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This page is updated frequently with new Notifications-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Notifications-related patents
 Separated use mobile devices patent thumbnailSeparated use mobile devices
Separated use mobile devices may be provided having multiple memories associated respectively with multiple operating environments that are managed by a common operating system. When the mobile device is operating in a first operating environment, access to a second storage may be prevented.

 Multi-user notification system patent thumbnailMulti-user notification system
Various systems and methods for a multi-user notification system are described herein. A system for displaying notifications includes a detection module to detect at a computing device, a presence of a user, an identification module to identify the user, a notification module to determine a notification for the user when the user is identified, a display module to display the notification to the user on a display of the computing device..

 Apparatus and  adaptive notifications patent thumbnailApparatus and adaptive notifications
A method and apparatus for outputting an audio notification at a data capture device is provided. The data capture device comprises a processor, an audio input apparatus and a speaker.

 Method and system for gaming revenue patent thumbnailMethod and system for gaming revenue
A method and system comprises integrating a contest framework into a game. The contest framework at least comprises means for communicating with a transactional server, a plurality of listeners being configured to monitor interactions during a play of the game for communication to the transactional server, and means for displaying notifications from the transactional server.

 Method and system for gaming revenue patent thumbnailMethod and system for gaming revenue
A method and system comprises integrating a contest framework into a game. The contest framework at least comprises means for communicating with a transactional server, a plurality of listeners being configured to monitor interactions during a play of the game for communication to the transactional server, and means for displaying notifications from the transactional server.

 Bi-directional community information brokerage patent thumbnailBi-directional community information brokerage
A system for transmitting notifications based on image data analysis may comprise: an image registration module to receive, from an unmanned aerial vehicle, current image data of a geographic location; a change detection module to: compare the current image data with previous image data of the geographic location to identify a change in the geographic location; and analyze the change to determine a category of the change in the geographic location; and an action module to: determine at least one party to notify about the change based on the category; and transmit a notification to the at least one party via an unmanned aerial vehicle.. .

 Centralized and distributed notification handling system for software applications patent thumbnailCentralized and distributed notification handling system for software applications
The present disclosure describes methods, systems, and computer program products for handling notifications. One computer-implemented method includes selecting an object type for a notification object; customizing a common attribute of the notification object, wherein the common attribute is defined in a common notification object; determining whether the notification object includes additional attributes to be customized; in response to a determination that the notification object includes additional attributes to be customized, customizing a type attribute of the notification object, wherein the type attribute is defined in a type notification object that has the selected object type; and storing the notification object..

 Notification display patent thumbnailNotification display
A protective cover for a computing device in accordance with an example includes a front side and a back side. The back side includes a display area to display notifications to a user when the protective cover is placed over the computing device.

 Systems and methods for asynchronous searching and filtering of data patent thumbnailSystems and methods for asynchronous searching and filtering of data
An automation control and monitoring system includes a server configured to receive a subscription request from a client component. The subscription request provides one or more criteria to the server.

 Method and processing equipment for activating a multi-user mode between mobile devices patent thumbnailMethod and processing equipment for activating a multi-user mode between mobile devices
The present invention describes equipment for activating a multi-user mode between mobile devices arranged within at least one network. The processing equipment includes an interface of communication configured to receive multi-user mode notifications from at least a first and a further mobile devices connected to the processing equipment.
Thomson Licensing


Location, time, and context-based deferred notifications on a mobile device

A method and system for a first user to provide a future notification (referred to as a deferred notification) on second user's mobile device based on the second user's location are disclosed.. .


Location, time, and context-based deferred notifications on a mobile device

A method and system for a first user to provide a future notification (referred to as a deferred notification) on second user's mobile device based on the second user's location are disclosed.. .


Systems and methods for optimizing message notification timing based on geographic location

Systems and methods are provided for timing message notifications to be provided to mobile device users based on their respective geographic locations with respect to a targeted content area. The timing of message notifications may be controlled in order to optimize the chances of delivering targeted content to a mobile device user based on the current geographic location of the user's device relative to a targeted content area.
Aol Inc.


Mobile device push notification using mobile application usage history

Mobile device application usage history is collected across a plurality of mobile device applications. A mobile device application usage trigger event is received.
Google Inc.


