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Eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system

Security system and method with multistate alert user interface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Navigation-related patents
 Graphical user interface streamlining implementing a content space patent thumbnailnew patent Graphical user interface streamlining implementing a content space
A computer-implemented method for streamlined graphical user interface navigation includes collecting, by a processor, a plurality of requirements, creating, by the processor, a plurality of content space specification files that includes the plurality of requirements, processing, by the processor, the plurality of content space specification files to generate a plurality of user stories and mapping the user stories to a plurality of graphical user interface panels.. .
 Real-time mapping and navigation of multiple media types through a metadata-based infrastructure patent thumbnailnew patent Real-time mapping and navigation of multiple media types through a metadata-based infrastructure
Methods and systems may involve receiving metadata associated with an activity of a user with respect to a first device, and capturing discovery content from one or more media sources based on the metadata. In addition, the discovery content and the metadata may be presented to the user via a second device..
 Ems decision support interface, event history, and related tools patent thumbnailnew patent Ems decision support interface, event history, and related tools
Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods for display and navigation of a clinical decision support process with portions thereof on separate display screens, as well as systems and methods for dynamically changing visual characteristics of softkeys on a patient monitor/defibrillator user interface screen based on clinical decision support or differential diagnosis processes, as well as a code review interface configured to permit a user to see what was displayed on a patient monitor/defibrillator user interface screen at any time during a medical event, as well as to see snapshots of other recorded parameters over the course of the medical event for purposes of code review, patient transfer, and improved patient care.. .
 Segment generation describing usage patterns patent thumbnailnew patent Segment generation describing usage patterns
Segment generation describing usage patterns is described. In one or more implementations, user interaction with a browser is monitored to navigate through a plurality of web pages using a computing device.
 System, method and device for providing an automated electronic researcher patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and device for providing an automated electronic researcher
A research system, method and device directed to providing a query results tree of logical dependencies in response to one or more user queries. Specifically, the research system includes a searcher module, an inference module, a front-end module and an updater module.
 Dynamic reconfiguration of web pages based on user behavioral portrait patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic reconfiguration of web pages based on user behavioral portrait
A method is provided for determining a website user behavioral portrait based on navigation on the website and dynamically reconfiguring web pages based on those portraits. In accordance with the method, data relating to the progress of a user through a website is recorded, and an ongoing behavioral portrait of the user is built based on the data.
 Apparatus and methods for routing patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for routing
An electronic navigational system may automatically develop nautical routes, may retrieve previously-developed nautical routes, or may combine previously developed route(s) or route segment(s) with an automatically developed route or route segment(s).. .
 Systems and methods for estimating time of arrival for vehicle navigation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for estimating time of arrival for vehicle navigation
Systems and methods for estimating time of arrival for vehicle navigation are described. One embodiment of a method includes determining a route for a vehicle to reach a destination from a current location determining, by the computing device, an estimated time for reaching the destination from the current location.
 Eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system patent thumbnailnew patent Eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system
An eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system is provided, the traffic detection system is based on wireless network architecture. The system is linked to a navigation network, and reminds drivers of road conditions, the system can also be linked to mobile base station, in order to achieve a purpose of rational planning, a government department of transportation can manage and analyze the road conditions by uploading data.
 Navigation systems and methods for indicating and reducing line-of-sight errors patent thumbnailnew patent Navigation systems and methods for indicating and reducing line-of-sight errors
Navigation systems and methods used to track objects moving in space. One navigation system and method employs trackers having light emitters for indicating when line-of-sight between tracking elements on the trackers and sensors is obstructed or for other errors.
new patent Methods of orienting and registering during a surgical procedure
A patient-specific instrument is placed into a predetermined setting position with respect to a patient tissue. A navigation aid is associated in a predetermined origin position with respect to the patient tissue.
new patent Devices, systems, and methods associated with analyte monitoring devices and devices incorporating the same
Analyte monitoring systems, devices, and methods associated with analyte monitoring devices, and devices incorporating the same are provided. Various graphical user interfaces (gui) and navigation flows are provided for performing various features, activities, functions, etc., associated with the analyte monitoring device or system.
