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Extensible infrastructure for representing networks including virtual machines

Method for certificate generation and revocation with privacy preservation

Search system and methods with integration of user annotations from a trust network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Networks-related patents
 Systems and methods for managing data assets associated with peer-to-peer networks patent thumbnailSystems and methods for managing data assets associated with peer-to-peer networks
A system and method for targeting content to bittorrent users is presented. The system searches torrent file websites for a torrent file according to specified search criteria and verifies that the torrent file corresponds to a media file containing the copyrighted work.
 Extensible infrastructure for representing networks including virtual machines patent thumbnailExtensible infrastructure for representing networks including virtual machines
One or more embodiments provide an extensible user interface for navigating a graph in a tabular format for which the extensible user interface is arranged in a hierarchy of views. The hierarchy includes an entry point level having at least one extension added by an application, wherein data is displayed when the extensible user interface is initially accessed by the user.
 Method for certificate generation and revocation with privacy preservation patent thumbnailMethod for certificate generation and revocation with privacy preservation
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to methods and systems for generating and revoking, as well as validating, certificates used to protect communications within networks while maintaining privacy protection. In the context of a method, certificate generation and revocation with privacy preservation comprises determining a secret value to be used by a certificate authority and an entity; constructing a key tree based on the secret value, wherein the leaves of the key tree represent derived keys for the certificates for the entity; and generating certificates for the entity based in part on the key tree leaves.
 Search system and methods with integration of user annotations from a trust network patent thumbnailSearch system and methods with integration of user annotations from a trust network
Computer systems and methods incorporate user annotations (metadata) regarding various pages or sites, including annotations by a querying user and by members of a trust network defined for the querying user into search and browsing of a corpus such as the world wide web. A trust network is defined for each user, and annotations by any member of a first user's trust network are made visible to the first user during search and/or browsing of the corpus.
 Method of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks patent thumbnailMethod of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks
Methods and apparatuses for targeting the delivery of advertisements over a network such as the internet are disclosed. Statistics are compiled on individual users and networks and the use of the advertisements is tracked to permit targeting of the advertisements of individual users.
 Healthcare recall management patent thumbnailHealthcare recall management
Various technologies related to managing a medical device recall are implemented. Automated recall functions can facilitate an efficient and effective recall process.
 System, method and apparatus for causal implication analysis in biological networks patent thumbnailSystem, method and apparatus for causal implication analysis in biological networks
Described are methods, systems and apparatus for hypothesizing a biological relationship in a biological system. A database of biological assertions is provided consisting of biological elements, relationships among the biological elements, and relationship descriptors characterizing the properties of the elements and relationships.
 Time code validation and correction for proximity-based ad hoc networks patent thumbnailTime code validation and correction for proximity-based ad hoc networks
A system and method is described herein for managing power consumption by a plurality of sensors in a proximity-based ad hoc network. The system and method receives sensor data that is provided from a plurality of sensors and constructs a proximity-based ad hoc network among the plurality of sensors based on the sensor data.
 Wireless network connectivity prediction based on user patterns and behavior patent thumbnailWireless network connectivity prediction based on user patterns and behavior
Disclosed in some examples is a method including determining a plurality of user locations, the plurality of user locations determined based upon a clustering of wireless networks scanned by a network interface card communicatively coupled to the processor during an active period of the processor; determining a current location of the user, the current location being one of the plurality of user locations; and scanning for a plurality of wireless networks associated with one or more next locations, the one or more next locations selected from the plurality of user locations based upon the current user location and a measured probability.. .
 Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing interworking gateway patent thumbnailApparatus, systems, and methods for providing interworking gateway
Systems and methods are provided that allow inter-working between communication networks for the delivery of service to mobile nodes. A gateway is provided that communicates with a femto cell to extend service to an area that otherwise does not receive coverage from a service provider.
Telecommunications networks
Providing a mobile terminal with system information which enables the terminal to access one of the cells of a cellular telecommunications system includes transmitting from the telecommunications system to all terminals within the cell, including the terminal, a system information indicator that makes available to the terminal system information to provide access to the system. The system information indicator is transmitted on the broadcast channel (bch).
