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Head up display lens

Head up display lens

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Disposable items made from bioplastic resins patent thumbnailnew patent Disposable items made from bioplastic resins
Disposable items made from bioplastic resins include a biodegradable resin selected from the group consisting of polylactic acid (pla), cellulose based ph, polycaprolate (pcl), polybutyleneadipatetetephathalate (pbt), polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha), green polyethylene (gpe), green polyethylene terephthalate (gpet), poly-d-lactide (pdla), and poly-l-lactide (plla); a plasticizer intermixed with the resin to provide a generally homogenous bioplastic; and a device formed from the bioplastic, where the device is at least one of a multidose syringe, a sharps container, or a suction canister. Embodiments include green indicators..
Innovative Bottles, Llc
 Engine exhaust catalysts containing copper-ceria patent thumbnailnew patent Engine exhaust catalysts containing copper-ceria
An emission control catalyst includes copper-ceria to boost low temperature co oxidation performance, generate exothermic heat during the process, and reduce hc and nox emissions. As a result, system performance is boosted at equal catalyst cost or maintained at a reduced catalyst cost.
Shubin, Inc.
 Adenoviral-based biological delivery and expression system for use in the treatment of osteoarthritis patent thumbnailnew patent Adenoviral-based biological delivery and expression system for use in the treatment of osteoarthritis
The invention relates to an adenoviral-based biological delivery and expression system for use in the treatment or prevention of osteoathritis in human or mammalian joints by long-term inducible gene expression of human or mammalian interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (il-1ra) in synovial cells, comprising a helper-dependent adenoviral vector containing a nucleic acid sequence encoding for human or mammalian interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (il-1ra), left and right inverted terminal repeats (l itr and r itr), the adenoviral packaging signal and non-viral, non-coding stuffer nucleic acid sequences, wherein the expression of the human or mammalian interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (il-1ra) gene within synovial cells is regulated by an inflammation-inducible promoter.. .
Baylor College Of Medicine
 Method of manufacturing an extreme ultraviolet (euv) mask and the mask manufactured therefrom patent thumbnailnew patent Method of manufacturing an extreme ultraviolet (euv) mask and the mask manufactured therefrom
Any defects in the reflective coating or absorber layer of an euv mask are problematic in transferring a pattern of the euv mask to a wafer since they produce errors in integrated circuit patterns on the wafer. In this regard, a method of manufacturing an euv mask is provided according to various embodiments of the present disclosure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Chemical strengthening of anti-reflective coatings (arc) patent thumbnailnew patent Chemical strengthening of anti-reflective coatings (arc)
A strengthened film for a substrate such as a glass panel is provided. The strengthened film may be formed by implanting sodium in the film, and then performing an exchange through which the sodium is replaced by potassium.
Apple Inc.
 Extrusion coating polyethylene with improved drawdown patent thumbnailnew patent Extrusion coating polyethylene with improved drawdown
Use of an antioxidant being a sterically hindered phenol for increasing the drawdown speed of a low density polyethylene in an extrusion coating process.. .
Borealis Ag
 Process for preparing an optically clear superhydrophobic coating solution patent thumbnailnew patent Process for preparing an optically clear superhydrophobic coating solution
Optically clear hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coatings and solutions and methods for preparing them. Branched polysilicate structures having surface hydroxyl groups are formed by at least partially hydrolyzing an alkoxy silane precursor via water and an acid catalyst in a solvent, and catalyzing the hydrolysis product with a base to form a gel.
Lotus Leaf Coatings, Inc.
 Process for reclaiming inorganic powders from polymer-based coating compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Process for reclaiming inorganic powders from polymer-based coating compositions
Processes for recovering inorganic powder materials from polymer-based coating compositions used to deposit a polymer-based coating. The process includes combining a polymer precursor, first solvent, and inorganic powder material to form a suspension, and applying the suspension to a substrate to form a layer.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc
 Low-complexity bilateral filter (bf) implementation in a data processing device patent thumbnailnew patent Low-complexity bilateral filter (bf) implementation in a data processing device
A method includes implementing, through a processor communicatively coupled to a memory and/or a hardware block, a bilateral filter (bf) including a spatial filter component and a range filter component, and implementing the spatial filter component with a low-complexity function to allow for focus on the range filter component. The method also includes determining, through the processor, filter tap value(s) related to the range filter component as a function of radiometric distance between a pixel of a video frame and/or an image and other pixels thereof based on a pre-computed corpus of data related to execution of an application in accordance with a filtering requirement of the pixel by the application.
Nvidia Corporation
 Head up display lens patent thumbnailnew patent Head up display lens
The selection of antireflective coatings on the surfaces s2 and s1 allows the non-coincident virtual images to have different coloured virtual images.. .
new patent

