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Selective image correction for infrared imaging devices

Flir Systems

Selective image correction for infrared imaging devices

Selective image correction for infrared imaging devices

At&t Intellectual Property IL.p.

Bundling data transfers and employing tail optimization protocol to manage cellular radio resource utilization

Date/App# patent app List of recent Notifications-related patents
 Unwanted caller and message sender identification for restricted communication devices patent thumbnailUnwanted caller and message sender identification for restricted communication devices
Method for enabling unwanted caller notifications or unwanted message sender notifications for all communication devices and applications including those with restricted programmatic call and message log access. The method delivers and stores a database of unwanted caller/message sender identification information in the device default contacts list, which is made available to the device's default caller/message sender identification service and to applications installed on the device.

 Notifications patent thumbnailNotifications
A notification of a received communication relating to a communication chain is presented. An input is received in response to that notification.
Microsoft Corporation

 Selective image correction for infrared imaging devices patent thumbnailSelective image correction for infrared imaging devices
Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods using small form factor infrared imaging devices to image scenes in proximity to a vehicle. An imaging system may include one or more infrared imaging devices, a processor, a memory, a display, a communication module, and modules to interface with a user, sensors, and/or a vehicle.
Flir Systems, Inc.

 Bundling data transfers and employing tail optimization protocol to manage cellular radio resource utilization patent thumbnailBundling data transfers and employing tail optimization protocol to manage cellular radio resource utilization
To facilitate increasing power and resource efficiency of a mobile device, in the mobile device, with regard to periodic or one-time data transfers, a communication management component can analyze information comprising data transfer parameter information, including jitter information, associated with each application of a subset of applications used by the device and can desirably schedule and/or bundle data transfers associated with the applications to reduce the number of separate data bursts to transfer that data to thereby reduce use of wireless resources and power consumption by the device. A push notification system can receive respective jitter information associated with each application from the mobile device, and the push notification system can desirably schedule and/or bundle push notifications to reduce the number of separate data bursts sent to the device to reduce use of wireless resources and power consumption by the device..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 System and  providing alert notifications to a vehicle occupant patent thumbnailSystem and providing alert notifications to a vehicle occupant
A system for providing travel and traffic information to an occupant of a vehicle, the system comprising: an electronic device 12″ positionable in the vehicle; a remote server 16′ arranged to provide travel information based on a determined position of the electronic device 12″; and an in-vehicle radio receiver unit 15′ comprising means for audio and/or visual output of travel information to the vehicle occupant. The electronic device 12″, for example in the form of a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter (cla), comprises a plug that is insertable into an in-vehicle power supply socket for providing power to the electronic device.
Tomtom International B.v.

 System and  adaptively integrating a database state notification service with a distributed transactional middleware machine patent thumbnailSystem and adaptively integrating a database state notification service with a distributed transactional middleware machine
A system and method can handle various database state notifications in a transactional middleware machine environment. The system can connect one or more transaction servers to a database service, wherein the database service is associated with a notification service.
Oracle International Corporation

 Apparatus, method, and system for desynchronizing notifications across multiple devices patent thumbnailApparatus, method, and system for desynchronizing notifications across multiple devices
An apparatus and method for desynchronizing notifications across multiple electronic devices are provided. The method includes receiving, by a primary electronic device, a notification, transmitting, by the primary electronic device, the notification to a companion electronic device with which the primary electronic device is synchronized, and desynchronizing a providing of the notification at the companion electronic device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Remote application connection sharing patent thumbnailRemote application connection sharing
One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for sharing a connection to a remote-based application running on a server. A plurality of client-side browser instantiations can be associated with the remote-based application, such as by running instantiations of the remote application locally on respective client machines.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Determining customer intent in an online retail environment patent thumbnailDetermining customer intent in an online retail environment
One embodiment of the present invention pertains to a method for receiving information about customer intent in an online retail environment. The method includes providing a user interface where the customer can select products of interest to add to a watchlist.
Trackif Llc

 Energy monitoring and analysis system patent thumbnailEnergy monitoring and analysis system
An energy monitoring and analysis system is provided. Sensors are attached to circuit breakers to collect energy consumption data.


