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This page is updated frequently with new Networks-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Networks-related patents
 Integration of cellular and wlan systems patent thumbnailIntegration of cellular and wlan systems
A cellular-wlan integration capability is presented herein. The cellular-wlan integration capability provides an integration of a cellular network and a wlan network that supports more efficient routing of downlink and uplink bearer traffic via cooperation of the cellular and wifi interfaces in both the radio access network and at the end user device.
Alcatel Lucent

 Sounding and tone block allocation for orthogonal frequency multiple access (ofdma) in wireless local area networks patent thumbnailSounding and tone block allocation for orthogonal frequency multiple access (ofdma) in wireless local area networks
A first communication device receives sounding feedback packets from a plurality of second communication devices in a group of second communication devices for ofdma communication. Each sounding feedback packet includes beamforming feedback information to be used by the first communication device for beamforming to the corresponding second communication device, and one or more quality indicators corresponding to one or more sub-channel blocks of an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) communication channel associated with the corresponding second communication device.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

 Communications system, infrastructure equipment, communication terminal and method patent thumbnailCommunications system, infrastructure equipment, communication terminal and method
A communications system communicating data to/from a communications terminal includes plural wireless communications networks to transmit/receive signals to/from the communications terminal via wireless access interfaces. The communications terminal receives from an access server selection information for selecting one of the wireless communications networks, for transmitting or receiving the data in accordance with the selection information in combination with one or more determined measurements of the wireless access interface of the wireless communications networks.
Sony Corporation

 Method and system for network node selection based ue agent assisted modification of temporary identity in 3g and 4g networks patent thumbnailMethod and system for network node selection based ue agent assisted modification of temporary identity in 3g and 4g networks
The embodiments described herein relate generally to a method and system for using mobility management entity (mme) or serving gprs support node (sgsn) pooling features depending on whether it is a 3g or 4g network and adding an enhancement in the user equipment (ue) whereby it uses location information (e.g., broadcast public land mobile network identity (plmn id), tracking area (ta), cell identification, global positioning system (gps) coordinates or the like) to decide from which mme or sgsn it should obtain services.. .
Connectem Inc.

 Packet forwarding in wireless networks patent thumbnailPacket forwarding in wireless networks
A wireless network site comprises a base station and a cell site gateway. The cell site gateway comprises a first interface connected to the base station, a second interface connected to a packet network gateway, a forwarding layer, and a third interface connected to a control server to exchange control plane information.
Ofinno Technologies, Llc

 Network access processing method and apparatus patent thumbnailNetwork access processing method and apparatus
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a network access processing method and apparatus. The method includes: receiving traffic information and network load information that are reported by multiple access networks; determining a target access network in the multiple access networks according to the traffic information and the network load information; and when a current access network of a user terminal is different from the target access network: if the user terminal supports an ismp, handing over the user terminal to the target access network; or if the user terminal supports an isrp and it is determined that at least one application on the user terminal can be handed over to the target access network, handing over the at least one application to the target access network.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Adjusting ran capability based on data transport characteristics of a backhaul network in a telecommunication network patent thumbnailAdjusting ran capability based on data transport characteristics of a backhaul network in a telecommunication network
Method and communication network node for enabling a radio base station to adjust a radio access network, ran, capability within a ran, such as handover or scheduling, dependent on a data transport characteristics of a backhaul network, such as data transfer rate, network delay and bandwidth. The ran and the backhaul network are parts of a telecommunication network, and the first communication network node is arranged in the telecommunication network to communicate data between the ran and a core network node in the telecommunication network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and system for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks and computer program thereof patent thumbnailMethod and system for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks and computer program thereof
A method, system and computer program product for identifying the cause of network problems in mobile networks is disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention identify the root cause of problems related to connectivity and poor quality of experience preferably on user devices.
Telefonica Digital EspaÑa, S.l.u.

 Methods and system for performing inter-network handover operations in dynamic spectrum arbitrage system patent thumbnailMethods and system for performing inter-network handover operations in dynamic spectrum arbitrage system
A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system includes a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc) and a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc) that together dynamically manage the allocation and use of resources (e.g., spectrum resources) across different networks. As part of these operations, the dsc may generate a grid-map structure that includes a primary grid structure that identifies telecommunication cells in a geographical area, and monitor the locations of wireless devices with respect to the telecommunication cells of the grid-map structure to determine whether to initiate inter-network handover operations.
Rivada Networks, Llc

