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Noma patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Noma-related patents
 Methods of unsupervised anomaly detection using a geometric framework patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of unsupervised anomaly detection using a geometric framework
A method for unsupervised anomaly detection, which are algorithms that are designed to process unlabeled data. Data elements are mapped to a feature space which is typically a vector space d.
 Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based upon anomaly detection patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based upon anomaly detection
Systems, methods, and media for outputting data based on anomaly detection are provided. In some embodiments, a method for outputting data based on anomaly detection is provided, the method comprising: receiving, using a hardware processor, an input dataset; identifying grams in the input dataset that substantially include distinct byte values; creating an input subset by removing the identified grams from the input dataset; determining whether the input dataset is likely to be anomalous based on the identified grams, and determining whether the input dataset is likely to be anomalous by applying the input subset to a binary anomaly detection model to check for an n-gram in the input subset; and outputting the input dataset based on the likelihood that the input dataset is anomalous..
 Pharmaceutical composition patent thumbnailnew patent Pharmaceutical composition
Disclosed in the present invention is a pharmaceutical composition, comprising a weight ratio of 1:120 to 1:1000 of camptothecin compound of formula i and β-cyclodextrin or derivatives thereof, and an acidic buffer to adjust the ph=3.5-6.0. The composition can be used to treat solid tumours, such as melanoma, pancreatic cancer, hepatoma etc.
Shanghai Hotmed Sciences Co., Ltd.
 Quantitative multiplex methylation-specific pcr patent thumbnailnew patent Quantitative multiplex methylation-specific pcr
Methods are provided for diagnosing in a subject a condition, such as a carcinoma, sarcoma or leukemia, associated with hypermethylation of genes by isolating the genes from tissue containing as few as 50 to 1000 tumor cells. Using quantitative multiplex methylation specific pcr (qm-msp), multiple genes can be quantitatively evaluated from samples usually yielding sufficient dna for analyses of only 1 or 2 genes.
The Johns Hopkins University
 Method to identify asymptomatic high-risk individuals with early stage lung cancer by means of detecting mirnas in biologic fluids patent thumbnailnew patent Method to identify asymptomatic high-risk individuals with early stage lung cancer by means of detecting mirnas in biologic fluids
A diagnostic and/or prognostic model of at least 5 serum mirnas selected among a group of 34 mirnas that identifies subjects with early stage lung cancer, namely non-small cell lung carcinomas (nsclcs), in a population of asymptomatic high-risk individuals, with 80% accuracy. The model could also distinguish between benign and malignant lesions and is sensitive enough to capture the disease onset.
Ifom Fondazione Istituto Firc Di Oncologia Moleco Lare
 Selective histone deactylase 6 inhibitors patent thumbnailnew patent Selective histone deactylase 6 inhibitors
Disclosed are selective histone deactylase inhibitors (hdaci) that having formula (i). Methods of making and using these inhibitors for the treatment of cancer, in particular melanoma are also disclosed..
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois
 Method and a system to detect malicious software patent thumbnailMethod and a system to detect malicious software
In the method of the invention said detection is performed in an anomaly detection system, or ads, by analyzing the behavior of a network and looking for deviations with respect to a normality, said normality indicating common behavior of users of said network and being defined previous to said detection. The method is characterised in that it comprises building a plurality of detection models, each of said plurality of detection models adapted to different entities of said network and to different algorithms, said different algorithms implementing different detection strategies and said plurality of detection models representing said normality.
Telefonica, S.a.
 Sequential anomaly detection patent thumbnailSequential anomaly detection
A dataset including at least one temporal event sequence is collected. A one-class sequence classifier f(x) that obtains a decision boundary is statistically learned.
International Business Machines Corporation
 System and  anomaly detection patent thumbnailSystem and anomaly detection
A system and method for anomaly detection is provided. The system (100) and method (200) include utilizing one or more processors, such as in a server, for receiving (108) operational and dynamics data (104) from sensors associated with devices (102), filtering the data, establishing a set of baseline dynamics data and eliminating data dependencies (110).
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.
 Histological differentiation grade prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma in computed tomography images patent thumbnailHistological differentiation grade prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma in computed tomography images
A method of determining the histological grade of hepatocellular carcinoma (hcc) including: acquiring a computed tomography (ct) image of a person including an hcc tumor; delineating the hcc tumor; and assigning a histological grade to the hcc tumor, wherein assigning the histological grade to the hcc tumor includes: applying a plurality of filters to the hcc tumor, wherein each of the filters produces a corresponding response image and, for each of the filters, a convolution operation is performed on the filter and the ct image to produce the response image corresponding to that filter; computing an average response of the hcc tumor in each of the response images and recording each of the average responses as an independent subspace analysis (isa) feature; and determining the histological grade of the hcc tumor based on the isa features by using a classifier.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Rafamycin analogs and methods for making same

