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 System and  authentication of electronic communications patent thumbnailSystem and authentication of electronic communications
A system and method is disclosed for validating the authenticity of communications between users using message transmission systems. The system is configured to be independent of the message transmission system and is configured to determine a verification status associated with the message sender, the message recipients, or both.
Secure Information Devices Inc.

 Configurable offline messaging management using user presence information patent thumbnailConfigurable offline messaging management using user presence information
Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses may provide management of messaging for one or more devices of a user according to the user's configurable presence schedule. A messaging management server may receive notifications of messages and the messages themselves from a messaging service provider.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

 Server and gateway for filtering push notifications according to user preferences patent thumbnailServer and gateway for filtering push notifications according to user preferences
A server and/or a gateway of a computer network receive a filter for filtering data items to be sent to a mobile device of a cellular network. The mobile device is notified of receipt of data items by the server only if such notification is allowed by the filter.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

 Single cell point to multi-points network system and data transmission method thereof patent thumbnailSingle cell point to multi-points network system and data transmission method thereof
A single cell point to multi-points (sc-ptm) network system and a data transmission method thereof are provided. The sc-ptm network system includes a base station and a first mobile station group and a second mobile station group.
Institute For Information Industry

 Method and system for managing plant alarm systems patent thumbnailMethod and system for managing plant alarm systems
A system and method of managing notifications of a plurality of states of a plant of equipment are provided. The alarm system includes a memory device and one or more processors communicatively coupled to the memory device.
General Electric Company

 Smart surveillance systems patent thumbnailSmart surveillance systems
In some embodiments, the security and/or automation system, collectively referred to herein as automation system, may include a system for remotely monitoring a residence while respecting the privacy of occupants of the residence and the need for safety and security concerns. When a user is actively monitoring a residence, the system may provide a notification to occupants that remote monitoring is active.
Vivint, Inc.

 Homeowner system and portal patent thumbnailHomeowner system and portal
Embodiments of systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for capturing, managing, presenting, and maintaining information about a home are disclosed. A server may generate notifications associated with the project.
Hyphen Solutions, Llc.

 User interface for travel assistant and method therefor patent thumbnailUser interface for travel assistant and method therefor
A non-transitory machine-readable medium storing a travel application which when executed by at least one processing unit of an apparatus provides notifications dependent upon the current state of a journey, the travel application comprising sets of instructions for: recording at least one journey; defining at least one state of the at least one journey; determining the current state of the at least one journey; and selecting a notification for display in a display area of a user interface of a device in dependence upon the current state of the at least one journey.. .
Mobile Travel Technologies Ltd.

 Content following content for providing updates to content leveraged in a deck patent thumbnailContent following content for providing updates to content leveraged in a deck
A method for providing updates for pieces of content in a deck may include creating, by a processor, a deck. The deck may include a plurality of pieces of content.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Process metadata triggers and events patent thumbnailProcess metadata triggers and events
Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for implementing process metadata triggers and events. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention allow for process metadata events to be defined and generated, including the program code and interfaces that may define the triggering criteria and actions associated with the events.
Oracle International Corporation

Content following content for providing updates to content leveraged in a deck

A method for providing updates for pieces of content in a deck may include creating, by a processor, a deck. The deck may include a plurality of pieces of content.
International Business Machines Corporation

Attachable article with signaling, split display and messaging features

An attachable article or device, such as a wristband, includes a flexible electronic display disposed thereon in a manner that is bendable or conformable to a user's wrist or other curved surface, and that enables various images to be displayed on the electronic display in a manner that is easily viewable to the user. The attachable article implements a messaging routine that enables a user or wearer to receive notifications of incoming messages and to selectively view incoming messages or indications thereof.
Polyera Corporation

System, method and computer program product for providing notifications from a virtual device to a disconnected physical device

Systems, methods and computer program products for providing notifications to physical devices when they are disconnected from corresponding virtual devices. In one embodiment, a system includes a host server executing a virtual device, and a notification server.
Hypori, Inc.

Trigger associated notification delivery in an enterprise system

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for presenting notifications in an enterprise system. In one aspect, a method include actions of obtaining a template that defines (i) trigger criteria for presenting a notification type and (ii) content rules for determining content to include in a notification of the notification type.
Google Inc.

