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Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Merged floating point operation using a modebit patent thumbnailnew patent Merged floating point operation using a modebit
A first floating-point operation unit receives first and second variables and performs a first operation generating a first output. A first rounding unit receives and rounds the first output to generate a second output if a control bit is in a first state.
Arm Finance Overseas Limited
 Processor and methods for floating point register aliasing patent thumbnailnew patent Processor and methods for floating point register aliasing
Methods, devices, and systems for accessing packed registers are presented. A state of the packed registers may be tracked and it may be determined whether the register is directly accessible based on the state.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
 Number format pre-conversion instructions patent thumbnailnew patent Number format pre-conversion instructions
Apparatus for processing data includes processing circuitry 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and decoder circuitry 14 for decoding program instructions. The program instructions decoded include a floating point pre-conversion instruction which performs round-to-nearest ties to even rounding upon the mantissa field of an input floating number to generate an output floating point number with the same mantissa length but with the mantissa rounded to a position corresponding to a shorter mantissa field.
Arm Limited
 Antifoaming agent for nonaqueous coating agents patent thumbnailnew patent Antifoaming agent for nonaqueous coating agents
Provided is an antifoaming agent for a coating agent, which suppresses foaming of a coating agent by being blended into a nonaqueous agent in a small amount, thereby improving pinhole preventing performance, and which may form a thermo-setting coating film or a thermo-drying coating film having an excellent aesthetic appearance by suppressing the generation of pinholes without deteriorating smoothing performance of the coating film even under conditions where pinholes are easily generated. The antifoaming agent for the nonaqueous agent comprises a copolymerization product having a weight-molecular weight of 10,000-350,000, which is copolymerized with 2-40 parts by weight of a hydrophilic monomer at least of one selected form the group consisting of: an n-vinyl lactam monomer; tetrahydrofurfuryl (meth)acrylate monomer; a (meth)acrylate monomer; a (meth)acrylamide monomer; and a hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylate monomer, and 60-98 parts by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having an alkyl group and/or a hydrophobic monomer of vinyl ether having an alkyl group..
Kyoeisha Chemical Co., Ltd.
 Emulsion-based high release additive for release sheet, emulsion  composition for release sheet, and mold release sheet patent thumbnailnew patent Emulsion-based high release additive for release sheet, emulsion composition for release sheet, and mold release sheet
The present invention relates to an emulsion-based high release additive for a release sheet, the additive being characterized by being obtained by dispersing in water a condensation product (a) obtained by subjecting the following to a dehydration condensation reaction: (a-1) a polydiorganosiloxane which has an average degree of polymerization of 100-300,000 and which has one or more hydroxyl groups or hydrolyzable groups per molecule; and (a-2) a polyorganosiloxane resin, which contains (sio4/2) units and (r3sio1/2) units (in the formulae, the r groups each represent independently a monovalent hydrocarbon group having 1-12 carbon atoms and not having an aliphatic unsaturated bond or an alkenyl group having 2-6 carbon atoms) as primary components, in which the molar ratio of (r3sio1/2) units relative to (sio4/2) units is 0.6-1.2 and in which the total content of hydroxyl groups and hydrolyzable groups is not lower than 2.1 mass % and lower than 10.0 mass %. The present invention can obtain a silicone cured coating film having a high release force by adding the additive to a curable composition for a release sheet such as a release paper or release film, coating the same on a variety of base materials and curing..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.
 Connectors for smart windows patent thumbnailnew patent Connectors for smart windows
This disclosure provides connectors for smart windows. A smart window may incorporate an optically switchable pane.
View, Inc.
 Tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material patent thumbnailnew patent Tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material
Tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material including a base material made of cu alloy; a sn-based surface layer formed on a surface of the base material and having an average thickness of 0.2 μm or larger and 0.6 μm or smaller; a cu—sn alloy layer generated between the sn-based surface layer and the base material; and a ni-based coating layer, formed of ni or ni—sn alloy having a coating thickness of 0.005 μm or larger and 0.05 μm or smaller, in which an oil-sump depth rvk of the cu—sn alloy layer measured when the cu—sn alloy layer is appeared on a surface by fusing and removing the sn-based surface layer is 0.2 μm or larger; a part of the cu—sn alloy layer is exposed from the sn-based surface layer; the ni-based coating layer is formed on the exposed cu—sn alloy layer; and dynamic friction coefficient of the surface is 0.3 or less.. .
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
 Anti-fog coating comprising aqueous polymeric dispersion, crosslinker & acid or salt of polyalkylene oxide patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-fog coating comprising aqueous polymeric dispersion, crosslinker & acid or salt of polyalkylene oxide
Coating compositions are described comprising an aqueous polymeric dispersion; a crosslinker; and an acid or salt of a polyalkylene oxide. Also described are articles comprising the dried and cured coating composition disposed on a substrate as well as a method a providing an anti-fog coating on a substrate..
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Ig window unit including double silver coating having increased shgc to u-value ratio, and corresponding coated article for use in ig window unit or other window patent thumbnailnew patent Ig window unit including double silver coating having increased shgc to u-value ratio, and corresponding coated article for use in ig window unit or other window
An insulating glass (ig) window unit includes first and second substrates, and a low-emissivity (low-e) coating supported by one of the substrates. The low-e coating has two silver based infrared (ir) reflecting layers and allows the ig window unit to realize an increased shgc to u-value ratio, and an increased thickness ratio of an upper silver based layer of the coating to a bottom silver based layer of the coating.
Guardian Industries Corp.
  patent thumbnailnew patent
The invention relates to the fabrication of novel and improved delivery system comprising of short-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates (scl-pha) nanoparticles having anticancer drug ellipticine (ept) encapsulated therein for oral administration. The scl-pha is synthesized by indigenous bacterial isolate bacillus cereus fc11 (ncbi genbank accession number jn593010) using modified gtyn medium..
new patent

