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Networking patents


This page is updated frequently with new Networking-related patent applications.

new patent System and a configuring radio access network parameters for a user equipment connected to a wireless network system
The present invention relates to a method of configuring a set of radio access network (ran) parameters including discontinuous reception (drx) configurations for user equipment in a wireless networking system. The method includes determining traffic characteristics associated with user equipment based on the number and types of applications running in it.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Signaling improved ofdma-based data ack/ba frame exchange in wireless network systems
The present invention relates generally to wireless networking, and more particularly to methods and apparatuses for increasing throughput of wireless devices and systems in a wireless network. The invention includes transmitting one or more signaling frames from one wireless device in the wireless network to other wireless devices (stas) in the wireless network.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

new patent Method and device for transreceiving signals through nan terminal in wireless communication system
One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method for transreceiving signals through a neighbor awareness networking (nan) terminal in a wireless communication system, comprising the steps of: receiving a nan synchronization beacon frame and/or a nan discovery beacon frame; and accessing a nan cluster which has transmitted the nan discovery beacon frame, wherein when the nan cluster is a coordinated nan cluster, the nan terminal maintains the state at the time of accessing the nan cluster.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

new patent System and call termination via an over-the-top (ott) call service, based on connection characteristics
A system and method for connecting a call from an originating endpoint of a calling party to a terminating endpoint of a called party. The system comprises: a first computer system configured to i) receive, from a second computer system, a plurality of subscriber identifiers for a first over-the-top (ott) call service, comprising a subscriber identifier of the called party, ii) receive, from a third computer system, a first series of plural updates for a predetermined connection characteristic and corresponding to the subscriber identifier of the called party, and iii) generate a signal for controlling the call, wherein the signal indicates to route the call either a) via the first ott call service or b) via a different call service, based the first series of plural updates; and a networking device configured to route the call to the terminating endpoint, based on the signal..
Tata Communications (america) Inc.

new patent Maintaining a limited user profile for social networking system users unable to establish a user profile
A social networking system maintains a limited user profile associated with a user of the social networking system who does not satisfy one or more criteria for the social networking system to maintain a user profile. The limited user profile includes information describing the user and allows the user to be associated with limited types of interactions with the social networking system.
Facebook, Inc.

new patent System and access control via social networking
Systems and methods to grand network access to devices. When device attempts access via an access point, the ap initiates social network inquiry to determine whether to provide unrestricted access, restricted access or no access, depending on the social connection between the user and the ap owner.
Open Garden Inc.

new patent Methods and systems for domain name data networking
Systems, devices and methods for a domain name data networking (dndn) content delivery system are disclosed. Embodiments perform operations including obtaining a content object having a unique identifier.
Verisign, Inc.

new patent Managing link aggregation traffic in edge nodes
Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems include a first network edge device configuring a physical network interface to be included within a link aggregation group (lag). The physical network interface of a second network edge device is also included within the lag.
Nicira, Inc.

new patent Managing link aggregation traffic in edge nodes
Exemplary methods, apparatuses, and systems include a first network edge device configuring a mapping between a physical network interface and a plurality of logical interfaces. A second network edge device also configures a mapping between a physical network interface and a copy of the plurality of logical interfaces.
Nicira, Inc.

new patent Digital media and social networking system and method
Disclosed is computer implemented digital media systems and methods, including software application tools and related methods that employ a data frame packet process or other software application or process to enable a user to embed, assemble and/or associate one or more digital elements (e.g., audio, video, or text), individually or collectively, with or within a digital element (e.g., an image), using a computer system such as a mobile, tablet or desktop device. For example, the disclosed photo application system and method empower users to automatically create a chronological timeline display of the user's photos uploaded into the system, to add text captions, voice, audio narration, and/or video clips that will play with a chronological slideshow.

new patent

Highly available service chains for network services

A control and monitoring system orders a service chain—an order of data flow through a plurality of network nodes—based on network node identifiers. The control and monitoring system provide a policy to networking nodes in order to enforce the order of the service chain.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Service chains for network services

