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Electrical contact including corrosion-resistant coating

Fci Americas Technology

Electrical contact including corrosion-resistant coating

Reflector, reflective coating, and reflecting body detecting device

Mitsubishi Space Software

Reflector, reflective coating, and reflecting body detecting device

Reflector, reflective coating, and reflecting body detecting device

Lg Chem

Hydrothermal synthesis device and method of preparing cathode active material using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Floating connector and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailFloating connector and image forming apparatus
A floating connector, including a connector, a holder configured to support the connector, a retainer configured to retain the holder floating, and an urging member configured to urge the holder, is provided. The retainer includes a retainer-side positioning section.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Electrical contact including corrosion-resistant coating patent thumbnailElectrical contact including corrosion-resistant coating
In accordance with one embodiment, an electrical contact has a mating end and a mounting end. The electrical contact includes an electrically conductive base, and a multi-layered coating disposed on an outer surface of the base at the mating end.
Fci Americas Technology Llc

 Reflector, reflective coating, and reflecting body detecting device patent thumbnailReflector, reflective coating, and reflecting body detecting device
A reflector has a spherical main body and a plurality of conductor wires projecting radially from a central portion of the main body as the center. The reflector has a spherical shape like a sea urchin or chestnut in burr as a whole.
Mitsubishi Space Software Co., Ltd.

 Hydrothermal synthesis device and  preparing cathode active material using the same patent thumbnailHydrothermal synthesis device and preparing cathode active material using the same
Disclosed is a hydrothermal synthesis device for continuously preparing an inorganic slurry using a hydrothermal method. The hydrothermal synthesis device includes a mixer to mix at least one precursor solution for preparing an inorganic material, injected via at least one supply tube, to prepare an intermediate slurry, a connection tube provided at a side of the mixer, continuously discharging the prepared intermediate slurry to a reactor, and having a hydrophobic coating on an inner surface of a portion thereof adjacent to the reactor, and the reactor performing hydrothermal reaction of the intermediate slurry supplied from the connection tube by receiving a liquid stream heated to supercritical or subcritical conditions using a heat exchanger and connected to the connection tube into which the intermediate slurry prepared from the mixer is introduced and to at least one injection tube into which the heated liquid stream is injected..
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Passivation of light-receiving surfaces of solar cells patent thumbnailPassivation of light-receiving surfaces of solar cells
Methods of passivating light-receiving surfaces of solar cells, and the resulting solar cells, are described. In an example, a solar cell includes a silicon substrate having a light-receiving surface.

 Printed transistor and fabrication method patent thumbnailPrinted transistor and fabrication method
A method for fabricating a thin film transistor includes printing source, drain and channel regions on a passivated transparent substrate, forming a gate dielectric over the channel region and forming a gate conductor over the gate dielectric. A permanent antireflective coating is deposited over the source region, drain region and gate electrode, and an interlevel dielectric layer is formed over the permanent antireflective coating.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Coating agent for forming fine pattern patent thumbnailCoating agent for forming fine pattern
A coating agent for forming a fine pattern capable of simultaneously achieving slimming and roughness reduction of a positive-type resist pattern without deteriorating the cross-sectional shape of the slimmed positive type resist pattern and a method of slimming treatment of a positive-type resist pattern using the above coating agent for forming a fine pattern. A coating agent comprising a nitrogen-containing compound with a specific structure and an organic solvent is used as the coating agent for forming fine pattern used for a positive-type resist pattern.
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

 Low temperature-curable antireflective coatings having tunable properties including optical, hydrophobicity and abrasion resistance patent thumbnailLow temperature-curable antireflective coatings having tunable properties including optical, hydrophobicity and abrasion resistance
Disclosed herein is an inventive low-temperature curable antireflective (ar) coating produced by a single layer sol gel deposition process comprising a low-temperature curing step, whereby temperatures well below 100° c. For under 8 hours result in highly robust ar coatings having excellent transmittance and abrasion resistance.

 Enhanced corrosion resistant channels, fittings and fasteners patent thumbnailEnhanced corrosion resistant channels, fittings and fasteners
A corrosion resistant support system includes a first channel member having a first corrosion resistant coating. The first corrosion resistant coating is a zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating.
Unistrut International Corporation

 Polyhydroxyalkanoate production  methods and materials and  microorganisms used in same patent thumbnailPolyhydroxyalkanoate production methods and materials and microorganisms used in same
Embodiments of the invention relate generally to methods to generate microorganisms and/or microorganism cultures that exhibit the ability to produce polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha) from carbon sources at high efficiencies. In several embodiments, preferential expression of, or preferential growth of microorganisms utilizing certain metabolic pathways, enables the high efficiency pha production from carbon-containing gases or materials.
Newlight Technologies, Llc