Notification system for electronic devices

A case for electronic devices is provided. In some embodiments, the case may comprise an outer case configured to receive an electronic device and an electronic circuit board retained within the outer case.
Nolo Inc.


Wireless communications device having contact specific silent mode disabling capabilities

A wireless communications device includes a memory, an output device, an input device and a processor. The memory is adapted to maintain individual profiles relating to each of a plurality of user contacts.


Methods and resolving data inconsistencies in an ims network

A serving call session control function, s-cscf, within an ip multimedia subsystem, ims, core network. notifications are sent to a home subscriber server, hss, of the ims core network, indicating ims registration state changes of users.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Management of notifications in a mobile web application

A method is provided for managing notifications between a user agent installed in a mobile terminal and a web server. The method includes the following acts, carried out by an intermediate piece of equipment: receiving a notification message from the mobile terminal in accordance with a first protocol designed for transmission over a signaling channel, the notification message including notification data from the user agent; generating a notification message in accordance with a second protocol designed for transmission over the internet network, in which the notification data is inserted; and transmitting to the web server, of the notification message in accordance with the second protocol.


Facilitating user-centric identity management

Embodiments of the present invention provide systems, methods, and computer storage media for facilitating user-centric identity management. In this regard, various aspects of identity management are designed to be more transparent to users to bolster user assurance with respect to “behind-the-scenes” procedures of identity management.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Integrated employee training and performance evaluation system

A method for integrating employee training management with on-the-job employee performance evaluation, whereby one or more specified training courses are completed by one or more employees. One or more observations are automatically assigned to the one or more employees.
Alchemy Systems, L.p.


Intelligent routing of notifications to grouped devices

A system and method are disclosed for enhancing a linear broadcast of a network television program by automatically displaying alerts over the linear broadcast relating to web content determined to be of interest to the linear broadcast or user. The alert may include a link such that, once actioned upon, web content may be presented to the user in addition to the linear broadcast or in the place of the linear broadcast..
Microsoft Corporation


Distributed constraint-based omptimized routing of interactions

A system for optimized and distributed routing of interactions, comprising a plurality of media servers operating adapted to handle interactions of one or more specific media types, a statistics server, a routing database, and a routing server. Upon receiving or initiating an interaction of a specific media type, a first media server from the media servers sends a route request message comprising at least an interaction identifier and a collection of interaction-specific data to the routing server, the statistics server receives event notifications from the media servers and computes one or more statistics, and the routing server executes, using statistical data from the statistics server and data from the routing database, a routing script comprising a constraint-based optimization process in response to the route request message and sends a response to the first media server directing it to route the interaction to a specific target resource..
Newvoicemedia, Inc.


Nearby friend notifications on online social networks

In one embodiment, a computing system may access a social graph comprising a plurality of nodes and a plurality of edges connecting the nodes, each of the edges between two of the nodes representing a single degree of separation between them, the nodes comprising a first node corresponding to the first user, the first user being associated with an online social network, and a number of second nodes corresponding to a number of second users associated with the online social network. The computing system may receive an indication of a first location of a mobile-client system of the first user.
Facebook, Inc.


Broadcast notification system

An online content management service can manage distribution of event notifications to client devices based on notification keys. Client devices can register with the content management service to receive event notifications associated with one or more specific notification keys of interest.
Dropbox, Inc.


Systems and methods for implementing notifications of incentives offered by funding sources

A system and/or method may be provided to notify a user of incentives offered by various funding sources based on the user's location. In particular, incentives offered by various funding sources at various merchant locations are determined.
Ebay Inc.


