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Networking patents


This page is updated frequently with new Networking-related patent applications.

 Directional broadcasting method patent thumbnailDirectional broadcasting method
The current disclosure is directed to broadcasting information among nodes in the network. More specifically, the current disclosure relates to directional networking among nodes in the network.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

 Method and  receiving signal by nan device in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and receiving signal by nan device in wireless communication system
A method for receiving a signal by a neighbor awareness networking (nan) device in a wireless communication system, according to an embodiment of the present invention, comprises the steps of: receiving a nan-related frame from an access point (ap); and obtaining information about the ap from information comprised in the nan-related frame, wherein the information about the ap is comprised in a service id list attribute or a wlan infrastructure attribute.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Wi-fi calling quality of service on trusted wlan networks patent thumbnailWi-fi calling quality of service on trusted wlan networks
Techniques are presented that ensure quality of service (qos) for wi-fi® calling and other internet media services (ims) when a user connects from a carrier-operated public wi-fi network to an ims. A first packet including a domain name system (dns) request received from a wireless mobile device via an access point is intercepted at a networking device.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Apparatus, system and  communicating in a data link group patent thumbnailApparatus, system and communicating in a data link group
Some demonstrative embodiments include apparatuses, systems and/or methods of communicating traffic to a plurality of wireless devices. For example, an apparatus may include logic and circuitry configured to cause a neighbor awareness networking (nan) device to communicate one or more discovery messages during at least one discovery window (dw) of a nan cluster including the nan device; and communicate data within a data link group after the dw, the data link group including the nan device and one or more nan devices of the nan cluster..
Intel Ip Corporation

 Linking multiple entities associated with media content patent thumbnailLinking multiple entities associated with media content
In one embodiment, a method includes determining that media content being viewed by a user comprises a plurality of entities, accessing information indicative of the plurality of entities, and querying a social graph of the social-networking system for social content associated with each of the plurality of entities and one or more other users of the social-networking system. The social graph includes user nodes that are each associated with a particular user of the social-networking system.
Facebook, Inc.

 Sharing television and video programming through social networking patent thumbnailSharing television and video programming through social networking
In particular embodiments, a social tv dongle receives a first video stream from a content source using a first interface and receives social content from a social-networking system using a second interface. The social tv dongle generates a modified video stream using at least the first video stream and the social content and sends the modified video stream to a display device using a third interface..
Facebook, Inc.

 Identifying groups for a social networking system user based on group characteristics and likelihood of user interaction patent thumbnailIdentifying groups for a social networking system user based on group characteristics and likelihood of user interaction
A social networking system selects a set of groups for presentation to a user of the social networking system. To select groups, the social networking system determining scores for various groups representing a likelihood of the user interacting with the groups.
Facebook, Inc.

 Risk assessment using social networking data patent thumbnailRisk assessment using social networking data
Tools, strategies, and techniques are provided for evaluating the identities of different entities to protect individual consumers, business enterprises, and other organizations from identity theft and fraud. Risks associated with various entities can be analyzed and assessed based on analysis of social network data, professional network data, or other networking connections, among other data sources.
Socure Inc.

 Service access method and system, and apparatus patent thumbnailService access method and system, and apparatus
A service access method and an apparatus. A secure transmission proxy apparatus performs verification and management on service permission, which reduces networking costs of a service server side and workload of reconstruction and maintenance of the service server side, and enhances communication security.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 People directory with social privacy and contact association features patent thumbnailPeople directory with social privacy and contact association features
In one embodiment, a social networking system provides people look up service and establish anonymous communication session between users; creates contact association for future communication between users; and configures one or more privacy settings for users.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Client network access provision by a network traffic manager

In one embodiment, a computer implemented method provides a client computing device network access to a private network by a network traffic manager, and the method includes: obtaining context parameters related to a context of the client computing device; selecting as a function of the context parameters one or more policies as selected policies, wherein each policy is associated with one or more network entitlement rules defining network access rules to a networking device or an application in the private network according to the policy; retrieving the one or more network entitlement rules associated with the selected policies; and providing the network traffic manager with the one or more network entitlement rules, thereby providing the client computing device the network access.. .
Cryptzone North America, Inc.

Ensuring predictable and quantifiable networking performance

The ensuring of predictable and quantifiable networking performance includes adaptively throttling the rate of vm-to-vm traffic flow. A receiving hypervisor can detect congestion and communicate messages for throttling traffic flow to reduce congestion at the receiving hypervisor..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Secure, anonymous networking

Some embodiments provide internet access to a local client device, such as a host computer or mobile device, via a configurable misattribution network. A user of the local client device can quickly and easily declare, via a simple user interface, their desired ephemeral node topology and within a small time window, seamlessly access the internet via a bounce/egress tunnel.
Id Vector, Inc.

