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Obstruction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Obstruction-related patent applications.

 Traffic obstruction detection patent thumbnailTraffic obstruction detection
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for training and/or utilizing a traffic obstruction identification model for identifying traffic obstructions based upon vehicle location point data. For example, a training dataset, comprising sample vehicle location points (e.g., global positioning system location points of vehicles) and traffic obstruction identification labels (e.g., locations of known traffic obstructions such as stop signs, crosswalks, stop lights, etc.), may be evaluated to extract a set of training features indicative of traffic flow patterns.
Inrix Inc.,

 Lifting device for stripping and blanking  operations patent thumbnailLifting device for stripping and blanking operations
A deflectable lifting device can be mounted to a support form, work surface or other member of a material conveyance system. According to embodiments, the deflectable lifting device can have a base that mounts into the support, and a bendable arm arranged in the pathway of a material conveyance system, such as a paper stripping or paper blanking work station.
Atlas Die, Llc

 Methods and apparatuses for treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction
Apparatus and methods for treating dry eye include an energy source configured to apply energy to an obstruction located in a meibomian gland of a patient's eyelid. The apparatus also comprises an insulator configured to be positioned between a rear portion of the patient's eyelid and a surface of the patient's eyeball.
Tearscience, Inc.

 Nasal congestion, obstruction relief, and drug delivery patent thumbnailNasal congestion, obstruction relief, and drug delivery
A nasal insert may include a wall in the shape of a tube, the wall including a first end defining a first orifice and a second end defining a second orifice. The first end may have a diameter, diagonal measurement, or cross-sectional area larger than that of the second end.
Sanostec Corp

 Dynamic planning  needle insertion patent thumbnailDynamic planning needle insertion
A method of planning an image-guided interventional procedure to be performed on a patient, where expected motion of the patient, such as that of a breathing cycle, is determined on a sequence of preoperative images, and the procedure trajectory is planned accordingly. The method takes into account the initial positions of the interventional entry, the target region, and any obstructions or forbidden regions between the entry point and the target region, and uses object tracking methods of image processing on the preoperative images to determine how the positions of these three elements change relative to each other during the patient's motion cycle.
Xact Robotics Ltd.

 Wheel pad patent thumbnailWheel pad
A wheel pad for moving an object across a surface having a non-planar obstruction to allow movement of the object over the obstruction. The wheel pad utilizes a contact pad that comprises an outer skin that forms a pad chamber in which is a fluid, liquid or compressed gas, and a torus bearing comprising a plurality of bearings connected to adjacent bearings with a connector..

 Rough-in box for creating penetrations in poured concrete flooring and  use patent thumbnailRough-in box for creating penetrations in poured concrete flooring and use
The present invention relates to a rough-in box used during the construction of buildings having poured concrete flooring, such as multi-story high-rise buildings. The rough-in box may be used to retain an opening in the floor through which plumbing and mechanical components may be installed after concrete has been poured around the device and hardens into a slab.
Walk Safe Innovations, Llc

 Transfer tool for cabinet holes patent thumbnailTransfer tool for cabinet holes
Improvements in a transfer tool for cabinet holes to transfer a plurality of different size and shape holes from one surface to another. The openings for a sink cabinet typically has a hot and a cold water supply line in addition to a drain pipe with an outlet for a garbage disposal and the location of all the holes and sizes must be identified, and transferred to a cabinet.

 Inhalation device and  inhaling powders patent thumbnailInhalation device and inhaling powders
The present invention discloses a method and device for dispersing powders and, in particular, to a method of dispersing inhaling powders in which a powder is positioned in a passage wherein the passage has one or more exits, one or more inlets and one or more obstructions to block the movement or to contain the powder within the device before use, whereupon a breaching pressure differential between the one or more exits and the one or more inlets of the passage is applied to breach the one or more obstructions so as to generate a flow through the passage which fully or partially aerosolizes the powder by means of the generated flow thus releasing a fully or partially aerosolized powder from the device.. .

 Sensor for ventricular and outflow tract obstruction patent thumbnailSensor for ventricular and outflow tract obstruction
Systems and methods for identifying lvot obstruction in a non-invasive manner are provided. The systems and methods include obtaining a plethysmographic signal from a patient, for example from a pulse oximeter.

Device and method to quantify vitreous opacity impairment

Examples of devices and method for quantifying opacities in ah eye are shown. Examples include analysis of still images or video images.