 Mobility management method, device, system and computer storage medium patent thumbnailMobility management method, device, system and computer storage medium
Disclosed in the embodiments of the present invention are a method, device and system for mobility management as well as a computer storage medium. The method comprises: reception by an mme of a service command and extraction from same of service information; determining on the basis of said information which wireless networks are accessed by each terminal of a terminal cluster; invoking, on the basis of the wireless network accessed by each terminal of a terminal cluster, the service requested by each such terminal of a terminal cluster..
Zte Corporation


Method and system for establishing rf aware and sst aware communications networks where network aware devices may detect, discover, authenticate and communicate directly with each other, based on such attributes as interests, proximity, or location within or outside of a specified zone

A communications network is provided where devices are assigned either a static or random unique device identifier; where devices may be configured to be in public or private mode; and, where devices are in public mode, they may detect, discover, authenticate and communicate directly with each other, based on such attributes as interests, proximity, or location within or outside a specified zone.. .
Pokos Communications Corp


Networking between voip -and pstn- calls

Programmatically reversing numerical line identity presented at a communications services gateway into named ip telephony users with “prior association”, delivers dynamic “reverse address resolution” switching connections from ground to cloud, permitting any conventional telephone to dial and connect to any associated ip telephony endpoint in the world, without changes to the conventional telephone. Reversing line identity into associated named users bridges both the addressability and economic divide between mass conventional “paying” (mobile and fixed) and “free”.
Starlogik Ip Llc


System and enabling channel access enhancements in existing communication networks

Described herein is a system and method for enhanced channel access in existing communication networks. The system comprising: a first enhanced node comprising a first processor, the first processor configured to: transmit a legacy frame header of a physical layer protocol data unit (ppdu), the legacy frame header comprising an indicator indicating that sub-ppdus will be transmitted during a duration associated with transmission of a legacy ppdu; a second enhanced node comprising a second processor configured to receive the legacy frame header; and a third enhanced node comprising a third processor configured to receive the legacy frame header..
Qualcomm Incorporated


System for bridging, managing, and presenting smartphone and other data files with telephony interactions

A system for interfacing with mobile carrier networks, mobile application-equipped devices, social media networks, and individual and enterprise user's databases, contacts, pictures, videos, and text is disclosed. A data link is connected to a mobile carrier network to receive user application and other data.


Locality based content distribution

A system and method for content distribution are provided. A content provider generates a network topology having one or more subnetworks made up of content sources.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Multimedia sharing method, registration method, server and proxy server

The disclosure provides a multimedia sharing method, a registration method, a server and a proxy server. The server is connected with at least two networks, and is configured to forward a multimedia sharing message between the at least two networks to implement multimedia sharing between equipments in the at least two networks.
Zte Corporation


Method and system for identifying a threatening network

A system and method for identifying a threatening network is provided. The system comprises a network movement before/after algorithm that provides a graphical plot of changes in networks' communications activity from before to after a key event occurs, so that an analyst is able to identify anomalous behavior; a network progression algorithm that provides a graphical plot to analyze behavior in small increments of time without specification or emphasis upon a particular event, so that the analyst is able to see a trend in behavioral changes; a statistical network anomaly ranking algorithm that provides as output a ranked list of the networks; and an anomaly trend graphs algorithm that analyzes and visualizes the networks' anomaly scores over time, so that the analyst is able to see which networks are consistently suspicious, which networks accumulate more suspiciousness in response to an event, and which networks are trending toward more suspiciousness..
21ct, Inc.


Risk management in an air-gapped environment

This disclosure provides for risk management in an air-gapped environment. A method includes collecting data, by a risk manager system, from a plurality of computing devices in an air-gapped environment.
Honeywell International Inc.


System of third party control of network connected devices

A system of controlling one or more building control devices. The system may incorporate receiving from a third party a request for access to a user account at a manufacturer of building control devices, where the user account may be associated with one or more of the user's building control devices from the manufacturer.
Honeywell International Inc.


Point of sale pairing

Wireless pairing is automatically performed based on purchase. By providing a unique identifier of a cellular customer, a wireless device may be automatically paired to a residential wireless network.
At&t Mobility Ii, Llc


System of demand response provider control of network connected devices

A system of controlling one or more building control devices. The system may incorporate receiving from a third party a request for access to a user account at a manufacturer of building control devices, where the user account may be associated with one or more of the user's building control devices from the manufacturer.
Honeywell International Inc.


Multi-stage acceleration system and method

A multi-stage acceleration system improves performance, security, and reduces data transferred for mobile devices using wireless networks by transforming protocols and data into an encrypted form that consumes far less bandwidth, lowers latency, and improves throughput. The multi-stage acceleration system includes multiple stages running on the mobile device and multiple stages running in the cloud that provide security and data reduction for all types of network traffic from and to the mobile client, including but not limited to tcp/ip, udp, http, ssl/tls, imap, pop, smtp etc..
Actmobile Networks, Inc.


