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Near Field Communication patents


This page is updated frequently with new Near Field Communication-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Near Field Communication-related patents
 Nfc collision avoidance with controllable nfc transmission delay timing patent thumbnailNfc collision avoidance with controllable nfc transmission delay timing
A first near field communication (nfc) circuit includes an antenna, a charging circuit, a transceiver circuit, and a transmission delay circuit. The antenna is configured to inductively couple to signals emitted by a second nfc circuit.
Sony Corporation

 Near field communication  controlling transmission power of near field communication system patent thumbnailNear field communication controlling transmission power of near field communication system
A near field communication (nfc) system and method for controlling transmission power of the nfc system includes a nfc reader configured to transmit a radio frequency (rf) signal having an initial amount of rf power, a nfc target device in selective communication with the nfc reader, and a nfc transmission power control platform disposed between the nfc reader and the nfc target device. The platform includes a microcontroller and at least one circuit in communication with the microcontroller and configured to determine an actual amount of rf power needed to sustain near field communications between the nfc reader and the nfc target device and configured to regulate the rf signal, where the regulated rf signal contains the actual amount of rf power needed to sustain near field communications between the nfc reader and the nfc target device..
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

 Method for near field communication with a component of an electric welding installation, and component of an electric welding installation for carrying out the method patent thumbnailMethod for near field communication with a component of an electric welding installation, and component of an electric welding installation for carrying out the method
A method for near field communication with a component of an electric welding installation is provided, wherein data and/or programs are transmitted via an nfc communication channel. In order to render the method easy to operate and to allow for spontaneous communication with the component of the welding installation, the data and/or programs are embedded in a uri or in a mime format and are transmitted in a standard format of nfc data transmission via the nfc communication channel between the mobile terminal device and the component of the welding installation.
Lorch Schweisstechnik Gmbh

 User identity verification method and system, password protection apparatus and storage medium patent thumbnailUser identity verification method and system, password protection apparatus and storage medium
A user verification method and system, a password protection apparatus and a storage medium are disclosed, and the method includes: receiving an operation request containing a user identity of a user sent by the user via a user terminal; generating identity verification information according to the user identity; sending the identity verification information to an nfc terminal through near field communication with the nfc terminal, so that the nfc terminal prompts the user to provide identity acknowledgement; receiving identity acknowledgement information from the nfc terminal, if the identity acknowledgement is provided by the user, where the identity acknowledgement information contains an identifier of the nfc terminal; determining whether the user identity matches the identifier of the nfc terminal according to the identity acknowledgement information; and sending operation response information to the user terminal of the user if the user identity matches the identifier of the nfc terminal.. .
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

 Apparatus and  encrypting data in near field communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and encrypting data in near field communication system
A method for encrypting data in a near field communication system is provided. The method includes generating encrypted data based on first data input in a current state and second data input in a state immediately preceding the current state, and encoding the encrypted data through a predetermined error correcting code..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

 Carrier synchronization appropriate for alm nfc data transmission patent thumbnailCarrier synchronization appropriate for alm nfc data transmission
In some aspects, the disclosure is directed to methods and systems for carrier synchronization in active load modulation for near field communications. A broadcast carrier is received from a remote device and mixed with a locally-generated carrier and modulated data.
Broadcom Corporation

 Active load modulation in near field communication patent thumbnailActive load modulation in near field communication
An example method for active load modulation includes determining a modulated portion and an unmodulated portion of a bit. Further, the example method includes during the modulated portion of the bit, holding a phase of a received carrier signal.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Portable device and near field communication chip patent thumbnailPortable device and near field communication chip
In one embodiment, the antenna arrangement includes a primary antenna having a conductive sidewall; and a loop antenna disposed in and physically separated from the primary antenna. The loop antenna includes a first conductive loop and a capacitor electrically connected between ends of the first conductive loop..

