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 Wood burning fireplace assembly with automatic igniter patent thumbnailnew patent Wood burning fireplace assembly with automatic igniter
A fireplace assembly having a firebox, an igniter assembly coupled to the firebox and containing a heating element, a first portion of the igniter assembly extending through an aperture in a firebox wall, the igniter assembly having a first connector coupled to the heating element and coupleable to power source, and having a second connector coupleable to an air source and positioned to provide air flow through the igniter assembly over the heating element and into the firebox. A controller is operatively coupled to the igniter assembly and a temperature sensor.
Travis Industries, Inc.

 Inflator patent thumbnailnew patent Inflator
The rod fixed to the partition wall and extending toward the rupturable plate, and the rod colliding with the rupturable plate due to a gas pressure generated by activation of the igniter, coming into contact with all of the end points in the fragile portion and rupturing the rupturable plate.. .

 Consumable downhole packer or plug patent thumbnailConsumable downhole packer or plug
A packer or plug for use in a wellbore includes: a tubular mandrel made from a composite material including a pyrotechnic composition; an expandable seal disposed on an outer surface of the mandrel; and an igniter operable to initiate combustion of the mandrel.. .
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

 Method and  operating traveling spark igniter at high pressure patent thumbnailMethod and operating traveling spark igniter at high pressure
An ignition circuit and a method of operating an igniter (preferably a traveling spark igniter) in an internal combustion engine, including a high pressure engine. A high voltage is applied to electrodes of the igniter, sufficient to cause breakdown to occur between the electrodes, resulting in a high current electrical discharge in the igniter, over a surface of an isolator between the electrodes, and formation of a plasma kernel in a fuel-air mixture adjacent said surface.
Knite, Inc.

 System for purifying a gaseous medium of hydrogen and  the use thereof patent thumbnailSystem for purifying a gaseous medium of hydrogen and the use thereof
Disclosed is a hydrogen igniter for igniting hydrogen contained in a gaseous medium, said hydrogen igniter comprising a housing with openings for the supply and discharge of a gaseous medium, and a filler in the form of bismuth oxide and/or lead oxide, disposed inside the housing. Also disclosed are a system for purifying a gaseous medium of hydrogen having such a hydrogen igniter, and a method for the repeated use of such a system.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"

 Gas generator patent thumbnailGas generator
The ratio (vh2/vh1) of an average vickers hardness (vh1) of the igniter collar, which is measured by a method described in examples, and an average vickers hardness (vh2) of the ignition device chamber cup, which is measured by a method described in examples, being within a range of 0.25 to 0.65.. .

 Corona ignition device with improved electrical performance patent thumbnailCorona ignition device with improved electrical performance
A corona comprises a central electrode surrounded by an insulator, which is surrounded by a conductive component. The conductive component includes a shell and an intermediate part both formed of an electrically conductive material.
Federal-mogul Ignition Company

 Corona ignition device and assembly method patent thumbnailCorona ignition device and assembly method
A reversed-assembled corona igniter including an insulator, central electrode, and metal shell, wherein an outer diameter of the insulator increases adjacent a lower end of the metal shell to achieve an electrical advantage is provided. In addition, the insulator maintains strength because is not placed under tension during or after assembly, or once disposed in an engine.
Federal-mogul Ignition Company

 Method for producing electric trigger elements for pyrotechnic articles patent thumbnailMethod for producing electric trigger elements for pyrotechnic articles
The invention relates to a method for producing electric trigger elements for pyrotechnic articles such as fuses or igniters, wherein, in a first stage, a) a lacquer is applied by photolithography to an electrically non-conductive substrate, b) a conductive material having a specific resistance of 0.1 Ω*mm to 5.0 Ω*mm is applied to the lacquer and substrate by means of a pvd process in a layer thickness of 0.02 μm to 8.0 μm, and c) the lacquer is removed from the substrate, and possibly, in a second stage, d) a photolithographic process is again carried out in which a precisely defined region of the resistor strip is covered with photoresist, e) the entire substrate surface is covered with a layer of a metal having a specific resistance of 0.01 Ω*mm to 0.1 Ω*mm in a thickness of 0.1 μm to 20 μm, wherein the application of the metal is configured such that in regions which have a bare substrate from the first photolithographic process, no metal adheres, and f) the lacquer from the second photolithographic process is again removed.. .
Ruag Ammotec Gmbh

 Multi-coil spark ignition system patent thumbnailMulti-coil spark ignition system
An igniter for a spark ignition system includes a support body fabricated from an electrically insulating material and a metal casing disposed outwardly of and at least partially surrounding the support body. The metal casing has a structure for connecting the metal casing to ground.

