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Ng Tube patents

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Airbag clamp

Fitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes

Hand tool plate clamp

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ng Tube-related patents
 Led lighting tube patent thumbnailLed lighting tube
The led lighting tube that is compatible with an electronic ballast has two snubber circuits, a waveform conversion circuit, and at least one led light string. The snubber circuits are connected to terminals of the led lighting tube, and input terminals of each snubber circuit are connected to electrode pins of a corresponding terminal, and each snubber circuit has at least one resistor connected in series between the electrode pins of the corresponding terminal.
 Airbag clamp patent thumbnailAirbag clamp
The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for utilizing an airbag clamp for securing an airbag onto an inflating tube of an airbag system. An embodiment of the present invention includes a body, a first engaging portion, and a second engaging portion.
 Fitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes patent thumbnailFitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes
A crimp fitting comprises a female socket that is configured to be crimped to an end portion of a hard tube. The socket comprises an annealed annular wall that has an inner cylindrical surface portion and at least one annular sealing portion.
 Hand tool plate clamp patent thumbnailHand tool plate clamp
A hand tool plate clamp has a connecting shaft, a locking column, an abutting tube, a spring, and a sliding case. The connecting shaft has an insertion slot and a column hole.
 Process for curing low-dielectric constant material patent thumbnailProcess for curing low-dielectric constant material
Provided is a low-dielectric constant material curing process including irradiating a low-dielectric constant material on a semiconductor substrate with ultraviolet rays. In the low-dielectric constant material curing process, the ultraviolet light source is a fluorescent lamp including: a light-emitting tube sealed and filled with a discharge gas containing xenon gas; a pair of electrodes for inducing a discharge in the interior space of the light-emitting tube; a dielectric material being interposed between the interior space and at least one of the pair of electrodes; and a phosphor layer formed on a surface of the light-emitting tube and containing a phosphor that is excited by light generated from the discharge gas by a discharge in the interior space.
 Method for ascertaining flow by means of ultrasound patent thumbnailMethod for ascertaining flow by means of ultrasound
A method for ascertaining flow of a fluid, which is a gas mixture, through a circularly cylindrical measuring tube having a straight, measuring tube, longitudinal axis and an inner diameter di, wherein at least one component of the gas mixture is a hydrocarbon. The steps comprise: ascertaining a first average flow velocity vl by means of travel-time difference measurement of acoustic signals along a signal path; ascertaining a modified reynolds number remod according to the formula remod=(vl*di)/vkin, wherein the kinematic viscosity vkin of the fluid is known; and ascertaining a second average flow velocity va by means of a known function va=f(remod) as a function of the modified reynolds number remod, wherein the method step of ascertaining the modified reynolds number remod precedes the method step of ascertaining the kinematic viscosity vkin of the fluid..
 Dual irrigating bipolar forceps patent thumbnailDual irrigating bipolar forceps
Bipolar electrosurgical forceps are provided with dual irrigating tubes that deliver irrigating liquid to the opposed surfaces of the tips of the forceps to prevent the sticking of body tissue to the tips. To reduce the manufacturing costs of the forceps and enable the forceps to be single use, disposable forceps, each tube of the dual irrigating tools is a plastic tube adhered along one of the opposing surfaces of the pair of forceps arms.
 Hemostasis valve device patent thumbnailHemostasis valve device
The present invention relates to a hemostasis valve device which allows a wire or a catheter to be inserted into the left or right coronary artery via the femoral artery or an arm artery when a cardiac catheterization or percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty operation is performed, wherein two independent sealing members are opened and closed by press and release actions of push buttons coupled to a body and the rotation of a fastening tube, respectively, so that the leakage or blood or the inflow of outside air is simply and effectively blocked during the operation, and a drug influx tube for allowing a medicine such as a thrombolytic drug to flow into a patient during the operation pivots and is adjusted in a stepwise manner within a certain range of angles according to body conditions or movements of the patient.. .