new patent Multi-tuner radio systems and methods
A system, apparatus, method, and media directed to navigation in the field of digital radio systems are provided. For example, an apparatus, method, or medium can be implemented to provide a multi-tuner portable digital radio device that includes multiple modes and/or advances navigation tools..
new patent Technique for video conferencing
A video conferencing technique is described. A video conference client device implementing the technique comprises a communication unit configured to receive a first media stream representing a recorded video conference and further configured to receive meta data related to the first media stream, the meta data representing events in the video conference, a processing unit connected to the communication unit and configured to carry out a concatenation process during which at least a part of the first media stream and at least a part of the meta data are concatenated into a video signal, and a man machine interface unit connected to the processing unit.
new patent Security system and method with multistate alert user interface
A security system, system user interface, and method for displaying status information from security devices in a networked security system using a multistate alert user interface. The security system supports different features in icons associated with the security devices, displayed on a graphical user interface.
Shared image database with geographic navigation
There is disclosed a method and device for operating an image database shared by a plurality of users. In an embodiment, each image captured by a user and stored in a shared image database is associating with the geographic coordinates of the location at which the image was captured.
Navigation based on calendar events
An example embodiment disclosed herein includes a predictive vehicle navigation system. The predictive vehicle navigation system includes an abstraction and communication device (hereinafter “device”) and a mobile device.
Project plan generation from an information architecture model
Provided are a computer implemented method, computer program product, and system for generating a project plan by creating an association between a development method in a hierarchy of development methods and an architectural element in a hierarchy of architectural elements in a computer-based model of a system, and providing a computer-based user interface configured to facilitate navigation between the development method and the associated architectural element.. .
Electronic method and system that improves efficiencies for rendering diagnosis of radiology procedures
An electronic method and system for improving radiologists' efficiencies when viewing radiology procedures and rendering diagnosis in a manner that emulates current methods and apparatus. The method of the present invention includes reviewing electronic radiology images and reports contained in a patient's digital master folder (an information object invented to manage the patient's radiology information), comparing images from the current procedure to specific images from prior procedures in a specified order, and dictating the procedure's diagnosis into the digital master folder.
Course-based place searching
Course-based place searching systems and methods are described. In an embodiment, a system for performing a course-based place search may include a navigation device, a processing device, and a display.
High fidelity horizontal position error estimation for vehicular gps/dr navigation
A method is provided for determining an estimated horizontal position error (ehpe) with respect to a navigation system onboard a telematics-equipped vehicle by utilizing a global navigation satellite system (gnss) navigation system in combination with a dead reckoning (dr) navigation system. The method includes: receiving gnss positioning information from the gnss navigation system; receiving dr positioning information from the dr navigation system; applying, by a telematics unit, a kalman filter to the gnss positioning information and the dr positioning information; calculating, by the telematics unit, the ehpe corresponding to the navigation system onboard the telematics-equipped vehicle based on the gnss positioning information, the dr positioning information, and the kalman filter..
Positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks
This disclosure is directed to positioning and mapping based on virtual landmarks. A space may include a plurality of signal sources (e.g., wireless access points (aps), cellular base stations, etc.).
Navigation system and method
A non-scaled, linearly compressed pictographic mapping system is provided for the visual display of information in a navigational aid. Unlike today's road maps which use a point-arc-polygon paradigm, the new mapping uses a non-scaled, linearly-compressed pictographic design that shows roads as linear pictograms.
Dynamic presentation of navigation instructions
In some implementations, a mobile device can be configured to provide navigation instructions to a user of the mobile device. The navigation instructions can be graphical, textual or audio instructions.
Determining the location of an incident affecting traffic
In a method for identifying a location of an incident, a computer receives data from a plurality of navigation devices. The computer determines a portion of a determined route between a first point and a second point of at least one navigation device of the plurality of navigation devices, wherein the at least one navigation devices deviated from the determined route.
