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This page is updated frequently with new Networks-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Networks-related patents
 System, security and network management using self-organizing communication orbits in distributed networks patent thumbnailSystem, security and network management using self-organizing communication orbits in distributed networks
In one aspect, machines in a managed network implements a set of rules that cause individual machines to directly interact with only a small number of machines in the network (i.e., a local neighborhood within the network), while the independent local actions of the individual machines collectively cause the individual machines to be self-organized into one or more communication orbits without any global control or coordination by a server or an administrator. The communication orbits are used for supporting network, security and system management communications in the managed network..
Tanium Inc.

 System and  reducing paging in utran/geran/e-utran networks when idle signaling reduction is active patent thumbnailSystem and reducing paging in utran/geran/e-utran networks when idle signaling reduction is active
Systems and methods are provided for avoiding excessive paging through messaging-based solutions on a mobile network that supports multiple radio access technologies (rats), such as both long term evolution (lte) and global system for mobile communications (gsm)/enhanced data rates for gsm evolution (edge)/universal mobile communications system (umts) technology, even in situations where the present location of the ue is not known. Preventing paging in access networks where the ue is not present ensures efficient use of radio resources in the paging channel and reduces signaling load on other interfaces.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Synchronization in communications networks patent thumbnailSynchronization in communications networks
According to a first aspect there is presented a method for synchronization in a wireless device-to-device (d2d) based communications network as performed by a first wireless device. The method comprises identifying an attempt to make a network connection on a default sub-channel over a d2d communications interface from a second wireless device.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Non-cellular link integration with cellular networks patent thumbnailNon-cellular link integration with cellular networks
Improved non-cellular (e.g., wi-fi) link integration with a cellular (e.g., lte) network is described. The improved link integration can relate to utilizing an enodeb device (e.g., residing in a radio access network portion of a cellular network) as an anchor point rather than a packet data network gateway device (e.g., residing in a core network portion of the cellular network) utilized by other approaches.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Methods and network nodes for enhanced mobility between mobile communications networks patent thumbnailMethods and network nodes for enhanced mobility between mobile communications networks
The disclosure relates to methods, a wireless device, a radio access node and computer programs for improving wireless device mobility between a first radio access network arranged to operate according to a first radio access technology and a second radio access network arranged to operate according to a second radio access technology. In particular, the disclosure relates to handover preparation procedure to improve handover of a wireless device (20) connected to a first radio access network (11) arranged to operate according to a first radio access technology to a second radio access network (12) arranged to operate according to a second radio access technology.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Byte caching in wireless communication networks patent thumbnailByte caching in wireless communication networks
Various embodiments provide byte caching in wireless communication networks. In one embodiment, a plurality of data packets are received through an internet protocol (ip) data flow established between a wireless communication device and at least one server.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Wi-fi tile transfer patent thumbnailWi-fi tile transfer
Various technologies described herein pertain to transferring geospatial tiles for wi-fi networks. A geospatial tile specifies a geographic region and includes data pertaining to a plurality of wi-fi networks having respective geographic coverage areas within the geographic region.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Enhancements to enable fast security setup patent thumbnailEnhancements to enable fast security setup
Wtrus, arss, aps, wlg/aaa proxies, networks, and methods thereon are disclosed for fast security setup on a multi-rat wtru. Methods of sharing security associations between rats on a multi-rat wtru are disclosed.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

 Facilitating dynamic private communication networks patent thumbnailFacilitating dynamic private communication networks
Private communication networks are facilitated. One method includes broadcasting, by a first device, to an access point device associated with a first network, a first signal comprising an identifier for a second network, wherein the access point device of the first network foregoes broadcast of a name of the first network, and wherein the first device is located at a first location and a second device is located at a second location remote from the first location.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Short-range device interactions for facilitating partial uses of clustered access rights patent thumbnailShort-range device interactions for facilitating partial uses of clustered access rights
Systems and methods are provided for communication networks and network operations for processing partial uses of clustered access rights. The communication networks may include channels such as short-range communication channels, such as bluetooth, btle, and/or near-field communication (nfc) channels..


Systems, methods, and media for a cloud based social media network

System and methods for providing private social networks, which are cloud-based in some instances, are provided herein. A method includes receiving a selection of the digital data on a private user secure data storage device from a first user, receiving a selection of one or more individuals to be given access to the digital data, applying access rights for the digital data, creating a url that points to a location within the private user secure data storage device where the digital data resides, posting the url to a plurality of social networks using a shared message, receiving a request from a second user for the digital data when the second user clicks the url in the shared message, and serving the digital data to the second user directly from the private user secure data storage device without storing the digital data on any of the plurality of social networks..