Antimicrobial anodized aluminum and related method

An anodized aluminum product in continuous web or sheet form, which is heat sealed and coated with an antimicrobial composition. The antimicrobial coating can be bound to surface of the anodic layer and can comprise a network of cross-linked organo-silane molecules that are also covalently bound to the surface of the anodic layer.
Lorin Industries, Inc.
new patent

Steel sheet for hot press-forming, manufacturing the same, and producing hot press-formed parts using the same

The invention provides a steel sheet for hot press-forming that can reliably give hot press-formed parts having excellent paint adhesiveness, perforation corrosion resistance and joint corrosion resistance, and also provides a method for manufacturing the steel sheet for hot press-forming, and a method for producing hot press-formed parts using the steel sheet for hot press-forming. The steel sheet for hot press-forming includes a base steel sheet and a zn-based coating layer with a mass of coating of 10 to 90 g/m2 on the base steel sheet, wherein the average ferrite grain diameter in the surface microstructure of the base steel sheet is not more than 20 μm..
Jef Steel Corporation

Preserved etherified cyclodextrin derivatives containing liquid aqueous pharmaceutical composition

The present invention is directed to a preserved liquid aqueous pharmaceutical composition comprising one or more etherified cyclodextrin derivatives; one or more water-soluble preservatives; preferably selected from the group consisting of sorbic acid or salts thereof, preferably sodium sorbate, potassium sorbate, calcium sorbate; benzoic acid or salts thereof, preferably sodium benzoate; benzalkonium chloride; benzethonium chloride; cetylpyridinium chloride; sodium metabisulfite; sodium acetate; parabenes and salts thereof, preferably methylparabene, ethylparabene, propylparabene, butylparabene, butylparabene sodium; or combinations thereof; and at least one pharmaceutically active compound which is poorly water-soluble, very poorly water-soluble or water-insoluble. The liquid aqueous pharmaceutical composition provides an acceptable solubility of the pharmaceutically active compound, such as pimobendan, in aqueous solution whereby the water-soluble preservatives retain their effectiveness in the presence of the etherified cyclodextrin derivatives allowing the use in an oral administration form..
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

Method of forming a semiconductor device

A method of forming a semiconductor device includes depositing a light reflecting layer over a substrate. The method also includes forming a protection layer over the light reflecting layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Process and device for substrate with increased slip resistance

Disclosed is a process and apparatus for preparing a substrate having a high coefficient of friction on a surface, and the high friction substrate. A pre-process of sanding can be used, followed by thermal wire coating of the sanded surface.
Jensen Enterprises

Novel process of preparing nano metal and the products thereof

The present invention relates a process of preparing a nanopowder by using a natural source starting material wherein the nano powder is a nano metal or nano alloy or nano metal oxide or nano metal carbide or nano compound or nano composite or nanofluid. The nano product produced by the process has novel properties such as enhanced hardness, antibacterial properties, thermal properties, electrical properties, abrasive resistant, wear resistant, superior frictional properties, sliding wear resistance, enhanced tensile strength, compression strengths, enhanced load bearing capacity and corrosion properties.