Autonomous navigation system and method for a maneuverable platform
An autonomous navigation system and method for a maneuverable platform are provided herein. The method may include: obtaining a plurality of objectives relating to a maneuverable platform; determining a plurality of options of direction and speed for the platform; autonomously selecting, one option of the plurality of options, in order to achieve said objectives, by calculating a weighted grade of each option based on the weights of the objectives and said grading scheme; and periodically repeating: the receiving with updated platform and obstacles data and the autonomously selecting with the updated platform and obstacles data, wherein the autonomously selecting is executed by a computer processor and includes, for each obstacle, calculating projected positions of the platform and of that obstacle to determine the distance between the platform and the obstacle at the closest point of approach and estimated time to arrive to the closest point of approach..
Vehicle control limits
Included are embodiments for providing vehicle control limits. One embodiment of a system includes a navigation system and a vehicle that includes a memory component that stores a program.
Patient positioning system with an electromagnetic field generator of an electromagnetic tracking system
It also relates to a method for navigating a patient or a part of the patient's body by means of a medical navigation system using an electromagnetic tracking system, wherein the patient or part of the patient's body is positioned by such a patient positioning system (10).. .
Constraining inertial navigation system solution according to pedometrical data
Described herein are techniques related to constraining inertial navigation system (ins) solution according to pedometrical data. Data from sensors external to an inertial navigation module are leveraged in computing the final solution for indoor navigation.
Method and/or system for obtaining signatures for use in navigation
Disclosed are systems, methods and techniques for obtaining round trip time (rtt) measurements from acquisition of signals at one or more mobile devices, the signals being transmitted by one or more transmitters; approximating locations of the one or more mobile devices while obtaining the rtt measurements; and combining the measurements to determine expected rtt signature values at discrete positions in the area based, at least in part, on the obtained rtt measurements and the approximated locations.. .
System and method for automated initialization and registration of navigation system
A system and method for image registration includes tracking (508) a scanner probe in a position along a skin surface of a patient. Image planes corresponding to the position are acquired (510).
Gesture pre-processing of video stream with hold-off period to reduce platform power
Techniques are disclosed for processing a video stream to reduce platform power by employing a stepped and distributed pipeline process, wherein cpu-intensive processing is selectively performed. In one example case, the techniques are implemented in a user's computer system wherein initial threshold detection (image disturbance) and optionally user presence (e.g., hand image) processing components are proximate to or within the system's camera, and the camera is located in or proximate to the system's primary display.
Method for acquiring images from arbitrary perspectives with uavs equipped with fixed imagers
A method for acquiring images of a photographic target from arbitrary perspectives with an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) equipped with at least one image acquisition device having a fixed acquisition direction with respect to the vehicle, said uav having automatic navigation means allowing to reach an arbitrary location and automatic attitude control means allowing to transiently reach an arbitrary orientation in space, said photographic target being outside the current field of view of the acquisition device while the uav flies along a predefined flying path, this method comprising: computing a target uav position and an orientation in space required to acquire a desired image from a set of parameters, navigating to said target uav position, modifying an attitude of the uav in order to modify the acquisition direction to point toward the photographic target, acquiring images, and starting a recovery phase by controlling the uav back to cruise attitude and navigate back along the predefined flying path.. .
Headset computer with head tracking input used for inertial control
A head-tracker is built into a headset computer as a user input device. A user interface navigation tool utilizes the head tracking but with inertial control.
Radionavigation signal tracking device
A radionavigation signal tracking device comprises a first and a second tracking stage for radionavigation signals. The first tracking stage comprises a first carrier phase-locked loop.
Solar navigational light
A solar powered navigational light including: a casing; at least one illuminated lenses on a front side of the casing; a battery compartment within the casing, where the battery compartment houses a rechargeable battery; and a solar panel array on a top side of the casing, where the solar panel array produces energy to charge the rechargeable battery. The solar panel array may function as a sensor to active the illumination of the at least one illuminated lenses.
