customizing oligonucleotides sequences
A system and method is provided to customize and validate an oligonucleotide plate and/or tube design. A graphical user interface enables a user to submit oligo design data in a series of steps. One or more rules are used to validate the oligo plate design data as it is submitted. The...

Methods and compositions for modulating gene expression using oligonucleotide based drugs administered in vivo or in vitro
Compositions and methods for down modulating target gene expression with RNA interference, as well as methods for administering said compositions are disclosed. The method comprises administering a first strand to a cell, incubating the cell for a time period suitable for uptake of the first oligo prior to administering a second...

Structure, synthesis, and applications for oligo phenylene ethynylenes (opes)
The present disclosure provides novel oligo phenylene ethynylene (OPE) compounds, methods for synthesizing these compounds, and materials and substances incorporating these compounds. The various OPEs show antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal activity....

Polymeric coupling agents and pharmaceutically-active polymers made therefrom
(iv) n is selected from 2-50. The compounds are useful as biomaterials, particularly, providing antibacterial activity in vivo. Also provided are biological coupling agents useful as intermediates in the preparation of the pharmaceutically-active polymeric compounds. (iii) m is 1-40; and ...

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