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Navigation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Navigation-related patent applications.

 Global speech user interface patent thumbnailnew patent Global speech user interface
A global speech user interface (gsui) comprises an input system to receive a user's spoken command, a feedback system along with a set of feedback overlays to give the user information on the progress of his spoken requests, a set of visual cues on the television screen to help the user understand what he can say, a help system, and a model for navigation among applications. The interface is extensible to make it easy to add new applications..
Promptu Systems Corporation

 Media user interfaces using metadata from different sources patent thumbnailnew patent Media user interfaces using metadata from different sources
A navigation interface display system generates a navigation element that organizes television programming data in an easy-to-use manner. The navigation element employs a hierarchical display protocol for a plurality of selection items that represent the various television programs, channels, and/or networks.
Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

 Navigation device wirelessly coupled with auxiliary camera unit patent thumbnailnew patent Navigation device wirelessly coupled with auxiliary camera unit
Techniques are provided for implementing a camera display system with selective activation of one or more associated auxiliary camera units by a navigation device in wireless communication with the auxiliary camera units. The navigation device selectively activates auxiliary camera units when video data from the auxiliary camera unit is to be displayed on the navigation device.
Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

 Displaying and navigating implicit and explicit enterprise people relationships patent thumbnailnew patent Displaying and navigating implicit and explicit enterprise people relationships
A network map of an individual's implicit and explicit people relationships across multiple workloads is provided. Relationships between people may be leveraged and ranking for people relationships may be performed based on activities across multiple workloads.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Indoor autonomous navigation system patent thumbnailnew patent Indoor autonomous navigation system
A system for autonomous navigation within an enclosed area is provided. The system can have a remote control station having a route management system operable to determine a flight plan.
Droneventory Corporation

 Magnetic navigation methods and systems utilizing power grid and communication network patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic navigation methods and systems utilizing power grid and communication network
Methods and configurations are disclosed for exploiting characteristic magnetic signature of electrical power transmission and distribution lines for navigation.. .
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle
A method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle having a navigation system and a sensor system, the navigation system ascertaining a vehicle position and the sensor system acquiring movement data of the vehicle and determining a movement behavior of the vehicle in the form of movement trajectories of the vehicle, the vehicle position and the movement trajectories of the vehicle allowing a conclusion about the presence and/or the type of at least one feature in the surrounding area, a sensor of the sensor system detecting the feature and storing at least one item of additional information about the feature.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Multi energy x-ray microscope data acquisition and image reconstruction system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Multi energy x-ray microscope data acquisition and image reconstruction system and method
An x-ray imaging system data acquisition and image reconstruction system and method are disclosed which enable optimizing the image parameters based on multiple tomographic volumes of the sample that have been captured using an x-ray microscopy system. This enables the operator to control the image contrast, for example, of selected slices, and apply the information associated with optimizing the contrast of the selected slice to all slices in two or more tomographic volume data sets.
Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.

 Multivariable objects navigation tool patent thumbnailnew patent Multivariable objects navigation tool
A method of adapting a gui that comprises selecting a group of multivariable objects which comply with a search query from a plurality of multivariable objects, each the plurality of multivariable object is defined by a plurality of object variable values each of one of a plurality of object variables, for each one of the plurality of object variables, calculating a plurality of difference values each defines a difference between a first object variable value of one of the group of multivariable objects and a second object variable value of another of the group of multivariable objects, identifying a set of differentiating object variables from the plurality of object variables according to an analysis of the plurality of difference values of each one of the plurality of object variables, and updating a gui accordingly.. .
Twiggle Ltd.