Wireless communications device having a silent mode disabled setting for user contacts

A wireless communications device includes a memory adapted to maintain profiles relating to user contacts, an output device operable to emit audible notifications responsive to incoming communications, at least one input device operable to receive a user selection of a silent notification mode of the device and a user selection of a silent mode disabled setting associated with the profiles and a processor coupled to the memory, the output device and the at least one input device. When the device is in the silent notification mode, the processor is configured to prevent the output device from emitting audible notifications responsive to incoming communications from the user contacts having profiles without the silent mode disabled and to cause the output device to emit audible notifications responsive to incoming communications from the user contacts having profiles with the silent mode disabled..


Using low power radio to control a higher power communication interface

An integrated access control system for wirelessly managing an access point comprises a wirelessly operable electronic door lock coupled to the access point, a computing device controlled and operated by a first user, and a multi-radio host device located at or adjacent to the access point, the host device being in communication with the electronic door lock and the computing device. Each of the computing device and the host device comprises a memory configured to store instructions to enable the device to wirelessly communicate with the electronic door lock and the other device, a processor configured to execute the instructions, a low power wireless communication radio, and a high power wireless communication radio, wherein the host device and computing device are selectively capable of bidirectional communication via each of a low power radio communication channel and a high power radio communication channel.
Assa Abloy Inc.


Smartphone operating characteristic evaluation and diagnostics

Methods and implementations of providing device upgrade notifications and determining device upgrade eligibility and device trade-in values are described herein. These techniques include operations to determine and obtain an upgrade status of a device (and a device's contract status with a service provider), and determine and obtain characteristics of the device.
Bby Solutions, Inc.


Provision of alert messages to customers of an establishment

Customer management for an establishment involves operating a server that hosts system software and interacts with various computing devices over internet and wireless network gateway connections. The server communicates with devices at the establishment and customer computing devices in real-time, providing system performance updates, text messaging communications to the customer regarding table availability and marketing information and synchronizing the information communicated within the system.
Heartland Payment Systems, Inc.


Supporting virtually simultaneous operation of dual wireless protocols in a single device

Appearance of simultaneous connections is provided to devices that support two wireless protocols which are not permitted to operation simultaneously. As an example the method and systems disclosed are applied to the communication between a phone and a smartwatch wherein bluetooth (bt) classic protocol is used for e.g.
Silverplus, Inc.


Generating user notifications using beacons on online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a beacon associated with a third-party content provider (e.g., a business), session information of the first user of an online social network. The first user's mobile device may be proximate to and in a wireless communication session with the beacon, which may be located at the third-party content provider.
Facebook, Inc.


Multi-purpose application launching interface

A computer and a computer-implemented method with a user interface for displaying and queueing notifications in a multi-purpose application environment are provided. The method includes displaying an application launching interface comprising a plurality of applications in response to a user gesture, wherein the application launching interface is hidden from display prior to the user gesture; displaying a notification associated with one of the plurality of applications to the user; and queueing an action when the user provides a queueing gesture for the notification, wherein the queued action is displayed for later performance when selected by the user.
Google Inc.


Method of service capability discovery based on subscriptions for service notifications

A method of capability discovery notification is provided. The method includes receiving, from a representational state transfer (rest) client, a subscription for service notifications.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Deferring alert of notifications for a particular time

A computing system is described that receives, at a particular time, notification data, the notification data indicating a threshold amount of time for which the computing system is to delay outputting an alert based on the notification data. The computing system initiates, based on the threshold amount of time, a deferred output of the alert based on the notification data.
Google Inc.


Multi-endpoint actionable notifications

An actionable notification service supports a notification publication and subscription system that interacts with registered endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, and pcs so that notifications can be distributed and effectively managed across multiple endpoints. Applications on registered endpoints can publish notifications into the system to which other registered endpoints may subscribe.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Configurable simulator with testing capabilities

The present disclosure relates to a configurable simulator with testing capabilities, comprising a simulation controller and a plurality of configurable modular cards. The simulation controller determines configuration parameters of the cards and exchanges configuration messages with the cards.
Cae Inc.