Decoupling wlan selection from plmn/service provider selection
In one or more mobile stations of a wireless communication network, a method for network node selection in a wireless communication system by a mobile entity may include receiving, from a home network, a message comprising a policy associated with network node selection, determining whether the home network policy has precedence over a policy of a visited network based on the message, and selecting a network node based on the policy of the home network, in response to determining the home network policy has precedence over the visited network policy. The policy may include at least one of mobility or routing policies.
Location aggregation system
Exemplary methods and apparatuses are provided that address how to turn visitor location register location data from telecommunications networks into information that can be aggregated across network switches, accessed by a direct query mechanism or via application programming interfaces, and reported upon from a single point of entry without affecting the performance or capacity of the network switches. Specifically, a location aggregation server is provided that is configured to aggregate mobile terminal location data across multiple visitor location registers and to populate a database with the location information, e.g., an identifier of the mobile terminal and an identifier of a new location of the mobile terminal.
Network assisted user association and offloading techniques for integrated multi-rat heterogeneous networks
Methods and systems are described that incorporate joint network assisted offloading and cross-rat (radio access technology) user mapping techniques for integrated multi-rat het-nets. Techniques are described for network based offloading and user association methods for multi-tier, multi-rat hetnets, which account for overall user as well as network utility..
Methods of switching off power of base stations within cellular networks by using message passing, and base stations and cellular network systems using the methods
A method of determining whether to switch off a base station's own power in the base station within a cellular network may comprise: receiving terminal messages having real number values from terminals within cell coverage of the base station; calculating real number values of base-station messages individually regarding the terminals based on the received terminal messages; transmitting the base-station messages having the calculated real number values individually to the terminals; repeatedly performing the receiving, the calculating, and the transmitting until the calculated real number values of the base-station messages are converged to constant values; when the real number values of the base-station messages are converged, calculating a base-station message convergence value, which is one real number value regarding the terminals, based on the converged real number values of the terminal messages; and/or determining whether to switch off the base station's own power based on the base-station message convergence value.. .
Method of connecting networks using wi-fi direct in image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus supporting wi-fi direct, and image forming system
A method of connecting an image forming apparatus to a network via wi-fi direct, including: executing a wi-fi direct function of the image forming apparatus so that the image forming apparatus operates as a soft access point (ap); displaying, when the image forming apparatus is connected to an external wireless device via the wi-fi direct function, an embedded web page provided by the image forming apparatus on the connected wireless device; receiving access information of an infra network, to which the image forming apparatus is to be wirelessly connected, from the wireless device, wherein the access information is input via the displayed embedded web page; and establishing a wireless network connection between the image forming apparatus and the infrastructure network based on the access information received from the wireless device.. .
Wi-fi/bpl dual mode repeaters for power line networks
A method and apparatus for maintaining network connectivity over power lines is disclosed. Such network connectivity is maintained even if various customers are covered by different power line networks or if one or more power lines in a network are unavailable to transmit data.
Global state synchronization for securely managed asymmetric network communication
The present invention provides a system and method is disclosed for the development and maintenance of a globally distributed state session table wherein a plurality of client connections from one network are stored in a plurality of computer systems to track the aforementioned connection to one or more secondary networks. Client connection requests may originate anywhere on the internet and server responses to such client requests may be sent asymmetrically from any other point on the internet.
Apparatus and method for controlling selective use of heterogeneous networks according to unprocessed state of data being streamed
An entity executed in a wireless communication terminal according to the present invention transmits a series of requests to an external server through a first and a second communication network so that selected content can be received being divided between the two communication networks, receives data segments of the selected content transmitted through the two communication networks from the external server according to the series of requests and provides the received data segments to a processing unit intended for playing of content data in order of the data segments, and checks the amount of unprocessed data not yet provided. If the amount of unprocessed data is larger than a predetermined reference value, the entity transmits a series of requests demanding data of the selected content only to the second communication network which is more advantageous for a user form the aspect of cost in using a data service..
Discovering network information available via wireless networks
Network information may be discoverable without requiring a connection to that network. For example, access network query protocol (“anqp”) may allow a device to discover information about a network prior to the device associating with that network.
Authentication using dhcp services in mesh networks
A new device is deployed to an area in which a network is provided. The new device may join the network using a single handshake via a neighboring device that is a member of the network and register with a network management system managing the network.