Ultra low cure powder coatings

Methods and systems for coating metal substrates are provided. The methods and systems include application of tgic-reactive carboxyl-functional polyester resins with high acid number formulated to cure at low temperatures of 120° c.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Antireflective coatings with self-cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties

Coated article having antireflective property together with self cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties can be prepared with a topmost layer of titanium oxide on an antireflective layer, which can be formed by a sol-gel process. The antireflective layer can comprise a porosity forming agent, or an alkyltrialkoxysilane-based binder.
Intermolecular Inc.

Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium

A silver-based magnesium alloy thin film is provided for the semi-reflective coating layer of optical discs. This alloy has moderate to high reflectivity and reasonable corrosion resistance in the ambient environment..
Target Technology Company, Llc

Compact hyperspectral imaging system

A lightweight, compact hyperspectral imaging system includes a fore-optics module and a wavelength-dispersing module. The imaging system may also include a detector, supporting electronics and a battery module.
Corning Incorporated

Silane based coating of aluminium mold

A method of preparing an aluminum mold for injection molding is provided, the method comprises the steps of providing an aluminum mold having a least one surface, subjecting the at least one surface to a gas or liquid phase silane to thereby form an anti-stiction coating, the anti-stiction coating comprising a chemically bonded monolayer of silane compounds on the at least one surface wherein the silane is a halogenated silane. The at least one surface coated with the anti-stiction coating may be configured to withstand an injection molding process at a pressure above 100 mpa.
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Visible-infrared plane grating imaging spectrometer

An imaging spectrometer, covering the visible through infrared wavelengths, which disperses the light by a plane diffraction grating behind a wedged optical element. This design uses an achromatic doublet lens with a reflective coating on its convex back surface to produce the spectra on a flat detector.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Fuel injector and making same

The invention relates to a fuel injector (1) for an internal combustion engine. The fuel injector (1) is comprised of an injector body (5) with an injector tip (6).
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Ion assisted deposition for rare-earth oxide based coatings on lids and nozzles

A method of manufacturing an article comprises providing a lid or nozzle for an etch reactor. Ion assisted deposition (iad) is then performed to deposit a protective layer on at least one surface of the lid or nozzle, wherein the protective layer is a plasma resistant rare earth oxide film having a thickness of less than 300 μm and an average surface roughness of 10 micro-inches or less..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Compositions for containers and other articles and methods of using same

This invention provides a polymer, which is preferably a polyether polymer, for use in coating compositions. Containers comprising the polymer and methods of making such containers are also provided.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Anti-reflective coating film, solar cell including the anti-reflective coating film, and predicting strength of the anti-reflective coating film for the solar cell

An anti-reflective coating film is formed from a coating solution composition that includes a silane-based precursor. When measured via fourier transform infrared (ft-ir) spectroscopy using a wavelength of 1064 nm, the coating solution composition exhibits a peak intensity ratio ib/ia and a peak intensity ratio ic/ia of equal to or greater than 0.47, respectively.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Powder coating system having powder recovery cyclone with hinged lower section

A cyclone comprises a second or lower portion that is pivotable with respect to a first or upper portion about an articulation between a first position and a second position; the second portion being aligned with the first portion along a first or vertical axis when the second portion is in the first position, and the second portion being aligned on a second axis that is different from the first axis when the second portion is moved from the first position to the second position. In various additional embodiments, the second axis may be normal to the first axis, for example, in the first position the lower portion is horizontal and in the first position the lower portion is vertical and aligned with the upper portion.
Nordson Corporation

Wiper control

A method for cleaning and drying a transparent pane is described. The method uses a hydrophobic coating in order to wipe off the residual moisture, wherein the quantity of water on the outside of the pane is measured after the vehicle engine has been switched off and, in the event of a constant or decreasing quantity of water, at least one wiping operation is carried out after a waiting time of at least 1 minute.
Saint-gobain Glass France

Modified polypropylene compositions for reduced necking in extrusion film casting or extrusion coating processes

