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Authenticating medium, authenticating terminal, authenticating server, and method for authentication by using same

Methods and apparatus for variable delay compensation in networks

Microblog information publishing method, server and storage medium

Date/App# patent app List of recent Networks-related patents
 Reducing the spread of viruses and errors in social networks and affinity groups patent thumbnailReducing the spread of viruses and errors in social networks and affinity groups
An approach is provided to reduce the spread of malware within a group of users. In the approach, a malware program (e.g., virus, trojan, worm, etc.) is detected at a system that is utilized by one of the users that is a member of a peer affinity group.
 Authenticating medium, authenticating terminal, authenticating server, and method for authentication by using same patent thumbnailAuthenticating medium, authenticating terminal, authenticating server, and method for authentication by using same
The present invention relates to an authenticating medium, an authenticating terminal, an authenticating server, and a method for authentication by using same. According to the present invention, an operating code for creating an authentication requesting code is periodically updated, and thus the authentication requesting code is also periodically changed.
 Methods and apparatus for variable delay compensation in networks patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus for variable delay compensation in networks
Methods and apparatus for performing dynamic compensation for delays over extant infrastructure within a content-based network. In one embodiment, the network comprises a cable network, and the infrastructure comprises that nominally used for on-demand (od) services such as vod.
 Microblog information publishing method, server and storage medium patent thumbnailMicroblog information publishing method, server and storage medium
A microblog information publishing method, a server and a storage medium are described, which pertain to the technical field of networks. The method includes: acquiring information to be published of a first user, which includes information contents and an information notification object account; and publishing the information contents through the information notification object account.
 Managing communications for modified computer networks patent thumbnailManaging communications for modified computer networks
Techniques are described for managing communications between multiple computing nodes, such as computing nodes that are part of a virtual computer network. In some situations, various types of modifications may be made to one or more computing nodes of an existing virtual computer network, and the described techniques include managing ongoing communications for those computing nodes so as to accommodate the modifications.
 Caching in mobile networks patent thumbnailCaching in mobile networks
There is described a method for optimising the distribution of data objects between caches in a cache domain of a resource limited network. User requests for data objects are received at caches in the cache domain.
 System and method for providing intelligent username in status updates patent thumbnailSystem and method for providing intelligent username in status updates
Embodiments provide a system and method of using a universal tagged communication for social networks. A user could insert a contact from multiple social networking sources.
 System and method for processing private messages in a contact center patent thumbnailSystem and method for processing private messages in a contact center
A system for exchanging private messages with a contact center over a network includes: a media server including a plurality of media drivers configured to interface with a plurality of social media networks, the media server being configured to maintain a session corresponding to a conversation comprising at least one message, the conversation being conducted on one of the plurality of social media networks; and a chat server configured to: maintain a chat session corresponding to the session; transmit and receive the at least one message of the conversation; and store the at least one message of the conversation in association with the chat session.. .
 Tracking distributed execution on on-chip multinode networks without a centralized mechanism patent thumbnailTracking distributed execution on on-chip multinode networks without a centralized mechanism
A method and system for tracking distributed execution on on-chip multinode networks, the method comprising: initiating, by a first node coupled to an on-chip network, execution of instructions on the first node for a distributed agent; initiating, by the first node, execution of instructions on a second node coupled to the on-chip network for the distributed agent; initiating, by the second node, execution of instructions on a third node coupled to the on-chip network for the distributed agent, wherein the second node does not notify the first node of the initiated execution on the third node; providing reoccurring notification by the second and third nodes to all nodes coupled to the on-chip network that they continue to execute instructions for the distributed agent; and determining, by the first node, that execution of instructions for the distributed agent is complete by detecting an absence of reoccurring notifications from nodes the network.. .
 Method for improving address book of mobile means patent thumbnailMethod for improving address book of mobile means
The invention pertains to the functioning of a mobile communications means and it broadens the method of information search in remote databases connected to telecommunications networks, to broaden the functional capabilities of the address book. According to the proposed method, a mobile communications means is used with built-in subscriber directory, having the capability of connecting to and exchanging data via internet with a remote server providing a search for subscriber contact data contained in a remote database.
