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Ocular patents

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Eye surgery system and method of inserting an intraocular lens

Intraocular lens insertion tool

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ocular-related patents
 Hydrophilic aiol with bonding patent thumbnailHydrophilic aiol with bonding
An accommodating intraocular lens comprises a first lens component, a second lens component, and an adhesive between portions of the two lens components. The cured adhesive bonds the lens components to form a fluid chamber.
 Eye surgery system and method of inserting an intraocular lens patent thumbnailEye surgery system and method of inserting an intraocular lens
A method of inserting an intraocular lens into an eye comprises: determining preoperative values of an eye; selecting an intraocular lens based on the preoperative values; inserting the intraocular lens into the eye; determining intraoperative values of the eye; providing an eye model, wherein the eye model includes plural parameters; determining the second value representing a postoperative visual defect of the eye using the eye model, wherein the preoperative values of the eye are assigned to a first subset of the plural parameters of the eye model and wherein the intraoperative values of the eye are assigned to a second subset of the plural parameters of the eye model; and correcting the position and/or the orientation of the inserted intraocular lens or inserting a different intraocular lens based on the value representing the postoperative visual defect of the eye.. .
 Intraocular lens with a proofed surface patent thumbnailIntraocular lens with a proofed surface
Methods and apparatus for an intraocular lens with a proofed surface are disclosed. The proofed surface functions as a barrier to fluid diffusion inside the material and within vacuoles.
 Intraocular lens insertion tool patent thumbnailIntraocular lens insertion tool
An intraocular lens insertion tool including: a cylindrical tool body provided with a placement part at which is placed an intraocular lens having an optical part, and a pair of support parts extending from either side of the optical part; and a plunger for pushing out the intraocular lens; the intraocular lens insertion tool being provided in a state in which the intraocular lens is preset in the placement part, wherein at least one of the front support part extending toward a tip end of the tool body and the rear support part extending toward a rear end of the tool body is pre-deformed by abutting against an abutting projection disposed inside the placement part.. .
 Micropulse grid pattern laser treatment and methods patent thumbnailMicropulse grid pattern laser treatment and methods
The procedures described herein may involve using one or more treatment beams to induce one or more therapeutic benefits. In some embodiments, a series of short duration light pulses may be delivered to ocular tissue at a plurality of target locations with a thermal relaxation time delay to limit the temperature rise of the target ocular tissue and thereby limit a thermal effect to only a desired portion of the ocular tissue.
 Detection of an oculomotor abnormality in a patient by means of a visual search test patent thumbnailDetection of an oculomotor abnormality in a patient by means of a visual search test
The visual search test makes it possible to establish a parameter for binocular coordination that is useful for detecting an oculomotor abnormality, in particular in the context of detecting dyslexia. A system for assisting in the detection is also described..
 Ophthalmic compositions comprising prostaglandin f2 alpha derivatives and hyaluronic acid patent thumbnailOphthalmic compositions comprising prostaglandin f2 alpha derivatives and hyaluronic acid
The present invention relates to a composition comprising at least one analogue of prostaglandin as active compound, and a stabilizing amount of at least one hyaluronic acid or a salt thereof, said composition being preservative-free; and to the use thereof for use in treating ocular hypertension and/or glaucoma in a subject in need thereof.. .
 Topical ocular analgesic agents patent thumbnailTopical ocular analgesic agents
The topical ophthalmic use of certain 2,4-diamino-substituted 1,3-triazines for preventing or alleviating ocular pain in patients is disclosed. Topcial ocular pharmaceutical composition are also disclosed..
 Accommodating intraocular lens patent thumbnailAccommodating intraocular lens
Systems, devices, and methods are presented for a prosthetic injectable intraocular lens. The lenses can be made from silicone, fluorosilicone, and phenyl substituted silicone and be semipermeable to air.
 Viewer with display overlay patent thumbnailViewer with display overlay
A real-world viewer can include viewing optics positioned along a viewing optical axis for viewing a field of view of the real-world. An active display overlay unit can be optically coupled to the viewing optical axis of the viewing optics, for generating images and directing the images along the viewing optical axis of the viewing optics for simultaneous overlaid viewing of the images in the real-world scene as viewed in the field of view through the viewing optics.
Methods and apparatus for retinal imaging
In exemplary implementations, this invention comprises apparatus for retinal self-imaging. Visual stimuli help the user self-align his eye with a camera.