System for prompting events

A system for prompting events to a user comprising of an attachment device for fastening to a surface and a notifying device set within attachment device. The notifying device allows for prompting events on the surface of the user and a mindfulness application communicates with the notifying device prompting events relating to a desired internal behavior.

Method, apparatus, and computer program product for monitoring an electronic data exchange

A method, computer program product and apparatus are provided for monitoring an electronic data exchange between a client and a servicing system. Inbound files from various types of agents may be received on the servicing system.
Mckesson Corporation

Suppress and resume notifications based on motion

An approach is provided to receive notifications at a device. The approach senses whether an activity, such as movement of the device, has occurred within a time period prior to the current time with the activity being a result of a user action, such as movement or usage, on the device.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

System for determining effectiveness of advertisement campaigns

A system is provided. The system includes at least one processor.
Ht Mobile Solutions Ltd

Mobile device inducements for causing consumer interactions with kiosks, such as product sample kiosks

Consumer operated kiosks can be configured to provide product samples allowing consumers ‘try it before they buy it,’ which can help consumers make purchase decisions. Mobile device modules are disclosed herein that can generate inducements for consumers to interact with such consumer operated kiosks.
Outerwall Inc.

Smartpad - notifications

A multi-display device is adapted to be dockable or otherwise associatable with an additional device. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment, the multi-display device is dockable with a smartpad.

Proximity-based localization of wireless tags based on wireless gateway association information

A capability for localization of a wireless tag based on wireless gateway association information uses a wireless tag supporting multiple states and wireless gateway association information associated with the wireless tag to control localization of the wireless tag. The wireless tag may support an unconnected state in which the wireless tag communicates location tracking information using a wireless beacon signal which may be detected by various wireless gateways and a connected state in which the wireless tag communicates location tracking information via one or more connections with one or more wireless gateways.
Alcatel Lucent

Push-based cache invalidation notification

In one embodiments, one or more first computing devices receive updated values for user data associated with a plurality of users; and for each of the user data for which an updated value has been received, determine one or more second systems that each have subscribed to be notified when the value of the user datum is updated and each have a pre-established relationship with the user associated with the user datum; and push notifications to the second systems indicating that the value of the user datum has been updated without providing the updated value for the user datum to the second systems.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Sdk for providing content to users without charging for data transmission

Techniques described herein may provide a software development kit (“sdk”) for third party content providers (e.g., content providers external to a wireless telecommunications network) to provide toll-free content to users. Specifically, the transmission of such toll-free content, via the wireless telecommunications network, may not incur data charges to the user.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Providing notifications to authorized users

A method and system for initiating message listening and routing message content to authorized user devices is disclosed. For a second user device to receive notifications regarding records of a first user, the second user device provides information identifying the first user to a notification service.
Hca Holdings, Inc.

Eternal user notifications in shared folder backed integrated workspaces

Disclosed are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for shared folder backed integrated workspaces. In some implementations, a content management system can provide a graphical user interface (gui) that integrates communications and content management into a single user interface.
Dropbox, Inc.

Event-driven framework for filtering and processing network flows

Time-based groupings of network traffic flow data for virtualized computing resources are stored. notifications that the time-based groupings are stored are sent, and in response to the notifications, the groupings are processed in accordance with the notifications.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Ambient light sensing through the human body

A portable electronic device including one or more sensors for detecting ambient light through the user's skin is dis-closed. The sensors can be optical sensors such as ambient light sensors (als) and/or cameras.
Apple Inc.

Contextually aware billboard display devices using wireless beacon device communications

There are provided systems and methods for contextually aware billboard display devices using wireless beacon device communications. A service provider may utilize one or more wireless notifications at or nearby a location to connect with a communication device of a user as the user moves into proximity of the wireless beacon's short range wireless communications at or nearby the location.
Paypal, Inc.

Time-aware meeting notifications

Methods and apparatus for providing an online meeting notification are provided. Embodiments of the system allow a computing device of an online meeting host to receive an electronic notification that a meeting participant has an overlapping meeting which starts before the scheduled ending time of the currently running online meeting.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Operating an inventory system of a vehicle

A method of operating an inventory system of vehicle. The method may be used to provide notifications that an article is either present at or absent from the vehicle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Inferred user intention notifications

In one example, a method includes receiving, by a computing system, context information associated with a computing device; inferring, by the computing system and based on the context information, an action of a user of the computing device, the action associated with at least one entity; determining, by the computing system and based on stored attribute information associated with the at least one entity, and based on a stored set of rules associated with the inferred action, that the inferred action is not advisable; and responsive to determining that the inferred action is not advisable, outputting, by the computing system and for display on the computing device, notification data indicating that the inferred action is not advisable.. .
Google Inc.

