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Nitrogen patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Nitrogen-related patents
 Manipulation of serine/threonine protein phosphatases for crop improvement patent thumbnailManipulation of serine/threonine protein phosphatases for crop improvement
Methods and compositions relating to altering nitrogen utilization and/or uptake or yield in plants. Recombinant expression cassettes, host cells and transgenic plants are described.
 Processes for upgrading algae oils and products thereof patent thumbnailProcesses for upgrading algae oils and products thereof
Algae oil feeds comprise a wide range of molecular species forming a complex mixture of molecules having varying sizes and therefore varying boiling points, comprise high nitrogen, oxygen, and fatty acid content, but comprise low sulfur, saturated hydrocarbons, and triglycerides. The wide range of molecular species in the algae oil feeds, very unusual compared to conventional refinery feedstocks and vegetable oils, may be upgraded into fuels by conventional refining approaches such as thermal and/or catalytic-hydroprocessing.
 Additive for preserving the fluidity of fluids containing gas hydrates patent thumbnailAdditive for preserving the fluidity of fluids containing gas hydrates
Anti-agglomerants for gas hydrates, comprising alkoxylated and/or acylated non-quaternary nitrogen-containing compounds, method for inhibiting the agglomeration of gas hydrates in a conduit, and compositions comprising the gas hydrate anti-agglomerant, a corrosion inhibitor and/or a paraffin deposition inhibitor.. .
 Method of oxidation using nitric acid patent thumbnailMethod of oxidation using nitric acid
A controlled nitric acid process employing oxygen and nitric acid as co-oxidants is used to oxidize organic compounds subject to nitric acid oxidation, to their corresponding carboxylic acids. Oxidation of some carbohydrates by this process can produce one or more of their corresponding acid forms.
 N-maleimidyl polymer derivatives patent thumbnailN-maleimidyl polymer derivatives
The invention is directed to multi-functional n-maleimidyl polymer derivatives comprising a water soluble and non-peptidic polymer backbone having a terminal carbon, such as a poly(alkylene glycol), the terminal carbon of the polymer backbone being directly bonded to the nitrogen atom of a n-maleimidyl moiety without a linking group therebetween. The invention also provides two methods of preparing such linkerless n-maleimidyl polymer derivatives..
 Polymerizable composition, resin moldings and manufacturing process therefor, and laminates patent thumbnailPolymerizable composition, resin moldings and manufacturing process therefor, and laminates
Wherein m is a silicon atom, a titanium atom, an aluminum atom, or a zirconium atom, x is a hydrolyzable group, y is a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 50 carbon atoms that is unsubstituted or substituted with a substituent that includes an oxygen atom, a nitrogen atom, a sulfur atom, a halogen atom, or a silicon atom, provided that at least one y is a group having a solubility parameter value (sp value) of 7.5 to 10, m is an integer from 1 to 3, and n is a valence of m. A resin formed article that exhibits excellent heat resistance and impact resistance can be obtained by utilizing the polymerizable composition..
 Rubber composition, and pneumatic tire patent thumbnailRubber composition, and pneumatic tire
To produce a copolymer, and reacting a compound containing nitrogen and/or silicon atoms with an active terminal of the copolymer, wherein the amount of the diene polymer is 1-90% by mass and the amount of polyisoprene-based rubber is 0-40% by mass, each per 100% by mass of the rubber component, and the amount of the silica is 10-150 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the rubber component.. .
 Methods of treatment using ammonia-scavenging drugs patent thumbnailMethods of treatment using ammonia-scavenging drugs
The invention provides a method for determining a dose and schedule and making dose adjustments of pba prodrugs used to treat nitrogen retention states, or ammonia accumulation disorders, by measuring urinary excretion of phenylacetylglutamine and/or total urinary nitrogen. The invention provides methods to select an appropriate dosage of a pba prodrug based on the patient's dietary protein intake, or based on previous treatments administered to the patient.
 Cephem derivative having catechol group patent thumbnailCephem derivative having catechol group
A compound represented by formula (i) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof wherein a represents a group represented by one of formulae (i)-(iii); b represents a group represented by formula (v) or (vi); and e represents a substituted or unsubstituted heterocyclic group having a cationic nitrogen atom.. .
