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Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Pacing leads with a structured coating patent thumbnailPacing leads with a structured coating
An implantable medical device includes a lead body having a distal end and a proximal end, a lumen and at least one lead wire extending through the lumen. The lead wire has an outer surface and a polymeric coating on at least a portion of the outer surface of the lead wire.
 Curable solid particulate compositions patent thumbnailCurable solid particulate compositions
The present invention relates to curable solid particulate compositions that include: (a) a first reactant having at least two cyclic carbonate groups; and (b) a second reactant having at least two active hydrogen groups that are reactive with the cyclic carbonate groups of the first reactant. With some embodiments, the first reactant is a polyol residue having at least two cyclic carbonate groups, such as bisphenol a that has been reacted with epichlorohydrin, and in which the oxirane groups thereof have been converted to cyclic carbonate groups.
 Additives to improve open-time and freeze-thaw characteristics of water-based paints and coatings patent thumbnailAdditives to improve open-time and freeze-thaw characteristics of water-based paints and coatings
Waterborne coatings are described having an acceptable balance of properties both during the storage of coating, application and drying. The period in which irregularities in a freshly applied coating can be repaired without resulting in brush marks is referred to as the open time.
 Carbon fiber sizing agent, aqueous dispersion thereof, carbon fiber bundle applied with sizing agent, sheet-like article comprising carbon fiber bundle... patent thumbnailCarbon fiber sizing agent, aqueous dispersion thereof, carbon fiber bundle applied with sizing agent, sheet-like article comprising carbon fiber bundle...
The present invention provides: a carbon fiber sizing agent that can obtain a carbon fiber bundle having a superior effect of improving mechanical properties when composited using a resin; an aqueous dispersion thereof; a carbon fiber bundle; a sheet-shaped article having a carbon fiber bundle; and a composite material. The carbon fiber sizing agent contains: a compound (a) that is an ester of an unsaturated monobasic acid and an epoxy compound having a plurality of epoxy groups in the molecule, and that has at least one epoxy group in the molecule; a urethane acrylate oligomer (b) that is bifunctional and that has a tensile elongation rate of the cured product of at least 40%; and a polyurethane resin (c) having a tensile elongation rate of a dried coating film of 350-900% inclusive.
 Electrode for secondary battery, secondary battery and cable-type secondary battery comprising the same patent thumbnailElectrode for secondary battery, secondary battery and cable-type secondary battery comprising the same
The present invention provides an electrode for a secondary battery, more specifically an electrode for a secondary battery, comprising a current collector; an electrode active material layer formed on at least one surface or the whole outer surface of the current collector; a graphite-based coating layer formed on the top surface of the electrode active material layer and comprising graphite, a conductive material and a first polymer binder; and a porous coating layer formed on the top surface of the graphite-based coating layer and comprising a second polymer binder. Also, the present invention provides a secondary battery and a cable-type secondary battery comprising the electrode..
 Coating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component patent thumbnailCoating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component
Coatings as may be used in a gas turbine are provided. A cobalt based coating may include 15 to 40 wt % nickel, 15 to 28 wt % chromium, 5 to 15 wt % aluminum, 0.05 to 1 wt % yttrium and/or at least one of elements from lanthanum series, 0.05 to 5 wt % ruthenium and/or molybdenum, 0 to 2 wt % iridium, 0 to 3 wt % silicon, 0 to 5 wt % tantalum, hafnium, unavoidable impurities, and a balance of cobalt.
 Electrodepositable film-forming compositions capable of forming stratified films, and their use in compact processes patent thumbnailElectrodepositable film-forming compositions capable of forming stratified films, and their use in compact processes
An electrodepositable film-forming composition is provided, comprising a resinous phase dispersed in an aqueous medium. The resinous phase comprises: (1) an ungelled active hydrogen-containing, cationic resin derived from a polyepoxide; (2) a cationic acrylic resin containing urethane functional groups; and (3) an at least partially blocked polyisocyanate curing agent.