Haptic notifications

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a haptic actuator or a device having a haptic actuator that is capable of producing short, sharp and crisp pulses in a short amount of time.. .
Apple Inc.


Epoll optimisations

A method for managing i/o event notifications in a data processing system comprising a plurality of applications and an operating system having a kernel and an i/o event notification mechanism operable to maintain a plurality of i/o event notification objects each handling a set of file descriptors associated with one or more i/o resources. For each of a plurality of application-level configuration calls: intercepting at a user-level interface a configuration call from an application to the i/o event notification mechanism for configuring an i/o event notification object; and storing a set of parameters of the configuration call at a data structure, each set of parameters representing an operation on the set of file descriptors handled by the i/o event notification object; and subsequently, upon meeting a predetermined criterion: the user-level interface causing the plurality of configuration calls to be effected by means of a first system call to the kernel..
Solarflare Communications, Inc.


Voice communications with real-time status notifications

A system, apparatus, graphical user interface and methods are provided for conducting electronic voice communications with status notifications. A user of a first portable device executing a communication application selects a multi-function control that automatically initiates an audio recording, which is automatically sent toward another participant of an active communication session when the control is released.
Whatsapp Inc.


Method and providing notifications

An approach is provided for providing map independent location-based notifications. The location-based notification platform causes an initiation of at least one spatial event request for one or more location-based notifications.
Here Global B.v.


Effective presence for push-to-talk-over-cellular (poc) networks

A system and method for providing effective presence for push-to-talk-over-cellular (poc) networks, wherein one or more servers performs an effective presence delivery method that reduces presence notifications delivered to mobile units participating in advanced voice services, while ensuring that the presence notifications relevant to the mobile units are available when the advanced voice services are invoked by the mobile units. The presence notifications are used to indicate a change in network presence of the mobile units.
Kodiak Networks Inc.


Pre-unlock local push interaction for non-native telephony service

A telephony device and method of operating the telephony device generates local push notifications. The method comprises receiving from a network a notification of an incoming call carried by a non-native telephony service.
Vonage Netowrk, Llc


Automatic sharing of event content by linking devices

Embodiments enable content sharing using event notifications that include a global identifier and a private identifier. The event notifications are sent to potential participants to an event.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and methods for dynamic operations, administration, and management

Systems and methods with dynamic connectivity fault management (cfm) and continuity check messages (ccms) that enable dynamic configurations to avoid limitations associated with static reconfigurations. Variously, a network, a method, and a network element are configured to implement a dynamic cfm method for dynamic notifications and actions taken based thereon between maintenance end points (meps).
Ciena Corporation


Electronic device with enhanced displaying notifications

There is disclosed an electronic device comprising a receiver, a display, an application processor and a sensor hub. The receiver is configured to receive notifications from a remote device.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


System and adjusting notifications for solar monitoring systems

The invention includes a system and method for characterizing and monitoring photovoltaic power systems, and more particularly, to solar monitoring systems that provide notification of fault and performance conditions. Mistaken fault conditions causing false alarms are corrected by use of current weather conditions and performance data to adjust fault detection algorithms and control features..
Also Energy, Inc.


Methods and systems for automatically generating high quality adverse action notifications

This invention relates generally to the personal finance and banking field, and more particularly to the field of lending and credit notification methods and systems. Preferred embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for automatically generating high quality adverse action notifications based on identifying variations between a declined borrower's profile and that of approved applicants, both with simple and sophisticated credit scoring systems, using specific algorithms..
Zestfinance, Inc.


Tiered application permissions

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for granting application permissions and providing notifications of api activity are provided. An example method may include processing a request to install an application that requires api calls by the application.
Google Inc.


Visual indication

Methods and devices for providing notifications. Under conventional techniques, users often forget relationship between multiple windows.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Systems and methods for displaying notifications received from multiple applications

Systems and methods are disclosed for displaying notifications received from multiple applications. In some embodiments, an electronic device can monitor notifications that are received from the multiple applications.
Apple Inc.


