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Nitrogen patents

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Methods for forming features in a material layer utilizing a combination of a main etching and a cyclical etching…

Applied Materials

Methods for forming features in a material layer utilizing a combination of a main etching and a cyclical etching…

System and method for stator construction of an electric motor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Nitrogen-related patents
 Process for the crystallization of succinic acid patent thumbnailnew patent Process for the crystallization of succinic acid
The invention further relates to succinic acid in crystal form, comprising a sugar content of 1 to 100 ppm and a nitrogen content of 1 to 80 ppm.. .
 Lubricant composition for internal combustion engine oil patent thumbnailnew patent Lubricant composition for internal combustion engine oil
(wherein as represents a thioheterocycle; each of r1 and r2 represents a hydrogen atom, an amino group, a c1 to c50 hydrocarbyl group selected from among an alkyl group, a cycloalkyl group, an alkenyl group, a cycloalkenyl group, and an aryl group, or, in the case of a hydrocarbyl group, a c1 to c50 heteroatom-containing group having an atom selected from among an oxygen atom, a nitrogen atom, and a sulfur atom, in the hydrocarbyl group; and each of k, l, m, and n is an integer of 0 to 5), and an aminoalcohol compound having, in the molecule thereof, one or more amino groups and one or more hydroxyl groups, wherein the composition has a phosphorus content (p mass %) and a sulfated ash content (m mass %), based on the total amount of the composition, satisfying any of the following conditions a to c: condition a: p<0.03, and m<0.3; condition b: p<0.03, and 0.3≦m≦0.6; and condition c: 0.03≦p≦0.06, and m<0.3. The lubricating oil composition of the present invention can considerably reduce the amounts of phosphorus-containing additives and a metallic detergent, while high-temperature detergency and wear resistance are maintained..
 Catalyst regenerator process patent thumbnailnew patent Catalyst regenerator process
A method of operating a continuous or semi-continuous system for a catalyst regeneration process. The system comprises a regenerator, the regenerator comprising a combustion zone and a halogenation zone.
Uop Llc
 Methods for forming features in a material layer utilizing a combination of a main etching and a cyclical etching process patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for forming features in a material layer utilizing a combination of a main etching and a cyclical etching process
Methods for etching a material layer disposed on the substrate using a combination of a main etching step and a cyclical etching process are provided. The method includes performing a main etching process in a processing chamber to an oxide layer, forming a feature with a first predetermined depth in the oxide layer, performing a treatment process on the substrate by supplying a treatment gas mixture into the processing chamber to treat the etched feature in the oxide layer, performing a chemical etching process on the substrate by supplying a chemical etching gas mixture into the processing chamber, wherein the chemical etching gas includes at least an ammonium gas and a nitrogen trifluoride, wherein the chemical etching process further etches the feature to a second predetermined depth, and performing a transition process on the etched substrate by supplying a transition gas mixture into the processing chamber..
Applied Materials, Inc.
 Semiconductor device and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device includes a channel region extending in a vertical direction perpendicular to a substrate and having a nitrogen concentration distribution, a plurality of gate electrodes arranged on a side wall of the channel region and separated from each other in a vertical direction, and a gate dielectric layer disposed between the channel region and the gate electrodes. The nitrogen concentration distribution has a first concentration near an interface between the channel region and the gate dielectric layer..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film patent thumbnailnew patent Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
Disclosed herein is a method for doping a substrate, comprising disposing a coating of a composition comprising a dopant-containing polymer and a non-polar solvent on a substrate; and annealing the substrate at a temperature of 750 to 1300° c. For 1 second to 24 hours to diffuse the dopant into the substrate; wherein the dopant-containing polymer is a polymer having a covalently bound dopant atom; wherein the dopant-containing polymer is free of nitrogen and silicon; and wherein the method is free of a step of forming an oxide capping layer over the coating prior to the annealing step..
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and  preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Non-platinum group metal electrocatalysts using metal organic framework materials and preparation
A method of preparing a nitrogen containing electrode catalyst by converting a high surface area metal-organic framework (mof) material free of platinum group metals that includes a transition metal, an organic ligand, and an organic solvent via a high temperature thermal treatment to form catalytic active sites in the mof. At least a portion of the contained organic solvent may be replaced with a nitrogen containing organic solvent or an organometallic compound or a transition metal salt to enhance catalytic performance.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc
 Alkoxide-based magnesium electrolyte compositions for magnesium batteries patent thumbnailnew patent Alkoxide-based magnesium electrolyte compositions for magnesium batteries
Wherein r is a saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon group that is unsubstituted, or alternatively, substituted with one or more heteroatom linkers and/or one or more heteroatom-containing groups comprising at least one heteroatom selected from fluorine, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and silicon; and x is a halide atom. Also described are electrolyte compositions containing a compound of formula (1) in a suitable polar aprotic or ionic solvent, as well as magnesium batteries in which such electrolytes are incorporated..
 Flue gas stream bypass during selective catalytic reduction in a power plant patent thumbnailnew patent Flue gas stream bypass during selective catalytic reduction in a power plant
A system includes a selective catalytic reactor and a bypass line. The selective catalytic reactor is located downstream of a furnace that generates flue gases.
Alstom Technology Ltd
 Removal of atmospheric pollutants from gas, related apparatus, processes and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Removal of atmospheric pollutants from gas, related apparatus, processes and uses thereof
Methods related generally to the removal of atmospheric pollutants from the gas phase, are provided, as well as related apparatus, processes and uses thereof. A single-stage air scrubbing apparatus is provided that includes at least one reaction vessel, at least one introduction duct, and a turbulence component, wherein a residence time is sufficient to allow the conversion of at least one atmospheric pollution compound to at least one other compound, molecule or atom.
new patent

