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Systems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Oat-related patents
 Method for operating a safety control device patent thumbnailMethod for operating a safety control device
A safety control device for safely controlling a hazardous installation has a first and a second calculation unit and an output unit for driving at least one actuator. The control device acquires an input signal and determines a floating point value depending on the input signal.
 Systems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device patent thumbnailSystems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device
An antimicrobial composition, generally comprising a biocidal agent, such as chlorhexidine gluconate, a lubricant, such as a modified siloxane, and a solvent, such as an alcohol and/or water. The biocidal agent acts as a highly effective biocide while the lubricant reduces friction between various components of a medical device during assembly.
 Coating composition and coated article patent thumbnailCoating composition and coated article
An object of the present invention is to provide a coating composition that has excellent curability at low temperatures and in a short period of time, and that also has satisfactory pot life (usable life) and makes it possible to obtain a cured coating film with an excellent finished appearance. The present invention provides a coating composition comprising a secondary hydroxy-containing acrylic resin (a), which is a copolymer of monomer components comprising 20 to 50% by mass of secondary hydroxy-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer (a) and 50 to 80% by mass of at least one other polymerizable unsaturated monomer (b); a polyisocyanate compound (b); and an organometallic catalyst (c) containing a metallic compound (c1) in which the metal is a member selected from the group consisting of zinc, tin, zirconium, bismuth, lead, cobalt, manganese, titanium, aluminum and molybdenum, and an amidine compound (c2)..
 Anti-frost coating patent thumbnailAnti-frost coating
[means for resolution] provided is a coating composition for preventing frost from enlarging and becoming enormous by making the frost deposited on a surface of an object to be easily peeled and removed from the surface by forming a coating film on the surface of the object, in which 0.2% by mass to 0.5% by mass of antimony-doped tin oxide or indium tin oxide that absorbs an infrared ray so as to hardly influence the hue, with respect to components of a coating material, is added to a water-repellent coating composition such as a fluororesin-based coating material, thereby making the frost adhered on the surface easily peeled from the surface.. .
 Topical pharmaceutical compositions patent thumbnailTopical pharmaceutical compositions
Topical pharmaceutical compositions are described comprising, based on the total weight of the composition: a) 0.01 to 0.2 wt. % of mometasone furoate, b) 5 to 18 wt.
 Lithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask patent thumbnailLithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask
A lithographic material stack including a metal-compound hard mask layer is provided. The lithographic material stack includes a lower organic planarizing layer (opl), a dielectric hard mask layer, and the metal-compound hard mask layer, an upper opl, an optional anti-reflective coating (arc) layer, and a photoresist layer.
 Hot melt adhesive patent thumbnailHot melt adhesive
The present invention provides a hot melt adhesive for high-speed coating and spiral coating at low temperature. The hot melt adhesive has excellent adhesion to polyethylene and nonwoven fabric, and is suitable for disposable products.
 Highly reflective, hardened silica titania article and method of making patent thumbnailHighly reflective, hardened silica titania article and method of making
The present disclosure is directed to improved silica-titania glass articles intended for use in euv or other high energy reflective optic systems, and to a process for producing such improved silica-titania articles. The improved silica-titania glass articles provide a more stable surface for the coatings that are used in the making of reflective optical elements for euv applications.
 Cvd coated polycrystalline c-bn cutting tools patent thumbnailCvd coated polycrystalline c-bn cutting tools
Cvd coated cutting tools are provided. A coated cutting tool described herein, in some embodiments, comprises a pcbn substrate and a polished coating adhered to the substrate including one or more layers of al2o3 deposited by chemical vapor deposition, wherein the coating has a surface roughness (ra) less than about 600 nm in an area of the cutting tool for contacting a workpiece..
 Piston ring with localized nitrided coating patent thumbnailPiston ring with localized nitrided coating
A piston ring comprising upper face, a lower face, an inner perimeter wall, and an outer perimeter wall that extends around the piston ring from the upper face to the lower face, where the outer perimeter wall has upper corner region disposed adjacent the upper face, a lower corner region disposed adjacent the lower face, and a band of a nitrided conversion layer extending between the upper corner region and the lower corner region, and where a pvd nitride layer is disposed on the upper corner region and on the lower corner region.. .
Thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating
A thin-film photovoltaic module with hydrophobic rear-side coating is described. The module has a substrate, wherein at least one hydrophobic coating is arranged on a rear side of the substrate, a photovoltaic layer structure on a front side of the substrate, and a covering sheet, which is areally connected to the front side of the substrate via a rear side of the substrate with at least one intermediate layer..
Fixed point division circuit utilizing floating point architecture
A system, method, and computer program product for dividing two binary numbers. The divider implements a fixed point division function using a floating point normalization architecture to yield the closest initial quotient approximation.
Floating point round-off amount determination processors, methods, systems, and instructions
A method of an aspect includes receiving a floating point round-off amount determination instruction. The instruction indicates a source of one or more floating point data elements, indicates a number of fraction bits after a radix point, and indicates a destination storage location.
Bismuth particle x-ray contrast agents
Radiopaque bismuth particles and methods of making and using the radiopaque bismuth particles are disclosed. The radiopaque bismuth particles include an elemental bismuth core and an outer coating comprising one or more coating agents.
Hydrophobic coatings that provide renewable hydrophilic surface
Paints and coatings that change the coated surface from hydrophobic to a hydrophilic, self-cleaning surface when exposed to atmosphere are described. The compositions include a plurality of boronic acid functionalized polymers, and a blocking agent contacting at least one of the plurality of boronic acid, wherein the blocking agent is configured to be removed by a stimulus to provide a renewable hydrophilic, self-cleaning polymer coating..
Enzymatic antimicrobial and antifouling coatings and polymeric materials
Disclosed herein are a coating, a textile finish, a wax, elastomer, a filler, an adhesive, or a sealant, as well as polymeric materials such as a plastic, a laminate, a composite, that includes an enzyme that degrades cell wall or cell membrane components (e.g., a lysozyme, lytic transglycosylase) alone or in combination with other enzymes such as a lipolytic enzyme, a sulfuric ester hydrolase, an organophosphorus compound degradation enzyme, or an antimicrobial peptide. Also disclosed herein are methods of retarding or preventing microbial growth on or in a coating, paint, textile finish, wax, elastomer, adhesive, sealant, filler, or a polymeric material, where such a surface material includes an enzyme that degrades cell wall or cell membrane components (e.g., a lysozyme, lytic transglycosylase)..
Extracellular polyhydroxyalkanoates produced by genetically engineered microorganisms
The present invention is in the field of biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha). The invention relates to a genetically engineered microorganism having at least one gene involved in the metabolism, preferably in the production, of polyhydroxyalkanoates (pha).
Composition for forming a developable bottom antireflective coating
The present invention provides a composition for forming a bottom anti-reflective coating, and also provides a photoresist pattern formation method employing that composition. The composition gives a bottom anti-reflective coating used in a lithographic process for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and the coating can be developed with a developing solution for photoresist.
Chitosan hydrogel derivatives as a coating agent with broad spectrum of antimicrobial activities
In order to achieve hydrogel formation, quaternized chitosan can be grafted with polymerizable groups, especially photocrosslinkable groups, such as methacrylates, peg derivatives and be converted into hydrogels through a thermal or uv polymerization process. Hydrogels are hydrated cross-linked polymeric systems that contain water in an equilibrium state forming cushion water shield.
Low phosphorus chabazites
A catalyst composition is provided having a cha crystal structure; about 0.5 to about 5.0 mol % phosphorus; and sio2 and al2o3 in a mole ratio of about 5 to about 40. The catalyst composition is capable of nox conversion at elevated temperatures.
Vehicle seat assembly having a permeable cushion with a colored coating and method of making the same
In at least one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a vehicle seat assembly comprising a frame, a flexible foam cushion supported on the frame, the cushion having an outer surface comprising a major surface portion and a colored minor surface portion, a trim material secured over the cushion to cover the major portion of the surface, the colored minor portion of the outer surface being uncovered by the trim material, and the major surface portion of the cushion having a first permeability of 5 to 30 ml/cm2/min. And the colored minor surface portion having a second permeability of at least 80% of the first permeability and the colored minor portion comprising a plurality of dried flexible in-mold colored coating disposed on discrete surface areas of the cushion..
Interconnection structures and fabrication method thereof
A method is provided for fabricating an interconnection structure. The method includes providing a substrate having certain semiconductor devices, a metal layer electrically connecting with the semiconductor devices, and a barrier layer on the metal layer.