Systems and methods of a mobile application and web-interface for tracking complete chain-of-custody of laboratory assets

A mobile application (mobile app) runs on a mobile device to virtually establish, coordinate, and maintain chain of custody of laboratory sample specimens so as to facilitate inventory management, custodianship, notifications, query, resulting, and other duties of sample management. This is also known as virtual accessioning.

Gestures for interactive textiles

This document describes gestures for interactive textiles. A gesture manager is implemented at a computing device that is wirelessly coupled to the interactive textile.
Google Inc.

Enabling delayed interactions with content items presented by a social networking system

When a user sees a content item presented by a social networking system, the user may select an option to save the content item. The saved content item may be reinserted in a newsfeed presented to the user, integrated into collections, archived, used for notifications to the user, or otherwise subsequently presented to the user.
Facebook, Inc.

Misalignment detection of a wearable device

Technology for detecting whether a wearable device is misaligned is disclosed. The device can include a number of sensors, such as heart rate, temperature, or other sensors used to sense a physiologic aspect of the user, such as heart rate and can further contain components capable of providing data as to the proper alignment or placement of the wearable device on the user.
Intel Corporation

Push notifications for a gateway device and associated devices

A gateway device is enabled to initiate sending of push notifications to an associated device. The push notifications can be sent even when a gateway device related application is not running on the device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

System and notification provision based on availability

Embodiments described herein relate generally to providing notifications over a network. A computing system may detect contextual information associated with a device.
Intel Corporation

Systems and methods for providing notifications based on subject subscription

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media can identify a resource provided via a social networking system. A request for a user account to subscribe to a subject that is presentable via the resource can be received.
Facebook, Inc.

Systems and methods for changing the frequency of retrieving monitoring data

The present invention discloses methods and systems for monitoring a network connected device by a monitoring server. The monitoring server sends notifications to the network connected device periodically according to a time interval.
Pismo Labs Technology Limited

Systems and methods for optimizing message notification timing based on electronic content consumption associated with a geographic location

Systems and methods are provided for timing message notifications to be provided to mobile device users based on their geographic locations with respect to geographic areas associated with a threshold level of content consumption. The timing of message notifications may be controlled in order to optimize the chances of delivering targeted content to a mobile device user based on the current geographic location of the user's device relative to a threshold level of content consumption area.
Aol Inc.

Asynchronous notification data storage systems

An improved technique involves delivering asynchronous notifications of state changes of components of a data storage system by querying a database whose entries contain event descriptors along with a sequentially generated identifier value. In response to a state change of a component, a database server receives a state change indication and updates an entry in the database by recording the state change and generating a new identifier value.
Emc Corporation

Data recovery agent and search service for repairing bit rot

A data recovery agent and search service for repairing bit rot are presented herein. The data recovery agent can receive error event notifications representing respective file system errors.
Osnexus Corporation

Security system with networked touchscreen and gateway

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network that with remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system includes a touchscreen providing security keypad functionality as well as content management and presentation, and is used as a security system interface and an interface for interacting with a network.

Displaying social media contents and alerts from location-based social media monitoring on wearable devices

Embodiments of an information management system and related methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the system collects social media contents and metadata from social media networks or other sources.
Welink, Inc.

Method and device for validating user behaviour

An apparatus for validating a user behavior comprises a proximity detector (201) for detecting a proximity of a first device (101) to a second device (103), e.g. In response to the establishment of a short range communication, such as an nfc communication.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Notifications with embedded playback capability

An electronic device that provides a user interface that allows individuals to listen to an alarm is described. In particular, an environmental monitoring device may monitor an environmental condition in an external environment that includes the environmental monitoring device.

Parcel delivery monitoring system

A parcel delivery monitoring system, comprising a server connected to a network, the server communicable with a remote computer device, system enabled to allow the computer device to place an online order for a parcel collection and tracking of said parcel until delivery, wherein at least one of the sender and receiver of the parcel are notified at milestones between collection and delivery. The notifications are generated by the system and electronically sent by at least one of email, sms, voicemail to user-inputted contact details stored on the system..