Ophthalmic interface apparatus, method of interfacing a surgical laser with an eye, and support ring for use with a suction ring
Apparatus and methods are provided for interfacing a surgical laser with an eye using a patient interface device that minimizes aberrations through a combination of a contact lens surface positioning and a liquid medium between an anterior surface of the eye and the contact lens surface. Further, support rings, ocular stability devices, and methods for interfacing an eye during laser surgery are provided.
Intra-ocular lens injection cartridge
A cartridge for implantation of a deformable intraocular lens (iol) through a small incision in the eye, including a body portion including a first section including a first lens delivery passageway configured to contain an iol readied for implantation, and a second section including a second lens delivery passageway connected to the first passageway, configured to fold the iol when the iol is pushed through the second passageway, and a nozzle portion extending from the body portion, the nozzle portion including a third passageway and a tip for insertion through the incision in the eye, the second passageway extending to the third passageway, the third passageway configured to transfer the folded iol into an incision in an eye when the folded iol is pushed through the nozzle. Related apparatus and methods are also described..
Method for treating glaucoma
A method of treating glaucoma or other eye disease in a patient is provided. The method includes injecting an eye of the patient with a cohesive monophasic gel containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid or its salt.
Ophthalmologic irrigation solutions and method
Solutions for perioperative intraocular application by continuous irrigation during ophthalmologic procedures are provided. These solutions include multiple agents that act to inhibit inflammation, inhibit pain, effect mydriasis (dilation of the pupil), and/or decrease intraocular pressure, wherein the multiple agents are selected to target multiple molecular targets to achieve multiple differing physiologic functions, and are included in dilute concentrations in a balanced salt solution carrier..
Ectocornea-like sheet and method of constructing the same
It is intended to provide a transplantation material applicable to ocular surface diseases with a need for ectocornea transplantation (i.e., an ectocornea-like sheet). Oral mucosal epithelial cells are inoculated onto an amnion and then cultured in the coexistence of supporter cells.
Digital broadcast signal processing method and device
The present application relates to a device and method for processing digital broadcast signals comprising three-dimensional images. According to one embodiment of the present invention, the digital broadcast signal processing method comprises the steps of: encoding a video stream of a two dimensional reference image; encoding a video stream of an additional image, for generating a binocular-disparity three-dimensional image together with the encoded two dimensional reference image; generating signaling information such that the video stream of the encoded additional image is processed only in a three-dimensional image signal receiver; generating a first broadcast signal comprising the video stream of the encoded reference image; generating a second broadcast signal comprising the video stream of the encoded additional image and the signaling information; and respectively sending the first broadcast signal and the second broadcast signal over different channels..
Ocular implants with asymmetric flexibility
An ocular implant having an inlet portion and a schlemm's canal portion distal to the inlet portion, the inlet portion being disposed at a proximal end of the implant and sized and configured to be placed within an anterior chamber of a human eye, the schlemm's canal portion being arranged and configured to be disposed within schlemm's canal of the eye when the inlet portion is disposed in the anterior chamber.. .
Method and device for treating an ocular disorder
An instrument for removing debris from an eye during the treatment of an ocular disorder has a swab and a rigid member. The swab includes a tip portion sized to provide access to the debris on an eyelid of the eye.
Schlemm's canal devices and method for improving fluid flow
This disclosure relates generally to methods and devices for an ocular implant which can be positioned in the schlemm's canal of a patient's eye for improving fluid flow, such as aqueous fluid, through the eye. The ocular implant can have a variety of shapes and sizes which can allow the ocular implant to be implanted in the schlemm's canal for applying a force, including a predetermined force, along a part of the schlemm's canal.
Sustained release formulations for the treatment of intraocular pressure or glaucoma
The present embodiments provide for methods of treating elevated intraocular pressure or glaucoma using a sustained release medicament consisting of prostaglandin in benzyl benzoate that is injected intraocularly no more frequently than once every two months.. .
Ophthalmic suspension for ocular use
A gatifloxacin and prednisolone topical ophthalmic pharmaceutical compositions for prevention and treatment of ophthalmic bacterial infections and inflammatory conditions associated with pre-surgical and/or post surgical ocular surgeries.. .
