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Ng Tube patents

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Catheter with variable attachment means

Surgical guide kit apparatus and method

Gas system for reactive deposition process

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ng Tube-related patents
 Surgical needle system with anchor retention features patent thumbnailSurgical needle system with anchor retention features
Various surgical tissue anchor retention mechanisms, systems and methods are provided. The mechanisms, systems and methods can include a delivery tool or needle having a flex joint, a snap-fit, a cam and follower, a rotating tip, an expandable lock, a coil, an inverted collet, a tab, a buckling tube, an inflation element or like anchor retention or securement features..
 Catheter with variable attachment means patent thumbnailCatheter with variable attachment means
The invention relates to a design for securing tubes, catheters, drains, or other tubular medical devices within the body of a mammal, for example a human, and methods of securing same. The invention includes a first tubular body and at least one second tubular body.
 Surgical guide kit apparatus and method patent thumbnailSurgical guide kit apparatus and method
Disclosed are: a kit and a method for the instant in-office fabrication of a surgical guide. The kit comprises of: a dental model laser aligner, self-adhesive partitioning dental stickers, telescopic composed drilling tubes and radiopaque rods.
 Gas system for reactive deposition process patent thumbnailGas system for reactive deposition process
A gas lance unit configured for a reactive deposition process with a plurality of spaced apart crucibles, wherein spaces are provided between the crucibles, is described. The gas lance unit includes a gas guiding tube having one or more outlets for providing a gas for the reactive deposition process, and a condensate guiding element for guiding a condensate, particularly an aluminum condensate, to one or more positions above the spaces..
 Hvac system with noise reducing tube patent thumbnailHvac system with noise reducing tube
A heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioning (hvac) system has a fan component defining a radially interior space and a radially exterior space and a tube disposed in the radially exterior space, the tube being in fluid communication with the radially interior space at a first angular location and a second angular location different from the first angular location.. .
 Power transmission system and method using a conducting tube patent thumbnailPower transmission system and method using a conducting tube
A system and method for improving power transmission is disclosed. Specifically, a system for improving power transmission can comprise a transmission pipe, a first transceiver, and a second transceiver.
 Compact, collapsible bicycle patent thumbnailCompact, collapsible bicycle
The invention relates to a compact, foldable bike with small wheels and a bicycle drive for driving the rear wheel, comprising a traction mechanism or a spur-gear transmission, driven by a crank, the distance of the bottom-bracket axle to the rear-wheel axle being larger than half the outer diameter of the rear wheel. The bicycle exhibits a front frame part and a rear frame part that are rotatably connected to each other by a folding hinge that is aligned at right angles to the ground plane, whereby the front frame part, the rear frame part, and a front-wheel fork, in the folded state, seen laterally, form the sides of a triangle having the following characteristic combination of features: the bicycle is ridden while standing up, the driving wheel and the output wheel of the bicycle drive are arranged on the same side of the bicycle frame and the steering tube exhibits a lower and an upper steering tube, that in the folded state of the bicycle are folded-in laterally beside the front wheel.
 Inflatable box and method of use thereof patent thumbnailInflatable box and method of use thereof
An inflatable box or tube container and method of use are disclosed. The inflatable container may be designed in any shape or size and be made up of any rigid material.
 Heat exchanger arrangement in a housing patent thumbnailHeat exchanger arrangement in a housing
A heat exchanger arrangement in a housing, such as an intake pipe of an internal combustion engine, has at least one stack including tubes and fins and an end plate having media connections, and wherein the stack is inserted into the housing and is fastened therein. A connecting block which contains the media connections and/or at least one profiled rail is arranged on the end plate.
