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Network Device patents

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System and method for performing capacity planning for enterprise applications

Date/App# patent app List of recent Network Device-related patents
 Apparatus and methods for detecting data access patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for detecting data access
The following abstract is not intended as a limiting description of the invention. Apparatus and methods are provided for detecting in real-time, data access in an information or file system and generating an alert to indicate a type of access.
 User notifications during computing network access patent thumbnailnew patent User notifications during computing network access
A notification is received that a network device in a computing network has blocked a service request directed towards a network resource of the computing network. A determination is made, based on authentication information associated with one or more of a network endpoint that transmitted the service request and a user at the network endpoint, as to whether the user should be notified of a reason that the network device blocked the service request.
 Relay node, control method of relay node and network system patent thumbnailnew patent Relay node, control method of relay node and network system
A first network device includes: a forwarding controller configured to forward received data; and a fault detector configured to detect occurrence of a failure in a remote second relay node. The forwarding controller includes: a forwarding unit configured to forward the received data; and a modifier configured to modify the received data for detection of the occurrence of a failure in the second relay node.
 System and method for performing capacity planning for enterprise applications patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for performing capacity planning for enterprise applications
A system and method for capacity planning for enterprise networks, such as identifying bottlenecks and removing or replacing the bottleneck device are provided. The device utilization for one or more network devices are measured or read from measured data.
 System, apparatus and method for dynamically updating the configuration of a network device patent thumbnailnew patent System, apparatus and method for dynamically updating the configuration of a network device
A system, apparatus and method are provided for dynamically updating a configuration of a network device when relevant sources and destinations of network traffic are added, removed or migrated in a network. A configuration of a network device is associated with a set of network addresses representing a set of relevant sources and destinations of network traffic.
 Offline device paging patent thumbnailnew patent Offline device paging
The network resources allocated to machine type communication (mtd) devices (also referred to as machine-to-machine (m2m) devices) can be reduced through the introduction of a new device state in a network. The network device state, referred to as a sleep state, allows the network to offload context information about the device to another network element so that the resources allocated to the sleeping device can be released.
 Flexible and extensible flow processing in software-defined networks patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible and extensible flow processing in software-defined networks
A network device acting as a forwarding element within a software-defined network receives a representation of configurable flow table definitions and configurable logic for selecting between flow tables. The network device creates a flow table based on each of the configurable flow table definitions and installs the configurable logic for selecting between flow tables.
 Methods, systems and apparatus for defining and using phich resources for carrier aggregation patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems and apparatus for defining and using phich resources for carrier aggregation
Systems, methods, and instrumentalities are disclosed to provide feedback to a user equipment (ue). A ue may transmit uplink data via a supplementary cell.
 Multi-node virtual switching system patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-node virtual switching system
A multi-node virtual switching system (mvss) may be provided. A virtual supervisor module (vsm) may be configured onto a network device to serve as a single control point for a network.
 Distributed client steering algorithm to a best-serving access point patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed client steering algorithm to a best-serving access point
Network devices are steered to preferred access points using a probability function. A probe request for connection is received from a network device.
new patent Method and network device for loop detection
A method for loop detection and a network device applying such method are provided. The method includes: receiving, by a port, a loop detection frame; detecting, by a loop detection unit, whether the loop detection frame is transmitted via a port of the network device; analyzing, by a frame analyzer unit, the loop detection frame when the loop detection frame is transmitted via the port, and determining whether there is any loop in the network device; and shutting down the port of the network device or not perform any action, by a port switching unit when the frame analyzer unit determines that there is a loop in the network device, wherein the loop detection frame is a loop detection protocol data unit (ldpdu) frame..
new patent Method and system for routing data
A method includes identifying internal links or forwarding elements within other network devices. The method further includes selecting a route for forwarding a packet through the other network devices based, at least in part, on link costs associated with the internal links within the other network devices..
new patent Optimizing traffic flows via dynamic routing protocol modifications when using server virtualization with dynamic routing
Techniques for optimizing traffic flows via dynamic routing protocol (drp) modifications when server virtualization is used with dynamic routing are provided. In one embodiment, a network device can determine that it is part of a system of network devices acting as a virtual router.