Genetically engineered microbes and methods for converting organic acids to alcohols

Disclosed herein are genetically engineered microbes. In one embodiment, a genetically engineered microbe includes a metabolic pathway for the production of an alcohol from an organic acid.
North Carolina State University


Intermediate coating composition, multilayered coating film, and forming the multilayered coating film

An intermediate coating composition used in forming an intermediate coating layer directly overlaid on a surface of an electrodeposition coating layer constructing a vehicle outer panel, the coating composition containing as resin components: (a) 1% to 27% by mass of a polycaprolactonetriol; (b) 20% to 60% by mass of a blocked isocyanate; and (c) 1% to 20% by mass of a melamine resin, each at a percentage content in entire resin components, and the coating composition further containing as a pigment component: (d) 1% to 10% by mass of talc in terms of pigment mass concentration. As the resin component, (e) greater than 0% to 10% by mass of an epoxy resin is preferably contained.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Intermediate coating composition, multilayered coating film, and forming the multilayered coating film

An intermediate coating composition used in forming an intermediate coating layer directly overlaid on the surface of an electrodeposition coating layer constructing a vehicle outer panel, wherein a coating film obtained by curing of the intermediate coating composition alone has following characteristics (1) to (4): (1) a loss tangent (tan δ) at −20° c. As determined from a measurement of a dynamic viscoelasticity under a condition involving a rate of temperature rise of 2° c./min and a frequency of 8 hz being 0.01 to 0.5; (2) a dynamic glass transition temperature being −15° c.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Abrasion resistant superhydrophobic coatings

Improved superhydrophobic and/or super-oleophobic multi-layer coating compositions or treatments having increased durability and abrasion resistance, the compositions having a bottom layer with solid particles possessing high abrasion resistance and a top layer with particles imparting the superhydrophobic and/or super-oleophobic properties, wherein the bottom layer particles are significantly larger and significantly more abrasion-resistant than the top layer particles, such that portions of the bottom layer particles are exposed on the surface when part of the top layer is abraded, thereby creating an effective contact surface that significantly reduces further abrasion of the top layer without significantly reducing the superhydrophobic and/or super-oleophobic properties.. .


Paintable photowetting coatings

Technologies are generally described for photo-wettable paint coatings. In some examples, a coating may include a charge photo-ejector, a charge transporter; and/or a charge storage material.
Empire Technology Development, Llc


Porous structure for forming an anti-fingerprint coating, forming an anti-fingerprint coating using the porous structure, substrate comprising the anti finger-print coating formed by the method, and products comprising the substrate comprising the substrate

Provided are a porous structure for forming anti-fingerprint coating capable of providing a self-cleaning function to a surface of a substrate, a method of forming anti-fingerprint coating using the same, an anti-fingerprint coated substrate prepared by the same method, and a product including the same. When the porous structure including a lipolytic enzyme is formed on the surface of the substrate, contaminants decomposed by an enzyme are absorbed into a pore, and thus anti-fingerprint coating may be more effectively performed to remove detectable contamination from a surface of the substrate.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Anti-corrosion and/or passivation compositions for metal containing subtrates and methods for making, enhancing, and applying the same

A corrosion inhibition composition is disclosed comprising a zinc oxide, a zinc hydroxide benzoate, a sodium benzoate, a molybdate compound and a silicate compound. Moreover, a corrosion inhibition composition is disclosed comprising a zinc oxide, a zinc phosphate, a calcium silicate, an aluminum phosphate, a zinc calcium strontium aluminum orthophosphate silicate hydrate, a molybdate, and a silicate compound..
Goodrich Corporation


Anti-reflective coating composition including siloxane compound, and anti-reflective film of which surface energy is adjusted using same

The present invention relates to an anti-reflective coating composition, to an anti-reflective film using same, and to a method for preparing the anti-reflective film, wherein the anti-reflective coating composition is capable of forming a coating layer that has a low refractive index and adjusting the surface energy. More particularly, the present invention relates to an anti-reflective film of which the reflectance is minimized and the surface energy is adjusted, by forming a coating layer using an anti-reflective coating composition that contains, as a binder, a siloxane compound which is synthesized by reacting organosilane that has a fluroalky group with alkoxysilane at a certain weight ratio, and also relates to a method for preparing the anti-reflective film.
Lg Hausys, Ltd.


Two step dyeing process for protective yarns and textiles made from high tenacity fibers

The present invention is a method for coloring knit, woven, or non-woven protective textiles made from yarns containing at least 20% synthetic high tenacity fibers, such as para-aramid or liquid crystal polyester (“lcp”), and for package-dyeing and skein-dyeing of such yarns. In embodiments, the textile is scoured to remove any impurities.
Warwick Mills, Inc.