 Tablet computer stand with near field coupling enhancement patent thumbnailTablet computer stand with near field coupling enhancement
A tablet stand is disclosed which incorporates a near field antenna configuration which couples to a near field antenna in the back of a tablet and provides a near field antenna coupling region for near field communication at the front of the tablet. The stand may be completely passive and use conductive antenna elements and passive resonance matching circuit elements to provide efficient coupling.
Ezero Technologies Llc

 Near field communication assisted device and service discovery patent thumbnailNear field communication assisted device and service discovery
Disclosed herein are techniques to advertise and discover peer-to-peer services and connection attributes. In particular, services and connection attributes for a peer-to-peer network, like wi-fi direct can be advertised and discovered using near field communication techniques by transmitting at least a handover select frame including an advertised services hash in the p2p attributes portion of the frame..
Intel Corporation


Methods, systems and apparatus to affect rf transmission from a non-linked wireless client

Embodiments of the present application relate generally to wireless electronics, wireless portable electronics, wireless media presentation devices, audio/video systems, and more specifically to passive or active rf proximity detection of wireless client devices in an environment that may or may not include wireless access points. A wireless client device may be forced, triggered, or configured to broadcast a wireless scan (e.g., an active wifi scan) that includes data (e.g., packets) that may be discovered by a wireless media device (e.g., received by rf circuitry in the media device) and information from the wireless scan may be used by the wireless media device to detect presence of the wireless client device and/or its user, to establish a wireless data communications link with the wireless client device, to determine proximity of the wireless client device to the wireless media device, and for near field communication (nfc) with the wireless client device..


Unidirectional induction type near field communication device

A unidirectional induction type near field communication device includes an induction layer having an ic chip embedded therein and an induction coil located on a front surface thereof, a wave-absorbing layer of laminated structure made of a mixture of polyester and a high-permeability metal material and bonded to a back surface of the induction layer opposite to the induction coil, and a metal barrier layer bonded to one side of the wave-absorbing layer opposite to the induction layer for enabling the induction layer to achieve a unidirectional nfc based wireless communication with an external mobile electronic device.. .
Winso Technology Company Limited


Near field communications antenna and terminal including the same

A near field communications (nfc) antenna includes: a first sheet including a magnetic material, the magnetic material including a thickness greater than 0 mm and less than or equal to about 0.05 mm; an antenna pattern disposed above the first sheet; and a second sheet disposed between the antenna pattern and the first sheet, wherein an interval between the antenna pattern and the magnetic material is at least about 0.03 mm.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Jewelry with security bezel for regulating near field communication with an embedded near field communication chip

An article of jewelry comprising a precious or semi-precious gem; a near field communication (nfc) chip; and a bezel, wherein the bezel comprises an electrically conductive material switchable between a closed configuration defined by a continuous electrically conductive loop encircling the nfc chip and an open configuration defined by a gap preventing formation of an electrically conductive loop continuously encircling the nfc chip. Methods of protecting data using the article of jewelry..


Wire diagram tagging system

Systems and methods for creating a data representation of the structure of an electrical system or network. Wireless tags, such as rfid tags, near field communication tags, and other short-range wireless communication technologies, are used to uniquely identify discrete components of the electrical network, and user-provided metadata is associated with each tag, generally using a software application on a smart device which is in communication with the tags.
Ivani, Llc


Security protocols for unified near field communication infrastructures

One feature pertains to a near field communication (nfc) target device comprising a memory circuit adapted to store sensitive data, an nfc interface adapted to transmit and receive information using nfc protocols, and a processing circuit. The processing circuit receives a plurality of provider identification (pid) numbers from a plurality of providers, where each pid number is associated with a different provider.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Wireless authentication system and wireless authentication one time password of mobile communication terminal having near field communication function

Provided is a one time password (otp) authentication system and an otp authentication method using a mobile communication terminal having a near field communication (nfc) function, wherein otp authentication is capable of being carried out by using a mobile communication terminal having an nfc function and an otp generator provided with a communication function corresponding to nfc.. .
Sctechone Co., Ltd.


Default data packet routing in a nfc device

A method includes receiving a data packet transmitted by a near field communications (nfc) device at a nfc controller. Whether the data packet includes application identifier routing information is determined, and based thereupon the data packet is routed to a default application identifier routing address based on a look-up table lacking an application identifier routing address associated with the application identifier routing information.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.


Reconfigurable distributed active wireless charging system

A system and method utilizes an array of unit coils for wireless charging and/or near field communication. The array of unit coils can be configured to provide magnetic fields of various shapes to accommodate consuming devices and/or to accommodate types of devices.
Broadcom Corporation


Antenna module package, antenna module package circuit, battery pack including the same and mobile device including the same

Provided is an antenna module package including a substrate, a wireless card payment antenna structure mounted on the substrate and including a first antenna chip and wireless card payment matching elements electrically connected to the first antenna chip, a near field communication (nfc) antenna structure mounted on the substrate, sharing the first antenna chip, and including an extended nfc antenna loop and nfc matching elements electrically connected to the first antenna chip, and a wireless charging antenna structure mounted on the substrate and including a second antenna chip, and an extended wireless charging antenna loop and wireless charging matching elements electrically connected to the second antenna chip.. .
Itm Semiconductor Co., Ltd.


