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This page is updated frequently with new Noma-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Noma-related patents
 Method for wear leveling in a nonvolatile memory patent thumbnailMethod for wear leveling in a nonvolatile memory
A method for writing and reading data in memory cells, comprising, when writing a data in a block of a first memory zone, a step consisting of writing in a second memory zone a temporary information structure metadata comprising a start flag, an identifier of the temporary information structure, an information about the location of the block in the first memory zone, and a final flag, and, after a power on of the first memory zone, searching for an anomaly in temporary information structures present in the second memory zone.. .
Stmicroelectronics (rousset) Sas

 Gas sensor system patent thumbnailGas sensor system
A gas sensor system (1) includes a gas sensor (2) having a cell (14) electrically communicating with a first terminal t1 and a second terminal t2, and a cell (24) electrically communicating with t2 and a third terminal t3; and a sensor control section (40) including detection circuits (41, 43) for detecting the terminal potentials v1, v3. The sensor control section includes circuit (44) for bringing t2 to an examination potential vex; constant current circuits (47, 48) for supplying examination currents ipoc, icp; terminal potential detection means s5 for detecting v1, v3 before the gas sensor detects the gas concentration in an activated state, and in a state in which t2 is brought to examination potential vex and ipoc, icp are supplied to the cells (14, 24); and wire breakage determination means s6, s10 for determining a wire breakage anomaly and its location based on the v1, v3..
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

 System and  inspecting a composite part during manufacture patent thumbnailSystem and inspecting a composite part during manufacture
A method, system and computer-readable storage medium are provided to facilitate inspection of a composite part during manufacture. In the context of a system, a system for inspecting a composite part during manufacture is provided that includes an inspection system configured to detect an in-process anomaly with respect to a ply of the composite part during placement of the ply.
The Boeing Company

 Substituted aminopurine compounds, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith patent thumbnailSubstituted aminopurine compounds, compositions thereof, and methods of treatment therewith
Wherein r1, r2, and r3 are as defined herein, compositions comprising an effective amount of an aminopurine compound, and methods for treating or preventing a cancer, for example, melanoma.. .

 Furanone compounds as kinase inhibitors patent thumbnailFuranone compounds as kinase inhibitors
The present disclosure provides novel furanone compounds, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates or prodrugs thereof, as raf kinase, especially braf kinase, inhibitors, which are useful therapeutic agents for treatment of raf kinase related diseases or disorders, such as melanomas, cancers, and leukemia. The disclosure also provides methods and processes for preparing these novel furanone compounds, pharmaceutical compositions containing these furanone compounds, and methods of treatment using these furanone compounds..
Eternity Bioscience Inc.

 Aminopyridyloxypyrazole compounds patent thumbnailAminopyridyloxypyrazole compounds
The present invention relates to novel aminopyridyloxypyrazole compounds that inhibit the activity of transforming growth factor beta receptor 1 (tgfβr1), pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and methods of using the compounds to treat cancer, preferably colon cancer, melanoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, renal cancer, glioblastoma, pancreatic cancer, myelodysplastic syndrome, lung cancer, and gastric cancer, and/or fibrosis, preferably liver fibrosis and chronic kidney disease.. .
Eli Lilly And Company

 Technologies for distributed detection of security anomalies patent thumbnailTechnologies for distributed detection of security anomalies
Technologies for distributed detection of security anomalies include a computing device to establish a trusted relationship with a security server. The computing device reads one or more packets of at least one of an inter-virtual network function network or an inter-virtual network function component network in response to establishing the trusted relationship and performs a security threat assessment of the one or more packets.

 Unknown patent thumbnailUnknown
A method implemented by computer for the management of the flight of an aircraft comprises the steps of receiving flight directives and flight information associated with these directives; determining a flight context of the aircraft; as a function of the context determined, selecting information from among that associated with the formulation of a directive and/or with a current flight directive and/or with a change of a flight directive; sensorially restoring the selected information. Various developments are described, notably links to documentary resources, the determination of anomalies, the use of predefined logic rules and configuration options.

 Sound and temperature sensors for environmental anomaly detection patent thumbnailSound and temperature sensors for environmental anomaly detection
The sound wave and temperature sensor of the present disclosure can be used for detecting whether a fire accident occurs within a specific area without risking altering or damaging existing sensors, and can be a part of an intelligent home security system. One aspect is to provide an integrated sound wave and temperature sensor that can efficiently work together with the existing sensors.
Mivalife Mobile Technology, Inc.