Article, method and assembly line for creating a recyclable and extrudable pallet article with wood and plastic components

A three dimensional shaped article formed from a grounded or pulverized wood and plasticized matrix, extruded into elongated sections, and post assembled to form a body. The body in a desired application further includes a pallet shaped article adapted to provide increased load bearing capabilities for a cargo placed upon the body.
Oria Collapsibles, Llc


Inkjet printing apparatus and printing inspecting chart therewith

Disclosed is an inkjet printing apparatus including a printing head, an overcoating head discharging an overcoating agent, and a controller operating the printing head and the overcoating head to perform printing to a print medium. The controller operates in a normal discharge mode having a printing rate in the print medium relative to a given area of less than 100% for printing to the print medium, and an inspecting discharge mode having a printing rate in the print medium relative to the given area higher than the printing rate of the normal discharge mode for confirming a discharge state of the overcoating agent.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Laser metal deposition cladding of weld seams in automotive parts

A part, such as an automotive part, is provided. The part includes at least two work pieces which are joined together at a weld seam.
Magna International Inc.


Color change for powder coating material application system

A color changer has a common feed passage that is connected to two or more inlet passages. The common feed passage can be reverse purged in a direction that is opposite a direction of powder flow through the common feed passage.
Nordson Corporation


Diesel oxidation catalyst with nox adsorber activity

An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas from a diesel engine and an exhaust system comprising the oxidation catalyst are described. The oxidation catalyst comprises: a first washcoat region for adsorbing nox, wherein the first washcoat region comprises a zeolite catalyst, wherein the zeolite catalyst comprises a noble metal and a zeolite; a second washcoat region for oxidising nitric oxide (no), wherein the second washcoat region comprises platinum (pt) and a support material; and a substrate having an inlet end and an outlet end..
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company


Enhanced pre-wetted intermittent catheter with lubricious coating

The present disclosure relates to a packaged urinary catheter assembly and method of using the packaged urinary catheter assembly. The catheter assembly includes a conduit having a proximal end and a distal end.
C. R. Bard, Inc.


Device for deploying a coated stent in the carotid artery

The invention relates to medicine, in particular, to vascular and endovascular surgery. The objective of the invention is to provide accurate positioning of a coated stent in the carotid artery.


Biodegradable cigarette filter

A biodegradable bi-component fiber may include a polyhydroxyalkanoate and/or polylactic acid with cellulose acetate and/or plasticized cellulose acetate for use in a filter material configured for use in a filter of a smoking article. The bi-component fiber may have a sheath-core construction where one component of the bi-component forms the core, and the other component forms the sheath of each fiber.
R.j. Reynolds Tobacco Company


Materials and methods for controlling nematodes with pasteuria spores in seed coatings

The subject invention provides novel and advantageous materials and methods for controlling phytopathogenic and/or soil-dwelling nematodes by attaching an effective amount of pasteuria spores to a seed and delivering the seeds to the situs of nematodes.. .
Syngenta Crop Protection Ag


Interconnect structure and fabricating on-chip interconnect structures by image reversal

An interconnect structure includes a patterned and cured dielectric layer located directly on a surface of a patterned permanent antireflective coating. The patterned and cured dielectric layer and the permanent antireflective coating form shaped openings.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for forming a large-scale motheye film coating on a substrate

Nanoimprinted films, devices including nanoimprinted films, methods for making such films, and devices and apparatuses for making such films are described herein. The nanoimprinted films can be used to provide an antireflective coating for windows, windshields, visors, lenses, and other devices..
Triton Systems, Inc.


Light adjusting scope

A polarized, photochromic, antireflective lens for a gun scope is provided. This specialized lens may be placed within a gun scope.


Reflector and optical coating for improved led lighting system

Provided is a method including determining a first incident angle at which light from a light source will impinge on a first thin-film reflective stack of a planned first reflector for a lighting system. The method also includes determining a second incident angle at which light from the light source will impinge on a second thin-film reflective stack of a planned second reflector for the lighting system.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc.


Methods of producing 6-carbon chemicals via coa-dependent carbon chain elongation associated with carbon storage

This document describes biochemical pathways for producing adipic acid, caprolactam, 6-aminohexanoic acid, 6-hydroxyhexanoic acid, hexamethylenediamine or 1,6-hexanediol by forming two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl groups, in a c6; backbone substrate. These pathways, metabolic engineering and cultivation strategies described herein rely on coa-dependent elongation enzymes or analogues enzymes associated with the carbon storage pathways from polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating bacteria..
Invista North America S.á R.l.