Igniter assembly for a gas turbine engine

In one aspect the present subject matter is directed to an igniter assembly for a gas turbine engine. The igniter assembly includes an outer housing and an igniter tube that extends radially through the outer housing.
General Electric Company

Gas safety shutoff

A system for igniting a grill can include a solenoid valve, a flame rectification sensor, an igniter, and a control circuit connected to the solenoid valve and the flame rectification sensor. The solenoid valve controls flow of gas to the grill's burner and includes a switch that closes when a handle connected to the switch opens the solenoid valve.
Lynx Grills, Inc.

Plasma header gasket and system

A plasma header gasket for use with an internal combustion engine includes plasma-igniters disposed around the perimeter of apertures in the gasket corresponding to piston cylinders in the engine. The plasma-igniters produce a plasma ionization field in time with the engine to increase the efficiency of combustion..
Svmtech, Llc

Ignition device and ignition internal combustion engine

An ignition unit of an internal combustion engine is equipped with an ignition coil including a primary coil and a secondary coil, an igniter, and a secondary current detection resistor. By means of the secondary current detection resistor, an engine controller detects a current value of the secondary current immediately after completion of capacitive discharge.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Dual-fuel gas-pellet burner assembly

Embodiments of the inventive concept provide a dual-fuel gas-pellet burner assembly. The dual-fuel gas-pellet burner assembly can include a cooking gas line, a cooking gas igniter, a motor-driven pellet auger, a combustion air channeling section enclosing the motor-driven pellet auger and at least a section of the cooking gas line, and a dual-fuel sectioned combustion chamber including a gas combustion section and a fire pot section.
Original Pellet Grill Company, Llc

Mechanical inertial igniters for reserve batteries and the like for munitions

A device including: an impact mass movably restrained relative to a base; and a release mechanism configured to be movable between a restrained position for preventing movement of the impact mass and a released position for permitting movement of the impact mass when the release mechanism is subjected to an acceleration greater than a predetermined magnitude and duration; wherein the release mechanism having a release mass movable when subjected to the acceleration, the movement of the release mass not being influenced by movement of the impact mass.. .
Omnitek Partners Llc

Plasma ignition device

An igniter includes a central electrode terminating in a firing portion including a plurality of prong tiers distributed axially on the firing portion. Each prong tier including at least one firing prong extending radially outward from the firing portion.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Cooling an igniter body of a combustor wall

An assembly is provided for a turbine engine. This turbine engine assembly includes a combustor wall.
United Technologies Corporation

Low nox gas burners with carryover ignition

A burner assembly is provided including a plurality of burners. Each burner includes a burner tube having an inlet, an outlet, and a burner axis.
Carrier Corporation

Corona suppression at materials interface through gluing of the components

A corona ignition assembly comprising a plurality of different insulators disposed between an ignition coil assembly and firing end assembly is provided. A high voltage center electrode extends longitudinally between an igniter central electrode and the ignition coil assembly.
Federal-mogul Corporation

Ignition device of engine

An ignition device of an engine includes a control unit and an igniter including an ignition coil having a primary and a secondary winding. Supply and stop of a current to the primary winding are performed based on the ignition signal to generate high voltage in the secondary winding thereby to cause a spark to a spark plug provided for a cylinder of the engine.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Method and system to avoid fire of an electrical device

The invention is directed to a system comprising (i) an electrical device connected to a source of electrical power; (ii) a container comprising a solid propellant gas generator, an igniter and a filter positioned between the solid propellant gas generator and an outflow opening for a gas, which outflow opening is fluidly connected to the electrical device; (iii) means to detect fire indicator levels, comprising means to detect a temperature, a carbon monoxide level and a smoke particle level in the electrical device; and (iv) a control system having a control logic which, when two of the three fire indicators levels as measured by means (iii) are above a threshold value, will cut off the source of electrical power, and which will actuate the igniter after a predetermined delay time.. .
Exxfire B.v.