The present invention discloses modified polypropylene composition with higher flow activation energy and reduced necking in extrusion film/coat, wherein composition comprises long chain branch of polypropylene; free radical initiator; primary antioxidant; secondary antioxidant; acid neutralizer; optionally multifunctional monomer. Further the said composition of polypropylene shows higher sensitivity of viscosity to temperature, with improved stretchability..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Preparation and uses of epoxy resins of cyclododecane polyphenols

Disclosed herein are polyglycidyl ethers of the formula: where r, m, q, p and z are as defined here. Also disclosed are methods of forming said polyglycidyl ethers and methods of using said polyglycidyl ethers to make epoxy resin oligomers and polymers, including powder coatings..
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Low volatile organic component dry erase siloxane-based coatings

The present invention provides, among other things, compositions with at least one dry-erase characteristic and methods thereof. In some embodiments, provided paint composition comprising a resin part comprising an epoxy, a polysiloxane and an organooxysilane; and a cure part comprising one or more amino-silanes; the resin part and the cure part being designed and selected such that, when combined together, they cure to form a surface coating that demonstrates at least one thy-erase characteristic..
Ideapaint, Inc.

Optimum loading of copper-manganese spinel on twc performance and stability of zpgm catalyst systems

Influence of a plurality of base metal loadings on twc performance and thermal stability of zpgm catalysts for twc applications is disclosed. Zpgm catalyst samples are prepared and configured with washcoat on ceramic substrate, overcoat including doped zirconia support oxide, and impregnation layer of cu—mn spinel with different base metal loadings.

Minimizing washcoat adhesion loss of zero-pgm catalyst coated on metallic substrate

Solutions to the problem of washcoat and/or overcoat adhesion loss of zpgm catalyst on metallic substrates are disclosed. Present disclosure provides an enhanced process for improving wca to metallic substrates of zpgm catalyst systems.

Optimization of zero-pgm washcoat and overcoat loadings on metallic substrate

The present disclosure refers to a plurality of process employed for optimization of zero-pgm washcoat and overcoat loadings on metallic substrates. According to an embodiment a substantial increase in conversion of hc and co may be achieved by optimizing the total washcoat and overcoat loadings of the catalyst.

Variations of loading of zero-pgm oxidation catalyst on metallic substrate

The present disclosure refers to processes and formulations employed for optimization of variations of zero-pgm catalyst coated on metallic substrates. Deposition of a uniform and well-adhered layer of catalyst on the metallic substrate may be enabled by the selection of a washcoat loading resulting from variation of metal loadings.

Zinc (1-methylimidazole)bis(2-ethylhexanoate) complex catalyzed coating material composition

Described are coating material compositions comprising an isocyanate group-containing component, a hydroxyl group-containing component, and a zinc (1-methylimidazole)bis(2-ethylhexanoate) complex. Also described is the use of a zinc (1-methylimidazole)bis(2-ethylhexanoate) complex as a catalyst system for the urethane reaction in coating material compositions..
Basf Coatings Gmbh

Coating agent for forming fine pattern

A coating agent for forming a fine pattern and a method for forming a fine pattern using the coating agent, in which the coating agent allows a resist pattern to be favorably fined, and can form a fined pattern having a suppressed deviation of cd. A coating agent for forming a fine pattern including (a) a water-soluble polymer is combined with a compound in which the compound has an alkyl group having 8 or more carbon atoms bound to a nitrogen atom, and is combined with 4 moles or more of ethylene oxide and/or propylene oxide with respect to 1 mole of a nitrogen atom bound with the alkyl group as (b) a nitrogen-containing compound..
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Electrode with enhanced cycle life and lithium secondary battery including the same

The present invention relates to an electrode for a secondary battery including an electrode current collector, an electrode active material combination layer formed on one or both sides of the electrode current collector, and a polyurethane-based coating layer formed on the electrode active material combination layer, and a lithium secondary battery including the same.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

Electrode manufacturing method

An electrode manufacturing method comprising the steps of: coating an active material layer onto a surface of a collector excluding a non-coating area to form a coating area; drying the coated active material layer; and increasing a density of the dried active material layer by compression to form a high density area. In the compression step, a low density area having a lower density than the high density area is formed in a strip-shaped coating area adjacent to the non-coating area of the active material layer..