System and enabling customized notifications on an electronic device

A system and method are provided for enabling customized notifications on an electronic device. The method comprises displaying a recommendation on the electronic device to create a custom notification for at least one communication type.
Blackberry Limited


Hierarchy of tools for navigation

Some embodiments provide a mapping application that provides a variety of ui elements for allowing a user to specify a location (e.g., for viewing or serving as route destinations). In some embodiments, these location-input ui elements appear in succession on a sequence of pages, according to a hierarchy that has the ui elements that require less user interaction appear on earlier pages in the sequence than the ui elements that require more user interaction.
Apple Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus

Provided is an air-conditioning apparatus including a plurality of indoor units for an outdoor unit, which is capable of determining whether there is occurrence of frost formation on the outdoor unit during a heating operation so as to enable a transition to a defrosting operation at an appropriate timing. Each of the indoor units is configured to transmit an operating-state notification for notifying a self-operating state to the outdoor unit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Systems and methods for configuring vibration patterns for notifications received at a wearable communication device

Systems, methods, and devices for generating a notification by wearable communication device. One system includes a mobile communication device and a wearable communication device.


System and dynamically monitoring, analyzing, managing, and alerting packet data traffic and applications

A computer-implemented system and method is describe, having a usage and performance analyzer system (up as) for receiving a data packet or information from a computer or mobile device via a usage and performance analyzer module (up am) for evaluating and implementing policies via a dynamic offender polices and enforcement (dope) module. Further, wherein the dope module comprises a past actions, status, and timers (past) module for classifying specific users.


Methods and apparatus notifying a remotely located user of the operating condition of a household appliance

Sounds, alarms or other indications of conditions of potential interest that are produced by appliances and other household devices are detected by one or more sensors to trigger a notification signal that is sent to a remotely located user. The signals produced by the sensors are advantageously compared with a database of signals representing conditions of potential interest produced by known appliances and devices, producing the appropriate notification signal when a match is found.


Systems and computer-implemented processes for providing electronic notifications

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing account balance notifications. The disclosed embodiments generally relate to using transmitters to activate a mobile application to request financial account information, such as an account balance, and display the requested information, via the mobile device, before the customer uses an automated teller machine (atm) or conducts a transaction at a bank branch.


Enterprise integration platform

Methods and apparatus for an enterprise integration platform. An apparatus includes a processor, a network interface, and a memory, the memory comprising an operating system, a console management module to manage a console, a users management module to manage one or more users, a roles and accessibility management module, a notifications manager module, a search pad module, an application deployment manager module and an audit trail and traceability manager module..


Location triggering for prescriptions ready notifications

Methods, systems, and apparatus are disclosed to notify and route a customer to a prescription pickup location. A communication device detects the proximity of a prescription customer to an associated pharmacy location.


Methods and systems for key value observing

Embodiments described herein relate to methods and systems for key value observing. One example embodiment accessing changes to properties of a virtual object during an event cycle.


Dynamic web application notifications including task bar overlays

Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine.


Alarm dog collar

An electronic collar attachment attachable to a dog's collar which allows a user to directly enter, store and view pertinent information relating to, among other things, the dog's identity, medical history, and upcoming appointments and medications, as well as scheduled meal times, medications, and walks. The collar attachment also selectively provides audible, visual, and/or vibration notifications of such upcoming events.


Notification system including a notification accessory linkable to a communications device

A notification system includes a specially-configured communications device, such as a smartphone, and a notification accessory that is linkable, e.g., via bluetooth, to the communications device. The notification system allows a user to selectively, according to user preference, reproduce at the wearable accessory customized notifications corresponding to notifications that would otherwise occur at the communications device.


Proximity-based notifications in a mobile device

Methods, program products, and systems for proximity-based notifications are described. A proximity-based notification system can receive a request to be notified when a contact's mobile device is in proximity to a user's mobile device, obtain permission to receive information associated with the contact, receive the information associated with the contact, detect that the contact's mobile device is in proximity to the user's mobile device based on the information associated with the contact, and notify the user that the contact's mobile device is in proximity to the user's mobile device..


Displaying presence in an application accessing shared and synchronized content

A client application of a device collects presence information and other interaction information from an application viewing a content item synchronized with a content management system. The interaction information indicates interactions of a device with respect to a content item.