 Disposable pre-filled syringe patent thumbnailDisposable pre-filled syringe
A disposable pre-filled syringe has a protecting tube, a medication filling tube, a separating plug, a pushing module, and a needle module. The medication filling tube is made of material stable in chemical property and is mounted in the protecting tube.
 Bubble blower tube patent thumbnailBubble blower tube
A bubble blower tube includes a blower tube defining opposing mouthpiece and an outlet, a check valve mounted in the outlet to prohibit flowing of air or bubble fluid from the outlet toward the mouthpiece, a bubble-forming tube having a connection end connected to the periphery of the blower tube and a bubble-forming end shaped like a trumpet and suspending outside the blower tube, and a bubble fluid retaining ring located at the bubble-forming end of the bubble-forming tube and defining an outer bubble fluid retaining part and an inner bubble fluid retaining part.. .
Fiber optic distribution cables and structures therefor
Fiber optic distribution cables and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The fiber optic distribution cables present one or more optical fibers outward of the protective covering for distribution of the same toward the subscriber.
Canal-type receiver
An object of this invention is to provide a canal-type receiver capable of reproducing sound fields spanning front-to-rear and/or top-to-bottom. Thus, an ear piece of the canal-type receiver has a substantially cylindrical shape and includes a cylindrical portion including a sound guiding tube emitting a sound wave, radiated from a sound-emission unit in a receiver, to the inside of the external auditory canal, the sound guiding tube is configured so that a directional sound wave radiation axis of the sound wave faces a predetermined position of a wall of the external auditory canal in such a state that a cylindrical portion of the ear piece is mounted at a predetermined position in the external auditory canal, whereby the sound wave radiated from the sound guiding tube is reflected by a portion of the external auditory canal wall to arrive at the eardrum..
Nuclear reactor fuel element having silicon carbide multilayered cladding and thoria-based fissionable fuel
A nuclear fuel element for use in water-cooled nuclear power reactors. The fuel element includes a multilayered silicon carbide cladding tube.
Automatic welding apparatus for end plug of nuclear fuel rod
Disclosed is an automatic welding apparatus for an end plug of a nuclear fuel rod, which is used to perform resistance welding on a cladding tube and the end plug in a welding chamber. The automatic welding apparatus includes a welding chamber configured to perform resistance welding on an end plug and a cladding tube, a cladding tube transfer unit that has a cladding tube clamp fixedly clamping the cladding tube and a first servo motor for driving the cladding tube clamp in a horizontal direction and that horizontally transfers the cladding tube to the welding chamber, end plug welding electrodes gripping the end plug fed from an end plug feeder, an end plug transfer driver for driving the end plug welding electrodes toward the welding chamber in a forward/backward direction, and a position control module for controlling driving of the first servo motor and the end plug transfer driver..
Structure of connection between coaxial cable and shield terminal, and method of connection therebetween
A structure of connection between a coaxial cable and a shield terminal includes the coaxial cable configured to have at least one core wire part made of a conductor, an insulating coating part with which said core wire part is coated, a braided shield with which an outer peripheral surface of said insulating coating part is covered, and an insulating tube with which an outer peripheral surface of said braided shield is covered, the shield terminal that has a cylindrical press bond part pressed and is bonded to the outer peripheral surface of the braided shield, and a ring-shaped crimp member that is pressed and bonded to an outer peripheral surface of the insulating tube.. .
Corrosion resistant emi shielding assembly for a stuffing tube and a method for making a gasket for use therewith
An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
Coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer
Embodiments of the present application can provide systems and methods for a coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer. According to one embodiment, the micromixer may include an elongated base nozzle structure, a number of mixing tubes in communication with the elongated base nozzle structure, and an air inlet configured to supply the plurality of mixing tubes with air.
Hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies
Exemplary hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies includes a top pressing plate, a bottom pressing plate facing to the top pressing plate, a heating unit located in the top pressing plate or the bottom pressing plate to raise the temperature of the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate, and a cooling tube located between the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate. Grooves having spherical end surfaces array on the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate.