Venue-specific wi-fi connectivity notifications

A method includes receiving a wireless connection request at a backend computing device from a user device to allow wireless connection of the user device to a network through an access point located at a venue. The connection request includes a user identifier.
Google Inc.

Electronic notifications of users concurrently interacting with the same feed item of a social network feed

Disclosed are examples of systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products for providing electronic notifications that users are concurrently interacting with the same feed item of a social network feed. In some implementations, first data from a first user system can identify a first feed item of the feed as one with which a first user is interacting., Inc.

System and tracking personnel

A tracking system for ensuring the accountability of service providers including real-time reports and notifications to user/supervisors is provided. The tracking system may include a computer for a user to associate personnel with each predetermined location, wherein each personnel has an electronic key configured to provide an e-signature.

System for distributing item listing notifications

A server device is configured to distribute a notification regarding an item listing. The server device includes a controller having a memory and a processor, the controller of the server device configured to receive from a first user device item listing information associated with an item and listing distribution information, generate a dynamic item listing based upon the received item listing information, and forward an item listing notification associated with the dynamic item listing to a second user device identified by the listing distribution information..
Tapnsell, Inc.

Systems and methods for simulating a notification system

Systems and methods for a cloud management system which utilizes both technical and business metrics to achieve operational efficiencies. The systems and methods can be used to provide an elastic infrastructure model for an emergency notifications system which delivers near infinite scale with guaranteed near 100% uptime.
Everbridge, Inc.

Facilitating sending, receiving, and updating of payments using message and payment queues

The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and devices for sending and receiving payments using an integrated payment and messaging system. In particular, the integrated payment and messaging system allows users to send and receive electronic payments as well as exchange messages.
Facebook, Inc.

Translation support system

A translation support system and the like are provided that is capable of preventing wasteful tasks due to simultaneous operations by more than one person and preventing inconsistent translation of translation words even in a case where a number of persons are simultaneously involved in the translation operations. The translation support system includes: a transfer unit transferring translation word approval request information to an approver terminal of an approver, the translation word approval request information including an original word or phrase received from a request-source terminal requesting to the approver an approval of a translation word of a particular original word or phrase; an approval request information storage unit storing translation word approval result information including at least approve-or-reject information corresponding to the translation word approval request information received from the approver terminal and an approved translation word corresponding to the original word or phrase; a notification storage unit storing notification message corresponding to the approve-or-reject information; a notification determination unit determining, in accordance with the approve-or-reject information, the necessity of notification to the terminals other than the request-source terminal and determine which piece of the notification message should be notified to each of the terminals; and a notification transmission unit transmitting notification information to terminals for which notification or respective notifications have been determined to be necessary, the notification information including the notification message in accordance with the determination by the notification determination unit, the original word or phrase, and the approved translation word..
Sunflare Co., Ltd.

Storage failure processing in a shared storage architecture

The disclosed embodiments relate to systems and methods for coordinating management of a shared disk storage between nodes. Particularly, a messaging protocol may be used to communicate notifications regarding each node's perception of the shared storage's state.
Netapp Inc.

Node and buffering downlink data

Example embodiments presented herein are directed towards a mobility management node and sgw or gn/gp-sgsn, and corresponding methods therein, for downlink data buffering in a wireless communications network. Such buffering is useful when the wireless device is in a power saving state e.g.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Real-time asynchronous event aggregation systems

A real-time asynchronous event aggregation system, method, and network device are configured to capture real-time asynchronous events, and to pass them as input to one or more aggregation engines to determine a reputation for a target. The aggregation engine(s) may then send out notifications where a reputation category changes for a target, indicating that an action may be taken to inhibit spam messages from the target, highlight a display of content from the target, or the like.
Yahoo! Inc.

Communicating notifications from a third party system to online system users via the online system

To allow a third party system to more particularly identify sets of users for distributing content, an online system receives data from a third party system identifying users of the online system who have authorized communication with the third party system and stores information authorizing communication between the third party system and the users in user profiles associated with the user. The online system receives a request from the third party system to transmit a notification to online system users satisfying criteria specified by the request.
Faceboook, Inc.

Dynamic rule-based notifications

Systems, methods, and computer-readable medium are provided for providing dynamic rule-based messages. For example, a user device may identify physical activity information.
Apple Inc.

