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Network Address patents


This page is updated frequently with new Network Address-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Network Address-related patents
 Methods and systems for managing network addresses in a clustered storage environment patent thumbnailMethods and systems for managing network addresses in a clustered storage environment
Methods and systems are provided for a clustered storage system. The method assigns a network access address to a virtual network interface card (vnic) at a first cluster node of a clustered storage system, where a physical network interface card assigned to the network access address is managed by a second cluster node of the clustered storage system; and use the vnic by a virtual storage server at the first cluster node to communicate on behalf of the second cluster node..
Netapp, Inc.

 Fast adjusting load balancer patent thumbnailFast adjusting load balancer
Some embodiments of the invention provide a load balancer for distributing packet flows that are addressed to a group of data compute nodes (dcns) amongst the dcns of the group. In some embodiments, the load balancer includes a connection data storage comprising several different destination network address translation (dnat) tables.
Barefoot Networks, Inc.

 Device commissioning patent thumbnailDevice commissioning
The disclosed subject matter may provide a system and methods for commissioning a device or appliance into a network. A processor may detect the insertion of a removable device into a data receptacle of a first device.
Google Inc.

 Methods for operating interactive whiteboards and apparatuses using the same patent thumbnailMethods for operating interactive whiteboards and apparatuses using the same
The invention introduces a method for operating interactive whiteboards, performed by a processing unit of a control node, which contains at least the following steps. A connected-device display region, a multi-screen layout region and a whiteboard display region are provided on an interactive display device.
Wistron Corp.

 Game scrapbook system, game scrapbook method, and computer readable recording medium recording program for implementing the method patent thumbnailGame scrapbook system, game scrapbook method, and computer readable recording medium recording program for implementing the method
A game scrapbook system associated with a game progress includes: a data table setting setup information by recording at least one game environment associated with a generation of a predetermined event signal; an event signal generation unit generating the event signal when a game environment according to a game progress corresponds to at least a portion of the setup information; an image capturing unit, in response to the event signal, capturing a game image to generate game image information; and an image transmission unit transmitting the generated game image information to a remote location in a network using a network address.. .
Nhn Entertainment Corporation

 Facilitation of mobility management across various radio technologies patent thumbnailFacilitation of mobility management across various radio technologies
A more efficient network can be achieved using software-defined networking to configure routing tables to route data traffic to and from proper cells. User equipment address data and network device internet protocol address data can be utilized to define locators specific to a user equipment device in relation to various network devices.
At&t Intellectual Property I Lp

 Media session between network endpoints patent thumbnailMedia session between network endpoints
A media session is established between a first endpoint and a second endpoint via a communication network based on connectivity checks performed by the endpoints. A set of candidate pairs, each comprising a first network address available to the first endpoint and a second network address available to the second endpoint, is generated.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Media session between network endpoints patent thumbnailMedia session between network endpoints
A media session between an initiating endpoint and a responding endpoint is established via a communication network. A set of candidate pairs is generated, each comprising a respective network address available to the initiating endpoint and a respective network address available to the responding endpoint by exchanging network addresses between the initiating endpoint and the responding endpoint.
Microsoft Corporation

 Discovery of cloud-based access-point controllers patent thumbnailDiscovery of cloud-based access-point controllers
Note that the cloud-based controller may be one of multiple cloud-based controllers from different providers, and the access point may be associated with the cloud-based controller based on the received information specifying unique network address.. .

 Address generation for networks patent thumbnailAddress generation for networks
A network includes at least two nodes that employ a routing protocol to communicate across a network. One of the nodes is a parent node and another of the nodes is a child node of the parent node.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Nas client access prioritization

Client access prioritization is provided. A plurality of network addresses is assigned to a node of a network-attached storage cluster.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and associated methodology for detecting same room presence using ultrasound as an out-of-band channel

A telecommunications device includes an electronic memory to store at least a network address and a random number code, and a sound unit to transmit the network address and the random number code via ultrasonic sound waves. The telecommunications device also includes a network interface to communicate via a data network using the network address and a processor to establish a communication session with another device over the data network based upon receipt of a response from the other device via the data network, the response including at least the random number code.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Peer-to-peer transaction system