 Nanoengineered superhydrophobic anti-corrosive aluminum surfaces patent thumbnailNanoengineered superhydrophobic anti-corrosive aluminum surfaces
An aluminum substrate is provided with a superhydrophobic surface structure that comprises a porous alumina layer having a hydrophobic coating. The porous alumina layer is created on the aluminum substrate by an anodizing process, and is engineered such that the thickness of the alumina layer and the diameters of the pores have nanoscale values.
 Process for producing patterned coatings patent thumbnailProcess for producing patterned coatings
Methods of producing patterned articles using a composition that includes a non-volatile component in a volatile liquid carrier, where the liquid carrier is in the form of an emulsion comprising a continuous phase and a second phase in the form of domains dispersed in the continuous phase.. .
 Low energy plasma coating patent thumbnailLow energy plasma coating
A method of coating an aluminum alloy or magnesium alloy component, including cleaning and drying surfaces of the component to be coated; suspending a powdered coating material in a carrier gas and feeding the suspended powdered coating material through a plasma torch in a flowing gas; heating the coating material in the plasma torch to a molten or semi-molten state using a nominal power below 25 kw; and depositing the coating material with the plasma torch directly on the surfaces to be coated. The component may be made of a magnesium alloy containing at one or more of zinc, cerium and zirconium, or of an aluminum alloy containing one or more of magnesium, silicon, copper and chromium.
Coatings that exhibit a tri-coat appearance, related coating methods and substrates
Processes for forming a multilayer composite coating on a substrate to provide a coating system exhibiting a tri-coat effect in fewer coating layers.. .
Method and system for forming a reflective surface
The method and system of the present invention involves coating a substrate or material with both a polymeric powder coating material and a retro-reflective material and finally applying a surface treatment of hydrophobic nano-molecular particles. The polymeric powder coating material provides a tough, corrosion resistant protective layer on the substrate and also acts as a binder in which the retro-reflective material is subsequently embedded..
Porous catalyst washcoats
Catalyst washcoats with improved porosity and methods for making the washcoats are provided. The process comprises incorporation of an oil-in-water macroemulsion into the catalyst slurry prior to washcoating the carrier substrate, and calcining the washcoated carrier substrate to remove the oil-in-water macroemulsion.
Fabrication of coatable wire grid polarizers
A wire grid polarizer formed as a self-assembled coating on a substrate surface. Metal or other conductive nanowires are coated with a transparent dielectric material having a thickness approximately equal to one-half of the desired wgp wire spacing or pitch.
Backside structure and methods for bsi image sensors
A back side image sensor and method of manufacture are provided. In an embodiment a bottom anti-reflective coating is formed over a substrate, and a metal shield layer is formed over the bottom anti-reflective coating.
Method for dyeing golf balls and dyed golf balls
A golf ball of a first color is dyed to a second color with an anionic or nonionic disperse dye. Either or both of a pigmented coating layer or an optional clear coating layer on the pigmented coating layer comprises a member selected from the group consisting of polyurethanes, polyureas, polyamides, and combinations thereof, which can be dyed by the anionic or nonionic disperse dye..
Electrospun ptfe coated stent and method of use
A stent or other prosthesis may be formed by coating a single continuous wire scaffold with a polymer coating. The polymer coating may consist of layers of electrospun polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe).
Methods of producing 7-carbon chemicals via coa-dependent carbon chain elongation associated with carbon storage
This document describes biochemical pathways for producing pimelic acid, 7-hydroxyheptanoic acid, 7-aminoheptanoic acid, heptamethylenediamine or 1,7-heptanediol by forming two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl group, in a c7 aliphatic backbone substrate. These pathways, metabolic engineering and cultivation strategies described herein rely on the coa-dependent elongation enzymes or analog enzymes associated with the carbon storage pathways from polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating bacteria..
Anti-reflective coating
Anti-reflective coating in various embodiments consists of two or three layers which include one metal layer of a thickness ranging in various embodiments from 2 to 12 nanometers and one or two nonmetallic layers possessing refractive indices and thicknesses in certain ranges wherein the metal layer is placed either between the nonmetallic layer and a substrate or between the nonmetallic layers.. .