Lactobacillus rhamnosus and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis for use in prevention or treatment of upper respiratory tract infections

The present invention relates to a composition comprising lactobacillus rhamnosus, preferably strain atcc53103, and bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis, preferably strain dsm 15954, for use in reducing the duration and/or severity of upper respiratory tract infection (uri) in teenagers and adults.
Chr. Hansen A/s
new patent

Scr filter washcoat thickness efficiency compensation system

An exhaust treatment system includes an scrf device, a reductant delivery system, and an scr storage module. The scrf device includes a filter portion having a washcoat formed thereon that defines a washcoat thickness (wct).
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Cable backplane assembly and method

An electronic device includes a bulkhead assembly. The bulkhead assembly includes a bulkhead and one or more cable cassettes coupled to the bulkhead.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
new patent

Ultra-thin optical coatings and devices and methods of using ultra-thin optical coatings

A spectral encoder includes a thin layer of lossy dielectric material whose thickness varies transversely from 0 to a thickness of about λ/4n (e.g., <100 nm), where λ is the wavelength of incident radiation and n is the dielectric material's refractive index. The dielectric layer reflects (and/or transmits) light at a wavelength that depends on the layer's thickness.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College
new patent

Light reflection layer, light reflection plate, laminated interlayer film sheet for laminated glass, laminated glass, and manufacturing these

A light reflection layer, comprising a first liquid crystal layer obtained by fixing a first curable liquid crystal composition through curing in a state of a cholesteric liquid crystal phase, wherein the first curable liquid crystal composition contains a polymerizable liquid crystal compound, a fluoroalkyl group-containing alignment control agent, and a hydrophilic group-containing coating property imparting agent exhibits low haze, excellent heat shielding properties and improved coating properties when the light reflection layer obtained by fixing the cholesteric liquid crystal phase on the light reflection layer is laminated and coated.. .
Fujifilm Corporation
new patent

Oil or gas drilling tool block with textured coating

An oil or gas tool block with an advanced textured coating produced by automated electro spark deposition equipment. A die insert includes a substrate onto which a gripping surface is formed.
Carbinite Metal Coatings
new patent

Techniques for protecting pipe coatings

A method of protecting a layered coating on a length of pipe for subsea use includes applying an edge finisher to the coating to encase an edge of the coating by fusing the edge finisher with the coating or by moulding the edge finisher at an edge of the coating. Where the coating and the edge finisher are of thermoplastics such as pp, fusing can be achieved by injection moulding the edge finisher or by welding a discrete edge finisher component to the edge of the coating.
Acergy France Sa
new patent