 Behavioral modeling of a data center utilizing human knowledge to enhance a machine learning algorithm patent thumbnailBehavioral modeling of a data center utilizing human knowledge to enhance a machine learning algorithm
A method generates a behavioral model of a data center when a machine learning algorithm is applied. A team of human modelers that partition the data center into a plurality of connected nodes is analyzed by a behavioral model.


Determining and localizing anomalous network behavior

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for detecting and localizing anomalies in large data sets. One of the methods includes identifying a user whose behavior is classified as anomalous during a particular time interval and determining observed community feature values for a community of users of which the user is a member.
Pivotal Software, Inc.


Cluster anomaly detection using function interposition

Systems and methods may provide for identifying a runtime behavioral pattern of an application and detecting an anomaly in the runtime behavioral pattern. In addition, a security event may be triggered in response to the anomaly.


Detect process health remotely in a realtime fashion

A system of remote nodes may be divided into sets of partner nodes. One remote node becomes a partner of another remote node.
Oracle International Corporation


Monitoring of resource consumption patterns in an automated environment

An automated environment can monitor its resource consumption at the environment level and detect anomalies. Resource consumption can be monitored using a sparse set of sensors that provide information about the total resource consumption of the automated environment.
Apple Inc.


Computer-implemented machine tool damage assessment, prediction, and planning in manufacturing shop floor

A self-aware machine platform is implemented through analyzing operational data of machining tools to achieve machine tool damage assessment, prediction and planning in manufacturing shop floor. Machining processes are first identified by matching similar processes through an icp algorithm.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Wireless industrial process monitor

An industrial process monitor for monitoring an industrial process includes a controller configured to control operation of the industrial process monitor. An ambient environment sensor is configured to sense an ambient environment of the industrial process proximate the device and responsively provide a sensor output signal.
Rosemount Inc.


Detecting cholangiocarcinoma

Provided herein is technology relating to detecting neoplasia and particularly, but not exclusively, to methods, compositions, and related uses for detecting neoplasms such as cholangiocarinoma.. .
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research


Solid drug form of n-(2,6-bis(1-methylethyl)phenyl)-n'-((1-(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)cyclopentyl)methyl)urea hydrochloride and compositions, methods and kits related thereto

A novel solid drug form of n-(2,6-bis(1-methylethyl)phenyl)-n′-((1-(4-(dimethylamino)phenyl)cyclopentyl)methyl)urea hydrochloride (also referred to “atr-101”) suitable for oral dosing, and to compositions, methods and kits relating thereto. Atr-101 has particular utility in the treatment of, for example, aberrant adrenocortical cellular activity, including adrenocortical carcinoma (acc), congenital adrenal hyperplasia (cah) and cushing's syndrome..
Atterocor, Inc.


Impedance measurement process

A method for use in performing impedance measurements on a subject. The method includes, in a processing system, determining at least one first impedance value, measured at a site using a first electrode configuration, determining at least one second impedance value, measured at the site using a second electrode configuration, and determining the presence, absence or degree of an anomaly using the first and second impedance values..
Impedimed Limited


Method and network device for cell anomaly detection

It is provided a method for cell anomaly detection in a network comprising receiving first training data of a first source; receiving second training data of a second source; generating profiles based on the first training data; generating profiles based on the second training data; collecting the generated profiles of the first training data and of the second training data in a pool profiles; associating a weight with each profile in the pool of profiles; providing a set of predictions based on the profiles and their associated weights; and generating data for root cause diagnosis based on at least one prediction.. .
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Method and system for developing an anomaly detector for detecting anomaly parameter in network terminal in distributed network

The present invention discloses a computer implemented method for developing an anomaly detector which is adapted to detect/predict anomaly in one or more network terminals and optimize the behavior of the network terminals. The said method is adapted to collect and monitor the behavior of the network terminals and compare it with the behavior profile of the network terminals in order to detect the anomaly parameter.


Predictive model for anomaly detection and feedback-based scheduling

In an example embodiment, clusters of nodes in a network are monitored. Then the monitored data may be stored in an open time-series database.


Resource budget determination for communications network

Resources (10, 20, 30) of a communications network (40), are used to provide services, some are superordinate services (a, b) which depend on contributory services (c, d, e, f). Key performance indicators r-kpi are received based on measurements from the resources, of contributory services contributing to a corresponding key performance indicator kpi of the corresponding superordinate service.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Automatically resolving boundaries within an architectural design environment

A computer system can automatically resolve anomalies within an architectural design by receiving a digital architectural design comprising a first furniture sub-component, a second furniture sub-component, and a third furniture sub-component. The system can then identify one or more joints between the various furniture sub-components.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions Inc.