Method and system for automatic provisioning of enterprise private network over 3g/4g mobile wireless networks while maintaining respectively consistent identities

An intelligent mechanism to map the public user identity into the private user identity inside the mobile network is defined. The identity mapping logic supports m:n mapping where m and n can be any natural number while a user or device can still be identified without ambiguity in the network and all the protocols are handled according to the standard specifications.
Connectem Inc.


Resource management of social network applications

Applications in social networks support interaction between members through various types of channels such as notifications, newsfeed, and so forth. For each channel, applications are ranked based on their user affinity measures.
Facebook, Inc.


Effective intra-frame refresh in multimedia communications over packet networks

Systems and methods of performing intra-frame refresh in multimedia communications over lossy packet networks, in which a video receiver can provide packet loss feedback information to a video transmitter, and the video transmitter can respond to the feedback information, in a manner that makes efficient use of available bandwidth. By providing one or more pli messages from the video receiver to the video transmitter based on criteria related to the detection of an eventual missing video packet and/or the determination that the quality of a current reference frame is bad, and by pausing the providing of gnack messages from the video receiver to the video transmitter while the pli messages are being provided to the video transmitter, the total number of video packets required for transmission/retransmission can be reduced, thereby limiting the impact of the transmitted/retransmitted video packets on the available bandwidth while enhancing the video qoe of system users..
Dialogic Corporation


Methods of implementing dynamic quality of service or bandwidth provisioning

A method of operating a data network may include establishing a data path through the data network between a routing gateway and service provider equipment providing a data service. Moreover, the data service may be provided for use at the routing gateway over the data path during a data session.
At&t Intellectual Property I,lp


Fault-tolerant communications in routed networks

A method for providing fault-tolerant network communications between a plurality of nodes for an application, including providing a plurality of initial communications pathways over a plurality of networks coupled between the plurality of nodes, receiving a data packet on a sending node from the application, the sending node being one of the plurality of nodes, the data packet being addressed by the application to an address on one of the plurality of nodes, and selecting a first selected pathway for the data packet from among the plurality of initial communications pathways where the first selected pathway is a preferred pathway.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Path-ping and ecmp-traceroute for ipv6 overlay virtualized networks

In one embodiment, an ingress network virtualization edge (nve) in a computer network generates an echo packet, and sets an indication in the echo packet that the echo packet is for overlay path validation. In addition, the ingress nve sets a message type of the echo packet to a generic echo request, and includes virtualization network (vn) context information within the echo packet.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Inline packet tracing in data center fabric networks

Presented herein are embodiments for tracing paths of packet flows in a data center fabric network. Filters are configured on nodes (e.g., switches) in the data center fabric network for a particular packet flow.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Modified near-optimal low-latency communication paths for graded service

In described embodiments, a relatively optimum, ultra-low latency communication path with communication links operating in accordance herein provide for graded service in a near optimal, ultra-low latency communication system between points a and b. Points a and b are separated geographically over a relatively long distance where the curvature of the earth affects a direct path.
Spread Networks Llc


Using bit index explicit replication (bier) in low-power and lossy networks

In one embodiment, a first node in a network receives one or more bitmaps from one or more child nodes of the first node according to a directed acyclic graph (dag). Each of the one or more child nodes is associated with a corresponding unique bit position in the one or more bitmaps.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method for improving spectral efficiency in wi-fi ofdm systems

Wireless networks that use orthogonal frequency division multiplexing require a receiving device to accurately acquire and maintain synchronization with a transmitting device with respect to carrier and sampling frequency for coherent demodulation. Described herein are techniques for enabling such synchronization using pilot signals with reduced transmission overhead..


Communication system, communication apparatus, and protection method

A communication system includes two or more ring networks in which nodes are connected in a ring shape, carries out erp for each of the ring networks, sets one of the ring networks as a major ring that detects a failure in a shared link, and sets the other ring networks as sub rings. A shared node, which terminates the shared link, includes: a failure monitoring unit that respectively detects, concerning two or more of the ring networks that share the shared link, failures in the ring networks; a switching processing unit that determines, on the basis of a detection result of the failures, the ring network set as the major ring; and erp processing units that store, when the switching is performed by the switching processing unit, identification information after the switching in an r-aps frame and transfer or transmit the frame..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Authentication service and certificate exchange protocol in wireless ad hoc networks