Displaying amount paid to website in user profile
Systems and methods are provided for increasing sponsorship amounts paid in connection with displaying content, such as increasing amounts paid by members to social networks and amounts paid by advertisers to search engines and other websites. According to embodiments, a sponsorship program can be used to highlight the wealth and dedication that some entities have by publishing the amounts those entities paid in connection with the content..
Targeted advertising in social media networks
Machines, systems and methods for managing reach of an advertisement campaign, the method comprising selecting an initial seed of one or more keywords, such that the initial seed is pertinent to a target audience with known interests and demographics; receiving at least one candidate keyword to be added to the initial seed; determining effectiveness of the candidate keyword based on relevancy, expansion and redundancy parameters associated with the candidate keyword; and expanding the initial seed by adding the candidate keyword, in response to determining that the candidate keyword meets a threshold measure for effectiveness.. .
Environmental test chamber for wireless sensor networks
The environmental test chamber for wireless sensor networks includes a structural enclosure having peripheral walls. A dynamic topology builder is a hanging mechanism disposed in a ceiling portion of the structure and is used to suspend the wireless devices below the ceiling portion via a cable.
Systems and methods for measuring and rewarding activity levels
Systems and methods include a device and an algorithm for measuring adherence to various activity goals (e.g., time-based goals) and collecting ad-hoc game metrics using accelerometers or other sensors. Some embodiments can provide reduced computational, memory, or communications costs over conventional algorithms.
Device for making available navigation parameter values of a vehicle
A device for making available navigation parameter values of a vehicle is provided. The device includes components distributed in the following categories: several sensors collecting measurement data relating to at least one navigation parameter of the vehicle; several computers processing the measurement data collected by the sensors and calculating said navigation parameters; several networks linking the sensors to the computers and linking the computers to systems using said parameters.
Methods for discovering, partitioning, organizing, and administering communication devices in a transformer area network
A system and methods for managing a transformer area in an electrical distribution grid having at least one substation transformer and one service transformer are presented. At least one remote hub governed by a policy may be provided, which collects data about the transformer area.
Enhancements to wireless networks to support short message service (sms) communication in the packet switched domain
Technology for communicating a short message service (sms) communication in a packet switched (ps) domain of a serving general packet radio service (gprs) support node sgsn in a universal terrestrial radio access network (utran). In one embodiment, a ps support module is configured to receive a request message from a mobile station (ms), the request message including an additional update type information element (ie), the additional update type ie including information to indicate that the ms is to support a ps based short messaging service (sms)..
Mobile communication system and method of information processing for improving user experience in the mobile communication system
The present invention relates to a method for processing information between mobile communication systems in order to prevent the degradation of user-experienced performance when different types of mobile communication networks are used. The method for processing information at user equipment (ue) to improve user-experienced performance of a mobile communication system includes performing a data communication through a first network and receiving, from a policy server, a routing policy including a validity condition which is information about a condition of designating a ue status for handover.
Method and apparatus for providing seamless call handoff between networks that use dissimilar transmission methods
Call handoff from an 802.1x network to a cellular network, and vice versa. A wireless device that has both cellular and 802.1x capability detects the strength of a cellular signal and of an 802.1x signal.
Systems and methods for directing mobile device connectivity
Methods and systems are provided herein for selecting networks for a mobile communications device. Methods for selecting a network connection for a mobile communications device may include receiving signals that comprise location information of the mobile communications device and selecting a first network type or a second network type for the mobile communications device based upon a magnitude of movement of the mobile communications device determined from the location information, the first network type comprising a network that is capable of handing off active sessions for the mobile communications device, the second network type comprising a network that having a reduced capacity or no capacity to hand off active sessions for the mobile communications device..
