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Igniting unit, especially for an inflator, inflator, airbag module, vehicle safety system and method of manufacturing an…

Trw Airbag Systems

Igniting unit, especially for an inflator, inflator, airbag module, vehicle safety system and method of manufacturing an…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Niter-related patents
 Adaptive control system for fuel injectors and igniters patent thumbnailnew patent Adaptive control system for fuel injectors and igniters
The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods for adjusting the operation of a gasoline-fueled engine based on monitored conditions within a combustion chamber of the engine. In some cases, the system monitors regions within the combustion chamber, identifies or determines a satisfactory condition, and applies an ionization voltage to a fuel injector to initiate a combustion event during the satisfactory condition.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc
 Igniting unit, especially for an inflator, inflator, airbag module, vehicle safety system and  manufacturing an igniting unit patent thumbnailnew patent Igniting unit, especially for an inflator, inflator, airbag module, vehicle safety system and manufacturing an igniting unit
The invention relates to an igniting unit (10), especially for an inflator, comprising an electric igniter (11) including a first inner cap (12) which forms a space (14) for being filled with a booster propellant charge with a second outer cap (13). In accordance with the invention, the second cap (13) is an electrically non-conductive insulating cap..
Trw Airbag Systems Gmbh
 Integrated vent gas separator and flare stack patent thumbnailIntegrated vent gas separator and flare stack
According to one aspect, an apparatus includes a separator vessel adapted to separate solid and liquid materials from gas materials; a flame arrestor in fluid communication with the separator vessel and through which the gas materials are adapted to flow; and a flare stack adapted to burn off the gas materials. The flare stack includes a vent pipe and an igniter.
Mathena, Inc.
 Igniter, igniter control method, and internal combustion engine ignition apparatus patent thumbnailIgniter, igniter control method, and internal combustion engine ignition apparatus
An igniter is not provided with a depression igbt and is configured such that a distance between a main igbt and a sense igbt is equal to or greater than 100 μm and equal to or less than 700 μm and preferably equal to or greater than 100 μm and equal to or less than 200 μm. The igniter is controlled such that, before the overcurrent of the main igbt reaches a predetermined upper limit, a sense current of the sense igbt is saturated.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.
 Method and  providing adaptive swirl injection and ignition patent thumbnailMethod and providing adaptive swirl injection and ignition
A fuel injector-igniter incorporating adaptive swirl injection and ignition. The fuel injector-igniter comprises a housing, an actuator, and a valve.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc
 Turbulent jet ignition pre-chamber combustion system for spark ignition engines patent thumbnailTurbulent jet ignition pre-chamber combustion system for spark ignition engines
An ignition system for an internal combustion engine having at least one combustion chamber where the ignition system includes a housing, an ignition device, an injector, and a pre-chamber having a nozzle disposed spaced from the proximal portion of the pre-chamber. The igniter portion of the ignition device and the nozzle of the injector are operatively supported in the proximal portion of the pre-chamber and disposed flush therewith.
Mahle Powertrain, Llc
 Igniter assembly including arcing reduction features patent thumbnailIgniter assembly including arcing reduction features
A corona igniter (20) includes a metal shell (32) with a corona reducing lip (38) spaced from an insulator (26) and being free of sharp edges (40) to prevent arcing (42) in a rollover region and concentrate the electrical field at an electrode firing end (48). The corona reducing lip (38) includes lip outer surfaces (88) being round, convex, concave, or curving continuously with smooth transitions (90) therebetween.
Federal-mogul Ignition Company
 Short term, autonomous, electrical power supply system patent thumbnailShort term, autonomous, electrical power supply system
A short term, autonomous, electrical power supply system, particularly an emergency short term, autonomous, electrical power supply system. Said system comprises an actuator with an electrical motor (14), an electrical generator (15) for driving said electrical motor (14) of said actuator, a turbine (13) in driving engagement with said electrical generator (15), an generator (7) of combustible, fluidic energy, a fluid line (10) from said generator (7) to said turbine (13), a control unit (5), and an igniter (9) arranged inside said generator (7) and controlled by said control unit (5)..
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland Gmbh
 Nozzle with multi-tube fuel passageway for gas turbine engines patent thumbnailNozzle with multi-tube fuel passageway for gas turbine engines
A pilot fuel nozzle for a combustor includes an igniter forming a central body extending along a longitudinal center of the nozzle. A nozzle tip includes a plurality of circumferentially spaced fuel passages and a plurality of circumferentially spaced air passages extending to an outer side of the nozzle tip.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Waste disposal patent thumbnailWaste disposal
The waste disposal system disclosed herein includes a chamber operated at high ampere and low voltage, the chamber configured to inject smoke on a stream of free radicals. In one implementation, the stream of free radicals is generated from a plasma igniter and the smoke is generated from waste products, such as hospital waste products..
Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc.