 Composition for treating an inorganic slurry patent thumbnailComposition for treating an inorganic slurry
A composition for treating an inorganic slurry, the composition comprising: (a) a tetrakis (hydroxyorgano) phosphonium salt; and (b) a dispersant selected from the group consisting of (i) a phosphonated compound containing at least one tertiary nitrogen atom, (ii) a phosphonated oligomer of an unsaturated acid, (iii) a homopolymer of an unsaturated acid, and (iv) a polyphosphate.. .
Storage-stable enzyme granules
The storage stability of enzyme granules for detergents can be improved by incorporating a polyamine having a molecule with at least 10% w/w of nitrogen wherein at least 50% of the n atoms are present as amines.. .
Lubricants with improved seal compatibility
The present invention relates to industrial gear lubricating compositions that include a specific class of substituted triazoles, where the substituted triazole includes at least one hydrocarbyl group linked to one of the nitrogen atoms in the triazole ring. Such compositions provide surprisingly good seal compatibility compared to compositions with other triazoles and/or alternative additives..
Polymicrobial formulations for enhancing plant productivity
The present invention relates to eco-friendly compositions and methods for providing plant growth enhancing formulations comprising mixtures of microbial isolates. In particular, numerous bacterial and fungal strains were isolated from a variety of soil types, from rhizospheres and from root nodules of leguminous plants, in designed combinations, for providing plant growth and plant productivity enhancing formulations.
Cvd precursors
A method of producing silicon containing thin films by the thermal polymerization of a reactive gas mixture bisaminosilacyclobutane and source gas selected from a nitrogen providing gas, an oxygen providing gas and mixtures thereof. The films deposited may be silicon nitride, silicon carbonitride, silicon dioxide or carbon doped silicon dioxide.
Methods for fabricating integrated circuits utilizing silicon nitride layers
A method of fabricating an integrated circuit includes the steps of providing a semiconductor substrate comprising a semiconductor device disposed thereon and depositing a first silicon nitride layer over the semiconductor substrate and over the semiconductor device using a first deposition process. The first deposition process is a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd) process that operates over a plurality of cycles, each cycle having a first time interval and a second time interval.
Device and method for autogenous processes
In order to improve an enveloping gas device for transporting at least one enveloping gas that is allocated to at least one burner head or at least one nozzle of a device for working or processing at least one component or workpiece by autogenous processes, so that a reduction of the contaminant concentration, particularly the concentration of nitrogen oxides (nox) and other harmful compounds is achieved, it is suggested, a flame issuing from the burner head or nozzle and directed towards the component or workpiece is completely enclosed by the enveloping gas, and the concentration of contaminants contained in the waste gas from the device, particularly the concentration of nitrogen oxides (nox), is reduced by the enveloping gas. The present invention further relates to a corresponding method associated with the enveloping gas device for working or processing at least one component or workpiece with autogenous processes,.
Lithium sulfur electrochemical cell including insoluble nitrogen-containing compound and battery including the cell
An electrochemical cell including at least one nitrogen-containing compound is disclosed. The at least one nitrogen-containing compound may form part of or be included in: an anode structure, a cathode structure, an electrolyte and/or a separator of the electrochemical cell.
Combination therapy with an anti - cd19 antibody and a nitrogen mustard
The present disclosure describes a pharmaceutical combination of an anti-cd19 antibody and a nitrogen mustard for the treatment of non-hodgkin's lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia and/or acute lymphoblastic leukemia.. .
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis c virus
Het is a 5 or 6 membered saturated, partially unsaturated or completely unsaturated heterocyclic ring containing 1 to 4 heteroatoms selected from nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur, and being optionally substituted with one, two or three substituents; pharmaceutical compositions containing compounds (i) and processes for preparing compounds (i). Bioavailable combinations of the inhibitors of hcv of formula (i) with ritonavir are also provided..
