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This page is updated frequently with new Networks-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Networks-related patents
 Method and system for optimal beamforming in wireless networks patent thumbnailMethod and system for optimal beamforming in wireless networks
Aspects of a method and system for optimal beamforming in a wireless network are presented. Aspects of the system may include one or more processors for use in a requesting communication device wherein the one or more processors may be operable to request a transmission time slot allocation.
Broadcom Corporation

 Scheduling requests in small cell networks patent thumbnailScheduling requests in small cell networks
A small cell network in which a terminal is simultaneously served by a macro cell and one or more small cells. These may operate at different frequencies, and may have different bandwidths, traffic loading and support different qos (quality of service).
Fujitsu Limited

 Uplink data fragmentation for multi-user networks patent thumbnailUplink data fragmentation for multi-user networks
An apparatus for wireless communication includes data generation logic configured to generate data to be transmitted to an access point and to determine that a size of the data exceeds a size of a first transmit opportunity (tx_op). The apparatus includes data fragmentation logic configured to generate at least a first data fragment and a second data fragment based on the data, where a size of the first data fragment is selected based on the size of the first tx_op.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Full-duplex mesh networks patent thumbnailFull-duplex mesh networks
Systems and methods relating to full duplex mesh networks are disclosed. In one embodiment, a mesh network comprising a plurality of transceiver nodes using a single frequency band may be disclosed, each transceiver node comprising: a first transceiver for transmitting and receiving to and from a backhaul node on the single frequency band; and a second transceiver for transmitting and receiving to and from an access node on the single frequency band, each transceiver of each transceiver node performing self-interference cancellation to send and receive full duplex data on the single frequency band at substantially the same time, thereby enabling the creation of a mesh network with at least one transceiver node having both access and backhaul using only the single frequency band..
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

 Signal format for cell search and synchronization in wireless networks patent thumbnailSignal format for cell search and synchronization in wireless networks
A synchronization signal format for a cell search method is proposed to reduce cell search complexity and cell search time. A synchronization signal is embedded with a unique sequence that is consecutively repeated multiple times in time domain.
Mediatek Inc.

 Relay link communication patent thumbnailRelay link communication
A link based on one radio access technology (rat) is used to supplement the operation of another rat. For example, in a user equipment (ue) device that can access both long term evolution (lte) and millimeter wave (mmw) networks, the ue may use an lte network to relay information between the ue and the mmw network..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Paging for circuit switched fallback (csfb) in long term evolution (lte) connected mode patent thumbnailPaging for circuit switched fallback (csfb) in long term evolution (lte) connected mode
Methods, apparatuses and computer readable media are described that analyze and communicate signaling messages between a mobile wireless device and a wireless access network to realize a circuit switched fallback (csfb) procedure when the mobile wireless device is initially in a radio resource control connected mode with the wireless network. A set of information elements of a paging message is analyzed, and based on contents of the set of information elements and an internal state of the mobile wireless device, connections between the mobile wireless device and first and second wireless access networks are changed to realize the csfb procedure..
Apple Inc.

 Methods and tools for persistent spectrum analysis of an operating radio frequency band patent thumbnailMethods and tools for persistent spectrum analysis of an operating radio frequency band
Generation and use of geographic databases of frequency spectral information within an operating frequency band. Described herein are methods of making databases of geospectral information and using these databases to optimize performance of wireless networks.

 Mobile application specific networks patent thumbnailMobile application specific networks
One embodiment provides a system that facilitates a large-scale mobile ad hoc network to adapt to specific needs of wireless nodes in a mobile wireless network. During operation, a controller node collects state information associated with one or more wireless nodes.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

 Methods and systems for walkie-talkie communications patent thumbnailMethods and systems for walkie-talkie communications
Walkie-talkies are a common means of coordinating activities at events but must be handed out, transferred as shifts and personnel in roles change, and collected. Further, walkie-talkies have a set range and the bigger the range the more expensive the walkie-talkie.


Adaptive video-server reconfiguration for self-optimizing multi-tier iptv networks

Various embodiments of the disclosed subject matter provide apparatus, methods, and systems including an input to receive data associated with a channel viewership of a network; a distribution unit coupled to the input, the distribution unit to determine one or more relative viewership distributions based on the data; and a configuration unit coupled to the distribution unit, the configuration unit to provide one or more reconfiguration settings for one or more reconfigurable servers coupled to the network.. .
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Scalable transform hardware architecture with improved transpose buffer

As the quality and quantity of shared video content increases, video encoding standards and techniques are being developed and improved to reduce bandwidth consumption over telecommunication and other networks. One such technique for compressing videos involves transforming image data into an alternate, encoding-friendly domain (e.g., by a two-dimensional discrete cosine transform).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Pipelined intra-prediction hardware architecture for video coding

As the quality and quantity of shared video content increases, video encoding standards and techniques are being developed and improved to reduce bandwidth consumption over telecommunication and other networks. One technique to reduce bandwidth consumption is intra-prediction, which exploits spatial redundancies within video frames.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Radio power saving techniques for video conference applications

In video conferencing over a radio network, the radio equipment is a major power consumer especially in cellular networks such as lte. In order to reduce the radio power consumption in video conferencing, it is important to introduce an enough radio inactive time.
Apple Inc.


Method and network device for data processing

A method for data processing is executable by a network device. The network device is configured to forward a packet in a network to another network.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Social networking website system with automatic participation based on current location information

A social networking website system with automatic registration based on a current location information. Individuals are automatically enrolled into social network services based on a current location determined from their mobile devices.