Virtualization gateway between virtualized and non-virtualized networks

Methods and apparatus are provided for controlling communication between a virtualized network and non-virtualized entities using a virtualization gateway. A packet is sent by a virtual machine in the virtualized network to a non-virtualized entity.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Methods and a social recruiting network

A system for generating and maintaining a private talent network (ptn) is described. The system allows a company to create and maintain a branded private talent network including a live talent pool of active job seekers and potential job applicants for company positions.
Talentcircles, Inc.


Device and characterization and optimization of multiple simultaneous real-time data connections

A computer implemented system is provided for improving performance of transmission in real-time or near real-time applications from at least one transmitter unit to at least one receiver unit. The system includes an intelligent data connection manager utility that generates or accesses performance data for two or more data connections associated with the two or more communication networks, and based on the current performance data determining current network transmission characteristics associated the two or more data connections, and bonds the two or more data connections based on: a predetermined system latency requirement; and dynamically allocating different functions associated with data transmission between the two or more data connections based on their respective current network transmission characteristics.
Dejero Labs Inc.


Systems and methods for ip sharing across wide area networks

Computer connectivity is dependent on network availability. When networks are offline, relocating systems and data to an available network is an inefficient, time consuming, and error prone process.


Multi-layer network control

[solution] with respect to controlling a multi-layer network formed from networks of a plurality of layers, virtual links (l901-l903) are generated in an upper layer network on the basis of topology information of a lower-order network. If at least one virtual link is included in a given path (f701) in the upper layer network, lower layer paths (l601, l602) corresponding to the virtual link are set in the lower layer network..


Controller for network having substantially fixed topology

Automotive area networks (aan) have a substantially fixed network topology, meaning that the physical media used for communications between devices included in the aan is known. For example, the physical connections within an aan, sometimes provided by wiring harnesses, can include fixed lengths of twisted pairs of wire (“twisted pairs”).
Broadcom Corporation


Tone plans and interleaver parameters for wireless communication networks

Methods and apparatuses for providing wireless messages according to various tone plans can include a method of wireless communication. The method can include generating, at a wireless device, an 80 mhz single-user message for transmission over 996 usable tones including 980 data tones and 16 pilot tones.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method, system and device for the supervision of optical fibres

The present invention describes a method, system and device for supervising a set of optical fibres of an optical network (detecting and locating the failures in deployed optical fibres) which solve some of the problems found in prior art techniques the embodiments of the present invention suggest an innovative approach, which allows to accurately and unambiguously detect and locate failures even in complex point to multipoint optical fibre networks.. .
TelefÓnica, S.a.


Apparatus and method to configure antenna beam width

Using high-beam and low-beam transmission signals that have different antenna tilts, different beam-widths, and different polarizations than one another may provide performance advantages in wireless networks. The high-beam transmission signal and the low-beam transmission signal may have orthogonal polarizations.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Multilevel antennae

A multi-band antenna includes at least one structure usable at multiple frequency ranges. The structure includes at least two levels of detail, with one level of detail making up another level of detail.
Fractus, S.a.


Augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems

The augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“arv”) provides a photo driven ad-platform that transforms digital media placements into immersive and immediately shareable brand-consumer engagements via gps-linked virtual photo components instantiated on a user mobile device. Within embodiments, users may create and share photographs augmented with brands or other images and accompanying messages on various social networks using their smartphones or tablets to earn rewards.
Snaps Media Inc


Enhanced on-demand service functionality implemented in casino gaming networks

Various aspects described or referenced herein are directed to different methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing on demand services in casino gaming establishments utilizing a communications network.. .
Synergy Blue, Llc


Multicommodity calculating market dynamics in health networks systems

A multi-commodity system and method for calculating market dynamics in health network systems are disclosed. The system and method may incorporate a process that computes the influence of several transactional based entities within a business based health architecture.
Pokitdok, Inc.


Multi commodity calculating market dynamics in health networks systems

A multi-commodity system and method for calculating market dynamics in health network systems are disclosed. The system and method may incorporate a process that computes the influence of several transactional based entities within a business based health architecture.
Pokitdok, Inc.