Disclosed are implementations that include sending to a p2p system, by a first device associated with a first party, a request to obtain use rights for a property belonging to a second party, the first device further associated with a first network address and with a first digital key pair, and the property associated with a second device associated with a second network address and a second digital key pair. The request is processed with the private key of the first device and includes payment data representative of required number of credits to transfer to the second party, the request further including time data representative of a requested starting time and time duration at which use of the property by the first party is to occur.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for configuring browser bookmarks, device and terminal thereof

A setting method and device for a browser bookmark, and a terminal are described. The method includes: a first network address is acquired from a bookmark to be stored, and a first root website is extracted from the first network address; if a tree-like structure cluster has been locally established, the tree-like structure cluster is obtained, wherein the tree-like structure cluster includes a domain name tree of at least one root website, and corresponding bookmarks are stored on nodes in the domain name tree; a domain name tree of the first root website is modified or constructed according to whether there is the domain name tree of the first root website in the tree-like structure cluster or not, and the bookmark to be stored is stored on a corresponding node of the domain name tree of the first root website; and the domain name tree of the first root website and the first network address associated with the bookmark to be stored are stored.
Zte Corporation


Systems and methods for a data center architecture facilitating layer 2 over layer 3 communication

An information handling system is provided. The information handling system includes a plurality of core devices coupled to each other and to a plurality of distribution devices and a plurality of top-of-rack devices coupled to a plurality of servers and to the distribution devices.
Dell Products L.p.


System and printable document job submission

In some embodiments, a method which includes receiving an indication of the presence of a first message from a first client device, the first message including a first specification file and a first network address associated with a first print data file. The method includes retrieving the first print data file from the first network address.
Pti Marketing Technologies Inc.


System, method, and computer program product for resolving addressing in a network including a network address translator

A system, method, and computer program product through which address resolution is performed for nodes of a network that are behind a network address translator (nat). A determination is made upon the initiation of a communication session as to whether one or more of the nodes included in the session are behind a nat.
Net2phone, Inc.


Blocking forgiveness for ddos

Techniques are provided for blocking forgiveness in a system that mitigates distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks on a network. A user's network address can be blocked as a result performing human behavior analysis on network resource request activity from the user's address.
Level 3 Communications, Llc


Managing virtual computing nodes

Systems and method are provided for using proxy addresses to manage communications sent between virtual machine networks hosted by a substrate network. In some embodiments, the substrate network may identify a communication addressed from an instantiated component of a first hosted virtual network to a first proxy component of the first hosted virtual network.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Discovery of network address allocations and translations in wireless communication systems

A communication network allocates internal internet protocol (ip) addresses to wireless communication devices and translates between external ip addresses and the internal ip addresses to transfer data communications between the wireless communication devices and data communication systems. The communication network receives discovery requests for the wireless communication devices and responsively transfers discovery responses describing the ip address allocations and translations for individual wireless communication devices.
Sprint Communications Company L.p.


Network monitoring device

A network monitoring device for improved filtering of access, from a secure internal network, to an unsecured network is provided. The network monitoring device may identify keywords associated with network addresses to which access should not be granted to users of a secure network internal to a business enterprise.
Bank Of America Corporation


Configuration a wiring system

A method (100) for configuring a wireless connection (30) between a control component (10) and a first field component (20) of a wiring system (11). Circuit information (40) of the wiring system (11) is first provided.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Cloud suffix proxy and a method thereof

A method and system for modifying network addresses of at least one cloud application. The method comprises receiving a webpage sent to a client device from the at least one cloud application, wherein a webpage designates at least one script loaded to the client device during runtime; injecting a piece of code to the webpage; receiving, by the injected piece of code, an attempt to load each of the at least one script; modifying the at least one script by suffixing each network address designated in the at least one script with a predefined network address; and sending the modified at least one script to the client device, wherein runtime execution of the modified at least one script on the client device causes redirection of future requests from the client device to the cloud application to the suffixed network address..
Adallom Technologies Ltd.


Methods and systems for connecting physical objects to digital communications

Disclosed is a system which uses a unique code, for example a qr code, on a physical product. The code is conveniently readable, for example by a smartphone or tablet, and connects the reader to a specific network address.
Fabtale Productions Pty Ltd


Method for creating secure subnetworks on a general purpose network

Techniques used in a network that includes non-trusted devices, in which packets of information communicated across the network include network address information for a source device and a destination device of the packets of information are described herein. According to one embodiment, a process of establishing a more secure subnetwork includes inserting at least one credential into at least one packet of information issued by the source device, the credential assessable by a plurality of devices on the network, enabling transmission of the at least one packet of information from the source device to at least one destination device on the subnetwork, assessing the credential by at least one of the devices, and permitting the source device to communicate with the destination device conditioned upon the results of the assessing step.