Non-magnetic stainless steel wire as an armouring wire for power cables

A non-magnetic stainless steel wire with an adherent corrosion resistant coating is disclosed. The surface of the non-magnetic stainless steel is pre-treated so as to be sufficiently free from oxides and form a good adhesion with the above corrosion resistant coating.
Nv Bekaert Sa

Electroconductive composite substrates coated with electrodepositable coating compositions and methods of preparing them

(2) a curing agent. The present invention is further directed to a process for coating a plastic, electroconductive substrate comprising electrophoretically depositing on the substrate the curable, electrodepositable coating composition described above, and heating the coated substrate to a temperature less than 250° f.

Component with a metallurgically bonded coating

The invention relates to a component (1) having a coating (3) that is metallurgically bonded on as well as thermally sprayed on and re-melted. In order to prevent wear phenomena from continuing to occur when force impacts occur in the component (1) and further surface stress occurs, the invention provides that the coating (3) is provided with a thermal spray layer (4)..
Thermico Gmbh & Co. Kg

Bioplastic compositions and related methods

Bioplastic compositions having favorable mechanical and molding characteristics. Methods of forming these compositions and also workpieces formed from these compositions.
Ecospan Usa

Painting booth coating agent line and manufacturing a coating agent line

The invention relates to a painting booth for coating components, particularly for painting motor vehicle body components, with a booth wall (10) and a coating agent line (1), which runs from the exterior of the booth through the booth wall (10) into the interior of the booth. The invention proposes that the coating agent line (1) has an electrically conductive and axially running potential-compensating element (15) inside the line for electrically connecting the coating agent inside the line to an electrical reference potential, said potential-compensating element (15) extending from the exterior of the booth through the booth wall (10), so that the free end of the potential-compensating element (15) is inside the booth..
Durr Systems Gmbh

Method of repairing and/or protecting a surface in a reactor

A method of forming a heterogeneous protective layer on a surface of a component in a reactor is useful for repair and/or protection. The reactor may be used for production of polycrystalline silicon or a reactant thereof.
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

Flame-applied resin powder coating for swimming pool and recreational surfaces

Application of a resin to a pool surface to provide a colored finish that is ultraviolet resistant. The resin may be a powder that can be melted at a fairly low temperature and applied to the pool surface.

Method of powder coating glass to block visible and nonvisible light

Systems and methods of powder coating glass to block light are described herein. The method includes preheating a glass item and applying two or three coats of powder, alternating with heating at desired temperatures and/or for a set time.

Process for elimination of hexavalent chromium compounds on metallic substrates within zero-pgm catalyst systems

Systems and methods for manufacturing zpgm catalysts systems that may allow the prevention of formation or the conversion of corrosion causing compounds, such as hexavalent chromium compounds, within zpgm catalyst systems are disclosed. Zpgm catalysts systems, may include metallic substrate, which may include alloys of iron and chromium, a washcoat and an overcoat.

Passenger interface system and assembly thereof

Passenger interface units include individual passenger modules having co-located controls for passenger comfort and entertainment systems. The modules will include a glass panel having front and rear surfaces, a structural support panel bonded to the rear surface of the glass panel and a light-emitting unit supported by the support panel behind the rear surface of the glass panel.
Embraer S.a.

Optical coating method, apparatus and product

This disclosure is directed to an improved process for making glass articles having optical coating and easy-to clean coating thereon, an apparatus for the process and a product made using the process. In particular, the disclosure is directed to a process in which the application of the optical coating and the easy-to-clean coating can be sequentially applied using a single apparatus.
Corning Incorporated

Waterborne underbody coating system

The present invention provides a water-based coating system that can be used to form a durable, abrasion resistant, tough, protective coating on a wide range of substrates, including the underbody of transport vehicles, storage units, and the like. The coating composition includes an asphaltic component and advantageously has excellent adhesion properties when coated onto metal surfaces, including the underbody of transport vehicles, storage units and the like.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.