Fluorine-containing phosphate ester-amide, and flame retardant resin, flame retardant liquid and flame retardant solvent for organic synthesis containing same

[solution] a fluorine-containing phosphate ester-amide represented by general formula (1). (in the formula, r1 and r2 are the same or different and represent a branched or linear alkyl group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms in which at least one carbon bonded to a nitrogen atom is a secondary or tertiary carbon, wherein r1 and r2 may have a substituent group selected from the group consisting of an alkoxy group, a hydroxy group, an amino group, a methyl amino group, an ethyl amino group, a dimethyl amino group, diethyl amino group and a fluorine atom.
new patent

Repair apparatus

There is provided a repair apparatus including a gas field ion source which includes an ion generation section including a sharpened tip, a cooling unit which cools the tip, an ion beam column which forms a focused ion beam by focusing ions of a gas generated in the gas field ion source, a sample stage which moves while a sample to be irradiated with the focused ion beam is placed thereon, a sample chamber which accommodates at least the sample stage therein, and a control unit which repairs a mask or a mold for nano-imprint lithography, which is the sample, with the focused ion beam formed by the ion beam column. The gas field ion source generates nitrogen ions as the ions, and the tip is constituted by an iridium single crystal capable of generating the ions..
Hitachi High-tech Science Corporation
new patent

P-type doping of ii-vi materials with rapid vapor deposition using radical nitrogen

Apparatus and methods to incorporate p-type dopants in ii-vi semiconducting layers are disclosed herein. In some embodiments, radical nitrogen is introduced in a physical vapor deposition apparatus operating at moderate pressures (e.g.
Plant Pv
new patent

Expanding gas direct impingement cooling apparatus

A cooling system for packaged beverages includes a cabinet or housing which may be insulated. The housing has a door and may optionally include shelves.
Instant Chilling Beverage Machine Limited
new patent

System and stator construction of an electric motor

A system and method to reduce core loss in the stator of an electric motor by first preparing laminations of the stator and/or rotor in a water jetting operation, punching or stamping operation, laser cutting operation, or similar manufacturing operation, and then subjecting the laminations to a temperature treatment in a manner such that, upon assembly into a stator and/or rotor of an electric motor and operated within expected parameters, core loss is reduced. The system and method subjects the laminations to a cold bath preferably consisting of liquid nitrogen, after stamping but preferably prior to assembly, and then stacking the laminations together for assembly as a stator and/or rotor of an electric motor..

Alkyl phosphinate polymer and methods for preparing and using the same

R1 is a methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, n-butyl, isobutyl, tertiary butyl, n-amyl group, isoamyl, n-hexyl, isohexyl, hydroxymethyl, or alkoxy; r2 is a methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, n-butyl, isobutyl, tertiary butyl, n-amyl group, isoamyl, n-hexyl, isohexyl, hydroxymethyl, or alkoxy; re is an alkali metal, alkaline earth metal, transition metal, poor metal, metalloid, lanthanide element, or protonated nitrogen base; x=1/m, m is the valence of re; u is the degree of polymerization in a range of from 1 to 6. Glare use in a flame-retardant composition, and flame-retardant polymer molding composition which comprises the alkyl phosphinate polymer..

