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Dynamic tactile interface


Dynamic tactile interface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 High performance floating-point adder with full in-line denormal/subnormal support patent thumbnailnew patent High performance floating-point adder with full in-line denormal/subnormal support
According to one general aspect, an apparatus may include a floating-point addition unit that includes a far path circuit, a close path circuit, and a final result selector circuit. The far path circuit may be configured to compute a far path result based upon either the addition or the subtraction of the two floating point numbers regardless of whether the operands or the result include normal or denormal numbers.
 Method for coating surgical instruments patent thumbnailnew patent Method for coating surgical instruments
A coating and devices using the coating are provided. The coating is applied in liquid form and dried or otherwise cured to form a durable adherent coating resistant to high temperatures and having optional hydrophobic properties.
Team Medical, Llc
 Tubing for mitigating against microbial migration and  maintaining closed-system of urinary tubing patent thumbnailnew patent Tubing for mitigating against microbial migration and maintaining closed-system of urinary tubing
A urinary tubing for mitigating against microbial migration, as well as a system and method for forming and maintaining a closed-system of urinary tubing are described. Such tubing may comprise: a first terminal end; a second terminal end, longitudinally opposing the first terminal end; a wettable region, which may comprise a surface which may be wetted by a fluid flowing within the tubing; and a means for mitigating against microbial migration in a direction opposite of intended flow.
 Curable compositions that include hydrazide functional materials patent thumbnailnew patent Curable compositions that include hydrazide functional materials
For formula (i): n is 2; independently for each n, x is 0 or 1, y is 0 or 1, provided that the sum of x and y is 1; l1, independently for each n, is selected from a divalent hydrocarbyl group optionally interrupted with at least one of —o— and —s—; l2, independently for each n, is selected from a divalent hydrocarbyl group; and r1, independently for each n, is selected from hydrogen and hydrocarbyl. The curable compositions further include a reactant (b) that has at least two reactive groups that are reactive with and form covalent bonds with the hydrazide groups of the hydrazide functional material (a).
 Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same
The present invention relates to a process for preparing a surface treated mineral filler product, and to its preferred use in the field of plastic applications, and in particular polypropylene (pp)- or polyethylene (pe)-based breathable or extrusion coating film applications.. .
Omya International Ag
 Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same
The present invention relates to a process for preparing a surface treated mineral filler product, and to its preferred use in the field of plastic applications, and in particular polypropylene (pp)- or polyethylene (pe)-based breathable or extrusion coating film applications.. .
Omya International Ag
 Therapeutic agent for food competence disorder in stomach patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic agent for food competence disorder in stomach
Use of a therapeutic agent of the present invention greatly alleviates symptoms caused by said disorders, such as early satiety and bloating, because it improves relaxation of gastric fundus and impaired gastric accommodation.. .
 Microwave curing of multi-layer coatings patent thumbnailnew patent Microwave curing of multi-layer coatings
A method for providing a coated strip, which includes the steps of providing a metal or metal alloy strip, applying one or more coating layers on the metal or metal alloy strip and irradiating one or more of the applied coating layers with electromagnetic radiation, wherein one or more of the applied coating layers includes dielectric particles capable of absorbing microwave radiation and wherein microwave radiation is used to selectively heat one or more of the coating layers containing the dielectric particles to dry and/or cure and/or sinter the coating layer.. .
Tata Steel Uk Limited
 Backside structure and  bsi image sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Backside structure and bsi image sensors
Bsi image sensors and methods. In an embodiment, a substrate is provided having a sensor array and a periphery region and having a front side and a back side surface; a bottom anti-reflective coating (barc) is formed over the back side to a first thickness, over the sensor array region and the periphery region; forming a first dielectric layer over the barc; a metal shield is formed; selectively removing the metal shield from over the sensor array region; selectively removing the first dielectric layer from over the sensor array region, wherein a portion of the first thickness of the barc is also removed and a remainder of the first thickness of the barc remains during the process of selectively removing the first dielectric layer; forming a second dielectric layer over the remainder of the barc and over the metal shield; and forming a passivation layer over the second dielectric layer..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Polyhydroxyalkanoate production and related processes patent thumbnailnew patent Polyhydroxyalkanoate production and related processes
Embodiments of the invention relate generally to processes for the production and processing of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha) from carbon sources. In several embodiments, phas are produced at high efficiencies from carbon-containing gases through the utilization of a regenerative polymerization system..
Newlight Technologies, Llc
new patent

