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Catalysts on substrates and methods for providing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Curing-type coating-agent composition patent thumbnailCuring-type coating-agent composition
A curing-type coating-agent composition according to the present invention contains: component (a) (e.g., an isocyanuric ring-containing urethane (meth)acrylate compound) in an amount of from 20 to 80 parts by mass; component (b) (e.g., an isocyanuricring-containing tri(meth)acrylate compound free from any urethane bond) in an amount of from 10 to 70 parts by mass; component (c-1) (e.g., a reaction compound between a colloidal silica and an alkoxysilane compound having a maleimide group) in amount of from 1 to 35 parts by mass, or component (c-2) (e.g., a specific organosilicon compound) in an amount of from 5 to 35 parts by mass; a radical-polymerization initiator serving as component (d) in an amount of from 0.1 to 10 parts by mass; an ultraviolet absorber serving as component (e) in an amount of from 1 to 12 parts by mass; and an organic solvent serving as component (f) in an amount of from 10 to 1,000 parts by mass; with respect to a sum of the component (a), the component (b), and the component (c-1) or the component (c-2) being taken as 100 parts by mass. The aforementioned composition demonstrates excellent wear resistance and weatherability as a coating agent for plastic substrate, or the like, which is employed outside..
 Uv curable solventless antimicrobial compositions patent thumbnailUv curable solventless antimicrobial compositions
Antimicrobial compositions and methods are disclosed. The antimicrobial compositions are particularly useful in providing antimicrobial capability to a wide-range of medical devices.
 Hybrid polymeric materials for medical applications and preparation thereof patent thumbnailHybrid polymeric materials for medical applications and preparation thereof
The present invention relates to a novel polymeric material with enhanced hydrophilicity for medical use comprising a biocompatible polyester material selected from the group consisting of poly(hydroxyalkanoate)s, poly(lactic acid)s, poly(glycolic acid)s, poly(caprolactone)s and copolymers and blends thereof, wherein the biocompatible polyester material is crosslinked with a functionalized poly(alkylene oxide) having at least two functional groups independently selected from the group consisting of azido-formate and alkanoyl azide. The novel polymeric material with enhanced hydrophilicity is useful as a biocompatible material in a variety of medical applications, including medical implants, bioresorbable implants, tissue engineering, and controlled release..
 Catalysts on substrates and methods for providing the same patent thumbnailCatalysts on substrates and methods for providing the same
A method for providing a catalyst on a substrate is disclosed comprising providing a first washcoat comprising a soluble washcoat salt species, a polar organic solvent, and an insoluble particulate material, contacting the first washcoat with a substrate to form a coated substrate, and then contacting the coated substrate with a second washcoat comprising an oxide or an oxide-supported catalyst to physisorb, chemisorb, bond, or otherwise adhere the oxide or the oxide-supported catalyst to the coated substrate. Also disclosed is a catalyst on a substrate comprising: a substrate; an anchor layer comprising a soluble washcoat salt species, a polar organic solvent, and an insoluble particulate material; and a second layer comprising an oxide.
 Silicon-containing antireflective coatings including non-polymeric silsesquioxanes patent thumbnailSilicon-containing antireflective coatings including non-polymeric silsesquioxanes
Embodiments include a silicon-containing antireflective material including a silicon-containing base polymer, a non-polymeric silsesquioxane material, and a photoacid generator. The silicon-containing base polymer may contain chromophore moieties, transparent moieties, and reactive sites on an siox background, where x ranges from approximately 1 to approximately 2.
 Pattern forming method, multi-layered resist pattern, multi-layered film for organic solvent development, manufacturing method of electronic device, and electronic device patent thumbnailPattern forming method, multi-layered resist pattern, multi-layered film for organic solvent development, manufacturing method of electronic device, and electronic device
A pattern forming method contains: (i) a step of forming a bottom anti-reflective coating on a substrate by using a first resin composition (i), (ii) a step of forming a resist film on the bottom anti-reflective coating by using a second resin composition (ii), (iii) a step of exposing a multi-layered film having the bottom anti-reflective coating and the resist film, and (iv) a step of developing the bottom anti-reflective coating and the resist film in the exposed multi-layered film by using an organic solvent-containing developer to form a negative pattern.. .
