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Method and system and apparatus for mass notification and instructions to computing devices


Method and system and apparatus for mass notification and instructions to computing devices

Method and system and apparatus for mass notification and instructions to computing devices

Verizon Patent And Licensing

Efficient machine-to-machine data notifications

Date/App# patent app List of recent Notifications-related patents
 Authentication server system for performing control of notifications during service use, control method, and storage medium patent thumbnailnew patent Authentication server system for performing control of notifications during service use, control method, and storage medium
When authentication processing is performed without requesting a user to input authentication information and receiving the authentication information in response to authentication processing performed in another authentication server system having successfully been performed, a notification is not issued to a terminal to be operated by the user.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
 User interface push channel patent thumbnailnew patent User interface push channel
Systems and methods for establishing ui push channels are disclosed. The ui push channels can be used to broadcast event notifications to multiple uis whenever the information in an underlying data source is changed.
Sap Ag
 Method and system and  mass notification and instructions to computing devices patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system and mass notification and instructions to computing devices
Systems, methods, and devices for simultaneously distributing mass notifications to multiple users. A mass notification system receives input data and, based on this input data, creates notifications for mass distribution.
Benbria Corporation
 System and  accessing healthcare appointments from multiple disparate sources patent thumbnailnew patent System and accessing healthcare appointments from multiple disparate sources
Healthcare appointment information system and method enabling a patient to manage multiple accounts with third party sources through a single account. A user account is created for storing individual user healthcare data such as user preferences (e.g., monday morning appointments or willingness to be placed on waiting lists), user names and passwords (for accessing third-party sources), contact information (phone, email, text), insurance plans, gender, age, medications, existing appointments and other healthcare information enabling the system to book an appointment on behalf of the patient on one or more availability sources.
Zocdoc, Inc.
 Methods and  communication of notifications patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and communication of notifications
Methods and apparatus for communication of notifications are disclosed. A disclosed method for communicating notifications from a server to a device includes sending a primary message including data indicating notification status information; and sending notification messages apart from the primary message addressed to specific groups of devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Efficient machine-to-machine data notifications patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient machine-to-machine data notifications
A server device may be configured to store association information that associates a group of machine-to-machine (“m2m”) devices with a group of customer devices; identify, based on the association information, a particular customer device, of the group of customer devices, associated with one or more m2m devices from which m2m data was received by the server device; output, using a connectionless communication technique, a notification to the particular customer device, the notification being based on the received m2m data; receive a request for m2m data associated with the particular customer device; and output the received m2m data to the particular customer device.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.
 Providing a witness service patent thumbnailProviding a witness service
Described are embodiments directed at providing a witness service that sends notifications with a resource state to clients. Embodiments provide a protocol that includes various messages for registering and receiving notifications regarding the state of a resource.
Microsoft Corporation
 Systems and methods for establishing an account of a user at a locker bank patent thumbnailSystems and methods for establishing an account of a user at a locker bank
A system, according to various embodiments, is adapted for facilitating the creation of a consignee account with a carrier at a locker bank. In particular embodiments, the system is adapted to use the locker bank to facilitate delivery of a parcel to an unregistered consignee at a locker bank and, during the course of the delivery transaction, facilitate the creation of an account for the previously unregistered consignee at the locker bank.
United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.
 Digital image shifting patent thumbnailDigital image shifting
Apparatus and methods are provided for viewing a check image and selecting a check service to be applied to a check. Check services may include a pay/return decision.
Bank Of America Corporation
 Account notifications for required information to complete a financial transaction patent thumbnailAccount notifications for required information to complete a financial transaction
There is provided systems and method for account notifications for required information to complete a financial transaction. A user may establish a user account with a payment provider, where the user account allows the user to receive and transfer funds with other users.