Integration of image/video pattern recognition in traffic engineering

Visual information from camera sensors can be used to assign scheduling and/or transmission parameters in a wireless network. For example, the visual information can be used to visually discover a user equipment (ue) prior to initiating link discovery.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus which utilizes a communication device is disclosed. A communication unit of a housing which corresponds to an antenna portion is provided at a position at which the communication unit can be seen without obstruction from the upper side.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Dynamic perimeter alert system

A system for making sure that two wireless devices (a perimeter-anchoring device and a constrained device) are not separated too far apart by having a dynamic perimeter that follows the perimeter-anchoring device as it moves. In some embodiments, the size and/or shape of the perimeter is controlled by machine logic based rules, based at least in part, upon a set of environmental factor(s).
International Business Machines Corporation

Deployable beacon

Disclosed is a system and method for a rapid deployment beacon that may be hand-held. A rapidly deployable untethered beacon device will gain elevation while transmitting an emergency, or other, beacon and location signal is enabled to clear obstructions such as terrain and buildings in order to extend the communications range of said beacon..
Trident Holding, Llc

Automatic teller machine and medium processing device

An automatic teller machine of the present invention performs specific transaction processing using a medium to which a magnetic data storage section is affixed, and the automatic teller machine includes one or plural illicit device detectors that generate a magnetic field toward a vicinity of an input/output port for a medium and capture changes in a magnetic field caused by metal, one or plural magnetic data obstruction sections that generate a magnetic field and obstruct reading of magnetic data stored on a magnetic data storage section affixed to an inserted medium or a dispensed medium, and a controller that controls the plural magnetic data obstruction section and the illicit device detector operation.. .
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Biofouling target removal

Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to cleaning geophysical equipment in water. An exemplary method includes illuminating, with laser light, an obstruction on the geophysical equipment while the geophysical equipment is deployed in an operable configuration (e.g., towed by a survey vessel)..
Pgs Geophysical As

Sensor-based gnss view zone selection

Techniques for acquiring global navigation satellite system (gnss) signals at a mobile device are provided. An example process according to these techniques includes receiving sensor data from at least one sensor of the mobile device, determining one or more blocked zones based on the sensor data in which at least a portion of signals from at least one space vehicle (sv) are blocked by an obstruction, selecting one or more svs from sv information based on the one or more blocked zones, and attempting to acquire signals from the one or more svs..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Emergency equipment power sources

Energy harvesting devices provide power to devices of emergency equipment stations (e.g., fire extinguisher station, fire alarm pull station, defibrillator station, etc.) distributed throughout a facility to monitor one or more internal or external conditions (e.g., identifiable objects detected near the station, presence of an obstruction restricting access to the station, etc.) and relay information about the monitored conditions to a central station.. .
En-gauge, Inc.

Recirculation noise obstruction for a turbocharger

A compressor housing (12) for a turbocharger includes a recirculation cavity (4) formed in a portion of the compressor housing (12). The recirculation cavity (4) is defined by an inner cavity wall (2) and an outer cavity wall (5).
Borgwarner, Inc.

Fuel priming pump

A means to prevent the obstruction of fuel flow from the fuel source to the intake of an internal combustion engine by having an alternate and path for fuel to flow between the fuel source and the intake of an internal combustion engine. This invention takes advantage of prior art using existing manual fuel system primer to pump fuel from the fuel source to the fuel intake of an internal combustion engine then after the engine is primed with fuel an adjacent but connected fuel line is then available creating an additional fuel path from the fuel source to the fuel intake of the internal combustion engine..

Vehicle headlight irradiation angle automatic adjustment device

Provided is a device for automatically adjusting an angle of vehicle headlights, comprising: a laser range finder, which is installed in a front of a vehicle or in the vehicle headlights and is operated in response to a signal output from a switch, for detecting a distance from a preceding vehicle and outputting the distance as an electric signal; a controller for receiving a signal from a means for detecting a distance from an obstruction ahead or a preceding vehicle, calculating an inclination angle corresponding to a degree to which the headlights are to be raised or lowered based on the received signal, and outputting a signal for controlling an angle of the headlights; and a headlight angle controller for controlling the angle of the headlights by operating in response to the signal output from the controller.. .

Methods for improving drug efficacy

The present disclosure provides methods for improving drug efficacy in a patient having an obstructed airway in a lung. Such methods modulate nerve activity in the autonomic nervous system of a patient to reduce obstruction of an airway in a lung of the patient prior to administering a drug to the patient.
Holaira, Inc.