System and method to gasify aqueous urea into ammonia vapors using secondary flue gases
The present invention is a combustion system employing a urea-to-ammonia vapor reactor system. The urea-to-ammonia reactor housing enclosed in a bypass flow duct that receives a secondary flue gas stream at a split point from a main flue gas stream containing nitrogen oxides (nox) emanating from a boiler.
System and method for exhaust gas after treatment
A hydrocarbon selective catalytic reduction (hc-scr) catalyst is regenerated using a nitrogen-based reductant agent. The hc-scr catalyst is in communication with a power system such as an internal combustion engine and receives exhaust gasses from the internal combustion engine.
Activated carbon sorbent including nitrogen and methods of using the same
The present invention relates to activated carbon sorbents including nitrogen. In various embodiments, the present invention provides an activated carbon sorbent including a halogen- or halide-promoted activated carbon, the activated carbon sorbent particles including nitrogen in a surface layer of the sorbent particles.
Exhaust line for a heat engine
The exhaust line for a heat engine comprises, between an exhaust inlet and an exhaust outlet, a nitrogen oxide trap which is fitted on a filtering portion. It comprises, between the nitrogen oxide trap and the exhaust inlet, a branching portion which is capable of branching the exhaust gases away from the nitrogen oxide trap and switching means for the exhaust gases in order to cause them to flow through the filtering portion or branching portion..
Nitrogen-free ozone generating unit
In the present invention, a nitrogen-free ozone generating unit integrates a plurality of functional means into a single package unit, the functional means including a nitrogen-free ozone generator that is cooled to a low temperature, an ozone power source, a mfc, an apc, a heat insulating cooling water inlet pipe, and a heat insulating cooling water outlet pipe. In the nitrogen-free ozone generator, a heat insulating layer made of a heat insulating material such as an insulator is formed to cover substantially the entire surface of an ozone generator outer frame.
Equipment for recycling nylon contained in fabrics by extraction of silicone
Patent of invention belonging to the field of raw material recycling equipment, comprised of work tanks (1) (distilled solvent), shell of the material holder basket (2), material holder basket (3), drum support and transmission (4), solvent circulation pump (5), solvent heater (6), air insufflation channel (7), post-drying cooling system (8), holding tank for solvent to be distilled (9), vacuum group (10), system de cooling para vacuum group (11), distillers (12), condensers for the distillers (13), condensate recovery tanks (14), electrical junction box for cleaning/drying module (15), electrical junction box for distillation module (16), solvent leak tank (17), nitrogen generator (18), nitrogen storage tank (19), meter and controller of nitrogen and oxygen contained in the system (20).. .
Multi-plasma nitridation process for a gate dielectric
A gate dielectric can be formed by depositing a first silicon oxide material by a first atomic layer deposition process. The thickness of the first silicon oxide material is selected to correspond to at least 10 deposition cycles of the first atomic layer deposition process.
Highly efficient gallium nitride based light emitting diodes via surface roughening
A gallium nitride (gan) based light emitting diode (led), wherein light is extracted through a nitrogen face (n-face) of the led and a surface of the n-face is roughened into one or more hexagonal shaped cones. The roughened surface reduces light reflections occurring repeatedly inside the led, and thus extracts more light out of the led.
Non-evaporable getter alloys particularly suitable for hydrogen and nitrogen sorption
Getter devices based on powders of alloys particularly suitable for hydrogen and nitrogen sorption are described. Such alloys have a composition including zirconium, vanadium, titanium and, optionally, one or more elements selected from iron, chromium, manganese, cobalt, nickel and aluminum..
Nitrogen bubbler system in fuel tank and method
An assembly of fuel tank and bubbler system comprises a fuel tank defining a storage volume adapted to receive fuel therein. The fuel tank comprises at least one fuel inlet, at least one fuel outlet, and at least one gas inlet adapted to be connected to an inert gas source to feed inert gas to fill an ullage in the storage volume.
Vortex diodes as effluent treatment devices
The present invention discloses device that can generate a strong vortex in the vortex chamber which significantly enhances rate of reactions and effectiveness of waste water treatment. The present invention disclose vortex diodes with or without inserts/stabilizers as continuous flow reactors to induce cavitation to generate radicals which reduces chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammoniacal nitrogen and color of waste water effectively in effluent treatments..