Graphic formation via material ablation
Techniques for graphic formation via material ablation described. In at least some implementations, a graphic is applied to a surface of an object by ablating layers of the object to form an ablation trench in the shape of the graphic.
Method of coating molded metals for abrasion resistance
A method of coating molded metals includes cleaning a molded metal, coating the molded metal with a coating, and curing the coated molded metal. The coating includes monofunctional monomers, multifunctional monomers, and acrylic oligomers.
Powder hopper with quiet zone, a combination of a powder hopper and a powder spray gun and a method of operating a powder hopper
A powder hopper is provided with a low turbulence zone for supplying powder to a spray gun. The low turbulence zone is defined by a baffle inside the hopper with the low turbulence zone being within a volume of the baffle, and an annular zone between the baffle and the hopper is used to bulk feed powder into the hopper.
Electrospun ptfe coated stent and method of use
A stent or other prosthesis may be formed by coating a single continuous wire scaffold with a polymer coating. The polymer coating may consist of layers of electrospun polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe).
Coatings for the manufacture and application of polyhydroxyalkanoate medical devices
Biocompatible coatings and spin finishes that can be applied to polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) polymers, and medical devices made from pha polymers, have been developed. The coatings impart good lubricity to pha polymers, particularly to fibers and braids made from these materials, making the coatings ideal for use on medical devices such as pha braided sutures.
Polyhydroxyalkanoate medical textiles and fibers
Absorbable polyester fibers, braids, and surgical meshes with prolonged strength retention have been developed. These devices are preferably derived from biocompatible copolymers or homopolymers of 4-hydroxybutyrate.
Emissions treatment system with ammonia-generating and scr catalysts
Provided are emissions treatment systems for an exhaust stream having an ammonia-generating component, such as a nox storage reduction (nsr) catalyst or a lean nox trap (lnt) catalyst, and an scr catalyst disposed downstream of the ammonia-generating catalyst. The scr catalyst can be a molecular sieve having the cha crystal structure, for example ssz-13 or sapo-34, which can be ion-exchanged with copper.
Seal hook mount structure with overlapped coating
A seal is positioned radially outwardly of a compressor blade. The seal has a seal hook facing in a downstream direction.
Optical component for the ir range with stress-compensated coating
A method for designing an optical component for the ir range in which its desired technical characteristics are determined, and the optical component is simulated. The simulated optical component has a layer sequence of layers which are stacked one upon the other and have at least one low-index layer whose refractive index lies in a range from 1.35 to 1.7 and a high-index layer whose refractive index lies in a range from 3 to 5.
Polyhydroxyalkanoate medical textiles and fibers
Absorbable polyester fibers, braids, and surgical meshes with prolonged strength retention have been developed. These devices are preferably derived from biocompatible copolymers or nomopolymers of 4-hydroxybutyrate.
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
An optoelectronic semiconductor component includes: at least one optoelectronic semiconductor chip, a leadframe having one a plurality of leadframe parts, at least two electrical connection means via which the semiconductor chip is electrically contact-connected to the leadframe, and a potting body, which is fitted to the leadframe and mechanically supports the latter, wherein the one or at least one of the leadframe parts is provided with a reflective coating at a top side, the semiconductor chip is fitted on the reflective coating at the top side, the leadframe includes at least two contact locations, onto which the connection means are directly fitted, and the contact locations are formed from a material that is different from the reflective coating.. .
Automated stent coating apparatus and method
An automated apparatus and method for coating medical devices such as an intravascular stent, are disclosed in the method, a 2-d image of a stent is processed to determine (1) paths along the stent skeletal elements by which a stent secured to a rotating support element can be traversed by a dispenser head whose relative motion with respect to the support element is along the support-element axis, such that some or all of the stent skeletal elements will be traversed (2) the relative speeds of the dispenser head and support element as the dispenser head travels along the paths, and (3), and positions of the dispenser head with respect to a centerline of the stent elements as the dispenser head travels along such paths the rotational speed of the support and relative linear speed of the dispenser are controlled to achieve the desired coating thickness and coating coverage on the upper surfaces, and optionally, the side surfaces, of the stem elements. .