 Gas blowing vaporizing and drying device patent thumbnailGas blowing vaporizing and drying device
Provided is a gas-blowing vaporizing and drying device for blowing gas at a solution containing a target component, and thus nebulizing the solution to promote vaporization of the solvent while dropping the solution into the collection container, in which contamination does not occur even if different solutes are successively powderized. In the gas-blowing vaporizing and drying device according to the present invention, a cap 20 to be fitted to the upper opening of a collection container body 19 includes: a solution-introducing tube 20a for introducing a solution supplied from a passage 14, into a collection container 21; a gas-introducing tube 20b for introducing a gas supplied from a passage 22, into the collection container 21; and an exhaust port 20c.
Steam diffusing apparatus and related methods
A steam diffusing apparatus may include a steam inlet tube having steam-dispersion openings adjacent a lower end thereof and a mass of filaments surrounding the plurality of steam dispersion openings. The steam diffusing apparatus may also include a retaining tube surrounding the mass of filaments, a housing surrounding the retaining tube and having outlet openings therein, and an upper end cap coupled to an upper end of the housing and having an opening therein receiving the steam inlet tube.
Inflatable weatherstrip system
A sealing system for doors and windows includes a reservoir device, a sealing tube configured to expand and to contract, and a transfer valve configured to couple the reservoir device to a first end of the sealing tube. Responsive to either of a door or window closing, a medium may be transferred from the reservoir device via the transfer valve to the sealing tube.
Marker maker
A marker-making kit for assembling a marking device having a user-determined mixture of marking solution is provided. The kit includes a base unit coupled to a marker positioning mechanism and a press mechanism.
Universal stop tube
A strut assembly is provided including a holding and releasing mechanism adapted to be attached to a cylinder-type closer. The mechanism comprises the strut assembly including a strut cylinder, a strut rod, a pivot block, and a locking tube.
Superconducting cable, superconducting cable line, method of installing superconducting cable, and method of operating superconducting cable line
A superconducting cable includes a superconducting conductor layer; and a flow path of a coolant cooling the superconducting conductor layer to a superconducting state. This cable includes a core including the superconducting conductor layer and an insulating layer; a coolant tube forming a coolant flow path and arranged in parallel to the core so as to cool the superconducting conductor layer; and a housing tube of the core and the coolant tube..
Lipstick case lipstick body lift seat anti-slipped structure
A lipstick case lipstick body lift seat anti-slipped structure includes a lipstick case, an outer tube, a lift seat with an opening facing upward, and a lipstick body. A plurality of anti-slipped blocking grooves is formed on an upwardly inclined side of each of the two inclined guiding grooves.
Mixing and metering device for mixing and metering chemicals
A mixing and metering device for mixing and metering liquid chemicals comprises a circulation pump having a suction port and a pressure port, a pipe coil, the contents volume of which is dimensioned such that the chemicals metered into the device have a residence time sufficient for the chemical reaction, a choke tube which guides the circulation stream exiting from the pipe coil, with formation of a choke point, from the outlet of the pipe coil to a metering conduit which is arranged between the choke tube and the suction port of the circulation pump and at least two metering valves, and also a falling tube which is connected to the choke tube and has a vacuum flange of the mixing and metering device to a vacuum device.. .
Ultrasonic transducer
An ultrasonic transducer as an important part of an ultrasonic flow meter is described, with a transducer housing and with a transducer element, the transducer housing having an ultrasound window and a housing tube, the transducer element being made for sending or receiving ultrasonic waves and being either near the ultrasound window of the transducer housing or away from the ultrasound window of the transducer housing, there being a relatively soft mechanical coupling system and the mechanical coupling system having preferably at least one weakly coupled mechanical resonator. The ultrasonic transducer is improved with respect to the prevention of the transmission of housing waves by there being a second soft mechanical coupling system..
Electric kick scooter
An electric kick scooter including a scooter body, a drive device and a strain gauge is provided. The scooter body has a foot plate, a steering tube and a rear wheel respectively provided at front and rear ends of the foot plate, and a handle bar and a front wheel respectively provided at top and bottom ends of the steering tube.