Methods for varnish removal and prevention in an internal combustion engine

Methods for removing and preventing the buildup of unwanted deposits and varnishes on combustion chamber surfaces, particularly injector-igniter components that are exposed to combustion events. A method of removing deposits from an injector-igniter comprises monitoring the current across a pair of electrodes in the injector-igniter, comparing the current with a predetermined threshold level, and performing a cleaning cycle if the current exceeds the threshold level.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc

Multi-chamber igniter

Air/fuel mixture is received from a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine into an enclosure about a flame kernel initiation gap between a first ignition body and a second ignition body. Air/fuel mixture received into the enclosure is directed into a flame kernel initiation gap.
Woodward, Inc.

Fuel igniter assembly having heat-dissipating element and methods of using same

A combustor for a gas turbine engine includes a combustion chamber and a fuel igniter assembly. The combustion chamber is defined by an annular inner combustor liner and an annular outer combustor liner.
Unison Industries, Llc

Combustor floating collar assembly

A gas turbine combustor floating collar for mounting an igniter or fuel nozzle to a combustor is provided with an outer periphery in a non-circular shape, for example having at least one section thereof formed with a flat surface, such as a square or triangular shape. The outer periphery of the floating collar is complementary to and completely surrounded by an inner periphery surface of a recess of a boss affixed on the combustor, thereby preventing substantial rotation of the floating collar with respect to the boss..
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Health monitoring of igniters

Methods and associated devices useful for the health monitoring of igniters of gas turbine engines are disclosed. Exemplary embodiments disclosed include the use of an accumulated spark count to an igniter to obtain an indication of wear on the igniter and/or the remaining life of the igniter.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Internal combustion engines

An internal combustion engine comprising at least one cylinder and a pair of opposed, reciprocating pistons within the cylinder forming a combustion chamber therebetween. The engine has at least one combustion igniter associated with the cylinder, a portion of the combustion igniter being exposed within the combustion chamber formed between the opposed pistons..
Cox Powertrain Limited

Pyrotechnic tensioner

A pyrotechnic pretensioner (10) for a safety system in a vehicle has an inflator (22) including a propelling charge (26) and an igniter (32) and including a housing (12) in which a pressure chamber (14) is provided into which gas can flow and in which a piston can be displaced by the gas, an end piece (16) which closes the pressure chamber (14) and in which a chamber (24) is formed into which the propelling charge (26) is filled and whose wall constitutes the wall of the propellant is provided on the housing (12).. .
Trw Automotive Gmbh

Ignition system for low grade synthesis gas at high compression

An igniter system for a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine having one or more cylinders including at least one igniter per cylinder is disclosed. The igniter system can comprise: a combustion chamber connected to a main cylinder of the engine by a restricted diameter bore, wherein a lean burn fuel mixture is introduced into the combustion chamber by the normal compression stroke of the engine; a hydrogen valve that injects a hydrogen rich gas into the combustion chamber forming a mixture of hydrogen and air having a hydrogen concentration above the stoichiometric ratio for hydrogen and air in the combustion chamber; and a spark ignition source that injects hot unburned hydrogen into the main cylinder, thereby initiating ignition..
V-grid Energy Systems

Igniter-less power supply for xenon lamps in an accelerated weathering test apparatus

A power supply for use in an accelerated weathering test apparatus can ignite the lamp without using a separate igniter and control both the xenon lamp radiated spectrum and its intensity in order to fully simulate the sun's daily cycle, improve the ultraviolet output, reduce the infrared radiation, and compensate for the xenon lamp aging.. .