Systems and methods for inter-radio access technology (rat) mobility
Methods and apparatus for providing inter-rat mobility between 2g/3g and 4 networks are described. A ue camped or connected to a geran or utran network may be configured to move, either directly or through network-controlled functions, to an lte network to perform a data call.
Eplmn transition mechanism for manual network registration
A method includes, in a mobile communication terminal configured to operate in a manual network registration mode, maintaining in a memory a list of one or more equivalent public land mobile networks (eplmns) with which the terminal is permitted to register. Upon registering with a public land mobile network (plmn), the one or more eplmns already on the list are retained, and, if receiving from the plmn a notification of at least one eplmn defined for the plmn, the at least one eplmn is added to the list.
System of edge byte caching for cellular networks
The present invention is a method and system that reduces the amount of data traffic across communication links in a cellular network. In this system, the cellular device of a user receives and stores state information about a byte of data.
Paid instant message system and method for authenticating identities using a mobile telephone network
A paid instant message system and method that authenticate identities using a mobile telephone network, which comprise: a message server, user cell phone, and mobile telephone networks. The user cell phone has an instant messaging application installed therein.
Downstream burst transmission in passive optical networks
An olt comprising a processor configured to calculate a downstream bandwidth map that indicates an active period of time when the olt is scheduled to transmit a data frame to an onu, and generate a message comprising the downstream bandwidth map, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and configured to send the message to the onu via a pon, wherein the message instructs the onu to power off at least one onu receive data processing unit outside the active period. Also disclosed is a computer program product comprising computer executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium such that when executed by a processor cause an onu to receive a message indicating an active period, wherein the active period indicates a scheduled period during which data communicated over a pon is relevant to the onu and power down an onu receive data processing unit outside the active period..
Systems and methods of communicating path status in optical networks
The present disclosure may include a method to be performed by an electronic device in an optical network. The method may include generating a message associated with a slot and at least one connection identification (id) corresponding to the slot.
Backwards compatible multi-core fiber optic cable
A multi-core optical fiber has dimensions to be backwards compatible with a conventional, single-core optical fiber of the single-mode or multimode type. In one embodiment, the center core has a diameter, such as 3 to 9 um, 50 um or 62.5 um.
Ultra wideband modulation for body area networks
A symbol modulation system applicable to a body area network is disclosed herein. The symbol modulation system includes a symbol mapper.
Method for scalable routing in content-oriented networks
A method for routing content, comprising receiving an interest packet from a first face, wherein the interest packet comprises a content name field populated with a first content name, a destination field, and a broadcast flag field set to broadcast, wherein the broadcast field indicates whether the first face has previously received a request having the first content name, and receiving a data packet from a second face, wherein the data packet comprises a content name field populated with a second content name, a source field populated with the identity of a source of data associated with the second content name, and a data field populated with the data associated with the second content name.. .
Distributed gateway in virtual overlay networks
A method for distributing the inter-network forwarding policies to a distributed gateway located within a network virtualization edge (nve). The nve may receive a data packet within a first virtual overlay network and determine that the data packet is destined for a destination end point located within a second virtual overlay network.
High speed network bridging
An apparatus having a parser and a circuit is disclosed. The parser is configured to generate a source address, a destination address and information by parsing a packet received via one of a plurality of networks.
Method of determining routing path based on change in dynamic state of nodes
The present invention relates to a method of determining a routing path in a communication network in which a plurality of logical networks shares a physical network, and more particularly to such a method of determining a routing path of data, in which multiple routing paths from a source node to a destination node are created based on a change in the dynamic state of a plurality of nodes constituting a logical network, and routing costs for the created multiple routing paths are calculated based on a routing registration message received from the plurality of nodes, and a process time transition value and a transmission time transition value shared by the plurality of nodes.. .
Uplink synchronization management in wireless networks
In at least some embodiments, a wireless networking system is provided. The wireless networking system includes a base-station and a plurality of user devices in communication with the base-station.