Methods and apparatus for determining address of a machine type communication device in a wireless network
Techniques, systems and apparatus are described for implementing a framework for an address determination technique for ipv4 addressing of mtc devices behind nats in wireless networks. In one aspect, a method includes determining address for machine type communications (mtc) devices behind network address translators (nats) in a wireless communication network.
Multi-listener wireless medium access method
Collisions in wireless networks may be avoided by limiting competing transmissions at the same time or within a temporally proximate time range. A relay schedule may be transmitted with each frame in a transmission chain, the relay schedule containing transmission time information such that each participating node in the transmission chain has designated transmission times.
Multi-cast optimized medium access method for wireless network
Collisions in wireless networks may be avoided by stacking acknowledge messages, relaying the stacked acknowledge messages, and reducing the number of acknowledge frames transmitted as a result of successful stacked acknowledge message transmissions. Additionally, a blind relay setup may be implemented to increase successful transmission rates such that a relay node in a transmission chain is configured to relay a frame without addressing the relay to a specific node.
Extended discontinuous reception (drx) cycle length in wireless communication networks
Embodiments of wireless communication devices and method for discontinuous reception (drx) mode in wireless communication are generally described herein. Some of these embodiments describe a wireless communication device having a module to cause the wireless communication device to enter the drx mode in an operational state of the wireless communication device.
Duplexing in long term evolution (lte) cellular networks
A duplexing method is provided that combines aspects of frequency division duplex (fdd) and time division duplex (tdd) methods in a network, such as a long term evolution (lte) network. The duplexing method may be implemented on an existing fdd network by replacing the fdd uplink (ul)-only radio frame with a full tdd radio frame having dynamically allocable ul and downlink (dl) sub-frames.
System and method for managing multimedia communciations across convergent networks
The present invention provides for bidirectional or duplex transmission of multimedia content such as live video and/or audio between access devices of a calling party and a called party in a convergent network. The quality of transmission is managed through a convergent communications platform, which periodically tests performance characteristics of network routes in operative communication with the platform, categorizes the network routes based on measured performance metrics, and selects network operators whose network characteristics meet the desired duality parameters of a particular multimedia content to be transmitted (e.g., real time high definition video conference).
Communication protocol for wireless sensor networks using communication and energy costs
A system, method, apparatus and software are disclosed for data communication within a wireless sensor network comprising a plurality of sensors and a base station, with the sensors organized into a plurality of clusters. Each sensor is to determine a communication cost comprising an amount of power or energy required for the sensor to communicate with all other sensors within its selected cluster, and to select a sensor having a lowest communication cost as a cluster head sensor.
Flow management for data streams over cellular networks
Methods and systems for data flow control include establishing a first connection between a gateway and a network client responsive to a connection request from the network client; establishing a second connection between the gateway and a server specified by the connection request; determining a user class for the network client based on a level of network congestion detected at the gateway based on throughput and round-trip-time delays; modifying a data flow received at the gateway on the second connection to remove data from the flow based on the determined user class of the network client; and transmitting the modified data flow to the network client via the first connection.. .
Methods and systems for automatically rerouting logical circuit data in a data network
A disclosed example method involves identifying a logical failover circuit comprising an alternate communication path in a failover network that is separate from a logical circuit comprising variable communication paths in at least one of a first logical telecommunications network or a second logical telecommunications network and a fixed communication path between the first and second logical telecommunications networks. The failed logical connection is between the first and second logical telecommunications networks.
Systems and methods for generating in-situ carbon dioxide driver gas for use in enhanced oil recovery
The present invention is an in-situ apparatus for generating carbon dioxide gas at an oil site for use in enhanced oil recovery (eor). The apparatus includes a steam generator adapted to boil and superheat water to generate a source of superheated steam, as well as a source of essentially pure oxygen.
System and method thereof for mitigating denial of service attacks in virtual networks
A method for efficient mitigation of denial of service (dos) attacks in a virtual network. The method maintains a security service level agreement (sla) guaranteed to protected objects.
Managing virtual computing testing
Systems, methods, and interfaces for the management of virtual machine networks and other programmatically controlled networks are provided. Hosted virtual networks are configured in a manner such that a virtual machine manager of the virtual network may monitor activity such as user requests, network traffic, and the status and execution of various virtual machine instances to determine possible security assessments.