Hot surface igniter with fuel assist

A large-scale combustion system has a fuel line having a burner end, a burner at the burner end of the fuel line, a source of fuel flowing through the fuel line to the burner, a hot surface igniter adjacent to the fuel line, a flame holder disposed adjacent to the hot surface igniter, and a source of igniter combustion air. The hot surface igniter is activated to ignite the source of fuel, the ignited fuel leaving the burner, and the hot surface igniter is protected from a heat caused by the ignited fuel.

Rotary pulse detonation engine

A rotary pulse detonation engine produces mechanical output by detonating a fuel/air mixture in detonation chambers between adjacent impeller blades. The impeller is housed within an outer casing and rotated around an inner sleeve.

Home cooking appliance with an electrode chamber

A home cooking appliance having an electrode chamber for a burner assembly is provided. The home cooking appliance includes a burner rail, maintop surface, burner assembly including a burner electrode, igniter box below the burner rail and maintop surface, and an electrode chamber on the burner rail.
Bsh Home Appliances Corporation

Air fire lighter

An air fire lighter having fuel, an igniter and a ducted fan for igniting a solid fuel fire. The fuel travels through the fire lighter to a collar at a distal end of the fire lighter, transforming into a vapor that is ignited by an igniter.
Infora, Llc

Combustor for discrete low and high pressure vapour combustion

A stack is provided for combustion of low pressure hydrocarbon vapors from various equipment, the combustion being discrete from periodic flaring of high pressure vapors from a top of the stack. A primary burner is positioned adjacent a base of the stack and a flare is positioned in the stack's bore adjacent a top thereof.

Continuous ignition

An ignition system includes a housing defining an interior and an exhaust outlet. The housing is configured and adapted to be mounted to a combustor to issue flame from the exhaust outlet into the combustor for ignition and flame stabilization within the combustor.
Delavan Inc.

Continuous ignition systems

A head assembly for an ignition system includes a head block and a plurality of igniters seated in the head block. The head block has an issue aperture and defines an issue axis, and is configured and adapted for sealably coupling with an igniter combustion chamber.
Delavan Inc

Flexible bellows igniter seal

A flexible bellows assembly is disclosed for sealing an engine igniter for use with an engine. The bellows assembly includes a mounting arrangement that is operable to be secured to a combustor diffuser instead of the combustor liner.

Inverted cap igniter tube

An igniter tube assembly includes an igniter, an igniter tower with a radially extending portion, a ferrule with a radially extending portion, and a retainer with a radially extending portion. The ferrule and retainer capture the radially extending portion of the igniter tower and sealing surface provides an area for the ferrule to interface with the igniter tower.

Battery pack test system

A battery pack test system is provided. The system includes a battery charging device that monitors an output voltage level of the vehicle battery pack.

Integrated fuel injectors and igniters and associated methods of use and manufacture

The present disclosure is directed to injectors with integrated igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. These integrated injectors/igniters can include, for example, insulators with adequate mechanical and dielectric strength to enable high-energy plasma generation by components that have very small dimensions, multifunction valving that is moved to injector multiple bursts of fuel and to induce plasma projection, a fuel control valve at the interface to the combustion chamber for the purpose of eliminating fuel drip at undesired times, and one or more components at the interface of the combustion chamber for the purpose of blocking transmission of combustion sourced pressure..

Igniter for a gas turbine

A gas turbine igniter includes an igniter rod disposed within a guide tube configured for travel between a hot-end region and a cold-end region and a cap connected to the guide tube, the cap defining an access passageway for the igniter rod. An attachment structure is provided for reducing the moment loading at the cold end of the igniter rod.

Internal detonation engine, hybrid engines including the same, and methods of making and using the same

Hybrid internal detonation-gas turbine engines incorporating detonation or pulse engine technology (such as an internal detonation engine), and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The internal detonation engine includes a detonation chamber having a fuel igniter therein, a stator at one end of the detonation chamber having at least a first opening to receive fuel, a rotor adjacent to the stator, and an energy transfer mechanism configured to convert energy from igniting or detonating the fuel to mechanical energy.