Video game competition notifications

Methods and systems are described for automatically sending a popup or other message to another person's electronic device upon finishing a predetermined goal in a video game. The predetermined goal can be, for example, killing a first boss in under five minutes.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Method and automatically adjusting the operation of reminders based on device event history

A processor-based personal electronic device (such as a smartphone) uses combinatorial logic to automatically adjust alarms, notifications, reminders, and the like based on data from device event histories, on-board sensors, user-entered data, and similar information. One particular representative embodiment comprises a process for automatically deleting an unneeded reminder.
Apple Inc.


Methods, systems, and products for notifications

A voicemail notification indicates a caller has recorded a voicemail. The voicemail notification may be sent to any destination, such as a caller's device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Location specific event broadcasting

Applications in a broadcast environment distribute events in real-time to a large number of receivers within specified geographic locations while efficiently sharing bandwidth resources with other applications using the same broadcast network. Applications need not be aware of the other applications sharing the resources, nor of the methods, protocols, and other mechanisms used to actually broadcast the data over the broadcast medium.
Roundbox, Inc.


Tracking and notification of fulfillment events

An electronic signature system is used to procure one or more electronic signatures on a document. The electronic signature system not only facilitates communication between the document originator and the document recipient, but it also tracks the document status through states such as sent, viewed, executed, and fulfilled.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Real-time self-service terminal (sst) network awareness

Operational data and metrics from a self-service terminal (sst) network are continuously acquired in a first format at a server. The first format is normalized and delivered to a configured mobile application on a mobile device.


Social media intelligence system

An information gathering and intelligence analysis and production system, which in an important version, has a secure interface that aids the user in determining and executing appropriate detailed searches of internet sources such as social media. Results are analyzed and refined to improve the quality of the search results using a wide variety of techniques including intelligence industry analytics.


Privacy user interface for websites

A privacy user interface for websites is described. In one or more implementations, website information associated with a website is detected responsive to navigating to the website using a web platform.
Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc


Mobile self-management compliance and notification method, system and computer program product

A computerized interactive method, system and computer program product is provided for managing a person's health and lifestyle through self-managing controlled notifications, feedback, and alerts are disclosed. Embodiments provide computerized self-management and compliance scheme that does not require third party intervention or treatment options typical with immediate-response or alert-based systems.
Lifewire Corporation


Automatically creating at-a-glance content

Generating notifications comprising text and image data for client devices with limited display screens is disclosed. An image to be included in the notification is resized and reshaped using image processing techniques.
Yahoo! Inc.


Synchronized backup and recovery of database systems

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for utilizing a backup catalog to perform synchronized backup and recovery of heterogeneous database systems. An embodiment operates by performing a global data backup of a heterogeneous database system comprising a first database management system (dbms) at a first server and a second dbms at a second server and recording a global data backup entry identifying the global data backup into a backup catalog.


Enhanced notifications

A facility for providing enhanced time-sensitive notifications on an electronic device is described. In some such notifications, the facility replaces an icon or name of an application presenting the notification with another image or other text, respectively.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and providing notifications based on ranking of road links

An approach is provided for prioritizing notification to one or more vehicles based on the ranking of one or more road links. The approach involves determining one or more road links that are associated with at least one curvature value greater than at least one curvature threshold value.
Here Global B.v.


Garment with integrated notification lights for turning, braking, hazard and emergency that communicates with a vehicle wireless protocol

An apparatus and garment with protective padding and covering for use by motorcycle or recreational vehicle operators having integrated turning signals and notification lights to be illuminated in the case of turning, braking, hazard, or emergency. A garment configured to have the ability to communicate with the motorcycle electronic module via a wireless protocol to provide synchronous turning signals and braking notifications lighting to other vehicle operators in the rear or side or oncoming traffic.
Lit Gear, Llc


Systems and methods for tracking and responding to mobile events in a relationship management system

A method and apparatus for tracking and responding to mobile events in a relationship management system is described. The method may include detecting a mobile event associated with a user of a relationship management system.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Recipient location aware notifications in response to related posts

In one aspect, a method is provided, including the following method operations: receiving a request to generate a first post data item at a first location; providing for presentation of the first post data item at a second location; receiving a request to generate a second post data item at the second location, the second post data item being in reply to the first post data item; identifying a destination for notification about the second post data item; providing in association with the destination a notification identifying the second post data item, the notification being associated with the first location.. .
Google Inc.