Low-latency processing in a network node

A method in a network node that includes a host and an accelerator, includes holding a work queue that stores work elements, a notifications queue that stores notifications of the work elements, and control indices for adding and removing the work elements and the notifications to and from the work queue and the notifications queue, respectively. The notifications queue resides on the accelerator, and at least some of the control indices reside on the host.


Real-time event communication and management system, method and computer program product

A real time medical communication system for sending notifications of medical alerts includes a data translation layer for receiving real time medical data from one or more sources via a network and an alerts engine. The alerts engine may include a message processing module including an entity extraction module configured to extract entities from the real time medical data; and a fragment generation module configured to define fragments comprising events of interest for defining one or more medical alerts.


Customized loyalty notifications

A user accesses an account management system website via a user computing device and establishes a user account with the account management system. The user downloads an application onto the user computing device, which receives information for one or more loyalty cards.


Interactive learning management method

An interactive learning management method includes abilities to automatically establish group settings on the learning communication mobile application based on the user identities, and to conduct real-time information transmission of class announcements, test paper scores, tutor comments and replies etc, to carry out learning interactions with the teacher by recording video clips of questions and answers, and to download mobile applications for learning via the internet. The method provides a realization for transmission of learning information and archive photos by the users on the mobile device end through the learning communication mobile application and for downloading remote learning-oriented mobile applications for use, so that users can conduct real-time information notifications or learning through the mobile applications oriented to specific courses on the mobile device without limit of time and place.


Secured private network and storage device

A compact, encrypted external flash drive device is configured for wired or wireless communication with laptop computers, mobile phones, tables or other mobile devices, to provide secure storage and transfer of documents, contacts, media files and other data to and from such mobile devices. The carddrive device may include a microcontroller unit to control modules and features of the drive, including wireless interfaces, encryption/decryption, gps location, and alert notifications.


Notifying users of actions in cross-platform environments

A gameplay notification system receives gameplay indications and notification configuration information from a gameplay system. The gameplay indications and configuration information are stored in a platform queue corresponding to a client device platform type.


System and congestion management for downlink queues of digital processing satellites for differentiated quality-of-service (qos)

Approaches are provided for a congestion detection algorithm for detection of congestion in outroute port queues (associated with respective satellite downlink beams), of a layer 2 switch on-board a processing satellite, before the congestion reaches the point of dropping packets. Such approaches employ congestion notification protocols to inform all inroute sources of the congested ports.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Systems and methods for optimizing message notification timing based on geographic location

Systems and methods are provided for timing message notifications to be provided to mobile device users based on their respective geographic locations with respect to a targeted content area. The timing of message notifications may be controlled in order to optimize the chances of delivering targeted content to a mobile device user based on the current geographic location of the user's device relative to a targeted content area.
Aol Inc.


Cloud-based global alarm annunciation system for industrial systems

A cloud-based global alarm annunciation broker assist in locating and contacting suitable technical support personnel in response to detected alarm events at a plant facility. The system comprises a cloud-based framework that dynamically matches on-site alarm events to domain experts capable of addressing the alarm events.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Overcoming data loss in streaming video in ip networks

A computer-implemented method, apparatus and computer program product for overcoming data loss in streaming video in ip networks. The method comprising: receiving by a computing device associated with a server transmitting video, one or more notifications from a client, each notification related to a missing packet or a corrupted frame, wherein the packet or the frame are to be received by the client; determining a situation based upon the notifications; and subject to the situation being a first situation, transmitting to the client an indication that the client is to transmit to the server notifications of a first type, and subject to the situation being a second situation, transmitting to the client an indication that the client is to transmit to the server notifications of a first type and of a second type..
Playcast Media Systems, Ltd.


Network notifications

A request is received from a device within a network for a resource on server outside of the network. The resource is subject to a policy of the network.
Phantom Technologies, Inc.