Multiple cqi feedback for cellular networks
Single user and multiuser mimo transmission in a cellular network may be performed by a base station (enb) transmitting either one or two transmission layers. A user equipment (ue) receives a reference symbol from the base station.
Automatic ad-hoc network of mobile devices
A process for the automatic creation of ad-hoc networks between mobile devices in emergency and evacuation events. During an emergency or an evacuation event a command centre (20) issues a special emergency warning to mobile network operators, in response to which the operators broadcast over the mobile network (10) a trigger message to the mobile devices (11-14) that they service.
Low cost mesh network capability
A wireless device that utilizes a single network interface to simultaneously connect to an infrastructure network and a mesh network. The device has a driver layer with a media access control module for each network type.
Locator resolution in communications networks
A set of globally-reachable attachment registers is provided for objects in an internetwork of interconnected communications networks. “objects” can be networks, hosts or terminals, or passive objects which themselves do not have a network interface.
Provisioning single or multistage networks using ethernet service instances (esis)
Techniques for provisioning single or multistage networks using ethernet service instances (esis). In one embodiment, an esi is a logical entity or object that stores information that may be used to provision a network.
Methods of incorporating an ad hoc cellular network into a fixed cellular network
In this invention, we disclose methods directed toward integrating an ad hoc cellular network into a fixed cellular network. The methods disclosed herein automate the creation and integration of these networks.
Reducing switch state size in flow-based networks
Techniques, systems, and articles of manufacture for reducing switch state size in flow-based networks. A method includes installing a first hop rule on a first hop switch in a network for a given flow that originates from the first hop switch, wherein the rule adds tags onto a given packet that matches a description of the given flow, wherein the tags correspond to output ports used for forwarding the given packet on each subsequent switch in the network on the path of the given flow; installing and analyzing forwarding rules at each subsequent switch in the network on the path of the given flow to confirm a match with the given packet at each subsequent switch based only on the outermost tag on the given packet; and removing the outermost tag from the given packet and forwarding said given packet to the output port corresponding to said removed outermost tag..
Method and system for congestion avoidance in mobile communication networks
In a method for congestion avoidance in mobile communication networks, the mobile communication network includes a sender and a receiver, one located in a mobile network, the mobile network being connected to a network of the mobile communication network. Steps include: detecting congestion in a first communication plane of the mobile communication network between the sender and the receiver; b) providing a congestion notification further downstream in the direction of a data transmission path between the sender and the receiver; c) providing congestion notification information on the opposite data transmission path on a second communication plane of the mobile communication network; and d) initiating congestion avoidance.
Mobile communication system, qos control station and mobile station
A first access network in which a bearer transfer path that guarantees a predetermined qos has been established and a second access network in which a transfer path which is different from that in the first access network has been established are provided, and pcrf 60 transmits to a mobile station an uplink traffic switching request including information of a flow of which the access system type is switched, out of flows in which a ue 10 performs communication, and information of an access system type to be a switching destination of the flow, and the ue 10, upon receiving the uplink traffic switching request, switches a transfer path of the flow included in the uplink traffic switching request to that of the access system type. This makes it possible to provide a mobile communication system or the like in which a transmission path of a flow established by a mobile station capable of being simultaneously connected to a plurality of radio access networks is able to be switched without making alterations to all the radio access networks, with initiative taken by a control station installed in a core network..
Overhead-free provisioning of roaming wifi networks
Methods, systems, apparatuses, and computer-readable media are provided for scanning a primary repository for one or more matching primary wireless profiles corresponding to one or more wireless networks, executing a primary connection cycle responsive to a determination that the primary repository stores the one or more matching primary wireless profiles, scanning one or more secondary repositories for one or more matching secondary wireless profiles corresponding to the one or more wireless networks if no matching primary wireless profile is discovered or the primary connection cycle fails, and executing a secondary connection cycle responsive to a determination that the one or more secondary repositories store the one or more matching secondary wireless profiles.. .