System and managing bitrate on networks

A method and system for managing bitrate of network traffic are provided. The method for managing bitrate of network traffic includes: receiving a packet; retrieving metadata from the packet and associating the packet with at least one traffic aggregate; determining a drop rate for the at least one traffic aggregate based on network flow data; and determining, based on the drop rate and the metadata, to forward or drop the packet.
Sandvine Incorporated Ulc


Rerouting tunnel traffic in communication networks

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture (e.g., physical storage media) to reroute tunnel traffic in a network are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein include, in response to detecting an event associated with routing first traffic in the network, determining a plurality of paths to carry respective traffic for a plurality of tunnels between pairs of routers in the network, the plurality of paths being determined based on a quality metric characterizing an aggregate tunnel bandwidth to be carried by the plurality of paths for the plurality of tunnels.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Reverse path validation for source routed networks

A packet forwarding validation method comprising receiving a data packet that comprises a next-hop index and a plurality of next-hop identifiers, wherein the next-hop index references a next-hop identifier from the plurality of next-hop identifiers, and wherein the plurality of next-hop identifiers indicates a sequence of next-hops through a network for the data packet, identifying a previous-hop network node using the next-hop index and the plurality of next-hop identifiers, determining a transmitter network node of the data packet, comparing the previous-hop network node and the transmitter network node, detecting a forwarding error when the previous-hop network node and the transmitter network node are not the same, and processing the data packet when the previous-hop network node and the transmitter network node are the same.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


User interrace providing information system topology presentation

A user interface includes a graphical topological representation of an information system. Information is collected regarding connections between switches, storage nodes and computer nodes in the information system.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method and system of cyclic prefix overhead reduction for enabling cancellation of inter-symbol and inter-carrier interferences in ofdm wireless communication networks

A system and method are provided for reducing the overhead caused by the presence of the cyclic prefix while enabling inter-carrier interference (ici) and inter-symbol interference (isi) cancellation in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) network that includes an ofdm transmitter and an ofdm receiver.. .
Telefonica, S.a.


Enhancement of inter-cell interference coordination with adaptive reduced-power almost blank subframes based on neighbor cell profile data

An inter-cell interference coordination procedure in heterogeneous networks (hetnets) is enhanced based on utilization of cell profile data associated with neighbor access points to improve hetnet spectrum efficiency, mobility performance, and/or overall network capacity. In one aspect, a macro access point can receive cell profile data associated with neighbor access points and modify a power level of reduced-power almost blank subframes (abs) transmitted by the macro access point to manage macro cell capacity.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Cost effective network interference cancellation for wireless networks

Embodiments are described herein to provide improvements to known network interference cancellation techniques. One general approach involves a first network node attempting (801) to decode a received signal which includes signaling from a first wireless device transmission and at least one interfering transmission.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Methods and systems for wireless networks relays

Transmission resources used by the rs. In some embodiments on the invention, the methods are consistent and/or can be used in conjunction with existing standards such as 802.16e..


Beam administration methods for cellular/wireless networks

A method of beam administration in a cellular or wireless network is proposed. Cellular/wireless networks operating at ka or higher frequency band require the use of directional antenna (or through array-based beamforming) to compensate for sever pathloss.
Mediatek Inc.


Beam synchronization methods for beamforming wireless networks

Inter-cell coordination to avoid/minimize inter-cell interference in a beamformed mmwave network is proposed to enhance the detection probability of beam pattern indicator. A base station first obtains beacon signal transmission information of neighboring base stations.
Mediatek Inc.


Cmos tuner and related tuning algorithm for a passive adaptive antenna matching network suitable for use with agile rf transceivers

A novel and useful adaptive antenna tuner and associated calibration mechanism for passive adaptive antenna matching networks. The tuner is suitable for use with cellular antennas and in one embodiment uses mems based tunable devices.


Wide range transimpedance amplifier

One aspect of this disclosure is a transimpedance amplifier circuit with multiple resistive feedback loops can be implemented with multiple kelvin sensing channels. A transimpedance amplifier and multiple kelvin sensing channels can be implemented on a single die having multiple contacts, such as pins, for connecting multiple resistors to the kelvin sensing channels.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Convolutional, long short-term memory, fully connected deep neural networks

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for identifying the language of a spoken utterance. One of the methods includes receiving input features of an utterance; and processing the input features using an acoustic model that comprises one or more convolutional neural network (cnn) layers, one or more long short-term memory network (lstm) layers, and one or more fully connected neural network layers to generate a transcription for the utterance..
Google Inc.


System, method and apparata for secure communications using an electrical grid network

A secure communications and location authorization system using a power line or a potion thereof as a side-channel that mitigates man-in-the-middle attacks on communications networks and devices connected to those networks. The system includes a power grid server associated with a substation, or curb-side distribution structure such as a transformer, an electric meter associated with a structure having electric service and able to communicate with the power grid server, a human authorization detector input device connected to the electric meter and the power grid server.


Distributed currency dispensing across automated teller machine networks

Apparatus and methods for distributed currency dispensing across automated teller machine (“atm”) networks are provided. In response to a malfunction component of an atm, a customer may be directed to continue a banking transaction at another location.
Bank Of America Corporation


Sponsored search queries on online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, from a client system of a first user, a text query inputted by the first user, generating a plurality of structured queries based on the text query, each structured query comprising references to one or more objects associated with the online social network, wherein at least one of the structured queries is a sponsored query comprising a reference to an object associated with an advertiser, and sending, to the client system responsive to receiving the text query, one or more suggested structured queries for display to the first user, wherein at least one of the sent structured queries is a sponsored query.. .
Facebook, Inc.