Room-temperature-curable polyorganosiloxane composition and electric/electronic apparatus

This room-temperature-curable polyorganosiloxane composition contains: (a) 100 parts by mass of polyorganosiloxane consisting of: (a1) 10 to 80 parts by mass of a both ends alkoxysilyl group-terminated polyorganosiloxane and (a2) 90 to 20 parts by mass of a partial hydrolysis condensate (the number of si atoms is 10 to 200) of a silane compound expressed by a general formula: r4bsi(or)4-b; (b) 0.1 to 15 parts by mass of a silane compound or a partial hydrolysis condensate thereof (the number of si atoms is 1 or more and less than 10) as a cross-linking agent; and (c) 0.1 to 15 parts by mass of an organic titanium compound as a curing catalyst. It has low viscosity and good coatability without a solvent, and forms a cured coating film excellent in scratch resistance..
Momentive Performance Materials Japan Llc
new patent

Thermal resistant mirror-like coating

This invention discloses a new process of preparing highly reflective coatings with thermal resistance on substrates of metals. The thermal resistant coating layers include a minor-like coating with high reflectivity and a transparent protective coating, which are coated on metallic substrates with surfaces pre-treated by anodizing or thermal resistant primers (base coating layers)..
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited
new patent

Organic-inorganic composite resin, coating composition containing the same and application thereof

The present invention provides an organic-inorganic composite resin, which is derived from: (a) an inorganic portion comprising (a1) one or more siloxane monomers of formula (r1)nsi(or2)4-n, wherein r1, r2 and n are as defined in the specification; (a2) an acidic catalyst, (a3) silica, and (a4) a siloxane oligomer; and (b) an organic portion comprising (b1) one ore more acrylic monomers; wherein the weight ratio of the inorganic portion to the organic portion ranges from 2:8 to 8:2. The present invention also provides a coating composition comprising the aforementioned organic-inorganic composite resin and a hardener.
Eternal Materials Co., Ltd.
new patent

Branched interconnected microvascular network in polymers and composites using sacrificial polylactide films, sheets and plates

A thermally degradable polymeric sheet, comprising: a poly(hydroxyalkanoate); and a metal selected from the group consisting of an alkali earth metal and a transition metal; where the volume fraction of the metal in the sheet is at least 0.1 vol %.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
new patent

Method of treating surface of metal base metallic material treated by the surface treatment method and coating the metallic material

A metal surface treatment method for a metal base material in order to improve the uniformity of a cathodic electrodeposition coating film, the method including: a surface treatment step for forming a chemical conversion film on a metal base material by contacting the metal base material with a metal surface treatment composition including zirconium and/or titanium ions and an adhesive imparting agent characterized in being at least one selected from the group consisting of (a) silicon-containing compound, (b) adhesive imparting metal ion, and (c) adhesive imparting resin; and a heating/drying step to heat and dry the metal base material, on which the chemical conversion film is formed, at 60° c. To 190° c.
Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.
new patent

Blank of titanium-doped glass with a high silica content for a mirror substrate for use in euv lithography and the production thereof