Resource management of social network applications

Applications in social networks support interaction between members through various types of channels such as notifications, newsfeed, and so forth. For each channel, applications are ranked based on their user affinity measures.
Facebook, Inc.


Initiating multiple connections from multiple communication devices

Methods for establishing simultaneous connections on a plurality of communication devices associated with a user implemented on an instant messaging program by issuing ring tones, audible notifications, or visual indications to the plurality of communication devices and constructing a state diagram for sending the ring tones, the audible notifications, or the visual indications to the plurality of communication devices.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Analyzing data sources for inactive data

According to embodiments of the present invention, machines, systems, methods and computer program products for analyzing data sources for inactive data are presented. Data accesses within one or more data sources are monitored, and data access information is generated based on the monitored data accesses, wherein the data access information indicates accessed and non-accessed data within the one or more data sources.
International Business Machines Corporation


Auto attendant system with portable communication component for reactive status notifications

A portable device that allows for instant communication and notification between two parties is provided. Directed primarily at elderly family members and the like that live or travel on their own, such a device includes a communication component for reactive response to requests for status notifications on demand.


Methods and managing online poker tournaments allowing joint play between users posting differing buy-in amounts

Techniques for managing an online poker tournament include receiving data transmissions indicating buy-in amounts to participate in the online poker tournament from a plurality of client devices, with buy-in amounts received from first and second client devices being different from buy-in amounts received from third and fourth client devices. The first, second, third, and fourth client devices may be associated in a first set, and the third and fourth client devices may be associated in a second set.
Gtech Uk Interactive Limited


Notifying device, program, non-transitory recording medium, and method

A notifying device (300) includes an information obtaining unit (320) obtaining, for each of the plurality of transactions, a notification date and hour preceding by a set time interval from the deadline for each transaction. The notifying device (300) includes a notification sending unit (370) sending, to a user who watches each transaction, a notification of the deadline for each transaction after the notification date and hour obtained for each transaction comes.
Rakuten, Inc.


Assembling information to generate composite web page content

Disclosed herein is a system and method relating to a listing service's listings, such as job listings of a recruitment service, targeted for a user using targeting information collected external to the listing service. A number of listings are identified for the user using the externally-collected targeting information and information obtained from the listing service including information about listings of the listing service.
Linkedin Corporation


Systems and methods of notifying a patient to take medication

Systems and methods of scheduling and sending notifications to, and receiving acknowledgements from, patients regarding specific health care events, such as the taking of medications at scheduled times and in prescribed dosages. By directing a patient to take their prescribed dosages of medication at scheduled times based on a schedule of medications prepared for the patient by a health care provider, a caregiver, etc., and enabling the patient to provide acknowledgements of having taken their prescribed dosages of medication, improved health care outcomes can be achieved.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Analyzing data sources for inactive data

According to embodiments of the present invention, machines, systems, methods and computer program products for analyzing data sources for inactive data are presented. Data accesses within one or more data sources are monitored, and data access information is generated based on the monitored data accesses, wherein the data access information indicates accessed and non-accessed data within the one or more data sources.
International Business Machines Corporation


Event notification in a hybrid network

When a mobile station requests circuit services notifications through a packet switched network, a mobile switching center sets a forwarding indicator. When the msc detects an event indicative of a change in the status of the mobile station, the msc sends an event notification to the packet switched network if the forwarding indicator is set to true.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Methods and apparatuses for emergency notifications to the hearing impaired

Described are systems and methods for communicating emergency alerts to a hearing-impaired user. Queries are performed to one or more emergency alert databases to develop emergency alert notifications.
Sorenson Communications, Inc.


Use of participative sensing systems to enable enhanced road friction estimation

Methods and systems are disclosed for participative sensing of road friction conditions by vehicles, collection of the friction data from a large number of vehicles by a central server, processing the data to classify friction conditions by roadway and locale, and sending notifications of the friction conditions to vehicles as appropriate. A large number of vehicles use participative sensing systems to identify road friction estimates which are reported to the central server—where the vehicles use sensor data and vehicle dynamic conditions to estimate friction.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method and determining traffic safety events using vehicular participative sensing systems