Selective catalyst reduction filter washcoat thickness ammonia compensation system

An exhaust treatment system includes a selective catalyst reduction filter (scrf) device, a reductant delivery system, and a reductant storage module. The scrf device includes a filter portion having a washcoat disposed thereon that defines a washcoat thickness (wct).
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
new patent

Safety sign system

A safety sign system comprises one or more traffic or informational signs, an expandable pole, a detachable umbrella canopy assembly, and a safety finial assembly. The signs are removably attached to a sleeve that surrounds a portion of a pole and rests upon a sign support.

Adsorbing vinyl acetate binders

The present invention relates to a composition comprising and a method for preparing a stable aqueous dispersion of polymer particles comprising structural units of vinyl acetate and a phosphorous acid monomer. The composition of the present invention provides vinyl acetate/phosphorus acid based polymer particles that improve hiding efficiency in pigmented coatings formulations..

Arc-deposited al-cr-o coatings having enhanced coating properties

The present invention relates to a method for coating ai-cr-0 coatings with the help of a pvd-coating process. The pvd-coating process is performed with the help of al and cr comprising targets which are doped with si.
Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

Biocoated piezoelectric biosensor platform for point-of-care diagnostic use

Biosensor components (chips) are described based on direct biocoating processes that result in the tenacious and stable, noncovalent (believed to be chemisorptive) binding of anchor substances such as avidin(s) other proteins having specific binding partners or oligo- or poly-nucleotides onto any piezo-electrically active crystal surface. The resulting platform technology can be developed for a variety of biosensors with specific applications in biological assays.
Aviana Molecular Technologies, Llc.

Etch rate detection for anti-reflective coating layer and absorber layer etching

A method and apparatus for etching a photomask substrate with enhanced process monitoring is provided. In one embodiment, a method of determining an etching endpoint includes performing an etching process on a first tantalum containing layer through a patterned mask layer, directing a radiation source having a first wavelength from about 200 nm and about 800 nm to an area uncovered by the patterned mask layer, collecting an optical signal reflected from the area covered by the patterned mask layer, analyzing a waveform obtained the reflected optical signal reflected from the substrate from a first time point to a second time point, and determining a first endpoint of the etching process when a slope of the waveform is changed about 5 percent from the first time point to the second time point..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Hydrophobic materials incorporating rare earth elements and methods of manufacture

This invention relates generally to an article that includes a base substrate, an intermediate layer including at least one element or compound selected from titanium, chromium, indium, zirconium, tungsten, and titanium nitride on the base substrate, and a hydrophobic coating on the base substrate, wherein the hydrophobic coating includes a rare earth element material (e.g., a rare earth oxide, a rare earth carbide, a rare earth nitride, a rare earth fluoride, and/or a rare earth boride). An exposed surface of the hydrophobic coating has a dynamic contact angle with water of at least about 90 degrees.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Low density polyethylene for extrusion coating

The present invention relates to a low density polyethylene having a molecular weight distribution mw/mn which is 15 or less, a storage modulus g′, measured at a loss modulus g″ of 5 kpa, which is above 3000 pa, a weight average molecular weight (mw) which is between 192000 and 250000 g/mol and has a melt flow rate (mfr) according to iso 1133 (190° c., 2.16 kg) which is higher than 3.0 g/10 min, compositions, a process for production of the low density polyethylene, a low density polyethylene which is obtainable by the process, a continuous ethylene polymerization method for introducing vinylidene in a low density polyethylene, a method for an extrusion coating process or a method for an extrusion lamination process, an article, e.g. An extrusion article, an extrusion lamination article, film blowing article, film casting article, wire and cable extrusion article, injection moulding article, blow moulding article or pipe extrusion article, and uses of the low density polyethylene..
Borealis Ag

Water-based coating composition, forming multi-layer coating film, and article having multi-layer coating film