Efficient nat without reassemling ipv4 fragments

A method, apparatus, and machine readable storage medium is disclosed for performing network address translation (nat) on fragments of a internet protocol (ip) packet, comprising: receiving a packet fragment of the packet; calculating a hash key based on a subset of header information in the fragment; if the packet fragment is the first fragment of the packet; initiating a nat session for the packet; storing the nat session identifier at an entry in the linked list indexed by the hash key; and if the packet fragment is not the first fragment of the packet, then: retrieving a nat session identifier, if available, at an entry in said linked list indexed by said hash key; and performing nat on the fragment using the nat session identified by the nat session identifier. The hash key is a subset of a crc32 calculation performed on: ipv4 source address; ipv4 destination address; and ip identifier of the fragment.
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.


Dynamic double network address translator

Systems and methods for network address translations are provided, which include a dynamic double network address translation (nat) solution for interconnecting overlapping ip networks. Some embodiments allow efficient automated connectivity between two networks with overlapping ip address ranges based on the dns resolutions.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.


Dynamic vpn address allocation

Methods and related systems are presented that relate to automatically avoiding address conflicts when establishing a secure communications link over a public network between a local computer, associated with a local network, and a remote device, located outside the local network. Local network addresses on the local network reserved for use, and a block of local network addresses that do not conflict with the reserved local network addresses, are identified.
Virnetx, Inc.


Network access for equipment

Provided are a network access method and device for equipment. The method includes that: first equipment receives a first message, wherein the first message is used for indicating that a controller structuring and sending the first message can provide a reachable path reaching a network address allocation server; the first equipment sends a first request message to the controller according to the first message, wherein the first request message is used for requesting the controller and/or the path-reachable network address allocation server controlled by the controller to allocate a network address to the first equipment; and the first equipment accesses the network according to the allocated network address.
Zte Corporation


Network classification

Network dna may be determined for a computer network that taxonomically classifies the computer network. Network dna may include derived network dna components and raw network dna components.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Control of network connected systems

Technology for controlling network connected systems is disclosed. A wireless network can be scanned in order to determine a list of active network addresses.
Raytheon Bbn Technologies, Corp.


Distributed multi-processing security gateway

A system and method for a distributed multi-processing security gateway establishes a host side session, selects a proxy network address for a server, uses the proxy network address to establish a server side session, receives a data packet, assigns a central processing unit core from a plurality of central processing unit cores in a multi-core processor of the security gateway to process the data packet, processes the data packet according to security policies, and sends the processed data packet. The proxy network address is selected such that a same central processing unit core is assigned to process data packets from the server side session and the host side session.
A10 Networks, Inc.


Image monitoring framework

A computing platform may receive, from a network device, a message identifying data that was transmitted by a user device located in a private network associated with an organization. The network device may be located at a boundary between the private network and a public network.
Bank Of America Corporation


Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing communications services

An aspect of providing communications services to internet protocol-enabled devices includes storing, in an account of the subscriber, a globally unique identifier for each of a plurality of the devices associated with the subscriber. For each of the devices, the globally unique identifier is appended to a network address of the subscriber in the account, where each of the devices is uniquely addressable via the appended globally unique identifier and network address.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method, system and program product for product and service registrations

A method, system and program product comprise capturing a product identifier for a product obtained by a user. The product identifier is compiled by a cloud based server system as instructed by a one of a plurality business users of a plurality of different businesses.


Code sourcing on products to access supplemental information value

A system and method for using identification codes found on ordinary articles of commerce to access remote computers on a network. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a computer is provided having a database that relates uniform product code (“upc”) numbers, quick response codes (“qr”), and other technologies to internet network addresses (or “urls”).


Streaming media search and playback system

A method is provided for playing back media from a network. The method includes receiving a search criteria from a network enabled device.