Photosensitive composition, hardened coating films therefrom, and printed wiring boards using same

Provided is a photosensitive composition, which comprises a carboxyl group-containing resin, a photopolymerization initiator, a photosensitive acrylate compound and a filler, wherein the filler has a refractive index of 1.5 to 1.6 and a dry coating film of the photosensitive composition shows an absorbance of at least either 0.01 to 0.2 at a wavelength of 365 nm or 0.01 to 0.2 at a wavelength of 405 nm per thickness of 25 μm. The content of the filler is preferably 20 to 60 wt % with respect to the total amount of the composition.
Taiyo Ink Mfg. Co. Ltd

Surface treatment aluminum heat exchangers

A surface treatment method for aluminum heat exchangers including (a) a step wherein a chemical conversion coating film is formed on the surface of an aluminum heat exchanger by subjecting the aluminum heat exchanger to chemical conversion using a chemical conversion agent; (b) a step wherein the aluminum heat exchanger, the surface of which has been provided with a chemical conversion coating film in step (a), is brought into contact with a hydrophilizing agent that contains a hydrophilic resin; and (c) a step wherein a hydrophilized coating film is formed on the surface of the aluminum heat exchanger by baking the aluminum heat exchanger, which has been subjected to a contact treatment in step (b). The chemical conversion agent used in step (a) contains zirconium and/or titanium in an amount of 5-5,000 ppm by mass in total, vanadium in an amount of 10-1,000 ppm by mass and a metal stabilizer in an amount of 5-5,000 ppm by mass.
Denso Corporation

Coating device and associated operating method

A coating device, e.g., for painting motor vehicle bodies, comprises a sprayer for applying a coating material by means of an application element and an internal color-changer valve assembly, said assembly having several color inlets for selecting coating materials of different colors. The internal color-changer valve assembly is integrated into the sprayer and is connected by its outlet to the application element, in order to feed the selected coating material to the application element.
Durr Systems Gmbh

Coating process for microfluidic sample arrays

A differentially coated device for conducting a plurality of nano-volume specified reactions, the device comprising a platen having at least one exterior surface modified to a specified physicochemical property, a plurality of nano-volume channels, each nano-volume channel having at least one interior surface in communication with the at least one exterior surface that is selectively coated with an optionally dissolvable coating agent physisorbed to at least one interior surface, wherein the optionally dissolvable coating agent comprises a coating agent and a first component for the plurality of specified reactions. Methods for preparing and using such devices are also provided, as well as a method of registering a location of a dispenser array in relation to a microfluidic array.
Life Technologies Corporation

Chromium-based reflective coating

A chromium-based reflective coating for a polymeric substrate, wherein the coating has a thickness of 200 nm or less and is an alloy of chromium and a dopant material, the dopant material being selected from the hexagonally close-packed transition metals, the alloy having a crystal structure of a primary body-centered cubic phase in coexistence with a secondary omega hexagonally close-packed phase.. .
Smr Patents S.a.r.l.

Tablet, producing tablet, tablet management device, tablet verification device and program storage medium

A method of producing a tablet in which an uncoated tablet is coated by a coating agent, the method including: a coating process of coating uncoated tablets with a coating agent by spray coating the coating agent onto tablets that are churned and tumbled inside a container, and drying the tablets inside the container by supplying drying air into the container and exhausting air from the container, wherein spray coating conditions, including air supply temperature, air supply rate, and spray speed, are controlled according to the weight of the coating agent with which the uncoated tablets are coated, such that the humidity of air exhausted during spray coating is within a range of from 14% rh to 30% rh.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Antimicrobial coating for inhibition of bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation

The present invention provides antimicrobial coatings for coating substrate surfaces, particularly medical devices, for preventing bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation by inhibiting microbial growth and proliferation on the coating surface. The antimicrobial coatings are composed of a hydrogel and a bioactive agent including a substantially water-insoluble antimicrobial metallic material that is solubilized within the coating.