Dc-to-dc converter
A dc-to-dc converter for transporting energy between two networks includes two or more converter circuits connected in parallel, wherein a first semiconductor switch that can be actuated as a function of a voltage drop across the first semiconductor switch is arranged in series to each converter circuit or a second semiconductor switch that can be actuated as a function of a voltage drop across the second semiconductor switch is arranged in series to each converter circuit.. .
Method and system for generation of images based on biorhythms
Certain embodiments of the invention may include apparatus, systems, and methods for exchanging pictures, images, audio files, and videos over social networks. Said communications comprise transcribed media such as voice recordings, photographs, digitally manipulated images, or videos.
Mobile wireless hand-held biometric capture, processing and communication system and method for biometric identification
A mobile, wireless biometric identification system includes a biometric capture device, associated software and processes which enable a commercially available wireless communication device, such as a smartphone, using a commercially established wireless communication networks, to capture a digital image of a human biometric (iris, fingerprint, etc.) for transmission via a secure connection to a central server. The capture device is designed to focus on the difficult task of capturing the highest possible quality image for encoding and comparison, while the overall system is designed to leverage the existing cellular communication network.
Using metadata for video message modifications among wireless communication devices
Systems, methods, and software for transferring video messages between wireless communication devices in wireless communication networks are provided herein. In one example, a method of operating a wireless communication device is provided.
Wireless sensor networks
A wireless sensor network comprises at least one sensor unit which comprises a sensor for sensing a parameter and at least one interrogating node. The interrogating node is arranged to transmit an interrogation message periodically to said sensor unit and to receive a reply message from said sensor unit.
Method and related apparatus for authenticating access of virtual private cloud
A method can be used for authenticating access of a virtual private cloud, which are used for performing vpc access authentication between networks that communicate with each other using an ip routing protocol. A vpn routing device receives a request for accessing a virtual private network vpn by a virtual private cloud vpc.
Using a single certificate request to generate credentials with multiple ecqv certificates
A method and apparatus are disclosed for using a single credential request (e.g., registered public key or ecqv certificate) to obtain a plurality of credentials in a secure digital communication system having a plurality of trusted certificate authority ca entities and one or more subscriber entities a. In this way, entity a can be provisioned onto multiple pki networks by leveraging a single registered public key or implicit certificate as a credential request to one or more ca entities to obtain additional credentials, where each additional credential can be used to derive additional public key-private key pairs for the entity a..
Dynamic virtual machines migration over information centric networks
An apparatus comprising a memory and a processor coupled to the memory, wherein the memory contains instructions that when executed by the processor cause the apparatus to receive a migration request from a virtual machine (vm) proxy running on a first server hosting a vm, wherein the migration request comprises a vm identifier associated with the vm comprising a globally unique vm name and a current vm address associated with the first server, and wherein data packets associated with the vm are routed to the vm based upon the vm identifier and instruct a vm proxy running on a second server to receive the vm from the first server in response to the migration request, wherein the second server receives the vm, and wherein the vm name remains unchanged while the current vm address becomes associated with the second server after the second server receives the vm.. .
Method, system and program product for deploying and allocating an autonomic sensor network ecosystem
The present invention provides a method, system and program product for deploying, allocating and providing backup for an autonomic sensor network ecosystem. Under the present invention, the autonomic sensor network ecosystem includes: (1) a set (e.g., one or more) of sensor networks for storing data components; (2) a set of sensor collector information gateways in communication with the sensor networks; and (3) a set of enterprise gateways and storage hubs (hereinafter enterprise gateways).
Managing device ownership and commissioning in public-key encrypted wireless networks
A mobile commissioning device for assisting in the commissioning of wireless public-key encrypted networks, the device being provided with: means for reading the public key from a network node to be integrated in the wireless network, the channel for reading the public key being physically different to the wireless network channel for which the node is to be commissioned, means for at least temporarily storing the read public key in the device, means for transferring a public key of the commissioning device to the network node to be commissioned, the channel for transferring the public key preferably being the wireless channel for which the node is to be commissioned, and means for transferring the read public key to a trust center.. .
