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Date/App# patent app List of recent Oleic Aci-related patents
 Process for preparing sebacic acid patent thumbnailProcess for preparing sebacic acid
A process for preparing sebacic acid by reacting in a first step (i) linoleic acid with water catalyzed by an oleate hydratase to form 10-hydroxy-12-octadecenoic acid, in a second step (ii) pyrolysing the 10-hydroxy-12-octadecenoic acid to 1-octene and 10-oxo-decanoic acid and in a third step (iii) oxidizing the 10-oxo-decanoic acid to sebacic acid.. .
Basf Se

 Dispersing agent from renewable raw materials for binding agent-free pigment preparations patent thumbnailDispersing agent from renewable raw materials for binding agent-free pigment preparations
The invention relates to aqueous, binding agent-free pigment preparations, containing (a) 1.0 to 75.0 wt % of at least one organic or inorganic white or colored pigment or a mixture of various organic and inorganic white or colored pigments, (b) 0.01 to 8.0 wt. % of at least one phosphatide of formula (i), wherein r represents a group containing a carbon, hydrogen, oxygen atom and optionally a nitrogen and sulfur atom group, (c) 0.01 to 12.0 wt.
Clariant Finance (bvi) Limited

 Fine silver particle ink, fine silver particle sintered body, and  producing fine silver particle ink patent thumbnailFine silver particle ink, fine silver particle sintered body, and producing fine silver particle ink
Provided are a fine silver particle ink composed of hexylamine, dodecylamine, oleic acid, fine silver particles and a solvent, in which the volume resistivity of a sintered body at 100° c. Obtained after the ink is applied on a substrate by spin coating is 8 to 25 μΩcm, a sintered body thereof, and a method for producing a fine silver particle ink.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

 Spunbond nonwoven fabric patent thumbnailSpunbond nonwoven fabric
The object of the present invention is to provide a polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric excellent in its flexibility, bending resistance, texture and strength. A spunbond nonwoven fabric of the present invention is made of a propylene polymer composition containing a propylene polymer (a) having a melting point of not less than 120° c.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

 Method to develop high oleic acid soybeans using conventional soybean breeding techniques patent thumbnailMethod to develop high oleic acid soybeans using conventional soybean breeding techniques
The present invention is directed to a soybean plant with mutations in fad2-1a and fad2-1b. Moreover, the present invention is directed to seeds from said plants with altered ratios of monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of Agriculture

 Polyimide composition patent thumbnailPolyimide composition
Polyimide formed from at least one dianhydride and at least one diamine, wherein at least 50 wt. % of the diamine is comprised of dimer fatty diamine, and a process of making the polyimide.
Croda International Plc

 Methods and use of inducing apoptosis in cancer cells patent thumbnailMethods and use of inducing apoptosis in cancer cells
The present disclosure relates to a method of inducing apoptosis in a cancer cell by delivery of exogenous coenzyme q10 or its metabolites thereof in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier to effectuate cell contact of endogenous coenzyme q10 or its metabolites thereof in addition to but not limited to mevalonic acid and oleic acid to form an intracellular complex. The present disclosure also provides a method of modulating the p53 pathway and bcl-2 protein family in a manner that restores the apoptotic potential to a cancer cell by delivery of coenzyme q10 in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.
Berg Llc

 Pesticidal/ovicidal composition and pesticidal/ovicidal method patent thumbnailPesticidal/ovicidal composition and pesticidal/ovicidal method
A pesticidal/ovicidal composition comprising: (a) 50-99.9 parts by mass of a triglyceride containing not less than 50% of oleic acid as a fatty acid component; (b) 0.1-20 parts by mass of a nonionic surface active agent; and (c) 0-30 parts by mass of a glycerin derivative. The composition according to the invention has not only a pesticidal activity but also an ovicidal activity on crop pests, and provides a safe and high pesticidal/ovicidal effect..