A water-based coating composition and method for forming a multi-layer coating film by which it is possible to form a coating film having excellent smoothness, image clarity, and chipping resistance in a 3c1b format. The composition is characterized by containing 7 to 60 mass % of an acrylic resin emulsion (a), 10 to 60 mass % of a film-forming resin (b), and 10 to 50 mass % of a curing agent (c), on the basis of the total mass of the solid resin content in the composition; the acrylic resin emulsion (a) having a core/shell structure where the core section contains, as a copolymer component, 0.1 to 10 mass % of a polymerizable unsaturated monomer having two or more polymerizable unsaturated groups in one molecule, on the basis of the total mass of monomer of the core section, and the hydroxyl value of the core section is 50 to 200 mgkoh/g, and the hydroxyl value of the shell section is 50 to 200 mgkoh/g..
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications

Super-transparent electrodes for photovoltaic applications are disclosed. In some embodiments, a photovoltaic cell (1) includes an absorber material (16) capable of absorbing solar energy and converting the absorbed energy into electrical current; a window electrode (10) disposed on a light-entry surface of the absorber material (16), the window electrode (10) comprising an anti-reflective coating (arc) layer (12) and a metallic layer (13), and a rear electrode (18) disposed on a surface of the absorber material (16) in opposing relation to the window electrode (10), wherein the rear electrode (18) in combination with the window electrode (10) are configured to collect electrical current generated in the absorber material (16)..
The Trustees Of Boston College

Article of apparel

The present invention is directed toward an article of apparel effective to regulate the temperature of the wearer. In an embodiment, the article of apparel includes a base textile with a thermal regulation membrane.
Under Armour, Inc.

Epoxy resin hardener compositions and epoxy resin compositions containing such hardener compositions

An epoxy resin hardener composition including a reaction product of (i) a compound having at least one vicinal epoxy group, and (ii) an amino alcohol; an epoxy resin composition including the epoxy resin hardener composition and a compound having at least one vicinal epoxy group; and a powder coating composition including particles of the epoxy resin hardener composition and particles of a compound having at least one vicinal epoxy group.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Methods and processes of coating zero-pgm catalysts including with cu, mn, fe for twc applications

Variations of coating processes of cu—mn—fe zpgm catalyst materials for twc applications are disclosed. The disclosed coating processes for cu—mn—fe spinel materials are enabled in the preparation zpgm catalyst samples according to a plurality of catalyst configurations, which may include an alumina only washcoat layer coated on a suitable ceramic substrate, and an overcoat layer with or without an impregnation layer, including cu—mn—fe spinel and doped zirconia support oxide, prepared according to variations of disclosed coating processes.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

Zero-pgm catalyst with oxygen storage capacity for twc systems

Zpgm-zre catalyst system substantially free from platinum group (pgm) and rare earth (re) metals for twc application is disclosed. Disclosed zpgm-zre catalyst system may include pure alumina as washcoat and a cu—mn stoichiometric spinel with nb2o5—zro2 support oxide, as zpgm-zre catalyst in overcoat.

Influence of base metal loadings on twc performance of zpgm catalysts

Influence of a plurality of base metal loadings on twc performance of zpgm catalysts for twc applications is disclosed. Zpgm catalyst samples are prepared and configured with washcoat on ceramic substrate, overcoat including doped zirconia support oxide, and impregnation layer of cu—mn spinel with different base metal loadings.
Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc.

Boolean/float controller and gesture recognition system

A system and method are disclosed for providing input to a software application such as a gaming application. The inputs may be received from one or both of a hand-held controller and a nui system accepting gestural inputs.
Microsoft Corporation

Ink coating formulations and polymerizable systems for producing the same

Ink and coating compositions, printing and coating processes, and printed and coated substrates utilizing a polymerizable composition comprising one or more di-activated vinyl compounds, with the proviso that said a di-activated vinyl compound is not a cyanoacrylate. Exemplary compositions include methylene malonates, methylene β-ketoesters, methylene β-diketones, dialkyl disubstituted vinyls, and dihaloalkyl disubstituted vinyls.
Sirrus, Inc.