Determining an optimal payment instrument by a cloud-enabled mobile payment service

An approach is provided for determining an optimal payment instrument. A computer in a system configured in one of four predetermined cloud-based models updates a database with details about account balances and rewards provided by a customer's multiple accounts specifying payment instruments.
International Business Machines Corporation


Image processing apparatus, controlling the same, and program

An image processing apparatus capable of communicating with a terminal includes: a first communication unit configured to communicate wirelessly with the terminal; and a second communication unit configured to perform near field communication with the terminal over a shorter communication distance than that of the first communication unit, wherein the second communication unit is configured to be movable together with an operation panel of the image processing apparatus and establish communication with the terminal in a specific area on the operation panel, and the first communication unit is placed with respect to the operation panel such that the specific area includes a communication establishment distance within which the first communication unit establishes communication with the terminal irrespective of the movement of the operation panel.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Near field communication (nfc) data transfer

A first device in accordance with an example is placed in a predefined mode in response to removing a near field communication (nfc) tag from an nfc component of the first device. A request is received from a second device to establish a connection with the first device based on data stored on the nfc tag.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


System, communication apparatus, communication method, and storage medium storing program

Each of the first communication apparatus and the second communication apparatus includes a near field communication unit. The first communication apparatus acquires a public key stored in a memory of the near field communication unit of the second communication apparatus, encrypts, by using the acquired public key, data to be processed by the second communication apparatus, and transmits the encrypted data to the second communication apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Near field communications (nfc) coil and proximity sensor for portable devices

Described herein are techniques related to near field coupling and proximity sensing operations. For example, a proximity sensor uses a coil antenna that is utilized for near field communications (nfc) functions.
Intel Corporation


Electronic device antenna structures with ferrite layers

Electronic devices may be provided that have antenna traces. The antenna traces may be configured to form an inductive loop that serves as a near field communications antenna.
Apple Inc.


Email-based e-commerce with near field communication

A method and system implemented in an e-commerce system to facilitate transactions between a customer and a vendor is disclosed. The method includes generating, by a processor, the requested at least one nfc code and token, wherein the at least one nfc code and token an identification of the price the customer pays for a specific product, the customer's amount owed on an invoice or granting access to a secure account, transmitting, by a transmitter, the at least one nfc code and token to a vendor server; receiving, by a receiver, a response email, wherein the response email includes the token; decoding, by the processor, the token; performing, by the processor, an sender policy framework (spf) and domainkeys identified mail (dkim) validation; and processing, by the processor, the transaction, on a condition that the spf and dkim validations are approved..
@pay Ip Holdings Llc


Image formation system, image formation device, and terminal device

An image formation system that includes: an image formation device configured to form an image on a medium; a terminal device holding image data; a condition setting unit provided to the terminal device and configured to cause a user to set a condition for forming an image on the medium based on the image data; an information exchange unit provided to the terminal device and configured to exchange information with the image formation device by near field communication, the information being necessary for comparison between the condition and a device information piece representing a function possessed by the image formation device; a comparison unit configured to compare the condition with the device information piece; and a comparison result display unit provided to the terminal device and configured to display a comparison result obtained by the comparison unit.. .
Oki Data Corporation


Image processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

An image processing apparatus includes a first communication portion configured to wirelessly communicate with a terminal and a second communication portion configured to carry out near field communication with a terminal. A communication distance between the second communication portion and the terminal is shorter than a communication distance between the first communication portion and the terminal.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Device for sealing container door and operating same