Composition and use for eradication of hiv, treatment of aids and other diseases including tuberculosis in a human
A composition comprising at least one penicillin, at least one iron source, and at least one oil, method of making, and method of use thereof are described. Although suitable for many forms and uses, the composition is, in some embodiments, suitable as a pharmaceutical composition, and, in some embodiments, as an antiviral composition capable of restoring t cell count and eradicating hiv virus from patients suffering from hiv/aids and other diseases including tuberculosis..
Standing wave electron linear accelerator with continuously adjustable energy
A standing wave electron linear accelerating apparatus and a method thereof are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an electron gun configured to generate electron beams; a pulse power source configured to provide a primary pulse power signal; a power divider coupled downstream from the pulse power source and configured to divide the primary pulse power signal outputted from the pulse power source into a first pulse power signal and a second pulse power signal; a first accelerating tube configured to accelerating the electron beams with the first pulse power signal; a second accelerating tube configured to accelerate the electron beams with the second pulse power signal; a phase shifter configured to continuously adjust a phase difference between the first pulse power signal and the second pulse power signal so as to generate accelerated electron beams with continuously adjustable energy at output of the second accelerating tube..
Pick up device with telescoping tube
This invention provides hand operated portable adjustable length devices for grasping and manipulation of objects as well as methods of their use.. .
Rotary atomizing head type coating device
A rotation restricting mechanism is provided between a mounting shaft section of a rotational shaft and a mounting tube section of a rotary atomizing head. The rotation restricting mechanism is constituted by a male spline member which is provided on the outer peripheral side of the mounting shaft section, and a female spline member which is provided on the inner peripheral side of the mounting tube section.
Heat exchanger tube assembly and method of making the same
A tube assembly for use in a heat exchanger includes a flat section with broad and flat opposing tube sides. Fin structures are bonded to the broad and flat tube sides in the flat section, and side sheets are bonded to the opposite ends of the fin structures.
Fiber application machine including flexible fibre-conveying tubes provided with flexible blades
The present invention relates to a fiber application machine, for making components out of composite materials, comprising a fiber application head, fiber storing means, and means for conveying the fibers from said storage means to the application head. The conveying means comprises first flexible tubes, that receive one fiber into its internal passage.
Ice maker
An ice maker includes an upper tray that includes a plurality of upper cells that each have a hemispherical shape and an ice making tube disposed at outer circumferential surfaces of the upper cells and configured to cool each of the upper cells. The ice maker also includes a lower tray that includes a plurality of lower cells that each have a hemispherical shape.
Method and apparatus for providing internal heating of footwear
A method and apparatus for generating thermal energy (heat) from human locomotion is proposed and used to provide heating of the user's footwear. The apparatus takes the form of a pair of flexible, liquid-filled chambers connected by an energy-generating tube.
Feeding tube with inflatable balloon component
A feeding tube with an inflatable balloon component, a kit containing the feeding tubing, and a method for intubating a patient to deliver the feeding tube to a desired location for delivering nutrients and/or medication to the patient are described herein.. .
Dilation device for placing catheter tubes
A stoma dilation device that includes a tubular support and an inflatable dilation portion located on the tubular support. The inflatable dilation portion includes a stiffening portion and inflation lumen.
Soft enclosing membrane for camera
An imaging device can include: an imaging module; a lens associated with the imaging module; and an optically transmissive inflatable member surrounding the lens. The inflation tube can be fluidly coupled with the inflatable member.
Rotating torque transmission buffered shaft
A rotating torque transmission buffered shaft is provided with a casing tube, a shaft tube and a lock mounting member. The casing tube is formed with a receiving space and the inner walls of both ends of the casing tube are formed with a first inner screw thread and a second inner screw thread respectively.
Stuffing tube centering device and method for centering a stuffing tube
A stuffing tube centering device for concentric alignment of the stuffing tube to a casing stick and a corresponding method, and where two oppositely disposed centering members movable towards each other between which the stuffing tube can be held and centered.. .