Protecting networks from cyber attacks and overloading
Packets may be received by a packet security gateway. Responsive to a determination that an overload condition has occurred in one or more networks associated with the packet security gateway, a first group of packet filtering rules may be applied to at least some of the packets.
User authentication systems for remote computers, internet applications and online services
A system for authenticating users to a remote computers, networks and applications is provided whereby a user provides a remote system with basic identification, the remote system contacts an authentication server, the authentication system provides the user with one or more graphical challenge interfaces that require a user to select specific locations in one or more graphics to prove his identity, where the user has previously chosen the graphics and specific locations, the graphics and specific locations are stored securely in the authentication server, and successful identification of the preselected locations authenticates the user to the remote computer, networks and/or application.. .
Portable platform for networked computing
In one embodiment, a portable, networked, computing device comprises a processor, a plurality of radios, and a memory. The device may be operable to pair, by at least one of the radios, with a device associated with a user.
System and method for providing a secure book device using cryptographically secure communications across secure networks
A system for integrating access to separate and physically partitioned networks from a single client device is described. The system is interposed between the client device and the networks to allow communication between the client device and the networks, such that data remains partitioned between networks.
Industrial network security
A private overlay network is introduced into an existing core network infrastructure to control information flow between private secure environments. Such a scheme can be used to connect a factory automation network linking operations devices to a corporate network linking various business units, with enhanced network security.
Incremental compliance remediation
Disclosed are various embodiments for enforcing device compliance parameters by inhibiting access to devices, networks or resources. Methods may include associating a compliance rule with a client device.
Systems and methods for distributing audio/video feed of a live event via satellite
In some implementations, a method for distributing content feed of a live event via satellite includes: obtaining media signals for the live event from signal sources, where the media signals comprise audio and visual feed of the live event; converting the media signals into a mixed digital media signal; wirelessly transmitting, using a network protocol, the mixed digital media signal to a satellite uplink device; wirelessly transmitting, using the satellite uplink device, the mixed digital media signal to a satellite; identifying content delivery networks in electronic communication with client devices configured to receive the mixed digital media signal; obtaining the mixed digital media signal from the satellite, using a satellite downlink device; and delivering the mixed digital media signal to the one or more identified content delivery networks, through the satellite downlink device, where the identified content delivery networks further deliver the mixed digital media signal to the client devices.. .
System and method for providing multi-mode wireless data distribution
A distribution system for vehicle information systems and methods for manufacturing and using the same. The distribution system supports both wi-fi- and cellular-based wireless networks for the distribution of selected content to a plurality of handheld devices disposed throughout a passenger vehicle via a bypass system (e.g., a local internet protocol access (lipa) and selected internet protocol traffic offload (sipto) bypass system).
Method for controlling and implementing blackout in iptv networks
A media content broadcast blackout control method, comprising receiving a retune message requesting a blackout of a primary media content broadcast in specific regions, generating a playlist for each region comprising a content key wrapped in a region-specific media key, wherein the content key in the playlists for regions that are not subject to the blackout is configured to access the primary media content broadcast, and the content key in the playlists for regions that are subject to the blackout is configured to access an alternate media content broadcast, providing the playlists to client devices within each region, providing the primary media content broadcast to client devices whose region-specific media key unwraps the content key for the primary media content broadcast, and providing the alternate media content broadcast to client devices whose region-specific media key unwraps the content key for the alternate primary media content broadcast.. .
Upstream/downstream network and/or content delivery apparatus and methods
Apparatus and methods in the field of bi-directional (or interactive) networks. In some embodiments, bi-directional networks which provide, include, and/or enable point-of-purchase options (e.g., to or within displays or plays of media such as movies, television, and/or video).
Responding to a timeout of a message in a parallel computer
Methods, apparatuses, and computer program products for responding to a timeout of a message in a parallel computer are provided. The parallel computer includes a plurality of compute nodes operatively coupled for data communications over one or more data communications networks.
Automatic tap driver generation in a hybrid clock distribution system
A hybrid clock distribution system uses a distribution fabric to distribute clock signals across longer physical distances and local sub-distribution networks to distribute clock signals more locally and to implement logic functions such as clock gating. A set of tap drivers connect the distribution fabric to the sub-distribution networks.

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