Ceramic color paste, ceramic color, glass having ceramic color, and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to a ceramic color paste containing a glass frit, a vehicle, a heat-resistant pigment and a large-diameter heat-resistant particle, in which the large-diameter heat-resistant particle has a particle size larger than the average thickness of a dried coating film for forming a ceramic color.. .
Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers

Provided is high productivity combinatorial (hpc) testing methodology of semiconductor substrates, each including multiple site isolated regions. The site isolated regions are used for testing different compositions and/or structures of barrier layers disposed over silver reflectors.
Intermolecular Inc.

Anti reflective coating for photovoltaic glass panel

A method of making an anti-reflective film comprises preparing a liquid composition with specific amounts of tetraethyl orthosilicate, polyethylene glycol, hcl, ethanol and at least one alcohol having a higher boiling point than ethanol and miscibility with both ethanol and water; applying the liquid composition onto a surface of a substrate to form a liquid film; evaporating the ethanol and the at least one alcohol from the liquid film to form a solid film; and heating the solid film to form a silica film.. .
Agc Flat Glass North America, Inc.

Baked coatings and methods for applying to food products

Systems and methods for producing a baked product that have the appearance, texture and/or flavor of fried foods are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for producing a baked product that imparts fried food properties includes at least partially coating a food product with an oil product, combining a breading composition with the food product, applying water to the food product, and baking the food product.
Cargill, Incorporated

Methods of forming reflective coatings and lighting systems provided therewith

Methods and materials capable of controlling the type and relative amounts of reflectance (e.g., specular vs. Diffusive reflection) in reflective coatings, especially for inclusion in a lighting fixture or other lighting source.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

Slider with high and low surface energy coatings proximate transducer

A slider, such as for a data storage system, the slider having a leading edge, a trailing edge, an air-bearing surface, and a transducer proximate the trailing edge. The slider has a low surface energy coating on the air-bearing surface and a high surface energy coating on the transducer.
Seagate Technology Llc

Ir reflective coating compatible to ir sensors

An ir reflecting multilayer thin film. The ir reflecting multilayer thin film includes a multilayer stack having a multilayer packet with a metal layer sandwiched between a pair of dielectric layers.
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, Inc.

Antireflective structures for optics

The disclosure relates to methods for the fabrication of randomly arranged, antireflective structures on surfaces of optical substrates and to optics having antireflective coatings comprising random surface structures.. .

Light sensors having dielectric optical coating filters

Light sensors including dielectric optical coatings to shape their spectral responses, and methods for fabricating such light sensors in a manner that accelerates lift-off processes and increases process margins, are described herein. In an embodiment, a light sensor includes a photodetector sensor region formed in a semiconductor substrate, a dielectric optical coating filter covering the photodetector sensor region, and dummy dielectric optical coating features beyond the photodetector sensor region, wherein the dummy dielectric optical features include one or more dummy corners, dummy islands and/or dummy rings.
Intersil Americas Llc

Hair root applicator

A hair-root applicator (10) of the present invention includes: a comb-teeth part (13) in which a plurality of comb teeth (12) are erected from a surface of a comb-teeth base (14); and a container (11) for containing a hair dye as a coating agent. This hair-root applicator is an applicator capable of applying, to hair-root sections of the hair, the hair dye supplied from the container (11) to the comb teeth (12).
Kao Corporation

Decorative appliance door

A transparent glass appliance door is provided with a reflective coating in the shape of a frame, resembling the conventional metal frame which usually surrounds and supports the glass. The reflective frame leaves a clear area through which the interior of the appliance can be viewed..
Vinotemp International Corporation

Powder coating system

A powder coating system which is provided with a rotating stage which makes a metal cylindrical member rotate while holding its internal circumferential surface, a first booth which covers part of the metal cylindrical member which is held by the rotating stage, and a second booth which holds the first booth. A powder coating introduction nozzle which is provided with a filling port of powder coating and a plurality of powder coating spray ports is provided so that a filling port is positioned at the outside of the second booth and so that the plurality of spray ports can be changed in position in the first booth to face surface parts of the metal cylindrical member.
Denso Corporation

Boat anchors

The invention provides boat anchors wherein lightweight working parts such as trowels or plows are affixed to heavier, usually metallic frame components that provide desired weight to the composite anchors.. .

Seed coating compositions

Disclosed herein are several exemplary seed coating compositions, and exemplary methods for creating and using the same. Also disclosed are several exemplary seed coating manufacturing processes, and the products created by such processes.