 Omega-9 canola oil blended with dha patent thumbnailOmega-9 canola oil blended with dha
An oil composition containing omega-9 canola oil is disclosed in which the canola oil is stabilized against oxidation. The omega-9 canola oil contains more than 68% oleic acid and less than 4% linolenic acid.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

 Barley for production of flavor-stable beverage patent thumbnailBarley for production of flavor-stable beverage
According to the invention, there is provided null-lox-1 barley and plant products produced thereof, such as malt manufactured by using barley kernels defective in synthesis of the fatty acid-converting enzyme lipoxygenase-1. Said enzyme accounts for the principal activity related to conversion of linoleic acid into 9-hydroperoxy octadecadienoic acid, a lipoxygenase pathway metabolite, which-through further enzymatic or spontaneous reactions-may lead to the appearance of trans-2-nonenal.
Carlsberg A/s


Method of preparing fluorescent nanoparticles

Disclosed is a method of preparing fluorescent nanoparticles of znsexs1-x (0<x<1) comprising: mixing selenium powders, and sulfur powders with octadecylene, heating and stirring the mixture to dissolve the selenium powders, and the sulfur powders, and then cooling the mixture to give a first precursor solution comprising selenium and sulfur elements; mixing zinc oxide, oleic acid or lauric acid, octadecylene, and benzophenone, heating and stirring the mixture to dissolve the zinc oxide to give a second precursor solution comprising zinc element; adding the first precursor solution into the second precursor solution to undergo a reaction at a temperature of from 270° c. To 290° c.
Boe Tehcnology Group Co., Ltd.


Method for producing l-amino acid

A method for producing an l-amino acid using linoleic acid as the carbon source is provided. An l-amino acid is produced by culturing a bacterium belonging to the family enterobacteriaceae and having an l-amino acid-producing ability, which has been modified so that the 2,4-dienoyl-coa reductase activity is increased, in a medium containing linoleic acid, and collecting the l-amino acid from the medium..
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.


High saturated fat mayonnaise

A mayonnaise product in which the oil phase includes a combination of medium chain triglyceride (mct) oil and a saturated fat such as butter oil, coconut oil, or palm oil, and further incombination with a high oleic oil. The mct and high oleic oil reduces crystallization of the saturated fat when cooled, and consequently this improves emulsion stability.


Vegetable oils and uses therefor

The specification relates to plants and their seeds and oil obtained therefrom, and to methods of producing same comprising oil having modified fatty acid compositions, such that 28% to 80% of the total fatty acid content in the seedoil is palmitic acid, 0% to 16% is palmitoleic acid, 0% to 4% is c16:2 fatty acid, 3% to 33% is stearic acid, 1% to 40% is oleic acid, 4% to 50% is linoleic acid and 0% to 10% is linolenic acid. The specification describes nucleic acid molecules encoding rna capable of conferring these properties, in particular, rna that inhibits expression of an oil biosynthesis gene encoding kasii in seeds of a plant.
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation


Algal oil based bio-lubricants

A method for manufacturing an algal oil based bio-lubricant includes selecting a base algae strain with a fatty acid profile that includes oleic acid, introducing the base algae strain to a flue gas recycling system, introducing a lipid trigger to the flue gas recycling system to enhance the lipid production efficiency of the algae, harvesting the algae, extracting an algal oil from the algae that is more than 40% oleic acid, and converting the algal oil into bio-lubricant using chemical modification and/or the incorporation of stabilizing additives.. .
T2e Energy Holdings, Llc


Lubrication for drilling fluid

A drilling fluid lubricant includes a crude tall oil product and a derivative of ricinoleic acid that is at least partially transesterified product. A modified drilling fluid includes a water-based drilling fluid in a range of from about 95 vol.
Mj Research And Development Lp


Pbse nanowires in non-coordinating solvent

A pbse nanowire having an aspect ratio of about 100:1 and having a diameter of less than 20 nm. A pbse nanowire produced by the process comprising reacting pbo with oleic acid in 1-octadecene or other non-coordinating solvent and producing pb oleate in a flask, heating the pb oleate to between 225 and 275 c under inert gas, injecting a first solution of se dissolved in trialkylphosphine into the flask and producing a second solution, heating the second solution, maintaining the temperature >200 c in the flask, and resulting in pbse nanowires..
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Methods of converting mixtures of palmitoleic and oleic acid esters to high value products

The invention describes methods and systems for making particular organic compounds from unsaturated fatty acids derived from biological materials. Particular embodiments describe synthesizing civetone and olefins from a mixture of palmitoleic and oleic unsaturated fatty acid esters.


Bare quantum dots superlattice photonic devices

Manipulation of the passivation ligands of colloidal quantum dots and use in qd electronics. A multi-step electrostatic process is described which creates bare qds, followed by the formation of qd superlattice via electric and thermal stimulus.