Vehicle-mounted communication device and navigation device equipped with this vehicle-mounted communication device, communication device for pedestrians and navigation device equipped with this communication device for pedestrians, and pedestrian-to-vehicle communication system
Disclosed is a vehicle-mounted communication device that carries out radio communications with a communication device for pedestrians which is carried by a pedestrian, the vehicle-mounted communication device including: a receiver that receives pedestrian information showing whether the pedestrian belongs to a pedestrian group formed of the pedestrian and a plurality of pedestrians in the vicinity of the pedestrian from the communication device for pedestrians; a controller that judges the pedestrian information received by the receiver and issues a command to present pedestrian attention information when the pedestrian information shows that the pedestrian does not belong to a pedestrian group; and an information outputter that presents the pedestrian attention information according to the command from the controller. Therefore, the vehicle-mounted communication device enables the driver to certainly recognize the existence of a pedestrian not belonging to a pedestrian group..
Magnetic device mount
A mounting system for mounting a personal navigation device to a surface comprises a base assembly, a socket, and a mounting coupler. The base assembly includes a base, a mounting ball, and an arm connecting the base to the mounting ball.
Method and apparatus for providing broadcast service through hand motion detection
A method for providing broadcast service includes: (a) receiving schedule information for a multiple number of broadcast programs from a headend; (b) outputting a program selected by a user as a full screen; and (c) outputting a program navigation page by using the schedule information of the multiple broadcast programs if a pre-designated hand motion is detected. The program navigation page includes one of a category list page and a program list page, the category list page containing categories grouped according to use time, and the program list page containing programs belonging to each category.
Method and apparatus for screen navigation history management
A method and apparatus for saving and managing a screen navigation history list are disclosed. By providing a method and apparatus for managing screen navigation history according to an embodiment of the invention, it is possible to save and manage a history on the menu navigation paths for accessing a particular screen or a particular service desired by the user..
Application user interface systems and methods
An exemplary method includes a user computing device 1) executing a software application having primary, secondary, and tertiary menu levels, and 2) providing, for display as directed by the software application, a graphical user interface view that includes a first navigation control section in the form of a footer bar mapped to the primary menu level, a second navigation control section in the form of a header bar mapped to the secondary menu level, and a third navigation control section positioned between the footer bar and the header bar and mapped to the tertiary menu level. In some embodiments, the footer bar includes a slidable segment associated with selectable menu options included in a primary menu level application menu, and a fixed segment associated with a persistent selectable link to an additional software application included in a suite of software applications.
Web application pinning including task bar pinning
Various embodiments provide a mechanism to allow end users to install web applications and websites onto their desktop. In accordance with one or more embodiments, client-side code can be utilized to allow developers associated with a website to define boundaries associated with user interaction, and have those boundaries enforced by a run-time engine.
Online documentation review
An apparatus, method, and computer program product for online documentation review. The apparatus includes a documentation presentation module configured to visually present a list of documents within a documentation frame.
Augmenting text with multimedia assets
Systems and methods are provided for providing a navigation interface to access or otherwise use electronic content items. In one embodiment, an augmentation application identifies at least one entity referenced in a document.
United navigation method and its system
A united navigation method includes steps of: (1) receiving login information of an account from a client terminal by a main server; (2) verifying whether the login information is right or not by the main server; if no, going to (3); if yes, going to (4); (3) sending a notification of wrong login information into the client terminal by the main server; (4) recording activities of the account which has logged into the main server by the main server; and (5) sending the login information by the main server into designated secondary servers, in such a manner that the account logs into the designated secondary servers. The united navigation method, after the step (4) or the step (5), further includes a step of: (6) receiving a payment request from the client terminal and responding to the payment request by the main server.
Systems and methods for providing navigation tendencies to users of a website
The example systems and methods provide ways for websites to monitor, store, retrieve, and display navigation tendencies of users of websites. More particularly, the systems and methods involve websites displaying measures of user traffic associated with various categories of web content.