Molded chip fabrication method and apparatus
A method and apparatus for coating a plurality of semiconductor devices that is particularly adapted to coating leds with a coating material containing conversion particles. One method according to the invention comprises providing a mold with a formation cavity.
Regenerative nanosensor devices
The present invention provides a regenerative nanosensor device for the detection of one or more analytes of interest. In certain embodiments, the device comprises a nanostructure having a reversible functionalized coating comprising a supramolecular assembly.
Steel rail solar radiation sheilding
A steel rail solar radiation shield comprises a coating applied to the steel rail configured to one of block, reflect and frequency shift solar radiation from being transferred to the steel rail via particulates suspended in the coating. The applied coating is configured to be self-cleaning via at least one of additional water, carbon dioxide, heat and an additional superficial sol coating configured to shed contaminates from the applied solar radiation shield coating.
Anti-corrosion electrocoat
The present disclosure relates to the application of anti-corrosion coatings for a ferrous substrate. The first coating applied to the ferrous substrate is an electrocoat composition comprising electrically conductive pigments.
Galactose-rich polysaccharide, process for the production of the polymer and its applications
This invention concerns a biopolymer consisting of a polysaccharide composed of galactose (50-90%), glucose (1-25%), mannose (1-25%) and rhamnose (0.5-20%), which may additionally contain, in trace amounts, xylose, fucose, ribose, arabinose and/or fructose. The galactose-rich polymer also contains non-saccharide components, namely, acyl groups.
Mirror elements for euv lithography and production methods therefor
A method for the production of a mirror element (10) that has a reflective coating (10a) for the euv wavelength range and a substrate (10b). The substrate (10b) is pre-compacted by hot isostatic pressing, and the reflective coating (10a) is applied to the pre-compacted substrate (10b).
Variable precision floating point multiply-add circuit
Embodiments of the present invention may provide methods and circuits for energy efficient floating point multiply and/or add operations. A variable precision floating point circuit may determine the certainty of the result of a multiply-add floating point calculation in parallel with the floating-point calculation.
Leading change anticipator logic
In one embodiment, a processor includes at least one floating point unit. The at least one floating point unit may include an adder, leading change anticipator (lca) logic, and a shifter.
Residue based error detection for integer and floating point execution units
An error detection unit including one or more register files that store at least one operand and at least one operand residue, an operand multiplexor operable to receive the operand, a residue multiplexor operable to receive the operand residue, a source operand residue generator operable to generate at least one generated residue from the operand, a first comparator that compares the operand residue to the generated residue, the result of the first comparator being sent to a reorder buffer, an execution unit that supplies the operand to a residue calculator and a result residue generator, wherein the residue calculator operable to determine an expected residue and the result residue generator operable to generate a result residue, and a second comparator that compares the expected residue with the result residue, the result of the second comparator being sent to the reorder buffer.. .
Executing perform floating point operation instructions
A perform floating-point operation instruction is executed specifying a test (t) bit of general register 0, if the t bit is ‘1’ the execution sets a condition code value indicating whether a specified conversion function is installed, if the t bit is ‘0’ the execution stores a result of a specified floating-point conversion function in general register 0 and sets a condition code value.. .
Method and system to avoid space bloating during run-time compression
Methods, systems, and computer program products are provided to manage a database system. The method includes locking during a database system idle time access by the database system to a data page of a data allocation unit, compressing during the database system idle time a data stored in the locked data page, and recording during the database system idle time an indication that the compressed and locked data page includes free storage space, wherein unlocked data pages of the data allocation unit are accessible by the database system during the compressing of the data stored in the locked data page.
Method and apparatus to increase tactile senstivity and proprioception in humans
The article is a support to which an electrode pair, a positive and corresponding negative electrode, is attached. Leads are electrically attached to each of the positive and negative electrodes, wherein each lead has an insulated coating.
Aqueous coating compositions
An aqueous coating composition including a) a composite particle including an opacifying pigment particle such as, for example, tio2 and, disposed thereon, a plurality of particles of a first polymer, the first polymer being a select p-acid containing emulsion polymer and b) from 7% to 25% by weight, based on the total weight of polymer in the aqueous coating composition, of a select second polymer is provided. A method for forming the aqueous coating composition, a method for forming a dried coating therefrom, and the coating so formed are also provided..