Cigs nanoparticle ink formulation having a high crack-free limit

A method for formulating a cigs nanoparticle-based ink, which can be processed to form a thin film with a crack-free limit (cfl) of 500 nm or greater, comprises: dissolving or dispersing cu(in,ga)s2 and cu(in,ga)se2 nanoparticles; mixing the nanoparticle solutions/dispersions and adding oleic acid to form an ink; depositing the ink on a substrate; annealing to remove the organic components of the ink formulation; forming a film with a cfl ≧500 nm; and, repeating the deposition and annealing process to form a cigs film having a thickness ≧1 μm. The film so produced may be incorporated into a thin film photovoltaic device..
Nanoco Technologies Ltd.


Oil and fat composition suitable for non-tempering hard butter

X represents saturated fatty acid having 14 carbon atoms or more and o represents oleic acid.. .


Fluid formulations for cleaning oil-based or synthetic oil-based mud filter cakes

A treatment composition may contact an oil-based mud (obm) filter cake formed over at least part of a wellbore for incorporating more oil and/or filter cake particles into the treatment composition as compared to an otherwise identical filter cake absent the treatment composition. The treatment composition may include, but is not limited to, a surfactant, an aqueous-based fluid, an agent, an optional second acid, and combinations thereof.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Natural insect repellent formula bbx2

The natural insect repellent bbx2 is a composition of refined oils such as citronella, cedar, mineral, castor, and oleic acid with diatomaceous earth to repel insects from landing on and remaining on human skin. It can be made in many different forms such as liquid, lotion, spray, paste, cream and can be a part of articles such as animal collars, garbage bags, planting material, and of course fabrics for clothing, tents, and anything that a person would use or wear..


Vegetable oil composition containing palm mid-fraction fat and reducing plasma cholesterol

A method and composition for reducing the cholesterolemic effect in mammals of ingesting a blended nutritional fat composition containing a palm mid-fraction (pmf) hardstock fat combined with an unsaturated vegetable oil. The composition is solid or semi-solid at 20° c.
Brandeis University


Nano-parts fabrication method

Embodiments of present invention provide a method of forming nano-parts through vacuum coating technology. The method includes creating a set of openings in a substrate, the set of openings having a set of shapes that are complimentary to shapes of a set of nano-parts and the nano-parts having a size between 1 nm and 1000 nm; lining the set of openings with a thin layer of oleic acid of a single molecule thickness; depositing a metal-oxide material inside the set of openings to form the set of nano-parts; immersing the substrate together with the set of nano-parts in a solution; applying a supersonic vibration to the substrate via the solution causing the set of nano-parts to detach from the substrate; and separating the set of nano-parts from the substrate..


Transdermal delivery of anastrozole for systemic effect

Formulations and methods for transdermal drug delivery compositions that include anastrozole are disclosed. Transdermal anastrozole compositions of the present disclosure may be indicated for treating testosterone deficiency.
Professional Compounding Centers Of America


Testosterone booster transdermal compositions

Formulations and methods for transdermal drug delivery compositions that include synergistic combination of three pharmaceutical active ingredients (apis), such as testosterone, anastrozole, and hcg are disclosed. Tbtc of the present disclosure may be indicated for reducing symptoms of testosterone deficiency.
Professional Compounding Centers Of America


Transdermal absorption preparation

[solution] a transdermal absorption preparation having a support, and a rubber-based adhesive layer that is formed on the surface of the support and contains 4-(2-methyl-1-imidazolyl)-2,2-diphenylbutylamide or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, the rubber-based adhesive layer further containing oleic acid, capric acid and crotamiton.. .


Microorganisms, compositions, and methods for producing fatty acids

Methods of producing an unsaturated free fatty acid comprising at least 18 carbon atoms are provided. In some embodiments, the methods comprise culturing an engineered microorganism in a culture medium, wherein the engineered microorganism comprises at least one recombinant enzyme selected from acyl-lipid desaturase delta-9 (ec:, acyl-lipid desaturase delta-12 (ec:, acyl-lipid desaturase delta-15 (ec:1.14.19.-), and thioesterase (ec:
Pronutria, Inc.


Fat composition

Wherein the fat composition has a weight ratio of sso:sos triglycerides of greater than 0.3, and wherein s is stearic or palmitic acid and o is oleic acid.. .