Content based recommendation system

A media control system enables a device-agnostic and source-agnostic entertainment experience through use of an internet-enabled user device. The user device includes a client application for navigating through media or entertainment content, controlling media devices according to a type of media content selected by the user, and sharing media experiences via social networks.
Peel Technologies, Inc.


Training neural networks on partitioned training data

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for training a neural network. One of the methods includes obtaining partitioned training data for the neural network, wherein the partitioned training data comprises a plurality of training items each of which is assigned to a respective one of a plurality of partitions, wherein each partition is associated with a respective difficulty level; and training the neural network on each of the partitions in a sequence from a partition associated with an easiest difficulty level to a partition associated with a hardest difficulty level, wherein, for each of the partitions, training the neural network comprises: training the neural network on a sequence of training items that includes training items selected from the training items in the partition interspersed with training items selected from the training items in all of the partitions..
Google Inc.


Efficient and scalable systems for calculating neural network connectivity in an event-driven way

Systems and methods achieving scalable and efficient connectivity in neural algorithms by re-calculating network connectivity in an event-driven way are disclosed. The disclosed solution eliminates the storing of a massive amount of data relating to connectivity used in traditional methods.
Thalchemy Corporation


Shape recognition using partial shapes

Shape recognition is performed based on determining whether one or more ink strokes is not part of a shape or a partial shape. Ink strokes are divided into segments and the segments analyzed employing a relative angular distance histogram.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Constructing queries using query filters on online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a first search query including a selection of a first query-domain. The first query-domain may correspond to a first object-type.
Facebook, Inc.


Bypassing failed hub devices in hub-and-spoke telecommunication networks

In an embodiment, a method comprises using a first hub device: establishing one or more secure connections with one or more spoke devices logically arranged as spokes with respect to a data processing system; generating and sending via a high-speed link a hub probe to a second hub device; in response to determining that the second hub device is nonresponsive, transmitting, to the one or more spoke devices a first communication indicating that the second hub device is nonresponsive; using a spoke device, receiving the first communication indicating that the second hub device is nonresponsive; determining whether the spoke device has established a secure connection with the second hub device; in response to determining that the spoke device has established the secure connection with the second hub device, selecting a third hub device, establishing a secure connection with the third hub device, and communicating with the third hub device.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Facilitating installation of fiber optic networks

An optical network includes an optical cable arrangement including optical fibers that define optical lines; an indexing terminal disposed at an intermediate location along the optical cable arrangement; a splitter terminal disposed external of the indexing terminal; and an output cable. The optical lines are indexed at the indexing terminal so that at least one of the optical lines drops off at the indexing terminal.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.


Power network reduction and simulation in time and frequency domains to calculate voltage drop

In the present invention the issue of calculating voltage drop at the contact points of the power network with injected power currents is proposed. The method consists of the three steps.


Energy storage system for increasing the flexibility of power plants

Provision of electricity to an electrical grid is controlled such that the electricity supply from the power plant is reduced to the current electric power demand by charging a thermal energy store(s). As a result, the provision of electricity by renewable energy sources to the electrical grid can be given precedence.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Network controllable pressure governor

One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for a fire apparatus pump pressure governor. The system may comprise a controller that is configured to receive from, and provide instruction or data to, other control devices to facilitate in controlling of the pressure of a fire apparatus pump and fluid supply, both to and from the pump.
Akron Brass Company


Light-activated cation channel and uses thereof

The present invention provides compositions and methods for light-activated cation channel proteins and their uses within cell membranes and subcellular regions. The invention provides for proteins, nucleic acids, vectors and methods for genetically targeted expression of light-activated cation channels to specific cells or defined cell populations.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Automatic and decentralized commissioning of replacement lighting units

Lighting units, lighting systems, and methods are described herein for automatic and decentralized commissioning of a replacement lighting unit (140, 150, 250). In various embodiments, a replacement lighting unit may receive, from one or more remote lighting units over one or more communication networks, one or more identifiers associated with the one or more remote lighting units.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Out-of-service scan optimization using broadcast neighbor list information in wireless communications

Aspects of the present disclosure provide an improved out-of-service (oos) scan method that can increase the speed of acquiring service while avoiding unnecessary full scan, thus reducing scan time and/or power consumption of a user equipment. In one aspect of the disclosure, if a user equipment fails to acquire service after scanning a most recently used (mru) list, the user equipment scans for the networks or cells stored in a neighbor list before performing a wider scan or a full scan..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Home-based router with traffic prioritization

Systems and methods provide for traffic prioritization in a wi-fi router which may have separate private and public networks. A software prioritization engine component may inspect incoming data packets, may assign a priority value to each packet according to prioritization rules, and may distribute each packet into an output queue accordingly.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.