new patent Optimizing traffic flows via mac synchronization when using server virtualization with dynamic routing
Techniques for optimizing traffic flows via mac synchronization when server virtualization is used with dynamic routing are provided. In one embodiment, a first network device can store an interface mac address of a second network device in an l2 forwarding table, where the first network device and the second network device are peer nodes in an mc-lag cluster.
new patent Redundant control of self-configuring wireless network
Methods, systems, and apparatus, are provided for wireless networking. In some implementations, a self-configuring wireless system includes one or more wireless network devices; a primary access point device; and a secondary access point device; wherein the primary access point device and the at least one wireless network device are preconfigured with a respective key so as to enable the primary access point device to establish a secure wireless network with the at least one network device using the respective keys, and wherein the secondary access point device is configured assume coordination for the self-configuring wireless system if a fault associated with the primary access point device occurs..
Identification and alerting of network devices requiring special handling maintenance procedures
Identifying and performing maintenance operations on computer network devices may include accessing an agent portal via an administrator machine operating on a network and receiving an application user interface. The user interface may be used to request a device list of active network devices currently operating on the network and identify a number of devices that require a remote maintenance operation and at least one flagged device which requires an alternative type of remote maintenance, and perform the remote maintenance operation on at least one of the devices while omitting the flagged device at least temporarily..
Detection of unauthorized use of virtual resources
In one implementation, an original physical profile file and a configuration baseline are stored for a virtual machine. The physical profile file includes physical characteristics of a physical device running the virtual machine.
Automated control plane for limited user destruction
To avoid user error and breaking operations, administration and management (oam), the control plane for implementing oam is automatically generated by network devices without user input. This control plane is hidden from the user, preventing any configuration that may bring down the connectivity for oam..
Network function virtualization for a network device
An apparatus for performing network function virtualization (nfv), comprising: a memory, a processor coupled to the memory, wherein the memory includes instructions that when executed by the processor cause the apparatus to perform the following: receive an instruction to virtualize a network device within a network, divide, according to the instruction, the network device into a plurality of network functions (nfs) used to form a virtualized network node that corresponds to the network device, launch the nfs within one or more virtual containers, and group the virtual containers together using a group identifier (id) that corresponds to the virtualized network node, wherein each of the nfs correspond to a network function performed by the network device prior to virtualization.. .
System and method for automatic configuration and management of home network devices
Embodiments of a method and system for automatically installing and managing consumer devices in a home network environment are described. A system implements automated configuration and maintenance of devices and their peripherals that connect to the home network, in particular the establishment of a distributed system that serves as a service platform which facilitates automated discovery and initial and ongoing deployment of a home networks and the devices that may interact with or connect to their network automatically or through manual means.
Deviation detection in mobile transit systems
In one embodiment, a mobile device or a network device is configured to identify when a transit vehicle deviates from a transit path. The mobile device is configured to perform a positioning technique to generate data indicative of the location of a mobile device.
Method and apparatus for generating and processing mac-ehs protocol data units
A network device and wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) using an enhanced high speed medium access control (mac-ehs) are disclosed. A network device may provide a mac-ehs reordering protocol data unit (pdu) with a segment of a service data unit (sdu).
Centralized network control system
A centralized network control device for controlling a plurality of network devices in a centralized manner includes a processor configured to determine a load state of path calculation based on a predetermined threshold value when a path setting request is received, and perform, when a heavy load state of the path calculation is determined, setting control for a temporary path by using a path based on a path tree obtained by past path calculation execution.. .
Wirespeed tcp session optimization for networks having radio segments
Tcp sessions passing through a network, such as a wireless network, may be optimized based on conditions corresponding to the radio interface of the wireless network. In one implementation, a method may include monitoring, by a base station, performance parameters relating to a radio access network (ran); determining, based on the performance parameters, one or more protocol data units (pdus) to retransmit; determining one or more transmission control protocol (tcp) sessions and packet sequence numbers corresponding to the one or more pdus; and transmitting, to a network device, an indication to retransmit packets corresponding to the one or more tcp sessions and packet sequence numbers..