Security system access detection

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for access and control of networked devices. In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request for access to a security system device; determining whether the device is set to a first mode or a second mode; and in response to determining that the device is in the second mode, generating one or more notifications to authorized users identifying the access to the security device..
Mivalife Mobile Technology, Inc.

Systems and methods for providing beacon-based notifications

Systems and method of providing beacon-based notifications are provided. More particularly, an identifying signal can be received from a beacon device.
Google Inc.

Proximity-based notification of a previously abandoned and pre-queued atm transaction

Proximity-triggered notifications/alerts are communicated to bank customers as a result of a previously abandoned/canceled atm transaction that has subsequently been pre-queued for completion. In this regard, the present invention recognizes when the customer is proximate in location to a financial institution channel suitable for completing the transaction and sends the customer an alert, which is typically received by the customer via a mobile communication device.
Bank Of America Corporation

Identification, curation and trend monitoring for uncorrelated information sources

An identification, curation and trend monitoring method and system provide information about private or publicly-traded companies by correlating multiple information sources. The approach provides for a highly-scalable, highly-available information management system and method that processes huge amounts of uncorrelated (and possibly unstructured) data and generates notifications or other alerts when information therein indicates relevant information about an object of interest, typically a publicly-traded company represented by a stock symbol.
Trade Social, Llc

Method for a marketplace for bills of materials

A method includes transmitting information to a server system from a buyer for a bill of materials. The server system enables a marketplace.

Proximity-based notification of a previously abandoned and pre-queued atm transaction

Proximity-triggered notifications/alerts are communicated to bank customers as a result of a previously abandoned/canceled atm transaction that has subsequently been pre-queued for completion. In this regard, the present invention recognizes when the customer is proximate in location to a financial institution channel suitable for completing the transaction and sends the customer an alert, which is typically received by the customer via a mobile communication device.
Bank Of America Corporation

Device configuration user interface

The present disclosure relates to device configuration user interfaces. An electronic device receives a plurality of alerts comprising information.
Apple Inc.

Unified notification and response system

A unified notification system in which notifications for all of a user's devices and services appear in windows of all of the user's devices. Notifications related to the user's social network friends and public users that the user subscribes to may also appear in the windows of all devices.
Sony Corporation

Place-specific buddy list services

An information service provides search and notifications to inform when certain people (e.g., friends, family, business contacts, etc.) are nearby so as to facilitate communications with those people. Users may define lists of people whose locations may be tracked by positioning equipment based on personal communications/computing devices carried by the people.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Distributed constraint-based optimized routing of interactions

A system for optimized routing of interactions, comprising media servers, a statistics server, a routing database, and a routing server. Upon receiving or initiating an interaction, a media server sends a route request message to the routing server, the statistics server receives event notifications from the media servers and computes one or more statistics, and the routing server executes, using statistical data from the statistics server and data from the routing database, a routing script comprising a constraint-based optimization process in response to the route request message..
Newvoicemedia, Ltd.

Quiet hours for notifications

In some implementations, a computing device can be configured to automatically tum off notifications when generating a notification would cause a disturbance or be unwanted by a user. The device can be configured with quiet hours during which notifications that would otherwise be generated by the computing device can be suppressed.
Apple Inc.

Mobile event notifications

Disclosed is a mobile event streaming system that receives customer application lifecycle and user events including a message, event source and a destination then processes data for consumption by one or more customers, generating a secure data stream and sending the processed data over the generated data stream. An example system for receiving, processing, and delivering customer application lifecycle and user engagement data includes a server system having at least one processor, memory and a network interface where the memory stores program instructions for receiving, storing, processing and transmitting messages via the network interface.
Urban Airship, Inc.

Notification of visitors

Remote notifications are provided by a security system. When the security system detects a visitor, a first notification is sent to an authorized user.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Location-based budget alerts

Systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for providing location-based budget alerts. A server receives location information from a mobile communications device for the mobile communications device.
Ebay, Inc.

Construction payment management system and method with automatic notification workflow features

Systems and method for managing a construction payment process. An input is received from a first participant and one of a plurality of stored notification workflows is accessed from a memory based on the information received from the first participant.
Textura Corporation

System and creating managing and verifying postal correspondences

A system for creating, managing and verifying postal correspondences is disclosed. The system includes a plurality of non-transitory storage media information that includes a home page screenshot, a features page screenshot, a casemail™ screenshot and a pricing screenshot.