Combustion chamber pressure gauge
A combustion chamber pressure gauge for an internal combustion engine, comprising a housing tube, a plunger, which is movable in an axial direction in the housing tube under the effect of combustion chamber pressure against a restoring force, and comprising a seal, which is disposed between the plunger and the housing tube, and comprising a sensor for detecting an axial displacement of the plunger. The sensor is decoupled from thermally induced expansions or contractions of the housing tube, in that the sensor is attached to a carrier, which is suspended in the housing tube, and the plunger is movable relative to the carrier under the effect of combustion chamber pressure..
Tissue sampling apparatus
The current invention presents a tissue sampling apparatus and methods to reliably obtain solid and liquid bone marrow samples in sequence in a single insertion of the apparatus to a target area. The apparatus comprises a proximal handle assembly, a distal cutting assembly and a shaft assembly connecting both assemblies.
Filling machine
A filling machine for sausages, having a filling tube and a unit for removing a filling material plait exiting the filling tube end during a filling process interruption, where the removing unit includes a separator element by means of which the filling material plait can be removed when a relative movement is executed between the filling tube end and the separator element, the separator element including at least one filling material adhesion surface to which filling material is transferable and adherable, and the adhesion surface has associated therewith a cleaning device.. .
Temperature sensor and heat treating apparatus
A temperature detecting element is fixed reliably at an accurate position to enable improvement in a rising characteristic of a temperature and high-accuracy temperature control. Provided is a temperature sensor including a temperature detecting element detecting a temperature in a branch tube branched from a main tube and a positioning supporting mechanism positioning and supporting the temperature detecting element.
Composite degassing tube
Disclosed is a degassing tube formed, at least partially, of a composite material and configured to degas molten metal. The degassing tube may include a supply tube configured to deliver gas received from a supply source to an outlet of the degassing tube, and a diffuser body coupled to the supply tube and formed, at least partially, of a composite material.
Sealed core
A sidewall coring apparatus for obtaining a plurality of formation cores from a sidewall of a wellbore includes a core catching tube configured to be sealed downhole and to store at least one of the formation cores therein. The core catching tubes includes a first end that may be sealed by a first sealing mechanism, and an opposite end that may be sealed by a second sealing mechanism.
Power connector for an electrical motor
A power connector includes a first lug having a securing mechanism to secure a first conductor to the first lug, a second lug having a securing mechanism to secure a second conductor to the second lug, wherein the first lug and the second lug include interlocking features that enable the first and second lugs to be mechanically and electrically coupled and decoupled, and a cold-shrink insulating tube secured over the interlocked first lug and the second lug and sealed against a portion the first conductor and a portion of the second conductor. For applications at higher voltage levels, unique cold-shrink voltage stress control features may be included..
Solar light reflecting plate and light collecting/heat collecting device
A solar light reflecting plate used for a light condensing and heat collecting device which includes a solar light reflecting plate that reflects and condenses solar light and a heat collecting tube that receives the solar light condensed by the solar light reflecting plate and is heated by the condensed solar light, wherein the solar light reflecting plate includes at least a rolled substrate, a surface roughness of a solar light reflecting surface that is an outermost surface and that reflects solar light is 0.02 μm to 1.0 μm in terms of arithmetic mean roughness ra, and the solar light reflecting plate is disposed so that an angle between a rolling direction of the substrate and a longitudinal direction of the heat collecting tube is 80° to 100°.. .
Fuel air mixer for combustion engines
A fuel air mixer includes a fuel air mixing tube having an inlet, an outlet, and an inlet inner diameter. A collar is attached at the mixing tube inlet and includes a first cylindrical portion upstream of the mixing tube inlet, and a body portion encircling the mixing tube at the mixing tube inlet and forming a fuel reservoir around the mixing tube inlet.
An air cleaner positioned above a cylinder head is connected to an intake port of the cylinder head through a connecting tube, a throttle device, and an insulator. An insulator attachment surface is formed in a rear-side wall of a cylinder head such that the insulator attachment surface is inclined to extend in a forward direction while extending upwardly.