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, computer media, and apparatuses for providing service chains. A control and monitoring system orders a service chain—an order of data flow through a plurality of network nodes—based on network node identifiers.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Social networking advocacy system and method

An online advocacy platform provides one or more of a crowd-sourced vote-counting mechanism for legislative issues, support on target selection, tactic prioritization, fundraising, supporter recruitment, campaign marketing, and content creation and aggregation. In some embodiments, the platform further provides one or more of group purchase of advocacy services and a social networking address book.
Blastroots, Inc.

new patent

System and determining credit worthiness of a user

Disclosed is a method and system for determining credit worthiness of a user on an online platform. The system may comprise a user device further comprising a memory coupled with a processor.
Mb Technology Partners Ltd.

new patent

Collaborative expertise networking system and method

Embodiments are directed to an apparatus or method that includes among other features, a search engine configured to permit a user to search the profiles of other users, a storage medium configured to store the profile of the users such that the profiles include at least one of text, picture, audio and video, wherein the profile displays tasks that were performed by the user in the past and a team creation module configured to form a team of a group of users such that a skill for performing a task associated with the group of users is generated based on the combined skill of the group of users.. .
Talent Earth, Inc.

new patent

Role-relative social networking

A role-based social network follow request that identifies a specified user role to follow within a social network is received from a social network user. A social network role-based query, derived from the specified user role identified within the role-based social network follow request, is executed.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Meme detection in digital chatter analysis

Some embodiments include a method of detecting memes, as “key terms,” in a chatter aggregation in a social networking system. The method can include aggregating user-generated content objects within the social networking system into the chatter aggregation according to a set of filters.
Facebook, Inc.

new patent

Virtual network provisioning prior to virtual machine manager launch by loading a partitioned network device with attribute data

A method includes receiving a deployment template at a host system, partitioning a networking device of the host system with a virtual network partition based upon the deployment template, receiving attribute data that includes a first attribute associated with the first virtual network partition, loading the networking device with the attribute data, launching a virtual machine manager on the host system, reading the attribute from the networking device, and assigning a virtual network interface of a virtual switch associated with the virtual machine manager to the virtual network partition in response to reading the attribute.. .
Dell Products, Lp

Directional router communication and tracking

In accordance with one or more embodiments, networking devices may allow for directed wireless communication. Such devices may direct wireless communication beams in different directions to provide access to different zones.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

Automated opc connectivity

The invention relates to an information data system (ids) configured to automatically identify, connect to, monitor, and receive information from machines or devices located within a desired network or proximity through a wireless connection. The ids may include a computer having at least one user interface, at least one software module, a networking module, at least one wired or wireless networking device, and at least one client device, wherein each of the at least one client devices are in communication with and controlled by the computer.
Bos Solutions

Systems and methods for detecting a proxy

A computer-implemented method for detecting a proxy, the method being performed in connection with a networking system comprising a web server, a domain name system (dns) server and a database system, the method comprising: receiving at the web server a request from a client; responsive to the received request, generating a file containing a domain name information and a file name information and storing the domain name information and the file name information in the database system and returning the generated script file to the client; receiving at the dns server a dns request, the dns request specifying a second domain name information for a second domain name to be resolved; responsive to the received dns request, storing a first origination ip address associated with received dns request and the second domain name information in the database system; receiving at the web server a second request from a client, the second request specifying a second file name information; responsive to the received second request, storing a second origination ip address associated with received second request and the second file name information in the database system; and determining whether the second origination ip is the proxy based on information stored in the database system.. .
Limited Liability Company

Social networking with video annotation

A method and system for annotating playable media files in a social network having a plurality of members, wherein the method includes receiving the playable media file from a first member, receiving an annotation from another member, and saving the annotation in a file other than the playable media file.. .