A device for sealing a container door, according to the present invention, comprises: a main body on the upper end of which a guide hole and a locking hole are penetratingly formed; a locking member, which is installed on the main body so as to slide vertically along the guide hole, and which is provided on one end with a locking bar that is inserted into a mechanical seal hole on the container door by moving in and out of the locking hole; a fixing unit, which is installed inside the main body, for fixing the locking member when the locking bar on the locking member is inserted into the inside of the locking hole, and of which one end protrudes out of the main body so that the fixed state of the locking member can be released through an operation by a user; a seal-release authentication unit, which is installed on the main body, for wirelessly communicating with a near field communication module carried by an outside user; a holding unit, which is installed inside the main body so as to come into contact with or separate from a portion of the fixing unit by means of electrical energy, for fixing the fixing unit by coming into contact with the fixing unit so that a release operation of the fixing unit does not occur when the seal-release authentication is not carried out by the seal-release authentication unit, and for allowing a release operation of the fixing unit by separating from the fixing unit when the seal-release authentication is performed; a seal-sensing unit for sensing a locked and an open state of the locking member, according to the vertical movement of the locking member; and a telecommunication module for wirelessly communicating, to an external security control server, the locked or the open state sensed by the seal-sensing unit.. .
S-winnus Co., Ltd.


Multi-turn coil multiplex circuit and for controlling multi-turn coil multiplex circuit

Examples herein provide multi-turn coil multiplex circuits. The multi-turn coil multiplex circuits include a multi-turn coil, a switch, a near field communication (nfc) matching circuit, and a camera circuit.
Xiaomi Inc.


Methods, apparatus and articles of manufacture to monitor mobile devices

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to monitor mobile devices are disclosed. An example apparatus includes a shell having a form factor dimensioned to receive a mobile device; and a near-field interceptor coupled to the shell, the near-field interceptor to capture data communicated via a near-field energy field between a first near-field communication device of the mobile device and a second near field communication device external to the mobile device..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Communications device for intelligently routing information among multiple user interfaces

A near field communications (nfc) device is disclosed that intelligently routes nfc data from a nfc device between multiple user interfaces based upon a power level of its internal batteries. The communications device utilizes a communications device user interface to send and/or receive the nfc data from the nfc device when its internal batteries are sufficient to operate the communications device user interface.
Broadcom Corporation


Image processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

An image processing apparatus includes an operation panel, a near field communication portion, and a hardware processor. The operation panel is attached to a main body of the image processing apparatus such that a position relative to the main body is variable.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Payment server devices, payment systems and non-transitory computer readable mediums

To allow transmission of payment information to a payment server device without the payment information being subjected to unauthorized rewriting, and to allow a user of a mobile terminal to confirm the payment information transmitted to the payment server device. A payment server device is provided that transmits/receives information to/from a payment terminal via a mobile terminal communicating with the payment terminal via near field communication, the payment terminal allowing offline payment..
Line Corporation


Hybrid wireless short range payment system and method

A smart phone payment management system includes a synthetic barcode module and near field communication module. Each module is configured to wirelessly convey payment information to a point of sale, with the synthetic barcode module being available for use if the point of sale is not equipped with a compatible near field communication terminal..


Electronic device

To improve the usability of an electronic device, the electronic device includes: a first communication unit located near a user; a receive unit configured to receive data through communication via a body of the user or near field communication between a second communication unit located in a member used by the user and the first communication unit; and a recording unit configured to record data pertaining to the member when communication is established between the first communication unit and the second communication unit.. .
Nikon Corporation


Mobile client device, operation method, and recording medium

An information processing apparatus including a touch panel and a near field communication interface. The information processing apparatus detects that an input received at the touch panel corresponds to a predetermined input when the information processing apparatus is in a suspended state; and controls the information processing apparatus execute a predetermined function via the near field communication interface and awake from the suspended state upon detecting that the input corresponds to the predetermined input..
Sony Mobile Communications, Inc.


Information processing system, information processing apparatus, storage medium having stored therein information processing program, and information processing method

Based on data acquired from a server via a predetermined network, a predetermined content is acquired. Further, based on data acquired from an information storage medium by performing near field communication with the information storage medium, a content that can be used in the same application as an application in which a content that can be acquired from the server via the predetermined network is used, or the same content is acquired..
Nintendo Co., Ltd.


Wireless to magnetic transition smart card

A method and a device are disclosed including a transition smart card (tsc) configured to be programmed by a smart phone to receive financial card information, such as credit and debit cards, and present the same data to a card readers, such as magnetic card readers, for performing financial transactions. The tsc may wirelessly connect with the smart phone using near field communication (nfc) devices to receive account information, format the account information for presentation to a magnetic card reader and transmit such information to the magnetic card reader upon detection of the reader.


Apparatuses and methods for operating a portable electronic device to conduct mobile payment transactions

Methods for operating a portable electronic device to conduct a mobile payment transaction at a merchant terminal are provided. The electronic device may verify that the current user of the device is indeed the authorized owner by requiring the current user to enter a passcode.
Apple Inc.