System and adaptive cooperation mode selection strategies for wireless networks

Embodiments are provided for adaptive user equipment (ue) cooperation mode selection in wireless networks. An adaptive ue cooperation strategy is implemented, which adaptively switches between a decode-and-forward (d&f) mode and a soft ue combining mode that involves combining, at the tue, signals from multiple cooperating ues (cues).
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Modifying parameters of a wireless access node

A capability for modifying parameters of a wireless access node is provided. The capability for modifying parameters of a wireless access node may support use of parameter monitoring and computation functions to jointly improve or optimize capacity for voice and data users in wireless networks.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Method and system for assisting user devices in performing interference cancellation in ofdma wireless communication networks

A system and method are provided for assisting user devices in performing ofdma downlink interference cancellation, in which an interfering base station transmits a downlink signal in a first slot and a second slot, both slots including cell reference signals (crss) for physical channel estimation, the crs of the second slot is modified to indicate encoded values of parameters characterizing the physical channel according to an encoding procedure, the slots are received by a served user device that detects the physical channel parameters carried by dedicated control signalling and encodes them by the encoding procedure, an unchanged crs is reconstructed, and the slots are received by an interfered user device obtaining the encoded values and comparing to parameter patterns indicating absence of modifications in the crss, wherein if the encoded values are different from the patterns, the interfered user device decodes them to perform interference cancellation of the downlink signal.. .
Telefonica, S.a.


Method for establishing a strategy for saving the energy of mobile terminal batteries

A battery sharing method to increase the service life of the batteries of pmr terminals having important uses, such as the terminal of the head of a group such as the police, firefighters, or the like, is disclosed. The technique is based on the detection of neighboring networks and/or neighboring nodes.
Cassidian Sas


Methods, systems and computer program products for network-controlled selection of radio access networks

There is provided a method of operating a wireless communication device to facilitate selection among a set of two or more radio access networks, rans, the wireless communication device being served by one of the rans in the set, the method comprising receiving (1010) a network selection policy from a server; evaluating (1020) the network selection policy; and transmitting (1030) information indicating a result of the evaluation of the network selection policy to the ran serving the wireless communication device.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method and use in network selection

A method includes causing a user equipment to use one or more wireless local area networks based on cellular network information for a wireless cellular network indicating that a user equipment has restricted access to said wireless cellular network.. .
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


System and network based ip flow mobility without ue based signaling

Methods apparatus and systems providing a mechanism for policy-based steering of user flows/applications via paths traversing different access networks between multi-homing user equipment (ue) and a gateway device in a manner avoiding ue signaling, wherein the ue address is the same for each path, and wherein the same flow/application paths are selected by both the ue and the gateway device in accordance with-based criteria.. .
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Connection setup for heterogeneous cellular communication networks

A connection setup method of a wireless communication device adapted to be operated in a heterogeneous cellular communication network is disclosed. The heterogeneous cellular communication network comprises at least a first cell and a second cell, respectively associated with a first cell layer and a second cell layer of the heterogeneous cellular communication network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Erisson (publ)


Handover in heterogeneous radio communication networks based on systematic imbalance differences

Presented is an apparatus and methods for determining if a determined systematic imbalance difference between a serving base station and one or more candidate base stations exceeds a threshold value and, if so, then using uplink information as part of a handover mechanism. The selective usage of uplink information in the handover mechanism can improve handover performance without unduly adding to complexity and signaling overhead..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Enhanced mobility robustness optimization

Methods, apparatus and computer program products are disclosed for enhancing mobility robustness optimization in self optimizing networks. Neighbor relation information indicating relations between a handover source cell and candidate handover target cell(s), each including a first counter indicating events of an unsuccessful handover of a user equipment from the handover source cell to one candidate handover target cell, and a second counter indicating events of connection re-establishment attempt of the user equipment to the candidate handover target cell after an unsuccessful handover to another cell.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Systems and methods for improved network scanning for quality of service applications

A user equipment (“ue”) that performs methods to connect to multiple radio access networks (ran) including a home network rans and roaming rans to perform communications. An exemplary method performed by a ue initially connected to a long term evolution radio access network (lte-ran) of a home network and registered with a voice over lte (volte) service of the home network to perform voice communications via the lte-ran, includes detecting a service disrupting event preventing volte communication with the lte-ran, deregistering from the volte service of the home network, scanning for available bands in the lte-ran of the home network and while scanning for the available bands in the lte-ran of the home network, connecting to a further radio access network (ran) of the home network that allows circuit-switched communications with the home network, wherein the ue performs voice communications as circuit-switched communications via the further ran..
Apple Inc.


Mobile cellular networks

Multiple mobile cellular network (mcn) communication systems can be networked together to form a network of mcn communication systems (nom). Each mcn communication system within the nom can operate as an independent cellular network to provide communications between user equipment within a covered area.
Oceus Networks Inc.


Wide area network access management computer

A system and method for connecting a classified internet protocol (ip) network to a public ip network including an unclassified computing device. The unclassified computing device is a wide area network access management computer which directly connects to a national security agency (nsa) high assurance internet protocol encryptor (haipe) device and interfaces between the ip network and the classified ip network.
Kct Holdings, Llc


Device and information about plmn id

A mobile station (110) for use in a radio access network, ran (102), connected to a core network (101) in which there is one or more public land mobile networks, plmns (103, 104, 105). The mobile station (110) is arranged to select one of said plmns (103, 104, 105), and is arranged to communicate with its ran (102) by means of radio link control, rlc, data blocks.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Advertising and profiling user location to unified communication suite in enterprise wireless networks

The present disclosure discloses a method and a network device for advertising and profiling user location to unified communication suite in enterprise wireless environments. Specifically, a network device can determine a location of a first client device corresponding to a user.
Aruba Networks, Inc.