Fuel injector having an ignitor for igniting a combustor of a gas turbine

A fuel injector for a combustor of a gas turbine includes an annular main body. A fluid circuit extends at least partially through the main body.

High-speed-launch ramjet booster

A high-speed-launch ramjet boost (hslrb) engine includes a combustion system for igniting fuel pumped by a fuel pump from a fuel tank, where the combustion system includes an igniter, fuel injectors and frame holders. An inlet provides a pathway for air to flow toward the fuel injectors.

Corona ignition with hermetic combustion seal

A corona igniter (20) comprises a central electrode (22) surrounded by an insulator (24), which is surrounded by a metal shell (26). A ceramic combustion seal (30) is disposed along the gap (32) between a shell lower end shell (52) and the insulator nose region (48) to provide a hermetic seal therebetween.

General aviation igniter cable assembly

An improved general aviation igniter cable assembly includes either a single or double coil spring. The double coil spring has inner and outer portions.

Multi-fuel lantern

A lantern comprising a tank, a chimney, an ignition bowl, and a chimney tube. There is also a mixing subassembly, a fuel line, a nozzle and a chimney cap.

Tubular floating electrode dielectric barrier discharge for applications in sterilization and tissue bonding

Disclosed is a device and method for contacting a biological substrate. A non-thermal plasma device delivers a non-thermal plasma discharge using a dielectric conduit, an igniter electrode and a rf electrode.

Mechanical inertial igniter with high-height drop safety feature for thermal batteries and the like

A method for initiating a thermal battery including: releasing an engagement between an element and a striker mass upon an acceleration time and magnitude greater than a first threshold; and moving at least one member into a path of the element to prevent the element from releasing the striker mass only where the acceleration time and magnitude is greater than a second threshold, the second threshold being greater than the first threshold.. .

Palmtop charcoal igniter

A palmtop charcoal igniter includes a protective aluminum pipe, a heat insulation stainless steel pipe sleeved in the protective aluminum pipe, a mica sleeve mounted in the heat insulation stainless steel pipe, a heating body mounted in the mica sleeve and comprising an insulating mica pipe and a mica support, a handle mounted outside the heat insulation stainless steel pipe, and an igniter switch disposed on a top end of the handle and configured with three shifts including an on-off shift, a cold air shift and a hot air shift. The on-off function and the exchange of cold/hot air can be realized via the on-off control of the three shifts..

Compact mechanical inertia igniters for thermal batteries and the like

A method for igniting a thermal battery upon a predetermined acceleration event. The method including: rotatably connecting a striker mass to a base; aligning a first projection on the striker mass with a second projection on the base such that when the striker mass is rotated towards the base, the first projection impacts the second projection; and preventing impact of the first and second projections unless the predetermined acceleration event is experienced..

Flame ignition and control system

A flame ignition and control system includes at least one gas burner, which is connected to a gas source via a flame control system, and a safety valve controlled by a flame sensor consisting of a thermocouple. The safety valve has an open state, in which the source supplies gas to the burner, and a closed state, in which gas flow is obstructed, the switching from the open state to the closed state and vice versa being controlled by the electric signal generated by the thermocouple.

High speed solid cooking fuel igniter

Devices and methods for accelerating the combustion of non-gas cooking fuels used in barbequing. The devices include a starting fuel for preparing, or starting, a cooking fuel, such as charcoal briquettes, for use to cook food.

Exhaust purification device capable of performing regeneration by using quick combustion

An exhaust purification device for vehicles comprises a connection unit, a combustion unit, a buffer unit, a filtration unit, an emission unit, and a control unit. The connection unit is adapted to be connected to an exhaust pipe of a vehicle's engine.

Quarter wave coaxial cavity igniter for combustion engines

An apparatus and method for igniting combustible materials in a combustion chamber of a combustion engine using corona discharge plasma from a quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator. A tapered quarter wave coaxial cavity resonator is adapted to mate with the combustion chamber.

High voltage connection sealing corona ignition coil

A corona igniter assembly 20 comprises an ignition coil assembly 22, a firing end assembly 24, and a metal tube 26 connecting the ignition coil assembly 22 to the firing end assembly 24. A rubber boot 28 is disposed in the metal tube 26 and compressed symmetrically between a coil output member 30 of the ignition coil assembly 22 and an insulator 42 of the firing end assembly 24.