Multinode hubs for trusted computing

Embodiments of multinode hubs for trust operations are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, a multinode hub may include a plurality of memory regions, a trapping module, and a trusted platform module (tpm) component.


Method and management agent for event notifications correlation

Methods and apparatus for correlating event notifications between agents in a management network are provided. An agent constructs a network notification in response to receiving an event notification.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Systems and methods for implementing real-time event notifications

A system or method is provided to implement event notifications in real time. In particular, a possible event occurrence, such as a spontaneous or unannounced musical concert, is detected based on a user's interactions with the user's communication device, such as the user's video or audio recording of an event or communication regarding an event, such as texting, tweeting, online posting, social network comments, and etc.
Ebay Inc.


Nfc device comprising configurable notification means

The present invention relates to a near field communication device configured to establish a near field communication channel with an external device, and provide a first host processor with application data sent by the external device. The device is configured to provide a second host processor with notifications relating to the nature or content of application data provided to the first host processor, and configure the notifications according to a characteristic parameter of an application in the framework of which the external device sends data to the first host processor..
Inside Secure


Near field communication based data transfer

The nfc tag may monitor the server by monitoring a status of the notifications available at the server, to identify a modification or a latest version of the notification. Upon encountering a modification or a latest version, within a configured timeframe, the nfc tag overwrites its contents to match the modification or latest version of the notification..


Security system access detection

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for access and control of networked devices. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request for access to a security system device; determining whether the device is set to a first mode or a second mode; and in response to determining that the device is in the second mode, generating one or more notifications to authorized users identifying the access to the security device..
Oplink Communications, Inc.


System, application and managing patient care coordination

A system coordinates patient transitions of care and manages a patient's care from diagnosis to solution no matter how long it takes or how many healthcare providers are involved during the continuum of care. The system brings all of the people interactions into a protected, access-controlled environment that allows a patient's entire continuum of care, inclusive of diagnostic and demographic data, documentation, forms, communication and collaboration, as well as a patient's transition of care, to be coordinated among as many healthcare providers as are needed for as long as needed.


Beacon device for enhancing measurements of the effecitiveness of mobile notifications

A beacon device comprising a memory, a processor, and one or more first wireless transceivers is disclosed. The processor retrieves, from the memory, a list of entries of identification information related to a plurality of entities.
Yext, Inc.


Systems and methods for utilizing social media with money transfer transactions

Systems and methods which utilize one or more social networking systems when creating, funding, and/or notifying a party of a transaction are provided. In accordance with one aspect, a money transfer transaction may be staged by a user whereupon a link corresponding to the staged transaction may be posted to one or more social networking services in order to allow for multiple users to access and fund the staged transaction.
Moneygram International, Inc.


Authentication and notification heuristics

Server-side authentication of user accounts by using multiple authentication tokens and transmission of update statement to users for updates to applications installed on their devices. Prompting users that updates are available upon determining that a threshold event has occurred and if requisite network and situational conditions exist.
Apple Inc.


Method and adapting navigation notifications based on compliance information

An approach is provided for adapting navigation notifications based on a level of compliance of users to the notifications. An adaptation platform determines user action data following a presentation of at least one navigation notification at at least one device.
Here Global B.v.


Controllable lighting devices

The present invention provides a lighting device comprising a light output means, a computing device, data communication means, and a casing, wherein the light output means is configured to be controllable by the computing device, the computing device configured to receive and/or transmit instructions to/from the data communication means. The lighting device may be capable of outputting light have various effects, or may emit notifications to a user..
Lifi Labs, Inc.


Providing notifications to devices based on real-time conditions related to an on-demand service

A system and method for providing notifications is described. The system accesses a notification database that stores a plurality of notification entries.
Uber Technologies, Inc.