Sputtering target, manufacturing the same, and manufacturing semiconductor device

A deposition technique for forming an oxynitride film is provided. A highly reliable semiconductor element is manufactured with the use of the oxynitride film.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Gas barrier film and manufacturing gas barrier film

A gas barrier film including a substrate of which the surface is formed of an organic material; an inorganic film which is formed on the substrate and contains silicon nitride; and a mixed layer which is formed in an interface between the substrate and the inorganic film, and contains components derived from the organic material and the inorganic film, wherein a compositional ratio n/si between nitrogen and silicon contained in the inorganic film is 1.00 to 1.35, the inorganic film has a film density of 2.1 g/cm3 to 2.4 g/cm3 and a film thickness of 10 nm to 60 nm, and the mixed layer has a thickness of 5 nm to 40 nm.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Nickel-chromium-aluminum alloy having good processability, creep resistance and corrosion resistance

A nickel-chromium-aluminum-iron alloy includes (in wt.-%) 24 to 33% chromium, 1.8 to 4.0% aluminum, 0.10 to 7.0% iron, 0.001 to 0.50% silicon, 0.005 to 2.0% manganese, 0.00 to 0.60% titanium, 0.0002 to 0.05% each of magnesium and/or calcium, 0.005 to 0.12% carbon, 0.001 to 0.050% nitrogen, 0.0001 to 0.020% oxygen, 0.001 to 0.030% phosphorus, not more than 0.010% sulfur, not more than 2.0% molybdenum, not more than 2.0% tungsten, the remainder nickel and the usual process-related impurities, wherein the following relations must be satisfied: cr+al≧28 (2a) and fp≦39.9 (3a) with fp=cr+0.272* fe+2.36*al+2.22 *si+2.48*ti+0.374*mo+0.538*w−11.8*c (4a), wherein cr, fe, al, si, ti, mo, w and c is the concentration of the respective elements in % by mass.. .
Vdm Metals Gmbh

Duplex stainless steel

The present invention relates to duplex ferritic austenitic stainless steel for the use chemical industry for nitric acid environments wherein good uniform corrosion resistance and high strength are required. The microstructure of the stainless steel has 35-65 volume % of ferrite, preferably 45-55 volume % of ferrite, the balance being austenite.
Outokumpu Oyj

Rolling bearing component

A rolling bearing component (2, 3, 4) has the following features:—a nitrided surface zone (5), with a nitrogen content decreasing from the outside inwards, and a core zone (6),—internal compressive stresses decreasing from the outside inwards in the surface zone (5),—a surface hardness of 870 to 2000 hv 0.3 at a depth of 0.04 mm, wherein—the hardness at a depth of 0.3 mm is not more than 250 hv 0.3 less than the surface hardness.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Process for making polyarylethers and use in membrane preparation

A process for making polyarylethers provides a reaction mixture that includes a dipolar aprotic solvent for polyarylether and polyarylether forming reactants, and reacts the polyarylether-forming reactants, with removing of water with nitrogen in the absence of azeotrope forming cosolvent and optionally replacing removed amounts with dipolar aprotic solvent. The process can further include directly wet spinning the reactor solution without recovery of the polymer from the dipolar aprotic solvent through a spinneret to form hollow fibers or flat sheets suitable for membranes..
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc

Semiconductor device

Reducing hydrogen concentration in a channel formation region of an oxide semiconductor is important in stabilizing threshold voltage of a transistor including an oxide semiconductor and improving reliability. Hence, hydrogen is attracted from the oxide semiconductor and trapped in a region of an insulating film which overlaps with a source region and a drain region of the oxide semiconductor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

Homogeneity and stability of electric characteristics of a thin film transistor included in a circuit are critical for the performance of a display device including said circuit. An object of the invention is to provide an oxide semiconductor film with low hydrogen content and which is used in an inverted staggered thin film transistor having well defined electric characteristics.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Light-emitting diode and manufacturing thereof

The disclosure provides a light-emitting diode (led) and a method for manufacturing the same. The led includes a first semiconductor layer, a light-emitting layer, a second semiconductor layer, a first current spreading layer, a current blocking having a plurality of nitrogen vacancies, and a second current spreading layer, wherein the second spreading layer includes a current spreading area and a current blocking area.
Lextar Electronics Corporation

Superconductive hypersonic liquefaction nosecone

An apparatus and method for mitigating the shock front of a rocket or aerospace plane flying at hypersonic speeds while simultaneously distilling liquid chemical elements from the ambient air. The invention employs supercooling (through a combination of superconductivity and/or superemissivity) driven by the cryogenic power of liquid hydrogen and/or regenerative evaporation of liquid hydrogen and/or liquid nitrogen to drive isothermal compression and consequentially usurp the shock front in totality at mach 1.