System and associated software for providing advanced data protections in a defense-in-depth system by integrating multi-factor authentication with cryptographic offloading

The advanced data protection system is implemented by distributing encrypted data across multiple isolated computing systems and using multi-factor authentication to access remote, protected decryption material. Architectural components include: client application software reading/writing from/to a client data store executing on a client host computer, client application plug-ins communicating with external authentication devices, server application software reading/write data from/to a server data store executing on a host computer which is physically or virtually isolated from the client host computer, authentication devices, components, or systems integrated with or connected to the client computer and exposing programmatic interfaces to client application software, and secure networking components executing on both hosts that provide secure data exchange.
Definitive Data Security, Inc.

Integration of devices through a social networking platform

A system and method for providing a social networking service to a plurality of devices. A social networking server for facilitating social information exchange among the plurality of devices through a socially aware network.
Netspective Communications Llc

Social network communication and information management system

A digital community platform that enables a first user to connect to a second user. More specifically, a system that helps a first user expand the first user's professional network by using proprietary algorithms and data archetypes to find and recommend new connections from the user's professional network community.
Mango Mentors, Llc

Facilitating generation of user content for aggregated story units

A social networking system aggregates two or more stories having at least one common characteristic to create an aggregated story unit. Each story describes an action performed on an object over the social networking system or external to the social networking system.
Facebook, Inc.

Network congestion avoidance

Datalink frames or networking packets contain protocol information in the header and optionally in the trailer of a frame or a packet. We are proposing a method in which part of or all of the protocol information corresponding to a frame or a packet is transmitted separately in another datalink frame.

Ccn name chaining

A method provides route transforming by a network device implementing a content centric networking (ccn) gateway or ccn router, where the ccn gateway or ccn router is part of a ccn network. The method transforms a ccn name in a ccn request before forwarding in the ccn network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Network stochastic cross-layer optimization for meeting traffic flow availability target at minimum cost

The present disclosure describes system and methods for network planning. The systems and methods can incorporate network traffic demands, availability requirements, latency, physical infrastructure and networking device capability, and detailed cost structures to calculate a network design with minimum or reduced cost compared to conventional methods.
Google Inc.

Microburst monitoring system

A microburst monitoring system includes a port and a memory system with an egress queue and a shadow queue that are associated with the port. A networking engine is coupled to the port and the memory system and configured to receive and process packets to provide egress frames for forwarding through the port.
Dell Products L.p.

System and media-centric and monetizable social networking

A method and system connects brands, users and communities via socially shared content elements that take the form of, for example, words, pictures/images, videos and/or audio objects. The method creates a social media engagement and distribution capability of dynamic, interactive impressions linking users to users and users to brands around shared “day in the life” moments. Llc

Aggregating and displaying social networking system user information via a map interface

A map interface presents a geographic map with markers identifying geographic locations associated with content items. When the geographic distance between two or more content items is less than a threshold distance, multiple content items are grouped to create an aggregated content item.
Facebook, Inc.

Micro-gasifier array networking

A method is described for integrating a plurality of micro-gasifiers comprising gasifiers, filters, and engine sets or turbine gensets or combined cycle gensets by linking them via a common bus wherein air flow and engine fuel flow is regulated by valves controlling gas flow between the bus and engine genset or turbine genset or combined cycle genset.. .
V-grid Energy Systems

Social networking interface

The present invention includes receiving at least one of a user entity preference, wherein said user preference is indexed, catalogued and stored with reference to a user entity; comparing the at least one user entity preference with a plurality of other user entity preferences which are indexed, catalogued, and stored with reference to at least one second user entity; and notifying and displaying to the user entity a shared at least one user entity preference with the at least one second user entity.. .

Data processing method and system

The present disclosure provides techniques for data processing. These techniques may transport, by a computing device, individual retrieving requests for second data corresponding to a first client that sends the retrieving requests for first data into the order pool.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Systems and methods for location-based social networking

The present disclosure provides a system and method that generates and provides access to communication forums based on metadata associated with images. For example, when a first user captures an image with his or her computing device, the computing device will associate metadata with the image, which may include at least location information and time information.

Software defined networking (sdn) orchestration by abstraction

An orchestrator is software appliance comprising of various software defined networking (sdn) applications. The invention is configured on northbound of the sdn controller.

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