A semi-synthetic rapamycin analog with a triazole moiety or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or prodrug thereof, is a broad-spectrum cytostatic agent and a mtor inhibitor, and is useful in the treatment of various cancers, or tumors in organs such as kidney, liver, breast, head and neck, lung, prostate, and restenosis in coronary arteries, peripheral arteries, and arteries in the brain, immune and autoimmune diseases. Also disclosed are fungal growth-, restenosis-, post-transplant tissue rejection- and immune- and autoimmune disease-inhibiting compositions and a method of inhibiting cancer, fungal growth, restenosois, post-transplant tissue rejection, and immune and autoimmune disease in a mammal.
Zhejiang Zylox Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Methods of detecting cervical cancer

Methods of detecting cervical dysplasia, such as cervical dysplasia likely to progress to carcinoma in a sample of human cervical cells, are provided. Methods of detecting changes in expression of one or more micrornas or mrnas associated with cervical dysplasia or cervical cancer are also provided.

Polymeric composites having oriented nanomaterials and methods of making the same

The present invention relates to the development and fabrication of thin-film polymer nanocomposites containing vertically aligned nanomaterials, such as single-walled carbon nanotubes (swnts). In certain embodiments, the present invention utilizes liquid crystal mesophases of hexagonally packed cylindrical micelles that orient with their long axes parallel to an applied magnetic field, thereby directing the alignment of the nanomaterials, such as swnts, sequestered in the micellar cores.
Yale University

Anomaly detection to identify coordinated group attacks in computer networks

Systems, apparatuses, methods, and computer programs for detecting anomalies to identify coordinated group attacks on computer networks are provided. An anomaly graph of a network including nodes, edges, and an indegree of the nodes in the anomaly graph may be determined.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc

System and anomaly detection and extraction

The present invention relates to a system for suppressing transient interference from a signal. The system includes a modeling system, wherein the modeling system constructs a model of transient interference from a first signal, and a filtering system, wherein the filtering system suppresses transient interference from a second signal by applying the model to the second signal..
Yale University

Interactive virtual care

An interactive virtual care system may include a user sensory module to acquire multi-modal user data related to user movement. A data analysis module may compare the multi-modal user data to predetermined historical user data and/or statistical norm data for users to identify an anomaly in the user movement..
Accenture Global Services Limited

Transcranial stimulation device and method based on electrophysiological testing

Embodiments of the disclosed technology provide a combination electroencephalography and non-invasive stimulation devices. Upon measuring an electrical anomaly in a region of a brain, various non-invasive stimulation techniques are utilized to correct neural activity.
Evoke Neuroscience, Inc.