Automated network infrastructure test and diagnostic system and method therefor

A testing system provides automated testing of one or more network infrastructures. The testing system may automatically reconfigure one or more devices within a network infrastructure and then conduct testing on the newly configured network infrastructure.
Circadence Corporation


Method and detecting and mapping subsurface anomalies

A method for estimating at least one geophysical property is disclosed. The method includes using a plurality of transmitter electrodes distributed in a conductive medium, periodically passing rectangular current impulses through the media; collecting a sequence of sounding data between each of the impulses with a receiver electrode disposed between the plurality, determining a first difference and a second difference of the electric potential between points of the collected data; when each of the transmitters is excited, acquiring a focused measurement by simultaneously calculating a combination of at least one orthogonally weighted measurement and at least one axially weighted measurement obtained by the receiver, wherein the weighting is obtained from a condition of equipotentiality in four outer electrodes of the receiver; and, applying a time-differentiation technique to obtain deep measurements that exhibit low noise contribution from shallow features.


Identification of protein associated with hepatocellular carcinoma, gliobastoma and lung cancer

The present invention provides methods and compositions for screening, diagnosis and prognosis of hcc, glioblastoma and lung cancer, for monitoring the effectiveness of hcc, glioblastoma and lung cancer treatment, and for drug development.. .


Physical property improvement of iron castings using carbon nanomaterials

A method is provided for fabricating iron castings for metallic components. The method for fabricating the iron castings may include forming a molten solution by melting carbon and iron and combining carbon nanomaterials with the molten solution.
Dresser-rand Company


Pancreatic cancer associated antigen, antibody thereto, and diagnostic and treatment methods

The present invention is directed to an antigen found on the surface of rat and human pancreatic cancer cells and provides antibodies of high specificity and selectivity to this antigen as well as hybridomas secreting the subject antibodies. Methods for both the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer are also provided.


Histone demethylase inhibitors

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods for treating cancer and neoplastic disease. Provided herein are substituted pyrido[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-one derivative compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising said compounds.
Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Railway monitoring system

A railway monitoring system for detecting degradations, anomalies, changes, and other states of the railway that may indicate an increased probability of derailment, the need for maintenance, or the impedance of railway operation. The railway monitoring system broadly includes a sensor, a data storage component, a data collection and processing component, and a location positioning component.
R.j. Corman, Railroad Group, Llc


Clinical multimodality-tools for pre-and intraoperative insulinoma diagnostics

A chemical compound has the general formula: ex4-linker-sar(64cu)-fl in which ex4 is an extendin-4 analog; linker is a polyethylene glycol (peg) chain, for example formed with four ethylene glycol residues; fl is a photoluminescent moiety, and sar(64cu) is an atom of copper-64 chelated in a sarcophagine moiety is useful as a multimodality imaging agent for detection and localization of insulinoma cells and β-cell masses.. .
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research


Noninvasive detection of human brain conditions and anomalies

Vascular conditions are detected non-invasively in the human body using a collection of information from small local regions of the vasculature, or from a specific signature or “brainpulse” that can be derived from a patient's heartbeat-induced cranium movements. An array of accelerometers or other sensors are engaged against the head of a patient and skull movements, preferably under 100 hz, are recorded.
Jan Medical Inc.


Detecting anomalous activity from accounts of an online service

Anomalous activity is detected using event information that is received from accounts from within an online service. Generally, anomalous activity is detected by comparing a baseline profile that includes past event information for accounts of the online service with a recent profile that includes recent event information for the accounts.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Analyzing client application behavior to detect anomalies and prevent access

A client device accesses content and performs actions at a remote application server via a user-agent application. The application server directs the user-agent application to a security verification system to retrieve and perform security tests.
Perimeterx, Inc.


Complex event processing as digital signals

Devices, systems and/or methods are provided to implement true real time pattern recognition and anomaly detection by leveraging hardware specifically designed for that purpose. In particular, digital signal processors (dsps) are used to provide true real time analysis of digital signals.
Ebay Inc.


Monitoring user status by comparing public and private activities

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for detecting anomalous correlations between public and private activities of a user. During operation, the system collects public and private activity data associated with the user.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Input module for programmable logic controller

A processing sub-module (24) able to compare the state of the output (40a6, 40b6) of each interface (40a, 40b) with the state imposed by the test block (42) and to deduce an operating anomaly of the module (32, 34) therefrom.. .


