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Noma patents

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Method for vehicle  intrusion detection with mobile router

Method for vehicle intrusion detection with mobile router

Crc counter normalization

Crc counter normalization

Crc counter normalization

Multipath data streaming over multiple wireless networks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Noma-related patents
 Piracy prevention in digital rights management systems patent thumbnailPiracy prevention in digital rights management systems
A method in a multimedia device (130) including obtaining protected content having a limited exercisable right associated therewith, obtaining an extension of the limited exercisable right when a condition is satisfied, for example, when the device enters a drm system different than the drm system from which the protected content originated, wherein the extension of the limited exercisable right is obtained from an entity other than the multimedia device, for example, from an anomaly detector.. .
 Method for vehicle  intrusion detection with mobile router patent thumbnailMethod for vehicle intrusion detection with mobile router
A method of operating a mobile router installed in a vehicle is provided. The vehicle comprises a vehicle network bus coupled to a plurality of electronic control units.
 Crc counter normalization patent thumbnailCrc counter normalization
The ability to accurately and efficiently calculate and report communication errors is becoming more important than ever in today's communications environment. More specifically calculating and reporting crc anomalies in a consistent manner across a plurality of communications connections in a network is crucial to accurate error reporting.
 Multipath data streaming over multiple wireless networks patent thumbnailMultipath data streaming over multiple wireless networks
Embodiments described herein relate to real-time streaming of large quantities of time critical data over multiple distinct networks from a wireless communications device. More specifically, embodiments described herein may address challenges and problems of maintaining consistent data reception quality when faced with the anomalies of a moving sender that is sending data using a relatively unstable radio frequency (rf) method.
 Transaction ordering patent thumbnailTransaction ordering
Nodes of a database service may receive a read request to perform a read of a record stored by the database service and a transaction request to perform a transaction to the record. First and second indications of time may be associated with the read and transaction, respectively.
 Detecting occurrence of abnormality patent thumbnailDetecting occurrence of abnormality
A method, apparatus and computer program for detecting occurrence of an anomaly. The method can exclude arbitrariness and objectively judge whether a variation of a physical quantity to be detected is abnormal or not even when an external environment is fluctuating.
 Tyrosine, serine and threonine phosphorylation sites patent thumbnailTyrosine, serine and threonine phosphorylation sites
The invention discloses 155 novel phosphorylation sites identified in carcinoma and leukemia, peptides (including aqua peptides) comprising a phosphorylation site of the invention, antibodies specifically bind to a novel phosphorylation site of the invention, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses of the above.. .
 Solution based polymer nanofiller-composites synthesis patent thumbnailSolution based polymer nanofiller-composites synthesis
A solution based polymer nanofiller composite processing method to improve mechanical, electrical, thermal and/or chemical properties. The solution based synthesis method may include the steps of surface functionalizing carbon nanomaterials and dissolving a polymer in a solvent.
 Molecular signatures of invasive cancer subpopulations patent thumbnailMolecular signatures of invasive cancer subpopulations
Carcinomas typically invade as a cohesive multicellular unit, a process termed collective invasion. It remains unclear how different subpopulations of cancer cells contribute to this process.
 Compositions and methods for screening and treatment of sturge-weber syndrome, klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, and port-wine stains (pwss) patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for screening and treatment of sturge-weber syndrome, klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, and port-wine stains (pwss)
Compositions and methods for treatment of sturge-weber syndrome, klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, port-wine stains and related neurocutaneous disorders are provided. Cell lines having the somatic mutation gnaq p.arg183gln amino acid substitution, which was found to be the cause of port-wine stains (prevalence 1 in 300) and sturge-weber syndrome are also provided.
Polypeptides targeting glycosylated muc2 proteins, methods of synthesis, their nucleic acids and uses thereof
The invention relates to polypeptides, defined through a consensus sequence, having a length from 10 to 80 amino-acid residues, and whose polypeptidic sequence comprises or consists of the consensus sequence p1(xa)p3(xb)p5(xc)p6(xd)p7 (seq id no: 1), presenting specific patterns. The polypeptides of the invention target glycosylated muc2 proteins.
Therapeutic agent for cancer, and method for determining prognosis of cancer
Disclosed are a novel therapeutic agent for cancer such as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, a method for predicting the prognosis of cancer, and a method for detecting, or predicting the prognosis of, cancer such as esophageal squamous cell carcinoma using a sample that can be collected less invasively. The therapeutic agent for cancer comprises as an effective component an antibody that undergoes antigen-antibody reaction with fgfrl1 to suppress the growth of cancer cells, or an antigen-binding fragment thereof.