 Polylactic acid-based coating and uses therefor patent thumbnailPolylactic acid-based coating and uses therefor
Protective coatings and methods for forming them are disclosed wherein the coatings have increased abrasion, impact and scratch resistance as compared to known coatings. The coatings are made from environmentally friendly materials such as polylactic acid which can be derived from corn.
 Anti-reflective coating for photolithography and methods of preparation thereof patent thumbnailAnti-reflective coating for photolithography and methods of preparation thereof
Anti-reflective coating materials for ultraviolet photolithography include at least one absorbing compound and at least one material modification agent, such as at least one porogen, at least one high-boiling solvent, at least one capping agent, at least one leveling agent, at least one catalyst, at least one replacement solvent, at least one ph tuning agent, and/or a combination thereof that are incorporated into inorganic-based materials or inorganic compositions and/or compounds. Suitable absorbing compounds.
 Zirconium-based coating compositions and processes patent thumbnailZirconium-based coating compositions and processes
Compositions and methods for depositing improved zirconium oxide conversion coatings, as well as compositions capable of depositing an adherent zirconium oxide conversion coating on a substrate in the absence of prior cleaning are provided.. .
 Multilayered rotomolded articles comprising a layer of polyester patent thumbnailMultilayered rotomolded articles comprising a layer of polyester
An at least two layer rotomoulded article can include a layer a and a layer b. Layer a can include an aliphatic polyester selected from polyhydroxyalkanoate, poly(lactic acid), polycaprolactone, copolyesters and polyesteramides.
Connecting arrangement between a plastic component and another structural element
A connecting arrangement is provided between a plastic component with at least two mutually adjacent and at least approximately parallel walls and another structural element, having at least one force-transmission element which is adhesively bonded to the plastic component via an adhesive bond on the plastic component in frusto-conical or spherical-segment-shaped depressions in the mutually adjacent walls of the plastic component. The force-transmission element has a carrying structure for the other structural element.
Enhanced glass impact durability through application of thin films
Apparatus, systems and methods for characteristics of glass components through use of one or more coatings are disclosed. The coatings are typically thin coatings, such as thin film coatings.
Pattern forming method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
A pattern forming method includes forming a spin on dielectric film on a substrate, washing the spin on dielectric film by using a washing liquid, drying a surface of the spin on dielectric film after the washing, forming a photosensitive film on the dried coating type insulation film, emitting energy rays to a predetermined position of the photosensitive film in order to form a latent image on the photosensitive film, developing the photosensitive film in order to form a photosensitive film pattern which corresponds to the latent image, and processing the spin on dielectric film with the photosensitive film pattern serving as a mask.. .
Processing order with integer inputs and floating point inputs
A graphics processing unit 2 includes a texture pipeline 6 which performs filter operations upon texture values. If the texture values are integer texture values, then they may be processed by the texture pipeline in a variable order corresponding to the order in which they are retrieved from a memory 4.
Therapeutic rinse
A therapeutic rinse for treating a sore throat. The therapeutic rinse may be stored in a self-heating container that is capable of reaching a temperature of at least 130 degrees fahrenheit when activated.
Thermosetting durable powder coating composition
The invention relates to a thermosetting powder coating composition comprising a first resin and a second resin, the first resin being an acid functional polyester resin with an acid value below 50 mg koh/g, the second resin being obtainable by reacting hydroxyl functional components and acid functional components, the hydroxyl functional components comprising components containing 2 hydroxyl functional groups per molecule and/or components containing at least 3 hydroxyl functional groups per molecule, the acid functional components comprising components containing 2 acid functional groups per molecule and/or components containing at least 3 acid functional groups per molecule, wherein—more than 90 mol. % of the total of hydroxyl functional components in the second resin originate from neopentyl glycol (npg), and—from 6 to 11 mol % of the total of hydroxyl functional components and acid functional components in the second resin originating from hydroxyl functional components and/or acid functional components having at least 3 functional groups per molecule..