Methods and materials for treating cancer

This document provides methods and materials for treating cancers including renal cancer (e.g., renal cell carcinoma) as well as ovarian, breast, prostate, colon, pancreatic, bladder, liver, lung, and thyroid cancers and melanoma. For example, methods and material for using one or more inhibitors of an scd1 polypeptide to treat renal cell carcinoma (e.g., clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccrcc)) or to increase the efficacy of a renal cell carcinoma treatment are provided.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Prodrugs of riluzole and their use

Pharmaceutical compositions of the invention include substituted riluzole prodrugs useful for the treatment of cancers including melanoma, breast cancer, brain cancer, and prostate cancer through the release of riluzole. Prodrugs of riluzole have enhanced stability to hepatic metabolism and are delivered into systemic circulation by oral administration, and then cleaved to release riluzole in the plasma via either an enzymatic or general biophysical release process..
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey

Pyridine and pyrazine derivative for the treatment of cf

The present invention provides pyridine and pyrazine derivatives which restore or enhance the function of mutant and/or wild type cftr to treat cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, respiratory tract infections, lung carcinoma, xerostomia and keratoconjunctivitis sire, or constipation (ibs, ibd, opioid induced). Pharmaceutical compositions comprising such derivatives are also encompassed..
Novartis Ag

Global dna hypomethylation and biomarkers for clinical indications in cancer

The present invention provides methods of determination of a global dna methylation index (gdmi) in a sample from a subject, using a variety of methods which can detect global, genome-wide, and gene-specific dna methylation to create methylation portraits that can be used for early detection, diagnosis, and clinical management in the personalized medicine space. Further, the invention provides methods of diagnosis of cancer, including gastric cancer and hepatocellular cancer in a subject, by comparing the gdmi in a sample obtained from a subject to the methylation index of standard controls.
The Johns Hopkins University

Monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic uses thereof

The disclosure relates to antibodies to the preferentially expressed antigen in melanoma (prame), and the synovial sarcoma x breakpoint 2 (ssx-2) antigens, methods of use, and diagnostic kits thereof. In exemplary embodiments, the disclosure relates to monoclonal antibodies to specific epitopes of the prame and ssx-2 antigens and methods of using such antibodies..
Mannkind Corporation

Costimulatory b7-h1 in renal cell carcinoma patients: indicator of tumor aggressiveness and potential therapeutic target

The invention features methods of diagnosis by assessing b7-h1 expression in a tissue from a subject that has, or is suspected of having, cancer, methods of treatment with agents that interfere with b7-h1-receptor interaction, methods of selecting candidate subjects likely to benefit from cancer immunotherapy, and methods of inhibiting expression of b7-h1.. .
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Dual function markers for diagnostics and therapeutics for upper gastrointestinal tract precancer

The invention described herein relates to the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of intestinal metaplasias that develop to esophageal, gastric, and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The stem cells and differentiated cells of these intestinal metaplasias show high expression of cdh17 as well as other proteins.

Three-dimensional hyperspectral imaging system

A method is provided for constructing a three-dimensional hyperspectral image using compressive sensing. The method includes: configuring on/off state of each mirror in an array of micromirrors in accordance with a pattern; capturing image data of a scene from a first point of view using a first photodetector; and capturing image data of the scene from second point of view using a second photodetector, where second point of view differs from the first point of view.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

Fault detection for pipelines

The invention concerns structural integrity assessment apparatus for determining stress concentration zones in a structure, such as a pipeline. The apparatus allows particularly to detect defects in buried pipelines using magnetometric surveying where anomalies in the magnetic field around the pipelines are detected.
Speir Hunter Ltd

Device for detecting anomalies in an aircraft turbine engine by acoustic analysis

A device for detecting anomalies in an aircraft turbine engine by acoustic analysis, the device not an onboard device and including: a mobile module including a directional system for acquiring acoustic signals from the turbine engine; a processor for processing the signals, which is suitable for generating a damage report; a transmitter for transmitting the damage report; a server capable of exchanging data with the mobile module, the server including a receiver for receiving the damage report; and a storage device suitable for storing the damage report.. .