Control device for executing control program including floating point operation command for controlling machine and converting floating point parameter in control program

A control device includes: a first conversion unit that converts floating point data generated by an operation of a floating point operation command into a numeric string in first format; and a second conversion unit that converts the numeric string in first format into a numeric string in second format. A character string data generation unit generates a character string data including the numeric strings in first format and in second format and outputs the character string data to an external device or an external storage medium..
Fanuc Corporation

Coating compositions

A curable resin composition including (i) at least one thermoset resin composition; and (ii) at least one hardener; wherein the powder coating has a balance of properties including a combination of high glass transition temperature and low water absorption.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Compounds as rearranged during transfection (ret) inhibitors

This invention relates to novel compounds which are inhibitors of the rearranged during transfection (ret) kinase, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in therapy, alone or in combination, for the normalization of gastrointestinal sensitivity, motility and/or secretion and/or abdominal disorders or diseases and/or treatment related to diseases related to ret dysfunction or where modulation of ret activity may have therapeutic benefit including but not limited to all classifications of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) including diarrhea-predominant, constipation-predominant or alternating stool pattern, functional bloating, functional constipation, functional diarrhea, unspecified functional bowel disorder, functional abdominal pain syndrome, chronic idiopathic constipation, functional esophageal disorders, functional gastroduodenal disorders, functional anorectal pain, inflammatory bowel disease, proliferative diseases such as non-small cell lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, follicular thyroid cancer, anaplastic thyroid cancer, papillary thyroid cancer, brain tumors, peritoneal cavity cancer, solid tumors, other lung cancer, head and neck cancer, gliomas, neuroblastomas, von hippel-lindau syndrome and kidney tumors, breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer, ovarian cancer, transitional cell cancer, prostate cancer, cancer of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction, biliary cancer, adenocarcinoma, and any malignancy with increased ret kinase activity.. .
Glaxosmithkline Intellectual Property Development Limited

Dry powder inhaler

This invention provides a dry powder inhaler comprising: a dry powder medicament comprising fluticasone propionate, salmeterol xinafoate and a lactose carrier; wherein, the delivered dose of salmeterol per actuation is less than 50 μg; and wherein the dose provides a baseline-adjusted fev1 in a patient of more than 150 ml within 30 minutes of receiving the dose. A method of treating a patient includes administering to a patient a dry powder medicament having fluticasone propionate, salmeterol xinafoate and a lactose carrier; wherein, the delivered dose of salmeterol per actuation is less than 50 μg; and wherein the dose provides a baseline-adjusted fev1 in a patient of more than 150 ml within 30 minutes of receiving the dose..
Teva Branded Pharmaceutical Products R&d, Inc.

Moisture resistant polyimide compositions

The invention relates to a moisture resistant composition comprising: a) from 20 to 80 weight percent based on the total weight of the composition of a polyetherimide copolymer made from a monomer mixture comprising 3, 3′ bisphenol-a dianhydride (bpada), and 4, 4′-diaminodiphenyl sulfone (dds); b) from 5 to 75 weight percent based on the total weight of the composition of polyetheretherketone (peek); and c) from 0 to 30 weight percent based on the total weight of the composition of a filler. The invention relates to a reflector substrate comprising a moisture resistant layer metalized with a reflective layer, wherein the moisture resistant layer comprising the moisture resistant composition.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Carbon based coatings and methods of producing the same

Provided herein is a carbon based coating and methods of producing the same. The carbon based coating comprising an amorphous carbon thin film deposited on a substrate, the carbon based coating characterized in that the carbon based coating imparts enhanced surface durability properties..
United Protective Technologies

Sprayed article and making method

A sprayed article is prepared by thermally spraying ceramic particles of rare earth oxide or fluoride or metal particles of w, mo or ta onto an outer or inner surface of a cylindrical carbon substrate to form a sprayed coating, and burning out the carbon substrate, thus leaving the ceramic or metal-base sprayed coating of cylindrical shape having a wall thickness of 0.5-5 mm.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Coating and curing apparatus and methods

Disclosed herein is a method of coating and curing, including conveying a substantially flat substrate to be coated with a conveyor system through a combination roll coating and curing facility, wherein the combination roll coating and curing facility comprises at least one roll coating facility and at least one curing facility, roll coating the substantially flat substrate with a continuous sol gel coating material with the at least one roll coating facility, and curing the sol gel coating material on the substantially flat substrate with an air knife of the at least one curing facility, wherein the air knife is adapted to direct a heated stream of air to cure the continuous sol gel coating material while an interior of the substantially flat substrate remains at a temperature substantially lower than a temperature of air from the air knife.. .
Enki Technology, Inc.