Coating compositions and articles made therefrom

There is provided a coating composition comprising: (a) a one part moisture cure polyurethane comprising: an aromatic polyurethane prepolymer having backbone derived from polyether and at least one aromatic end group, wherein the coating composition comprises about 8 wt % to 90 wt % polyurethane prepolymer based on the total weight of the coating composition; (b) 2 to 60 wt % of an inorganic filler based on the total weight of the coating composition; and (c) 2 to 60 wt % of a solvent based on the total weight of the coating composition, wherein the coating composition, when cured, is a water-vapor semi-permeable, air and water barrier film. There is also provided a cured coating composition and articles made therefrom..
3m Innovative Properties Company


Titanium dioxide pigment grind dispersion and paint

A pigment grind dispersion of titanium dioxide pigment-polymer composite particles is made by mixing titanium dioxide particles with an aqueous emulsion containing (i) less than a saturation level amount of water-insoluble film-forming first polymer particles that adsorb to the titanium dioxide particles, and (ii) an inhibiting or interfering amount of water-insoluble film-forming second polymer particles that do not adsorb to the titanium dioxide particles, wherein the pigment grind dispersion has a titanium dioxide pigment volume concentration of about 25 to about 50 and a titanic composite ratio of about 32 to about 60. The resulting titanium dioxide pigment-polymer composite particles can provide improved coating composition opacity compared to a coating composition that does not contain such composite particles, can employ reduced titanium dioxide amounts and less than a saturation level of the first polymer, and can provide improved storage stability..
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.


Coating composition and use thereof

The invention relates to a seed coating composition, especially for providing seed (1), preferably seed in the form of seed grains (2) or the like, with at least one antistatic or electrically conductive or electro-static dissipative coating (3), and to the use thereof.. .
Byk-chemie Gmbh


Water-based coating system with improved adhesion to a wide range of coated and uncoated substrates including muffler grade stainless steel

The present invention provides a water-based coating system that can be used to form a durable, abrasion resistant, tough, protective coating on a wide range of substrates. The coating system advantageously has excellent adhesion properties and can be directly coated onto stainless steel surfaces without requiring an intervening primer layer.
Valspar Sourcing, Inc.


Highly durable anti-reflective coatings

A chemically modified anti-reflective (ar) coating is provided having improved durability. The ar coating may be a polymerized alkoxy siloxane-based material that includes a densifier in the form of an organic or inorganic phosphorus (p)-based compound, boron (b)-based compound, antimony (sb)-based compound, bismuth (bi)-based compound, lead (pb)-based compound, arsenic (as)-based compound, or combinations thereof.
Honeywell International Inc.


Inorganic oxide particles having organic coating

An inorganic oxide particle having an organic coating is provided. The invention also provides a process for preparing an organic coated inorganic oxide particle comprising forming an organic coating on the inorganic oxide particle.
Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken Llc


Compositions for passive nox adsorption (pna) systems and methods of making and using same

The present disclosure relates to a substrate containing passive nox adsorption (pna) materials for treatment of gases, and washcoats for use in preparing such a substrate. Also provided are methods of preparation of the pna materials, as well as methods of preparation of the substrate containing the pna materials.
Sdcmaterials, Inc.


Thin-sheet zeolite membrane and methods for making the same

Zeolite membrane sheets for separation of mixtures containing water are provided, as well as methods for making the same. Thin, but robust, zeolite membrane sheets having an inter-grown zeolite crystal film directly on a thin, less than 200 micron thick, porous support sheet free of any surface pores with a size above 10 microns.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Benzoates for use in treating dementia

A method for treating a subject afflicted with dementia is disclosed. The method comprises administering to the subject a composition comprising an effective amount of a benzoic acid, a salt, an ester, or a derivative thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier or vehicle, wherein the subject is not administered any other neuropharmaceutical..
China Medical University


Pallet hilo fork guard, a coated insert incorporated into such as a vehicle passenger compartment shelf, and an assembleable and plastic coated containers for holding bagged items

A structurally supporting shelf article having a body and a plasticized coating applied to at least an exterior of the article. The body further includes a planar shaped insert surrounded by a tubular frame.
Oria Collapsibles, Llc


Brushed coating fluid dispenser

A paint brush includes a sleeve [no sleeve] circumscribing a portion of a handle and a portion of a plurality of bristles. A plug [no plug] can be coupled to the handle the plug can extend away from the handle into the plurality of bristles to form a space [no space formed between bristles] between the bristles.