Alarm notification system

An alarm notification system can enable a clinician to respond to an alarm notification received via a computing device, which may have more advanced functionality than a pager. The clinician's device can include a notification client which can respond to alarm notifications.
Masimo Corporation

Mobile notifications based upon location

Disclosed are various embodiments employed to generate device notifications based upon location data associated with a mobile device. To this end, a request to generate a device notification is obtained from a user application.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Location-based account activity alerts

A method of controlling issuance of alerts involves a server receiving notification of occurrence of an event at an account, saving in an events history the event occurrence, receiving device information from a mobile device associated with the account, and determining a position and/or speed from the device information. The server maintains at least one event definition defining particulars of suspension of notifications of events at an account.
The Toronto Dominion Bank

System and interface for patient discharge

A system for providing post-operative instructions to patients for discharge from a medical facility comprising a repository of instructions consisting of patient-anonymous data and a graphical user interface, the graphical user interface operative for selecting at least one instruction from the repository to assemble a tutorial. The system includes a memory for storing the tutorial, each tutorial associated with a particular user profile and a display, the display presenting the tutorial to the patient.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems

Method and system for a headset with integrated environment sensors

An electronic device receives audio from an audio source and outputs the audio via speakers of the device. While outputting the audio via the speakers, the device senses its surrounding environment, and adjusts its operation, based on the sensed environment, to alert a listener wearing the device.
Voyetra Turtle Beach, Inc.

Communication device interface for merchant check-in and shopping notifications

There are provided systems and methods for a communication device interface for merchant check-in and shopping notifications. A user may enter shopping preferences to a module of a communication device in order to receive notifications and alerts when items matching the shopping preferences are available with one or more merchants.
Ebay Inc.

Method for checking toll transactions and components therefor

The subject matter disclosed herein relates to a method for checking toll transactions, produced from position notifications of a mobile phone connected via a mobile network to a transaction server, with the aid of a network of distributed toll beacons, which can communicate via short-range radio with on-board units of passing vehicles and are connected to the transaction server. To this end, a interoperable multi-functional obu is created that is formed from a gnss- and nfc-enabled mobile phone on the one hand and an nfc- and dsrc-enabled obu on the other hand, which exchange data concerning a session identifier (sid) via their common nfc interface, which session identifier forms a link between the infrastructureless and the infrastructure-bound billing functions of the multi-functional obu.
Kapsch Trafficcom Ag

System and data usage management in an electronic device

A system and method for data usage management in an electronic device is provided. The method includes tracking an estimated cost of a download in a currency set by a user, determining the estimated cost of the download in the currency set by the user, displaying the estimated cost of the download, determining application data usage, implementing notifications of the data usage, and displaying the data usage, wherein a widget or an application is used to display the data usage..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and system for providing alert notifications

Disclosed herein is a method and system for providing various alert notifications to individuals. More specifically, the embodiments disclosed herein are directed to obtaining an alert notification from an external source and determining a geographic area associated with the alert notification.
White Cheetah, Inc.

Method and system for controlling flow of notifications within a telecommunications network

A telecommunications network arranged for controlling the flow of snmp trap notifications from subtended network elements and subtending gateway network elements to a management system, the network being provided with a network analyser arranged for determining the number of network elements that are subtended by each gateway network element, and a notification threshold manager arranged for calculating a notification throttling threshold (an upper limit for the rate at which a subtended network element may send snmp trap notifications to the management system in dependence upon the number of network elements that are subtended by the gateway network element. The notification throttling threshold is transmitted to the gateway network element and subtended network elements by the management system.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Mobile user interface for event notifications arising from smart-home hazard detection devices

System for displaying hazard events and adjusting hazard detector settings on a mobile device includes a user interface executed on the mobile device, a hazard detector, and a computer server system communicatively coupled to the mobile device and hazard detector. The hazard detector generates hazard events indicating detection of smoke or carbon monoxide.
Google Inc.

Smart-home hazard detection system providing context-based user notifications

System for customizing hazard notifications based on user activity includes a hazard detector and a computer server system communicatively coupled to the hazard detector. The hazard detector detects a hazard level that is greater than a threshold setting, the hazard level indicating an amount of smoke or carbon monoxide present at the hazard detector.
Google Inc.