Business process crowd sourcing with dynamic group discovery and social push communications

Systems and methods can support crowd-sourcing business process specifications within a process discovery system. A proposed process may be received from a process owner.
Rulesware, Llc

Method and system for automating passenger seat assignment procedures

A method and system may provide automated passenger seat assignment procedures for an airline. A server device may determine passengers for a departing flight who are eligible to receive seat assignment notifications.
United Airlines, Inc.

Method for detecting a unified extensible firmware interface protocol reload attack and system therefor

An installation notification routine is initialized at a driver, the routine maintaining a count of installation notifications corresponding to a first global unique identifier (guid) received at the driver. The driver registers for protocol installation notification corresponding to the first guid.
Dell Products, Lp

System and a shared memory hash table with notifications

A method and apparatus of a device that includes a shared memory hash table that notifies one or more readers of changes to the shared memory hash table is described. In an exemplary embodiment, a device modifies a value in the shared memory hash table, where the value has a corresponding key.
Arista Networks, Inc.

Method of managing one or more notifications and electronic device for same

A method for displaying information by an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying a first information display area on a touch screen in response to a first user input received through a first part in some areas of the touch screen including the first part and a second part connected or adjacent to the first part, displaying a second information display area on the touch screen in response to a second user input received through the second part, displaying first information received from outside of the electronic device in the first information display area, the first information being associated with first contact information, and displaying second information received from the outside of the electronic device in the second information display area, the second information being associated with second contact information..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Interactive dynamic push notifications

An example method includes receiving, at a mobile device, one or more user selections by a user of the mobile device, where each user selection indicates a respective type of data item to be presented on the mobile device. The method also includes receiving, at the mobile device, one or more data items.
Appelago Inc.

Personalized reminders

Personalized reminder notifications are provided regarding communication-related events. The reminders correspond to missed communications or events that are unaddressed by a user, and may be determined based on sensor data provided by a user device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Personalized notifications

Personalized notifications are provided to a user. The notifications correspond to events, which can include information items, unaddressed or unnoticed by a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Methods and systems for generating and outputting test drive scripts for vehicles

Systems and methods pertaining to generating a test drive script (tds) based on vehicle data values (vdv) from a vehicle and driving circumstance parameters (dcp) that correspond to use of the vehicle when the vdv are captured are described herein. The tds can include a baseline path that includes the paths taken by the vehicle while the vdv are captured.
Snap-on Incorporated

System architecture for a wearable device

Apparatuses and methods that generate and send interactive elements to a plurality of wearable electronic devices are discussed. One or more mobile applications and one or more remote backend servers may cooperate to send information in the interactive elements to the instances of the time synchronous application resident in their wearable electronic device in order to bring different types of content such as timely and relevant data, events, and notifications to a user of that wearable electronic device without the users intervention to actively retrieve the different types of content.
Pebble Technology, Corp.

System and providing relevant notifications via an action figure

In certain implementations, relevant notifications may be provided via an action figure. As an example, a device may be detected within a short wireless communication range of the action figure.
Jumo, Inc.

Context and environmentally aware notifications on mobile devices

A method includes performing operations as follows on a processor: receiving a notification associated with an application, the application being accessible via a mobile device, determining an importance of the notification based on a plurality of factors that provide context for a reason for the notification, comparing the importance of the notification with an importance threshold, performing one of queuing the notification without generating an alert on the mobile device and generating the alert on the mobile device based on the comparing of the importance of the notification with the importance threshold.. .
Ca, Inc.

Video qualification device, system, and method

Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing video qualification, which might include implementing video quality measurements at a subscriber premises and qualification of the subscriber premises for particular levels of video data transmission. In some cases, one or more customer premises equipment might comprise video quality chips that might perform measurements of the telecommunications links, and might send the results to a server associated with the service provider.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

Automatically modifying a do not disturb function in response to device motion

A processor-based personal electronic device (such as a smartphone) is programmed to automatically respond to data sent by various sensors from which the user's activity may be inferred. When one or more alarms on the device are temporarily disabled or ignored, they may be automatically restored when sensor data indicates a change in the user's activity.
Apple Inc.