Methods of producing 6-carbon chemicals via coa-dependent carbon chain elongation associated with carbon storage
This document describes biochemical pathways for producing adipic acid, caprolactam, 6-aminohexanoic acid, 6-hydroxyhexanoic acid, hexamethylenediamine or 1,6-hexanediol by forming two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl groups, in a c6 aliphatic backbone substrate. These pathways, metabolic engineering and cultivation strategies described herein rely on coa-dependent elongation enzymes or analogues enzymes associated with the carbon storage pathways from polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulating bacteria..
Phenolic resin and material for forming underlayer film for lithography
There is provided a novel phenolic resin which can be used as a coating agent or a resist resin for a semiconductor, which has a high carbon concentration and a low oxygen concentration in the resin, which has a relatively high heat resistance and also a relatively high solvent solubility, and which can be applied to a wet process. There are also provided a material useful for forming a novel photoresist underlayer film which has a relatively high solvent solubility, which can be applied to a wet process, and which is excellent in etching resistance as an underlayer film for a multilayer resist, an underlayer film formed using the same, and a pattern forming method using the same.
Acid-strippable silicon-containing antireflective coating
A silicon-containing antireflective coating formulation comprising: (i) an aqueous base insoluble organosilicon component having a multiplicity of hydrocarbon groups derivatized with hydroxy groups in the absence of si—o—c and si—o—h moieties; (ii) a vinylether component having a multiplicity of vinylether groups; and (iii) a casting solvent. Also disclosed is a method for converting the silicon-containing antireflective coating formulation into a crosslinked silicon-containing antireflective film comprising organosilicon units interconnected by acetal or ketal groups.
Coating material and method for photolithography
Provided is a method including providing a substrate and forming a bottom anti-reflective coating (barc) on the substrate. The barc includes a first portion overlying a second portion, which has a different composition than the first portion.
Turbine component having a low residual stress ferromagnetic damping coating
A turbine component having a low residual stress ferromagnetic damping coating. The ferromagnetic damping coating may include a ferromagnetic damping material applied in at least partially molten powder form, which may be directed at a surface of the substrate at an application velocity so that it causes partial plastic deformation of the surface while adhering to the surface of the substrate and solidifying in less than 3 seconds to create a ferromagnetic damping coating, resulting in a coated substrate.
Moisture resistant coating
Some embodiments of the invention generally relate to a moisture barrier coating that is biodegradable and compostable. Some embodiments also relate to a coating that is dual ovenable.
Siloxane-urethane foul release coatings
A two-part moisture curable coating compositions capable of forming polyurethane-polysiloxane networks is provided. The coating compositions which are useful in marine antifouling coatings provide a two-part moisture curable composition comprising: (a) a first part comprising at least one multifunctional polyol; (b) a second part comprising: (i) at least one polysiloxane polymer with at least two isocyanate or mercapto functional groups and (ii) at least one isocyanate functional organic compound; and (c) solvent.
Topcoat compositions, coated substrates, and related methods
An aqueous based topcoating formulation is provided to coat various substrates such as those used in offset and electrographic printing devices. The water based coating formulation includes ethylene acrylic acid copolymer, polyethyleneimine, and a suitable crosslinker.
Controlled release preparation
A controlled release preparation wherein the release of active ingredient is controlled, which releases an active ingredient for an extended period of time by staying or slowly migrating in the gastrointestinal tract, is provided by means such as capsulating a tablet, granule or fine granule wherein the release of active ingredient is controlled and a gel-forming polymer. Said tablet, granule or fine granule has a release-controlled coating-layer formed on a core particle containing an active ingredient..
Controlled release preparation
A controlled release preparation wherein the release of active ingredient is controlled, which releases an active ingredient for an extended period of time by staying or slowly migrating in the gastrointestinal tract, is provided by means such as capsulating a tablet, granule or fine granule wherein the release of active ingredient is controlled and a gel-forming polymer. Said tablet, granule or fine granule has a release-controlled coating-layer formed on a core particle containing an active ingredient..