Battery mounting and cooling system
A battery system is provided in which the batteries are mounted between a pair of substrates, the system further including at least one cooling tube mounted next to the batteries, the cooling tube used to withdraw heat from the batteries via a circulating liquid coolant.. .
Luminaire emitting light of different colours
The disclosed embodiments relate to a luminaire (100) comprising an array of leds (120). The array of leds (120) comprises leds chosen from the group of blue led, green led, red led, yellow led, amber led, cyan led, and white led.
Beverage container system with button release for lid
A drink bottle with a removable lid includes an inner lid attached to the mouth of the bottle and an outer lid or cover pivotably mounted on the inner lid. The outer lid or cover may be locked into a closed position covering the drinking tube.
Detachable inspiratory relief valve
A relief valve assembly for use with a ventilator to selectively release pressure from within a breathing tube. The relief valve assembly can be attached and removed from the ventilator as a single unit.
Intake passage structure for vehicle
The length of a connecting tube in an intake passage structure for a vehicle can be secured, and the number of components around the connecting tube can be reduced. Provided is an intake passage structure for a vehicle including a connecting tube and an engine, the connecting tube connecting an air cleaner box which purifies air and a throttle body and formed of two or more separate components, the engine being configured to be supplied with purified air.
Plasma generator and cvd device
A plasma generation apparatus according to the present invention includes an electrode cell and a housing that encloses the electrode cell. The electrode cell includes a first electrode, a discharge space, a second electrode, dielectrics, and a pass-through formed in a central portion in a plan view.
Tension device for straining a threaded bolt
A tension device for straining a threaded bolt by applying a pulling force on a threaded end portion has a housing and a piston moveably disposed therein. A hydraulic supply is connected to the housing.
Handlebar shock absorber
A handlebar shock absorber is provided. The handlebar shock absorber includes a shock-absorbing cylinder, a knuckle having a lower pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder, and an arm assembly pivotably coupled to the knuckle and including an upper pivot mount for attachment to the cylinder.
Living tissue ligation device
A living tissue ligation device, comprising a clamp (10), an operating device (20) and a conveying device (30); the clamp (10) comprising an elastic clip (11) and a tightening tube (12) to receive the elastic clip (11) therein; the operating device (20) comprise a handle (21) and a slider (22) capable of sliding on the handle (21); and the conveying device (30) comprises an outer connecting mechanism (31) and an inner connecting mechanism (32). The device can be widely used at various positions in the alimentary canal, can be repeatedly opened and closed, and is simple to operate..
Inhibitors of mycobacterium tuberculosis malate synthase, methods of making and uses thereof
The present invention provides aryl- or heteroaryl-diketo acid compounds effective to inhibit an activity of a mycobacterial malate synthase enzyme or to inhibit a malate synthase activity in other bacteria having the enzyme. The compounds may be phenyl- naphthyl-, or thienyl-substituted diketo acids and carboxylate derivatives thereof.
Electronic censer
An exemplary electronic censer includes a censer body, working fluid contained in the censer body, an incense branch, a fog generator, and a guiding tube. The incense includes a light guiding tube, a light source mounted on the light guiding tube, and a fog guiding tube surrounding the light guiding tube and spaced from the light guiding tube to define a chamber between the fog guiding tube and the light guiding tube.
Variable imaging system with an objective of fixed focal length
A variable imaging system which, starting from the object end, includes an objective of fixed focal length, at least one afocal zoom system, and a tube lens system. An afocal system of fixed magnification is arranged on the beam path between the objective and the afocal zoom system.
Electronic censer
An electronic censer includes a censer body, an incense branch mounted on the censer body, a sensor mounted on the censer body to sense a luminance of the environment, and a controller connecting the light source and the sensor. The incense branch includes a light guiding tube, a light source and a head member mounted on opposite ends of the light guiding tube, and light emitted from the light source guided by the light guiding tube and traveling through the head member to illuminate.