Co2 concentration measurement in dry gas mixtures

Described herein is an apparatus and methods for characterizing a fluid composition including exposing electrolyte to one fluid mixture, collecting a signal from an electrode in contact with the electrolyte, and simultaneously exposing the electrolyte to a second fluid, collecting a signal from a second electrode in contact with the electrolyte exposed to the second fluid, and comparing the signal difference between the electrodes with the nerst equation wherein the temperature of the electrolyte is above 488° c. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and/or oxygen may be present in the fluid and/or the second fluid..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method of improvement of mechanical properties of products made of metals and alloys

The method of improvement of mechanical properties of products made of metals, mainly steels and alloys on their basis includes products nitriding in the gas atmosphere containing nitrogen and-or its compounds in the presence of a catalyst. Together the product and the catalyst are subject to hot isostatic pressing with observation of conditions of the barometric and temperature impact that provides achievement of dislocations density in the product's volume that satisfies conditions of transition of a part of the product substance into the positron state of the dirac matter.

Pump having an automated gas removal and fluid recovery system and method using a gas removal reservoir having an internal partition

A precision pump system having a motor driver for accurately and repeatedly delivering process fluid, (e.g., photo chemicals) using a pumping fluid with minimal process fluid loss to a fabrication process and whereby the motor driver can be easily and quickly replaced without interrupting the fluid flow path. This is accomplished with the use of a gas removal reservoir having at least one vertical partition therein and at least one free end near a top side of the gas removal reservoir where both the input and output to the gas removal reservoir are located on a bottom surface and a pumping fluid reservoir that are associated with the pump, either integrated with the pump or closely adjacent.
Integrated Designs, L.p.

Transgenic plants with enhanced agronomic traits

This disclosure describes screening a population of transgenic plants derived from plant cells transformed with recombinant dna for expression of proteins with homeobox domains to identify plant cells of specific transgenic events that are useful for imparting enhanced traits to transgenic crop plants. Traits include enhanced nitrogen use efficiency, increased yield, enhanced water use efficiency, enhanced tolerance to cold stress and/or improved seed compositions.
Monsanto Technology Llc

Fused ring compound and producing same, polymer, organic thin film containing those, and organic thin film device and organic thin film transistor comprising such organic thin film

Wherein r11 and r12 each independently represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, an alkoxy group, an alkylthio group, an alkylamino group, an alkoxycarbonyl group, an optionally substituted aryl group having 6 to 60 carbon atoms, an optionally substituted heterocyclic group having 4 to 60 carbon atoms, or a cyano group, provided that at least one of r11 and r12 is not a hydrogen atom; r13 and r14 each independently represent a monovalent group, and n and m each independently denote an integer of 0 to 2; and y11 and y12 are each independently a divalent group comprising a sulfur atom, an oxygen atom, a nitrogen atom, a selenium atom or a tellurium atom.. .

Carboxamide compounds and their use as calpain inhibitors

And r1, r2, r3a, r3b, y1, y2, y3, y4, x, q, m, k, rw and rw* have the meanings mentioned in the claims, the tautomers thereof and the pharmaceutically suitable salts thereof. Of these compounds those are preferred wherein y1, y2, y3 and y4 are cry, or one or two of the variables y1 to y4 are a nitrogen atom and the remaining variables are cry, wherein the radicals ry may be identical or different and have the meanings mentioned in the claims..

Novel piperidine compound or salt thereof

R5 and r6 are the same or different and each represent a hydrogen atom, a c1-c6 alkyl group, or a c3-c6 cycloalkyl group, or r5 and r6 optionally form a 3 to 6-membered nitrogen-containing saturated heterocyclic group together with a nitrogen atom to which r5 and r6 are bound, are provided.. .

Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound or salt thereof

The object is to provide an fms-like tyrosine kinase 3 (flt3) inhibitor useful as a therapeutic agent for acute myeloid leukemia (aml). A novel nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound represented by the general formula [1] or a salt thereof is provided.
Fujifilm Corporation

Silicon wafer processing solution and silicon wafer processing method

A silicon-wafer processing fluid used for processing a silicon wafer contains a friction modifier containing a nitrogen-containing compound, ph of the nitrogen-containing compound being in a range from 2 to 8 when a mass ratio with water (i.e. Nitrogen-containing compound/water) is 1/99.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Exhaust gas purifying catalyst

The invention discloses a catalyst for purifying exhaust gas apparatus having a three-way catalyst (twc) superior in purification performance of, particularly, nox, among carbon monoxide (co), hydrocarbons (hc), and nitrogen oxides (nox), in exhaust gas discharged from a gasoline automobile. It is provided by a catalyst for purifying exhaust gas containing a rhodium (rh)-supported porous inorganic oxide and barium sulfate (baso4), with supported or not-supported onto alumina, characterized in that at least a part of rh is present independently from ba inside a catalyst layer, and rh—ba deviation rate determined from epma analysis is 10% to 80%.
N.e. Chemcat Corporation

Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium

According to the present disclosure, a film containing carbon added at a high concentration is formed with high controllability. A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes forming a film containing silicon, carbon and a predetermined element on a substrate by performing a cycle a predetermined number of times.
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

Method for increasing adhesion of copper to polymeric surfaces

Techniques disclosed herein a method and system for conditioning a polymeric layer on a substrate to enable adhesion of a metal layer to the polymeric layer. Techniques may include conditioning the polymeric layer with nitrogen-containing plasma to generate a nitride layer on the surface of the polymeric layer.
Tel Epion Inc.

Method of forming rram structure

An rram includes a resistive layer including a dielectric layer and surplus oxygen ions or nitrogen ions from a treatment on the dielectric layer after the dielectric layer is formed. When the rram is applied with a voltage, the oxygen ions or nitrogen ions occupy vacancies in the dielectric layer to increase resistance of the resistive layer.
Nanya Technology Corp.

Production process of electrode catalyst for fuel cells, electrode catalyst for fuel cells and uses thereof

An object of the present invention is to suppress flooding phenomenon in an electrode catalyst for fuel cells containing a metal atom, a carbon atom, a nitrogen atom and an oxygen atom. A production process of an electrode catalyst for fuel cells is provided which includes a fluorination step of bringing a catalyst body into contact with fluorine, the catalyst body having an atom of at least one metal element selected from the group consisting of zinc, titanium, niobium, zirconium, aluminum, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, strontium, yttrium, tin, tungsten, cerium, samarium and lanthanum, a carbon atom, a nitrogen atom and an oxygen atom..
Showa Denko K.k.

V2o5-libo2, v2o5-nio-libo2 glasses and their composites obtained by nitrogen doping and reduced graphite oxide blending as cathode active materials

The sum of z, w and t is 100 weight-%, in particular v2o5—libo2 and v2o5—nio—libo2.. .

Negative electrode active material for sodium-ion battery, and sodium-ion battery

A negative electrode active material for a sodium-ion battery includes a compound including an aromatic ring structure and two or more coox groups in which x is li or na, and which are bonded to ends of the aromatic ring structure, the aromatic ring structure including an aromatic heterocyclic ring that contains nitrogen in the ring.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

High surface area and low structure carbon blacks for energy storage applications

The present invention, in part, relates to a carbon black having a) a nitrogen bet surface area (bet) of from about 600 m2/g to about 2100 m2/g, b) a cdbp value in ml/100 g of from about (−2.8+(b*bet)) to about (108+(b*bet)), where b is 0.087 and bet is expressed in m2/g, and c) an apparent density (p, g/cm3) of at least about 0.820+q*bet, where q=−2.5×10−4, as determined at a compressive force (p) of 200 kgf/cm2 on dry carbon black powder. Energy storage devices, such as electrochemical double layer capacitors (edlc's), containing the carbon black are also disclosed.
Cabot Corporation

Rigid decorative member

Provided is a rigid decorative member that has high film hardness, is excellent in scratch resistance performance and abrasion resistance performance, and has excellent color brightness and color saturation. The rigid decorative member of the present invention is a rigid decorative member wherein a reaction compound film of an alloy of cr and a metal selected from one or two or more of mo, w, nb, ta, ti, hf, zr, and v, and of a non-metallic element selected from one or two or more of nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen is formed on a substrate.
Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.

Golden rigid decorative member

A golden rigid decorative member in which scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are significantly improved and deterioration of appearance quality due to a flaw, abrasion, or the like is suppressed, and which has a pale color with a high quality feel is stably provided. A single layer or several layers of a coating including a reaction compound of an alloy of ti and one or two or more metals selected from nb, ta, and v, and of one or two non-metallic elements mainly including nitrogen and selected from carbon and oxygen are stacked on a base..
Citzen Watch Co., Ltd.