Reactive alkyd surfactant and stable emulsions made therefrom
An alkyd surfactant which is effective in emulsifying alkyd resins is formed by copolymerization of at least one monomer having a hydrophilic group, at least one ethylenically unsaturated fatty acid or ester, and optionally, at least one polyol, and has a low degree of branching. Stable alkyd emulsions are formed by emulsification of alkyd resins with the alkyd surfactant.
Precursor for a nb3sn superconductor wire, method for manufacturing the same, nb3sn superconductor wire, and superconducting magnet system
A precursor for a nb3sn superconductor wire to be manufactured by the internal diffusion method, includes a plurality of nb-based single core wires, each of which includes a nb-based core coated with a cu-based coating including a cu-based matrix, a plurality of sn-based single core wires, each of which includes a sn-based core coated with a cu-based coating including a cu-based matrix; and a cylindrical diffusion barrier including ta or nb, in which the plurality of nb-based single core wires and the plurality of sn-based single core wires are regularly disposed, wherein the plurality of nb-based single core wires include nb-based single core wires having a cu/nb ratio of 0.4 or more, wherein the cu/nb ratio is a cross sectional area ratio of the cu-based coating to the nb-based core.. .
Solar panel grounding system and clip
The present invention is a clip and related grounding device. The grounding device has a wire connected to two clips at either end.
Ultrasensitive detection of beta hemolytic streptococcus
The present invention is directed to a method for the ultrasensitive detection of beta hemolytic streptococcus, a bacterium implicated in strep throat, using a specific protease marker. Also disclosed is a device as well as a biosensor, both of which are useful for the detection of beta hemolytic streptococcus.
Layered iron electrode
The present invention provides one with a novel coated iron electrode. Provided is an iron based electrode comprising a single layer conductive substrate coated on at least one side with a multilayered coating, with each coating layer comprising an iron active material, and preferably a binder.
Nanoporous coating synthesis and apparatus
An example of a nanoballoon thermal protection system includes a refractory ceramic foam having carbide balloons. The foam has a closed cell structure not allowing liquid to penetrate through the foam.
Coating method and coating device with compensation for asymmetries of the spray jet
The invention relates to a coating method for coating a component surface (4) with a coating agent, in particular for painting a motor vehicle body component with a paint, having the following steps: • emitting a spray jet (1) of the coating agent onto the component surface (4) of the component to be coated by means of an atomizer (2), said spray jet (1) having a main axis (5) and having an asymmetry with respect to the main axis (5) such that the spray jet (1) generates a spray pattern with a corresponding asymmetry on the component surface (4), and • at least partially compensating for the asymmetry of the spray jet (1) such that the asymmetry of the resulting spray pattern on the component surface (4) is reduced. The invention further relates to a corresponding coating device..
Powder mixture composition of natural materials for controlling deficiencies in polypeptide alpha and beta hemoglobin chains
The embodiments herein provide a powdered composition of natural substances for controlling deficiencies in polypeptide alpha and beta hemoglobin chains and a diet plan for treating thalassemia patient. The composition comprises passargad powder, pars powder, purgative material, fumigation material, snuffing material, vinegar syrup and parsomash powder.
Powder coating system having powder recovery cyclone with hinged lower section
A cyclone comprises a second or lower portion that is pivotable with respect to a first or upper portion about an articulation between a first position and a second position; the second portion being aligned with the first portion along a first or vertical axis when the second portion is in the first position, and the second portion being aligned on a second axis that is different from the first axis when the second portion is moved from the first position to the second position. In various additional embodiments, the second axis may be normal to the first axis, for example, in the first position the lower portion is horizontal and in the first position the lower portion is vertical and aligned with the upper portion.