Coated, wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigments, the production thereof, coating agent and coated object

A coated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is provided having at least one metal oxide layer having at least one metal oxide which differs from aluminum oxide and an enveloping organic polymer layer, wherein the weight ratio of the metal oxide of the metal oxide layer to aluminum oxide in the wet-chemically produced aluminum oxide layer of uncoated wet-chemically oxidized aluminum effect pigment is in a range of from 1:1 to 1:40. Also, a method for the production of the pigment is provided..
Eckart Gmbh

Method and a floating current source

As taught herein, a floating current source outputs a load biasing current from a source terminal into an external load which may have a variable resistance, and sinks the load biasing current from the load into a sink terminal. Advantageously, the floating current source includes a single-transistor current sink having a bias control that sets the magnitude of the load biasing current desired, and further includes a single-transistor current source that self-biases from the float voltage developed on the external load to an operating point at which the single-transistor current source sources the desired magnitude of load biasing current.
Omron Network Products, Llc

Alloys of the type fe3aita(ru) and use thereof as electrode material for the synthesis of sodium chlorate or as corrosion resistant coatings

Disclosed is an alloy of the formula: fe3−xal1+xmytztat wherein m represents at least one catalytic specie selected from the group consisting of ru, ir, pd, pt, rh, os, re and ag; t represents at least one element selected from the group consisting of mo, co, cr, v, cu, zn, nb, w, zr, y, mn, cd, si, b, c, o, n, p, f, s, ci, na and ti; and ta represents tantalum. Such an alloy can be used as an electrode material for the synthesis of sodium chlorate.
Meeir Technologie Inc.

Hydrophobically sized fibrous web and a the preparation of a sized web layer

A hydrophobically sized fibrous web layer, preparation of a fibrous web or a fibre-based coating, a multiplayer board product having at least a middle layer formed of said fibrous web, as well as use of a heat-sensitive surfactant for said methods and products, whereby microfibrillated cellulose (mfc) and hydrophobic size are brought to a foam with water and the heat-sensitive surfactant, the foam is supplied to a forming fabric of a paper or board machine, dewatered by suction of air through the forming fabric, and dried to a web product. Alternatively the foam may be supplied onto a premade fibrous web and dried to form a coating layer.
Stora Enso Oyj

Coating apparatus

A coating apparatus includes: a slit nozzle that discharges a coating material from a discharge port in a slit shape; a moving mechanism that relatively moves the slit nozzle with respect to a substrate in a disk shape; and a control unit that controls the moving mechanism, wherein the control unit performs a first constant speed coating treatment of relatively moving the slit nozzle with respect to the substrate at a first speed, then an acceleration coating treatment of accelerating a relative moving speed of the slit nozzle with respect to the substrate to a second speed higher than the first speed, and then a second constant speed coating treatment of relatively moving the slit nozzle with respect to the substrate at the second speed.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Vector floating point test data class immediate instruction

A vector floating point test data class immediate instruction is provided that determines whether one or more elements of a vector specified in the instruction are of one or more selected classes and signs. If a vector element is of a selected class and sign, an element in an operand of the instruction corresponding to the vector element is set to a first defined value, and if the vector element is not of the selected class and sign, the operand element corresponding to the vector element is set to a second defined value..
International Business Machines Corporation

Metal and dielectric compatible sacrificial anti-reflective coating cleaning and removal composition

A liquid removal composition and process for removing sacrificial anti-reflective coating (sarc) material from a substrate having same thereon. The liquid removal composition includes at least one fluoride-containing compound, at least one organic solvent, optionally water, and optionally at least one chelating agent.
Entegris, Inc.