Managing virtual machines

A virtual machine manager program or process may be executable on a host machine. The same host may support one or more virtual machines.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


System and providing ip version interworking for ims access through epc

A packet data network gateway (pgw) network node of an evolved packet core (epc) for interfacing with an ip multimedia core network subsystem (ims) comprises an ip address assignment functionality module configured to assign both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses to a user equipment (ue) requesting an ipv6 address, a network address translation-application layer gateway (nat64-alg) functionality module and pgw configured to translate between ipv4 and ipv6 addresses, a gx interface toward a policy control and charging rules function (pcrf) network node configured to transmit the ue's ipv4 address to the pcrf, and an sgi interface toward an application node of the ims configured the ue's ipv4 address to the application node, and to transmit and receive ip media packets between the ims and the ue after ipv4 and ipv6 address translation.. .
Mavenir Systems, Inc.


System for securely accessing network address, and device and method therein

Disclosed are a system for securely accessing a network address, and a device and a method therein. The system for securely accessing a network address comprises a terminal device and a security control server.
Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited


Systems and methods for high volume logging and synchronization for large scale network address translation

The present invention is related to a method for high volume logging for large scale network address translation. A first device intermediary to a plurality of clients and a plurality of database servers allocates a portion of memory to each packet engine in a plurality of packet engines executing on a respective core of a plurality of cores of the first device.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Method and provisioning traversal using relays around network address translation (turn) credential and servers

Various disclosed embodiments include methods and systems for provisioning traversal using relays around network address translation (turn) credentials and servers for network address translation/firewall (nat/fw) traversal via a voice-over-internet-protocol/web real-time communication (voip/webrtc) signaling channel. The method comprises receiving, at a signaling gateway, a signaling message from a first electronic device (ed) when the first electronic device registers with the signaling gateway or sends other signaling messages for requesting a turn credential.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Method for displaying website authentication information and browser

Disclosed in the present invention are a method for displaying website authentication information and a browser, the method comprising: acquiring, by cloud query, authentication parameter information of a website provided by a network address authentication server after a network address change event is triggered, wherein the authentication parameter information at least comprises display picture information of authentication information, and the display picture information of the authentication information is generated by the network address authentication server according to the source of the authentication information and website type information; and displaying the authentication information of the website in the browser according to the authentication parameter information. According to the technical solution provided by the present invention, the information authenticated by authority can be displayed in real time when users visit the website, enabling the users to have a proper understanding of the security of the currently-visited website..
Qizhi Software (beijing) Company Limited


Computer implemented methods and representing a portion of a user interface as a network address

Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer-readable storage media for representing a portion of a user interface of a web browser as a web address. In some implementations, a computing device receives a request to encode as a web address a portion of a user interface provided in a web browser at the computing device.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Dynamic assignment of transfers of blocks of data

A computer-program causing a computing device to transmit, from a data transfer thread of a multitude of data transfer threads executed within a data storage cluster and to a distribution thread at a network address on a network, a request for an assignment of an exchange of data with at least one computation thread of a multitude of computation threads executed within a data processing cluster; exchange a block of data with a single computation thread of the multitude of computation threads in response to receipt of an assignment to exchange the block of data with the single computation thread; and exchange multiple blocks of data with multiple computation threads of the multitude of computation threads in a round robin manner among the multiple computation threads in response to receipt of an assignment to exchange the multiple blocks of data with the multiple computation threads.. .
Sas Institute Inc.


Intercloud security as a service

In an approach, a cloud connector component acts as a broker between a client computer, a security-enhanced domain name server, and a content scanning server. When receiving a domain name service (dns) request from a client computer, the cloud connector forwards the dns request to the security-enhanced domain name server.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Secure network communication

A client device configured to intercept an outgoing packet. The outgoing packet includes a destination network address.
Jumpto Media Inc.


Applying a packet routing policy to an application session

A security gateway includes packet routing policies, each including a host network address, an application network address, and a forwarding interface. In routing data packets of an application session, the security gateway: recognizes the application session between a network and an application; determines a user identity from an application session record for the application session; determines packet routing policies applicable to the application session based on the user identity; receives a data packet for the application session, including a source network address and a destination network address; compares the source network address with the host network address, and the destination network address with the application network address; and in response to finding a match between the source network address and the host network address, and between the destination network address and the application network address, processes the data packet using the forwarding interface of the packet routing policy..
A10 Networks, Inc.


Method and system for providing an information centric network

A method and system provide an information centric network with a software defined network based on an information centric networking protocol on top of a physical network based on the internet protocol. There are forwarding elements in the physical network and a controller in the software defined network for controlling the forwarding elements.
Nec Europe Ltd.