Compositions and methods for enhancing drug delivery across and into epithelial tissues
This invention provides compositions and methods for enhancing delivery of drugs and other agents across epithelial tissues, including the skin, gastrointestinal tract, pulmonary epithelium, ocular tissues and the like. The compositions and methods are also useful for delivery across endothelial tissues, including the blood brain barrier.
Image matching using subspace-based discrete transform encoded local binary patterns
Determining a match between the subjects of first and second images as a function of decimal-number representations of regions of the first and second images. The decimal-number representations are generated by performing discrete transforms on the regions so as to obtain discrete-transform coefficients, performing local-bit-pattern encoding of the coefficients to create data streams, and converting the data streams to decimal numbers.
Binocular measurement method and device
A method of performing an ophthalmic test on an examinee's eyes utilizes a three-dimensional display screen that includes a right-eye image and a left-eye image to induce ocular responses in the examinee's eyes. The right and left-eye images are varied while detection devices are used to monitor the examinee's eyes ocular responses to the variations.
Method and system for measuring intraocular scattering
The present invention relates to a method for measuring ocular scattering, comprising the steps of: sequentially projecting images from an extensive light source, corresponding to different visual angles, onto the retina; recording the output light in a camera or detector once it has passed through the eye twice; calculating the intensity at the center of each recorded image; calculating the psf for each angle from the previous intensities; and calculating the average of the value of the psf between the angles. The invention also relates to a system for carrying out said method.
Toric lens calculator
The present invention, in some embodiments thereof, provides a method and device for automatically calculating, prior to an iol (intraocular lens) implantation procedure in a patient, a power and an axis location of the iol in the implantation procedure, the method comprising: inputting to an electronic device keratometry parameters of the patient; inputting to the electronic device surgical parameters of the iol implantation procedure on the patient; analyzing the patient keratometry parameters and the surgical parameters by the electronic device; and automatically determining by the electronic device the power and the axis location of the iol in the implantation procedure in response to the inputs.. .
Video capture attachment and monitor for optical viewing instrument
The present invention is an attachable and detachable video image capture and display instrument that comprises a digital video capture device that can easily be physically connected to a gun scope, spotting scope, telescope, microscope, monocular, binocular or other optical viewing instrument or optical instrument used for viewing or examining an object or scene. It has electronic output to a display device, recording instrument, computing instrumen video projection devise, or data transmission instrument by way of connections of various options including wires, blue tooth, cellular, or other methods of video and audio data transmission.
Image pickup apparatus, image pickup method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
An image pickup apparatus comprising: an image pickup unit; a display unit; a display control unit; an object image detection unit; a distance information acquisition unit; and a binocular vision suitability determination unit, wherein the display control unit displays a second guide frame of a larger size than the first guide frame on the display unit in addition to the first guide frame, and, in a case where the object image detection unit detects at least one other object image different from the object image determined to be suitable for the binocular vision by the binocular vision suitability determination unit from the second guide frame, the display control unit matches the second guide frame to the at least one other object image.. .
Bioresorbable microparticles
Polyurethane microparticles are derived from structural units comprising poly(alkylene oxide) moieties, caprolactone moieties and urethane moieties. The microparticles may include an active agent and have a particle size from 0.1 to 100 microns.
Solvent cast film sustained release latanoprost implant
The present invention provides a sustained release latanoprost implant in the form of a thin film comprising latanoprost incorporated in a biodegradable polymer matrix. Preferably, said implant is an intraocular implant comprising a thin film comprising latanoprost incorporated in a biodegradable polymer matrix wherein said implant is configured as a disc or a rolled film that can be inserted into the eye and unrolls to provide a film having a high surface area to volume ratio..
Image processing device, image pickup device, and image display device
With an image processing device of the present invention, the image processing device, an image pickup device, and an image display device are provided which can correct a spatial distortion generated in taking and displaying a stereoscopic image, and which can present a high-quality image with a stereoscopic feel. The image processing device comprises an information acquisition unit (20) that obtains disparity information calculated from a stereoscopic image, image-pickup condition information when the stereoscopic image is taken, and display condition information of a display unit that displays the stereoscopic image, and an image processing unit (30) that converts a disparity of the stereoscopic image.
Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
A method for determining an eyes-off-the-road (eotr) condition exists includes capturing image data corresponding to a driver from a monocular camera device. A detection of whether the driver is wearing eye glasses based on the image data using an eye glasses classifier.

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