Ink film constructions

An ink film construction comprising: (a) a printing substrate; and (b) at least one ink film, fixedly adhered to a top surface of the printing substrate, the ink film having an upper film surface distal to the top surface of the substrate, wherein a surface concentration of nitrogen at the upper film surface exceeds a bulk concentration of nitrogen within the film, the bulk concentration measured at a depth of at least 30 nanometers below the upper film surface, and wherein a ratio of the surface concentration to the bulk concentration is at least 1.1 to 1.. .
Landa Corporation Ltd.

Methods and systems for producing and processing syngas in a pressure swing adsorption unit and making ammonia therefrom

Methods and systems for making ammonia are provided. The method can include converting carbon monoxide in a first syngas to carbon dioxide to produce a shifted syngas.
Kellogg Brown & Root Llc

Method for removing contaminants from exhaust gases

In a method for removing a portion of contaminants, such as nitrogen oxides, from an exhaust gas stream of a combustion process, the exhaust gas stream is conveyed through a gas distributor at an inlet of a wet horizontal spray scrubber. A distributor separates the gas stream into a plurality of spaced apart partitioned gas streams.
Linde Aktiengesellschaft

Method for producing particles, toner, developer, and image forming apparatus

To provide a method for producing particles, which contains: bringing a first compressive fluid and raw materials containing a pressure plastic material into contact with each other to melt the pressure plastic material; and jetting a melt obtained by melting the pressure plastic material, with supplying a second compressive fluid containing nitrogen to the melt, to thereby form particles.. .

Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor layer, a gate electrode overlapping with the semiconductor layer, a first gate insulating layer between the semiconductor layer and the gate electrode, and a second gate insulating layer between the first gate insulating layer and the gate electrode. The first gate insulating layer includes an oxide in which the nitrogen content is lower than or equal to 5 at.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Organic electroluminescence element

An organic electroluminescence element includes: a first electrode and a second electrode, a plurality of light emitting units stacked one on top of another between the first electrode and the second electrode and each having a light emitting layer formed by using an organic material, and a transparent conductive layer arranged between the plurality of light emitting units. The transparent conductive layer is formed by using silver or an alloy containing silver as a main component, and is arranged adjacent to a nitrogen-containing layer formed by using a compound containing nitrogen atom..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Polarizing film, image display, and producing polarizing film

The present invention provides a polarizing film having a high dichroic ratio. The polarizing film includes a disazo compound represented by the following general formula (1).
Nitto Denko Corporation

Ceramic composition for thermistor temperature sensor and thermistor device manufactured using the composition

This invention relates to a ceramic composition, which is suitable for use in doc and dpf for removing nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and unburned particles from exhaust gas systems of vehicles or for use in a thermistor temperature sensor for an industrial high-temperature environment similar thereto, and to a thermistor device manufactured using the composition. The ceramic composition is prepared by adding a perovskite phase having a perovskite crystalline structure represented by abo3 with sn of group 4b or sb or bi of group 5b, wherein a includes at least one element selected from among groups 2a and 3a elements except for la, and b includes at least one element selected from among transition metals of groups 4a, 5a, 6a, 7a, 8a, 2b and 3b..
Taesung Electro-circuit Systems

Fire suppressing materials and systems and methods of use

A fire suppressant mixture comprising: an organic or supplemental organic fire suppressant compound; a halogen element, and an organic compound, wherein the organic fire suppressant compound, the halogen element and the organic compound are combined such that a boiling point of the mixture is lower than the boiling point of the organic fire suppressant. In some embodiments, the organic fire suppressant compound is fk 5-1-12 and the organic compound is carbon dioxide.
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc.

Inerting device, tank and aircraft provided with such a device, and corresponding method

The invention relates to an inerting device for a pressurized aircraft fuel tank, i.e. For a tank provided with a main vessel and a separate overflow space, the device including a generator of nitrogen-enriched gas, a circuit for transferring the nitrogen-enriched gas produced by the generator, the transfer circuit including an upstream end connected to the generator, a first downstream end which can be coupled to the main vessel and a second downstream end which can be coupled to the overflow space, the device including a sensor array for measuring information representative of a pressure differential between the interior of the overflow space and the exterior of the tank, the device further including an electronic logic unit receiving the measurements from the sensor array, the electronic logic unit being connected to the generator and/or to the transfer circuit, and being designed to control the supply of a nitrogen-enriched gas flow to the second downstream end when the pressure differential drops below a predetermined threshold s..
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour I'etude Et I'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude

Dual heat exchanger fuel tank inerting system

A fuel tank inerting system includes a bleed air inlet, a bleed air conditioning system, an air separation module, a nitrogen-enriched air conditioning system, a nitrogen-enriched air outlet, and a controller. The bleed air conditioning system is connected to the bleed air inlet and is configured to cool bleed air.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Method and system for identifying a source of nitrogen oxide reduction inefficiency

System and methods can identify a source of nitrogen oxide reduction inefficiency in an exhaust system including first and second selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalysts connected in series along an exhaust line. The methods and systems can determine which of the first and second scr catalysts is a source of nitrogen oxide reduction inefficiency based on the temperatures of the exhausts gases flowing through the first and second scr catalysts..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method and system for cogenerating gas-steam based on gasification and methanation of biomass

A method for cogenerating gas-steam based on gasification and methanation of biomass. The method includes: 1) mixing oxygen and water vapor with biomass, transporting the resulting mixture via a nozzle to a gasifier, gasifying the biomass to yield crude gasified gas, and transporting superheated steam having a pressure of 5-6 mpa resulting from sensible heat recovery to a steam turbine; 2) adjusting the hydrogen/carbon ratio of the crude gasified gas generated from step 1) to 3:1, and eluting the crude gasified gas whereby yield purified syngas; 3) introducing the purified syngas from step 2) to a methanation unit and transporting intermediate pressure superheated steam generated in the methanation unit to the steam turbine; and 4) concentrating methane of synthetic natural gas containing trace nitrogen and water vapor obtained from step 3) through pressure swing adsorption..
Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Co., Ltd.

Method for processing radioactively-contaminated water

The present invention provides an efficient and low cost method for processing radioactively-contaminated water. The method for processing radioactively-contaminated water comprising a freeze concentration step of generating ice having lowered concentration of radioactive substance from radioactive substance containing contaminated water and concentrating the radioactive substances in the residual contaminated water by the interface progressive freeze concentration process.
Showa Freezing Plant Co., Ltd.

Catalyst component for the polymerization of olefins

The present invention relates to a catalyst component for polymerization of an olefin comprising a compound represented by the fischer projection of: wherein r5 is substituted or unsubstituted hydrocarbyl having 1 to 20 carbon atoms; r6 and r7 are different and independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, halogen and substituted or unsubstituted hydrocarbyl having 1 to 20 carbon atoms; r5-r7 optionally containing one or more hetero-atoms replacing one or more carbon atoms, one or more hydrogen atom or both, wherein said hetero-atom is selected from the group consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, silicon, phosphorus and halogen; and wherein the compound of formula (i) is the only internal electron donor in the catalyst component. The present invention also relates to a process for preparing a polymerization catalyst component comprising the steps of i) contacting a compound r4zmgx2-z wherein r4 is aromatic, aliphatic or cyclo-aliphatic group containing 1 to 20 carbon atoms, x is a halide, and z is in a range of larger than 0 and smaller than 2, with an alkoxy- or aryloxy-containing silane compound to give a first intermediate reaction product; ii) contacting the first intermediate reaction product with at least one activating compound selected from the group formed by internal electron donors and compounds of formula m(or2)v-w(r3)w, wherein m can be ti, zr, hf, al or si, each r2 and r3, independently, represent an alkyl, alkenyl or aryl group, v is the valency of m and w is smaller than v and iii) contacting the second intermediate reaction product with a halogen-containing ti-compound and an internal electron donor represented by the fischer projection of formula (i); and optionally with at least one compound selected from a group comprising a monoester, a diester and a 1,3-diether..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Low density foamed articles and methods for making

Foamed thermoplastic elastomeric polyurethane and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer articles are made with from about 0.1 to about 4 weight percent of supercritical fluid nitrogen based on polymer weight and from about 0.1 to about 5 weight percent of a supercritical fluid carbon dioxide based on polymer weight, with the supercritical fluid nitrogen and the supercritical fluid carbon dioxide being separately added to the molten polymer.. .
Nike, Inc.

Use of a novel aminopyridine derivative to prevent or treat cancer

In formula 1: x1 and x2 are each independently selected from the group consisting of carbon and nitrogen; r1 to r5 are each independently selected from the group consisting of a hydrogen, a straight, a branched, or cyclo alkyl of c1-c4, a halogen, and a hydroxyl; and r6 is a hydrogen or an alkyl of c1-c6.. .