A method for protecting data transmission in an ad hoc network including nodes, each node including a private key, a public key and a certificate of the public key signed by a certification authority, the method including transmitting by the first node to the second node: a first message signed with the private key of the first node; a third message containing a first set of initialization data including: a first certificate including the public key of the first node, signed by the certification authority; a second data set including the ip address of the first node; and the first certificate associated with the ip address of the first node, wherein the second data set is signed with the private key of the first node.. .
Cassidian Sas


Tone plans for wireless communication networks

Methods and apparatuses for communicating over a wireless communication network are disclosed herein. One example apparatus includes a memory that stores instructions.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Improved receiver for wireless communications networks

A receiver receiving in a cell at least first and second data streams included in at least first and second signals. The receiver includes: a first estimating unit configured to receive the first and second signals and provide an estimate of first data on the first data stream; a regenerating unit configured to provide a regenerated first data stream based on the first data estimate and attenuation of first radio channels transmitting the first data stream; a second estimating unit configured to provide an estimate of second data on the second data stream based on the regenerated first data stream, on the first and second signals, on attenuation of second radio channels transmitting the second data stream, and on inter/intra-cell interference; and first and second extractions units configured to extract first and second information within the first and second data based on the estimates of the first and second data..
Telecom Italia S.p.a.


Rate indication and link adaptation for variable data rates in long range wireless networks

A method of fast link adaptation for bluetooth long-range wireless networks is provided. A data packet comprises a preamble, a first packet portion including a rate indication field, and a second packet portion including a pdu.
Mediatek Inc.


Systems, methods, and devices for interference mitigation in wireless networks

Example systems, methods, and devices for mitigating interference in wireless networks are discussed. One example method includes the operations of passing channel frequency offsets of a plurality of ltf symbols on a plurality of subcarriers through a high pass frequency band, encoding the plurality of ltf symbols with a plurality of ltf sequences across frequency, and encoding the ltf symbols in time and/or frequency.


Multi-domain scheduling for subordinate networking

Multi-domain scheduling for subordinate networking is contemplated. The scheduling may include controlling a terminal to facilitate interfacing an internet protocol (ip) network with a point-to-multipoint (p2mp) network where the p2mp network includes one or more aggregating devices to facilitate interfacing signaling with devices/units associated with one or more subordinate p2mp networks..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Motor vehicle on-board power transmitting data signals in a motor vehicle on-board power system

In order to permit, in a motor vehicle on-board power system, data to be transmitted with low expenditure on cabling, even between multiple partial networks, a plurality of loads embodied, in particular, as sensors is respectively assigned a communication unit for transferring data. The communication units are embodied in such a way that, by utilizing the supply lines they set up a partially interlinked data network, and transfer data made available by the loads, with the result that communication via the partial networks is also made possible.
Leoni Kabel Holding Gmbh


Modular multi-level dc-dc converter for hvdc applications

A dc-dc converter for connecting high-voltage dc networks has series-connected sub-converters. The high-voltage dc networks which can be connected to the dc-dc converter can have different transmission symmetries by way of power exchanging devices and additional power exchanging devices.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method and device for controlling power generators of a subgrid within an interconnected grid

Disclosed is a subnetwork controller (tnr) for a subnetwork (tn) within an interconnected grid (nv), which controller controls power generators (g), subnetworks or loads (l) of the subnetwork in accordance with sensor-captured internal measured variables (yi) and sensor-captured external measured variables as well as external controlled variables (vi) of the subnetwork (tn) in such a way that a dynamic behaviour of the subnetwork (tn) in relation to its adjacent subnetworks corresponds to a defined desired behaviour.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Event planning within social networks

Generating and updating event presentation user interfaces. Embodiments include identifying a first geographical location of a first computing device corresponding to a first invitee to an event, and a second geographical location of a second computing device corresponding to a second invitee.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Engineering document mobile collaboration tool

Systems and methods provide engineering process and document management to a mobile fleet of users. A server computer and a relational database form at least part of a process and document management system.
General Electric Company


Method for pseudo-recurrent processing of data using a feedforward neural network architecture

Recurrent neural networks are powerful tools for handling incomplete data problems in machine learning thanks to their significant generative capabilities. However, the computational demand for algorithms to work in real time applications requires specialized hardware and software solutions.
Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi


Targeted message response

A tool for targeting a message response. The tool monitors reactions of a user to message subject lines, message content, and social networks.
International Business Machines Corporation