Integrated desulfurization and denitrification process including mild hydrotreating and oxidation of aromatic-rich hydrotreated products
Reduction of sulfur-containing and nitrogen-containing compounds from hydrocarbon feeds is achieved by first contacting the entire feed with a hydrotreating catalyst in a hydrotreating reaction zone operating under mild conditions to convert the labile organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds. An extraction zone downstream of the hydrotreating reaction zone separates an aromatic-rich fraction that contains a substantial amount of the remaining refractory organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds.
Integrated desulfurization and denitrification process including mild hydrotreating of aromatic-lean fraction and oxidation of aromatic-rich fraction
Deep desulfurization of hydrocarbon feeds containing undesired organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds to produce a hydrocarbon product having low levels of sulfur-containing and nitrogen-containing compounds, is achieved by first subjecting the entire feed to an extraction zone to separate an aromatic-rich fraction containing a substantial amount of the refractory organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds and an aromatic-lean fraction containing a substantial amount of the labile organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds. The aromatic-lean fraction is contacted with a hydrotreating catalyst in a hydrotreating reaction zone operating under mild conditions to convert the labile organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds.
Manufacturing method of cathode catalyst and ozone-generating device
The instant disclosure relates to a manufacturing method of cathode catalyst, comprising the following steps. Initially, mix an organic medium with an iron-based starting material and a nitrogen-based starting material to form a mixture.
Apparatus and method for generating nitric oxide in controlled and accurate amounts
A nitric oxide generator generates nitric oxide from a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen such as air treated by a pulsating electrical discharge. The desired concentration of nitric oxide is obtained by controlling at least one of a frequency of the pulsating electrical discharge and duration of each electrical discharge pulse..
Power generation and lng production
The present techniques are directed to a system and method for generating power and producing liquefied natural gas (lng). The system includes a power plant configured to generate power, wherein an exhaust gas from the power plant provides a gas mixture including nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
Compositions of matter comprising extracted algae oil
Crude algae oils produced by practical extraction techniques comprise a wide range of molecular species that can be characterized by advanced analytical techniques. The algae oils comprise a complex mixture of a large number of molecules having varying sizes and therefore varying boiling points, and comprise high nitrogen, oxygen, and fatty acid content, but low sulfur, saturated hydrocarbons, and triglyceride content.
Process for preparing 5-biphenyl-4-amino-2-methyl pentanoic acid
Wherein r1 is hydrogen or a nitrogen protecting group, methods for their preparation and their use in the preparation of nep-inhibitors, particularly in the preparation of n-(3-carboxyl-1-oxopropyl)-(4s)-(p-phenylphenylmethyl)-4-amino-(2r)-methyl butanoic acid ethyl ester or salt thereof.. .
Tridentate platinum (ii) complexes
In which ar1 is a 1,2-diazole ring, ar2 is a pyridine ring, and ar3 is a phenyl ring. Ar1, ar2, and ar3 together form a tridentate ligand coordinated to the platinum through atoms x, y, and z, respectively, and x, y, and z are independently carbon or nitrogen.
Borane activated titanium catalyst system comprising guanidine and diene ligands
The invention relates to a catalyst system for the polymerization of olefms comprising a metal complex of formula and an activating cocatalyst, wherein m is titanium, cy is a cyclopentadienyl-type ligand, d is a diene, l is a guanidinate-containing ligand of the formula wherein each a is independently selected from nitrogen or phosphorous and r, r 1,r2 and r3 are independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, hydrocarbyl, silyl and germyl residues, substituted or not with one or more halogen, amido, phosphido, alkoxy, or aryloxy radicals, and the activating cocatalyst is a boron compound represented by the general formula br4r5r6, wherein b is a boron atom in the trivalent valence state and r4, r5 and r6 are individually selected from the group consisting of halogen atom, hydrocarbyl, halogenated hydrocarbyl, substituted silyl, alkoxy or di-substituted amino residue. The invention further relates to a process for the preparation of a polymer comprising at least one aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbyl c2-20 olefin wherein the at least one aliphatic or aromatic olefm is contacted with the catalyst system of the present invention..