Using scanable codes to obtain a service

Disclosed are methods, systems and computer program products for surveying a user using a scanable information encoded graphic image, such as a bar code or a quick response (qr) code, near field communication (nfc) code/tag, radio frequency identification (rfid) code/tag. In one embodiment, a mobile communication device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile computer is adapted to include a scan client module for scanning and communicating scan-triggered service code in-formation to a scan-triggered application server.
Flashback Survey, Inc.


Recharging of nfc system and algorithms to conserve power supply of nfc system designed for clothes dryer

Methods and systems are provided for operating a wireless communications device powered by a rechargeable battery and for providing charging of the rechargeable battery. More particularly methods are provided for recharging a battery used to provide operating power to a communications device, particularly a near field communications (nfc) device in a clothes dryer.
General Electric Company


System and communicating between near field communication devices within a target region using near field communication

Systems and methods for communication between near field communication devices within a target communication region using near field magnetic induction is disclosed. One method comprises generating a near field detectable signal at an active node having a power level sufficient to enable communication with a plurality of near field communication nodes located within the target communication region.
Freelinc Technologies Inc.


Wireless near field communication device and power transmitter and a wirelessly transmitting operating power to another device

The invention relates to a combined near field communication and wireless power transmitter device comprising a first antenna coupled to antenna tuning network and capable of coupling to one or more second antennae in the near field of the first antenna with coupling characteristics, means for communicating wirelessly using said first antenna with a near field communication device in a near field communication mode, and means for transmitting wirelessly power using said first antenna to another device in the vicinity of the first antenna in a power transmission mode. In power transmission mode, the antenna tuning network operates in resonance and has an initial input impedance which is configured to change if there is a change in the coupling characteristics during power transmission, for example charging.
Teknologain Tutkimuskeskus Vtt Oy


Article of jewelry with hidden near field communcation (nfc) chip and metallic bezel substantially surrounding the nfc chip and uses thereof

An article of jewelry including a housing that permits passage of a near field communication signal, the housing characterized as having a lower layer joined to an upper layer; a near field communication (nfc) chip housed within the housing; a gemstone covering the upper layer of the housing; and a bezel substantially surrounding the outer perimeter of the housing and on a same plane as the nfc chip, wherein the bezel is formed from a highly electrically conductive material, further wherein the bezel permits near field communication with the nfc chip.. .


Offline access network discovery and selection function (andsf) provisioning using near field communications (nfc)

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for obtaining a subscriber policy by a no-data-connectivity portable device to have wireless connectivity using a non-3gpp network.. .


Communication device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

A communication device may include a processor, a memory storing computer-readable instructions, and a near field communication (nfc) interface. The computer-readable instructions may instruct of otherwise cause the communication device to perform determining whether a state of the communication device is a first state.


Location dependent communications between mobile devices and transaction terminals

A mobile device having: a position determination device configured to determine a location of the mobile device; a transceiver configured to communicate with a transaction terminal via near field communication; a communication device configured to communicate with at least one server over internet; a memory storing a plurality of data items and a set of instructions of a mobile application; and at least one microprocessor coupled with the memory to execution the instructions of the mobile application. The mobile application is configured to: communicate the location of the mobile device, using the communication device, to the at least one server over internet; determine, via communications with the at least one server based on the location of the mobile device, an order of data items; and communicate, using the transceiver via near field communication, with the transaction terminal in accordance with the order of the data items..


Method and system of generating nfc-transaction remotely

A method of performing a transaction between a plurality of devices, the method comprises establishing a communication session between an end device and a first near field communication (nfc)-enabled device. The method further includes receiving instructions from the end device instructing the first nfc-enabled device to move in nfc range of a second nfc device; establishing a nfc session between the first nfc-enabled device and second nfc-enabled device; and sending the transaction data received from the end device to the second nfc device over the nfc session..


Data accessing method and system and memory storage apparatus

A data accessing method and system for a memory storage apparatus are provided. The method includes: performing a near field communication between a memory storage apparatus and an electronic apparatus, and receiving a first password from the electronic apparatus by the memory storage device in the near field communication.


Thin chassis near field communication (nfc) antenna integration

Described herein are techniques related one or more systems, apparatuses, methods, etc. For integrating a near field communications (nfc) coil antenna in a portable device.

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