Barc-assisted process for planar recessing or removing of variable-height layers

An ic device manufacturing process effectuates a planar recessing of material that initially varies in height across a substrate. The method includes forming a bottom anti-reflective coating (barc), baking to induce cross-linking in the barc, cmp to remove a first portion of the barc and form a planar surface, then plasma etching to effectuate a planar recessing of the barc.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Ti-al-ta-based coating exhibiting enhanced thermal stability

A wear resistant coating system including a tantalum-containing multilayered film having n a layers and m b layers, where n and m are integral numbers larger than i, deposited alternating one on each other. The multilayered film exhibits crystalline cubic structure, and is characterized in that the b layers include tantalum and the a layers exhibit a higher defect density than the b layers..
Oerlikon Surface Solutions Ag, Trubbach


Coated and cured proppants

Solid proppants are coated with a coating that exhibits the handling characteristics of a precured coating while also exhibiting the ability to form particle-to-particle bonds at the elevated temperatures and pressures within a wellbore. The coating includes a substantially homogeneous mixture of (i) at least one isocyanate component having at least 2 isocyanate groups, and (ii) a curing agent.
Preferred Technology, Llc


Hydrophilic coating agent

A hydrophilic coating agent for use in the formation of a coating film that can keep hydrophilicity, an anti-fogging property and an anti-fogging effect thereof and has water resistance, the coating agent including an alkoxysilyl-group-containing compound, a film which has an anti-fogging property and can be produced by shaping the hydrophilic coating agent into a film-like form; and a product which has an anti-fogging layer formed on the surface thereof, wherein the anti-fogging layer is formed from the hydrophilic coating agent.. .
Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd.


Water-based polypropylene coating having water resistance

Water-based coating compositions, coated substrates, and methods for adhering a polypropylene layer to a substrate. The coating compositions include a c2-c3 maleated polyolefin, a non-ionic surfactant, an anionic surfactant, and an amine.


Controlled crosslinking of latex polymers with polyfunctional amines

The latex polymer compositions of the present invention exhibit latent crosslinking properties. Latent crosslinking in the polymers takes advantage of the fast interaction between the anionic latex charge and the cationic charge associated with polyfunctional amine crosslinkers.
Ennis Paint, Inc


Pigmented coating composition with a sulfonic acid functionalized dispersant and a phosphorus acid functionalized binder

The present invention is a composition comprising a) a stable aqueous dispersion of polymer particles functionalized with structural units of a phosphorus acid monomer or a salt thereof and; b) a dispersion of pigment particles stabilized by an adsorbing water-soluble dispersant functionalized with structural units of a sulfonic acid monomer or a salt thereof. The composition of the present invention is useful in providing excellent storage stability for pigmented paints formulated with the sulfonic acid functionalized dispersant described herein..
Rohm And Haas Company


Peptides that can be used in coating agents, adhesion promoters or adhesives for oxidic surfaces

The present invention relates to peptides, in particular dodecapeptide-containing coating agents, adhesion promoters or adhesives for oxidic surfaces, a multilayer composite or a coated substrate, containing compounds which are formed entirely or in part of dodecapeptides as adhesion promoters between at least two adjacent layers of the composite or between the coating and the substrate, and to dodecapeptides that can be used as coating agents, adhesion promoters or adhesives for oxidic surfaces.. .
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Methods of forming mems device

A method of forming a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device includes: providing a substrate; forming a tantalum nitride (tan) layer on the substrate; forming a dielectric anti-reflective coating (darc) layer on the tan layer; coating photoresist on the darc layer and etching the darc: and tan layers to form a trench; performing intensified ashing and wet cleaning processes to remove the photoresist and the darc layer. The darc layer can prevent the formation of tantalum-containing polymeric substances from a reaction between the tan layer and the photoresist during the intensified ashing process..
Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation


Multi-station flexographic printing system for patterned coating deposition

A method of depositing a patterned coating in a multi-station flexographic printing system includes printing a coating in a pattern on a roll-to-roll substrate material with a first flexographic printing station, routing the printed roll-to-roll substrate material from the first flexographic printing station to a subsequent flexographic printing station, and curing the printed roll-to-roll substrate material at the subsequent flexographic printing station.. .
Uni-pixel Displays, Inc.


Plug for hot tube-making

A plug for hot tube-making includes: a plug main body; a build-up layer formed around an axis of the plug main body on a surface of the plug, main body, and a sprayed coating formed on a surface of the build-up layer.. .
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


Fluidized bed coating apparatus

A fluidized bed coating apparatus for coating liquid onto the surfaces of particles directed into a coating chamber. A liquid spray nozzle assembly disposed below a hollow separator within the coating chamber includes an ultrasonic atomizer for atomizing coating liquid into a fine liquid particle cloud and a pressurized air directing air cap for forming the ultrasonically atomized fine liquid particle cloud into a cone shaped spray pattern and propelling the liquid particles through the separator into an upbed region of the coating chamber for recirculation in an outbed region, and through the separator.
Spraying Systems Co.