Eliminating redundant notifications to sip/simple subscribers

A system for eliminating redundant notifications to sip/simple subscribers, the system including a notification fingerprinter configured to generate a fingerprint from the contents of a sip/simple subscriber notification using a predefined fingerprinting method, a fingerprint comparator configured to compare a fingerprint of a previously-sent notification with a fingerprint of a waiting-to-be-sent notification, and a server configured to send the waiting-to-be-sent notification to the subscriber only if the fingerprints do not match.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Providing message status notifications during electronic messaging

One or more embodiments described herein include methods and systems of providing message status notifications. The status notifications can comprise one or more of sent, delivered, or accessed/read notifications.
Facebook, Inc.


Automated status based connection handling

A connection handling system such as a mobile device allows selection of status indicators on a per channel basis. Status indicators may include states such as busy, unavailable, in a meeting, in a theater, or on vacation.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Trailer notifications

The subject disclosure relates to a method for providing user notifications related to the release of a movie or other media item. In some implementations, the method includes steps for receiving an interest signal for a user, the interest signal comprising a selection of one or more media items for which the user has indicated an interest; receiving a locations signal, the locations signal comprising location information corresponding with one or more of the user's preferred theatre locations, and searching, a media database to determine if any of the one or more media items is available to the user, wherein searching the media database is performed using the interest signal and the locations signal.
Apple Inc.


System and publishing personalized book collections

System and method of publishing a personal collection of electronic books responsive to a user request. A graphical user interface (gui) is configured to allow a user to compile a collection of electronic books and then request to share the collection to other users of a select website.
Kobo Incorporated


Providing relevant notification based on common interests between friends in a social networking system

A social networking system provides relevant third-party content objects to users by matching user location, interests, and other social information with the content, location, and timing associated with the content objects. Content objects are provided based on relevance scores specific to a user.
Facebook, Inc.


Determining user response to notifications based on a physiological parameter

In some examples, a technique may include outputting information associated with a notification. The notification may be associated with a notification attribute.
Google Inc.


Display content enabled mobile device

A method implemented by a computer device having a bi-stable screen as a one, and only one, screen for displaying display content associated with an application or service executable on a computer device, the method comprising: receiving the display content; and sending the display content for subsequent display on the bi-stable screen. The display content can be remotely obtained display content such as push notifications messages provided by a remote messaging service over a communications network..


Display content enabled mobile device

A method implemented by a computer device having a bi-stable screen as a one, and only one, screen for displaying display content associated with an application or service executable on a computer device, the method comprising: receiving the display content; and sending the display content for subsequent display on the bi-stable screen. The display content can be remotely obtained display content such as push notifications messages provided by a remote messaging service over a communications network..


Systems and methods for monitoring vehicle health with connected applications

Systems and methods that allow a user to enhance the experience on their mobile device and provide better information to make decisions based on sharing vehicle health information received from diagnostic systems on the car with applications on their mobile device. The system may receive trip information from a user device and vehicle health information from the vehicle and the user device.
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless



A dispenser or dispensing system. The dispenser can be a screw conveyor pill dispenser, tumbler pill dispenser, push-to-operate pill cap dispenser, twist-to-operate pill cap dispenser, or push-to-operate pill cap dispenser.
Access Business Group International Llc


Safety equipment

A safety system includes a load detection sensor retrofitable on a safety hook, a transmitter arranged to convey a load status signal, processing means for analyzing the load status signal, a receiver for receiving the load status signal and being operably connected to the processing means, warning means arranged to generate notifications, and a power source for providing energy to the transmitter, the receiver, and the processing means. The load detection sensor is arranged to generate a load status signal which is sent by the transmitter to the receiver and then analyzed by the processing means so that when the load status signal indicates that a load is undetected or that the safety hook is connected, the warning means are either inactive or generate a first notification but when the pressure status signal indicates that a load is detected or that the safety hook is disconnected, the warning means generate a second notification..
Skanska Uk Plc


Systems and methods for alerting users of the postponed recording of programs

Systems and methods are provided herein in relation to notifications about alternative viewing opportunities for recording and playback of media programs. In particular, the systems and methods provide users with information related to alternative recorded programming viewing opportunities for programs scheduled for recording by a user..
Rovi Guides, Inc.