Exhaust system for a lean-burn ic engine comprising a pgm component and a scr catalyst
Wherein at least one pgm on the or each second substrate monolith 4 is liable to volatilise when the or each second substrate monolith 4 is exposed to relatively extreme conditions including relatively high temperatures, and wherein the third substrate monolith 2 comprises a washcoat coating comprising at least one metal oxide for trapping volatilised pgm.. .
Catalysed substrate monolith
A catalysed substrate monolith 12 for use in treating exhaust gas emitted from a lean-burn internal combustion engine, which catalysed substrate monolith 12 comprising a first washcoat coating 16 and a second washcoat coating 18, wherein the first washcoat coating comprises a catalyst composition comprising at least one platinum group metal (pgm) and at least one support material for the at least one pgm, wherein at least one pgm in the first washcoat coating is liable to volatilise when the first washcoat coating is exposed to relatively extreme conditions including relatively high temperatures, wherein the second washcoat coating comprises at least one metal oxide for trapping volatilised pgm and wherein the second washcoat coating is oriented to contact exhaust gas that has contacted the first washcoat coating.. .
Method of obtaining patters in an antireflective layer
The invention relates to the field of production in thin coatings of electronic devices and/or mems and relates to an improved method for forming a pattern in a thin siarc anti-reflective coating, comprising the doping by deposition of such siarc coating covered with a resist pattern through a protective coating of the resist pattern, then etching the doped zones of the siarc coating (fig. 3c)..
Light trapping and antireflective coatings
Light trapping and antireflection coatings are described, together with methods for preparing the coatings. An exemplary method comprises forming a light trapping coating on a substrate and a conformal antireflection coating on the light trapping coating.
Detection of potential need to use a larger data format in performing floating point operations
Detection of whether a result of a floating point operation is safe. Characteristics of the result are examined to determine whether the result is safe or potentially unsafe, as defined by the user.
Dynamic write port re-arbitration
Within a processing pipeline 14, issue control circuitry 12 serves to arbitrate write port availability when floating point multiplication instructions are issued into a floating point pipeline 14. If not operating in a flush-to-zero mode, then depending upon the output operands generated denormal handling may or may not be required.
Method, apparatus, system for single-path floating-point rounding flow that supports generation of normals/denormals and associated status flags
A mechanism for performing single-path floating-point rounding in a floating point unit is disclosed. A system of the disclosure includes a memory and a processing device communicably coupled to the memory.
Surface treatment method for semiconductor device
A surface treatment method for a semiconductor device includes providing a substrate where a plurality of projected patterns are formed, forming a hydrophobic coating layer on a surface of each of the plurality of projected patterns, rinsing the substrate with deionized water, and drying the substrate, wherein the hydrophobic coating layer is formed using a coating agent that includes phosphate having more than one hydrocarbon group, phosphonate having more than one hydrocarbon group, or a mixture thereof.. .
Fabrication method for metal battery electrode with pyrolyzed coating
A method is provided for forming a metal battery electrode with a pyrolyzed coating. The method provides a metallorganic compound of metal (me) and materials such as carbon (c), sulfur (s), oxygen (o), and combinations of the above-listed materials, expressed as mexcynzsxxoyy, where me is a metal such as tin (sn), antimony (sb), or lead (pb), or a metal alloy.
Antireflection coatings
Fluorine-doped antireflection coatings, methods for preparing the coatings and articles comprising the coatings are disclosed. The fluorine-doped antireflection coating comprises a fluorine-doped xerogel coating disposed on a substrate.
High purity zirconia-based thermally sprayed coatings and processes for the preparation thereof
This invention relates to thermally sprayed coatings of a high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powder, said high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powder comprising from about 0 to about 0.15 weight percent impurity oxides, from about 0 to about 2 weight percent hafnium oxide (hafnia), from about 6 to about 25 weight percent yttrium oxide (yttria) or from about 10 to about 36 weight percent ytterbium oxide (ytterbia), and the balance zirconium oxide (zirconia). Thermal barrier coatings for protecting a component such as blades, vanes and seal surfaces of gas turbine engines, made from the high purity yttria or ytterbia stabilized zirconia powders, have a density greater than 88% of the theoretical density with a plurality of vertical macrocracks homogeneously dispersed throughout the coating to improve its thermal fatigue resistance..