Three dimensional antenna dome array
According to one embodiment of the invention, a wireless network device comprises wireless logic and a heat dissipation unit that encases the wireless logic. The heat dissipation unit includes an antenna dome array that comprises a top surface having a convex-shaped outer periphery with a plurality of antenna elements positioned along the outer periphery..
Transmission station
A transmission station adapted to provide power to at least one network device and transmit signal to the network device is provided. The transmission station includes a housing, a network hub, and a power supply.
Privacy protected internet networks, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks
A computerized methods and systems to create, control and manage restricted scope and closed internet interactive networks, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks. The invention permits the protected network, subnetworks and sub-subnetworks to be connected to an open or previously established network, yet still remaining protected, secure and anonymous.
Efficient forwarding of encrypted tcp retransmissions
A network device receives tcp segments of a flow via a first ssl session and transmits tcp segments via a second ssl session. Once a tcp segment has been transmitted, the tcp payload need no longer be stored on the network device.
Managing actions of a network device
A method and system for managing actions of a network device based on policy settings retrieved according to the identity of at least one connected removable wireless communications device. The decision to retrieve the policy settings from an authorized party is also based on whether the network device is able to use the at least one connected removable wireless communication device and whether the policy settings has already been stored in a storage medium of the network device according to the identity, wherein the policy settings correspond to the identity.
Method and apparatus providing delayed path calculations based on service type
A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing delayed path calculations based on service type is presented. A first network device sends to at least one of a plurality of other network devices in a network, link state information directing receivers of the link state information, when computing routes transiting though the first network device, to refrain from using the first network device on at least one of the group consisting of per network layer protocol identifier (nlpid), per address family, and per service within an address family..
System and method for implementing and managing virtual networks
A system and method for implementing and management virtual networks is disclosed. A method includes receiving a network packet arriving at a first network interface of a first node of an underlying network, communicating at least the packet and an identifier of the first network interface to a decision engine, determining how the packet should be processed based on a simulation by the decision engine of a traversal of a virtual network topology including a plurality of virtual network devices, wherein the decision engine communicates with a shared database accessible from the underlying network that stores the virtual network topology and virtual device configurations for the plurality of virtual network devices; and processing the packet based upon the simulation..
Method and system for information processing and recording medium for same
The present invention relates to an information processing method and system, and a recording medium for the same. An information processing system includes a place terminal side transceiver for receiving place identification information and network id information set to a communication network device disposed in a place from a terminal disposed in the place; a storing section for storing the connections among at least one place identification information per a place, the network id information set to the communication network device disposed in each place, and place information corresponding to each place into a storing medium(1); a wireless terminal side transceiver for receiving identification information of a wireless terminal and communication network id information accessed with the wireless terminal through an application equipped in a user's wireless terminal; an information checking section for firstly checking the network id information to be matched with the communication network id information received by the wireless terminal side transceiver through the storing medium(1), and secondly checking at least one of the place identification information and place information connected to the firstly checked network id information; a registering requesting section for transmitting at least one of the place identification information and the place information checked through the information checking section by the application equipped in the wireless terminal and requesting automatic output registration of place information for the place; and a registering processing section for processing to register and store the identification information of the wireless terminal connectively with at least one of the place identification information and the network id information set to the communication network device disposed in the place into a storing medium(2), if registration-approval information corresponding to the automatic output registration request through the registering requesting section is received by the application equipped in the wireless terminal..
Roce packet sequence acceleration
A method, network device and system for remote direct memory access (rdma) over converged ethernet (roce) packet sequence acceleration are disclosed. The network device comprises one or more functionality components for communicating with a host system.
Network device, controller for controlling network device, and network control system
Provided are a network device, a controller for controlling at least one network device constituting a software-defined network (sdn), and a network control system. The network control system includes at least one event processing network connected to a central server.
Device triggered wake up of powerline communication devices
A first network device detects at least a first orthogonal code included in a preamble of a network packet received at the first network device from a second network device in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) communication network. The first network device determines whether the first orthogonal code included in the preamble is associated with an assigned orthogonal code for the first network device.
Maintaining packet order in a parallel processing network device
A plurality of packets that belong to a data flow are received and are distributed to two or more packet processing elements, wherein a packet is sent to a first packet processing element. A first instance of the packet is queued at a first packet processing element according to an order of the packet within the data flow.