Methods and systems are disclosed for participative sensing of events and conditions by road vehicles, collection of this data from a large number of road vehicles by a central server, processing the data to identify events and conditions which may be of interest to other vehicles in a particular location, and sending notifications of the events and conditions to vehicles. A large number of vehicles use participative sensing systems to identify a safety-related event or condition which should be reported to the central server—such as a large pothole, an obstacle in the roadway, an icy road surface, a traffic accident, etc.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


System and architecture for providing shared patient data notifications

A system is disclosed that personalizes the display of a patient's electronic healthcare record (ehr) for a user to enable the user to readily identify those data items that have been added since the user last accessed the ehr. The system maintains records of when particular users access particular ehrs, and uses these records to generate the personalized views..
Qsi Management, Llc


Dynamic search engine for an industrial environment

A multi-platform industrial search system facilitates indexing and searching of plant-wide data residing on multiple different data platforms. The industrial search system automatically inventories industrial devices and other data sources located throughout a plant, and identifies available data items on each data source.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Method and providing application notifications

An approach is provided for distributing notifications from developers to installed applications via a notification enabler separate from the applications. The notification platform determines at least one application installed on at least one device.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Notifications framework for distributed software upgrades

Techniques for managing an upgrade operation comprising multiple upgrade process executing on multiple host machines (or hosts) for upgrading software applications on the multiple hosts. Techniques are disclosed for managing notifications that are generated by the multiple upgrade processes during execution, and more particular, techniques for reducing the number of notifications that are sent to a user.
Oracle International Corporation


Active menu with surfacing notifications

In one example, a mobile device is configured to display video images. The video images may be displayed in connection with collecting the video images or as part of a playback of previously recorded video images.
Here Global B.v.


Method and retrieving time-based event data into unified activity hierarchy across process clusters

A method includes receiving notifications associated with batch execution instances executed by multiple devices. The notifications identify events occurring in an industrial process control and automation system.
Honeywell International Inc.


Contact detect feature of a vehicle and notifications to enable live views of vehicle

Methods and systems are disclosed for a vehicle and for associated methods for handling contact detection of the vehicle. The vehicle includes a computer and a communications system.


Alert device system and method

A mobile device is provided with software monitoring a programmatically controlled process of the mobile device. The software communicates a status of the process to an alert device that, in turn, communicates process status information to the monitor.


Systems and methods for interactive program guides with personal video recording features

Methods and systems that provide enhanced personal video recorder (“pvr”) and interactive television program guide (“ipg”) functionality are provided. An interactive television application (“application”) may be implemented to provide such functionality.
Rovi Guides, Inc.


Triggering of notifications in a communications network

A method of triggering a notification in a communications network method comprises specifying at least one computer device as a recipient device for the notification. The method further comprises triggering a rendering of the notification on the specified recipient device, wherein the notification has associated therewith a notification duration that is based on a current operational context of the notification.
Calay Venture S.à R.l.


Supervised online identity

Technologies to facilitate supervision of an online identify include a gateway server to facilitate and monitor access to an online service by a user of a “child” client computer device. The gateway server may include an identity manager to receive a request for access to the online service from the client computing device, retrieve access information to the online service, and facilitate access to the online service for the client computing device using the access information.


Apparatus and deferring asynchronous events notifications

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for self-service payment based on location and time information are described. In embodiments, a device may include a data module to store one or more asynchronous events notifications (aens) or ethernet frames.
Intel Corporation


Backup contact for security/safety monitoring system

A method includes receiving an indication that an event has occurred in a physical space being monitored by a monitoring device that includes a plurality of sensors. In response to the indication, the method includes sending one or more primary notifications of the event over a computer-based network to each of one or more persons primarily associated with the physical space being monitored.
Canary Connect, Inc.