Flame retardant resin composition and molded product
A flame retardant resin composition, containing a thermoplastic resin and a flame retardant, wherein the flame retardant contains a nitrogen-containing structure-introduced phosphorylated lignin derivative, wherein the nitrogen-containing structure-introduced phosphorylated lignin derivative is produced by introducing a nitrogen-containing structure into a lignin derivative and adding a phosphoric acid to the lignin derivative, or by adding a phosphoric acid to a lignin derivative and introducing a nitrogen-containing structure into the lignin derivative, or by introducing a nitrogen-containing structure into and adding a phosphoric acid to a lignin derivative simultaneously, and wherein the lignin derivative is obtained by subjecting a naturally occurring lignin to a treatment for allowing the naturally occurring lignin to be decomposed into small molecules or to be water-soluble.. .
Stilbene analogs and methods of treating cancer
Stilbene analogs and pharmaceutical compositions that are useful for the treatment of various cancers, including without limitation, colorectal cancer (crc) and breast cancer are disclosed. The halogenated stilbene analogs include nitrogen heteroaryl groups and/or amino groups on the stilbene ring..
Therapeutic nanoparticles comprising a therapeutic agent and methods of making and using same
The present disclosure generally relates to nanoparticles comprising a substantially hydrophobic acid, a basic therapeutic agent having a protonatable nitrogen, and a polymer. Other aspects include methods of making and using such nanoparticles..
Bicyclic heterocyclic compound
[means for solution] a bicyclic heterocyclic compound (the bicyclic heterocycle is formed when a cyclohexane ring is fused with a 5- to 6-membered monocyclic heterocycle that has only a nitrogen atom as a hetero atom) substituted with an acylamino group such as a (hetero)aroylamino group or the like or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof was found to have an excellent selective inhibitory action against 11β-hsd1. Accordingly, the bicyclic heterocyclic compound of the present invention can be used for treating dementia, schizophrenia, depression, pain (particularly, neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia), diabetes (particularly, type ii diabetes mellitus), insulin resistance, and the like..
Novel ceramide analogues, processes for preparing same and uses thereof
Compounds, ceramide analogues, having a cyclic structure derived from cyclopropane, cyclobutane or cyclopentane, the ring bearing two chains consisting of an amide function. Each amide function is attached to the ring by the nitrogen atom of the function and carries a hydrocarbon chain derived from a fatty acid.
Cleaning method, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
A cleaning method includes: providing a process container in which a process of forming a film on a substrate is performed; and removing a deposit including the film adhered to the process container by supplying a cleaning gas into the process container after performing the process. The act of removing the deposit includes generating a mixture gas of a fluorine-containing gas and a nitrosyl fluoride gas as the cleaning gas by mixture and reaction of the fluorine-containing gas and a nitrogen monoxide gas in a mixture part and supplying the mixture gas from the mixture part into the process container after removing exothermic energy generated by the reaction..
Method for tuning a deposition rate during an atomic layer deposition process
Embodiments of the invention provide methods for depositing a material on a substrate within a processing chamber during a vapor deposition process, such as an atomic layer deposition (ald) process. In one embodiment, a method is provided which includes sequentially exposing the substrate to a first precursor gas and at least a second precursor gas while depositing a material on the substrate during the ald process, and continuously or periodically exposing the substrate to a treatment gas prior to and/or during the ald process.
Process to prepare adsorbents from organic fertilizer and their applications for removal of acidic gases from wet air streams
The invention is directed to an adsorbent comprising: a) 20-30% porous carbon with incorporated organic nitrogen species; and b) 70-80% inorganic matter. The invention is directed to a method of making an adsorbent which comprises: a) thermally drying dewatered sewage sludge to form granulated organic fertilizer; and b) pyrolyzing said the organic fertilizer at temperatures between 600 and 1000° c.