Systems and methods for vehicle rental insurance
Exemplary embodiments provide systems, methods, and products that offer, characterize, price, and/or sell vehicle rental insurance coverage in terms of the type of vehicle, class of vehicle, or exact vehicle that the customer will obtain as a rental, instead of, or in addition to, a dollar limit per day and/or a dollar limit per incident. Various embodiments allow insurers to offer and calculate a premium price for, and/or allow consumers to choose and pay for, coverage specified according to the type of vehicle, class of vehicle, and/or exact vehicle desired as a rental replacement for an insured vehicle.
Method and apparatus for generating route exceptions
An approach for providing mapping information and route information based on exception information received from various users travelling within a common area is described. A navigation system processes travel information associated with one or more devices for comparison against predetermined route information.
System and method for vehicle navigation with multiple abstraction layers
Systems and methods for vehicle navigation with multiple abstraction layers are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes: receiving data sets from a plurality of sources; generating, by use of a data processor, a routing overlay based on a routing to a selected destination; generating, by use of the data processor and data from the data sets, a plurality of navigation abstraction layers corresponding to the routing; generating at least one navigation abstraction layer by smoothing or simplifying the shape of the routing overlay; and presenting at least one of the plurality of navigation abstraction layers to a user via a display interface..
Map distribution server for automotive navigation systems, map data distribution system, and road difference data production method
Automotive navigation map data has a multilevel structure in which links have a relationship of association with one another among the minutest level and upper levels that are different from the minutest level in scale. A lowermost-level translation unit uses as original data items old and new rdb-form map data items of the minutest level to produce rdb-form difference data of the minutest level.
Navigation system with state generation mechanism and method of operation thereof
A method of operation of a navigation system includes: determining a travel context based on a route condition for providing a navigation guidance; generating a state node having a state content with a control unit based on the travel context; and generating a guidance process based on the state node for presenting a prompt on a device.. .
Vehicular navigation control interface
Included are systems and methods for providing a vehicular navigation control interface. Some embodiments include a navigation system and a vehicle with a vehicle control module (vcm), a navigation control module (ncm), and a navigation control interface, where the vcm receives a manual command from an operator to implement a manual control function.
Driving mode changing method and apparatus of autonomous navigation vehicle
A driving mode changing method and apparatus of an autonomous navigation vehicle that allows a driver to stably operate the autonomous navigation vehicle. The autonomous navigation vehicle may be stably operated by mounting an apparatus (a touch pad, a joystick, or the like) to operate the autonomous navigation vehicle on seats (a passenger seat and a rear seat) other than a driver seat of the autonomous navigation vehicle and providing various information (a near around view, a far around view, a critical level, vehicle information, and the like) to drive the autonomous navigation vehicle..
Speed limiting vehicle key fob system
Provided is a preprogrammed key fob system that allows a user to limit a vehicle top speed while the given key fob is being used to operate the vehicle. The system comprises a vehicle system and a navigation system, wherein the navigation system is disposed within the key fobs and the key fob is adapted to communicate with the vehicle system while in use.
Switch for multi-function control of a thermostat
The invention provides for a controller such as a thermostat for an hvac system having a housing having a circuit board and a display screen, the display screen having at least one alpha-numeric icon and a group of touch pads having at least two displayable touch pads. A microprocessor provided for controlling the display screen.
Method and apparatus for visual support of commission acts
Device and method for visual technical support of manual order-picking processes through device with at least one (mobile) unit having optical sensing detection device, optical display device, data processing device and wireless data interface to data-processing system having product management software and connection device for active units. Each unit cyclically receives navigation information to produce directions on optical display device.
Methods and systems for performing medical procedures with reference to projective image and with respect to pre-stored images
A catheter is navigated within a body cavity of a patient. This navigation is enabled by the provision of the transmitter of electromagnetic radiation under platform, a receiver of electromagnetic radiation rigidly attached to fluoroscope, and a receiver of radiation rigidly attached to the catheter, all three of which are connected by wires to a computer.