System and automatic tool tracking, monitoring, and inventory management

Systems and methods for automatically tracking tools and managing tool inventory. Tools may be assigned to a work group or crew.
Recon Dynamics, Llc

System of electronic devices for protection and security of places, persons, and goods

A system of electronic devices for the detection and location of changes in a predetermined space for the protection and security of places, persons, and goods, comprising at least two general sensors, two data processing electronic devices connected to each other. One of the two data processing devices comprises two electronic means.
Hyperion S.r.l.

Utility-based invalidation propagation scheme selection for distributed cache consistency

A computerized method for dynamic consistency management of server side cache management units in a distributed cache, comprising: updating a server side cache management unit by a client; assigning each of a plurality of server side cache management units to one of a plurality of propagation topology groups according to an analysis of a plurality of cache usage measurements thereof, each of said propagation topology groups is associated with a different write request propagation scheme; and managing client update notifications of members of each of said propagation topology groups according to the respective said different write request propagation scheme which is associated therewith.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Server selection

Systems (360), methods (240), and machine-readable and executable instructions (368) are provided for selecting a server. Server selection can include receiving a first query (114 and 242) at a management server (106) from a local server (104).

System and method to identify secure media streams to conference watchers in sip messaging

System and method to send security status notifications within a sip conference. A sip conference server receives a from a sip conference client a request for a sip notify message, creates a sip notify message including information about security status of a conference resource, and sends the sip notify message to all sip conference subscribers.
Avaya Inc.

Methods and systems for determining and providing negative event notifications

The disclosed embodiments include systems and methods for determining and providing notifications of negative events. The disclosed embodiments include, for example, a computer-implemented method for determining negative events.
The Toronto-dominion Bank

Systems and methods for vehicle status notification

Methods and apparatus are provided for notifying a user of a condition of a vehicle. The method includes receiving sensor data from one or more sensors associated with one or more systems of the vehicle.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Ialert enhanced alert manager

Ialert_enhanced_alert_manager enables a user to register an interest in their current location, as well as persons, places and/or things in which the user holds some regard. The ialert_enhanced_alert_manager provides notification and clarifying information to user's devices concerning events/happenstance that have occurred or are likely to occur within a proximity of registered persons, places, and/or things.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Ventilator-initiated prompt or setting regarding detection of asynchrony during ventilation

Systems and methods are provided for monitoring and evaluating diverse ventilatory parameters to detect an asynchrony and may issue notifications and recommendations suitable for a patient to the clinician when asynchrony, such as an ineffective effort and an auto-trigger, is implicated. The suitable notifications and recommendations may further be provided in a hierarchical format such that the clinician may selectively access summarized and/or detailed information regarding the presence of asynchrony.
Covidien Lp

Notifications with input-based completion

Techniques are disclosed for presenting notifications that can receive input data. The techniques include presenting a notification in response to occurrence of an event, wherein the notification is associated with a specified data type and a data source from which data is to be received, receiving input data of the specified data type from the data source, wherein the notification is presented until the input data is received, and storing the input data.
Apple Inc.

System and providing a user messaging service for use with a cloud platform environment

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for providing a user messaging service for use with a cloud computing environment. In accordance with an embodiment, the system includes a notifier component, which receives information describing notifiable events that occur within the cloud environment during the provisioning of the enterprise applications, and communicates the information to a user messaging service at a user messaging server.
Oracle International Corporation

Sending out-of-band notifications

Out-of-band notifications are used to inform users of clients of security policy enforcement actions, such as enforcement of a data loss prevention (dlp) policy. Code for instantiating a notification agent at a client used by a user is inserted into network traffic inbound to the client.
Symantec Corporation

Methods and displaying notification information

Methods and apparatus for displaying notification information are disclosed. A computing device that is showing a breathing view on its touch screen display, detects a peek request event, such as a press and hold on the display.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Actionable notifications apparatuses, methods and systems

The actionable notifications apparatuses, methods and systems (“acno”) transforms inputs such as actionable notification enrollment input, action input, and trigger messages via acno components into actionable notification message output. In one embodiment, the disclosure describes a processor-implemented actionable notification method, which comprises, receiving an actionable notification enrollment request with a device identification, and criteria for receiving actionable notifications, and receiving an actionable notification trigger message.
Visa International Service Association