Diagnostic image change highlighter
Systems and methods are disclosed which enable more accurate examination of industrial diagnostic images, for example x-ray, ultrasound and terahertz camera images. The systems and methods highlight anomalies that have changed between the collection times of two or more diagnostic images, and can also provide objective scoring of the degree of change..
Optimizing intermediate representation of script code for fast path execution
Disclosed here are methods, systems, paradigms and structures for optimizing intermediate representation (ir) of a script code for fast path execution. A fast path is typically a path that handles most commonly occurring tasks more efficiently than less commonly occurring ones which are handled by slow paths.
Method to identify multivariate anomalies by computing similarity and dissimilarity between entities and considering their spatial interdependency
A method is presented for identifying anomalies based on the dissimilarity and similarity between multivariate samples. A step like procedure applies dissimilarity- and similarity computation in a sequenced fashion that considers variable variance, variable correlation and variable distribution pattern of the samples.
Methods of modulating cell proliferation and cyst formation in polycystic kidney and liver diseases
The present invention provides a method for preferentially reducing the proliferation of cystic epithelial cells in the kidney or bile duct in a mammal in need thereof by administering a 20-hete synthesizing enzyme inhibitor or a 20-hete antagonist to the mammal in an amount sufficient to preferentially reduce the proliferation of cystic epithelial cells over normal epithelial cells such as tubule epithelial cells in the kidney or bile duct. The present invention also provides a method for preventing or treating autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (adpkd), autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (arpkd), arpkd associated congenital hepatic fibrosis, arpkd associated caroli's disease, or cholangiocarcinoma in a mammal in need thereof by administering a 20-hete synthesizing enzyme inhibitor or a 20-hete antagonist to the mammal in an amount sufficient to prevent or treat the disease..
Compositions comprising phytoestrogens receptor beta agonists and dietary fibers for chemopreventive treatment of sporadic adenomatous polyposis
It is herein discloses compositions comprising a blend of dietary phytoestrogens receptor β agonists and dietary fibers for prevention and treatment of sporadic adenomatous polyposis. The aforementioned compositions proved to be effect in a clinical trial enrolling patients prone to polyp recurrence and at intermediate risk for colorectal cancer (crc) development..
Detection of gene duplications
Methods of detecting a candidate genetic anomaly such as a candidate duplication in a genome are disclosed. The methods comprise quantifying fluorogenic assays for alleles of a genetic locus from a plurality of individual genomes, identifying ranges of fluorescent intensities indicative of individual genomes homozygous for a first allele, homozygous for a second allele, or heterozygous for both alleles, and identifying individual genomes in which the fluorescence intensities are outside the range of intensities indicative of homozygosity or heterozygosity for the genetic locus..
Methods for detecting human papillomavirus and providing prognosis for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Methods and kits for diagnosing and determining prognosis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma are described. An exemplary method for diagnosing head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (hnscc) in a subject may comprise assaying a saliva sample from the subject for the presence of total protein, solcd44, and hpv, and using the combination of total protein, hpv, and cd44 levels in a multivariate analysis to determine a combined score, whereby an increase in score above a cut-off point distinguishes subjects with hnscc, or an elevated risk of future occurrence thereof, from subjects without hnscc or at low risk of future occurrence thereof..
Micronized tanaproget, compositions, and methods of preparing the same
The present invention provides compositions, desirably pharmaceutical compositions, containing micronized tanaproget. The compositions can also contain microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, anhydrous lactose, magnesium stearate, micronized edetate calcium disodium hydrous, and micronized sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate.
Detecting timing anomalies
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for adapting to malware activity on a compromised computer system. An embodiment operates by detecting an active adversary operating malware on a compromised system.
Method and system to dynamically detect traffic anomalies in a network
Methods implemented in a network are disclosed for dynamically distributing tasks of traffic anomaly monitoring and detecting traffic anomalies. The method starts collecting traffic statistics of large blocks of traffic flows as traffic aggregates.
Detecting anomalies in work practice data by combining multiple domains of information
One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for multi-domain clustering. During operation, the system collects domain data for at least two domains associated with users, wherein a domain is a source of data describing observable activities of a user.
Anomaly detection in chain-of-custody information
A method includes receiving first vehicle log data related to modification of a first software part at a first vehicle. The method also includes receiving first ground log data of a first ground system.
Methods and systems of classifying spam url