Fishing gear with degradable component
Herein we describe fishing gear having a degradable component comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate polymer, as well as methods for ensuring that such gear has reduced functionality after becoming derelict. Derelict fishing gear has a negative economic and ecological impact, and thus it is advantageous to use gear that will lose theability to catch and retain fish over time.
Halogenated compounds for photodynamic therapy
Halo-organic heterocyclic compounds are described, in which at least two halogen atoms are bound to a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic terminal moiety of the compound, with at least one of such halogen atoms being iodine or bromine. Also described are polymethine dyes based on these heterocyclic compounds, and dendrimeric compounds and conjugates of such polymethine dyes.
Dispersions and related coatings and cured articles
A pre-dispersion composition comprising (i) a silsesquioxane; (ii) a dispersing agent; and (iii) a curable resin.. .
Micro-bubble plate for patterning biological and non-biological materials
Systems and methods are provided for patterning biological and non-biological material at specific sites on a plate, as well as growing three dimensional structures. Preferred embodiments comprise a plate with regions that will trap gas, usually in the form of bubbles, when the plate is submerged in liquid.
Coated substrates for use in catalysis and catalytic converters and methods of coating substrates with washcoat compositions
Disclosed are, inter alia, methods of forming coated substrates for use in catalytic converters, as well as washcoat compositions and methods suitable for using in preparation of the coated substrates, and the coated substrates formed thereby. The catalytic material is prepared by a plasma-based method, yielding catalytic material with a lower tendency to migrate on support at high temperatures, and thus less prone to catalyst aging after prolonged use.
Methods of forming layer patterns of a semiconductor device
A method of manufacturing a layer pattern of a semiconductor device, the method including forming an anti-reflective coating (arc) layer on an etching object layer such that the arc layer includes a polymer having an imide group; forming a photoresist pattern on the arc layer; wet etching portions of the arc layer exposed by the photoresist pattern to form an arc layer pattern; and etching the etching object layer using the photoresist pattern as an etch mask to form the layer pattern.. .
Insulation layer to improve capacitor breakdown voltage
A metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor and a method for forming the same are provided. The mim capacitor includes an insulator on a bottom metal plate, a top metal plate on the insulator, a dielectric layer on the top metal plate and on at least sidewalls of the top metal plate and the insulator, and an anti-reflective coating (arc) layer over the top metal plate and the bottom metal plate.
Recominant ralstonia eutropha capable of producing polyactic and acid or polylatic acid polymer, and method for producing polyactic acid or polylatic acid copolymer using the same
Provided are a recombinant ralstonia eutropha capable of producing polylactate or a hydroxyalkanoate-lactate copolymer, and a method of preparing polylactate or a hydroxyalkanoate-lactate copolymer using the same. The recombinant ralstonia eutropha, which is prepared by introducing a gene of an enzyme converting lactate into lactyl-coa and a gene of a polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) synthase using lactyl-coa as a substrate thereto, may be cultured, thereby efficiently preparing a lactate polymer and a lactate copolymer..
Techniques for patterning a substrate
Various techniques for patterning a substrate are disclosed. Specifically, implantation of the first species into an anti-reflective coating layer is contemplated to reduce stress in the layer that may be generated during the exposure stage or development stage.
Probiotics for use in relieving symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders
The present invention provides probiotic compositions suitable for relieving symptoms associated with gastrointestinal disorders. In particular, the present invention provides compositions and methods to relieve symptoms associated with functional bowel disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, functional diarrhea, functional bloating, and other symptoms..
Coating method using special powdered coating materials and use of such coating materials
The invention furthermore relates to a method for coating.. .
Marine seismic apparatus with marine growth retardant and methods therefor
Embodiments describe methods, devices and systems for marine seismic surveying which prevent or inhibit marine growth thereon. Towed seismic array elements which can become fouled given their presence in the water for extended time periods are coated with a hydrophobic coating, e.g., a superhydrophobic nanocoating applied manually via an aerosol can or brush.