Local peer-to-peer network for providing recommendations and enforcing security policies

A recommendation for a user is generated in response to a user request. The recommendation can pertain to whether a user should download and install a mobile device application and is based on a number of responses received from other mobile devices within a specified distance from the mobile device at which the recommendation was requested.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method and system for video error correction

In real-time video applications, where unreliable networks are commonplace, corrupted video packets can affect adversely the visual quality. In this patent application, we present an improved method and system for video error correction based on maximum likelihood.
Socovar, Limited Partnership


Systems and methods for improving informal problem solving networks

The present invention is a system that: assists network-level interests in analyzing of the effectiveness of informal problem solving networks; provides data and analysis to network-level interests that can be used to justify the development and implement of improvements to the informal problem solving networks; and makes it easier for network-level interests to work in partnership with network participants to develop improvements to the network by enabling network-level interests to evaluate the impact of improvements to the informal problem solving networks.. .
Sorian Llc


Event-driven synchronization in snmp managed networks

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method for synchronizing data in a management database on a network node, the method carried out by an agent on the network, the method including storing an index associated with a relevant variable and a list of at least one indices associated with at least one dependency variables associated with the relevant variable; detecting a status change in the relevant variable; constructing an update notification including status information for the relevant variable and each of the at least one dependency variables; and sending the update notification.. .
Alcatel-lucent Canada, Inc.


Non-overlay resource access in datacenters using overlay networks

Various embodiments relate to a method, device, and machine-readable storage medium including: exchanging messages between a virtual machine and the overlay network; identifying a request message transmitted by a virtual machine supported by the server as requesting an underlay resource that is inaccessible via the overlay network; sending a proxy request to the underlay resource via the underlay network; receiving, at the server, at least one message from the underlay resource in response to the proxy request; and forwarding the at least one message to the virtual machine based on determining that the virtual machine previously requested the underlay resource.. .
Alcatel-lucent Usa, Inc.


Data analytics for adaptive networks

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a method in which first performance data and second performance data are obtained for a first virtual machine and a second virtual machine on a network, the performance data is analyzed, performance of the first virtual machine is predicted, and a performance trend for the first virtual machine is determined. Performance of the second virtual machine is predicted in accordance with analyzing of the second performance data and a potential transfer of execution of an application from the first virtual machine to the second virtual machine.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Optimizing synchronization of audio and network tasks in voice over packet switched networks

A user equipment device (ue) comprises physical layer circuitry configured to transmit and receive radio frequency electrical signals with one or more nodes of a radio access network, an audio subsystem configured to generate frames of audio data, and processing circuitry. The processing circuitry is configured to calculate a time delay from generation of an audio data frame by the audio subsystem of the ue device to transmission of an audio data packet by the physical layer circuitry during a voice call, and decrease the time delay to a delay value that preserves a specified minimum time for delivery of the generated audio data frame to the physical layer circuitry to meet a scheduled transmission time of the audio data packet..
Intel Corporation


System and configuring communication session

Disclosed is a system for configuring a communication session. The system comprises a plurality of operator devices associated with a plurality of sales operators.
Giosg.com Oy


Secure policy portal for remote storage networks

A system for securely managing uploaded content according to client-definable policies in remote storage configurations may include a content storage network with servers that are distributed in a plurality of geographic regions. The system may also include a policy engine that stores and processes policies that govern how content uploaded to the content storage network is stored.
Limelight Networks, Inc.


Targeted attack discovery

A device may receive usage information, associated with a group of client networks, including particular usage information associated with a particular client network. The device may receive threat information, associated with the group of client networks, including particular threat information associated with the particular client network.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Hash-based forwarding in content centric networks

A method implemented by a network element (ne), comprising obtaining a first mapping between a first content name identifying a content data in a content centric network (ccn) and a first hash value of at least a portion of the first content name, wherein the first content name comprises a character string in a hierarchical namespace, receiving, via a receiver of the ne, an initial packet comprising an initial hash value from the ccn, determining, via a processor the ne, that the initial hash value in the received initial packet matches the first hash value in the obtained first mapping, replacing, via the processor, the initial hash value in the received initial packet with the first content name in the matched first mapping to produce a translated initial packet, and forwarding, via a transmitter of the ne, the translated initial packet comprising the first content name to a connected end host.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Fast smart card logon

Methods and systems for faster and more efficient smart card logon and for giving a client device full domain access in a remote computing environment are described herein. Fast smart card logon may be used to reduce latency and improve security.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Data encryption, transport, and storage service for carrier-grade networks

A method, a system, and a non-transitory storage medium for storing user preferences pertaining to a data encryption service that provides on-demand encryption for data in-flight and at rest; receiving data from a user device; determining whether to invoke the data encryption service based on the data and the user preferences; generating a key to encrypt the data based on determining that the data encryption service is to be invoked; generating a first message that includes the data, the key, and data indicating where encrypted data is to be stored; establishing a secure connection with a device; and transmitting the first message to the device via the secure connection.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Network gateway apparatus

A network gateway apparatus which adds encryption to easily implement secure communication without affecting network environment settings includes two network interface cards to communicate on two networks. The processor of the network gateway apparatus initializes communications through the network interface cards and uses a tcp/ip protocol stack to communicate through the network interface cards.
Into Co., Ltd.