Dedicated software-defined networking network for performance monitoring of production software-defined networking network

According to one aspect disclosed herein, a performance monitoring sdn controller can translate an intent specified by a performance monitoring application into a flow rule and an action set to be utilized by a performance monitoring sdn element to process a packet flow received from the target sdn network. The performance monitoring sdn controller can provide the flow rule and the action set to a performance monitoring sdn element, which can receive the packet flow from the target sdn network and can analyze the packet flow in accordance with the flow rule to match the packet flow to an action included within the action set.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Traffic analysis system using wireless networking devices

A traffic monitoring system (400) includes a network of geographically distributed sensors (401-403). The sensors (401-403) provide raw or preprocessed data to a processing system (405) based on received long range wireless signals (e.g., 2.4 ghz, 5.8 ghz, or 5.9 ghz spectrum).
Acyclica Inc.

Classified relation networking optimization platform in open wireless architecture (owa) mobile cloud terminal device

A fully user-centric mobile relation networking management of business networking, personal networking and general social networking for mobile terminal device with relation networking services adaptively and securely optimized by converged wireless connections based on open wireless architecture (owa) mobile cloud infrastructure powered by mobile dna to enable highly secured relation networking with geographic location properties of mobile users and mobile devices for media contents to be delivered through business relation networking and personal relation networking as well as delivered through any on-line platforms across internet.. .

Cognitive marketing based on social networking of positive reviewers

A method for online marketing provides that one or more processors receive content from an online social media site that is a review of a product of a product type. One or more processors determine a reviewer of the content that generates at least one positive review associated with the product of the product type and determines a reputation score of the reviewer based, at least in part, on the quantity of positive reviews and response data associated with the positive reviews, and one or more processors determine whether the reputation score of the reviewer of the at least one positive product review meets a predetermined threshold condition..
International Business Machines Corporation

Global networking system for real-time generation of a global business ranking based upon globally retrieved data

A networking system for real-time generation of a global business ranking based upon country specific data retrieved from at least a plurality of countries, the system comprising: a plurality of country data collection systems, wherein the country specific data is collected from a plurality of country sources; a transformation engine which receives and categorizes the collected data into at least one selected from the group consisting of: country trade data, country financial data and country derogatory information; a data/attribute repository which merges the country trade data, country financial data and/or country derogatory information with data from a global database, macro score data and/or signal score data to form merged data, and sorts the merged data into at least one selected from the group consisting of: global trade data, global financials data and global derogatory information; and a global business ranking processor which retrieves any of the global trade data, global financials data and/or global derogatory information on a real-time basis and generates the global business ranking for a particular business entity.. .
The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation

Method and system for leveraging the power of one's social network in an online marketplace

Methods and systems for leveraging one's social network in the context of an opportunities marketplace are described. One aspect of the invention involves integrating social networking features into an online marketplace, or exchange.
Linkedin Corporation

Systems and methods for forming a group using a dedicated database

Systems, methods, and computer program products for forming a travel group. A first travel record containing a travel reservation for a first social network user is stored in a database.
Amadeus S.a.s.

Computerized offline social recommendations

Offline social recommendation systems, interactions, interfaces, and methods are disclosed for utilizing user interests and characteristics in the generation and selection of recommendations for offline social networking. An interpersonal network manager maintains data on user characteristics and interests, and updates this data based on direct feedback and inferences drawn from various kinds of user-associated information.
Steven Wu

Matching user input provided to an input method editor with text

A framework for improving the speed of text entry is described herein, particularly text from languages that contain characters that are pronounced similarly but have different written forms. One embodiment of the invention disambiguates the desired written form of a pronunciation based on information retrieved from an address book, social networking profile, and the like..
Successfactors, Inc.

Test simulation for software defined networking environments

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for test simulation for software defined networking environments. A computing device can receive a service request comprising a request to instantiate a service and create a service order based on the service request.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Component removal device

A component removal device that is configured to access hard to reach electrical components in a networking system to facilitate fast and easy removal of the electrical component is provided. In embodiments, the component removal device includes a handle, a body portion extending distally from the handle and an end effector that is configured to engage the electrical component to facilitate removal of the electrical component from the networking system.

Method and system for tracking physical metrics in an electronic networking system

A method and system for tracking physical metrics in an electronic networking system is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the physical metric tracking system comprises a data registering unit that receives activity data by a user, a data processing unit that validates the activity data using a plurality of data validating algorithms and converts the validated data into a convertible value, and a storage that stores the activity data and the convertible value.
Plus 3 Network, Inc.

System and partitioned wireless telecommunication network deployment

A system and method for intelligently partitioning a virtualized wireless telecommunication network that algorithmically identifies a desirably efficient partitioning scheme such as to desirably enhance at least one of performance, latency, processing efficiency, error detection and management, error propagation and confinement of errors and cost effectiveness of the wireless network is disclosed. A system and method provides for intelligently partitioning a virtualized wireless telecommunication network that desirably provides for deployment of virtualized network functions using micro containers using software defined networking (sdn), and to desirably reduce propagation and impact of failure or errors in one partition of the wireless network.
Expeto Wireless Inc.