Cover for a concrete parking block

A cover for a concrete parking block has a first lateral end, second lateral end and a longitudinal enclosure. The first lateral end and the second lateral end can be either open or closed.

Flip-chip phosphor coating s fabricated utilizing method

Methods for fabricating light emitting diode (led) chips one of which comprises flip-chip mounting a plurality of leds on a surface of a submount wafer and forming a coating over said leds. The coating comprising a conversion material at least partially covering the leds.
Cree, Inc.

Epoxy siloxane coating compositions

Epoxy-polysiloxane based coating and flooring compositions exhibiting improved flexibility, and excellent weatherability and corrosion resistance after curing are described. The epoxy-polysiloxane polymer coating composition may be prepared by combining a polysiloxane, an epoxide resin material and a cure system including a blend of compounds selected from a dialkoxy functional aminosilane, a trialkoxy functional aminosilane, and an amino functional polysiloxane resin, where the blend has an average alkoxy functionality value of 2.0 to 2.8.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Polysilazane coating for photovoltaic cells

A method of fabricating a photovoltaic cell, and a device produced by such a method, are described. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate and electrically coupling an electrically conductive article to a top surface of the semiconductor substrate.
Gtat Corporation

High power fiber laser system with side pumping arrangement

A twin fiber laser arrangement is configured with active and passive fibers supporting respective signal and pump lights and a reflective coating surrounding the fibers along a section of the arrangement. The passive fiber has regions covered by respective protective layer and coating-free regions alternating with the layer covered regions, wherein the reflective coating is configured to overlap the protective layer which shields the end of the reflective coating from high power pump light..

Method and apparatus to enhance light illuminating intensity and diffusivity

Photoacoustic probes include reflective surfaces situated to redirect scattered or reflected optical radiation from a specimen surface back to the specimen. A reflective coating can reflect probe radiation while transmitting visible radiation so that a technician can view the specimen.
University Of Pittsburgh- Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Photocurable composition and hard coating agent

Wherein r1, r2 and r3 may be the same as or different from each other and represent a branched or linear alkyl group with 1-20 carbon atoms and is substituted with a (meth)acryloyloxy group; the alkyl group may be substituted with a hydroxyl group, an alkoxy group having 1-8 carbon atoms, or an acyloxy group having 1-8 carbon atoms; the alkyl group may be interrupted by an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom, a carbonyl group, an ester group, an amide group, or an imide group; and r4, r5 and r6 may be the same as or different from each other and represent a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, a hydroxyl group, an alkyl group having 1-12 carbon atoms, or an alkoxy group having 1-12 carbon atoms.. .

Polylactic polyester resin, aqueous polylactic polyester resin dispersion, and production aqueous polylactic polyester resin dispersion

An aqueous dispersion, an aqueous resin composition, an aqueous adhesive, an aqueous paint, aqueous ink, a laminate made of an aqueous adhesive or aqueous ink, a packaging material, a sustained-release biodegradable coating agent, and a sustained-release biodegradable coated body comprising the sustained-release biodegradable coating agent, which contain the polyester resin.. .

Optimization of zero-pgm metal loading on metallic substrates

The present disclosure refers to a plurality of process employed for optimization of zero-pgm metal loading in washcoat and overcoat on metallic substrates. According to an embodiment a substantial increase in conversion of hc and co may be achieved by optimizing the metal loading of the catalyst.

Optimization of washcoat adhesion of zero-pgm catalyst on metallic substrates

Solutions to the problem of washcoat and/or overcoat adhesion loss of zpgm catalyst on metallic substrates are disclosed. Present disclosure provides a novel process for improving wca to metallic substrates of zpgm catalyst systems.

Optimization of zero-pgm catalyst systems on metallic substrates

Present disclosure provides a novel process for optimization of zero-pgm catalyst systems using metallic substrate. Deposition of a homogeneous and well-adhered layer of catalyst on the metallic substrate may be enabled by the selection of a washcoat loading resulting from variation of metal loadings.

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