Systems and methods for processing support messages relating to features of payment networks

Systems and methods are provided for processing messages from users, via interactive interfaces, requesting support relating to features of applications available to the users. In connection therewith, the systems and methods normalize and score the user messages, and use the scores, in combination with scores for historical messages or scores for crowdsourced messages, to identify appropriate response messages for transmittal to the users.
Mastercard International Incorporated


Payment networks and methods for processing support messages associated with features of payment networks

networks and methods are provided for processing support messages related to one or more features of a payment network. In connection therewith, a support message is initially received from a customer of the payment network, including text related to an issue encountered by the customer with one or more features of the payment network.
Mastercard International Incorporated


System and method to support identity theft protection as part of a distributed service oriented ecosystem

A system and method to support identity theft protection and, in particular, to a system and method for supporting identity theft protection as part of a distributed service oriented ecosystem in internet protocol (ip) multimedia subsystem (ims) and non-ims networks. The system includes an identity session initiation protocol (sip) application server configured to act as a security assertion markup language (saml) bridge, which allows an sip enabled device or a non-sip enabled device to attach to a telecommunications service provider network.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for end to end encryption of payment terms for secure financial transactions

The present invention provides a means for true end-to-end encryption of the financial terms and payment information for a financial transaction. Through the use of a secure device belonging to a customer, and a corresponding decryption server deployed at a credit card issuing bank, or other trusted authority, it is possible to encrypt transaction in such a way so that no other party can decrypt the information.
Pocket Systems, Inc.


Convolution matrix multiply with callback for deep tiling for deep convolutional neural networks

A method of address translation of images and filters to virtual matrices to perform a convolution by matrix multiplication includes receiving an image and a filter. Each image and filter has a memory address.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Graphical user interface with intelligent icons

A system for signaling coordinated workers in a common goal through intelligent icons transferred across networks to computer screens. The system can comprise one or more electronic data processors.
Synabee, Inc


Assistive vehicular guidance system and method

An assistive vehicular guidance system for locating a spotter vehicle in a target location near a target machine. The guidance system has a positioning system including global positioning sensors on the spotter vehicle and target machine, and user interfaces providing visual and/or auditory cues.
Jaybridge Robotics, Inc.


Incremental map generation, refinement and extension with gps traces

A method for improving and extending an existing road network and generating new networks from statistically relevant amounts of probe data recorded by gps-enabled navigation devices. New probe data is matched to the existing digital vector map, then the data merged into the existing network using a weighted mean technique.
Tomtom Global Content B.v.


Biopolymers having coiled nanostructures and processes incorporating the biopolymers

The present disclosure is generally directed to biopolymers having coiled nanostructures, methods of making those biopolymers, and applications involving those biopolymers. Biopolymers having coiled nanostructures may be produced through a biophysical process by which the shape of a biopolymer macromolecular chain is altered.
Biopolynet Inc.


Automated warehouse storage and retrieval system

A system for the automated storage and retrieval of items in a warehouse which may be installed on current and existing warehouse shelving networks. One or more robotic arms are mounted on moving carriages which traverse the horizontal edge of select shelving systems along guideways mounted along said edges.


Integrated medicine health promotion

An integrated medicine method for treating and preventing disease, and promoting health is established. The integrated medicine method utilizes western medicine, natural medicine, chinese medicine, functional medicine, and bio-energy/bio-information medicine to assess health and provide treatments and health adjustments.
Total Wellness Clinic


Service-based approach to channel selection and network configuration for television white space networks

A method for managing channel selection in a dynamic spectrum management network includes receiving a spectrum allocation request; based on the source of the spectrum allocation request, checking for available channels; based on the source of the spectrum allocation request, collecting sensing and usage data for the available channels; providing the channel usage data to an entity that transmitted the spectrum allocation request.. .
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Mac-d multiplexing in utran hsdpa wireless networks

Utran mac-d multiplexing of data from multiple logical channels to a single mac-d flow is supported while reducing overhead and achieving octet alignment in mac-d pdu length. In one embodiment, the c/t field of a multiplexed mac-d pdu is eliminated, and the logical channels multiplexed into the mac-d flow are mapped to a mac-hs pq in at least the nodeb (and preferably in the ue as well).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Data routing in hybrid wireless communication networks

Data is routed in a mesh network of devices that can communicate wirelessly through a plurality of technologies. One or more of such devices receive broadcast message(s) from a destination device intended to receive the data, and generate a first radio link quality metric (rlqm) value based on the broadcast message(s).
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Performing handover between short-range and cellular wireless networks

Techniques are disclosed relating to a mobile device that initiates handovers from short-range networks to long-range networks. In various embodiments, a mobile device includes one or more radios that communicate using a plurality of radio access technologies (rats) including a cellular rat and a short-range rat.
Apple Inc.