Method for controlling wireless network devices and control device with wireless network function
The present invention discloses a method for controlling wireless network devices, which includes the following steps: a control device with a wireless network function is utilized to scan several access-point (ap) mode wireless network devices. One of the ap mode wireless network devices is selected as a master ap according to the scanning result.
Predictive roaming between subnets
A network device of a subnet determines predictive roaming information for a wireless client. Predictive roaming information can identify the wireless client and a home network subnet of the wireless client.
Information centric networking based service centric networking
A method implemented by a network device residing in a service domain, wherein the network device comprises an information centric networking (icn) transport layer and a service access layer (sal) for handling context-aware service logistics and service mobility overlaid on the icn transport layer, the method comprising receiving, in the icn transport layer, a message comprising a service request that originates from a user equipment (ue), in the sal, retrieving, from the service request, contextual information relevant to the ue or an access network connected to the ue, determining, based on the contextual information, one or more services needed to execute the service request, and determining one or more service identities (sids) each of which identifies one of the one or more services.. .
Method for internet traffic management using a central traffic controller
A method for internet traffic management, comprising receiving a request for a path set from an application at a network traffic controller, wherein the request contains an intended traffic destination endpoint, evaluating a plurality of network devices in a network, identifying a plurality of paths usable by the application to transmit traffic from the application to the intended traffic destination endpoint, including the plurality of paths in the path set, and sharing the path set with the application.. .
Start-up delay for event-driven virtual link aggregation
Embodiments of the invention relate to virtual link aggregation. One embodiment includes preventing network traffic loss upon rebooting of a first networking device based on: maintaining a first group of networking ports in a first disabled state, determining a link-status of a first link between the first networking device and a second networking device, activating a delay timer for delaying the rebooting of the first network device upon the determination of a first status indication for the first link, and switching at least one of the first group of networking ports to a first enabled state upon expiration of the delay timer..
System and method for network failover and network selection with multi-mode modem in remote access points
The present disclosure discloses a method and network device for network failover and/or network selection with a multi-mode modem in remote access points. A rap initially is set to allow the modem's firmware to select an isp-preferred available network.
Graceful handling of critical traffic blackholing faults
In one embodiment, a network device may detect a data plane critical fault condition, while a corresponding control plane is not experiencing a critical fault condition. In response to a network device based critical fault condition, the network device may activate and advertise an increased and expensive usable metric for each network interface of the network device.
Home automation using near field communication
A system includes a network device that is disposed at a site and configured to communicate with a wireless network. A controller is disposed at the site and is in communication with the wireless network, and a passive device is disposed at the site and includes a unique identifier disposed thereon.
Method and apparatus for ensuring collaboration between a narrowband device and a broadband device
A network device is configured to authenticate a collaborative session between at least two communication devices. The network component receives an indication that at least two devices located within a predefined physical range are attempting to collaborate.
Method and arrangment for remote controlling a power consumption state of a network device
The instant invention improves the control of a low-power consumption state of network devices linked to a network switch by a suitable network such as an optical network. It allows for the sleep mode also to shut down the power supplies of the components of the network device necessary for the normal data link layer network communication according to the osi model and the higher layers of the communication protocols.
Locating and addressing communication devices
A system is provided that includes first- and second-network subsystems. The first-network subsystem includes a first-network device with knowledge of its physical location and assigned logical address within the first-network subsystem.
Software-defined networking gateway
A device determines a network attribute associated with a first network, transmits, to an orchestration device associated with a second network, information that identifies the network attribute, and receives, from the orchestration device, control information that specifies a routing policy, a security policy, or a load balancing policy associated with the first network. The device provisions network devices associated with the first network, based on the control information, and provides packets, associated with a traffic flow, to a network device, based on the control information..
Dynamic network device processing using external components
A network device may receive information regarding a service set identifying service to apply to a data flow received via a particular interface of the network device; receive the data flow via the particular interface; identify a service to provide to the data flow based on the information regarding the service set; identify a processing device to process the data flow; and provide the data flow to the processing device. The processing device may be different than the network device and may process the data flow, on behalf of the network device, to form a processed data flow.