Chemokine receptor binding heterocyclic compounds with enhanced efficacy

The invention relates to heterocyclic compounds consisting of a core nitrogen atom surrounded by three pendant groups, wherein two of the three pendant groups are preferably benzimidazolyl methyl and tetrahydroquinolyl, and the third pendant group contains n and optionally contains additional rings. The compounds bind to chemokine receptors, including cxcr4 and ccr5, and demonstrate protective effects against infection of target cells by a human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)..
Genzyme Corporation

Heterocyclic nitrogen containing polymer coated analyte monitoring device and methods of use

The present invention is directed to membranes composed of heterocyclic nitrogen groups, such as vinylpyridine and to electrochemical sensors equipped with such membranes. The membranes are useful in limiting the diffusion of an analyte to a working electrode in an electrochemical sensor so that the sensor does not saturate and/or remains linearly responsive over a large range of analyte concentrations.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

Gear having excellent seizing resistance

This gear has a predetermined chemical composition and has, in a surface-layer part, a texture of tempered martensite and/or tempered bainite and a steel material texture in which retained austenite exists in 1-10% by area percentage and in which a carbide is deposited in at least 5% by area percentage, and the nitrogen content at a depth of 20 μm below the surface is 2.0-6.0%. Thus, a gear that achieves even better seizing resistance in a power transmission part subjected to high rotation and high slippage and using a low-kinematic-viscosity lubricating oil is provided..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho(kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Catalyst composition for exhaust gas cleaning and catalyst for automobile exhaust gas cleaning

The present invention is an exhaust gas purification catalyst composition for purifying a carbon monoxide (co), a hydrocarbon (hc) and nitrogen oxides (nox) in automobile exhaust gas, including a catalyst composition where a rhodium particle (a) is supported on alumina (c) together with a neodymium oxide particle (b), or the like, characterized in that the neodymium oxide particle (b) having an average particle diameter of 100 nm or smaller, exists at the neighborhood of the rhodium particle (a), as a transfer inhibiting material.. .

Semiconductor device manufacturing method

In a semiconductor device manufacturing method, a target object including a multilayer film and a mask formed on the multilayer film is prepared in a processing chamber of a plasma processing apparatus. The multilayer film is formed by alternately stacking a silicon oxide film and a silicon nitride film.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Method for manufacturing light-emitting element

In a system light-emitting device, a nitride semiconductor layer including a light-emitting layer is stacked on an optically transmissive substrate, and a reflective electrode including an ag layer is stacked on the semiconductor layer. As annealing, a first annealing step that is a preceding step and a second annealing step that is a succeeding step are performed.
Panasonic Corporation

Reflective photomask blank, reflective photomask, and integrated circuit device manufactured by using reflective photomask

A reflective photomask blank, a reflective photomask and an integrated circuit device manufactured by using a reflective photomask, include a multi-layered reflection layer; a capping layer on the multi-layered reflection layer and including a first transition metal; a passivation film contacting at least a portion of the capping layer on a side opposite to the multi-layered reflection layer and including a second transition metal and a nitrogen (n) atom; and a light absorption pattern covering a portion of the capping layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rapid synthesis of graphene and formation of graphene structures

A process for rapid synthesis of few-layer graphene films on cu foil by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (mpcvd). The plasma/metal interaction can be useful for a rapid synthesis of such thin films.
Purdue Research Foundation

Methods of filtering multiple contaminants, mitigating contaminant formation, and recycling greenhouse gases using a humic and fulvic reagent

A highy alkalized humic and fulvic filter reagent for the removal of multiple contaminants from a gas is provided. The contaminants removed from the gas stream may include, but are not limited to, carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfides, radionuclides, mercaptans, ammonia, toxic metals, particulates, volatile vapors, and organics.
Arctech, Inc.

Strontium-exchanged clinoptilolite

[solution] synthetic clinoptilolite having a strontium ion at an ion exchange site thereof is useful as a nitrogen adsorbent. The synthetic clinoptilolite can be produced by bringing a solution containing a strontium ion into contact with synthetic clinoptilolite under ambient pressure to cause ion exchange..

Method and sterilization with nitrogen oxide

nitrogen oxide is used to safely sterilize inside of a space area or an object arranged within the space area. A sterilization method is provided to comprise: introducing nitrogen oxide liquid stored in a vessel (4) into a space area (2, 2′, 2″) to gasify nitrogen oxide liquid, and sterilizing inside of space area (2, 2′, 2″) or object (1) arranged in space area (2, 2′, 2″) with nitrogen oxide gas evaporated from nitrogen oxide liquid to completely annihilate and destroy microorganisms inclusive of bacteria and virus with nitrogen oxide gas for preventing the infection by microorganisms to human body and damage to precision components..
Ena Co., Ltd.

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