Controlled pressure release for seatbelt pretensioning devices

The seatbelt pretensioner, which is designed for reducing slack in seatbelt webbing upon deployment in response to a triggering event, comprises an igniter that generates gas in response to the triggering event, an elongate body defining a chamber for receiving and the confining gas generated by the igniter, a piston movable within the elongate body by the gas generated, a slack-reducing assembly that responds to movement of the piston and is connected to at least a portion of seatbelt webbing, movement of the piston causes the slack-reducing assembly to move the seat belt webbing reducing slack in the seatbelt webbing; and a controlled pressure release that enables gas to escape from the elongate body after deployment, relieving gas pressure within the pretensioner. The controlled pressure release may comprise one or more of various pressure relieving features such as a porous intermediate disposed between the vent hole and the gas within the elongate body, a piston having a porous portion and/or a safety valve, and one or more plugs that seal vent holes in the elongate body that become unsealed by loosening the pretensioning assembly..

Integrated fuel injectors and igniters and associated methods of use and manufacture

The present disclosure is directed to integrated injector/igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. One example of such an injectors/igniter can include a body having a base portion opposite a nozzle portion, and a fuel passageway extending from the base portion to the nozzle portion.

Lighting tobacco-based products

An igniter apparatus for igniting a tobacco-based product having a sensitized tip, comprising: a first portion having a first surface and a second portion having a second surface, at least one of the first and second surfaces being movable with respect to other surface, wherein at least a portion of the first and second surfaces are substantially parallel to one another; a channel at least partially formed between the first and second portions, the channel having at least one opening configured to receive the tobacco-based product as it is inserted therein; and an abrasive material coated on at least a portion of the channel, the abrasive material being configured to at least partially contact the tobacco-based product when the first and second surfaces are manually positioned a predetermined distance from one another.. .

Igniter for solid cooking fuels

An igniter for solid cooking fuels includes a heat chamber and a heat gun manifold. The heat gun manifold includes a manifold flange with a first hole, the manifold flange attached to a bottom of the heat chamber, and a manifold tube received within the first hole.

Injector-igniter with thermochemical regeneration

A fuel injection system comprising an injector-igniter and a fuel tank in fluid communication with the injector-igniter. The injector igniter includes an injector housing and a valve assembly.

Injector-igniter with fuel characterization

A vehicular fuel system with onboard fuel characterization including an onboard combustion modifier source capable of supplying a combustion modifier agent, such as hydrogen, and a fuel tank capable of storing a fuel. An injector-igniter is operative to direct inject the fuel and a proportionate amount of the modifier agent into a cylinder of an internal combustion engine.

I.c.e igniter with integral fuel injector in direct fuel injection mode.

An igniter (09) includes an elongated tubular housing (10) with a polygonal top (14) having a central aperture (16) defined therein, communicating into a central chamber (20) along a longitudinal axis to an end at a base (18). A terminal (13a) projects from the polygonal top (14).

Wear protection features for corona igniter

A corona igniter comprises an electrode with a central extended member extending along a central axis and a crown extending radially outwardly from the central extended member. The central extended member has an extended length and the crown has a crown length.

Consumable downhole packer or plug

A packer or plug for use in a wellbore includes: a tubular mandrel made from a composite material including a pyrotechnic composition; an expandable seal disposed on an outer surface of the mandrel; and an igniter operable to initiate combustion of the mandrel.. .

Compact and mechanical inertial igniters for thermal batteries and the like for munitions with short duration firing setback shock

An inertial igniter including: a body having a base; a striker release element rotatably disposed on the body, the striker release element having a first surface; a first biasing element for biasing the striker release element away from the base; a striker mass rotatably disposed on the base along a second axis, the striker mass having a second surface corresponding to the first surface of the striker release element, the first surface obstructing rotation of the striker mass; and a second biasing element for biasing the striker mass such that the second surface is biased towards the first surface; wherein when the body experiences an acceleration profile of a predetermined magnitude and duration, the striker release element rotates towards the base to release an engagement between the first and second surfaces and allow the striker mass to rotate under a biasing force of the second biasing element.. .