A method of operation of a url spam detection system includes: identifying a feature dimension of a user action on a social networking system to detect anomalies; extracting url chunks from a content associated with the user action; aggregating a non-content feature of the user action along the feature dimension into a url distribution store to produce a feature distribution for each of the url chunks; determining whether the feature distribution of a particular url chunk within the url chunks exceeds an expectation threshold for the feature dimension; and classifying the particular url chunk as an illegitimate url when the feature distribution exceeds the expectation threshold to restrict access to a particular url chunk on a social networking system.. .
System and method for analyzing voltage breakdown in electrostatic chucks
A system, instructions and a method of determining when an impending failure is likely to occur absent corrective action are disclosed. The system samples the output of a power supply which powers an electrostatic chuck, and determines when that output is outside acceptable limits.
Methods and apparatus for detecting and localizing partial conductor failures of implantable device leads
Method and apparatus for diagnosis of conductor anomalies, such as partial conductor failures, in an implantable lead for an implantable medical device are disclosed. In various embodiments, small changes in the lead impedance are identified by the use of a small circuit element that is incorporated as part of the distal end of the implantable lead.
Remote health monitoring system
A data collection system collects and stores physiological data from an ambulatory patient at a high resolution and/or a high data rate (“more detailed data”) and sends a low-resolution and/or downsampled version of the data (“less detailed data”) to a remote server via a wireless network. The server automatically analyzes the less detailed data to detect an anomaly, such as an arrhythmia.
Methods of treating dermatological disorders and inducing interferon biosynthesis with shorter durations of imiquimod therapy
Pharmaceutical formulations and methods for the topical and/or transdermal delivery of imiquimod, including creams, ointments and pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions to treat dermatological disorders, namely, viral infections, such as type i or type ii herpes simplex infections and genital and perianal warts, actinic deratosis and superficial basal cell carcinoma, and to induce interferon biosynthesis to achieve an antiviral effect, with shorter durations of therapy, than currently approved for imiquimod by the food & drug administration (“fda”).. .
Differential identification of pancreatic cysts
More than 2% of adults harbor a pancreatic cyst, a subset of which progress to invasive lesions with lethal consequences. To assess the genomic landscapes of neoplastic cysts of the pancreas, we determined the exomic sequences of dna from the neoplastic epithelium of eight surgically resected cysts of each of the major neoplastic cyst types: serous cystadenomas (scas), intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms (ipmns), mucinous cystic neoplasms (mcns) and solid pseudo-papillary neoplasms (spns).
Natural and synthetic compounds for treating cancer and other diseases
This invention provides a method of synthesizing new active compounds for pharmaceutical uses including cancer treatment, wherein the cancers comprise breast, leukocytic, liver, ovarian, bladder, prostatic, skin, bone, brain, leukemia, lung, colon, cns, melanoma, renal, cervical, esophageal, testicular, spleenic, kidney, lymphatic, pancreatic, stomach and thyroid cancers. This invention is an anti-adhesion therapy which uses the compound as a mediator or inhibitor of adhesion proteins and angiopoietins.
Human homeobox gene ventx and macrophage terminal differentiation and activation, compositions and methods thereof
The invention relates to a unique formulated pharmaceutical composition and a novel treatment method of intratumoral injection. The pharmaceutical composition of the invention is the saturated ionic solution of sodium ions and calcium ions (the “medicinal ion bomb”).
Heat generating nanomaterials
The present invention relates to a heat-generating composition, comprising a hetero-structure nanomaterial which comprises (a) a first material comprising at least one component selected from the group consisting of a metal, a metal chalcogen, a metal pnicogen, an alloy and a multi-component hybrid structure thereof; and (b) a second material comprising at least one component selected from the group consisting of metal, metal chalcogen, metal pnicogen, alloy and the multi-component hybrid structure thereof; wherein the first material is enclosed in the second material; wherein at least one of the first material and the second material comprise a magnetic material. The specific loss power of the present nanomaterial is much higher than that of conventional nanomaterials (e.g., 40-fold higher than commercially accessible feridex) and may be controlled by changing compositions or ratios of the first material and/or the second material.
Ige anti-hmw-maa antibody
In one aspect, there is provided an antibody or a functional fragment thereof, wherein the antibody or functional fragment thereof is capable of binding specifically to high molecular weight melanoma associated antigen (hmw-maa), and binding to an fcε receptor.. .
Analysis and targeting of ror2 in cancer
Ror2 is provided as a therapeutic target and prognostic marker for cancers, which include without limitation specific carcinomas and sarcomas. This invention also provides for the use of conjugates comprising an antibody that recognizes and binds ror2, and a cytotoxic agent.
Methods and agents for the diagnosis and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
The present invention relates to methods of diagnosing and methods of treating hepatocellular carcinoma in a subject. The invention also relates to antagonists of plvap proteins, such as antibodies that specifically bind plvap proteins, as well as compositions and kits comprising antagonists of plvap proteins.