Data processing multiplying floating point operands

A data processing apparatus and method are provided for multiplying first and second normalised floating point operands in order to generate a result, each normalised floating point operand comprising a significand and an exponent. Exponent determination circuitry is used to compute a result exponent for a normalised version of the result, and rounding value generation circuitry then generates a rounding value by shifting a rounding constant in a first direction by a shift amount that is dependent on the result exponent.
Arm Limited


Floating point unit with support for variable length numbers

Embodiments of a processor are disclosed for performing arithmetic operations on a machine independent number format. The processor may include a floating point unit, and a number unit.
Oracle International Corporation


Adhesive note pad

An adhesive notepad including a label is provided. The label includes a top surface, a bottom surface and a body portion in between the top surface and bottom surface.


Thermal management assembly comprising bulk graphene material

A thermal management assembly comprising a bulk graphene material and a metal-based coating layer disposed on opposing surfaces of the bulk graphene core material comprising an agent that is reactive with the graphene to form a carbide. The metal-based coating layer can serve as an outer layer of the assembly or can serve to bond the graphene to other materials encapsulating the graphene core.
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


Polyester resin composition and molded article containing this resin composition

An object is to improve both slow crystallization and brittleness that are drawbacks of polyhydroxyalkanoates, so that processability in mold processing, such as injection molding, is improved, processing speed is increased, and ductility is imparted to a resulting molded article. Provided is an aliphatic polyester resin composition including a polyhydroxyalkanoate (a), an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin (b), and pentaerythritol (c), wherein the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin (b) has a vinyl acetate content of 65 to 95 wt %, and the polyhydroxyalkanoate (a) and the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin (b) are compatible..
Kaneka Corporation


Coating agent composition

Disclosed is a coating agent composition comprising (a) a polytetrafluoroethylene resin emulsion, (b) an urethane resin emulsion, and (c) a hydrogenated nbr emulsion, and preferably further comprising (d) an acrylic resin emulsion and/or an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin emulsion. When this coating agent composition is used as a surface coating agent for general vulcanized rubber-molded products, evaluation of adhesion to rubber by an adhesion test is hardly impaired, and bleeding evaluation, evaluation of the flexibility of the coating agent by a bending test, and evaluation of the reduction in adhesion to rubber due to bloom from the rubber by a high-temperature and high-humidity test are all satisfied..
Nok Corporation


Coating method with silica coating, and silica-coated body and production method therefor

A coating method for a base material, including forming a silica coating having a desired and uniform thickness on the surface of the base material. A silica-coated body allowing the silica coating to sufficiently function as a reflective coating for ultraviolet rays to infrared rays even when the silica coating has a smaller thickness than those in the related art.
Shin-etsu Quartz Products Co., Ltd.


Laser metal deposition welding of automotive parts

A part, such as an automotive part, is provided. The part includes at least two work pieces of steel which are joined together at a weld seam which includes at least one of nickel and iron and is substantially entirely free of silicate islands.
Magna International Inc.


Enhanced photooxidation reactor and process

Aspects and embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to apparatus and methods for the photooxidation of sulfur-containing contaminants in air. In one example, an odor control system comprises a source of air contaminated with a sulfur-containing compound and a uv oxidation reactor having an inlet in fluid communication with the source of contaminated air.


Alcohol-resistant oral pharmaceutical form

A sustained release oral pharmaceutical form suitable for single daily dose administration has a neutral microgranule coated with a mounting layer of active ingredient and pharmaceutically acceptable binder; and a coating layer of a hydrophobic coating polymer of a non-water soluble cellulose derivative, and at least 20% of inert load in relation to dry weight of hydrophobic coating polymer. The pharmaceutical form has improved resistance to rapid release of active ingredient, particularly in the presence of alcohol..


Compositions and controlling fungus

Compositions and methods of phytopathogenic fungus control are provided, the compositions and methods include a first component of dissolved organic matter (dom) concentrate having natural organic matter of defined composition, suitable for soil, foliar, and seed coating.. .
Fbsciences Holdings, Inc.


