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Network Address patents

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Migration of guest bridge

Red Hat Israel

Migration of guest bridge

Streaming media search and playback system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Network Address-related patents
 Mitigating a cyber-security attack by changing a network address of a system under attack patent thumbnailnew patent Mitigating a cyber-security attack by changing a network address of a system under attack
In response to determining that a computer is undergoing a cyber attack, a newly assigned ip address is received for the computer. A currently assigned ip address of the computer is changed to the newly assigned ip address..
International Business Machines Corporation
 Distributed network interfaces for application cloaking and spoofing patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed network interfaces for application cloaking and spoofing
Systems and methods associated with distributing an application's network interface over nodes of a networking fabric are presented. Nodes of the fabric can operate as interface modules, each taking on a role or responsibility for a portion of the application's network address including ip address, port assignments, or other portions of the network address.
Nant Holdings Ip, Llc
 Streaming media search and playback system patent thumbnailnew patent Streaming media search and playback system
A method is provided for playing back media from a network. The method includes receiving a search criteria from a network enabled device.
 Migration of guest bridge patent thumbnailnew patent Migration of guest bridge
A system and method for migrating a guest bridge are provided. An example method includes maintaining at a guest bridge a set of forwarding tables including a set of mappings from a network address to at least one virtual network interface of a set of virtual network interfaces.
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.
 Ensuring data quality by filtering network address observations patent thumbnailEnsuring data quality by filtering network address observations
In one embodiment, a filtering technique is provided for ensuring data quality of network address observations. A network address observation is obtained of a network address associated with a source device, the network address observation associating the network address with one or more directly observed attributes.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.
 Method to publish remote management services over link local network for zero-touch discovery, provisioning, and management patent thumbnailMethod to publish remote management services over link local network for zero-touch discovery, provisioning, and management
A system, method, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for using zero configuration networking (zeroconf) to automate the discovery of the internet protocol (ip) network address of a remote access controller (rac). A rac service associated with a networking device is registered programmatically or as a result of receiving user input to a command line interface.
Dell Products L.p.
 Processing multiple network address observations patent thumbnailProcessing multiple network address observations
In one embodiment, a processing technique is provided that utilizes multiple network address observations. One or more records are obtained that maintain network address observations, each network address observation associating one or more attributes with a network address observed by one or more source devices.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.
 Data redirection system and method therefor patent thumbnailData redirection system and method therefor
A data redirection system and method comprises a first and second redirector in one or more embodiments. The first redirector may receive and respond to requests for a network service by redirecting a client's request to the second redirector.
 Propagating attributes between network addresses patent thumbnailPropagating attributes between network addresses
In one embodiment, a technique is provided for propagating network address to attribute associations between network addresses. One or more profiles are obtained that maintain an association between a first network address and one or more attributes, the association produced from network address observations of the first network address by one or more source devices in communication with a network.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.
 Method for managing computer network access patent thumbnailMethod for managing computer network access
A client computer initiates a first communication session at a first network address and receives therefrom a second network address. The client computer then initiates a second communication session at the second network address and receives therefrom an access configuration including a control setting for a communication protocol capable of being utilized during a third communication session.
Helios Software, Llc

Determining fixed/mobile and proxy/non-proxy network addresses

In one embodiment, a processing technique is provided for determining a refined attribute of a network address based on one or more other attributes. A network address associated with a source device in communication with a network is observed.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

Mapping/translation techniques for generating associations between network addresses and attributes that were not directly observed

In one embodiment, a mapping/translation technique is provided for generating an association between an observed network address and one or more attributes that are not directly observed. A network address is observed that is associated with a source device.
Skyhook Wireless, Inc.

Method and system for mobile terminal to access the network through cell phone

A method for a mobile terminal to access a network through a cell phone is provided. The mobile terminal may be connected to a network enabled cell phone via a wifi (wireless fidelity) connection mode, and the network enabled cell phone may serve as a gateway router.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd

Video transmission system

A video analysis system includes memory having stored therein video analysis software and a processor configured to execute the video analysis software to receive from a mobile video system a dynamic network address, to associate the dynamic network address with a unique identifier of the mobile video system in the memory, and to communicate with the mobile video system using the dynamic network address based on selection by a user of the unique identifier.. .
Utc Fire & Security Corporation