Timed deer feeder with restricted access
An animal feed dispenser includes a feeding tube for receiving a predetermined amount of animal feed from a spinner disk located at the bottom of an outlet in a housing. The feeding tube includes at least one opening through which animals may access the interior of the feeding tube.
Metering tubes for improved fluid flow measurement
A meter tube assembly for use with an ultrasonic flow meter is provided. The meter tube assembly includes a pipe spool having an extremely rough first section including an interior surface with a relative roughness (ε/d) of 1% or greater.
Ultrasonic transducer
An ultrasonic transducer has a transducer housing having an ultrasound window, a housing tube and a housing flange, a transducer holder for holding the transducer housing, a transducer element with an ultrasonic flow rate measuring transducer that is positioned at an end of the housing tube of the transducer, and an opposing flange clamping the housing flange of the transducer housing to a holder flange of the transducer holder together with retraining screws and lock nuts. A side of the housing flange of the transducer housing facing the opposing flange has an outer contour which enables bracing of the opposing flange against the housing flange without tilting or bending of the housing flange..
Catalytic converter and muffler
A catalytic converter and muffler including a housing having an inlet disposed between a first end and a second end of the housing to introduce exhaust gases into an inlet chamber. A plurality of first exhaust treatment banks disposed between the inlet and the first end of the housing to allow the exhaust gases flow towards the first end from the inlet chamber into an end chamber.
Upper air inflow-type apparatus for dissipating cold air
Provided is an upper air inflow-type apparatus for dissipating cold air, the apparatus including: an air inflow fan; an air guiding tube arranged at a lower portion of the air inflow fan; and a descending current divergence zone arranged at a lower portion of the air guiding tube.. .
Temporary retention device
A retention device for anchoring indwelling catheters, sheath introducers, feeding tubes, ostomy bags or other medical devices beneath the skin of a patient includes an deployable section coupled to a medical device; following introduction into a patient, the deployable section is subcutaneously deployed, securely anchoring the device and coupled medical device for the duration of treatment.. .
Negative pressure wound therapy system with alarm function for flow rate of exudate
A negative pressure wound therapy system with an alarm function for the flow rate of exudate includes a liquid collecting bottle for collecting wound exudate, a negative pressure wound therapy device consisting of a negative pressure source and a controller, and a wound kit for filling and enclosing the wound, which communicates with the liquid collecting bottle via a connecting tube. The system further includes a flow rate alarm processing module and an alarm warning device.
Neonatal fluid tubing heater
A heating system for heating neonate nutritional liquid, including a heater and a control module. The heater includes a heating portion having serpentine shaped grooves for receiving a tube.
Hearing instrument housing having a plug-in connection, plug and hearing instrument
A hearing instrument has housing with a plug-in connection. The plug-in connection connects hearing tubes, sound tubes or electrical signal lines.
Transmission-type x-ray target and radiation generating tube including the same
A transmission-type x-ray target includes a flat plate-shaped diamond substrate having a first surface and a second surface facing the first surface and a target layer that is located on the first surface. A residual stress of the first surface is lower than a residual stress of the second surface..
Nuclear fuel rod for fast reactors including metallic fuel slug coated with protective coating layer and fabrication method thereof
Provided are a nuclear fuel rod for fast reactors that includes a metallic fuel slug coated with a protective coating layer and a fabrication method thereof. The nuclear fuel rod for fast reactors that includes a surface treated metallic fuel slug and a cladding tube according to the present invention has an excellent effect of stabilizing components of the metallic fuel slug and fission products or impurities, because the interdiffusion between the metallic fuel slug and the cladding tube does not occur.
