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Network Address patents


This page is updated frequently with new Network Address-related patent applications.

 Enhanced thread handling in security handshakingdomain name system bypass in user applications patent thumbnailEnhanced thread handling in security handshakingdomain name system bypass in user applications
Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and software for bypassing a domain name system. In one example, a method of operating a user communication device includes receiving a user instruction requesting content within a user application of the user communication device.
Fastly, Inc.

 Nat port manager for enabling port mapping using remainders patent thumbnailNat port manager for enabling port mapping using remainders
A network device may include one or more processors. The one or more processors may receive a call from a services processor to allocate network address translation resources for a data packet.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

 Method and  advanced statistics collection patent thumbnailMethod and advanced statistics collection
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media provide for collection of statistics relating to network traffic between virtual machines (vms) in a network. In an example embodiment, a virtual switch hosted on a physical server provides network address information of vms deployed on the physical server to a virtual switch controller.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Device including multi-mode input pad patent thumbnailDevice including multi-mode input pad
A circuit component has a network address. The network address is determined from a voltage level applied to a single electrical contact of the circuit component.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

 Web-based game controller patent thumbnailWeb-based game controller
A video game system includes a video server system (vss) having a first network address. The vss pairs a game controller having a second network address with a display system having a third network address.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

 Secure real-time health record exchange patent thumbnailSecure real-time health record exchange
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for accessing electronic medical records are provided in which a portable computing device uniquely associated with a user authenticates an identification of the user and automatically retrieves information corresponding to the user from electronic healthcare records systems using the identification. The retrieved information may be combined with other information and electronically delivered to a healthcare provider or patient., Inc.

 Communication method and apparatus patent thumbnailCommunication method and apparatus
A communication method and apparatus wherein there is wireless communication with at least two mobile communication devices each having a network address and wherein location-related data is received for the at least two mobile communication devices. A database of profiles of users is maintained including social media information and/or advertising information identifying at least one second user and the second user's network address with whom a first user desires to communicate when the first and second users are at a common location.

 Network address resolution for interworking between cellular network domain and wireless local area network domain patent thumbnailNetwork address resolution for interworking between cellular network domain and wireless local area network domain
A user equipment (50) receives a management frame (202) from an access point (150) of a wireless local area network domain. The management frame (202) indicates an identity of the access point (50).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Remote control via local area network patent thumbnailRemote control via local area network
A method and system for remote control of multimedia content using a multimedia content distribution network (mcdn) is configured to establish a connection between a customer premises equipment (cpe) gateway and a local area network (lan) device that is a personal user device. A user of the lan device may be authenticated.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

 Firewall interface configuration to enable bi-directional voip traversal communications patent thumbnailFirewall interface configuration to enable bi-directional voip traversal communications
Methods and systems for an intelligent network protection gateway (npg) and network architecture are provided. According to one embodiment, a firewall provides network-layer protection to hosts of a private network against unauthorized access by hosts of an external network by performing network address translation (nat) processing of internet protocol (ip) addresses.
Fortinet, Inc.

System and establishing a communication link

In one embodiment, a method includes generating a domain name service (dns) request comprising a domain name, determining that the dns request corresponds to a first computer configured to communicate securely, and sending, based on the determination, a request to establish a communication link with the first computer configured to communicate securely, the request including an identifier of a client device used to determine whether the client device is authorized to communicate with the first computer. The method includes receiving, in response to the request to establish the communication link, a resource used to establish the communication link, wherein the resource corresponds to a qualify of service level for the communication link, determining, in response to the request to establish a communication link, whether a software module for communicating securely requires installation on the client device, and if it is determined that the software module requires installation on the client device: accessing a network address for downloading the software module, downloading the software module, and installing the software module on the client device.
Virnetx, Inc.

Performing source network address translation based on remote device management attributes

Some embodiments provide novel methods for processing remote-device data messages in a network based on data-message attributes from a remote device management (rdm) system. For instance, the method of some embodiments identifies a set of rdm attributes associated with a data message, and then performs one or more service operations based on identified rdm attribute set..
Nicira, Inc.