Air filtration module for coated seed planters

Disclosed is an air filtration module for seed planters. The filtration module includes a filter cartridge with a filter media disposed therein.
Jps Ag, Llc


System and random cartesian acquisition with projection reconstruction-like sampling

A system and method are provided for producing a magnetic resonance image of a subject with a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system. The method includes acquiring k-space image data from a subject arranged in an mri system by performing a pulse sequence.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research


Polyhydroxyalkanoate production method

Embodiments of the invention relate generally to processes for the production and processing of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha) from carbon sources. In several embodiments, phas are produced at high efficiencies from carbon-containing gases or materials..
Newlight Technologies, Llc


Polyurethane dispersion based coatings having enhanced removability

The present invention provides a method for preparing an aqueous polyurethane dispersion comprising a polyurethane polymer, where the method comprises the step of (a) preparing a prepolymer from a reaction mixture comprising: (1) at least one polyisocyanate compound; (2) at least one polyol; and (3) ions of at least one alkali or alkaline earth metal; followed by the step of (b) contacting the prepolymer with a chain extending agent to form the polyurethane polymer. The present invention further provides an aqueous polyurethane dispersion comprising from 30% to 40%, by weight, of solids which comprise the polyurethane polymer and being prepared by the aforesaid method.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Polymer dispersions and their use in pigmented coating compositions

A copolymer dispersion is described comprising a copolymer derived from a monomer mixture comprising: (a) 88.5 to 94% by weight of at least one vinyl ester of a saturated carboxylic acid; (b) 5 to 10.5% by weight of ethylene; (c) 0.5 to 5% by weight of at least one ethylenically unsaturated acid and/or an anhydride thereof and/or a salt thereof; and (d) 0.5 to 5% by weight of at least one ethylenically unsaturated monomer having at least one crosslinkable functional unit. The weight ratio of vinylester units to ethylene units in the copolymer is between 89:11 and 94:6 and the dispersion is stabilized with at least 1% by weight of an emulsifier, wherein the amounts of monomers and emulsifier refer to the total amount of monomers in the copolymer..
Celanese Emulsions Gmbh


Dichloroamino-functionalized fluoropolymer and process for preparing

This invention pertains to a novel fluoropolymer characterized by a dichloroamino-functionalized perfluoroether pendant group that terminates in —cf2ncl2. The polymer so formed is crosslinkable and useful for the preparation of shaped articles and photo-imaged coatings.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Azo-crosslinked fluoropolymer with perfluoroether pendant groups, process for preparing, and forming imaged article therewith

This invention pertains to an azo-crosslinked fluoropolymer with perfluoroether pendant groups. The polymer so formed is highly useful in the form of shaped articles with excellent chemical and thermal stability, including photoimaged coatings.
E.i. Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Method of making heat treated coated article using carbon based coating and protective film

A method of making a heat treated (ht) substantially transparent coated article to be used in shower door applications, window applications, tabletop applications, or any other suitable applications. For example, certain embodiments relate to a method of making a coated article including a step of heat treating a glass substrate coated with at least layer of or including carbon (e.g., diamond-like carbon (dlc)) and an overlying protective film thereon.
Guardian Industries Corp.


Process for manufacturing a heat insulation container

A process for manufacturing a heat insulation container mainly includes preparing a coating material by mixing a binder and a thermo-expandable powder, coating such coating material on a surface of a container and then heating the container to foam the coated material after the container is shaped. The foamed coating material is therefore provides the container with heat insulation property.
Rich Cup Bio-chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Security object creation, validation, and assertion for single sign on authentication

A security object creation and validation system provides an additional factor of authentication. An authentication system as described herein provides secure two-factor authentication, such as for it resources in an organization.
Secureauth Corporation


Chemical amplification methods and techniques for developable bottom anti-reflective coatings and dyed implant resists

The disclosure herein describes methods for photosensitized chemically amplified resist chemicals (ps-car) to pattern light sensitive films (e.g., photoresist on anti-reflective coatings) on a semiconductor substrate. In one embodiment, a two-step exposure process may generate higher acid concentration regions within a photoresist layer.
Tokyo Electeron Limited


Lightguide device with outcoupling structures

A lightguide assembly including structures to provide for outcoupling of light from an internal reflection structure. In an embodiment, a lightguide assembly includes light transmissive bodies forming respective corrugations which are coupled to one another.
Google Inc.


Visible spectrum anti-reflective coatings with reduced reflections in ultraviolet and infrared spectral bands

Lens coatings and coated lenses which offer full-spectrum protection by reducing back-side reflection of all light spanning from the uvb to ir-a region are provided. The full-spectrum back-side anti-reflective coatings disclosed herein are comprised of multiple thin-film layers of high refractive index (highindex) and low refractive index (lowindex) materials.
I-coat Company, Llc


Antifouling coating, heat exchanger provided with same, and manufacturing heat exchanger

The present invention provides an antifouling coating formed from a water-based coating composition comprising 0.1% by mass to 10% by mass of ultrafine silica particles having an average particle size equal to or less than 25 nm, 5% by mass to 50% by mass, relative to the ultrafine silica particles, of a zirconium compound which is at least one selected from zirconium chloride and zirconyl chloride, and 30% by mass to 99.5% by mass of water. In accordance with the present invention, it is possible to provide an antifouling coating that can maintain the antifouling performance and hydrophilicity and prevent corrosion of fins even under an environment with a large amount of contaminating substances, such as metal particles, in the air..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Fiber-reinforced coated mats and mat-faced panels and methods