Internet protocol network mapper

A network mapper for performing tasks on targets is provided. The mapper generates a map of a network that specifies the overall configuration of the network.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Electronic gaming machine service bus

A gaming system includes a modular network services manager (nsm) component which controls communication for network components and network-based services of a gaming machine coupled to an internal communication network coupled to an external communications network. The nsm provides a single external network address for the wagering gaming machine network-based services (e.g., operating system, player interface/overlay graphical user interface, video combining, audio control, printing, touchscreen, bill validation, etc.).
Wms Gaming Inc.


On-demand load balancer and virtual live slicer server farm for program ingest

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium to receive a request for an on-demand streaming service from a program source device, wherein the on-demand streaming service provides on-demand publishing of programs originating from program source devices, and wherein the publishing includes streaming of the programs via the internet to users; obtain configuration data based on the request; spin up a live slicer server based on the request; transmit the configuration data to the live slicer server; and transmit a network address of the live slicer server to the program source device.. .
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Residential cache appliance utilizing a social network

Embodiments are disclosed for managing a distributed data center. The managing can include receiving content interaction history associated with a first social networking account of a social networking system at a content distribution system; maintaining a cache map of available cache appliances to implement a distributed cache store; selecting a content item to push to a residential cache appliance based on the content interaction history, wherein pushing the content item includes updating the cache map to associate a network address of the residential cache appliance with an identifier of the content item; and providing a content distribution service configured to redirect a content streaming request for the content item to the residential cache appliance when the content item is determined to be available in the distributed cache store according to the cache map..
Facebook, Inc.


Managing cyber attacks through change of network address

A system for responding to a cyber-attack on a server. A notification is sent to a server administrator that a cyber-attack is occurring and the number of cyber-attacks on the server has exceeded a predetermined threshold.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Network address-based encryption

A system for encrypting data and transferring or storing data securely may include a computing device including an encryptor configured to generate an encryption key from a network resource and encrypt data using the encryption key to generate encrypted data, and a decryptor configured to generate a decryption key from the network resource and decrypt the encrypted data to generate the non-encrypted data.. .
The Boeing Company


Request routing in a networked environment

A system, methods, and interfaces for managing request routing functionality associated with resource requests for one or more resources associated with a content provider. The request routing functionality can correspond to the processing of domain name service (“dns”) requests for resources by computing devices and the resolution of the dns requests by the identification of a network address of a computing device that will provide the requested resources.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Network device detection, identification, and management

A method for identifying devices on a network using a two-step process of first scanning a range network addresses for devices and then acquiring device information from each of the accessible devices. The method involves scanning the network for devices by sending a request to each of a plurality of network addresses, receiving a response from one or more of the devices, obtaining a hardware address for at least some of the responding devices, and identifying the device based on the hardware address.


Method and distributing motion signals in a multi-seat environment

A system for providing motion signals indicative of a motion to be performed by the motion platforms synchronously with video images comprising an input interface for extracting a motion signal from the input signal. A server provides a network address to each motion platform.
D-box Technologies Inc.


System and networked video capture, backup, and serving

Transparent backup and archiving of video data for one or more video management systems is provided by capturing such data from at least one network used by the vms(s) using packet capture by one or more taps and associated streaming video capture and replay system (svcrs) and without requiring cooperation from or modification to any vms. By noting the source and destination of data packets, as well as aspects of the content, such as the data type, format, or protocol used, the nature of the devices sending or receiving the data packets can also be determined.
Videonext Federal, Inc.


System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names

A system for connecting a first network device and a second network device includes one or more servers. The servers are configured to: (a) receive, from the first network device, a request to look up a network address of the second network device based on an identifier associated with the second network device; (b) determine, in response to the request, whether the second network device is available for a secure communications service; and (c) initiate a virtual private network communication link between the first network device and the second network device based on a determination that the second network device is available for the secure communications service, wherein the secure communications service uses the virtual private network communication link..
Virnetx, Inc.


Switch network of containers and trailers for transportation, storage, and distribution of physical items

Some embodiments include a transportation system implementing a network for transporting, distributing, and/or storing one or more physical items in one or more cargo containers (herein may be referred to as the “transportation network” for short). The cargo containers and relay terminals may be identified via node addresses in a network address space.