Signaling control use in nat traversal system

A signaling control system for use in a nat traversal system includes a registrar server and an application layer gateway server. The registrar server is configured to record registration information of two user terminals.
Institute For Information Industry

Network address assignment and reclamation for hierarchical based rpl networks

This invention is an improvement of a hierarchical do-dag based rpl (h-doc) network configuration where the network address of each node corresponds to its location within the hierarchical network. Network addresses are initialized hierarchically.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Automatically advertising nat routes between logical routers

Some embodiments provide a method for configuring a logical router in a logical network. The method receives a configuration of a rule for network address translation (nat) used by a first logical router to translate a set of network addresses to a particular network address.
Nicira, Inc.

Different apps on different mobile devices interacting via deep links

Many social apps on mobile devices let a user find others nearby using the same app. But her app cannot find users running other apps.

Secure network server boot without the use of dhcp and pxe

In one embodiment, a method includes detecting that a processor is attempting to boot a server using a network boot option over a first network. The method also includes receiving a network address, using the processor, from an integrated management module (imm) connected to the processor via a local connection without using a dynamic host configuration protocol (dhcp) server on the first network.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Multihoming for tunneled encapsulated media

A system that implements multihoming for real-time communications receives a request to establish a tunnel by a tunneling server with a tunneling client of user equipment, where the request includes two or more network addresses for the tunnel. The system establishes the tunnel and sends a list of the allocated two or more network addresses for the tunnel.
Oracle International Corporation

Network configuration and assigning of network addresses to fans in a network

The present invention concerns a method for the configuration of a network with network addresses, wherein the network consists of at least one central computer and a plurality of fans, which can communicate via a bus system in wired and/or wireless manner with the central computer, wherein each fan has a rewritable memory and a rfid interface for communication with a preferably mobile communications device, wherein the serial number of the respective fan is saved in its memory and the serial number can be read out by the communications device in the nonoperational voltage-free state of the particular fan.. .
Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

Controlling mobile payment transactions based on risk scores for point-of-sale terminals determined from locations reported by mobile terminals

A method of performing operations on a processor of a mobile payment transaction processing system, includes receiving mobile payment messages from a point-of-sale (pos) terminal operated by a merchant performing mobile payment transactions with mobile terminals. Each of the mobile payment messages contains transaction information, a network address for the pos terminal, and a geographic location provided by the mobile terminal.
Ca, Inc.

Delivery mechanisms for deployment of releases of packages to endpoints

Transport information is to be used by an endpoint to obtain one or more packages comprised in a deployed release. The transport information is sent in a single message that identifies the deployed release and the one or more packages.
Blackberry Limited

Provisioning of wireless security configuration information in a wireless network environment

A network environment includes a message-processing resource that receives a communication originated by a communication device and transmitted from the communication device over a wireless communication link. By way of non-limiting example, the communication can be a request for retrieval of content from server resource disposed in the network environment.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Network address sharing in a multitentant, monolithic application environment

Improved techniques of running multitenant applications involve opening sockets in multiple network namespaces through which respective tenants may access a monolithic application thread. A server running such an application may assign tenants network bandwidth through one or more network namespaces.
Emc Corporation

Dynamically identifying and associating control packets to an application layer

A device may receive a control packet associated with a connection. The control packet may include a network address.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Determining transaction risk from similarity of parameters characterizing a user terminal which originated a transaction to a user terminal identified from the transaction

A method of performing operations on a processor of a financial transaction processing system, includes receiving an ecommerce transaction message containing an account identifier for a pending ecommerce transaction and initial parameter information characterizing an originating user terminal that communicated the ecommerce transaction message. A network address of a registered user terminal that is associated with the account identifier is identified.
Ca, Inc.