Electrochemically responsive composites of redox polymers and conducting fibers

Disclosed are composite compositions, comprising a conductive matrix and an electrochemically active polymer, which are useful as heterogeneous catalysts or charge-storage materials. Suitable electrochemically active polymers include redox polymers, such as polyvinylferrocene, and conducting polymers, such as polypyrrole, and interpenetrating networks containing both redox polymers and conducting polymers..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Enhanced connection management for multiple access networks

Semi-connected state operation for ues in multiple-access networks is described. In the semi-connected state, ues may monitor system information and paging, and mobility may be ue-controlled.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Mobile cellular networks

Multiple mobile cellular network (mcn) communication systems can be networked together to form a network of mcn communication systems (nom). Each mcn communication system within the nom can operate as an independent cellular network to provide communications between user equipment within a covered area.
Oceus Networks Inc.


Methods and systems for selectively routing group communications amongst multiple networks

A process carried out by a first mobile radio includes detecting a request to transmit group communication media and, responsively, determining, by the first mobile radio, whether a push-to-talk (ptt) key input is in an activated or de-activated state, selecting, by the first mobile radio and as a function of the determined state of the ptt key, one of a first talkgroup on a first wireless network and a second talkgroup on a second wireless network as a target talkgroup to transmit the communication media to, and transmitting, by the first mobile radio via a corresponding one of a first wireless communication interface to the first wireless network and a second wireless communication interface to the second wireless network, the communication media to the selected target talkgroup.. .
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Method and system for scheduling interference aware optimal uplink for device-to-device communication underlying lte networks

A method and system is provided for scheduling interference aware optimal uplink for device-to-device communication underlying lte networks. The present application provides a method and system for scheduling interference aware optimal uplink for device-to-device communication underlying lte networks, comprises registering a plurality of users equipment (ues) with a single cell with one evolved node b (enb) over the long term evolution (lte) network; initiating connection by the plurality of users equipment (ues) with evolved node b (enb); discovering device-to-device (d2d) communication between the actively connected plurality of users equipment (ues); segregating the actively connected plurality of users equipment (ues) in device-to-device and cellular users by the evolved node b (enb); and scheduling the two-phase interference aware optimal uplink for device-to-device communication for segregated actively connected device-to-device (d2d) and cellular users by the evolved node b (enb), underlying the long term evolution (lte) network..
Tata Consultancy Services Limited


Small cell network architecture for servicing multiple network operators

Systems are provided for managing a small cell telecommunication system servicing multiple network operators. In one aspect, a small cell telecommunication system can include management sub-system including a controller, multiple baseband processing units in communication with the controller, a transport module, and multiple remote antenna units.
Andrew Wireless Systems Gmbh


Systems and methods for improved communication efficiency in high efficiency wireless networks

Systems, methods, and devices for wireless communication are described herein. In some aspects, a method of wireless communication includes transmitting a first message for establishing a reservation of the communication medium utilizing a first combination of transmission characteristics such that the first message is readable by a plurality of wireless devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Positioning for wlans and other wireless networks

Techniques to support positioning for access points and terminals in wlans and other wireless networks are described. In one aspect, wlan positioning is supported with secure user plane location (supl).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Association in line-of-sight communication networks

Various of the disclosed embodiments relate to line-of-sight (los), e.g., optical, based networks. Systems and methods are provided for connecting nodes based on their topological position in a line-of-sight communication network.
Facebook, Inc.


Resource allocation in target cell after handover

A system is proposed to provide handover in a mobile telecommunications environment, particularly applicable to 3gpp networks, in which a user device, such as a mobile telephone provides a buffer status report to the target base station during a handover procedure. The target base station uses this status report to allocate appropriate resources for uplink data to be transmitted from the user device to the target base station..
Nec Corporation


Millimeter wavelength base station beamforming technique advertising and efficient user equipment transmission strategy

Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for advertising information corresponding to beamforming techniques supported by base stations of a wireless communications system, which in various examples may include analog, digital, and/or hybrid beamforming techniques supported by millimeter wave (mmw) base stations. Advertising of supported beamforming techniques may involve transmissions over a nearby long term evolution (lte) or another carrier frequency network (e.g., in case of lte/lower carrier frequency assisted mmw wireless access networks).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Diversity repetition in mixed-rate wireless communication networks

A method of wirelessly communicating a packet can include generating, at a wireless device, a packet including a plurality of symbols. The method further includes segmenting an input bit vector into a plurality of symbol vectors according to one of a sequential or distributed segmentation procedure.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Compression method featuring dynamic coding for wireless communication in wireless networks