Easy clean coating applied on stainless steel metallic surfaces used in the manufacture of household appliances
The present invention related to a silicon based coating suitable for being applied onto metallic surfaces of a household appliance. The coating of the present invention protects the metallic surfaces of the household appliance against the yellowing or changes in color, through temperatures, among other factors, and eases the cleaning of the same..
Barrier layers for silver reflective coatings and hpc workflows for rapid screening of materials for such barrier layers
Provided is high productivity combinatorial (hpc) testing methodology of semiconductor substrates, each including multiple site isolated regions. The site isolated regions are used for testing different compositions and/or structures of barrier layers disposed over silver reflectors.
Coating compositions for consumable articles
Compositions comprised of water, at least one sweetening agent and at least one food grade emulsifier/foaming agent are useful for forming frosted sweet coatings on consumable articles. The inclusion of a food grade emulsifier/foaming agent in such a composition helps to render the dried coating obtained therefrom more opaque in appearance, even though the sucrose content may be relatively low..
Low sulfur nickel base substrate alloy and overlay coating system
A coated article having an improved coating oxidation life includes a superalloy substrate material having a composition which includes sulfur, herein the sulfur is present in an amount less than 1 ppm; and an overlay coating formed over a surface of the substrate material.. .
Debris removal in high aspect structures
A system for removing debris from a surface of a photolithographic mask is provided. The system includes an atomic force microscope with a tip supported by a cantilever.
Reducing energy and increasing speed by an instruction substituting subsequent instructions with specific function instruction
A data processing system is used to evaluate a data processing function by executing a sequence of program instructions including an intermediate value generating instruction inst0 and an intermediate value consuming instruction inst1. In dependence upon one or more input operands to the evaluation, an embedded opcode within the intermediate value passed between the intermediate value generating instruction and the intermediate value consuming instruction may be set to have a value indicating that a substitute instruction should be used in place of the intermediate value consuming instruction.
Matte powder coating composition
Disclosed is a matte powder coating composition, and more specifically, a novel matte powder coating composition comprising a plurality of heterogeneous resins having different refractive indices, which can secure a coated film having excellent corrosion resistance and which embodies a matt effect on par with a liquid coating.. .
Method for preparing zero-mode waveguide arrays with coated walls
The application relates to methods of manufacture of improved optical containment structures. The invention relates to arrays of zero-mode waveguide structures comprising nanoscale apertures having non-reflective coatings on their walls.
Powder coating booth
A powder spray for lengthy parts includes a booth wall structure comprised primarily of doors. A moveable roof may be raised and lowered to clean powder overspray from the interior surfaces of the booth.
Feed roller type system for continuous feeding of filler material for friction stir welding, processing and fabrication
The present invention relates to tools and methods for disposing, coating, repairing, or otherwise modifying the surface of a metal substrate using frictional heating and compressive/shear loading of a consumable metal against the substrate. Embodiments of the invention include friction-based fabrication tooling comprising a non-consumable member with a throat and a consumable member disposed in the throat, wherein consumable filler material is capable of being introduced to the throat in a continuous manner during deposition using frictional heating and compressive/shear loading of the filler material onto the substrate.
Dehumidifier apparatus
A dehumidifier is disclosed comprising a base, a fast coupler disposed on the base, a water receiving tray, a water collection tank disposed below the water receiving tray, a water discharging tank connected to the water receiving tray, and a pump having an outlet connected to the fast coupler and an inlet connected to the water discharging tank, wherein a water level switch is provided in the water discharging tank and comprises a floater and a closed hollow rod, wherein the floater has a hole for passing through of the rod and a magnet, and the rod has a magnetic field response switch electrically connected with the pump.. .
Patterned silicone coating
A method of applying a patterned coating of a silicone adhesive to a substrate sheet, comprising the steps of pattern coating a silicone precursor composition onto the substrate, followed by thermally curing the precursor composition coated on the substrate. The precursor composition is a viscous fluid, and the pattern coating is performed by suitably modified block printing, intaglio printing or screen printing methods.
Lnt catalyst with enhanced nitrogen oxide storage capacity at low temperature
Disclosed is a lean nox trap (lnt) catalyst with enhanced nox storage capacity at low temperature. More particularly, an lnt catalyst with enhanced nox storage capacity at low temperature and significantly inhibited thermal desorption is prepared by coating a washcoat on a honeycomb-type carrier and drying and baking the same.

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