Machine for weaving or winding a fiber texture and enabling anomalies to be inspected by image analysis

A machine for weaving or winding a fiber preform on a mandrel having an axis of rotation that is substantially horizontal and that serves to receive the preform, the machine having a plurality of cameras pointing towards the underside of the fiber preform in order to scan the hidden face of the fiber preform and acquire images of the hidden face; an image analysis module for processing these images of the hidden face of the fiber preform in a plurality of adjacent scan windows, and for extracting weaving patterns therefrom and comparing them with reference weaving patterns previously stored in the module; a motor for driving the mandrel in rotation about its axis of rotation; and a control unit for stopping rotation of the mandrel if the result of the comparison reveals a difference of appearance between the two weaving patterns.. .


Detecting apparatus, detection method, and program

Provided is a detecting apparatus for detecting one or more anomalies of an operating body. The detecting apparatus includes a processor communicatively coupled to a dividing unit, a model learning unit, a difference calculating unit, and an anomaly detecting unit.
International Business Machines Corporation


Three-way catalytic converter using nanoparticles

The present disclosure relates to a substrate comprising nanomaterials for treatment of gases, washcoats for use in preparing such a substrate, and methods of preparation of the nanomaterials and the substrate comprising the nanomaterials. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to a substrate comprising nanomaterial for three-way catalytic converters for treatment of exhaust gases..
Sdcmaterials, Inc.


Treatment and prognostic monitoring of proliferation disorders using hedgehog pathway inhibitors

The present invention concerns methods for treating a proliferation disorder, such as prostate cancer, basal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, and other cancers, using an inhibitor of the hedgehog pathway (hhp); and methods for monitoring subjects undergoing such treatments based on biomarkers and other criteria predictive of efficacy.. .
Hedgepath Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Treatment and prognostic monitoring of proliferation disorders using hedgehog pathway inhibitors

The present invention concerns methods for treating a proliferation disorder, such as prostate cancer, basal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, and other cancers, using an inhibitor of the hedgehog pathway (hhp); and methods for monitoring subjects undergoing such treatments based on biomarkers and other criteria predictive of efficacy.. .
Hedgepath Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Multi fluid tissue resection methods and devices

Prostate treatment using fluid stream to resect prostate tissue, thereby relieving symptoms of conditions such as bph, prostatitis, and prostatic carcinoma. A device having a fluid delivery element is positioned within a lumen of the urethra within the prostate.
Aquabeam, Llc


Wireless power transmission device

There is provided a wireless power transmission apparatus including: a power-supplying module configured to supply power to a power-receiving module by means of a resonance phenomenon which is established between the power-supplying module and the power-receiving module so that a magnetic field space having a lower magnetic field strength than that of nearby portions is formed; a magnetic field detector which is disposed at a position where the magnetic field space is formed and which is configured to detect the magnetic field strength; and a determination control device configured to determine whether there is an anomaly in power supply to the power-receiving module based on a value of the magnetic field strength detected by the magnetic field detector.. .
Nitto Denko Corporation


Detection of early-stage pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Described herein are compositions and methods of use of anti-pancreatic cancer antibodies or fragments thereof, such as murine, chimeric, humanized or human pam4 antibodies. The subject antibodies show a number of novel and useful diagnostic characteristics, such as binding with high specificity to pancreatic and other cancers, but not to normal pancreatic tissues and binding to a high percentage of early stage pancreatic cancers.
Immunomedics, Inc.



The present invention relates to the identification of membrane proteins associated with b-cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, glioblastoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, lymphoid leukaemia (particularly acute t-cell leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia), melanoma, neuroblastoma, osteosarcoma, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, renal cell cancer and retinoblastoma which have utility as markers and for treatment of said cancers and which also form biological targets against which antibodies such as therapeutic antibodies (or other affinity reagents) or other pharmaceutical agents can be made.. .