Moisturing agent with nutrients

The present invention relates to a gelatinous moisturing substrate for controllably delivering water and oxygen to the root zone of growing plants with micro nutrients, auxins, preservatives and surfactants added comprising a mixture, by percent weight, 97.6%, 2.0% carboxy methol cellulose, 0.15% aluminum sulfate, 0.04% sodium benzoate, 0.04% potassium sorbate, 0.0167% zinc sulfate (22.23% zinc), 0.07% acetic acid (99%.0 pure) and 0.005% sodium sesquicarbonate. The composition maintains substrates viscosity.
Time Release Water, Llc

Airbag base fabric coating material, airbag base fabric, and manufacturing the same

Thus the acquired coating film is a water-insoluble coat and the coat shows excellent heat and moisture resistance (hot water resistance) and flexibility.. .

Method for controlling degradation of biodegradable polyester and degradation-controlled biodegradable polyester

The present disclosure relates to a method for controlling degradation of biodegradable polyester. To be specific, biodegradation caused by a depolymerase is suppressed by capping a carboxyl terminal in biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) having the carboxyl group at one terminal or its copolymer, and, thus, it is possible to easily suppress or control degradation depending on a capping ratio of the carboxyl group..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Gyeongsang National University

White curable composition for printed circuit board, cured coating film using the same, and printed circuit board

Provided is a white curable composition for a printed circuit board comprising: (a) a white pigment; (b) a (meth)acrylate compound having a hydroxyl group; (c) a photopolymerization initiator; and (d) a wetting dispersant. The above-described (a) white pigment is preferably titanium oxide.

Process for the production of a multi-layer coating

A process for the production of a multi-layer coating includes applying a coating layer from an aqueous pigmented coating composition a onto a substrate provided with an edc primer and applying a base coat layer from an aqueous coating composition b overlying the coating layer. A clear coat layer is applied onto the base coat layer and the three coating layers are jointly bake-cured.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc

Corrosion-resistant silver coatings with improved adhesion to iii-v materials

The electrical and optical performance of silver led reflective contacts in iii-v devices such as gan leds is limited by silver's tendency to agglomerate during annealing processes and to corrode on contact with silver-reactive materials elsewhere in the device (for example, gallium or aluminum). Agglomeration and reaction are prevented, and crystalline morphology of the silver layer may be optimized, by forming a diffusion-resistant transparent conductive layer between the silver and the source of silver-reacting metal, (2) doping the silver or the diffusion-resistant transparent conductive layer for improved adhesion to adjacent layers, or (3) doping the silver with titanium, which in some embodiments prevents agglomeration and promotes crystallization of the silver in the preferred <111> orientation..
Intermolecular, Inc.

Medical device coatings for releasing a therapeutic agent at multiple rates

Medical device coatings are provided that simultaneously release a therapeutic agent at different rates from different portions of the medical device coating. In a first embodiment, medical device coatings are provided that include particles comprising a therapeutic agent with two or more different particles sizes within a single layer on a surface of the implantable device.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Washcoats and coated substrates for catalytic converters and methods of making and using same

Disclosed are, inter alia, methods of forming coated substrates for use in catalytic converters, as well as washcoat compositions and methods suitable for using in preparation of the coated substrates, and the coated substrates formed thereby, which in some cases use iron-exchanged zeolite particles that provide enhanced performance such as lower light-off temperatures and lower pollutant levels in exhaust gases. The catalytic material is prepared by a plasma-based method, yielding catalytic material with a lower tendency to migrate on support at high temperatures, and thus less prone to catalyst aging after prolonged use.
Sdcmaterials, Inc.

Method and system using a filter for treating exhaust gas having particulate matter

A filter for filtering particulate matter (pm) from exhaust gas emitted from a positive ignition engine or a compression ignition engine, which filter comprising a porous substrate having inlet surfaces and outlet surfaces, wherein the inlet surfaces are separated from the outlet surfaces by a porous structure containing pores of a first mean pore size, wherein the porous substrate is coated with a washcoat comprising a plurality of solid particles wherein the porous structure of the washcoated porous substrate contains pores of a second mean pore size, and wherein the second mean pore size is less than the first mean pore size.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

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