On the basis of a known method for producing a blank of titanium-doped glass with a high silica content (glass) for a mirror substrate for use in euv lithography which has a surface region that has an outer contour, is intended to be provided with a reflective coating and is specified as a highly loaded zone when the mirror substrate is used as intended, in order to provide a blank which can be produced at low cost and nevertheless meets high requirements with respect to homogeneity and freedom from blisters and striae, a procedure which comprises the following method steps is proposed: (a) producing a front body of titanium-doped high-quality glass with dimensions more than large enough to enclose the outer contour, (b) producing a cylindrical supporting body from titanium-doped glass, (c) bonding the front body and the supporting body to form a composite body, and (d) working the composite body to form the mirror substrate blank, wherein the step of producing the front body comprises a homogenizing process involving twisting a starting body obtained in the form of a strand by flame hydrolysis of a silicon-containing compound to form a front body blank, and the supporting body is formed as a monolithic glass block with less homogeneity than the front body.. .
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co. Kg
new patent

Hydrophobic coating composition and imparting hydrophobicity onto a surface

The present invention relates to a method of producing a water repelling surface or imparting hydrophobicity onto a surface comprises applying a polymer-based coating composition. The water repelling surface or the hydrophobic surface imparted by the present method has at least 90° of water contact angle.
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited
new patent

Method and device for the automated application of a spray coating

A monitoring device (14) and a method for monitoring spray coating of a component by a spraying device (1) including a spray nozzle (3) movable along a specific path in relation to a component surface to be coated. The device has: an input interface (15) for inputting geometry data representative of the geometry of the component surface; a path data recording device (17) for time-resolved recording of path data of the spray nozzle (3) in relation to the component surface; a process data recording device (19) for time-resolved recording of process data of the coating process using the spray nozzle (3); a simulation unit (21) connected to the input interface (15) for receiving the data, for simulating application of the spray coating to the component surface on the basis of the data recorded; and a deviation calculation unit (23), connected to the simulation unit (21), for receiving simulation data and calculating a deviation of the simulated coating from the desired coating..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
new patent

Coated stent comprising an hmg-coa reductase inhibitor

Stents with coatings comprising a combination of a restenosis inhibitor comprising an hmg-coa reductase inhibitor and a carrier. Also provided are methods of coating stents with a combination of an hmg-coa reductase inhibitor and a carrier.
Covidien Lp
new patent

Compact floating point delta encoding for complex data

A method, apparatus, and system for compression of complex data signals within a telecommunications base station. The system may include a transmitter configured to determine a larger value of either real or imaginary components of a digital complex signal.
Rockstar Consortium Us Lp
new patent

Hybrid metallization on plastic for a light emitting diode (led) lighting system

Provided is a multi-layer reflective coating for application to a lighting housing assembly, including a polymer substrate adjacent a polymer base coat layer applied to the lighting housing. Atop the polymer base coat layer is an aluminum adhesion layer, followed by a diffusive barrier layer, and a silver reflective layer.
Ge Lighting Solutions Llc
new patent

Dynamic tactile interface

A dynamic tactile interface including a tactile layer defining a first region and a deformable region adjacent the first region; a substrate coupled to the tactile layer at the first region, defining a variable volume adjacent the deformable region and defining a fluid channel fluidly coupled to the variable volume; a set of rigid structures distributed across the tactile layer defining an anti-reflective coating over the tactile layer; and a displacement device fluidly coupled to the fluid channel, the displacement device displacing fluid into the fluid channel to transition the deformable region from a retracted setting to an expanded setting, the deformable region tactilely distinguishable from the first region in the expanded setting, the set of rigid structures conforming to the tactile layer, each rigid structure in the set of rigid structures shifting relative to an adjacent rigid structure in the set of rigid structures.. .
Tactus, Inc.
new patent

Vehicle motor drive circuit

Disclosed are a vehicle motor drive circuit and a driving method thereof. In the vehicle motor drive circuit according to the present invention, when the floating voltage is generated on the digital ground line due to a short circuit or a poor contact, the switch control signal is connected to the motor ground power supply to lower the signal level of the switch control signal in response to the voltage difference produced between the digital ground line and the motor ground line.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.
new patent