Current limiting control method for diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter and related circuit
The present disclosure discloses a current limiting control method for a diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter and a related circuit. When a current in switching tubes is lowered to a value not greater than a first preset current value, the current limiting control method for a diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter and the related circuit drive an inside switching tube of the switching tubes to be turned on; after a first delay time, drive another inside switching tube to be turned on; after a second delay time, control an inside switching tube to be turned off and the other inside switching tube to be normally turned on; and control all the switching tubes to be turned on or off according to a control time sequence of the diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter circuit..
Radiation generating tube, and radiation generating device and apparatus including the tube
A radiation generating tube includes an electron emitting source configured to emit an electron beam; a target configured to generate radiation when the target is irradiated with the electron beam; a rear shield body having a tube-shaped electron passage with openings thereof at each end of the passage, and being located at the side of the electron emitting source with respect to the target, a first opening of the passage facing the electron emitting source and being separated from the electron emitting source, a second opening of the passage facing the target; and a brazing material joining the rear shield body with a peripheral edge of the target, at a position separated from the second opening. A closed space isolated from the electron passage is provided between the target and the rear shield body..
Underground liftable low-flow sprinkler
The invention relates to an underground liftable low-flow sprinkler comprises: a subterranean cylindrical housing arranged under the ground and having a first and second containing room with different diameter and a lifting tube being storable in the first containing room and a low-flow sprinkler being storable in the second containing room. The low-flow sprinkler provides a screw tube screwing on an upper end of the lifting tube for lifting together.
Method for forming a tubular container for food products, and resulting tube
D) joining part of the final longitudinal end of the inner surface of the second tubular body (2) to part of the outer surface of the first tubular body (1), forming two independent cavities: a first cavity (4) inside the first tubular body (1); and a second cavity (5) inside the second tubular body (2) and outside the first tubular body (1).. .
Device for filling a tank of a motor vehicle
A device to fill a tank of a motor vehicle with a liquid, for example for a selective catalytic reduction system, including a filling tube that includes a bottom end penetrating into the tank and a top end receiving the liquid to fill the tank. A ventilation duct includes an inlet end penetrating into a top portion of the tank, an outlet end penetrating into the tube near the top end, and a lower section located at a first structural level below the inlet and outlet ends.
Dynamic variable intake tubing
A dynamic variable intake tubing includes a dynamic swirl supercharging tube which has a tubular member. The tubular member has a through hole axially penetrated.
Cold start up auxiliary system for alcohol and flex engines with air-inlet and alcohol warm up
A warm-up air system to aid cold start up is provided. The system includes a turbine with electrical heaters linked to a throttle body or to an air sending tube to the throttle body forming a warmed up air circulation circuit.
Wiping device and hot dip coating apparatus using the same
A wiping device which blows a wiping gas toward a steel sheet from a pair of wiping nozzles disposed on both sides of the steel sheet so as to face sheet surfaces of the steel sheet, wherein the steel sheet is interposed between the pair of wiping nozzles and is pulled from a hot dip coating bath, the device includes a suctioning tube, wherein: the suctioning tube is disposed on both sides in a width direction of a section of the steel sheet, the section being positioned between the pair of wiping nozzles, so that the suctioning tube is in parallel to the steel sheet; the suctioning tube has a suctioning port that suctions an air; the suctioning port is disposed to face a side end surface of the steel sheet; a cross-sectional shape of the suctioning tube has the largest dimension thereof along a pulling direction of the steel sheet.. .
Flapper gate forming tube assembly for packaged produce containers
A system for reducing metal and product-in-seal contamination in a package of produce product is provided. The system includes a tube and a flapper gate assembly.
Led lighting tube
The led lighting tube that is compatible with an electronic ballast has two snubber circuits, a waveform conversion circuit, and at least one led light string. The snubber circuits are connected to terminals of the led lighting tube, and input terminals of each snubber circuit are connected to electrode pins of a corresponding terminal, and each snubber circuit has at least one resistor connected in series between the electrode pins of the corresponding terminal.
