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 Method for performing proximity service, and user device patent thumbnailMethod for performing proximity service, and user device
One embodiment of the present specification provides a method comprising the steps of: transferring, by an access stratum (as) layer of a user device, information on a communication state with another user device to an upper layer through a non-access stratum (nas) layer, while the user device communicates with the other user device through a direct communication path; receiving, by the nas layer, a notification on a change of the communication path from the upper layer; commanding, by the nas layer, the as layer to perform a radio resource control (rrc) connection procedure in a request type (call type) which indicates the purpose of service continuity in accordance with the change of the communication path; and transmitting, by the as layer, an rrc connection request message including a connection request type (establishment cause) which indicates the purpose of the service continuity of the proximity service to a base station.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Method for feeding back channel state in wireless communication system and device therefor patent thumbnailMethod for feeding back channel state in wireless communication system and device therefor
Disclosed herein is a sounding method of a station (sta) for sending feedback information about a downlink (dl) channel state in a wireless lan (wlan) system. The sounding method includes receiving an ndp announcement (ndpa) frame providing notification of the transmission of a null data packet (ndp) frame; receiving the ndp frame; receiving a trigger frame comprising resource allocation information allocated to the sta; generating feedback information using the ndp frame; and sending a feedback frame comprising feedback information through uplink (ul) multi-user (mu) transmission using a frequency resource indicated by the resource allocation information.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Transmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method patent thumbnailTransmission device, reception device, transmission method, and reception method
A transmission device has a detector, a generator, and a transmitter. When the detector has detected that a communication rule of a message that has been broadcasted to a network by another transmission device coincides with a communication rule of a message that is broadcasted to the network by the present transmission device, the generator generates an abnormality notification message.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Method and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform patent thumbnailMethod and system for bundling multiple services through a mobile platform
A telecommunications service provider agrees to a pre-paid plan including phone, text and data services, which it provides to a user through her mobile device. The provider's computer system then sends a notification to the user's mobile device that refers to benefits and contains a launch prompt.
Rok Mobile International Ltd.

 Techniques for dynamic geographic fencing patent thumbnailTechniques for dynamic geographic fencing
Techniques are provided herein for utilizing a dynamic geo-fence management engine. The techniques include receiving a set of parameters corresponding to a virtual geographic perimeter.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Methods and devices for locating wearable device patent thumbnailMethods and devices for locating wearable device
The present disclosure relates to methods and devices for locating a wearable device. The method includes: determining, by the wearable device, whether a first short range communication connection between the wearable device and a first terminal is disconnected; and when it is determined that the first short range communication connection is disconnected, broadcasting, by the wearable device, a notification message configured to instruct a second terminal to: establish a second short range communication connection with the wearable device, and send a connection notification to a server, wherein the server locates the wearable device according to the second terminal..
Xiaomi Inc.

 Methods and apparatus to present supplemental media on a second screen patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to present supplemental media on a second screen
Methods and apparatus to present supplemental media on a second screen are disclosed. An example method includes establishing a connection between a digital media device and a computing device based on information identifying the computing device and, in response to establishing the connection, receiving, at the computing device, a first notification from the digital media device including a location of supplemental media; accessing the supplemental media; and in response to accessing the supplemental media, sending a second notification that the supplemental media has been accessed, the second notification to enable media skipping on the digital media device..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

 Episodic timely notification based on a notifiable event patent thumbnailEpisodic timely notification based on a notifiable event
A notifiable event pertaining to a series of videos is detected. A user who has a highest affinity score with respect to the series is selected from a plurality of users who have partially viewed the series.
Google Inc.

 Apparatus,  content availability notification patent thumbnailApparatus, content availability notification
Systems and methods are operable to notify a user of content availability. An exemplary embodiment receives a content availability notification request that specifies at least one content of interest, searches current electronic program guide (epg) information to identify the content of interest, determines that the information identifying the specified content of interest is unavailable based upon the search of the current epg information, generates a content availability reminder that is associated with the specified content of interest, monitors a content database to determine an availability of the specified content of interest identified in the content availability reminder, determines that the specified content of interest is available when the monitored content database indicates availability of the specified content of interest, and generates a content availability reminder notification that indicates at least a title of the specified content of interest..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

 System, device, and  providing audiences for live video streaming patent thumbnailSystem, device, and providing audiences for live video streaming
A system for live video streaming includes a live video server, including a processor, a non-transitory memory, an input/output component, an interest manager, a video content manager, a video feed manager, a broadcast controller, a social network controller, and a data bus; a live video receiving device, including an interest controller, a notification controller, and a streaming viewer; a live video broadcasting device, including a content controller and a streaming transmitter; a broadcast management system and a social network system; such that a user receives a timely notification for a live broadcast matching the users subject matter interests, such that the user can watch the live broadcast; and the system provides interested audiences to broadcasting users that provide live video content. Also disclosed is a method for live video streaming, including registering broadcast schedule; registering subject matter content; registering subject matter interest; sending notification; and watching broadcast..