Management of network membership
Systems and techniques relating to management of membership in mobile, wireless ad hoc networks are described. A described technique includes transmitting, by a device that is not a member of an ad hoc network, a request to join the ad hoc network to a given device of the ad hoc network.
Sharing content in social networks
The present disclosure relates to systems, methods, and software for sharing content in social networks. A request from a user of the social network to share content is received, the request comprising the content and at least one sharing parameter.
Method and system for content management of social networking data
Methods (10, 20, and 50) and systems (200) for managing content include aggregating social networking data from a plurality of social networks on to a website to provide an aggregation of social networking data on a website, curating the aggregation of social networking data, and selectively approving content for display on the website from the aggregation of social networking data. Other embodiments are disclosed..
Specifying link layer information in a url
A system of specifying link layer information in a url is described. In an embodiment, a url is generated which includes both a link layer network type and information which is used by a resolving device to identify a particular link layer network of the specified type.
Method of temporal bipartite projection
The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to a method of temporal bipartite projection for users and objects and a method of link prediction for an unhappened event. The method of the temporal bipartite projection comprises making a sequence of user-object weighted bipartite networks with the user-object weights, identifying the transitions for each user from a first object at a first time to a second object at a second time, assigning the transition weights corresponding to the transitions according to a predetermined rule, summing the transition weights for all users between two objects to obtain the transition tendencies, and constructing a temporal projection graph with the transition tendencies.
Method for organising blog articles in a social network
According to a first aspect of the present invention there is provided a method, implemented by a webserver in communication with a database, for facilitating blogging by members of a number of social networks, said members being in communication with the web-server via a data network, for example the internet, the method comprising the steps of: capturing login information for a plurality of users, said login information identifying the users; prompting the users to enter blog entries on one or more topics; updating the database to associate the blog entries with respective users and topics; and publishing web-pages presenting topics with links to said blog entries associated therewith.. .
Technology event detection, analysis, and reporting system
A technology analysis system automatically monitors information available from both publicly and privately distributed networks of information for details that are relevant to a technology hypothesis. The technology analysis system provides a technology radar that assists with determining how the technology hypothesis stands up against ongoing developments in technology.
Feature-augmented neural networks and applications of same
A system is described herein which uses a neural network having an input layer that accepts an input vector and a feature vector. The input vector represents at least part of input information, such as, but not limited to, a word or phrase in a sequence of input words.
Portable electronic device with ketone sensor
A portable electronic device is described with telecommunication capabilities to allow for data and/or voice communication via private or public networks, having an integrated chemical sensor sensitive to ketones within a breath sample of a user wherein the sensor comprises at least one metal oxide gas sensor and a control circuit for the sensor integrated onto a common substrate or package.. .
In vivo optical flow imaging
Amplitude decorrelation measurement is sensitive to transverse flow and immune to phase noise in comparison to doppler and other phase-based approaches. However, the high axial resolution of oct makes it very sensitive to the pulsatile bulk motion noise in the axial direction, resulting in unacceptable signal to noise ratio (snr).
Systems and methods for providing access to wireless gaming devices
Systems and methods for controlling access to wireless gaming devices and networks are provided. For example, access is controlled through one or more levels of security checks, such as a hard security check instead of or in addition to a soft security check.
System and method for selecting winning tickets in a lottery game
Use of the present invention provides a method and system for selecting the winning tickets in a lottery game. The method adds to traditional lottery games a social network element, which will influence the winning ticket selection process.
Method for storing and sharing a history of interactions between devices in a network
The disclosure is directed to providing device interaction recommendations based on past interactions between devices in networks with similar network configurations. An aspect receives first network configuration information and device interaction history information associated with a first device network, the first device network comprising a first plurality of devices, wherein the first network configuration information comprises capability information of each of the first plurality of devices, and wherein the interaction history information comprises a history of interactions among the first plurality of devices, generates a set of interaction recommendations based on the first network configuration information and the device interaction history information, identifies a second device network comprising a second plurality of devices and having second network configuration information, and sends the set of interaction recommendations to the second device network..