Adhesive, adhesive layer, and adhesive sheet
A pressure-sensitive adhesive of the invention include a (meth)acryl-based polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer component including 30 to 99.5% by weight of an alkyl (meth)acrylate having an alkyl group of 10 to 18 carbon atoms at an ester end and 0.5 to 50% by weight of a cyclic nitrogen-containing monomer. The pressure-sensitive adhesive has a satisfactory level of adhesive performance and can form a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer with a lower dielectric constant and reliable moisture resistance..
Therapeutic nanoparticles comprising a therapeutic agent and methods of making and using same
The present disclosure generally relates to nanoparticles comprising a substantially hydrophobic acid, a basic therapeutic agent having a protonatable nitrogen, and a polymer. Other aspects include methods of making and using such nanoparticles..
Producing ammonia using ultrapure, high pressure hydrogen
In various implementations, feed streams that include ultrapure, high-pressure hydrogen streams and ultrapure, high-pressure nitrogen streams are reacted to produce ultrapure, high-pressure feed gas in a stoichiometric ratio to an ammonia synthesis reactor loop without or independent of including a methanol loop purge gas.. .
Small pore molecular sieve supported copper catalysts durable against lean/rich aging for the reduction of nitrogen oxides
A method of using a catalyst comprises exposing a catalyst to at least one reactant in a chemical process. The catalyst comprises copper and a small pore molecular sieve having a maximum ring size of eight tetrahedral atoms.
High-precision ghz clock generation using spin states in diamond
Techniques for obtaining a frequency standard using the crystal field splitting frequency of nitrogen vacancy center in diamond are disclosed. In certain exemplary embodiments, a microwave field is applied to the diamond and optically exciting the diamond under green light.
Nitrogen-containing oxide film and method of forming the same
A method of forming a nitrogen-containing oxide film is disclosed. The method comprises (a) exposing a substrate to a first gas pulse having one of an oxygen-containing gas and a metal-containing gas; (b) exposing the substrate to a second gas pulse having the other of the oxygen-containing gas and the metal-containing gas to form an oxide film over the substrate; and (c) exposing the oxide film to a third gas pulse having a nitrogen-containing plasma to form a nitrogen-containing oxide film, wherein the nitrogen-containing oxide film has a nitrogen concentration between about 0.1 and about 3 atomic percent (at %)..
Method of making a hypereutectoid, head hardened steel rail
A method of making a hypereutectoid, head-hardened steel rail is provided that includes a step of head hardening a steel rail having a composition containing 0.86-1.00 wt % carbon, 0.40-0.75 wt % manganese, 0.40-1.00 wt % silicon, 0.05-0.15 wt % vanadium, 0.015-0.030 wt % titanium, and sufficient nitrogen to react with the titanium to form titanium nitride. Head hardening is conducted at a cooling rate that, if plotted on a graph with xy-coordinates with the x-axis representing cooling time in seconds, and the y-axis representing temperature in celsius of the surface of the head of the steel rail, is maintained in a region between an upper cooling rate boundary plot defined by an upper line connecting xy-coordinates (0 s, 775° c.), (20 s, 670° c.), and (110 s, 550° c.) and a lower cooling rate boundary plot defined by a lower line connecting xy-coordinates (0 s, 750° c.), (20 s, 610° c.), and (110 s, 500° c.)..
Method and device for monitoring a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter
A method for monitoring a nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter (nsc) in the exhaust gas duct of an internal combustion engine which is operated at least temporarily in a lean fashion, wherein during a lean mode of the internal combustion engine nitrogen oxides from the exhaust gas are stored by the nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter, wherein during a regeneration phase of the nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter the internal combustion engine is operated in a rich fashion, and as a result the nitrogen oxides stored in the nitrogen oxide storage catalytic converter are removed, and wherein an exhaust gas component or exhaust gas characteristic variable which is characteristic of the profile of the regeneration is detected during the regeneration phase by means of an exhaust gas probe.. .
Use of a fertilizer containing l-amino acid for improving root growth and growth of mycorrhiza
The present invention provides a method of using a fertilizer, comprising an amino acid selected from the group of l-glutamine, l-asparagine and l-arginine as major nitrogen source, optionally together with inorganic nitrogen and/or a suitable preservative, for stimulating root growth, inducing more fine roots, increase the number of root tips and/or for stimulating mycorrhiza development.. .