 Method for adjusting content of a webpage in real time based on users online behavior and profile patent thumbnailnew patent Method for adjusting content of a webpage in real time based on users online behavior and profile
A method and system for providing adjusted content in a webpage are described. The system monitors traffic to a website and tracks users that are visiting the website to identify one or more parameters relating to relating to the user, including parameters associated with an identity of the user, navigation behavior for the user within the website, and usage of content by the user within the website.
Marketo, Inc.

new patent

Dial control for touch screen navigation

A computing device includes a hardware processor and a machine-readable storage medium storing instructions. The instructions may be executable to: display, on a touch screen, a first screen image of a user interface of the computing device; detect a first touch gesture on the first screen image, where the first touch gesture is associated with a dial control including a plurality of control options; and in response to a detection of the first touch gesture: blur the first screen image; present the dial control over the first screen image; in response to a rotation of the first touch gesture, rotate the dial control to select a first control option of the plurality of control options; and in response to a selection of the first control option, present additional information in a second portion of the touch screen..
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

new patent

Interface for navigating imagery

A user interface for rotating imagery among a plurality of canonical views of a geographic area of interest is disclosed. The interface includes at least one rotation control icon for rotating the imagery among a plurality of canonical views of the geographic area, and a direction indicating portion that indicates a compass direction associated with the canonical view presented on the display device.
Google Inc.

new patent

Smart pan for representation of physical space

An interaction mechanism is defined for the navigation of a representation of a physical space, whereby events or entities of interest outside the current view are detected, and flagged by adding a visual indicator at or near the edge of the view closest to the entity in question. By designating the visual indicator, for example with a mouse click or by directing the user's gaze at the visual indicator, the representation is prompted to modify the representation to include the space incorporating the entity of interest.
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile

new patent

Suite-wide navigation

Novel tools for navigating among a suite of business applications, including without limitation menu systems for business application suites. In some cases, the menu is customized for a particular user of the business application suite.
Oracle International Corporation

new patent

Vision-based system for navigating a robot through an indoor space

Methods, systems, and devices are provided for navigating a robot along a route. navigation is accomplished using an image sensor mounted on the robot, which captures an image of a target.
Aseco Investment Corp.

new patent

Automatic beacon position determination

A method for robotic discovery and use of beacons for navigation may include performing a beacon position determination process with respect to at least one beacon usable for range determination by a robotic vehicle responsive to initiation of operation of the robotic vehicle. The method may further include determining a position of the at least one beacon based on the position determination process, and employing the position of the at least one beacon as determined for position information determination of the robotic vehicle during continued operation of the robotic vehicle..
Husqvarna Ab

new patent

Inertial system for gravity difference measurement

The inertial system for gravity difference measurement uses cots nano accelerometer and a strapdown global navigation satellite system (gnss)-aided inertial measurement unit (imu). The former has low measurement noise density, while the latter is used to analytically stabilize the platform.
King Saud University

new patent

Detection of buried assets using drone apparatus

An unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for detecting buried assets includes a chassis, a global navigation receiver and processor, an electromagnetic locator device (eld), and a processor for receiving a first data structure that represents a two dimensional area comprising a buffer zone at an above-surface location, wherein the buffer zone corresponds to a particular buried asset sought by the uav, navigating towards the buffer zone and executing a detection process for storing a plurality of buried asset data points, and transmitting the buried asset data points.. .

new patent

Generation of linear feedback shift register based pseudo random noise (prn) spreading code sequence for global navigation satellite system

Technology to generation of linear feedback shift register based prn spreading code sequence using a processor device in a computing system is disclosed. A system is provided for generating a gnss code sequence in a computer system, the system comprising one or more logic circuits configured to at least: receive a plurality of waveform generation parameters; select between a short pseudo-random noise (prn) cycle and a long prn cycle according to at least one of the plurality of waveform generation parameters; and emulate a plurality of linear feedback shift registers (lfsr) for generating a block of prn code chips..
The Boeing Company

new patent

Method and navigation device for providing geo-fence services, and computer-readable medium storing program for executing the same

A method for providing a geo-fence service using a map provided via a navigation device includes: searching for at least one critical route from a current position of a vehicle or an origin to a destination mapped onto the map; displaying a first critical route onto the map along the vehicle can travel to the destination, the first critical route corresponding to a shortest route among the at least one searched critical route; and determining whether the vehicle deviates from a geo-fence area including the at least one searched critical route.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

new patent

Route calculation device, navigation device, route calculation method, navigation method, and communication system