Pebble-based surfacing materials

Pebble or granular based elastomeric surfacing materials that include an aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane based pebble or granule bonded together with a two-part aliphatic polyurethane binder are provided. In one embodiment, an a side of the two-part binder has at least one polyol, and a b side of the two-part binder has multiple isocyanates.
Landscape Structures Inc.


Oil soluble hydrogen sulfide scavenger

The concentration of hydrogen sulfide in a hydrocarbon can be mitigated by intruding therein a zinc carboxylate oxo complex composition prepared by reacting particulate zinc oxide with a mixture of two or more carboxylic acids wherein the zinc carboxylate oxo complex composition is soluble in hydrocarbons. Useful acids useful include acetic acid, oleic acid, isobutyric acid, lineoleic acid, cekanoic acid, and neodecanoic acid..
Baker Hughes Incorporation


Conjugated linoleic acid-producing strains of probiotic bacteria and use thereof for the preparation of a food, dietetic or pharmaceutical composition

The present invention relates to conjugated linoleic acid (cla)-producing strains of probiotic bacteria. In particular, the present invention relates to a selection of bacterial strains belonging to the genus bifidobacterium which were selected for their ability to produce conjugated linoleic acid (cla) from linoleic acid (la).


Catalytic pulsed flow hydrogenation of lignin carboxylic acid compounds

Specifically reactions are taught for carbon steel catalyzed pulsed flow hydrogenation of lignin carboxylic acids comprising 4-hydroxy-3,5-dimethoxybenzoic acid, 4,5-dihydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzoic acid, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid and substituted aliphatic carboxylic acid compounds comprising citric and oleic acids in contact with a promoter comprising an anhydrous sodium sulfate and an activator comprising co(ii)-co(iii)-co(ii) using hydrogen gas at 225° c. To 350° c.


Antifouling layer, antifouling substrate, display device, and input device

An antifouling substrate includes a substrate having a surface and an antifouling layer provided on the surface of the substrate. The antifouling layer contains at least one of a first compound having an ester linkage in a portion other than terminal ends and a second compound having a cyclic hydrocarbon group.
Dexerials Corporation


Method for carbon nanofiber alignment using magnetic nanoparticles

The chip stack of semiconductor chips with enhanced cooling apparatus includes a first chip with circuitry on a first side and a second chip electrically and mechanically coupled to the first chip by a grid of connectors. The chip stack further includes a thermal interface material pad between the first chip and the second chip.
International Business Machines Corporation


Cottonseed oil and uses

The present specification relates to the production of cotton plants and seeds and oil prepared therefrom having elevated levels of oleic and reduced levels of palmitic and linoleic acids. Furthermore, cottonseeds having low levels of cyclopropane and/or cyclopropene fatty acids and/or reduced levels of gossypol are described herein.
Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation


Emollient compounds useful for treating dry skin conditions

The present invention provides a composition and method useful for creating a class of compounds that provide an emollient effect to the skin. The base formulation includes mixtures of certain oils that have high concentrations of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid.


Water-in-oil polyacrylamide-based microemulsions and related methods

A water-in-oil microemulsion, including a polyacrylamide, a fatty acid, a surfactant, an oil continuous phase, and an aqueous discontinuous phase in the oil continuous phase. The fatty acid includes a tall oil fatty acid, oleic acid, or a combination of a tall oil fatty acid and oleic acid.
Exacto, Inc.


Method for preparing size-controlled gold nanoparticles and colorimetric detection strong acid using the same

A method for preparing hydrophobic gold nanoparticles includes adding 1,2-dichlorobenzene as a solvent to gold precursor and using oleylamine and oleic acid with volume ratio of 7.5:2.5 to 5:5 as surfactants. The size of the prepared gold nanoparticles can be controlled over a broad range and may be utilized in various fields such as bio-imaging, photonic crystallization, sensors, organic catalysts, surface enhanced raman spectrum, electronic devices, etc.
Korea Basic Science Institute


Oil and fat composition that can be used as non-tempering type hard butter

Wherein x represents saturated fatty acid having 14 carbon atoms or more; o represents oleic acid; p represents palmitic acid; and st represents stearic acid.. .


Phospholipid compositions enriched for palmitoleic, myristoleic or lauroleic acid, their preparation and their use in treating metabolic and cardiovascular disease

The present invention concerns phospholipid compositions having a relatively high concentration of compounds of the following structure (i): wherein at least one of r1 and r2 is palmitoleoyl, myristoleoyl or lauroleoyl and methods for their preparation. The present invention also concerns the use of these phospholipid compositions to treat a variety of disorders by administering the composition to a patient in need thereof..