Application aware multihoming for data traffic acceleration in data communications networks

A method for application aware multihoming with multipath tunneling protocols is provided. A message client data packet is classified based an application from which the data packet originated.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Network embedded framework for distributed network analytics

A network analytics controller is established in a network. The network includes a plurality of nodes.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Scalable metering for cloud service management based on cost-awareness

Systems and methods are provided to support service management in cloud computing networks. For example, a method for managing a computing platform includes provisioning a plurality of virtual machines across a plurality of computing nodes of a computing platform, wherein the provisioned virtual machines are configured to execute service workloads to provide one or more services to customers, and utilizing one or more of the provisioned virtual machines which execute the service workloads to further perform service management operations for managing the computing platform.
International Business Machines Corporation


Virtualized on-demand service delivery between data networks via secure exchange network

In one embodiment, a method comprises determining, by a network edge device in a first autonomous network, whether a second network edge device in a second autonomous network is authorized to submit a service request to the first autonomous network, the service request associated with one of providing or consuming an identified network-based service; identifying, by the network edge device within the first autonomous network, a third network edge device in a third autonomous network and identified as responsive to the service request for the identified network-based service; and sending instructions for establishing a secure communications between the second network edge device and the third network edge device via a data network distinct from the first, second, or third autonomous networks, for establishment of the identified network service between the second autonomous network and the third autonomous network via the data network.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and system for inter-cell interference coordination in wireless networks

A method, system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium for managing inter-cell interference in a wireless network is provided. The method may be executed by at least one processor at a small cell gateway and may include receiving, uplink interference power corresponding to a first small cell base station (scbs).
Wipro Limited


Optical interconnection methods and systems exploiting mode multiplexing

Optical solutions to address and overcome the issues of superseding/replacing electrical interconnection networks have generally exploited some form of optical space switching. Such optical space switching architectures required multiple switching elements, leading to increased power consumption and footprint issues.


Method for supporting sncp over packet network

A method is presented for supporting sncp over a packet network connecting to two sdh sub-networks and transporting one or more sdh paths that are sncp-protected in both sdh sub-networks. The packet network connects to each of two sub-network interconnection points by a working path and a protection path.


On-chip impedance network with digital coarse and analog fine tuning

System and method for providing precision a self calibrating resistance circuit is described that provides for matching a reference resistor using dynamically configurable resistance networks. The resistor network is coupled to the connection, wherein the resistor network provides a configurable resistance across the connection.


Drive circuit for reverse-conducting igbts

A drive circuit includes a first output node for connection to the control electrode of the semiconductor switch, a voltage supply circuit, and a first switching stage connected to the voltage supply and a second switching stage connected to the voltage supply. A first resistor network is connected between the first switching stage and the first output node.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Telematics system, methods and two-way data communication between vehicles in a fleet and a fleet management system

Programmable telematics systems, methods and apparatus for two-way transmission of data and information between fleet vehicles and a fleet management system. The systems and methods employ a programmable telematics communications unit (tcu) configured to connect to the obd ii port of a vehicle, enabling two-way transmission of data and information between a fleet management system and vehicles in the fleet.
Avis Budget Car Rental, Llc


Methods and systems for wagering games

A method of administering a wagering game includes accepting an ante wager to participate in a commission-free pai gow poker game and accepting an optional side wager from at least one player. Randomized physical cards from a set of cards comprising at least one 52-card deck of standard playing cards are dealt to provide a seven-card hand to the at least one player and a seven-card hand to a dealer.
Bally Gaming, Inc.


Systems and methods for transferring digital assests using a de-centralized exchange

Systems and methods for transferring digital assets amongst a network of distributed users without the need to transfer the assets to an external party, such as an escrow agent, are provided. The transferring of assets may be in the form of electronic transactions between pluralities of currencies or assets.
Raistone, Inc.


Systems and methods to generate shoppable content and increase advertising revenue in social networking using contextual advertising

Methods and systems for increasing potential advertising revenue by incorporating shopping cart links into social media posts. The method may include receiving an input indicating a user request to add a shopping cart link to a social networking post associated with a user making the user request, the social networking post to be posted to one or more social networks, determining a cost for placing the shopping cart link in the social networking post, providing the determined cost to the user, receiving confirmation from the user to add the shopping cart link to the social networking post, and adding the shopping cart link to the social networking post.
Mavatar Technologies, Inc.


Theme based advertising

Various embodiments of the present disclosure are related to leveraging mobility management techniques implemented in mobile networks to distribute advertisements to mobile devices. In certain embodiments of the present disclosure, based on the location of a mobile device, an advertisement is provided for a service associated with the location of the mobile device, wherein the advertisement includes a map of a path from the location of the mobile device to a location of a service provider of the service associated with the location of the mobile device.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Transportation network solution

The transportation network solution “tns” represents a major innovation to the current transportation management processes, technologies and networks that procure transportation based on carrier provided contract rates. The tns benchmark rate table, tns rule engine and the tns transportation providers network comprise an integrated process to enable a shipper to secure transportation capacity in a more cost competitive and comprehensive basis.


Inferring intent in hybrid networks

A method of inferring intent in a hybrid network includes monitoring communications in the hybrid network between a plurality of members, triggering an estimation of an intent of one or more members of the hybrid network, estimating the intent, determining a confidence level of the intent, and triggering an action based on the confidence level.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Association- and perspective-based content item recommendations

Many content systems (e.g., social networks) present to a user a set of content items posted by other individuals. The user may selectively view content items that reinforce and are consistent with the user's perspective, creating an “echo chamber” effect.
Yahoo!, Inc.