Detecting proxy-based communication

Detecting proxy-based communications via a computer network by sending a uniform resource locator via a computer network to a recipient at a first computer network address, identifying a request associated with the uniform resource locator, where the request is associated with a second computer network address, and determining that a value of a characteristic of the second computer network address is inconsistent with a value associated with the recipient, thereby identifying the first computer network address as being associated with a proxy.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Methods and rack deployments for virtual computing environments

Methods and apparatus for rack deployments for virtual computing environments are disclosed. An example method includes retrieving, from a repository remote from a system integrator, a software image to be deployed on a processing unit installed in a server rack, in response to receiving a dynamic host configuration protocol request from a processing unit at a virtual imaging appliance, detecting the processing unit and transmitting a network address to the processing unit to be utilized by the processing unit, transmitting the software image from the virtual imaging appliance to the network address assigned to the processing unit, and transmitting a hardware management system software image from the virtual imaging appliance to a network switch installed in the server rack to cause a hardware management system to be installed in the server rack..
Vmware, Inc.


System, configuring a wireless sound reinforcement system

A system, apparatus and method for configuring a wireless sound reinforcement system detects a controller and two or more wireless adapters using an electronic device. The controller has a plurality of input channels and output channels.


Method, system and keeping session table alive in net address translation apparatus

Embodiments of the disclosure provide a method for keeping a session table alive in a network address translation, nat, apparatus, including: creating a hello session table by an access border gateway function, a_bgf, apparatus; creating a hello message by the a_bgf apparatus according to the hello session table; sending the hello message by the a_bgf apparatus to the nat apparatus; receiving the hello message by the nat apparatus; and updating a session table corresponding to the hello message by the nat apparatus. Embodiments of the disclosure also provide a system and apparatuse for keeping a session table alive in an nat apparatus.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Adaptive load balancing for bridged systems

Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing adaptive load balancing for bridged systems are disclosed. Examples generally relate to both physical and virtualized computer systems.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.


Communication system, control apparatus, communication method, and program

A control apparatus is configured to generate a processing rule that defines packet processing in a communication apparatus and set the processing rule in the communication apparatus, to determine one or more logical networks for broadcast targets, based on correspondence relationship between network address and logical network, to obtain one or more communication apparatuses connected to the determined one or more logical networks and to set the one or more communication apparatuses to perform broadcast transmission to the determined one or more logical networks.. .
Nec Corporation


Determining geo-locations of users from user activities

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for determining geo-locations of users from user activities. One of the methods includes obtaining information associated with multiple client devices located at multiple geographic locations; identifying a group of client devices based on network addresses assigned to the client devices; obtaining a prediction that the client devices are in a first geographic location; and determining a probability distribution that the client devices are distributed across multiple locations including or adjacent to the first geographic location..
Google Inc.


Network address identification

In a method for determining network information, in response to a computing device connecting to a computing system, the computing device identifying network information that corresponds to the computing system, wherein the computing system is configured to pass network information to the computing device while the computing system is powered on, but not logged in. The method further includes the computing device determining at least one network address for the computing system utilizing the identified network information that corresponds to the computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation


Overlay switch

The present invention discloses an overlay switch (osw) and a method used by the same. A received unicast packet needs to pass a waypoint chain including a number of waypoints.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and devices for routing in a satellite-based communication system

A satellite-based communication system (1) comprises a router system (6) which receives from a switching unit (3) via a satellite system (4) network addressing information associated with communication terminals (2) connected to the switching unit (3). The network addressing information of the communication terminals (2) are stored in the router system (6) assigned to telephone numbers associated with the communication terminals (2).
Abbey Technology Gmbh


Extended fast memory access in a multiprocessor computer system

A multiprocessor computer system comprises a first node operable to access memory local to a remote node by receiving a virtual memory address from a requesting entity in node logic in the first node. The first node creates a network address from the virtual address received in the node logic, where the network address is in a larger address space than the virtual memory address, and sends a fast memory access request from the first node to a network node identified in the network address..
Intel Corporation


Authorization of network address tracking

Various embodiments are disclosed for enabling a user to physically acknowledge monitoring of their mobile device's network address (e.g., upon entering a store to track the user's movement through the store based upon the mobile device's mac address). An access point coupled with a network system may identify the user device's mac address, but the network system may defer retention and use of the mac address until the user provides a physical authorization to do so.
Facebook, Inc.


