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Near Field Communication patents


This page is updated frequently with new Near Field Communication-related patent applications.

new patent Hand held electronic device with near field communication element and associated sensor
The present invention provides a hand held electronic device, which includes a near field communication element located proximate a top of the device, that is adapted for being selectively enabled. The hand held electronic device further includes a user identification sensor, which in at least some instances is a further near field communication element, and is adapted for confirming the identity of an authorized user of the device.
Motorola Mobility Llc

new patent Demodulator for near field communication, near field communication device, and electronic device having the same
A demodulator for a near field communication (nfc) includes a first rectifier, a shifting rectifier, a field monitor and an edge detector. The first rectifier receives an antenna voltage through a first power terminal and a second power terminal, rectifies the antenna voltage and provides a first rectified signal to a first node.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Self-service crossing aid for pedestrians
A tool for a crossing aid on a mobile device. The tool determines a unique id associated with a crossing signal, wherein determining the unique id associated with the crossing signal includes scanning a machine-readable tag of the crossing signal via near field communication.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Nfc-enabled digital apparatus and nfc-based information transmission
An nfc-enabled digital apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a touch screen display and a near field communication (nfc) module comprising an nfc antenna and an nfc controller.
Aq Corporation

new patent System and mobile printing using near field communication
A method of mobile printing using near field communication (nfc) includes executing a mobile printing application installed in a mobile device; setting a wireless connection for data transmission between the mobile device and an image forming apparatus by performing nfc tagging on the image forming apparatus with the mobile device; and automatically performing a function corresponding to a status of the mobile printing application when nfc tagging is performed.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

new patent Pedicle screw engaging control instrument with a guidewire capturing system
A mobile device includes a near field communications (nfc) radio and at least one sensor. A radio frequency (rf) signal emission status is modified in response to a change in state of the mobile device as determined by sensor data.
Depuy Snthers Products, Inc.

Electronic devices and near field communication between two electronic devices
An electronic device includes a touch screen, a proximity sensor and a processor. The touch screen includes transmitting electrodes and receiving electrodes configured for sensing touch events on the touch screen.
Mediatek Inc.

Relay device
According to a first aspect of the present disclosure, a relay device for use in near field communication (nfc) transactions is provided, said relay device comprising a communication unit, wherein said communication unit comprises an nfc controller and a wireless communication controller which are operatively connected to each other through a physical interface, said nfc controller being arranged to establish communication with an nfc-enabled device that is external to the relay device, and said wireless communication controller being arranged to establish communication with a wireless device that is external to the relay device, wherein the communication unit is arranged to relay transaction data between the nfc-enabled device and the wireless device. According to a second aspect of the present disclosure, a corresponding method for facilitating near field communication (nfc) transactions is conceived.
Nxp B.v.

A solution for generating and issuing security codes with guaranteed issuer authenticity and origin
A method of generating, emitting and validating a security code, in qr code or data matrix formats, which may be printed in physical media, displayed in electronic display or stored in electronic chips through technologies of radio-frequency identification (rfid) or near field communication (nfc). This code is generated using encryption, authenticated cryptography and digital identities or certificates emitted in the standard of public key infrastructure (pki) by a reliable certification authority, providing to validate the code, with (online) or without connectivity (offline) to a data network, by one application installed, by a reading process, cryptographic validation and decryption, allowing to open the security code content.
Rd2buzz Brasil Consultoria E Internet Ltda.

A padlock is disclosed comprising an electronic circuitry and such that the padlock may be opened via a near field communication network such as bluetooth™ or via other electronic means such as an integrated fingerprint scanner. In one embodiment the padlock is capable of receiving and transmitting radio frequency signals from nearby sensor nodes containing information regarding temperature, humidity, moisture, speed, vibration, liquid level, concentration of gases and other sensing devices for use in a system for monitoring, tracking, tracing, alarms, access management, access recording, authenticity and integrity of goods, documents or other valued objects in storage or transit..
Rynan Technologies Pte. Ltd

System, providing access to services

The present disclosure relates to a system, method and apparatus for providing access to plurality of services under the control of at least one near field communication (nfc) enabled service device and the method includes receiving, by a first device, a configuration file from a second device based on a proximity between the first device and the second device and providing access to at least one service corresponding to a reservation request based on control information included in the configuration file.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Antenna device and electronic device

An antenna device includes a power supply coil to which a near field communication circuit is connected, a near field communication coil that is coupled to an antenna coil of a communication target and the power supply coil via a magnetic field and that resonates at the frequency of a near field communication signal, and a non-contact charging coil that is connected to a non-contact charging control circuit and that is coupled to a target coil for non-contact charging. The power supply coil and the non-contact charging coil are provided on the same plane or on planes that are close to each other.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Nfc-enabled digital apparatus and nfc-based information transmission