Method and security configuration and verification of wireless devices in a fixed/mobile convergence environment

A system and method is described that enables autonomic discovery of wireless network security mechanisms by mobile devices. Stateful monitoring of wireless devices facilitates identification of pending network connectivity loss, enabling a handoff server to proactively advertise new points of access and their associated security mechanisms to devices before connectivity is lost.
Apple Inc.


Byte caching in wireless communication networks

Various embodiments provide byte caching in wireless communication networks. In one embodiment, a plurality of data packets are received through an internet protocol (ip) data flow established between a wireless communication device and at least one server.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for application controlled network selection between narrowband and broadband wireless networks

A method, apparatus, and system for application controlled network selection between a broadband network and a narrowband network include operating an application with an end device with a narrowband connection to the end device; acquiring a source broadband connection comprising a source broadband network address; negotiating a peer-to-peer broadband connection with the end device utilizing the narrowband connection to communicate the source broadband network address; utilizing the peer-to-peer broadband connection for data associated with the application responsive to successful negotiating; and managing the peer-to-peer broadband connection using the narrowband connection as a control channel therefor. The narrowband connection can include digital mobile radio (dmr), land mobile radio (lmr), project 25 (p25), terrestrial trunked radio (tetra), or the like..
Motorola Solutions, Inc.


Common service device, distribution device, communication network, distribution method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An object of the invention is to provide a common service device cable of broadcast distribution of various types of messages. A common service device (20) according to the present invention aggregates a plurality of application servers (40) and is connected to a plurality of distribution networks (30).
Nec Corporation


Machine type communication (mtc) devices, service networks, and methods for configuring periodic update timers thereof

A machine type communication (mtc) device including a wireless transceiver and a controller is provided. The wireless transceiver performs wireless transmission and reception to and from a service network.
Acer Incorporated


In-band communication channel in optical networks

Systems and methods, for an in-band communication channel in an optical network, include adapting one or more client signals into a line signal for transmission to the second node, and utilizing line adaptation bandwidth of the line signal for the in-band communication channel. The in-band communication channel is operationally independent from the one or more client signals while concurrently being transported together over the line signal.
Ciena Corporation


Otu4 one level de-multiplexing spatial framer for g.709 optical transport networks

A method may include generating, by a device, a set of bit masks associated with locating frame alignment signal (fas) data. The set of bit masks may be utilized by multiple framer circuits associated with identifying a start of one more frames of multiple lower order optical channel data unit (odu) flows multiplexed in a higher order odu flow.
Infinera Corporation


Enterprise data processing architecture with distributed intelligence

The architecture design and functional operation of an enterprise data processing system with distributed intelligence capable of monitoring sensor networked systems and processing large sets of data as required by the application is disclosed in this invention. The system is based on smart sensor/actuator nodes, local processing units, a server, and clients.


System and joint dynamic forwarding and caching in content distribution networks

A system and method for joint dynamic interest request forwarding and dynamic cache placement and eviction and provided within the context of the named data networking (ndn) architecture. The system and method employ a virtual control plane that operates on the user demand rate for data objects in the network, and an actual plane that handles interest packets and data packets.
Northeastern University


Bio-inspired algorithm based p2p content caching wireless mesh networks and system thereof

A bio-inspired algorithm based p2p content caching method and system for mesh networks is provided. The bio-inspired algorithm based p2p content caching method for mesh networks includes the steps of checking a request of a content of a user in a mesh router, and searching the content from the mesh router, which is requested for the content, based on a bio-inspired algorithm..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Content supply apparatus, content supply method, program, terminal apparatus, and content supply system

The present disclosure relates to a content supply apparatus, a content supply method, a program, a terminal apparatus, and a content supply system that allow to provide a receiver with pieces of general required network quality information for respective delivery paths for a case of supplying pieces of content of the same content through a plurality of different delivery paths. A content supply apparatus of the present disclosure delivers streams of content through a plurality of different networks, respectively, according to an adaptive streaming technique, and includes: a generating unit that generates metadata describing qos parameters for the respective plurality of different networks through which the streams are delivered, and condition values of the qos parameters; and a delivering unit that delivers the generated metadata to a receiver.
Sony Corporation


Location-based music content identification

Example techniques disclosed herein relate to location-based media content identification. In an example implementation, a first computing device transmits, over one or more networks to a second computing device, location information indicating a particular location of the first computing device at a given time.
Sonos, Inc.


Network infrastructure obfuscation

A shadow network, which can be a virtual reproduction of a real, physical, base computer network, is described. Shadow networks duplicate the topology, services, host, and network traffic of the base network using shadow hosts, which are low interaction, minimal-resource-using host emulators.
Acalvio Technologies, Inc.