Piston ring

A piston ring which is provided with a carbon-based coating which has a low friction property and wear resistance, that is, a piston ring which has a carbon-based coating formed over its sliding surface, in which piston ring, the coating is a multilayer coating comprised of two types of layers having different hardnesses laminated in at least two layers, a hardness difference between the two types of layers is 500 to 1700 hv, a high hardness layer has the same or greater thickness than a low hardness layer, and the coating as a whole has a thickness of 5.0 μm or more. The high hardness layer has a thickness of 5 to 90 nm.
Tpr Co., Ltd.
new patent

Advanced thermal processing techniques of "sacrificial" polylactic acid

A method of making a sacrificial fiber, comprising: forming a molten sacrificial composition comprising a poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and a metal catalyst; extruding the molten sacrificial composition to form a sacrificial fiber comprising the poly(hydroxyalkanoate) and the metal catalyst, where the concentration of the metal catalyst in the sacrificial fiber is at least 0.1 wt %.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
new patent

Graft copolymer functionalized article

Guanidinyl ligand-functionalized polymers, methods of making the same, and substrates bearing a grafted coating of the ligand-functional polymers are described. The grafted polymer has the requisite affinity for binding neutral or negatively charged biomaterials, such as cells, cell debris, bacteria, spores, viruses, nucleic acids, endotoxins and proteins, at ph's near or below the pi's of the biomaterials..
3m Innovative Properties Company
new patent

Catalysts for low temperature electrolytic co reduction

A method for electrochemically reducing co is provided. A cathode is provided, wherein the cathode comprises a conductive substrate with a catalyst of a metal and a metal oxide based coating on a side of the cathode.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
new patent

Processes for uniform metal semiconductor alloy formation for front side contact metallization and photovoltaic device formed therefrom

A method of forming a photovoltaic device is provided that includes a p-n junction with a p-type semiconductor portion and an n-type semiconductor portion, wherein an upper exposed surface of one of the semiconductor portions represents a front side surface of the semiconductor substrate. Patterned antireflective coating layers are formed on the front side surface of the semiconductor surface to provide a grid pattern including a busbar region and finger region.
International Business Machines Corporation
new patent

Floating offshore wind turbine with damping structure

An offshore wind turbine comprising a buoyancy structure intended to provide a buoyancy force to support the wind turbine, wherein said buoyancy structure comprises at least one floater tank and a damping structure extending radially outward from the floater tank to damp forces due to heave, pitch or roll.. .
Alstom Renewable Technologies
new patent

Process for the preparation of surface treated mineral filler products and uses of same

The present invention relates to a process for preparing a surface treated mineral filler product, and to its preferred use in the field of plastic applications, and in particular polypropylene (pp)- or polyethylene (pe)-based breathable or extrusion coating film applications.. .
Omya International Ag
new patent

Fishing gear with degradable component

Herein we describe fishing gear having a degradable component comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer, as well as methods for ensuring that such gear has reduced functionality after becoming derelict. Derelict fishing gear has a negative economic and ecological impact, and thus it is advantageous to use gear that will lose the ability to catch and retain fish over time.
College Of William And Mary
new patent

Low-friction, abrasion resistant and easy-to-clean composite iron sole plate

The present invention relates to a composite iron sole plate coated using sol-gel process with hydrolysis and condensation products of silanes with a metal precursor. The selected silanes are mteos and teos which give improved and tailored coatings for iron sole plates along with a metal precursor.

Compositions and methods for the treatment of respiratory disorders

The invention relates to the compounds of formula i or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts, as well as polymorphs, solvates, enantiomers, stereoisomers and hydrates thereof. The pharmaceutical compositions comprising an effective amount of compounds of formula i, and methods for the treatment of respiratory disorders may be formulated for oral, buccal, rectal, topical, transdermal, transmucosal, intravenous, parenteral administration, syrup, or injection.