Method for deploying a fusion device for sacroiliac joint fusion

A method for fusing a spinal sacroiliac joint and a surgical kit. The kit includes a bone-void filler, stabilization device or implant, a guide pin, a joint locator, a set of dilation tubes, a.
Vgi Medical, Llc

Monitoring asthma and other respiratory disorders with calibrated photoplethysmography devices and methods of using the same

Provided according to embodiments of the invention are methods of monitoring air obstruction in an individual that include obtaining at least one calibration photoplethysmography (ppg) signal stream from the individual while the individual spontaneously breathes through at least one resistor having a known resistance; using a processing device to determine changes in the at least one calibration ppg signal stream in response to an increase in resistance to the individual's breathing; obtaining a monitoring ppg signal stream from the individual during spontaneous breathing; and using the monitored ppg signal stream to determine a calibrated resistance value, and using the calibrated resistance value to determine a level of obstruction of the individual's breathing. Related devices are also provided herein..
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Camera system

A camera system includes a camera mounting frame having a plurality of camera mounts. Each camera mount is configured to hold a respective camera at a respective lens orientation such that mounted cameras provide different respective lens orientations relative to each other, with each mounted camera providing a different field of view facing outward from the mounting frame.

Composite fitting and connection multilayer pipes

The present invention is a method and apparatus for welding of multilayered pipe that reduces and avoids obstruction to the flow cross-section of the wielded pipe at connections and junctions. A reliable connection between multilayer pipes is made using a small assortment of inexpensive polymer elements..

Fuel meter protected from icing

A fuel metering unit including a movable element including at least one fuel passage section opening upstream towards a fuel supply conduit and opening downstream towards a conduit of use through a metering slot with a flared profile having a narrow passage section flaring as far as a wide passage section, the movable element being able to be moved with respect to a fixed element between a low flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part obstructed and a high flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part exposed, the metering slot being made in the fixed element or in the movable element and its obstruction being obtained by covering the slot with a wall of the movable element or of the fixed element.. .

Method of sealing wells by squeezing sealant

A method for sealing a well includes: placing an obstruction in a bore of an inner tubular string disposed in a wellbore; forming an opening through a wall of the inner tubular string above the obstruction; mixing a resin and a hardener to form a sealant; and squeezing the sealant into the bore, through the opening, and into an annulus formed between the inner tubular string and an outer tubular string, thereby repairing a cement sheath present in the annulus.. .
Csi Technologies Llc

Systems and methods for automatically controlling loading dock equipment

Systems and methods for automatically controlling loading dock equipment, such as in response to a trailer approaching and docking at a docking station, are disclosed. The systems and methods can provide scanning devices and scanning operations which assist with, for example, properly aligning a trailer at a docking station and/or checking an interior area in front of the dock door for obstructions.
Assa Abloy Entrace Systems Ab

Tethered unmanned aerial vehicle fire fighting system

A tethered unmanned aerial vehicle firefighting system includes a firefighting drone, a lifting drone and a tether line coupling the firefighting drone to a control station through the lifting drone. The control station includes a control unit for controlling the firefighting drone and the lifting drone, a fire retardant supply, a pump coupled to the fire retardant supply, and a power supply.

Wheel guard

A wheel guard or skirt is disclosed for use with a wheel of a machine or appliance. The wheel guard is designed to push an obstruction such as a wire, cable or other debris away from the wheel as the machine is moved along a floor.

Angled tip catheter

A catheter having improved ability to cross body passage obstructions and that more easily allows backloading of a guidewire into the lumen of the catheter is comprised of a tip, a shaft, and a lumen. The distal end of the catheter tip is oriented at an angle other than 90° to the lengthwise axis of the catheter lip.
Covidien Lp

Computerized determining obstructed portions of displayed digital content

Disclosed are systems and methods for improving interactions with and between computers in content communicating, rendering, generating, hosting and/or providing systems supported by or configured with computing devices, servers and/or platforms. The systems interact to improve the quality of data used in processing interactions between or among processors in such systems for determining obscured portions of displayed digital content.
Al Ibaba Group Holding Limited

Fastening means

Fastening means, a preferred embodiment of which is shown in fig. 2, hasajoist 1 and a locking member 5.

Lacrimal duct tube

A lacrimal duct tube includes: a pair of tubular members that each have at one end an opening communicating with a lumen and have in a wall a hole for guiding a lacrimal duct tube operative instrument to the lumen; and a connection member that connects the other ends of the tubular members. Surfaces of the tubular members include a hydrophilic-coated portion and a non-coated portion without the hydrophilic coating.
Kaneka Corporation

Folding bed for space saving storage within a cabinet

A method of transforming an apparatus from a cabinet to a bed pulling out a base drawer involves unfolding panels to form a platform out of a front panel, an inside panel and a cabinet floor, unfolding a mattress from within the apparatus onto the platform, and unfolding side panels to reduce visible obstructions.. .