Igniter semiconductor device, igniter system, and ignition coil unit

An igniter semiconductor device and an igniter system can prevent the influence of a voltage drop of an on signal voltage input to an input terminal and the influence of a surge voltage, allow a switching element to operate reliably, and prevent an ignition failure. The igniter semiconductor device includes an external terminal including at least an input terminal, an output terminal electrically connected to an ignition coil, a ground terminal, and a power supply terminal electrically connected to a regulated power supply wire outside the igniter semiconductor device.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Multi-tubular chemical reactor with igniter for initiation of gas phase exothermic reactions

A multi-tubular chemical reactor (400) includes an igniter (435) for the initiation of gas phase exothermic reaction within the gas phase reaction zones (409) of the tubular reactor units (408). A method of carrying out a gas phase exothermic reaction within the multi-tubular chemical reactor comprising: introducing gaseous reactants into a tubular reactor unit (408); initiating with radiant heat an exothermic reaction of the gaseous reactants within the reactor unit; and transferring heat produced by the exothermic reaction occurring within the gas phase reaction zone of the reactor unit to the gas phase reaction zone of one or more adjacent reactor units (408), thereby initiating an exothermic reaction within at least one adjacent reactor unit (408) until in such manner an exothermic reaction has been initiated in each of the plurality of spaced-apart reactor units (408)..
Watt Fuel Cell Corp.

Pyrotechnic igniter

A pyrotechnic igniter includes at least one pyrotechnic material designed to be ignited by a heating element, a case enclosing the at least one pyrotechnic material, and a plastic overmoulding of the case, forming a fixation interface of the igniter and designed to be inserted into a fixation orifice of a support up to an inserted position. The fixation interface of the plastic overmoulding includes at least one deformable part designed to elastically deform during passage into the fixation orifice and assume during an elastic return a blocking position against the support when the igniter is in the inserted position in order to prevent any withdrawal of the igniter..
Autoliv Development Ab

Process for producing sulfuric acid with low levels of niter

This disclosure relates to a process for producing sulfuric acid with reduced levels of niter. The process involves (a) providing an absorption tower wherein sulfur trioxide is absorbed in a sulfuric acid feed having a first sulfuric acid solution to produce a sulfuric acid effluent having (i) a second sulfuric acid solution which has a higher concentration than the first sulfuric acid solution, (ii) a niter concentration greater than about 5 ppm (as no3), and (iii) a temperature greater than 100° c.; and (b) contacting a first purifying agent comprising sulfamic acid and a second purifying agent comprising hydrogen peroxide with the sulfuric acid effluent to form a treated sulfuric acid effluent, the treated sulfuric acid effluent being maintained at a temperature of greater than 100° c.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Liquid fuel cpox reformer and fuel cell systems, and methods of producing electricity

Integrated liquid fuel catalytic partial oxidation (cpox) reformer and fuel cell systems can include a plurality or an array of spaced-apart cpox reactor units, each reactor unit including an elongate tube having a gas-permeable wall with internal and external surfaces, the wall enclosing an open gaseous flow passageway with at least a portion of the wall having cpox catalyst disposed therein and/or comprising its structure. The catalyst-containing wall structure and open gaseous flow passageway enclosed thereby define a gaseous phase cpox reaction zone, the catalyst-containing wall section being gas-permeable to allow gaseous cpox reaction mixture to diffuse therein and hydrogen rich product reformate to diffuse therefrom.
Watt Fuel Cell Corp.