Terminal-equipped electric wire and wire harness using the same

A terminal-equipped electric wire includes an anticorrosion member integrally formed around a connection between a conductor of an electric wire and a crimp terminal and around a wire coating material. The anticorrosion member contains thermoplastic polyamide resin as the main component.

Multilayered coating for downhole tools with enhanced wear resistance and acidic corrosion resistance

A coating for protecting a base material from wear and corrosion includes a first layer deposited directly onto an outer surface of the base material. In addition, the coating includes a second layer deposited directly onto the first layer.

Scratch-resistant liquid based coatings for glass

A sol-gel method for forming durable, scratch-resistant coatings on glass substrates. Zirconia coatings, for example, are formed from a solution of zirconium oxychloride octahydrate in an organic, polar, aprotic solvent such as dimethylformamide.

Composite coating composition and application

An improved coating for rigid and semi-rigid substrates, in particular for equipment used in the oil and gas hydraulic fracturing or fracking industry. The coating is a composite of a relatively thick elastomeric primer coat layer and a harder top coat layer (e.g.

Method for graded anti-reflective coatings by physical vapor deposition

A method for forming an anti-reflective coating (arc) includes positioning a substrate below a target and flowing a first gas to deposit a first portion of the graded arc onto the substrate. The method includes gradually flowing a second gas to deposit a second portion of the graded arc, and gradually flowing a third gas while simultaneously gradually decreasing the flow of the second gas to deposit a third portion of the graded arc.

Marked coating composition and its authentication

This invention relates to the field of authentication of coating compositions such as varnishes, inks and paints, and it is particularly useful in the field of authentication of such coating compositions when applied to substrates like banknotes or other valuable documents. It is particularly directed to a marked coating composition.

Biobased rubber modified biodegradable polymer blends

Compositions of biobased polymer blends of polymers and a polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer are described. In certain embodiments, the copolymer is a multiphase copolymer blend having one phase a glass transition temperature of about −5° c.

Method and producing diffusion aluminide coatings

Unique and improved methods and coating apparatuses for applying diffusion aluminide materials onto internal sections of various parts are disclosed. The source material is coated onto an elongated member, such as a wire or rod, which is subsequently inserted at a specific location into a hollow cavity of the component to be coated.

Hybrid organic-inorganic nano-particles

The invention relates to a method of making hybrid organic-inorganic core-shell nano-particles, comprising the steps of a) providing colloidal organic particles comprising a synthetic polyampholyte as a template; b) adding at least one inorganic oxide precursor; and c) forming a shell layer from the precursor on the template to result in core-shell nano-particles. With this method it is possible to make colloidal organic template particles having an average particle size in the range of 10 to 300 nm; which size can be controlled by the comonomer composition of the polyampholyte, and/or by selecting dispersion conditions.

System and providing a reflective coating inside a tire

A system and a method provide a coating on an interior surface of a tire. A valve connects to the interior of the tire.

Biomaterial coated with hap/col composite

A biomaterial in which the surface of a metal base is coated with a coating agent containing a composite of hydroxyapatite and collagen in which the c-axis of hydroxyapatite in the composite is oriented along collagen fibers is used.. .

Method for the application of a pigment dyeing composition based on specific acrylic polymer and on silicone copolymer, and appropriate device

A subject-matter of the present invention is a method for dyeing human keratinous fibres, which consists in applying a dyeing composition using a container comprising a removable applicator comprising a permeable material through which the composition can pass, the composition being applied by bringing the applicator into contact with the dry or wet fibres, the said composition comprising at least one aqueous dispersion of particles of hybrid hydrophobic film-forming acrylic polymer, at least one linear block silicone copolymer and at least one pigment. The method according to the invention makes it possible to obtain a coloured coating which is persistent towards shampooing operations or washing operations and which leaves the treated fibres individualized, with an improved cosmetic feel; the treated fibres being the hair (roots, sidelocks); non-head hair (beard, moustache); eyelashes or eyebrows..