Conveying device information to application server servicing computing device associated with a communication

When authorized, a user of a computing device, such as a smart phone, may place a communication using an originating number that is different from the number assigned to the computing device. An ims application server that handles requests for the computing device associated with the originating number is notified when the telephone number assigned to the computing device is used by a different computing device.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Wireless communications device having enhanced silent notification mode

A cell phone having a normal notification mode and an enhanced silent notification mode. The phone includes a memory, a speaker, a touch screen and a processor.

Vehicle mobile terminal manipulation system

A vehicle mobile terminal manipulation system that manipulates a mobile terminal brought in a vehicle includes: a mobile terminal; a manipulation device to which a user inputs manipulation; and a notification portion that notifies the mobile terminal of manipulation information indicative of manipulation which has been input to the manipulation device. The mobile terminal includes a terminal-side display portion and a terminal-side manipulation portion.
Denso Corporation

Dynamic adjustment of mobile device based on peer event data

In some implementations, a mobile device can be configured to monitor environmental, system and user events associated with the mobile device and/or a peer device. The occurrence of one or more events can trigger adjustments to system settings.
Apple Inc.

Facilitating quality of service and security via functional classification of devices in networks

Quality of service and security are facilitated via functional classification of devices within a network. One method includes receiving, by a first device, notification information of a presence of a second device among the devices of the network, wherein the devices are configured to communicate information about events associated with respective operations of the devices; and generating, by the first device, first information indicative of an identity of and a functional classification of a function of the second device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Sensor-driven eventing and two stage notification

A computer-implemented method for reducing network traffic in an event-driven infrastructure by a two-stage notification subscription mechanism may be provided. The method includes subscribing, by client components to notifications for topics at a client-side hub, opening, a connection to a server-side notification server initiated by the client-side hub and subscribing, by the client-side hub to the server-side notification server for a united set of topics client components subscribed to at the client-side hub.
International Business Machines Corporation

Pro-active mechanism to detect lisp movable silent host

A network device may receive a request seeking a location identifier for an endpoint identifier from a first router. The network device may determine that the endpoint identifier belongs to a dynamic endpoint identifier range associated with a plurality of routers.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Display of a notification that identifies a keyword

A method comprising receiving a first message, receiving a second message, determining that the first message has an unread status, determining that the second message has an unread status, determining that at least one keyword is represented in the first message and the second message in response to the determination that the first message has an unread status and the determination that the second message has an unread status, determining a notification that identifies the keyword, signifies the receipt of the first message, and signifies the receipt of the second message, and causing display of the notification is disclosed.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Providing centralized message notification

Providing centralized message notification for user interface is described. A method includes receiving a plurality of message notifications.
Red Hat, Inc.

Detecting oscillation anomalies in a mesh network using machine learning

In one embodiment, a device in a network receives metrics regarding a node in the network. The device uses the metrics as input to a machine learning model.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Real-time tagger

In an approach for providing tagging for problem resolution that works across multiple collaboration channels, a processor receives an indication of a problem statement. A processor monitors a collaboration channel for a new tag.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automatic e-signatures in response to conditions and/or events

Techniques are disclosed that allow for automatic signing of a digital document in response to some event and/or when the document satisfies some predefined condition. The document may be, for example, an agreement, a technical paper for publication, a press release or marketing materials, or any other digital document that might need to be assented to, approved by, and/or attributed to one or more persons or representatives.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Generating adaptive notification

A method for generating adaptive notifications include analyzing, at a user device, a spectrum of environmental noise. A portion of the spectrum for adaptive notification enhancement is selected based on the analyzing the spectrum of environmental noise.
Blackberry Limited

System to detect wafer arcing in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Methods and systems for accurate arc detection in semiconductor manufacturing tools are disclosed. Such methods and systems provide real-time arc detection and near real-time notification for corrective actions during a semiconductor manufacturing process.
Applied Materials, Inc.

System and automatic media compilation

A system includes at least one processor to execute instructions stored in a memory to perform operations including receiving a request to create a media file from a first client computing device associated with a producer of the media file and storing a representation of the media file in a database, creating a unique code that represents the media file and storing the unique code in the database with the representation of the media file, receiving the unique code and a media component from an actor invited to submit a contribution to the media file, the media component sent by a second client computing device, storing the media component in the database with the representation of the media file, automatically compiling the media component into a final media file, and sending a notification to a recipient client computing device that the final media file is ready for viewing.. .