Attachment interface for a pyrotechnic actuator

A safety module for a motor vehicle includes at least one airbag with a first fixation interface and at least one actuating device. The at least one actuating device includes an igniter and an igniter support.
Autoliv Development Ab

Igniter position for a combustor of a gas turbine engine

The present disclosure relates combustor configurations for a gas turbine engine. In one embodiment, a combustor includes a combustor shell enclosing a first area of free space, and an igniter for the combustor shell, the igniter including a distal end.
United Technologies Corporation

Igniter and manufacturing an igniter for an inflator

A pyrotechnical igniter (100) for an inflator of a vehicle safety system comprises at least two contact pins (102) physically separated from each other by an electrically insulating compound and a bridge wire (110) connected to both contact pins (102) in an electrically conducting manner. A fastening portion (112) in which the bridge wire (110) is welded to the contact pins (102) is provided at each of the contact pins (102)..
Trw Airbag Systems Gmbh

Energy saving hid lamp

An energy saving hid lamp with a long lifespan is provided. In an embodiment of the invention, the lamp comprises at least two arc tubes within a quartz enclosure wherein each of the arc tubes has a tungsten cathode tip, an anode and xenon gas between the two electrodes.
Articmaster Inc.

Safety and convenience system for a gas grill

The present disclosure introduces a safety and convenience system for a gas grill. The disclosed system can have a grill assembly, a sensor assembly, and a system controller.

Method and device for removing at least part of a sea platform

Method for removing at least part of a sea platform comprising a support structure with at least one cylindrical support beam located under water, which method comprises the steps of; providing a device for cutting one of the at least one cylindrical support beams, attaching the device in the circular configuration under water to one of the at least one cylindrical support beams with the fastener, wherein the nozzle openings of the molten metal jet cutting units are directed to and at least partly surround said cylindrical support beam, igniting the fuel material of the molten metal jet cutting units with the igniter to cut said surrounded cylindrical support beam with the molten metal jetted out of the nozzle openings, lifting the disconnected part of a platform to be removed with a removal vessel provided near the support structure, and transporting the disconnected part of the sea platform to be removed to a different location.. .
Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland Se

Igniter assembly, airbag system, and detection system and detection same

An igniter assembly for which an igniter and a conductive igniter collar are integrated via an insulating layer, wherein the igniter comprises a metal eyelet, a metal cover that retains the eyelet therein, an ignition charge that is disposed in the cover and in a space in contact with an end face of the eyelet, a heating body that is connected to the end face of the eyelet, and a conductive pin that passes through the insulating layer and is electrically connected to the heating body. The other end of the conductive pin is exposed from the insulating layer so that a current supplying circuit is connected.
Daicel Corporation

Schmitty compressor

A compressor unit for heating and sanitizing water for human use including a combustion housing defining a combustion chamber. A heat exchanger is partially supported in the combustion chamber and configured to heat water.

Inter-event control strategy for corona ignition systems

The invention provides a system and method for controlling corona discharge. A driver circuit provides energy to the corona igniter and detects any arc formation.
Federal-mogul Ignition Company

Igniter tip with cooling passage

An igniter tip for a combustion system is provided. The igniter tip may include a central electrode; an insulator sleeve about the central electrode; and an outer electrode about the insulator sleeve, the outer electrode including a tubular wall having a cooling passage extending within the tubular wall, the cooling passage including an entrance opening and an exit opening to an exterior of the outer electrode.
General Electric Company

Gas generator

The present invention provides a gas generator wherein a diffuser portion having a gas discharge port is disposed at one end of a cylindrical housing; an ignition device is disposed at the other end of the cylindrical housing; an axially-movable metallic partition wall having a plurality of through-holes is disposed between the ignition device and the diffuser portion; a space between the partition wall and the ignition device is an ignition device chamber charged with a molded article of a first gas generating agent; a space between the partition wall and the diffuser portion is a combustion chamber charged with a molded article of a second gas generating agent; the partition wall has a circular bottom surface and an annular wall extending, in a single direction, perpendicularly to an outer circumference of the circular bottom surface, and the circular bottom surface is disposed so as to be on the diffuser portion side; the ignition device has an igniter having a disk-shaped ignition portion protruding toward the partition wall and a metallic annular member having an annular wall and disposed around the ignition portion; and the annular wall of the annular member protrudes to the partition wall further than the distal end surface of the ignition portion.. .
Daicel Corporation

Injector-igniters with variable gap electrode

Fuel injector-igniters with variable gap electrodes. A fuel injector-igniter comprises a housing, an actuator disposed in the housing, and a valve including a valve head operative to open and close against a valve seat in response to activation of the actuator.
Mcalister Technologies, Llc

Volatile organic compound disposal

The voc disposal system disclosed herein includes a plasma chamber and a vent chamber. The plasma chamber includes one or more bands of plasma igniters that produce a field of free radicals across a volume of the plasma chamber.
Paragon Waste Solutions, Llc.