System, apparatus or characterizing pitting corrosion

The present invention relates to a system, apparatus or and method to quantify features of relatively small defects or anomalies on a selected surface. Such defects may be associated with localized corrosion, such as pitting, that takes place on the surface of a metal exposed to a metallic environment..
Southwest Research Institute


Method for coating of carbon nanomaterials

A method for autocatalytic plating of nanoparticles on a carbon nanomaterial, the method including: providing a nanomaterial in a solution including an oxidizing agent, the solution being maintained within a first temperature range and stirring the solution for a first predetermined time period; heating the solution to reach a second temperature range, higher than the first temperature range, and stirring the solution for a second predetermined time period, shorter than the first time period, while maintaining the solution within the second temperature range; filtering and rinsing the nanomaterial; dispersing the nanomaterial in an aqueous solution including a sensitizing agent; immersing the nanomaterial in a mixture including seed particles adhering to the nanomaterial; collecting the nanomaterial; plating the nanomaterial by immersing in a plating solution including an aqueous metal source and a first aqueous reducing agent such that a metallic layer is grown on the nanomaterial from the seed particles.. .
Sht Smart High Tech Ab


Synthesis of silicon containing materials using liquid hydrosilane compositions through direct injection

An apparatus and a non-vapor-pressure dependent method of chemical vapor deposition of si based materials using direct injection of liquid hydrosilane(s) are presented. Liquid silane precursor solutions may also include metal, non-metal or metalloid dopants, nanomaterials and solvents.
Ndsu Research Foundation


Solution based polymer nanofiller-composites synthesis

A solution based polymer nanofiller composite processing method to improve mechanical, electrical, thermal and/or chemical properties. The solution based synthesis method may include the steps of surface functionalizing carbon nanomaterials and dissolving a polymer in a solvent.
Vetco Gray Inc.


Histone demethylase inhibitors

Provided herein are substituted pyrazolylpyridine, pyrazolylpyridazine, and pyrazolylpyrimidine derivative compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising said compounds. The subject compounds and compositions are useful for inhibition histone demethylase.
Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


System and monitoring the torque supplied by the motor of an electric or hybrid motor vehicle

A system for monitoring torque supplied by a motor of a motor vehicle, for example an electric or hybrid vehicle. The system includes a mechanism determining a driver's request for torque, a mechanism estimating torque produced by a propulsion unit, a mechanism filtering the driver torque request which is connected at an input to a mechanism determining consistency between the torque request and the torque produced including a mechanism determining consistency of positive torque and a mechanism determining consistency of negative torque each including a mechanism determining phases of quasi-static variation of the request and a mechanism detecting torque anomalies which can construct an acceptable torque template and determine that a torque anomaly has occurred as a function of the torque estimate, the torque request, and the acceptable torque template..
Renault S.a.s.


3d biomimetic, bi-phasic key featured scaffold for osteochondral repair

This invention describes methods for the creation of 3d biologically inspired tissue engineered scaffolds with both excellent interfacial mechanical properties, and biocompatibility and products created using such methods. In some cases, a combination of nanomaterials, nano/microfabrication methods and 3d printing can be employed to create structures that promote tissue reconstruction and/or production.
The George Washington University, A Congressionally Chartered Not-for-profit Corporati


Compositions and methods for inhibiting chemoresistance in cancer and improving response to therapy

Metastatic melanomas are highly resistant to radiation and chemotherapy from the earliest stages, which is a major factor in poor clinical outcomes. Activated leukocyte adhesion molecule (alcam)/cd166 was the gene that showed the highest correlation with detachment-induced chemoresistance.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Novel allosteric inhibitors of thymidylate synthase

The current invention is directed to a class of compounds that inhibit the function of thymidylate synthase. Thymidylate synthase inhibition was noted to result in inhibition of tumor cell grow and killing of tumor cells.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.


Pharmaceutical composition

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of a melanoma and a precursor thereof as well as a skin and mucosa metastasis and uses and methods associated therewith.. .
Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen Medizinische Fakultaet


Method for indoor localization using nomadic access points

A method for indoor localization using nomadic access points, comprising the following steps: a target object transmits a modulated signal over wireless channels to nearby access points, wherein the access points include both static access points and nomadic access points; the access points measure channel state information via the signal from the target object, after that, the static access points export the channel state information to a server, the nomadic wireless access point report the channel state information along with their coordinates of the current sites to the server; and based on the channel state information, the server determines the target object's relative proximity to two arbitrary access points, then based on the result of the relative proximity determination and the coordinates, the server estimates a feasible region for the target object with a space partition-based algorithm.. .
Guangzhou Hkust Fok Ying Tung Research Institute


Analyzing dns requests for anomaly detection

A computer-implemented method for detecting anomalies in dns requests comprises receiving a plurality of dns requests generated within a predetermined period. The predetermined period includes a plurality of dns data fragments.
Nominum, Inc.