Combined particulate filter and hydrocarbon trap

A combined particulate filter and hydrocarbon trap for use in collecting particulate matter and trapping hydrocarbons present in exhaust gas is disclosed. The particulate filter comprises a porous substrate having both inlet and outlet surfaces which are separated from each other by the porous substrate wherein either or both of the inlet and outlet surfaces are coated with a washcoat comprising a hydrocarbon adsorbent material.

Pneumatic chip collector

A pneumatic chip collector includes a free-floating head with a connector configured to be coupled to a pneumatic system. The head has a bottom with at least one slot disposed on the bottom of the head, the at least one slot parallel to the longitudinal axis of the head.

Heater/mixer for manufacturing a flavored product

An apparatus for heating a flavored coating and mixing the heated flavored coating with an edible substrate is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a frame adapted to support a kettle, the kettle for containing the flavored coating and the substrate to be mixed, a first heater box operative as a heat source, and a second heater box operative as a heat source.

Coating compositions comprising polymerizable non-ionic surfactant exhibiting reduced fingerprint visibility

A coating composition is described comprising a polymerizable resin composition, a non-ionic unpolymerizable surfactant having an hydrophilic lipophilic balance ranging from 2 to 6, and a polymerizable surfactant. The surfactants are present at a concentration of greater than 10 wt-% solids.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Additive comprising low surface energy group and hydroxyl groups and coating compositions

Coating compositions are described comprising a non-ionic surfactant and an additive wherein the additive comprises a low surface energy group and one or more hydroxyl groups. The cured coating can exhibit reduced fingerprint visibility and low cellulose surface attraction.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Use of aqueous hybrid binders and alkyd systems for coating agents

The present invention relates to aqueous hybrid binders comprising an aqueous polymer dispersion (pd), and also 0.01%-5% by weight of a photoinitiator, and also to aqueous alkyd systems comprising a water-soluble alkyd resin or an aqueous alkyd or polyurethane emulsion or dispersion, and also 0.01%-5% by weight of a photoinitiator, and to the use thereof in coating compositions, more particularly in coating materials.. .
Basf Se

Substrate with electrically conductive coating as well as producing a substrate with an electrically conductive coating

A method for producing a temperature-resistant, electrically conductive coating on a substrate is provided. The method includes at least the steps of providing a binding agent, the binding agent having an inorganically crosslinked, sio2-containing binding-agent matrix; producing a dispersion of an electrically conductive pigment in the binding agent by mechanical convection, wherein the fraction of electrically conductive pigment amounts to 10 to 40 wt.
Schott Ag

Topologically structured polymer coating

Sub-micron-structured (nanostructured) polymer film or coatings are made by coating a substrate with a mixture of materials. One of the materials is removed using a selective solvent, leaving pores or other nanostructure.
Rolic Ag

Low voc, water-based coating compositions suitable for protecting metal containing substrates including food and beverage packages

The present invention provides coating compositions and methods of using these compositions to form tough, abrasion resistant, and water resistant coatings on metal-containing substrates. Coating compositions of the present invention are preferably derived from one or more ingredients comprising at least one copolymer, referred to herein as copolymer i, that preferably comprises (a) one or more repeating units (repeating unites) a) comprising at least one hydrophilic ester functionality and at least one polar functionality; and (b) one or more additional kinds of copolymerizable repeating units (repeating unites) b)..
Valspar Corporation

Method for producing a plug for hot tube-making

A plug for hot tube-making having a sprayed coating resistant to peeling is provided. A method for producing a plug for hot tube-making according to the present embodiment includes a step of preparing a plug whose surface includes a sprayed coating formed thereon, the sprayed coating containing iron and an iron oxide; and a heat treatment step during which the plug is kept at 400° c.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