A compression method featuring dynamic coding for wireless communication in wireless network is used to transmit a packet to clients. An access point (ap) divides a packet into several chunks all having a fixed length, sorts repetition frequencies of all the chunks, and encodes the repeated chunks with huffman codes.
National Chiao Tung University


Security for network load broadcasts over cellular networks

A method, computer readable medium and apparatus for obtaining cellular network load information in a secure manner are disclosed. For example, the method receives the cellular network load information, where the cellular network load information is encrypted.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


User plane location based service using message tunneling to support roaming

An improved user plane location based service (lbs) architecture and message flow, enabling seamless user plane location based services even when a mobile or wireless device has roamed among different carrier networks. The present invention overcomes constraints inherent in the current protocol for roaming support defined by the secure user plane location service specification.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Method and delivering digital content over mobile network

A method and apparatus for delivering digital content via mobile devices and mobile networks, is disclosed. In an embodiment, a product provider is provided with artefact identification, such as qrcode, which holds a unique key for digital content storage and retrieval.


Mobile microphone system and method

A method centrally controls communication at a single venue. Information, at least at the venue, is provided to attendees at the venue for transmitting electronic signals to the central communication point.


Shared protection in optical networks

A device for shared protection in an optical network may include a processor circuit. The processor circuit may be configured to transmit optical signals over an optical network port to a first set of optical network units (onus), receive an indication that an optical line terminal (olt) is unavailable to service a second set of onus, transition to a protection operation mode from a normal operation mode in response to indication, and transmit optical signals over the optical network port to the first and second set of onus.
Broadcom Corporation


System and radio aware traffic management based wireless authorization

An example method is provided in one example embodiment and may include receiving a request from a user equipment (ue) to access a wireless access network, wherein the ue is currently accessing one or more other wireless networks; determining by a policy and charging rules function (pcrf) whether a subscriber associated with the ue is authorized to access the wireless access network based, at least in part, on a profile for the subscriber; and communicating one of a wireless access rejection and a wireless access acceptance to the ue based on the determination. In some instances, the determining can include recovering the profile for the subscriber associated with the ue from a subscriber profile repository (spr) using an international mobile subscriber identity (imsi) for the subscriber..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Using data from social networks to build account holder profiles

The present disclosure relates to a computer implemented method of building a profile for an account holder 101. The method comprises the steps of: accessing, by a computer, information from one or more social networking accounts 103, the social networking accounts being associated with the account holder; incorporating, by a computer, the information into the profile of the account holder 101; and utilising the information when determining, by a computer, at least one of: a risk score of a transaction, targeted special offers, and targeted goods and services that could be of interest to the account holder..
Mastercard International Incorporated


Storage management system, management device and method therefor

A storage management method, includes steps: detecting sizes of shared storage spaces of all terminal devices joined in a sharing system; dividing the all terminal devices into a number of device groups according to local area networks where the terminal devices located in; classifying the terminal devices of each group into a number of kinds of terminal devices according to the sizes of the shared storage spaces of the terminal devices; mapping the shared storage spaces of each kind of terminal devices of each device group to one corresponding virtual disk of one row of a virtual disk array card; and determining a size of a file to be stored when receiving a storing request, and selecting a virtual disk with size nearest to and greater than or equal to that of the file, and storing the file into the terminal devices mapping to the selected virtual disk.. .
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Content delivery methods and systems

The present invention relates generally to systems and methods for delivering content from content providers to end users using computer networks. Aspects of the invention enable content providers cost-effective content delivery using, for example, download and peer-to-peer mechanisms, while also allowing content providers the ability to control and restrict usage of the content and combat piracy.
Activision Publishing, Inc.


Content supply device, content supply method, program, and content supply system

The present disclosure relates to a content supply device, a content supply method, a program, and a content supply system that make it possible to extend an adaptive streaming technique employing the dash and supply content through a plurality of different delivery paths according to a first aspect of the present disclosure, there is provided a content supply device that supplies a plurality of pieces of streaming data that include content of a same subject and differ in an attribute according to an adaptive streaming technique, the content supply device including: a supply unit configured to supply the plurality of pieces of streaming data to a reception side via a plurality of different networks; and a metafile generating unit configured to generate a metafile including an acquisition destination of a manifest file in which a qos parameter for selecting the plurality of pieces of streaming data to be supplied by the reception side and a condition value of the qos parameter are described and supply the metafile to the reception side. The present disclosure can be applied to a system that delivers content in a streaming manner..
Sony Corporation


System, method, and appartus for proactive cybersecurity

The present disclosure describes a device, software package, method and system for active scanning, testing, and risk assessment of networks. The present disclosure describes a device that may be installed on a network, control of network traffic between the network and outside networks may be controlled, or may pass through device.
Kernel, Inc.