Multi-material-blade for active regenerative magneto-caloric and electro-caloric heat engines
The present invention describes the design and fabrication of multi-material-blades used as active regenerative regenerators in active regenerative magneto-caloric or electro-caloric engines. The blades consist of a plurality of elements (2) that divide the blade body along its length.
Sustained release formulations for the treatment of intraocular pressure or glaucoma
The present embodiments provide for methods of treating elevated intraocular pressure or glaucoma using a sustained release medicament consisting of prostaglandin in benzyl benzoate that is injected intraocularly no more frequently than once every two months.. .
Medicinal cosmetic lipoatrophy
Methods relating to local injections of corticosteroids are provided. More specifically intralesional injections of corticosteroids and preferably triamcinolone and its derivatives are suitable to produce medicaments to be injected in the subcutaneous fat at deep levels to provoke cosmetic lipoatrophy of small fat deposits on the face and body..
Carbon nanotube-based robust steamphobic surfaces
A method for creating a superhydrophobic coated nanoporous assembly includes the steps of: providing a nanoporous assembly formed of discrete and/or continuous structures that provide a morphology defining pores of less than 1 micron between neighboring discrete and continuous structures; bringing gaseous plasma precursors in the presence of the nanoporous assembly and in the presence of a plasma generator; employing the plasma generator to convert the gaseous plasma precursors to the plasma state; and permitting the plasma precursors to deposit as a coating on the nanoporous assembly through plasma polymerization techniques the deposition thereof preserving the porous structure of the nanoporous assembly, the deposited coating exhibiting a surface energy of less than 30 dynes/cm.. .
Coating compositions comprising non-ionic surfactant exhibiting reduced fingerprint visibility
Presently described are coating compositions comprising a polymerizable resin composition and a non-ionic unpolymerizable surfactant. In some embodiments, the coating comprises greater than 10 wt-% of non-ionic unpolymerizable surfactant.
Stabilizing sorbic acid in syrup and finished beverage
Sorbic acid or benzoic acid is stabilized in syrup and finished beverages by solubilizing potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate and then adding the solubilized potassium sorbate or sodium or potassium benzoate into a stabilizer solution at ph 2-4.. .
Euv mirror comprising an oxynitride capping layer having a stable composition, euv lithography apparatus, and operating method
A mirror (13) for use e.g. In an euv lithography apparatus or an euv mask metrology system, with: a substrate (15) and a coating (16) reflective to euv radiation (6), the reflective coating having a capping layer (18) composed of an oxynitride, in particular composed of sinxoy, wherein a nitrogen proportion x in the oxynitride nxoy is between 0.4 and 1.4.
Mixture for forming molded products
A mixture and method for forming molded products includes, in a preferred embodiment, portland cement, shredded polystyrene, chopped fiberglass fibers, a waterproof coating agent, and water. These components may be mixed together, preferably in a large capacity mixer, to form a slurry, which may then be poured into a mold.
Biological nitrogen removal feed process
In a wastewater treatment system comprised of an anoxic tank outputting to a biological reactor and outputting from the reactor to a clear well, a process for controlling the rate and timing of flow through the reactor by means of a floating pump within the anoxic tank. Further enhancement of denitrification is achieved by sending internal recycles into the sludge zone of the anoxic tank via a baffle positioned within the sludge layer..
Power tool and method for producing the same
A power tool (1) and a method of producing such power tool capable of improving dust proof performance with respect to a circuit board (33) and a stator coil (31b), and capable of securing cooling performance to the circuit board. The power tool includes a brushless motor (3) having a hollow stator (31), a rotor (32) positioned in an internal space of the stator, and a motor driver circuit connected to the stator.
Valve assembly for fuel system and method
A valve assembly in an internal combustion engine fuel system includes a valve member movable within a valve body to contact a valve seat and block fluid communication between first and second passages. The valve seat and valve member each include a multi-layered coating having a harder metal nitride base layer and a softer metal nitride outer layer.