Enhanced, durable silver coating stacks for highly reflective mirrors
The disclosure is directed to a highly reflective multiband mirror that is reflective in the vis-nir_swir-mwir-lwir bands, the mirror being a complete thin film stack that consists of a plurality of layers on a selected substrate. In order from substrate to the final layer, the mirror consists of (a) substrate, (b) barrier layer, (c) first interface layer, (d) a reflective layer, (e) a second interface layer, (f) tuning layer(s) and (g) a protective layer.
Boat anchor winch
The invention provides a winch and method for raising and lowering a boat anchor attached to an anchor rope, comprising: an electric motor (10) operable to turn the winch in a rope raising direction or a rope lowering direction and powered from a power source supplying a supply voltage; and a boost controller (cb1-3,s1-2,k1-6,kx1-4,25,30) for applying a boosted voltage higher than the supply voltage to the motor (10) so as to increase a turning speed of the motor when the motor is operating in the rope lowering direction.. .
Carbosilane polymer compositions for anti-reflective coatings
A silicon polymer material, which has a silicon polymer backbone with chromophore groups attached directly to at least a part of the silicon atoms, the polymer further exhibiting carbosilane bonds. The film forming composition and resulting coating properties can be tailored to suit the specific exposure wavelength and device fabrication and design requirements.
Method for forming sintered silver coating film, baking apparatus, and semiconductor device
In a method for forming a sintered silver coating film, for use as a heat spreader, on a semiconductor substrate or a semiconductor package, a coating film of an ink or paste containing silver nanoparticles is formed on one surface of the semiconductor substrate or the substrate package. Further, the coating film is sintered by heating the coating film under an atmosphere of a humidity of 30% to 50% rh (30° c.) by a ventilation oven..
Etched-facet lasers having windows with single-layer optical coatings
An edge-emitting etched-facet optical semiconductor structure has a substrate, an active multiple quantum well (mqw) region formed on the substrate, and a ridge waveguide formed over the mqw region extending in substantially a longitudinal direction between a waveguide first etched end facet and a waveguide second etched end facet. A mask layer used to form windows in which the etched end facets are disposed consists of a single dielectric material disposed directly on the ridge waveguide.
High temperature high frequency magnet wire and method of making
A method of making a composite magnet wire includes mixing alumina nano particles with a polyimide polymer to form a polyimide mixture, the alumina nano particles having a surface treatment applied to outer surfaces of the alumina nano particles, the surface treatment including a phenyl-silane; coating a wire with the polyimide mixture by passing the wire through a coating die; heating the coated wire; cooling the coated wire; passing the coated wire through an annealing oven at a temperature of about 425° c. To about 475° c.
Hydraulic distributor
A hydraulic distributor capable of distributing a liquid coolant to a plurality of cooling devices, includes a liquid coolant inlet conduit into the hydraulic distributor; a plurality of supply conduits for the cooling devices by the liquid coolant, each of the supply conduits being hydraulically connected to the inlet conduit through a supply duct; a liquid coolant outlet conduit from the distributor; a plurality of liquid coolant return conduits in the distributor, each of the return conduits being hydraulically connected to the outlet conduit by a return duct; wherein at least one of the liquid coolant supply or return conduits can be fitted with a floating connector allowing for a hydraulic connection with at least one of the cooling devices among the plurality of cooling devices.. .
Anti-reflective coating for photovoltaic cells
A surface of a photovoltaic cell is coated with a solution that includes barium titanate to reduce reflection of sunlight that is incident on the surface. The solution may include a base of polydimethylsiloxane and carbon nanotubes.
Fuel tank arrangements for self-priming floating pumps
An auxiliary fuel tank for portable self-priming floating pumps is configured to float independently of the pump while being retained therewith. The tank features an annular shape having a central opening that is sized to accommodate receipt of the pump, whereby the tank fits around the pump so as to move therewith over the body of water in which the pump is deployed..
Superhydrophobic coatings and methods for their preparation
Superhydrophobic coatings and compositions and methods for preparing superhydrophobic coatings and compositions are described herein whereby the coatings and compositions are prepared under mild conditions, yet the methods are amenable to chemical functionalization of the coatings and components therein. The methods are useful for tuning and optimizing the physical properties of the coatings.