Restricted certificate enrollment for unknown devices in hotspot networks

A network access system, e.g. A network hotspot, requires a mobile network access device, e.g.
Alcatel Lucent


Remediating computer security threats using distributed sensor computers

A data processing system comprising: a sensor computer that is coupled to and co-located with a compromised computer, the compromised computer comprising at least one malware item that is configured to direct unauthorized network activity toward one or more enterprise networks or enterprise computers, wherein the compromised computer is coupled to a firewall that is configured to control ingress of packets to the compromised computer and is logically between one or more attacker computers and the one or more enterprise networks or enterprise computers; a security control computer that is coupled to the sensor computer; one or more non-transitory data storage media in the security control computer storing security logic comprising one or more sequences of instructions which when executed cause the security control computer to perform: obtaining, from the sensor computer, detection data relating to network messages that the compromised computer emits, as the compromised computer emits the network messages; using the detection data, identifying one or more security threats that are indicated by the network messages; determining a specified remediation measure to remediate one or more of the security threats; providing the specified remediation measure to one or more of the compromised computer, the sensor computer, the firewall, and an enterprise computer.. .
Area 1 Security, Inc.


Non-transparent bridge configuring high-dimensional pci-express networks

The descriptions presented herein include explanation of high-dimensional pci-express (pcie) network implementations. The new approaches can facilitate utilization of an efficient protocol (e.g., pcie, etc.) while enabling implementation of various characteristics and features (e.g., characteristics and features similar to a fat-tree topology, clos topology, 2d and 3d topologies, etc.) that would otherwise not be compatible with the protocol.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


System and optimizing traffic in packet-switched networks with internet exchanges

A system and method is disclosed for optimizing traffic in a packet-switched network in the presence of internet exchanges. In accordance with an embodiment of the present disclosure, a system is disclosed for optimizing internet traffic on a computer network.


Method and scalable content routing and mobility in named data networks

Various disclosed embodiments include methods, systems, and computer-readable media for named data network (ndn) inter/intra-domain mobility. A complete de-coupling of identity and addressing space is established.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


System and virtual network-based distributed multi-domain routing control

A system for distributed multi-domain routing control includes two or more software-defined network (sdn) controllers and virtual routers. The two or more sdn controllers create virtual topology information by collecting information about switches under the control thereof, exchange network information about a different virtual network, as well as create a routing path from a source terminal to a destination cross switch or a routing path from the destination cross switch to a destination terminal based on location identification information of the destination terminal and/or the virtual topology information.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Rate-limiting samples for etx computation in computer networks

In one embodiment, a device in a network obtains information regarding a transmission between the device and a neighbor of the device in the network. The device determines whether to use the information regarding the transmission to update an expected transmission count associated with the neighbor based on a rate of samples used to compute expected transmission counts.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Self configuring network management system

Systems, software, and methods for managing networks of connected electronic devices are described. In one example, network management policy and network management applications are downloaded automatically upon detection and identification of a new device on the network.
Sciencelogic, Inc.


Reconfiguring interrelationships between components of virtual computing networks

Embodiments of the present invention relate to an approach for reconfiguring interrelationships between components of virtual computing networks (e.g., a grid computing network, a local area network (lan), a cloud computing network, etc.). In a typical embodiment, a set of information pertaining to a set of components associated with a virtual computing network is received in a computer memory medium or the like.
International Business Machines Corporation


Deploying line-of-sight communication networks

Various of the disclosed embodiments relate to line-of-sight (los), e.g., optical, based networks. Systems and methods for determining where to place and how to configure nodes in an optically connected network across a geographic region are provided.
Facebook, Inc.


Alignment in line-of-sight communication networks

Various of the disclosed embodiments relate to line-of-sight (los), e.g., optical, based networks. Particularly, systems and methods are provided for aligning nodes in a line-of-sight communication network with their peers.
Facebook, Inc.


Non-concatenated fec codes for ultra-high speed optical transport networks

A decoder performs forward error correction based on quasi-cyclic regular column-partition low density parity check codes. A method for designing the parity check matrix reduces the number of short-cycles of the matrix to increase performance.
Clariphy Communications, Inc.

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