Super hydrophobic coating
A super hydrophobic coating composition that is a highly durable super hydrophobic transparent coating for glass, metal, and plastic, and automobile painted surfaces that is manually dispensable and may be easily applied to many substrates is provided. Moreover, the inventive super hydrophobic coating is user friendly as coating takes place at room temperature, and can be applied by a normal hand spray method.
Coated ballistic structures and methods of making same
A durable ceramic and metallic coating has been applied to ceramic tiles to protect the tiles while undergoing a molten metal casting operation. The plasma sprayed coating consists of a ceramic top coat layer of aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, or other oxides with or without a metallic bond coat layer and with or without a functionally gradient coating.
Vector floating point test data class immediate instruction
A vector floating point test data class immediate instruction is provided that determines whether one or more elements of a vector specified in the instruction are of one or more selected classes and signs. If a vector element is of a selected class and sign, an element in an operand of the instruction corresponding to the vector element is set to a first defined value, and if the vector element is not of the selected class and sign, the operand element corresponding to the vector element is set to a second defined value..
Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoic acid
Embodiments of the invention relate to the microbial production of polyhydroxyalkanoic acids, or polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha), from substrates which cannot be used as a source of carbon and/or energy for microbial growth or pha synthesis and which have microbial and environmental toxicity. According to one embodiment of the invention, a process for the production of pha is provided wherein an enzyme such as methane monooxygenase is used to convert volatile organic compounds into pha through the use of microorganisms that are unable to use volatile organic compounds as a source of carbon for growth or pha production..
Galvanic element with enhanced safety properties
A galvanic element includes at least one lithium-intercalating and at least one lithium-deintercalating electrode. A positive electrode and a negative electrode are separated by a polyimide-based separator that has a labyrinth porosity.
Brush polymer coating by in situ polymerization from photoreactive surface
The invention provides compositions that include crosslinking agents having multiple photoactivatable groups, such as diaryl ketones, or a diaryl ketone, such as benzophenone, and at least one polymerizable monomer, such as a zwitterionic monomer. The compositions are useful as surface coating agents that provide brush type polymeric coatings.
Method and apparatus for acquiring nanostructured coating by effect of laser-induced continuous explosion shock wave
A method and apparatus for acquiring a nanostructured coating on a metal surface by using an intense shock wave generated by continuous explosion of a laser-induced plasma is provided. The method comprises: irradiating a laser beam on a black paint surface of an upper opening of a high pressure resistant glass pipe having a black paint strip arranged therein; the black paint absorbing the light energy and producing a plasma; generating an initial plasma explosion shock wave; transmitting the initial plasma explosion shock wave in the high pressure resistant glass pipe; generating a plasma cloud reaching a lower opening of a glass catheter; and, the shock wave pressure outputted embedding nanoparticles into a surface of a workpiece.
Coating system and coating method
A coating system comprises: a coating apparatus connected to a syringe filled with a coating agent and having a nozzle for discharging the coating agent of the connected syringe; a robot which moves an object to be coated, held by a robot hand, to a coating position; and a control unit, wherein the coating apparatus comprises a plurality of syringes respectively filled with different coating agents, the nozzles connected to the respective syringes, and a rotary table for rotationally moving together the syringes and the connected nozzles, and the control unit controls to select the syringe filled with the coating agent to be applied to the object, move the nozzle connected to the selected syringe to a position facing the coating position by the rotation of the rotary table, move the object held by the robot hand to the coating position, and discharge the coating agent from the nozzle.. .
Coated stent and method of making the same
A coated implantable medical device and a method of coating an implantable medical device is disclosed, the method includes applying a composition onto the device and drying the composition at elevated temperature in an environment having increased relative humidity. A pre-screening method for a manufacturing lot of coated stents to determine the number of drug coating layers for a desired drug release rate is disclosed.
Composition of solid lipid nanoparticles for the long-term conservation of fruits, vegetables, seeds, cereals and/or fresh foodstuffs using a coating
The invention relates to a composition of solid lipid nanoparticles taking the form of a nano-coating for natural fresh foodstuffs, such as seeds, cereals, fruits or vegetables, preferably fresh fruits and vegetables which are coated by means of fluidization, immersion or spraying. According to the invention, the composition comprises: (a) solid lipids or wax, (b) emulsifying stabilizing agents, and film-forming materials in an aqueous dispersion or solution.