Location-based services in a femtocell network
Traffic and signaling are routed between a set of networked femto access points (aps) and location-based services are enabled. A femto ap in the set of femto aps is functionally linked to a routing platform that manages traffic and signaling, and is functionally connected to a controller component that relays at least part of data and control to a femto network platform.
Method of and an operating support system for providing performance management in a mobile telecommunications system
In lte, there is no control node that collects performance management (pm) data from base stations, like a base station controller (bsc) or radio network controller (rnc) does for 2g/3g systems. Instead, an operating support system (oss) has to collect pm data directly from enodebs, thereby causing scalability issues.
System and method of relay communication with electronic beam adjustment
The proposed system and method provide automatic recovery of failed connection in case of relay station orientation change due to influence of various external factors (wind, vibration, different intensity of heating of the bracing mountings at different time of a day and others) and can be used in backhaul systems of base station sites for mobile networks.. .
Optical line terminal transmitting device for next generation optical access networks
An optical line terminal (olt) transmitting device is provided, the device comprising an iq modulator having a first input, a second input and an output, a first digital analog converter (dac) directly coupled to the first input of the iq modulator, a second digital analog converter (dac) directly coupled to the second input of the iq modulator; an optical filter directly coupled to the output of the iq modulator.. .
Low latency multiplexing for optical transport networks
Techniques for multiplexing and demultiplexing signals for optical transport networks are presented. A network component comprises a multiplexer component that multiplexes a plurality of signals having a first signal format to produce a multiplexed signal in accordance with a second signal format, while maintaining error correction code (ecc) of such signals and without decoding such signals and associated ecc.
Network and method for providing redundancy in an optical distribution network
Disclosed herein are optical distribution networks and corresponding methods for providing physical-layer redundancy. Example embodiments include a head-end passive optical splitter-combiner (osc) to split optical signals from an optical line terminal (olt) onto primary and secondary optical paths for redundant distribution to optical network terminal(s) (onts), a passive access osc for tapping the redundant signals, and an optical switch for selecting between the redundant signals and providing an ont access to the selected signal.
Method and apparatus for feedback-based real-time network coding
The present subject-matter relates to transmitting a real-time data stream, namely simultaneously to multiple receivers over unreliable networks (e.g. Wireless multicast), in a timely and reliable manner, in particular to a method, apparatus and computer program product for feedback-based real-time network coding.
Packet metadata channels carrying infrastructure metadata in networks
In one embodiment, an apparatus in a network determines particular metadata to communicate infrastructure information associated with a particular packet to another apparatus in the network. The apparatus sends into the network the particular packet including a metadata channel, comprising said particular metadata, external to the payload of the particular packet.
Method and apparatus for s.i.p./h.323 interworking
An interworking function (iwf) for a first and second protocol based network, for example, an h.323 protocol based network and an sip protocol based network comprises an interworking gateway server including a state machine for defining each call processing state and a translation table for use in translating addresses formatted in each protocol. A method of interworking for use in interworking between said first protocol based network and said second protocol based network comprises the steps of receiving at said interworking gateway server serving said first and second protocol based networks a request from an endpoint in the first or second protocol based networks, establishing a state machine in memory whereby, for each state of said state machine, a message associated with that state is categorized as one of a triggering message, a non-triggering message and an error message, establishing a translation table in said memory whereby an address formatted in said first protocol has a one-for-one correspondence with an address formatted in said second protocol, processing said request in accordance with said translation table and said state machine and permitting communication between said first and second endpoints utilizing a realtime transport protocol.
Portable wireless communications apparatus
Multiple information sources of different types, such as cameras and gps, can use the network to send information feeds to mobile users with interface devices such as smartphones that can deliver multiple feeds at the same time to the user. Devices connected to other networks, such as information processing devices at fixed operating bases, can deliver information feeds to the network..