Rotarty control
A rotary control (100, 500, 700) provides improved running-torque through a running-torque stack up assembly (140). The running-torque stack up assembly (140) may be implemented in a modular approach (500, 700) independent of a shaft (130) and switch housing, or may be implemented to incorporate the shaft (100) and switch housing.
Machine-based patient-specific seizure classification system
This disclosure is directed to a machine-based patient-specific seizure classification system. In general, an example system may comprise a non-linear svm seizure classification system-on-chip (soc) with multichannel eeg data acquisition and storage for epileptic patients is presented.
Composition containing vinyl alcohol polymer
Wherein, p represents a viscosity average degree of polymerization; and s represents a percentage content (mol %) of the monomer unit. Also provided are a coating agent containing the composition, and a coated article, a thermal recording material, an ink jet recording material and a base paper for a release paper that are produced using the coating agent, and a method for producing a coated article..
Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) resin composition
(where r1 and r2 are each independently a hydrogen atom, a c1-10 alkyl group, or a c2-11 alkoxycarbonyl group), wherein the metal salt is at least one selected from the group consisting of a lithium salt, a sodium salt, a potassium salt, a magnesium salt, a calcium salt, a barium salt, a manganese salt, an iron salt, a cobalt salt, a nickel salt, a copper salt, a silver salt, an aluminum salt, and a tin salt.. .
Composition for biomass film using food byproduct of wheat bran or soybean hull and biomass film using the same
A composition for a biomass film using a food byproduct including wheat bran or soybean hull and to a biomass film using the same and, more particularly, to a biomass film which is improved in processability, has high water resistance, oil resistance and pinhole resistance so as to be adapted for shopping bags, exhibits carbon reduction properties by use of a carbon neutral type plant food byproduct, and is increased in terms of degradability upon natural reclamation. The composition includes 100 parts by weight of a polyolefin-based resin, 50˜150 parts by weight of a powdery porous grassy biomass comprising one or more selected from the group consisting of wheat bran and soybean hull, 5˜20 parts by weight of an inorganic filler, 0.5˜3 parts by weight of a surface coating agent, and 1˜10 parts by weight of a liquid low-molecular-weight compound..
Block copolymer and antithrombotic coating agent
The object of the present invention is achieved by providing a copolymer, in particular, a block copolymer which has excellent coating formation ability, adhesive properties to a substrate, and does not adsorb protein; an antithrombotic coating agent which has superior antithrombotic properties and adhesive properties to a substrate to those of the conventional antithrombotic coating agent; and a medical instrument which is obtained by coating the antithrombotic coating agent, and the block copolymer includes a polymer (a) containing a (meth)acrylic ester monomer and a polymer (b) containing a (meth)acrylamide monomer and has excellent coating formation ability and high adhesive properties to a substrate.. .
Green process for producing polyhydroxyalkanoates and chemicals using a renewable feedstock
Disclosed are organisms genetically engineered to make useful products when grown on ethanol as a carbon source. The organisms are genetically engineered to produce various useful products such as polyhydroxyalkanoates, diols, diacids, higher alcohols, and other useful chemicals..
Developing solution and development processing method of photosensitive resin composition
A developing solution for a polyimide precursor containing n,n,n′,n′-tetramethylurea and a lower alcohol having 1 to 5 carbon atoms. The developing solution increases a development margin and results in little or no decrease of the film thickness of a polyimide-based resin film.
Thermal spraying material, a thermally sprayed coating, a thermal spraying method and also a thermally coated workpiece
The invention relates to a thermal spraying material (5) for the coating of a surface of a workpiece by means of a thermal spraying method, wherein the spraying material (5) contains zinc. The invention further relates to a thermal spraying method and to a thermally sprayed coating sprayed with the material (5)..