Controlling heat induced foam generation of foodstuff

The present invention relates to the use of a composition to control the degree of heat induced foam generation in a foodstuff system when said foodstuff system is heated, wherein the composition comprises polyglycerol polyricinoleic acid.. .


Transdermal delivery system comprising buprenorphine

The invention relates to transdermal therapeutic system for the transdermal administration of buprenorphine, comprising a buprenorphine-containing self-adhesive layer structure comprising a) a buprenoφhine-impermeable backing layer, and b) a buprenorphine-containing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on said buprenorphine-impermeable backing layer, the adhesive layer comprising a) at least one polymer-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, b) an analgesically effective amount of buprenorphine base or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and c) a carboxylic acid selected from the group consisting of oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, levulinic acid and mixtures thereof, in an amount sufficient so that said analgesically effective amount of buprenorphine is solubilized therein to form a mixture, and the carboxylic acid buprenorphine mixture forms dispersed deposits in the said pressure-sensitive adhesive, wherein said buprenorphine-containing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer is the skin contact layer.. .


Anorectic agent

The present invention provides an anorectic agent comprising palmitoleic acid as an active ingredient.. .


Soybean seed and oil compositions and methods of making same

Methods for obtaining soybean plants that produce seed with low linolenic acid levels and moderately increased oleic levels are disclosed. Also disclosed are methods for producing seed with low linolenic acid levels, moderately increased oleic levels and low saturated fatty acid levels.


Urea silicone gel for scars and hydration treatment and using same

Compositions and methods for urea silicone gels for treating skin conditions that may benefit from barrier protection and from urea silicone gel ability to return water balance to the skin are disclosed. Skin conditions that may be treated with urea silicone gel may be excessive dryness, insect bites, keloids and scars, among others.


Three-layer-core golf ball having highly-neutralized polymer outer core layer

A golf ball includes an inner core layer formed from a thermoset rubber composition. The inner core layer has a first outer surface shore d hardness and an outer diameter of about 0.8 to 1.40 inches.


Urea-silicone gel for hyperkeratosis treatment

Compositions and methods for urea silicone gels for treating hyperkeratotic skin diseases that may benefit from barrier protection and from urea silicone gel's ability to return water balance to the skin are disclosed. Skin conditions that may be treated with urea silicone gels may be excessive dryness, callus, corns, old and new scars, and keloids, among others.


Pressure sensitive adhesives based on fatty acids

(b) polymerizing the epoxidized oleic acid, the epoxidized linoleic acid, the epoxidized linolenic acid, or the mixture thereof to produce a pressure sensitive adhesive.. .


Method of reducing odors of lipid-based polyols

A method of reducing odors in lipid-based polyol. At least one lipid-based polyol is provided, and mixed with ricinoleic acid and/or a metal salt of ricinoleic acid.


Iron oxide nanocapsule, manufacturing the same, and mri contrast agent using the same

Provided is an iron oxide nanocapsule which has extremely excellent water dispersibility, which is very stable in the body and which has very excellent mri contrast ability, a method of manufacturing the same, and an mri contrast agent using the same. The method of manufacturing the iron oxide nanocapsule includes the steps of: thermally decomposing an iron complex to prepare hydrophobic ligand-bonded iron oxide nanoparticles; and encapsulating the hydrophobic ligand-bonded iron oxide nanoparticles by a carboxymethyldextrandodecylamine conjugate encapsulation material or a dextran-linoleic acid conjugate encapsulation material to form an iron oxide nanocapsule..


Enriched injectable emulsion containing selected fatty acid triglycerides

A composition including a triglyceride containing glycerol which is esterified with three fatty acids, wherein the three fatty acids include at least one fatty acid selected from caprylic acid, capric acid, α-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, arachidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and docosapentaenoic acid. The total amount of caprylic acid, capric acid, a-linolenic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, arachidonic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and docosapentaenoic acid is greater than 60%, based on the total weight of the fatty acids in a base or starting emulsion.


Blasting compositions

A blasting explosive composition containing a solid inorganic oxidising salt as the oxidizer component, a hydrocarbon liquid as the fuel component, and a binding agent. The composition can also contain an ammonium nitrate based emulsion.


Nitrated-fatty acids modulation of type ii diabetes

Nitro oleic acid and related metabolites are agonists of ppar-γ. Surprisingly, nitro oleic acid is a more potent agonist of ppar-γ, relative to nitro linoleic acid.