Email webclient notification queuing

notifications received from an email server can be stored and provided to a webclient upon subsequent communications from the webclient received at an http server. Notifications stored in a database or a storage are retrieved and transmitted to the webclient by backup or alternate http servers when the webclient requests service.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

System for managing administrative electronic notifications

The invention relates to a system for managing administrative electronic notifications of a service voluntarily or obligatorily provided to the end users and the authorized intermediaries thereof through web pages created for that purpose, consisting of a served connected via internet to said web pages and to user terminals, provided with a data base administrator and a web application that make it possible to periodically recover, according to various search criteria, new notifications in the mailbox associated with each user by means of the corresponding digital certificate, processing and generating a report of said notifications and sending it electronically to the user terminal, along with the corresponding documents. The system solves the problem experienced by authorized users, such as handling centers, of having to make daily checks of the electronic mailboxes of the people they represent, and also useful to end users as an advisory service..

Customer preference management and notification systems

A customer preference and notification system may include a program in operative communication with an erp system and a crm system. Customer preferences may be stored in an expanded data store accessible by the program, the erp system, and the crm system.

Wireless beacon and methods

One variation of a method for distributing notifications to a mobile computing device, includes: receiving a unique identifier broadcast wirelessly from a wireless beacon arranged within a physical space; receiving authorization to communicate with the wireless beacon based on the unique identifier; identifying a product arranged within the physical space proximal the wireless beacon; projecting a level of interest in the product by a user affiliated with the mobile computing device based on communication between the mobile computing device and the wireless beacon during a period of time; and in response to the level of interest in the product exceeding a threshold value, presenting, on the mobile computing device, a product ordering option for ordering a unit of the product.. .
Estimote, Inc.

Method for indexing, searching and retrieving health information

A medical information delivery system and method for indexing, searching and retrieving health information, increasing patient treatment and satisfaction and improving efficiency and care provided by physicians. Medical information from varied platforms, medical institutions and sources is normalized and integrated into the system without the need for specially-designed software or user platforms.

Communicating with users through controller outputs

The disclosure extends to methods, systems, devices, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems, devices, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in growing plants for yard and crops.
Skydrop, Llc

Wireless beacon and methods

A method for distributing micro-location-based notifications to a computing device, including: receiving a unique identifier from a first entity, the unique identifier collected from a wireless beacon by a computing device proximal the wireless beacon, the unique identifier generated locally on the wireless beacon according to a rule assigned to the wireless beacon; resolving the unique identifier into an identity of the wireless beacon based on the rule; identifying a second entity affiliated with the wireless beacon based on the identity of the wireless beacon; and in response to agreement between the first entity and the second entity, authorizing delivery of a communication through a native application executing on the computing device responsive to receipt of the unique identifier at the computing device, the communication affiliated with the first entity.. .
Estimote, Inc.

Alarm system with two-way voice

Techniques are described for establishing a two-way voice communication session with an alarm system. The alarm system may establish a two-way voice communication session with an operator associated with a monitoring service that provides monitoring services for alarm events detected by the alarm system. Incorporated

Notification of security alerts

Remote notifications are provided by a security system. When the security system detects a visitor, a first notification is sent to an authorized user.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Security system communications management

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for managing communications. One of the systems includes a plurality of security systems, each security system including a secure network coupling a plurality of security devices; a plurality of user devices authorized to send and receive communications associated with a respective security system of the plurality of security systems; and a service provider system configured to manage communications for each of the plurality of security systems with respective user devices, wherein, the service provider system or the user devices are configured to communicate with a push service to send push notifications..
Oplink Communications, Inc.