Ip camera smart controller

The instant application discloses, among other things, an ip camera smart controller. In one embodiment, the ip camera smart controller may comprise an internet protocol (ip) camera configured to detect whether a garage door is open or closed.


Selectively redirecting notifications to a wearable computing device

A first computing device can include at least one processor, and a notification redirection module operable by the at least one processor to receive sensor data from a second computing device, responsive to determining, based on the sensor data, that the second computing device is not being worn, output and for display, a notification, and responsive to determining, based on the sensor data, that the second computing device is being worn, send to the second computing device, an indication of the notification.. .
Google Inc.


Configurable push notifications for a transport service

A system and method are provided for generating and transmitting push notifications in connection with a transport service. Push notification triggers can be configured by a user via an application-based user interface corresponding to an application specific to the transport service.
Uber Technologies, Inc.


Gamification based performance tracking

A method for gamification based performance tracking is described. The method accesses a leaderboard having a set of participants.
Comenity Llc


Multi-faceted social network system for use with plural applications

A social network system (or other type of hosting system) is described herein which allows different types of applications to interact with the common resources of the system via respective application-specific channels. Through an application-specific channel, a user may obtain a filtered set of content items (e.g., posts) and notifications that pertain to a particular application with which the user is currently interacting.
Microsoft Corporation


Real-time push notifications for cloud-based applications

An improved technique pushes change notifications to application instances running on frontend clients. In accordance with the improved technique, a backend system sends compact change notifications merely to inform the application instances that contents of the data storage container have changed.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Techniques for collecting and analyzing notifications received from neighboring nodes across multiple channels

A node in network is configured to buffer data received from other nodes across multiple channels. The node process a portion of the buffered data associated with a subset of those channels.
Silver Spring Networks, Inc.


Method for providing imaging satellite opportunity notifications on a mobile device

A mobile device application and process provides real-time notifications to a user whenever imaging satellites are positioned in the vicinity of the user, such that the imaging satellite is in a position to capture imagery of the user's location or a user-specified location. The user may access and purchase, via the mobile device application, available satellite imagery.
Orbit Logic, Inc.


Notification controls for television viewing

Notification controls regarding television viewing are disclosed. According to certain embodiments, a notification condition can be created and by one or more components of a notification system.
Echostar Technologies Llc


Access requests with cache intentions

A lease system is described herein that allows clients to request a lease to a remote file, wherein the lease permits access to the file across multiple applications using multiple handles without extra round trips to a server. When multiple applications on the same client (or multiple components of the same application) request access to the same file, the client specifies the same lease identifier to the server for each open request or may handle the request from the cache based on the existing lease.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Browser notifications

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium may comprise instructions stored thereon that, when executed by at least one processor, are configured to cause an intermediary server to at least receive, from a first client device, a first login request via a first browser installed on the first client device, the first login request identifying a user account, receive, from a third-party server, a message request, the message request including an identifier and indicating a browser application or a browser extension, map the identifier to the user account, determine whether the user account has installed the browser application or browser extension, and if the user account has installed the browser application or browser extension, send a first message to the first browser based on the message request.. .
Google Inc.


Emergency vehicle alert system and method

A broadcast notification system for providing alert notifications to vehicle drivers. The system recognizes the vehicle type that it has been installed.
William E. Boyles


Method and system for providing aggregated network alarms

An approach for providing aggregated network alarm notifications is described. An alarm management platform aggregates one or more network alarms based on a geographic proximity, a temporal proximity, or a combination thereof.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Medication adherence system for and monitoring a patient medication adherence and facilitating dose reminders

A medication adherence system for and method of monitoring a patient's medication adherence and facilitating dose reminder notifications is disclosed. The medication adherence system includes data-enabled pharmaceutical containers, wherein the data-enabled pharmaceutical containers provide mechanisms for reminding at dose time, then tracking and communicating valid dose events, as well as missed, extra, early, and/or late dose events.
Dosecue, Llc