The present invention provides a route calculation device, a navigation device, a route calculation method, and a navigation device that can calculate a route that allows a user to arrive at a destination or a stop-off point within a determined time period. The route calculation device according to the present invention includes a communication available hours acquisition unit 11 that acquires communication available hours of a plurality of branch stations that establish communication with a mobile station, a reference time acquisition unit 12 that acquires a reference time, a road information acquisition unit 13 that acquires time information of a road section, and a route calculation unit 31 that calculates a first travel route that offers the shortest required time for stopping by the branch stations based on the communication available hours, the reference time, and the time information of a road section..
Nec Corporation

new patent

Emergency responsive navigation

In an approach for determining navigation routes, a computer identifies an emergency situation and a corresponding location. The computer identifies an emergency service based on the identified emergency situation and the corresponding location.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Time regulated navigation of travel through an airport

A mobile device providing time regulated navigational guidance for travel to a flight gate in an airport terminal, based on the time for boarding the flight, the preferences of the traveler, estimated transit times on various segments of a route to the gate from a starting point of the travel (or the current location of the mobile device) involving different transportation modalities, and wait times at various queues in the airport. Notifications and/or reminders are provided according to the time estimates to guide the travel for timely travel to the gate and optionally recommend points of interests on the way to the gate within the time constraint..
Westfield Labs Corporation

new patent

Haptic virtual fixture tools

Apparatus and methods for defining and utilizing virtual fixtures for haptic navigation within real-world environments, including underwater environments, are provided. A computing device can determine a real-world object within a real-world environment.
University Of Washington

new patent

Navigation assistance system for medical instruments

A navigation support system for medical instruments comprises a signal processing unit with an input for real-time video image signals from an optical instrument, input for instrument position signals and access to tomography image data, and output for outputting image signals. The signal processing unit generates output image signals from the image signals, the image data and the position signals and generates the output image signals such that the real-time video image signals are displayed permanently centrally on an image display unit connected to the navigation support system in a round or oval central image display of an overall image, wherein the central image display extends at least in one direction of extension across more than half of the overall image and that the secondary images generated by tomography image data, in dependence on the instrument position signals, are displayed adjacent to or partially superimposed over the central image display..
Fiagon Ag Medical Technologies

new patent

Computer aided surgical navigation and planning in implantology

A computer-implemented method for surgical planning and/or surgical navigation. A surgical navigation and/or planning system is also provided, that can include aspects of the computer-implemented method, which allows virtual implant planning, and receives real-time data from a tracker.
Alma Mater Studiorum Universita Di Bologna

Automated sequential site navigation

A website is navigated automatically in a sequential manner, for example by performing a series of specific network requests in a specified order, without necessarily using a browser, and without necessarily rendering each web page in the sequence. Interactions with a website are automatically recorded, stored, and analyzed.
Impossible Ventures, Llc

Flight deck displays to enable visual separation standard

Systems and methods that display information to enable a flight crew on a trailing aircraft to maintain separation behind a leading aircraft during an approach. Graphical designs are displayed on a navigation display or other display in the flight deck of the trailing aircraft to help the flight crew visually acquire the leading aircraft out the window and maintain at least a specified separation distance or spacing between the two aircraft even if visual contact is lost after the initial visual contact.
The Boeing Company

Virtual reality environment responsive to predictive route navigation

A vehicle state sensor data record associated with a current state of a vehicle is received. A predictive vehicle navigation data record based on map data is also received.
Here Global B.v.