One part, storage stable polymerization formulation

A one part, storage stable polymerizable formulation is provided that includes an ethenically unsaturated polymerizable compound intermixed with a free radical polymerization initiator and an organic solvent. The organic solvent provides storage stability and upon evaporation of the solvent, the rate of polymerization of the compound accelerates independent of addition of a second part.
Chemical Dynamics, Llc

Porous ceramic bodies and process for their preparation

A process for producing a porous ceramic body comprises a) mixing a coated porogen with a silicate or a oxide ceramic precursor, wherein the porogen is decomposable to gaseous decomposition products and optionally solid products upon heating, and is coated with a coating agent; b) forming a green body from the mixture obtained in step (a); and c) firing the green body obtained in step (b) to obtain the ceramic body, whereby the porogen decomposes to form pores within the ceramic body and the coating agent is deposited at the inner surface of the pores. The porogen is coated with a coating agent which, upon firing, is deposited at the inner surface of the ceramic pores, so that porous ceramics having decreased weight and improved porosity are obtained, while maintaining at the same time good mechanical strength.
Imerys Ceramics France

Coated particle filter, catalytic converter and device having the same

The invention relates to a coated particle filter (3), in particular wall-flow filter, having a length (l). According to the invention, at least two zones (4, 5) which have different coatings are provided along the length (l).

Coating material, optical coating film, and optical element

A coating material for forming an optical coating film, which constitutes a reflection preventing film provided on a lens base material, includes a solvent (a), a compound (b) which contains a polymerizable functional group, and a metal oxide particle (c), in which the solvent (a) contains at least one solvent (a1) selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol monopropyl ether, propylene glycol monomethyl ether, and propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate, and the compound (b) contains a compound (b1) which contains two or more urethane bonds in one molecule, or metal alkoxide (b2).. .
Olympus Corporation

Atomizer with a lattice mixer

An atomizer comprises a static mixer configured to mix components of a coating agent with one another. The mixer has a plurality of fixed mixing elements and is constructionally integrated into the atomizer, and the mixer is a lattice mixer having mixing elements that are arranged intertwined in a lattice-like manner..
Duerr Systems, Gmbh

Electrodepositable coating compositions exhibiting resistance to cratering

The present invention relates to electrodepositable coating compositions that produce cured coatings that exhibit resistance to cratering. The coating compositions include an active hydrogen-containing cationic salt group-containing polymer; and 0.1 to 20 percent by weight, based on the total weight of resin solids in the coating composition, of an ungelled acrylic polymer..
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

Solar cell backsheet, solar cell module, and solar cell panel

A backsheet for a solar cell module, including a substrate sheet and a cured coating film formed from a coating material that contains a curable functional group-containing fluorinated polymer and an acrylic polymer.. .
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Apcvd of doped titanium oxide and the coated article made thereby

A method of making a doped titanium oxide coating in a float glass manufacturing process and the coated glass article made thereby wherein the dopant is a niobium or tantalum compound. The doped titanium oxide coating preferably exhibits an electrical conductivity >1×10−3 s/cm..

Stain-eating flooring

A flooring is disclosed including a substrate having a coating composition thereon, the coating composition comprising a hardenable film-former and at least 0.5 weight percent of an oxidizing agent sufficient to decolorize a stain on the film-former is disclosed, wherein the oxidizing agent comprises hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite, and organo-chlorine bleaches and will at least partially decolorize a plurality of stains when applied to the hardened coating, allowed to stand for one hour at room temperature, and evaluated by visual observation of the stain under average overhead fluorescent illumination. The oxidizing agent is not consumed as a catalyst or initiator to polymerize or otherwise cause a reaction in the floor coating before it is applied and before it has hardened.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Mosquito exterminator based on infection/contamination by a float provided with a powdered coating