Systems and methods for triggering user notifications of media content items

Implementations of the disclosure describe systems and methods for triggering user notifications of media content items. It is determined that a plurality of media content items has a value of an interest metric exceeding a defined threshold value.
Google Inc.

Techniques to generate mass push notifications

Techniques to generate mass push notifications are described. In one embodiment, for example, an apparatus may comprise a submission component, a query component, a delivery component, and a record update component.
Facebook, Inc.

Workflow-based push notifications

Systems and methods for enhancing workflows with data virtualization. An example method may comprise: receiving a token identifying a mobile computing device; executing, by a processing device, a workflow comprising a conditional statement that initiates a request to send a push notification to the mobile computing device; producing, in view of the request, a plurality of messages compliant with a plurality of push notification infrastructures; selecting a message compliant with a push notification infrastructure associated with the mobile computing device; and transmitting the selected message to the push notification infrastructure associated with the mobile computing device..
Red Hat, Inc.

Second-screen control automatic pairing using push notifications

A computer-implemented method for pairing multimedia devices is provided herein. The method may include operations of detecting a connection between a first-screen device and a pairing service, the first-screen device connecting to the pairing service through a local network and of generating a pairing code that is valid for a pairing session.
Google Inc.

System and monitoring merchandise in a retail environment

Systems and methods for monitoring items of merchandise are provided. In one example, a system includes a plurality of tags configured to be attached to a plurality of items of merchandise.
Invue Security Products Inc..

Scheduling volatile memory maintenance events in a multi-processor system

Systems, methods, and computer programs are disclosed for scheduling volatile memory maintenance events. One embodiment is a method comprising: a memory controller determining a time-of-service (tos) window for executing a maintenance event for a volatile memory device coupled to the memory controller via a memory data interface; the memory controller providing a signal to each of a plurality of processors on a system on chip (soc) for scheduling the maintenance event; each of the plurality of processors independently generating in response to the signal a corresponding schedule notification for the maintenance event; and the memory controller determining when to execute the maintenance event in response to receiving one or more of the schedule notifications generated by the plurality of processors and based on a processor priority scheme..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Indoor automation and control method and system thereof using rfid-to-bluetooth selective adapter

Short-range and long-range operating methods for hospitality accommodation automation and control using app, webpage, smartphone, rfid-to-bluetooth selective adapter, relay controller together with rfid door lock is disclosed, where unlocking rfid door lock requires just pressing a button, various power outlets, lighting levels, hvac settings, and tv settings can be controlled by smartphone. A gateway device with internet connectivity allows remote unlock or lock of doorlock, sending notifications of door unlock events back to a cloud server, and remotely control electrical or electronic devices under short-range or long-range modes.
Polaris Tech Global Limited

Luminaire with adjustable illumination pattern

Systems, methods and articles for providing illumination systems with selectively adjustable illumination patterns which reduce the need for a utility or luminaire distributer to stock luminaires with different illumination patterns and reduce the need for pre-planning installations. Illumination patterns may be adjusted wirelessly from the ground or from a central location.
Express Imaging Systems, Llc

Emergency radio communications system incorporating integral public safety radio bridging capability

A communication system and method is provided for handling emergency situations wherein complex public safety radio systems can be used to directly communicate with normally incompatible radio systems used by organizations such as schools, hospital, and other facilities. The system includes a radio communication bridge that is selectively activated by emergency personnel to contact selected organizations.
Safecom 911, Inc.

Methods and devices for display device notifications and key handling

The present disclosure relates to methods and devices for presentation of display device notifications and key handling. The notifications are visually appealing, employing a common theme and user interface.
Hisense Electric Co., Ltd.

Notification subsystem for generating consolidated, filtered, and relevant security risk-based notifications

This disclosure provides a notification subsystem for generating consolidated, filtered, and relevant security risk-based notifications. A method includes discovering multiple devices in a computing system.
Honeywell International Inc.

System and improved notifications

Systems and methods for sending/receiving improved in-browser notification messages are provided. The notification messages are overlaid on http traffic on port 80 for ip addresses provisioned to receive the notification messages from various sources, including weather, emergency broadcast, and police stations.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Notifications topics:
  • Notifications
  • Notification
  • Communications
  • Transactions
  • Short Message Service
  • Content Management
  • Networking
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Social Networking
  • Social Network
  • Electronic Cigarette
  • Enhancement
  • Computing Device
  • Electronic Device
  • Content Management System

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