Method, apparatus, and system for network address translation

A method, an apparatus, and a system for network address translation related to the field of communications technologies. A nat control apparatus receives a network address migration message after a first data center migrates a nat mapping entry corresponding to a migrated virtual machine vm to a second data center, verifies the network address migration message, and updates home information of the nat mapping entry in a network address mapping table from the first data center to the second data center according to the network address migration message.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Redistributing sources for adaptive bit rate streaming

A system includes one or more network media service devices, with each network media node operably connected upstream to one or more gateway devices. At least one of the network media service devices is configured to intercept an abr-related request to receive digital media content for a media channel sent from a client set top box to a remote abr server located upstream from the at least one network media device, identify a second gateway device that is storing the digital media content, the second gateway device having previously received the digital media content from the remote abr server, and return a network address of the second gateway device to the client set top box for use by the client set top box to receive the digital media content from the second gateway device.
Broadcom Corporation

Lan multiplexing apparatus

The control device of a lan multiplexing apparatus performs a process to encapsulate a mac frame received from at least any one of the lan and the wireless lan with a packet header including a packet network address including at least a multiplexing identifier and a mac address and to send the encapsulated packet to the packet network, and a process to send a mac frame obtained by decapsulating a packet received from the packet network to at least any one of the lan and the wireless lan corresponding to a destination of the mac frame.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Multi-device monitoring and control using intelligent device channel sharing

A physical network address of one of a set of wireless customer-premise monitoring devices is translated to a shared logical device physical network address in response to receipt from an application server of a first data packet addressed to the physical network address. The shared logical device physical network address forms a logical device group and physically addresses each of the set of wireless customer-premise monitoring devices over a single wireless communication channel.
International Business Machines Corporation

Systems and methods for secured global lan

This invention relates to a method and a network device for establishing a virtual private network (vpn) among local area networks (lans). The method uses a cloud controller that has a static ip address to control a plurality of network devices.
Stratusee Technologies, Inc.

Vendor specific base station auto-configuration framework

There are provided measures for a unified (i.e. Multi-vendor, multi-rat, and multi-nem capable) network element auto-configuration framework.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Multiprotocol label switching transport for supporting a very large number of virtual private networks

A network node for forwarding a data packet to a virtual network. The network node may maintain a table comprising one-to-one mapping information between one or more virtual private network (vpn) labels and one or more identifying labels for a destination virtual network.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

System and method employing an agile network protocol for secure communications using secure domain names

A system for connecting a first network device and a second network device includes one or more servers. The servers are configured to: (a) receive, from the first network device, a request to look up a network address of the second network device based on an identifier associated with the second network device; (b) determine, in response to the request, whether the second network device is available for a secure communications service; and (c) initiate a virtual private network communication link between the first network device and the second network device based on a determination that the second network device is available for the secure communications service, wherein the secure communications service uses the virtual private network communication link..
Virnetx, Inc.

System and methods of installing and operating devices without explicit network addresses

A method of discovering addressing information of one or more upstream devices to respond to specific messages by a second device on behalf of the one or more upstream devices in a network includes acquiring the addressing information in an upstream direction from one or more downstream devices to the one or more upstream devices. The method further includes acquiring the addressing information in a downstream direction from the one or more upstream devices to the one or more downstream devices.
Accedian Networks Inc.

Data transport

A public network links a plurality of nodes, each associated with at least one network address. A transport network connects a plurality of routers, each of which is also connected to the public network.
Media Network Services As

Intermediary content provider

Methods of providing published content are presented. Content providers, including advertisers, can have their network addresses become black listed through no fault of their own.
That Is, Llc

System and signaling and data tunneling in a peer-to-peer environment

An improved system and method are disclosed for peer-to-peer communications. In one example, the method enables an endpoint to use a tunneling server to bypass a network address translation (nat) device that is blocking messages to an endpoint on the other side of the nat device..
Damaka, Inc.

Provisioning a secure customer domain in a virtualized multi-tenant environment

To provision a secure customer domain in a virtualized multi-tenant environment, a virtual machine (vm) is configured for a customer in the customer domain. A first, second, and third virtual network interfaces (vnics) are configured in the vm.
International Business Machines Corporation

Controlling the status of network address space

Methods, computer systems, and computer readable media provide for automated control of the status of network address space. Blocks of networking address space assigned to a network may be allocated from a free status to a new status based upon a request to allocate a particular size block.
Infoblox Inc.