Polling based synchronization in managed networks

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method for managing the synchronization of data in a management database on a network node, the method including receiving an update request including one or more requested variables and an update tracking value, wherein each requested variable includes a requested variable identifier; determining a set of updated variables, wherein each updated variable includes an update indicator greater than the update tracking value, an updated variable identifier indicating at least one of the requested variables, and an updated variable value; and sending an update response including for each of the set of updated variables, the updated variable identifier and the updated variable value.. .
Alcatel-lucent Canada, Inc


Information integration and assessment

Aspects of information integration and assessment are described. In one embodiment, one or more individuals are identified for information research.
Airwatch Llc


Methods and systems for creating and using a location identification grid

A method and system for generating a location identifier using a location code and a grid coordinate. The location code corresponds to a defined geographical area, such as a postal code or an area code.
United States Postal Service


Electronic presentation repository and interface

Embodiments of the invention include techniques for storing and managing repositories of electronic presentation documents. Presentation storage repositories may be implemented in various storage systems including individual computer servers, distributed storage networks, cloud-based storage systems, and the like.
Oracle International Corporation


Deduplicated data distribution techniques

In connection with a data distribution architecture, client-side “deduplication” techniques may be utilized for data transfers occurring among various file system nodes. In some examples, these deduplication techniques involve fingerprinting file system elements that are being shared and transferred, and dividing each file into separate units referred to as “blocks” or “chunks.” these separate units may be used for independently rebuilding a file from local and remote collections, storage locations, or sources.
Code 42 Software, Inc.


Vlf band sensor array for power distribution networks

An apparatus, network system, and method for detecting network phenomena of a power distribution network. A signal injection device adapted to be connected to the power distribution network injects a signal having signal parameters onto the power distribution network.
Aclara Technologies Llc


Wireless powered electrochromic windows

Electrochromic windows powered by wireless power transmission are described, particularly, the combination of low-defectivity, highly-reliable solid state electrochromic windows with wireless power transmission. Wireless power transmission networks which incorporate electrochromic windows are described..
View, Inc.


Methods and systems for creating and using a location identification grid

A method and system for generating a location identifier using a location code and a grid coordinate. The location code corresponds to a defined geographical area, such as a postal code or an area code.
United States Postal Service


Systems and methods for managing interaction with controllable lighting networks

Systems and methods for managing interaction with controllable lighting networks are disclosed. Particularly, a user's input regarding the user's preferred level of interaction with a controllable lighting network is used in conjunction with memories and processors, to selectively allow the controllable lighting network access to the user's personal data such as the user's identity or the user's personal lighting preferences.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Maintaining continuous sessions in cellular data networks

In one aspect, the application running on mobile device creates a unique identifier. This unique identifier acts as the “permanent address” for sending packets from the proxy server to the mobile application.


Method and device for managing the connectivity of a terminal by means of a mobile server in a telecommunications network

A mobile server for managing the connectivity of a terminal for communicating through one or more communications networks, includes: a terminal communication module to communicate with the terminal; network communication modules to communicate with telecommunications networks; and a storage area, in which connectivity parameter values of the terminal are stored, the values enabling the terminal to be connected to the mobile server. The mobile server is configured to be connected to a plurality of telecommunications networks via the network communication modules, to extract a set of connectivity parameter values of the terminal from the storage area, and to allow or not allow, based on the extracted set of connectivity parameter values, the connection of the terminal via at least one of the terminal communication modules, so that the terminal communicates applicative data through a telecommunications network via the terminal communication module and one of the network communication modules..
Airbus Ds Sas


Network traffic prioritization

Management of throughput, link rate, airtime, access, collision probability and other factors influencing performance of a wireless access point configured to wirelessly support two or more networks over the same radio channel and/or antenna is contemplated. The management may be suitable for use with access points operating according to a distributed coordination function (dcf) based on carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (csma/ca) whereby each device desiring airtime executes a random binary backoff procedure or other suitable contention based process before attempting to access the channel..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.


Virtual busy-tone for full-duplex wireless networks

System and method embodiments are provided for a virtual busy-tone for full-duplex wireless networks. Embodiments provide a mechanism for efficiently eliminating the hidden node problem.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Devices, systems, and/or methods for managing wireless networks

A method includes transmitting a first message during a first time interval of a frame from a device. Transmission of the first message is followed by a second time interval of the frame.
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.


Systems and methods for efficient resource allocation in wireless communication networks

Methods and apparatus for communicating over a wireless communication network are disclosed herein. One method includes determining a total bandwidth for a transmission of a message according to a first specification, the total bandwidth including a plurality of tones, wherein a portion of the total bandwidth is occupied by a transmission according to a second specification different from the first specification.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Inter-operator radio resource sharing in dense deployments of small cell networks

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided resource sharing. In some example embodiments, there may be provided a method, which may include receiving information including location information for at least one cell of a primary resource group, and further including a primary resource being used by the at least one cell; and determining at least one secondary resource group based on the received information.
Nokia Corporation


Compression of internet protocol version 6 addresses in wireless sensor networks

A method for managing internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) addresses in a wireless sensor network is provided that includes storing, on a wireless sensor device in the wireless sensor network, a prefix of an ipv6 address in association with a key, forming an address indicator for the ipv6 address, the address indicator consisting of the key and a node address of the ipv6 address, and storing the address indicator in at least one memory location on the wireless sensor device in lieu of the ipv6 address.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Architecture for radio access network virtualization