Apparatus for switching/routing image signals through bandwidth splitting and reduction and the method thereof

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for ip switching/routing sdi format image signal through bandwidth splitting and reduction, more specifically, which decomposes image signals consisting of ycbcr type color format entered with serial digital interface (sdi) into y (luminance) component and c (chrominance) component, or multiple bit slice components; converts the components into ip packets and performs switching and/or routing of the ip packets; extracts y component and c component or multiple bit slice components from the switched or routed ip packets; and combines the components into sdi format image signal and outputs the combined sdi format image signal. In addition, the present invention provides an apparatus switching/routing image signals through grid based networking, in which broadband switching or routing is performed with multiple narrow band switches or routers by switching or routing image signals through bandwidth splitting and reduction..
Lumantek Co., Ltd

Systems, methods and software programs for 360 degree video distribution platforms

Featured are systems, methods, and programs for the delivery and analysis of viewing experiencing for 360° video. The systems related to the invention described are intended for the optimization, transcoding, delivery, playback, and analysis of 360° video.
Little Star Media, Inc.

Method, system and computer program product for enforcing access controls to features and subfeatures on uncontrolled web application

Embodiments disclosed herein provide feature-level access control functionality useful for enforcing access controls to features and subfeatures on uncontrolled, third party web applications such as those associated with social networking sites. Specifically, pages of uncontrolled web applications are programmatically inspected as they are accessed by users of an enterprise computing environment.
Proofpoint, Inc.

Systems and methods for text to social networking site to buy

Methods and systems for publishing content received via a cellular message to a social networking server to convert visitors of the published content into customers are provided. An agent executing on a device including one or more processors receives, via a cellular communication channel, a cellular message to publish content included in the cellular message to a server of a social networking web site.
Qwasi, Inc

Quality of service control for software-defined networking

Embodiments of the present invention provide a qos control method and a device for sdn. A control plane device includes: a determining unit, configured to determine a flow entry, where the flow entry includes qos information, the qos information is used to indicate a qos processing rule, the qos processing rule includes a qos parameter, and the qos processing rule is used to instruct to perform qos control on a data packet according to the qos parameter; and a sending unit, configured to send the flow entry to a forwarding plane device, so that the forwarding plane device obtains the qos processing rule, and performs qos control on a target packet according to the qos parameter in the qos processing rule, where the target packet is a data packet that matches the flow entry..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Handling port identifier overflow in spanning tree protocol

Techniques for handling port identifier overflow when implementing spanning tree protocol (stp) in a networking system are provided. According to one embodiment, a network device can receive a spanning tree protocol (stp) bridge protocol data unit (bpdu) and can extract a port identifier value from the bpdu.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Frame transmission wireless local area network

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a frame transmission method and an apparatus for a wireless local area network, which relate to the field of communications technologies. In the present invention, in a wlan frame transmission process, a frame sent by a wireless local area network wlan device is received, and identification of frames of different standards is completed by detecting a format indication field included in the frame, so as to implement backward compatibility of the wlan device, so that hybrid networking of wlan devices of different standards can be supported, flexibility of network deployment is improved, and networking complexity is reduced..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Visible light communication of an access credential in an access control system

This disclosure provides methods, systems, and devices for communication of authentication information in an access control system. The authentication information may be transmitted to an electronic locking device configured to restrict access to an entry point of the access control system.
Videx, Inc.

Following data records in an information feed

Disclosed are some examples of systems, apparatus, methods, and computer program products related to automatically causing a following relationship to be established in an enterprise social networking system between a user and one or more customer relationship management (crm) records. In some implementations, a workflow is configurable at least in part by one or more selections defining one or more conditions., Inc.

Integrated enabling mobile commerce transactions using active posters and contactless identity modules

A method, integrated system and active poster for processing mobile touch transactions. The integration consists of an rfid or other near field communication enabled device which may be standalone, affixed to, or part of a mobile or hand held portable wireless communication device (optionally using a contact less (cl) sim with near field communication capability), a touch sensitive active poster also with near field communication capability, an issuer's or mobile network provider's system and application and a host computer with networking capability..
Xius Corp.

Providing a recommendation to subscribe to a social networking profile

Various aspects of the subject technology relate to systems, methods, and machine-readable media for recommending a profile to a user of a social network are provided. A system may be configured to retrieve subscription rate information for a first profile of a social network and subscription rate information for a second profile of the social network, calculate a similarity score based on the subscription rate information for the first profile and the subscription rate information of the second profile, and provide, to a user of the social network, a recommendation to subscribe to the first profile based on the similarity score..
Google Inc.

Systems and methods for supporting patient use of a drug delivery device

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for supporting a patient's use of a drug delivery device. The patient may be associated with a support group via, for example, a social networking service for the purpose of increasing the likelihood that the patient will comply with a treatment regimen.
Amgen Inc.

Online networking platform for personal and professional relationship management

A networking application provides a platform for users to connect and share information on a personal and professional level. Users connect and are able to define their relationship in a granular and intuitive manner using relationship terms that mimic real-world relationships.
Webtalk, Inc.

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