Airbag clamp
The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for utilizing an airbag clamp for securing an airbag onto an inflating tube of an airbag system. An embodiment of the present invention includes a body, a first engaging portion, and a second engaging portion.
Fitting for joining tubes and method of joining tubes
A crimp fitting comprises a female socket that is configured to be crimped to an end portion of a hard tube. The socket comprises an annealed annular wall that has an inner cylindrical surface portion and at least one annular sealing portion.
Hand tool plate clamp
A hand tool plate clamp has a connecting shaft, a locking column, an abutting tube, a spring, and a sliding case. The connecting shaft has an insertion slot and a column hole.
Process for curing low-dielectric constant material
Provided is a low-dielectric constant material curing process including irradiating a low-dielectric constant material on a semiconductor substrate with ultraviolet rays. In the low-dielectric constant material curing process, the ultraviolet light source is a fluorescent lamp including: a light-emitting tube sealed and filled with a discharge gas containing xenon gas; a pair of electrodes for inducing a discharge in the interior space of the light-emitting tube; a dielectric material being interposed between the interior space and at least one of the pair of electrodes; and a phosphor layer formed on a surface of the light-emitting tube and containing a phosphor that is excited by light generated from the discharge gas by a discharge in the interior space.
Method for ascertaining flow by means of ultrasound
A method for ascertaining flow of a fluid, which is a gas mixture, through a circularly cylindrical measuring tube having a straight, measuring tube, longitudinal axis and an inner diameter di, wherein at least one component of the gas mixture is a hydrocarbon. The steps comprise: ascertaining a first average flow velocity vl by means of travel-time difference measurement of acoustic signals along a signal path; ascertaining a modified reynolds number remod according to the formula remod=(vl*di)/vkin, wherein the kinematic viscosity vkin of the fluid is known; and ascertaining a second average flow velocity va by means of a known function va=f(remod) as a function of the modified reynolds number remod, wherein the method step of ascertaining the modified reynolds number remod precedes the method step of ascertaining the kinematic viscosity vkin of the fluid..
Dual irrigating bipolar forceps
Bipolar electrosurgical forceps are provided with dual irrigating tubes that deliver irrigating liquid to the opposed surfaces of the tips of the forceps to prevent the sticking of body tissue to the tips. To reduce the manufacturing costs of the forceps and enable the forceps to be single use, disposable forceps, each tube of the dual irrigating tools is a plastic tube adhered along one of the opposing surfaces of the pair of forceps arms.
Hemostasis valve device
The present invention relates to a hemostasis valve device which allows a wire or a catheter to be inserted into the left or right coronary artery via the femoral artery or an arm artery when a cardiac catheterization or percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty operation is performed, wherein two independent sealing members are opened and closed by press and release actions of push buttons coupled to a body and the rotation of a fastening tube, respectively, so that the leakage or blood or the inflow of outside air is simply and effectively blocked during the operation, and a drug influx tube for allowing a medicine such as a thrombolytic drug to flow into a patient during the operation pivots and is adjusted in a stepwise manner within a certain range of angles according to body conditions or movements of the patient.. .
Disposable pre-filled syringe
A disposable pre-filled syringe has a protecting tube, a medication filling tube, a separating plug, a pushing module, and a needle module. The medication filling tube is made of material stable in chemical property and is mounted in the protecting tube.
Bubble blower tube
A bubble blower tube includes a blower tube defining opposing mouthpiece and an outlet, a check valve mounted in the outlet to prohibit flowing of air or bubble fluid from the outlet toward the mouthpiece, a bubble-forming tube having a connection end connected to the periphery of the blower tube and a bubble-forming end shaped like a trumpet and suspending outside the blower tube, and a bubble fluid retaining ring located at the bubble-forming end of the bubble-forming tube and defining an outer bubble fluid retaining part and an inner bubble fluid retaining part.. .