An nfc-enabled digital apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a touch screen display and a near field communication (nfc) module comprising an nfc antenna and an nfc controller.
Aq Corporation

Timepiece comprising a near field communication device

The invention concerns a timepiece (35) provided with a dial (1) and/or a bezel (2) comprising a near field communication device (4) able to receive/send a signal, said communication device (4) being arranged in the area of the dial (1) or the bezel (1) of said timepiece (35) and being associated with a magnetic screen (8), especially one made of ferrite.. .
Bulgari Horlogerie Sa

Preemptive automatic gain control (agc) for interference mitigation

Described herein are technologies related to an implementation of interference mitigation in a receiver of a portable device. A preemptive-automatic gain control (agc) system mitigates a collocated or external interfering signal in a receiver of a portable device.
Intel Ip Corporation

Method and apparatus to write tag using near field communication

A method of writing a near field communication (nfc) tag using a mobile terminal includes establishing a wireless connection between the mobile terminal and an image forming apparatus, extracting a predetermined field value corresponding to a data structure of the nfc tag from information collected while establishing the wireless connection, generating tag information including the predetermined field value by arranging the predetermined field value according to the data structure, and writing the tag information to the nfc tag through nfc tagging.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Frame bit detector in near field communications

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for (nfc) frame bit detection. A frame bit detector includes a sample-based bit detector that receives samples which may be data and non-data (noise), identifies data bits at every sample input time, and the likelihoods that the identified data bits are part of data.
Intel Ip Corporation

Optimal electric field coupling techniques for human body communication (hbc)

Described herein are architectures, platforms and methods for enhancing human body communications (hbc) mode during near field communication (nfc) related functions or transactions. Optimization of the hbc communications system can include a radio frequency (rf) tuning circuitry to generate a voltage-based resonant frequency at respective capacitive pads of transmitting and receiving devices.
Intel Ip Corporation

Near field communication antenna, near field communication device and mobile device having the same

A near field communication antenna included in a mobile device includes a body case and a loop antenna. The body case accommodates semiconductor devices included in the mobile device, and includes a metal material.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and distributed asset location monitoring

A method or system for distributed asset location monitoring may include determining a current device location of a mobile electronic device, sending the current device location to an asset-tracking device, receiving a previous asset location from the asset-tracking device, and storing the current device location and the previous asset location in an asset-tracking record. In some examples, the asset-tracking device includes a readable and writable near field communication (nfc) tag, and sending the current device location to the asset-tracking device causes the current device location to be written to the nfc tag.

Data accessing method and system and memory storage apparatus

A data accessing method and system for a memory storage apparatus are provided. The method includes: performing a near field communication between a memory storage apparatus and an electronic apparatus, and receiving a first password from the electronic apparatus by the memory storage device in the near field communication.
Phison Electronics Corp.

Device and operating a controllable electronic device

A device may include a near field communication antenna, a monitor, a comparator, and a trigger. The near field communication antenna may be configured to detect an external near field communication device.
Intel Ip Corporation

Vehicular near field communication system, portable device, and on-board instrument

This vehicular near field communication system has a configuration where a portable device receives a first signal and a second signal respectively transmitted from a vehicle-exterior antenna and a vehicle-interior antenna of an on-board instrument mounted in a vehicle, measures a first received signal strength from the first signal, measures a second received signal strength from the second signal, adds an offset to the second received signal strength, and transmits a response signal to the on-board instrument in accordance with the first received signal strength and the second received signal strength added with the offset, so as to be able to prevent a portable device from being locked in a cabin even though the portable device is shielded by a metal in the cabin.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Waveguide for near field communication

A computing device comprises a head that can be physically attached to a base. The head may be capable of functioning as a type of computing device independent of the base.
Dell Products L. P.

Near field communication wirelss charging apparatus

A near field communication wireless charging apparatus includes an antenna, an antenna switching unit, a control unit, a near field communication unit and a charging unit. The antenna comprises a first contact, a second contact and a third contact.
Jogtek Corp.

Near field communication antenna, near field communication device and mobile system having the same

A near field communication (nfc) antenna includes a first antenna electrode and a second antenna electrode, and a loop coil. The first and second antenna electrodes are formed on a first surface of a substrate.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Touch screen integrated with nfc antenna, terminal, and near field communication method therefor

The present disclosure is applicable to the technical field of near field communication, and in particular, provides an nfc antenna-integrated touch screen, a terminal and a near field communication method thereof. The touch screen comprises a substrate, the substrate having a touch sensing region, a touch sensing electrode pattern being arranged in the touch sensing region; wherein a single-turn conductive wire is arranged on an outer side of the touch sensing region, the conductive wire being connected to an external near field communication manager as a screen antenna for near field communication..
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

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