Family of pain producing substances and methods to produce novel analgesic drugs

A method may include treating pain, shock, and/or inflammatory conditions in a subject. A method may include using a therapeutically effective amount of an antibody, a lipoxygenase inhibitor, a cytochrome p-450 enzyme inhibitor, and/or an antioxidant configurable to at least partially treat pain, shock, and/or inflammatory conditions in a subject.


Dietary supplement system for multifunctional anti-aging management and use

A dietary supplement system includes a dietary supplement composition for oral administration by an individual in the morning, the composition, including (a) a telomere maintenance complex including: purslane extract (aerial parts); turmeric rhizome extract (95% curcuminoids); quercetin dehydrate, cayenne pepper fruit; vanadium (as vanadyl sulfate); fenugreek seed; astragalus root extract, omega fatty acid complex including linoleic acid; alpha-linolenic acid; oleic acid borage seed oil gamma-linolenic acid), evening primrose oil fish body oil (eicosapentaenoic acid; docosahexaenoic acid); (b) a calorie restriction mimetics and gene expression complex including trans-resveratrol (from polygonum cuspidatum root extract); pterostilbene fisetin 50% (buxus microphlla sieb (stem and leaf; alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme q-10, betaine hcl, sulfur (from methylsulfonylmethane); l-carnitine tartrate; l-carnitine hcl, and (c) a free radical scavenger complex, including green tea leaf extract catechin and polyphenols); anthocyanins (from bilberry fruit and grape skin extracts).. .


Lipophilic laminate, manufacturing the same, product, and manufacturing the same

A lipophilic laminate, including: a substrate made of a resin; and a lipophilic resin layer on the substrate made of a resin, wherein the lipophilic resin layer includes micro convex portions or micro concave portions in a surface thereof, and wherein an oleic acid contact angle of the surface of the lipophilic resin layer is 10° or less.. .


Plant derived seed extract rich in essential fatty acids derived from perilla seed: composition of matter, manufacturing process and use

A composition of matter comprises a shelf stable, super critical, co2 fluid extracted seed oil derived from a cracked biomass of perilla frutescens, the seed oil comprising from about 60 to about 95 percent w/w of pufas in a ratio of from about 4:1 to about 6:1 alpha-linolenic acid (ala) to linoleic acid (la) and a mixture of selected antioxidants.. .


Fatty acid composition and plant extract and pharmaceutical preparation and application thereof

A fatty acid composition containing linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid is provided. Also provided is a fatty acid composition containing linoleic acid, linolenic acid and oleic acid, and at least one selected from palmitinic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid and docosanoic acid.


Ink composition

An ink composition includes a colorant, a co-solvent, and an acid chosen from oleic acid, linoleic acid, undecanoic acid, dodecanoic acid, tridecanoic acid, and combinations thereof. The ink composition further includes lithium and water.


Algal omega 7 and algal omega 3 blend compositions

Provided herein are exemplary algal fatty acid compositions comprising by dry weight approximately 0.5% to approximately 99% c20:5 n3 eicosapentaenoic acid (epa) and approximately 0.5% to approximately 99% c16:1 n7 palmitoleic acid (poa). Further exemplary algal fatty acid compositions may comprise (in addition to the above) one or more of the following by dry weight: between approximately 0% and 99% arachidonic acid; between approximately 0% and 99% docosahexaenoic acid; and/or less than approximately 10% saturated fatty acids (including 0% saturated fatty acids or substantially saturated fatty acid free).


Algal omega 7 compositions

Provided herein are exemplary algal omega 7 compositions, including algal fatty acid compositions comprising by dry weight from about approximately 0.5% to about approximately 99% c16:1 n7 palmitoleic acid (poa). Such algal compositions may also include (either individually or any combination of) by dry weight: from about approximately 0% to about approximately 20% saturated fatty acids; from about approximately 0% to about approximately 99% arachidonic acid; from about approximately 0% to about 99% docosahexaenoic acid; and/or from about approximately 0% to about approximately 99% eicosapentaenoic acid.



A spread or margarine which is intended to serve as a tasty, indulgent product and at the same time provide good health benefits to the consumer. The spread combines high levels both of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are thought to be a beneficial component of the mediterranean diet, and linoleic acid, a known ldl-cholesterol lowering moiety.

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