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Device of sd type using a single wire protocol
The invention is a portable electronic device comprising a non volatile memory and a memory controller. The portable electronic device comprises a connector having eight pads able to communicate using a protocol of Secure DigitalĀ® type. The connector comprises at least one additional pad intended to be linked to an antenna....

Optimized flash memory access method and device
A method for accessing a non volatile memory device including at least one group or sector of memory cells divided into regions programmable with two different data storage densities and accessible with at least two reading modes, for example a two-level mode and a multilevel mode. The memory regions are being...

System and method for pre-boot authentication of a secure client hosted virtualization in an information handling system
A client hosted virtualization system (CHVS) includes a processor to execute code, a component, and a non-volatile memory. The non volatile memory includes BIOS code and code to implement a virtualization manager. The virtualization manager is operable to initialize the CHVS, launch a virtual machine on the CHVS, and assign the...

Circuit, system, device and method of authenticating a communication session and encrypting data thereof
Disclosed is a circuit, system, device and method for authentication and/or encryption, which is based on the characteristics and/or management of One Time Programming (OTP) Non Volatile Memory (NVM) that may prevent the ability to alter, modify, mimic or otherwise use an identification string/code for attaining false authentication and/or falsely decrypting...

Rectification element and method for resistive switching for non volatile memory device
A method of suppressing propagation of leakage current in an array of switching devices. The method includes providing a dielectric breakdown element integrally and serially connected to a switching element within each of the switching device. A read voltage (for example) is applied to a selected cell. The propagation of leakage...

Circuit for the optimization of the programming of a flash memory
A non volatile memory device is provided. The memory device includes a plurality of memory cells and programming means. The programming circuitry is configured to select a group of memory cells, receive a first data word and program memory cells of the selected group based on the data word. the program...

System for accessing non volatile memory
Accessing a non-volatile memory array is described, including receiving a first data and a memory address associated with the first data, writing the first data to the non-volatile memory array at the memory address of the first data without erasing a second data stored in the non-volatile memory array at the...

Non volatile memory apparatus, data controlling method thereof, and devices having the same
A memory apparatus includes a local bus, a plurality of non-volatile memories, a first buffer, and a main controller. The non-volatile memories share the local bus. The first buffer is connected to the plurality of non-volatile memories via the local bus. The first buffer buffers data stored in the plurality of...

Three dimensionally stacked non volatile memory units
A memory unit including a first transistor spanning a first transistor region in a first layer of the memory unit; a second transistor spanning a second transistor region in a second layer of the memory unit; a first resistive sense memory (RSM) cell spanning a first memory region in a third...

Non volatile memory device ion barrier
An ion barrier layer made from a dielectric material in contact with an electronically insulating layer is operative to prevent mobile ions transported into the electronically insulating layer from passing through the ion barrier layer and into adjacent layers during data operations on a non-volatile memory cell. A conductive oxide layer...

Disturb-resistant non-volatile memory device and method
A method of forming a disturb-resistant non volatile memory device. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate having a surface region and forming a first dielectric material overlying the surface region. A first wiring material overlies the first dielectric material, a doped polysilicon material overlies the first wiring material, and an...

Method of managing data in a portable electronic device having a plurality of controllers
The invention is a method of managing data in a portable electronic device comprising first and second controllers. The first controller comprises a first microprocessor and a first non volatile memory. The first microprocessor comprises a first piece of code. The second controller comprises a second microprocessor and a second non...

Memory device with vertically embedded non flash non volatile memory for emulation of nand flash memory
A system and a method for emulating a NAND memory system are disclosed. In the method, a command associated with a NAND memory is received. After receipt of the command, a vertically configured non-volatile memory array is accessed based on the command. In the system, a vertically configured non-volatile memory array...

System including vertically stacked embedded non flash re writable non volatile memory
A multiple-type memory is disclosed. The multiple-type memory includes memory blocks in communication with control logic blocks. The memory blocks and the control logic blocks are configured to emulate a plurality of memory types. The memory blocks can be configured into a plurality of memory planes that are vertically stacked upon...

Minimizing disturbs in dense non volatile memory arrays
A nitride read only memory (NROM) array includes a silicon substrate having trenches therein, a plurality of polysilicon bit lines deposited in the trenches and connecting columns of memory cells, a layer of (oxide nitride oxide) ONO at least within the memory cells and a plurality of polysilicon word lines to...

Combined memory and storage device in an apparatus for data processing
The invention concerns an apparatus for data processing comprising a central processing unit and a non volatile random access memory. The central processing unit and the non volatile random access memory are connected via a memory bus. The data related to an operating system for running said apparatus is at least...

Hearing system with analogue control element
A hearing system is described comprising a hearing device with a signal processing unit and at least one analogue control element () with a selector () with a delimited selecting range for selecting at least one particular setting of the hearing system. Each setting controls one or multiple parameters of the...

Controller, a method of operating the controller and a memory system
The present disclosure provides a controller which comprises a command generator configured to generate a command to non volatile memory, and buffer configured to receive a first data and a second data and configured to combine the first data and the second data, an ECC unit configured to perform the ECC...

Automatic valid vote count storage using secure embedded non volatile memory
A non-volatile memory system adapted for securely registering votes within a voting system is described. The votes are encoded as a set of logically grouped cells based on a voter's selection of an item. The encoding assures that the votes are easily distinguishable by a read circuit....

Non volatile memory including stabilizing structures
An apparatus that includes a magnetic structure including a reference layer; and a free layer; an exchange coupling spacer layer; and a stabilizing layer, wherein the exchange coupling spacer layer is between the magnetic structure and the stabilizing layer and exchange couples the free layer of the magnetic structure to the...

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