Information processing apparatus and recording medium

An information processing apparatus includes plural network interfaces, a specifying unit, a setting unit, and an assigning unit. The plural network interfaces include a first network interface for connection of the apparatus to a network, and a second network interface for direct wireless connection of another device to the apparatus.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

Content pre-render and pre-fetch techniques

Content pre-render and pre-fetch techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a likelihood is predicted of subsequent navigation to content associated with a network address based at least in part on monitored navigation performed by a computing device to one or more network addresses.
Microsoft Corporation

Systems and methods for providing atc center data to aircraft

Systems and methods for providing air traffic control center data to aircraft is provided. In certain embodiments an avionics system includes a communication device configured to communicate with a data center and an air traffic control center; and a processing unit configured to execute machine readable instructions.
Honeywell International Inc.

Controlling loads and collecting building information via ip networks

The subject matter disclosed herein provides methods for controlling loads in an ip network that is divided into one or more zones and/or subzones. In one aspect, there is provided a method that can associate a plurality of controllers with one of a plurality of zones.
Nuleds, Inc.

Reduced power location determinations for detecting geo-fences

Various different areas of interest are identified, these areas being geographic areas that are also referred to as geo-fences. Whether a computing device is in a geo-fence can be determined based on the location of the geo-fence and the location of the computing device.
Microsoft Corporation

Dvpn large-scale networking and spoke

According to an example a dynamic virtual private network (d-vpn) large-scale networking method includes establishing, by a spoke, a dvpn channel with a hub; issuing, by the spoke, subnet information about the spoke to the hub; and obtaining, by the spoke, subnet information about the hub and another spoke as well as corresponding private network address of a next hop sent by the hub.. .
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.

Early network notification in live migration

The sending of an early notification when a guest migrates in a virtual machine system is described. A guest hosted by a computer system is migrating from a source hypervisor to a target hypervisor.

Domain name system bypass in user applications

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and software for bypassing a domain name system. In one example, a method of operating a user communication device includes receiving a user instruction requesting content within a user application of the user communication device.

Request routing in a networked environment

A system, methods, and interfaces for managing request routing functionality associated with resource requests for one or more resources associated with a content provider. The request routing functionality can correspond to the processing of domain name service (“dns”) requests for resources by computing devices and the resolution of the dns requests by the identification of a network address of a computing device that will provide the requested resources.

Management of network devices within a dispersed data storage network

A method of managing devices in a dispersed data storage network is disclosed. A device list is maintained including entries for every device in the dispersed data storage network.

System and using an ordinary article of commerce to access a remote computer

A system and method for using identification codes found on ordinary articles of commerce to access remote computers on a network. In accordance with one embodiment of the invention, a computer is provided having a database that relates uniform product code (“upc”) numbers to internet network addresses (or “urls”).

Systems, methods and apparatus to apply permissions to applications

Methods and apparatus are disclosed to apply permissions to applications. A disclosed example apparatus includes an address trust manager to obtain a first network address having a request for address authentication from a first entity, the first network address having a second network address associated with a second entity to execute the application, an address associator to compare the first network address to a trusted address database to determine whether the first network address is trusted, and a shadow environment communicator to generate a signed message based on the comparison of the trusted address database, the address trust manager to transmit the signed message to the second entity with an indication of authorization via the first network address in response to a match in the trusted address database, and transmit the signed message to the second entity with an indication of non-authorization via the first network address in response to a lack of a match in the trusted address database..

System and distributed load balancing with distributed direct server return

Embodiments may include a load balancer that receives a request packet sent by a remote client to an original destination address of multiple network addresses serviced by the load balancer, and selects according to a load balancing protocol, a host computer of a plurality of host computers to process the request. The load balancer may, from among a plurality of ports on the selected host computer, select a particular port having a one-to-one association with the original destination address, the association specified by mapping information accessible to the load balancer, and send the request packet to the selected port on the selected host computer.

Detecting and correcting network interruptions using network address translation

Embodiments provide a network address translation (nat) service for network devices. A network connection from at least one private network device to the nat service is received and a network connection from at least one remote device to the nat service is received.

Method and publishing literature

A price to advertise in an e-book is calculated for a product placement. The price is based on a frequency of a word forming part of the content of the e-book.

Systems and methods for the rapid deployment of network security devices

A configuration service comprises a deployment package and a production configuration for a network security device. One or more configuration parameters of the production configuration may be defined by an administrator of the network security device (e.g., the customer).