Device for displaying electronic communications received from communications services

Examples disclosed herein provide notifications to a user of a communications device. The communications device groups electronic communications received from different communications services according to senders of the electronic communications.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Weighing apparatus rezero fault prediction and remote alerting

Systems and methods for remotely monitoring the rezero status of a weighing apparatus, such as a checkweigher. Remotely located interested parties may sign up for notifications related to the weighing apparatus rezero status, and the interested parties may be automatically electronically notified when certain status conditions occur.
Mettler-toledo, Llc


System and the creation and utilization of multi-agent dynamic situational awareness models

A method, system, and non-transitory computer-readable medium, the method including receiving notifications from a plurality of agents, the notifications being associated with the plurality of agents sensing aspects of an environment; determining, based at least in part on the received notifications from the plurality of agents, a situational model of the environment from the notifications; determining a status of the environment based on the situational model; and reporting the status of the environment to at least one of the plurality of agents.. .
General Electric Company


Smart pill container, control method and system

A medicine pill box or pill bottle equipped with sensors to detect presence or absence status of pills and/or movement of the pill box or bottle and/or removal of a bottle cap, and a communication module for wirelessly communicating with an external device to exchange data with the connected device and internet-based services. The internet-based service records the data from the pill box or bottle and sends relevant notifications and reminders to authorized users.


Method and system for rapid internet protocol (ip) communication session setup using interactive push notifications

Systems and methods for rapid ip telephony communications session setup using interactive push notifications are provided herein. In some embodiments, a method may include receiving a connection request from a first device to setup an ip telephony communications session with a second device, transmitting a request to send a push notification message including telecommunication invitation data to the second device to notify a user of the second device of the connection request, receiving a first response from the second device indicating acceptance of the connection request, sending an indication to the first device that the connection request has been accepted at the second device, receiving a second response from the second device that is used to complete the ip telephony communications session connection between the first and second devices, and connecting the second device with the first device to establish the ip telephony communications session based on the second response..
Vonage Network Llc


System and managing interruptions by indicating an availability status on a communication device

A computer system and computer implemented method for managing interruptions by indicating an availability status on a first communication device. The method is performed by said first communication device and a computer server, the method comprising: (a) receiving an input from a user, the input comprising a request to interrupt or resume communications or notifications processed by other communication devices or communication platforms; (b) sending commands to the other communication devices or communication platforms based on the request to interrupt or resume; and (c) starting or terminating in real time or near real time, based on the request to interrupt or resume communications or notifications, respectively, a do-not-disturb (dnd) state, wherein the dnd state comprises that the user for a period of time is not interrupted by communications or notifications from the other communication devices or communication platforms.
Canfocus Technologies Inc.


Token enrollment system and method

Embodiments of the invention are directed to methods, apparatuses, computer readable media and systems for providing a token service environment that allows a token requesting party (e.g. Token requestor) to specify parameters for token generation for controlling and customizing the token generation process.


System and monitoring hospital workflow compliance with a hand hygiene network

A system and method for monitoring compliance with a plurality of workflow procedures in a hospital or other health care facility using a hand hygiene compliance system (hhc). A control unit of a hhc gathers data based upon the presence, identification, and movement of a plurality of assets, including persons, equipment, or supplies, each having wearable detectable tags, such as rfid tags, and communicates that data to a local or remote server.
Proventix Systems, Inc.


System and method to detect the presence of a child in a car seat

A system (1000) and method that detects a presence of at least one object (401) comprises a pad (100) and a receiver (200). The pad (100) comprises a communication element (102), a unique identifier, a power source (101), a switch (103) configured to adapt a power state from “off” to “on” by means of at least one object (401) closing the switch (103) disposed between the power source (101) and the communication element (102).


Electronic document system

An electronic document system, for example, includes a network portal that connects to end user devices via a network and generates graphical user interfaces on the end user devices. A database server stores data extracted by data capture entities (dces) associated with submitted electronic documents and approval routes for each dce.
Accenture Global Services Limited


Handling applications on a unified desktop

Embodiments provide for a handheld device with a unified desktop for integrating the functionality of the handheld device with a larger computer system. When connected to a peripheral display and/or a display of the larger computer system, the handheld device provides a unified desktop displayed across the screen(s) of the handheld device and the peripheral display.


Screen magnification with off-screen indication

In one example, a magnification display system may alert a user to event notifications that are presented outside the magnification area. The magnification display system may apply a magnification area with a magnification module to a section of a viewing area presented by a display.
Microsoft Corporation

Notifications topics: Notifications, Notification, Communications, Transactions, Short Message Service, Content Management, Networking, Enterprise Content Management, Social Networking, Social Network, Electronic Cigarette, Enhancement, Computing Device, Electronic Device, Content Management System

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