Load sharing method and apparatus

Provided is a load sharing method, including that public network addresses are configured in a form of address pools; after traffic transmitted by user devices is received, the user devices are grouped according to traffic models transmitted by the user devices; cpu allocate the public network addresses to the user devices and translate private network addresses of the user devices into the public network addresses, wherein each of the address pools includes a plurality of address blocks, each of the plurality of address blocks corresponds to one cpu, each user group includes a plurality of user blocks, and each of the plurality of user blocks corresponds to one cpu. A load sharing apparatus is also provided.
Zte Corporation


System and malware and network reputation correlation

A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving a reputation value based on a hash of a file making a network connection and on a network address of a remote end of the network connection. The network connection may be blocked if the reputation value indicates the hash or the network address is associated with malicious activity.
Mcafee, Inc.


Sharing content using a dongle device

A content sharing device may receive, from a content providing device, information that identifies content to be shared with a dongle device via a content sharing service. The content sharing device may receive, from the content providing device, information that identifies a contact with which the content is to be shared.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Address management in an overlay network environment

Embodiments of the invention relate to overlay network address management. One embodiment includes an overlay gateway including an overlay network manager associated with a physical network.
International Business Machines Corporation


Providing network addresses for network nodes

Methods, systems, and apparatus for providing network addresses are disclosed. In one aspect, a network element device in a telecommunication network includes a chassis coupled with a passive radio frequency identification (rfid) device and a network line module coupled to the chassis.
Adtran Inc.


Switch for scheduled time-sensitive data egress

Systems and methods for scheduling data egress using a time-sensitive (ts) network switch. The ts network switch may include a functional unit, a plurality of ports, and a plurality of queues.
National Instruments Corporation


Domain-less service selection

A method and apparatus for providing domainless service selection (dlss) are described. According to one embodiment of the invention, there is a service selection network element used to provide access of computing devices to a set of one or more services provided by a set of one or more providers.
Ericsson Ab


Distributed network address and port translation for migrating flows between service chains in a network environment

An example method for distributed network address and port translation (napt) for migrating flows between service chains in a network environment is provided and includes distributing translation state for a flow traversing the network across a plurality of napt service nodes in the network, with packets belonging to the flow being translated according to the translation state, associating the flow with a first service chain at a flow classifier in the network, and updating the association when the flow migrates from the first service chain to a second service chain, with packets belonging to the migrated flow also being translated according to the translation state. The method may be executed at a pool manager in the network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Guest browser

One embodiment of a guest browser system, among others, includes a guest browser interface configured to provide an address bar interface for accepting a network address for retrieving a first web page. The guest browser interface is rendered from code of a second web page, where content of the second web page is rendered by an installed web browser.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Load balancing of distributed media agents in a conference system

A load balancer controls a cluster of media agents each configured to perform media packet processing operations in a conference session. The load balancer receives a session traversal utilities for network address translation/translator (nat) (stun) request from a caller to establish media.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Allocation of network addresses for network subscribers

A method for allocating network addresses for network subscribers in a segmented network having a plurality of subnetworks that are each connected via a subnetwork router to a busbar system that connects them. In one aspect, the subnetwork routers determine a shared address range locally by exchanging router messages that are distributed via the busbar system.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Method, apparatus and system for resolving domain names in network

Method, apparatus and system for resolving domain names in network. One embodiment provides a method for resolving a domain name in a network, including: receiving, at a controller associated with a switch in the network, a domain name system (dns) request for the domain name from the switch, the dns request initiated by a client, the controller controlling operations of the switch in the network; and controlling processing of the dns request based on a predefined security constraint at the controller to obtain a network address corresponding to the domain name, wherein the dns request is forwarded by the switch to the controller in response to a dns record related to the domain name being missed in first storage at the switch.
International Business Machines Corporation


Device for sending image data from camera to cctv network

An integrated internet camera includes, an infrared sensor, an optical system for forming an image on the infrared sensor and lenses formed from infrared transmitting material, an image capturing circuit, for capturing digital images from the infrared sensor; a network interface device connectible to a computer network for transmission of the digital images, as digital image files, across the computer network. A file transfer device of the camera communicates, via the network interface device, with a destination computer at a selected network address on the computer network, and transfers the digital image files to the destination computer according to a predetermined file transfer protocol.
Axis Ab


Method for click-stream analysis using web directory reverse categorization

In embodiments disclosed, information on a click stream associated with a user and meta tags commonly used by search engines can be used to profile a user. The click stream may comprise network addresses and timestamps and may be the only source of user information used for the profile.
Open Text S.a.