Synchronizing a routing-plane and crypto-plane for routers in virtual private networks

Techniques are presented herein for optimizing secure communications in a network. A router in a virtual private network determines whether or not it has successfully registered with a key server that provides cryptographic keys for routers in the virtual private network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Contextual auto-replication in short range wireless networks

Previously cached data that includes contextual information is transferred between wireless devices. A first wireless device that is highly mobile is arranged to receive data from an external data source for storage on the first wireless device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Mobile network operator (mno) control of wifi qos based on traffic detection and dscp mapping in trusted wlan access and networks

The quality of service of access to an evolved packet core network provided to a user equipment via a trusted wireless local area network is controlled by a mobile network operator via the provision of a quality of service policy to various network devices, monitoring of the character of data flows to and from the user equipment, and adjustment of differentiated service code point marking and 802.11.e user priority according to the policy.. .
Convida Wireless, Llc


Troubleshooting openflow networks

Provided is a method of troubleshooting an openflow network. A test packet is sent to a test node on the openflow network.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


System and on-demand content exchange with adaptive naming in information-centric networks

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for content exchange in an information-centric network (icn). During operation, a first node in the icn receives an interest for a piece of content from a second node.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Techniques for managing telemetry data for content delivery and/or data transfer networks

An application server associated with a content and/or data transfer network executes telemetry framework(s) to monitor telemetry data for client devices over communication networks. The application server instructs one or more client devices associated with the application server to generate telemetry data according to one or more parameters, monitors the telemetry data generated by the one or more client devices when the one or more client devices requests content from a content delivery network associated with the application server, determines a change in a value for the telemetry data, and stores the change in the value for the telemetry data keyed to the one or more parameters in a database..
Ustream, Inc.


Correlating packets in communications networks

A computing system may identify packets received by a network device from a host located in a first network and may generate log entries corresponding to the packets received by the network device. The computing system may identify packets transmitted by the network device to a host located in a second network and may generate log entries corresponding to the packets transmitted by the network device.
Centripetal Networks, Inc.


Dynamic content delivery network allocation system

Particular embodiments allow a content delivery service to dynamically adjust how the service allocates content delivery traffic to multiple content delivery networks (cdns). In one embodiment, the content delivery service may service enough requests for media programs that multiple cdns are used.
Hulu, Llc


Provisioning virtual optical networks

A method of provisioning an optical network may include receiving one or more virtual optical network (von) requests. Each von request may include one or more virtual nodes and one or more virtual links.
Fujitsu Limited


Provisioning virtual optical networks

A method of provisioning a network may include receiving a mapping solution for one or more virtual optical network (von) requests including virtual nodes and virtual links. The mapping solution may include one mapping pattern for each von request and each mapping pattern may include an ordered list of physical nodes.
Fujitsu Limited


A transceiver circuit and controller area networks

A transceiver circuit for operating in a controller area network (can), having a can bus network and a control unit, that supports a flexible data rate (can fd), is described. The transceiver circuit comprises: a transmit can path and a receive can path; an input node on the transmit can path; a detection module operably coupled to the input node on the transmit can path and arranged to receive an input frame from the control unit before the input frame is transmitted on the can bus network and determine whether the input frame on the transmit can path comprises a can fd frame; and at least one switching module, operably coupled to the detection module and coupleable to the can bus network, where the at least one switching module is operable to impart a first voltage value on the can bus network in response to the input frame being determined as comprising a can fd frame..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Operating system supporting cost aware applications

A mobile computing device that supports cost-aware application components for operation over a metered network. A current basis for computing usage charges over one or more networks may be made available to the cost-aware application components through an application programming interface supported by an operating system service.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Adaptive operational full-duplex and half-duplex fdd modes in wireless networks

Methods and apparatus that enable a wireless network system to dynamically change between full-duplex fdd operation and half-duplex fdd operation in order to take advantage of operational aspects of both modes. In one embodiment, an alternative duplex mode of operation is disclosed (semi-static half duplex fdd operation) that enables coordination between the client device (e.g., umts ue) and the base station in order to centralize control of radio resource control (rrc) to the base station.
Apple Inc.