Methods and systems to determine consumer locations based on navigational voice cues

Methods and systems to determine consumer locations based on navigational voice cues are disclosed. An example method includes identifying, with a processor, a route point designated by a navigational voice cue output by a navigation system providing directions to an operator of a vehicle.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Efficient navigation category management

One embodiment of the present application provides a system for efficiently managing navigation categories in a multi-site web environment. During operation, the system determines whether a category of a product is a synchronized category.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

System and methods for automatically localizing faults

A system and methods for automatically localizing faults for functional field failures that enables users to enter symptoms of a failure that occur during deployment of a given application along with the values of the input and configuration parameters in order to return locations in the source code that are likely to contain specific faults as well as show navigation paths from a suggested to the failure such that the code may be corrected.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois

Authoring and running task-based flows within a computing system

A task-based sub-application surfaces only controls that are needed to perform a task, from a plurality of different forms in a parent application. A sub-application system runs the sub-application by executing navigation logic and maintaining a separate navigation stack, so that the user can perform a task without the computer system needing to surface entire forms where only a small subset of the controls on those forms are needed to perform the task..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Mobile website authoring tool utilizing unique tile layout convention for ease of navigation

The present disclosure relates to an electronic system including a web page authoring environment configured to generate web pages comprised of scrollable tiles. In one scenario, the web pages are accessible by mobile devices by registered customers who have obtained access to a qr code which links the mobile device to the web page.
Sskm Corporation

Directional navigation of graphical user interface

A computing device comprising a computer program executed on a processor of the computing device, including: a rendering module configured to read stored instructions to display a graphical user interface, the stored instructions including code for a plurality of focusable gui elements, each focusable gui element having an associated identifier, a focus map module configured to store a precomputed focus map including a focus map entry for each focusable gui element indicating, for that focusable gui element, for a plurality of predetermined navigation directions, a target identifier of a target focusable gui element for that navigation direction, a user input module configured to receive a user input of a predetermined navigation direction, a focus module configured to query the precomputed focus map with an identifier of a currently focused gui element and the predetermined navigation direction to retrieve and move focus to the target focusable gui element.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Graphical user interface and method and apparatus of navigating using same

In some embodiments, apparatus, systems and methods are disclosed for interfacing with systems and networks, and the data stored thereon, including navigation of same. The apparatus, systems and methods may dynamically populate a graphical user interface menu with a pop-up menu containing cross-navigational elements to navigate between different hierarchical lists of data, such as for example, in a system having a database containing data pertaining to at least one retail item, an electronic device in communication with the database and having a control unit and at least one display, the control unit configured to: display a graphical user interface on the display having a menu with a first hierarchical list of categories or a second hierarchical list of categories, the hierarchical lists of categories being arranged into common tiers of data; determine which hierarchical list and tier has been selected by a user; and dynamically populate and display, via the control unit, a pop-up menu containing data associated with the selected hierarchical list and tier as well as cross-navigational data corresponding to the common tier of data from the other, non-selected, hierarchical list to simplify navigation between hierarchical lists..
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Navigation trace calibrating method and related optical navigation device

A navigation trace calibrating method and a related optical navigation device are utilized to transform a first trace line generated by the optical navigation device into a second trace line suitable for user operation. The navigation trace calibrating method includes establishing a reference coordinate system, reading and analyzing the first trace line, calculating a first offset of the first trace line relative to the reference coordinate system, defining an offset between the first trace line and the second trace line as calibration weight to acquire a second offset of the second trace line relative to the reference coordinate system, and calculating a value of the calibration weight according to the second offset and a length of the first trace line..
Pixart Imaging Inc.

Vacuum cleaning robot with vision navigation function and navigation method thereof

The present disclosure provides a vacuum cleaning robot with vision navigation function and navigation method thereof the vacuum cleaning robot comprises a cleaning body and a vision navigation controller. The cleaning body comprises a sense unit, a drive unit, and a drive control unit.
Looq System, Inc.