Computer-readable recording medium, task assignment device, task execution device, and task assignment method

A master server assigns a first process to each of a plurality of slave servers. When the master server receives one or more completion notifications of one or more first tasks of a first process related to a second task of a second process that is assigned to each of the plurality of slave servers and that is executed by using one or more execution results of the one or more first tasks, the master server estimates a processing amount of the second task.
Fujitsu Limited


Systems and methods for tracking and responding to mobile events in a relationship management system

A method and apparatus for tracking and responding to mobile events in a relationship management system is described. The method may include detecting a mobile event associated with a user of a relationship management system.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


System, providing partial presence notifications

A computer-implemented apparatus and method for communicating partial notifications relating to a presentity's presence information. The communication may be effected between presence servers and terminals coupled to the presence servers via a network.
Nokia Corporation


Systems and methods for optimizing message notification timing based on electronic content consumption associated with a geographic location

Systems and methods are provided for timing message notifications to be provided to mobile device users based on their geographic locations with respect to geographic areas associated with a threshold level of content consumption. The timing of message notifications may be controlled in order to optimize the chances of delivering targeted content to a mobile device user based on the current geographic location of the user's device relative to a threshold level of content consumption area.
Aol Inc.


System and delivering notifications

A method includes associating an e-mail address with a media device at a server of a television network. The media device is associated with the television network and the e-mail address is associated with a network device outside of the television network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Proximity-based visual notifications

Systems and methods are provided for providing users with proximity-based visual notifications or advertisements. The provided systems and methods may use a beacon installed at a location and in communication with a display component to communicate with a mobile device of a user in proximity to the beacon to determine if any advertisements or notifications available to the beacon match any user preferences for receiving advertisements or notifications.
Ebay Inc.


Snap mobile payment apparatuses, methods and systems

The snap mobile payment apparatuses, methods and systems (“snap”) transform real-time-generated merchant-product quick response codes via snap components into virtual wallet card-based transaction purchase notifications. Payment information and vas data can also be provided based on location.
Visa International Service Association


Method and system for monitoring medication adherence

A system and method for monitoring patient adherence to prescribed medications include a processor that analyzes prior authorization data and insurance claims data based on adherence rules, which are user configurable. The system assigns non-adherence cases for user review by creating work queues.
Agadia Systems Inc.


Map application with improved navigation tools

Some embodiments provide a mapping application with novel navigation and/or search tools. In some embodiments, the mapping application formulates predictions about future destinations of a device that executes the mapping application, and provides dynamic notifications regarding these predicted destinations.
Apple Inc.


Coupling harness for hvac mini-split system

A coupling harness useful with a hvac mini-split system includes a first interface connected to a thermistor, a second interface connected to a condensate overflow sensor and a control device interface connected to a hvac electronic control device. The first and second interfaces can notify the control device interface of the existence of an alarm condition of the thermistor and condensate overflow sensor, respectively.
The Rectorseal Corporation


Notifications based on device presence

An architecture is provided that can facilitate and/or transmit notifications based upon device presence techniques in connection with a wireless communications network. For example, when certain mobile devices register with a particular network entity (e.g., a femtocell) that services a particular target location (e.g., place of residence), then such registration can be leveraged to indicate presence at the target location.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Management of invitational content during broadcasting of media streams

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for managing invitational content associated with broadcast media streams. Metadata is added to a broadcast media stream, in the form of tags, which can be used to present and track invitational content items in the broadcast media stream.
Apple Inc.


Providing notifications to authorized users

A method and system for initiating message listening and routing message content to authorized user devices is disclosed. For a second user device to receive notifications regarding records of a first user, the second user device provides information identifying the first user to a notification service.
Hca Holdings, Inc.


Facilitating payments using wearable devices

A wearable device, e.g., a smart watch, may be connected to a communication device, such as a mobile smart phone, via bluetooth or other near field communication (nfc). In particular, the wearable device may have a touch screen that may serve as an extended display and/or user input device of the communication device.
Ebay Inc.

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