Materials and methods useful to induce cell death via methuosis
The present invention provides materials and methods to induce cell death by methuosis, a non-apoptotic cell death mechanism. Small molecules herein are useful for treating cell proliferation disorders or anomalies, particularly, but not exclusively, cancer.
Drone for collecting images and system for categorizing image data
A data collection system provides a first computer media for collecting image data, a second computer media for analyzing the image data and locating anomalies in the image data, a third computer media for linking particular image data to address data of the property where the anomaly is present and a fourth computer media for generating a list of pertinent properties having similar anomalies by address. The image data collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone..
Integrin-blocking polypeptides and uses thereof
A series of integrin blockers that present strong angiogenesis inhibiting performance, high integrin affinity and integrin-bonding capacity is provided. This series of integrin blockers can be adopted in treatment of solid tumors and rheumatoid arthritis.
Treatment and prognostic monitoring of proliferation disorders using hedgehog pathway inhibitors
The present invention concerns methods for treating a proliferation disorder, such as prostate cancer, basal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, and other cancers, using an inhibitor of the hedgehog pathway (hhp); and methods for monitoring subjects undergoing such treatments based on biomarkers and other criteria predictive of efficacy.. .
Molecular nets on solid phases
Disclosed is a covalently-linked multilayered three-dimensional matrix comprising capture molecules, linkers and spacers (referred to as a molecular net) for specific and sensitive analyte capture from a sample. Also disclosed herein is a molecular net comprising covalently-linked multilayered three-dimensional matrix comprising more than one type of capture molecule and more than one type of linker and may comprise one or more spacer for specific and sensitive capture of more than one type of analyte from a sample.
Compositions and methods for the treatment of prostate carcinoma
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of prostate cancer, well as for treatment selection.. .
Dna methylation in colorectal and breast cancer diagnostic methods
The present invention relates generally to nucleic acid molecules in respect of which changes to dna methylation levels are indicative of the onset or predisposition to the onset of a neoplasm. More particularly, the present invention is directed to nucleic acid molecules in respect of which changes to dna methylation levels are indicative of the onset and/or progression of a large intestine or breast neoplasm, such as an adenoma or adenocarcinoma.
Antigen presenting cancer vaccine
The disclosure provides reagents, methods, and kits, for treating melanoma. The reagent encompasses interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) responsive melanoma cells, where the cells are autophagic and non-apoptotic melanoma cells, and where the cells express mhc class if.
Methods, agents and peptides for inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase-2 signaling
Screening assays and methods of using same for screening to identify modulator agents or compounds that affect matrix metalloproteinase-2 (mmp-2) mediated activation of toll-like receptor-2 (tlr-2) are described herein. Pharmaceutical and immunogenic compositions comprising agents or compounds that modulate mmp-2 mediated activation of tlr-2 are also encompassed.
Mig-7 as a specific anticancer target
Aspects of the present invention provide novel mig-7 encoding nucleic acids and mig-7 polypeptides, recombinant dna expression systems and host cells containing same, as well as methods of inhibiting expression of the subject nucleic acid molecules, inhibiting production of the encoded proteins or polypeptides, inhibiting metastasis of a carcinoma cell in a subject (including in humans), inhibiting migration/invasion of and mimicking of normal cells by carcinoma cells in a subject, detecting the presence of a cancer cell (e.g., a migrating/invading cancer cell or carcinoma cell mimic, and tumor neovascularization) in a sample of a subject's tissue or body fluids, and inhibiting the migration/invasion of or endothelial cell mimicking by a placental cell into the blood stream or vessels of a female mammal. Particular aspects relate to novel anti-mig-7 antibodies, diagnostic and/or prognostic methods, and therapeutic methods comprising use of the inventive nucleic acids, polypeptides and antibodies or derivatives thereof..
Immunopotentiative composition
Compositions for cancer or infection treatment via immunopotentiation caused by inhibition of immunosuppressive signal induced by pd-1, pd-l1, or pd-l2 and therapies using them, immunopotentiative substrates included as the active ingredient, screening methods of the substrates for cancer or infection treatment, cell lines used for the screening methods, evaluation methods that select the substrates for cancer treatment, and carcinoma cell transplanted mammals used for the evaluation methods. The compositions of the present invention that inhibits the function of pd-1, pd-l1, or pd-l2 are useful for treatment of cancer or infection..
Treatment of cancer with dihydropyrazino-pyrazines
Provided herein are methods for treating or preventing head and neck squamous cell carcinoma characterized by deletion of chromosome 11q22 or loss of ataxia telangiectasia mutated expression, comprising administering an effective amount of a dihydropyrazino-pyrazine to a patient having head and neck squamous cell carcinoma characterized by deletion of chromosome 11q22 or loss of ataxia telangiectasia mutated expression.. .

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