Satellite navigation receiver with fixed point sigma rho filter

A multi-band satellite navigation receiver for carrier and code tracking using a fixed point sigma rho filter with improved stability is described. The receiver simplifies and speeds up the data processing in the filter to adaptively accommodate common information from aggregate bands and obtain the accurate position of the receiver in real time.
Deere & Company

Information sharing system for vehicle

An information sharing system for a vehicle includes: an emergency call system installed in the vehicle and operable to determine whether an accident involving the vehicle occurs; a navigation system installed in the vehicle and operable to determine a driving route for a user of the vehicle; a global navigation satellite system (gnss) signal receiving unit receiving a gnss signal transmitted from a gnss satellite; and a gnss signal distribution unit transmitting the received gnss signal to the emergency call system and the navigation system.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Device, system and global navigation satellite system method using local fine time information

A user equipment (ue) and method of providing local fine timing assistance are generally described. Prior to storing a global navigation satellite system (gnss)-cellular time relationship in the ue and, when the network is unable to provide fine timing assistance, a gnss receiver transmits a request to a modem.
Intel Ip Corporation

Suspending voice guidance during route navigation

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for suspending voice guidance during route navigation. A processor that executes a navigation system interface application can detect a deviation from a route between an origin and a destination.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Vehicular navigation system updating based on object presence/absence

Processing arrangement for managing temporary updates to a map for use by vehicular navigation systems in vehicles in which a communications system at a remote site receives wireless communications from each vehicle including information about presence of an object or condition at a specific location automatically identified at the specific location without requiring manual entry of data about the object or condition at the specific location and that affects movement of vehicles on a roadway. A processor generates a map update for use by vehicular navigation systems based on the identified object or condition at the specific location which is transmitted to any vehicle in a vicinity of the specific location to cause the vehicular navigation system of that vehicle to use a map with the generated map update to display or otherwise indicate the presence of the object or condition at the specific location..
Intelligent Technologies International, Inc.

Autonomous vehicle navigation system and method

An autonomous vehicle is improved with a navigational system having both cameras and echolocation sensors, each including overlapping fields of view. The cameras and echolocation sensors may be part of an optical and echolocation system, respectively, that may work in conjunction with a global positioning system to determine a course for the autonomous vehicle to reach an objective while detecting and avoid obstacles along the course..
Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

Navigation providing departure times

A navigation system comprises a processing resource (202) configured to receive destination data representative of a destination, to determine an expected travel time to the destination, and to determine a departure time in dependence upon the expected travel time to the destination, and an output device (206) for providing the departure time to a user.. .
Tomtom International B.v

Method for operating audio, video, and navigation (avn) system, avn system, and vehicle including the same

An audio, video, and navigation (avn) system includes a battery voltage detection circuit configured to detect an output voltage of a main battery; an e-call power controller configured to output power of a back-up battery (bub) based on a result of detecting the output voltage; and a central controller configured to receive the power of the bub and to generate an accident occurrence message when an airbag inflation signal is received.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Techniques for indoor navigation with occupancy tracking and location tracking via light-based communication

Techniques are disclosed for enhancing indoor navigation using light-based communication (lcom). In some cases, an lcom-enabled luminaire configured as described herein may acquire user data from a local computing device and relay it to a server that tracks and analyzes the data to assess statistics for the luminaire's local spatial environment.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Techniques for augmenting gps-based navigation via light-based communication

Techniques are disclosed for augmenting global positioning system (gps)-based navigation via light-based communication (lcom). In accordance with some embodiments, a light-sensing device, such as a camera or an ambient light sensor configured as described herein, may be used to detect an lcom signal transmitted by a local lcom-enabled solid-state luminaire.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Panel user interface for an intelligent television

An intelligent television, methods for displaying content, and methods for user interaction between the intelligent television and the user are provided. In general, a user is provided with an application panel allowing for navigation, categories, favorites, and search options that enable one or more functions associated with the intelligent television.
Flextronics Ap, Llc

Webpage navigation utilizing audio commands

As provided herein, an audio signal (e.g., a user's spoken statement “check email”) may be received from the user of a client device accessing a webpage (e.g., a webmail webpage) utilizing a browser. The webpage may be parsed, analyzed, and/or mapped to identify one or more elements on the webpage (e.g., a send/receive email user interface element).
Yahoo!, Inc.

Dynamic geofence determination

A system for dynamic geofence determination for trip navigation comprises an interface and a microprocessor. The interface is configured to receive data for one or more trips.
2e Systems Gmbh

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