Coated food product and method of preparation
Coated snack products are provided whose coating are reminiscent of high fat compound fat coating, resistant to rub-off of a powdery or fat based topping as well as methods for preparing such coated snack products. The present invention provides methods for preparing such coated food product including providing a hot (about 60-85° c.), oil-in-water emulsion coating slurry containing a hydrated film forming hydrophilic colloid.
Synthesis and use of polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) nanocapsules as a protein carrier
A method of synthesizing pha nanocapsules as a protein carrier, particularly, the synthesis of pha nanocapsules synthesized by a modified precipitation/solvent evaporation technique with neutralization. Specifically, the method comprises the steps of sonicating a first solution comprising a triblock pha copolymer, stirring the first solution into a second solution to give a third solution, the second solution containing a protein, and the second solution being acidic.
Tunable optical filter and method of manufacture thereof
A tunable optical filter is formed in the structure of an etalon. A thin electro-optic ceramic substrate is fixed between two end substrates.
Fuel injector and method for producing a fuel injector
A fuel injector, including a valve insert and a plug extrusion coating, is described, the valve insert including a valve seat and a valve housing. The valve housing has an alignment device, which is equipped to align the valve insert in an injection molding die, and the plastic extrusion coating has a second alignment device which is equipped to align the fuel injector during assembly in an internal combustion engine..
Cooling hole cleaning method and apparatus
Blockages of turbomachine cooling circuit cooling holes resulting from coating processes can be removed by introducing a cleaning agent into the cooling circuit. The cooling circuit can be connected to a cleaning agent supply under pressure, adding force on the blockage to chemical action by the cleaning agent.
Method and apparatus for optical fiber coloring
A method of coloring optical fibers during the optical fiber drawing that includes the steps of feeding a natural fiber coating material and a colorant to a mixer; mixing the natural fiber coating material and the colorant in the mixer to obtain a colored coating material; and supplying the colored coating material to a coating die. The feeding step includes exerting on the natural fiber coating a first gas pressure variable with at least one fiber drawing parameter; and exerting on the colorant a second gas pressure variable with at least one fiber drawing parameter..
Coated article with heat treatable coating for concentrated solar power applications, and/or methods of making the same
Certain example embodiments relate to heat treatable coated articles, e.g., suitable for concentrating solar power (csp) and/or other applications. For instance, the heat treatable coated article may be a secondary reflector panel, primary reflector, etc., where a reflective coating is disposed on a glass substrate.
Inerted plate dryer and method of drying solvent based coating
An inerted plate dryer for drying solvent based coating is disclosed. The dryer uses two tiers of substantially parallel heating plates that are located not more than 10 cm apart.
Method for operating a safety control device
A safety control device for safely controlling a hazardous installation has a first and a second calculation unit and an output unit for driving at least one actuator. The control device acquires an input signal and determines a floating point value depending on the input signal.
Systems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device
An antimicrobial composition, generally comprising a biocidal agent, such as chlorhexidine gluconate, a lubricant, such as a modified siloxane, and a solvent, such as an alcohol and/or water. The biocidal agent acts as a highly effective biocide while the lubricant reduces friction between various components of a medical device during assembly.
Coating composition and coated article
An object of the present invention is to provide a coating composition that has excellent curability at low temperatures and in a short period of time, and that also has satisfactory pot life (usable life) and makes it possible to obtain a cured coating film with an excellent finished appearance. The present invention provides a coating composition comprising a secondary hydroxy-containing acrylic resin (a), which is a copolymer of monomer components comprising 20 to 50% by mass of secondary hydroxy-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer (a) and 50 to 80% by mass of at least one other polymerizable unsaturated monomer (b); a polyisocyanate compound (b); and an organometallic catalyst (c) containing a metallic compound (c1) in which the metal is a member selected from the group consisting of zinc, tin, zirconium, bismuth, lead, cobalt, manganese, titanium, aluminum and molybdenum, and an amidine compound (c2)..