Reliable address discovery cache

Reliable address discovery cache techniques are described. In an implementation, a reliable communication channel is established for control messages related to address resolution in a network.
Microsoft Corporation

Gathering participants for meetings

Participants for an in-progress meeting are gathered, preferably by broadcast of instant messaging notifications thereto. Information for people who are invited to a scheduled meeting but are not participating when the meeting begins, as well as for one or more additional people who are mentioned by the current participants of the meeting as desired new invitees to the in-progress meeting, is placed on a participant list.
International Business Machines Corporation

Wearable intelligent vision device apparatuses, methods and systems

The wearable intelligent vision device apparatuses, methods and systems (“wivd”) transform mobile device location coordinate information transmissions, real-time reality visual capturing, mixed gesture capturing, bio-sensor data via wivd components into real-time behavior-sensitive product purchase related information, shopping purchase transaction notifications, and electronic receipts. In one implementation, the wivd may provide a personal device in the form of a pair of eyeglasses, wherein the wearer of the eyeglasses may obtain various augmented reality views.
Visa International Service Association

Method and system for distributing patient data and patient status notifications

A method for distributing patient data includes: storing patient data entries, each entry including a patient identifier and patient data points, each point being associated with an access control; storing a plurality of user data entries, each user entry including a user identifier, authentication information, and access control information; receiving questionnaire answers and a specific patient identifier associated with the patient; updating the points in a specific patient entry including the specific patient identifier based on the questionnaire answers; receiving a patient data request including the specific patient identifier, a specific user identifier, and supplied authentication information; and transmitting a subset of points based on the access control associated with each point in the subset and the access control information included in a specific user data entry including the specific user identifier, if the supplied authentication information matches the authentication information included in the specific user data entry.. .
Geisinger Clinic

System and providing user notifications

A method performed by an end user device associated with a service plan having a limit on usage of a network service, the method comprising storing one or more notification actions corresponding to one or more notification requests; performing a device action that reflects a past or intended use of the network service; receiving one of the one or more notification requests from a network element in response to the device action; performing one of the one or more notification actions in response to the notification request, the notification action causing the end user device to retrieve at least a portion of a notification message associated with a status of the use, the at least a portion of the notification message being separate from the one of the one or more notification requests; and presenting the notification message on a user interface of the end user device.. .
Headwater Partners I Llc

Recommending media items using social networks

Techniques are provided with which a subscriber to a media viewing service, which is configured for viewing media items such as tv shows or movies using streaming video delivery or other viewing techniques, may recommend one or more played or viewed media items to one or more friends in media viewing services or social networking systems that the subscriber uses. The subscriber may receive notifications when the friends view or play the recommended media items, and may contribute implicit feedback to a separate recommendation system regarding a recommended media item even when the subscriber has not explicitly rated the recommended media item.
Netflix, Inc.

System and performing gender balancing of an event using notifications in a network environment

A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes determining a first number of users who have indicated an intention to attend an event; determining what fraction of the first number of users is a particular gender; and using the determined fraction and an ideal fraction of the particular gender for the event to determine an additional number of males or an additional number of females to be invited to attend the event.. ., L.l.c.

Transmission of messages and notifications in virtualized wireless mobile computing devices

A method for transmitting short message service (sms) messages and notifications within a virtualized wireless device is provided. In one embodiment, a hypervisor detects an incoming sms message directed to a virtualized wireless device that comprises at least two virtual operating systems.
International Business Machines Corporation

Methods and systems to facilitate messaging to customers

Techniques for providing notifications to a customer shopping at a brick and mortar store are disclosed. The techniques include providing a wireless network in a brick and mortar store, using a customer mobile electronic device to detect network identification data of the wireless network, and using a communications module to determine, from the network identification data, the location of the mobile electronic device within the brick and mortar store.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Systems, methods, and computer program products for providing integrated management of returns initiated over a network

Various embodiments provide an online returns management system for facilitating a carrier acquiring a credit amount due for transporting to a supplier one or more items. The system comprises one or more computer processors configured to: assign a tracking identifier to at least one return request, the tracking identifier being associated further with existing order data and being configured for tracking shipment of the one or more items; generate an electronic shipping label configured for use by at least one carrier to facilitate transport of the one or more items to the supplier.
United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

Method and system for status notifications for conferences

A method, mobile communication device, and computer-readable storage medium are provided for displaying a message associated with a received first request for establishing a connection to a conference call; receiving, on the mobile communication device, a delay option selection; displaying, based on the received delay option selection, a plurality of delay-time options, each of the plurality of delay-time options providing a delay time for establishing a connection to the conference call; and receiving a selection of one of the plurality of delay-time options associated with a time for establishing a connection to the conference call.. .
Blackberry Limited

Network based video analytics through an application program interface (api) with metric triggered notifications

A video surveillance system ingests a video stream from a remotely located video capture device. An application programming interface (api) provides an interface for functions to interface between the video surveillance system and the remotely located video capture device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Environmental sensing systems having independent notifications across multiple thresholds

Various devices, systems, and methods may be presented. A wireless device may include a smoke sensor configured to obtain measurement data regarding a level of smoke.
Google Inc.