Fluid insulated injector-igniter

A system for transferring and igniting a fuel comprising a fuel supply and a cryogenic fuel processor connected to the fuel supply and operative to remove impurities from the fuel. The system includes a power supply and an injector-igniter.

Method and system of thermochemical regeneration to provide oxygenated fuel, for example, with fuel-cooled fuel injectors

The present disclosure is directed to integrated injector/igniters providing efficient injection, ignition, and complete combustion of various types of fuels. One example of such an injectors/igniter can include a body having a base portion opposite a nozzle portion.

Corona ignition system having selective enhanced arc formation

A corona discharge (24) ignition includes an electrode (38) emitting a radio frequency electric field and providing a corona discharge (24) to ignite a combustible mixture. The system includes a controlled high voltage energy supply (52) providing energy to a main energy storage (28) at a first main voltage.

Colored pyrotechnic smoke-producing composition

A colored pyrotechnic smoke-producing composition has an oxidizer, a fuel, a flame retardant, a dye, a coolant, and a binder. The oxidizer may be potassium chlorate.

Laser-ignition combustor for gas turbine engine

The combustor has a laser ignitor mounted to the casing, remotely from the liner of the combustion chamber. The laser ignitor has an igniter beam path for igniting the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber, the igniter beam path extending at least partially across the air plenum surrounding the liner and into the combustion chamber through a corresponding beam path aperture provided in the liner..

Traveling spark igniter

An igniter having at least two electrodes spaced from each other by an insulating member having a substantially continuous surface along a path between the electrodes. The electrodes extend substantially parallel to each other for a distance both above and below said surface.

Integrated fuel injector igniters having force generating assemblies for injecting and igniting fuel and associated methods of use and manufacture

Embodiments of injectors configured for adaptively injecting and igniting various fuels in a combustion chamber are disclosed herein. An injector according to one embodiment includes an end portion configured to be positioned adjacent to a combustion chamber, and an ignition feature carried by the end portion and configured to generate an ignition event.

High efficiency, ternary mix engine

Pressurized and superheated, dry steam is admitted into the working chamber of a spark ignition engine for the purpose of increasing the thermal efficiency of the engine. The steam is admitted into the working chamber near the end of compression, and before ignition of the fuel.

Gas generator

A gas generator includes a cylindrical housing, a diffuser portion, a first combustion chamber defined by a first porous plate member, a second combustion chamber defined by a second porous plate member, and an ignition device having an ignition portion attached to an igniter collar. The first porous plate member comprises first through holes arranged in the vicinity of a peripheral edge portion.

Integrated fuel injector igniters suitable for large engine applications and associated methods of use and manufacture

Embodiments of injectors suitable for injection ports having relatively small diameters are disclosed herein. An injector according to one embodiment includes a body having a first end portion opposite a second end portion.

Retractable ignition system

An integrated retractable burner ignition system including a burner having an outlet face and a flow passage including a front end substantially coincident with the outlet face of the burner and a gas inlet positioned rearward from the front end of the flow passage, an igniter including a high voltage electrode surrounded by an insulator and extending beyond the insulator to form a tip end of the igniter, the igniter being mounted slidably within the flow passage, an actuator connected to a rear portion of the igniter and configured to advance and retract the igniter within the flow passage, and a slidable seal between the igniter and the flow passage, the seal being positioned rearward of the gas inlet of the flow passage and frontward of the rear portion of the igniter.. .

Digital television transmitting system and receiving system and processing broadcast data

A dtv transmitting system includes a frame encoder, a randomizer, a block processor, a group formatter, a deinterleaver, and a packet formatter. The frame encoder builds an enhanced data frame and adds parity data into the data frame.

Method for modifying combustion chamber in a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine and resulting engine

A method for improving combustion in a main combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine and a resulting engine are disclosed. The engine includes a main combustion chamber arranged between a head and a reciprocating piston.

Welder powered arc starter

An electric welding arc starter powered by a switching regulator, which draws its input current from the weld cables. Optionally, the regulator temporarily reduces its input current after the arc igniter fires.

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