Defining new rules for validation of network devices
A system and method for actively validating a network device is provided. Nodes in a network game community are prompted to engage in interrogation and response to facilitate the identification of nodes operating with hacked, modified and non-typical game configurations.
Method for determining location of wireless devices
To determine a location of a client device in a wireless network having at least first and second network devices, with known locations, one of the network devices transmits a message to the other network device and the other network device responds with an acknowledgement message. A client device receives the message and the acknowledgement message as well as respective times indicating actual times at which the message and the acknowledgement message were processed by one of the first and second network devices.
Test station for testing wireless electronic devices
A system, method, and testing station for testing wireless network devices. The testing station includes a control system configured to control parallel testing of the wireless network devices.
Physical-layer channel bonding
A network device includes a plurality of physical-media entities (pmes), each corresponding to a distinct channel, to generate transmit signals based on transmit packets received over a media-independent interface. The network device also includes a channel-bonding sublayer to direct the transmit packets from the media-independent interface to respective pmes of the plurality of pmes.
Optical communication system, device and method for data processing in an optical network
An optical communication system, a method and a network device for an optical network are provided, wherein the device comprises a first port coupled with a first optical fiber link, a second port coupled with a second optical fiber link, the first port and the second port being configured to be coupled with respect to each other in case of a failure of the first optical fiber link or in case of a failure of the second optical fiber link. .
Method for reactionless redundant coupling of communication networks by means of the rapid spanning tree protocol
The invention relates to a method for redundantly and reactionlessly connecting networks to each other, such as communication networks, particularly ethernet networks, wherein there is a plurality of network devices which communicate and exchange data with each other via data lines in the network which has at least one, preferably a plurality of network segments, characterized in that at least more than one rstp protocol instance is implemented on the network devices for coupling network segments so that one network segment can be connected per rstp protocol instance.. .
Path splitting with a connection-oriented network
In one embodiment this disclosure provides a network device that includes an input port configured to link to a first device to receive a packet from the first device, wherein the received packet having a first label encoded therein, the value of the first label is specific to the link between the network device and the first device; the input port having an input port identifier, the input port identifier and the first label form an input tuple; a plurality of output ports configured to link to respective ones of a plurality of second devices, each output port having a respective output port identifier; a forwarding table that includes at least one input tuple and a corresponding set of output tuples; wherein each output tuple comprises an output port identifier and a second label, the value of the second label is specific to the link between the network device and a respective one of the second plurality of devices; and routing circuitry configured to compare the input tuple of the received packet with at least one input tuple of the forwarding table, identify the corresponding set of output tuples, and select one output tuple from among the set of corresponding output tuples; the routing circuitry is also configured to replace the first label of the received packet with the second label and send the packet to the output port specified by the output port identifier in the selected output tuple.. .
Method for configuring a neighboring base station and micro base station
Provided in the embodiments of the present invention are a method for configuring a neighboring base station and a micro base station, realizing that the micro base station detects information of at least one macro base station nearby and sends the information of the macro base station to a core network device, so that the core network device queries information of other base station(s) adjacent to the macro base station, and sends the information of the other base station(s) to the micro base station to enable the micro base station to configure the other base station(s) as neighboring base station(s) of the micro base station, thus solving the technical problem of a call drop of a terminal during a cell handover caused as the micro base station does not configure the neighboring base station(s).. .
Method and apparatus for power saving in personal area networks
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method of reducing power consumption in a wireless network device, comprising determining a duration prior to a beacon being received by the device; comparing the duration against a predetermined value; and adjusting a duration of a sleep period in response to the comparison.. .
Method and apparatus for configuring and validating telecom and datacom systems
A mobile-device method and system implement validating installation of a network device, for example the installation and validation of cards within a network element. Installation data is loaded onto the mobile device and one or more cards are installed in a network element, the cards having qr codes.
Content filtering of remote file-system access protocols
Methods and systems for content filtering of remote file-system access protocols are provided. According to one embodiment, a remote file-system access protocol request issued by a client to a server is received at a network device logically interposed between the client and the server.