Focused ultrasonic transducer navigation system
A focused ultrasonic transducer navigation system attaches to a patient and includes a housing that contains an ultrasonic device. An alignment system moves the housing, and moves the ultrasonic device within the housing, so a focal point of ultrasonic energy from the ultrasonic device is aligned in x, y, and z planes with a target location in the patient.
Surgical access system with navigation element and method of using same
A surgical access assembly and method of use is disclosed. The surgical access assembly comprises an outer sheath and an obturator.
Method and system for position orientation correction in navigation
A method performed in a medical navigation system includes driving a transmitter at a first frequency and a second frequency to generate first and second electromagnetic fields, wherein the first and second frequencies are sufficiently low such that the first and second electromagnetic fields are frequency independent; receiving first and second distorted fields corresponding to the first and second electromagnetic fields, respectively, with each of at least two electromagnetic (em) sensors attached to a surgical device; generating first and second signals in response to receiving the first and second distorted fields, respectively, using each of the at least two em sensors; and determining a distortion in the first and second signals based at least on a distance between the at least two em sensors and a difference between the first and second signals generated by each of the at least two em sensors.. .
Cointegration filter for a catheter navigation system
A system and method for determining a position of a medical device within a body are provided. The system includes an electronic control unit that receives position signals from position sensors of a first type and a second type disposed on the device and applies a filter to each of the position signals to obtain filtered estimated positions for each sensor.
Mobile wireless media head unit player
A head unit device is disclosed that allows users access to applications on their electronic devices while driving and incorporates the applications, such as a navigational system and music player into a vehicle's sound system. The head unit device comprises a housing component and an electronic device that is removably secured within the housing component.
Interactive web-based platform for facilitating biomarker education and patient treatment analysis
A method and server device that facilitates biomarker education by obtaining, with an interactive web-based platform, educational content corresponding to a plurality of laboratory biomarkers from a plurality of content providers, the educational content comprising at least medical or technical information for each of the biomarkers. The educational content is stored in a database.
Instructor-lead training environment and interfaces therewith
An infantry training simulation system comprising at least one firing lane, with at least one display arranged substantially near the end of the firing lane. A trainee experiencing the simulation can carry at least one physical or virtual weapon, which is typically similar to a traditional infantry weapon.
Apparatus and method for calculating satellite navigation visibility
Provided is a satellite navigation visibility calculation apparatus. The satellite navigation visibility calculation apparatus includes a processing unit configured to binarize an input sky view image to create an binary image, an extraction unit configured to extract a plurality of feature points from the binary image, and a calculation unit configured to calculate satellite navigation dilution of precision (dop) corresponding to the sky view image using the plurality of feature points..
Optical navigation method and device using same
The invention provides an optical navigation method, which includes: sequentially obtaining plural images including a first image, a second image, and a third image; choosing a main reference block in the first image; comparing the main reference block and the second image by block matching comparison to determine a first motion vector; resizing the main reference block according to the first motion vector to generate an ancillary reference block having a size smaller than the main reference block; and comparing the ancillary reference block and the third image by block matching comparison to determine a second motion vector.. .
System and method for wifi positioning
An aspect of the invention provides instantaneous wi-fi positioning that is robust to outliar aps using a recursive centroid method. It estimates user position and uncertainty based on the current list of scanned aps.
Filtering out a jammer signal
A low noise amplifier (lna) assembly comprising a filter circuit for receiving signals from a mobile satellite service (mss) band and a radio navigation satellite service (rnss) band; and an alternative filter circuit configured to filter out a jammer signal.. .
Gnss receiver positioning system
A method of extracting pseudorange information using a cellular device. A global navigation satellite system (gnss) chipset which is physically remote from a cellular device is accessed which provides raw gnss observables information based upon signals received from a circularly polarized gnss antenna.
Wearable navigation assistance for the vision-impaired
An assistive device includes a sensor that detects information using a first modality; an actuator that conveys information using a second, different modality; and a controller that automatically receives information from the sensor and operates the actuator to provide a corresponding actuation. A sensory assisting system for a user includes assistive devices and a support the user wears to hold the devices in proximity to body parts.

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