Methods and systems for complaint documentation and resolution

A system, method, and computer program for receiving and responding to complaints about a reviewable item. The system may receive the complaints from users, then electronically publish the complaints and display relevant advertisements therewith.
Sht Lst Llc

Irrigation protocols when connection to a network is lost for an extended period

The disclosure extends to methods, systems, devices, and computer program products for generating and optimizing irrigation protocols. The disclosure also extends to methods, systems, devices, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in growing plants for yard and crops.
Skydrop, Llc

Optimized and selective management of policy deployment to mobile clients in a congested network to prevent further aggravation of network congestion

A method of managing deployment of policies in a mobile network is provided. The method includes sending, by a proxy server, a stability notification including a stability interval for delivery to mobile devices in a mobile network, receiving location notifications initiated by one or more of the mobile devices, wherein each location notification indicates a stable location of a corresponding mobile device initiating the location notification, and processing the location notifications to maintain a congested area list indicating congested areas within the mobile network.
Seven Networks, Inc.

Electronic device and controlling communication notifications of the electronic device

In a method for controlling communication notification of an electronic device, an address book is searched for confirming identity information of a sender device when the electronic device receives a communication notification of the sender device. Voice data of the sender device corresponding to the confirmed identity information of the sender device using a voice is confirmed.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Linking photographs via face, time, and location

The subject disclosure is directed towards a technology in which metadata such as time, location and/or people identity data, and/or tag or album data that is associated with a photograph or other content may be used to serendipitously discover related content, from among many possible sources. The related content may be from any local or remote source, such as uploaded by multiple contributors corresponding to content captured during a social event, and may be presented in an integrated view in conjunction with a local photograph or other content.
Microsoft Corporation

Learning relationship management system

A learning relationship management system includes a personal learning plan unit in which a student of an educational institution sets his or her long-range educational and learning goals, and an advising unit that facilitates communications between students and their educational advisors. The learning relationship management system may include a teaching unit that facilitates creating online courses for students and providing them with the online courses.
Fidelis Education, Inc.

Seamless call transitions with escalation-aware notifications

While a device is engaged in an audio-only call, an incoming video call can be received. Video call context information can be included as part of the incoming video call notification, and such information can include an indication that the incoming video call is in fact an escalation of the audio-only call.

Permit compliance system

A system and method is disclosed that enables the display of permits and/or permit information related to a specific location, collection of permitting data onsite, comparison of the onsite data to permitted constraints, and reporting the results of the inspection (as required under the appropriate regulatory policy or as requested by the organization or entity being inspected), as well as sending immediate notifications, as appropriate, to decision makers. In certain embodiments, the system and method may also offer predictions on the likelihood of an enforcement action against the organization given factors such as, but not limited to, the type of violation, degree of violation, and enforcement actions against others for similar violations.

Observing evolution of software development artifacts

Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for providing notifications in distributed development. In some implementations, actions include receiving change information, the change information indicating one or more changes to source code, processing the change information to determine one or more entities associated with the change, comparing the one or more entities to one or more subscriptions, the one or more subscriptions being specific to a user, for each entity associated with a subscription, providing a notification in a set of notifications, and providing a sub-set of notifications for display to the user..
Sap Ag

Application notifications

Application notification techniques are described. Implementations are described in which a representation of an application may include notifications that pertain to the application.
Microsoft Corporation

Live media stream including personalized notifications

A live media broadcast includes core content streamed to multiple users. While all consumers can be presented with the same core content, each individual consumer can be provided with individually customized content from various notification services during commercial breaks.
Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc.

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