Multiple access wireless communication networks/infrastructures are virtualized in telecommunications environments. A system replicates a cell identifier associated with a macro base station device to create a virtual base station device presence for a set of network devices included in the multiple access wireless communication network and thereafter facilitates communication with the multiple access wireless communication network, the set of network devices, and a mobile device through the created virtual base station presence..
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method for deploying a cellular communication network

Methods and systems are provided for optimizing communication networks, such as cellular communication networks. A super-cell may be configured a communication network, with the super-cell comprising a central cell and at least a part of one cell adjacent to the central cell, with antennas of the super-cell comprising one or more antennas of the adjacent cell, and where the configuring of the super-cell comprises arranging the one or more antennas of the adjacent cell to be directed towards the central cell.
Swisscom Ag


Network setup in wide channel wireless local area networks (wlans)

Methods and apparatus for network setup in wide channel wlans are provided. Techniques for co-existence of 20 mhz and 40 mhz networks (e.g., as defined by ieee 802.11n) may be extended to 80 mhz and 160 mhz networks.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Managing selection and triggering of applications on a card computing device

A card computing device may include and manage multiple virtualized universal integrated circuit cards (uiccs) for use with mobile communications. The card computing device may be capable of storing information, and executing applications, for multiple mobile networks (e.g., using multiple virtual uiccs) and of managing switches among those mobile networks.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and apparatus to manage user/device profiles for public safety applications

A method and a profile manager for managing user and device profiles for response to one or more incidents include monitoring inputs related to one or more networks, a plurality of devices, and the one or more incidents; determining application requirements and profile configurations for the plurality of devices based on the inputs from the one or more networks and the one or more incidents; and for each of the plurality of devices, providing applications based on the application requirements if required and providing the profile configurations for operation on the one or more networks during the one or more incidents. .
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Apparatus and methods for content delivery and message exchange across multiple content delivery networks

Methods and apparatus for providing protected content to subscribers of a managed (e.g., mso) network via a content source accessible via an internetwork such as the internet. In one embodiment, a user accesses a programmer website, and requests content.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Image forming apparatus, processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image forming apparatus includes plural communication interfaces, a network service executing unit, a type-of-network determining unit, and a communication interface selecting unit. The network service executing unit executes at least one network service.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Methods and packet acquisition in mixed-rate wireless communication networks

A method of wirelessly communicating a packet includes generating, at a first wireless device, a first packet including a first preamble decodable by a plurality of devices and a second preamble decodable by only a subset of the plurality of devices. The first preamble includes a first signal field.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Bridging relationships across enterprise and personal social networks

A user interface (ui) may be provided that allows a user to connect a first identity in a first social community to another identity in another social community by allowing the user to specify the first identity and another identity. Responsive to a user utilizing the ui, the user may be presented with an option to identify connections in the first social community according to a criteria with members associated with another identity in said another social community.
International Business Machines Corporation


Methods and systems for caching data communications over computer networks

A computer-implemented method and system for caching multi-session data communications in a computer network.. .
Peerapp Ltd.


Method, apparatus and network for multi-domain conference management

A conference management system, network, and method for enabling the management of teleconference resources across multiple telecommunications networks that serve multiple conference domains. A disclosed multi-domain conference manager (mdcm) subscribes to a network management platform and for one or more sets of entities.
Tata Communications (america) Inc.


Virtual hosting device and service to provide software-defined networks in a cloud environment

A hosting system to facilitate a customer of an operator of the system to connect to a cloud provider, the system including: a first cloud exchange co-located with and connected to first cloud provider equipment; a second cloud exchange co-located with and connected to second cloud provider equipment, wherein the first cloud provider equipment and the second cloud provider equipment are of a same cloud provider but at different geographically spaced locations or the first cloud provider equipment is of a different cloud provider than that of the second cloud provider equipment, and wherein the first cloud exchange is connected to the second cloud exchange; and a non-transitory computer readable medium including computer program instructions, the instructions configured to facilitate the configuration of a software-defined network including the first cloud exchange and/or second cloud exchange, wherein the network connects the customer to the first cloud provider equipment and/or the second cloud provider equipment.. .
Nuvem Networks, Inc.


Technique to minimize inter-element bandwidth requirements during data synthesis on large networks

A method of performing a task by a sensor node in a sensor network includes receiving, at a sensor node, a packet from a central source on the sensor network, extracting a network-wide task to be completed from the packet, determining a portion of the task to be completed by the sensor node, the portion of the task comprising an operation to be performed by the sensor, and performing the portion of the task at the sensor node. A system includes a central source, a network of sensor nodes in communication with the central source, each sensor node having a port for receiving and sending packets, a sensor, a local memory, and a processor to extract a network-wide task from the packet, determine a portion of the task to be completed by the sensor node, and complete the portion of the task..
Sri International


Bridging relationships across enterprise and personal social networks

A user interface (ui) may be provided that allows a user to connect a first identity in a first social community to another identity in another social community by allowing the user to specify the first identity and another identity. Responsive to a user utilizing the ui, the user may be presented with an option to identify connections in the first social community according to a criteria with members associated with another identity in said another social community.
International Business Machines Corporation


Services within reverse proxy servers

Embodiments of the invention provide techniques for processing messages transmitted between computer networks. Messages, such as requests from client devices for web services and other web content may be transmitted between multiple computer networks.
Oracle International Corporation


Proxy servers within computer subnetworks

Embodiments of the invention include techniques for processing messages transmitted between computer networks. In some embodiments, messages such as requests and responses for various types of web services, applications, and other web content may be transmitted between multiple computer networks.
Oracle International Corporation

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