Fiber optic distribution cables and structures therefor
Fiber optic distribution cables and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The fiber optic distribution cables present one or more optical fibers outward of the protective covering for distribution of the same toward the subscriber.
Canal-type receiver
An object of this invention is to provide a canal-type receiver capable of reproducing sound fields spanning front-to-rear and/or top-to-bottom. Thus, an ear piece of the canal-type receiver has a substantially cylindrical shape and includes a cylindrical portion including a sound guiding tube emitting a sound wave, radiated from a sound-emission unit in a receiver, to the inside of the external auditory canal, the sound guiding tube is configured so that a directional sound wave radiation axis of the sound wave faces a predetermined position of a wall of the external auditory canal in such a state that a cylindrical portion of the ear piece is mounted at a predetermined position in the external auditory canal, whereby the sound wave radiated from the sound guiding tube is reflected by a portion of the external auditory canal wall to arrive at the eardrum..
Nuclear reactor fuel element having silicon carbide multilayered cladding and thoria-based fissionable fuel
A nuclear fuel element for use in water-cooled nuclear power reactors. The fuel element includes a multilayered silicon carbide cladding tube.
Automatic welding apparatus for end plug of nuclear fuel rod
Disclosed is an automatic welding apparatus for an end plug of a nuclear fuel rod, which is used to perform resistance welding on a cladding tube and the end plug in a welding chamber. The automatic welding apparatus includes a welding chamber configured to perform resistance welding on an end plug and a cladding tube, a cladding tube transfer unit that has a cladding tube clamp fixedly clamping the cladding tube and a first servo motor for driving the cladding tube clamp in a horizontal direction and that horizontally transfers the cladding tube to the welding chamber, end plug welding electrodes gripping the end plug fed from an end plug feeder, an end plug transfer driver for driving the end plug welding electrodes toward the welding chamber in a forward/backward direction, and a position control module for controlling driving of the first servo motor and the end plug transfer driver..
Structure of connection between coaxial cable and shield terminal, and method of connection therebetween
A structure of connection between a coaxial cable and a shield terminal includes the coaxial cable configured to have at least one core wire part made of a conductor, an insulating coating part with which said core wire part is coated, a braided shield with which an outer peripheral surface of said insulating coating part is covered, and an insulating tube with which an outer peripheral surface of said braided shield is covered, the shield terminal that has a cylindrical press bond part pressed and is bonded to the outer peripheral surface of the braided shield, and a ring-shaped crimp member that is pressed and bonded to an outer peripheral surface of the insulating tube.. .
Corrosion resistant emi shielding assembly for a stuffing tube and a method for making a gasket for use therewith
An elongated, flexible composite gasket member having a knitted wire mesh rope at least partly impregnated with a soft, tacky, flowable, pre-cured polyurethane gel for use in a stuffing tube assembly. The stuffing tube assembly is used in a deck or bulkhead of a ship.
Coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer
Embodiments of the present application can provide systems and methods for a coaxial fuel supply for a micromixer. According to one embodiment, the micromixer may include an elongated base nozzle structure, a number of mixing tubes in communication with the elongated base nozzle structure, and an air inlet configured to supply the plurality of mixing tubes with air.
Hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies
Exemplary hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies includes a top pressing plate, a bottom pressing plate facing to the top pressing plate, a heating unit located in the top pressing plate or the bottom pressing plate to raise the temperature of the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate, and a cooling tube located between the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate. Grooves having spherical end surfaces array on the top pressing plate and the bottom pressing plate.
Composition and use for eradication of hiv, treatment of aids and other diseases including tuberculosis in a human
A composition comprising at least one penicillin, at least one iron source, and at least one oil, method of making, and method of use thereof are described. Although suitable for many forms and uses, the composition is, in some embodiments, suitable as a pharmaceutical composition, and, in some embodiments, as an antiviral composition capable of restoring t cell count and eradicating hiv virus from patients suffering from hiv/aids and other diseases including tuberculosis..

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