Aggregating multiple wireless channels
Extending wired networks by aggregating multiple wireless links multiple wireless links are used to bridge wired networks, such as wired ethernet networks. Each wireless link applies a hash function to the destination mac address of presented traffic and uses the result of the hash function to determine if the traffic is passed by that wireless link or is dropped.
Network-adaptive function control method for dual-mode mobile terminal
A network-adaptive function control method is provided for a dual-mode mobile terminal. The network-adaptive function control method for a dual-mode mobile terminal supports communication via first and second-type networks includes registering at least one function as a network-adaptive; determining, when a function is requested to be activated, whether the requested function is the network-adaptive function.
Network-adaptive function control method for dual-mode mobile terminal
A network-adaptive function control method is provided for a dual-mode mobile terminal. The network-adaptive function control method for a dual-mode mobile terminal supports communication via first and second-type networks includes registering at least one function as a network-adaptive; determining, when a function is requested to be activated, whether the requested function is the network-adaptive function.
Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in a wireless communication system supporting heterogeneous networks
A method and apparatus for receiving signals at a base station (bs) in a wireless communication system supporting a plurality of cells including a first cell and a second cell. The method includes receiving first uplink control information via a first physical uplink control channel (pucch) from a first user equipment (ue); and receiving second uplink control information via a second pucch from a second ue.
Apparatus, method, and system for a destination cached routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks
An apparatus, system and method are disclosed for a destination cached routing protocol for data transmission among a plurality of nodes in a mobile ad hoc network. When a routing request is received, an intermediate node transmits a received routing request message to neighboring nodes, and appends its address to and forwards the routing request packet only to other nodes from which a received routing request message was not received during a first predetermined period of time.
Apparatus and method for antenna management
A method and apparatus for antenna management. The method includes: collecting resource use status data from managed access networks; selecting access networks participating in antenna scheduling from the managed access networks according to the resource use status data to compose an antenna scheduling set, access networks using same spectrum resources composed in the same antenna scheduling set; dividing radio links of each access network in the antenna scheduling set into one or more radio link clusters; allocating radio resources to every radio link cluster in the antenna scheduling set so mutual interferences among all radio link clusters in the antenna scheduling set are within a preset range; and sending radio resource allocation results to the access network to which the radio link clusters belong.
Information exchange between gateways for route optimization with network-based mobility management
Two access gateways are informed about each other's presence and identity, in order to establish a data path between them, thereby shortening the overall data path of data packets exchanged between two mobile nodes (mn), that are located in different networks. In particular, each access gateway is provided with the other gateway's address and additionally with the other mn's address for forwarding by the access gateway those data packets destined to the other mn to the other access gateway.
Method and apparatus for exchanging routing information and the establishment of connectivity across multiple network areas
Routes may be installed across multiple link state protocol controlled ethernet network areas by causing abbs to leak i-sid information advertised by bebs in a l1 network area into an l2 network area. Abbs will only leak i-sids for bebs where it is the closest abb for that beb.
Coexistence of cellular and connectivity networks with global navigation satellite systems
A wireless device includes a first circuit to transmit wireless signals, a second circuit to receive satellite signals, and a processor. The processor is to selectively adjust a transmission rate of the wireless signals in response to a comparison between a first priority value assigned to the wireless signals and a second priority value assigned to the satellite signals.
Optimization of data delivery in mobile networks
There is provided a method and system for optimizing delivery of data to a mobile device over a network. According to one embodiment, the invention includes a communication stack, such as a tcp/ip stack, which includes an application protocol interface (api) between an application layer and a transport layer.
Wireless access point array
A system of at least one wireless access device in a local area network (lan) having a plurality of transceivers. Each transceiver has a directional antenna positioned in a substantially circular array to communicate signals with a plurality of stations in a corresponding sector.
Transmission-line resistance compression networks and related techniques
A resistance compression network uses transmission line sections having asymmetric lengths to compress the resistance range of multiple loads. In some embodiments, the characteristic impedance of the transmission line sections is related to the geometric mean of the load resistance range.

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