Standards compliant coordinated multi-point scheduling over lte heterogeneous wireless networks

A method and transmitting device are provided for coordinated multi-point transmission scheduling by a transmitting device over one or more heterogeneous wireless networks that include a set of clusters. Each of the clusters has a set of transmission points for serving a set of user equipment devices.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Transceiver suitable for multiple power level operation and method therefor

A transceiver includes a transmit/receive terminal, a receiver input terminal, a plurality of impedance transformation networks coupled in series, a plurality of power amplifiers, and a controller. Each impedance transformation network has first and second ports.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Radio-frequency-to-baseband function-reuse receiver with shared amplifiers for common-mode and differential-mode amplification

According to another aspect of the present disclosure, a radio-frequency-to-baseband-function-reuse receiver with shared amplifiers for common-mode and differential-mode amplification is provided. The receiver includes two set networks connected in parallel.
University Of Macau


Systems and methods for processing coexisting signals for rapid response to user input

Systems and methods for enabling a system to rapidly respond to wireless instructions being transmitted by a personal device over one of several communications networks that share a common rf medium are provided. During operation of the system, certain network communications may take priority over other network communications.
Google Inc.


Long range portable security device that broadcasts alerts upon detecting intrusion early by monitoring vibration

A low power portable vibration detector and a method for alerting a user or authorities irrespective of their proximity when their assets are tampered with is disclosed. The device comprises of a circuit board, an antenna, a speaker, a microphone and a power source all enclosed in a housing.


Methods and systems for recommending agricultural activities

A computer-implemented method for recommending agricultural activities is implemented by an agricultural intelligence computer system in communication with a memory. The method includes receiving a plurality of field definition data, retrieving a plurality of input data from a plurality of data networks, determining a field region based on the field definition data, identifying a subset of the plurality of input data associated with the field region, determining a plurality of field condition data based on the subset of the plurality of input data, identifying a plurality of field activity options, determining a recommendation score for each of the plurality of field activity options based at least in part on the plurality of field condition data, and providing a recommended field activity option from the plurality of field activity options based on the plurality of recommendation scores..
The Climate Corporation


Method and system for monitoring commodity networks through radiofrequency scanning

In the method and system of the present invention, a monitoring device (or monitor) is positioned at a predetermined location for monitoring a pipeline or other component of a network for supply, transfer, or demand of a commodity. A radio receiver of the monitor is used to receive radiofrequency waves from one or more supervisory (or control) devices associated with the network.
Genscape Intangible Holding, Inc.


Event triggered trading

networks, systems and methods for event triggered trading of investment vehicles are disclosed. Orders that are conditioned upon events occurring outside a market may be submitted to an exchange.
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc.


Recurrent neural networks for data item generation

Methods, and systems, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media for generating data items. A method includes reading a glimpse from a data item using a decoder hidden state vector of a decoder for a preceding time step, providing, as input to a encoder, the glimpse and decoder hidden state vector for the preceding time step for processing, receiving, as output from the encoder, a generated encoder hidden state vector for the time step, generating a decoder input from the generated encoder hidden state vector, providing the decoder input to the decoder for processing, receiving, as output from the decoder, a generated a decoder hidden state vector for the time step, generating a neural network output update from the decoder hidden state vector for the time step, and combining the neural network output update with a current neural network output to generate an updated neural network output..
Google Inc.


Apparatus and assessing effects of drugs based on networks

Disclosed is a network-based drug efficacy-assessing method, and an apparatus. The method comprises: computing a score for association between drugs and diseases by means of at least one of drug-adjacency-based inference, disease-adjacency-based inference, and module-distance-based inference; building a classifier for determining whether the drug is associated with the disease, using machine learning in which the score is employed as a feature; and determining the association between the drug and the disease by use of the classifier.
Gachon University Of Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Systems and methods for managing social networks based upon predetermined objectives

Relationship management systems in accordance with embodiments of the invention are configured to provide systematic ways for a user to measure, and manage relationships in the user's social network. One embodiment of the invention includes a relationship management server system, and a database.
Relationship Capital Technologies Inc.


Aggregating news events on online social networks

In one embodiment, a method includes accessing a first set of posts that includes a number of posts of the online social network posted within a first timeframe. In particular embodiments, each post is associated with one or more topics of a number of topics of the online social network.
Facebook, Inc.


Method to maximize message spreading in social networks and find the most influential people in social media

A method is provided to maximize the spreading of information in social networks. The method identifies the most influential nodes by introducing a ranking method based on collective behavior of nodes in a social network.
Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York


Placement and uses of lateral assisting wellbores and/or kick-off wellbores

Improving the flow of hydrocarbons from shale lateral wellbores in unconventional wellbores may be accomplished with various configurations of assisting lateral wellbores and/or kick-off wellbores from primary lateral wellbores and/or secondary or assisting lateral wellbores. By extending fracture networks from adjacent lateral wellbores and/or adjacent kick-off wellbores so that the fracture networks from different wellbores are in fluid communication with one another, the flow of various fluids between the adjacent wellbores provides another dimension of control over the wellbores and fracture networks used to recover hydrocarbons from the shale intervals of interest..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Multi radio wireless lan networks

Systems and methods for improving wireless access point communications are provided. Some embodiments contemplate filtering operations such that two or more radios can be used in the 5 ghz or 2.4 ghz band without interfering with each other.
Netgear, Inc.