Gas generator and assembling method thereof

A metallic cup of constant inner diameter covering the igniter to define a charging chamber. The igniter assembly includes a main body, including an ignition portion and a electro-conductive pin integrated with a metallic collar by a resin.

Ignition timing control device and ignition timing control system

An ignition timing control device has a knocking detection unit and an ignition timing adjustment unit. In a condition that the operation state of the internal combustion engine is suitable for adjustment of the ignition timing, the ignition timing control device outputs to an igniter an adjusted ignition signal as adjusted (corrected) by an adjusted ignition timing determination process.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

Stable combustion in spark-ignited lean-burn engine

A lean-burn engine may comprise a combustion chamber, an intake manifold configured to provide a lean fuel/air mixture to the combustion chamber, and a pre-chamber in fluid communication with the combustion chamber. The pre-chamber may include a spark igniter configured to initiate combustion of the lean fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber, and a heating element contained in the pre-chamber.
Caterpillar Inc.

Tubular floating electrode dielectric barrier discharge for applications in sterilization and tissue bonding

Disclosed is a device and method for contacting a biological substrate. A non-thermal plasma device delivers a non-thermal plasma discharge using a dielectric conduit, an igniter electrode and a rf electrode.
Drexel University

Anion exchange membrane for electrodialysis applications and process for the preparation thereof

The present invention relates to the preparation of novel anion exchange membranes from bicomponent or tricomponent copolymers containing both quaternizable and cross-linkable moieties. The bicomponent copolymers consisted with polyacrylonitrile and poly(2-dimethylaminoethyl) methacrylate and the tricomponent copolymers consisted with polyacryloniterle and poly2-dimethylaminoethyl) methacrylate and polyn-butyl acrylate.

Igniter carrier, igniter unit and producing an igniter unit

The invention relates to an igniter carrier (4) for an igniter unit (1), particularly for a gas generator, comprising a first receptacle section (8) for an igniter (2), a second receptacle section (9) and a connecting section (7) for attaching the igniter unit (1), wherein the igniter carrier (4) is prefabricated from a plurality of individual parts joined together and can be assembled in an assembly process as an individual part (4) of an assembly (1) together with an igniter (2) and a connector part (3). The invention further relates to an igniter unit (1), particular for a gas generator, comprising such an igniter carrier (4), to an igniter (2) and to a method for producing such an igniter unit (1)..

Initiator assemblies

An initiator assembly for placement in an associated opening in an initiator-containing device includes an initiator device having at least one igniter element and an elastomeric overmoulding. The initiator device includes at least one of a thermoplastic initiator base and a thermoplastic adapter integrally joined to a base of the initiator-containing device.

Dual stage hybrid inflator and triggering the same

A dual-stage hybrid inflator and triggering a method thereof are provided. The dual-stage hybrid inflator includes a main casing, a central pipe, and a disc set, a first propellant chamber assembly, a second propellant chamber assembly, a pressurized gas, a first igniter assembly, a second igniter assembly and an exhaust hood.
Mosa Industrial Corporation

Igniter device

There is provided an igniter device, for use in an explosive train, comprising a first synthetic polymer layer, a second synthetic polymer layer, wherein said first layer and second layer envelope a portion of an energetic material, wherein said synthetic polymer is capable of being sealed.. .

Inductive start and capacitive sustain ignition exciter system

An ignition exciter system includes an igniter, a step-up transformer, a switch device, and a spark-sustain capacitor. The igniter has a spark gap across which a spark may be generated.
Honeywell International Inc.

Nuclear fission igniter

Illustrative embodiments provide nuclear fission igniters for nuclear fission reactors and methods for their operation. Illustrative embodiments and aspects include, without limitation, a nuclear fission igniter configured to ignite a nuclear fission deflagration wave in nuclear fission fuel material, a nuclear fission deflagration wave reactor with a nuclear fission igniter, a method of igniting a nuclear fission deflagration wave, and the like..
Terrapower, Llc

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