Fiber-reinforced coated mats and fiber-reinforced coated mat-faced panels are provided herein, along with methods for making the same. Fiber-reinforced coated mats include a mat with a fiber-reinforced coating on one surface.
Georgia-pacific Gypsum Llc


Composition and process for applying hydrophobic coating to fibrous substrates

Fabrics are treated with a hydrophobic treatment that includes at least one hydrophobic monomer and a crosslinker. The treatment is low in volatile organic compounds and water.


Polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer compositions and methods of making the same

A polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer composition is provided. The composition comprises a plurality of polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer molecules.
Metabolix, Inc.


Superhydrophobic aerogel that does not require per-fluoro compounds or contain any fluorine

Provided are superhydrophobic coatings, devices and articles including superhydrophobic coatings, and methods for preparing the superhydrophobic coatings. The exemplary superhydrophobic device can include a substrate component and one or more superhydrophobic coatings disposed over the substrate component, wherein at least one of the one or more superhydrophobic coatings has a water contact angle of at least about 150° and a contact angle hysteresis of less than about 1°.


Powder coating epoxy compositions, methods, and articles

Powder coating compositions provide protective coatings, particularly flexible coatings. Such coating compositions include a solid crosslinkable epoxy resin, core-shell rubber particles, and a filler material..
3n Innovative Properties Company


Electrically conductive coatings containing graphenic carbon particles

Coating compositions containing graphenic carbon particles are disclosed. The graphenic carbon particles may be thermally produced and dispersed in thermoset and/or thermoset polymeric film coatings.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.


Thermally degradable polymeric fibers

A microvascular system includes a solid polymeric matrix and a woven structure in the matrix. The woven structure includes a plurality of fibers, and a plurality of microfluidic channels, where at least a portion of the microfluidic channels are interconnected.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Transparent omniphobic thin film articles

An article having a nanostructured surface and a method of making the same are described. The article can include a substrate and a nanostructured layer bonded to the substrate.
Ut-battelle, Llc


Activating agent for hydraulic transfer film, hydraulic transfer method, and hydraulic transfer product

A coating agent of an ultraviolet ray hardening resin composite type for a water pressure transfer film to restore an adhesion, the ultraviolet ray hardening resin composite having a viscosity of 10-500 cps (25° c.) and an ink solubility of sp value of 7 or more and including a photo-polymerization oligomer of 25 to 56 weight percent, a photo-polymerization monomer of bi-functional monomer of 33 to 65 weight percent and a photo-polymerization initiator of 5 to 10 weight percent for accomplishing both of membrane strength and adhesion, the photo-polymerization oligomer including a compound of multi-functional oligomer having a blend rate of 12 to 40 weight percent and bi-functional oligomer having a blend rate of 7 to 16 weight percent, the coating agent including a non-reactive resin of 2 to 10 weight percent added to the ultraviolet hardening resin composite, and a method of water pressure transfer method for activating the transfer film by using the coating agent.. .
Taica Corporation


Synergized pgm catalyst systems including platinum for twc application

Synergized platinum group metals (spgm) catalyst system for twc application is disclosed. Disclosed spgm catalyst system may include a washcoat that includes stoichiometric cu—mn spinel structure, supported on doped zro2, and an overcoat that includes pgm, such as platinum (pt) supported on carrier material oxides, such as alumina.
Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)


Synergized pgm catalyst systems including palladium for twc application

Synergized platinum group metals (spgm) catalyst system for twc application is disclosed. Disclosed spgm catalyst system may include a washcoat with a cu—mn stoichiometric spinel structure and an overcoat that includes pgm, such as palladium (pd) supported on carrier material oxides, such as alumina.
Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (cdti)


Catalysed substrate monolith

A catalysed substrate monolith 12 for use in treating exhaust gas emitted from a lean-burn internal combustion engine, which catalysed substrate monolith 12 comprising a first washcoat coating 16 and a second washcoat coating 18, wherein the first washcoat coating comprises a catalyst composition comprising at least one platinum group metal (pgm) and at least one support material for the at least one pgm, wherein at least one pgm in the first washcoat coating is liable to volatilise when the first washcoat coating is exposed to relatively extreme conditions including relatively high temperatures, wherein the second washcoat coating comprises at least one metal oxide for trapping volatilised pgm and wherein the second washcoat coating is oriented to contact exhaust gas that has contacted the first washcoat coating.. .
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

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