Anomaly detection based on combinations of cause value, message type, response time (gtp-c)

A method for monitoring control traffic in a network is provided. A network monitoring probe passively monitors one or more network performance metrics related to control traffic.
Arbor Networks, Inc.


Nanomachined structures for porous electrochemical capacitors

Embodiments of the invention describe energy storage devices, porous electrodes, and methods of formation. In an embodiment, an energy storage device includes a porous structure containing multiple main channels that extend into an electrically conductive structure at an acute angle.
Intel Corporation


Monitoring and detecting anomalies in healthcare information

A device receives healthcare information, associated with users, that includes information associated with a health of the users, and information associated with monitoring devices that monitor the health of the users, or information associated with network connectivity of the monitoring devices. The device performs an analysis of the healthcare information via one or more analytics techniques, and generates analysis information based on the analysis of the healthcare information.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Systems and methods for anomaly detection and guided analysis using structural time-series models

Systems and methods for anomaly detection and guided analysis using structural time-series model. A server may receive a request from a client to analyze a time-series data comprising a plurality of data points.
Google Inc.


Detection of anomalies in error signals of cloud based service

Anomalies detection in error signals of a cloud based service is provided. An application such as an analysis application identifies a machine learning algorithm that matches error signals of components of a cloud based service.
Microsoft Corporation


Lipidomic biomarkers

Lipidomic markers for hepatitis c and related conditions, treat hepatic fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. An agent administered to such subject may be an cellular total fatty-acid content under iminosugar, which may be effective against hepatitis c.
The Chancellor, Maters And Scholars Of The University Of Oxford


Method and device for imaging 1-d nanomaterials

A method for imaging one dimension nanomaterials is provided. Firstly, one dimension nanomaterials sample, an optical microscope with a liquid immersion objective and a liquid are provided.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Method for imaging 1-d nanomaterials

A method for imaging one dimension nanomaterials is provided. Firstly, one dimension nanomaterials sample, an optical microscope with a liquid immersion objective and a liquid are provided.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Haplotype detection

A method of diagnosing ankylosing spondylitis (as), a spondyloarthropathy, arthritis, psoriasis, type-1 diabetes or a carcinoma comprising typing the erap1 haplotype of an individual.. .
University Of Southampton


Compositions and methods for detection and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma

Disclosed herein are compositions and methods to treat hepatocellular carcinoma. In one embodiment, a method of treating a subject with hepatocellular carcinoma comprises administering a therapeutically effective amount of an immunoconjugate (vb4-845) comprising an antibody conjugated to an effector molecule, and wherein the antibody recognizes epithelial cell adhesion molecule (ep-cam).
Viventia Bio Inc.


Cancer treatment

The present invention relates to methods of treating cancer, such as melanoma, by administering a ctla4 antagonist to a subject with a serum c-reactive protein (crp) concentration that is less than or equal to some amount. The invention further relates to methods of treating cancer by determining the level of serum crp concentration in a subject, and then administering a ctla4 antagonist if the crp concentration is less than or equal to a certain amount.
Pfizer Inc.


Development of protein-based biotherapeutics that penetrates cell-membrane and induces anti-lung cancer effect - improved cell-permeable suppressor of cytokine signaling (icp-socs3) proteins, polynucleotides encoding the same, and anti-lung cancer compositions comprising the same

In principle, protein-based biotherapeutics offers a way to control biochemical processes in living cells under non-steady state conditions and with fewer off-target effects than conventional small molecule therapeutics. However, systemic protein delivery in vivo has been proven difficult due to poor tissue penetration and rapid clearance.
Cellivery Therapeutics, Inc.


Development of protein-based biotherapeutics that penetrates cell-membrane and induces anti-hepatocellular carcinoma effect - improved cell-permeable suppressor of cytokine signaling (icp-socs3) proteins, polynucleotides encoding the same, and anti-hepatocellular carcinoma compositions comprising the same

Protein transduction exploits the ability of some cell-penetrating peptide (cpp) sequences to enhance the uptake of proteins and other macromolecules by mammalian cells. Previously developed hydrophobic cpps, named membrane translocating sequence (mts), membrane translocating motif (mtm) and macromolecule transduction domain (mtd), are able to deliver biologically active proteins into a variety of cells and tissues.
Cellivery Therapeutics, Inc.


Histone demethylase inhibitors

The present invention relates generally to compositions and methods for treating cancer and neoplastic disease. Provided herein are substituted 3-aminopyridine derivative compounds, substituted 3-aminopyridazine derivative compounds, and pharmaceutical compositions comprising said compounds.
Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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