Method and device for an adaptive handling of data traffic

A method in a communications network for adaptive handling of network data traffic between a user equipment and a network resource, said data traffic being enabled by a lookup procedure for obtaining a network address of the network resource. The user equipment sends to a server a request for accessing said data traffic.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Secure network address translation (nat) port block allocation

A node is configured to receive, from a second node, a request to establish a session; perform, in response to the request, a network address translation (nat) operation to establish the session, the nat operation causing a first port block to be allocated to the session, the first port block including a first set of ports via which traffic, associated with the session, is transported; determine that the set of ports are no longer available for the session; determine whether a quantity of times that the first port block has been allocated to the session is greater than a threshold; and retain the first port block, for the session, when the quantity of times that the first port block has been allocated to the session is not greater than the threshold.. .
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Network threat detection and mitigation using a domain name service and network transaction data

In an embodiment, a method detects an abuse to a network environment. In the method, real-time name service transaction data to resolve a domain name to a network address is collected from the network environment.
Singularity Networks, Inc.


Source-destination network address translation (sdnat) proxy and method thereof

A proxy and method for performing source destination network address translation are presented. The method includes receiving a first message from a node communicatively connected to a first network to access a resource communicatively connected to a second network, wherein the first message contains at least a source address and a destination address used within the first network; translating the destination address designated in the first message to an address of the resource; generating a unique address for the destination address designated in the first message, wherein the unique address is an address not in use on the second network; providing a translated message including the translated destination address and the unique address; and forwarding the translated message to the resource communicatively connected to the second network..
Ravello Systems Ltd.


Network addressable appliance interface device

The present disclosure relates to an interface device to control an appliance through a network. The interface device can be device-agnostic and can be incorporated into any suitable appliance.
Belkin International, Inc.


Communication continuation during content node failover

Described herein are methods, systems, and software for accommodating failover of a content node in a content delivery network. In one example, a method of operating a control node includes receiving content requests issued by end user devices.
Fastly, Inc.


Token-based correlation of control sessions for policy and charging control of a data session through a nat

A method of handling packets sent across a packet switched network comprising a policy server acting as a policy and charging rules function. The method comprises providing a first set of policy rules at said policy server, and installing these from the policy server into an access gateway over a first service control session.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Port chunk allocation in network address translation

A system and method for providing network and port address translation is provided. A global ip address and a block (chunk) of ports are allocated for each mobile subscriber (ms) on first data connection.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Distributed address resolution protocol forwarding

A network device within a data communication network includes a plurality of network interfaces, each programmed with a respective set of address resolution protocol (arp) routing entries for correlating network addresses with physical addresses. Each network interface is further programmed with an additional respective set of longest prefix match (lpm) routing entries for correlating other network addresses with designated network interfaces to enable traffic matching one of the lpm routing entries to be forwarded to the appropriate designated network interface within the network device..
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Commissioning a network system

A wireless network system (30, 60) and a method for commissioning a wireless network system (30, 60) is described. The network system (30, 60) comprises at least a network device (1, 1′, 1″) and a joining device (21, 81, 91, 101, 111).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Deploying a toll-free data service campaign by modifying a uniform resource identifier

A device may receive campaign information for deploying a toll-free data service campaign. The campaign information may identify a uniform resource identifier for accessing a toll-free data service associated with the toll-free data service campaign.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Tuning efficiency and delivery of content

In accordance with one configuration, in response to receiving a request from a client device, a server resource tunes to a corresponding channel to retrieve content conveyed on the corresponding channel. While tuning, the server resource obtains a network address of the server resource from which content in the corresponding channel will be available for retrieval by the client device subsequent to the server resource successfully tuning to the corresponding channel and buffering a portion of the content.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


Request routing management based on network components

Systems and methods for managing requesting routing functionality associated with resource requests for one or more resources associated with a content provider are provided. A content delivery network (“cdn”) service provider, on behalf of a content provider, can process domain name service (“dns”) requests for resources by computing devices and resolve the dns requests by the identification of a network address of a computing device that will provide the requested resources.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Parallel processing for low latency network address translation

A packet is received at an ingress port of a networking device and a forwarding result that identifies an egress port for the packet is generated. In parallel with the generation of the forwarding result, a network address translation (nat) result that identifies one or more nat rules for possible application to the packet is generated.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

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