A description is given of an exterminator (1) for insects, in particular mosquitoes, comprising: a) a container (2) which is open on the upper side and which is to be filled with a water-containing fluid, having an inner wall with a smooth surface descending steeply towards the water, b) a cover (4) provided at a distance above the open upper side of the container, and c) a float (7) which is provided in the container, under the cover, and which can move up and down with the fluid level, which float has a float body (9) which extends above the surface of the fluid and which comprises or is provided with a structure (10) which remains dry in the form of a gauze, net, cloth, screen, grid or fabric, on to which an electrostatic coating layer in the form of a platinum complex-containing silicone composition is provided, to which one or more powders are adhered which comprise:—a juvenile hormone, such as pyriproxyphene and/or—a fungus, such as beauveria bassiana, and/or metarhizium anisopliae, and/or—an intensifying agent, such as synthetic or non-synthetic silica, or diatomaceous earth, which dissolves upon contact with the cuticula of the insect, so that when it is used in combination with the fungus, the latter can more easily penetrate the insect.. .
In2care Holding B.v.

Merged floating point operation using a modebit

A first floating-point operation unit receives first and second variables and performs a first operation generating a first output. A first rounding unit receives and rounds the first output to generate a second output if a control bit is in a first state.
Arm Finance Overseas Limited

Processor and methods for floating point register aliasing

Methods, devices, and systems for accessing packed registers are presented. A state of the packed registers may be tracked and it may be determined whether the register is directly accessible based on the state.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Number format pre-conversion instructions

Apparatus for processing data includes processing circuitry 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and decoder circuitry 14 for decoding program instructions. The program instructions decoded include a floating point pre-conversion instruction which performs round-to-nearest ties to even rounding upon the mantissa field of an input floating number to generate an output floating point number with the same mantissa length but with the mantissa rounded to a position corresponding to a shorter mantissa field.
Arm Limited

Antifoaming agent for nonaqueous coating agents

Provided is an antifoaming agent for a coating agent, which suppresses foaming of a coating agent by being blended into a nonaqueous agent in a small amount, thereby improving pinhole preventing performance, and which may form a thermo-setting coating film or a thermo-drying coating film having an excellent aesthetic appearance by suppressing the generation of pinholes without deteriorating smoothing performance of the coating film even under conditions where pinholes are easily generated. The antifoaming agent for the nonaqueous agent comprises a copolymerization product having a weight-molecular weight of 10,000-350,000, which is copolymerized with 2-40 parts by weight of a hydrophilic monomer at least of one selected form the group consisting of: an n-vinyl lactam monomer; tetrahydrofurfuryl (meth)acrylate monomer; a (meth)acrylate monomer; a (meth)acrylamide monomer; and a hydroxyalkyl (meth)acrylate monomer, and 60-98 parts by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having an alkyl group and/or a hydrophobic monomer of vinyl ether having an alkyl group..
Kyoeisha Chemical Co., Ltd.

Emulsion-based high release additive for release sheet, emulsion composition for release sheet, and mold release sheet

The present invention relates to an emulsion-based high release additive for a release sheet, the additive being characterized by being obtained by dispersing in water a condensation product (a) obtained by subjecting the following to a dehydration condensation reaction: (a-1) a polydiorganosiloxane which has an average degree of polymerization of 100-300,000 and which has one or more hydroxyl groups or hydrolyzable groups per molecule; and (a-2) a polyorganosiloxane resin, which contains (sio4/2) units and (r3sio1/2) units (in the formulae, the r groups each represent independently a monovalent hydrocarbon group having 1-12 carbon atoms and not having an aliphatic unsaturated bond or an alkenyl group having 2-6 carbon atoms) as primary components, in which the molar ratio of (r3sio1/2) units relative to (sio4/2) units is 0.6-1.2 and in which the total content of hydroxyl groups and hydrolyzable groups is not lower than 2.1 mass % and lower than 10.0 mass %. The present invention can obtain a silicone cured coating film having a high release force by adding the additive to a curable composition for a release sheet such as a release paper or release film, coating the same on a variety of base materials and curing..
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