Cellular data testing system

A device may receive preferences related to performing cellular data testing in a cellular network. The preferences may identify one or more target network addresses.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Alerts for messages

Scores, fight songs, and other sports oriented alerts are provided for electronic communications. Different network addresses may be associated with different sports teams.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

System and methods for an online conference session

In one embodiment, a method includes: facilitating an online conference session between a plurality of client devices connected to a meeting server; storing information related to one or more backup client devices, the one or more backup client devices corresponding to client devices that accepted to share their computing resources, and the information comprising, for each of the one or more backup client devices a network address and an amount of available computing resources; receiving, from a client device connected to the meeting server, a request to identify a backup client device operative to process data in place of the client device; and, in response to the request, using the stored information to identify at least one backup client device from the one or more backup client devices, the at least one backup client device having sufficient computing resources available to process the data.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method for processing nat64 prefix, network equipment and dhcpv6 server

Provided are a method for processing a network address translation 64 (nat64) prefix, network equipment and a dynamic host configuration protocol for internet protocol version 6 (dhcpv6) server. The method includes that: a synthesis internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) prefix corresponding to each network configuration information option is acquired; and a dhcpv6 message is sent to a dhcpv6 server, wherein the dhcpv6 message carries at least one option of the synthesis ipv6 prefix.
Zte Corporation

Network device setting method and information processing device

A network device setting method for causing a computer to execute a process, the process including causing a basic input/output system to perform processing of generating network setting information in which a place identifier that identifies a place in which a network device is mounted to the computer and a network address are associated with one another; and causing an operating system to perform processing of updating, based on net information in which a device identifier that identifies the network device and the place identifier are associated with one another and the network setting information, configuration information that corresponds to the device identifier with the network address, and setting the network address in the network device using the updated configuration information.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Identifying hardcoded ip addresses

A method and associated systems for identifying hardcoded network addresses. A network-migration tool requests from a network certain types of data that may identify ip addresses used by the network and receives a subset of the requested data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Blockchain and deep links for mobile apps

A deep link can have a name of a mobile app and a network address of a device on which an instance of the app is running. Deep links can be stored in a blockchain, along with related data, like the location of the device running the app.

Adding multi-tenant awareness to a network packet processing device on a software defined network (sdn)

“multi-tenant awareness” is added to a set of one or more packet processing devices in a software defined network (sdn) having a controller. For each of one or more tenants, information in a table associates network protocol address attributes with an internet protocol (ip) address unique to the tenant.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and associated methodology for proximity detection and device association using ultrasound

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving ultrasound frequency sweeps in a sound receiving device. Each of the plurality of ultrasound frequency sweeps is centered on one of at least two predetermined frequencies.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method for checking network elements and network

A method for checking network elements in a network is provided. The respective network element can be activated with the aid of a web interface and has a network address.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Decentralizing core network functionalities

The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses for providing network access, wherein a connection to a core network is established via a wireless access device and a gateway device. Connectivity of the wireless access device is restricted to a pre-defined group of core network address of a pool of gateway devices with multi-node connectivity to the core network, and a single address is selected to establish the connection to a one of the gateway devices.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Commissioning a network system

A wireless network system (30, 60) and a method for commissioning a wireless network system (30, 60) is described. The network system (30, 60) comprises at least a network device (1, 1′, 1″) and a joining device (21, 81, 91, 101, 111).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Enhanced x2 protocol

A system for an enhanced x2 interface in a mobile operator core network is disclosed, comprising: a long term evolution (lte) core network packet data network gateway (pgw); an evolved nodeb (enodeb) connected to the lte pgw; a wi-fi access point (ap) connected to the lte pgw via a wireless local area network (wlan) gateway; and a coordinating node positioned as a gateway between the lte pgw and the enodeb, and positioned as a gateway between the lte pgw and the wi-fi ap, the coordinating node further comprising: a network address translation (nat) module; and a protocol module for communicating to the enodeb and the wi-fi ap to request inter-radio technology (inter-rat) handovers of a user equipment (ue) from the enodeb to the wi-fi ap and to forward packets intended for the ue from the enodeb to the wi-fi ap.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

Network address translation

A method including receiving, at a virtual private network (vpn) server, an encapsulated packet on one of the ingress addresses wherein the ingress address is associated with the packet information. After processing the packet at the vpn server, the packet source address is transformed to the address of the ingress port before transmitting the packet over a network.
Openvpn Technologies, Inc.