Radio node communicating with terminal in communication environment supporting plurality of radio networks, and radio communication method

The present invention relates to radio communications between a terminal, a radio node and a core network in a radio communication system. A radio node, which can form a radio link to a terminal through a first radio interface by a first radio protocol and a second radio interface by a second radio protocol, may transmit, to the terminal, function structure type information about a mobility management-related function which can be performed through the first radio interface by the first radio protocol, form a radio link to the terminal through the second radio interface by the second radio protocol, establish a connection between the terminal and a core network by a non-access stratum (nas) protocol if the terminal requests a connection between the terminal and the core network through the second radio interface, release the radio link, and perform the mobility management-related function through the second radio interface by communicating with the terminal..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method, apparatus, and computer readable medium for multi-user scheduling in wireless local-area networks

Methods, apparatuses, and computer readable media are shown for multi-user scheduling in wireless local-area networks (wlans). A wireless communication device is shown including circuitry to determine a plurality of schedules for each of a plurality of channels for an orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) communication in a wireless local-area network (wlan).
Intel Ip Corporation


Frame structure and data mapping for license assisted access

Methods and apparatus are provided for improved licensed assisted access (laa) networks. A laa subframe is received via an unlicensed frequency band.
Mediatek Inc.


Band preference in wireless networks

Method, systems, and apparatuses are described for wireless communications. More particularly, a wireless station may connect to a wireless network using a first radio frequency (rf) band and detect a signal strength of the first rf band is greater than a roaming threshold.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Management of uplink multi-user transmissions in wireless local area networks

A method, station, and access point for transmitting in a wireless local area network. A method for operating the station includes receiving a beacon signal from an access point in the wireless local area network.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Systems, methods, and devices for signal classification in wireless networks

Embodiments of the disclosure relate to systems, methods, and devices for classification of signals in wireless networks. The method includes generating, by a communication device, one or more symbols comprising differentially orthogonal long training sequences, inserting the one or more symbols in one or more frames comprising a plurality of orthogonal frequency-division multiple access symbols and a payload field, and transmitting the one or more frames to a wireless device.


Efficient communication for devices of a home network

Systems and methods are provided for efficient communication through a fabric network of devices in a home environment or similar environment. For example, an electronic device may efficiently control communication to balance power and reliability concerns, may efficiently communicate messages to certain preferred networks by analyzing internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) packet headers that use an extended unique local address (eula), may efficiently communicate software updates and status reports throughout a fabric network, and/or may easily and efficiently join a fabric network..
Google Inc.


Connectivity augmented services architecture, discovery and connection

Methods, systems, and instrumentalities are described to obtain application-based connectivity. A wireless transmit receive unit (wtru) may, in response to a request to access a connectivity-sponsored application, establish a control connection over a first access network for contacting an application connectivity coordinator.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Intelligent network access control

A method for controlling wireless communication access by wireless devices to wireless communications networks includes establishing, using an intelligent network access controller, one or more targeted coverage areas overlaying portions of a wireless communications network; determining a location of a wireless device relative to a targeted coverage area; locking the wireless device to the intelligent network access controller when the wireless device is located in or near the targeted coverage area; determining an access category for the wireless device; preventing wireless communication access for a first category of wireless devices by maintaining the first category wireless devices locked to the intelligent network access controller; and allowing unlimited wireless communications for a second category of wireless devices, wherein the intelligent network access controller directs the second category wireless devices to attempt registration with the wireless communications.. .
Tecore, Inc.


Control plane extensions for optical broadcast networks

A method for bandwidth management in an optical broadcast network includes signaling, for a new optical broadcast service, from an originating node to all nodes in the optical broadcast network, wherein the signaling identifies a wavelength or portion of spectrum associated with the new optical broadcast service; at each of the nodes, checking for contention by the new optical broadcast service; responsive to identifying contention at one of the nodes, signaling the identified contention back to the originating node; and responsive to no contention at any of the nodes, processing the signaling, storing an update of the new optical broadcast service, and either forwarding the signaling to peer nodes or terminating the signaling.. .
Ciena Corporation

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