Tube seal
A tube seal includes a tube through hole, a pressure housing tube seal penetration cavity for an elastomeric interference seal, a ferrule sealing surface for a ferrule, and an internal channel for a backing nut. A tube penetrates through the backing nut, the ferrule, the elastomeric interference seal and the tube through hole..
Tether for tubes of an exhaust system joint
A tether for connecting tubes includes two mutually spaced pads, each pad located on an opposite side of a lateral axis and releasably connectable to one of the tubes, an elastic stretchable connector that provides structural continuity between the pads, and handles, each handle located at an opposite axial end of the tether, suited to be gripped manually for the application of tensile force to the tether.. .
Adjustable holder of a hydraulic brake device for a bicycle
An adjustable holder of a hydraulic brake device for a bicycle which is assembled on a steering tube and is located between a stem and a head part includes a holder, a first adjusting member and a second adjusting member. The holder has a fixing portion and a fastening portion defined at two ends thereof respectively.
Self-defense spray manufactured in various designs with portability
A portable self-defense spray to protect a person from danger under an emergency situation is provided. The compressive-spray structure includes a compact case manufactured in various designs by using a flexible long-length filling tube filled with the cn solution.
Compact lid dispenser
A lid dispenser receives a stack of drink cup lids within a housing tube, such that the frontmost lids extend through a front element opening and are retained by multiple pager assemblies, each of which has a frontwardly extending pager body post. The inside of the pager body has an engaging wall with an inclined surface directed radially inwardly.
Telescoping window tension rods
A window rod includes first, second and third telescoping tubes; a first locking mechanism configured to lock the first and second tubes in a fixed axially position with respect to each other; a second locking mechanism configured to lock the second and third tubes in a fixed axially position with respect to each other; a first axially adjustable finial coupled to a first end of the first tube; and a first rotatable contact member coupled to the first axially adjustable finial.. .
Water filter
A water filter has a filter body, a filtering tube and an assembling cover. The engaging portion of the filtering tube securely engages with the water channel of the assembling cover, and the engaging disk of the filtering tube securely engages with the engaging circular rib of the filtering space, such that the filtering tube is securely limited and positioned between the filter body and the assembling cover; furthermore, the filtering tube, the filter body and the assembling cover respectively engage with each other and are combined together by the welding process, to completely prevent the filtering tube from deforming and misplacing..
Tensioning device for extending a threaded bolt, and tool suitable for this purpose, preferably drive adapter
A tensioning device for treaded bolts has a supporting tube and a cylinder with a hydraulic supply connected thereto. The supporting tube surrounds the threaded end section of the bolt.
Copper wire theft protection method and apparatus for wall-mounted pull boxes
A kit and method for preventing theft or wires interconnected within a pull box of the type which is mounted in a concrete wall or other such concrete body includes a steel cover plate having a downwardly protruding pair of locking tubes that receive the upstanding shanks of a pair of studs anchored in the concrete body. Each locking tube includes a spring which urges locking pins extending upwards from a floating locking plate through perforations through a fixed locking plate into bores in the lower face of a novel locking collar-nut threaded onto a stud to fasten it to the lid, thus locking the nut from being unthreaded from the stud..
One-piece feeding garment
A one-piece feeding garment comprising a base shirt, where the base shirt is a one-piece bodysuit; a lower body portion on the base shirt, where the lower body portion covers a lower pelvis area of a wearer; a pocket on a front side of the base shirt, where the pocket provides an opening into the base shirt through which a feeding tube is threaded; and a fastening means on the pocket, where the fastening means secures the feeding tube within the pocket. The one-piece feeding garment provides the wearer with a bodysuit which comfortably secures the feeding tube to the port on the wearer's body..
Adapter for a feeding tube
A feeding tube adapter includes two detachable members. Each member is fluidly connected to one of two feeding tubes that supply fluid from a feed source to a patient.