Anti-frost coating
[means for resolution] provided is a coating composition for preventing frost from enlarging and becoming enormous by making the frost deposited on a surface of an object to be easily peeled and removed from the surface by forming a coating film on the surface of the object, in which 0.2% by mass to 0.5% by mass of antimony-doped tin oxide or indium tin oxide that absorbs an infrared ray so as to hardly influence the hue, with respect to components of a coating material, is added to a water-repellent coating composition such as a fluororesin-based coating material, thereby making the frost adhered on the surface easily peeled from the surface.. .
Topical pharmaceutical compositions
Topical pharmaceutical compositions are described comprising, based on the total weight of the composition: a) 0.01 to 0.2 wt. % of mometasone furoate, b) 5 to 18 wt.
Lithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask
A lithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask layer is provided. The lithographic material stack includes a lower organic planarizing layer (opl), a dielectric hard mask layer, and the metal-compound hard mask layer, an upper opl, an optional anti-reflective coating (arc) layer, and a photoresist layer.
Hot melt adhesive
The present invention provides a hot melt adhesive for high-speed coating and spiral coating at low temperature. The hot melt adhesive has excellent adhesion to polyethylene and nonwoven fabric, and is suitable for disposable products.
Highly reflective, hardened silica titania article and method of making
The present disclosure is directed to improved silica-titania glass articles intended for use in euv or other high energy reflective optic systems, and to a process for producing such improved silica-titania articles. The improved silica-titania glass articles provide a more stable surface for the coatings that are used in the making of reflective optical elements for euv applications.
Cvd coated polycrystalline c-bn cutting tools
Cvd coated cutting tools are provided. A coated cutting tool described herein, in some embodiments, comprises a pcbn substrate and a polished coating adhered to the substrate including one or more layers of al2o3 deposited by chemical vapor deposition, wherein the coating has a surface roughness (ra) less than about 600 nm in an area of the cutting tool for contacting a workpiece..
Piston ring with localized nitrided coating
A piston ring comprising upper face, a lower face, an inner perimeter wall, and an outer perimeter wall that extends around the piston ring from the upper face to the lower face, where the outer perimeter wall has upper corner region disposed adjacent the upper face, a lower corner region disposed adjacent the lower face, and a band of a nitrided conversion layer extending between the upper corner region and the lower corner region, and where a pvd nitride layer is disposed on the upper corner region and on the lower corner region.. .
Thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating
A thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating is described. The module has a substrate, wherein at least one hydrophobic coating is arranged on a rear side of the substrate, a photovoltaic layer structure on a front side of the substrate, and a covering sheet, which is areally connected to the front side of the substrate via a rear side of the substrate with at least one intermediate layer..
Fixed point division circuit utilizing floating point architecture
A system, method, and computer program product for dividing two binary numbers. The divider implements a fixed point division function using a floating point normalization architecture to yield the closest initial quotient approximation.
Floating point round-off amount determination processors, methods, systems, and instructions
A method of an aspect includes receiving a floating point round-off amount determination instruction. The instruction indicates a source of one or more floating point data elements, indicates a number of fraction bits after a radix point, and indicates a destination storage location.
Bismuth particle x-ray contrast agents
Radiopaque bismuth particles and methods of making and using the radiopaque bismuth particles are disclosed. The radiopaque bismuth particles include an elemental bismuth core and an outer coating comprising one or more coating agents.
Hydrophobic coatings that provide renewable hydrophilic surface
Paints and coatings that change the coated surface from hydrophobic to a hydrophilic, self-cleaning surface when exposed to atmosphere are described. The compositions include a plurality of boronic acid functionalized polymers, and a blocking agent contacting at least one of the plurality of boronic acid, wherein the blocking agent is configured to be removed by a stimulus to provide a renewable hydrophilic, self-cleaning polymer coating..

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