Detecting traffic anomalies based on application-aware rolling baseline aggregates

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method of detecting anomalies in network traffic. The method includes: receiving a plurality of accounting reports from an application assurance device, the accounting reports indicating a metric of network performance; aggregating the metric from a plurality of accounting reports to determine a plurality of aggregated metrics corresponding to a plurality of intervals; storing the aggregated metrics in a database in association with the corresponding plurality of intervals; determining a rolling baseline for a current time period based on metrics of intervals corresponding to a primary partition and a sub-partition; comparing a metric for a current time period to the rolling baseline; and determining that an anomaly is occurring if the metric for the current time period differs from the rolling baseline by more than a pre-defined threshold..
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

Method and system for implementation of engineered key performance indicators

A method and system engineers key performance indicators (kpis). This method and system helps kpi engineers: 1) design effective kpis based on target kpi behavior and performance leverage points; 2) validate kpi designs against sample sensor data while taking into account goal, resource, and policy changes; 3) verify that kpis are usable and flexible based on user & owner feedback; and 4) calibrate kpis for environmental and operational changes, plus anomalies..
International Business Machines Corporation

Differential diagnosis of cancer and other conditions based on expression of p63

This invention relates to methods of distinguishing among various types of differentiated and undifferentiated epithelial carcinomas, and non-epithelial carcinomas, by detecting the presence of p63 nucleic acid or protein expression. The invention also provides methods for detecting p63 nucleic acids and proteins, as well as methods for diagnosing and treating certain tumors based on whether the tumors express p63..
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai

Marker for diagnosing forelimb-girdle muscular anomaly in mammal individual, and detection method using same

The present invention uses an isolated polynucleotide having a part or whole of gfra1 gene, mutant gfra1 protein, and mrna encoding the mutant gfra1 protein, each of which includes a loss-of-function mutation of gfra1, as markers for diagnosing an animal as affected by forelimb-girdle muscular anomaly or as a carrier of forelimb-girdle muscular anomaly. In addition, an isolated polynucleotide comprising one or more selected from the group consisting of mok2630, mok2637, snp b, and snp d can be used as markers for diagnosing whether a bovine animal is affected by forelimb-girdle muscular anomaly or whether a bovine animal is a carrier of forelimb-girdle muscular anomaly..
National University Corporation Okayama University

Method of treating a malignancy in a subject and a pharmaceutical composition for use in same

There is a disclosed a method of killing abnormal cells such as malignant cells including melanoma cells, using a virus recognising at least one of a cell adhesion molecule and a complement regulatory protein. The virus may be a member of the picornaviridae family.
Viralytics Limited

Method and device for detecting and repairing channel anomaly of active antenna

The present disclosure provides a method and device for detecting and repairing a channel anomaly of an active antenna, and the method includes: an operation state of a transmission channel or a reception channel is determined by analyzing in real time data of a feedback coupling channel or data of the reception channel, if the operation state is anomalous, an anomaly protection is performed and an alarm is reported; a level of the alarm and a reason causing the alarm are determined, if data of the transmission/reception channel are anomalous and the anomaly protection is performed, a current antenna beam forming parameter is stored and the antenna beam forming parameter is set to zero; after the alarm has been eliminated, a stored valid antenna beam forming parameter is set to a valid value; and if a transmission/reception analog channel operates anomalously and the anomaly protection is performed, the antenna beam forming parameter is re-acquired and an acquired valid antenna beam forming parameter is configured. The present disclosure can detect states of multiple transmission/reception channels of an active antenna without an extra calibration channel, thus reducing the design cost of a system..
Zte Corporation

Vehicle exception event management systems

Exception event recorders and analysis systems include: vehicle mounted sensors arranged as a vehicle event recorder to capture both discrete and non-discrete data; a discretization facility; a database; and an analysis server all coupled together as a computer network. Motor vehicles with video cameras and onboard diagnostic systems capture data when the vehicle is involved in a crash or other anomaly (an ‘event’).
Smartdrive Systems, Inc.