Handbag with drop style opening and custom hardware

The present invention provides a handbag with a configuration that provides an opening that allows access to the interior cavity allowing direct access to the items within the handbag. The present invention further provides an opening that allows access to the interior cavity without obstruction by handles.
Dubiner, Llc

Apparatus and visualizing digital breast tomosynthesis and other volumetric images

Digital breast tomosynthesis allows for the acquisition of volumetric mammography images. The present invention allows for novel ways of viewing such images to detect microcalcifications and obstructions.
Pme Ip Pty Ltd

Ballistic combat helmet with two side wing face guards

A ballistic armor helmet of parts which allow the helmet to be configured for particular uses and threats. The ballistic armor helmet is provided with two side wings which are fastened, removably or otherwise, to the helmet.
Lineweight Llc

Apparatus for storing and loading multiple rows of ammunition

The invention provides an ammunition storage box that stores and loads multiple successive rows of ammunition cartridges into firearms magazines. The box includes an interior channel and multiple openings that lead into the channel.

Object detection and vehicle door assist system

A door assist system for a vehicle is disclosed. The system comprises an actuator, an interference sensor, and a controller.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Magnetic object detection for vehicle door assist system

A door assist system for a vehicle is disclosed. The system comprises an actuator configured to control a position of the door about a hinge assembly and an interference sensor.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Seal based object detection for vehicle door assist system

A door assist system for a vehicle is disclosed. The system comprises an actuator configured to control a position of the door about a hinge assembly.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Sexual stimulation device base

One embodiment of the base of a sexual stimulation device such as a dildo or anal plug having three legs (2, 3, 4) radiating horizontally out at the base, from the vertical axis of the insertable portion of the device, which support the sexual stimulation device in an upright position, prevent the accidental and possible irretrievable over insertion of the sexual stimulation device and which two (2,3) of the three legs are arranged so as to create a void between those two legs (2,3) thus providing unobstructed exposure to the users perineum. This alignment of the three legs (2, 3, 4) and the void created allows for increased stimulation of the perineum and increased sexual gratification of not only the user, but when used in conjunction with a partner, their partner as well by minimizing or completely eliminating the obstruction of the users anogenital region..

Rear mounted snow plow system for an automobile

A snow plow system for an automobile features a frame connectable to a hitch receiver, a blade movable by an electrically powered actuator between a lowered snow-clearing position a raised transport position, a power unit placed within a trunk space of the automobile, a power connection line between the power unit and the actuator, and a wireless remote operable from a passenger cabin of the automobile. The power connection line traverses through a gasket sealed space between the trunk lid and trunk walls, thereby powering the device without any modification to the automobile.

Vehicular airbag device

A vehicular airbag device capable of improving reduction of an occupant obstruction value during a diagonal collision. A vehicular airbag device opens an airbag door on an instrument panel 2 the outer shape of the airbag when fully deployed and expanded is line-symmetrical with respect to a center line (a line x-x) of the opening in a vehicle left-right width direction, and a width dimension wb in the vehicle width direction at a position of a rear edge 2b of the instrument panel in the vehicle longitudinal direction is greater than a width dimension wc in the vehicle width direction at a position of a center z1 of the opening in the vehicle longitudinal direction which is more forward in the vehicle longitudinal direction than the rear edge position of the instrument panel..
Autoliv Development Ab

Atraumatic micropuncture guidewire and guidewire extension

A guidewire introducable into a bodily lumen having an obstruction therein is provided. An introducer needle is advanced through tissue and into the bodily lumen.

Oral appliance

An integrated oral appliance for treating breathing obstruction, snoring and restriction of the upper airway during sleep with a tongue restraint. Oral appliances of the invention may include an oral cavity engagement device including one or more trays, a tongue restraint with a tongue contact portion, a spring force element operatively coupled between the at least one tray and the tongue restraint, wherein the spring force element is adjustable anteriorly and posteriorly relative to the tray(s), and an air conduit inside the tongue restraint with a front vent of the air conduit extending beyond an anterior end of the tray(s) and a rear opening of the air conduit at a posterior end of the of the oral cavity engagement device configured to extend to a posterior surface of a tongue..
Dreamscape Medical Llc

Suitcase system with detachable garment bag

A suitcase system including a duffel bag and removably attachable garment bag. The duffel bag comprises a flexible yet robust basket comprising panels having at least one basket fastener disposed within a thickness of at least one of the panels.

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