System and supporting multiple identities for a secure identity device

A multiple-identity secure device (misd) persistently stores a single identification code (a “seed identity”). The seed identity need not be a network address, and may be stored in an integral memory of the device, or on an interchangeable card received in a physical interface of the misd.

Network device, ipsec establishing ipsec tunnel using the same

A network device is provided. The network device is connected to a number of slave network devices.

Efficient address caching for packet telephony services

A method for telephony includes receiving at an internet telephony service provider a subscriber request to place a call to a telephone number. A cache associated with the internet telephony service provider is queried to check if the cache holds a record for the telephone number.

Remote access to streaming video

A method of granting a client device remote access to a media server after receiving a remote access request at a remote access control server from a remote client device over a wide area network by receiving an opened port list at the remote access control server from the media server over the wide area network, the opened port list describing one or more wide area network ports opened at a residential gateway operating a local area network to which the media server is connected, and transmitting the opened port list and a network address of the residential gateway to the remote client device from the remote access control server, such that the remote client device can communicate with the media server on the local area network through the one or more wide area network ports opened at the residential gateway.. .

Server node discovery mechanism applied in cloud envionment capable of searching server node within cloud service cluster

A packet sending node is employed in a network segment. The packet sending node includes a packet storage module, a packet sending module and a packet accepting module.

Ip address allocation for wi-fi clients

Computerized systems and computerized methods are provided for internet protocol (ip) address allocation for wi-fi clients in a manner that avoids assigning a public ip address to a device if the device is not first activated to use services provided by the network. A private ip network address is allocated to a device, wherein the private ip network address is only valid for a predetermined period, and only allows the device to activate itself with the network instead of providing the device full access to the network.

Automatic utilization of resources in a realtime conference

The architecture facilitates the association of resources (e.g., hardware software) with a meeting location such as a conference room or conference space. Additionally, the room and resources can be associated with a realtime conference or meeting at the meeting location.

Information searching system and method

An information searching method is provided. The method includes the following steps: receiving accounting information and keywords by an input unit; storing a plurality of folders by a storage unit, wherein each folder stores one or more network addresses, each network address corresponds to a webpage; generating a searching instruction in response to the keywords input in the input unit, searching for webpages related to the keywords by the server in response to the searching instruction; and displaying the network addresses associated with the webpages which are searched by the server.

Distributed methodology for peer-to-peer transmission of stateful packet flows

Techniques for enabling peer-to-peer transmission of stateful packet flows in a virtualized network environment are provided. In certain embodiments, a computer system receives a packet belonging to a stateful flow between a first virtual machine and a second virtual machine, accesses flow associating information (e.g., network address) from the packet, determines a second computer system comprising a state analysis owner for the stateful flow, using the flow associating information, and transmits the first packet to the second computer system..

Conferencing system

Administering conferencing resources in a communications system comprising a plurality of user equipments and a server. A first user equipment transmits a first message to the server.

Peer-to-peer network communications

In order to capture additional network address information that potentially is useful for establishing peer-to-peer connections, client nodes collect network address information from one another. In some examples, the client nodes perform their own independent asymmetric discovery for network addresses that may be sent to a server node for distribution to other client nodes and used to establish peer-to-peer connections between client nodes.

Using network addressable non-volatile memory for high-performance node-local input/output

Data storage systems and methods for storing data in computing nodes of a super computer or compute cluster are described herein. The super computer storage may be integrated with or coupled with a primary storage system.

System and dynamic device discovery and address assignment

A pool or spa system includes networked pool or spa devices that can be dynamically configured with network address by a controller. The controller can transmit a device discovery request on a network and can receive a discovery response from pool or spa devices that require a network address.

Method and customized provisioning of on-line application channels

A method for a computer system includes receiving an identifier associated with a client streaming player, determining one or more attributes associated with the identifier from a data structure in response to the identifier, determining available channels from a plurality of channels that are to be made available to the client streaming player in response to the identifier, wherein available channels comprises a first channel, but not the second channel, determining a first graphical identifier associated with the first channel, providing the first graphical identifier to the client streaming player, receiving a user selection of the first graphical identifier indicating a user request to associate the first channel with the computer system, and providing an indicator of a server network address associated with the first channel to the client streaming player.. .