Method and system for pilot target aircraft and target obstacle alertness and awareness

There is provided systems and methods for pilot alertness and awareness of target aircraft and target obstacle that are flying within a proceeding flight path collision. Transmitted guiding sound signals consisting of three dimensional effects and tonal sounds are generated by a flight unit, and sent to the pilot's headset for the desired purpose of directing the pilot's head position to locate the target aircraft and target obstacle.

Organized intelligent merging

A method is provided for organized intelligent merge notifications. The method includes identifying a merge aperture using a processor.
Here Global B.v.

Vehicle recognition notification apparatus and vehicle recognition notification system

A vehicle recognition notification apparatus mounted on a subject vehicle includes: a recognition information reception processing section; an another-driver recognition state determination section; an informing control section; a subject-driver recognition state determination section; a recognition information transmission processing section; a subject-vehicle position acquisition section; a vehicle information reception processing section; an another-vehicle position acquisition section; and a visual line detection section. The subject-driver recognition state determination section determines whether the driver of the subject vehicle recognizes the other vehicle.
Denso Corporation

Universal remote control user interface for discrete control of multiple devices

A universal remote control device and methods for controlling multiple devices with a universal remote control device are provided. The method includes receiving a boot completed notification from a control unit of the universal remote control device and displaying a troubleshooting icon on a display of the universal remote control device.
Ray Enterprises Inc.

System arm notification based on ble position

A system that includes a control panel of a security system that detects threats within a secured geographic area, a least one bluetooth low energy (ble) device located within the secured area that transmits a wireless location identification signal, a portable wireless device of the security system that detects the wireless location identification signal and a processor of the security system that displays a screen used to arm the security system in response to the wireless identification signal detected by the portable device.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Methods, systems, and products for security services

Personalized notifications of security events are sent. When an alarm condition is determined, a remote notification address may be retrieved.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Money depositing and dispensing apparatus, money depositing and dispensing training releasing error condition by the same

In accordance with an embodiment, a money depositing and dispensing apparatus comprises a conveyance section, a reception module, a conveyance control module and a notification module. The conveyance section at least conveys either deposited money or dispensed money.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Assessing environmental impact of vehicle transit

The environmental impact of vehicle transit through an area is often evaluated through indirect and/or aggregate metrics, such as visibility and/or health effects from smog, or the contamination of air or water quality. However, such environmental metrics may be inaccurate, incomplete, delayed, and/or insufficient to inform a user of a vehicle as to the environmental impact of the vehicle transit of his or her vehicle on the environment.
Inrix Inc.

Systems and methods for routing electronic transaction processing results

Techniques for routing the results generated by processing electronic transactions are provided. In some examples, a point-of-sale device carries out electronic transactions, which are processed to generate transaction information.
Bank Of America Corporation

Systems and methods for location-based notifications for shopping assistance

Methods, systems, and devices are described for location-based notifications for shopping assistance. One disclosed method includes the steps of receiving a list of items for a shopping list; obtaining a location of at least one of the items in the list; responsive to a determination that a proximity of a user device to the location is within a threshold proximity of the location: generating a notification signal based on the proximity of the user device to the location; and outputting the notification signal to cause the user device to output a notification..
Immersion Corporation

Systems and methods for visual representation of offers

A method and system for providing geographic location notifications for targeted offers is disclosed. One embodiment of the invention is directed to a method including monitoring for an event to trigger a targeted offer.

Thermostat with bi-directional communications interface for monitoring hvac equipment

A thermostat for a building space. The thermostat includes a user interface and a processing circuit.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

System and scheduling software updates for industrial assets based on forecasted operating data

A method for scheduling software updates for industrial assets may generally include receiving, with a computing device, an indication that a software update is available for an industrial asset, accessing, with the computing device, forecasted operating data for the industrial asset, determining, with the computing device, a suggested time for installing the software update based on the forecasted operating data and providing, with the computing device, a notification indicating the availability of the software update and the suggested time for installing the software update.. .
General Electric Company

Systems and methods for managing regimen adherence

Systems and methods are provided for managing medical adherence. An exemplary method may include managing medical adherence utilizing data aggregating and processing to determine impact on a user's health based on their behavior related to prescribed medication.
Welldoc, Inc.

Detection and notification of prescription non-adherence

Improving prescription adherence for discharged patients is of growing importance for healthcare providers, accountable care organizations, and insurance providers. Patients have several reasons for deviating from a course of treatment or falsifying data to indicate that they are following a course of treatment.
Experian Health, Inc.

Systems and methods for genetic testing

A genetic analysis system that provides a notification of new medical information that is non-trivial and significant to the results of a patient's prior genetic test. The system retrieves clinical information from an outside database and also evaluates whether subsequent updates to that database are significant to the patient.
Good Start Genetics, Inc.

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