Method for network address allocation and network device using the same

The present disclosure recites a network address allocation method which including steps: calculating a preset number npre of the addresses of the network according to a number l of layers of the network; comparing npre with a maximum number n of the addresses of the network; calculating a maximum available number cmax of the sub-nodes of each node and a maximum number na of the network address to be allocated in the network according to the compare result of the npre and the n; calculating the addresses cskip(i) of the nodes of the layer i to be allocated according to cmax and na, wherein i is in the range of 1˜l; allocating cskip(i) to each node of the layer i of the network. The present disclosure also provides a network device for network address allocation..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

System and prevention of denial of service attacks for hosted network address translator

To determine the correct media stream to latch onto, the system and method uses a hashing algorithm to uniquely identify a legitimate media stream. A first invite message is received at a session border controller (sbc) to establish a communication session.
Avaya Inc.

Multitenant access to multiple desktops on host machine partitions in a service provider network

Routers and host machines can host desktops for two or more enterprises. A virtual local area network is established for each enterprise.
Vmware, Inc.

Call establishment

A behaviour prediction algorithm predicts a call by monitoring user inputs to detect an action by the user suggesting the user may be about to instigate the call, and identifying a candidate callee for the call. A network address associated with the callee is also retrieved from a data store.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Controller and setting up communication links to redundantly operated controllers in an industrial automation system

A method for setting up communication links to redundantly operated controllers in an industrial automation system, in which a first controller is in an active operating state for controlling or regulating a technical process, and a second controller is in a reserve operating state, from which it is placeable into an active operating state in the event the first controller fails, where the first/second controllers respectively store a device identifier associated with the first/second controllers, information about associations between device names and communication network addresses of the first/second controllers is provided in accordance with a name service protocol within at least one subnetwork associated with the first/second controllers, and where retrieval of a piece of address or name information for one of the two controllers involves automatically providing the piece of address or name information to setup a communication link to the other controller based on the respective device identifier.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method and system for internetwork communication with machine devices

A device of a public communication network initiates an action at a destination ue device of a private communication network by transmitting an action request message to a translating device that has a network/logical connection to both networks. The action request message contains security credentials of the initiating device, but does not contain a network address of the destination ue device.
M2md Technologies, Inc.

System architecture and guaranteeing network information security

Disclosed is a system architecture and method for guaranteeing network information security, the system architecture including the internet, a program fragmentation processing unit and an authentication unit. The method includes: acquiring a first set and a second set of 13-bit decimal data, judging whether the data is in line with ean13 and serial number coding principles, if yes, encrypting the two sets of data, to generate a third set of data, obtaining three sets of data codes and using them as new ip addresses, upon program fragmentation processing on the new ip addresses, an authentication center decrypting the three sets of data, if a computation result is “0”, transmitting information to a target user, that is, an interviewee, after encryption of the three sets of data, and storing three sets of data codes divided into three lines, used for network addressing..

Public network address conservation

A method may include receiving a first network traffic flow that is associated with a first private network address. The first network traffic flow may be destined to a first external network address.
Juniper Networks, Inc.

Multicast video program switching architecture

Multicast video program switching architecture. In one embodiment, a user makes a request for service.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Controlling an iot device using a remote control device via a remote control proxy device

Described herein are implementations for using a remote control device to control a target device on a network via a remote control proxy device. A remote control device may determine an iot device capable of functioning as a remote control proxy device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Controlling an iot device using a remote control device via an infrastructure device

Described herein are implementations for using a remote control device to control a target device on a network. An exemplary remote control device may generate a data packet comprising a command for controlling the target device and a network address associated with the target device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Sysplexport allocation across a z/os sysplex

A method, system, and program product for allocating a port for a connection by an application instance on a computer system is provided. The application instances used the port and a shared network address to connect to one or more application instances accessing the shared network address.
International Business Machines Corporation

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