Distributed network address translation control

A distributed network address translation (nat) system is used to transport data packets between private and public network domains. A packet modifier substitutes public and private network address information in packets that are crossing between public and private domains to and from the end system.

Method and wireless peer-to-peer communication with multiple radio interfaces

Methods, apparatus, computer program products and wireless devices are provided for performing a wireless p2p communication application in a wireless device equipped with two or more radio interfaces. A method comprises establishing a first transport layer connection for transporting meta-information of a p2p communication application via a first radio interface; and establishing a second transport layer connection with at least one peer node for transporting data chunks of the p2p communication application by using a network address of a second radio interface, so that the data chunks can be transported via the second radio interface..

Shortened network address linking to image representation of web page

An image representation (204) of a portion of a web page (202) accessible at a network address is generated as one or more image files (226). The image representation is accessible at a shortened network address..

Network application device, network connection method, and network connection system

Disclosed herein is a network application device (nad), comprising a connection assistant module and an application module. The connection assistant module connects to a traversal server, causing the traversal server to receive a physical network address of the nad.

Streaming media search and playback system

A method is provided for playing back media from a network. The method includes receiving a search criteria from a network enabled device.

Providing a domain to ip address reputation service

An approach is provided to verify a network address. In the approach, a network address is received from a domain name service (dns) based on a requested uniform resource locator (url) that corresponds to a requested domain.

Nat sub-topology management server

In a network where network address translation (nat) has been introduced, a problem occurs in which, when an ip host operating in a network is automatically categorized with automatic ip host discovery using an arp cache, a plurality of ip hosts with the same ip address are recognized as one ip host by nat. To resolve this problem, a network management server specifies network sub-topology on the basis of topology information, public addresses translated by nat, and ip host corresponding relationships..

System and methods for dynamic network address modification

The invention presented herein permits split-routing to occur without any changes, modifications, or configuration of the requesting host, network stacks, network architectures and routing and forwarding behavior. The invention is carried out by way of a module that intercepts the normal and standard dhcp communication between a requesting device and a dhcp server, and substitutes the elements within the server response with the module's own predefined elements.

System and enabling a user to select a securable device throughout multiple securable device stations

A system and method of provisioning a securable device may include providing a plurality of securable device stations, each securable device station including (i) a controller and (ii) a set of securable devices in local communication with the controller, the controller being configured to enable a user to initiate access to a securable device from a set of securable devices. In response to a first controller of a first securable device station receiving (i) an access indicia and (ii) rental parameter that enables the user to access a securable device located in at least two of the securable device stations from a user, the first controller may communicate the access indicia and rental parameter to a network address that enables, by a second controller, the user to access a securable device at the second securable device station as provided by the rental parameter..

Mixed media conferencing

Multiple users participate in a conference while taking maximum advantage of hardware and bandwidth capabilities of each participant. Each user's system makes known to a directory service its hardware sending and receiving capabilities.

System for sharing data via cloud server and method thereof

A method for sharing data to a television device via cloud, includes: obtaining identification information of the television device when receiving a register request including the identification information of the television device from the television device. Sending a verification code to the television device according to a network address of the television device.

Packet routing within server device enclosure

An enclosure is associated with a network address. A management processor of a server device within the enclosure and an enclosure processor of a management mechanism within the enclosure share the network address.

Intra-platform networking

Technologies for communicating with local components of a computing device include intercepting a name resolution request from a host application, resolving a hostname included in the name resolution request to obtain a network address assigned to a target destination of the network packet, and transmitting the network address to the host application in response to the name resolution request. Such technologies may also include receiving the network packet from the host application destined for the network address, determining, whether the target destination of the network packet includes a local component of the computing device based on the network address, and transmitting the network packet to the local component of the computing device via a platform network in response to the network packet being destined for the local component of the computing device..

Network system capable of implementing stun with the assistance of two network devices and method thereof

The present invention is to provide a network system, which comprises a coordinator server located in a public network; first and second nats (network address translators) located in first and second private networks and configured as a full-cone nat, respectively; first and second network devices located in the first and second private networks and connected to the public network through the first and second nats, respectively, wherein each of the first and second network devices has registered two mapped addresses with the coordinator server, respectively; a third nat located in a third private network; and a third network device located in the third private network and connected to the public network through the third nat, wherein the third network device can obtain the mapped addresses from the coordinator server and, based on the mapped addresses, conduct nat behavior tests on the third nat through the first and second network devices.. .

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