Grinding system and spot welding system

A grinding system includes a period determiner that determines, on the basis of a torque of a grinder of a dresser that grinds a welding tip, whether the current period is a grinding period in which the grinder is grinding the welding tip or a non-grinding period in which the grinder is not grinding the welding tip; and an anomaly detector that detects anomalies that are associated beforehand with each of the grinding period and the non-grinding period.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

Method for detecting at least one anomaly in an observed signal, corresponding computer program product and device

A method is provided for detecting the presence of an anomaly within an observed physical signal. The observed signal includes an addition of a physical disturbance signal and a reference signal.
Institue Mines-telecom

Detecting behavioral patterns and anomalies using activity data

Activity data is analyzed or evaluated to detect behavioral patterns and anomalies. When a particular pattern or anomaly is detected, a system may send a notification or perform a particular task.
Nextlabs, Inc.

Organizing network performance metrics into historical anomaly dependency data

The technology disclosed relates to organizing network performance metrics into historical anomaly dependency data. In particular, it relates to calculating cascading failure relationships between correlated anomalies detected in a network.
Opsclarity Inc.

Organizing network performance metrics into historical anomaly dependency data

The technology disclosed relates to organizing network performance metrics into historical anomaly dependency data. In particular, it relates to calculating cascading failure relationships between correlated anomalies detected in a network.
Opsclarity Inc.

Anomaly detection system, anomaly detection method, and program for the same

A method is for handling an anomaly in an industrial control system (ics) connected to a network with a plurality of other icss and an anomaly analyzer. An ics receives status data from its own industrial process, and stores this status data as normal pattern data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and system for real-time, false positive resistant, load independent and self-learning anomaly detection of measured transaction execution parameters like response times

A combined transaction execution monitoring, transaction classification and transaction execution performance anomaly detection system is disclosed. The system receives and analyzes transaction tracing data which may be provided by monitoring agents deployed to transaction executing entities like processes.
Compuware Corporation

Discovery routing systems and engines

The inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems, and methods that improve on the pace of discovering new practical information based on large amounts of datasets collected. In most cases, anomalies from the datasets are automatically identified, flagged, and validated by a cross-validation engine.
Nant Holdings Ip, Llc

Robot system, robot management computer for a robot system, and managing a robot system

To enable a recovery control program to be executed quickly by a robot controller without needing to equip the robot controller with a large-capacity storage device, provided is a robot system, including a first robot controller for controlling a first robot. The first robot controller includes a posture information obtaining unit for obtaining information indicating a posture of the first robot when an anomaly occurs in the first robot.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

Method for preventing ultraviolet radiation-induced cutaneous damage and development of squamous cell carcinomas

Provided herein are methods of preventing skin cancer, where the methods comprise the step of administering an effective amount of at least one hsp90 inhibitor to a subject at the risk of developing skin cancer, whereby the skin cancer is prevented in the subject.. .
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Devices and methods for prognosis prediction for melanoma cancer

The invention relates to prognostic markers and prognostic signatures, and compositions and methods for determining the prognosis of cancer in a patient, particularly for melanoma. Specifically, the invention relates to the use of genetic and protein markers for the prediction of the risk of progression of a cancer, such as melanoma, based on markers and signatures of markers.
Ludwig Institute For Cancer Research

System and genomic profiling

The present invention relates to a system and method of genomic profiling and is particularly useful in genomic differentiation of heterogeneous and polyclonal neoplastic cell populations, preferably of flow sorted formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples. The present invention includes methods of improving resolution for identifying aberration in variable carcinoma genomes and/or heterogeneous cell populations.
The Translational Genomics Research Institute

Method and use in detecting changes within wireless signal environment

Various methods, apparatuses and articles of manufacture are provided for use by one or more electronic devices to detect and/or respond to certain changes (anomalies) within a wireless signaling environment. For example, a first electronic device may receive a report of a threshold anomaly detected by a monitoring device deployed at a fixed predetermined position within a coverage area of a network service device, and may initiate an investigation by requesting that a second electronic device attempt to monitor certain transmissions of and/or actively communicate with a network service device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

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