Multi nitrogen expansion process for lng production
The expanded nitrogen streams are in a heat exchanging relationship with a stream of the natural gas and with the one or more compressed nitrogen streams in at least one of the one or more heat exchangers. At least one expanded nitrogen stream is compressed as a side stream in a stage of a main nitrogen compressor so as to combine the compressed side stream with another compressed nitrogen stream after passing the nitrogen compressor stage..
Methods for treatment of crops by an irrigation solution
The present invention provides a unique method and apparatus for improving crop yield through the use of an inventive irrigation solution to inhibit surface pathogens, improved water penetration and increase crop production and market quality. In a presently preferred embodiment, the inventive method comprises the steps of producing a gaseous mixture of negatively charged ionized air including from about 50 parts per million to about 4,000 parts per million ozone, from about 1,000 parts per million to 20,000 parts per million oxygen ions, and from 2,000 to about 50,000 parts per million nitrogen oxides from ambient air; effecting direct contact between the ionized air gaseous mixture and a supply of water by means of a submicron injector to produce a gaseous solution for treatment of irrigation water to be applied to agricultural crops.
Wherein r1 and r2 are, independently of each other, hydrogen or a nitrogen protecting group, and r3 is a carboxyl group or an ester group, preferably carboxyl group or alkyl ester.. .
Iron(ii) catalysts containing diimino-diphosphine tetradentate ligands and their synthesis
New hexa-coordinate iron (ii) complexes comprising compounds of formula (i) are described. These compounds comprise a tetradentate ligand with donor atoms comprising nitrogen and phosphorus.
Halogenated compounds for photodynamic therapy
Halo-organic heterocyclic compounds are described, in which at least two halogen atoms are bound to a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic terminal moiety of the compound, with at least one of such halogen atoms being iodine or bromine. Also described are polymethine dyes based on these heterocyclic compounds, and dendrimeric compounds and conjugates of such polymethine dyes.
Isoxazoline derivatives as insecticidal compounds
The present invention provides compounds of formula i wherein g1 is oxygen; r1 is hydrogen; r2 is group p l is a bond, methylene or ethylene; r3 is hydrogen; r4 is independently hydrogen, cyano, cyano-c1-c8alkyl, c1-c8alkyl, c1-c8haloalkyl, c3-c8cycloalkyl, c3-c8-cycloalkyl where one carbon atom is replaced by o, s, s(o) or so2, or c3-cgcycloalkyl-c1-c8alkyl, c3-c8cycloalkyl-c1-c8alkyl where one carbon atom in the cycloalkyl group is replaced by o, s, s(o) or so2, or c3-c8cycloalkyl-c1-c8haloalkyl, c1-c8hydroxyalkyl, c1-c8alkoxy-c1-c8alkyl, c2-c8alkenyl, c2-c8haloalkenyl, c2-c8alkynyl, c2-c8haloalkynyl, phenyl, phenyl substituted by one to three r6, phenyl-c1-c4alkyl, phenyl-c1-c4alkyl wherein the phenyl moiety is substituted by one to three r6, 5-6 membered heteroaryl-c1-c4alkyl or 5-6 membered heteroaryl-c1-c4alkyl wherein the heteroaryl moiety is substituted by one to three r6, or c1-c4alkyl-(c1-c4alkyl-o—n═)c—ch2—; each r6 is independently halogen, cyano, nitro, c1-c8alkyl, c1-c8haloalkyl, c1-c8alkoxy, or c1-c8haloalkoxy; y1, y2 and y3 are independently ch or nitrogen; wherein no more than two of y1, y2 and y3 are nitrogen and wherein y2 and y3 are not both nitrogen; r5 is hydrogen, halogen, cyano, nitro, nh2, c1-c2alkyl, c1-c2haloalkyl, c3-c3cycloalkyl, c1-c2halocycloalkyl, c1-c2alkoxy, c1-c2haloalkoxy; or y1 is cr7, and r5 and r7 together form a —ch═ch—ch═ch— bridge or a —n═ch—ch═ch— bridge; x2 is c—x6 or nitrogen; x1, x3 and x6 are independently hydrogen, halogen or trihalomethyl, wherein at least two of x1, x3 and x6 are not hydrogen; x4 is trifluoromethyl, difhioromethyl or chlorodifluoromethyl. Or a salt or n-oxide thereof.