Database session dependent routing
A network device issues a globally unique identifier (guid) to an application for use in a database read/write session. The network device determines a session key based on the guid.
Verifying information stored on a managed network device
A method and mechanism for verifying information on a managed device is provided. A request identifying the managed object and also containing a plurality of non-null values comprising proposals for a correct value of the managed object is received from a requester that does not have a correct value for a managed object of a managed device.
Stateful network address translation protocol implemented over a data network
A technique for synchronizing nat information stored on different network devices. Each of the network devices includes a respective nat data structure configured to store nat information.
Virtual console-port management
Techniques are providing for managing and optimizing the configuration of network devices. At a management device in a network, a message is received from a first network device via a wireless link or a power line communication link between the management device and the first network device.
Systems and methods for network curation
Systems and methods for network curation are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises scanning, by a mobile device, an area to identify a network device for accessing a network, receiving, by the mobile device, a network identifier associated with the network device, providing a curation indicator request to a curation server, the curation indicator request comprising the network identifier, receiving a curation indicator from the curation server, the curation indicator being retrieved, based on the network identifier, from a database of a plurality of curation indicators, the curation indicator associated with a likelihood of intent to publicly share the network by the network device, comparing the curation indicator to an access setting, the access setting indicating acceptability of network access based on the likelihood of intent to publicly share the network by the network device, and accessing the network via the network device based on the comparison..
Service over ethernet interconnectable wall plate (soeicwp) module
A service over ethernet interconnectable wall plate (soeicwp) module is installed over a standard in-wall junction box with its wall plate panel being equal or larger in size compared to a standard single-gang wall plate. Soeicwp module is comprised of electronic circuits implemented in limited space available behind the wall plate.
Method for acquiring pon port association relationship, optical network device, and optical network system
The present invention discloses a method for acquiring a pon port association relationship. An olt where a standby pon port is located receives a protection packet from an optical network unit, parses the protection packet to obtain an identifier of an active pon port carried in the packet, and acquires an association relationship between the active pon port and the standby pon port according to an identifier of the standby pon port receiving the protection packet.
Network switch
A network switch includes a plurality of physical layer (phy) chips and a processor. Each of the phy chips includes a plurality of network interfaces configured to connect to external network devices.
Software defined network-based data processing method, node, and system
The present disclosure discloses a software defined network sdn-based data processing system, and the system includes: a source data node, configured to receive a first data packet, and send to a corresponding source control node; the source control node, configured to receive the first data packet, where the first data packet carries a destination address of the first data packet; and determine a destination control node; and the destination control node, configured to receive the first data packet, and generate a second data packet and a matching policy rule. According to a software defined network-based data processing system in an embodiment of the present disclosure, the collaboration capability between nodes is improved so as to reduce the redundancy of multi-node processing in a network device, thereby improving the service processing efficiency of the network.
Gateway selection based on geographical location
A system may be configured to receive information regarding a geographical location of a user device; and compare the geographical location of the user device to geographical locations of a set of gateway devices. The gateway devices may be associated with a cellular network, and the gateway devices may communicatively couple one or more network devices associated with the cellular network to an access point that is not associated with the cellular network.
Apparatus and method of bandwidth aggregation for radio accessing on multi-networks
According to one exemplary embodiment of a method of bandwidth aggregation for radio accessing on multi-networks, a ue on a first network and a network device supporting the first network and a second network exchange or set one second network information of each other. At least one first network dedicated channel is established between the ue and the network device.
User authorization of implicit registration of mutiple identities
A network device receives a personal mobile directory number (mdn) associated with an individual subscriber, wherein the individual subscriber is further associated with one or more subscriber devices. The network device receives an additional mdn assigned to the individual subscriber, and sends a notification, requesting the individual subscriber's acceptance of the additional mdn assigned to the individual subscriber, to at least one of the one or more subscriber devices.
Memory sharing in a network device
A network device includes processor devices configured to perform packet processing functions, and a shared memory system including multiple memory blocks. A memory connectivity network couples the processor devices to the shared memory system.
Performing rate limiting within a network
Methods and systems for performing rate limiting are provided. According to one embodiment, information is maintained regarding a set of virtual networks into which a network has been logically divided.

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