Maneuverable nasoenteric feeding tube
A maneuverable feeding tube system can include: a feeding tube having an internal lumen and distal opening; a maneuverable tube having a flexible distal end being located within the internal lumen of the feeding tube such that the flexible distal end is associated with the distal opening of the feeding tube, wherein the flexible distal end includes one or more flex members; a control member operably coupled to a flexible distal end of the maneuverable tube and extending through the internal lumen of the feeding tube; and a port coupled to a proximal end of the feeding tube with the control member extending therethrough.. .
Bending tube and medical instrument
Included are a bending tube; slits; wire guides; an outer coat member; and hole portions that are formed between particular slits in a distal end region that is forward from a central region on an outer circumference of a cylindrical member, each of the hole portions being communicated with any one of the slits, the wire guides covered by the outer coat member being respectively fixed to the hole portions while being attached to the cylindrical member from an outside thereof.. .
Shallow-draft watercraft propulsion and steering apparatus
A watercraft includes a stern flotation compartment. The hull is carved out underneath the gunwales to admit a vertical cylindrical sleeve extending through the flotation compartment from top to bottom, and sealed top and bottom.
Electronic stylus with low skew tip for capacitive touch screens
An electronic stylus to be used with a capacitive touch screen includes a tip portion having an electrically conductive tip and an electrically conductive supporting rod attached to the tip. The tip portion further includes a first electrical shielding tube enclosing and shielding the supporting rod and a second electrical shielding tube enclosing the first electrical shielding tube and the supporting rod.
On-load tap changer
The invention relates to an on-load tap changer consisting of an energy store, a drive shaft designed as a screw spindle, vacuum switching tubes and a contact carrier and vertically arranged tap contacts. Actuation of the vacuum switching tubes occurs in dependence on the contacts.
Stator winding of a directly cooled turbogenerator
A stator winding of a directly cooled turbogenerator comprises directly gas cooled double roebel bars is arranged as active parts in slots of a stator body. Each double roebel bar has two single roebel bars, which includes each a stack of a plurality of transposed individual strands, and are separated by an intermediate stack of cooling tubes.
Weighted bob for a dispensing tube
A weighted bob adapted for being attached proximate a distal or intake end of a dispensing tube of a handheld dispenser of liquid. The bob can be provided separately for use with prior art dispensers, or the bob can be provided with the dispenser.
Brazing method for a heat exchanger, and corresponding tube and heat exchanger
The invention relates to a brazing method for a tube of an air heater. The method includes the steps of: folding a metal band such as to form at least one tube, providing inside the tube a disturbance insert having a thickness substantially lower than or equal to 150 μm, with the metal band and/or the insert includes a plating layer on at least one surface to be brazed such that the ratio of the volume of the plating layer to the volume to be brazed is either substantially higher than or equal to a predetermined threshold on the basis of the average gap between the insert and the tube, and brazing the tube and the insert..
Underwater wire saw and method of use
In embodiments, an underwater wire saw comprises a frame, one or more arms connected to the frame with a predetermined number of the arms comprising a wire tensioner and a selectively telescoping or collapsing tube within a tube, and a continuous wire guided by a plurality of wire guides and tensioned using the wire tensioner. The underwater wire saw may further comprise a clamp..
Magneto inductive, flow measuring device
A magneto inductive, flow measuring device including a measuring tube and, arranged on the measuring tube, at least one magnet system, which includes a pole shoe. The measuring tube has at least one planar area and an otherwise cylindrical lateral surface, which border the measuring tube from its environment.
Device for determining the flow rate according to the float principle
A device for determining the flow of a flowing medium according to the float principle with at least one floating body and at least one measuring tube with medium flowing through it, wherein the floating body is movable in the measuring tube along an axis (4). To provide a device for measuring the flow rate according to the float principle that, in certain areas, shows insensitivity to changes in properties of the medium or changes of process variables affecting the properties of the medium, an actuating element is provided that acts upon the floating body depending on at least one property of the medium and/or depending on at least one process variable acting on a property of the medium..

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