Novel compound having parp inhibitory activity
A compound represented by the following general formula (1) or a salt thereof. R1 represents a halogen atom and so on; r2 and r3 each represent a hydrogen atom and so on; r4 and r5 each represent a hydrogen atom and so on, or r4 and r5 may form an oxo group; ra and rb each represent a lower alkyl group optionally having a substituent and so on, or they may bind to each other to form a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring which may be substituted by one or plural rc; rc represents an aryl group optionally having a substituent and so on; ring a represents a benzene ring and so on; and m represents 0, 1 or 2..
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device is disclosed. The method includes forming a film containing a predetermined element and carbon on a substrate by performing a cycle a predetermined number of times.
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus including the same
An electrophotographic photoreceptor includes a cylindrical base and a photosensitive layer disposed on the cylindrical base. The photosensitive layer has a photoconductive layer disposed on the cylindrical base, a charge injection blocking layer disposed on the photoconductive layer, and a surface layer disposed on the charge injection blocking layer.
Organic polymer porous body
There is provided an organic polymer porous body having a first cyclic structure equipped with a 6-membered ring (a) or a 5-membered ring having three bonds; a second cyclic structure equipped with a 6-membered ring (b) having two or three bonds; and a carbon-carbon triple bond that links the first cyclic structure to the second cyclic structure. At least one of the first cyclic structure and the second cyclic structure contains at least one nitrogen atom..
Magnetic recording medium fabrication method and apparatus
A method of fabricating a magnetic recording medium sequentially forms a magnetic recording layer, a protection layer, and a lubricant layer on a stacked body. The lubricant layer is formed on a surface of the protection layer by vapor-phase lubrication without exposing the stacked body to atmosphere after forming the protection layer on the stacked body.
Electroless palladium plating bath composition
The present invention concerns an aqueous plating bath composition for electroless deposition of palladium and/or palladium alloys and a method which utilises such aqueous plating bath compositions. The aqueous plating bath comprises a source of palladium ions, a reducing agent, a nitrogenated complexing agent which is free of phosphorous and at least one organic stabilising agent comprising 1 to 5 phosphonate residues.
A method for promoting entry of an agent (introduced agent) into a cell, the method comprising the step of complexing the introduced agent in the presence of an entry-promoting agent and then exposing to cells, wherein the entry-promoting agent comprises a linear and/or branched or cyclic polymonoguanide/polyguanidine, polybiguanide, analogue or derivative thereof according to the following formula 1a & b. The method also provides a means for formation of nanoparticles formed between the entry promoting agent and the introduced agent.
Oxidation catalyst for a combustion engine
An oxidation catalyst for treating an exhaust gas produced by a combustion engine, wherein the oxidation catalyst comprises a substrate and a catalyst layer, wherein the catalyst layer comprises: a first support material; a first noble metal; and a second noble metal; wherein the catalyst layer is disposed on a surface of the substrate, and the catalyst layer has a non-uniform distribution of the first noble metal in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the substrate. The oxidation catalyst can be used to oxidise carbon monoxide (co), hydrocarbons (hcs) and also oxides of nitrogen (nox) in such an exhaust gas..
Exhaust system for a lean burn ic engine
An exhaust system (10) for a lean-burn internal combustion engine (12) comprises a first substrate monolith (16) comprising a catalyst for oxidising nitric oxide (no) comprising a catalytic oxidation component followed downstream by a second substrate monolith (18) which is a wall-flow filter having inlet channels and outlet channels, wherein the inlet channels comprise a nox absorber catalyst (20) and the outlet channels comprise a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (22) of nitrogen oxides with nitrogenous reductant.. .

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Nitrogen for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Nitrogen with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.

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