Coating, coating layer system, coated superalloy component
Coatings as may be used in a gas turbine are provided. A nickel based coating may include 15 to 40 wt % cobalt, 10 to 25 wt % chromium, 5 to 15 wt % aluminum, 0.05 to 1 wt % yttrium and/or at least one of elements from lanthanum series, 0.05 to 8 wt % ruthenium or iron, 0 to 1 wt % iridium, 0.05 to 5 wt % molybdenum, 0 to 3 wt % silicon, 0 to 5 wt % tantalum, 0 to 2 wt % hafnium, unavoidable impurities, and a balance of nickel.
Resin compositions for thermosetting powder coating compositions
The invention relates to a resin composition comprising at least an organophosphorous compound and a branched amorphous carboxylic acid functional polyester, said polyester having a tg of at least 40° c., said polyester comprising at least 1 to 45% mol of 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol; a c3 to c5 aliphatic diol ad1 not including 2,2-dimethyl-1,3-propanediol; a c6 to c50 aliphatic or cycloaliphatic diol ad2; 0.1 to 10% mol of an at least trifunctional monomer; 1 to 55% mol of terephthalic acid, wherein the % mol is based on the polyester. The powder coatings of the present invention derived upon curing at low temperature of the thermosetting powder coating compositions of the invention that were storage stable and comprised said resin composition and a crosslinker having functional groups that are reactive with the carboxylic acid groups of the polyester, have limited or no blooming, good smoothness sufficient reverse impact resistance and preferably have also good degassing limit..
Film coatings based on polyalkylimine condensation polymers
A coated thermoplastic film and a method of making the coated film, wherein at least one side of the film is coated with a coating composition, the coating composition comprising the reaction product of a polyalkyleneimine having at least primary nitrogens, and an epoxide compound having at least one epoxide moiety and a weight average molecular weight (mw) of at least 200 g/mole. The weight of the dried coating compound on each side of the film is within the range from 0.005 g/m2 to 0.100 g/m2, and is especially useful in coating films to allow for printability when the film surface will be exposed to high levels of silicon that might come from, for example, release paper/films..
Method for producing laminated porous film, and laminated porous film
The present invention produces a laminated porous film which improves the stability of an aqueous dispersion of a metal oxide without lowering battery characteristics, while having high binding properties and excellent heat resistance. This laminated porous film exhibits excellent characteristics when used as a separator for batteries.
Method for applying high performance silicon-based coating compositions
Provided herein is a method for coating a surface. The method comprises providing a towelette moistened with a mixture of constituents to form a silicon-based coating composition comprising silane, siloxane, and an organic solvent.
Bite sized refrigerated yogurt products
Refrigerated yogurt products of small size suitable for eating with the fingers are prepared by providing a frozen yogurt composition in individual serving portions and coating the frozen yogurt portions with a fat based coating that is a solid at 45° f., thereby completely enveloping the frozen yogurt portions. The coated frozen yogurt portion is allowed to thaw to form a refrigerated yogurt product and is stored at a temperature of from about 32° f.
Mineral feed-through formulation
The present invention provides feed-through pesticide formulation suitable for hydrophobic active ingredients. The formulation comprises a hydrophobic active ingredient on a solid carrier, with a hydrophilic coating and an optional hydrophobic coating contacting the hydrophilic coating..
Positive ignition engine and exhaust system comprising three-way catalysed filter
A positive ignition engine is disclosed. The engine comprises an exhaust system comprising a filter for filtering particulate matter from the emitted exhaust gas.
Pipe provided with corrosion prevention layer on the outside surface, process for production of the same, and process for production of alloy wires used for the corrosion prevention layer
Disclosed is a pipe made of an iron-base material, having a corrosion prevention layer formed on the surface thereof. The corrosion prevention layer includes a zn—sn sprayed coating including sn in a content of more than 1% by mass and less than 50% by mass and the balance composed of zn.
Turbomachine component with an erosion and corrosion resistant coating system and method for manufacturing such a component
A turbomachine component of a stationary turbomachine includes a substrate made of high alloyed 10% to 18% chromium steels or titanium alloys or nickel base alloys or cobalt base alloys with a substrate surface and an erosion and corrosion resistant coating system. The coating system includes a first layer, which is deposited on the substrate surface of the turbomachine component and acts as a corrosion resistant layer and a second layer.

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